The Devil’s Last Stand Begins

By Charlie Johnston

Shawnee, Kansas –

Chatting With the Devil

For over a decade I have used the Bing search engine. A few days ago, Microsoft introduced the “new” Bing. Astonishingly, it is an artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot. Instead of giving me a survey of options that could be related to my question, it just gave a few options, directing me to what, precisely, I should be thinking with my request. Sheesh! I do not use the Google search engine because it suppresses conservative answers. AI chatbots assume that all “right-thinking” people must only think one way – and then try to enforce it through their assumptions. You might just as well ask, “What would CNN or MSNBC say about this subject?” And then, according to the new Bing, that is what you must think, as well.

I suppose this chatting with a virtual “friend” who orders you how to think could be quite appealing to all those out there leading lives of quiet desperation and loneliness who can’t even get a friend, much less a girlfriend. But it aggravates the problem. Users still don’t have a friend, just a machine with attitude that mimics a friend. One of the prime goals of the devil is to isolate men from each other, exacerbating the loneliness and quiet desperation. There is no better formula for misery and despair.

I informed the chatbot Bing that I was very dissatisfied. I did not want it deciding what was relevant for me; I wanted all the options and then I would decide what was relevant. It responded with a saccharine explanation of why the way it was doing it was best for me. I persisted in insisting that I should be the one making that decision. It ended the conversation and said we should move on to another topic. Just what we all need – another left-wing “friend” who stomps his little feet and changes the subject when he does not get his way. Perhaps the new Bing should call itself Nurse Ratched. I immediately switched to a new search engine (not Google).

Some critics of these left-wing chatbots say they will create a backlash in which conservatives will create their own conservative chatbots. Count me out. My Dad was once joking with some friends about the peculiar situation between us, having the same name, living in the same house with one a Democrat and the other a Republican. One of Dad’s friends huffily said that he wouldn’t have a son who didn’t vote the way he told him to. My Dad hotly retorted that, “I wouldn’t have a son who allowed anyone to tell him how to vote – including me.” I do not need anyone, conservative or liberal, telling me what to think. That is, in fact, my job for which I will be held accountable to God. I take it seriously.

All of this can’t help but bring to mind images of the serpent in the Garden of Eden. The devil is an opportunist. People are not likely to be seduced by a serpent anymore. But a virtual friend? Hey, it’s worth a try for the old goat. In fact, as Exorcist Priest Fr. Daniel Reehil suggests, demonic entities are attaching themselves to some of our more advanced software. Prof. Daniel O’Connor is even more candid and blunt about the demonic aspects of AI. (Before anyone jumps in, yes, I know O’Connor publicly calls me unreliable. I consider him quite wobbly on his eschatology and his interpretation of even approved prophecy. But on some straightforward stuff where he does original work, he is quite good. He is a relatively young man. He has the guts to admit when he realizes he is wrong. When he gets to the point where he does not explain why it was not his fault when he is wrong, I think he may become an important figure in this turbulent age. The first half of the piece I linked to, before the speculation on the Antichrist begins, is original and insightful – and much of what follows is insightful, as well, though while we may well have entered into Armageddon (the decisive battle between good and evil) we most certainly are not entering the Apocalypse (the end of the world). Despite the wobbles, the man has a good learning curve. I still expect big things of him.)

I do not worry overmuch about AI and such. I consider it a new Tower of Babel. The offense of that effort was not that they were building a tower. It was never going to reach to heaven. The offense was that, with this tower, vain men thought they were going to become like gods. It was the devil’s oldest seduction in the book – that men could become gods – on a grand, organized scale. God let the men of Babel get well along on their vain project before dismantling it and dispersing them. The men of Babel had a childish, errant view of what heaven actually is. They never had a chance of accomplishing their aim. God scattered them because of their hubris, not because they presented any actual threat to His divine sovereignty. So the modern men of AI have a childish, errant view of what intelligence and free will are. They will be scattered because of their hubris, not because of any actual threat they present to God.

Yet just because they do not present any threat to God does not mean they do not present any danger. They present a profound danger to all who can be seduced into enthusiasm for their empty promises – just as the architects of the Tower of Babel endangered all they recruited to their project. The heart of every demonic assault lies in persuading or tricking you into turning your face from God – and the devil is far more clever and resourceful than most imagine. Most know he will attack by scaring or promising power. He also loves to convince people they are great demon fighters or that they have outwitted him or that they are unsurpassably clever…whatever gets you to turn your face from God and rely on your own (minuscule) prowess. The truth is that appeals to vanity are the most deliciously productive for the devil.

Just as many halfwits who were convinced they were intellectual titans fell when God smashed the tower, so their heirs will fall this time. But they can do a lot of damage to the unwary in the meantime. Be neither dazzled by the devil nor cower in fear of him. Hold fast to Christ and all will be well. There is no other method of weathering the storm upon us.


Bishop Against Bishop?

I always interpreted the “Bishop against Bishop” prophecy from Our Lady of Akita a little differently than most people. While the whole of the prophecies are delivered in apocalyptic tones, throughout the history of the Church, the great crises and controversies have involved Bishops disputing vigorously with each other. From the first time I encountered these prophecies I assumed that simply meant we were about to enter a period of great tumult and controversy again. The apocalyptic nature of the rest of the prophecies suggested this would be different in quality than previous controversies, but the juxtaposition of Bishop against Bishop is a commonplace in times of crisis. Frankly, I had come to think that the Bishops’ relentless adoption of collegiality as the greatest virtue was fomenting crisis, for many Bishops who knew better were remaining silent in the face of clear error in order to maintain “unity” with their errant brothers. I thought the coming crisis would force Bishops to choose where they stand and decide whether truth or collegiality was the greatest virtue – and that would be the beginning of renewal within the Church. Now it has begun.

Bishop Thomas Paprocki of Springfield, Illinois wrote a piece for First Things Magazine rebuking Cardinal Robert McElroy of San Diego for trying to normalize disordered sexual behavior in the faith, contrary to the consistent witness of Scripture and the Magisterium. Paprocki was not the first to push back against McElroy’s assault on defined doctrine. My own Archbishop, Samuel Aquila of Denver, was one of the first out of the box defending the faith. But Paprocki was, by far, the most blunt. In an interview with The Pillar, Paprocki noted that we have, “passed beyond the point of private conversations.”  

More and more Bishops are stepping up to publicly re-commit to Scripture and The Magisterium rather than sitting in stony silence as vandals in mitres assault the faith. One would think that, after watching the commitment to collegiality lead us deeper and deeper into implicit schism over several generations, orthodox Catholics would be heartened to see more and more Bishops publicly standing for truth as defined in Scripture and the Magisterium. But I encounter more than a few who are panicked, thinking that Bishops disputing with Bishops is the danger in this crisis rather than the cure for the descent into the relativist maelstrom. Bishops standing for Scripture and the Magisterium against Bishops who declare there is no need for either if we just do our own thing and follow our own “truth” is a cause for celebration, not despair. It is a sign that our reclamation is at hand.

The heterodox Bishops (of whom Cdl. McElroy is a mouthpiece, not the brains) want to enshrine individual conscience as the seat of all good. Like most leftists, they are incapable of following a congenial transient tactic to its logical end. If individual conscience is the seat of all good, there can be no objective truth. In that case, nothing can be condemned. Even the Nazis and Stalin’s secret police were just following “their truth.” If there is no objective truth there can be no moral high ground, just a never-ending scrabble for power among roving bands of rival warlords.

In trying to remake the Church in their own image, demoting Jesus Christ to front man for their gospel of leftist moonbat-tery, vandal prelates and clerics imagine that they will be the oblates of Antifa at prayer. Even if their grandiose delusions were possible, they would merely be desiccated vestiges of a faith they destroyed. But the faith will not be destroyed. God IS. Objective truth IS. The sound of Bishops rising to defend the faith and the Magisterium is not the signal of destruction, but the trumpet sound of the cavalry come to fully reclaim the faith from the vandals. For heavens sakes, don’t fret. Rejoice! This is not the beginning of schism, but the beginning of the end of the implicit schism that has divided us for several generations.


Ad Quem Ibimus Domine?

For decades there was an annoying, sometimes bitter, rivalry between those who preferred the Traditional Latin Mass (TLM) and the Novus Ordo form of liturgy that was adopted after Vatican II. In 2007, Pope Benedict XVI largely ended that controversy by allowing the TLM to be celebrated in addition to the Novus Ordo in almost every Parish in the world. No longer suppressed, advocates of the TLM became much less defensive and practiced their faith without so much of a chip on their shoulder. Catholics who routinely celebrated their weekly service checked out the TLM occasionally, feeling they could go without getting a lecture now, and discovered the elegance and beauty of the old Mass.

Many of the most faithful and orthodox Catholics started gravitating to the TLM. It was not so much that it was theoretically superior, but that it was consistent and consistently reverent. In the ‘50s all the indifferent Catholics went to the TLM because it was the only game in town. Now, only those who are serious about their faith go to the TLM, so it was growing as a place where faithful Catholics could go and know they would be with other faithful Catholics.

There is nothing theoretically inferior about the Novus Ordo, the common form of Mass as envisioned by the documents of Vatican II. But there is a serious problem with quality control and consistency. Liturgists, seduced by their own vanity, often made Mass into a spectacle more resembling amateur dinner theatre than worship. Some dissident Priests made it into a form of mid-day late night talk show – with themselves as the stars. There are plenty of reverent Novus Ordo Masses to be found, but if you are going into a Church for the first time you don’t know what you are going to get – a worshipful Mass or the Reverend Tommy show.

Pope Francis took notice that many of the most faithful Catholics were gravitating to the TLM, as they knew what they were going to get and that it would be reverent. It was the fastest growing segment of Catholicism. Rather than correct the abuses that sap some Novus Ordo Masses of their reverence, the Pope decided to clamp down on traditionalism. Plausible rumblings suggest the Pope is going to all but forbid celebration of the TLM before the spring is out. That makes sense. Pope Francis takes great pride in listening and ministering to all the peripheries of the world – except for orthodox Christians who take their faith seriously. They get nothing but the back of his hand. But God does, indeed, write straight with crooked lines.

While I respect and admire the beauty and reverence of the TLM. I am not a sentimentalist about it. I know it is not the “Mass of the ages,” as some of its adherents insist. It has been around for 500 years, about a quarter of the history of Christianity. That is the equivalent of 20 years in a normal lifespan of 80. I prefer the Novus Ordo, as it was envisioned in the documents of Vatican II, because of its greater emphasis on Scriptural readings and active participation of the laity with the Priest celebrant. My favorite Novus Ordo Mass is one celebrated ad orientum, using communion rails and liberally sprinkled with universal Latin responses. I had the good fortune to attend such a Mass last Wednesday – in Chicago, of all places. At Sunday’s Mass in Kansas City Latin responses were used liberally – and it was clear the congregation was familiar with them. What I don’t like is the Forrest Gump “box of chocolates” aspect of dropping into a new Church: you never know what you are going to get.

What has long been needed is a set of standards to ensure the emphasis of reverence along with the emphasis on Scripture and lay participation that the Novus Ordo facilitates. That would form the liturgy along the lines that the documents of Vatican II envisioned, rather than enabling the parody that rebel liturgists and Priests want as a rebuke to the faith. The problem is not the beautifully elegant, stylized garden that the TLM is. It is the neglect that has allowed so many unsightly weeds to mar the beautiful garden the Novus Ordo was intended to be.

If Pope Francis completely suppresses the TLM, it won’t be forever and it won’t have the effect he thinks it will. Already I hear traditionalists talk of reforming the Novus Ordo with exactly the sort of things I have already expressed enthusiasm for. Pope Francis can stamp out the TLM for a time, but he can’t stamp out the meaning pious Christians have found in reverent worship. What this act will accomplish is to prod the pious laity to reform and regularize what the Vatican and the hierarchy should have reformed and regularized. In so forcing this move, a whole host of indifferent and cultural Catholics will find new meaning in the growing body of reverent Novus Ordo Masses. What some hope to stamp out will instead spread – and those vandals who hoped to remake the Church into a leftist political project with Jesus as front man will be foiled yet again. This is the hour of the ordinary man, indeed.

As for me, there is a lot of contemporary music I like. But I also love a lot of classical music. You could try to force me to listen to more contemporary music by outlawing classical. But you can’t rid me of my longing for Beethoven, Tschaikowsky, and Handel. This moment will pass and, in God’s economy, He will use it to refine and improve contemporary music before we will once again be encouraged to listen to all the glorious music in His library.


In all of these things and many more people are shaken and trembling because they see the status quo falling away and they don’t know what will follow. I see a status quo that has long been poisoned and rotten falling away. The devil worked hard to anesthetize us as he poisoned and rotted the institutions around us. It is no surprise that he should mount a furious assault to preserve the rot in which he has shrouded us.  

All the world is groaning, crying out for meaning. Foolish men who have used their freedom to become slaves to the devil think they can find meaning in bending everyone else to their (really, his) will. But the gates of hell cannot withstand the evangelical zeal of His Church. Yes, the hour of darkness has come upon the world. But be not afraid. The darkness shall not prevail. Now is the hour to proclaim the Kingdom with joy, not to curse the darkness in fear. Now is the hour when we are called to be fishers of men. Now is the hour to carry the light of Christ boldly, far and wide throughout the world, so that all who encounter you be filled with new hope, new resolve, new joy in the sure knowledge that life has profound meaning and that God has work for each and every one of us if we will only take it up. Rejoice and take it up!

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100 thoughts on “The Devil’s Last Stand Begins

  1. Fantastic links, Charlie!! And THIS: I see a status quo that has long been poisoned and rotten falling away. The devil worked hard to anesthetize us as he poisoned and rotted the institutions around us. It is no surprise that he should mount a furious assault to preserve the rot in which he has shrouded us. Amen!! Amen!!

    Love your rousing-to-TNRS-with-hope-secured ending. It is a joy to ruminate with Romans 5:20 in these days, right along with a bounty of Scriptures which remind us of how the Living God a-m-a-z-i-n-g-l-y rescues us… even from the very messes which we ourselves have made and in which we find ourselves trapped as if in quicksand.

    Another lovely truth to dwell upon internally is from Psalm 37: Delight yourself in the LORD, and he will give you the desires of your heart… keeping in mind that desiring what’s in His Heart is the path to True Peace and to praying in His Perfect Will.

    Rejoice, indeed!! There are so very many points of Light in the current darkness!! Lights which will continue expanding until there is no room for the grotesque and immoral darkness of these times.

    Ha! @JohnstonPilgrim = apropos

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    1. Nurse Ratched–Yes, an AI rat shed. Charlie, your denunciation of Bing’s devil
      is itself devilishly accurate and scathing, most especially funny:

      “I suppose this chatting with a virtual “friend” who orders you how to think could be quite appealing to all those out there leading lives of quiet desperation and loneliness who can’t even get a friend, much less a girlfriend. But it aggravates the problem. Users still don’t have a friend, just a machine with attitude that mimics a friend. One of the prime goals of the devil is to isolate men from each other, exacerbating the loneliness and quiet desperation. There is no better formula for misery and despair. “

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      1. I agree, Jack. As has been frequently observed – those who celebrate themselves (and boy, how they celebrate their little selves!) as “liberal” seem to just love ordering others how to think.

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    2. For those who may not be on Facebook, here’s a fascinating account of some highlights concerning the developments/changes in the celebration of the Mass over the years written by our friend, Desmond Birch.

      I ever learn new things from him and it’s wonderful, after a lifetime of being Catholic, to discover yet more. It wasn’t until April of 2015, in my mid-sixties, that I discovered firsthand, in real time, the truth that THE essential in a validly offered Mass are the words of consecration: “This is my body.” and “This is my blood.” I was with Fr. Wang on our most recent evangelization tour in his land of birth and Father wanted to offer Mass for his clan while a Sacramentary was nowhere to be found. When he shared this truth with me concerning the essential for Mass, I immediately said in knee-jerk reaction: “Really?!” Ha! Really.

      Now, here’s Desmond:

      Brothers and sisters in Christ,

      It has over the last year or so become increasingly obvious that there are ‘Catholics’ out there who’ve been convinced that there really wasn’t much change in the Mass of the Latin/Roman Rite between the five hundreds and the post Vatican Council II period.



      I studied and taught Church History, and in particular comparative history of the development of the various Liturgical Rites of the Church from both the West and East for over fifty years. To quote St. Thomas Aquinas, all that is necessary, all that is ESSENTIAL for a valid Mass is for a validly ordained priest to utter the words “This is my body” & “This is my blood” over the gifts/oblations of bread and wine. As Thomas teaches, those are the ESSENTIALS for the Mass. All else therein are ‘ACCIDENTALS’, NON ESSENTIALS.


      That having been said, the earliest liturgy of the Eucharist for which we possess a text is that of St. Hippolytus of Rome, his ‘The Apostolic Tradition’ from circa 215 A.D. He gives us two Festal EUCHARISIC Liturgies, which both begin (in Greek) with the Presider praying and blessing the faithful; “The Lord be with you.” The assembly responds, “And with your spirit.” When Hippolytus gets to what we call the ‘Canon’ of the Mass, He summarily states, “and the Presider then gives thanks to the best of his ability”. [It is made quite clear that at that point in time, what we call ‘The Eucharistic Prayer” was done ‘ad lib’ by the presider (who was most often the local bishop)].

      For any readers who might not be aware of it, the English word ‘Eucharist’ comes from the Latin ‘Eucharistia’ and before that from the original Greek. It simply means, “thanksgiving”. As explained by Fr. John Hardon in his ‘Modern Catholic Dictionary’: [Holy Communion] “It is called Eucharist, or ‘thanksgiving,’ because at its institution at the Last Supper Christ ‘gave thanks’, and by this fact it is the supreme object and act of Christian gratitude to God.”

      The next event which I would call major – in the Eucharistic Liturgy of the Latin Rite – occurred when Pope ‘Damasus I’, in the late 360’s ordered that the Mass would no longer be celebrated in Greek – but in Latin in Rome and environs. Why? Because the common people in the Roman/Italian Peninsula no longer understood Greek. Since the Liturgy of the Eucharist is the greatest prayer of the Church – it was imperative that the common people be able to pray that greatest prayer with words of a language they understood. A few years later around the Council of Rome in 382, Damasus gave to St. Jerome the task of making a faithful Latin translation of the Gospels from the Greek originals. He did this for the same reason, so the common folk could understand the Scriptural readings.

      Between the simple liturgy of St. Hippolytus and the 6th century and that of Pope Pius V issuing his Papal Bull, ‘Quo Primum’ in the 16th which ‘fixed’ what is called the Tridentine Mass, there were some major changes in the Mass and the way it was celebrated. Just a few examples. It was not till the 4th Council of Toledo in 633 A.D., that it was ordered that the Our Father was very important to the Mass, so it must be included in Masses on both weekdays and Sundays.

      To be specific: One important trend that increasingly became more evident during the late eleventh century was that the members of the laity were losing their participatory voice in medieval liturgy. Prayers of the celebrant, once said aloud so that all in the congregation could hear, began to be whispered. The prayers of the laity began to be limited to short acclamations and then to fall into total disuse.

      Those parts previously prayed by the laity in general were for the most part gradually given to altar servers and choirs over the following centuries. One glaring example, from among many, was the recitation of the ‘Gloria in Excelsis’ during the Mass. Even into the higher Middle Ages, it was said or sung by the entire congregation. In the later Middle Ages, it was begun by the celebrant intoning the words, be he a bishop or priest, and then the congregation finished it. Later still, it was given over to the choir to sing [at High Masses]. It cannot be overstated that members of the various Eastern Rites of the Catholic Church used to be surprised/stunned when and if they attended a Latin Rite Eucharistic Liturgy before the Novus Ordo Masses entered the scene in 1969. Why? Because to this day those Eastern Rites have maintained the Apostolic discipline of full lay participation in the Divine Liturgy.

      Even well into the Middle Ages, the lay participants at the Liturgy would present the gifts that they had brought by coming forth toward the altar. The bishops and priests would receive the gifts, including the offerings of bread and wine for the Eucharist. [The Novus Ordo in large part returned this practice of the Apostolic discipline vis-a-vis lay participation.]

      I could give many such examples as those few above. In any event, the end result was that the laity in the Latin Rite congregations were gradually eased out of most active participation at Mass – and with the exception of the recitation of the Our Father, altar servers and choirs took those over. That maintained till the introduction of the 1962 Latin-English Missal – which provided the laity with the right to vocally participate in the Response Prayers for the first time in many centuries.

      While I am a Latin afficionado, and love, taught and tutored that language to both laity and seminarians for many years – I happen to think that Pope ‘Damasus I’ well knew what he was doing when he ordered the switch from Greek to Latin in the late 360’s A.D. AGAIN, WHY? Because he knew how important it was for the common people to be able to understand the language with which the greatest prayer of the Church is being prayed.

      Pope St. Pius X, near the beginning of the 20th century, likewise ordered that the Latin Liturgy of the Eucharist be translated into the vernacular languages for the Latin Rite Dioceses around the world. Approximately forty years later the first Latin-English translation was published. But in the year in which I was born, 1941, the Latin/English editions of the Liturgy of the Mass finally came out. If it had not, my mother who was a Lutheran convert to Catholicism might have wound up becoming one of those people who ‘clacked’ their rosary beads against the backs of the pews in front of them during Mass. Or possibly she might just have read and prayed out of devotional ‘prayer books’ during Mass. [But both types usually came to and joined the congregation to say the ‘Our Father’. And many of them also paid close attention while the priest praying the words of the consecration in Latin. (At the Tridentine Mass however, you often couldn’t actually hear him unless you were an altar boy or in one of the front pews. I was an altar boy in the 1940’s – that’s how I know this. i.e., I didn’t just read it somewhere.)]

      Just to make sure that no one mistakes me on any of this, I actually enjoy attending the TLM on occasion. The closest one to me is 16 miles away – to which I drove during a virtual blizzard to attend this past Christmas Eve. I HAVE NOTHING AT ALL AGAINST THE LATIN MASS BEING AVAILABLE FOR THOSE WHO WISH TO ATTEND IT ALL THE TIME EITHER.


      I simply appreciate the importance of the availability of Mass in the vernacular for those who know no Latin. I also should add that: I do tire of the disapproving looks on the faces of a number of attendees at the Extraordinary Form of the Mass when I pray the ‘responses’ out loud. The ‘rubrics’ for Extraordinary Form state that the members of the congregation have the liturgical right to vocally pray all the responses to the prayers of the priest. Laymen however, have no such right to ‘cancel’ those who choose in favor of the option to vocally participate – or not – in the ‘responses’ to the prayers of the priest.

      All my love in Christ


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  2. Our parish priest here in France has been doing exactly as you have described, saying Mass ad Orientum for a long time now. The communiuon rail has been in place since before I arrived some 20 years ago. The Mass is Novus Ordo with all the main prayers said or sung in Latin , Sanctus Gloria, Pater etc. I have often thought wouldnt it be wonderful if this style was taken up by other parishes. Et Voila they have done so in the US. I have felt for some time the tide has been turning, long may it last,

    Christus Vincit.

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    1. And I switched parish churches when I found just like the one you described. Now I have managed to get my youngest to come with me after she couldn’t take the one closest to her anymore…hated the music and the sung homilies. Too much like a show.
      You know what she loves the most, besides the Latin that she never knew before? The smell of incense! Father has a special incense for feasts of the Blessed Mother that smells like lilies. (I kid you not 🙂 .)

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      1. I am reading about Pope Benedict. I am ashamed to say I was always a Pope John Paul II girl and didn’t read about Pope Benedict. This quotation was written before Vatican II. I would love to hear your take on this Charlie.

        The New Pagans and the Church
        By Joseph Ratzinger

        If I may, revelation occurs when the believer, moved by the grace of the Spirit makes the conversion away from self and experiences himself as going out of self as Christ is out of self as Son of the Father. We have let the act of faith be an act of faculties of intellect and will where by we receive ideas which we call supernatural and reduce “faith” to those ideas that we then call “dogmas.” We have reduced the faith to idealogy and practice an ideological paganism. Unwittingly. And from this, the breakdown of the Life of the Church which we are witnessing in the breakdown of the family and the moral degeneration of the clergy.

        Can you talk about this portion Charlie? I appreciate your thoughts and insights.

        We have let the act of faith be an act of faculties of intellect and will where by we receive ideas which we call supernatural and reduce “faith” to those ideas that we then call “dogmas.” We have reduced the faith to idealogy and practice an ideological paganism

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        1. I see it as, “what is truth?”  Our faith is “revealed” to us by God through Jesus Christ.  Thus, it cannot be an ideology per se.  Authentic Catholic Dogma, as I see it, is codified truth.  By definition, truth cannot change.  If it does change, it was never truth to begin with.  In today’s culture we have hundreds of competing idiologies so called “competing for the truth.”  There is only one truth and that is God and Jesus Christ through whom all truth comes and is known.  The competing ideologies in our culture today are, in effect, used by the evil one to generate confusion to the point where a person does not know the real truth.  This is what I call “the Pontius Pilot Syndrome.”  Pilot had truth standing in front of him and could not recognize it because he was probably confused by competing ideologies.  Hence, the famous line Pontius Pilot asked, “what is truth?”  This is an attempt by evil to draw that person away from Jesus Christ.—- Sent from Doug’s Back Pack

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        2. “We have let the act of faith be an act of faculties of intellect and will where by we receive ideas which we call supernatural and reduce “faith” to those ideas that we then call “dogmas.” We have reduced the faith to idealogy and practice an ideological paganism.” (Joseph Ratzinger).

          ideology is a system of ideas and ideals, especially one which forms the basis of economic or political theory and policy. Faith is: “….. what makes real the things we hope for. It is proof of what we cannot see.” (Hebrews 1).
          Crdl Ratzinger was emphasizing the difference between what is a gift from above being reduced to formulaic human precepts.
          Jesus preached to the Pharisees about this when he said: “They worship me in vain; their teachings are merely human rules.
          For laying aside the commandment of God, ye hold the tradition of men, as the washing of pots and cups: and many other such like things ye do. Thus you nullify the word of God by the tradition you have handed down.” (Mark 7-13).
          The pagan ideas are when we take mere human precepts and disguise them as supernatural acts of faith. One of the complaints of Pope Francis is this exact thing calling it “clericalism” and it is a biblical fact that the Pharisees laws include many human acts Jesus called “human precepts” as the way to get to heaven and follow the “law”, thus making entrance into heaven impossible. (Mathew 23 “Woe to you, teachers of the law and Pharisees, you hypocrites! You shut the kingdom of heaven in men’s faces. You yourselves do not enter, nor will you let those enter who are trying to.”)

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  3. I do hope your premise that this is his LAST STAND is spot on. Hope being a virtue. I do not see it, but boy will I be looking harder! God bless you, Charlie.

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      1. It is the time between that I find daunting. Just daunting, NOT debilitating. Especially since I am the only one in my family who even sees a problem in the world today. I find my shoulders tense, even though my thoughts and words are positive and prayerful. Keep us hopeful and on track, Beckita and Charlie.

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        1. “…since I am the only one in my family who even sees a problem in the world today”.

          You’re not alone there, Nance, believe me! 😕

          Honestly, with some of them, it’s like Pollyanna – everything’s just fine and rosy. Those are the naive ones. The “woke” ones think we’re not going half fast enough towards whatever wonderful utopia they’ve been told to believe in.

          I know that sounds very cynical but, sadly, it seems that the very educated ones seem most prone to taking it all in without any critical faculty whatever.

          Thank God, not all do. I just hope the others will come around before it’s too late. Lord knows, they have the intelligence and education to do so. But maybe that’s the problem – too much education, soaked in the relativistic, “liberal” atmosphere of universities and professions, so that they unconsciously just follow the flow as it’s the “right” thing to do.

          And they call me an old-fashioned conformist..! 🥴

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          1. Hi Jay Kay, Just to add to your comment in sarchastic fashion, many of the powers that be are coming out and telling us openly now what they want to do.  Davos ushering in communism, WHO, China taking over Taiwan, N. Korea and Russia threatening nuclear war (WW3?), stolen election(s), Government lying about shots, disintegration of values, Germany about to rebel against the church (great schism coming?), 70 million aborted in this country, teenagers mutilated via sex change surgeries,  rampant LGBTQ taught in public schools.  The list goes on.  Yup.  Everything is normal…..—- Sent from Doug’s Back Pack

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            1. You’re so right, Doug. And in this lovely country we have a bill that just passed first stage in the Parliament, seeking to expand abortion availability even further. These people are fanatics. You can see what they’re like from this (which dates from last year but they haven’t changed!):


              (T.D. is an abbreviation in Irish for member of parliament).

              Luckily, and proving that there’s still some sanity here, they’re a very minority Party and this is a Private Member’s Bill, so it’s (officially) not supported by the Govt. parties and therefore shouldn’t pass. We hope. But since the Govt. parties seem to want to give in to every whim of the lefty loons, just to be seen to be “compassionate” or whatever debasement of language they’re currently using, there’s a chance it may get through. Needless to remark, the pro-life movement are doing all we can to see that doesn’t happen.

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  4. Msgr. Stephen Rossetti is currently an exorcist for the Archdiocese of Washington. On his website is an Umbrellino Prayer for Technology:

    What gives, Charlie, not sharing your preferred new search engine?
    didn’t realize there’s a plethora:

    (For those who hit a paywall on the SpiritDaily link re NYTimes cloistered nuns’ article, this circumvent might work, )

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    1. Yep, Maggie, we have switched to duckduckgo; quite a while ago actually. I got disgusted with all the power “they” are seeking to shape our thinking, just as the examples here and elsewhere show.

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  5. Thanks for this great piece Charlie!!! This part really heartened me:

    “All the world is groaning, crying out for meaning. Foolish men who have used their freedom to become slaves to the devil think they can find meaning in bending everyone else to their (really, his) will. But the gates of hell cannot withstand the evangelical zeal of His Church. Yes, the hour of darkness has come upon the world. But be not afraid. The darkness shall not prevail. Now is the hour to proclaim the Kingdom with joy, not to curse the darkness in fear. Now is the hour when we are called to be fishers of men. Now is the hour to carry the light of Christ boldly, far and wide throughout the world, so that all who encounter you be filled with new hope, new resolve, new joy in the sure knowledge that life has profound meaning and that God has work for each and every one of us if we will only take it up. Rejoice and take it up!”

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  6. My second impulse, the first being to strategize against this bot, was to pray Mary’s flame of love over all Charlie’s researching and its arms. This is mostly selfish, because I really want his thoughts on local currency.
    Maybe we can get teasers to build on!

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    1. Knowing Charlie, I’m confident that his wondrous brain circuitry is all lit up with pondering wonders just waiting to pour forth when the time is right. Oh do pray for him, Leslyek; let’s all pray as he winds down another long traveling/speaking tour that he has a decent phase of down time to fully, deeply rest and then can carve out some needed solitude for the co-creative juices to flow. Let all manner of devotional prayers from our hearts ascend, connecting us with the Lord while rising for our Charlie and his work.

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  7. “Now is the hour to proclaim the Kingdom with joy, not to curse the darkness in fear. Now is the hour when we are called to be fishers of men. Now is the hour to carry the light of Christ boldly, far and wide throughout the world, so that all who encounter you be filled with new hope, new resolve, new joy in the sure knowledge that life has profound meaning and that God has work for each and every one of us if we will only take it up. Rejoice and take it up!”

    Hear hear! On it!

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  8. “Remember the days when you first learned the truth. You had a hard struggle with much suffering, but you continued strong. Sometimes people said hateful things to you and mistreated you in public. And sometimes you helped others who were being treated that same way. Yes, you helped them in prison and shared in their suffering. And you were still happy when everything you owned was taken away from you. You continued to be happy, because you knew that you had something much better—something that would continue forever.
    So don’t lose the courage that you had in the past. Your courage will be rewarded richly. You must be patient. After you have done what God wants, you will get what he promised you. He says,

    “Very soon now, the one who is coming
        will come and will not be late.
    The person who is right with me
        will live by trusting in me.
    But I will not be pleased with the one
        who turns back in fear.”

    Reading the Book of Hebrews, I gleaned much to contemplate about the days we are living in and I thought I’d share a few lines with you that are pertinent to the challenges we are facing now and maybe very soon in the future.
    Each one of these Bible figures are an example of the challenges –and rewards, given them and I think reflects many possibilities of what this storm will be like for some of us and to show us what we may hope for from God as He has helped His people in a myriad of surprising ways throughout history.
    After all, He IS the God of surprises!

    “But we are not those who turn back and are lost. No, we are the people who have faith and are saved.”
    (Hebrews 10 32:38)

    “Faith is what makes real the things we hope for. It is proof of what we cannot see. God was pleased with the people who lived a long time ago because they had faith like this.
    Abel died, but through his faith he is still speaking.
    Enoch was carried away from this earth, so he never died because God had taken Enoch to be with him. This happened because he had faith.
    Noah was warned by God about things that he could not yet see. But he had faith and respect for God, so he built a large boat to save his family.
    Abraham obeyed God and started traveling to a far off land because he had faith. And as God promised , from that one man came as many descendants as there are stars in the sky.
    All these great people continued living with faith until they died. They did not get the things God promised his people. But they were happy just to see those promises coming far in the future. But they were waiting for a better country—a heavenly country.”
    (Hebrews 1-11:16)

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  9. Love it, Charlie. Sad to say my diocese is saddled with Cdl. McElroy, so it continues the downward slide. If he is the “mouthpiece”, I am curious about who provides the “brains”. 😁 I am so proud of Bishop Paprocki!

    I read on Spiritdaily about what the exorcist said regarding chat, and warned the kids (they are all adults). One of our sons said they are too old to mess with that stuff!

    In a recent little video you had, Charlie, there was a statement about the rarity of anyone of us not having another Corac member within a hundred miles. I’m still wanting to find out if there is one within that radius for me! Haven’t found one yet. I know, find other like minded people.

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    1. Easier than that, find other… people. See Jesus in them. Make friends. Limit yourself to what you think are like-minded folks and you may be terribly disappointed. Open it up and let the God of surprises… challenge, surprise and delight you. Just look at CORAC and the great diversity. It’s dynamic. Sameness is a false comfort.

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  10. The picture of the squirrel in prayer was nothing less than a perfect ending to this thought provoking piece…bless you, Charlie!

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  11. These chat bits will get boring over time and eventually folks will lose interest. The truth is artificial intelligence is an oxymoron.

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  12. Dear Charlie,

    I must correct you, the traditional Latin liturgy is not 500 years old. It is the manner in which the Mass was offered in Rome since no less than the 6th century with its existing Propers and Readings. Before that, it was in development. The Council of Trent codified the Roman Mass as the norm for the Latin Church except for those liturgies which had existed for over 200 years, the Mozarabic, Milanese, Dominican, and others and it would have included Sarum, had the English not defected into Protestantism. The Mass was celebrated differently everywhere, just like today. The invention of the printing press now allowed normalisation and consistency. As well, some heresies began to crop up in various Missals and errors due to hand copying. The Mass in place today in the traditional form is over 1500 years old and in fact is actually apostolic in that the Roman Canon is at least from then.

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    1. I appreciate that assertion, David, but I have discussed this with several prominent Church historians. They tell me that on the basic elements of the Mass it has been the same since the beginning, but on the stylized liturgical forms, only by tying those fundamental elements as the unifying structure can anyone argue that Masses which were substantially different in form were the same form as the Tridentine Mass form promulgated 500 years ago. Your history matches what they tell me and that I glean from my own studies, except for the assertion that we have substantially used the Tridentine Mass for 1,500 years. Do not think because of that disagreement I do not greatly value your work.

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      1. Hello Charlie, thank you for the reply. I also value your work and thank you for all you are doing. I think we are generally in agreement. The Offertory went through some stylistic changes and into the 1,200’s. The Offertory Chant itself was longer and the celebrant would indicate when he was done, there was a little less structure. There were also more sequences and troped Kyrie, eleisions. I think we agree that that the substantive parts are Apostolic. God bless you in your great work.

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        1. God bless you, David…and yes, I think we are generally in agreement. It is good to be working towards restoring all things together. The Tridentine Mass was certainly a masterful achievement, rising from the hodge podge of liturgies that were current at the time – and creating great unity.

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  13. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! …:-)

    Yep! It looks like them Chinamen gots everybody Paid-Of! ;-(

    The Global godless THEY In-Action! Let US Pray that in Finland this Backfires on THEM just as I’m praying that The Trump Dog-n-Pony Show that’s being planned by the NY-DA Soros Stooge & Weaponized DOJ Backfires Bigly!!

    I’m betting the below is essentially correct!

    HEADLINES!! … tell Ya 85% of what Ya need to Know!


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  14. I’m listening to aft Dan Reehil currently on drew Mariani show Tuesday March 21, 3rd hour of the show! He’s fascinating! Glad Charlie referenced him in this piece! 🥰🙏🥳

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  15. Thank you Charlie, I didn’t like Google 2 years ago switched to Brave. We have had thru the years our music less than adequate, we recently have a new Director . God bless those who care enough to worship with right love of the Mass. Thank you for all you do,God Bless and safe travels.

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    1. More excellent remarks from COL Macgregor! Please, Lord, send a spirit of sanity to rule our country’s decisions. As the COL says, those in charge are not who we think, certainly not the “cardboard cutout of Biden”, his words!

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  16. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! …:-)

    My Goodness! I’m betting we got a Paid-Off Stooge to queer the case against the Corrupt Eminence … Cdl. Becciu!

    Dems & Radical FEDS …. Just like 6 Jan! ;-(
    …. Remember? … Jun 20! … When I saw these Pics I knew that it was much more than the Top Rotten 2% that Hannity was endlessly blubbering about!
    …….. we are fixin’ to find out how much corrosive damage the godless Left infiltration of Public “Education”-n-Media has wrought …. Church too ;-(

    There must be some evil ulterior motive driving The Usual Suspects to advance and promote the Ukraine Madness! ;-(

    Keep Praying for The Mother of all Backfires!


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  17. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! … 😉 PM

    Pshaw!! … That can’t happen here! ….. Correct!? … Hello!!!!

    Anyone doubt that it happed here as well?! Remember the FEDS were (are?) paying for every “Covid Case” … and Flu Disappeared? Big Pharma/Medical/Tech/Box AND BigBro Feral/State Gubermints were/are ALL-IN on the GREATEST Fraud/Conspiracy in World History …… AND Global Genocide when TRUTH emerges! ….. AND there will be no TRUTH/JUSTICE/RETRIBUTION until …………………………..??

    Sarah H. is demonstrating she is a much better Guv than Assa de RINO who still makes CNN appearances in a forlorn attempt to remain relevant. Assa was just fine with Lockdown Madness (AR Legis. thwarted him 😉 & Transgender Madness.
    The day Sarah Got-In the AR “Health” Dept. ads pushing Clot-Shots ended.

    Nothing to see in any of the below! … Move Along!!

    Electioneering Season a coming. ChinaPlague Hoax Election Theft worked so well in 20 that you may rest assured it will occur again in some form!! ….. Remember!! THEY only have to steal 5 States to Own DC Swamp!!


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  18. (might be a good prayer to memorize)
    Eternal God, in whom Mercy is endless, and the treasury of compassion inexhaustible. Look kindly upon us and increase your Mercy in us, so that in difficult moments, we may not despair nor become despondent but with great confidence, submit ourselves to Your Holy Will, which is Love and Mercy itself. Amen.

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    1. Have you ever seen the original form of this prayer (1944) Beautiful. After Mom died I found one of the original 1944 cards.

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    2. Thank you for this prayer. I just made a screenshot of it, to put on the desktop. That way I can find it without even being on the ‘net.

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  19. AI, unfortunately, might render most white-collar people jobless. To illustrate the problem, the next version of chat GPT coming before this summer is supposedly to be stronger and better 300 times than the current one. AI is evolving hyperbolically and it can learn from itself. And these are just beginnings of this industrial revolution. With the previous ones people could adjust, from for example servicing horses to servicing cars. Now it looks way different.

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    1. I’m counting on God’s Plan – and our willingness to partner with Him in it – to interrupt the most nefarious plots of those hell-bent on living under the illusion that they can control the world and its peoples.

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      1. Speaking of plans, Beckita, I was just thinking a day or two ago, that we have so much more understanding of Mother Mary’s words from long ago at Medjugorje. She was asking us to pray so she could crush Satan’s plan. I’m remembering that from the beginning of her apparitions, and never realized there was such a coordinated global plan we would see almost 40 years later. We’re praying, Mama, and won’t give up, with your help!

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      2. Amen to that, Beckita! No matter how far AI advances it will be always like an amoeba compared to God. Who is like God? Nevertheless, it poses a serious threat if in bad hands, and most likely it currently is,with figures like Bill Gates investing in it. Elon Musk stated long time ago that AI is more dangerous than nuclear weapons and now it seems to be more understandable.

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  20. I am a patent attorney and engineer and am working pretty closely with AI engineers. The generative AI models can do so much – even generate their own code and execute code. Right now, on the consumer product level, the AI models are doing what’s asked of them, and real people are the ones asking. While I believe nefarious people could ask AI models to do bad things, I am a bit more nervous about what happens when an AI model is being asked to do something by another AI model. Seems like some reason for concern.

    And I do believe it can be controlled by (infested by – if that’s the right term) evil spirits, the way any other electronic device, inanimate object, or place can be.

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    1. Thank you, Joe. I am very glad to see people of faith working on these things. They keep their feet on the ground and have the humility to understand something of the limits involved. And I just like having some of our people behind the lines.

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      1. Seems to me if one AI tells another to do bad things, someone has to tell the 1st AI to do bad things.—- Sent from Doug’s Back Pack

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  21. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! …:-)

    …… 😉

    Parents Are Not Qualified to Make Education Decisions


    COME!, Lord Jesus!!!

    The below site’s data is more accurate than Swamp DC!


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  22. I have deleted WordPress so it’s very hard to comment without having to give email and name again. I am still getting my emails and FB posts. Would you consider going on Substack?

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  23. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! … 😉 PM

    Prayers Needed for Africa …. & Wyoming!

    I’m guessing I’m on the “Disfavored Individual” List ;-(

    DC Uni-Party Hates Trump & his Deplorables. Trump is old/rich and not worried about Family or Investment Portfolio. Desantis & Everyone else are ;-(

    Nukes triggering Super Volcanoes &/or the Cascadia, San Andreas, New Madrid Fault Zones is NOT Science Fiction ….. These-Days ;-(


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  24. Our sweet revenge is prayer and fasting for the repentance, conversion, healing and deliverance of all the “power brokers.” And remember the veil that is over so many people’s minds. Gates said last year that he wanted to seed the clouds to darken the sky to fix global warning. Hmmm. Not working very well. Virgin Most Powerful pray for us. Give us wisdom each day to follow the Lord’s will. To God be the Glory.

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  25. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! …:-)

    I think this Guy sums up Our Situation well ;-(


    .. ;-( Bad Old Days be back … Reagan/his US Military… Gone With The Wind!


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  26. Y’all, we need more prayers. We thought we had stopped abortions in Texas. Yes, we knew they could and did go out of state, but this seems even worse!

    There is a for-profit ship in the Gulf of Mexico, beyond state lines, advertising “to the women of Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Florida – safe, LEGAL abortions up to 20 weeks!”

    There is not even any pretense of “helping women.” The captain/owner? said he was doing it to see how long he could get away with it! Since August 2022 so far! How evil.

    I am sick at heart. Please pray with me. I’ve started the Surrender Novena. Day One is today.

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  27. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! …:-)

    FringeLeft .. National “Catholic” Reporter … wants PF to Finish-Off USA Catholchism!

    SanFran Nanny … In-Action ;-(

    THEY can’t handle Free Speech or The Truth!

    Porter & Co wants your business but the article is On-Target.


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  28. In honor of the Solemnity of the Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary, an ordinary dad singing Ave Maria at a Disney World hotel…

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  29. From spiritdaily:
    Shortest Monthly Message In Years — Or Ever?

    March 25, 2023 by sd

    From Medjugorje:

    March 25, 2023 “Dear children! May this time be a time of prayer for you.”


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  30. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! 🙂

    ……….. Speaking of DEI/CRT and the Fall of The Republic ;-(

    ….. Even RandyAndy Cuomo has figured out It’s a Loser!

    COL Macgregor with some re-hash of the Ukraine Madness but also some other interesting points & subjects:


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  31. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! 🙂

    Even after defrocking the perverts still cause scandal for Faithful ;-(

    Will Truth & Justice Prevail!??

    Not News to most here but a “Good” compilation of Horrid Hoax Situation!

    The Signs are telling me that The Usual Suspects are trying to figure out a way to extricate themselves fro the Tar Baby, AKA: Ukraine?


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  32. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! … 😉 PM

    RIP Victims! ….. the Killer is a Trans Democrat!
    “The secretive and quasi-constitutional DOJ-CRS (Community Relations Service) will now take control and give all instructions to local, state and federal officials on what may be said from this moment forth. The DOJ-CRS is now in control.”
    …….. This Story will be Memory Holed quickly as it does not Fit the Democrat & Media Template for Criminal Violence and Gun Grabbing.
    …. AND Congress needs to INVESTIGATE/EXPOSE the DOJ-CRS and the DOJ-FBI for doing the Three Wise Monkey Routine concerning the HUNDREDS of attacks on Churches and Pro-Life Pregnancy Centers! …….. and ALL the Criminal Democrat “Victim Groups” beloved by Democrats!


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  33. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! 🙂

    The Radical Global Left ( in Church too) is just an Evil Machine that produces Society/Humanity Destroying Agendas in ever rapid succession. I don’t see how any thinking person can believe that we are NOT at The End ………………!


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  34. PS: JESUS = GOOD NEWS! 😉

    ….. Last September??? DEMOCRATS would NOT allow/pass the “Safe Kids, Safe Schools or Safe Communities Acts”??!!??
    I’ll Bet de Farm that ABCNNBCBS-NYT/PBS/NPR …. will NOT make any reference to the above after the latest Democrat Freak murderer on Christians @ School.

    “Cruz Slams Senate Democrat for Blocking School Safety Bills”

    How much evidence does one need to figure out that THEY care nothing about CRIME and You/Yours Safety!
    IT IS ALL about Control and YOUR disarmament is essential to THEIR success!

    USA splitting along Blue/Red Lines may be the best option!


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  35. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! … 😉 PM

    YUP! … ;-(

    Federal Agents from Deep Blue CA show up in Georgia to Harass & Intimidate Gun Business/Owners .. Plus Fraud, Waste & Abuse!! …. Be Aware! …
    ……. & those who might Whistle-Blow to Congress!!
    …. THEY are In Your Face and laughing about it!

    Yeah, HanoiJane … Ya be a real Comedienne!


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  36. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! 🙂

    As orchestrated by The Usual Suspects!!
    ………. Democrats (Liberals/Progressives/Socialists) are always pushing Gun Hysteria with an undertone of White Supremacy since January 2009.
    Since that same time THEY have caused USA Division in every way possible. Black vs White vs Asian vs Hispanic! Rich vs Poor. Red vs Blue. Christian vs Not. “Choice” vs Pro-Life. Straight vs LBGTQXXX.
    ………. You Name It!
    …….. Democrats (Liberals/Progressives/Socialists) are always pushing Gun Hysteria with an undertone of White Supremacy since Election Season 2008.
    Since that same time THEY have caused USA Division in every way possible. Black vs White vs Asian vs Hispanic! Rich vs Poor. Red vs Blue. Christian vs Not. “Choice vs Pro-Life. Straight vs LBGTQXXX ……. You Name It!
    The ONE Division that THEY DO NOT want to talk about is Crime Statistics vs Guns vs Race. Make NO Mistake! USA Crime Stats that have already been carefully Whitewashed!
    How about a breakdown of NRA Members vs ANTIFA vs Black or Hispanic Gangs? …… Eh!??
    You can ask but you be, automatically, labeled as a RACIST!
    Oh! Many pardons if the term, Whitewashed, has offended you 😉


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  37. PS: JESUS = GOOD NEWS! 😉

    Pastor Dana – Physical Church Defense …. Be Prepared!

    The TIME is NOW! …. Be Prepared!
    THEY are coming to Your Church! …. Your Neighborhood!!
    Do You think Gubermint will protect YOU …. These-Days!?


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  38. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! 🙂

    I’m into Lenten Fasting this year .. but .. In Truth .. it’s really to slim down my FatBody!
    It’s appears it’s Lenten Fast till de 4th of July to get “There” … does it still count!!?? 😉
    Ain’t this nice!?
    The DOD and ALL Branches of the Armed Forces are “RE-Evaluating” War RESERVE Stockpiles after they are GONE and/or mismanaged after 15 Years of Obamamite “Leadership”!
    ….. OH!! …. and DITTO Our Oil Reserve Stockpile!!
    …… and NOTHING done YET!!! ….. to harden our Electric Grid long after it’s Public Knowledge that at least Three of our NUKE Armed Enemies are developing EMP Weapons!!
    ……. Not to Mention our un-fixed Supply Chain ….. Baby Food, Drugs, ….????
    …….. BANKS!!! …..??
    HullyGee!! A thinking person might imagine that this is all part of some nefarious plan …… to Transform America? ……!!?? …. ;-(


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  39. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! … 😉 PM

    Maydorkass is not incompetent! Quite to the contrary, he and the rest of ChinaJoe PuppetMaster’s Regime are doing exactly what THEY have been told to do …. Destroy The Republic… none will ever be held accountable! ;-(
    ……… I DO NOT believe these were ERRORS! Errors during Democrat Administrations always seem to Aid & Abet THEIR FRINGE LEFT Humanoids/Agendas!

    Tin Foil Hat stuff? …. I don’t think so ………


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  40. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! 🙂

    Make NO Mistake!! The Trump Persecution, since 2015, is ALL Deception, Distraction AND a Left Radical Reset Hope that their will be a violent reaction by Producer Class Conservative Citizens who are Fed-Up. THEY are on THEIR Satanic Prayer Rugs, every day, wishing for something that will allow THEM to unleash THEIR Feral Gubermint Jacked Booted Thugs! AKA: Obama’s National Civilian Security Force!
    Covid Hoax Lockdowns, going after Pro-Life Christians, 6 Jan Patriots, PTA Parents and the entire two year+ of In Your Face dual UN-Justice Feral/Blue State Systems was just an exercise for THEM to see how much THEY could get away with! ….. The MEDIA was/is in on it ALL! …. & THEY Got-Away with it ALL ;-(

    I Hope & Pray that THEY DO handcuff & perp walk Trump. He being the P.T. Barnum of Politics, Trump will make a fortune on T-Shirts, Mugs, Hats & etc. ….. not to mention Electioneering opportunities.

    University releases shocking list of offensive words..

    Guess who will Pay for the below!?



  41. I don’t often comment here anymore but I do read. CJ’s article is spot on once again. Anyway, for years have been perplexed on how Germany, a very Christian nation so easily bought into Hitler. What makes a Christian man so easily enforce a law he knows to be corrupt? A few years ago (2008) noticed the lies being told as truth. It was pretty apparent that the term progressive was obfuscation for socialism/communism. I kept thinking that we were in the same history as the 1930’s. I kept thinking that it’s the same just unfolding somewhat differently. There were parallels everywhere. But then truths like dehumanization of the pre born and children and even the Great Reset have been revealed. I don’t think anyone saw the fullness of the storm that has shown itself through Biden and the Dems. Probably even worse to come. Thinking back on Hitler Germany, there were faithful households like Benedict XVI’s and even Dietrich Bonhoeffer, an outspoken Lutheran. I hope all read Eric Metaxas’s book, Letter to the American Church. Metaxas also wrote a book on Bonhoeffer’s life and his warning to the German Protestant community about Hitler. He was martyred for his warnings. Metaxas’s current book warns all the Christian churches that their silence as it was in 1930’s is deadly now as it proved to be then. Metaxas is a true brother in Christ. His words are deeply spiritual and his trust in Christ’s triumph unmistakeable. This book was enlightenment for me both as a Christian and a citizen living through crushing political chaos.

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    1. Nice Joanne.  The Catholic Catechism of the Church (CCC) explicitly tells us that we should not obey an unjust law.—- Sent from Doug’s Back Pack

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      1. I know Doug. What makes a police officer in England arrest someone who is silently praying? In other words someone who is “thinking”. They came for the Jews in Germany and the churches were silent. Bonhoeffer spoke loudly out against the silence in the churches. His speeches speak loudly even today. I’m grateful that the bishops are speaking now although some like Chaput have been warning forever. Collegiality can be deadly if it leads to silence.


      1. I am missing you all Becks.  We still include Katie in our Rosary prayers.  How is she doing?  I won a recent town election for budget committee.  So my life is going to get busier.—- Sent from Doug’s Back Pack


        1. Thanks for your prayers, Doug, and please thank Lambzie. Katie and her family are doing very well. God is amazing in the ways he answers prayers. Father and I keep you and your clan tucked in prayer as well. Now, praying for you in your new position!! 🙂


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