A Year of Living Dangerously, Part II – Time to Choose


Lady Macbeth
Lady Macbeth


By Charlie Johnston

For several months now, it has become increasingly clear that the investigation into Russian collusion with Donald Trump to tilt the 2016 investigation was a complete sham, just a weaponized part of the “resistance” to discredit him. Over the last month the evidence has become compelling that the “investigation” was just a weaponized function of an ongoing bureaucratic coup attempt, aided through a conspiracy comprising top levels of federal law enforcement and intelligence officials. In the coming weeks, as what is already compelling evidence is fully released, it will become irrefutable evidence.

This is the only genuine coup attempt America has ever faced. Thank God when it came, it came through lawfare – the weaponization of the justice system and the bureaucracy – rather than warfare. Yet we have faced transformational scandals and assaults before. Most recently, the Watergate scandal divided the country in a stark way. Richard Nixon deeply divided the country by official efforts to try to cover up criminal abuses by a rogue element of his campaign committee in the 1972 election. I am no Nixon-hater. He was one of the most accomplished geo-political thinkers and actors in our history – and the nation has benefitted from his accomplishments. He did not know of the criminal acts of the “plumbers” group beforehand or during, but he did try to pervert the law to try to cover it up after the fact. That is not acceptable in a constitutional republic where the people are sovereign.

We were spared a potentially violent conflict because a host of Nixon’s fellow Republicans, though agreeing with him on most issues, stood up and told him, “This will not stand,” after the evidence of his misdeeds became compelling. These were men who were partisans – but patriots first.

In the case before us now, government involvement was not limited to trying to cover up criminal activity by campaign operatives after the fact. What is called the “deep state,” including top officials in the Dept. of Justice, FBI, and intelligence agencies were actively involved in trying to guarantee that Trump would not be elected. After he was, anyway, they shifted to trying to drive him out of office by any means, fair or (mostly) foul. Mollie Hemingway has a succinct summary of what we now know in “The Federalist.” While hardly comprehensive, it is damning. This is not to be confused with treason, which is to give aid and comfort to an enemy power. It is sedition, which is to try to overthrow a lawful government by illegal subterfuge or force.

One of the most worrisome things in all of this is the haunting question, where are the Democratic patriots?  As new revelations of vindictive corruption at the top levels of government roll out on a daily, even an hourly, basis, the reaction of prominent Democrats is to advocate that all us little people not be allowed to see the evidence because we are too stupid to understand or handle the truth. As demands to release the memo trend up on Twitter and Facebook, our Democratic leaders insist that the demands are fueled by Russian bots – and demand that Facebook and Twitter censor them. (Facebook and Twitter responded that these subjects are trending from Americans – not the usual Russian suspects Democrats want to blame). Of course, five years ago, left-wing luminaries in politics, religion and the arts were telling us that Venezuela and Hugo Chavez were the archetypes of what enlightened leadership was and what we should aspire to become. Now that Venezuela is visibly a basket-case hellhole, where some families sell their children into sex slavery to survive, the left is not holding it up as what we should be – but I have not heard a single of those luminaries from five years ago say they were wrong and take responsibility for the error. Like a Bizarro-world Indiana Jones, they just leap from the collapsing ledge of their previous error onto a new collapsing ledge to opine anew without reflection or accountability.

One of the most common disorders among men is to substitute means for ends. When money becomes an obsession rather than a means to care for oneself and one’s family, a man becomes a miser – and miserable in the process. When food becomes an obsession rather than a means to maintain health and vigor, eating disorders take over and gluttony or anorexia is the result – and misery comes. When sex is reduced to obsession rather than a means to cement a full-dimensioned relationship, men become insatiable, perverted, and miserable.

Now an entire ideology – and most of a political party – have become obsessed with power for power’s sake. Like an hysterical lothario, they say whatever they think is necessary to get what they really want, completely unconcerned with the ruin they leave in their wake, even on the rare occasions when they notice it at all. These power gambits are sustained by the delusion that they are somehow morally and intellectually superior to other men, so their unsavory tactics are justified. They have become masters at ignoring the results – the fruit – of their work in order to sustain the delusion. Their purported moral and intellectual superiority is not a goal to which they strive, but rather what they think to be a quality of their very identity, a given, like having blue eyes or brown hair. To seriously question that would be to create a psychological crisis akin to learning that your parents are not your parents at all. So they don’t question it at all and have become incapable of self-examination and emotional growth. Now, though, cascading revelations threaten to topple all the pious pretensions propping up the entire progressive edifice.

After revelation comes confrontation – a trickier business than it first seems. There is, of course, the confrontation between those who have led the assault on decency and those who have been assaulted. That confrontation is complicated by the reality that, in sustained cultural assaults, the victimizers almost always imagine themselves the victims to justify their malice. Nazis and all too many ordinary Germans, even in the immediate aftermath of the war, told themselves they were victims of Jewish mendacity, rather than perpetrators and enablers of one of the greatest atrocities in history. The modern domestic terror group, Antifa, literally mimics the goals, tactics and dress of fascist brownshirts – and yet its name is short for ‘anti-fascists,’ one of the most colossal ironies in history. It has to convince itself it is fighting what it actually, itself, is.

The left now must confront the fact that it has been systematically doing all the ugly things it has (usually baselessly) accused its opponents of doing. And it is all coming in a rush. The anti-God left routinely accused the God-fearing of being ignorant misogynists who abuse women. In the last quarter of last year, evidence and news came flooding that the same leftists routinely and systematically prey on women, treating them as things to be used rather than people to be respected. And the ratio between leftist and conservative abusers has been consistently about 10-1. Thus, in the ‘God-fearing,’ circles such abuse is – as the God-fearing constantly proclaim (to sneers from the left) aberrant. Amongst the anti-God left, it is so common as to be standard practice. According to the left, the tax reform package of last month was to be an economic Armageddon. Instead it has resulted in large bonuses, raises and repatriation of assets held in other countries back to America – benefits the left sneers at as “crumbs.” (Of course, these are crumbs that never show up under leftist policies). Back in the 80’s and 90’s I sometimes worked with Democrats on economic issues. It was never their strong suit, but the sheer economic illiteracy of the modern left is absolutely willful in its blindness. It is hard not to notice that everything they say will be good for “the people” enhances their own stranglehold and power over those same people. They may be economically illiterate – or they may have cynically chosen power over the public good and used publicly expressed concern for that good to cement their power. Perhaps it is a bit of both. Now, confronted with the evidence that their “Armageddon” is everyone else’s “Recovery,” they double down and haughtily demand that people believe the left rather than their own lying eyes. Now, worst of all, with all the allegations of corruption and collusion the left so freely throws at all opponents, it is a solidly established fact that Hillary Clinton and the Democratic National Committee (DNC) rigged the primary system so that only Hillary could win, whatever the little people wanted. The evidence is now compelling that, with collaboration from the highest levels of the US justice and intelligence communities, they tried to rig the general election in the same way. Failing that, they have been engaged in a year-long effort at a bureaucratic coup, using corrupt officials in the FBI, Justice Dept, intelligence community and sporadically in the rest of the federal bureaucracy. The Democrats response, thus far, has been to desperately try to prevent the evidence from being released to the American people , claiming that the little folks are not smart enough to understand the “context” of the evidence. So far, leftist patriots who put country and stated principles above party and ideology have not been heard from.

Further complicating matters has been that, since the 2008 election, the establishment media in this country has been “all in” for the left, acting as both press office for the progressive movement and gatekeeper against revelations of its scandals. The press has been complicit in the offenses, so its credibility is at stake, as well. Even so, their participation has been as confederates rather than as principles. In many years’ experience, I have always watched for confederates to start hedging their bets and covering their rears as primary early signs that a seemingly impregnable organizational edifice is starting to collapse. When the Democrats shut down the government (actually just a slowdown) on behalf of illegal aliens, confidently expecting the media to blame Republicans, instead such legacy media institutions as The New York Times, AP, and CNN instead laid responsibility squarely on the Democrats. I knew then that the confederates were thinking survival strategies rather than just mindlessly carrying water for their long-time allies. Yesterday, PBS ran a lengthy story on the cascading revelations of corruption at the top levels of justice and intelligence. Oh, the legacy media is still sympathetic to its old allies, but it is clearly hedging its bets. Once a corrupt edifice is no longer seen as impregnable, its actual fall is nigh. For the better part of a century, being a leftist in this country has meant never having to say you’re sorry, never having to apologize for (or even acknowledge) disastrous policy failures. Now harvest time is at hand.

This brings still another level of confrontation: the confrontation of the God-fearing with their own resentments and instincts. We have to walk a knife’s edge. On the one hand, the right’s tolerance of leftist abuses over the decades has enabled those abuses and mangled our culture. People who have assaulted our culture and liberty must be held to account. Some people must go to prison and all who have used their publicly-granted authority to conspire against that very public must be forever barred from holding positions of public trust. The general practice has been not to even know about successful assaults while stopping some of those discovered, but refusing to hold those who mounted them to account. That has taught the malevolently ambitious that the worst-case scenario of failure is to lose office and keep your pension and freedom. That has enabled serial outrages and must end now. The Lois Lerners, John Koskinens, Peter Strzoks, Loretta Lynchs and James Comeys must go to jail for a time, losing their pensions and privileges.

On the other hand, an orgy of vengeance for the sake of vengeance would simply replace their thugs and bums with our thugs and bums. Too many right-wing activists are almost as contemptuous of God and the God-fearing as the left. A secular right state would be every bit as soulless and corrupt as the existing secular left deep state – and eventually every bit as oppressive. There must be examples to establish that we are going to once again be a nation of laws and a common culture. But limit it to high-level betrayals of public trust, and arrests of active lawbreakers. Thus, even as negotiations on DACA continue, arrest and deport any illegal aliens whose sense of entitlement leads them to publicly demonstrate against America while flaunting their status. Arrest and give real prison sentences to Antifa and ANY rioters who use violence to make their point. Shut down public universities that do not defend free speech – and bar private universities which do the same from any public monies, either in the form of research grants or federal tuition assistance. Indict for sedition public officials, such as California Atty. Gen. Javier Becerra for threatening to imprison citizens who obey federal law. Protect the right to lawfully protest, but give no toleration at all to violent street theatre.

The left must grapple with the reality that it is neither morally nor intellectually superior – but is, in fact, a bunch of morally and intellectually inferior rubes. It does not have to stay that way. The right must grapple with whether it is going to renew society to the classically liberal flower of western civilization that our Constitutional Republic originally envisioned, or just become mirror images of the corrupt bureaucrats of the left. Is it a mere contest for power or an effort for real renewal and reconciliation?

This will be a year of strife. It would be a miracle to get through it with no serious episodes of violence, given the challenges from without and from within. I constantly go back to Abraham Lincoln’s final year. He would accept nothing but the unconditional surrender of the south. The rebellion had been an intolerable offense to national unity and he would accept nothing less than the rebels accepting full responsibility. Yet his policy of reconciliation was to “let ‘em up easy,” to act with malice towards none and charity for all who sought reconciliation as brothers in our common nation. It was a carefully-calibrated policy of steel and velvet, and perhaps the only policy that could have knit the nation back together as a functional whole.

Without re-embracing God as the center and foundation of our culture, we will simply replace one form of doom with another. The history of western civilization IS the history of Christianity. It is Christianity which spurred the classically liberalizing impulses which made individual freedom and self-government possible. In the post-Christian era that has been accelerating since the “Enlightenment,” we have not gotten better but have been progressively degenerating into raw contests for power, weaponizing all things, including the law itself, in that contest. This year we will choose who we are. We must either become resolute heralds of the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart or degenerate into roving bands of rival warlords. Acknowledge God, take the next right step, and be a sign of hope to those around you. That is our call as the corrupt progressive edifice falls.

220 thoughts on “A Year of Living Dangerously, Part II – Time to Choose

  1. Bravo, Charlie! Thank you. I appreciate all the links and, also, the reminder that we must take pause and own the part we have each played in bringing us to where we are. May we harness our anger to become a vehicle for accomplishing good. SO many layers, levels and nuances to consider as we assess what has brought us to this place and how best to move forward with our NRSteps. As ever, your piece deserves much contemplation.

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    1. Great article indeed Beckita. Irony approaches because I believe Obama will be named in the corruption probe in D.C. along with comey, lynch and gang. He may find his 2-terms of presidency stripped because he was ineligible and/or found to be a traitor. His legacy will be one of deceit and shame. Maybe a certain unnamed individual was right after all. Hmmm.

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      1. Gosh, BD. You’re a mind reader. I was thinking these very same thoughts when I discovered that the word is O has lawyered up in the face of what’s soon to be revealed. No reintepretation intended, just via continual pondering, I think that unnamed individual was merely a wee off in the timing of things. Whatever and however things continue to roll out, prayers aplenty for all of us and beyond.

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        1. Does this “Unnamed Individual” have anything more to say about the 20 trillion in national debt? Or Dollar collapse. It seams like a lot more people are talking about economic collapse lately. Although after hearing it for the last ten years, its hard to believe it might happen. But then again if the timing was merely a wee off.

          I’m assuming this “Unnamed Individual” is not the same thing as the Main Stream Media’s “Anonymous Sources”. LOL

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          1. Hello StClareSeeds. I can’t speak for this unnamed individual but I personally believe an economic collapse will occur. The quadrillions of derivatives will assure this. The reported trillions of debt we are told exist are a mere fraction of what the US and the world face. When the collapse occurs we all need to be prepared. My guess is you know better than I how we should prepare, but prepare we all should hold in high priority. Trust in God through the Intercession of Our Lady is First in my plan. Setting aside essentials to life are essential. Time is not on our side.

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            1. BD, you are right, also, in one her apparitions, though I can’t recall which, Mary speaks about this in connection with natural disasters- if I recall, that this is what will finally break the camel’s back and send us over the edge… and we may certainly be seeing this now.

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    2. And own the part we each have played in bringing us to where we are.
      Was thinking about this honest comment Beckita. So open and it is the truth.
      Our sins, mistakes, weaknesses have all contributed to where the world is at in this moment.
      We all need to ask forgiveness and Pope Francis set the tone from his first moment. I am a sinner.
      I believe as Light reveals more we all need to realize how we need God to heal us and fill all voids of Love in us left by the wounds of sin. A slow illumination is building up. Not one of us has not affected the whole body.
      Best to admit it! Allow God to enter.
      Thank you Beckita.

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            1. Haha, just make sure you stay that way, Beckita! I love it.
              Ugh! Oh no, my computer is at it again, hope this goes through! I type and the words do not show up- it is using invisible ink! 5 minutes later I can see it..hmm.

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  2. Wow, just wow! And thank you, Charlie!! God bless you and bless our country. These are tough times of justifiable anger but may we not be outwitted by this anger, as you have spoken of before in more eloquent terms than the ones I state. Thank you for speaking truth.

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        1. Yes, Sapperdebitjes. Isn’t that just awesome? And it was produced in record time. Their constant prayer that Blessed Mother would help them spread her message is so pure and beautiful. Not being able to speak Spanish, I simply read all the bio and background info when it was first posted. And having made pilgrimage to Garabandal, I can nearly smell the pines when I view the trailer.

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            1. Here’s an impressive video (in Spanish) of just a few days ago at the historic private club Círculo Ecuestre in Barcelona. It features Fr. José Luis Saavedra who last October obtained his PhD cum laude in theology at the University of Navarra (Opus Dei) about the current state of Garabandal. The introduction is by Jorge Fernández Díaz, who was Spain’s Minister of the Interior from 2011 to 2016.

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              1. It looks wonderful, Sapperdepitjes. With but two years of studying Latin (root of Romance Languages) and one year of Spanish, I don’t have enough to understand the speaking. I wish there were English subtitles.

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      1. Speaking of movies….. Very deaf friend wanted to go to a movie…. Very limited choice as she needs captions or infra red. So only one available…. Off we went, although deep in my heart I would have preferred another one. Went in …. Within a few minutes I realized NOT a good choice. I said a few words to Jesus….. Basically …. Help!!!
        Then my friend says her infra red gadget not working….. Out she goes ….. At least 10 minutes…. Young girl comes back and trying to help……but to no avail. So I suggested … We will leave.
        So out we go…. Apologies from manager who writes up a ticket valid for 12 months. He ask if there is a movie we would like to see now. Both of us said. Yes. But none with captions or infra red.
        He suggests if we can wait for a short time there will be…… THE ONE I Wanted!!!!…. and he gave us complimentary tickets!!!!
        In we went and infra red was perfect….. We really enjoyed it….. And we still have our extra tickets to use sometime!!!
        Thank You God!!’
        This is the second time in 6 months the infra red has not worked and it helped me leave the theatre when movie not a wise one…… Again her choice!!! We were given replacement tickets that time too!
        Never thought it would happen again. Yet the infra red worked in better movie.

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          1. My friend has had huge trials in her life. And now her deafness has truly developed. However she is cheerful.
            Amazing lady actually and I am privileged to know her. We do remind God a miracle of restored hearing would be gratefully accepted!!

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  3. Charlie, while there are those who were trying to influence from the inside, there truly were and still are those who are truly trying to influence from the outside of the U.S. I’m not sure why you support this administration? I ask because I have had dealings with him and his “people.” I do not find him to be honorable or respectful. Please explain.


    1. If judgments are to be made only on personal interactions and I were to answer on your terms, I would have to say that I, too, have had some dealings with his “people” and, on a significant occasion, indirectly with him…and I have found them honorable and respectful. But I presume you want me to be more specific and concrete.

      Just a few things…

      He has defended religious freedom, when the opposition wants to crush it.

      He has consistently defended the unborn, when the opposition (literally) wants to crush them.

      He has busied himself removing obstacles from economic and personal freedom while the opposition always wants to add those obstacles.

      He has defended American interests abroad and has plainly defended Israel, the only free country in the Middle East.

      Here is a piece by Evangelical Mike Brown on the religious angles, with which I completely concur.

      Here’s a quick secular summary from ‘The Hill.’

      Now, I get uncomfortable sometimes with his style, but I have watched too many Republicans combat stylishly as babies, religious freedom, and our economy and health system died…so I’ll take that discomfort for a while.

      Also, there is nothing wrong with trying to influence, provided that, internally, you are not using your government position to do it. Other nations have sought to influence our selections since the beginning, as we have sought to influence theirs. The first big collusion effort came in 1796 when France warned that if America elected John Adams instead of Thomas Jefferson, it would declare war on the US. (America elected Adams anyway. France did not get war, but four years later Jefferson was elected). If there is actual sedition involved, that IS an act of war. If an American citizen participates in a seditious act with a foreign power, that is an act of treason. Neither are involved here, at least on the Trump side – and no such act is even alleged by the most unhinged on the left. Clinton’s participation with Russian nationals (no evidence of Russia, itself) in developing the phony dossier is neither sedition nor treason…just clumsy opposition research that was LATER used seditiously by justice and intelligence officials to first, influence the election from their government offices and then, in support of their bureaucratic coup attempt.

      I would love to have a leader as circumspect as Moses, but I will accept one as provocative as David if he consistently advocates on behalf of liberty, including religious liberty, and treats people of all faiths with genuine respect whether or not he shares their faith. Trump has done that.

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      1. Charlie, in your article you stated, “The Lois Lerners, John Koskinens, Peter Strzoks, Loretta Lynchs and James Comeys must go to jail for a time, losing their pensions and privileges.“
        I would add Clinton to your list. Clinton’s involvement with Russian nationals in developing the phony dossier and trying to rig the primary system so that she would win is sedition,

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      2. Charlie, nicely said! As I read your comment, I pictured you at a podium on a platform speaking your words with the faint sound of the melody from America the Beautiful playing in the background.
        We are truly living in historic times. 😉

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      3. Well said, Charlie! Often I think of President Trump as our modern day King David. Neat to see him mentioned in that context. Have you seen the short video below by a priest about the Hermit of Loreto who prophesized that Donald Trump would one day be president? Thought it was beautifully hopeful!

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        1. The Hermit of Loreto, is the Author of the Pieta, that amazing little blue prayer book.. June of 2016, I found out that Donald Trump was born on June 14. Not many know this, but June 14, is “Flag Day”!
          I had a good hunch then that he would be president. Then, I opened my Pieta to the beginning of the 15 prayers of St Bridget of Sweden, and I read that St Bridget was born on June 14, 1303. My next thoughts to myself, yep, Donald Trump is going to win… I would later receive this video of the Hermit, and think, God is good 😊 All the time.

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          1. Billy, I’m not sure where you got your information saying that the Hermit of Loreto is the author of the Pieta prayer booklet; but according to the publishers of the book, the prayers were compiled in the 1970s by a Michigan couple named Harry and Lillian Faulbauer.



            1. Mick, last February when this video was posted on the TNRS website, I researched the subject matter and found this piece on the Catholic Answers forum:

              The Pieta’ Prayer Book was assembled by two Americans during their pilgrimage to San Damiano in northwest Italy in the 1970’s. Tom Zimmer and Harry Faulhaber. Tom had a different idea than Harry, he included writings about avoiding alcohol and tobacco and other behaviors that harm us. Harry brought the book back to the US and had it printed so he edited some of the advice Tom had originally included. Harry told Tom that he excluded Tom’s advice to avoid tobacco and alcohol because Harry feared it might “put off” some readers. They tried to make a collection of beautiful prayers that they feared might be lost. Harry died many years ago and Tom died on Sept 10, 2009 in a Veteran’s rest home in Florida. He was 82. Tom spoke 5 languages. He had lived in Italy from the early 1970’s until November of 2008. He spent many years collecting prayers and assembling prayer collections. One of his other books is “Sacro Capo di Gesu” (“The Holy Head of Christ”), printed in Italian. The Pieta’ Prayer Book has sold millions of copies but Harry sold them at cost. Tom spent many years in Rome and lived in Loreto, Italy for the last 15 years. Tom knew Pope Benedict well and conversed with him in German. Tom encouraged John Paul II to recommend the practice of daily mass and communion. Tom attended over 300,000 masses during his lifetime (he said that the concelebrated mass was the most important invention in the history of the world!).

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            2. Hi Mick, I do see that Jlynnbyrd, responded to your question.. I’m just curious, did you watch the video? The priest in the video says The Hermit (Tom) is the author of the Pieta.. This is where I got my information… My sister had sent me this video back in 2016..
              I tend to believe, because miracles came to me through the prayers of the Pieta..
              Peace and all good…

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              1. Hi, Billy… yep, Jen set me straight (it’s not the first time, ha!). No, I did not have a chance to watch the video clip of the priest who discussed the Hermit; family responsibilities (for instance, minor illness in several family members) have limited my discretionary time over the past couple of weeks. Thanks for letting me know the source of your information. 🙂

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  4. Again. Thank you Charlie! It is all making adding to my understanding that it is so entangled that we are so reliant on God to solve all. We just keep praying,repenting,trusting and waiting on Our Father.
    Thy Kingdom Come.

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  5. I read this tremendously informative post and the linked articles then watched the news on TV. There was no resemblance. How do we get the truth to those who need to hear it? The few times the left leaning media throws truth a bone, it is rejected as fake news. The political elite, whether right or left, are trying to convince the world that they and only they know truth. This is the most incredible lie. I see no human solution to what is going on. As you said, Charlie, God must be our foundation. We must, each and every one of us, choose God or perish. Please Lord, keep me meek and humble of heart!

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    1. Ha Kris, I know…and people should not have to work so hard as to go to source documents to get some hint of accuracy. But when the media becomes more slanted than Pravda, there is little choice other than to shop around and…go to some source documents. Yet, it is amusing me to watch the establishment media on such things as the shutdown and the cascade of revelations of the coup attempt nervously attempt to season their relentless fantasy propaganda with a little pinch of reality. It’s like watching an old western, where the settlers hear some drums and start looking around nervously and one says, “We’re in Indian country.” The legacy media is started to figure out they have entered Indian country.

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      1. You made me smile, Charlie. In fact, you gave me a much needed chuckle… especially since both you and my hubby are part Indian. ( Native American for those who want political correctness. 😊)
        I am so grateful for this website and your perspective. I think I would feel completely defeated without it.

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    2. I know what you mean, Kris, and I share your prayer…it’s impossible to see a solution and thinking about people actually believing and accepting the truth when it is (more obviously?) revealed to them is one of the things this past year that tends to suck me down in to the mire. I realize it’s a temptation, and I worry about friends and family who have invested much of their public reputation and egos into doubling down on the anti-Trump narrative. Giving it all to Jesus. I know He is master of the storm (today’s Gospel!) and we can trust that this is all in HIs hands and timing…and people will choose.

      Folks, send up some prayers for the Walk for Life West Coasters out today braving the San Fran culture war! About to start marching in 2 hours. Thank you 🙂

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      1. Mommacarmella, I too worry about friends and family who are convinced they have the correct perspective. I ponder what to say… how to take my stand. I usually end up just praying for the illumination.
        … a sudden one, not a gradual one.
        Praying for all the pro- lifers marching on the West Coast.

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      1. Phoenix, I spent half the night reading it. Great additional source. I am sloooowly putting all the pieces together to lessen my confusion. I am still immensely irritated at the media spin on all this.

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  6. Wow!!! We need a million more voices such as yours, Charlie, saying what you’re saying! I feel so orphaned as far as real leaders and statesmen go. I wish I could pass this out to all Americans, and even byond. Come, Lord Jesus, and Mother Mary’s Triumph.

    I’m heading across the country to be with my mother in her final days. Please pray for me.

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    1. Sorry, I was rushing. Of course I meant to say please pray for my Mom’s passage to Jesus and my safe travels. The priest apparently came and I have to find out if he gave the “Apostolic blessing” that is so wonderful. I have asked St. Joseph for a long time, to bring a priest to pray that for all family members at the hour of death. Thank you for the prayers.

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  7. Gosh. Strange day for me. Just fell on The red Pill movie…. About mens issues and rights…. Director says she is exfeminist.
    So much going on. All I can say pray for the Immaculate Heart to Triumph… So soon!
    Also last night read Fr Richard Heilman site…… Says men in usa are flocking to Cardinal Burkes Nights of Adoration and confession!

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  8. Charlie, TheConservativeTreeHouse has outstanding documentation on the coup attempt. He’s been building the doc for over a year. He’s Christian, probably Catholic too

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  9. Now that’s getting to the nitty gritty, good job Charlie.

    The world is still very much asleep right and totally ignorant of the reality unfolding around the world.

    It’s all smoke & mirrors for the globalist world depopulation plan. They would love to establish a one world government using Communism as its governing style.

    Pope John Paul always warned about the “culture of death”, but most people didn’t seem to care back then, now we have generations of policies that destroy life, family, & faith in Christian God.

    The globalist elite are followers of an ancient Babylonian ideology, that Jesus referred to in his day as the synagogue of (you know who); it’s a good hiding spot for them to hide behind God’s people of the first covenant who are just as asleep to the danger that these global elite pose, which is how the global elite remained hidden all these years. What it says in the “Talmud” says it all.

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  10. Amazing and inspiring post Charlie!!!!! I was watching EWTN last evening,they were talking about Michael Novak,who recently passed away. Seemed to me that you and Michael think so very much alike,I am a great admirer of both of you!!!!! PS. Just want to thank all who prayed for my husband,Tom. His Triple Bypass Surgery was on January15,it went very well,he is home now recovering,slow but sure!!! We are most grateful to God and His loving Mother Mary who covered him in her mantle of love during his surgery and for the wonderful doctors and nurses at Ellis Hospital in Schenectady, NY. God Bless Us ….Everyone!

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  11. I do believe that in regard to the behind the scenes evil and manipulation which has tried to control power in America and elsewhere that we have the duty to pray that God Himself would continue to remove the veil and to reveal truth. In listening to the fake news yesterday they are continuing to refer to the anti Trump allegations as a “far right conspiracy theory”. So I do believe that with the magnitude of evil in our country and our world that we will need God’s help to take the lid off and to reveal truth first.

    Liked by 13 people

  12. Excellent article. There is so much to process that it is mind boggling. I still believe Rescue is underway amidst the turmoil. We have to do our part by continuing to pray and sticking together during these challenging times. Keep writing Charlie, you help clear the smoke in the air.

    Liked by 11 people

    1. Bill, I believe the rescue is underway also. It started when Trump won the presidential election. Hillary was so baffled because she was supposed to win according to her plans and those who conspired with her. Actually it was a miracle that Trump won…..God wanted it that way. Actually, in that regard, Charlie’s prophesy was right. Trump is becoming more “stable” every day. He’s tough, he has shown me that he truly loves our country and our people. God bless him and his family. Let’s all pray for him every day. Pray for our country and let’s look forward to the triumph of the immaculate heart of Mary. My husband and I find great comfort in praying a rosary every day using the Flame of Love devotion. It’s powerful. I recommend it to everyone. God bless you, Charlie….keep writing, we need to hear from you.

      Liked by 10 people

  13. Ah, Charlie, you fairly take my breath away! This is so much more that we could have ever guessed.
    I will continue to pray for each of you as I go through my days and for our country as we slog through this mire together seeking to take The Next Right Step. A year of trials for sure. I continue to pray for Donald Trump and his wife and son. He really is trying, but he is no politician…and that may be exactly what we need.
    I need to go back and re-read both Part I and Part II to understand fully…well, as much as I’m able.

    And thank-you so much Charlie, for telling us the truth, keeping us encouraged and reminding us of the goal. Our Lady’s Immaculate Heart will triumph!

    God bless all here,
    katey in OR

    Liked by 10 people

    1. Hi MYOWNBACKYARD2017. I will agree with you that we all need to pray for President Trump. With that being said, he seems to already have Divine Protection against his enemies.

      Liked by 3 people

  14. Just want you all to know that I “LIKE” every entry on this site, especially yours, Charlie. And yours, Beckita. I am giving up trying to activate the “like” thing. Just to tired to mess with it, at least for now.

    Praying for your Mother, Annie. May she rest in the Lord. [praying that for all of us]

    Liked by 10 people

    1. Somehow I succeeded in activating the “like” button. I don’t know how, but then I also could chance my gravatar. So now I am the blue butterfly.
      Love you all❤️
      Mona from Denmark

      Liked by 7 people

          1. Mick, Mona’s last name is part of her screen name. Sorry, Mona, but the moderators cannot change anyone’s screen name. Each person alone has control to do that. If you wish your last name to be removed, you need to go back to your WordPress account to do that. Look at the right of this site’s page and click on your blue butterfly Gravatar. A menu will open. Click on the first option: My Profile. You’ll be taken to a page which allows you to change “Public Display Name.” That should resolve the problem. PS Mona, love that blue butterfly. When I was in Betania with Maria Esperanza, Our Lady allowed us the sight of the rare-to-that-region, blue butterfly as a sign of Her Presence.

            Liked by 3 people

            1. I have changed my screenname and my beautiful butterfly seems to have dissapeared😞 It seems that I have to try do it all over again. Hopefully I will succeed.

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  15. As always, Charlie nails it!

    Wouldn’t it be an awesome and heartwarming event to have just one of the liberal elite to have a St. Paul like conversion and call all their peers out…..

    Cecile Richards in my prayers as she resigns from PP.

    Liked by 11 people

        1. I don’t know why, BD; but your response made me giggle. I’ll say an extra prayer for Cecile Richards on your behalf; in turn, would you please say a prayer for me? I got a rare migraine late this afternoon, and it put me in bed for the rest of the day (I’m up now, as you can see; but a prayer wouldn’t hurt). Thanks. 🙂

          Liked by 2 people

            1. Thanks, Jen. I had my first migraine when I was 16. I don’t get them often; but when I do, I take it as God’s telling me to go to bed and get some sleep. 🙂

              Liked by 3 people

          1. I am so sorry Mick to hear you suffer from migraines. It goes without saying you have my prayers. I can especially relate to your pain having had periodic cluster headache attacks since I was 10 years old.

            I pray to Our Lord Jesus, through the Most Powerful Intercession of the Immaculate Heart of Mary to hear my petition, that you Mick, be spared from this and all future migraine headache attacks. Amen.

            Liked by 3 people

            1. Thank you, Snowy. I don’t know if mine are really that bad, or if I’m just a wimp with no pain tolerance. I know that there are people who have way worse migraines than mine, and I don’t know how they manage to function.

              Liked by 4 people

    1. I continue to pray for Cecile Richards too. It seems she’s jumping ship at this juncture because she sees it’s sinking. May the Lord extinguish the Planned Parenthood organization and may each and every one involved make their way to Him, His Mercy and His Promise to make all things new.

      Liked by 11 people

      1. Prior to and after President Trump’s December 21, 2107 EO,

        The corporate “bigwigs” having been jumping ship. An online source has kept a running tally on a Google Doc of “notable” announced resignations world-wide that number just shy of 500 as of today since last September.

        Cecile is one of the newest additions.

        Liked by 5 people

  16. Praying in the Divine Will for every protection for your President Beckita, and for Pope Francis. Even though we are watching everything unravel – ie. the defeat of evil – these are as Charlie explains when things are the most perilous!

    Liked by 12 people

  17. Have you all seen this curious video? Found the link at Spirit Daily today. Sorry I couldn’t edit out the profanity. In the face of what lies ahead in this week, it sure looks to me like a coded call up for the troops who continue to drool over HRC&CO’s ways.

    As I’m quite sure most do here, I continue to pray for those on the left who are “in the dark” concerning the truth of the depravity and evil in which certain people – in our governments (yes it’s worldwide), major corporations and financial world – have been secretly engaging in for years. Just imagine being like Saul, unaware because of the scales, and then suddenly going through a process of lies and deception fully unmasked. Phew! It will take major courage to accept what is truth, especially since the ones who have perpetrated this evil will work overtime to peddle more lies to discount the truth and create false flags to distract from clearly seeing and accepting the truth. This is HUGE. Paul readily converted not just because he was knocked off his horse, but because his heart was open. Come Holy Spirit! Anoint the hearts and souls of all people to be open to the truth.

    Liked by 15 people

        1. I third that Beckita. BTW is there any way that links can be set to open in a new tab instead of the same one I am reading? I’m the type of person who goes to the link, then I find something else to read, then ten minutes later I forget where I started. Yes I clean house that way, too, haha!

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          1. We match in housecleaning styles, juls! (high five) As I understand it, there are benefits and deficits for each style of the offered themes from WordPress. Let’s ask SteveBC for his feedback.

            Liked by 2 people

            1. It’s a combination of setting your browser preferences to open links in a new tab and refining the HTML code for the link itself when Beckita or Charlie write the article. SingingJuls, I can’t tell you how to set your browser preferences, but I can explain the HTML code Beckita and Charlie need to insert into their links when they write a new post.

              Here is the code for a link that when clicked will open in the same page (note that I’ve stripped the ‘less than’ symbol from the !a> or !/a> code tags so that the code won’t render):

              !a> href=”https://fullofgraceusa.com/collections/next-right-step-1/products/our-lady-of-tepeyac-mother-of-conversion-holy-cards”>Our Lady of Tepeyac – Prayer of Miraculous Trust Holy Card!/a>

              Now here is that same HTML code with the phrase target=”_blank” in it:

              !a> href=”https://fullofgraceusa.com/collections/next-right-step-1/products/our-lady-of-tepeyac-mother-of-conversion-holy-cards” target=”_blank”>Our Lady of Tepeyac – Prayer of Miraculous Trust Holy Card!/a>

              Beckita, inserting this ‘target’ phrase will cause the link, when clicked, to open in a new *page* in the browser. If SingingJuls has set her browser’s preferences so that new pages open in new *tabs* instead, then clicking this link would open the new page in a tab. Note that there is a space in front of the word ‘target’.

              Note that on a Mac, you can force a link to open in a new tab or page by holding down the “Command” key and clicking on the link, then letting the keys up. Something similar is probably available on other operating systems. 🙂

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    1. I just “fell upon” a talk and also 2 trailers for Fearless….. A Doc out out by renewal ministries in USA.
      Does anyone know about this? I would love to see Doc. All about power of Holy Spirit and Evangelization.
      Young priest is amazing! Fr Mathias.

      Liked by 5 people

      1. The Fearless message truly is AMAZONG, Anne. This style of ministering is a key ingredient why the Faith is spreading in China. God IS working miracles for the sake of evangelization. Here’s the website of Dr. Randy Clark which Fr. Mathias references.

        Liked by 2 people

      2. Anne, I bought the Fearless video last year and watched it with my 21-year-old son. We were so impressed with it that we decided to attend the Encounter Conference that the same people put on in early January. It was 2 1/2 days long, and it was incredible. Fr. Mathias (his last name is Thelen) was, of course, one of the featured speakers; and he held a healing service at which many people were healed of some serious conditions.

        When Fr. Thelen was a brand new “baby priest” in the summer of 2010, he came to our parish as our associate pastor. We were blessed to have him for 3 years. My kids are still in mourning that he left (my husband and I are, too, if truth be told). 🙂

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  18. I have to concur with all the other comments here. This is one of Charlie’s all time best. He sees with a clarity that eludes most of us.

    Charlie came to mind at yesterday’s Mass during the readings. Hit me like a ton of bricks.

    “This is exactly what you requested of the LORD, your God, at Horeb
    on the day of the assembly, when you said,
    ‘Let us not again hear the voice of the LORD, our God,
    nor see this great fire any more, lest we die.’
    And the LORD said to me, ‘This was well said.
    I will raise up for them a prophet like you from among their kin,
    and will put my words into his mouth;
    he shall tell them all that I command him.”

    “Then they came to Capernaum,
    and on the sabbath Jesus entered the synagogue and taught.
    The people were astonished at his teaching,
    for he taught them as one having authority and not as the scribes.
    In their synagogue was a man with an unclean spirit;
    he cried out, “What have you to do with us, Jesus of Nazareth?
    Have you come to destroy us?
    I know who you are—the Holy One of God!”
    Jesus rebuked him and said,
    “Quiet! Come out of him!”
    The unclean spirit convulsed him and with a loud cry came out of him.
    All were amazed and asked one another,
    “What is this?

    Our homilist connected the two readings in a way that brought Charlie to mind.

    The Fireworks. The God Fireworks. God speaking to Moses on the Mountain Top. The summit wreathed in clouds. Fire, not like a volcano coming up from the ground, but God Fire coming down from the Heavens. A great pounding and to those below a frightening kind of thunderous roar.

    All in all an act of God that FREAKED THEM OUT!

    So the people told Moses they were terrified to see and here the Lord speaking directly to them.

    “‘Let us not again hear the voice of the LORD, our God,
    nor see this great fire any more, lest we die.’
    And the LORD said to me, ‘This was well said.”

    God agreed with the people. Well said. I won’t freak you out when I communicate with you from here on out. Instead, I will send a great Prophet who will not frighten you. No more Fireworks.

    No more Fireworks Charlie!

    Some of us were looking for the Fireworks. Like Elijah in his cave on the Mountain side, we will not hear God/s voice in the storm or the thunder or the wind or the Fireworks, but in a whisper.

    What we are getting is the whisper of PROCESS.

    What we are getting is a human mask lest the people die of shock and fright at the sight and sound of the Lord addressing them. See Jesus at Capernaum:

    “The people were astonished at his teaching,
    for he taught them as one having authority and not as the scribes.
    In their synagogue was a man with an unclean spirit;
    he cried out, “What have you to do with us, Jesus of Nazareth?
    Have you come to destroy us?
    I know who you are—the Holy One of God!”
    Jesus rebuked him and said,
    “Quiet! Come out of him!”

    The people were ASTONISHED which is quite a different thing than being FREAKED OUT.

    No Fireworks. “Quiet! Come out of him”

    We are going to the Holy Land in a few weeks. A good part of my focus will be on The PROCESS Jesus employed over a 3 year public ministry in the Galilee region to bring the Good News to light. In a way that would not Freak Them Out. Astonish many. But not frighten them away. God in action in the world.

    Perhaps from the perspective of this Process lens we can understand more clearly what is happening in America today. God working through a human mask(s). Maybe even a mask named Trump.

    But God is acting. That’s for sure.

    Liked by 7 people

    1. In this house, Father and I will be praying for you and all the pilgrims on your journey, Ed. Thank you, again, for bringing the petitions of those in this community to the holy places as you make pilgrimage.

      There is wisdom in your sharing. To your point of how Jesus’s public ministry astonished without freaking people out, so often in our faith, there are “both-and” realities. I’ve noticed that God definitely does work in a holy process AND He works miraculously in the kind of fireworks which are a display of His Brilliance and Energy – for the sake of conversion, to call people to Himself and show He is Lord and to further build up the faith of believers. Our reader Anne brought a documentary DVD to our attention in a recent comment. This video speaks about a fresh and dramatic outpouring of spiritual power and gifts, right now, in our times, for it is needed to evangelize. Blessed be God in all His Ways!

      Liked by 10 people

      1. WOW! My husband and I just watched this. Interesting because an outpouring of the Holy Spirit for this time in history has been talked about by many for some time. Come Holy Spirit with the Flame of Love….

        Liked by 7 people

      2. That is good but having been involved in Charismatic renewal since my conversion I remember reading about the “Toronto Blessing” and do think there is a danger of folks looking for manifestations of the Spirit and people were getting too much off into “Holy Laughter” being “slain in the Spirit”, etc and as John of the Cross used to remind us there is a danger in looking too much for the effects of God, rather than focusing on the God who gives good gifts!! Just a reminder.

        Liked by 7 people

        1. A wise reminder, Bob. Longtime involvement in Charismatic spirituality for me as well. Anything out of order is problematic. The Gift Giver and a relationship with the Father through Jesus as Lord is the focus and the goal. As Fr. Mathias expresses, the *signs* of Christ’s Presence are merely pointing to Who He Is. And as Dr. Mary Healy spoke: “What Catholics have been missing in evangelization is the Divine Power, the Power of the Holy Spirit… Evangelizing is not just communicating a message (in words)… It’s about communicating Divine Life and Power. It’s the Lord touching another person through you…” Particularly when these things are developed and practiced under the spiritual leadership, guidance and authority of a faithful-to-the-Magisterium priest, there is great potential for bringing Jesus to others and others to Jesus.

          Liked by 6 people

    2. Ed, I always loved that verse! (we will not hear God’s voice in the storm or the thunder or the wind or the Fireworks, but in a whisper.) There is nothing more beautiful, precious and powerful than the whisperings of God! 🕊Amen.
      Psst- and Charlie just gave me a great lesson on this too! 😊

      Liked by 4 people

  19. A few days ago I read of Pope Francis’ wish to clarify the part of the “Our Father,” “lead us not into temptation.” Yesterday I thought of such answers as “protect us from temptation.” Nothing really seemed right. This morning at adoration, without even thinking about that, it came into my mind, “lead us away from temptation.” A simple answer but then the simple truth often testifies to itself and leaves us no choice but to recognize it. That seemed to be the simple answer to what Jesus was meaning since we all know God does not lead us into temptation. Those of you who have studied or know other languages know that sometimes you can’t translate from one language into another, word for word but must find an equivalent expression. This simple solution seems to fit the bill and I take no credit for it. If someone out there knows how to bring this to the attention of the proper authorities, Maybe God is calling you to do so.
    This also reminds me of how the simplest things often escape us. I have never seen anyone bring this out, but years ago I noticed in the story of the “Visitation,” that the person of John the Baptist as a six month old fetus in Elizabeth’s womb leapt for joy at the presence of the person of Jesus as a days to week old fetus present in Mary’s womb. How this supports the Catholic teaching that the fetus is a person, a human being, from the moment of conception and puts a lie to Planned Parenthood’s claim that it is just a blob of tissues.
    As we soldier on in these trying times, watch and pray, pray and watch, fear not, TRUST in the Lord.

    Liked by 8 people

    1. Beautiful Sojourner. Many theologians believe when John the Baptist leapt for joy in his mother Elizabeth’s womb, he was cleansed of original sin by His Cousin developing in His Mother’s Womb. God bless us all.

      Liked by 8 people

    2. Sojourner,
      I was also struggling to come up with the right words to pray the Our Father, as soon as I saw what Pope Francis had asked for. I prayed and I tried ‘and keep us from all temptation’ and now the words you were given. Amen! I will pray the Lord’s prayer with these words now when I pray privately.

      This will bring you joy! Have you seen this concerning the conversion of this abortion doctor? http://www.divinemercycare.org/founders-conversion-story/ When I read this I almost cried for joy, God is so good! and my heart exploded because this is exactly what our Lady of Tepeyac promised to do, and under this title!!!
      The Holy Spirit is setting the whole world on Fire! 💔🔥

      Liked by 6 people

      1. Snowy, thank you for the shout-out to Divine Mercy Care and Dr. Bruchalski. His medical practice and organization are definitely worth supporting. He is the real deal; I know from personal experience because he was my OB when my husband and I lived in Washington, DC, two decades ago. In fact, Dr. Bruchalski delivered our oldest child. Love that guy!

        Liked by 6 people

        1. Mick, wow, that is SO neat! This is the first I’ve heard of him, a truly amazing story!
          So hmm, anyway, basically I’m 20 years behind on the news? Hahaha.. figures! 🙄🤭

          Liked by 5 people

    1. Exactly, Frank. I love it that you so nicely picked out the main reason I chose that illustration. Their villainy leads to despair and their despair leads to villainy…oh, that we could bring them back home to Our Lord and joy.

      Liked by 9 people

  20. I finished my morning prayer, and then I thought to myself, if hindsight is 20/20 and the virgin with a crown of 12 stars & clothed in the sun event happened last fall, then we should be able to pick past events in the book of Revelations, and as soon as thought that, this thought came to me in a moment of clarity “the harlot that was made desolate is Europe”.

    Not sure of source, but curious as to it’s merit, I considered the following:
    The beast of globalism did have members in leadership roles in many European countries and brought Muslim migrants to Europe, and Europe was & is being made desolate.
    Europe was once a pagan abomination before God, became Christian, but most of Europe lost it’s Christianity and became pagan again.
    The globalists created Communism & Atheism for the purpose of uttering blasphemies to God, and to persecute & destroy the faith of Christians.
    The globalists also control the world currencies, we can’t buy or sell anything without the money they control.
    Anyone who joins the globalist elite seems to loose their humanity, and promote the culture of death.

    So, after considering all of these, it is quite plausible & probable that we are currently in & living Chapter 12 of the book of Revelations. I’ll leave it at that in spirit of the original question of hindsight and move on to other things.

    Liked by 10 people

    1. Wonderful insights, Al. For some time, I have been thinking of how the Old Testament foreshadowed and was fulfilled in the New Testament. So, too, I’ve been pondering how we are living the Book of Revelation – as we come to the end of these times – in a way which foreshadows how it will be fulfilled at the very end of all time. Our Lady of Medjugorje was said to have noted we are living the Book of Revelation. Here are some thoughts from Sr. Emmanuel connected to the Book of Revelation, based on the May 2, 2016 message to Mirijana. Emmett O’Regan writes of how Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI noted we are living a minor apostasy while a major apostasy will come before the very end of time. God bless us all.

      Liked by 6 people

      1. Beckita, we must also remember Sr. Lucia of Fatima said that the Third Secret is in the Gospels and the Apocalypse—specifically referring to Apoc. Chapters 8-13

        Liked by 4 people

      2. That was a good read, I remember reading the first link from somewhere before, maybe it was on spiritdaily.com, the second link from Pope Benedict XVI was mostly new to me. It’s good to get insight into these matters, because sometimes I’m at a loss for whether we fight (with faith & reason), pray/fast, or do something else…

        Liked by 4 people

      3. Thanks Beckita! Two wonderful reflections of our times. I recall this message of “Shatterred Crosses” as it was just prior to my pilgrimage to Medjugorje. I did not know the meaning until today.

        Liked by 4 people

        1. So many authentic messages are converging and being fulfilled before our eyes, Sean. My blessed opportunities, over a span of many years, to make pilgrimage to many old and new places of visitation from Heaven began with Medjugorje twenty-six years ago. What a Mother have we! God bless us one and all.

          Liked by 4 people

    2. Al,

      Good insights ! This made me think of the book “The End of The Present World” by Father Charles Arminjon. St. Therese of Lisieux read it BEFORE she became a nun and commented “Reading this book was one of the greatest graces of my life”.

      Paul in Katy

      Liked by 4 people

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