An Expensive, but Fruitful, Breakdown

Moses and the Brazen Serpent

By Charlie Johnston

Nothing is lost in God’s economy. It is a saying I often use – and I mean it. The situation with my car was very bad. We have that handled. It is going to be fixed right here – with some parts being overnighted from Colorado. It won’t be ready until early next week, but some folks are getting me a rental so I can make my stops in Ohio and Michigan – then I can come back here, pick up my car, and head out to Indiana. A bit of extra driving for me, but I can live with that. Meantime, Thursday evening, we are going to have a little get-together with some of the good folks in the Berkshires. (Northwest Massachusetts and Southern Vermont) to help rally the faithful. What’s not to like for an old evangelist like me? Shoot, Paul had shipwrecks and beatings. I can live with a catastrophic car breakdown – and if everything works out, no one will be shunted off because of it. One meeting has to be moved from Friday evening to Sunday afternoon, but the host is fine with that.


I know a lot of people are very fearful about their loved ones who are getting the gene therapy vaccine. Don’t be. Remember that nothing is lost in God’s economy. Let me tell you what I think is going on here.

God intends to bring all back to Him who are willing. Last year, in a Tower of Babel moment, we were hit with a serious virus that, even so, was within the normal range of such things. It had some unusual characteristics that made it deadly to a small but identifiable portion of the population. We went into a frenzied mass of raw panic, characterized by ever-changing advice (Don’t wear masks! Wear masks! Wear two masks!) – and this contradictory kaleidoscope of misinformation was from public health authorities. Ambitious little tyrants started issuing broad commands to shut down the economy, destroy people’s lives and livelihoods, leave old folks to die alone and uncared for while their loved ones were begging to see them. This was all for “our own good.” We quarantined the healthy while confining the sick to absolute viral incubators. Here in the City of Man, we relied on everything but ordinary prudence and God. God is not mocked by our officious little power games and ego trips.

Yes, I do think this experimental gene therapy being called the Covid vaccine will be the greatest medical disaster in history.  Yet God is always responsive to the call of those who truly wish to come back to Him. He does not will the destruction of even the rebellious and is ever glad to take them back. When the Israelites in the desert began to grumble and speak vile things about Moses and God, God sent them a plague of poisonous snakes to punish them. Yet when the people cried out and repented, God told Moses to make a fiery snake and mount it on a pole – and when the repentant people bitten looked upon it, they would not die from their snakebites (Numbers 21). That serpent on a pole became the symbol, even in these times, of true medicine. So, yes, I think a lot of people are going to be bitten badly by this gene therapy “vaccine,” but I also think that all who took it in good faith and suffered serious adverse reactions before we knew how bad it would be will become martyrs to the Lord and will intercede for us both here and in heaven. Once it is clear how bad it is, everyone who repents and calls on the name of the Lord will be healed. And then we will know once again where our only true source of security lies and will once more turn to true medicine rather than the shifting kaleidoscope of politicized medicine that stalks the land, changing only to augment the power and influence of the few rather than the good of all. Some will NEVER call on God and, so, be lost.

Once we respond by tossing all the hucksters who have profited off of, lied to oppress, and even killed the vulnerable for political gain out of any position of public trust, treating them like the venomous serpents they have made of themselves, we will be back on our way to God’s friendship. So those of you who have loved ones who have or will take the gene therapy, have no fear. Unless they are beyond any repentance of the belief that man is god, all that will happen is that God will manifest a little of His glory in them when they call upon His name in repentance. And rejoice for all those who rejected God who will embrace Him anew when He is clearly the sole remedy for our self-imposed disasters.

Nothing is lost in God’s economy – and much is gained.

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366 thoughts on “An Expensive, but Fruitful, Breakdown

  1. Re: the experimental vaccine, adverse effects and future healings? I just wrote this today in a message to a prophetic Catholic friend in the Seattle area:

    “WHAT IF? In the next few months/years people start exhibiting all sorts of unexplained maladies and disorders, untreatable diseases, rapidly progressing co-morbidities, that doctors can’t fix or deal with? What if it is from the contamination from the experimental gene therapy shot and cannot be reversed or removed from the body? What if God is so awesome and forgiving that He makes a way to heal those who were conned or convinced to take this first shot (which is not the mark of the beast but definitely a precursor I think) as a way to show His mercy and wake them up to Truth as things get worse in the world? What if it is like Jesus and the leper, “Yes I will it, be made CLEAN” from the contamination, the defilement? Wouldn’t that be exciting times to be serving the Lord with the LOVE of His healing pouring out from us?”

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    1. I hope so but what if not? What if the warnings not heeded are a final result? As Catholics we know better than to take something with aborted fetal cells. Just asking out of concern.

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    2. I hope you’re correct. A couple of weeks before my husband was to get the shots, the Immaculate Conception Novena began. I asked the Blessed Mother each day to please purify whatever was in those shots. Praying…

      There were a lot of heated words between my husband and myself about whether he should get the shots. I spoke them out of love, but who am I kidding, out of fear, too. God loves him and my son (who also received the shot since he in healthcare) more than I ever could. I believe both took the shots out of care for their patients and colleagues and all they come into contact with which includes me and my children. I am waiting. I am taking the protocol that Steve suggests. Jesus, I trust in you.

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      1. It is not biblically correct. God never told us to take a vaccine with aborted fetal cells and nano particles and he would keep us safe. This is gene therapy to manipulate dna. Even stated in manufactures info.

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        1. Tina, I don’t think anyone is saying God will keep us safe when we take the vaccine. The greater point is that if people who are not well informed do take the vaccine, not fully realizing the danger in which they engage, that God can use this evil for the good of drawing His people back to Him when the vaccinated ones who are terribly suffering, turn to Him, reach for Him and cry out to Him in repentance, seeking His Mercy. It is biblical that, throughout the ages, God draws good from evil.

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        I know where you’re coming from, Becky-Tn. Since my brother, Michael, isn’t a believer, it’s fruitless to appeal to him on the basis of abortion. He considers the life of an unwanted unborn person as an inconvenience. I can hardly claim any moral high ground there since those were exactly my thoughts until I reached the age of 30. That was when God pulled me out of the miry clay, and put my feet on the Rock to stay.

        Consequently, in my attempt to dissuade him, I based my discussion on the scientific merits of the case. In my mind, they’re sufficiently unknown to choose to avoid the needle;

        – This is the first time that messenger RNA, mRNA, has been injected into human beings.
        – Only short term (approx. 3 month) trials have been conducted, so any medium to long term side effects are unknown.
        – The mRNA is designed to inform elements within each cell to construct a “spike protein” on the exterior of the cell. .
        – The result being that every cell within your body will subsequently have a spike protein on it.
        – Your immune system will attempt to counter this intrusion by creating spike shaped antibodies to neutralize these new invaders.

        After the injection(s), your immune system will be better prepared to start countering the Covid-19 virus. See here for backup on the above;

        However, you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to see potential issues with this approach. Although the mRNA will dissipate within your body, how will your immune system deal with the remaining spike protein on each of your cells? Those spikes will stay there for the rest of your life. Apparently your immune system maintains an appropriate level of antibodies to protect you from a disease for a given period of time. That’s why we need one of those booster shots every now and then.

        What going to happen when over time our Covid-19 antibody level declines? Will our immune system still recognize those spike proteins on our cells as intruders? If it does, then presumably it will trigger a response by creating a new batch of antibodies. Hopefully this reaction will stop whenever the level reaches an acceptable level. The trouble is that unlike a traditional vaccine where the compromised, weakened injected germ dissipates from your body, these spikes just stay where they are continuously. Is it possible that our immune system will treat them like other immune system disorders?

        Unfortunately, I don’t think that anyone knows. Also unfortunately, my brother wasn’t all that impressed by my analysis. He said that he was going to trust in all those trained immunologists who say that the shot is perfectly safe. Yes, trusting doctors … we’ve done that before.

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  2. Charlie so glad everything is working out!!! We are all so very excited and eager for your upcoming visits!!! What a glorious family in Christ we have become!😁 So happy for the folksies where you are that they too will get to experience your talk of the next right step!

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  3. Alas, Charlie, I have a brother who took the vaccine a few days ago despite my efforts just to get him to wait a few months, and he has no truck with the spiritual side of things at all. I was happy to hear he had no reaction to that first shot, but that also means he will take the second. I have had to give him over into God’s hands, and I pray for him regularly (and his wife). It isn’t that I don’t believe God can move him but that my brother may have to be one of those who experiences a lot of pain in order for that to occur. I will continue to pray and leave the rest to God. All other options at the human level are gone at this point.

    A bright spot: A few weeks ago in an exchange of emails with him and other members of the family, I did get him to say that if God approached him and asked him whether he would choose God or something else, he would choose God. Although his pledge was mostly dismissive in tone, it was also good-humored. I like to think that might make a difference someday. Little seeds …

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    1. I think we all have at least one family member like your brother. I have many. I have been so sad thinking about all these people rushing for the vaccine.

      I am so profoundly amazed that there are doctors bravely telling of the medicines that work for Covid, hydroxychloroquine, budesonide and ivermectin (most have been around for many many years, are safe and inexpensive). These doctors proclaim even among their patients with underlying health issues, they experience no deaths, not one! Yet, mention hydroxychloroquine on Facebook and your censored. It is Dr. Fauci who condemns use of these medicines and insists on a new expensive med that’s loosing patients by the hundreds of thousands. Of course, if he suggested a medicine that worked, there would be no need for a Covid vaccine, and the loss of a fortune in that experimentation and production. I find it difficult to believe so much deceit and greed exists with people and companies who are already so well off. It’s beyond comprehension.

      So in December when my son was sent home from work with Covid, Being somewhat in that vulnerable age, though pretty healthy, thank God, I contacted SpeakwithanMD. And now have a supply on hand of hydroxychoroquine as well as budesonide with a nebulizer if the need arises.

      But the purpose of my writing here is to mention that Our Blessed Mother mentioned (and I am unable to remember where I came across it) that there will be a disease that will have no cure. She advised to make hawthorn tea, even for children, and drink it several times a day (not sure I remember correctly exactly how often). I buy hawthorne leaf and flower as well as the berries in bulk and add hibiscus for flavor & other benefits and make a batch of this tea a couple of times a week. It has many health benefits including control of blood pressure.

      I know speaking of these revelations doesn’t go over big on this site, but I just cannot keep this information to myself.

      Also, if you have time, make a cup of coffee or tea, and listen to this video. It’s a bit long but I doubt anyone who watches it will regret the time. It’s an amazing eye opener. If this man succeeds in his Mission, he will go down in history with his famous father and uncle. Another David and Goliath situation that calls for prayer warriors.

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      1. Good to hear from you, Barbara. 🙂 Actually, there’s no bias against private revelation here. What is cautioned, wisely so, is interpretation. People can readily create a crazy town atmosphere as they take off with their literal interpretations and lose focus on God… Who Alone knows the details of His magnificent Plan now unfolding. Too, there have been hundreds of other sites, over the years, where people gathered round to share their thoughts on alleged apparitions and messages.

        We really are here to focus on what we CAN do as the authentic prophecies of our times come to fruition however God deems that to be. The hawthorne tea that you mention was mentioned by two message receivers of which I’m aware. Back at TNRS, there were comments made that Maria Esperanza was one and a lot of people purchased the leaves. When I was with her, I heard her forewarn of a virus which would affect children. I believe her… however, here’s where interpretation and mitigation enter in. How much of what any prophet says has been mitigated? How much will be altered by God Who is the Author of prophecy but is certainly not subject to it? So, I have Hawthorne leaves on my shelf, but my focus remains on acknowledging God and taking those next right steps so He can make of each of us a sign of hope to His people.

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          1. Blessed, I ordered some from Mountain Rose Herbs. Right now, though, via my studies and training with Encounter Ministries and The Anointed Life, I have seen Jesus healing so, so many people by the laying on of hands. As is written in several of the Gospels: “And these signs will follow those who believe: In My name they will cast out demons; they will speak with new tongues; they will take up serpents; and if they drink anything deadly, it will by no means hurt them; they will lay hands on the sick, and they will recover.” (Mark 16:17-18) Of course, we use whatever natural means we have, but it’s easy to forget that the Lord is there when we invoke Him in His Name. Ultimately, we’re simple tools of the Master, always blessing whatever the Father wills for the one over whom we pray.

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      2. Thank you, Barbara, I appreciate the commiseration and am in turn sorry to hear your family is largely getting vaccinated. Thank you also for the notes on Hawthorne.

        I’ve avoided vaccines for decades now and only recently found out RFKJr has been working on that issue for almost two decades. I was heartened when Trump named him to a vaccine committee, but of course then we were all caught up with the burgeoning Covid thing. I think he’s doing great work on this and wish him success. If he can keep pulling on this string, at some point he’s going to have a whole mess of evil falling into his lap so we can all see it.

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        1. Steve, what are your thoughts on the Johnson & Johnson vaccine? I don’t want to get any of the shots but I am a teacher and I live in New York. Our governor has deemed teachers to be essential workers and some of us are worried that he is going to mandate that all teachers get the vaccine. Quitting and moving out of state (I would love to get out of NY) is not possible. Many of my colleagues couldn’t wait to get the vaccine, even many that I didn’t think would go for it, and a lot of them think that once they get both rounds they will be immune and can’t get Covid. My workplace is very liberal and completely secular; it is amazing to watch the hysteria Covid is generating there.

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          1. CM, LifeSite has a page on various vaccines here:


            Not only are most vaccines here in the list abortion-related, but they are also RNA- or DNA-based. The potential problems with those two types of vaccine are impossible to know at this time. Nobody knows how these will affect one person or all persons who take one of these vaccines.

            The important legal information that I have heard is that it is *illegal* to require *anyone* to take a vaccine distributed as an EUA vaccine. EUA means Emergency Use Authorization and is only used if there are no alternatives. It does *not* mean “approved” in the legal sense. There are also requirements for Informed Consent, a concept first developed during the Nuremberg Trials, that must be provided before an *experimental* vaccine can be given. This latter requirement is designed to prevent someone from being forced to take an experimental drug or vaccine without being told about *all* the various possible impacts. As far as I know, these vaccines are given with a four-page list of issues which normal people have no way to evaluate as to completeness, accuracy, or on any other grounds. *Nobody*knows*.

            As far as I can tell, you are *legally* allowed to decline *any* of these vaccines, but of course that may do you no good if you cannot fight to protect yourself and defend your “No”. The only choice when No no longer is allowed to mean No is to leave if you are not to bow your head and choose to be enslaved.

            As Charlie has said, we are all being asked to Choose. Whom will we serve? You take one of these vaccines, and as far as I can tell, there is no going back. It is *not* the Mark, but do you need to be faced with the Mark before you say “No” and take a different path despite uncertainty?

            None of us make it into the Peaceful Land without leaving the current System – somehow.

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            1. It’s fairly simple for me.

              A senior family member just got the jab and asked me if I was going to get the jab too. Nope. Actually I said, “hell no,” as a fella gifted with faith and reason (but not above a well-placed expletive) has long since determined NOT to act on advice, direction and mandates from a pack of hyenas who have repeatedly proven time and again to have an unhealthy agenda with zero credibility and zero moral authority.

              Them: Hi, we’re from the government and we’re here to help.
              Me: It is written, “I have given you authority to trample on snakes and scorpions and to overcome all the power of the enemy; nothing will harm you.” Begone, vermin.

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              1. “A senior family member just got the jab and asked me if I was going to get the jab too. Nope. Actually I said, “hell no,” as a fella gifted with faith and reason (but not above a well-placed expletive)…”

                Our beloved home parish, pastor and majority of parishioners are swallowed by the ‘rona Fear. These are wonderful peeps, so it makes me both weep and angry simultaneously. Our daughter is getting confirmed there–TYG. Anyways, several of these (really lovely peeps) asked me “Have you gotten to schedule your jab yet?” One in Big Y (grocery store) in front of the registers. Another on the phone. I anticipate this will be occurring with increasing regularity as the push to force 100% compliance becomes real.

                Me = Deerinheadlights followed by your reaction.

                I’m LOL at what you said, because dang if I didn’t have to bite the “Hell NO!” out of my own tongue: “He—ummm—-I mean Heck NO!” Proceeded by a conscious attempt to tone down my tirade. In my mind I’m saying ” you catch more flies with honey than vinegar, you catch more flies with honey than vinegar, you catch more flies with honey than vinegar…etc”

                I’m pretty sure I failed miserably, eh. I’ve been told many times I do NOT possess a “poker face” and also my vision can be x-ray. (my husband almost choked in laughter when asked him if said was true)

                I think I have to practice Charlie’s excellent tactic of asking them questions in front of a mirror. Heck, corac should run training seminars on how to respond in the best possible way to get people’s weakened brain cells to start questioning again.

                I’ve actually given this serious thought and here is a list of questions I will ask and then bite my tongue and learn to listen.

                How does the vaccine work?
                Has it been tested?
                Are there any concerns about irreversible side effects?
                Are there any concerns about it affecting fertility rates?
                Has it been developed using abortion-derived cell lines?

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                    1. I like Rand Paul MD’s advice that the millions of Americans who have had covid should throw away their masks and go out to enjoy a meal at their favorite restaurant. 🥳

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                1. I applaud your restraint and good will to do the right thing, even if you think you failed miserably.

                  There’s a time for everything under the sun. A time for restraint and gentle questions, and a time when a simple “no” (ok… slightly punctuated) is spot on. Didn’t indiscriminately yell it, didn’t hit them over the head with it, didn’t get aggravated having to endure an epic amount of fear-driven rationalizing, didn’t get drawn into additional futile arguments… just a straightforward, slightly humorous “HK” which probably had them thinking “oh, how stubborn and wrong he is… but kinda funny.” Just speculating on that last part, but certain the conversation ended there –– with maybe a little peal of thunder off in the distance –– and the neighbor’s dog barking at a dried palm frond blowing through the yard.

                  Reckon we can be accused of a lot of things, but having a sense of timing is not one of them. Only failure was to not clearly communicate “say ‘yes’ or ‘no,’ anything more is from the evil one.” Failed, but failed with some style. Yeah, still failed, but not sweating it.

                  Oh, how miserable it must be for the unbelievers.

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    1. Hi Linda,

      Thanks very much for your post! Sunday will work out wonderfully, will plan to get to Mass on Saturday evening. And since I already have Friday off from work, I’m going to keep Friday as a vacation day … can definitely use it anyway!

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      1. That’s awesome Phoenix!!!! We’ll have a great celebration of squirrels 🐿 on Sunday!!! I’m not sure about the time yet… checking with CJ today or whomever??? I may switch over to chicken divan since it’s not a Friday in Lent anymore! I have the bomb 💣 chicken 🍗 divan recipe!!! It’s actually quite divine!!!😂

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  4. Thanks for the update, Charlie. God is so good.🙏🏽✝️
    Angels of God, our Guardians dear, to whom God’s love commits us here.
    Ever this day and night be at our side, to light and guard and rule and guide.

    Ongoing prayer, katey🙏🏽✝️

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  5. Charlie, as you’re traveling to Ohio or going back to pick up your car, if you’re coming down the I90 in New York and want to take a short detour, just south of Buffalo there is a basilica in Lackawanna that is worth checking out. The Our Lady of Victory basilica was completed in 1925 by Venerable Nelson Baker and is absolutely stunning.

    Blessings to you in your travels!


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    1. Hi CM Bookmark aka Cathy,

      Having grown up in Western New York, I’m well acquainted with The Our Lady of Victory Basilica. Especially since my grandfather worked at the old steel mill in Lackawanna. Are you also familiar with the nearby Doat Street Dominican Nuns of the Perpetual Rosary? (Although I just now read something about them moving to Ohio of all places …)

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      1. Hi Phoenix! The cloistered Dominican order on Doat Street recently sold the property, which will become a Charter school, and have moved to Newark, OH. We would always stop at their chapel on Holy Thursday for the Seven Churches Visitations (church crawl) and will miss seeing their chapel if our Diocese allows us to do the Seven Churches this year. This leaves Buffalo with one remaining cloistered community, the Discalced Carmelite Monastery of the Little Flower in North Buffalo. The Carmelite prayer hotline is programmed into my phone and I’ve given that out many times when people ask for prayers. When it comes to praying, I am a foot soldier in God’s army but those women are the Marines!

        I grew up in Niagara County in North Tonawanda (near Melody Fair, if you remember that) and moved to Williamsville more than 10 years ago. It really is a small world! Cathy

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        1. Wow, CM Bookmark aka Cathy!

          My jaw literally dropped wide open reading your last paragraph! Small world for sure! 🙂 Smaller when you consider that I was just praying I could visit family up in WNY for Easter and now here’s your post … Hey, if the state borders open up and we can travel freely again, we’ll have to meet up at Tim Horton’s!

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    2. It is truly beautiful Cathy. Thank you for the link. My parish is Our Lady of Victory in Limon, CO. Would love to someday visit this basilica. What a glorious praise to our Lord.

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    3. Hey Cathy. Ah, the Basilica!

      My hometown in Eden is off the I-90. And interestingly in South Dakota I live off that same interstate! In fact I will be on it for a short commute to work this morning to Plankinton.

      Who knew I’d travel so far down this roads.

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        1. Yankton is such a cute town, right there on the Mighty Missouri – adjacent to Lewis and Clark Recreation area. Very different than the rest of SoDak.

          Plank is between the hopping town of Mitchell to the east and Chamberlain about 45 min west on the 90, near where Al’s Oasis restaurant is.

          The Plankinton clinic is booming so much that they are building a new one. There is a community of illegal Guatemalan immigrants who work at a chicken farm nearby. We turn a blind eye to their status because they do “a dirty job and someone’s gotta do it.” They are the salt of the earth. Many do not speak a lick of English so there is a translator employed full time and a telephone medical translation service on hand. That is a new experience to me, having a translator. It’s fun. Slow, but fun!

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          1. Thanks Patrick!

            My younger brother, Joseph (Jody), lived in a group home in Mitchell for several years. He was a Down syndrome blessing in the life of every person he was ever in contact with (as is every other Down syndrome person I’ve ever been in contact with).

            He died 4 days after 9/11 from complications of pneumonia after living about 25 years longer than the life expectancy given when he was born in ’59.

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    1. Those are great for sports like running. Keeps your head extra warm in the cold and keeps the salt out of your eyes and the bugs out of your hair and ears in the heat.

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      1. Absolutely! I’ve used mine (I have a few) for cycling (long-distance) where one fits neatly under the helmet, and also for my long walks/hikes where they’ve been sweatband, neck-protector, wristband, emergency bandage…

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        1. Sorry – didn’t mean I had a “CORAC” one, but I’ve developed quite a collection of others of many & varied patterns over the years – all now well faded but still beloved!

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          1. Emergency bandage is a good one. Based on that pic below (2nd row, 1st on left)… sleeve for can of tennis balls, koozie for an extra tall cold one…

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            1. “koozie for an extra tall cold one…”

              I’m likin’ your thinkin’, MP, I’m likin’ your thinkin’… That’s one of the uses that hadn’t actually occurred to me – strangely enough [and to those who know me, it would appear very strange indeed that it hadn’t yet occurred… 😉 ]

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      1. “Mean Squirrel!” Ha! I imagine it as that look some of the Fighting 379 get when they’ve had enough of the House of God being desecrated and His Laws trampled on. Gentle Squirrel for all others!

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        1. Mean Squirrel, Mean Squirrel, what ya gonna do, what ya gonna do when they come for you!

          I have the “Mind Your Manners” Fighting 379 Squirrel on my laptop as a screen saver. 😀

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          1. Aaaargh! Love it!

            Like MP needs another project, and silly one at that, but just imagine that Squirrel-baby fighting to that song! I say there should be some Squirrel intervention to stop the girding of Phillip’s lions. Brilliant.

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            1. OH, YEAH!!! I wanna see a video of Mean Squirrel bustin’ a move to that song! Littlelight, excellent idea. MP, I’m sure that in all your spare time, you could just whip something up. Jen, I bet you’d be great at singing the lyrics. 🙂

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              1. Yeah, that “Bad Boys” song is copyright protected. Also it WOULD be silly. A tarnishing of the brand integrity of our beloved mascot. Know what I think? I think you and Littlelight are a couple of rascals. “Squirrel-baby fighting”… “bustin’ a move”… What next!?

                Ha. Good thing I’m a rascal too.

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                1. Would it be problematic to post this on the Corac site? One can’t help crackin’ up every time one watches it. It’s so uplifting in this sober time. 😀

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                    1. Beckita, seek and you shall find – New *Category* titled :”Joy and Laughter”


                      On a more serious note, here is a *Category* titled “CORAC Chronicles” that mimics and merges two of our soon to be obsolete TNRS Leader Forum categories; Global Events and Histories/Herstories created by SteveBC, I’ve kept Steve’s own words to describe the new board. 😉


                      Check them out and share your input. Enjoy! ❤


                    2. Oh dear, I am reading this back and not only did I take MP’s creative work without checking in with him, then I call him MO to boot. Dear Lord.
                      Please, forgive me. It has been a long week and I am slap happy at this point. ❤

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  6. Godspeed Charlie. Several devout Catholic CORAC folk from Rapid City are praying for you.

    I’d make a lousy prophet. I tell people I strongly suspect that I won’t be employed with my healthcare company by year’s end because WHEN the vaccine is finally mandated, I resign. I assume it will be mandated because of the huge financial investment by the government and pharmaceutical companies to manufacture the drugs and distribute them. Lots of money is in play. Plus the “set up” for this possibility by leftist writers in the media. (“The writing on the wall” kind of thing: “We need 90% vaccination rates” and the like).

    Yes, I say I’ll be unemployed more for theatrics to drive home the point that I strongly oppose this drug and everything that is going on with this doctored coronavirus hysteria. (Pun intended) But also as a warning to others to expect government to take more and more control….SOON.

    But it’s possible that this may not occur; that I may be gainfully employed for a long time.

    There’s the fact that over 50% of the nurses and docs in my small circle of clinics were willingly “inoculated” with the experimental genetic drug. So many of them might become too ill or incapacitated to work, which would actually mandate me — by moral obligation — to continue to work into the foreseeable future. (Which I can’t see anyway cuz I’m not a visionary)

    I give up trying to predict the future. Fortunately, rolling with events is getting easier lately. Why? Because the surprises no longer surprise us. The disappointments can’t bring our moods any lower. We simply expect to see more of the worse from our fellow man.

    Hmm… maybe I need to be SUPER patient and loving now toward those who choose to get the shots, because I may be taking care of some of them and would to hate to have that “see I told you so”awkwardness hanging between us. Hmmm….. yes…. patience, understanding, and merciful love toward all right now, even though watching them make a mistake getting the shot is painful to watch.

    The crutches and supports we had before are crumbling away, so we are relying more and more on God as well as those people who share the faith.

    To me, the words of the Divine Mercy have more meaning than ever before. Pray it with me here:

    Jesus, I trust in you.
    Jesus, I trust in you.
    Jesus, I trust in you! ❤️

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    1. There is a great need for doctors and nurses to offer patients a different model of care that doesn’t involve medical insurance. I’ve read years ago of a doctor that did this. Iirc, there was a monthly fee structure, but no insurance. This allowed the doctor to practice medicine as he wanted without the dictates of the government. The time for this is Now. Maybe you can find some health professionals in your state who are game for this?

      At the hearing on removing religious exemption for vaccines in CT, one lawmaker said ProHealth Physicians threw out 160 families from their practice for vaccine compliance. That group is like a entity that I’m guessing is the public face of “Sustinet.” They say their “emphasis is on prevention” Sounds good, but it isn’t what it seems.

      CT passed the trainwreck that is “Sustinet” (taken from our state’s motto) in 2009. It is a more ominous version of Obamacare. Has more layers of bureaucracy, fraud. Establishes “medical homes” and super “databases” with an emphasis on compliance to standards set by bureaucracy. At the time we did a lot of education and research into this. The funding trail reveals the usual leftist players.

      Friends of ours are lucky enough to have a pediatrician that is doing this. Her practice is already closed to new patients. The need is Gianormous. Enterprising medical peeps can do this and the patients will be lined up around the block. I wish I had the skill set to facilitate this development. It is the logical answer to the crisis of medical tyranny we are living.

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      1. Yes! Yes! Yes! I am heading in that direction. We need a new medical model. CORAC is laying some groundwork.

        Thank you for this post and the link. Need to pray hard about this. (They are playing with my hours a bit at the Healthcare company I work for in a way favorable to them and unfavorable to me –
        ah the BS with management and the dictates of the mighty dollar starting to surface, honeymoon over – keeping my eyes open. )

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        1. Patrick, here’s one model in Washington state. Run a search on RediMedi Integrative Clinic.

          For one thing, they offer a SteveBC-type prophylactic approach to the illness in question. They apparently don’t advertise this particular service; it’s word of mouth.

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      2. LittleLight: our doc is a DPC. Direct Primary Care physician. He has traveled around the US training other docs on how to do this. $40/month. Medication he can purchase he sells to us at cost. Other meds I purchase at the local pharmacy or Costo if the price is better. Tests he cannot do (mammogram, for example) he sends me to the local hospital and it’s covered by Medicare.

        Just look up direct primary care physicians or practitioners and you should find what you’re looking for. 🙏🏽✝️💟

        God bless!

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        1. Oh WOW, love this—TY! I will look into this. I know ProHealth will have to drop us when we say no to jab. Until moral integrity returns to this world, I am done with vaxs. TY, Myownbackyard.


    2. I love this attitude. After a frantically busy couple of days of crisis management, I am finally getting a little rest today. I am almost in tears at how kind everyone has been to me – and especially when so many are suffering their own serious problems. Many of us are doing a little penance together. What an amazing way to start Lent out!

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      1. I’ve found all these calls, emails, texts (Bill, Mark, Timothy, Mary, you,Beckita, Phoenix, locals in my area) to be amazingly exhilarating! It sort of makes me think of how the kingdom might be someday with the intercession network of brothers and sisters and the Holy Angels to aide our fellows all around!!!🥰🥰🥰

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        1. For sure, Linda!

          Or even, like the neighborhood I grew up in for part of my childhood. It was safe for us kids to knock on any door up and down the block on both sides of the street and talk to any adult who answered the door. Some smiled a greeting and were happy to chat for a minute, others were quieter, but all were friendly, the adults would get together at times too (I remember one informal neighborhood picnic), and different neighbors with kids would take turns carpooling to places like the library or Burger King. Whole neighborhood was like a family, to the point where different sets of neighborhood grandparents got to know each other and the neighbors and their kids.

          And then the neighborhood we moved to … Had a grand picnic every September with a parade led by a fire truck followed by kids 1 through 12 years of age all dressed up for a costume contest and running through foam from the fire truck, and us kids thought nothing of riding bikes up to the house of a complete stranger, knocking on the door, and asking if we could run under the sprinkler on his front lawn on a hot summer day … all perfectly innocent fun. You just don’t see these kinds of things anymore, or if you do, let me know where so I can move there! 🙂

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            1. Visited the actual Mayberry USA on vacation years ago. Didn’t stay there, just stopped in for dinner after church on Saturday evening. At which point, the whole town was basically closed for Sunday so the tourists were heading out for the night even though the sun was still up, except for the Italian restaurant, so I just drove down the main street a couple of times, had dinner, and was on my way.

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              1. Phoenix mike and I went there and actually stayed over night one time on the way to Florida! We bought a Mayberry pic you’ll see in the room Charlie gives his talk in Sunday!!! Just a lovely place to visit and maybe to live! I heard Thelma Lou still lives there! Ha!!!😂

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      2. Charlie I still can’t believe the generosity of people all around you!!! Shoot what billbad42 is doing, and Mark and Sue offered to just go get your car when it’s fixed!!! What generosity!!!

        I personally propose that we have a little fund raiser to get you a more up to date reliable means of transportation!!!

        Anyone out there second this notion?


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        1. It’s been wonderful to see… and to realize that whatever part of the country this might have occurred, the same sort of ASOH-CORAC support would have risen. And how fitting. As you know, Linda, I have been pondering the direction the Lord gave to the Israelites for the care of the Levite priests. In this Passion Time of our Church when so many shepherds are wounded and struggling to live out their full identity, it is the laity who must step forth and, hopefully, nurture them to wholeness while also becoming agents of tending to the flock in whatever ways the Lord is nudging each one. In considering these things, I remembered a story CJ had shared at TNRS. It was about that Easter Sunday Mass he attended in which there were a number of thoroughly annoying events – to put it nicely. I can’t recall exactly how the fellow with the long hair had responded at the reception of communion, but I do recall how Charlie was ready to bolt. Suddenly, Jesus came to him and said: “Behold My people.” And He exhorted CJ to shepherd them well. In the midst of these thoughts, while I was praying during this episode, I had a similar thought as you, Linda, about possibly getting completely new wheels, but now that the plan is moving in the direction that it is, I just sense all is well.

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            1. I dunno, Region 1 has some power. I wonder if the Green Mountain Boys are back. Anyways, we’re keepin’ Charlie and ya all just have to settle with zoom-casts. 😛 😀 😀

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          1. Well my buggy is 21 years old!!! Ha!!! I love it!!! Good ole mom sold it to me for a dollar like 17 years ago because after my dad passed away mom married emery who s was a retired Ford guy!!! It made his skin crawl to see a Toyota in his garage!!! Lol worked for me!!! I do love my crazy Toyota although Mike has put LOTS of money in it including a time belt…he saw that one coming being an old car mechanic that he is! However; he would never let me take that car out of town (not that I could do it anyway😂) So…we shall see Charlie! But then again… who knows what next year will look like??? 🤔 we might ALL be in buggies with real live horse 🐎 power!😂😂😂

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    3. Pat.
      The “I told you so thought”
      reminds me of Darth Vader dying in Luke’s arms telling him “You were right”. Vader was so sure Luke would turn, but in the end it was he who had it wrong and was headed down the wrong path.
      Not a fun place for Luke to be right, watching his father die, but justice and righteousness won out in the end and that was comforting both for Luke and finally for his father.

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      1. We are huge Star Wars fans. Love it, Phillip.

        Have you seen rebels (animated series)? Ahsoka Tano’s character moves me to (good/inspirational) tears. The picture below is so poignant. It’s when she realizes Anakin succumbed. And when she makes her own vow to never give up on him, no matter the personal cost. And it does cost.

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  7. It is just so beyond our ability to realize the depths of Gods mercy and his unrelenting thirst for souls. I believe God waits until the last millisecond to give us a chance to repent regardless of what we have done or not done in our life with out even caring for God.

    A personal story: In 1994 I was a chaperon at a boy’s retreat along with two of my sisters and my older brother. While at the retreat trying to be a ref with the kids playing basketball, I started to feel dizzy and began wheezing. I have had asthma all my life. After taking 4 puffs of an inhaler in which there was no improvement in breathing, it actually got worse. After a couple of minutes I passed out due to a lack of oxygen. I was told I turned purple and was convulsing on the floor. A priest was at the retreat and gave me last rights.

    When I thought I passed out I somehow remember that Christ appeared to me, about the size of an 8×10 picture. He said to me “are you sorry for your sins? I said “Oh yes Lord”. It has always struck me that I did not have to say the words vocally or willingly think it. But my heart responded to Christ’s call.

    I am sure our Blessed Mother had something to do with my survival, (It took about 20-25 minutes to get to the hospital). The retreat was on the feast of the Immaculate Conception and I was taken to St. Mary hospital. As you said Charlie, nothing is lost in God’s economy, even when unconscious.

    Thank God for his mercy and for the intercession of my Heavenly Mother.

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  8. The whole RNA vaccine situation is definitely confusing. I don’t think it’s the mark of the beast spoken of for a number of reasons. Related in some way? Maybe. For one, you can take the shot without repudiating God. I just don’t think that God would allow something this ambiguous to be the foretold Mark. Maybe I am engaging in simplistic thinking, but in Gospel times you were asked to sprinkle incense on the pagan statue and if you refused you were killed. Pretty unambiguous. For this vaccine you have a lot of science that we don’t really understand, Church authorities essentially all saying it’s ok, etc. Again, maybe I’m missing something but I just don’t see God using a brain teaser as a test of Faith. It seems almost a Gnostic idea.

    Maybe there will be adverse effects on the way, maybe there won’t be. From a science standpoint we just don’t really know. From a moral standpoint I’m having trouble with the idea that it’s sinful to take the RNA shot, or I should say any more sinful than the many other vaccines that were originally derived from aborted cells or some other evil practice (chickenpox, MMR, Hep A, etc.) I’ve had many vaccines (all the former, plus anthrax, yellow fever and several more) without ever researching whether they came from aborted cells. Maybe that was the wrong thing, but I’m having trouble seeing how this one is morally different or a failure of trust any different from any other vaccination.

    I’m interested to hear everyone’s insights on this!

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    1. Lake, I most emphatically do NOT believe it to be the mark of the beast. I also have said repeatedly that there is nothing more immoral about it than any of the other vaccines we have in America – all of which use stem cell media from aborted fetuses at some stage of the process. I have NOT said it is sinful. In fact, if you watch my latest videos, I go to great pains to urge people to respect others’ consciences on this. Besides the abortion issue, which applies to all vaccinations in America, my primary objection is on very practical grounds. This is NOT a vaccination, but is an experimental gene therapy which has had no long term testing in humans and for which the pharmaceutical companies have no liability at all for any problems that arise.

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      1. I believe St. Peter learned a similar lesson involving ‘meat.’

        Yes. the untested mystery substance, zero liability, massive profits… all potentially mandated and enforced from countless angles by inept jackboots somewhere down the line.

        A crapshoot for the flesh, but not the spirit if we don’t lend will to it.

        Don’t prefer the world over Christ? Don’t want to compromise with the world? Then first resolve to bring everything to Our Savior and rest in Him. Yes, I say “rest,” lest we continue to get bogged down right out of the gates in unnecessary and often noisy mental angst.

        He will give us everything necessary to make a stand and knows perfectly well what form that should take. Sure, the actual standing is up to us.

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        1. Very nicely put MP. I find myself having to make the conscious decision to “rest” in Him more often than usual during these unpredictable times and the extreme acceleration of the chicom agenda in this country. In fact, I did this approximately 15 minutes before I read your comment.

          By the way . . . I have been wondering when we will (again) have the privilege of sharing in the intimate life of the natural wonders you capture in your videos. I am certainly looking forward to your next one.

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      2. Many believe the Mark will a an actual Mark on the body.
        Other believe, and I think this is what the real Mark is, that the Mark, on the forehead or hand is a reference to belief and action (head\hands).
        Jesus said nothing enter us and causes us to become unclean but it is what come out of us that makes us unclean. This leads to a better understanding of how thought and action is more of a Mark than a tattoo or a barcode, etc.

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    2. Lake, I hear you. I feel, as even someone trained in the sciences and with medical background, there is more information on why it may be a sound step than an immoral one; there is also an alternative Sorrento vaccine which has no bioethical objections from our moral standpoint as Catholics. My mother, (age 86) who is a fine Christian and has always been a high moral character, had debated heavily with herself about getting it, pushed most exceptionally by her own priest to do so. She is debating again about whether to get the second shot (her first resulted in a delayed local reaction of swelling and itching 7days later oddly enough) and I am at a loss as to what to tell her in an absolute clear conscience—because it is very murky puddle on this issue! I do know many younger than my mother who have gotten this virus and died as a result. Whether or not this vaccine will have future ramifications (most likely in the auto-immune realm), how can we possibly know unless time alone or God Himself tells us?He certainly hasn’t told me except in some nebulous uneasy feeling about this vaccine; if nothing else that everyone is rushing to get it like it is some fix-all and that itself is a recipe for disaster. There never is a quick fix—I’m reminded as I try to glue down a snag in a wood floor this very evening!

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    3. I share your concerns Lake.

      As someone who has taken the first dose and preparing to take the second dose in about two weeks, I am beginning to feel quite pilloried here for what I have concluded is a prudent action for me and my family given the best medical advice I can get and very strong assurance by the Vatican, USCCB, my Bishop, and so far as I know every priest in my diocese is moral and a good thing to do. In fact, I am advised that taking the Gene Therapy/Vaccine is an act of love for the those around me.

      Is it moral or immoral? Is it a sin? Is it a personal act requiring repentance and God’s forgiveness in order to not to represent a permanent break from God with all that implies?

      My short answer is: I don’t think so. Others do apparently think so and I respect that. But that view is not what “I think” or what is “my opinion”. Everybody has got a think or an opinion. Their thinks and opinions are as good as mine and vice vera. My think is that our informed conscience should be the what guides us on this issue to take or not to take the vaccine. Tell you the truth, my conscience is quite settled and at peace on on this because I have done my due diligence as best I can to inform myself about it. I do not think this Covid 19 vaccine can be characterized as an intrinsic evil, like abortion, to be avoided at the peril of one’s soul. Nor do I think it ever will be.

      I had serious concerns about the use of aborted cells in the development of the vaccine and I even posted those concerns here. Dubious would be a fair characterization of my view. But the Church has definitively addressed that issue in favor of taking the vaccine and I don’t see them changing their minds any time soon. Whether anybody agrees or not.

      Should those who take the position I and others do be “vaccine shamed” into believing we need God’s forgiveness for availing ourselves of this promise or hope of avoiding a brutal battle with this disease?

      It feels like we are, just sayin’.

      The intellectual basis for the anti-vaccine argument seems to have shifted from the moral argument re cells from aborted fetuses to a growing fear of adverse effects of some type which might happen in the future. The unknown future takes center stage. Rather, fear of the unknown.

      I guess bottom line is I am growing more perplexed at the growing negative emphasis on Covid 19 vaccine here at ASOH. I don’t know what we say, as a community, to those who may get terribly sick or even die who refrained from taking the vaccine pursuant to the argument advanced here to avoid it based on the availability of a robust regimen of vitamins, supplements and chemicals boosting our immune systems, improving therapies in the event of contracting the disease, incomplete testing regimens, some maybe could be might be adverse effects of unknown types or description, God’s displeasure at the taking of it, God’s unwillingness to be mocked – all accompanied by a need for repentance.

      “Some will NEVER call on God and, so, be lost.”

      “Once we respond by tossing all the hucksters who have profited off of, lied to oppress, and even killed the vulnerable for political gain out of any position of public trust, treating them like the venomous serpents they have made of themselves, we will be back on our way to God’s friendship. So those of you who have loved ones who have or will take the gene therapy, have no fear. Unless they are beyond any repentance of the belief that man is god, all that will happen is that God will manifest a little of His glory in them when they call upon His name in repentance. And rejoice for all those who rejected God who will embrace Him anew when He is clearly the sole remedy for our self-imposed disasters.”

      This is too stiff an interpretation of those, like me, who have opted to take the vaccine. I believe my friendship with God remains healthy. I have no shred of some kind of belief that man is god. I don’t believe I have a need to repent for a breach with God over taking the Covid 19 vaccine that is not apparent to me. What I reject is not God but the notion that I have rejected God.

      If we want to focus on fear of what is to come here is my concern in that regard: Christians and the Catholic Church will increasingly be viewed as superstitious right wing old fuddy duddies completely out of touch with the real world and a little dangerous. Worse, Catholics INSIDE the Catholic Church who emphasize the ant-vaccine point of view will be viewed as superstitious right wing old fuddy duddies completely out of touch with the real world and a little dangerous. A prescription for division, isolation and marginalization both within society at large and within the Catholic Church.

      It is not that I entirely mind being isolated and marginalized. Fuddy duddy is not the worst thing one can be labelled. There are battles that that must be fought and hills defended unto death if necessary. However, you got to pick your battles. No jab No job is a worthy fight. It must be voluntary as the the piece from Vatican News linked above makes clear. Even the Vatican is backing off the No Jab No Job
      rough stuff.

      Anyway Lake, you were asking for others views and that’s mine.

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      1. I’m a little puzzled, Ed. I have made it pretty clear that I do not think it intrinsically evil to take the gene therapy vaccine. I have said it emphatically in my talks – that this is a matter of individual conscience and that it should be respected – and that all who take it in good faith, when the adverse effects become obvious, will ultimately be fine.

        The mocking of the Lord came with our panic over what was a serious virus within the normal range of other viruses – which we absolutely panicked over and absolutely tried to suppress actual effective therapies. We pretended to an authoritarian competence which we never had to foment unwarranted panic over something that was always to be taken seriously but NEVER warranted such large scale panic. It was an effort to establish control.

        My primary objection to the gene therapy is on practical grounds. Yes, the use of aborted stem cells was objectionable, but that has been the case with every vaccine used in this country for over a generation. What was different about this is that it is A) not a vaccine at all, but an experimental gene therapy, B) has had NO long-term testing in humans ever and C) the pharmaceutical companies refused to make unless they were given blanket immunity from any liability for any problems regardless of how serious. A Priest who is close to me asked why I was so hard on the hierarchy when there is a Thomistic argument that can be made for taking the vaccine. I laughed and told him if Church authorities had made that argument, I would have been much more muted in my comments, but they didn’t. They based their stand on scientific grounds for which they lack definitive authority AND while studiously avoiding the very serious questions about the gene therapy’s provenance. He chuckled back and concurred that that is the case. Meanwhile, public medical officials have made moral arguments that they are not authoritative on (mostly consisting of, “Shut up, rube, and do what we tell you). Not shocking in this world turned upside down we are living in.

        I’ve looked back over my arguments – and I have taken great pains to maintain that it is the raw panic of the last year, the malicious spreading of it and suppressing of effective therapies that was the offense. I DO believe that the gene therapy shots are going to be the instrument of punishment for that – but that people can and must morally make the decision on whether to chance it themselves. You and I have disagreed before, but you have always accurately stated my argument until now. I get the feeling you want me to say that I think the experimental gene therapy is just fine. I don’t. But I don’t think it is sinful for people to take it in good faith either. I will continue to highlight the adverse reactions from a practical standpoint. As I recall, you are in the range of those who are most vulnerable to Covid – but I am sure you know Norway has banned the use of the gene therapy for anyone over 75 because of the preponderance of adverse reactions and deaths. You know, of course, that in the U.S. most states are classifying deaths after the vaccine as being Covid deaths. I am sure you have seen the story of the order of nuns in Kentucky. My moral objection to this gene therapy is no different, on moral grounds, than my objection to other vaccines. My key objection is to the dangers caused by the sloppy development and experimental nature of it. NEVER before has such a novel therapy had such a large class of test subjects.

        Rather, my message has been that I think this is a scourge, but that faith in God will carry any who call on His name through – and in fact will end up recalling many to renewed faith in the City of God rather than the City of Man. If you take it in good faith without ever wavering in your faith in God, I think you have nothing ultimate to fear. But if you want me to say it is not likely far more dangerous than the virus itself, that just isn’t going to happen. And taking snippets of my argument to make it seem like I am saying it is immoral to take the vaccine when I have emphasized that that is not the issue rather startled me.

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        1. SO well said, Charlie. A few days ago, commenter Brenda shared a link to one of THE most excellent videos I’ve seen lately. The priest, Fr Cristino Bouvette, speaks to the decision about whether or not to take the covid vaccine in light of a wide lens of discernment which we, as Catholic Christians have either forgotten or have never been taught. Fr Christino actually reinforces many of the lessons you’ve highlighted, Charlie, in regards to developing a mindset which enables us to be more informed and accurate in taking our next right steps.

          Ed, I need to respectfully add that I haven’t detected ANY vaccine-shaming being dumped on this site. Charlie has always welcomed divergent opinions on any topic when the different take is well supported with sound arguement. Perhaps, simply because the majority of our commenters express strong sentiments against taking into their bodies something previously never introduced before, it has left you *feeling* isolated. As one who contracted covid – I get to reach my seventh decade of life this year – and having weathered the virus with a 92 year old who has four major underlying health conditions that we manage through team work, I am convinced that we did so well in recovering from covid for two major reasons: 1. The supplements did, indeed, lighten the impact of the symptoms while speeding us on to recovery. 2. We’re Catholic; we believe the Gospel commission to pray over the sick for healing and blessed be God for answering our prayers

          Now for the outstanding video, filled with reiteration of solid, responsible thinking which will serve us well through the Storm and all the days of our lives on earth:


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          1. What I love most about ASOH and Corac is the striving for balance, in a completely unbalanced c-razy, upside down world. Charlie, Beckita, all the TNRS staff are committed to this. Beckita said this, which I love:

            “Perhaps, simply because the majority of our commenters express strong sentiments against taking into their bodies something previously never introduced before, it has left you *feeling* isolated.”

            It is so important that we all do not include any ugly exclusions while walking in the truth of our Catholic faith (I learned these words from DFOT) Feeling isolated has caused way too many wounds. Enough of that! Enough of compromising with the truth!

            Thanks Ed and Lake for sharing your opinions. Thank you Charlie and Beckita for your excellent refinement of how we are called to think and act. TYG. Aslan IS on the move, TYG.

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          2. Charlie and Beckita,

            We have to be careful about what we say about Covid 19 and the Vaccine.

            This virus is engineered. It came from that Lab in Wuhan. The issue that does not receive much attention is how this virus replicates in the body. As we have learned from Steve it attacks the organs.
            and it is particularly attracted to the heart muscle, liver and brain. The virus’ objective is replication of itself.

            It replicates fast. In the process of replication it makes mistakes. It mutates. The objective of the original virus is not to kill the host but to replicate itself. But these mistakes, these mutations, alter that objective. It either weakens the virus or it strengthens it. It can and likely makes the original virus go rogue in attacking the host.

            The problem is that the therapies suppress the virus but don’t kill it. So that Covid that you think you beat with vitamins, supplements, antibiotics and other remedies is not beaten. It is suppressed. You are feeling good and you have antibodies. The virus is still in your body and it is mutating. You may spend the rest of your life suppressing the virus in order to continue to feel well. THAT is the likely long term adverse effect awaiting us not adverse reactions to the vaccine.

            The emphasis needs to be on not getting the virus in disease manifestation in the first place. The vaccine is helpful in that regard. But, I am afraid that the vaccine is going to have limited usefulness maybe as little as 3 to 6 months.

            There is a great danger in a sense of relief in having a mild reaction or experience or a “surviving of Covid”. Frankly, likening this disease to just another kind of normal flu is doing nobody a great service.

            The question of “panic” is one that needs to be revisited. What we are getting is panic control from the CDC, Faucci and both the Trump and Biden administrations. A good question is now that we have the vaccine why are we being urged to double and even triple mask? What do they know that we don’t know?

            Here is anther proposition that has been presented to me. The kids are not now eligible to get the vaccine. They have strong natural immune systems. Asymptomatic. But if they have been exposed, if they actually contracted the disease but only experienced mild or no symptoms, then they may indeed be incubators and spreaders of the disease. Virus suppressed — not killed. Virus replicating in their bodies. Mutating and either weakening or strengthening the disease effects. The kids need to get the vaccine.

            Finally, FWIW, there is a theory out there among the professionals that the time to worry about this disease is when the graphs all turn down. When the CDC data indicates that we have “turned the corner”. This period of dormancy is the time that these mutant strains of the virus are quickly and silently mutating into organ killers. Dormancy will explode into another round of increasing disease incidence possibly even more deadly then the present Covid 19 v.1.

            Best advice that I am taking is: Take the vaccine, keep masking, keep up the hand washing, keep social distancing and do not let your guard down. Don’t feel that just because you have Antibodies and “beat it” that you are out of the woods.

            So, from that perspective, I am concerned that we here are downplaying the risks of not being vaccinated — all the chicken little on adverse reactions to the vaccine notwithstanding. And chicken little might be right over the target on this one.

            I don’t think Charlie or ASOH or any of our community want to be on the wrong end of this unfolding drama in world history in 6 or 12 or 18 months time. If we are then one of the adverse effects of this disease may be on the goals of ASOH and CORAC and the sincere efforts by all of us to take care of our families. Out of touch, fuddy duddies, and a little dangerous. And worst of all — wrong in our misplaced concerns. That probably goes double inside the Catholic Church.

            Bottom line: It is not the vaccine that is going to bite most of us in the butt — it is the disease.

            Sometimes a little panic is not such a bad thing. Especially, when you finally realize that you are being fed a constant diet of reassuring bullscat by the leadership of your country.

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            1. Well, I’m glad you understand that I do not say taking the gene therapy is immoral. I must confess that I am still surprised.

              You write about how Covid replicates and mutates as if it were unique to this virus, when it is common to all viruses. It is why they are so hard to eradicate entirely – and why when you get a flu shot this year you still need a new one the next year: the flu you get next year is not the same strain as this year. It has mutated. You have some resistance because it has different surface proteins but a very similar internal structure. In the process of all these mutations, every once in a while one emerges that is unusually virulent, such as Spanish Flu or Sars. But just as the viruses mutate, our bodies adapt, using the immunity we had to a previous mutation to fight it off in most cases.

              Covid is a variant of a coronavirus, which has been around for a very long time. I happen to think you are quite likely right that this variant was a bio-engineered one. That gives cause to be wary, but the laws of entropy suggest the mutations will move back towards the mean. But the bottom line is that so far, in terms of replication and mutation, it has behaved in the way just about every virus out there does. Over the last year, a common scare tactic has been to describe virological commonplaces as if they are unique to Covid and uniquely dangerous. That is a remote possibility if this is a bio-engineered strain, but I was surprised to see your explanation treating standard virology as if it is unique to Covid and uniquely dangerous.

              I won’t go into greater detail on this. We can just agree to disagree. You think (I hope) because of the possibility of bio-engineering this is uniquely dangerous. I think that using a mass experimental gene therapy that has never been tested long-term in human subjects and for which there is no liability is a far greater risk. It IS the vaccine that is going to bite the most – and already there is a growing body of evidence that that is true.

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            2. ST Ed, there are things worse than physical death. I truly believe this. And most gently I say, no worries, none of us will get out of here alive.

              For one, we all agree spiritual death is worse than physical death. Losing hope has to be somewhere on the worse end of the spectrum. Living in anxiety and fear can lead to loss of hope.

              Many people already live with ticking biological disease time bombs yet make the conscious choice (with the grace of God) to live each day in hope and to the fullest, however best they can.given the limitations of their disease process.

              All science and facts in the world do not change the fact that we each must decide either for or against hope in the face of certain defeat. Isn’t that the test of our humanity?

              God bless you & yours, and us, everyone!

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              1. Echoes of “qohelet” in your thoughts (or Solomon if you accept him as the author of Ecclesiastes). Interesting because a particular verse keeps coming up on my random Bible verses app (from his father, David): “Do not put your trust in princes, in mortal men, who cannot save.” — Psalms 146:3

                Or, for me, love all men, but don’t trust them, as there is only one whose Words are True. The Savior.

                Do you reckon Solomon and David were gentle? I’d definitely say “yes,” but guess some wouldn’t. It was still the time of severity after all, and folks tend to look through their own lenses.

                I happened on that app ( some time ago and worked it into the reading rotation to the extent that I rarely look at more than a few select links anymore, though it often prompts me to dig deeper from there.

                Second thought was why that passage kept coming up? Lord knows I don’t put my trust in men.

                Back to your comment and the echoes of Ecclesiastes, I found that here:

                Remember your Creator
                in the days of your youth,
                before the days of trouble come
                and the years approach when you will say,
                “I find no pleasure in them”—
                2 before the sun and the light
                and the moon and the stars grow dark,
                and the clouds return after the rain;
                3 when the keepers of the house tremble,
                and the strong men stoop,
                when the grinders cease because they are few,
                and those looking through the windows grow dim;
                4 when the doors to the street are closed
                and the sound of grinding fades;
                when people rise up at the sound of birds,
                but all their songs grow faint;
                5 when people are afraid of heights
                and of dangers in the streets;
                when the almond tree blossoms
                and the grasshopper drags itself along
                and desire no longer is stirred.
                Then people go to their eternal home
                and mourners go about the streets.

                6 Remember him—before the silver cord is severed,
                and the golden bowl is broken;
                before the pitcher is shattered at the spring,
                and the wheel broken at the well,
                7 and the dust returns to the ground it came from,
                and the spirit returns to God who gave it.

                8 “Meaningless! Meaningless!” says the Teacher.
                “Everything is meaningless!”

                Concluding the matter here:

                9 Not only was the Teacher wise, but he also imparted knowledge to the people. He pondered and searched out and set in order many proverbs. 10 The Teacher searched to find just the right words, and what he wrote was upright and true.

                11 The words of the wise are like goads, their collected sayings like firmly embedded nails—given by one shepherd.[b] 12 Be warned, my son, of anything in addition to them.

                Of making many books there is no end, and much study wearies the body.

                13 Now all has been heard;
                here is the conclusion of the matter:
                Fear God and keep his commandments,
                for this is the duty of all mankind.
                14 For God will bring every deed into judgment,
                including every hidden thing,
                whether it is good or evil.

                My final takeaway on that is that every Sacred Word points to Jesus and The Kingdom of God, where we have the assurance that we will finally be able to see the best in our brethren. In the meantime, many will say that they don’t trust in men and trust in God, but none of us are perfect in that regard. Not a one of us.

                Final, final takeaway. Trust in God.

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                1. That’s beautiful, MP! So much to chew on. I honestly had never heard of “qohelet” and learned something today, so TY for that, too.

                  I love your final takeaway of “Trust in God.” I think that’s a good prayer for us all to ask Him for deeper trust. I know that when a situation is tough and I say that over and over again (not feelin’ the trust, so-to-speak) that prayer is always rewarded with a measure of tranquility and peace. At least the strength to get up again. TYG.

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            3. STEd, I know I’m coming late to this particular party, but I feel the need to correct a few ideas here.

              First, yes, some people can get a stash of viruses “immune-escaping” in certain tissues that are not properly oxygenated, and that can indeed cause problems, but the way to handle that is to have a few sessions of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy or use another superoxygenation technique to burn that stash of viruses out of the body.

              Second, I do not consider that getting the vaccine is necessarily better than getting the illness. There are certain aspects of these mRNA vaccines that I absolutely do not want to risk, and I remain unconvinced that these particular vaccines are actually safer than getting the illness (some results out of Israel are disturbing). For the illness, the key is to hold the illness to Phase 1 and not let it go to Phase 2 where most or all of the damage occurs. My Covid protocol is extremely likely to keep a person from going into Phase 2 and is essentially non-toxic, so I feel no need for the vaccine at all. We’re not comparing the vaccine and its effects to doing nothing. We are comparing those effects to the best treatment protocol, and on that score these mRNA vaccines come up extremely short in my opinion.

              Third, I’ve seen a lot of people both unmanned and made non-rational by the “little bit of panic” we have all been manipulated into having in relation to Covid. The demon of fear that has swept this world, particularly the West, has been wholly evil in its impact. I could not have had the success I have had in finding and collating my protocol if I had been made irrational by the panic so many others have allowed to govern them. I don’t use masks (they don’t work in this situation). I don’t social distance (it doesn’t help either), but I am cautious in certain limited circumstances that apply to any illness.

              To expand on the fear aspect, I have had people around me ask for my opinion on whether to take the vaccine. When I have simply recommended waiting a few months to find out more about the actual efficacy and side effects of the vaccines in humans, they smile and nod sadly, agree with me, and then go out and get vaccinated anyway. I can’t even get people to wait a few months, they are so controlled by their fear. One of my brothers just wanted out of the restrictions (in California) and despite my asking him just to wait a few months, he proudly took the vaccine. If one of the potential side effects of these vaccines, pathogenic priming, actually turns out to be a reality for some, possibly including him, he is going to have to be even more careful to isolate himself than before. Will that possibility happen? I hope not but cannot *say* not at this time. By this summer, we might start to know. Meanwhile, I’m using my protocol every day, getting broad-spectrum protection without taking on the potential vaccine side effects, and I’m able to be out in the world and not live my life in fear.

              I pray almost every day that Charlie is right and God will turn this entire experience for everyone’s good without us having to experience vaccine-driven illness and death rates that are worse than the illness itself. As of today, that outcome remains *unknown* from a technical point of view. I think it is irresponsible to pressure people to take the vaccine (as so many of our leaders are doing), and I also consider it irresponsible to force people not to take the vaccine by scaring them the other way. I simply counsel waiting a few months into the summer to see what data actually comes in. The longer we wait, the clearer the situation will get and the more the still-unvaccinated people can actually exercise their right to Informed Consent. At the moment, given the real lack of good information about the vaccines, nobody taking the vaccines now can actually be giving Informed Consent to these experiments – nobody knows enough to do that.

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      2. I think you got to it towards the very end there nicely. It is prudence to get the right vantage, so as not to deal with this, or any other pressing issue, as if it exists solely n a vacuum.

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    1. Re AGB, kudos for Romney showing conviction by saying there’s no common ground on partial-birth abortion; and bizarre XB statements: life-if you have the opportunity…future baby.
      Our Lady of Tepeyac ora pro nobis.

      Glad to hear, Charlie,( per crooner Willie Nelson), that you’re back on the road again 🙂

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    2. From CREWDOG’S “overload”:
      …”How can Catholics offer effective resistance? Well, we could start listening to the voices that have been desperately trying to get through to us for the last 50 years. One of the greatest of these is Russian writer Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn (1918–2008) whose time in the gulag gave him ample opportunity to observe Marxist ideology and its horrible consequences for humanity.
      Here are five ways to resist Marxism, taken from the wisdom of Solzhenitsyn
      Don’t think like a Marxist. “If only there were evil people somewhere insidiously committing evil deeds, and it were necessary only to separate them from the rest of us and destroy them,” Solzhenitsyn wrote at the beginning of The Gulag Archipelago (1973). “But the line dividing good and evil cuts through the heart of every human being. And who is willing to destroy a piece of his own heart?”…

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  9. I am humbly asking prayers for my grandson , Michael. He was diagnosed with autism at age 13. Since his autism was not diagnosed when he was younger, he had ingrained antisocial behaviours that required he attend the autism clinic 5 days a week for 6 hrs a day. There has been improvement but it has been a struggle. He does not have any friends or siblings. During this time of isolation he somehow met “friends” on line that got him hooked on neo nazi propaganda. The school caught him looking at it and warned my daughter. She has a parental lock on his computer , but he is vey good at getting around it. Yesterday the school caught him again and banned his access. He became very upset and threatened to kill everyone. The school notified the police. Michael does not understand what he did is wrong. Please pray. He needs Divine help and prayers. My daughter is extremely stressed. He would never survive if he goes into the system. Thank you and prayers for all of you!

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    1. Prayers up.

      Maybe redirect his autism skills to WSB? Wall Street Bets is a reddit channel seeking to destroy the oligarky by buying physical silver to force the lying financial class into ruin.

      Others here can probably provide better information. A longish articke on the strategy is here:

      The motive for my comment is to redirect your child’s intensity and focus into a channel for good and destruction of the evildoers and away from a fixation that will harm him. If he gets good at the financials he can…..well, learn to enjoy doing good things.

      God bless

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      1. Thank you for prayers and that suggestion. I have been racking my brain (what is left of it ) for something that would get him redirected!

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      2. Praying Julie.

        Good advice Timothy, if not endeavour maybe something else that is positive.

        I work with autistic children that are more profoundly disabled. They get fixated on things and don’t readily let them go, if ever.

        Collecting things may be something they like too.


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    2. Adding mine, Julie.

      (Apologies if this is redundant for you)
      Have you heard about St. Theresa of Avila’s St. Joseph Challenge? I read it yesterday, (quote below).

      Pope Francis made this year St. Joseph’s and Fr. Calloway has a really hope-filled book full of wonders about “The greatest Saint in Heaven after Our Lady” I read yesterday in Fr’s book that since Jesus subjected himself to Joseph and Mary’s authority on earth, He doesn’t refuse them any request in Heaven. As protector of the Holy Family, St. Joseph is very concerned about families and children and their well-being. They say Ite ad Joseph (go to Joseph).

      Would that I could persuade all men to be devout to this glorious Saint; for I know by long experience what blessings he can obtain for us from God. I have never known any one who was really devout to him, and who honoured him by particular services, who did not visibly grow more and more in virtue; for he helps in a special way those souls who commend themselves to him. […]

      But I ask, for the love of God, that he who does not believe me will make the trial for himself—when he will see by experience the great good that results from commending oneself to this glorious patriarch, and being devout to him.

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    3. Julie, if you search youtube with ‘deliverance prayers for the laity’ there’s quite an assortment of prayers from Fr. R book. I am praying for your family.

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    4. Julie,
      So sorry to hear about the cross you are carrying in dealing with Michael. Rely on God to get you through and ask the Holy Spirit for consolation, wisdom and patience. God has a plan why Michael is acting this way and has placed you there as his anchor and prayer warrior.

      Rest assured you are in my prayers and my family as well.

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    5. As Patrick posted yesterday:
      To me, the words of the Divine Mercy have more meaning than ever before. Pray it with me here:

      Jesus, I trust in you.
      Jesus, I trust in you.
      Jesus, I trust in you!

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    6. Julie, I will pray for Michael and for your daughter.

      I’m just wondering… if he is looking for online friends, maybe he can come here to ASOH? We could talk to him and give him positive feedback and be his friends. Maybe that would be a constructive outlet for his energy, and maybe we could influence him for good. Just a thought.

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    7. Hi, Julie, I hope you can find some encouragement in this story. There is a local boy who was in my son’s class. He was diagnosed with Autism at a young age and “mainstreamed” throughout his school years. I do not think he ever had any close friends. He would occasionally lash out in class in inappropriate ways. His mother and father never gave up on him and constantly fought with the public schools for help for him. They also discovered he had a tremendous talent for music and indulged that talent every way they could. Fast forward many years and he is now 25 and he is the Music Director for a Catholic church one town over from ours. His social circle consists of a local young adult Catholic group made up of several Catholic churches in our area, which seems to attract a lot of socially awkward young men and women, but they have each other. His mother is so proud of him as she points out he is living his vocation. God has a plan for everyone. God bless you and I will be praying for your grandson.

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    8. Julie, at the risk of overloading you with suggestions, if you use bing instead of google, there is a ‘christian gaming community’; plus there are ‘christian teen blogs and websites’. I haven’t vetted them, only via cursory glance did they appear authentic. (I just remember trying to keep dugeons n dragons and other such games out of the house years ago.)

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        1. Oh, okay… Good, thanks Beckita. I’ve been reading this site for quite some time, but not posted yet. I was moved by Julie’s post to respond. Julie, my husband and I have a son that has been diagnosed with autism. It’s not easy. When he was 4, he used to hit me and yell, “I hate you worse than the devil, and I’m going to kill you!” Not an easy thing to hear from the mouth of a babe. Anyhow, his autism also manifested in anxiety, panic attacks, OCD type behaviors, seemingly meaningless (to the outside observer) repetitive movements, and difficulty in sleeping. We found him a compassionate counselor that works with children, and she worked with him some, and we also worked with him just finding ways to meet his needs, if that makes sense. It has helped getting some outside help. Also, Seth seems to have benefited greatly from karate. It has given him an energy outlet (he’s super active!), increased his confidence and self-discipline and given his movements some direction. I’m proud to say he’s just advanced to his brown belt with 2 black stripes – next up is black belt! Another thing that is helpful is the trampoline (best second-hand purchase ever for all of our 8 children!) I will pray for your grandson. Have hope, know you’re not alone, and know that God has got this!
          In Christ,

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          1. Julie,
            Praying for your grandson, your daughter, and you. I would second the karate for focus. God bless. May our Lord hold your family in His Sacred Heart.

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    9. Julie, I will pray for your grandson and your daughter. I have two autistic children and JohnPaul is 29 and severely impaired. He also was diagnosed late. I took him for therapies (OT and Speech) when he was 6 and up to the point where the insurance ran out. Then, I was told, the best thing for him was to institutionalize him since he would probably never learn to speak or to live among other people. I soundly and firmly rejected this advice and homeschooled him and withdrew him form all other interaction except for his loving family. JP learned to speak, to read and to write. He may never hold a job outside our home or grow up to have a “normal” life, but he knows he is loved and cared for and accepted for who he is – not for what he may do or become.
      When you say, “Michael does not understand what he did is wrong” that is the sentence that terrified and consoled me all at once. For one thing, he is not culpable before God because of his innocence and his curiosity can be quelled in other ways so that should be a consolation to you and to your daughter. As to what others think about him or their WRONG perception of him, the best thing to do is to remove him from their scrutiny and judgement. For me, I took the steps I took out of love. Not all perfect but all done out of love. He is not to be hidden but to be protected. That has been the real strong thought that drove out the terror in me, one step at a time.
      Teach him about the saints. Show him good Catholic videos. (I really love EWTN’s The Friar series) Teach him the tactile prayer of the Rosary. When he begins a stim, pray the chaplet of Divine Mercy out loud.
      I have prayed it today and offer Michael to God through this powerful prayer. I will continue to pray. Update us when you can.

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  10. I just want to mention that as part of my Lenten Journey this year, I am reading the brand new book entitled “Let Freedom Ring” which was written by Fathers James Altman, Richard Heilman and William Peckman. The lesser title is “A 40-Day Tactical Training for Freedom from the Devil.” It is excellent. Here’s just a short sample from today’s reading by Fr. Richard Heilman: “I’m sure you are, like me, long past tired of the ruling class’s mob claiming the moral high ground with their demonically influenced secular religion. It’s high time for all of us to become a force to be reckoned with, UNITED in our resolve to GET STRONG in God’s mighty power.” There are 40 things mentioned that we need to be free from. It’s a very good read!

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    1. I agree Diane, this is a really good book. Getting it in my email, but my book came a few days after it started. I love the daily litanies. Great prayers and reflections, too.

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      1. I am concerned about it as well and I am glad that my son and my daughter-in-law have decided not to get the vaccine. They are young and are not of the high risk group, so I think the risks outweigh the benefits and so do they. In addition, they have been out and about, working a bit, seeing friends they trust, and they have not become ill.

        As for me, my immune system is already very overactive and already attacking me. I do not need anything to upset my apple cart. In addition, I think I already had Covid over the Christmas season. I had the same symptoms as someone who was diagnosed, but his sickness was much shorter than mine. I know that their are false positives and false negatives so I saw no reason to get tested unless my temperature was high. I never had a high temperature.

        I certainly do not believe that the pharmaceuticals came up with a safe vaccine within a matter of months after working for years on this type of new (never tried) vaccine. I think that that are using people as test subjects and, since they have blanket immunity from prosecution, what do they have to lose? Maybe faith in vaccines, but that has already been questioned and people still get the vaccines.

        I am disgusted with the lies, greed, and pure political power plays that we see everywhere in the modern day. It is certainly hard to find truth.

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        1. I see a grammatical error here…I hate poor writing and I see so much of it these days. …I meant to say, “there are false positives and false negatives”. 🙂

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  11. Charlie I’m not sure of your schedule,but I wanted to let you know Iam between Cincinnati and Dayton and if your passing by and tired you are more than welcome to stay with my husband and I and I would feed you well! I’m also curious what you all think about the Johnson and Johnson vaccine coming out soon? I understand it was developed with the live vaccine and doesn’t use the mRNA delivery ?

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    1. Robin, here is a extensive list of the experimental covid vaccines in development. Johnson & Johnson are about #13 on the list. I believe you are right that it is being developed using live virus, but also it has used aborted fetal cells in its development.

      While we know as Catholics using aborted fetal cells in a vaccine presents a moral, ethical dilemma, it also presents a physiological problem in the human body as well. Here is an open letter to the New York legistlature on April 2019 when they were contemplating on mandating vaccines with no exceptions. The article presents the dangers of developing autoimmunity and autism as well as other physical ailments using vaccines derived from aborted fetal cells…

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  12. stjudithwanttobe,
    Gene splicing, editing and programming is VERY new. With any new model, long term effects are unknown. Just think about the KNOWN long term effects of just about anything that causes long term effects: alcohol, tobacco, illicit drugs, over the counter drugs, prescription drugs, lead based dinnerware, etc. And these are just normal things that are not gene edited causing long term effects on health. The body is a very complicated chemistry set that interacts with other chemical compounds found in our environment like our food, water, air, allergens, pesticides, heavy metals, viruses, bacteria, molds, mildews, parasites, food allergies and the list goes on and on.
    When geneticist edit the actual mechanism of our chemistry, they open a Pandora’s box of potential side effects. One human cell is an absolutely astounding thing, containing activity equal to a large city. The number of proteins in some of the simplest cells contain amino acid compounds that exceed ten to the 350 power in their statistical probability to even exist (that’s a ten with 350 zeros behind it! The more complicated cells exceed this number exponentially.
    With the proven track record of problems and side effects from a multitude of man-made things like food, chemicals and utilities the point is that a new and totally UNPROVEN one that is given complete freedom from legal responsibility by the manufacturer smacks of an accident just waiting to happen.

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    1. That is what I don’t understand. Doctors/nurses, people of science, jumping on the band wagon and taking the vaccine when there are other medicines to take. I wonder what is going to happen to the offspring but don’t want to stay in that area very long.
      When I asked for a prescription for HCQ the doctor and a nurse became somewhat angry that I would dare to ask. (And, yes, I have already attempted to go through the online doctors, she said there wasn’t enough evidence to say HCQ worked. She wouldn’t prescribed it.)

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    2. These are all good points, Phillip. In a recent conversation, it was asked since there are so many unknowns about the vaccine and side-effects, will people that have received the shot(s) be able to donate blood for transfusions? Another level of pondering.

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    1. Thanks, Texas. I respect Dr. Mercola and his work. The highlights in this piece certainly affirm Charlie’s take – based on his own consultation with experts – that this vaccine has the potential to be a medical disaster.

      Such evil fear-mongering there has been, to the point that people are willing to let themselves be guinea pigs for a virus antidote which, for the first time ever was NOT thoroughly-tested, and for the first time ever is the innovation that it is, and no one will be held to account because those companies who manufacture this Frankensteinish shot can never be sued. Oh America, America, how far you have fallen in SO many ways. But for sure and certain, God has a Plan.

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      1. Texas OZ, Thank you for sharing this Mercola article. There is a lot of good information here. I greatly respect Judy Mikovits as well.

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    1. It is amazing how everything goes back to the money trail. I know companies have to make money, but they can do it without sacrificing the truth of many health matters. How much money does anyone really need?

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  13. JESUS = GOOD NEWS …… 😉

    Thought Police & the Weaponized, against those who oppose The Agenda, IRS/DOJ/DHS/…. of the Reign of Obama never went away and are now back with a vengeance and sense of urgency!
    ‘”Misinformation” = Oposition to The Agenda!

    ALL enemies of The Agenda will be choked-off.

    ALL enemies of The Agenda will be choked-off.


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  14. Hey Charlie, I love this post. I have a lot of loved ones going to get the vaccine. And others who are not. One of my family members had worked for the FDA and she wasn’t going to get the vaccine because her boss said, “remember, emergency use is not ‘approved'”. She took it as a warning, like they bypassed normal approval and his statement was one of caution. When I pray about it I almost felt like God was telling me RNA is “made in the image and likeness”… as if to say, RNA, which is a copy or replication of DNA, has written within it the creative plan of God… and when we created synthetic RNA to send a message that didn’t come from our God given DNA we are bypassing God with human messaging, which can only bring disaster.
    I appreciate your pointing out that God can and will still heal when so many of us worry about our loved ones.

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    1. VOV, that is a very intriguing take on the mRNA vaccines. Thanks.

      And thank you for posting on your blog which I read pretty regularly. I’ve found lots of good ideas and insight there over the past year or two. 🙂

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  15. JESUS = GOOD NEWS … Noon … 😉

    At least Kemp is pretending to be a Good-Guy now?

    Ya can Bet de Farm on it ;-(

    I can assure that DeepState DC and their media Masters are doing EVERYTHING in their power to Cover-Up this Dirty Cop ’cause if the Truth comes out there will be many other Questions that DC DeepState Dems/RINOs don’t want to answer!


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  16. JESUS = GOOD NEWS … 😉

    20+ Years since Criminal Pervert Scandals hit the Front Page …. drip, Drip, DRIP …. and The Faithful Be Damned!!!

    CTH is full of Good Posts today!

    As usual, No description of Criminal Perps …. sooo…. they must be Lily-White Supremacists …. Right!!??!

    Perfect 2021 Storm of Unpleasantness be coming, Gang ;-(

    I truly Hope/Pray that Rush, like Obi-Wan Kenobi, becomes more powerful in death. I can’t believe that Rush/EIB had not made Big Plans after his death. A three hour time slot with 15 million listeners is a extremely valuable commodity that Good-Guys can’t afford to waste!

    Guess there will be no State of the Union Show this year? … Darn!!!


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  17. Happy Birthday Charlie🥰🎂🎉 Thank you for the great talk! It was wonderful to see you. Loved the truth that we are building baskets to gather souls. Viva Cristo Rey

    To Jesus through Mary✝️🙏❤️🥰


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              1. That’s what Peter said on Mt. Tabor. 🤩 Special times like your weekend, Linda, can become inspiration for chopping all the wood we possibly can. 🙏♥️🔥

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  18. This week there were three candles burning at the Basillica and I surreptitiously lit the fourth.

    We are adding an additional Mass on Sundays.

    I chatted with “Bud” about the dispensers for Sanificans Manuum and Sanctus aqua ( hand sanitizer and Holy Water) and he is receptive to the idea!

    Attendance is increasing steadily too.

    God bless

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  19. Bountiful birthday blessings, Charlie! Lit a candle for your intentions in the chapel. Just curious, do your heavenly friends acknowledge your birthday? (If that’s too personal, please disregard.)

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  20. Well, this is an innovative way to censor news:

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  21. JESUS = GOOD NEWS … 😉

    Sadly … These-Days, due to PC or whatever, there seems to be little mention of Faith in the discussion of “Troubles” to come. At least there was, until 1970 or so, usually some mention of The Almighty Factor. The Global Left of today, like the French/Communist Revolutionaries of the past have done their ‘best” to remove God from the Public Square.
    Our American Revolution (& Civil War I) were fought by people on both sides who had Faith in The Almighty. We are facing a different arena in the upcoming unpleasantness today.
    We already have 60 MILLION Martyrs and counting …. and how many future “Dead Man Walking” Martyrs in our midst!?? ;-(
    Yes! The Deluge is upon US!


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  22. Prayers appreciated, my friends. Our 33 y/o son, DIL and 2 y/o granddaughter (plus baby due in July) live in another state 5 hours’ drive away. Today he casually said “Get your shot if you want to come visit”. My husband and I are in our late 50s, in excellent health, live in a small rural county in Oregon with very few cases of C19, and already both declined the shot in January when offered due to our work. He because he “doesn’t get shots anyway” and is concerned about the fast track development. Me because I have had a check in my spirit and the word “contamination” on my heart since January, and am concerned about possible long-term effects of inflammation and auto-immune disorders. Sigh. And here we are, already faced with a heart-breaking result of choosing our side. As Charlie has said or implied, there will be no more middle ground and we must make our stand.

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    1. Praying for your family situation, Hopenjoy. SO many families are fractured in these times. The good news is that it’s not a permanent condition. We set our faces like flint and count on the Lord as we give Him our all. May Christ imbue you anew in His Peace.

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    2. So difficult, Hopenjoy–my son asked if I was getting jabbed. When I said no way he said he might be getting engaged soon and might not let anyone not “vaccinated” come to the wedding. Oh well. Not changing my mind. I’m telling myself he won’t exclude us, but I guess I should prepare myself just in case. My husband’s daughter has cut us off because we’re not getting it. He lost his only other child to suicide in December. The big storm is going on and individual storms, too. My friend’s son, who is expecting a child intimated that she would not be welcome without the shot. Ugh!

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      1. Sadly, given the potential reaction of this virus on pregnant women the call to avoid them until they have the baby is not unreasonable. Something about the spike protein and placenta as a possible risk factor here. The others likely fear and with the suicide will pray. So much fear out there. God help us.

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      2. Kim, I will pray for your family, your friend’s family, and all those who are suffering because of the vaccine decision.

        Boy… when Jesus said that a man’s enemies would be the members of his own household, He wasn’t kidding.

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  23. Day 12 of lent, This is another really good one!!!
    Questions this little 2 minute video clip might make us ask:
    Will we invite/keep Jesus in our boat in/during this storm?
    Will we also calmly/peacefully rest our heads on the breast of Jesus during this storm as John the Beloved did at the last supper?
    I’m thinking that just as how Jesus commanded that great storm on the sea of Galilee to cease, so will he do for the storm we are all in now.

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  24. Praying for Julie and Hopenjoy. What challenging times we are in. The ways that we get walloped are not the ones we expect.
    I had a yearly follow-up with my cancer specialist on Friday and was asked if I had taken the vaccine. I have ambivalence about it and I said that I was concerned with potential auto-immune issues. My husband has some neurologic issues likely from a Hep B vaccine. The doctor was very insistent that I should take it and my concerns were not valid. The sense that I got was that she had been shocked and traumatized by the COVID impact on her patients seen up close – “this is the most horrible disease ever.” I did not argue but did not say I would take it. Her final comment was that I would not see her next year if I did not get vaccinated. Yikes…lots of fear there. Left me stunned, really. This whole COVID thing has taken on a very strange aura of power struggles and control issues. The mRNA might be fine and act like other vaccines where the bad-bug protein is administered by a shot and your immune system gets primed to fight the bad-bug when an infection occurs. It is just that I am queasy about having foreign mRNA do the bad-bug-protein-making thing inside a few of my cells. All 3 vaccines use the same task of using programmed mRNA to build a small bit of spike protein (Abbott starts with DNA.) The RNA and spike protein go away after a short time. Theoretically, it seems okay from my training in immunology and chemistry. Just not confident that it will be quite as controlled in the internal workings of my human body and behave as it is supposed to. There is so much not known about human immunology. Virus/bacterial proteins can mimic human tissue proteins – that is why you get Rheumatic Fever damaging your heart from untreated Strep Throat. Your immune response sees the strep and your heart cells as the same protein. What tissue in the body is like the Covid spike protein? I don’t think scientists even know yet.
    I don’t know if I will take it or not. I am struggling with an obedience-to-lawful-guide question. If I take it, it will be a choice to submit to my physician’s recommendation as knowing more than I do. This is the third physician who has strongly recommended it to me or my husband.
    Bottom line – Jesus created me and He is in control. I will follow His lead as best I can after I pray. That is the only real truth in all this and that is where Peace is found.
    “Don’t be anxious – your Father in heaven knows what you need.”

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    1. “Yikes…lots of fear there. Left me stunned, really. This whole COVID thing has taken on a very strange aura of power struggles and control issues.” I concur. ❤

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    2. As I read DFOT, vol 1, 6/27/03, yesterday, the line from Jesus hit me between the eyes. “You must not worry about your health. I can bestow good health upon you if I wish you to have it. There are times when it is more important of the coming of My Kingdom that you suffer.”
      Lord have mercy
      Come Holy Spirit.

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      1. These works are an answer to pray for me. I feel like a dull knife. I read it, say YEsss! The Answer!! Funny thing is it is almost always resonates deeply with what I already understand to be true, further confirming it. Then it proceeds to dim in times of continued trial. So I keep reading/praying/hoping! Maybe I can take a bath in it, LOL. One of these days, when the need is imminent, The Lord will give me the grace to have it stick. 🙂

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    3. Have you read ir know of any docs who are against the vaccine?
      If so, why do they hold that position?

      That sort of inquiry, with prayer, may calm you.

      Full disclosure, if this damned fedgov is for it, I am against it. They lie about everything. They defend the murder of infants and the market in their body parts then punish, under color of law, Christians who call tgem out on their depravity. If they think that way about children, why are you exempt from their predations?

      Grace and peace

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    4. Marianne, I will pray for you and your husband as you discern.

      A couple of things that strike about your comment (feel free to ignore my $0.02):

      First off, your doctor is not a lawful authority to whom you may owe obedience; she is an advisor that you may hire or fire at will, and whose advice you may choose to either follow or disregard according to your prayerful and reasoned discernment.

      Secondly, as you point out in your comment, the reality is that the doctors really don’t know that much more than the rest of us do about how the vaccine will act in the human body, because there has been no testing of the long-term effects on people. Thus, your physician does not have a scientific basis for claiming that your concerns are invalid. If her advice seems based on fear rather than on science, and if her advice seems designed to provoke fear rather than rational consideration of your options, then perhaps you are correct to be queasy about taking the vaccine.

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      1. It seems that EVERYTHING is Politicized These-Days … and ChinaPlague in particular!
        In the past 50 years, I’ve figured out that The Medical Corps tends to be well Left of Center.
        If they watch LeftStream Media, listen to NPR and Vote Democrat like their peers then I, quite simply, do not trust THEM with my well being! ;-(
        It’s where we are then …………in a Divided USA not seen since 1861!


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      2. Excellent pennies from Wisdom, Mick and CD!

        Yepyep, 20 yrs since I worked as a staff RN, and back in those days, I was the only RN in my small community hospital that had a big moral problem with the euthanasia practices that were starting to occur regularly on the medical floors. It was the removal of iv fluids and npo status for pts that had multiple serious disease processes and were, most likely at the end of their natural life spans. But the pattern was to get legal status over them, and then shove them in a corner and pull all fluids/nutrition/, make them “npo” due to “aspiration” concerns! (Hah–I remember saying if the goal is to kill them, why not let them have comfort fluids and not worry about the aspiration problem?) All this to accelerate what was happening, anyways. It was/is/ever will be diabolical. Yep, in less than a week they would have an empty bed.

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        1. I worked in a hospital in the 1990 with my sister who is an RN and sadly she had the same experiences back then. Even still she/we could not wrap our minds around the thought of it being anything but unintended malpractice. The number of occurrences would dictate otherwise.

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          1. Yes, this was early 2000’s. I started there as a grad RN in 1993 and was there when the sea-changed. I couldn’t believe it. It was really unbelievable exactly as you said. Also because prior to this change the doctors listened to us on floors and gave us great respect to advocate for the best practices for our patients. For a brief moment, I was able to practice acute care staff nursing as it was meant to be. It was a blessed time. I consider myself very lucky/blessed to have been able to leave when I did to raise my growing family and homeschool them.

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    5. Oh, Marianne! How cruel. She certainly doesn’t think she needs your business.

      This is what happened to me when the Nurse Practitioner I was seeing insisted that I have the “lifetime pneumonia injection.” I was not assertive and said, well, I don’t know… and the assistant came it and shot me. I went through two weeks of misery as I suffered through every side effect. I didn’t know what was wrong at first, so I checked online. Sure enough! Every. Side effect. When my husband’s doc went into private practice I switched to him. He is not insisting that anyone take it and just tells us, “Be safe.”

      I will pray 1) that this doc will be converted and 2) that a doc who cares about YOU will be available.

      I don’t think we have been lucky, I think we have been careful. I also so NOT want to expose myself to this “experimental” vaccine.” Our 30-40 something offspring have taken the vaccine without problems, but still… they are young!

      God bless you!
      God bless us all.
      Ongoing prayers from katey in Oregon 🙏🏽✝️💟

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      1. It wasn’t the cruelty that shocked me – it was that she had bought into the program of “the only way out is a vaccine” and agreed with the state assigning a vaccine card to be able to go out. It seems like a good percentage of the population will walk into totalitarian control and champion the whole thing as a great advancement. She is a really good doctor – just doesn’t fit my expectation.

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  25. Another pretty good Verse of the day…
    It reminds me of a great man who says that we should all do more of the “prayers of “Doing”!!!
    James 1:22‭-‬24 NRSV-CI
    … be doers of the word, and not merely hearers who deceive themselves. For if any are hearers of the word and not doers, they are like those who look at themselves in a mirror; for they look at themselves and, on going away, immediately forget what they were like.

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  26. JESUS = GOOD NEWS … 😉


    Another “Mostly Peaceful Protest” that will be ignored by Left DC/Media Elites and/or “spun” to blame Trump and Supporters! …. Somehow??
    This**** has been ongoing in Portland for NINE Months but, as we know, Democrats, Big Tech, Media and Global Big Box Merchants simply figure that destruction of Middle Class America is just part-n-parcel of the godless Re-Set Agenda!


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  27. After long struggle, even with being on the wellness committee, I decided against the vaccine. Here’s why. Apparently the MRNA vaccine tells our own cells to make spike proteins and when our own cells die they are attacked by our immune system and form antibodies.

    So how do we know that our own immune system will not begin attacking our own cells producing spike proteins over time?
    I was on the fence discerning this but this info gave me pause and despite my wife scheduling an appointment for me I turned it down. And Another possible med which may help I am prescribed too as I have high Triglycerides which diet and exercise aren’t bringing down. And this after Squatting 275×1 just before my 69th birthday and able to stil deadlift 355 for singles, so I am not being careless about my diet or exercise. . Will prost about Tricor on next one. My wife is still getting it today and as she is scared stiff that is likely the right decision for her and I will entrust her to God as I was doing myself as I discerned this.

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