The Rising Tide

Harbor by Night – Louis VerBoeckHoven

By Charlie Johnston

“There is a tide in the affairs of men,

Which taken at the flood, leads on to fortune.

Omitted, all the voyage of their lives is bound in shallows and in miseries.”

-William Shakespeare (from Julius Caesar)


(While on the road, I am going to try adding a dateline to my articles, so you can travel along vicariously with me – CJ)

Ft. Myers, Florida – These last few weeks I have heard from many because of my variations in interpreting prophecy and events as they do. While all I said is what I believe, I confess that I have been a bit intentionally provocative. The point I want to bring out is that, once the battle has begun and is fully engaged, the time to analyze the schematic of a tank is over – and is, in fact, a good way to get your head shot off. While many are still trying to divine the secret of what God is going to do, the reality is that God is intently watching to see what WE do.

Right now there is utter chaos in both the world and in the hierarchy of the Church. Everybody is desperately grasping for some explanation that will make it all make sense and give them some sense of control. Lord have mercy! There are a whole lot of such explanations right now and they mostly contradict each other. Before an initially wary crowd of almost all Protestants last year, a fellow asked in the Q and A session (after they had already decided I was okay) how he was supposed to deal with all the “prophetic” pronouncements that were rising and contradicting each other. “I want to do God’s will,” he said, “but how can I possibly know?” I told him that the Holy Spirit is NOT the author of confusion – and that if anyone told him what he must do in order to follow Christ (with the exception of what Scripture teaches), ignore them. The simple truth is that Christ is close to you, right at hand, and ready to help guide you with the next right step if you seek Him. That answer got rather lively applause.

What I am trying to convey is that you should not ignore important things in order to argue over things you have little or no control over. If, thirty years from now, it turns out that, contrary to what I believe, Benedict was Pope all along, I will not lose any sleep over it (Of course, I will be in my late 90’s then, so I reckon I won’t lose much sleep over anything.) If it turns out that the Illumination of Conscience is a one-day spectacular event rather than the subtle revelation ongoing right now – as I believe – I will not lose any sleep over it. What I would lose sleep over is if I had been so busy arguing and parsing that I failed to do the little I can right in front of me. That is what God’s will is for me – and for you.

My first spiritual director (God rest his soul!), the towering intellectual, told me some five or six months after I had revealed the fullness of my interior life to him that he had come to believe I had a particular mission, but that was NOT where my salvation lay. Instead, he said my salvation lay in how I cared for the little souls that God put in my care for a time. It was one of the most powerful things anyone ever said to me. It is as true today as when he said it, nearly 28 years ago. Doing the multitude of little things that bring life and light are far more mundane than exciting fireworks shows – but those mundane little things are what bring life, joy and peace, even in difficult times. If you are looking for a fireworks show, this is probably not the place for you (which is not to say there are never any fireworks here). But for practical wisdom of the mundane next right step variety, this is a good place to be.

To that end, let me tell you a bit about what the major focus of CORAC is in this New Year.

I will be pushing hard the concept of “Be the Benefit.” As things unravel around us in the world, we are about the business of knitting the frayed social fabric anew. CORAC has now amassed a whole host of resources for our members – and we will be amassing more. But I want to drill down deeply at the local level. I want regions to focus on getting action squads moving in every town where we have CORAC members.

The squads would focus on seeking out the simple needs in their own community – and meeting them. If an elderly couple has a porch crumbling, get a crew together and help fix it. If a shut-in needs a ride to the store once or twice a week, get it done. Talk to every local Priest, Pastor and Rabbi and get them to help identify simple needs in the community and people who could use a little help. Then get the crew together and help. Make a joyful holiday of it – as the scene of the departure from Egypt was in the Ten Commandments.

This can be done if there is only one CORAC member within a hundred miles. Just recruit a crew from among friends and neighbors. This will help build bonds of community and friendship while amassing a sense of shared accomplishment among those friends – both the old friends that start it going and the newly-formed friends from the various projects themselves. This would obviously add to the membership of CORAC, but most importantly would strengthen neighborliness and get people used to working together to help each other. That will stand people in good stead as things get tougher as the year goes on.

The federal government has been grinding down badly for years now. On Wednesday all flights in the entire country were grounded for several hours after the failure of a critical FAA system. I don’t believe it will be the last failure this year of basic systems – nor will it be anywhere near the worst. The leadership class has knowingly adopted bad policy after bad policy. The systematic adoption of bad policy leads to catastrophic failure. Much of the failure just confounds basic common sense.

Do you know what the single greatest factor is in how clean a country’s environmental policies are? It is how highly developed it is. The more primitive a country is, the more it pollutes. You can check it out easily, yourself. So what is the policy our leaders peddle to make us more green? Make us more primitive. On energy the American grid is so stressed that, already in the last few months, we have seen rolling blackouts both in California and in the heartland. So what is the ruling class approach to solving this? Add massive new electric cars and ban gas stoves so as to double or triple the stress on an already overstressed electrical grid. These are not things you need a science background to understand – just basic common sense. But common sense is a quality that is dead in a leadership class so drunk on its own willful determination to rule everyone it doesn’t even bother to ask whether its decrees will make things better or worse.

America was founded on a concept of very limited government, following the principle that the primary role of a central government is to provide for the common defense. The secondary role is to help with those things the people and the states could not do efficiently on their own. Otherwise, it was to keep out of the people’s way – and leave providing common benefits to the states and, more prudently, to voluntary associations of those people. Somewhere along the way (I could go into the history of that, but I’ll save that for another time) the leadership class in America decided its primary purpose was to distribute benefits and redistribute income. From there it quickly devolved into deciding it should rule its populace, not serve them. Now, even many conservatives argue about how people should be ruled rather than how best to get out of the way and serve when needed.

Command economies always produce poverty. Dull-witted people cannot understand how an actual marketplace can possibly work more efficiently than their imperious schemes. Somehow, their will to power makes them more stupid than they were when they began. Josef Stalin actually believed that destroying the small farms of Ukraine, the breadbasket of the Soviet Union, and replacing their owners with government functionaries doing what he told them, would be more efficient. And widespread famine was the result. Command polities always produce misery and enslavement. How can they do otherwise? At heart, they are all about destroying your free will and replacing it with the sovereign will of the rulers.

The gears of American government are grinding down and seizing up. That will not stop this year, only speed up. Some of the states are making tentative efforts at reclaiming some of their actual Constitutional authority and defending their citizens against the depredations of a federal government drunk with power and incompetence. Such states may provide a defense against a crumbling society. But the bulwark of freedom is a commitment to faith and family by a sovereign people determined to work together collectively in voluntary association with each other.

CORAC was intentionally designed to facilitate that work, to respect the sovereignty of, first, God, and second, a free people, freely associating with each other. These first couple of years we have worked to build tools you will need to live your duty before God and neighbor. Last year I embarked upon a frustrating effort to give you another tool – the means to build effective local and regional currencies to facilitate exchange and bartering as the federal system’s cancer metastasized. I had a lot of false starts there – and university inquiries were not much help (they don’t do much good on anything anymore. A few decades from now, Harvard may be the archetype of unforced failure rather than an icon of educational excellence. It has already long since ceased to be the latter, but has not yet been publicly recognized as the former.) Thank heavens that, over the holidays, I stumbled upon an obscure, decades old book that is chock full of practical advice on how to lay out such a system of exchange. So I have started anew and believe that, before the first quarter of the year is over, I will have a primer on how to make such a thing happen without leaving you in the lurch. It is the last critical tool I currently see that you will need to be effective tools, yourselves, for the renewal of the faith and face of the world.

Over these last 10 years I have described with deadly accuracy the trajectory and the magnitude of the tide in our modern affairs. I made some significant errors in describing how the more mercurial and volatile waves would break. Waves, though flashy, lack the elemental power of the tide. I am not interested in trying to prove to you that I am less prone to error in predicting the waves than most people, though that is true. I am trying to convince you that such activity, while the battle rises around us, is futile and damaging. Do not think I despise prophecy. During great crises, approved prophecy can be very useful in understanding the spiritual significance of events as they happen. But when it degenerates into navel-gazing at a time when action is called for, it hinders rather than facilitates that action.

Sometimes God tells us to contemplate and see. Other times, He tells us to do. When He tells us to do, He rarely illuminates much more than what is right in front of us. It is then that we must trust – as Abraham did when he set off for a far country, as Moses did when he stood at the bank of the Red Sea, as Gideon did when he took on over 10,000 hostile enemies with a mere 300 men. We will both see the goodness of the Lord in real time and better understand the unfathomable depth of His providence in hindsight. But now we must trust and do.

I am not interested in describing the waves of prophecy, for even if I was the best in the world I would sometimes err in interpretation. In the midst of pitched battle such errors can be deadly. But I know that even as the tide of government and institutional competence is nearing its low ebb, the tide of God’s grace is rising to the flood. If we would be His people, our call is to do the little right in front of us, trusting Him to cover what we lack while He guides us safely to harbor through the Storm.

These are glorious times, the time of heroes if we choose to do the humble work He has laid before us. I will leave it to others to interpret the waves. I will ride the rising tide of God’s grace to the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart – and the renewal of the faith and face of the world. Join me. It is humble work. It is hard work. It is mundane work. But it is God’s work – and He invites you to become heralds of the Triumph by that work.


If communication goes out for any length of time, meet outside your local Church at 9 a.m. on Saturday mornings. Tell friends at Church now in case you can’t then. CORAC teams will be out looking for people to gather in and work with.

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81 thoughts on “The Rising Tide

  1. Bravo, Charlie!! Thank you for a mightily heartening piece in the midst of chaos, division and heightened disorder all around us.

    Amen to these focal points:
    “While many are still trying to divine the secret of what God is going to do, the reality is that God is intently watching to see what WE do.”

    “The simple truth is that Christ is close to you, right at hand, and ready to help guide you with the next right step if you seek Him.”

    “What I would lose sleep over is if I had been so busy arguing and parsing that I failed to do the little I can right in front of me. That is what God’s will is for me – and for you.”

    “During great crises, approved prophecy can be very useful in understanding the spiritual significance of events as they happen. But when it degenerates into navel-gazing at a time when action is called for, it hinders rather than facilitates that action.”

    “…my salvation lay in how I cared for the little souls that God put in my care for a time.”

    In CORAC: “But I want to drill down deeply at the local level. I want regions to focus on getting action squads moving in every town where we have CORAC members.”

    “But I know that even as the tide of government and institutional competence is nearing its low ebb, the tide of God’s grace is rising to the flood. If we would be His people, our call is to do the little right in front of us, trusting Him to cover what we lack while He guides us safely to harbor through the Storm.”

    And that last paragraph is magnificent!! Lots and lots and lots of hope in the darkness.

    Christ IS the Light of the World!! And we “… are the light of the world. A city built on a hill cannot be hid. No one after lighting a lamp puts it under the bushel basket, but on the lampstand, and it gives light to all in the house. In the same way, let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father in heaven.” (Matt 5:14-16)

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    1. Speaking of light…My son and I spent last Sunday making oil lanterns from jars that one might not want to can in. Though I do use these for canning. One flame held for 5 hours with enough light to read by. Another one using used cooking oil (more sustainable) did not work well at all. This would be most helpful. Here is the link we started from.

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      1. Thanks, Nance,
        This is just a little complicated for me…I don’t have any of those tools nor the strength to accomplish this. However, I have a son who worked his way through college as a construction worker so I will pass it on to him.
        Thank-you! Katey in OR ✝️🙏🏽✝️

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        1. Just so you know, we couldn’t find that tool either. One of the many things we know we had, but cannot find when we need it. Word to self, get this house and environs organized! So, my son made do with a pair of clippers and two pair of pliers. Wasn’t so pretty, but it did the job just fine.

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      2. We have gotten a set of Solar yard lights. Recharge by day, bring in at dusk, each person has light for their room at night. No fire hazard. No batteries.
        Cheaper than trying to stay stocked up with flashlights and batteries!❤️

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        1. I tried this also. Have several left unused. They never even lasted two-three months before they didn’t light up anymore. Was sad that they didn’t keep working. Maybe I bought them too cheap? (I DO buy cheap.)

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  2. The walls are truly shaking. Three young (25,42 and 48) active duty police officers have recently died “suddenly” in Massachusetts. The media claims coincidence. Please Dear Father in Heaven help us find a way to mitigate the harm wrought by people under the influence of pure evil. Many of those afflicted by their crimes against humanity had no understanding of the darkness formed against them. May God in His Infinite Mercy raise up good men of science that can help alleviate the damage done to good people. In Jesus name we pray and may our Blessed Mother intercede on our behalf to alleviate the pain and suffering of God’s people.

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  3. Thank-you, Charlie and Beckita ~
    This spoke to me: “ But now we must trust and do.” I have had this same sense, but have been so weary – weary with worry and with sorrow – this piece, these words hearten me and give the impetus to move.
    So thank-you.🙏🏽😌
    Going forth to take the next right step ~ katey in OR ✝️🙏🏽✝️

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    1. Many times I have to turn off, even Charlie!, and just stop and start another Rosary. So many things we have no control over, but we can add to Heaven’s ammunition!

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    1. I see Amazon is already out of stock of all 3 volumes, print version of Cardinal Pell’s prison journals. (kindle app lets one download a free sample of each).
      He, like Charlie, doesn’t mince words.

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      1. It’s a temporary thing that Amazon is out of stock. I found other places where the journals are still available. Cardinal Pell also writes with tenderness and depth of spiritual wisdom as he shares his reflections and contemplation in captivity. Sandro Magister has a new piece today with excerpts from the Prison Journals:

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        1. A little something I found slightly humorous about Cardinal Pell in his prison journal (which was read to me in its entirety) is that he was such an avid fan of Aussie rules football – so much so that he routinely reported on the games in his journal.

          He was still in prison as the journal was read to me, and he seemed so robust and full of vigor (due to his lively spirit, I’m sure) despite the very poor condition of his hip and other ailments. I was very surprised when I heard of his death because he seemed to be more full of life than one might expect of a person about 80 (AND IN PRISON!!!).

          I’m saddened only slightly by his departure from this life because I’m sure he is in the presence of God and great friends such as JPII and Benedict XVI.

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    2. TY for posting this. After reading it, I remembered what I read in DFOT’s “Suspended in Mystery.” I’m wondering if that ministry is poised to answer the call for an authentic Catholic response to problems cited in the article.

      For instance, Eucharistic Adoration with a priest’s blessing is something any person can participate in without causing scandal about adequate sacramental preparation (or total lack thereof). Unlike participation in the Sacraments, themselves, which require adequate and sound catechisis.

      We know that Jesus’ presence in the Eucharist is healing medicine needed in all times but most urgently now, in these times. Jesus meets each person where they are at and will heal and help, if but humbly asked. A priest’s blessing can only facilitate this renewal process.

      The second part of the equation that I find so sound is this “gateway” is to be combinded with a solid, deep, Catholic faith formation that doesn’t ignore either physical and/or psychological developmental truths (not woke truths, but eternal truths that real science, not woke science, teaches). Rather the faith formation that DFOT is developing is based on incorporating these truths. .
      For generations ravaged by sin/societal woes/stripping of reason and right order, this strategy sounds like a bona fide way to move forward with ASOH/TNRS.

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      1. Littlelight, you know I love DFOT’s mission and work. I think they’re sowing seeds of holiness everywhere people engage with their materials and resources. My one criticism of their work is that they take a hands off approach to criticizing the Holy Father in any way. While they may not wish to discuss the problems connected to Pope Francis, it is remiss to just skip over the damage being done to the Church by this papacy and to disallow people the opportunity to somehow process this reality and come to terms with what they CAN do in light of what we’re experiencing. In my mind, it’s akin to keeping secrets when the secret promotes illness in body, mind, heart or soul. Of course, we have a core message that’s been fostered here which gives us direction concerning what we actually can do in this state of affairs with which we find ourselves in the Church.

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        1. Oh, yes, agreed.

          More clarification: if the synod’s purpose is to genuinely promote Catholicism (which is doubtful), then a great way to promote Catholicism could include the method described above.

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  4. I have my 5 loaves and 2 fish. It may not seem like much, but I know God can take the little I have and multiply it to meet the needs of His People.

    Isaiah 6:8-9 “The voice of the LORD says, “Whom will I send and who will go for us?” Then I said, “Here I am LORD! Send me!”

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  5. I truly believe that God will put what we need to do, “right in front” of us. The trick is to recognize what it is when it happens.

    Right before Christmas, I happened upon a post in our “neighborhood” communication called “Nextdoor”. It was a post from a young woman (Leska) looking for house/pet sitting. My husband and I are in need of a pet sitter for February when we will be on a Retreat at Sea with Church Militant. We already had a pet sitter set up, but it was away from home for our little “rescue”.

    I contacted the young woman and scheduled to meet her. We thought having someone house and pet sit, would be better idea for our little Chi Chi. Upon meeting the young woman, I found out that she was house and pet sitting because she recently lost the place where she was living (renting a room with 2 others) because the landlord had sold the house. The residents had to get out right away, so she’s been “couch sleeping” at different friends homes, looking for work and trying to save up enough to find another home.

    I told her we had two spare rooms and bathroom upstairs where she could live, until she found something else. And she could house and pet sit for us in February.

    Come to find out, she was born in Ukraine and came to America when she was 14 yrs old because when she was 13, she, her younger brother, and Mom and Dad were in a terrible car crash and she was the only one who survived. Her dad was an Evangelical Missionary. Another Missionary from America that worked closely with her father, brought her (after she healed) and her older brother to CA and put them in Christian Schools, vowing to care for them until they were 18. The brother completed school and college and got married. Leska travelled home to Kiev after getting her A.A. and B.A. to be with her older sister and her family. She eventually made it back to America and became a citizen like her brother did. Her older sister still lives in Kiev, with her Evangelical Missionary husband and children. Quite a bit of worry there for sure.

    Quite a story, eh?

    I am so grateful that we were able to offer this young woman a “leg up” until she’s ready to go it alone. She is in awe that we offered her this opportunity. We accept no rent etc. She comes and goes with her own key. We wait patiently for her to become more comfortable with us by not intruding on her privacy. She’s like a little house mouse so far and never uses the kitchen or laundry area even though I told her she could. She still uses friends for that. I know there is a reason God put her here, I just don’t know my “Next Right Step” yet. Until then, I wait on the Lord.

    Happy New Year from a very soggy Northern CA. So many are dealing with flooding and power outages in our area. We have been very blessed so far with no flood damage or black outs. Hope all is well with you and yours.

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    1. She must surely be thinking of you as angels sent from God.

      As Archbishop Fulton Sheen would say, “God love you!”

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  6. I always appreciate your thoughts Charlie, you’re a clear thinker as well as a great communicator. I appreciate as well as all the comments. We were all born during interesting times, that’s for sure. God be with those officers who died, and all the people already dead or going to die “suddenly”, or who are now suffering terrible effects. What a disaster for mankind, foisted on us by unimaginable evil. God’s grace is surely strong in these days, but tough days are also ahead.
    I only disagree with one point Charlie, it is not lack of common sense that drives these people who are pulling our nation apart or who fling arrows at us day and night. It is not they don’t stop to consider the damage. They do, and it is all intentional. Nobody but nobody is this bad, just as Rome is not this bad incidentally. They mean it, every bit of it. This is the plan. To see the master plan, look at the WEF.
    There is a fellow pilgrim on the journey, I think I’ve mentioned him here before. When I read him I think of you Charlie, and when I read you I think of him. You are both outstanding Christian thinkers and communicators. His name is Scott Lively. I hope you know each other or are familiar with each other. He’s got an incredible background as well.

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    1. KATE . . . Your disagreement with Charlie on this point is exactly my thought when I read it. These minions who have given themselves over to evil know exactly what they are doing and for what purpose.

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  7. Truly, doing what’s right in front of me is about all I can do some days. My “cross” is to bear the sorrow of God and, gracious, there’s so much! In Mass yesterday, I nearly broke down in sobs because I was suddenly overwhelmed with such sorrow that my heart was literally hurting. I prayed for God to help me bear it, because I didn’t want to disappoint Him by asking Him to take this cross from me, and as suddenly as the sorrow came, it left and I was at peace. My heart still breaks over the “sudden and unexpected” deaths and the poor families left behind to mourn, but I feel His presence, bearing the sorrow with me. Yes, Doing what’s in front of me is enough.

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    1. Praying for you, Jewels, and for all of us as we make our way through these days of sorrows. May we each be infused with deeper peace and hope because sorrow is a state into which God moves to draw even greater good in the lives of His children. The book, The Light Shines on in the Darkness: Transforming Suffering through Faith, is THE best compendium I’ve ever seen on human suffering viewed from a Catholic perspective. The author, Fr. Robert Spitzer, includes some mightily efficacious prayers in his writing and the book’s contents form a mindset which fosters unshakeable peace, trust and hope even when carrying a cross of sorrow.

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      1. Thank you, Beckita! It seems more difficult to bear the sorrows of others than my own…grace perhaps? I do know that the sorrow certainly moves me more to prayer, so truly a Grace!

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  8. “Simple Needs of the Community”
    Thanks for this great advice, Charlie! I want to give an example of such needs. We have a friend in Lake County, California, about an hour and a half away from us. She is elderly, partly disabled and living in her own home, alone – her husband having died several years ago. She lives on Social Security. We visited her lately, and we usually sit outside her home in the carport. I went inside that day to use her bathroom, and was shocked to find it colder inside than outside. I asked her why, and she told me her furnace stopped working last winter and she was relying on her wood stove for heat. Someone had come out recently to check out her heater and told her she had to replace the entire unit, to the tune of many thousands of dollars. I suggested she get a second opinion but she said she couldn’t afford it. I contacted some local shops and found one that seemed very honest, told them her story, and we contracted with them to check out her furnace. The upshot was, this great repairman found a faulty capacitor in the furnace that was easily replaced so we had it done.

    Only problem was, she could not afford to pay for the gas to have her heater on every day. She did have a supply of wood, but much of it was too long or too heavy for her to use in her wood stove. We contacted the local Catholic Church to see if they knew anyone in the parish that had a chain saw that could come up and cut up her wood. Whaddayaknow, the pastor had a chain saw, and volunteered to cut the wood! I met him up there the next week and he also brought a worker with a pickup full of extra wood and his own chain saw! Well, the wood was cut, she got more wood than she had before, and will probably live out the winter with a warm and cozy home, and in a way she could afford! Another nice part of this story is, I told the pastor I wanted to pay for the extra help he hired to cut the wood and he told me that he would pay for it since he was hoping to find a worthy project he could do as a Christmas work of charity, and that this was perfect!

    Just goes to show ya, God will never be outdone in generosity!

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      1. Thanks, Bekita. Yes, sometimes the only way to help someone effectively is to figure out how to make it a group effort. That’s what warmed our friends home and indeed our hearts throughout the Christmas season!

        Have a Blessed New Year!
        Robert & Phyllis

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  9. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! … 😉

    This means 32% are not smart enough to be trusted with weapons ;-(

    Three months ago, I walked away from the FBI and the career I once loved.
    As several insiders pointed out yesterday, this ChinaJoe DOC Scandal indicates a Democrat Op to insure that CJ does NOT run in 24!
    We know that the DC Alphabet Swamp is CORRUPT to the core!
    Therefore, it follows that if The Democrats/RINOs were really excited about another CJ & KamalBreath Ticket THEY would have seen to the shredding of the documents and The Story. Instead THEY kept it quiet until well after the Midterm Election and the sprung it in early January whilst BoobLand USA is still in Christmas hangover mode and with 22 months to forgetaboutit!
    THEIR next step is to figure out how to get rid of KamalBreath without being targeted as Racist Misogynists.
    KB’s Ol’ Boyfriend, Willie Brown, tried to warn Democrats that KB was not ready for DC Prime-time back in 19.

    I’d bet that one of THEIR options is to ease CJ outta office, along with all his Hunter, China, Ukraine & Documents Baggage, SOON and let KB play PuppetPrez #2 till 24 with a hand picked VP 24 Contender!
    Oh! Of course, KB will get her Prez Pension & Perks plus some kind of Golden Parachute Gig that she Can Not refuse….. Capisce!?!


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  10. Great great piece Charlie!!! I love this:

    “Sometimes God tells us to contemplate and see. Other times, He tells us to do. When He tells us to do, He rarely illuminates much more than what is right in front of us. It is then that we must trust – as Abraham did when he set off for a far country, as Moses did when he stood at the bank of the Red Sea, as Gideon did when he took on over 10,000 hostile enemies with a mere 300 men. We will both see the goodness of the Lord in real time and better understand the unfathomable depth of His providence in hindsight. But now we must trust and do.”

    And I love it precisely because this is the only thing I am able to do currently 😂😂😂 I’m so busy and my babysitting 👩🏻‍🍼 schedule is forever changing and it keeps me on my toes following a spot of light 💡 😂

    I like reading about the prophesies and daydreaming about them, but I think you are correct in your interpretation of illumination of conscience!!! I do see it happening to people more frequently these days, and I can feel it happening to me too!!! It’s been happening to me personally for quite awhile actually and I suppose He’s working on all of us that way. Thank you God for your love, mercy and patience!!! He sure does have patience that’s for sure!!!

    I sure hope we all better get to witness the triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary this side of the veil but I guess it’s not a bad thing if we get to see it from the Kingdom either!!! 😂 ha!!! Win win 🏆

    God bless you on your travels dearest Charlie!!! I lit a beautiful 7 day candle for you this morning after Mass very close to Our sweet Lord in the arms of Our Lady at the pieta statue!🥰 I thought to myself, Charlie would like where I positioned his candle 🕯️ close to Our dear savior’s face🥰🙏🕯️👼⛵️🐶 🐿️

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    1. I enjoyed his comments about the illumination of conscience, too. I suspect this is more ‘normal’, that it continues to happen in tiny bites rather than in one huge swell. I am grateful. I can take what He shows me to prayer and continue to ask for my defects of character to be lifted; for me to be set free from (repeated?) sin and become very much closer with Him.

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      1. It’s been happening to me for a long long time little by little 🥰. I think God in His mercy knows most of us would drop dead of a heart attack if we saw all our offenses to God and our fellow man all at once 😂 Lord have mercy

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  11. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! … 😉

    Nothing to see here! Move Along!!
    Bottom Line: Quit giving mRNA Clot-Shots to Young People!


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  12. Your last post was definitely provocative. You made the prediction that 2023 is going to be worse than one can possibly imagine. (paraphrasing). Frankly, I have imagined so many awful scenarios that I do not believe anything can be worse than what my imagination tells me of what may or will come. In fact, I think I have to stop thinking about it and just do the best I can.

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    1. Amen, Judith. “Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.” (Matthew 6:34) Day by day, I simply do as Our Lady, in essence, conveyed to St. Catherine Labouré: Ask for the graces you need.

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      1. I also remember this verse always” “I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing.” So, if Christ is with me, I can persevere.

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  13. PS:

    Why are “White House Lawyers & Aides” searching for and “finding” Secret Documents and not Secret Service and/or FBI Agents?
    Does anyone search the socks and underwear of the “White House Lawyers & Aides” not to mention the numerous fireplaces for document fragments? …. Eh!!??
    Yes, YES!!! I Know, I KNOW!! Swamp DC is manifestly CORRUPT!!!!
    ….. and it’s Past Time to organize The Congress of Red States to salvage what’s left of The REPUBLIC, CONSTITUTION, BILL OF RIGHTS and The Faith and Ideals of Our Founding Fathers!

    Baby Food still short, Egg Prices Tripled, other Staples doubled and Supply Chain “Issues” continue?

    …. the below is Gubermint Stats that, no doubt, have been “massaged”!
    …. some slightly better news but still Way-Up compared to When Trump was Prez!

    The $ has lost 96% of it’s value since the Federal Reserve was formed in 1913 …. I don’t know how you report below 100% value since 1913 but I’m guessing we we be fixin’ to find out ;-(
    …… Oh! Putin, Trump or White Supremacists …. Did Not Do It!!


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  14. “….. they forgot to mention Toilets that actually FLUSH!!!”
    Yes Crewdog, one would think they could have least consulted the plumbers.
    BTW, what about the washing machines too!

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  15. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! … 😉

    RIP Fr. Isaac!
    …..We can’t!

    The “We Hate Cops” Movement be going strong in Democrat ****Holes!


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  16. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! … 😉

    NIH!? … with Dr Death Fauci in Command ….EVIL Personified!~

    I just don’t see how THEY can keep ChinaJoe viable as Prez & 24 Contender?
    I’m getting ready fro some kind of False Flag/Wag the Dog Event to distract BoobLand USA!


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  17. What Jesus tells Luisa about the creation of man:
    …“My daughter, in creating man, Our Divinity centralized everything in him. As if We had done nothing in all the rest of Creation, We put everything aside and occupied Ourselves only with him. Our Love reached the excess; We looked and looked at him, over and over again, to see whether he was beautiful, whether Our Beauty would shine forth in him.
    “Our Divine Being poured like pouring rain over him. And do you know what
    It poured? Sanctity, light, wisdom, grace, love, beauty, strength; and while We
    unloaded Ourselves over him, Our gazes were fixed upon man, to see whether all Our Qualities were centralized in him, in such a way that he was to lack nothing in order for Us to love him and be loved in return; so much so, that his beauty enraptured Us, his love invested Us, all of Our Qualities, placed in him, echoed in Our Divine Being, bound Us and brought Us to him.
    “What a solemn time, what an unforgettable point, what ardor of love was
    the Creation of man… page 71 and 72
    1/13/28 – Vol. 23

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  18. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! … 😉

    Prayers Needed!

    …. Controlled Economic Collapse …. for The Children ..SEE!!??–42748519/
    …. YOU vill only believe OUR Information …DA!!??


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  19. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! …;-) PM

    Of Course! Silly of non-Democrat Citizens to complain! ChinaJoe was give The Billary Option …. Remember!!?? … Billary was allowed to destroy 33,000 Documents, Bleach-Bit her computers, destroy her I-Phones under the “Supervision” of HER Lawyers!
    Billary Option is NOT an option for Trump or ANY of his supporters &/or Conservatives, Christians ….. It’s The New Normal that You must accept ….. Capisci?!!?

    Is it a Sin to ask God to Aim Fire & Brimstone at this place!?
    ….. & At The Insufferable Jerk, AKA: Lurch …. as Rush called him 😉


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    1. Yeah! … SP,

      I really liked that Pic/T-Shirt and might have to see where to get one.
      The Guy looks like a skinner version of me.
      My beard-n-hair be trimmed though 😉


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  20. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! … 😉
    ….. & I Pray that this corrupt bum, Becciu, is brought to Justice … but his family is rich/powerful and DeepState Vatican is stonewalling ;-(
    …….. I’m, These-Days, concerened about Cdl Zen’s future health & well being!

    Christian Unity Focus

    Pastor Dana … Hump Day:

    Dr. Martin Blank… electromagnetic fields that emanate from your cell phone ..


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  21. HELP PLEASE! If you know anyone in the Birmingham AL area who might be interested in CORAC, Catholic or protestant, would you please contact them and urge them not to miss Charlie’s talk in Irondale, AL, THIS SATURDAY, 1/21?
    We are blessed to have a little time with Charlie, meeting at IRONDALE PICKERS ANTIQUE MALL, 5401 Beacon Dr., Irondale 35210. The talk will be in the EVENT ROOM at the mall, starting at 2 PM. Lots of folks in the area follow Charlie’s posts but have not joined CORAC. We have no way to reach them, and I hate for them to miss out!
    If they have questions they can contact me. I’m sending my contact info toBeckita.
    Maybe making a call or sending a message to a friend in the area could be “doing the little good right in front of you” for today! Thanks for helping us grow.

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  22. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! … 😉

    YUP! Don’t agree with THEIR FringeLeft Baby/Constitution/Economy Killer Agenda and Ye be Far Right! Under THEIR New Normal “Standards” 85% the Democrat Party in 1966 would be Far Right.
    …………….. It’s enough to make Ya weep ;-(

    Not a Coup, but a Coverup

    She’s leaving to Campaign for AntiChristette ;-(


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      1. Likewise 😉
        Enjoyed seeing some of the Gang!
        Beautiful Winter Day here on Greers Ferry Lake but Charlie has to go ….. promises to keep … Ya Know!?!
        I was hoping he would rest up for the day!

        I’m not pleased he is roaming the USA in a car with 275 K miles on it ….
        fine automobile that it may be ;-(

        Merry Thursday & ….
        GOD SAVE ALL HERE! 😉

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