Random Thoughts on the Fourth of July

Washington Crossing the Delaware – Emmanuel Leutze

By Charlie Johnston

We had a great conference last weekend in South Dakota. Frankly, it was more like a joyful family reunion – of a family that actually likes each other. Alas, on opening night I got the first significant neurological episode I have had in a year and a half. When they come, my pain spikes, I get rather nauseous, I feel like a warm cowl has been placed over my head, and I get a bit fuzzy in my thinking. On the good side, all that is required is to take a few days of absolute quiet to resolve it and it is like a reset button: I actually come out refreshed and renewed. But I obviously could not be quiet at the conference, so I managed it by taking little naps between presentations. I don’t like to write when I am fuzzy-headed, so I have been trying to be quiet this week. Just before I left to rest Friday night, I stumbled off the front of the stage instead of taking the stairs. I’m telling MP to make sure that is included in the video package. I’ll write more about it next week along with some pictures. (Those of you who have some great pictures from the conference should send some to me). Meantime, I give you this clip from the introduction on Friday night. MP will have the downloads staggered, so those of you who have ordered them will get them all as they come online – but this one is free to all.


I have been thinking a lot this week about last Sunday’s Gospel reading. In it, the synagogue official, Jairus, asked Jesus to heal his daughter. That is very striking because synagogue officials were the most determined and bitter of Jesus’ opponents. The odds are overwhelming that Jairus was among those opponents – until his daughter got sick. This is striking to me for two reasons. First, bureaucrats and officials are often vested in keeping things the way they are because their power and influence are dependent on it – until they suffer personally and then they come to the water. In that sense, the illness of Jairus’ daughter was a great grace, for it forced him to look to what was true rather than what was convenient to his career. The second thought is that, if Jairus was (as is overwhelmingly likely) one of Jesus’ critics; that he went to the Master as soon as serious trouble set in suggests that, in his heart, he always knew what was true. He simply would have repudiated it because it would affect his status in the system “as it was” to do otherwise. How many people choose what is politically correct to preserve their status in this transient world when they know it is not true – and that the path thereof leads to death? How often have you and I done that – and called our infidelity prudence? Tough questions, but as always, even in the simplest passages, Scripture provides an unfathomable depth to contemplate.


Just before our festivities began, Joe Biden said resistance to federal power is futile, as he has F-15s and nukes at his disposal. Weird stuff. Of course, many protestors from Jan. 6 in Washington who just wandered into the Capitol at the invitation of Capitol police but did not participate in the overly exuberant activities of some, are being held without bail in solitary confinement in jail until they confess and repudiate their thought crimes – unlike BLM and Antifa terrorists who actually broke things and hurt people. The military run by “woke” generals is not much good at winning wars, but great at targeting conservatives and Christians. And of course, the Justice Dept., FBI and intelligence agencies have replaced the Ku Klux Klan as the paramilitary arm of the Democratic National Committee. We are not yet in full concentration camp mode, but we are in the equivalent of late 1934 in Germany, after the punitive laws started pouring forth and all dissenters from Nazi ideology were being labelled domestic terrorists, anti-German traitors or mentally ill. Oh, the mercantile class and even many Jews were saying in 1934 that this was bad, but it will pass. We know what the trajectory was then – and the trajectory now is running at an even brisker pace. If we do not stand now, we will fall later.


One thing that consoles me is that, though Robespierre, Lenin, Hitler and Mao were all evil men, they were smart men who were able to seduce their populations into believing they were making things better early on. This bought them two to six years to consolidate power before fully revealing the true ugliness at the heart of their ideologies. Not one of them started threatening their own populace within the first few months of taking power – for they knew their hold on it was still too fragile.

With the bunch behind Joe Biden, it is all coercion and no seduction right from the start. They are the stupid revolutionaries, more like petulant and malicious children smearing their mother’s make-up on their faces to try to convince us they are all grown up. Thank God for small favors! Already, the racially toxic Critical Race Theory, the huge spike in violent crime, and the rising inflation have triggered widespread pushback in surprising places. Even suburban chardonnay moms are starting to say, “Hey, wait a minute,” as their own children and families are swept into the maelstrom. There will be some casualties, like the political prisoners from Jan. 6, but these guys have been all stick and no carrots – and have not sufficiently consolidated their power for a real takeover. Oh, we may have to divide into free states and woke states for a time to ride out the madness, but this is not going to end like revolutionary France, Russia, China or fascist Germany. The wokesters will take a lot of people down, but mostly on their own side before all is settled. Oddly, the most enthusiastic champions of this stuff among the rank and file will ultimately give thanks for the quick collapse – for in each of the four I listed, as soon as power was successfully consolidated, the top boys started purging the ranks of their own side of anyone that could conceivably become a threat to their own power.


I was startled by Pope Francis’ handwritten letter to Fr. James Martin, supporting and encouraging him in his efforts to promote homosexuality and transgenderism. As orthodox American clerics are being cancelled en masse by heterodox Bishops, it was bizarre to see a Catholic Pope so publicly eager to encourage the repudiation of the teaching of Christ and the Apostles. I think it was actually Pope Francis’ oblique response to the American Bishops’ decisive vote to go forward with drafting a document on Eucharistic Coherence, after the Vatican and top Cardinals in the United States tried to kill it. Clashes coming everywhere, it seems.


People often ask me what the deal is with squirrels on this site and CORAC. Well, for a time, several running jokes grew up on the site around the subject of squirrels. Also, when I was a teenager, we had a couple of pet squirrels my uncle had caught while working in trees. They were hilarious and fun. They’d go chasing each other up my leg, across my shoulders, and down the other leg. They were a hoot.

Beyond that, I think squirrels exemplify many of the characteristics we want to imitate in CORAC. They are not particularly intimidating, but there is no quit in them. If you have ever had a “squirrel-proof” birdfeeder, you already know there is no such thing. Squirrels always find a way. They are always exuberant and playful, which can mask how relentlessly determined they are. As a bonus, if you have ever seen a squirrel with its tail straight up, backlit by the sun, it looks a whole lot like the penumbra behind Our Lady of Tepeyac (commonly called Guadalupe). So that’s the deal with squirrels.


The hoo-hah over UFO’s these days got me thinking. As you know, I think it is almost certainly demonic. Demons are opportunistic, eager to exploit whatever silliness people are culturally inclined to give credence to. That is why, in the Middle Ages, we had all sorts of sighting of elves, leprechauns and such – but no reports of UFOs. People were inclined to believe in fairies and such, so the demons obliged them. Now we are inclined to believe in UFOs, so the demons again oblige us.

I asked my friend the squirrel what he thought. The answer is below (hat tip to Bob Scheich).

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164 thoughts on “Random Thoughts on the Fourth of July

  1. It was a conference to savor in memory. That drop off the stage revealed that you are an incredibly agile man, Charlie. Thank God.

    Love your insight on the synagogue official. May this Biblical story be a harbinger that our contemporary synagogue official types will soon be reaching for the Lord. I have lingered on the simplicity of Jesus’ counsel for the official: “Do not be afraid; just have faith.”

    What a hot mess continues to brew in the plans of the Left. Loving the pushback. May it continue to grow.

    Nice one, Bob!

    I pray you can get some extended R & R time, Charlie!

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  2. Love the “alien” squirrel! I have many of those in my yard.
    Our country is in such sad shape. Praying for deliverance.

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      1. Just watched the first three videos last night. David is an amazing and very humble man. His name is so appropriate considering the Goliath he and his team have been up against.

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  3. Laughed out loud with the squirrel. We had a couple of squirrels in our backyard that loved to taunt our dogs. We had to spell the word squirrel in front of the dogs because as soon as we said the word they’d fly out the door. Yipping and baying the whole way. Those darn squirrels were always just out of reach. They would sit there and chatter at the dogs.
    My husband and I were talking about the exact topic of people knowing the truth in their hearts but for whatever reason have their heads stuck in the sand. When push comes to shove I pray they will be like Jarius and turn to the Lord.

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    1. HttP: Yep! I agree, Some in my own age group and who went to my same Catholic high school… And I wonder, didn’t you get the same history lessons as I about communism and its cousin Nazism there?That’s why the term progressivism/socialism used by the Democrat party was so recognizable as actual communism. And honestly that group still don’t get it.
      I belonged to a stock investment club about 15 years ago and listened to the China market enthusiasm. I remember saying, “but it’s China, it’s communism.” How naive of me. I got blank stares back. (I don’t know, I wonder even today if the thought was Western markets would change China. Ha!) I do remember though standing in a Franks (like a Michael’s) store back in the late 1990’s noticing that everything was made in China and wondering if we were funding our own demise.
      Obama for me was a communist. He was on record as speaking to communist groups in Chicago as a “community leader”. Was their plan to obscure with language the plan to eliminate the Constitution and “fundamentally change America”. I believe so. And then there was JPII and liberation theology and his condemnation of it. I thought well there you go, he of all people would recognize communism. And now it’s reported that other countries want to pull out of the European Union like the UK.
      Have you noticed that the history of the 1930’s is playing out again but in a slightly different way? Even brazen antiSemitism is back. Truth is once again being obscured. Communism by class is now communism by race. Whatever works to divide. Is another economic collapse around the corner? It may be what we need to bring us back to Him. (Certainly the banality of our education system has been exposed because of the pandemic. Christ making a good out of a bad?) I know my grandparents and parents lived through the Great Depression and the churches were full. Faith and family were paramount. But our leaders then loved freedom too. We seem to be somewhere between the isms of the 20thCentury and a new elitism of the 21stCentury. You will know them by their acts. It’s right in front of our face and still some have their eyes wide shut.

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      1. Just a funny…I was lector for a funeral. We waited, and waited…An hour and a half later the dead arrived! He WAS late for his own funeral. He had been cremated and his daughter (habitually late) was bringing him!

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        1. I was late for my own mother’s funeral! They were really mad at me! Yikes! But actually what happened is I forgot to bring all the readings for the readers for my mom’s funeral mass so we had to go back home and get them 😝 come to find out we didn’t need to do that as they had copies there too dah!!!

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  4. I love this painting by Leutze. When teaching my fifth graders about primary/secondary sources and artist license this is one I used. They would read what actually happened then look at the picture, and sit there a bit with a confused look on their faces. Someone would usually say, “hey, that’s not right”.

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    1. HttP: There is a Washington Crossing park. Every Christmas Day they reenact the crossing in costume and with an encampment. Thousands attend it. On Thanksgiving Day they do a dress rehearsal. On July 4th their is another encampment in costume with cannons set off and examples of crafts and cooking from the time of the crossing. It’s worth a visit. The docents speak of the crossing in reverential terms. (I wonder if this will change.) The prisoners were marched up The Crossing Road @ 6 miles (Rt#532) to a church in Newtown PA (also worth a visit). I attend my first Tea Party in response to the Obama run for President at the Crossing. Appropriate don’t you think It wasn’t until the end of the day that one speaker, an immigrant from Brazil representing her family, spoke and hit the target. She recognized even then the socialism/communism being touted by the Democrat party. Socialism was the reason her family left Brazil for the USA. I stood there and remarked out loud, “Bingo”! And, yet, its taken 13 years and a pandemic to wake us up! We have become a country hoisted on its own mountainous petard of false witness aka lies.

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  5. Love the squirrel. I get that they can get in the attic and cause a mess, but I can’t comprehend really disliking them. They are another of God’s wonderful creatures. At our son’s house as disgusting as it sounds a rat hung out with the squirrels at the feeder. He even climbed a tree and he was a regular! He thought he was one of the crowd.
    Charlie I’m sorry you didn’t feel well. Sounds like it went well and was a blessing to others. May you feel better and stay that way.

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    1. I wonder if the rat might actually be a non-bushy tail squirrel, they are, after all, rodents. Or maybe just a visiting cousin.

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      1. Maybe. My son knows animals well and he thought it was a rat. Then again he thought a groundhog was a beaver so I don’t know, lol.

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  6. Happy Independence Day, everyone! And to those of you who are active-duty military or veterans, thank you for your service to this great country; and may God bless you and all your loved ones.

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      1. Double Ditto. My oldest brother is a Vietnam vet. He was a medic. When he came home, he was treated differently, even in our small town. He was so sad and thin. The photos of him from Christmas still touch me, as he was there physically, but elsewhere mentally.

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  7. I’m not sure why people have started calling Our Lady of Guadalupe by the title of Our Lady of Tepayac. While it’s true she appeared to Juan Diego there, when she appeared to his uncle, curing him, she told him she would be called “The Perfect Virgin, Holy Mary of
    Guadalupe”. Those of us of Mexican origin affectionately call her La Guadalupana.
    The story of these apparitions appears in the Nican Mopohua – the telling or “here it is told” – written by a contemporary of Juan Diego. Here is the writer’s biography:
    Here is the Nican Mopohua in English:

    Click to access _nican_mopohua.pdf

    Two things.
    Our Lady and Juan Diego both referred to each other as “xocoyote” which means “littlest one” in Spanish and is a derivative of a word with the same meaning in Náhuatl, a familiar term of endearment. What a close, loving relationship Juan Diego had with Our Lady!
    The word Guadalupe has been suggested to be a mistranslation of the Náhuatl word “Coatlaxopeuh” which means “I smashed the serpent with the foot”. I have not be able to verify this word or its meaning yet. However, Guadalupe has great significance for the Spanish. Here is the history on that:
    I personally think it was a heavenly message for both cultures.
    ¡Viva La Guadalupana!

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    1. I love your devotion to Our Lady of Guadalupe, Suzanne! Thanks for the links.

      SO much has been written about Our Mother under her title, Our Lady of Guadalupe, and I especially love the descriptions of every part of her image and how God deeply touched the hearts of both cultures via those image details. I also love one of the more recent discoveries concerning the song which emerges from her image on the Tilma when you look at it horizontally and place the stars on a musical staff. Those who are ambassadors for this holy image and introduce the Music of the Tilma to their audiences, relay the anecdotal stories of how Our Lady touched the people with her song of love. I actually giggle each year on her feast day when we’re praying the Liturgy of the Hours and read some of the affectionate exchange between Juan Diego and Our Lady which you describe.

      Six years ago when Fr. Wang and I were last evangelizing in China, I brought along thousands of holy cards with OLG on the front and those soothing and powerful words which she spoke to Juan, printed on the back: “Am I not here, I, who am your Mother? Are you not under my shadow and protection? Am I not the source of your joy? Are you not in the hollow of my mantle, in the crossing of my arms? Do you need anything more? Let nothing else worry you, disturb you.” As I spoke with our Chinese brothers and sisters about their Mother and ours, I, too, played the recorded music and they wept. After the talk, they darted for the holy cards and I know there are wee home shrines to Our Lady of Guadalupe/Tepeyac all over their province… and beyond. We constantly pray that Our Lady will bring about the conversion of billions of Chinese, as surely as she brought about massive conversions in the 1500’s.

      It is St. Gabriel who granted us the tip off that Our Lady wishes to be known, in these times, as Our Lady of Tepeyac, taking nothing from her being called and loved as Our Lady of Guadalupe. She is working anew in these times. Back at TNRS, Charlie introduced us to a wonderful piece and he wrote: “I have come to think that the titles, Tepeyac and Guadalupe are equally important, for in this image she is a profound sign of unity, uniting the Old World and the New World, and encompassing almost all of Christian history. Dr. Howard marvelously connects the dots in a concise way here. There is much to ponder in this.” That piece can be found here: https://spiritualdirection.com/2015/12/12/our-lady-of-guadalupe-and-the-renaissance-of-civilization

      In the Prayer of Miraculous Trust, we are directed to appeal to Our Lady as Our Lady of Tepeyac: https://asignofhope379.com/prayer-of-miraculous-trust/ We are so blessed!

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      1. Thanks, Beckita, for the heads up. I’m personally sticking with Our Lady of Guadalupe since that’s the title she gave us. If another title works for people, I’m sure Our Lady won’t mind.

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          1. Beckita: Your comment made me smile in memory of a conversation with my youngest son, David when he was about 12. We were in the car driving past another Catholic Church and I was commenting on the name of the church – Our Lady of …. He replied, “Boy, does she have a lot of names!”

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      1. I listened to a teacher from India that said the deaths were due to the lockdown. India’s people have the largest cases of diabetes in the world, are very poor (1.2% can pay taxes). When the lockdown happened, they lost their doctors and lost their medicine and food. They are poor and cannot afford burials so bury their dead by the sea. The media exploited that of course. When people come to their ghettos with shots they throw stones at them. You can see the interview

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    1. The White House released a 2-min video on June 24 with Herr Fauci talking about this mild mutation. He describes it as a “variant of concern” and follows up with a push for getting vaccinated. I will spare you the agony of seeing and hearing that man’s deceptive presentation, but I will tell you the good news about it. At this writing:

      The LIKES are 609

      and the DISLIKES are 4,800!

      These low numbers suggest people are tuning out our socialist government, and the lopsided results indicate many are starting to wake up. But perhaps too little — too late. Hundred of millions have already been poisoned.

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      1. Supposedly Mr. Biden considers sending people door to door to persuade the unvaccinated to get vaccinated… I see two good responses here:
        1. “Please walk away right now, you might be spreading the virus!”
        2. (This I read actually ): ” I am a transvaxxite – I identify myself as having been vaccinated even though I haven’t actually been vaccinated.”.

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          1. Daily praying for those caught up in the propaganda machine’s peddling of disinformation. Wondering, too, about the veracity of reports claiming that Spanish scientists have analyzed the contents of the Pfizer vaccine and discovered it is mainly comprised of graphene oxide. Surely is possible, but I’d like to see solid research and reports on this as the Missoulian had a report, this morning, about Pfizer seeking authorization for a 3rd dose of covid19 “vaccine.” Deliver us, O Lord.

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            1. I have decided to quietly resign my job with Horizon Health Care for their gross and continued mishandling of the pandemic through misinformation, the aggressive promotion of the “vaccines”, and now the administration of these drugs to children. I am hereby unemployed.

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              1. I get you, Patrick. Living not by lies in the public square takes great courage in these days. Praying for you and thanking God, in advance, for the doors He will open for you in all your next right steps.

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              2. Patrick, I am praying for you and so many others that are carrying heavy crosses at this critical time as we pray, discern and take the next right steps, even when it hurts! ❤ The way of the cross! Onward we go.

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              3. Wow, God bless you Patrick for courage in resigning! Your video above is needed comedy and I’ve see this guy’s videos before; very humorous satire.

                For those interested, Mallet’s latest email “For the Love of Neighbor” has an awesome video that only requires watching the last 7 or 8 minutes. It was a seminar in France and the doctor has good info, charts, etc. The good news at the end of the video is that (as I just emailed our kids) if you must get a “vaccine” for work, etc., go for the Novavax. The doc explains why it is good news.

                God protect us all!

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              4. Psalm 27:14
                Wait for the Lord;
                be strong, and let your heart take courage;
                wait for the Lord!

                Praying for you in your search for new employment Patrick.

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                1. Thanks Mick. Our Lady has been helping me greatly. This past weekend we gained 4 new Corac members and their families, I received $550 in unsolicited donations, and one of the new members is a young physician and devout Catholic who attends Latin mass in Rapid City. He strongly encouraged me to continue to package up dried foods for Corac members, said he will provide substantial financial support if I want it, and is looking for several ways in which I can work with him professionally, namely at several nursing homes for which he is the chief medical officer. I truly have faith in the Lord and that doors will be opened!

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                    1. Dr Travis actually said tonight just now that he intends to join CORAC. Incidentally he also sent my resume to his administrator about working prn (as needed) a couple times a month which would be perfect.

                      I just came from a Catholic Daughters meeting at St Joe’s in Faith. I gave a talk to 8 ladies, two are already members. We have gained at least four new members in just 4 days, plus $670 in unsolicited donations,
                      and certainly more of both to come.

                      Tomorrow I drive to Sioux Falls to meet Peter, the muscular young man who attended the conference with his family. He’s with a men’s prayer group and asked me to join them in a Rosary and then talk about CORAC. These guys have rented an apartment overlooking the abortion facility there and have made it into a chapel!

                      Things are rolling!!

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                    2. Bravo, Patrick! ❤

                      I plan to represent CORAC and defend our freedoms indirectly at a local luncheon for election integrity in Illinois, hosted by a friend of General Michael Flynn named Veronica aka #ThePeoplesBridge lady and a couple of fellow SM advocates and influencers here on 7-24-21 in Downers Grove. If anyone is available and would care to join me in our region, please let me know jbyrd@corac.co. To quote, Charlie, "Let's Rock." ❤

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  8. HAPPY FOURTH of JULY my dear friends!

    I have wished my family a “happy Independence Day” but noted that it’s strange to use the word “independence” in light of all the liberties we’ve lost especially these past two years.

    Wisdom from Jon Voight (aka the elder “Pope John Paul II” from his role in the touching movie of the same name.)

    He says we have a “little battle on our hands”, although I think he knows it’s much more than just a little battle. And, yes, we will not give up.

    Thank you, Jon.

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    1. This is great! It did not start with Biden, Obama… it goes back to 60s and 70s, with all those smoking weed hippies and the evil of legalizing abortions. Now we have a generation of hippies 2.0 , with marijuana legalized in many states, with racist critical race theory and cancel mob “culture” raging around. But in the end people that are high will hit the wall of reality and will reap what they sow in both dimension of this transitional life and, if unrepentant, for the eternity.


  9. Hey STEVEBC; If/when you happen across this comment…Thanks for the reply to my question about spike protein shedding in the previous thread. I didn’t get back there in time to reply before this new piece got posted.

    Happy 4th everybody! 😎

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  11. Thank-you, Charlie! Love the clip on YouTube.
    Our year has been messed up from the beginning, but we pray and pray.
    Praying for our Faith, Family and for our God given freedom to choose Him.
    God bless us all on this our Independence Day.
    Ongoing prayers for all here,
    katey in OR 🙏🏽💕✝️

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  12. I would suggest if you’re brave to read Dr. Peter Breggin’s (MD & Psychiatrist) new book located at: https://www.wearetheprey.com/. The book is on sale (preorder) and will come out this month but you are emailed the manuscript immediately. As Dr. Breggin receives and validates new findings/information you will receive updates on the manuscript. I do think he and his wife are doing God’s work in letting us know the truth. Yes he has been cancelled too after a full lifetime of uncovering and testifying against the abuses in the world of psychiatry. I think if we are to defend ourselves it would be helpful to know what we’re up against.

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    Yep! THEY can’t argue the cons of THEIR Agenda so THEY must demonize … & worse … anyone who might objects!


    Before this woman was a CongressCritter she must have been a test pilot in a broom factory 😉












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    1. Crew Dog: thanks for your links. I chose a few hear and there and forward to my list of @45. Some on the list probably think I’m a pain in the neck but others have told me the links are always worth reading. They think I’m a genius! Teheheheh! Have you discovered the Rip McIntosh banner link yet? Worth the time to link it to others. Different authors with serious content.


      1. Hi J50,

        Have not heard of Rip but I’m glad that there are plenty of Good-Guys operating Out-There in the “weeds”………… Civic & Church.
        THEY have been unable to shut down “alternate avenues” of Info and I Hope/Pray that enough Word gets out to Turn the Tide!?

        GOD SAVE ALL HERE! 😉

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  14. Hi Charlie!!! Hey thanks for the little video y’all put together for us to see!! It was exciting to see Bill do what comes so natural to him to do and to see Fr Wang and listen to his deep insights and wisdom!!! Charlie you were wonderful as ever!!! I’m personally so very sorry to hear you had a tumble but I know you just a little bit to know you probably had a big chuckle out of it !!! Nevertheless I pray you’re feeling better now! Praying for you and everyone here daily!

    Got to spend 4th of July with Mike, a few loved ones & globetrotting Tommy Liz and Jaxon! Thankfully everyone gave up on me and Mike getting vaxed and it doesn’t even come up anymore thanks be to God! I tell ya, I fell in love with these babies!!! What it’s all about right?!?! Faith, freedom and family!

    God please save us all 🥰👶🏼✝️🙏⛪️🦌🚙🌹🐶🥳🛶📿❤️

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    1. It really wasn’t a tumble, Linda. It was one magnificent, looong step off that stage. Good thing it was agile Charlie and not me, because I would have needed an ambulance and that would have been too much drama. 🙂

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      1. Ooooooh!!!!! Gotcha! Ha! I had visions of tumbles In my head!!! Yeah if it had been me, I probably would have broke my leg!😂 Glad sour Sherpa is ok!!!🙏✝️❤️🥳📿🐶

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  15. Hope you feeling better Charlie, but like in recent readings St. Paul states our strength is refined in weaknesses… As for Pope Francis , I have an impression he might not realize that being a pope does not give him a kind of pass when it is time to face God’s judgement after this transitional life, I don’t think one is a special son of God, a special Christian just because of a position in the Christian hierarchical structures. From what I remember over 50% of popes were not canonized nor beatified. That would suggest that more than 50% of popes would have to hit purgatory, I don’t even want to mention the third option…

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  16. Battening down for TS Elsa.
    Appreciate prayers for me and my state.
    I just spent all morning straightening things up around the yard that the winds may sail away.
    You just don’t realise/appreciate what you have until it’s at risk!

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    1. God bless you all, Phillip! Reminds me of my years in Florida when my Dad was stationed there, and we had to prepare for frequent hurricanes. The Gulf Coast suffers so much.

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      1. All good here.
        The storm is mostly a rain event at my house. No power loss so far and it looks like we doged that bullet.
        Thanks for the prayers and God bless!

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  17. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! 😉












    ….. it still amazes me that the ignorant Usual Suspects focus on NW Europe Colonization and totally ignore Spain/Portugal that were enslaving people by 1500 in the Americas ….. not to mention the Native Americans that had been enslaving each other for hundreds if not thousands of years.
    It’s ALL Smoke, Mirrors and political/academic Corruption, Division & Distraction!



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    1. The CTH article, fourth branch of government, is quite astounding. No one knows what this group is up to and they answer to no one! Gosh, what, who, is ruling us?!

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  18. I love this painting of Washington Crossing The Delaware. It is a huge painting and it hangs in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. You can examine it closely by clicking in on the picture itself and zooming in on the detail:

    Of course Washington never stood in boat on a dark and stormy night. There was no dawn rising in the East as depicted. There are 13 figures riding in that boat. If you count them you can only see 12 figures. The 13th figure is hidden. These 13 figures were meant to portray not only the 13 colonies but every strata of society. There’s a black man and a woman portrayed. There are farmers, sailors and frontiersmen. So where is the 13th figure? You will find him/her by finding the man holding his hat in the middle of the boat. Look to the right of that figure and what do you see? You see a baronet sticking up in the air held by the hidden figure. That figure represents all the anonymous unsung average everyday heroes of the American Revolution. It represents people like you and me.

    So how did Washington get across? He probably was pulled across firmly seated on McKonkey’s Ferry. He waited his turn in McKinkey”s Inn which is still there today.

    Christmas Eve 1776 — Trenton. Followed on Jan. 2 1777 — Second Trenton. Followed the next morning — Princeton. Many consider it the finest 10 days of Generalship in world history. The conduct of these three pivotal battles within 10 days continue to be studied by military scientists around the world.

    Washington himself, of course, attriuted it all to Divine Providence. And so it was. That whole Revolution was a product of Divine Providence. And that’s a fact, Jack.

    And now we find ourselves in a very similar situation.

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    1. Storm Tracker ED: Have you been there? Worth a visit especially on Thanksgiving Day (dress rehearsal) or Christmas Day (the actual performance) with an encampment. Here’s some modern history from my husband’s cousin who was a Schuykill River rower shell boat back in the day. He was a friend of Jack Kelly aka sister to Princess Grace Kelly. Jack was asked to participate in one of the early reenactments. He was appalled at the expertise of the rowers that day and enlisted the rowers of the shell boats for the following year. My husband’s cousin was one of them. The reenactment grew from there.

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    2. Try crossing that two way bridge in a SUV with unrestricted side mirrors. Built in 1870 something, and rebuilt over the years, not much between you and the river. And I testify that side mirrors will catch on the bridge itself and be broken off even at the speed limit of 15 MPH.

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      1. Joanne I have been to Delaware Crossing Park. You stand right there next to the little unassuming monument that says something like “From this spot Washington set forth….” You just stare across the river and ponder what it all meant.

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    This Guy may well be correct …. we may never know the Truth about ChinaPlague!
    A Thinking Person must know that Something Stinks!

    An interesting video made near two years ago. I think this former Army Intel NCO and student of history might well be very close on near future events.
    He does not talk about any Divine Intervention that we Hope-n-Pray for but …. Let’s Face It! We Trust in God and He Trusts in US to use our minds, hands and feet to do His will. Get Ready! … Don’t count on Angels on your doorstep!

    Get Ready to Bug-Out of Blue States & Urban Areas!





    You may rest assured that ALL Blue State/Urban Crime Stats have been well Whitewashed by Democrat Party Machines and their confederates in the DOJ/DHS/FBI,. “MEDIA”….Many Pardons if the term Whitewashed offends you!






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  20. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! 😉








    Yep!! BO’s DC Further Bunker is issuing orders and recruiting Puppets.





    OverLoad … “THINGS” are moving Fast!


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  21. Just a heads up. The first 9 episodes from the Faith, Family & Freedom Conference recorded June 25-27 are now available. If you pre-ordered the Video Series, you’ve been sent an email with your passcode to access and watch online. Stay tuned because there are many more episodes yet to be released! If you haven’t ordered yet… not to worry. You can order from the CORAC shop at: https://corps-of-renewal-and-charity.myshopify.com/products/conference-2021-video-series

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    1. MP, I just began to watch the series today and am on David Deleiden’s presentation. Wow! It’s the first time I’ve heard him speak and he is amazing in so many ways. From what I’ve seen so far, the videos are very well done. Bravo! Thank you.

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          1. Juls, you should see my text messages! Bing, bing, bing………… The Holy Souls in Purgatory like me. 😉

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        1. Looks like great teamwork. Fr. Wang’s opening prayer and comments were beautiful and I always enjoy hearing and seeing Charlie speak. Off to a family outing. Please pray that the Holy Spirit gives me words of wisdom and truth with a peaceful demeanor. Oh, and some courage too. Thank you. 😊

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            1. Thanks for the prayers. It went pretty well. Still had to go to Confession this morning tho. sigh. Father’s homily really hit the nail on the head for me at Mass afterwards. He was kind enough to give me a copy of it, so I could read it now and then. 🙂

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      1. All the speakers did an outstanding job, obviously because they’re seasoned speakers – and the topics are timely and uplifting ––but mostly because they’re passionately doing and living this stuff. Lends real credence! I’m sure the same can be said of the whole lot of you, concerning what each has been entrusted. Well done.

        On a side note, did you find the hidden squirrels in each video? Wait… don’t get distracted with that because I’m just kidding. But if you want to see how spry an old squirrel can be, I recommend Part 8 at about the 8:47 mark. That one has near cat-like reflexes, or he would have bit it.

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        1. Ha, MP! When I read the first sentence of your second paragraph, I was like, “What, what?! MP hid a squirrel in each video? Now I have to watch them and find the squirrel!” Sigh… I’m so easily distracted…. 🙂

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    2. Thanks MP for all your hard work. I’ve only seen the first three so far and they are great! Can’t wait to see the rest.

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  22. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! 😉





    Corrupt Politicians are the Real USA Problem!











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  23. Morning!

    I read a few blogs on the internet – usually, money-saving, gardening, homeschooling, etc. topics. Some religious (non-Catholic) and some secular. I mentioned in Regions 4 CORAC Zoom last night that I’m reading lots of comments through these blogs of, “I’m stocking my pantry…something just isn’t right”, or “Have this feeling…”. Pondering…..

    The following was posted in a blog I read from a family out in Las Vegas. I’d love to here from SanSan and others whether they concur…

    From The Prudent Homemaker: “Because the drought is so severe in the U.S., many states are preparing for blackouts (no power) this summer as dams are producing less power with lower water levels. Lake Mead, the largest dam in the U.S. (which is where I live) is dropping about a foot a week, and for each foot it drops, it loses 6% of its power output. Lake Oroville in California is expected to be unable to produce any power in a couple of months. Dams in Idaho and New Mexico are at similar levels. (Note: NV Energy, which supplies us, built several solar fields recently. 55% of the power from the dam goes to California customers. Very little ends up in Nevada.)
    One of the suggestions that is being made to prevent rolling blackouts is to raise thermostats to 78 degrees.”

    Is this accurate?

    God Bless,


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    1. Hi Becky. Our Governor Nuisance is calling for everyone to “voluntarily” participate in lowering energy consumption (elec. water etc). Because it will keep us from “mandatory” rules. And, to “help” us with our “voluntary” reductions…..if we go over a certain amount of usage…..bam, the price goes up. By a lot. Price per CCF units allotted, are quadrupled. He even said in a news interview, “I don’t want to be a “nanny state” having to tell you what to do.” Yeah right. He smiles with a forked tongue.

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  24. Highly recommend!!:

    Cream City Catholic men’s retreat
    you tube videos with Fr. Altman, Michael Voris and Doug Barry speaking. There are three videos.

    Learned so much. It’s a call to action specifically for men but all of us can learn from these videos to speak to the truth. Much like Charlie is telling us to do.

    Michael gives Concrete examples how to respond to issues we face in society.

    Inspirational and educating.

    The date of the retreat is June 11,2021

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  25. Forgive me if this has already been posted, I can’t keep up with all the comments. I realize Canadian Mark Mallet and Charlie have had differences in the past, but you’ve got to read Mark’s latest blog. He includes the fact that as believing Christians we cannot stand by with hands folded in piety without speaking up to warn folks of the potential adverse reactions to these gene therapy shots, and includes links to some amazing great videos. Dr. Peter McCullough is in the first one, he basically says that as of mid-June 2021 “the vax is causing more deaths/hospitalizations than the original problem.” https://www.markmallett.com/blog/for-the-love-of-neighbour/

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  26. Please lift up your hearts in prayer as our friend, reader and commenter (and our emcee at the conference this year!), Bill, and his wife are in a serious trial due to the health crisis with their young daughter who has been in ICU and is undergoing a medical procedure tomorrow to determine exactly what type of cancer with which she is struggling. May the very Breath of God infuse new measures of peace, strength and hope in Bill and his family. And in His Mercy, may Jesus bring a swift easing of the suffering and a complete healing to this beautiful, young girl.

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    1. Beautiful prayer Beckita. Praying for Bill and his family. Saying a PMT asking St. Peregrine and St. Jude’s intercession. I will take their intentions to Mass with me tomorrow.

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  27. Joining in prayer for Bill’s young daughter and that doctors are able to give the best diagnosis and treatment!

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    I’m putting my $$$$ on a Roman Horse called Cover-Up! ;-(


    I have NO doubt that Serious Evil **** be Goin’ Down on Planet Earth!


    mRNA!? …. THEY are “married” to and still lying about this “safe and effective technology” …… Why …. Exactly!????

    I’d guess (Hope) the % is much higher. Lots of People, like me, don’t talk to Pollsters.


    Like Hunter/ChinaJoe Biden … Nothing to See Here! … Move Along!!!

    Another violent White Supremacist Trump Supporter …. RIP Victims!


    I’m old enough to remember 5 gallons of gas for One Yankee $.



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  29. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! 😉




    Meanwhile in every Democrat Party Controlled Urban Paradise…….

    THEY can’t argue the Pros & Cons of all THEIR Agendas so THEY must sow division, confusion, slander and hate. It’s gonna get much worse!!!
    ……… and THEY must keep ChinaPlague Hysteria at a fever pitch!







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  30. Dear Father Altman given the boot! This is just wrong! He is a very holy priest. Please pray for him and his parish, St. James the Lesser in La Crosse, WI

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    1. SanSan, I’m so sad about this. My husband was really impressed with him to the point that we rallied for him last fall in La Crosse. Fr. Altman inspired my husband and one of my sons interest in Catholicism. I’ll be praying for him.

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      1. Me too Audiemarie. My brother was working his way back to the faith and now he’s “done” bc of what is happening to Father Altman. I’m trying to convince him that fallen men within the Church do not represent Christ’s Holy Mother Church; and that Father Altman would never want anyone to walk away or turn their back on the Catholic Church just bc he is being persecuted right now for speaking the Truth. Praying for all souls who are being affected negatively right now. May they all hold strong on to the One True Faith — no matter what happens.

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  31. Thanks Charlie, and I hope you are doing better this week. Love the squirralien. Too funny! I looked out my kitchen window one day last month and there was a little guy sitting on our fence just staring at me. We had a stare down until I said, OK you win…I went out and replenished his food supply. 😛

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    1. Here’s what I find most tragic about these instances. We were to “put on the whole armor of God.” And here we are. Far too many are without it having never really put it on at all, or worse, cast it aside for worldly weapons… mere verbal guns, pea shooters and other human ‘wisdom.’ Pitiful weapons.

      When has anything good ever come out of The Church when it has gotten political?

      Our Mother weeps. The devil rages.

      How do you give battle in a world that is suffering because love has grown cold?

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    2. Wow, Beckita, this man gives a good analogy. I am familiar with the history of buck breaking. When I lived in the Caribbean, there was a whipping post at one of the forts and a small uninhabited island near the island called “Buck Island”. The strong and “rebellious” slaves were sent to Buck Island for a week or so with no food or water and were thus broken that way. Terrible.

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    3. Well, this “buck” Father Altman, will not be “broken”. He’s going to lead many “men” in the priesthood to stand up and hold fast in the name of Jesus Christ and His Church. They will be the modern day martyrs.

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    Viganò: Francis Homosex Steps Are “Suicidal Gesture”

    We need the Cross too!!



    Pastor Coverstone …… worth a look.


    Our Kids/GranKids are Expendable … Up the Re-Set Agenda! … ;-(



    Tiptoeing down de Garden Path to godless One World Gubermint ….. soon with some guy named Anti Christ?!


    Rampaging Amish White Supremacists? …. I Know!! … Let’s disarm ALL MN Citizens who reside in Red Counties. That’ll Stop Gun Violence for sure!!

    So sad …………………………… 😉


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  33. A glimpse at Purgatory

    A glimpse of Heaven
    I have known about Anne the Lay Apostle since 2008 and the work she has done for the Lord.  I have all of the Volumes that she has produced at the Lord’s direction.
    These two films, I hope will bring you comfort and bring you closer to Our Lord.  I know many of you have read Anne’s volumes, but I wasn’t sure if you have seen these two films yet.  Extraordinarily Beautiful.  Have a beautiful Lord’s Day.

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  34. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! 😉

    THEY hate US!







    Mark Steyn …. Corruption On Parade

    We don’t need no stinkin’ evidence!



    BO in Drag ain’t lookin’ too good in de shower!

    Build Back Better! ….. Yeah! Right …. ;-(


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    1. Linda, it looks exactly like: “Oh look! It’s a human savior on white horse, riding into the mess of this Storm.” We just have to embrace the little we can do right before us, while acknowledging God and taking all our next right steps in the best ways we discern. God bless Donald Trump. God bless us, one and all.

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      1. 🤣 hahaha 🤪 oh yes!!! I had forgotten Charlie said it ain’t gonna be so!!! Lol 😂 I really didn’t think so either, but my mind can sort of see it happening and then all *ell breaking loose as a result of it😂🤯😨😬🤠

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