Breaking Up the Corruption Frozen Around Our Institutions


An Icebreaker


By Charlie Johnston

In late spring of 2016, an attendee at a talk I was giving in Las Vegas said she thought that Donald Trump was God’s plan for America and wanted to know what I thought. “Well, God can do anything, so it’s possible,” I replied, then added drily, “but if that is God’s plan, I have to say I think it the dumbest plan He ever had.”

I have long since apologized to God.

I began to re-assess Trump in the late summer of 2016. A friend of mine who is a prominent senior statesman in the pro-life movement had been invited to a private meeting with Trump to discuss pro-life priorities with just a few aides present. My friend and I discussed what priorities should be emphasized. He decided to put emphasis on a fundamental fact sheet. After the meeting was over, my friend called and was ecstatic. He said Trump asked several times for his aide to confirm some of the more shocking information – and grew angry as the meeting went on at how much misinformation has prevailed. “I think we have a real, if unexpected, ally here,” my friend enthused.

A month later, at the third debate between Trump and Hillary Clinton, he was asked the usual ‘gotcha’ question of whether he thought Roe v Wade should be overturned. Most Republicans try to finesse that question in public, calling it the “law of the land, blah blah blah.” Trump said he DID want it overturned – and that he would appoint pro-life judges to do it. The media-bureacracy complex went bananas.

I was not a fan of Trump’s often combative style, nor his penchant for hyperbole until I began to consider ships that break up ice in frozen waters. ‘Icebreakers’ are ungainly-looking vessels, shaped kind of like the underside of a spoon at their prow. There is something squat about them. I have always admired the tall sailing ships that were in common use until the mid-1800’s. These ships elegantly combined functionality with form in a manner that was powerful, majestic and high art all at the same time. In an ice field, though, they would be as helpless, vulnerable and impotent as all other ships that weren’t, actually, icebreakers. Icebreakers are required to clear a path so that the more elegant ships can get through at all.

Trump’s flamboyant style often seems clumsy, but is actually quite deft. (Sometimes it is just clumsy, but the very mix of ‘looks clumsy but is deft’ and ‘looks clumsy and is clumsy’ serves to reflexively draw opponents into his more deft moves.) Trump’s proposal on DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) last week was incredibly deft, particularly coming so quickly after the shutdown nonsense. The shutdown exposed Democrats as willing to punish ordinary Americans in order to pander to illegal aliens. It was a public relations disaster for the left. Now, Trump nearly tripled the number of people already here he would give amnesty to beyond what the Democrats demanded, provided that he got real border security, enforcement, and an end to chain migration and the visa lottery. If the left was not so reflexively obstructionist, it would have realized its dilemma. In order to “fundamentally change America,” they need a constantly vigorous flow of illegal aliens. The ones here right now are not enough to do the job. They also need the problem to demagogue and fundraise off of. If the problem was solved, they would have to come up with something new and untried. To shut off the gushing spigot of illegal immigration now would leave the left far short of its goals – with no relief in sight. So they cried racism and white supremacy for a proposal that was generous to the ‘Dreamers’ at the cost of cutting off the illegal supply. Many of the ‘Dreamers’ are looking at this and saying, “hey, wait a minute. Trump is trying to normalize us and taking heat from his base for doing so – and the Democrats are just saying no.” In this move, Trump has exposed the left: they are not compassionate people who are trying to mentor these poor, unfortunate souls; rather, they are like sexual predators grooming their intended victims to be dependent on and grateful to them, so as to more easily share their favors (or votes, in this case). Watch as it dawns on more and more ‘Dreamers’ that Trump wants to take them out of the shadows now while Democrats want to keep them where they are. Whether intentionally or not, Trump just made a move that will open up a rift between Hispanics and the Democrats and would end the problem – in a way that makes it much more likely that those affected would vote for him.

While his personality seems combative, Trump has been remarkably restrained in many controversies. Various federal judges have taken on authority where they have no jurisdiction, mainly in staying his orders on temporary immigration bans from unstable countries. The Constitution specifically bars the courts from treading there, reserving such authority entirely to the executive’s discretion. Jefferson, Jackson, Lincoln and Roosevelt are presidents who have flatly refused to abide by judicial rulings that were outside the courts’ competence and treaded on the division of powers. Trump has simply appealed rulings to get to a higher court that actually respects the rule of law and Constitution (though I suspect those preening little federal judges who imagine they each hold a political veto over the nation’s chief executive are soon going to come to grief – as the Supreme Court tires of such judicial gnats constantly undermining judicial authority with their politicized antics).

This week, confrontation between legitimate authority and a seditious cabal at the top of law enforcement and intelligence agencies gets real. Already, Deputy FBI Director Andrew MacCabe has resigned in advance of what the FISA Memo will reveal about that cabal. This conspiracy sought to paint Donald Trump as a witch and burn him. Instead, they have set themselves afire. They are screaming that Republicans are undermining the integrity of the FBI and the Justice Dept. by exposing the conspiracy. This is rich coming from a crowd that never met a cop it didn’t want to indict. To sweep out abusers of power is NOT to dishonor those who honorably exercise authority. In fact, it is to honor the institutions which support our country and keep them healthy, while empowering those who run them honorably.

The legacy media is howling along with the leftist officials as their misconduct and effort to mount a coup against America is exposed. That is because the media has re-tasked itself from journalism to acting as press office and cover for the progressive/socialist movement in America. They are enablers and confederates of the cabal. Before the week is out, expect the hissing and screeching to rise to what you would expect on walking, with a crate full of stakes, into a nest of vampires.

I think of Republicans I have admired, wondering who among them could have so resolutely confronted such a massive field of corruption arrayed against them and not fainted or compromised. Frankly, I can’t think of many. Donald Trump is our icebreaker – and needful in these perilous times. If we are to re-establish that the people are sovereign in this country, the cabals must be broken up and held to account. We can have elegance later if the icebreaker finishes his appointed task.

Friedrich Nietzche’s most powerful insight was, “He who fights with monsters should be careful lest he thereby become a monster. And if thou gaze long into an abyss, the abyss will also gaze into thee.” It is all too easy to adopt the rotted tactics of those you defeat in a righteous cause. Having revealed the rot, we must not become its mirror image. Rather, we must root out corruption to re-establish a just and open society, not merely to impose our will. For that, we need to hold fast to Christ, to our commitment to acknowledge God, take the next right step, and be a sign of hope – even as we don’t flinch in our resolve to right these troubles.

Make no mistake, as this week unfolds, we are at the beginning of the battle to determine whether the people are the rulers in this country or whether we are merely subjects of a malicious, ignorant, elite cabal that believes it is the law.

Incidentally, while reading about icebreakers, I was amused to hear of the relatively recent use of the “resonance” method. In this case, hovercraft are used to flit rapidly back and forth across the ice. The wind and sound they create, combined with the rapid flitting to and fro, cause destabilizing vibrations in the ice that ultimately lead it to suddenly and catastrophically fracture. If you don’t like to consider Trump our icebreaker, feel free to give him the more elegant title of hovercraft. If I could just have found a reference to tweets, the analogy would have been complete.

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  1. Love this piece, Charlie. It’s a harbinger of the dawn of Christ’s Light breaking through the current darkness, for, where sin abounds, grace abounds all the more. Ever praying and striving for this noble balance: “Having revealed the rot, we must not become its mirror image. Rather, we must root out corruption to re-establish a just and open society, not merely to impose our will. For that, we need to hold fast to Christ, to our commitment to acknowledge God, take the next right step, and be a sign of hope – even as we don’t flinch in our resolve to right these troubles.”

    And Charlie, your hovercraft analogy is tweet complete. In the book, The Story of the Hovercraft, the author, Ashley Hollenbone, asks the question: “What if you could hover like a hummingbird and glide like a bird of prey? Yes this was the hovercraft, a school boy’s futuristic fantasy, a playground icon and a British engineering success story…” Of course, a tweet is also a bird sound – yah I know, actual hovercraft sounds are hardly the weak chirps of a baby bird – nevertheless, it’s a fun stretch for your analogy to the tweeting President Trump!

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    1. Hi Charlie, wonderful insight! I am amused when people complain about Trump’s attitude. What did they think the Left would do? Roll over and politely agree? This is what Real Change looks like. It isn’t always pretty, but it gets results 🙂

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  2. Charlie, thank-you! I can see we need to double up our prayers for the President so he does not fall.
    Love the mental picture of the hovercraft…still, in my mind President Trump is more of an icebreaker…it may not be pretty, but the job will be done, God willing.
    Lord Jesus Christ, Son of the Father, send now your Holy Spirit…preserve us from degeneration, disaster and war.
    Mary Undoer of Knots, untie the knots that have snarled up our country that we may once again be “one nation under God.”
    God bless you Charlie, Beckita and God bless all here. Pray for the Truth.
    katey in OR

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  3. If I remember correctly, the sequence that we pray on the holy feast of Pentecost, which invokes the Holy Spirit, contains the line, “melt the frozen, warm the chill.” The thaw of Pentecost begins! Let’s plan for a Lent full of fervent prayer, sacrifice and alsmgiving and contribute to a new kind of global warming. We need a social climate change.

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    1. That really struck a chord, Marisa (chords, vibrations, tweets… groan!)No, seriously! They have now decided that the foul referendum to remove Ireland’s constitutional protection for the Unborn will towards the end of May. Pentecost is 20th May (a fact totally lost to them, of course). So, this coming Lent is more important than ever for us here in Ireland to enter into a true purification, body and soul, and in that spirit of purification – and trust – beseech the help of the Lord to defeat Satan’s agenda.

      Then Easter, Divine Mercy, Pentecost… all the feasts of our Father’s abiding love for us, if we do our part and just reach out in total trust like the small child in trouble, to beg “Dad, help me, I’m in over my head”.

      Because over here we sure are: and so many refuse to see it. Father, help us to help them.

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  4. The more the lies are exposed, the louder the liars scream their lies. I believe they think they can scream loud enough to cover the truth being spoken. I’m so tired of it yet it’s only just begun. I’m praying for strength and courage!

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      1. Thanks Mick. I realize I was a bit of a grump in my comment. My father lives with us and has the news on hour after hour. Guess I’ve overdosed. So many good things are happening. So, grumpy is out the door and happy and hopeful is invited back in. 😊

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        1. Oh my gosh Kris how funny and I can relate. My Father was the same way except it was news all morning, the old cowboy shows in the afternoon and Jeopardy in the evening. Drove me freakin crazy. Now that he passed late last year, I would give anything to have those dumb shows on all day again…

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          1. I do get a reprieve from the news when the rosary comes on EWTN. And we are getting Dad hearing aids so perhaps the volume won’t be at 75+ any more. 😃

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            1. Kris, if hearing aids meet your father’s needs for help, that will be great. Father has gone through two sets of hearing aids and it wasn’t until last spring that he had a more refined testing – this may be common practice testing now, it’s just been a while – which showed that his particular challenges with hearing need more. We have just trial-tested, through a local agency, a wonderful device. Personal shopper here researched a while and discovered a $250 savings by purchasing the technology through Ebay. It has made a world of difference. You can take a peek at it here.

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          2. Isn’t that just the way, Kris and BD! My own parents are both dead over 20 years and I well recall that on my visits home, although thank God we got on very well, there were sometimes aspects that annoyed me. (I’m sure it went both ways). Yet, at times now, I find myself doing almost similar things and I stop and think: “Yeah, wish I could talk to you about this, and we’d have a good laugh”.

            Thank God, we did have many laughs! In fact, Jan. 30th would have been my father’s 100th birthday. Well, it was really: they, and all our deceased, just belong to another part of our wonderful family, the Church. So I had a Mass said for that occasion.

            Then I had a pint that evening. That being a part of the reason we got on well 😛🍺

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            1. Hey jaykay. You said in your post that you had a pint. For clarification purposes, be that a pint of beer or a pint of whiskey? Not judging, just asking? 😉

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            2. Jaykay, January 30 was my father’s 75th birthday. He and his wife are halfway across the country visiting my brother and his wife. So my husband, kids, and I all gathered ’round the phone, put it on “speaker,” and sang my dad “Happy Birthday.” He got a big kick out of it, even if we were rather off-key.

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        2. Ha, Kris! I don’t think you sounded like a grump at all. I even reread your comment, trying to find a hint of grumpiness… zip, zilch, zero. Now if you want to see grumpy, show up at my house about 30 seconds after my 15-year-old slams a door (he never closes them; he always slams them without meaning to) and wakes Little Miss Sleeping Beauty from an all-too-rare-nap….

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          1. Ha, I love that Mick. My son fought naps too. I’d often lay him in bed with tears rolling down his eyes as he’d tried to convince that he was not tired. Kneeling at his bedside, I’d sing ‘our’ song – “Let Me Call You Sweetheart” (because of his eyes so blue) and he fall fast asleep in no time. Shortly afterwards, my daughter would cause a ruckus and he’d be up again. My coping mantra became, this too shall pass. ❤

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    1. “At this they covered their ears and, yelling at the top of their voices, they all rushed at him” (Acts 7:57).

      And this too was because the truth was being “uncovered”.

      And so history repeats itself.

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  5. If you lived in Minnesota you would complete the analogy with that of an auger, chipping away at the ice to make a hole in which to fish! (On Mille Lacs, of course.)

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  6. FIRST THING…..LOVE the Icebreaker !!!! That is Trump. Hovers offer noisy elegance as they glide through the air, whether high above or low to the surface (as in breaking ice). And Trump is the bull in the China shop. Busting a swamp is going to get mo’messy🤙🏼, and that is why we MUST pray harder, as you all indicated.
    Charlie, keep up the great analogy in your writings. I love the images that keep me in chuckles when I want to scream at such gullibility or plain stupidity. And the ice breaker image is so needed as we approach the glacier up ahead!
    Let us to also remember to pray for all those Coast guard and Navy personnel who actually do ice breaking! God bless you all with aloooooha 🌴⛱🏄🏽‍♀️🌊🏝

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  7. I rather think Trump enjoys breaking things up. 🙂 I would, if I were him. I was afraid that he was going to be ineffectual or walk back on the convictions he seemed to have on the campaign trail. It occurred to me a while ago that this is the exact sort of person that might be needed in order to break the mold of American politics. I was afraid that he would be the type of person who always needed approval and could be swayed to keep his ego intact, but he’s absolutely unafraid. He does not depend on “the system” for anything at all, so the usual pressures under which seemingly better men have caved won’t work on him. I am enjoying his battle against the media with their sloppy, triggered reporting. Fake news. It’s not even good old propaganda. It’s too sloppy! The Democrats are a one trick pony, as you’ve mentioned, and they just seem ridiculous these days. Trump’s rough style has brought the smarmy tactics of the left into focus. Anyway, I have been pleasantly surprised by Trump. I do not think he’s America’s savior, I do not think that he will be the only person to make America great again, but he’s gotten us onto a new track that would have been impossible with anyone else on the political hopeful’s roster.

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    1. I am looking at it this way —-if God so chose a worthy man according to our standards, then we would attribute all the transformation on the skills of that worthy man, and not on God. God does help us sometimes —-as much as our stubbornness could acknowledge. And thus the TNRS guidepost is the more telling. Thank God for leading me to these pages.

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  8. Charlie,

    Glad to see your commentaries again, I have always said you have the gift to cut through the muck and present the political climate in a clear and precise way. Please keep it up! P.S. When is the book coming out?

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  9. Charlie,
    WOW! You hit it out of the park AGAIN! A Year of Living Dangerously, Part II – Time to Choose and
    Breaking Up the Corruption Frozen Around Our Institutions! The attempted coup brings to mind a Psalm-like verse: “The snare the wicked have set for innocent, have themselves caught in it! Ah, oh so sweet Justice of God, how beautiful you are!

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  10. Two years ago in Green Bay, the Fox River had to be blasted with dynamite to break the ice, sometimes I think we need that extra blast along with the hovercraft. The ugly monster sometimes acts like it is tired and worn from its battles, but then roars back up with vengeance, I am just overwhelmed by the hate that is spewed and the ignorance of people. Mark 8:17,18 Do you still not perceive or understand? Are your hearts hardened? 18 Do you have eyes, and fail to see? Do you have ears, and fail to hear? I am holding onto my hat because I really think we ain’t seen nothing yet, the progressive left will come after Trump with guns a blazing and our prayer for him and the First Family must be constant. I love this Charlie, keep us posted and alert. Love. I do. Diane

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    1. Yes, Diane, my thoughts exactly. We must pray and pray without ceasing.
      These are the worst of times and the best of times, for sure.
      I see the hardness of heart everywhere – and then I thank GOD that I’m not in charge!
      Blessed be God who hears our prayers.
      Convert the hearts of our loved ones…
      God bless us, every one,
      katey in OR

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  11. Whoa,ho, ho!! Charlie! Love the first paragraph! Calling for another Job “into the whirlwind” trip, eh? Thanks for the good laugh. Now I have to go and read the rest of this post.

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  12. The constant stream of V-22 Ospreys could be heard in swarming, pounding, announcing the eminent arrival of ice-breaker Trump.
    Cracks and fissures in the once solid ice screamed in confused protest as they raced about in panic.
    The thudding of unending tweets at each pass softened and shook the doomed surface, preparing for the final rupture.
    In the distance the great ice-breaker Trump could be seen with a slurry in tow, issuing endless waves of Ospreys and Chinooks, her bow leaning into each gawking iceberg, crushing it in its own disbelief.

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  13. Even conservative people will say, “I don’t like Trump”, but I feel it’s more because they’re afraid to speak contrary to the endless, daily drumbeat of anti-Trump sentiment from the left. What would you rather have, someone personable like Obama or Clinton (smooth talkers who apparently have likeable personalities one-on-one) who rip up the Constitution, expand the reach of government, who abuse their power? Or someone with less grace who is working to restore the rule of law, repair the Constitution, and return power back to the people? Someone who’s openly pro-life? I’ll take the latter!

    Few things make me laugh more than when I hear a pundit or an “expert” on TV start a sentence with, “What Trump needs to do now is….” Ha! Advising the President with your magical insight? After two years, have they not learned that the man is 20 steps ahead of everybody else? The media is desperate to try to put their finger on him, to understand him, to anticipate him, so as to attack him. But every time they go out on a limb, the branch breaks.

    We sent Donald Trump to the White House to drain the swamp, and he is doing just that, certainly faster than I imagined. But the ice-breaker analogy is a much better analogy: Washington bureaucracy is hardened and immovable…or at least so we thought. Trump is a brilliant man, a virtuoso who’s playing the enemies on both the left and the right like fiddles. He’s causing them to shoot themselves in the foot(s), to implode, to expose themselves, to contradict themselves, or to simply go berserk with madness. It’s truly a pleasure to watch.

    I like Donald Trump. There, I said it!

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    1. Thank you again! Very thankful for President Trump. This may sound amusing but I think he is humble. I know that may sound strange but if humility is thinking of others as more important than yourself and not the misunderstood definition of humility as being self-deprecating, I truly think he is humble. All with an heir of self confidence to confuse the issue. So thankful for this man of contradictions who is being a good father of our country. His heart and focus seem to be in the right place. And First Lady, Melania- with her honor of the Blessed Mother on national tv in front of Mary’s statue and asking the Pope to bless her Rosary- wow!!! How can God resist her either! He will not forget what she did, ever! 🙂 Not what I had initially ever imagined or wanted but so thankful that God worked through my biases. I love them both! Thank God for the Lord’s mercy!

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      1. I agree, Thankful! People can confuse confidence with arrogance. This President said “we” 129 times last night, as opposed to Obama’s SoU addresses where we’d lose count how many times he said “I”, “me”, or “my”…now THAT is arrogance. The contrast between the two men is stark. I thought Trump’s address was excellent, not only for his pro-God, pro-family, pro-Constitution, pro-American stance, but also how he forced the Dems–in their effort to defy and disrespect him–to make utter fools of themselves. They sat scowling like obstinate children over positive accomplishments that every American would agree with, and the whole world saw their true colors. The Dems are in disarray and losing badly, and they don’t get it yet.

        How about the guests that President Trump invited? Many of the people and their stories moved me to tears. They showed us that Americans are incredible people.

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    1. The date on the article is just below the main picture at the very top of the article itself. I have no control over this. It is preset by WordPress based on whatever platform and theme is used. Sorry if it is inconvenient for you, but each of the articles DO have a date of original publication prominently displayed once you click on the article, itself.

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    1. Victor Davis Hanson’s article…”Most elite bureaucrats understood the Clinton way of doing business, in which loyalty, not legality, is what earned career advancement.”
      Thanks for sharing, Beckita

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    2. Yes, I’ve been checking his site for some time now. I particularly like his occasional “Dear Angry Reader” posts, where he elegantly – and politely -vivisects trolls!

      In fact, I had been familiar with his classical warfare history books for many years, and admired them both for scholarship and style, so great was my joy on discovering his website.

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  14. He does seem to be unsinkable despite the permanently raging storms…. more like
    I keep thinking back to the Loretto prophecy and simply having to recognise
    the bigger picture in all this. It cannot be natural to survive such an onslaught
    or in fact to have won the election against such odds. Yet i almost fear to
    believe that it is God’s personal intervention. Isn’t that sacrilige, if it’s all
    just coincidence and say he gets dumped next elections?
    And if it is God’s intervention then the world will surely have changed dramaticallyby the end of
    this President’s term… right? Logically. Charlie?

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    1. Of course, many people prayed for God to intervene and every prayer counts. At the same time, He absolutely respects human free will. How He moves His Plan through our good choices, our not so great choices made in good will, and our evil choices is… well… so grateful HE’s God. In my ways of pondering, I see that what happens by the end of President Trump’s term is in the will of each and every soul who chooses for God or remains in concrete resistance against Him. And His Desire is to awaken all souls, all over the world to Himself. Looks like there’s much more to come in the rollout of God’s Plan. If only we would all give up our stiff-necked ways and simply run home, into the Arms of Abba like the prodigal!

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      1. fair points Beckita i do not disagree but am confused because we have many,many faithful, religious people and often clergy who reject this President wholeheartedly ( despite his apparent conversion to
        the pro life cause) … so the choice between good and evil is in the eye of the beholder and it seems since the President can be shown to be very much less than ‘holy’ in many respects that is enough justification for genuinely well motivated and often religious commentators to warn against his
        Presidency and stances …… unless he can somehow defuse the antagonism and somehow unify
        all people of genuine goodwill i fear his position will always be one of siege mentality and blinkered rejection ….. i still suspect the world may be unrecognisable as we know it today by the end of his term in office, one way or another….. Charlie will not have been far off afterall

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        1. Insightful observations, BJ. I don’t see how any one leader can unify our country at this juncture. The disunity goes beyond political lines into the very reason God created each of us. Dennis Prager said it best after the inauguration last year. Basically, we’re at the same juncture as existed in the first civil war: there are values so sacrosanct they can never be denied. When two sides are polar opposite in regards to upholding or denying such values, one side must win and the other must cave. In the first civil war, slavery was abolished. In this second civil war, “being fought on cultural lines” (as a prominent member of this community has conveyed), the culture of death must be extinguished.

          BJ, I agree with you in expecting the world to be a different place by the end of Trump’s term. And as we continue into this year, even with all the gains made by this current administration, there is yet plenty of unmasking of the evil in our government to be done. Not wishing this, but I see plenty of potential for massive crisis in our land which begs the question: can we actually sustain our current governing system? And, in the end, God is on a mission to newly claim or reclaim the hearts of his people. God bless, protect and sustain us all.

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          1. What an excellent analysis, Beckita. I think that situation is replicated all over the formerly Christian “West”. All the benefits of the society we enjoy have sprung from precisely Christian civilisation. Now, too many have been deluded, or ill-educated, into thinking “all that” either doesn’t matter or is something to be ashamed of – or both, and must be rejected for some ill-defined utopia of “equality”. And while the sheeple are too deluded to stop and analyse what sort of society this might be – although it’s very clear from history, and becoming clearer daily as the masks fall – those behind the masks are very clear about what they want. And it doesn’t involve God.

            Yet, for all their “cleverness” and preening self-regard, THEY are the ones being deceived by the old, old lie. The tragedy is that they’re dragging down the whole society with them, us included. At least we can see this.

            So, as you say, Beckita, the choice is now starkly before us all, as rarely before in history, because it’s really come down to the very fundamentals, and we have to fight. To win. The stakes are just too high this time.

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  15. Beckita,
    It seems we have God’s hand involved in the way these things are playing out.
    The article by Victor Davis Hanson
    has a tiny little light shining through it with this line;
    “Why did so many federal officials and officeholders act so unethically and likely illegally when they were convinced of a Clinton landslide? Why the overkill? Had Hillary Clinton polled ten points behind Donald Trump in early 2016, we’d have none of these scandals — not because those involved were moral actors (none were), but because Hillary would have been considered yesterday’s damaged goods and not worth any extra-legal exposure taken on her behalf.”
    And this speaks volumes on how our God works His wonders because IF the poles had shown the truth, these “revelations” would not have come about, these “bad actors” would not have played their hand and their intent would have remained unseen and they may have infiltrated deeper into our system.
    I have been reading that people are thinking President Trump is masterminding this “outing” but just like the reality that “we wrestle not against flesh and blood” we also wrestle with the help of “the armor of God”. Trump prays for God’s protection and guidance. I see the results of his prayers in the same way I saw the results of Ronald Reagan’s effective presidency who got down on his knees and prayed for God’s guidance and with it, miraculous things happened.

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      1. I have wondered what gave President Trump such a change of heart. Did God have a one on one with him? Saul moment? He certainly seems different than he was 10 years ago, even 5 years ago. Maybe his wife?

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          1. I think his change occurred during his campaigning when he got out among the every day Americans and saw their hardships and heard their stories. This created the empathy he now has towards his fellow countrymen and the desire to not be part of the problem. He truly loves this country and is proud to be its president and recognises that he was put there by the will of the people to do a job or be fired!
            He made these people promises if they elected him.
            Jesus called many in power and places of influence a hipocrite. Mr. Trump doesn’t want to be among them.

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            1. Surely such campaign activity cemented his resolve to lay down his life for America at this juncture and, as you say, Phil, expanded his heart in greater empathy. I also look to his experiences as a worldwide businessman where he certainly came face-to-face with entrenched evil in so many ways and places. A good man would be greatly disturbed by such as this. A friend shared an excellent observation: think of how Trump’s enemies, during the campaign, must have scoured and scoured, seeking all the dirt they could possibly use as negative ammo against him. Coming up pretty dry, it took the creation of a false dossier – and now we discover that another false one was created as corroboration (head shaking) – to come up with smear material. God bless and protect President Trump, his family, our country and all of us.

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              1. Yes, I’m not a U.S. citizen, of course, and don’t really like to comment but could I say that because of the leadership role of the U.S. we’re all impacted by who leads America. So, for us here in Ireland faced with the naked anti-life agenda (heavily backed, I might add, by a certain prominent figure in your country whose name begins with ‘S”), to see both the large numbers on the March for Life, and the fact that Pres. T. addressed it was SO heartening!

                Of course, our local cognoscenti and village atheists sneered, as they have learned to do from their “betters”, but for us on the ground it meant so much. And yes, we well recognise that a man of real business experience is a bit more to be respected than a community organiser (whatever that actually means) or a crooked lawyer and his moll.

                Oh dear, have I just commented on U.S. politics? Didn’t mean to, I’m sure. Sorry 😎

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                1. Your observations and comments are always welcome, j. You’ve made a great case for why human laws need to be subservient to God’s Laws, for each of our acts affects the entire Mystical Body of Christ, near and far, and either builds up or tears down God’s Kingdom on earth.

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  16. I read in Charlies article a warning: “Do not become a mirror image ” of those who are corrupt. I’ve been suffering a lot over uncharitable Christian friends making comments and making all kinds of excuses for President Trump’s unfortunate comments. We can’t do that because it causes scandal. The Trumps definitely have a checkered past. Mrs. Trump posing in pornographic photos. Donald Trump had a long, long history of sexual harassment, assault, and coarse, crude comments. I lived in the New York area when he was “king”. There were allegations against him even then, of groaping women in the elevator. We all believed it because of how he spoke out in tge open. He was on the diabolical Howard Stern talk show regularly. This was his lifestyle. We can not pretend it’s not true. But, after last night’s state of the union, I am beginning to think he’s had a conversion. I am one who was also snatched off the dung heap, by the grace of God. But we must hold him accountable and not make excuses. There is a subtle racism in some Christian, Conservative circles. And there is a criminalization of the poor. These things are not consistent with Catholic Christianity. We are not “prosperity Christians”. How many conversions don’t take place because Christians scandalize the unbeliever with our lack of charity and hatred? I’ve seen it. I worry about myself too. The real measure of a Christian, is what he does with power. Charlie’s has been the only balanced commentary I’ve read. I will pray for our president and all Christians to hold fast to the Gospel. Please pray for me too.

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    1. Thank you so much for your reflection, Jennifer. There is wisdom in taking pause with these things. We all have a sin history – only God knows the gravity of it, as He Alone is the Judge of every mitigating factor involved in each person’s circumstances – and once a person Chooses God, there is a life of ongoing conversion which continues til death. Perhaps the greatest challenge for anyone in public life is that once someone has turned, in repentance, to the Lord, most often, that is a private development and encounter with God. So, while we cannot deny the past of any one of us, when we see changed behavior, as you have noted with President Trump, it is only fair to give that person the forgiveness which every human deserves and which each of us shall especially appreciate when we meet our Just Judge, Face to face. In union of prayer with you for us all.

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    2. I am praying with you Jennifer. I believe that when one learns from their mistakes and takes the appropriate measures to correct them, they are not a hypocrite, they are a role model. Mistakes are often the best teachers. ❤

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      1. President Trump has done some noble things in his past too. I had to think a little more about this whole conversion idea. He has housed homeless people in his hotels, free of charge and where given meals and flowers, he even employed people who were down on their luck. Jennifer Hudson after her family was shot down in Chicago stayed as his guest in his hotel. There are numerous pageant and show contestants, employees, and business partners that have said that he was always a gentleman. I had heard from a fellow who was compromised, videotaped and blackmailed, in the Jeff Epstein circle, that Trump would be invited to his affairs, come in take a few pictures with the models and then leave. He did not stay so that he could later be compromised. There are many pictures and stories of him with many leaders and groups be honored or honoring others from vast cultures and walks of life.

        All along, I have sensed that a high-profile man who could mostly privately raise children from three marriages to be as grounded, loving and dignified as they appear to be, has got to have a high ground and decent moral compass.

        There have been many accusations, aside from his disturbing man to man boasting on a bus, and I haven’t seen much proof of the *image* his enemies are trying to portray. We all do and say things we regret. Thank God we are not put under a microscope like he has been. I am certainly not saying he is a saint, it just that I believe he’s been fairly solid all along. He did not need to be President in order to succeed. He had already accomplished that. This is not about power and control for him. It seems to be more about honor, not for himself but for the country, it’s citizens and future generations. Just some food for further thought. ❤

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    3. Jennifer, I must respectfully disagree with your statement about there being subtle racism in some Christian Conservative circles. I’m almost 50 years old. I’ve been a Christian my whole life. I’ve been a Conservative my whole life. And I’ve been black my whole life. And I have never, ever experienced racism from Christian conservatives.

      I will keep you and your loved ones in my prayers, and I ask that you please pray for me and mine. 🙂

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  17. Charlie, I was at that Las Vegas meeting. It was the first time I heard you speak in person. Saw you again in DC. Glad you are still writing. Your political analysis is excellent, and I find it refreshing. As to Trump, one pundit(from across the Pond)put it succinctly- his detractors take him literally, but not seriously, while his supporters take him seriously, but not literally. Food for thought. God Bless and keep writing!

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  18. DJT is growing up! He’s definitely not acting without divine guidance! I find it interesting that our mass readings recently have been about David and his sons. We are all flawed and can do no good unless God is in it.

    Trump has an entire fleet of prayer warriors praying for him to do the job he has been elected to do. In Gods wisdom, Trump has been selected because he is able to really get the progressive left wing’s collective undies in a bundle! I keep telling my hubby, the left’s hair is on fire and President Trump is spitting gas at them.

    Any good housekeeper knows that the house gets much messier before it can be put back in order. Drain the swamp!!!

    Let each of us continue to pray, calling upon all the guardian angels of each human being alive on this earth to end the reign of Satan and his minions…… calling upon the great communion of saints to be by our side in this great battle for what is true, good and beautiful! Let each of us pray the Our Father prayer in solidarity with all Christians all over the world so that The Kingdom can come once and for all and reign in our hearts forever!!!

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  19. I read all your comments and am so heartened by them. I (from MN) live in Denmark where there is nigh unto zero understanding for the meaning in President Trumps leadership, even among Catholics and Christians. I am praying for him too…though I feel like a very small island in a great sea of misunderstanding! God bless you all .

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