We Are Being Played by the Globalists – But the Joke is on Them

By Charlie Johnston

Our latest podcast is out, this time with “Santa,” a vigilant trucker with the People’s Convoy. It is one of the biggest, best organized protests in American history, even though the thoroughly corrupted and dishonest establishment media is entirely ignoring it. Check it out. “Santa” is a good man and an American hero – precisely what I am talking about when I say this is the hour of the ordinary man. 


I am absolutely delighted that Denver’s Archbishop Samuel Aquila has invited the entire Archdiocese to join him in saying the Surrender Novena from March 17 through March 25. He sent out copies of the Novena to every Parish in the Archdiocese for the faithful. Longtime readers know that this is one of my favorite Novenas. In fact, I often give out prayer cards for the Novena at my talks (alas, I am out right now – but will reload when I am back in Denver for Easter). If you are outside the Archdiocese of Denver, you can get Surrender Novena prayer cards from Full of Grace USA. Full of Grace is owned by a dear friend, Lisa Fixler, who is a long-time supporter of my work. Frankly, I credit her promotion of the Novena for sparking a real revival of it among Catholic circles throughout the country – and more than a few Protestant circles, as well.

Though I am on the road while all this is going on, I will pray the Novena in solidarity with my fellow Catholics in Denver – and in CORAC. I ask that all of you join with us in solidarity, as well. If you don’t have access to a prayer card, just use the online link I referenced above. Make a joyful noise unto the Lord!


Ever since Russia invaded Ukraine, I have had the uneasy feeling that we are being herded rather than informed. I don’t like being herded. A few observations and then my “final answer” on what I think is going on…

We are all now supposed to agree that Vladimir Putin is among the greatest of history’s evil monsters. But I don’t. Oh, if you are an internal opponent to his rule you are likely to find yourself dead or, at least, imprisoned on flimsy charges. He is certainly a brutal autocrat – like those who have successfully ruled Russia for a millennium. I am not shocked to discover that, in a land where the politics is all bears, tigers and lions, that the ruler is not a lamb. The end of Putin’s rule does not mean we will get a lamb running that difficult land, only a new brutal autocrat. So the question, for me, is whether Putin is so strikingly more brutal than the average run of Russian brutal autocrats that his downfall is likely to bring someone better and more stable.

In his dealings with the rest of the world I have found Putin to be patient, restrained and predictable. I think he has had the best grasp of a coherent geopolitical strategy of any national leader on the globe for the past two decades.

When he invaded Georgia in 2008, he said it was to stop attacks on Russian soldiers in the separatist regions and to prevent a Georgian “genocide” against the separatists. Sounds like a convenient excuse, except that when his aims were accomplished, he withdrew his troops from Georgia. If he is a megalomaniacally expansionist monster, he clearly had not yet gotten the hang of it. When he took Crimea back in 2014 the Ukrainians did not even resist. Except for the anomaly of the 23 years that Crimea had been governed by Ukraine after the fall of the Soviet Union it had been governed for over 500 years from Russia. It had no historical connection to Ukraine at all. And it housed Russia’s warm-water port, which is vital to its ability to project naval power…kind of like San Diego is to America. Politically, culturally and militarily it was Russian – which may be why the Ukrainians did not contest its return to Russia. At that time, Russia also offered support to the separatist regions in the Donbass (two regions at the eastern edge of post-Soviet Ukraine). In that case, the Ukrainians did fight to retain the Donbass and unless Russia was willing to send troops, their bid for independence would fail. Russia was NOT willing to send significant amounts of troops, so the bid for independence did fail. But that did not change the fact that the Donbass was almost 70% ethnic Russian and wanted to re-unite with the mother country. So much for self-determination.

For 23 years, Putin has consistently complained of NATO surrounding Russia and insisted that offering Ukraine membership in NATO was a red line for him. He has also consistently argued for the repatriation of those territories in Ukraine that have been historically Russian, rather than Ukrainian, that is, a big chunk of the land east of the Dnieper River – but has made clear he will accept the independence of the Donbass. For his trouble, western “diplomats” have effectively told him to mind his own business: that they have decided and he has no voice in the matter.

Let’s just look at recent Russian history. The last Communist dictator was Mikael Gorbachev. He was NOT a particularly brutal autocrat and significantly relaxed the government’s rigid control over the individual and the economy. For his troubles, he was victim of a nearly successful attempted coup in August of 1991. Though the actual insurrectionists failed in that attempt, four months later the country Gorbachev presided over was dismantled – and there was no Soviet Union for him to preside over (an event I consider one of the great blessings of the age). Boris Yeltsin rose to rule Russia. He was too busy a drunk to be a proper murderous dictator, so he shopped it out. He gave his nod of approval to a coterie of oligarchs who were free to loot the country and kill opponents with impunity so long as they remained loyal to him. It brought Russia to the brink of catastrophic collapse. In 1999 Putin became acting president when the toll of age and booze caught up with Yeltsin and the pressure of trying to hold together a collapsing society was too much for the old tippler. Putin rapidly brought the oligarchs to heel and put Russian society on a trajectory away from catastrophic collapse. In 2000 he was rewarded by being elected to the presidency in his own right. (Understand that elections in Russia are not the same animal as they are in the United States – excepting, of course, the 2020 election.) He quickly anointed his own crew of oligarchs. They, too, looted the land even though they were substantially more restrained than the oligarchs under Yeltsin that brought the nation near ruin.

Some suggest Putin is a great crusader who will restore Christianity. I have read several biographies of Putin including one that is sympathetic and one that is deeply critical. I accept that he is genuinely Christian – in a savage land. But I wonder whether his Christianity is an end in itself or in service to the state. If the latter, that would not shock me, for even in the time of the Czars it was presumed that the Russian Orthodox Church was primarily subordinate to the state – though it was dangerous for a Czar to get too crosswise with the Church. So I am not buying that he is the crusader of restoration. Yet I note with no little shame that when, a few years back, Christians were under massive and murderous persecution in the Middle East, Russia was the only country in the world that mounted large-scale assistance to those persecuted Christians rather than just wringing their hands.

I am under no illusions about who Vladimir Putin is, but I think the folks whipping up white-hot hatred of him are. Or maybe they are not: for most of them, white-hot hatred of Putin serves their major agenda. Putin is not the great Christian hope – but he is the biggest impediment to globalist dreams of world subjugation.

We are all now supposed to agree that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky is the modern-day equivalent of Winston Churchill, Mahatma Gandhi and Abraham Lincoln all rolled into one. But I don’t. Certainly I was inspired by his retort to the American offer to whisk him to safety: “I need ammunition, not a ride.” It was evocative of American Brig. Gen. Anthony McAuliffe’s reply to a German demand of surrender at Bastogne: “Nuts!” and to Admiral David Farragut’s cry at the battle of Mobile Bay: “Damn the torpedoes. Full speed ahead!” But I have a little trouble getting all warm and fuzzy about a guy who has been primarily bankrolled by George Soros (with the ardent support of Bill Gates, to boot).

Zelensky was elected president of Ukraine (and remember, Ukrainian elections are not the same animal as pre-2020 elections were in the United States, either), following the brief reign of Petro Poroshenko, an interim head of state after the Maidan Revolution which toppled former President Viktor Yanukovych, who had good relations with Russia. Many believe, with good evidence, that it was actually a coup orchestrated by western powers, including the USA. Strikingly, a telephone call between Asst. Sec. of State Victoria Nuland and the American Ambassador was intercepted which caught them discussing who the US intended to install in the new Ukrainian government – well before the existing one had been toppled. An actual neo-Nazi group was used by conspirators to help topple the government – and later harass the Russian majority in Eastern Ukraine. The biggest legitimate objection to Yanukovych was the corruption he tolerated – and even encouraged.

I don’t know if Zelensky actually tried to stop corruption in Ukraine or just shift it to benefit the friends and families of high-ranking officials in the United States. Certainly, the interim president had appointed some genuinely independent prosecutors, but when one of them ventured too close to Burisma (which was paying Hunter Biden $50,000 per month) then-Vice-President Joe Biden very publicly demanded that the prosecutor be fired or the US would revoke a billion dollars in loan guarantees. Other than the two-tiered justice system that has taken hold in America, I have no idea why Biden has not been impeached and jailed. Since then, Ukraine has been both honey pot and money laundering haven for high officials’ families and friends in America.

What is certain is that Ukraine is a victim state, as has often happened to a border state trapped between two more powerful rival countries. The last Ukrainian president who tried to build good relations with Russia was toppled – with the help of Barack Obama’s State Dept. The last Ukrainian prosecutor who tried to root out big corruption was fired at the insistence of the very man who currently occupies the Oval Office. Whatever Zelensky’s personal principles, he is in a constant battle for survival whether or not he is at war.

We are supposed to continue to believe that, as it was for nearly a century, America is a worthy champion for justice in the world and for self-determination for nations. Shoot, America is no longer either of those things for even the American people. It is all do what the government and establishment media says or be cancelled, fired or jailed. We lack even the aspirational moral heft to be dictating what other countries must or must not do anymore. How can we declare it a moral crime for Russia to invade Ukraine, but not for China to brutally subjugate Hong Kong or to declare the international waters of the South China Sea Chinese territory by building artificial islands there? Why would we absolutely refuse any diplomacy with Russia to preserve the territorial integrity of historic Ukraine while offering self-determination to the Russian majority in the Donbass? Why did we fail to use diplomacy to try to preserve the integrity of Hong Kong as agreed to by treaty? Why have we not cut off China from financial ties when it is actively attempting a genocide against the Uighurs? There may well be pragmatic reasons for some of this, but let us not pretend there is any moral clarity – or even coherence – involved. The foreign policy that says it is not our business how territorially aggressive China is but a vital interest to keep Russia from behaving similarly is of a piece with the American domestic policy that it is okay to loot, burn and maim if you are a leftist protester but a crime of the gravest sort to get out of hand while protesting from the right.

The answer would be to use diplomacy to determine actual aims of competing nations and then, if one is intransigent, determine what level of sanctions or force to use to prevent needless tragedies. If that approach had been followed, then sometime in the last 23 years, America and other western powers would have sat down with Russia and Ukraine to seriously discuss self-determination in the Donbass and the consequences of the expansion of NATO. Would Russia have been reasonable? I don’t know. It was never tried. Just over a week ago, Russia offered four conditions that, if met, would lead to its quick withdrawal from Ukraine. It is largely what Putin has been arguing for during all the years in which the west ignored his security concerns. Even now, the West did not give a serious answer but said it was just a justification for the invasion. Okay, if it’s just a bluff, why not call it? That would give clarity to all – and would reassure people like me (who think we are being played) that this is truly only about Russian aggression. The reality is that we have had dismal and deeply incoherent foreign policy since the end of Ronald Reagan’s presidency. The very best it has been able to rise to in the last 34 years has been to marginal competence. Our foreign affairs desks have largely been manned by smug mediocrities (and that is an insult to mediocrities) who have been less interested in achieving peace and justice among the nations than a neurotic need to prove they are smarter and more powerful than everyone else. It is truly pathetic – and now the chickens of ineptitude are coming home to roost.

Meanwhile, Asst. Secretary of State Victoria Nuland confirmed in a Senate hearing that America DOES have over 25 biolabs in Ukraine. Nuland deflected the question of whether any are bio weapons labs, but did note how dangerous it would be for any to fall into Russian hands. A century and a half ago, some farmers would go to the creek to water down the milk they sold to get more volume. This led Henry Thoreau to observe that some circumstantial evidence is compelling, like when you find a trout in the milk. The testimony does not prove America is operating bio weapons labs in Ukraine, but the dancing around the questions sure smells like a trout.

At this point I see NO clear good guys in this scenario, but the worst of the obvious bad guys is the United States and western diplomats following its lead. Putin may be acting out of the frustration of having his concerns contemptuously ignored and dismissed for 23 years or he may be an aggressive expansionist tyrant, as the great historian, Victor Davis Hanson suspects. We could know with more certainty if the west would open talks about Putin’s peace proposal, thereby calling his bluff – or negotiating peace with territorial integrity for Ukraine. But America will not. So we cannot know with the certainty most pundits assume what Putin’s ultimate goal is. Yet it would very simple to find out.

I have been very slow and methodical in putting this piece together, largely because many thinkers I deeply respect have come to some significantly different conclusions than I have. As you know, I am perfectly happy to take positions that are deeply contrary to conventional thinking, but I am also very careful to try to get it as right as I possibly can, so when thinkers I respect have a dramatically different take than I do, I proceed very deliberately. I will incur the wrath of friends if need be for the sake of candor in a critical situation, but I do not take it lightly – and don’t do it if it is not absolutely necessary. Oddly, many trusted colleagues, in a moment of disagreement on a substantial matter, accuse me of letting my ego get in the way of seeing clearly. Embarrassingly, even though I have been proven right far more often in those situations than wrong, not once has any who made that charge ever apologized to me. Fortunately, I have three friends with whom I have disagreed on significant matters of substance who have NEVER made such a charge. One is my dear friend, Desmond Birch, with whom I have had a few serious areas of substantive disagreement. While vociferous in seeking to prove his case, he has never cast aspersions on my motives or interior integrity. Another is my son whose candid counsel has, on several occasions, spared me error. The final is a federal official, so he will remain nameless lest the people who currently command power were to target him. It is as refreshing as a cool mountain stream to have friends and colleagues with whom you can vigorously disagree without having any questions as to their motives or intent. Another popular trope among some who unexpectedly disagree with me on a matter is to tell me God told them to instruct me. I have so tired of this wearisome banality that I usually tell them that God has my number and will give me a call if it is needful. Actually, God has often spoken to me through other people, but the message always comes cloaked in humility and respect rather than anger and imperial presumption. I listen for His voice in all I encounter. Sorry for the digression, but I wanted you to know how seriously I take it when a matter of great weight and substance is at hand.

Italian Abp. Carlo Maria Vigano wrote a comprehensive and profound letter completely contrary to the conventional wisdom on this fight. While I think he got well ahead of his skis in the last half of the letter – where he is interpreting the mountain of data he covered in the first half (making of Zelensky and Ukraine the same sort of one-dimensional parody of evil the globalists have been making of Putin and Russia) the data covered in the first half is compelling and very well-sourced. Ukraine HAS become a haven of corruption for western officials; it HAS persecuted the Russian majority in the Donbass while refusing to recognize its right of self-determination; and it HAS actually incorporated neo-Nazi militias to carry out that persecution. (It was nearly unbelievable to me that a nation with a Jewish president would use such neo-Nazis to carry such things out, which led me to dismiss such charges out of hand. But the evidence is overwhelming.) George Weigel, a Catholic establishmentarian I have much admired, wrote a refutation of Vigano’s letter in First Things. It is a very short piece because Weigel does not bother to refute the facts Vigano marshalled: rather, he just sneered at and smeared Vigano. I would have been deeply shocked were it not for the fact that Weigel has been fumble-fisted on this subject since the invasion began. He clearly is not conversant with some of the most elementary facts involved – but it is way beneath what I have come to expect from him to simply refute an argument with a sneer. I understand that none of us can have immediate expertise in all things. But for heavens sakes, don’t write about a serious subject until you have at least familiarized yourself with the basics.

The great Dennis Prager gives solid commentary, except that he insists that the encircling of Russia is not and should not be a legitimate concern for Russia. I think he is very wrong on this point: every country in world history has regarded encirclement by potentially hostile states to be a provocation. I appreciate that Prager continues to make his arguments with logic rather than a sneer.

The reaction of both the west and the western commentariat to the invasion of Ukraine has been a cluster of chaos, misinformation, disinformation and propaganda. There has never been a time in my life when the facts in such a situation have been so intentionally garbled as to make informed commentary an incredibly difficult proposition. And yet, by questioning obviously contradictory narratives, one can reach some conclusions, tenuous as they might be. I have come to four firm conclusions, though they are not of the sort that everyone else is focusing on. I will finish with those, but first, the questions I have been grappling with.

I largely agree with Kurt Schlichter’s assessment of what America’s obligations in this situation are, though I am bumfuzzled by America and the west’s refusal to even try for a negotiated peace settlement when Russia is so eager to sit down and talk. Last week I noted that Russia had ironically made the same logistical errors in its invasion of Ukraine that Napoleon did in his failed invasion of Russia over 200 years ago. I have come to think I may well have been wrong in that assessment. What if Russia’s invasion was not designed to subjugate the bulk of Ukraine, but to finally force the west to the diplomatic bargaining table? Retired U.S. Colonel Douglas MacGregor has a dramatically different take on what is happening in the war. A botched invasion and a soft invasion designed to trigger negotiations would look much the same – but have very different long-term consequences. There are a whole host of problems ahead for Putin if this is a botched invasion. There are a whole host of problems ahead for Ukraine if this was a gambit to start negotiations – and America and the west has once again spurned them with contempt.

Much of the commentary has been a silly triumphalism projecting the commenters’ own wishes and prejudices. I have seen several say that this forever destroys the illusion of the invincibility of the Russian Army. What poppycock! – absolutely ignorant of even recent Russian history.  Russia has a powerful military force and tradition but also a habit of occasionally dramatically underestimating an opponent and getting routed as a result. It did that in Japan in 1905, then with its disastrous entrance into WWI in 1915, then in its failed effort to make Finland into a client state in 1939-40, then in its absurdly botched Operation Mars in WWII, the failed invasion of Afghanistan that began in 1979 and lasted for 10 years before Russian forces slunk back home and, most recently, the First Chechen War in 1994-95 which was a complete defeat. On two occasions, the Russian failures born of absurd hubris have led to catastrophic regime change (the Communist Revolution in 1917 and the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991). On the others, humiliating defeat has been prelude to Russia getting it right with brutal efficiency. So Russian military failures born of hubris are common (they are like great Minnesota Vikings teams going to a Superbowl) and either trigger the collapse of the existing ruling regime OR massive retaliation. Anyone who believes in a myth of an invincible Russian Army is an uninformed dolt – and anyone who believes that the embarrassing Russian defeats that happen with some regularity signify long-term weakness is dangerously ignorant.

Sanctions are an appropriate tool of diplomacy in crisis situations, but I don’t understand why our government chose to go full cancel culture on Russia – canceling writers and composers long dead and hating on random Russians and shutting off Russian access to financial services – just as Canada tried to do with its dissidents. Meantime, America is limp about sanctioning oil from Russia or opening back up our pipelines to give Europeans an alternative. So the actions we do take are geared to force Russia into closer cooperation with China in order to do basic banking while not doing anything to reduce the profitability of Russian oil?! What malicious halfwit came up with this? For crying out loud, we are exempting Russia from sanctions in order to get their help in making Iran a nuclear power. Now Saudi Arabia is not taking America’s calls and is considering accepting the Chinese Yuan in payment for oil. That could be the first step in de-throning the American dollar as the world’s default currency – and if that happens the global economic collapse begins in earnest in the west. It will make Venezuelan poverty look like a Sunday smorgasbord.

I think the American chattering classes have not thought this through very well and have taken the wrong aims altogether. But even if the aims they have chosen are the right ones, the means they are using to accomplish them are guaranteed to fail. Our plan is, apparently, to drive Russia deeper into the arms of China (our top geopolitical foe) to get basic financial services; keep Russian oil profitable by treating American energy resources as the new Ivermectin – a safe and effective tool that our drooling class forbids Americans to use; hate on and cancel all things even vaguely Russian without due process or any semblance of law; and refuse to even think about any negotiations for peace. What could possibly go wrong?

And now, the conclusions I have drawn from this chaos:

  • The globalists are determined to have war, thinking they can bring down the existing order and be the only ones left standing to restore order and rule. I remember decades ago realizing that all the talk of what started World War I was nonsense. The assassination of the Archduke Ferdinand triggered it, but the reason the war started was because many western European nations, Germany under Kaiser Wilhelm foremost among them, were determined to go to war. The Kaiser was determined to be the continental hegemon in Europe and was convinced he had the firepower to pull it off. If the Archduke Ferdinand had died in his bed of old age, there would have been another trigger to set things off because the Kaiser was determined to have war to elevate German supremacy. When all the conventional means of de-escalating this war are spurned by westerners and the sanctions are designed to enhance, rather than reduce, conflict it is hard for me to come to any other conclusion. The globalists want war because they believe the destruction it will bring will cement their power. It is exactly the sort of hubris that led the old Soviet Union and other communist nations to adopt serial five-year economic plans, each of which left the country more impoverished and miserable than the last. The self-appointed masters of the universe are not as smart as they think – but they may be able to spark a global crisis that they can’t control.
  • This is a calculated and sustained assault on the industrious, prosperous, self-reliant and pious middle class, which is the great social impediment to the globalists’ dreams of unchallenged dominance. This began with the overblown Covid crisis two years ago. The big box stores, multi-national corporations, and laptop economic classes were virtually untouched by the insane restrictions. Meanwhile, small businesses and business owners across the world and the world’s churches were shut down with impunity while strip clubs, gambling houses and abortion mills were declared essential services. Our children were groomed to submit to ridiculous orders without question, while many shallow adults thought the science was whatever CNN said it was. Back in the 80s, after well over a decade of study and contemplation of historical societies on the verge of catastrophic collapse, I realized that none of those societies had a healthy, industrious, self-reliant and largely pious middle class. I thought that would be our secret weapon in any coming calamity, that the great middle, in extremis, would ditch the smug fantasies of the entitled classes and assert themselves. Frankly, I suspect some set of someones recently came to the same conclusion I did 40 years ago – and now seeks to destroy that middle class specifically because it is the biggest impediment to their authoritarian dreams. It can create great strife and misery, but it will not ultimately work. Even if they are successful, they cannot remove the living memory in our middle class of what they were and what they want for their children – and when it looks darkest, they will fight valiantly for it.
  • The globalists are trying to create perpetual “emergencies” to justify their seizure of authoritarian emergency powers over the people they are supposed to serve. The most brilliant satire site of our age, the Babylon Bee, captured this dynamic by noting how Vladimir Putin has single-handedly ended the Covid “pandemic.” The Covid panic was running on fumes, not particularly useful anymore to officials who sought to wield draconian “emergency” powers over those they are supposed to serve. Now we have the Ukrainian crisis and the mandatory two minutes of hate against all things Russian every few hours. Shoot, I suspect that restaurants which, a few weeks ago, demanded a vaxx passport for entry will now accept a sticker of a Ukrainian flag. It is not Covid or Russia or whatever that officials want to protect us from: they want to protect themselves from us thinking independently and rejecting their arbitrary rule. It comes just in time as excess deaths among those who took the Covid shot have spiked dramatically in the last year. And this is just the beginning. None of this is about safety or service, but simply about power. Our current ruling elites are glad to see you die if it prolongs their grasp on temporal power, fleeting as it is. Maintaining a perpetual state of emergency is key to holding on to their precious.
  • The birthing pangs of a New World Order have begun – but it will not be the order that globalists expect it to be. The globalists, even those inside the Church, do not believe in God. Rather, they believe that they are the titans; that it is their destiny and right to rule the world and all its serfs with an iron fist. This has been the belief of every tyrant who has ever risen throughout world history – and all of their bones lie a-mouldering in the grave. I believe they will succeed in bringing down the old order throughout the world. In fact, I believe God is using their ravenous malice to tear away the old order and punish us all for our infidelity. But it is God, Himself, and the people who call humbly on Him, who will erect a new world order in His image, with peace, prosperity and true brotherhood. I do not say He will rule directly. In fact I say just the opposite. Rather, a renewed people who call on Him and follow Him instead of their own itching ears will build a society based on justice and truth. All those who insist on spurning Him will pass away like so much chaff in His winnowing fan. The globalists now plot our destruction, but it is their own that they secure. The sequence of the great battle between the Church and the anti-Church, the Gospel and the anti-Gospel is begun. Come Lord Jesus!


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174 thoughts on “We Are Being Played by the Globalists – But the Joke is on Them

  1. Oh the Surrender Novena. I remember helping introduce this one back at TNRS and it’s a beauty. The repetitive invocation alone is a source of eliciting calm and equilibrium: “O Jesus, I surrender myself to you, take care of everything!”

    Wow! Just wow! What a tangled web of corruption, intrigue and all manner of ugly doings this world endures at the hands of those given over to evil. This is a verrrry dangerous time in which we live. Thanks be to God for His Plan.

    So agree with your first, second AND third conclusions; ongoing discussions in our home have included your points. And the fourth conclusion demands a resounding agreement anchored in faith, hope and love!!

    Maranatha, indeed! Why, I smell the fragrance of a New Springtime in the air

    PS You totally cracked me up, Charlie, with the “God has my number…” retort!

    PPS Got it: Local church, 9am, Saturday morning

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    1. That’s a sweet picture, Beckita! The squirrels warm my heart. It bothers me that some consider them armageddon food (hunt them and talk of it). I cannot consider it, now. Every time a squirrel runs in front of the car on the road, I send up a quick prayer to God to spare the squirrel from our tires, Hah. No one wants to hit any animal with one’s car, but now, the thought of a squirrel being hit is almost like a comrade dying, Lol.

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    2. Thank you Charlie,

      I really appreciate your analysis. Although I’m mostly ignorant, I know that we are not hearing the truth from our government/media.

      It sounds as if the war will escalate to WWIII from what you say and from other observations. The fruit of abortion is nuclear war ( St. Mother Teresa).

      I know that with 66 million aborted babies dead we are due for a rude awakening in our society. Worse yet, abortion will not be conquered until our contraceptive mentality is changed. We will be reaping what we have sown.

      I see Bishop Aquila’s call to pray the Surrender Novena as putting on sackcloth and ashes as in Ninevah. Praise God for this Novena. It truly imparts great peace and Trust in the Lord.

      Thank you for your sign of hope!

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      1. Litteoneinpa I totally agree with your synopsis!!! Fr Altman was just on with Fr Heilman of Grace force talking about this very thing you brought up. The fruit of abortion is nuclear war😩. Something’s got to change indeed and the corruption of our world!

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        1. Linda,

          I watched that episode!😀

          Father Altman’s words inspired the words that I used.

          I’ve been doing the Bible in a year with Father Mike and learning how God interacts with the Israelites to get an understanding of what can occur. The numerous miracles God performed and they still grumbled in the desert! The plague He sent that took out the disobedient, etc.

          Come Lord Jesus!!

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          1. Littleoneinpa that was a really great Grace force podcast! Sort of really scary times right now but obviously God has to do something 😩. Good grief our poor bleeding world is so far gone! I agree with you again, Come Lord Jesus! 🥰 set the world ablaze with the fire 🔥 of your love🥰🔥✝️🙏📿

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  2. Charlie, I appreciate this brilliant analysis.

    At a personal level, I was reassured by your critique of the second half of Abp. Carlo Maria’s extensive letter as I had said s much to a friend who took offense.

    I do agree there are conspiratorial forces out there for globalization, notably Soros, but I doubt that about the Brandon Administration. Your apt scorn of the State Dept applies with a vengeance to Brandon and his appointees. Instead, their motivation is localized to getting elected, personal power, and greed for wealth–not political ideology in any grand sense. Brandon and Pelosi, for example, have never demonstrated any ability, less even interest, in developing an international strategy for the USA, and less so for the globe. Thus, they do not intentionally ignore any gestures of Putin to negotiate a mutually acceptable change to the Ukraine borders and assignment of a neutral role that does not threaten Russia’s internal politics– because they do not engage in any kind of serious strategic analysis with the goal of achieving world peace.

    Brandon and his Democrat Party are small minded political hacks driven by their lust for personal power and wealth. Thus, they are not intentionally driving Russia into a working union with China; that is simply a byproduct of their activities pursuing personal political goals and their stupidity about the unintended consequences. Likewise destroying the USA dollar as the world’s preeminent currency– if they realized they were doing that, and could think how to back off, they would. Instead, their focus is on the next election, and how to maintain political power while they go about their day-to-day business of working deals, including what amounts to insider stock trading.

    The Democrat Party leaders, such as Brandon, Pelosi, and AOC, may possibly believe in God, but only as a distant abstraction, a possible consideration that they might entertain on their deathbed, but not as providing any guidance for their day-to-day hustling.

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    1. Jack, I entirely agree with you. I wasn’t, for a minute, suggesting that the American left is in control of this. They are smug, arrogant hacks. Yet smug, arrogant hacks are the easiest people in politics to manipulate and control. Just stroke their sense of self-importance and power and you can control them almost entirely. Biden, Pelosi, Harris et al are given over to evil, but they are the main useful idiots, not the people pulling the strings.

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  3. What did the Biden administration do to deescalate the situation while the Russian troops were gathering by the Ukraine’s border for a few months before the attack? Wasn’t it a final invitation by Putin to have a discussion with Biden? Was Biden even willing to talk to Putin?
    How is it that after Putin attacked Ukraine, pandemic almost disappeared from the media? Will the pandemic, with various new variants, be back when Ukraine and Russia reach a peace agreement?
    How is it that European Union is unwilling to help Poland with a massive wave of refugees (currently 2 millions) ? The EU Parliament actually fined Poland instead, for “breaking the rule of law”. Poland might be on the brink of bankruptcy soon and is not being helped much by the rest of EU. Please note that the refugees in Poland are not hosted in refugees camps, they are taken by volunteer Polish families and live with them in their houses/condominiums, the government alone would not be able to handle this situation at all…

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    1. God bless the dear Polish people for their deep and serious humanitarian work during this crisis. I knew of it AND of the pitiless approach of the EU to that country’s great heart. Just more evidence that the globalists (some of which are ensconced in Brussels) are unconcerned about the lives and welfare of the afflicted of the world, using them only as pawns in their power games.

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    2. Pawel: Although Poland is an EU member, the EU hates Poland. It has not and will not knuckle under to the EU’s Great Reset policies of abortion, gay marriage, the blurring of definition of gender and probably a few more in the category of God/Church vs atheism thinking and policies. Klaus Schwab’s Great Reset directs the EU. I think St JP II is still fresh in the country’s memory. Hence about 5 years ago the whole country literally surrounded its entire border (even had boats linked up in harbors. The airport chapels were full and overflowing with travelers. The purpose: Recitation of the Rosary. Other countries tried it too: England, Ireland, here. But not with the success of Poland. In any case, whenever you see a policy unfold here that doesn’t make sense, think Great Reset. Private-public corporations, CRT – an actual reintroduction of segregation (aka social indoctrination of children away from Judeo Christian thinking -didn’t Lenin/Stalin/Castro do the same?), open borders, allowing fentanyl run rampant here (recent drug overdose of 4 West Point cadets on Spring break in Florida seeking cocaine. Have they been expelled? Shouldn’t they?, the Green New deal, pandemic/bad science/government control of medicine(does anyone remember Obama touting that back in 2009/10? I do.). So much death is supported by government. A long time ago I concluded that many politicians here (especially as the Democrat party became socialist and threw off Christ principles) don’t give a d a m n about the victims their policies create. And personally I think Pelosi, Obama and therefore Biden know exactly what the are doing. Remember it’s all about deception. Remember HRC’s Reset button offered the Russians when she was Secretary of State? Trump was an interruption of the gradual (so the people wouldn’t notice aka progressivism is an alternate term for the Great Reset) implementation of the Great Reset). Search bar: Imprimis article titled What is the Great Reset?

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  4. Charlie…it is now standard that when your articles get released, I excitedly wonder what squirrel picture will get posted!!!!  And love the little critter “praying”…just like Mama Mary asks of us!!!🐿🙏🏻 And I agree with you about the situation of Ukraine and the destructive world plan of collapse, so we will all become their slaves, or dead.  And the surrender novena is a PERFECT PICK!  I discovered that novena last year when going a through heavy heavy heart ache.  In my weeping and wailing to God, it brought such GREAT peace!  And there is an exorcist priest by the name of Fr. Blount who promotes this novena calling it “the NEVER fail novena” !  And the best part of this call to this novena is a BISHOP is leading this off !!!!!   Miracles will be over flowing! Now about that dig regarding the MN Vikings. 🥸😞……😂


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  5. It was during the Ukraine conflict that I learned of the propaganda we have. Russia caught my eye the years before ( 2010s) because of the way it was refusing to submit to the anti-family agenda and defending Christianity. This is when I thought that something is going on in Russia and God is working in Russia.

    I remember during a few months trying to find one something that correlated to the narrative of evil monster Putin that the media was constantly telling me. I didnt find any. I would listen to countless Putin speeches and videos of him interacting and his history. Yeah, he was part of the KGB but every country has a KGB equivalent, in one video a Putin friend said that being part of the KGB was seen as someone who loves his country and wanted to defend it. It didn’t mean he was evil.

    During that time I learned that Putin saved Russia and that is why the people loved him. He increased the quality of life of the Russia people while ours dimished.

    At times he saved the hard-working people from greedy oligaches. There was a situation of a company that was going to shut down in a northern town. This company employed most of the town. Putin intervened and was able to save these townfolks’ means of income. I’m sorry I’m vague about this it has been a while since I learnt all this. It would be something similar to when Trump stopped the car manufacturers from closing and setting shop in Mexico thereby saving jobs.

    I listened to hours and hours on end of his speeches, in the end I was able to detect at times when he danced around the truth. But he was nowhere near evil monster the media was telling me. He seemed like someone who loved his country and wanted to work with the West but wasn’t allowed to. He was authoritarian, yes but….. Russia is not an easy country to manage.

    I remember some French journalists who went to Russia and interviewed him and feeling all brave because they asked the usual ‘tough’ questions at that time (2014). After the interview they had an off the record social time with Putin and he invited them for a drink. When they came back to France and talked with a radio talk show about their experience. You could detect that something happened behind the doors of that closed, informal chat with evil monster Putin that made them gain respect and admiration for him, and in a positive way.

    For me, after my amateur research, I came to the conclusion that if I could meet one famous person in the world it would be Putin. I am intrigued by him. I would want to meet him to form my own opinion of him because I couldn’t and still can’t connect the evil monster with what I was finding.

    As for the neo-nazis in Ukraine, I didn’t comment in your previous article but it is one of the few times, I disaggreed with you and was surprised at your tone toward those who say and have warn about the neo-naxis in Ukraine. I value your opinion very much and was surprised that you didn’t know that there is a BIG problem of neo-nazis in Ukraine. It made me doubt myself and what I learnt. However, I figured you would eventually realise that even though the president of Ukraine is Jewish, the neo-nazis in Ukraine are very real, are not few and have no problem killing and torturing people. There is a big movement of Ukraine for Ukrainians only. There are videos and comments of neo-nazis actively saying the people of Eastern Ukraine are useless and should be exterminated.
    Ukraine is a mess and I am sad for the hardships of the people. May this conflict be resolved soon.

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  6. “I have been very slow and methodical in putting this piece together, largely because many thinkers I deeply respect have come to some significantly different conclusions than I have. ”

    I read it all! Excellently put together Charlie. The information all comes together nicely, I believe you got it right Charlie.

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  7. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! … 😉



    Sounds like a typical Democrat caught with THEIR dirty fingers in de Cookie Jar.







    Meanwhile …. besides Ukraine ….




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  8. Wait a moment, did you write and print this:
    Another popular trope among some who unexpectedly disagree with me on a matter is to tell me God told them to instruct me. I have so tired of this wearisome banality that I usually tell them that God has my number and will give me a call if it is needful. Actually, God has often spoken to me through other people, but the message always comes cloaked in humility and respect rather than anger and imperial presumption. I listen for His voice in all I encounter. Sorry for the digression, but I wanted you to know how seriously I take it when a matter of great weight and substance is at hand.
    What about your communications about taking with Angles, Jesus holding you, talking with Jesus,
    I printed out many of the stories, you want copies to remind yourself of what you communicated?
    This was a very good piece of information BUT your contraction of past communications leaves a very bad taste in my mouth. You either met Jesus one on one or you did not, your credibility is in question.
    Beckita I am sure will cancel, like main stream media this comment, but I hope she has enough internal backbone to forward it to you.
    Charlie you cannot have it both ways, you met God or you did not.
    Remember the EWTN show and your communication? Want to watch it?
    I know I am a sinner, a rebellious creature; who over 50 years ago as a young teenager, “one on one met the Holy Spirit” can you say baptized in the Holy Spirit – it is reality.
    And I am a live long Catholic.
    I want you to know again I do nor like your denial of meeting God or your bull that you met God.
    Ya it’s me again, Robert Tisovich

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    1. Robert, are you one of those people who absolutely has no recognition of sarcastic irony when you see it? There is no denial here…simply a wry way of telling people who seek to instruct me in the Divine Name that…He has my number. If you don’t get that now, there is little I can do for you. And before you go off on a pathetic unhinged tirade like this again, read stuff and think it through.

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      1. Why do you want to speak, communicate in riddles. Who in this day uses sarcastic irony to communicate with a people educated by a failed educational system. It appears that I am one of those people who absolutely has no recognition of sarcastic irony when I read it. So I would appreciate it if you would not use it in your communications, as it goes right over my head and I am sure many others.
        I for the last five years have wondered what happened to you that God is not talking to you as God did in years past. Today there are so many people claiming God is talking to them and the stories they communicate; every week for some they have a new communication.
        From my experience God does not operate that way, some times like Moses yes, but to dozens of people in the same month, I don’t think so, but what do I know, I’m just a rebellious creature who does things that I do not want to do and does not do the things I want to do, yes I borrowed that from the Apostle (Saul) Paul.
        Beckita you surprised me, thank you for publishing it.

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        1. Robert, ever since high school people have been telling me to “dumb down” my stuff so people can understand it. I refused then and I refuse now and I will refuse until the day I die…and people have understood me just fine. If you want dumbed down stuff, you will need to go to another site.

          I have NEVER said God quit speaking to me. In fact I have said several times that nothing in my spiritual life has changed. I have also said REPEATEDLY that I was told, by God, that when the Storm began it was time for me to forswear public prophecy because it was now the time for doing, not for tickling peoples’ ears.

          This may not be the site for you – and I will not be offended if you go elsewhere. But this emoting on your part on how I must change the way I do things to satisfy your wants is done. There will be no more discussion of it. Read and stretch your mind to comprehend or don’t, but I will continue on my way.

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          1. From the perspective of a psychologist, and one who has even been commercially successful working on vagueness in communication ( https://provalisresearch.com/blog/hiller-vagueness-content-analysis-dictionary/ ), I would offer that we can roughly dichotomize patterns of thinking as concrete and literal vs abstract and imaginative. Thus, sarcasm creates a communication problem for some based on their mode of thinking. I myself enjoy the use of sarcasm, but have often been disappointed when my words are taken literally.

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        2. I’m catching up on comments as I scroll through them. Your bull in a china shop style is not welcome here, Robert. You THINK you know how your comments came through. You’re incorrect. I had nothing to do with clearing them and your condescending tone is repulsive.


      2. It’s ok Charle as I’m sure you well know, not everyone will like you or me or anyone for that matter! You’re lucky in that probably 9 out of 10 DO like you😂 I would say 9 out of 10 DONT like me but I don’t really care (anymore) because with each slap on the face of just “meanness” of our fellows, I draw closer to Our Savior who will NEVER abandon us🥰🙏✝️📿🐶. I’m sure you know that already…just wanted to be a sign of hope for you today👍

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  9. God bless you!
    I don’t watch the media anymore.
    I used to teach college history! I agree with what you have said in this article.
    It’s beyond me that we are on the side of the people we fought during ww2. I’m referring to the azov battalion. I wonder what our grandparents would think about us now?
    I join you in your cry MARANATHA!

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  10. Oh Dear God, thank You for this sane voice! I’ve become so sick of being pounded by psychotic hysteria. Having a Russian wife through all of this has become, shall I say, a bit dicey.

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    1. Oh, and now we have drawn the first rotten fruit of the latest hysteria. The House just voted 424-8 to punish Russia, but in that bill they also included a provision allowing Biden to sanction anyone, anywhere, any time, for any reason. So now the president who hates you can seize your bank account just like the Canadians tried. Great job, guardians of freedom! For the Democrats (and a LOT of Republicans) we’re all Russian now. I could use a vodka and tonic right about now.

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      1. Mercy, Lord. Perhaps the best kind of mercy in a government so far gone as ours is that God allows it to completely collapse, becoming as dust in the wind, so that from the ashes we can arise and rebirth, with God and under God, a system of governing worthy of protecting the GOD-given freedoms of each citizen… and may such as this be born in every land with the Rules of Regency continually developed and refined as we make our way through the longest Lenten season ever.

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      2. We had a dark humor moment when we joked anyone who laid up stores of Russian vodka could have quite an enterprising black market booming business right now, LOL.

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      3. Guess we shouldn’t be surprised at their latest shenanigans. Just finished saying the surrender novena (inc. the yt version below as it’s peaceful to have another voice which I envision is my g. angel’s praying with me so ‘where 2 or more are gathered…) Anyway, hadn’t foreseen till now that our material assets could be seized esp if no vaccine or whatever sinister reason; (having cash on hand may be useless if govt. declares only cashless transactions lawful.)
        Agree with your assessment, Beckita a long lent and to reiterate your warning: ‘Gird thy loins’.

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        1. Yes they do, Backyard. With that margin of victory in the House, though, I imagine Republicans in the Senate will be jumping all over themselves to sell out our liberty to prove to the media how “reasonable” they are.

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  11. “If communication goes out for any length of time, meet outside your local Church at 9 a.m. on Saturday mornings. CORAC teams will be out looking for people to gather in and work with.”

    Charlie, do you have any advice for us who may be alone in hostile areas?

    Sadly, I don’t think there’s anyone in my local community. I could be wrong, but I’d be willing to bet it might not be a Catholic church, ah.

    We are traveling elsewhere, a bit of a distance, to avoid the political lock-step our churches around here have with the rulers. Yesterday, the pastor of my local parish told us we have to “pray hard for Putin’s conversion!” I thought to myself, yes, as well as Biden’s conversion, Soros’ conversion, Gates’, Scwab, Zelenskky, my own continued conversion, etc. etc. However, I don’t think that’s exactly what our pastor meant. Though this church still has a sign on the door saying if you are not vaxxed, please wear a mask, it is one of the freer ones.

    At another local church where my boys were altars servers when young, the pastor there actually hosted a covid vaxxx clinic in the churches basement. I’ve been told by folks I know who used to go there that Pastor is bullying people hard to mask/vaxxx. Those three churches this particular pastor is in charge of have pictures on all doors of an N-95 mask, on red paper, clearly marked: “no admittance” It hurts my heart, soul and brain and every time I drive by I tell Jesus I’m sorry for this deception.

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    1. Oh gosh, Little, I’m not trying to tell people to count on their Churches. The Covid mess showed that to be an unreliable way to go. Rather, I am just using it as an easily remembered spot and time to gather. After all, if communication goes down, I won’t be able to get the message out easily – so I need to get it out while communication is up. If you have a Church you can count on, that is a blessing – but it is not the rule in these benighted times.

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      1. I understand, Charlie. My husband just got 2 Zoleo’s. Our region is also having a zoom meeting in the next 2 weekends—so it’s likely there are more squirrels involved than I currently know.

        You have taught us to tnrs and it has/is serving us well. There are a few rebels around me, just not of the Catholic variety. I’m certain God has a plan for me and those like me, all we need to do is remember that and tdl.

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      2. Other than Ukranian flag hanging from the pulpit, and a second collection taken up for Poland to house the refugees, our country churches could never be reached if push came to shove. Thank the Good Lord, one of our three CORACers lives within hollering distance.

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  12. Great piece per usual Charlie!

    I’m staying out of who’s right and who’s wrong these days because it’s all so corrupt everywhere I find that simply focusing on Acknowledging God, Taking the next right step and trying to be a sign of hope is where God wants me to be to stay in peace🥰🙏✝️ so simple Charlie! Thanks for all the training I am forever grateful for it!

    So yesterday I got to babysit 👩🏻‍🍼 all day an hour away… got home about 630 pm. Mike and I decided on fillet o fish 🐠 from McDonald’s because it was too ⏰ late for me to cook, and Mike being a foundry guy was just too beat up to do it alone.

    Sooooo, when I drive I always hold onto a 📿 rosary and 🙏 pray for Gods Divine assistance! I won’t put it down until I’m home and safe because this girl needs a whole lotta help on the Highway in particular a busy Friday night! 😩

    So when I got to McDonald’s I just double wrapped my rosary around my left arm and delivered the money and received the food with it dangling on my arm. Unless it’s my imagination (and that could be) the two kids that took the money and delivered the goods just stop and stared at my rosary. I think the Blessed Mother touched them somehow??? Is that possible ??? It was very interesting. The poor teenagers were so tired because everyone was getting fillet o fish! Lol hardly a penance!!! Come on man!😂

    Anyhow I thought it interestingly enough to share. I think our poor kids are starved of a sign of our reason for being! Please God, please Mother, show them all the way and soon please🥰🙏✝️👩🏻‍🍼🎉🍀🥳📿

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  13. St.John Paul II: “Make St. Joseph the patron of your family and you will soon have tangible proof of his protecting hand.”

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    1. Oh Maggie, I have been given “tangible proof of his protecting hand”! About 15 yrs. ago, I started growing closer to St. Joseph after a miraculous gift from him. One of our kids had to sell his house and it was the last day of the realtor’s listing. It was an urgent situation b/c of the reason for selling. I had pleaded with St. Joseph b/c I knew lots of people ask for his real estate help! It was that final day the realtor had to list the house and I was on my knees begging. I saw an image in my mind of a huge red bow such as one you’d put on a big gift. That day we found out that the house had sold! And that was the beginning of a deeper love for St. Joseph and other miracles that have followed. Praise God!!!

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  14. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! … Happy Saint Joseph Day! 😉

    I checked my usual Catholic Sites for something meaty on St Joseph …but …I found only the below chocked full of the usual “pious stuff” that we got from Sr. Mary Elephant in the 3rd Grade ;-(
    I just pray that PF is a Useful Idiot …. and NOT WORSE!!
    We need serious St Joseph, Terror of Demons, Homilies & Articles These-Days!




    How about The Big Fish PfIzer & Moderna, CDC, NIH and Rest of Feral Guberment & State Agencies!!? … EH!??
    THEY created a Global Crimes Against Humanity Conspiracy/Cabal that Greased the Palms of Media, BigTech, BigBox, Corrupt Politicians AND The Entire Medical Industry!! THEY are ALL Guilty but short of a Good Guys Win Civil War, THEY will never be brought to JUSTICE!! ;-(



    Yep! …… but ignore that Eight Ton Chinaman in the corner …. and the Four Ton Mullah in the other corner!

    Politico Headline: “[ChinaJoe] Biden warns Xi of ‘consequences’ if China supports Russia’s attack on Ukraine” … Ha Ha Ha … LOL!
    How come nobody is demanding that transcripts be made public of that two hour “Conversation”!?
    Remember Trump’s Phone Calls and all The Usual Suspects and THEIR demands!?
    What did the Chinaman and DC Swamp PuppetMasters really talk about!??



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  15. I don’t know what’s really happening except that everything is not what it seems. I keep thinking of a movie I saw years ago called Wag the Dog. Though I know this is a real war and in that movie it wasn’t- it’s the “look over here” aspect of the movie that sticks in my head. The media was distracting people from the real issue.

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    1. I understand you, Susan. This very same sense which you describe is why I trust the hours and hours of research which Charlie does in vetting sources before he writes. And that on top of his erudite understanding and expression of American and world history. Toss in Charlie’s quick response to speak up when he has made any kind of error and the mystical lights which guide him and I find that his take on things is a steadying force of sanity amidst the horrendous chaos and confusion in which we find ourselves. Not saying he’s the guru of it all, but he IS amazingly knowledgeable and insightful as well as faithful to God and His people. I know everyone’s time is precious, but I do find that the links which CJ provides are worthy of the time to gain deeper awareness and understanding of background and issues.

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    1. So ready to see Fauci and his ilk held to account. No revenge needed. They simply need to face that society will not tolerate the incredible lies, corruption, murders and enormous harm that they are responsible for inflicting on humanity.

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      1. I am not sure that the accounting will happen here on temporal earth. But it will happen. I do not need to see it, just to know that it will happen. He and his cronies have done colossal damage.

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  16. “All those who insist on spurning Him will pass away like so much chaff in His winnowing fan. The globalists now plot our destruction, but it is their own that they secure. The sequence of the great battle between the Church and the anti-Church, the Gospel and the anti-Gospel is begun. Come Lord Jesus!” (CJ).
    “And the meek shall inherit the earth.”(Mathew 5:5).
    “But it is God, Himself, and the people who call humbly on Him, who will erect a new world order in His image, with peace, prosperity and true brotherhood. I do not say He will rule directly. In fact I say just the opposite. Rather, a renewed people who call on Him and follow Him instead of their own itching ears will build a society based on justice and truth.”
    “Seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be given you besides.” (Matt 6:19)

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  17. “… God, Himself, and the people who call humbly on Him, who will erect a new world order in His image, with peace, prosperity and true brotherhood… a renewed people who call on Him and follow Him instead of their own itching ears will build a society based on justice and truth.” Amen.

    Lord, may the face of the earth be restored and let the much needed renewal pour out of our hearts with fraternal charity and out of our hands in meaningful service in all we think, say and do. For without love, our knowledge and efforts bare no good fruit. Come Holy Spirit, enkindle in us the fire of your love.

    About this time last year, Charlie asked, “Whatever happened to cabooses?” https://asignofhope379.com/2021/03/09/from-the-vortex-of-the-swirling-gyre/ I share the link as a reference. The caboose was a staple in our youth. So much of what is true and just, reliable and familiar has been replaced with voids, uncertainty and farce. To what end, I ponder and pray over. During Lent, I’ve eliminated some of the daily snares of information overload and it has been a delight! Discerning and dealing with the bits before me/us with vim and vigor instead.

    During the week we had amazing weather and took an unexpected detour on a quick errand run. It turned out we choose to slow down and take in a leisurely impromptu historic tour of our town on the Ides of March. This included visiting our riverside park, train relics and caboose on the outskirts of our downtown district, the old mill down the road and a rock hunt. We are always on the lookout to find and add to our rock garden at home. The old mill is for sale and we have a piece of it now added to our collection. What a pleasure to be outdoors and away from the daily grind/distractions.

    I wish you and yours a safe and peace filled week. I am keeping you all in prayer. Please keep us in yours too! ❤

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  18. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! … Happy Spring 😉


    I have no problem with more involvement of Women and Laity …… but!!
    Women don’t automatically equal “Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice”!!
    As we have seen in our USA, these past 60 years, from Weather Underground to ANTIFA to Democrat Party to Planned Parenthood to CDC to DOJ, the most Radical Left Fringe is composed of many Women!
    Proper Vetting and No Free Passes for the Gentle Sex when it comes to Our Faith ….OK??!!




    It’s Time to End Illegal Immigrant Ghost Flights–NEWT GINGRICH




    Fortified Islands & BioWeapons ;-(




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    1. CD, Lara Logan was quoted in the Gateway Pundit today also. She has come away from the corrupt MSM and seems to be an authentic “truth teller” now. Her view is definitely on the side of what many of us have believed. Ukraine is not so much the victim! (Obviously civilian casualties are tragic wherever they happen, but we can always thank the elites for that.)

      I agree with your comment about the new document from PF, but I’ll go even farther and risk getting lambasted. I really would like to see more men involved! Some say that radical feminism has driven men away from some of the involvement in the Church that they should have. I love to see “manly men”. 🙂 Recently, leaving a commercial establishment, some woman said, “Oh what a good man!” because my husband unlocked the car door and held it for me as I got in. I was so proud of him for being a “good man” (and still doing that after almost 57 years of marriage).

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  19. It looks like Francis is going to consecrate Russia and the Ukraine to the Sacred Heart of Mary next weekend…..now that we all have our hair on fire.

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    1. Pope Benedict XVI is said to join in the consecration, which will greatly increase the the likelihood of the consecration of Russia & Ukrane in succeeding. (By how much opinions will vary, but it will help reguardless.) If anything, Pope Benedict XVI’s involvement will inclusively bring in those Catholics Pope Francis has alienated & pushed away.

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  20. Thank you again Charlie for your brilliant, insightful and informed analysis.

    I rarely comment with more than 1 or 2 short paragraphs, and I’m planning to maintain that customary habit . . . but there are so many items in your post that I really, really, really want to comment upon.

    Most strikingly . . . I am suddenly very disappointed with VDH because of his very problematic assessment that Putin is an irredentist (which label he is pushing in the article you linked) and sets up a false premise for much of the rest of his analysis. His claim of Putin’s irredentism is destroyed by the historical fact you point out that Putin pulled out of Georgia once his goal there was achieved. Additionally, I read another VDH article 2 or 3 days ago which was also largely anti-Putin and flies in the face of the facts and truth I have discerned in recent weeks and months (which makes me one of the many new experts on the subject of Eastern Europe).

    One thing I can be 100% sure of . . . If all the usual suspects (MSM, swamp dwellers, intelligence community, Soros, etc.) are against Putin, I am not going to fall in on their side against him.

    May all God’s blessings be yours Charlie.

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    1. Patrick, this line: ” . . . flies in the face of the facts and truth I have discerned in recent weeks and months (which makes me one of the many new experts on the subject of Eastern Europe).”


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  21. Amen to that PATRICKFGH.

    I’m not sure what more we can do above praying for God to hold the globalists & apostates to account here on earth, and inform the public of the hypocracy/trickery of the UN/NATO to start WW3.

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  22. “The birthing pangs of a New World Order have begun – but it will not be the order that globalists expect it to be. ”

    I certainly hope so, Charlie!!

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    1. Linda, that’s an excellent article. It’s a long list of useful products, but so worthwhile to know about!

      That reminds me, Beckita; I’ve been meaning to ask if Steve is alright. We haven’t seen him here in a while. Hope all’s well!

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        1. Well hi Stevebc!!! We’re all thinking About you and praying mom is doing well too🥰🙏✝️. I get very quiet during Lent. It’s been happening for years for me for some reason. I think often of times gone by, childhood, people I’ve lost in life either due to natural causes, distance or changed relationships…! For me, it’s a time of deep sadness and retrospect. Lent. 40 days of desert not dessert😂Lol. And for me personally repentance of past mistakes and stupidity 😂😂😂 I’m sure that’s not why you’re quiet these days. Just know we all love and miss your comments! God bless you Stevebc and give mom a hug for us all🥰

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      1. Hi Annie W! So glad you liked that article and funny thing…I thought about Stevebc yesterday too! Hope mom is ok?!?! Good to text with you Annie W!🥰🙏😘✝️📿

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      2. AnnieW, I’m touched that you would think about me. Also Linda. Beckita is correct. I’m absolutely fine but have had a whole series of changes and issues at the personal and family level. I’ve also just found out that if all goes well, I will for the first time become a great-uncle several months from now. Or maybe I already am? I’m not sure how this great-uncle category works. The child will be my mother’s first great-grandchild. When I told her yesterday and she finally “got it”, she gave a very sweet smile. 🙂

        As for matters we are all interested in here, I’ve got a lot on my plate to think about, and all of which is currently playing second fiddle to the above personal matters but will eventually come together for me. If that material becomes relevant, I’ll let you know. Meanwhile, I read every comment, so I am keeping up.

        Blessings to everyone here as we all careen into the future.

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  23. One of my adult kids called me last night and we were discussing the coming consecration of the world (wonderful). My kid (a teaser) said: “Yeah, but I want to know, will this delay the toppling of the world order? ‘Cause, let’s just get it over with now! If the world needs an person to accelerate this so we can get to the rebuilding part, I’ll take on that role! (said in-jest)”

    For those who remember the Rocky and Bullwinkle show:

    Now here’s something really fun and handy for Easter. I’m gonna print it out so I won’t forget.

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  24. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! … Happy Spring 😉



    I have never really understood why this has not already been done properly.
    I must assume that it is because WE have allowed The Smoke of Satan to become a Five Alarm Fire in Our Church ;-(




    Ya don’t have to be a Rocket Scientist to figure out that something nasty be Going-Down!
    Jesus, I Trust In You! AMEN!!




    ABCNNBCBS-PBS/NYT/WashPo will never seriousl report upon the Current Crime Waves or Producer Class Flight ’cause THEY don’t want to have to discuss Whys & Ramifications … ’cause that would reflect VERY badly on Democrats/Elections!




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  25. One of my many issues with how things are being reported and fed to us: it’s just weirdly convenient for someone “in charge”. We are being handed a string of narratives in quick succession and told we must believe them without any dissent or critical thought allowed. If there’s anything that makes me suspicious it’s efforts to emotionally manipulate me, from sketchy politics to Covid and now to the highly simplistic Zalenskyy good-Putin evil narratives. The real world isn’t Batman and the Joker. We are being spoken to in absolutes where things are not absolute (“vaccines good, Putin evil, case closed”), but where things are absolute (the Kingship of Christ, the evil of sin and rebellion against God) we get sophistry and subjectivism.

    I don’t have any illusions that Russia/Putin is a great spiritual savior: they have rampant abortions, most people don’t practice Christianity, they have a nationalist church that is not friendly to Catholicism, etc. However it doesn’t mean they get it all wrong: resisting gender ideology and the State-sponsored atheism of the West are good things. Putin correctly pointing out the manipulation of people by the Western elites is a big problem does not become incorrect when he invades Ukraine. Likewise, the faith of Ukrainian Catholics is probably one of the strongest in Europe and their suffering is real. What they are going through is an evil thing. Perhaps their president is doing great things in this war, courageously trying to protect his people. However, doesn’t he also want to attach them to the EU, an organization that is actively hostile to the Faith (as Poland can see now…)? I don’t fault him for pushing foreign governments to help his country, but the way he is being trotted around like he’s on a book tour is suspicious to me. How is that going to help countries make sound, rational decision about what to do in this situation?

    The larger temporal effects of this war I believe lie in the shifting of alliances, the weakening (or death) of the dollar as reserve currency and us learning that what the US says is simply not as respected in the world as it once was. Our country just doesn’t have the moral authority we once did, and that is justified. We don’t deserve to have it. We have less economic dominance. We still have the stronger military, but we can’t engage in our usual tactic of blowing leaders up who threaten the dollar’s supremacy. We can’t very well start a war while we are condemning another one. On top of all this we have virtually no leadership. The NY Times may not be able to admit that Biden has no remaining mental faculties, but you can bet the other world leaders are well aware of it. Interesting and risky times ahead…

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      1. Thanks much! I just looked at the calendar and realized I was in Kiev exactly 5 years ago this past weekend. Ukrainians were very cool and welcoming people (Russians as well for that matter, when I went there). They knew how corrupt their government was (and is), and it’s tragic tat they have to suffer because the West and Russia decided to use them as political punching bags.

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        1. Wow, Lake! You have a vivid idea of what is surely a time of sorrows for both the Ukrainian and Russian peoples. And so it is in China and in too many countries – even for us now in the US, suffering under an occupier of the office of President – a horror to be citizens under leadership with anti-God governments. Certainly, though, who can really fathom being among the millions of refugees from Ukraine now dispersed in many lands?

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    1. Great short analysis, Lake. I have long believed that half the battle in analysis is asking the right questions – but now the dominant ruling class does not allow any questions at all to penetrate their bubble.

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    2. Lake: “We can’t very well start a war while we are condemning another one.”
      War is punishment for sin.
      “If men DO NOT STOP OFFENDING GOD there will be a new and greater war.” (Our Lady of Fatima). Simply put; no politics, sophistry or plots – sin causes war.
      As long as we deny God, mankind will have war. As long as we seek our own way we will have wars.
      “It is not the task of the state to create mankind’s happiness, nor is it the task of the state to create new men. It is not the task of the state to change the world into a paradise—nor can it do so. If it tries, it abandons its own boundaries and posits itself as something absolute. It behaves as if it were God, and, as the Revelation of John shows, this makes it the beast from the abyss, the power of the Antichrist.” (Pope Benedict XVI, Values in a Time of Upheaval)
      What is the “power of the Beast (Antichrist)”?
      “And it was given unto him to make war with the saints, and to overcome them: and power was given him over all kindreds, and tongues, and nations. The Antichrist is an actual person but he also comes to reign through a global empire, a New World Order-“beast with seven heads”. In Isaiah’s passage he names one whom God sends to chastise the nations, seize plunder, carries off loot, moves boundaries, and snatches the riches of the nations. (Sound familiar?)
      “When conditions are right, a reign will spread across the whole earth to wipe out all Christians, and then establish a universal brotherhood without marriage, family, property, law or God.”(Francois-Marie Arouet de Voltaire. French Freemason).

      “That will be the time in which righteousness shall be cast out, and innocence be hated; in which the wicked shall prey upon the good as enemies; neither law, nor order, nor military discipline shall be preserved… all things shall be confounded and mixed together against right, and against the laws of nature. Thus the earth shall be laid waste, as though by one common robbery. When these things shall so happen, then the righteous and the followers of truth shall separate themselves from the wicked, and flee into solitudes.”(Lactantius)

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  26. PS: Jeff Prather put this out today. Perhaps our ChinaPlague Experts can Chime-In with some insights?

    Simple Methods to Detox From the Shots

    Seneff and colleagues are calling for comprehensive research and surveillance practices to monitor adverse events associated with mRNA shots as well as track biological effects via tests such as D-dimer, fibrinogen and C-reactive protein.
    “Studies comparing populations who were vaccinated with the mRNA vaccines and those who were not to confirm the expected decreased infection rate and milder symptoms of the vaccinated group, while at the same time comparing the rates of various autoimmune diseases and prion diseases in the same two populations,” are also needed, she wrote, along with, “Studies to assess whether it is possible for an unvaccinated person to acquire vaccine-specific forms of the spike proteins from a vaccinated person in close proximity.”(17)
    Fortunately, there are ways to help detoxify your body from COVID-19 shots. Most importantly, Seneff recommends eating a certified organic whole foods diet, to avoid glyphosate and other chemicals in food. In addition, focus on eating a nutrient-dense diet that concentrates on sulfur-rich foods like onions, garlic and cruciferous vegetables, as well as organic eggs, grass fed beef and seafood, with plenty of colorful fruits and vegetables.
    In addition, Seneff recommends regular sunlight exposure to your skin and eyes, which helps you produce vitamin D as well as sulfate. A group of international doctors and holistic practitioners who have experience helping people recover from COVID-19 and post-injection illness compiled natural options for helping to reduce your body’s spike protein load. The following are spike protein inhibitors, which means they inhibit the binding of the spike protein to human cells:(18)

    · Prunella vulgaris
    · Pine needles
    · Emodin
    · Neem
    · Dandelion leaf extract
    · Ivermectin
    They also compiled a list of spike protein neutralizers, which render it unable to cause further damage to cells. This includes:

    · N-acetylcysteine (NAC)
    · Glutathione
    · Fennel tea
    · Star anise tea
    · Pine needle tea
    · St. John’s wort
    · Comfrey leaf
    · Vitamin C

    Many natural IL-6 inhibitors, or anti-inflammatories, exist and may also be useful for those seeking to detox from COVID-19 or COVID-19 injections:19

    · Boswellia serrata (frankincense)
    · Dandelion leaf extract
    · Black cumin (Nigella sativa)
    · Curcumin
    · Krill oil and other fatty acids
    · Cinnamon
    · Fisetin
    · Apigenin
    · Quercetin
    · Resveratrol
    · Luteolin
    · Vitamin D3 (with vitamin K)
    · Zinc
    · Magnesium
    · Jasmine tea
    · Spices
    · Bay leaves
    · Black pepper
    · Nutmeg
    · Sage

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    1. CrewDog: ✅. I would add Chaga mushroom powder tea to the list of teas. Very important because it helps counteract the tendency of C19 to age a person, decreasing both vulnerability and damage.

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  27. https://www.revolver.news/2022/03/america-first-sean-hannity-problem/
    The America First Movement has a Sean Hannity Problem

    In 2016, Donald Trump showed that a Republican candidate can run, and win, without swearing fealty to the permanent war party. He ran on a platform of “America First,” and since that moment almost all Republican politicians and commentators have at least paid lip service to the idea.

    Yet now, all of that is being thrown aside for the sake of Ukraine.

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  28. Continuing with the theme of optimism of Charlies post.
    And since the video is 43 minutes.
    Search Rosary Congress 2021 Fr Celso
    He reiterates this is not a time for doom and gloom.
    He emphasizes the importance of Our Lady of America and the importance of getting to know about Sister Ephrem.
    He also has some fascinating facts about the letters USA being on the cloak of Our Lady of Guadalupe; and of course he talks about Luisa

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    1. Thanks for this, Sorrowful. I first met Fr. Tom on a pilgrimage to Montichiarri and Fontanelle. In that connecting time, I accepted his invitation to join his online Divine Will Prayer Group in which he taught extensively about this spirituality and he has surely given the majority of his life to this work.

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  29. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! … 😉

    Novena Prep for Russia Consecration:

    Interesting segment on Glenn Beck, not Catholic, Radio yesterday talking about Fatima 1917 and The Last Secret and the upcoming Consecration on Friday …… and his thinking that all People of Faith might consider joining Catholics in Prayer that Day!







    THEY are getting Nervous and must continue to advance The Agenda by suppressing Truth, oppressing dissenters and persecuting those refusing to submit!
    THEY must lash out as otherwise THEY face retribution and worse!


    Naughty name but Kunstler Gets It:

    The De-militarization of All Our Service Branches will not end well ;-(



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  30. Yes, it’s very late to be doing this, and I’m wondering what’s motive behind this consecration? Is it for genuine faith in Our Lady’s message or is Pope Francis using it as a stall tactic for the Globalist narrative? I suppose only time will tell.

    The strange thing is I always had a strong feeling/something that the 3rd Secret of Fatima was never meant for a just well behaved JPII, but meant for a misbehaving future Pope…

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    1. Al, as I see it, the Pope’s heart has been moved to consecrate Russia and Ukraine to Our Lady’s Immaculate Heart and he has added all of humanity to the consecration. I’m so grateful. For sure, Pope Francis began his papacy with great devotion to Our Lady and has shown visible signs that he constantly honors her and seeks her intercession. I, myself, have renewed my own Marian consecration many times. I say we all gather in the folds of our Mother’s Mantle on Friday and, in solidarity, present ourselves, our families, our countries and the whole world and all its peoples to Our Lady’s powerful intercession and maternal care. In her Immaculate Heart, inseparable with the Sacred Heart of her Son, we find a Mother who – when we humbly and sincerely seek her help – never disappoints. Is it a magic ticket to get out of what’s to come? No way. God is reshaping us in the cleansing we now experience and our cooperation is needed.

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      1. I really appreciate this comment, Beckita.

        My bishop here in the wilds of Oregon is all in on this, as is our parish’s Women’s Prayer Group (and the men’s group, who are mostly their husbands!).

        Blessings, friends ~
        Sister Bear

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        1. Sounds beautiful, Sr. Bear! I love the image of hearts round the world beating and bursting with desire for what God wants as we seek Our Mother’s intercession.

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      2. I feel sour Lady is very very close to us all these days 🥰 What a beautiful beautiful Mother we have!!! I gaze at her image and offer my whole day to her very personally and kiss her beautiful image and you can just feel her love🥰📿🙏✝️🤗

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        1. I’m sorry Mother!!! I did not mean to call you “sour mother,” but “our mother!!!” 🫢. I hope it doesn’t autocorrect to that again but at any length, maybe you can skirt a friendly fellow out of purgatory for the spelling error?!?!?!🥰✝️😇📿 Hail Mary!😘

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        2. Our priest, a very holy man, put the statue of Our Lady of Fatima at the entrance of the church after the consecration was announced. Our Blessed Mother is so beautiful my eyes overflow for love of her.

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          1. Handtotheplow she is such a good Mother to us all🥰. We are all so blessed to have her🥰🥰🥰 she weeps for all her lost children 😩 🙏🙏🙏 “People go to hell because there is no one to pray for them!” We must pray and sacrifice for all so Our Lady won’t cry anymore 🙏🙏🙏🤗📿


    2. I suppose ultimately it doesn’t matter what the motivation is, as long as it’s done. God hears the prayer of the Church because it is the Body of Christ on earth; even faithless and spiritually dead priests can still perform effective Sacraments if they do so using the correct prayers of the Church. Perhaps this is why the current Pope was put in place. No way to really know.

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  31. The purpose of a “Minority Government” in Canada is to put a leash of opposition on untrustworthy politicians/political parties preventing them from passing undesirable legislation. Forming a coalition government bypasses the accountability the Trudeau Liberals would of had to face by calling another election, and bypasses the voters’ wishes to NOT pass undesirable legislation…


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      1. Backdoor Socialism…

        The coalition happened because the Canadian Senate rejected the Emergencies Act passed by Trudeau in Parliment, it’s a 2 step approval process.

        It’s a total of 184 seats, 170 votes are needed to pass legislation, it’s doubtful 15 or more backbenchers will interfere. A minimum majority is where backbenchers can be braver stand up to the government with less fear of being disciplined.

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    1. I do get you, Al. Many of the problems with Pope Francis have been discussed here by Charlie and various commenters….from back at TNRS through our time at ASOH. Pope Francis’ erring ways are well established in his papacy. My prayer is that Pope Francis is the first and foremost one affected by the Consecration. Is this Pollyanna-ish? Not at all. Simply and surely, may the seeds of faith nurtured in this Pope as a child by his grandmother blossom in ways that affect him as Saul was affected on the road to Damascus. What have we to lose by praying thusly for him? What have we to gain to do so from our whole hearts?

      The Fatima Center was founded by Fr. Nicholas Gruner who was so fervent in his thoughts and beliefs about Fatima that he ended up becoming disobedient to legitimate Church authority, thus incurring censure: https://www.catholicculture.org/culture/library/view.cfm?recnum=4086 The suspension of Fr. Gruner’s priestly faculties was a very serious correction… and the folks in his community, The Fatima Center, only doubled down in defending him, rather than acknowledging the serious problems.

      Grateful to be in solidarity of prayer with you, Al.

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      1. Thanks Beckita, I don’t like arguing, I just seek acknowledgement even if you don’t agree with the information.

        I’ll consider this mission accomplished and move onwards.

        Friday’s consecretion is The Next Right Step reguardless of the true intentions of Pope Francis.

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          1. I believe it is a miracle that Pope Francis has felt the need to do the consecration before the entire world. I thank God that the Holy Father is publicly seeking the intercession of Mary in our current crisis and that he is making reference to Her appearance at Fatima and Her words to Lucia. Perhaps this is the reason he is the one to be sitting in the Chair of Peter at this critical time.

            There has been much discussion among Catholics as to the proper form, timing, words, who must be included in the process and who and what should be consecrated. In my humble opinion all those discussions are secondary. The mere fact that Pope Francis is agreeing to seek Mary’s intercession and is acknowledging Her appearance at Fatima will open gates of Grace that we can barely begin to recognize or appreciate.

            May we find victory in the sacred hearts of Jesus and Mary!


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              1. Amen, amen, amen. It’s the Holy Spirit who motivates prayer, and further, it’s the Holy Spirit who takes the words, thoughts and forms from us, however pure or flawed, and expresses them in a way pleasing to God.

                More raising our sights to Empyrean realms, less over-analyzing everything viewed form a dirty lens we found laying in the mud of the world.

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              2. “In the end, my Immaculate Heart will triumph. The Holy Father will consecrate Russia to me, and she will be converted, and a period of peace will be granted to the world.”
                (Our Lady of Fatima.)
                Charlie mentioned this “period of Peace”as maybe already having been given to the world as a period of Peace occured at the end of the “Cold War”.
                Granted, Sister Lucia stated that JPll’s consecration was “accepted” by Heaven but was his consecration the one Mary mentions above or is it possibly the one Pope Francis is about to make?
                Time will tell and we can hope the “errors” of Russia are eliminated from the whole world by this Act.

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                1. I’m content that God can look at all these things in their entirety, without one layer obstructing another, and regardless of time. One can only imagine what that perspective looks like, but I truly believe it’s the wise starting point to avoid serious errors.

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                2. Hi Phillip Frank, when JPII did the consecration, it was already very late and Russia did spread its errors through the world already, so we’ve been living with some consequences of a late consecration.

                  ‘They have not chosen to heed my request… As the King of France, they will regret it and then will do it, but it will be too late. Russia will already have spread her errors throughout the world, provoking wars and persecutions against the Church, the Holy Father will have much to suffer.’


                  1. I hear it said by many that it is “too” late.  I don’t think that is what was uttered at Fatima.  My understanding is “late,” but it was not stated as “too late.”  Too late does not sound like our God.  There is always hope to change.  It is never too late based on God’s mercy.  The good thief on the cross is a good example.—- Sent from Doug’s Back Pack

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                    1. What is a major purpose of this Storm, Al? God’s end game is to reclaim His children. None of us knows who has completely sold out by giving himself/herself completely over to evil. History has stories aplenty of 11th Hour conversions. Jesus, Himself, told the parable about the servants hired at 5:00, yet were paid a full day’s wage. Ours is not to declare that a whole city is lost, but to pray with hope for conversion.


                    2. I haven’t ruled out any 11th hour conversions Beckita. Contrary to what you might expect, I’m not locked into a single scenario, but events could go any number of ways. It doesn’t look good for Rome in light of the information that’s out there, and if ir comes to pass, no worries as the Church was built upon Peter not a city.


                    3. I understand your point Beckita, we simple don’t know what will happen to the people, they may simply choose to evacuate.


  32. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! … 😉


    I first thought: What’s the Big Deal? …. but then I figured that when you are Pope (or US Prez) every word and deed is observed, noted and scrutinized.

    I don’t think the below is Far-Out at all!!



    I’m sure ABCNNBCBS-NPR/NYT will be interviewing Sliwa soon on this Topic of New York (every other Democrat Urban ****Hole) soon! …. Right!!??? … Hello!!!?

    ChinaJoe forgot that New World Order is now called Great [godless] Re-Set!



    Oh! ….. and pretending that Iran is not building Nukes @ not too Secret Sites.

    Novena Prep for Russia Consecration:





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  33. I’ve been listening to the daily reports of a journalist based in Athens and they seem very balanced and probably more reliable than the Western media which we know has zero integrity. It’s on the youtube channel:


    He has connection to the Greek community of Mariupol who are generally more afraid of the Neo-Nazi Ukrainian Azov battalions than Russia, reporting on Greek TV that people are afraid to leave their apartments and be shot by the Azovs. These are the same Neo-Nazis that the CIA has been actively training. The U.S. really has some explaining to do about what we have been up to in Ukraine: Biden connections, corruption, supporting Nazi militias, 20+ biolabs.

    Also it appears there are mounting civil disturbances in Europe due to the sanctions put on Russia: huge protests and strikes in Spain being one. And this is without any Russian retaliation at all, it’s purely self-inflicted.

    I also wonder about Biden going to Poland for meetings. I’m concerned NATO is up to some kind of escalation they plan to blame on Russia. It also seems that NATO is leaning toward sanctioning China which could well cause a very rapid collapse of the West’s economic system. At this point it seems our “leaders” are actively seeking to destroy our own economy and we certainly need to be prepared for it..

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    1. Tragic, disgusting and true, Lake. Thank God for CORAC. For anyone who has not yet had the opportunity to visit the site (corac.co), there are many and varied resources which can help us to be prepared for what is coming.

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    1. Archbishop Vigano is the rudder towards truth. All the “forked tongued” catholics are showing their true selves. Shame on them.

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    2. WOW!!! It just keeps getting weirder & crazy the further the world keeps tumbling down that Globalist Rabbit Hole…

      The information Archbishop Vigano is covering sounds preposterous, but we know it’s true CREWDOG after what’s already happened with the American election, COVID, & the vaccine narrative.

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  34. I got some groan-worthy pun jokes in my email yesterday. Thought I’d share the wealth, LOL:

    1. When is a black dog not a black dog?
    2. Why should you stand in a corner when you’re cold?
    3. Did you hear about the new restaurant called Karma?

    1. When he’s a Greyhound!
    2. It’s 90 degrees there!
    3. There’s no menu, you just get what you deserve 😀

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  35. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! … PM 😉







    Urban “Teens” In-Action! RIP, Linda




    Ya eat Bread & Cereal …. Pet Food?


    Long past time for USA to tell UN to PackUp-n-Git!!!



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