An Indictment About Nothing – Except Leverage

Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s indictment Friday of 13 Russian nationals was silly, dangerous, and a transparent effort to gain some leverage for a safe exit strategy from the sham that has been the Russian collusion investigation. To explain why, I decided to write this in the form of an analytical memo like those I used to write for candidates and Members of Congress. In fact, I reckon I will send this out to some old colleagues:

Some conservative media outlets and groups have been crowing that Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s indictment of 13 Russian Nationals Friday and Deputy Atty. Gen. Rod Rosenstein’s statement that no American citizen wittingly engaged in collusion with Russians proves that President Donald Trump is innocent of all charges. They miss the point and the purpose of these indictments while falling into the conspirators’ trap. The evidence had already cleared Trump. We no longer needed Mueller to say so. Further, Rosenstein’s claim that no American willingly colluded with Russian agents ignores the willing collusion of Hillary Clinton, the Democratic National Committee (DNC), the FBI and the Justice Department with the same. This investigation hit the shoals when evidence started flooding out of official misconduct by the party they were NOT investigating and by federal agencies and agents, coming perilously close to the investigators, themselves. This is Mueller and Rosenstein’s opening bid for a stand-down that allows them to exit without themselves being investigated – and to whitewash the involvement of Clinton, the DNC, federal law enforcement and intelligence agencies in an effort, first, to ensure their preferred outcome in the 2016 presidential election and then, failing that, to overturn the results of that election. In short, this became a soft coup attempt (the latter phrase is the literal definition of a coup attempt), the most serious type of internal assault on the American system of government and law that exists. Further, these indictments are downright dangerous to national security. Let me explain.

Since the first primitive tribes discovered their proximity to each other, nations have been trying to influence each other’s internal affairs for their own perceived benefit. I realize the average American citizen has little awareness of how extensive our efforts are to influence elections in other countries, including allies, and how extensive foreigners’ efforts are to influence ours. But to have serious national authorities playing at being shocked at this is as juvenile as being shocked to find the reason men go to nightclubs is to try to pick up women or that the reason people go to casinos is to gamble. The first big effort by foreigners to influence American elections was in 1796 when France threatened to declare war if America elected John Adams instead of Thomas Jefferson. We elected Adams anyway – and France shut up for a while. For all his virtues, Jefferson was an inveterate colluder with French authorities – and connived to undermine the very Washington administration he was a part of.

The old Soviet Union was a master at disinformation campaigns, many of which were revealed by the massive data dump of the Mitrokhin Archives by a KGB Agent after its fall. Much of that disinformation remains embedded in our national conscious, even with its exposure. Three examples: while the Soviets didn’t start conspiracy theories about President Kennedy’s assassination, after Mark Lane started the ball rolling with his book, “Rush to Judgement,” the Soviets did become the biggest financial backers for conspiracy theorists. Concerning the late FBI Director, J. Edgar Hoover, the abuses of power are verified fact; the rumors about his homosexuality and dressing up in women’s clothes was a Soviet disinformation dump. Rumors that the CIA created AIDS to kill black men was not just a paranoid urban legend; it was part of a Soviet disinformation campaign. As one commentator comically observed, this is what Russians do. It is their version of golf.

It is the duty of each nation to defend itself from such efforts at meddling, while being aware that such efforts will never stop. Yet defense on such matters must remain a matter of diplomacy, not of law. It is perfectly legitimate for a government to expel foreign nationals who participate in such mischief. If it is particularly egregious, it may be an act of war, but it cannot be a crime. To transfer it to criminal law would endanger the lives of every American tourist traveling outside the country. Setting this precedent would give tyrants throughout the world a most efficient blunt instrument to use against American nationals. Simply claim they are engaging in efforts to meddle in a country’s internal affairs and arrest them.

I am no apologist for former President Barack Obama, but he was right when, while still in office, he characterized such Russian meddling as business as usual and no big deal. Where he went wrong was in using this as the pretext for trying to overturn the election results.

This was not an exoneration of Trump. Rather, it sought to leverage evidence that Trump is innocent to exonerate ‘Deep State’ officials who DID engage in a criminal conspiracy to rig the election and then, failing that, to overturn the results of that election. As evidence exposes vulnerability on the part of both Mueller and Rosenstein, they have been seeking an exit strategy that would protect them from consequences for misconduct. That need took on particular urgency last week when the judge who accepted General Michael Flynn’s guilty plea was suddenly recused and replaced by Federal Judge Emmet G. Sullivan, perhaps the toughest judge in the nation on prosecutorial misconduct. As you probably know, the FBI originally said that Flynn had NOT lied to them, but the Justice Dept. overruled it. Judge Sullivan almost immediately issued an order that he be shown all exculpatory evidence the prosecution has. That is particularly chilling for Mueller because this judge has, on multiple occasions, held prosecutors in contempt for withholding evidence and even once appointed a special prosecutor to investigate the Justice Dept. Judge Sullivan does NOT tolerate prosecutorial misconduct or overreach.

Mueller has potential exposure for suppressing the investigation of the Uranium One scandal and the various Clinton Foundation scandals. Rosenstein has exposure for his role in perjuring himself to approve FISA warrants to spy on Trump and his campaign – and as a potential conspirator. At the press conference, the principles said there was no evidence that any American wittingly participated with Russians in an effort to influence the election. First of all, that is an outright lie. A mountain of evidence has come out that Clinton, the DNC, and top officials at the FBI, Justice Dept., intelligence community and State Dept. DID collude with Russian agents to further their own criminal conspiracy. The only truth in this statement is that there is no evidence that the people they were targeting wittingly conspired with foreign agents.  Second, Mueller said, ominously, that this did not preclude them from later determining that there was such collusion and that he had several months of work left. This was a transparent extortion attempt. Basically, Mueller was saying, “If you’ll quit telling the truth about me, I’ll stop pushing lies about you.” If Mueller was actually able to leverage this feeble extortion attempt to negotiate a stand-down where no one is held to account for actual crimes and sedition, we will have more such efforts in the future.

The indictments he has made – and those he hasn’t – confirm that the sole actual mission of the Mueller investigation has been to get Trump, not to expose crimes and get justice. Mueller has indicted Paul Manafort and targeted Carter Page for ties they had with Russian nationals before there ever was a Trump campaign – and that were not involved in the campaign. He has indicted 13 Russian nationals who are not subject to our laws and cannot ever be extradited and charged. These indictments clearly show that Mueller has not confined himself to things actually connected with collusion by the Trump campaign, but has broadly interpreted himself as having jurisdiction over any misconduct having to do with Russians. Yet he has remained silent on what a mountain of evidence now shows to be actual collusion with Russian Agents to help with a criminal conspiracy by top officials to rig the election and then to overturn the results when the rigging failed. On June 13, 2017, Rosenstein brought Mueller into the oval office to interview for the job of director of the FBI. Trump decided against him. The next day, Rosenstein brought Mueller in as special counsel. The timing was suspicious, hinting that Rosenstein was determined to get Mueller in a key position for some reason – and one could be forgiven for suspecting that the mission there was to protect the FBI and Justice Dept. from evidence of their seditious misconduct being revealed. Now that Mueller, having asserted broad jurisdiction on all things involving Russians, whether related to campaigns or not, has refused to notice the mountain of evidence revealing such collusion with people he favors, it is MUCH more than a suspicion.

While Trump and his team were the specific victims of this conspiracy, it was primarily an assault on the American people and the American system of equal application of justice under law. Forget the caricatures of Trump for a moment. He is a gut-fighter while the battle is on, yet he is almost always strikingly magnanimous after he is confident he has prevailed. His instincts may well tempt him to let bygones be bygones. Congress cannot abide that in this case. The primary victims here have been, as I said, the American people and the principle of equal application of justice under law. If seditious perpetrators of an attempted coup are simply allowed a do-over with no consequence, we will have much more sedition in our future. Since Mueller will not investigate any crimes committed by Clinton, the DNC, or top echelons of the federal bureaucracy, we must appoint either a special prosecutor or national commission which will. Those who perpetrated this must be held to account.

Key Talking and Action Points

  • Do not celebrate Trump’s ‘exoneration’ by Mueller. Rather, emphasize that Mueller’s acknowledgement of the evidence exonerating Trump does NOT exonerate those high officials who DID conspire to rig and then overturn the results of an election.
  • Emphasize that there was substantial collusion with Russian agents by high government officials in furtherance of a criminal conspiracy – and that the Congress will not rest until the investigation is complete and the conspirators punished. The disappointment on the left that that conspiracy was mounted by those mounting the charges must not change that.
  • Emphasize that the only proper and safe response to foreign meddling in American internal affairs is diplomatic; expulsion, sanctions, or war. To make it a matter of law would imperil every American tourist traveling outside the country.





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  1. “This was not an exoneration of Trump. Rather, it sought to leverage evidence that Trump is innocent to exonerate ‘Deep State’ officials who DID engage in a criminal conspiracy to rig the election and then, failing that, to overturn the results of that election.” = BOOM!

    “Judge Sullivan almost immediately issued an order that he be shown all exculpatory evidence the prosecution has. That is particularly chilling for Mueller because this judge has, on multiple occasions, held prosecutors in contempt for withholding evidence and even once appointed a special prosecutor to investigate the Justice Dept. Judge Sullivan does NOT tolerate prosecutorial misconduct or overreach.” = Sweet BOOM!

    “At the press conference, the principles said there was no evidence that any American wittingly participated with Russians in an effort to influence the election. First of all, that is an outright lie… This was a transparent extortion attempt. Basically, Mueller was saying, “If you’ll quit telling the truth about me, I’ll stop pushing lies about you.” = Gonna be redundant: Triple BOOM!

    “To transfer it to criminal law would endanger the lives of every American tourist traveling outside the country.”

    MASTERFUL ANALYSIS, Charlie. It prompts me to pray: Jesus, we surrender to You, take care of everything. While that is sincere and fitting, it is equally true we have NRSteps to take so, especially, thank you for those talking and action points.

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    1. PS As ever, Charlie, an apropos image with rich meaning. So many think of the term, laughing hyena, in a frolicking way. (There’s an old rock band named Laughing Hyenas.) Far from simple, the hyena’s “giggle” can have multiple meanings. Most telling for today’s post are these:

      “Though we may hear it as laughter, the hyena’s giggle sound actually means it’s being attacked or chased, generally in a dispute over a kill.”

      “Not only do they talk to each other, hyenas lie to each other. Scientists have observed hyenas using distress calls when no enemies are present (but when food they’d rather not share is), a behavior both cunning and effective.”

      May the hyenas of hubris and deception be identified for who they are and what they are doing and be brought to justice.

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    2. Hah Beckita! Had to chuckle at your comments since my own reading of Charlie’s piece was punctuated by several *BOOM*’s. My husband will love this piece!

      By the way…. I thought everyone had gone on Winter vacation. No emails from the website for about a month. I finally became suspicious and went directly to ‘A Sign Of Hope’ only to discover that I had missed several postings. Checked my WordPress settings which were all okay. No emails in my Spam or Junk files. Weird. Finally solved the problem (hopefully) by unfollowing and then following. Has anyone else run into this issue?

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      1. contemplativegrandma, I have had the comments to posts stop arriving in my email. I then go the WP settings and see that the received comments has been turned off. I realized that there is an option at the bottom of the comments that I open in email that is a link that will automatically unsub me from receiving the comments if I click on it, which I may have done inadvertently.

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        1. Thanks for this tip Jen. I hadn’t noticed the option you mentioned and will keep my eyes open for it. I might well have hit something inadvertently. The new sight is a little more ‘touchy’ than the old and I am almost always navigating on my itty-bitty phone screen.

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  2. It is well known that Obama didn’t like Netanyahu and tried to influence the Israeli election. So how is Russian’s involvement in ours any worse?? I have been wondering this for several weeks.

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    1. It’s just the same, Bob. The CIA and our country have been intervening and overthrowing governments for many decades. We even go so far as to murder foreign leaders, candidates and individuals who are perceived as acting against our interests. One study concluded that the USA and Russia/USSR “intervened in 117 elections around the world from 1946 to 2000”.(1)

      A list involving only US interference is both illuminating and embarrassing;

      UK Brexit vote
      2015 Israeli election
      2002 Bolivia
      2006 Palestinian election
      1996 Russian election
      2012 Israeli elecction
      1996 China election …..

      The list goes on and on – see here for more;


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  3. Charlie – You have “nailed it on the head” with this fantastic writing. I hope you mail this out to all your “old friends” on the Hill and elsewhere so that Justice is finally served. The American people deserve the truth and those that are guilty need to pay the price. God bless and thank you for this great analysis!

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  4. I fear people are so sick and tired of the whole mess that many will want to take the Mueller bait just to have it all go away. As you masterfully state, Charlie, so much is at stake. Here is where we take a deep breath, put our heads down and charge forward. To support truth, I plan on printing copies of “ An Indictment About Nothing-Except Leverage” to hand out. Is that ok Charlie?

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      1. Consider it done. By the way, this thought has crossed my mind… Charlie needs to go to DC and straighten this mess out. You can do it. Go, Charlie, go! You’ll have a great cheerleading section-ASOH.

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      2. Charlie, my husband sends out political emails on a daily basis to about 200 friends who include business people, radio and tv people, some priests and politicians. I have shared a couple of your recent messages with him and he has willingly sent them out to his group, including this one. Just to let you know and giving you the credit, of course. Thank you for your excellent messages.

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  5. “This was not an exoneration of Trump. Rather, ‘it sought to leverage evidence that Trump is innocent to exonerate ‘Deep State’ officials who DID engage in a criminal conspiracy to rig the election’ and then, failing that, to overturn the results of that election.” I need some help with this one. Can you please re-phrase the part I have in quotes inside the quote? Especially, Trump is innocent to exonerate deep state officials. Sorry just don’t quite understand. Thanks!

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    1. It simply means that Mueller and Rosenstein attempted a sleight of hand – insinuating that since Trump is innocent, everyone must be innocent. Leverage means using one thing to try to accomplish another. They tried to leverage the fact that Trump is innocent to argue that everyone is innocent. It is a skillfully crafted lie.

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      1. I had not thought of the situation this way, but then again, I have avoiding reading about it or watching the news. The re-assignment of the Flynn case to Judge Sullivan is an interesting development too. 2018 seems to be a year for truth. May it continue!

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    1. … and These On HIgh will never abandon us.



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  6. Well done Charlie! Boom, Boom, Boom!!! I’m glad you’re on the job! I am too simple to connect all the dots and you do it so well. God Bless you!

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  7. This I understand, and this is what I would like to see reported. Thank you. If the Russians liken meddling in the affairs of other nations, they seem to get an awful lot of “Holes in One” – how stupid are we that we can’t take a minute to analyze gossip and tall tales and not fall in line with the game being played on us. And one more thought, I don’ think we are good golfers because many people knew what we were trying to do to Israel so we must be playing with a high handicap. I honestly think with this group that we are the genius’s I am amazed of how people are played

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  8. I was holding my breath as I read this post and kept saying ,Thank you, God, Thank you God, that Charlie shows us the lies perpetrated against the American people. I am so disgusted and hurt by all the @#! that has been going on, and then I say, “thank you God for revealing just how far we have fallen.” [I’m thinking there is much more]
    Lord, have mercy for we have sinned. How can we ever make reparation for the sins of our nation. We were suppose to be a light of hope to others. We have a long way to go to be a humble, righteous and just people. It begins in the heart of each one.

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    1. Great wisdom here, Judith, to mourn over how far WE have fallen. As the comic book character, Pogo, once said, “We have met the enemy – and he is us.” Yes, it is good to be enraged at the people who have done this, and heaven knows I make no secret of my anger. But it takes real wisdom to see that it could not have gone so far if we had been a truly virtuous and moral people. And to get back to being a truly virtuous and moral people, we cannot just let bygones be bygones. Virtue and morality REQUIRE that those responsible be held to account.

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  9. Charlie, I was up reading last night and took a peek again just now -all I found concerning President Trump with this whole issue- in a nutshell was his tweet: “If it was the GOAL of Russia to create discord, disruption and chaos within the U.S. then, with all of the Committee Hearings, Investigations and Party hatred, they have succeeded beyond their wildest dreams. They are laughing their a—s off in Moscow. Get smart America!”
    He’s fuming over this.
    He needs to shift his focus and see what you are seeing! But he is pretty smart… I wish he could read your post!

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      1. I’m in for sending it via email/mail Snowy. Since POTUS took office, Twitter has set up President Trump’s accounts to give top billing to all of the negative tweets on his timeline. The positive tweets are buried, and most times Twitter cuts those off completely by adding, there are too many tweets to load and are therefore are unavailable to access. Tweeting to the President is therefore fairly useless for anything productive.

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      2. Snowy, as long as we are at it, may I suggest we also write Pope Francis a personal note and advocate for the procession and enshrinement of the statue of Our Lady of America in the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Washington DC.


        How to Send the Pope a Letter – And Why You Might Get a Response!

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        1. jlynnbyrd. I too pray that the statue of OLA will be enshrined in the Basilica, but my fear is we will have to wait until many disasters have hit the US and the world before this can be accomplished. Sister Millie told me directly that she sensed the Enshrinement would not take place until after the chastisement because of the evil that had swept across America.

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        2. Actually, Jen and Snowy, the way the Church works is that there is incredible power within each Bishop’s or Archbishop’s diocese. Many processes MUST begin in the local area before they ever reach the Holy See or the Pope. Here are two examples:

          1. When someone is having mystical experiences, the process of investigation does not begin with the Holy Father nor with any dicastry of the Holy See. In proper order, as outlined in Church guidelines, the process begins with the local Bishop. And from him, comes the final decision before that official word is sent to the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith.

          2. When liturgical changes are made, that process begins with the governing body of the local or regional – usually country – Conference of Catholic Bishops. Those Bishops, often, appoint a commission to study and propose. Next step: the Conference of Bishops would need full approval. AND the critical LAST step is that the proposed changes MUST then go to the Holy See, specifically to the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments for final approval, before any such changes are put into practice.

          There is just no way any Pope can be apprised, in detail, concerning the plethora of issues, apparitions and needs in the local Churches all over the world. Further, because of the working structures already in place, rarely would the Pope intervene. Consider how many comments have been made about Pope St. John Paul II supposedly expressing his personal belief in the Medjugorje apparitions, yet, he held back, honoring the already established structures within the Church to do what they have the responsibility to do, trusting that the Holy Spirit is at work as promised.

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  10. God bless you, Charlie, this is so clear and insightful, I am very grateful for your clarity, it is such a relief to know someone has been given the gift to see this from the right angle. I pray the right people in government will hear you.

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  11. Shall we do a writing campaign to our representatives in Congress? Red letter type thing? I just acquired all the postal addressed for the 14 supposedly Catholic Senators who voted no for S2311. And also writing both PA Senators to thank them for voting yes. One being a Democrat and largely went against his party vote.

    Good idea Charlie?

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  12. Charlie, No need to post this as my comment is somewhat off-topic but I’d be interested to learn what you think of “Q Anon” – unless you believe this individual is a fake, perhaps you might consider devoting an entire post on Q Anon. Thanks!


  13. Charlie, you covered a lot of questions that have bothered me since the Benghazi situation occurred while Hillary was Secretary of State. That sad situation was swept under the rug with no accountability from anyone. How about Hillary’s emails on her private server that were conveniently lost. FBI Comey assessed the situation calling her “careless” instead of corrupt. I am sure there is much more corruption to unfold by a number of people who worked for Hillary’s election. Hillary was sure she would win and had a big victory party planned. I said to myself that God cannot bless a country whose leader thinks it’s okay to kill babies and Hillary was very much pro abortion. This country is suffering from anti-god laws. When we return to the 10 Commandments in our hearts and in our minds, then God will give us His peace and heal our land. We must pray for that.

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  14. Ok Beckita…… Link please.
    I just listened to Monsignor Essef on His latest. Repent and believe in the Gospel. It is for ALL of us.a must listen. Only 15 minutes.
    I totally agree Judith….. How far We have fallen.
    Tie in is Pelianitos latest message.
    We all need healing,cleansing. Jesus wants to be able to fully live in us but we are full of misery.
    What we see going on is a fruit of communal sin of all. Not just the leaders. We are given what we ask for!

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      1. Due to some duties, Anne, I’ll look for the link a little later. Just want to say that Msgr Esseff’s statement reflects what Charlie was shown about the fruit of the Rescue: the undue influence of the satan is broken as he said in his piece about this. Our faith teaches us, in a mystery, the Lord allows the evil one’s activity to remain with us as part of our heritage of original sin, as part of our consequence when we choose against God. Nevertheless, the harvest great and we sherpas have been praying and preparing for a time such as this.

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    1. Just catching up on last’s night’s comments, Anne. You’ve actually given enough info for people to find Msgr. Esseff’s site. All you need do, the next time you wish to share the actual link, is place your cursor over the URL at the top of the page you wish to link to; then, right click on your mouse and that link info is then highlighted; then from the box that opens choose the “copy” option and left click on it. When you come back to your comment, you simply right click and the link will paste into your comment. Voila!

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  15. I am so thankful and appreciative for your thoughtful analysis it makes sense. I knew there had to be more but am too simple to understand all of what is going on. Evil is cunning but we have God who knows everything. Keep revealing these things for us Charlie so we can add them to the prayer list. I know the part I can play in this battle, that of a prayer warrior. As I pray I often rely on the communion of saints in purgatory and heaven to constantly pray for us beleaguered warriors. I beg George Washington, other past presidents, and the 60 million aborted babies to pray for the people of the United States to repent, and turn back to God. I pray that all of the killed soldiers in all the wars we have had in the US pray for us now in this moment of history that they didn’t die in vain for our wonderful free country. Lord have mercy on us!

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  16. One more thought-
    We must pray for all of these people involved even though I can’t stand them. I pray that they may have whatever is needed to get them to heaven. Jesus died for them too.

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  17. Thanks for bringing these fine points out Charlie. I wondered what Mueller was up to and you have cleared that up explicitly. This poor country, infiltrated by so many criminals these days. I’ll keep praying for our country and for all of us.

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  18. Seeing Through God’s Glasses!

    A woman dies and reviews her life with God – once with what she thought was important, then again seeing what God thought was important… acts of love. Video runs for 17 minutes;


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    1. Something doesn’t feel quite right with that particular Near Death Experience, it doesn’t acknowledge sin like all the other Near Death Experiences I’ve read about over the years…

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      1. I too felt something unbalanced in this presentation. Somehow it seemed like an individual perception, if true, and not a general situation. I would suggest a very cautious interpretation.

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      2. That’s a good point, Al. She doesn’t mention Jesus either, just talking to God. The review of life is a common element of NDE’s. But as someone wise stated in the past, we can still chew the fish and spit out the bones!

        I agree with your word of caution, Al. Thank you for pointing it out.


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        1. I agree with you. I stopped watching it because something told me this was not truth it seemed as though her “beauty“ was her desire to make this video.

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        2. There’s a “New Age-Alien” propaganda on the internet saying Jesus is a alien from our universe and that sin doesn’t exist, therefore forgiveness is pointless.

          I caution people on this condemnable ideology, that will make souls go to Hell.

          Forgiveness of sins is a prerequisite for the salvation of souls.

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  19. A fine example of how the godless Left is in complete Lock-Step and any deviation from The Agenda or “Talking-Points” of the day will not be tolerated!!:

    Facebook Ad Executive Rob Goldman Apologizes for having “Uncleared Thoughts”……es-for-having-uncleared-thoughts/#more-146047


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  20. Speaking of an Out of Control “Legal” System! Are there any Catholics in New York willing to Stand-Up!!??? Where is Cardinal Dolan? ….. The Catholic League?? New York is well on it’s way to godless Socialist and Tyrannical:

    “New York State Attorney General’s Office Complicit in Fake Facebook Profile to Persecute Pro-Life Sidewalk Counselors”


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  21. There’s more than prayers in our in our arsenal to use against evil…

    The light of truth is very powerful in exposing the enemy & their plans, we should spread the newly discovered truths with as many people as possible if we hope to defeat evil.

    Knowing the audience does change how the information is presented.

    The political left is definitely pretty God-less, I pray for an end to Anti-Christian governments in the world…

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  22. My sincerest thanks and gratitude to all who prayer for my granddaughter Taytum’s healing of pneumonia. Taytum returned to school today and is doing very well.

    An excellent article Charlie. There’s so much going on that it is nearly impossible to process. Your writing provides a forum to focus on issues.

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  23. I lot of Catholics “wrote-off” this guy over the decades but Graham was a Giant in the conservative Christian World. It is estimated after his last Crusade, he had spoken personally to 210 million people over his life. I sure wish the Catholic Church could find preachers like this. Where are the Bishop Sheen’s, Mother Angelica’s and Fr Corapi’s?
    RIP Billy! …. and thanks for telling millions about Jesus Christ!

    “Rev. Billy Graham Dies at Age 99”


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    1. A great man he was, Crew Dog. May Billy Graham now intercede for us all from his Heavenly Home.
      And the people of the Kingdom and the people of Heaven shall rise together, shall rise forever and God shall rule…

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  24. Charlie, thanks for this important and easy to understand situation writing. Many miss the implications that those in power constantly abuse. It buggles the mind, and i get to see it so PREVALENT in the state i preside in. But humor sometimes is my best defense. So with that I just want to offer you a future article called CHICKA 💥 BOOM.

    Maxine 🌪 Waters..👠…Chicka 💥Boom ,
    Pelosi.. Chicka 👠 Chicka BOTOX 💥🔥 Boom
    Billary Team… CHICKA.CHICKA 👠👙🎩👗BOOM 🔥💥🔥🌪🔥💥BOOM

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  25. YUP!! I can not think of any reasonable reason other than Satanic that the Global Left, their owned Media and Useful Idiots in the Democrat Party USA/ EU Left Parties have embraced Islam while trashing Christianity and Western Civilization. That they support unlimited abortion and perversion just cements my belief that it all come straight from Hell ……. and the most disturbing part is that so many Church “Shepherds” have joined the ranks of Useful Idiots …. but … it was ALL FORETOLD …. was it not!!!???

    “The problem is not “Islamophobia” but ignorance of Islam”


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  26. Hi Bekita

    Am posting a comment from theconservativetreehouse that struck me what if muller knows he has to make any bogus charge stick on trump and then the left will not care if its related or not? Im hoping all the good guys know his strategy and act soon. 😦

    ‘As I have said before, every day that passes with no prosecution or indictments from the white hats increases the chances that team Mueller will cobble together some charge against our president. It is what Mueller was sent there to do. It is his life’s mission.

    Today, Richard Gates (Trump Campaign Aide) pleaded guilty to process charges that could net him 5-years. He will cooperate (even fabricate) to reduce that sentencing outcome. We recently heard Clapper and Schiff, both Mueller consiglieres, hint of possible financial discrepancies between PDJT and his campaign. These are fully vested players currently assisting the small group that remain under Mueller’s sphere of influence. Remember, it only takes two people testifying against POTUS to bring a conspiracy charge that would fully cripple PDJT’s ability to function. Manafort just got hammered with more charges. Gates is being hammered right now.

    The strategy is not complicated. Mueller will continue to drive the ball down the middle of the field until he is stopped; until the political costs become way too high. That would take a robust counter offensive being brought to bear against the black hats and their puppeteers at the highest levels. However, once ANY criminal charge has been leveled by Mueller against the President, no matter how bogus, anything subsequent will be viewed as mere political posturing designed to protect the President. At that point, I am afraid, the game is ended.

    Mr. Nunes, the fourth quarter approaches. Time is of the essence.’

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  27. I would also like to add that its so easy just to say this is not our battle, I worry so much cause i can see what a selfless person trump is.

    I battle on the remaining catholic christian friends who are now liberal. I have been shunned at work as well but i wear it cause God showed me truth and there is no going back even of i have only family so i continue debating them.

    President Trump needs all the encouragement he can get that he is not alone and we are praying/fasting for him even though some of us are not in US cause we all are the truth bearers.

    President Trump just know we are here for you in full support with our prayers so God be with you. I pledge my support to the most powerful novena St Michael “our lady of perpetual succor” so you are protected by divine will. This is a very powerful prayer that works miracles and you will not believe so many devot people from other religions kneel and progress kneeling to the alter to have their petions granted after 9 weeks.

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