Where the Heart Is

Lightning strike in the foothills of Mt. Meeker

By Charlie Johnston

Serendipitously, I got home from my latest three-month tour on the tenth anniversary of my departure from the mountain to conclude my pilgrimage. I reckon I could do it again if I had to, but it would probably take me twice as long. If I have to do it again, I believe I will go with a bike this time.

I am always completely exhausted when I get home…a sort of deep fatigue that it takes me a week to begin to recover from. Some friends have urged me to take shorter trips to preserve my health at this age. Not gonna do it. As far as I am concerned, I promised long ago that I would go forth if these times came and I am not about to try to weasel out of it at this stage. I get my six or eight weeks at home to rejuvenate and then I get back to work. I also spend time at home exercising and dieting. I like to lose 15 lbs. while at home, which also helps prepare me for the next round. I can’t keep my weight down on the road because every time I blow into town, folks kill the fatted calf – and it would be an insult if I didn’t eat it with them. I jokingly told my housemate, Bob, that I don’t see how Jesus kept His weight down with all the Jewish mothers looking after Him. In one of his better lines, Bob retorted that Jesus didn’t have a Subaru, so He had to walk everywhere He went. Touche!

The only thing that gives me pause is that, in the last three to four weeks of a trip, my fatigue makes me raggedier and raggedier. When I get tired enough, I can get a bit sharp-tongued. I don’t mind giving someone a sharp retort if that is what I intend. I hate doing it because I am struggling with fatigue. But everywhere I go, people are visibly worried and waiting for the next shoe to fall in these ugly times. I don’t know why it is (for I surely do not give some Pollyanna outlook) but in most crowds I can see when they start to relax and gain confidence that, whatever may come, they can stand.

I don’t know what it is that gives me a soothing effect on people, but it is there. Having it, I believe I would be held to hard judgment if I did not use it to give people heart. After all, it is one of the three prime commands I march to: 1) Defend the Faith, 2) Hearten the Faithful and, 3) Defend the Faithful. Occasionally I get someone who is disappointed with my talk. They usually fall into one of two categories. First, there are those who are expecting some detailed theological treatise or some new or expanded pious devotional. Second are people who are enamored of mystics and expect me to follow every modern prophecy with the same eager excitement they do. But neither of these is my job, as I understand it.

I deeply respect serious theology and take pains to never contradict the defined teaching of the Church and the Magisterium. I am always reading serious matter on the faith (right now it is the late Cdl. Giuseppe Siri’s masterful tome, “Gethsemane.”) I take heart that I have become friends with a number of serious theologians and can have serious discussions with them to help me stay on the narrow path. Of course, there is a lot of nonsense that poses as theology today. Frankly, that which seeks to undermine the faith is pretty easy to identify and reject, though there are a lot of men wearing clerical collars who have traded intellectual rigor for ideological pretensions – and that is quite disheartening to the faithful. That material which is superficially consoling, but with substantial elements that are contrary to the faith, is more subtle – and all the more dangerous to souls who adopt it to assuage their fears, unaware of the fuse of serious error it lights up in them.

I most assuredly do not despise prophecy, but I am also aware that about 95% of it is delusional poppycock. There are a couple of people, not well known, whose mystical utterances I take deadly seriously. But not a one of them gives detailed temporal accounts or thinks they have all the answers – or even that they understand what they have been given very well. I say, firmly, that God is giving us our opportunity to show that we truly love Him by putting our shoulder to the wheel to clean up the mess we have collectively made and by caring for and calling to our neighbors. All the happy talk about how God is going to solve everything for us if we just wait is not coming from me. He will intervene when we take up our cross and follow Him with real fidelity and resolve, not neglecting to feed His lambs. And bluntly, I bristle when someone presumes to lecture me on prophecy and how I have to follow what Joe the mystic from Kokomo has to say to the letter. In a meta sense, who has told you more true what we face over the last 10 years than me? And I, of course, made a couple of significant errors…which I am now exceedingly glad of, that more may understand that even he who gets it most right in the meta sense struggles with details – so you won’t be discouraged when your fondest expectations fail. All the timelines and treating prophecy like choreography is almost always a distraction. Dealing with mystical elements is a quantum magnitude harder than people think. We carry these treasures in earthen vessels. So a purported mystic who is not restrained in the scope of his speaking is either not a mystic at all or a mystic headed for a fall. Don’t judge any by how comforting what they tell you is, but whether they endeavor to tell you true. The God of mercy is also the God of justice. In fact, in God’s economy, mercy and justice are the same thing.

My portion is to take the treasures that have been handed on to us and help ordinary people apply them simply and faithfully to their daily lives. I am grateful for the bounty of devotions that so many saints have given us, but I am leery of those who ostentatiously display their private devotions to everyone else. It strikes me as similar to all those tassels and phylacteries some Pharisees ostentatiously wore to boast of how incredibly pious they were – and what Jesus had to say to them (Matthew 23). I enjoy communal devotions, but other than that, I hate to be caught praying a private devotion – for fear that it is robbed of its merit. If your faith is sound, the fruit you bear should show it. I am profoundly grateful for the refined knowledge that many theologians have given us, for I have been lifted up in understanding by many of the giants of faith. I also know that even the most serious theologians face the temptation of acting as if the faith is a complex puzzle box that they, by their cleverness, have decoded. They can get caught up in believing that those who are not theologically sophisticated are children of a lesser god. They can forget that an amazing feature of our faith is that its heart is so simple that anyone can live it well and that it is so refined and deep that even the most brilliant can never plumb those depths. As a child I saw that some men are more dangerous with a Bible in their hand than with a gun, constantly searching the Scriptures to glean material with which to beat down and condemn their fellows. I prayed for some years that I not speak at all on these things until I could speak in a way that builds up rather than tears down. So I measure myself by the hope, the resolve, the courage I spark in those around me, knowing that he who loves best lives the faith best, and my sins are always before me. I emphasize the ordinary prayer of doing (the most neglected form of prayer in modern times) for we each will be judged by the fruit we produce as evidence of our faith and love – which covers a multitude of sins (1 Peter 4:8).

A friend once shamefully confessed to me that he had missed Mass that day. He said he had seen an older lady struggling with fixing a flat tire and could not bear not to stop and help her. I told him that what he had done was shown God he lives his love – and so is a man after God’s own heart. We should not neglect worship and devotions for they feed us spiritually, fitting us for our daily work. But we should emphasize the weighty matters of charity and consolation.

My fondest hope is not to convince anyone that God is close to me (though I always pray that I am close to Him), but that God is close to every one of us, right at hand if we only call on Him…that He is not looking for some excuse to smite us, but is eager to help us on our way, to find the thread of virtue in us, nurture it,  and use it to grow us and lead us into heaven. One of my profoundest joys, something truly worth living for, is when I see the light of new hope, new resolve, and new joy rise in the eyes of someone hurting or fearful as we talk. I saw, in Annapolis earlier this year, a bumper sticker that summed up my own approach to spirituality: “Navy wives,” it said, “Changing the world – one diaper at a time.”

A woman who is a long-time supporter, in a burst of enthusiasm some years ago, told me, “I knew God would send someone. I am so glad that when He did, He sent a poor schlub just like the rest of us!” It was one of the sweetest things anyone ever said to me. If my epitaph calls me an apostle to the poor schlubs, being one of them, that will be a life well lived.

I can talk knowledgably with the most sophisticated theologians, I can speak with insight on mystical things, I glean important insights from on high and on low. At heart, though, I am a blue-collar guy and am most happy when I am about the business of changing the world one diaper at a time. That, I think, is key to it all.


I was delighted while traveling to find two Bishops who did wonderful and courageous things. Portland Archbishop Alexander Sample responded to Traditionis Custodes by decreeing that the Latin Mass will continue in Portland as it always has, as it was NOT causing division among Catholics there. He may be overruled by the Vatican next spring: I have heard many rumblings that the Vatican is going to outlaw it entirely in May or adopt absolutely draconian restrictions on it. Let me tell you, people like me who have access to good, pious and orthodox Novus Ordo Masses are not fleeing to TLM Churches: it is people who are forced to listen to error after error from the pulpit who are going to TLM Parishes where they know it will be orthodox. The heterodox clerics don’t like that these good folks have a choice to preserve their orthodox faith. Thanks be to God for gutsy Bishops like Alexander Sample who want to feed their flock.

Sioux Falls Bishop Donald DeGrood has issued a statement on human sexuality that should be an authentic Catholic model everywhere. It upholds authentic and venerable Church teaching while acknowledging the dignity of the human person in all, including those struggling most deeply with gender dysphoria – particularly in a climate that has made this terrible trial trendy.

Don’t ignore the many troubles in the hierarchy today, but don’t neglect the points of light that foreshadow, even now, the great renewal of faith ahead.


I was particularly glad to get back to Missoula, Montana – the only place I have ever had to cancel a talk because I was too sick to go on last fall. I spent over three weeks in a hotel room recovering from a terrible bout of Covid. I got to meet and have dinner with Dr. Blythe Bartos, one of the doctors who cared for me. At the talk, I met a whole bunch of dear folks who had prepared food and sent it to me while I was sick last fall.

Of course, it was Beckita who acted as my caregiver during the roughest period of three weeks. She came in three times a day to sit with and check on me. If I remember things one way and Beckita remembers them another, take her word for it – for I was pretty hazy during most of this. God bless Mark and Mary Lapchak, who came to pick me up and carry me back to central Colorado when I was well enough to be transported – and I spent the next three weeks of my recovery with them.

One thing that deeply touched me was that the staff of the hotel I was at figured out pretty quickly that I was a very sick man. They prayed for me and kept checking with Beckita on how I was. I got to go back to this hotel and thank the staff for their kindness. The woman in the center of the picture below teared up to see me healthy and lively. There was a housekeeper (who was off the day I took the picture) who ventured into my room once. I warned her I was recovering from Covid. I thought she muttered that she doesn’t treat anybody like a leper – and she came on in, straightened things up, and sat and chatted with me. She did that every day or two in the last week or so.

I was grateful to see some of my heroes who rallied around to help me get through that terrible challenge.

Some of the staff at the hotel who watched over and prayed for me last fall. The woman in the center teared up to see me lively and healthy.

I stayed with a retired couple in a beautiful mountain home while I was in Missoula this time. The husband, Joe, is the most gifted and artistic woodworker I have ever encountered. He designed and created the “rocking moose” in the picture below for his grandkids. You can visit his website at jzwoodworking.com. My hostess, Mary, is one of the most fabulous cooks ever – and she was a neurological assistant for most of her career. It was nice chatting with someone who understood what I was talking about with my neurological disability.

My hosts in Missoula. From left are Joe Z, Beckita, Mary Z, and Fr. Wang. Joe is an incredibly gifted and artistic woodworker. He designed and made the Rocking Moose in the foreground for his grandkids.

Sorry it took so long to get something out after getting home. I was just utterly exhausted – and now, today, I have caught a very nasty virus from some friends. In the future, I will make sure to have a repeat piece ready for when I get home so it is not so long between articles.

I know that everyone is on pins and needles right now – and particularly in the last week, I have been talking to people who had thought things were going to smooth out who now do not believe the left will ever stop the madness until they are stopped.

Hang in there. I am spending all my time working to come up with approaches that keep the faithful collaborating with each other and that resist the vicious depredations of the left in effective, but non-violent ways. We’ll be talking a lot about that, going forward. As St. Peter said, “Beloved, do not be surprised at the fiery ordeal which comes upon you to prove you, as though something were happening to you.” (1 Peter 4:12) These things must come, but God prevails. Let us endeavor to be on His side.

This photo courtesy of MP, Corac’s Executive Director

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93 thoughts on “Where the Heart Is

  1. Everyone so blessed to be with you during the time while you were in our area was delighted, Charlie. The feedback from each one, whether a resident of this city or someone who drove a distance, was expressed in terms which conveyed that you hit your goals of defending the faith as well as heartening and defending the faithful. God certainly did equip you with particular graces from which the soothing – and positive challenging – flows through your words as you remain true to your mission. I call them conversion graces because, ultimately, this is the kind of fruit your words produce. Not only do you bear good tidings of hope in the darkness, you have a way of summoning those who struggle with fear and/or apathy to get off their duffs to rise up and fight for good. New CORAC members and ASOH readers from this area have emerged in these days.

    I love that you consistently and continually emphasize the prayer of doing. I think of a couple of reasons why people lean heavily into praying and working so hard to spread some of the newly-given-in-our-times devotions. (These are likely also reasons why many cling to the ongoing alleged messages.) The promises attached to these can find one tempted to pray as if the devotion is a magic bullet for defusing and extinguishing the evil all around us. And perhaps that attitude prevails because people don’t really know “what exactly” to DO in the face of the ever-expanding wickedness. I’m not only looking forward to this: “I am spending all my time working to come up with approaches that keep the faithful collaborating with each other and that resist the vicious depredations of the left in effective, but non-violent ways. We’ll be talking a lot about that, going forward.” I’m also interceding, as I hope we all continue to do, as you are in the process of contemplating, imagining, developing and collaborating to further guide and inspire the ranks in CORAC. I also pray that your own offerings light up the desire in each of us in CORAC to contemplate, imagine, develop and collaborate, perhaps, using your own ideas as a springboard for adaptations or completely new initiatives to come forth.

    It’s Holy Spirit time!! Time to draw close to Him anew! Invite Him, yes, welcome Him, to have His Way with us as we move forward in this Storm!!

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  2. Charlie make sure you don’t have Covid again!!! I’d start the protocol again if I were you so we don’t have to worry about you!!!😩. It’s really going around again and it darn near almost took me n mike with the high fever!😩.

    God bless you and keep you safe!🥰🙏👍🥳

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  3. “My fondest hope is not to convince anyone that God is close to me (though I always pray that I am close to Him), but that God is close to every one of us, right at hand if we only call on Him…that He is not looking for some excuse to smite us, but is eager to help us on our way, to find the thread of virtue in us, nurture it, and use it to grow us and lead us into heaven.” This is important for me to remember –not because I don’t believe God loves me, but rather because I forget that I don’t need to do things alone! Mea culpa!

    The fear of the unknown is a stumbling block. When I was pregnant with my first, no matter the assurance from my mom and sister that I would be fine, I was anxious. I ran through many scenarios and tried to imagine how it would all go. Of course none of the scenarios or what I imagined was exactly as the birth happened, but, wonderfully! God was in the details and walked with me the whole way! THIS is what I cling to with our uncertain future: HE is there and only too willing to help, guide and protect me (us). As Beckita always says, “Maranatha!”

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  4. Ha! Jesus kept His weight in check because (1) he walked everywhere (often over vast distances between meals) and (2) He at the good stuff and passed on the cake. Some will argue #2 is not Biblical and I’ll just say it’s implied.

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    1. Or indeed, depending on which part of the Anglo-sphere, MP. “Et” is very common in parts of Ireland, and the north of England too, I think. Probably also Scotland.

      And pronouncing “ea” as “ay” is still common in this septic Isle, as in “tay” for “tea”. So “eat” (as in “to eat”) often comes out with the same pronunciation as “ate” e.g. “eat your dinner” (usually followed up by “and shut-up” to over-talkative kids) sounds like “ate yer dinner”.

      All of which is apropos of not much but there you have it… (or “there yiz have it” as is also said, which grammatically…

      ooops, I’m off again. Better go. 😎)

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  5. God has truly blessed us with you, Charlie. Thank you for being such a faithful listener, and doer. You both tell us true and show us true. We are blessed.

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  6. Hahahaha😂😂🤣

    “ I can’t keep my weight down on the road because every time I blow into town, folks kill the fatted calf – and it would be an insult if I didn’t eat it with them. “

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  7. Charlie, do take care, the nasty virus is just That! We were glad to have finally met you in person, on one hot day in Salem,Oregon. Yes, you have a way to bring hope to many, I believe too it is Grace for we are all in need. Being home brings a comfort for the soul.
    Praying for you health to return.

    Mike and Delina

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      1. Katey,
        I have followed Charlie clear back to his interview with Fr.Mitch Pacwa, Charlie has been led by the Holy Spirit, clearly! Genuine, yes. Then and now.

        God Bless everyone

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  8. Charlie, One of the nuggets in your post merits special attention:

    ” God is giving us our opportunity to show that we truly love Him by putting our shoulder to the wheel to clean up the mess we have collectively made and by caring for and calling to our neighbors.”

    The reason for special emphasis draws from what I believe is our purpose in having an Earth life. Because God creates each of us with the love of the parent for His child, God could simply have us exist eternally in Heaven–in His presence– in total bliss. No distress ever over hunger, over failing any exam, of getting passed over for a promotion, of suffering a slow ruination of life with Alzheimer’s, or a painful cancer. So, surely being awarded life on Earth was not ever meant to be any picnic, but really the opposite.

    We are sent here to develop our spirituality under the many stresses we will all face. To care for others even while we are hurting is vital to our development and thus to pleasing God. Living the Golden Rule in a stressful life must be a primary mission we each have in life.

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  9. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! … 😉 PM


    This ChinaPlague/Genocide Doc is playing some CYA Game in hopes that BoobLand USA will fall for her … “Be sad! I screwed up my child too”!
    …. YES!! Covid-Criminals MUST be held ACCOUNTABLE for THEIR High Crimes!
    …. & IRS Criminals too!




    WHY are THEY pushing this **** on US!? .. Manifest EVIL is the only reasonable answer!!! ;-(

    Let THEM expose THEMselves so we know The Enemy!









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  10. Beats me… I don’t see any orthodoxy anything from where I’m standing, it’s all Liberal stooges and their followers thinking they can get back their “old normal” by complying despite all the visible signs to the contrary.

    Maybe I wouldn’t be so down most of time, if there were only more traditionally orthodox Catholic in my region, isolation is horrible man…

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    1. So is self-pity horrible, Al. This is the kind of attitude which kept the Israelites wandering so long in the desert. God IS with each of us. He IS the Father Who meets our needs when we ask. This doesn’t mean He will take care of e.x.a.c.t.l.y. how WE think He should. But His Promises to care for us are replete in Scripture.

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      1. Honestly? I have NO exact nor general expectations on God should handle things Beckita. If life sucks, it’s because my fellow people caused it and have no intentions of owning up to their share, thus extending everyone’s misery.

        Too many people try to divine God’s actions based on Bible quotes, and it’s all just a bunch of horse manure. No one knows hows things will play out “along the way”.

        Jesus got upset a those who judged others based on their misfortune, and God was upset at Job’s friends for assuming Job deserved the misfortune he was getting.

        Things are the way they are, and all bets are off on how God will handle each situation, it’s not as simple as telling others they are wrong & at fault because you’re not walking in their shoes.

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        1. Divining God’s actions via biblical quotes and paying attention to an entire biblical story for its lessons to be gleaned in building a healthy, life-giving mindset are two different actions, Al. My ultimate point is that we can dwell on the negative or we can dwell on love via our comments and by living St. Therese’s Little Way: doing the good we can right in front of us.

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          1. Beckie, well said on all counts. A priest (I cannot remember where) years ago counseled me that the ultimate cure for this kind of feelings of loneliness discussed above is a HEALTHY dose of introspection. He basically summed up what all the the greatest saints have repeated: Someone who even just begins sees their own sins as God and the angels can – is too busy with self-correction to blame all his troubles on others. My sins – when I consider the fact that I started out with every spiritual break (solidly Catholic family and education) are a horror so great that it is impossible for me not to see first my own contribution to the problem. No to put too fine a point on it – just two of them will suffice to make my piont: 1. For fourteen years at one point – I rarely darkened the door of a parish Church. Fourteen years of moral sin for every Sunday and Holy Day of Obligation I purposefully missed. 2. For nine years I drank alcoholically. Closed the bars almost every night. Left wife and kids at home alone. almost every night. Confessed every Saturday afternoon. Went to Mass the next day, Sunday. I still have bad dreams about all of that and much more. I don’t need to look any further than my own sins to quite blaming others for the mess I see around me.

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            1. Thank you for your candor, Aquinas. We all have a sin history which has contributed to where we now find ourselves. What a gift is the Diary of St. Faustina wherein the Lord highlights the bounty of His unfathomable Mercy. You – and your priest – have nailed the remedy to counter self-pity and the blaming of others. Honest and healthy introspection surely is the way to True Peace… that Peace beyond all understanding which Jesus in His Divine Mercy imparts. You’ll recognize this hymn from the Divine Office which now comes to mind as apropos:

              Lord Jesus, once You spoke to men
              Upon the mountain and the plain,
              O help us listen now as then
              And wonder at Your words again.

              We all have secret fears to face,
              Our minds and motives to amend.

              We seek Your truth,
              We need your grace,
              Our living Lord and present friend.

              The gospel speaks; and we receive
              Your light, Your love,
              Your own command.
              O help us live what we believe,
              In daily word of heart and hand.

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            2. Interesting points Aquinas, everyone has to own up to their share of problems, as I continue to do so, there no amount beating myself up over my faults & failings that will change reality. I simply acknowledge, the problems we face have been building up for generations and vastly go beyond me as a individual.

              It simply don’t matter in the scheme of things, I could of never been born at all and it would of changed nothing in the world. I find myself scratching my head, and asking myself “What is the point of it all?”, “How do we move on?”, and “How do we cope with the worse things to come?”

              To say, that I don’t acknowledge my own own faults & sins, would be barking up the wrong tree.

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              1. Very nice Al2.
                You got it.
                In the grand scheme of things we don’t matter!
                “Behold, I am insignificant; what can I say in response to You? I put my hand over my mouth.” (Job 40:4; 42:3).
                But God IS He who accomplishes His will through us and most decisively and We matter to Him!
                “So shall My word be that goes forth from My mouth; It shall not return to Me void, But it shall accomplish what I please, And it shall prosper in the thing for which I sent it.”
                (Isaiah 55:11)
                “Be still before the LORD; wait for God. Do not be provoked by the prosperous, nor by malicious schemers. Give up your anger, abandon your wrath; do not be provoked; it brings only harm. Those who do evil will be cut off, but those who wait for the LORD will possess the land. Wait a little, and the wicked will be no more; look for them and they will not be there. But the poor will possess the land, will delight in *great prosperity*…” (Psalm 37: 7-11, 39-10)
                “Wherefore He says, If ye loved Me, ye would rejoice, because I said, I go to the Father; for human nature should exult at being thus taken up by the Only Begotten Word, and made immortal in heaven; at earth being raised to heaven, and dust sitting incorruptible at the right hand of the Father.
                Who, that loves Christ, will not rejoice at this, seeing, as he doth, his own nature immortal in Christ, and hoping that He Himself will be so by Christ”. (St Augustine; Quoted in the Catena Aurea at John 14:28).

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                1. There’s a fitting response, thanks for the charitable reply PHILLIP FRANK, I’ll be sure to read it over a few times.

                  At least you’re not trying to twist my words into something that it’s not.

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                  1. Hi Al,

                    I understand that you live in Canada, correct? It it’s hard for some of us to understand how difficult things are where you live. It sounds like you need some encouragement and hope. May I suggest the following video from Father Ripperger : no more than .5 hour

                    Also, look up Julie Green Ministries. She has been such a source of encouragement and hope to me. She talks of these times as the Great Exodus. She brings the Old Testament to life and speaks of these times similarly to Charlie

                    Praying for you Al2 please pray for me😀

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                    1. This may or may not be helpful. But. I can’t help wondering if some of the homeopathy Mindful protocols or Bach Flower Remedies could be helpful here.

                      Sometimes a person can need more help overcoming things than our wonderful and rich sacraments and devotions and faith. Not every person has a resilient mind. Sometimes this is not only a spiritual need.

                      In nursing school, I was taught that a person is a bio-psycho-social-spiritual being. All of those pieces need tending to for optimum functioning.

                      fyi, CORAC’s Health and Wellness has done a most excellent video on Grief and Shock and Bach Flower remedies (TY Anne!). It is definitely worth a look-see.

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                    2. It’s all good Littlelight, I’m perfectly fine. A revelation of truth has been given to me abd I can see through the muddy waters, all is good.

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                    3. I just like to add, reading through some of the protocols, it is astounding what can be helped, in conjunction, of course, with other healty lifestyle choices.

                      For example, there is actually a protocol for “victim mentality,” as well as overwhelmedness, stress, grief, shame, anger, jealousy, mental fog, etc. Some of the wonderful Bach flower remedies are for procrastination, hopelessness, perseveration on the past, etc.

                      It is important to remember the physiological component of our wonderfully wraught bodies.

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              2. Sorry, AL2, but choices are not the same as faults and sins. Focusing on faults and sins, whether your own or others, changes nothing except mood. Healthy introspection should lead to better choices, which in turn effect the reduction of faults and sins in oneself, as well as the perception of faults and sins in others. When Desmond talks about healthy introspection, and you reply that he is implying you are not fully aware of your faults and sins is missing his point, that healthy introspection by definition takes in *everything* one can encompass, whether good, bad or neutral, and results in better *choices*. Faults and sins will fade into the past once better choices are made.

                I don’t much care what others’ faults or sins are. I care that they have an attitude to seek better choices from day to day and even hour to hour. It is their choices which sculpt who they are and how they impact the world. Ones who make poor choices are naturally isolated in this world, to minimize their negative effects on others. Ones who make positive choices and consciously sculpt themselves into better people create effects that naturally increase their exposure to others.

                It is completely backwards to believe your world can only change if others change. That you are isolated because those around you worship God inadequately in your eyes has nothing to do with them and everything to do with the choices you have been making.

                Change your choices (your focus), change your world – whether anyone else changes or not makes no difference to *your* change in the choices you make or the person you create as a result of making better choices.

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              3. Others ably supported what I earlier said when I begin by God’s grace to agreeing and seeking to begin to see my own sins as God and even the angels see them —- that any temptation I have to blame bad conditions and events begin to melt away. As Steve observed, that is what Jesus is essentially teaching when he says not to criticize the spec in your brother’s eye when you’ve got a log in your own. It is also incorrect to claim the anyone’s effect on the world in one way or another is virtually non existent. Jesus and his Church teach that just as we do not live alone in a barrel – both our good and bad actions have a direct effect on others. Our sins have a negative influence on the Body of Christ – just as our good thoughts have a positive one. All of this the Church teaches even at the Catechetical level – which She expands upon in fundamental (beginning) theology. In undergraduate moral theology the Church dives into the depths of the results, the good or bad effects on those around us – which are the results of our good or bad deeds or thoughts.

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                1. Hi Aquinas, I don’t have to criticize any spec in anyone else’s eye, Our Lady Akita (& other places) told us that humanity’s sins will cause the sufferring we’ve been and are currently sufferring. I DON’T HAVE TO JUDGE NOTHING, I SIMPLY ACCEPT & ACKNOWLEDGE GOD’S JUDGEMENT ON THE WORLD AS A FACT OF REALITY, A REALITY I COULD OF NEVER CHANGED NO MATTER WHAT CHOICES I MADE. In fact there’s more than enough crap I have to deal with on a daily basis, I have no time, no abilty to enforce anything, nor desire to deal with other people’s sins, leave it to God as vengence is his.

                  As for introspection, I do more reflecting most than people, and I know myself pretty darn well. I simply acknowlege that grabbing more blame than what is mine is simply exchanging one lie for another.

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                  1. It’s odd you should talk about grabbing guilt. I never used that word to the best of my recollection. I spoke of the power of truly honest introspection. Now if someone’s Act of Contrition comprises something different than what the priest instructs me to say in the confessional – they must be using a different one than I’ve been using for the lat 75 years.
                    “O my God, I am heartily sorry for having offended thee, and I detest all my sins, because I dread the loss of heaven and the pains of hell; but most of all because they offend thee, my God, who at all good and deserving of all my love. I firmly resolve, with the help of your grace, to confess my sins, to do penance, and to amend my life. Amen

                    There are ‘Catholics’ foolish enough to call that a guilt trip. But most of them have already left the Church. Priests are trained to remonstrate penitents who are trying to blame all evils on other people – THAT CONFESSION IS FOR INFORMING THE PRIEST OF OUR SINS (not those of our neighbor, our spouse, our father, mother, mailman, butcher baker, etc., etc.) They warn the penitent that if they stubbornly try to blame everyone else, if that’s where he or she is going – then they need to go and think about it some more. Then, when they are ready to admit what St. Alphonsus Ligouri teaches us in his ‘Stations of the Cross’, that ‘it is my sins or Lord which nailed you to the cross.’

                    That’s not wallowing in guilt – it is immersing oneself in the blood of the lamb.

                    Yes, healthy introspection (which you almost instantly took umbrage it above) is the hallmark of a serious mature Catholic. Others here have told you the same thing over and over – and you’re not having any of it. That’s why you confused my endorsement of introspection – to lead to truly humble sorrow (rather than wallow in the blame game of neighbors) that deep sorrow as Jesus noted in his admonition about pointing out the small speck in the neighbor’s eye – while ignoring their own tree trunk sticking out of their own eye. Your claim of introspection will more credible when it doesn’t appear to be merely a cover for judging all of those around you.

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                  2. Well, Al, Beckita, Desmond and Steve all gave you an opportunity to back down from your unhinged rage. You just raged further at them. You maintain that you are the perfect Christian and God has failed. It5 may be that you are not guilty of many sins of commission, but I suspect the sins of omission are abundant in your life. You have not acknowledged a single fault through all of this, but you have not listed anything positive you have done (and no, raging at someone for being evil and stupid are not positive acts). Your position seems to be that God has cruelly forsaken us and so we might as well march quietly to the gas chambers because all is lost.

                    Beckita, give Al one shot to go all rage monkey on me – and then he is banned from this site. Our mission is to help people to navigate these times, not to encourage them to just give up.

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                    1. No rage monkey Charlie, in fact I’ve been shocked & dismayed to be attacked do visciously. Sure, things I say may not come out right at times, but I’m always happy to explain in more detail if something sound right. I’m taking a break, my feelings are hurt.

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                    2. Far from being attacked, Al, you’ve been challenged. Charlie said it well: “Our mission is to help people to navigate these times, not to encourage them to just give up.” And giving up is exactly what you’ve expressed… along with clinging to other messages of negativity, conveying your self-pity and blaming others for your woes.

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                    3. AL2, you have just given a solid proof of your inability to see the bad choices you make, the consequences of which you blame on others.

                      Because others have been (apparently) mean to you and criticized you (supposedly) unfairly, you are now going to isolate yourself from this entire community. Once you have isolated yourself from yet another community, you will soon choose to believe that we are all nasty heterodox “Catholics” who you are better than and better off without.

                      The *last* person to get that he is a Debbie Downer who judges others badly in order to maintain some semblance of self esteem is that person himself, because as soon as *he* gets that he is making bad choices, he will start making better choices, and the problem will go away. It just melts away in the growing sunshine.

                      I know you are hurt, and I acknowledge that if I were criticized in this way, I would also be hurt. Yet you have been granted a great gift from several people who see what is true, who know Church teaching on this matter far better than I ever will. Truth that sets one free usually does hurt. Participation in a community like this one is always in some sense earned by having done certain kinds of work already or while here to understand and appreciate both the pain and the joy of hearing truths and making positive changes using better choices.

                      We are *all* having to Choose or Perish before this Storm has passed over us. *None* of us have made all the right choices yet. You are no better or worse than any of us here, only at a different place along the ladder of Choice in our lives.

                      Once you see it, you’ll know what we are pointing at, and you will change for the better and never go back. And your self-imposed isolation will end.

                      Choose better. Have more fun with more friends.

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            3. You will recall the story I shared with you on a phone call where I related visiting a very holy Priest as a potential spiritual director decades ago. After laying out my case in response to him prompting me to tell me a little bit about myself, he paused for a bit, turned and looked at me and said, “sounds to me like you just need to get your head out of your a**.”

              And so it was. Never visited with him again but began the very necessary process of changing my thinking about things. Best spiritual advice ever as far as I’m concerned.

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        2. AL2, I hear you, and I thank you because my journey following this unfortunate thread of responses and rock throwing led me to a gem: Father Ripperger’s video, provided through the discernment and inspiration of LittleOneInPa, 8/31 . He says to keep your focus on God and good things, media fasting, cut out all videos, unless educational. The enemy entices: “anything but God”, even emphasis on one’s spirituality and sinfulness can be a distraction from God.

          Today is Day 4 of my perpetual Surrender Novena:
          “You see evil growing instead of weakening? Do not worry, Close your eyes and say to me with faith: Thy will be done, You take care of it. I say to you that I will take care of it, and that I will intervene as does a doctor and I will accomplish miracles when they are needed…. By my love, I promise this to you.” O Jesus, I surrender myself to you, take care of everything! (10 times)

          We were created for this time, Al. This is our Hour. It has been said that God will intervene “when all seems lost”. And from Mary, “in the end, My Immaculate Heart will Triumph.” We have been given this hope. We are also given the wisdom of Fr. Ripperger’s words. And there’s another well-known gifted priest exorcist up there in your neck of the woods who has given me much encouragement emphasizing devotion to the Holy Family in my home amongst other things. He is not spoken well of by the powers that be here so I dare not mention his name lest be censored.


          1. Ah, B, you do well to take comfort in the growing steady wisdom of Fr. Ripperger. As I recall, before you dramatically “exiled” yourself from this community, you were prone to taking consolation from fantasists who suggested that God would do everything for the good folks like you and you would be exempted from the terror coming upon all. I do, indeed, say that is a dangerous false hope that will, in time, spark despair. I hope that, in violating your self-imposed exile, you still read here to give yourself the benefit of real hope instead of wallowing constantly in false hope. I pray that you are not, like some Palestinians, just setting up near here to launch the occasional incendiary into our land.


            1. You’re dead wrong about me, Charlie. And I believe you’re dead wrong about that Canadian exorcist priest/prophet as well.


                1. There are those priests who go easy on us for whatever reason and then there are others who take things a little more serious concerned that we get the benefit of all the graces of a Good Confession. To shortcut the full Act of Contrition with those nice sounding words that you made up, omitting a firm purpose of amendment, shortcuts the graces which accompany that sincere desire. Then to proudly share the appearance of apparent humility in that practice to the many speaks for itself. If one sits back and says, well God knows me, and goes on repeating those same faults assuming God will overlook them because you named them in Confession, well think again. Projecting your personal fears, failures and losses on a Priest Prophet without any sound doctrine will get you what you justly deserve, losses in good Faithful who discern otherwise and the funds that go with that loss. As for the fat lip you spewed out against me, I leave it up to the One who has said “Vengeance is Mine.”

                  When I worked at the Pastoral Institute for Priests many years ago, one day I broke from my noontime Mass routine at a local Church to attend a liturgy at the Chancery. The bishop began his homily with an explanation of why God chose a “dumb” young girl…., the Blessed Virgin Mary. My stun prevented me for hearing anything else he said. Funny how you reminded me of that bishop now so many years later. Maybe it’s not so funny, Charlie.


                  1. Okay, B, I see we are not going to get anywhere here. You set up enough straw men that have NOTHING to do with anything I have said or done to cover the state of Kansas. Beyond that, you mock me as disobedient because I will not share your sovereign command to regard this Priest that both the Bishops – where he was ordinated and where he is resident – have said is NOT an exorcist and is not a mystic and is not to be regarded as such. If I wanted to join the church of B, I would, of course, have to obey you – but since I instead choose to be a Catholic I will decline.

                    For those who clear comments, I am not ready to ban B yet. It is annoying that she not only persists in beating a dead horse, but persists in beating the ground where the dead horse once lay. But nobody is to clear any of her comments except me now. And B, if all you have got is your fervent devotion to a particular private revelation that the Bishops involved have disowned, you really need to find somewhere else to talk about it.

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    2. AL2, since there is always Good and Evil in the world, what a person chooses to focus on both determines their outlook and is created by their outlook. Change your focus and change your outlook on the world.

      Here’s an example:

      You can see yourself as an island of spiritual sanity isolated in a sea of heterodoxy or you can instead choose to see yourself as an orthodox seed from which God can spread orthodoxy to dozens or hundreds or thousands of currently lost people.

      One is a negative focus that depresses you and pushes others away. The other is to choose to believe that you are strong enough that God placed you in that mass of heterodoxy all by yourself to live your faith and let your example magnetize the lost back into God’s orbit.

      The former causes people to draw away from you and your negativity, from your rejection of them as somehow inadequate in your eyes. The latter builds up, forces some humility on you that you not judge lest you be judged, and then you can see who comes to you and your love, as people turn toward the warmth of the sun.

      You have no excuse to claim your situation is the result of others when it is 100% due to a choice under your control, as I have outlined. In short, your situation is entirely self-inflicted.

      I suggest you snap out of it and start making better choices – choices that will change your world without anyone else having to change one iota of who they are or correct any of the errors they are making in your eyes.

      I’m a big fan of the idea that the “mote” in someone else’s eye is a reflection in their eye of the beam in mine. You might ponder that a little, as I periodically do.

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      1. “How our will deviates its inclination from that which is the will of God. He wants us to love the truth; we love the lie. He wants us to desire the eternal; we, here below, lean toward what comes to an end. He wants us to desire sublime and great things; we, here below, desire base and earthly things. He would want us to desire only what is secure; we, here below, love the dubious. Everything is a mockery… except beseeching God to free us from these dangers forever and draw us at last away from every evil… What does it cost us to ask for a great deal? We are asking it of one who is powerful… His name be forever hallowed in heaven and on earth, and may his will be always done in me. Amen.” (Way of Perfection, 42:2, 4. Taken from Drink From the Stream: Prayers of Carmelites, 72)

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  11. You have a quiet, methodical way about you. Your hair is never on fire, you’re not hyperbolic or pretentious. Most of all, you don’t judge and you don’t shame. You accept people for who they are no matter the denomination. That’s what they pick up on. They can breathe a sigh of relief and be themselves. You are easy to be around.

    Rest well, and get better.

    I’m very much looking forward to your next pieces, but I also wanted you to know what comfort I got out of the CORAC newsletter piece you wrote about your young family doing the best you could and God filling in the gaps and this piece as well.

    God bless all of the Next Right Steppers, each doing their part in their own part of the world.

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      1. Next right step, baby!!! Ha! Funny thing…I bought my very first bottle of everclear today (didn’t even know little ole Norwalk had it – thanks to Natalie who called around for me when me n mike were so sick🥰) and the nice lady behind the counter and I were discussing homeopathy which Jackie is helping me create asthma med and somehow the door opened for explaining Fatima and her eyes 👀 just popped open real big and all of a sudden she remembered the story of Fatima and everything was like this cool “ah ha,” moment! I tell ya I got goosebumps! I told her I’m building my little ark and that she should too😂 🛶

        Charlie, I hope you’re feeling better today!!! 🕯

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  12. 🤔 hmmmm I wonder which prophets Charle is speaking about in this piece 😂😂😂. I do like Fr Blount, Anne the lay apostle, and Fr Ripperger (I do like his binding prayers) St Faustina, of course and Akita. And especially our own Desmond a Birch who wrote Trial Tribulation and triumph before during and after antichrist but honestly this downfall has been going on for quite awhile and I suspect it could go on as long as God wants It to😂. Shoot didn’t Noah work on his arc for 120 years 😂. I don’t really worry about all that anymore thanks to Charlie, I continue to build and work towards building up the Kingdom where I am in my little place and leave the rest up to God! I thank God for Charlie and all my good friends at CoRaC region 6! I sent an email out last night to our neighborhood to see if we can start a foraging class in our hood in case things go bad😂. That will be fun to see their responses 😂

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  13. “I don’t know what it is that gives me a soothing effect on people, but it is there. Having it, I believe I would be held to hard judgment if I did not use it to give people heart. After all, it is one of the three prime commands I march to: 1) Defend the Faith, 2) Hearten the Faithful and, 3) Defend the Faithful.”

    Joy, laughter in the face of physical pain, being present, trust, faith, being one of us-to name a few.

    Thank you for coming back to Missoula.

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  14. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! … 😉





    Yeah … Right!


    Live in CA? …. past time to depart the fix!





    As THEY planned!





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  15. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! … 😉 PM



    SanFran Nanny is #3 in Line for POTUS …., condering #s 1&2 …….? .. ;-(
    ….. #1 In-Action!





    ….. Trump tried to tell them ….. & US ;-(

    I’ll bet This Guy resigns with a fat FBI Retirement Check and some “Golden Parachute” BS Board Position on a Soros Funded “Think Tank” ….. Sacrificial Scapegoat.



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  16. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! … 😉




    My Catholic Men’s Group @ Osan AB helped out these Sisters Over-There.



    THEY took over USA “Education” System years ago ;-(




    ….. Meanwhile in Democrat Urban Paradises….


    Not to Worry! ChinaJoe will fill the shortfalls with what’s left in OUR USA Stockpiles! ;-(
    Why do I get the feeling that the USA/EU are getting played by Principalities & Powers of Earth and elsewhere?

    Another Food Plant in flames!? …….???? ….. ;-(


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  17. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! … 😉 PM



    Not enough recruits!
    What are the Stats on Retention Rates? …. and how many forced out over ClotShots?
    War Reserve Military Stockpiles squandered!

    Baby Food Shortages! Power Grid Shortages! AND Our Oil Reserves!:

    But … Hey!!! Look on de Brite Side.
    ChinaJoe & Company have “produced” 87,000 new IRS Agents AND Millions of Undocumented Democrats….. Ain’t it Grand? …. Hellooooo???

    The Trump Raid has exploded like a loaded cigar. The DC Swamp THEY are so arrogant within in THEIR likeminded bubbles that THEY have totally lost touch with Producer Class America.









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  18. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! … 😉
















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  19. Thank you for this post, Charlie, which touches upon many things. I’ve been tending to time-consuming things here and haven’t yet responded. Here’s one thing that I’m responding to. You wrote:

    “I was delighted while traveling to find two Bishops who did wonderful and courageous things. Portland Archbishop Alexander Sample responded to Traditionis Custodes by decreeing that the Latin Mass will continue in Portland as it always has, as it was NOT causing division among Catholics there.”

    I live in the mostly rural neighboring other diocese in Oregon (there are only two). I’m happy to report that a nearby Latin Mass continues as always, with the blessing of our Bishop Liam Cary.

    God bless and keep all of us!
    Sister Bear
    In the wilds of Oregon

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  20. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! … 😉





    CreepyJoe In-Action! Last I checked, it’s unlawful to use uniformed Military in CAMPAIGN Speeches? … Of Course! As we have learned of late. DC Swamp Creatures do NOT have to abide by Fed Laws or God’s either!








    Look who’s vying with AOC to be NY’s Chief Clown:


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  21. PS:

    I simply don’t understand what ChinaJoe’s PuppetMasters were thinking about when they designed The Set for Joe’s Philly Speech!?
    …. but since they did … I just couldn’t help myself … could I?
    PhotoShop is a wonderful thing 😉


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  22. Seems like a solid “Where the Heart Is” touches on “Belief.” Since there’s a part of me that’s athlete and coach, here’s some lessons learned over a lifetime. (also reignited by by that stellar and humorous spiritual direction I received from that holy Priest.)

    “So again I ask, does God give you his Spirit and work miracles among you by the works of the law, or by your believing what you heard? — Galatians 3:5

    The power of belief is vital for a high level of performance in any pursuit in life. Work, play, family, friends, neighbors, and communities are all impacted by your beliefs.

    Your beliefs drive what you do, and what you do determines what you accomplish. A strong set of beliefs can help you perform better, smarter, and with greater resilience.

    What you believe either empowers or limits you. This is especially true under pressure, when dealing with change, or in response to other challenging situations.

    The good news? What you think is simply a matter of choice, so it’s essential to be fully engaged mentally.

    Talent isn’t enough to achieve this. Education and physical training aren’t enough either. Top performers win in their mind first . They believe.

    Why Belief Is so Powerful:
    – Belief creates vision
    – Belief creates strength of will.
    – Belief creates resilience
    – Belief ignites and activates

    Belief sees what is not seen. It sees the goal, what has not yet been accomplished, a path required to achieve the goal, and the work that must be done.

    Strength of Will:
    It’s determined by commitment, perseverance, and consistent discipline. A strong will is determined to do whatever the right path requires, with the perseverance to stay on the path as long as necessary to achieve the goal, and the discipline to overcome any distractions that get you off that path.

    This is not merely about the commitment to start something. This is about the commitment to continue… with many renewed commitments along the way when the path is difficult, tedious and painful.

    It’s your belief that says “I will” when it gets hard. It’s your mindset that says “I will do the work… whatever it takes.”

    It’s the ability to respond to and overcome adversity. Your capacity, derived from disciplined habits to navigate challenges, setbacks and other difficulties. Belief doesn’t just survive adversity. It gets stronger because of it as we grow in toughness, tenacity and determination.

    Top performers have it: a steely-eyed focus on what needs to be done in response to adversity. It’s not their habit to waste attention time or energy complaining or worrying. All their energy is focuses on doing what needs to be done, without giving up.

    Feel like you’re running into brick walls in pursuit of a goal? Then stop thinking of brick walls as something to keep you out – from advancing – and start thinking how badly you want to achieve that goal. Brick walls are not there to stop you, they’re there to be overcome.

    Ignite and activate.
    Because belief helps you overcome doubts and distractions with focus, it triggers you to perform at a higher level. It unleashes potential and strength, giving you more access to your talent, ability and capabilities.

    Though folks can work hard to develop those, they sometimes fail to gain access because habits of negative thinking that hold them back. The top performers win in their minds first!

    Finally, understand that belief is not simply about individual performance. It is also a critical element of team performance. It’s one of the most powerful forces on a team. It’s a force multiplier that bonds a team together by shared beliefs in each other and the mission.

    Want healthy purpose and clarity?


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  23. Here’s what last night’s stage setting immediately reminded me of (for images, search-engine “images Mao Beijing Tiananmen Square Forbidden City”).

    “Saint Michael the Archangel . . . .”

    Sister Bear

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  24. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! … 😉 PM






    Yup! The Phiily Speech should help the GOP Big-Time …. if The Stupid Party has …?..









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  25. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! … 😉









    Naughty Words Guy sums it up.

    The WH Usual Suspects planned this Thursday Night before Labor Day Weekend as just a show to produce Election 22 sound bytes to keep the Radical Fringe Cogs of the Democrat Party agitated.
    It was only broadcast on CNN/CNBC for this reason and in the hopes that any negatives would be forgotten by Tuesday next.
    Once again THEY have miscalculated Fly-Over USA!


    Far-Out Tinfoil Hat Stuff or…../




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  26. In honor of Mother Teresa’s 25th anniversary, the KofC presenting a documentary; trailer below.

    (Her dark night of the soul encourages others: https://tinyurl.com/3uzv7ukz)

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    1. The video of her life, The Letters, The Untold Story of Mother Teresa, is excellent too. I love her and feel close to her after she gave me a big favor. Additionally, she died on my birthday.

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  27. Hi dear NRS family. Charlie thank you for your yeses to Christ everyday.

    I once read that the US Special Forces figured out many years ago that when pinned down and taking flack the absolute best move, to both reduce wounds/death and achieve their mission was to square their shoulders to the enemy and advance. They of course trained and do this in a methodical way, but it always has far better results than taking cover and letting the enemy pick them off. Ive never been in that situation. I sense this is all of our situation now. We have no choice but to square our shoulders together and with Jesus turn toward the enemy and move forward through the storm. it seems to me to be the only way. CORAC is our Lady’s and our Savior’s special forces…

    Much love and affection, yours in Christ…r

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  28. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! … 😉




    How long before Public School Abortion Clinics? ;-(

    Never ending Pervert Scandals ;-(




    The Republic will not recover until the DC Swamp is drained!

    With a corrupt USA Judiciary (especially Blue States), these lawsuits will go NOwhere.





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    1. This seems like a great TNRS:


      ”Teachers might hope that the union to which they pay $800-$1000 in dues would condemn what’s happened in Greenwich, but what does the CEA do instead? It defends a school administrator who openly admits to discriminating against teachers. How much more backwards and upside-down can the union get? It’s no wonder so many teachers have sent in their letters to leave the union this summer, and it’s why you can bet a whole lot more will be writing those letters now,” it added.


  29. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! … 😉 PM


    “Beasts of The Fields” There be plenty of Evil throughout Our USA but California must be a Focal Point!



    Nothing to see here! .. Move Along!!

    OUR USA has become an Amalgam of Ticking TimeBombs ;-(
    Jesus, we Trust in You!
    ……. & THEY will peddle more Gubermint short term Nostrums to “FIX” the problems THEY created …….. and Buy Votes in November! …. thus rearranging the deck chairs on the sinking USA Ship of State ;-(



    ChinaJoe’s Handlers be doubling down after Joe sez Trump Supporters are NOT a threat on Speech+1 ….. guess Joe went off script?



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  30. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! … 😉

    Happy Labor Day!







    Nothing to see here! …. Move Along!!!


    More Truth here than not.

    Did Ya know that a Rail Strike is a real possibility and threat to our already crippled Supply Chain?


    I suspect that we have all been part of some evil experiment since Jan 09 ;-(




  31. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! … 😉 PM





    Make NO mistake! THEY are stirring up THEIR Ignorant & Angry Base in the hopes that Violence ensues so that “heroic” Feral Gubermint Agents have to “Take Action” with it ALL being spun by Democrats & THEIR Global/Media Masters to reflect negatively upon those that do NOT support the godless Left Agendas …… Be Prepared!!!


    Ominous Threats of Terrorism, Breathless Media Spin and DC Swamp False Flags be coming next 7 weeks!!





    Corrupt DC Judiciary .. In-Action!! ;-( Conservatives have NO chance in DC.





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