The World Turned Rightside Up – Short Takes

By Charlie Johnston

I have taken on a couple of intense projects so have been out of pocket for a week. Sorry.


For decades, the bulk of the movies and TV thrillers I watched invariably, in the end, revealed the bad guy to be, A) the businessman, B) an NRA member, C) a pro-life activist or, D) a Christian believer. It was annoying and predictable – but something one had to endure to enjoy an otherwise good thriller. Imagine my enthusiasm as it is being revealed that the real bad guys are mainly taken from the “tolerant” left. Besides the crumbling narrative of Russia collusion, where the bad guys are all left-wing elitists in the Justice, Intelligence and other Deep State Agencies, a growing number of minorities and left-leaning folks are discovering that the people trying to shut them up are all hard leftists. It ranges from Candace Owens, to Diamond and Silk, to Kanye West…and to this gay man who has decided that he, too, is leaving the thought plantation of the left.

When I was in politics I watched for what an opponent accused us of without evidence – and then directed opposition researchers to focus on that aspect of the opponent. People tend to project their own frame of mind onto others – so when someone makes random accusations against you, they are usually not revealing who you are, but who they are. Right now, in real time, it is proving true in the larger culture. I reckon TV and movies will keep smearing the usual suspects, but it has to unnerve them to know that when they do, what us normals will see in our minds is, A) the environmental activist, B) a lefty Congressman, C) a Planned Parenthood Operative or, D) a Social Justice Warrior (SJW).


Democrats and the media are tying themselves in knots trying to find another word to describe the spy or spies the Obama administration embedded in the Trump campaign, as if calling them “informants” or some such will change what actually happened and how offensive – and maybe criminal – it all is. Shakespeare said that a rose by any other name would smell just as sweet. I say that a spy, by any other name, placed by the government in an opposition campaign, smells just as rank.


You would think they would start learning by now. Shortly after the Superbowl this year, the Philadelphia Eagles confirmed that almost all the players would attend the White House ceremony honoring their victory. Then, the day before the event was to happen, they said only one, two, or maybe three would show up. It was a ham-handed attempt to embarrass Trump. But if one thing has become clear it is that, whether you are an arrogant, pampered athlete or a hostile foreign head of state, try to punk this president and he will punk you back twice as hard. Just weeks before, North Korean dictator Kim Jung Un got cutesie with Trump to try to gain concessions before next week’s summit in Singapore. Trump cancelled the summit – and Kim fell all over himself to get the summit back on. When basketball stars LeBron James and Stephen Curry defiantly said whichever team won the NBA finals, they wouldn’t accept a White House invitation, Trump jauntily told them not to worry; neither would be getting an invitation. Meanwhile, Trump publicly offered to listen to specific recommendations from NFL players to correct actual injustices, just as Kim Kardashian gave. He’s calling their bluff. If a few take him up on it, I have no doubt he will listen. But most will just prefer to posture and virtue signal. I can’t wait until a new football league is formed so I can watch professional football once more. All the Eagles stunt accomplished was to prove that the NFL is still comprised of mulish, malicious, pampered jerks, regardless of any front office policy adjustments. I’m not coming back to the NFL. We’ll see how many others are.


However narrowly written, at least the Supreme Court’s decision in favor of Jack Phillips in the Masterpiece Cake case did not do violence to religious liberty. A thing that is rarely noted, though, is that the Supreme Court (under the Constitution) CANNOT abrogate religious liberty. It is probably rarely noted, though, because the courts have routinely been ruling on executive orders they have no authority over, usurping legislative authority they do not have to make laws from the bench, ruling on areas where the Constitution gives the president plenipotentiary authority, and intruding themselves on matters of war and peace – which the Constitution strictly forbids them from, reserving all such matters to the executive and the legislative branches. The judiciary has progressively made itself into the supreme branch of government, becoming an undemocratic, unaccountable oligarchy ruling over the land. Podunk federal district judges think their authority trumps that of the president and the legislature. Thomas Jefferson worried that the checks on the judiciary were not strong enough to keep it from drifting into an attitude of unaccountable supremacy and ultimate judicial tyranny.

We do have checks. Congress has the power to vacate Supreme Court rulings – and even to remove certain subjects from the judiciary’s jurisdiction altogether. Congress has the authority to impeach federal judges who abuse their power or venture into matters on which they have no Constitutional authority. The Supreme Court could enact quick, energetic rulings slapping down lower court rulings that are brazenly contrary to the law and Constitution. None of these things happen, though. Judges like being supreme, playing as if they are little presidents or little legislatures with more power than the actual things. They like making the final decisions on things the Constitution says are none of their business. The legislature has gotten happy with enjoying the perquisites of office without having to deal with the responsibilities, so mainly postures and preens. The judges think this behavior makes them more powerful, not realizing that it undercuts their actual authority. This, too, is something that must be reined in before it becomes a crisis. (Actually, it already is – but in a time when crises abound, it is on the back burner).  It is time to take up Jefferson’s concerns anew and end judicial usurpations before it becomes the full-blown judicial tyranny he feared.


After any tragedy in the nation, leftists have taken to sneering at people’s prayers, saying that they must do more than this. Of course I, believing, with St. Teresa of Avila, that we are called to be God’s hands and feet on this earth, largely agree with the sentiment. But action without prayer is barren and counter-productive. What we suffer from is NOT too little action, but too little prayer. Walter Williams, in another of his elegantly simple pieces, marvelously illustrates what is at the heart of the problem. When we banish prayer, when we dismantle the moral foundation of the culture, tragedy follows and grows. There is a great dragon that stalks the land. It is the dragon of degeneracy and disorder. The left calls it freedom. I call it slavery. Action uninformed by prayer and morality feeds the dragon. It is prayer – and only prayer – that will form a free people capable once more of effective action. Let us pray – and pray fervently – that we may slay the dragon of depravity that breeds terror and tragedy in our lands.


On Saturday, June 9, I had the joy of worshipping with Bishop Rene Gracida as he celebrated Mass in his private chapel on the occasion of his 95th birthday. A small group of friends, including the three generations of a family that help him, participated in the Mass with him and then went out to lunch. We chatted about the state of the world, the state of the Church, and listened to anecdotes from a life well and fully lived. Bishop Gracida’s home is graced with wonderful pictures that encompass much of the history of the Church over the last 60 years. My favorite is a picture of Gracida and then-Bishop Karol Wojtyla, just before he was elected Pope.

Bishop Gracida is a hero of mine. While we occasionally have somewhat different takes on the issues of the day,

Bishop Rene Gracida and me in his chapel

he lives what he preaches with fidelity and fortitude. When he speaks, he speaks boldly. On the fundamentals of the faith and fidelity to Scripture and the Magisterium, he is rock solid. He is an ardent defender of life, marriage and the family. He is a sign of hope to me. While I am not ready to sign on to his prescription on how best to renew the Church, I admire how carefully and coherently he makes his case – and how he grounds it fully in Church history.  For those of you who read his Abyssum blog, you may not see how carefully he considers what he is going to say, how seriously he takes his duty to the faith and the Church and, most especially, how tenderly and carefully he takes his duty to the faithful. He is a man who causes me, on the occasions when we disagree, to carefully examine my own position for flaws – for no matter who is more right or more wrong, I know that the positions are prayerfully animated by profound love for the Church and the faith on the part of each of us. Though we had conversed through emails, the first time I ever visited with him, two years ago, I was struck by how much our conversation was dominated by his tender concerns with how best to give witness that would build up the faithful he still ministers to. His blog reveals his great courage. How I wish that all of you could see his great and tender heart. I am so grateful that he is my friend.

The first thing I noticed when I went to visit him two years ago was the brass door-knocker on his front door. It was a squirrel. I am pleased to report it is still there.

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  1. Greetings Charlie et al

    Here in Ontario Canada, not the California one, praise God, at least for the moment, we have just completed our provincial election cycle, and for the first time in a long time, common sense prevailed. See, it’s not a superpower as some opine, even if it is not common.

    Amidst the hue and cry of the of the Ontario version of never Trumpers, who are claiming the sky is falling, we have what may prove to be a new day. The post election rhetoric of the left reminded me so much of the leaving town lefties after the Great US election of 2016. Premier elect Doug Ford is apparently going to round up all the gays, and other left wing special groups, and imprison them somewhere. Oh, and the sky is falling. My personal favourite was the maroon who called Premier elect Ford a “bafoon.” My spell checker wants to change that to baboon, but I think the tweet twit meant buffoon. I guess if you can’t spell it, you probably don’t know what it means. As Charlie noted above, maybe a mirror check might be appropriate for a good view of a bafoon/buffoon.

    So, be on the lookout or people who say “eh” a lot, and are looking to take up residence in America. Probably they will be just some of the Trump induced emigre’s coming home to California.

    The longer President Trump remains in office, and I hope it is for 8 years, the more respect I have for his no nonsense approach to most matters, even if I might disagree with him on his specific tactics. His little trip to the G7 conference, en route to Singapore, was hilarious. Little Justin tried to make nice to his face, but couldn’t contain himself and stepped on a land mine, over trade, that seemed to mainly contain exploding egg, which he got all over his own face. Apparently, President Trump didn’t get the memo about a knife fight, and somehow smuggled in tactical nuclear weapons, which he used successfully. The G8, now G7, without Russia, might become the g6, now that President Trump took his ball and went home. Since he was the only one with ball(s), maybe the game will be over.

    The left is seemingly being unmasked bit by bit, as without clothes.

    But, this is very far from over, and prayerful diligence is the order of the day.

    God Bless You all.

    Michael Brandon

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    1. Hilarious, Michael! If all our lefties move to Canada and all yours move to America, it won’t make things better – but it would mix it up a bit. Years ago, I was friends with a prominent Democrat. At dinner one night we were discussing the nutjobs on each of our own sides…and proposed a trade of nutjobs for just one cycle. It would be confusing but hilarious…and something completely different, as the Monty Python troupe would say.

      On a more serious note, all things are, indeed, being revealed. A month or two ago, I was chatting with a woman I met in a professional setting. It was a nice, lively and engaging conversation. I asked her, at one point, what side of the political aisle she was on. She told me she was embarrassed to admit it, but she had usually been pretty liberal. I asked why she was embarrassed – and she said it horrified her how vicious and nasty her side had become – and had her re-thinking a lot of things. The times, they are a-changing.

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    2. Michael;
      Being in Ontario, you must be familiar with the Lindsay Shepard story. I’ve been following that saga for quite a while now and have come to realize just how toxic the university environments can be. We all hear about the SJW antics and it’s easy to dismiss them as wacky but I don’t think enough people realize how deadly serious this is. I would be interested to read your take on this. Miss Shepard (I’m old school, no Ms.) has publicly renounced the left and called attention to the literal insanity professed by the leftist in academia.

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      1. Christopher

        As I thought on your comment, what came to me re the matter of Miss Shepard was “a voice in the desert calling, prepare the way of the Lord.” But, she is not the voice. She was just a pawn that when pushed around, pushed back.

        The focal point of the particular issue was a video, which had been broadcast on the province’s funded television channel (TVO), that she presented to a class she was teaching, without taking a side herself on the matter at hand. The video was a debate on language and the use of preferred pronouns for people who identify as something other than male or female. If the video had been a debate that did not include the illiberal Jordan Peterson, there would have been no issue probably.

        The name Jordan Peterson is like a red flag to a bull. Professor Peterson is generally a breath of fresh air for those of us who have noticed that the Emperor is without clothes. He speaks out against the liberal insanity going on in our schools of higher learning, safe spaces, not so free speech etc.

        This was a very minor skirmish, but one of the ones that helped elevate Dr. Peterson to a targeted defender of common sense, in a world determined to wipe it out, and a hero of the right.

        Peterson has the courage to call cow cookies what they are. Accordingly, he is a voice in the desert, though as an agnostic, not one to call on preparation of the way of the Lord. But, he is a small sign to Christian voices to dare to speak out and be heard.

        By waking people on the right up to stand for truth, against insanity, his voice might have had an direct or indirect hand in the tossing out of the Liberal party in our election this past week.

        These are crazy times here in Ontario, in Canada and in the world.

        God Bless You.

        Michael Brandon

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        1. Thanks Michael. I intentionally left out details of the Lindsay Shepard case knowing that if you replied you would lay it out better than I could. Well done. And by the way, don’t be so sure Jordan Peterson is firmly agnostic. Once I became familiar with his work I went on a video-watching binge of his lectures and interviews. He has some intriguing views of God and Jesus Christ. Dr. Peterson is ‘almost there’ so to speak. I got the feeling that he resists the label of Christian to maintain his street creds for the time being. I won’t post a YouTube link here because the moderators prefer to view videos before posting but Patrick Coffin (staunchly conservative Catholic) interviewed JP and at the end, Coffin said “You’re either a closet Catholic, a lapsed Catholic, or a future Catholic.” It was a pretty awesome interview.
          Thanks again for your time & God Bless you.

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          1. Thank you Christopher.

            I am watching the Patrick Coffin – Jordan Peterson interview at the moment and it is excellent. I have a lot of respect for both men. This sure beats watching Kathy Newman of the BBC trying to beat up on Peterson earlier this year, when like President Trump, he brought nukes to a knife fight and turned her on her head.

            Thanks for the tip.

            God Bless You.

            Michael Brandon

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    3. It was a short, but tiring election, as a lot was on the line…

      I suspect that both the Liberals & NDP are on team Soros, so even it the Liberals have been effectively removed from the equation, the NDP may try to finish the job.

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  2. Charlie,

    I read somewhere that some Cardinals had meetings to lobby (which JPII made clear in a letter to Cardinals was not allowed) for Francis. One German Bishop or Cardinal supposedly bragged in an auto bio that this happened. Is this what the paragraph below is about? Do you agree?


    It can only be resolved by a group (however small in number) of validly appointed Cardinals who find that the election of Francis the Merciful at the Conclave of 2013 was invalid because the ballot which ‘elected’ him included ballots cast by Cardinals who had incurred the penalty of Excommunication Late Sententiae before voting, under the provisions of the Apostolic Constitution Universe Dominici Gregis, and among such Cardinals was Jorge Maria Bergolio himself.

    It can only be resolved by a group (however small in number) of validly appointed Cardinals who, meeting in a special ad hoc conclave declare the See of Peter vacant and set the date for the next conclave which would be conducted under the provisions of Universi Dominici Gregis and which would proceed to elect the next Pope.


    1. Dear Lillian, as upset as some are concerning Pope Francis, according to the canon lawyer for whom I provide care, Pope Francis was a validly elected pope. In answer to many emails I was receiving, in 2013, at the time of the last papal conclave, Father wrote the following short statement, citing canon law:

      Pope Francis – Vicar of Christ
      Rev. John B. Wang, PhD, JUD

      1. Pope Benedict XVI announced his resignation on the morning of Feb. 11, 2013 effective at 8 PM local time, Feb. 28, 2013. He did this freely and properly in accordance of Canon 332 §2. So, the See of Peter was vacant starting from that time.

      2. Pope Francis was duly elected on March 13, 2013 by a majority of two-thirds of votes cast by 115 Cardinals. He accepted the election in accordance with Canon 332 § 1. Jorge Mario Bergoglio became the 266th Roman Catholic Pontiff and acquired full, supreme, and immediate power to govern the Church as Vicar of Christ from that day.

      3. To be a Roman Catholic, one must accept the legitimately elected Pope as the head of the Catholic Church.

      Our Church is in a Passion Time of intense division. Praying…

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      1. whew..thanks Beckita for clearing that up for me… I was totally distraught at reading he may not be. lol These are indeed crazy times. So much confusion. I remember Fr. Gobbi said that there would be lots of confusion. The times are so evil I hardly want to go anywhere but Mass and the grocery store. (we live in a small town, so people actually still greet you with a smile and chit chat like the times of Mayberry!) So again, thanks for this clear up Beckita! xoxo TNRS

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        1. Well, Linda, this issue of whether or not Pope Francis was validly elected has been a hot topic with varying opinions and it seems it’s a topic which is not going away.

          In 2015 this piece was penned:

          Then in 2017 came this:

          There are additional writers who concur with Bishop Gracida’s view. Right after the conclave, some writers asserted that Pope Benedict XVI could not have validly resigned therefore Pope Francis’s election was invalid.

          Much prayer for the Church is so needed right now.

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          1. Beckita it’s sort of funny the strange correlation between President Trump and Pope Francis. They both talk too much and get themselves in heaps of trouble…ORRRRRR….the Fake News people spin what they say and make everybody THINK what they said is incorrigible!!! LOL Both the Left and the Right want one or both of them ousted!!!

            Too complicated for me…I’m just gonna keep happily keep going on my merrily little way trying to Acknowledge God, take the Next right step, and be a sign of hope to those I come into contact with. BTW most peeps I meet lately don’t want a sign of seems to irritate them further.. lol

            I feel great joy! Thank you again Charlie for preparing us for these times! I am also really enjoying Anne a lay Apostles books that have good standing with the church so far. Those messages sound so much like what Charlie has been saying too!!! What incredible times in which we are living!!! xoxo TNRS

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      2. Thank you Beckita.after communion I sensed…the
        Body of Christ is broken.The next morning I became very aware the Church is going through Her Passion. I asked out loud. What will heal us all and immediately I sensed Gods Love. 2 minutes later I turned on iPad and I had just received an email entitled Gods Love by Alan Ames.He has his own ministry and be in Texas and Minnesota in 2 weeks. So I implore the Holy Spirit to come and renew the face of the earth.
        I appreciate your confirmation Beckita.
        Interesting to note….it is 40 years since ban on St Faustinas writings was lifted.

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  3. Love it, Michael! Also, love the honesty of the woman with whom you spoke, Charlie, who is re-evaluating things. Then, there’s that incredible image of the world turned upside down. Truly in our hands are the choices we make – in prayer, words and deeds – which impact this world, either cranking up the need for some serious purification or mitigating the intensity of that cleansing via minds, hearts and souls returning to God.

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  4. Hi Charlie…
    I just read a few paragraphs of Bishop Rene’s blog. Please help me to understand…Is he saying that Pope Francis was not validly elected Pope? Im really confused on this. Just want to be sure I am understanding his blog correctly. I pray that I am not for I just love Pope Francis.
    Thank you for any help you can offer me. xoxo TNRS

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    1. Bishop Gracida is deeply concerned about matters in the Church. That is a take he believes should be examined. That is an area where he and I disagree. He is an acute observer and critic of many of the things going on in the Church. I think the formula he proposes could too easily be used to remove one with whom one disagrees – and I also think that whatever disputes I have with Pope Francis, his election was valid. None of the Cardinals disputed the validity of it, so that is consent to it. Bishop Gracida has been my friend for almost four years – and he has been a hero of mine. That does not change even though we deeply disagree on this matter.

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      1. Bishop Gracida has the Apostolic duty to teach. This mandate, like yours Charlie to “tell us true” is binding on him and I’m glad to see he takes it very seriously. At 95, he has seen a lot of water go under the bridge and can tell us a thing or two about life and the church.
        But the church is 2000 years old and along with the other prelates who make up the Apostolic succession, the Magesterium, tradition and the bible, we get a much more thorough look at truth than any one man can conceive.
        Bishop Gracida is right and proper in describing any and all errors he sees fit to comment on and as you have said Charlie, does a thorough job of it on his blog. But he is not the last word on such things and out of obedience to the Magesterium we need to follow what IS the last word until such a time that a new last word is issued despite any “errors” we may believe are occurring beforehand (unless gravely sinful on our part).
        As Beckita has said, “these are grave times” but it is for times such as these that truth stay visible and fought for.
        Just as the apostles scattered during the scandal of Jesus’ arrest in the garden of Gethsemane the princes of the church are in a scatter mode by all that is rocking her in this time. They are trying to make sense of why and what is happening but the full mystery of the cross still stands to this day.
        As we, the body of Christ, the church go through our garden of Gethsemane moment, may we fix our faces like flint and look with hope towards the day of its resurrection.

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        1. Very prudent thoughts, Phillip. Several decades ago I cautioned some Priests I was friendly with who were quite proud of their loyalty to the Holy Father. I told them it was easy to be obedient to Pope John Paul, but they should prepare for a day when it was not so easy…that it might please God to winnow us all…to see whether our faith was formulaic or whether we could balance well our duty of lawful obedience and that of defending the faith with complete fidelity. I think we are all being winnowed right now…and that when all is done, our faith will be all the stronger for the trial we now go through.

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          1. Amen, Phillip and Charlie. And we have to be able to discuss these things, truly listening to each other, even when one is passionate about his/her position. Not always easy, but surely essential.

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      2. Thank you Charlie!
        That was so beautifully explained. Well, If he’s a hero of yours, then he’s a hero of mine too! I like the fact that he has a squirrel door knocker too!
        Glad Pope Francis is truly Our Pope. I guess God will work this all out here some time soon.
        xoxo Linda

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      3. Interesting point, but are elections really infallible? We see how counties around the world are faltering because when the people are not morally sound, they elect terrible leaders. I suspect it was a rebellious element in the Church that elected Francis to Pope, for the better or worse…

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  5. Trump is playing straight in a crooked world and as much as the Left wants to paint his strategy as straight up buffoonery . . . it just can’t. Trump showed Kim that he would not tolerate the same behavior that his predecessor chose to ignore . . .and he canceled the meeting, but then talked as though it was still going to happen and how great it will be and such a huge step forward for North Korea . . .the man knew exactly how to play it so that he could set some rules and keep sensitive pride from being wounded AND remind all what good things a meeting could bring. It’s EXACTLY what I do when I want to gently move my somewhat stubborn six year old in the right direction. Lay down the law, be perfectly fine with not doing the fun thing we were going to do as a repercussion, but mention how much fun it will be. Presto, the kid stops the nonsense and actively chooses to do the fun thing we were going to do and not get sidetracked whining about a lot of other things. Trump knew what he was doing, he studied Kim closely. Right now the biggest controversy is Trump’s plan for making a truly free trade policy . . . and so far no one wants to do that. We’ll see what happens there.
    Recently, I just finished reading a book called ” A Canticle for Liebowitz”. . . a fantastic dystopian fiction, beautifully written . . . the major premise of the book is this: man cannot make Eden. Without prayer, without accepting the Godhead, without Jesus . . . we cannot, ultimately, accomplish good. We think we can . . . we can generate electricity, we can devise wonderful things . . . we think we can solve the world’s problems and make decisions without God, we think we can divorce these wonderful things from a life of faith and still be “fine” . . . and in the book this leads inevitably to the world’s complete destruction. So here we are, in the same position . . .we think we can have Eden, but we refuse to have God . . . and soon we will find that all the little sins and big sins in the world . . .all the nudges of the seven deadly sins running freely in the world . . . these things work together at the quiet direction of an invisible malevolent hand that seeks the world’s destruction. I get the sense that there are real chances for change being offered . . . if we cannot choose well then we choose our own destruction . . . but the good news is that God’s Mercy reaches us especially at moments like these. He will do great things through the humblest of us whose only power in this world is the power of prayer and the power of being an instrument.

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    1. Hi Katherine,

      “A Canticle for Liebowitz” … funny you should mention that. I had started reading that book when I was 12 years old, but never got to finish it, and then forgot the title and author. Because my mother, seeing that I was reading a book combining science fiction and Catholicism, took it away from me when I was halfway through, apparently decided it was evil, never gave me an explanation, and returned it to the library simply saying, “You can’t read this.”

      So you’re saying it’s a worthwhile book, and now I’ll be able to find it again. Cool, because I was thinking of that book recently and wondering how it ended, and whether it was good or bad … Thank you for your insight!

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    2. You hit the nail on the head with the phrase, “there are real chances for change being offered.” As everything is being revealed, God IS giving us the chance to choose. If we merely glum on to the good things that are being dangled in front of us, but insist on doing it without reference to our dependence on God, then we will have to suffer fully the consequences of our choices.

      I have said before that, in July of 2000, my angel told me intently, “You must tell them true and they must choose or perish!” That was a fearful, but enigmatic statement, to me at the time. It is getting less enigmatic to me by the day. Once all is revealed, we become fully responsible for our choices.

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      1. “Once all is revealed, we become fully responsible for our choices.”

        Yes, and how will that be done? We don’t know, but it somehow will be.

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      2. I agree, I often tell people it’s not God that chooses our path in life but people that choose it. If there’s going to be a apocalypse, it’s going to be people who create it, despite God’s warnings for us to not go there…

        Global warming is a sham to explain away the widthdrawal of God’s protection from disasters.

        I suspect the reason, why Biblical & prophetic events seem delayed, because people are better behaved when they think something bad is going to happen, but after a while they begin to doubt and loose faith, and the events continue to progress…

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  6. Enjoyed your thoughts Charlie. Yes, Bishop Rene Gracida is wonderful! I’ve been following him for years. You are so graced to be in his presence.

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  7. In regards to “dependence on God” … turning towards God and not away from God, I thought of a small “poem”:
    Lord, every time I fall,
    help me get up
    loving you more,
    trusting you more.

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    1. And every time I fall I am generally trusting in myself, my knowledge, experience, etc and not on God. When I trust in God and surrender to Him more fully my falls are greatly reduced.

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  8. Such gems, Charlie! The Town Hall article you link to is definitly eye opening, but not surprising, given what we see the “liberal elites” doing every day. Love the descriptions of how Trump “punks” them right back.

    I was also moved today by reading Dr. Moynihan’s e-letter about Solzhenitsyn’s address to Harvard 40 years ago this month. It was such a prophetic speech and the initial reaction of the media and certain others is what you’d have today. Then the secondary reaction came from real people and the heartland who understood exactly Solzhenitsyn’s warning. It was moving because it was a warning we did not heed, but also moving in a positive way, that many people are not deceived and recognize truth when it hits them in the face. Just as you do for us, Charlie!

    May the veil continue to be parted more and more, revealing truth!

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    1. Does anyone have a link to this video by Fr. Ripperger anywhere else besides YouTube? YouTube says “This video is no longer available because the YouTube account associated with this video has been terminated.”


  9. Thank you, Charlie, for reporting on Bishop Emeritus Gracida. We look forward to reading his blog posts everyday. So I was very concerned about the lack of posts this past week, and thinking that Bishop Gracida was ill or something. It was comforting to read that he was just enjoying his 95th (wow!) birthday celebration. We also wish him a very “Happy Birthday.” And may God grant him many more birthdays on this earth, guiding his flock. Thank you, Bishop Gracida…many prayers for you.

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  10. Oh dear another leftist craving attention and the left says he won because he received a standing ovation and they have proof of it. Meanwhile another one tries to be cheeky referring to the meeting between 2 dictators and then says it was accident. Oh and Trudeau as well was another one.

    BTW Charlie i never did say thank you for your sacrifice! Bekita as well and Steve. The leftist has got such a stronghold that this place is now our refugee.

    God Bless.

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    1. I agree with big hugs and thank yous to all…Charlie, Bekita, Steve, and all others…this site has become my refuge. Thanks be to God for the Blessings received through SOH.

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      1. Thank you so much, Noreen, for your affirmation and gratitude expressed. I love the inclusion of all of us as each one brings thoughts, perspective and insight which bless us all. Indeed, Thanks be to God!

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    1. I hope De Niro is enjoying the tens or perhaps hundreds of millions of dollars he’s made in movies that glamorize thugs killing each other for the sport of it.

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  11. I found and meditated on this message while in Adoration and hoped I could share this with you. Charlie is so right that prayer is at the heart of everything and we must choose it every single day. Given through Fr. Gobbi in Seoul, South Korea, I hope you also can take heart and meditate on our chances for a good outcome for the beginning of negotiations with North Korea. (Message 583, To The Priests, Oct. 31, 1996):

    “Korea is a land particularly loved and protected by me; it is the garden in which your heavenly Mother gives extraordinary signs of her continual presence among you.

    I am leading you along the road of unity and peace. This unity and peace will come to your Church and to your fatherland as a special gift of my Immaculate Heart.”

    Blessings and peace to all here.

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      1. Her Immaculate Heart will triumph even by using the “needs” of men like Kim and Trump. What a triumph that would be! A thing of wonder even to those of us who are accustomed to seeing very dissonant threads woven into the tapestry of salvation history.

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  12. Charlie! Really? I never noticed that about the movies “bad guys”. Oh wait!!! LOL! I rarely watch movies. [ok, old musicals, when I can find them.] Like you post, by the way.

    On a more serious note, St Therese and St Faustina speak of Jesus’ burning love for us. He longs for us to love him. Yes, that he died of a broken heart from our lack of love for God. So…, last few days, as I arise, I kiss his feet on the Cross, and say, “Jesus, I GIVE you my love. Amen.” [small change of my words, of my heart. Thinking it’s the start of humble obedience to 1st Commandment]

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  13. Hearts being revealed… these hearts reveal depravity in this excerpt from a headline article today at Life News:

    “After an intense debate today, the American Medical Association decided not to reaffirm its long-standing opposition to assisted suicide. Surprisingly, the nation’s largest medical society, the American Medical Association, has just voted against the recommendation of its own Council on Ethical and Judicial Affairs to keep its position against assisted suicide.”

    Kryie eleison
    Christe eleison
    Kyrie eleison

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  14. I realized something today, that we’re deep in apostasy right now. The legalization of abortion among the Irish should of made this clear as day & night. It began with the Communists and it got adopted by the Liberals, but the members of this apostasy has one goal, to destroy Christianity while portraying anyone who disagrees with them as evil. Until Communism & Liberalism are defeated, we will not know peace in the world, even more disturbing is what would they do next time they come into power…

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  15. So proud of our President. Everyone should listen to him in full interviews and speeches instead of just the “clips” put out there by MSM. You’ll never get the whole story that way. I think the Summit will go down in history as peacemaking in the making! God bless and protect President Trump. There is so much more work to do. God Bless the peacemakers!

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  16. Is anyone else just appalled that Fr. James Martin is the “keynote” speaker at the upcoming World Meeting of Families? How can someone that refers to someone like me, a faithful Catholic, as a “homophobe” be allowed to speak? How can a catholic priest who pushes acceptance of sodomy lifestyle be allowed any where near families who are trying to live a good and pure lifestyle. Where is the love for souls, that you would not tell a “sinner”, any “sinner”, that they need to change their behavior–refrain from the sin? That they are sinning against God? Please write your Bishops and emplore them to speak up against Fr. Martin’s lack of charity toward those in great need of saving.

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