Good News, Bad News, Best News

Mount Doom (spoiler alert – the bad guys lost)

By Charlie Johnston

The Good News

The backlash to anti-God left-wing authoritarianism has begun in earnest.

-A leaked first draft indicates that the Supreme Court has decided to overturn Roe v Wade.

-Elon Musk has bought Twitter – and free speech once again has a chance.

-Dinesh D’Souza has put together proof of MASSIVE vote fraud in 2020 and presents it in his new documentary, “2000 Mules.” Joe Biden lost the election by a large margin – and the criminal operation the once-noble Democratic Party has become brazenly stole it.

-The Disney Corporation’s challenge to families and the people of Florida has been met – and Disney’s market cap is in full-scale collapse as parents flee from perhaps the largest institutional child grooming operation in history.

-After spending $300 million to get CNN+ off the ground, it collapsed within three weeks. Whoever it was that successfully recommended to CNN suits that people would pay big bucks to watch what they would not watch for free is a genius of sorts. I hope he fails upward and continues to successfully give such toxic counsel to every woke corporation out there.

-After abandoning entertainment for woke hectoring, Netflix is now bleeding subscribers and cash like a hemophiliac.

-As much as authoritarians long for its return, their brand of irrational Covid panic is dead.  

It has been long in coming, but ordinary Americans seem to be finding their way back to an understanding of traditional American values.

The Bad News

Have no doubt that the evil empire that American government and media has become will strike back hard. Allowing for genuine freedom and self-government would mean the elite’s total destruction.

-The leaking of the Supreme Court draft is likely an effort by a lefty to pressure some conservative justice to change his vote. I think it a desperate effort, but don’t be surprised if the left mounts a new round of “peaceful protests” like the fiery destruction of the summer of 2020 to try to scare any timid conservative justice into backing down. The anti-God left’s implicit message will be, “allow us to continue to murder babies or we might murder you.”

-Already the illegitimate Biden administration has set up a Ministry of Truth – the Disinformation Governance Board – to try to maintain control of the narrative by threatening to arrest you if you dare to disagree with the narrative. In a free country, citizens are never required to justify their opinions to the government; the government is required to justify its policies to the citizens.

-The left does not care about facts, evidence or truth; only that they get their way by hook or by crook – or by violence. Like a demon that has been revealed, they will not repent in the face of overwhelming proof of their identity. They will only hiss and snarl and claw all the harder. Demonic entities and their acolytes have no shame. They cannot be reasoned with, only defeated.

-Disney will fight and almost certainly lose, despite the hopeful meanderings of some legal sophists. But the greatest sick exposition of mass sexual disorder and psychosis will remain embedded in our dead culture. Working on a major ongoing project a few years back, a collaborator said to me in shock at our latest discoveries that, “My God, Charlie! When the history of this era is written it will turn out that we have long been governed by satanic pedophiles.” He spoke true.

-Entertainment, like everything else the left touches, has been ruined. Netflix, like Hollywood, is truly in the middle stages of catastrophic collapse. But bankruptcy will not deter them. The main actors are no longer purveyors of entertainment. They are demonic advocates who seek to pervert entertainment to destroy truth and memory.

-The animated Dr. Fauci (the evil doppelganger of Dr. Seuss – they both use absurdities to propel their narratives. Only Dr. Seuss’ absurdities were fun and wholesome) continues to opine that we must be prepared for more useless masking and damaging lockdowns. Bill Gates promises a new and even deadlier pandemic is just around the corner. The globalist left and its acolytes in the modern Democratic Party do not care what crisis allows them to take complete control via The Great Reset, only that one does. So they will keep manufacturing and peddling crises to the gullible in hopes that one will stick.

To paraphrase Winston Churchill, the very real backlash that has begun is not the end of malignant woke culture, it is not even the beginning of the end. It is, perhaps the end of the beginning. All but the more slow-witted have begun to realize we are in the midst of an existential crisis for western civilization – and are beginning to choose their sides…deciding for whom they will stand. The anti-God left is a spiritual and civilizational “terminator.” The wisest of people are beginning to realize, with Sarah Connor, that “…it can’t be reasoned with, it can’t be bargained with, it doesn’t feel pity or remorse or fear – and it absolutely will not stop. Ever.”

In a larger sense, most of the nascent backlash to the left’s attempt to seize and topple western civilization is entirely secular. Don’t get me wrong. I am not some Christian triumphalist who turns up his nose and sniffs at any help from people who have a different faith than I do – or even no religious faith. I know enough about the faith to know that, to do that, I would have to condemn St. Thomas Aquinas for relying so heavily on the work of an ancient pagan philosopher; that I would have to condemn St. Paul for mounting an apostolate to the Gentiles; and that I would have to condemn Jesus Christ for routinely ministering to pagans and Samaritans – and I would find especially noxious Jesus’ words about the pagan centurion: “I tell you, not even in Israel have I found such faith.” The folks who first ask, before considering the thoughts of another, “Is he Catholic?” or “Is he Baptist?” or whatever version of “Is he part of the tribe I prefer?” don’t get it at all – and are in grave danger of having Christ someday say to them, “Depart from me. I never knew you.” I well know that wisdom is its own justification and the very process of people collaborating together in some great cause is, itself, a powerful form of evangelization. Christianity has some simple, solid, immutable rules derived from the words of Our Founder and His Apostles – but it is NOT tribal. Yet even many serious Christians have been infected by the secular ethos of our age: when things get dire, they abandon the principles of faith because tacitly they think severe problems are too serious to be left to the vagaries of one’s favorite ‘superstition.’ I was saddened during my very serious bout with Covid when some I trust tried to persuade me to abandon my publicly stated principles and go into the hospital just because I was near death. But there it is – when push comes to shove, our trust is too often in man rather than God. Much of the turmoil we are undergoing is being used by God to teach us anew that, “…the battle is not to the strong nor the race to the swift.” Without a critical mass of people who understand that God is the only sovereign, our efforts are as useless as the spinning of a stripped gear.

We are, “…not contending against flesh and blood, but against the principalities, against the powers, against the world rulers of this present darkness, against the spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places…” (Ephesians 6:12) If we rely primarily on the tools of man to contend against demonically inspired assaults, we will lose, no matter how elegantly our resistance is crafted. Yet this great and terrible process we have entered into is not for our destruction but that we may learn, even from our failures, that nothing will avail until we put on the whole armor of God.

The Best News

God wins. I say that not in a superficial, chirpy way of whistling past the graveyard, but as the simple, immovable reality of human history. Whenever any of the lesser conflicts before this have happened in human history, the forces of darkness have exacted a terrible toll in human lives and misery before the assault is repulsed. I expect nothing to be significantly different about this most great and terrible confrontation between good and evil. The history of western civilization is the history of Christianity – one that progressively gave the greatest benefits to mankind. But it is a history of constant struggle. Times of peace and prosperity have been the times when we must struggle hardest against out own cupidity.

I think God is not seeking to change our minds: rather, He is in the midst of changing our mindsets. That is part of this process of renewal He has initiated and is a pre-requisite to the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart.

When I was at my worst, laying in my sickbed, I told Beckita that if God decreed that I would be more useful to the work before us in purgatory or in heaven, He would take me. If He decreed that I would be more useful here, He would leave me. Whatever happened to me, the will of God would be advanced since I was a willing collaborator, trusting in whatever He decreed. I did tell her that I thought the Lord was taking me down to the foundation, that He might build me anew, but that was just my speculation. That trust did NOT mean that I forsook all temporal efforts at healing. I took many supplements and such. But it did mean that I would NOT violate any matters of fundamental principle – either that I had publicly articulated or privately vowed. I did fail once. In panic over one very painful symptom that lasted a few days, I ordered some supplements that I knew I should not have. (Perfectly licit supplements – but not for me…and I knew it.) Amusingly, when the expensive supplements arrived and I took them, it turned out that I was allergic to them. I laughed. Such a gentle and amusing way of God chastising me for briefly giving in to my panic. I regarded it as Him swatting me on the nose for not trusting to Him completely as I had vowed and then patting me on the head and telling me I was still a good dog who just had a bad moment.

At this time in salvation history God has called each of you. Think carefully and deeply before making any vows. I tire of the casual mindless ways in which so many say, “I would never…” in order to demonstrate their prowess without having to actually live it. Whatever vows you make, rest assured that God will test whether you mean them or not by having to actually live it. So be slow to make any vows beyond the commands of Christ and absolutely steadfast in living it when it is demanded of you. It will be. Live simply. Then, when you fail in a particular, do not go into despair – which is a trap of the satan and a perverse form of pride. Don’t you know that you do not have the prowess to live even the simplest of vows? It is the Lord who strengthens you. Trust in Him, even to bind up your self-inflicted wounds, and He will take the little fish you offer Him and feed a multitude with it. This is His process of purification for you that you may be made fit to care for others.

Do not be like some who retreat into idealizing some age past, magnifying its virtues and minimizing its vices as a means of solving everything. That is trusting your judgment rather than Christ’s. Do not be like some who think that by meddling with the form you can secure the substance of what is good. Do not retreat into prophecies that either tell you that God will take care of everything without you having to contribute even a crust of bread, or that all is lost just because the storm is whirling with mad fury about us. We are each called to go forth and bear fruit that will last – and the only way to do that is to walk humbly with God, knowing that even if we are the noblest of dogs, we are going to stumble often – and sometimes go off chasing after rabbits when we should be focused on the task at hand.

I have always had a very blue-collar approach to whatever work I do. I cannot change the world. Most times I cannot even change the day. But I can do the work right in front of me, trusting that if I do that as well as I can, neither giving myself over to pouting when it seems I have failed nor to gloating when it seems that I have triumphed, that the Lord will protect me from the two frauds of triumph and disaster and make what little fruit I bear last.

The Lord is calling each of us. Like Peter after the Resurrection, He is asking us, “Do you love me more than these?” If our answer is yes, He demands that we prove it by feeding His lambs. We are called to be missionaries of the Gospel, not just to oppose the great evil that has come upon the world (though we are certainly to do that), but to effectively call as many as we can to the peace and joy that is in Christ. That is fruit that will last.

You have been invited to participate with God in the renewal of the faith and the face of the world. Take up your cross and follow Him joyfully and you will live to see an amazingly renewed world of true faith, brotherhood and prosperity either from the vantage point of here or of the next world. That is good news, indeed.


I know it is considered bad form to ask for donations for another organization when you are in the midst of a fundraising drive yourself, but Catholic Culture is one of my two favorite Catholic sites. I love the work of both Phil Lawler and Jeff Mirus there. I saw today that they have only reached 12 % of their modest Easter goal. Why don’t you check it out, read a few pieces and, if you find it as good as I do, send them a little donation if you can. Of course, at CORAC we just reached 50% of our Easter goal. So I don’t want you to forget us. But the workmen who are doing steadfast work in the field are worthy of their hire. I hope you find us worthy and donate what you can.  If you haven’t been to the site in a while, go check it out. We have made significant improvements to make it more user-friendly – and of course, we continue to add substance to it every week. Right now, we are planning to add a new section for “Downloads,” printable pieces that will include a vaccine exemption letter, short cards on what initial steps to take in various crisis situations, and sheets of cards you can print out to pass out to friends and acquaintances urging them now to gather at their local Church at 9 a.m. on Saturday mornings if communications go out. We will add useful things you can print out at home as things continue to expand. Also, our talented executive director, MP, edited pieces from one of my talks to make a wonderful three-minute video entitled, “Why CORAC?” He is an amazing editor.


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61 thoughts on “Good News, Bad News, Best News

  1. The Best News section, loaded as it is with counsel, feels like a dynamo battle speech or the coach propelling us to win… and win big. It’s a call to spiritual maturity via a worthy mindset born of unshakeable trust, steady resolve, the swift return to equilibrium after a temporarily fall or wavering for a moment, detachment from over-controlling ways and giving/trying our best even while surrendered completely to what God wants.

    This is a keeper, a meditation piece that deserves to be posted or kept at hand for rereading and contemplating. Thanks, Charlie.

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    1. Beckita, Your assessment of Charlie’s “sermon” is surely accurate. This post is a keeper with wise counsel for living.

      I too sense the tide may be turning as the far left’s attempt to deny the omniscience of God by rejecting values as simple and obvious as honoring motherhood has produced a vile image of lunacy. Sex is no longer a biological fact by God’s design for mortal life, but according to the far Left is a matter of cultural tastes, and so they prefer to accommodate transexual attitudes to normal biology. What kind of stupid does it take to consider it ethical and fair to compete men with large muscle and bone who say they feel female against normal females? What kind of evil authorizes secret grooming of children by school teachers, and Disney art?

      Well, the public, to include Independents and Democrats, Black, Brown, and White, are catching on to the attack on Western Judeo-Christian Civilization by Progressives who are fundamentally opposed to God, and to their DemoRat Party cohorts who are simply self-aggrandizing, using politics for corrupt income generation, such as Hunter with Dad Brandon, Pelosi with her family’s solar stock deals, the Clintons with pay to play, our Secretary of Energy with her investments in electric vehicles…

      My biggest concern now is more voting fraud in November.

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      1. I certainly agree about the that possibility of voting fraud in November. Storm heaven with prayer. Let’s do that with the support of the Church Triumphant!

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    2. I heartily agree Beckita,

      I have just copied out no fewer than five longish quotes which I want to circulate and print.

      Our Bishops need to read this.

      warmest regards,

      Karen in Cambidge UK

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    3. Please do not be foolish. If you can, get a small chicken flock and plant as big a garden you can care for. We haven’t seen the worst of this yet and we all need to eat.

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      1. You obviously have not yet gotten to know Beckita. Foolish is not a word anyone would ever use to describe her. Understand…newcomers to the site are always expecting the same puerile discussions they get almost everywhere else. We are way beyond that. Go to and see all the ways we have been preparing, both physically AND spiritually.

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        1. Did I miss something? I thought David Aguilar was just warning us all to plant a garden 🪴 and grow chickens?!?!?? I’m confused 🫤 lol

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    1. Hi, Sapperdepitjes! Great to see you! (Perhaps you’ve been hanging out in the comment section a lot; but I don’t spend as much time here as I’d like to, so I haven’t seen you in a while.) 🙂

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  2. Great summation, Charlie. I love being able to read your blogs and have current events laid out in a spiritual manner. Too often I remain “in the world” and need your viewpoint. Thank you!

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  3. Charlie, you keep hitting them out of the park! Most likely with the Holy Ghost assisting you, your assessment of National players is spot on. Please keep it coming!

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    1. 24mossberg: I think this one went even beyond even the bounds of the City, let alone the Park!! Would that we would hear such from the pulpit. Well, we do from some but pitifully few.

      Anyway, aside from appreciating the beautiful expression of Truth, it’s spurred me to get off my… and TDL. As ’tis said in these quarters.

      God bless all and thanks, Charlie. Axios!

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  4. Does anyone know when David Daleiden’s next court appearance will happen and the current status of his quest for justice?

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    1. Everything is going well, but there are a ton of things on the docket. This is a marathon, not a sprint. I will have David on for a podcast after Dobbs is actually decided. We talked just yesterday.

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  5. Your comment about being a person that says, “I would never…” had me laughing because there were three things that I *swore* up and down I would never do… Marry an Italian, live in a certain town, and become Catholic. All of which I ended up doing. I have a good sense of humor, especially when it’s at my own expense. But I often said that if I said, “Well, I’d never jump over a turtle in west bound traffic in during a rainstorm under a rainbow,” God would make sure it happened and in such a way that we both had a good laugh!

    In all seriousness, when I read about RvW, the first thing that came to mind was that they were going to use it to riot and cause destruction. The demonic is furious.

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    1. Ha, Briana! My mother was terrible about that…but when she inevitably did what she said she “would never…” she would either laugh about it or cock her head quizzically and say, “Well…” One of my brothers once impishly asked her, “Would you never take us to the carnival this weekend, Mom?” Can’t’ remember whether she did or not, but I sure do remember the question.

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  6. Omgosh Charlie!!! This piece TOTALLY heartened me personally!!! Thank you so much for writing ✍️ it for us all to be heartened!!! I’ll read it many times over and print it out day after tomorrow ✝️

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  7. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! … PM 😉

    Vlad not surviving his cancer operation?
    I’m still awaiting news of Hunter’s awful drug OD!
    An unstable USA & Russia is a BAD Thing … and China, Iran & any number of other evil agents are Watching ;-(
    Kremlin on high alert as coup rumours grow in Moscow: Disgruntled generals join FSB looking to oust Putin and end Ukraine war


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  8. Overturning Roe v. Wade seems to be an existential threat to the Demoncrats. Blue states will most likely maintain the baby slaughter while the red states will most likely forbid or reduce it. So the culture of life will bring about more and more citizens in the red states while the culture of death will make the blue states grow slower or perhaps even shrink. And the Demoncrats will be shrieking not because of the women’s rights ( though now some conservatives backlash saying there is no such thing as women’s rights nowadays because men can have babies too ) but because the number of electoral votes will be shrinking while they are shrieking…
    The Democratic Party, the party of coercion and intimidation ( hard to believe it was noble between Ku Klux Klan and BLM, but perhaps it was ) will be fighting to death to preserve Roe v. Wade. Let’s pray for the five justices so that God protects them and gives them courage and that no accident “happens” to any of them despite the protection from FBI in the coming months.

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  9. “”My God, Charlie! When the history of this era is written it will turn out that we have long been governed by satanic pedophiles.” He spoke true.”

    I’m so glad you wrote this, Charlie. Sometimes I feel I must be mad to believe this. The only thing I would add to that is that they are also pirates (which is the less evil aspect of them).

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  10. ” If He decreed that I would be more useful here, He would leave me. Whatever happened to me, the will of God would be advanced since I was a willing collaborator, trusting in whatever He decreed.”
    Thanks Be To God! Alleluia, Alleluia, Alleluia!

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  11. “You have been invited to participate with God in the renewal of the faith and the face of the world. Take up your cross and follow Him joyfully and you will live to see an amazingly renewed world of true faith, brotherhood and prosperity either from the vantage point of here or of the next world. That is good news, indeed.” (CJ).

    “Today bring to Me THE SOULS WHO ESPECIALLY VENERATE AND GLORIFY MY MERCY, These souls are mighty with the very power of God Himself. In the midst of all afflictions and adversities they go forward, confident of Your mercy; and united to You, O Jesus, they carry all mankind on their shoulders.”
    (From the Divine Mercy Novena).

    “The combat has commenced.
    The miseries of this present life are the test to which God puts His soldiers; He passes judgment upon them, and classifies them, according to the degree of courage they have shown. Therefore is it, that we all have our share of suffering. The combat has commenced. God is looking on, watching how each of us conducts himself.

    The day is not far off, when the Judge will pass sentence on the merits of each combatant, and award to each one the recompense he has won. Combat now; peace and rest and a crown, then. Happy they who, during these days of probation, have recognized the mighty hand of God in all the trials they have had, and have humbled themselves under its pressure, lovingly and confidingly! Against such Christians, who have been strong in faith, the roaring lion has not been able to prevail.

    They were sober, they were watchful, during this their pilgrimage.

    They were fully convinced of this, that everyone has to suffer in the present life; they therefore never sighed and moaned, as though they were the only sufferers; they did not assume the attitude of victims, and call it resignation; but they took each trial as it came, and, without talking to everyone about it, they quietly and joyously united it with the sufferings of Christ. O true Christians! you will be joyous for all eternity, when there will be made the manifestation of that eternal glory in Christ Jesus, which He will pass on to you, that you may share it with Him forever!”

    — From a sermon by Abbot Prosper Guéranger

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  12. Ha even Noam Chomsky now says the only significant politician in the Western culture who would seek peaceful resolution of the war in Ukraine is … Donald J Trump

    Also Chomsky as a linguist correctly points out manipulation in using the term “unprovoked war” across media.

    Same should be said about the term “safe Covid vaccines” which turned out to be the most dangerous in the history of vaccines – claiming more deaths in one year than all vaccines combined over the 30 year span and these “safe Covid vaccines” technically are not even vaccines.

    Still in his environmental craziness Chomsky claims Trump is also the most dangerous figure in the world because… he supports fossil fuels and we only have several decades before the population is extinct due to the global warming.

    So a potential nuclear conflict is less scary than the supposed global warming?

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  13. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! .. 😉

    Baby Killer Rent-a-Mobs … In-Action ….. as pre-planned!


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  14. I agree I’ve been reading more and more purely secular groups and people saying “wait a minute here” as every time we get laughed at for warning of a slippery slope it turns out that not only is there a slippery slope but it’s even slipperier than we thought. It’s not taking 10 years to dive further down into each rabbit hole, it’s more like 10 months and people have a good enough memory to notice that.

    When Bill Maher, Dave Chappelle and Elon Musk say that the Democratic party have lost their minds we get more people listening. There are a large segment of the populace very susceptible to mass formation, but many are not. Now people are getting attacked for just publicizing the insanity that the radical leftists really say.

    It’s great to get the reminder that these are spiritual enemies, not human ones. People are always surprised by sociopaths because it’s hard to conceive of just how bad they can be. We second guess ourselves and think “nah they can’t cross that line.” But they can and will. And isn’t satan just the ultimate of sociopaths? These evil forces are capable of any and all lies, and they respect no boundary. Ruining children, erasing genders, nuclear attacks, mass death and coverups using biological warfare. Nothing is off-limits to them. Secular allies are good but they can’t conceive of the depth of hatred here because it’s not human.


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  15. Good article Charlie. I can’t help but point out that parents are finally mad at how their rights are being taken away, but were all to happy to hand the right to sex education to the schools. When you take a gift of God that belongs to you and hand it over to someone else, you shouldn’t be shocked that it’s Satan who you handed it to. It was a short 6 years ago that I fought a battle largely by myself against sex education in my sons school and was made fun of for it. When we as a society acquiesced to the school system what was our duty to teach we handed over our children to sexual perversion instead of purity. We left our kids under the charge of the Alfred Kinsey’s of the world. And instead of teaching our children about the beauty of the marital covenant we ended up with a society that wants to teach kindergarten students it’s okay to castrate yourself and it’s okay to kill babies.
    I don’t say all of this to vindicate myself, I say it in thanksgiving that people are actually waking up. And I pray to God that America has a chance and that peace can come to our country. Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy on us.

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    1. Susan, you were a profile in courage then and you are a profile in courage now. As Walt Whitman said long ago (and many athletes have since repeated), “It ain’t bragging if you done it.”

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  16. Speaking of the new DHS Ministry of Truth, has anyone ever seen Nina Jankowicz and Quentin Tarantino in the same room together?

    Yeah, I’m not afraid to make obscure references. 😏

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  17. ‘The Lord’s orchestration’: New pro-life film coming to theaters in wake of Roe opinion leak

    and this is a trailer. Hint from interview–she has been working on this project since 2016.

    Interview on Lifesite:
    the above interview is about 23 minutes: On this week’s episode of The Van Maren Show, Jonathon sits down with pro-life filmmaker Tracy Robinson, whose new documentary The Matter of Life will be shown in theaters on May 16 and 17. (audio is too long to post but copy to search works).

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  18. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! .. 😉

    ….. PRAY for The USA & Christendom!

    I’m guessing that PF & Vatican Gang think this is fine!?

    “Good” Catholic Democrats In-Action!. This SCOTUS Roe/Wade Circus is a Planned Op …. another “Crisis” to Distract BoobLand USA, roil The Radical Baby Murder Gang and disrupt/steal Election 22!
    It will be a Long Hot Summer with one manufactured Crisis after another. Urban Dwellers/Visitors Beware!
    …. & SanFran Nanny can’t define Woman either!

    It’s A-OK if Democrats do it!
    After all! “Everyone” knows that MAGA White Supremacists are the real insurectionist rioter DANGER to Our Democracy.
    Like the word Abortion, Democracy can not be found in The Constitution!


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    1. Yeah, St. Mary’s Cathedral, SF, CA had the 1st taste of this group “Ruth Sent Me”, radical Feminist’s dressed in red “Maids” costumes. The security at the door was lame. The Ushers let them come in and disrupt the Mass. Hopefully, all the Men will block the doors and not let them in on Mother’s Day.

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    2. I would wager if Beckita was the organist, she would start playing Holy God We Praise Thy Name at full volume so she and parishioners could drown them out while they’re being escorted off the premises.

      It almost reminds me of 2013 when radical feminists tried to vandalize a cathedral in Argentina but were foiled by brave men locking arms prayerfully guarding the entrance while being degraded and spat upon, etc. It’s still on y.t. but too vile to link (even though it’s from Lifesite.)

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    3. Phillip Frank I’m glad you posted this!!! I was just gonna and thought I’d check first to see if someone else did!!!


  19. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! … PM 😉

    HullyGee!! I wonder if these Insurrectionists will end up in a DC Gulag and spend months in solitary & etc!!???

    Of course, ChinaJoe does not have a clue about what he is babbling about! He is just spouting out what his Obamamite Handlers tell him!

    I wonder if the ChinaJoe/KamalBreath Admin is stockpiling food for The People? The answer may be – Yes …… but for only the PC&Woke Kinda People in Blue Areas ;-(
    Control Food, Fuel & Medicine and Citizens become Serfs! Remember!! THEY control the Urban Areas where ALL the major Transport Hubs are!!

    THEY intend to Control EVERY aspect of Your Life!!


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  20. Nicely written Charlie.

    I already see the Empire Striking Back where I’m at.

    Triumphs & failures is a poor way of perceiving effort, God will nurture the good seeds we spread, we just have to know when to walk away and leave the rest to God. (Sometimes easier said than done.)

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  21. The title of this post reminds me of this:

    “A Chinese farmer gets a horse, which soon runs away. A neighbor says, “That’s bad news.” The farmer replies, “Good news, bad news, who can say?”

    The horse comes back and brings another horse with him. Good news, you might say.
    The farmer gives the second horse to his son, who rides it, then is thrown and badly breaks his leg.

    “So sorry for your bad news,” says the concerned neighbor. “Good news, bad news, who can say?” the farmer replies.

    In a week or so, the emperor’s men come and take every able-bodied young man to fight in a war. The farmer’s son is spared.

    Good news, of course.”

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  22. I keep coming back to the idea that what was hidden is now being exposed, in more and more places. Hidden schemes are being revealed, even if the perpetrators are expending more and more energy to cover them up or redirect them. Even Roe v Wade, if the decision stands as expected, will of course push the abortion fight to the Congress and States. This will force directly elected bodies at all levels to make decisions on abortion, preventing anyone from “deferring to the courts” and avoiding taking a stand. The rot is really being forced to the surface in a hurry, forcing everyone to decide if they prefer the rot or the tree.


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    1. The devil can only do his trickery outside the light, when the light of truth illuminates the situation he is powerless to decieve.

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  23. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! .. 😉

    We got to Face de Facts, Gang!
    We dealing with Violent Cult Radicals who CAN NOT be reasoned with!
    Humanoids who are supported by Rich, Powerful & Evil “Bigs” in Politics, Media, BigTech and Feral Gubermint. Humanoids who DEMONIZE anyone/anytthing in THEIR Way …. and, no doubt, have planned for Phase Four …. Extermination!!
    Submit or Fight!

    Sen Rand Paul & Alejandro

    It sure appears that The Usual Suspects want to keep Ukraine boiling as a Big Distraction if for nothing else!

    The Democrat Party USA is composed, entirely, of Radical Fringe Interest Groups plus The NOT Producer Class ;-(

    Another Sign!! I live near a small town of 7,000. We have 2 or 3 small manufacturing companies which, no doubt, probably have the best pay/bennies in Town?
    Just yesterday, I noticed a brand new big Billlboard for one of these companies looking for workers. Another company has had a “Now Hiring” sign up for so long it’s getting weathered. There is obviously a problem with post BabyBoom Generations.
    The Military, a few months ago, stated that only 20% of Young USA is fit to join!
    Ten days ago or so the US Army decided to forgetabout their Recruiting Goals ’cause yhey didn’t want to lower standards any lower.
    Fat, Doped-Up, Illiterate, Criminal Record, Lazy or just NO Compass or Rudder.
    If Times get just 1/2 as Bad as I think …. Zombie Apocalypse!!


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    1. “If Times get just 1/2 as Bad as I think …. Zombie Apocalypse!!”

      Yikes… Or are the mindless liberals doing the globalits’ will really the zombies?

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  24. Everyone, please support — watch the Trailer here.
    A Virtual screening is tomorrow (Saturday) at 8PM Eastern time. It’s easy to sign up, buy your ticket ($20) and watch. DVDs can be purchased to give out to “liberal family and friends”. Election integrity is how America will stay free.

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  25. I agree with Charlie thst people should watch what they say, making promises reap consequenses that will test those words, but even using terms like will, won’t, never, always, love, hate, want, wish, etc… will even get tested.

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    1. Many are they who see what is changing all around us, HTTP… at least for those who have the courage to consider the facts and truth of what is transpiring. Charlie’s seeing began more than 20+ years ago. Thank God, and thanks to Charlie and his fiat, because the blogging has prepared many; CORAC was founded 2 years ago; and its infrastructure is in place so that our net of support – both spiritual and practical – with its light of faith, hope and love is spread all over this land.


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