Keeping the Home Fires Burning

Rembrandt – The Rest on the Flight to Egypt

By Charlie Johnston

I have been a bit under the weather this last week – so I have had a case of the slows. It seems to hit me every time I get home from my extended road trips. After about a week at home I just kind of crash. I suspect the adrenalin keeps me going on the road – and then I have to hibernate for a week to get revitalized at home and ready for the next foray. I’m kind of excited for my next trip, which will begin at the end of May. First my grandson, Camron, will spend two weeks on the road with me and after he is back home, my granddaughter, Mya, will spend two weeks with me. That is going to be fun for all of us. Not to worry: CORAC is not paying for their travel or expenses. I am paying personally for it. 

One thing I did get done this week was to work with Full of Grace USA to get the Brazen Serpent Prayer Cards designed and ordered. We met on Tuesday to go over design and technical matters. Today, the final design is done and it is going off to be manufactured. For CORAC, our initial order will be 5,000, which will be distributed to Regional Coordinators and Team Leaders to give out to people. Full of Grace will also have 5,000 more on hand so you can order them from the shop. They will be a bi-fold and each will have a small Miraculous Medal included. On the back panel will be the Prayer of Miraculous Trust. I’m pretty excited to get these rolling. At CORAC, of course, we will be giving them out. If you don’t know a Regional Coordinator and want to get some quickly, you will have to order direct from Full of Grace. I don’t know what final pricing will be yet, but with the materials involved, I expect it to be at least two dollars per card. CORAC does NOT share in any profits from the sale of the cards (at my insistence: in order to ensure a good supply chain, they have to pay for themselves – which will be critical if we get into real panic over the deadly dangers of the shots as we get deep into the summer.) My concern is that you have easy access to them even if you don’t have a CORAC leader close at hand to give you one. 

One of the things we are going to do at CORAC is develop a set of “down-loadables.” Our Region Four Coordinator (Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi and Tennessee) developed the finest Covid shot exemption letter I have ever seen last week. With his leave, I intend to put the final version into the coming new “Downloads” section on the CORAC website. We will also add a sheet of cards you can print to pass out at your Church to let people know to meet there at 9 a.m. on Saturdays if communications go out for any length of time. We are in the process of developing cards that will help you, in brief, on what initial steps to take in all manner of emergencies. I want these set up as downloads you can print out yourselves in advance because we could not possibly manage large-scale distribution in the midst of a crisis. We run very lean and I want you to have what you need before you need it. By working together with our neighbors and friends and taking the initiative, we are weaving together anew the fabric that once made our culture, itself, a profound sign of hope to its citizens and the world. The threads we are using are faith, family, freedom – and YOU. Get knitting.

At this point, we are at about 45% of what our Easter fundraising goal is. I thank you for your wonderful generosity and ask, if you can (I know it’s tough in this tanking economy) please make your donation today to CORAC. Our Executive Director, Michael Murray, put up a short, four-minute video entitled, “We’re the Guys That Do Stuff” to emphasize our ethos. It is a short out-take from a mini-rant I did at a national meeting. While the title phrase is not heard in this particular rant, it is a phrase I have used more than a few times to remind people who we are at CORAC. Won’t you join and do stuff with us?

Finally, getting back into the swing of things, I repeat this piece from last September, entitled “Intentional Acts of Faith.” It nicely captures both the increasing doubts about the stability of our society AND the reality that we must act with steady resolve under God – doing the thing right in front of us that we can while we can:


Saying Grace – Norman Rockwell


By Charlie Johnston

When my maternal grandmother, who doted on me, died back in 1964, she bequeathed her Bible to me. Actually, she bequeathed several things to me from her meager estate – and made it known to all that these were to go to me. Alas, much of the family looted her small store of things – and the only thing I have of hers is her Bible. I was only eight years old. I wasn’t mad at the relatives; I was embarrassed for them. It was not the first time I pitied the unseemliness of the behavior of an adult, but it was the first time I can remember pitying a whole group of them. I did not understand the petty, grasping nature of it all. I can’t see how someone can feel triumphant about taking something they are not entitled to. Truth be told, I still don’t understand it except as sort of an anthropological study.

My mother, God bless her soul, was adamant that the Bible was mine – and took custody of it until I reached maturity. After I took possession of it, I filled out as much as I knew in the section in the back devoted to Mom’s family tree. In the 90’s Mom was looking through it while I was visiting and discovered what I had written. She recognized it was not her mother’s handwriting – and mistakenly thought her Father had written it (I wrote in the names in a formal style that did not obviously jump out as my own handwriting). Mom had had a troubled relationship with her father until the last five years of his life, when it became blessedly sweet between them. She was in tears of joy and humbly asked if she could hold the Bible until she passed on as it was such a precious memento now of both her mother and her father. I thought of telling her the truth, but her mistake brought her such solace and joy I could not bear to correct the misunderstanding – so it went back into her custody. When Mom passed nine years ago, it came back into mine. Praying that she is in heaven and knows what happened now, I hope that she is as warmly affectionate about my restraint as I was about her joy at her “discovery.”

Last week I took the Bible to be rebound at a well-regarded book bindery and repair shop in Denver. I had a wonderful chat with the lady who owns the fifth-generation business, who determined that this Bible was printed in 1923. It will not be ready for 10 weeks. 

I hit the road again in a week and a half. With the rapid destabilizing of the country, for the first time since I have gone on these missionary journeys, I am deeply uncertain about whether I will be stranded outside of Colorado for a time if an authoritarian convulsion divides the country into free states and captive states. I left the Bible in her care anyway, knowing that nothing is lost in God’s economy – and as an intentional act of faith that, even if I am delayed by events, I’ll be back in God’s good time. (I got the Bible back in the aftermath of my bout with Covid. It is beautifully bound and embossed in deep maroon leather – CJ).

Amidst all the uncertainty hovering over the world, the Church, and our country, now is the time for intentional acts of faith. I think of the time on my pilgrimage when an unstable young man followed me into the woods near Lake Charles, Louisiana and threatened me with a pistol. As I started to break camp to move somewhere else after he fled in panic at something I did not see, something rose in me to make me think, ferociously, that no, I was going to stay right where I was that night and sleep well. And so I did. I can’t say whether it was an act of faith or an act of defiance – but sometimes an act of defiance is an act of faith, a steadfast resolve that no matter how things appear, it is God who reigns.

When you decide to have another child in these troubled times, it is an act of faith. When you strike up cheery conversations with strangers along your daily way, it is an act of faith. I do that all the time. I can’t help myself. Despite my occasional crabbiness, I am fundamentally a cheery guy and have been my whole life. Of late, though, I have noticed that people don’t just enjoy our little impromptu conversations; there is often a look of real relief and gratitude at the cheery normalcy of it all. 

Embrace joy, as a child of God, even in these troubling times. Then, go forth and share that joy with all you encounter. It is time to become intentional evangelists in a troubled world. Simply share your cheery good nature with those you meet; with quietly confident (and not pushy) fortitude act as if God is in charge rather than just saying it – and you will find that an unknown multitude will find their way to Christ and His peace because of your example.


A relatively new commenter here took umbrage at my saying that, with the exception of the use of fetal stem cells in it, sin does not attach to the decision to take or refuse the Covid gene therapy shot. While long-time readers know I was sounding the alarm about the unnecessary use of fetal stem cells in almost all vaccines in America from the time I began writing here, it was an inelegant construction on my part. What I should have written is that no more sin attaches to the use of this mRNA shot than to any vaccine. For many people, awareness that fetal stem cells are being used in the development of many shots only began with the debate over this one. I have known – and decried it – for several decades.

Complicating it all is that the Church has declared that this vaccine is acceptable because of the “remote material cooperation” with the evil of abortion of those who receive the shot. “Remote material cooperation” is a specific and venerable theological concept that dates back to St. Thomas Aquinas. The head of the theology department at EWTN, Colin Donovan, explains the Church’s current position quite succinctly. Infallibility does not apply to the Church’s pronouncement on this matter – and officials have badly muddled the matter of faith and morals, which they DO have authority over with scientific judgment, which they do not. If you detect a note of skepticism in Donovan’s review of the situation, so do I – and I agree with his seeming tacit point that the venerable theological concept has been either misapplied in this case or so clumsily muddled that it is worthless without substantial modification. (Forgive me, Colin, if I have misread you).

Practically speaking, I always endeavor to keep specific controversies narrowly focused – to limit the number of rabbit holes people can go down to avoid the central issue. For me, the central issue here is what is different about this shot from other shots used for other purposes. If my primary stated objection is something that is common to almost all shots used in similar circumstances, when people who otherwise might consider the evidence in good faith discover that, they are likely to conclude that I am just an “anti-vaxxer” and dismiss everything I have to say on the subject – so that is a formula not of bringing a serious, ongoing issue to light, but dismissing serious consideration of what is different about this shot.

This is not a vaccine, but a form of experimental gene therapy – called a vaccine merely because it uses the same method of delivery as a vaccine. By the standard officials are using to define this as a vaccine, a solution of arsenic and strychnine, delivered via syringe, is a vaccine. The method of lethal injection used in some capital cases is a vaccine under the new standard of definition. A vaccine is a solution of attenuated or dead cells of the disease you want to protect against injected to trigger organic immune resistance. If officials want to soothe people by comparing this gene therapy to a vaccine, they do not get to stop without comparing results. By the CDC’s own numbers, this shot has already produced over 100 times as many serious adverse reactions and deaths as all other vaccines combined in the last 30 years (and I am understating it by an order of magnitude here). I, personally, believe (along with more than a few well-credentialed scientists and doctors – all of whom are silenced by politicians and the media) that more people have already died from the shot than have from actual Covid. The cascade is growing visibly week to week now for all who study the actual data.  

Those Bishops who seek to mandate this gene therapy are attacking actual Church doctrine, period.  (Philip Lawler, author of the highlighted link, did a solid book entitled “Contagious Faith” on the subject.) Individual conscience is not the be-all and end-all for Catholics. Dr. Jeff Mirus, founder of Trinity Communications, writes clearly and concisely on both the limits of individual conscience and the extent to which it applies and may not be coerced. I am not the Church. Even if my opinion is correct and well-reasoned, it does not carry the weight of the institutional advice of even non-defined advisories from the Church. On the other hand, it looks, in this case, as if Church authorities did NOT study the actual data, apply defined moral theology to it, and then make a coherent pronouncement. Rather, it looks like they decided to approve it and shopped around for a plausible reason to justify the decision they had already made. If the latter is the case, then as the many flaws become publicly manifest, it will lead more people to treat the Church’s actual authority, even when carefully applied, in contempt. That is a loss for everyone.

Meantime, careful journalist Alex Berenson was banned from Twitter for repeating solid information confirmed by the CDC that does NOT conform to the preferred narrative of the anti-science, anti-liberty ruling caste. When all are held to account – and all will be sooner than they think – it will be in mitigation of religious authority’s guilt that they were misled by public officials and voices they once could trust, but it will not erase their culpability for failing to do true due diligence once significant and credible controversy arose. Meantime, we would all do well to avoid triumphalism – for anyone to assert that their own conscience (examined or unexamined) trumps everyone else’s is to invite divine rebuke. So, I examine this whole subject on narrow grounds that I am confident of because of my study and the rules of logic and am neither quick to condemn another who has come to a different assessment nor to expand the ground of my examination to areas that should be defended in their own right.


Mark Twain once told the story of a woman who lived for others. You could tell who the others were, he added, by the haunted look in their eyes

Though all modern government documents are murky, the FDA approval letter for a Covid shot set a new standard for murky. At the founding of the American Republic, leaders took pains to write powerful, complex ideas in accessible language for all. As legalism set in, documents started to become difficult for the layman to interpret because of the desire for precision. As bureaucracy exploded, the murk was not for precision, but specifically to hide the real intent from the layman. I have long worked from the “squid” theory of interpreting government documents. I figure that any time there is this much ink clouding the water, there has got to be a squid there somewhere – so I endeavor to find the squid.

I have come to believe this was a shell game designed to give a plausible foundation for various governments and institutions to mandate the experimental mRNA shots while simultaneously protecting those same institutions from any liability when the adverse reactions and deaths continue to skyrocket.

The best short piece I have seen on the con game involved here was on American Thinker, by Steve McCann. Robert Kennedy Jr. co-authored a longer piece getting into the details of how this shields the pharmaceutical companies involved while illegally mandating an unapproved shot. This “approval” is a breathtaking masterpiece of raw cynicism. And that in an already unconscionably cynical age!

Pretending Covid was a dire emergency seemed an opportune way to the anti-God left for seizing power across the globe. They did, but they also started digging themselves and everyone else with them into a deep hole. Israel, the most heavily inoculated country in the world, discovered that natural immunity provides 13 times the protection from re-infection than the Covid shot does. So what does Israel do? It mandates that people get booster shots every five months. You never hear about Sweden anymore. It acted rationally in a way that did not give it an excuse to exercise arbitrary power over its citizens. All the “smart” kids in governments and the media said it was going to become a death camp because of its “irresponsible neglect.” You don’t hear much about Sweden anymore because it did NOT become a death camp, it did NOT destroy its economy, and it did NOT seize basic liberty from its citizens – and now has weathered the storm and stabilized. The rest of the world seems determined to keep digging by doing the same things they did to make a real problem into a man-made crisis. They are desperate not to let go of the power they have seized, no matter how many people have to die.

The worm is turning visibly and quickly on this whole thing now, despite the frantic efforts of control freaks to force everyone to bend to their will. Yes, I know; jobs, livelihoods, health care and freedom are being threatened. Every day I see posts from the control freaks wishing death and worse on anyone who will not submit. They latched onto Covid and the shots as a means to power because they are shallow, vain and petty. Soon, those who held their ground and acted rationally will hold the whip hand. I remind everyone that we are to use that moment as a means of reconciliation, not revenge – and so not to treat those afflicted as they have treated us while they thought they held the whip hand. That does not mean they should be allowed to continue to hold the reins of power. They must not. We must not be led by shrieking, hysterical harpies. But we must treat them with a charity and dignity they never extended to us, for our purpose is to draw them back into the fold of a free people under God.


If communication goes out for any length of time, meet outside your local Church at 9 a.m. on Saturday mornings. Tell friends at Church now in case you can’t then. CORAC teams will be out looking for people to gather in and work with.

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  1. I’ll bet you’re exactly right about adrenaline pumping your energy on the road and, then, when you get back home, your body says: “Thank you, Charlie, for this respite.” And it proceeds to take you into a down time demand state so you can refresh and refuel. Why even the Lord rested on the 7th day. Beau coup blessings on your rest time,even though you have all manner of duties and tasks which require attention. Next right step is a timeless discipline. 🙂

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  2. Thank you for revisiting this one. It amazes me that the “safe and effective” mantra continues to be pushed by the Dems (“Thank goodness I had my shots or this illness would have been worse!”).

    I do think, however, that COVID and the vax have not done as much damage as they were hoping and my conspiracy theory is that they are now working to starve as many people as they can by stopping the supply chain, burning down food processing plants, killing off chickens (and thus egg production) because of a (very convenient) bird flu, recalling thousands of pounds of hamburger because of “suspected” bacteria, as well as the increase in food, utility and water costs. And with the crazy weather we’ve been having across the country, I wonder if cloud seeding has been to blame, or just Satan’s hand. (Though I had an interesting conversation with the rancher who supplies our meat about the damage the wind farms are doing in Eastern Colorado).

    Bottom line? Trust God, take the next right step and be a sign of hope! Thank you, Charlie, for this mantra!!

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  3. Thank you, Charlie!

    Enjoy the time with your grandkids.

    Our first grandchild was born 2 days ago. If y’all could please say a prayer for my granddaughter, Lucie…along with her parents 😉

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    1. Congratulations! Richest blessings on your new granddaughter. Prayers for her and the new mom and dad.


  4. In 1871, when a firestorm threatened to destroy the wood-constructed buildings on the site that the Queen of Heaven had visited a young Belgian woman, instead of running away to a “safe” location, this young immigrant made an act of faith and turned toward our Blessed Mother in prayer, as did many of the local inhabitants who came to the chapel grounds to pray, some with animals in tow, That act of faith led to a fire-quenching rain in the early morning of the anniversary of that apparition that had occurred 12 years earlier, leaving the grounds of the holy place as “an emerald isle in a sea of ashes”. That act of faith would play a pivotal role in the approval of the first Marian apparition site in the United States. That act of faith was followed by many more acts of faith over the subsequent 150 years, yielding hundreds and even thousands of spiritual and physical healings. The firestorms that are raging today require intentional acts of faith as a response, as Charlie said, demonstrating “the reality that we must act with steady resolve under God – doing the thing right in front of us that we can while we can.”

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      1. I just printed out the prayer for Bishops and the names and locations of all the Bishops in this Shepherd Project so beginning tomorrow, May 1st I’m all ready to begin praying for them! I hope many of you beautiful sign of hopers here will do the same!

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        1. After the event of yesterday, and, if the country goes back to pre-Roe v Wade where it is up to the individual states, we will need our bishops to be truly good shepherds. Come Holy Spirit!
          The movement of Sanctuary Cities for the Unborn will need to expand to Sanctuary States for the Unborn and, finally, to be the sanctuary country for the unborn. That will be the sign of hope for the redemption the world needs.
          Pope St. John Paul II wrote, “If Redemption marks the divine limit placed on evil, it is for this reason only: because thereby evil is radically overcome by good, hate by love, death by resurrection.” He also said, “In the mystery of Redemption, Christ’s victory over evil is given to us not simply for our personal advantage, but also as a task.” We have a lot of wood to chop.

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      1. Nance, it’s the Shrine of Our Lady of Good Help; and it’s in the Diocese of Green Bay in Wisconsin. It’s the site of the only Church-approved apparition in the United States, and it is a beautiful place to make a pilgrimage.

        Incidentally, the fire is known as the Pestigo Fire. If I remember correctly, it occurred on the same day as the Great Chicago Fire; and it is the largest and deadliest wildfire in US history.

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  5. When feeling energetic, I love to have impromptu conversations while shopping.
    I asked the butcher if he ever thought pork would be cheaper than chicken.
    He shook his head and said he could remember when chicken was 9 cents a pound.
    I asked the checkout person if he has been saying his prayers… because of WWIII possibilities,
    He didn’t say, but he did say there was going to be a bread shortage.

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    1. I enjoy doing that also, For The Sake Ofl Happened recently surveying fairly empty shelves at our local discount store, to the other lady who was also searching. People are almost always friendly and/or smile. God bless you!

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      1. Like Charlie says:…”Of late, though, I have noticed that people don’t just enjoy our little impromptu conversations; there is often a look of real relief and gratitude at the cheery normalcy of it all.”

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  6. Well I try not to ask for the “big gun,” prayers too often from all you “big guns,” but I really do need a favor!!!

    Yep. You guessed it! Globetrotting Tommy, Liz and Jaxon are heading off to their first adventure together Next Sunday! Mothers Day! Ha!

    Ireland 🇮🇪

    Please if you will keep all three of them in your prayers or at least say one prayer for their safety.

    Mick I think I showed you Jax’s visa! Cutest baby visa ever, right🥰👶🏼🙏✝️🇮🇪

    Thank you friends aka “big guns!”

    Tommy said he’s going to bring me back something St Patrick! 🍀 😃 and kiss the Blarney Stone (hope he’s kidding about that one!😩)

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    1. Linda: I really wouldn’t advise doing the Blarney Stone nonsense. Much better to spend the money on having a good meal. There are many fine restaurants in that region of my demented country. Small, local, good quality producers, defying the globalisation agenda.

      And many fine, family-owned public houses also, of course. Me being me I had to mention that 😎. Tell them to try another version of the Blessed Black Brew: Beamish. Hoppy and lovely. Mmmmmm…

      That’s me being me again😎

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      1. I hear you, Jaykay… If, by the grace of God, I ever get to visit Ireland, one of the things I want to do is go to an Irish pub. I don’t drink (I have no clue what Black Brew even is… beer? Ale? Something else entirely?). But I live in an area where many of the original settlers were Irish. Lots of the kids I went to school with had surnames like Connelly, Shaughnessy, McEnany, and O’Connor. Got a tiny bit of Irish on both my mother’s and father’s sides. And we even have Duffy’s Pub in my hometown, conveniently located a block away from a parish with a Perpetual Adoration chapel. But I someday hope to visit a real pub in Ireland. Call me weird, but that’s my dream. 🙂

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        1. The Black Brew is Guinness, Mick 😁 It’s more of a deep cholocatey colour, really, rather than actually black, and within the spectrum of beer (the brewniverse) it’s classified as a “stout”. So, should you ever visit this benighted isle, and fulfill your desire to visit a pub (a desire of which I am, of course, in total approbation), you’ll probably hear people calling for “a pint of stout” – usually, where there isn’t an alternative to Guinness, it would be understood that Guinness is what’s meant and they’d just say “a pint” where their preference is known anyway – as it would be in a good pub. However, if there are others on sale (e.g. Beamish) it would have to be specified.

          I’d better stop, before I start going on… and on.

          On that subject, I’ve been known to… 😎

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      2. Thanks Jaykay for this good soon advice!!! I will share it with them!!! Their son, jaxy boy, 10 month old LOVES TO EAT!!! He eats EVERYTHING with only 4 teeth! 🍣 salmon, 🥩 steak, asparagus, bananas 🍌 imagine how he’ll love the Irish ☘️ pub food!!! Lol. Hopefully Tommy was kidding about the Blarney Stone but ya never know😩

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        1. To be fair, Linda, the actual castle itself is worth a visit. Pubs are usually kid-friendly, with baby-chairs etc. so he, and they, should have a ball. They don’t all do food, of course, but a lot do.

          Best wishes to you, Tommy and family. J.

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          1. Thank you jaykay!!! Thank you for your prayers🥰🙏✝️

            I prayed with tears today for them and asked God for a sign so I opened my Bible to: “And I will bring them back again….” There was more the the verse in Baruch but I keyed in on that! Prayers are soooo powerful. Thank you again!

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          2. Yay!!! Roe va Wade Overturned almost!!!



            1. That’s what the Left wants us to believe, Linda; but it’s not a done deal. The draft opinion is just that: a draft. It won’t be finalized for a month or two, and the Justices can change their votes at any time before that. The point of the leak is to the rabid left all worked up in a tizzy so that they can raise hell in order to pressure (read: coerce, threaten, scare) the conservative-ish Justices to change their votes. It is such an evil ploy: The evil Left’s minions have no qualms about threatening or perpetrating violence against those who won’t do their bidding; so this means that the conservative and conservative-ish justice and their families are quite probably in real danger from this moment forward.

              Let us all storm heaven asking (1) for the protection of the Justices and their families, (2) that the Justices stand firm, and (3) that the abomination of Roe v. Wade be consigned to the ash heap of history forthwith.

              Here’s a good article on the subject:


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              1. Absolutely right, Mick! When I heard that news I had an insight shortly after. The expose, “2000 Mules”, is being shown right now; what better distraction! Sure enough, today Gateway Pundit had the same thought and headline! This documentary has proof of the stolen election and the people have worked tirelessly to get this made. There were 2 showings scheduled in our city and both are sold out, yay!!! Everyone needs to know about this movie; to motivate not to give up, if nothing else. Lots to pray about!

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  7. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! .. 😉

    We really need St Joseph in his Terror of Demons Job These-Days!

    Something is Rotten in the State of Vatican! I’ve got the feeling that The Bad Guys are going to see that this Big Stink will be swept under de rug?

    The USA should be on The Watch List! ;-(

    The International THEY can’t tolerate The Truth or those who promote it!
    Time is getting short …… ;-(

    The Good News/Silver Lining about The DHS Ministry of “Truth” is the fact that it will show US who/what THEY are really afraid of and allow US to support those worthy folks/entities! 😉
    ………..Naughy Word guy, as usual, is correct on the Subject!


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    1. From Charlie’s link about St Joseph:
      …”Pius XII decreed that the Feast of St. Joseph the Worker should be celebrated on May 1, the traditional Workers’ Day. He hoped that St. Joseph’s patronage would promote peace between workers
      and their employers and end the strife that too often marred their relationship.

      …Jesus and Mary desire that the Pure Heart of St. Joseph be honored on the First Wednesday of each month. On March 30, 1958, St. Joseph appeared to Sister Mildred, the mystic of the devotion to Our Lady of America. He said:

      I am the protector of the Church and the home, as I was the protector of Christ and His Mother while I lived upon earth. Jesus and Mary desire that my pure heart, so long hidden and unknown, be now honored in a special way. Let my children honor my most pure heart in a special manner on the First Wednesday of the month by reciting the Joyful Mysteries of the Rosary in memory of my life with Jesus and Mary and the love I bore them, the sorrow I suffered with them. Let them receive Holy Communion in union with the love with which I received the Savior for the first time and each time I held Him in my arms.
      Those who honor me in this way will be consoled by my presence at their death, and I myself will conduct them safely into the presence of Jesus and Mary.

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  8. Omgosh please pray for my friend, Brenda, from Schields iga who took the booster and now is suffering from congestive heart failure! I gave her Charlie’s prayer already and she is hoping the Lord will heal her! She has her daughter’s baby shower today!😩👶🏼🥰🙏✝️. Lord have mercy on Brenda and please heal her!

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    Daily Aspiration of the Month
    In the morning, at midday and in the evening, that
    is, three times a day, let us climb upon the lap of our
    Heavenly Mother and say:
    “My Mother, I love you; love me too. Increase in
    my soul the Will of God, and grant me your blessing also,
    so that I may do all my actions under your maternal gaze.”

    Click to access the-blessed-virgin-mary-in-the-kingdom-of-the-divine-will.pdf

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  10. Charlie,
    One thing I always appreciate about your analyses is the common sense and sincere attempts to stick to the facts. Truth has rights- and we don’t get to bend it to pump up our narrative.
    (Not accusing anyone here- but I’m sure we’ve all run into this in the last two years.)

    Glad to hear about the prayer card news. I am an impressed customer of Full of Grace, and keep
    the Surrender Novena around to pass on to others. As most of my family and friends are vaxxed, I will
    be buying the new cards to offer, as well.

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  11. “Soon, those who held their ground and acted rationally will hold the whip hand. ”

    I don’t see that happenning short of a miracle. Most of our oppressors would rather die in denial rather than acknowkedge they were wrong.

    I talked a cousin on the weekend and he told me about how his family was destroyed by the left, and his leftist educated ex is slowly killing their son with trans procedures. What could I say other than “It’s part of the globalist culture of death to depopulate the world. The governments & the system are full of wolves & traitors that are in on the globalist plans.” I did mention praying helps, but he’s not a believer in prayers…

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  12. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! .. 😉

    THEY are In Your Face!
    THEY know a BackLash is coming but THEY intend to do as much damage to the USA/Canada/Old Christendom as possible…. while THEY can!
    In the Global Chaos that THEY have engineeered, THEY hope, with the help of BigTech, Media. Useful Idiots and Manifest Evil to control most of what survives! ;-(

    Ya can bet that ChinaPlague Strain Elect-22 will hit late September and Mail-In Voting will be mandatory ….. or WORSE!!


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  13. Good morning everyone! Hey does anybody here know a good place to find out where we in Ohio can get good info on our candidates for Tuesday vote 🗳 for those who are for faith,family and freedom? Thank you


    1. Linda, in our city we listen to a very good conservative talk show host. He always has a voter recommendation page on the website. Look for someone such as that, perhaps, someone who really “walks the walk…………” Our guy works hard in our state to defeat evil!

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  14. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! .. 😉

    Democrat Party is out to destroy Trump …. & US too!!

    The Land of My Ancestors …. Gone with the Wind ;-(
    It’s a Global Cloward-Piven Strategy on Steroids
    …. worth reviewing what WE are watching unfold ;-( Naughty word alert but lots of info.
    ….. Get a Load of this Obamamite Idiot!


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  15. CREWDOG:
    How do you manage to find articles from all over the internet, especially the first 4 links about
    our Christian faith that I never heard about.
    Thank You

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  16. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! .. 😉

    The LeftWing BabyKillers & THEIR violent Rent-a-Mobs are COMING!! ….. and rest assured that the Media, DOJ/FBI and DHS/Ministry of Truth will turn a Blind Eye to ALL of it…… and blame RightWing Pro-Lifers for The Troubles …. as usual!! ;-(
    …. & insuring Taiwan won’t get weapons it needs to defend itself …. all part of The Plan I’d wager ;-(


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    1. Oh yes, those headlines are rich. “Burn It All Down!” has already been well underway. This current development could well be the rock that initiates the rock slide’s avalanche.

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    2. Yes, I saw the GP article this morning and know they’re correct! I commented above that that was my thought yesterday when I heard the news. A “false flag” event by the left 😦 especially with the timing of “2000 Mules” and all the other ramifications!


  17. Life has been so busy lately, I’ve been meaning to post this April 19th ARK Conference call. It is so very inspiring and hopeful. Worth the watch, y’all!

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