Thoughts as the City of Man Topples

City of God

By Charlie Johnston

If you have been driving long enough, you have probably had a rock hit your windshield and make a small crack – a crack that, over time, starts creeping across the window. Every week or so, you notice it has gone a little farther. When it grows into a bona fide fracture, it starts speeding up. Besides the initial instability, each progressive extension makes it a little more unstable. Finally, you figure out that you better get that windshield replaced or pretty soon it is going to fall in on you – and God forbid it should get hit by another rock. The City of God never cracks. The City of Man is fracturing catastrophically before our eyes. Some thoughts as the fracture grows…

Shameful Shamelessness

The week before last week the Justice Dept. dropped all charges against Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn after newly obtained documents proved he was framed and railroaded as part of a massive conspiracy on the part of the FBI and other federal agencies to overthrow Pres. Donald Trump. Even worse, the documents showed that these agencies acted at the instigation and direction of former President Barack Obama.

In the same week, all the transcripts of the confidential testimony on the Russia Collusion Hoax were released. It stunningly revealed that there was never ANY evidence of collusion – and that the officials populating television news saying there was hard evidence admitted, under oath, behind closed doors, that they were lying in their public statements.

Just thirty years ago – and maybe only twenty – officials caught in such a massive conspiracy would have hung their heads in shame, been expelled from any office of public trust, been prosecuted for the obvious acts of sedition, and would have been shunned in polite society. Now, though, they just double down on brazenness. Astonishingly, the usual suspects have been claiming that Flynn’s vindication is a miscarriage of justice. Obama himself said, in a purposefully leaked phone call, that the vindication of Flynn is a threat to the “rule of law.” If your definition of justice is a Stalinesque assertion that when partisans have framed and railroaded you, you should darned well stay framed and railroaded, I suppose that is so. Presiding judge Emmet Sullivan is trying to uphold that Stalinesque principle – at more risk than he probably realizes.  But if you subscribe to a more prosaic definition of justice as an objective assessment of guilt or innocence, justice has finally begun. It won’t be complete until the conspirators are tried and convicted.

I have always opposed the trial and jailing of former presidents. It is too destabilizing and can inject the smell of banana republics into the body politic. When a former president, however, mounts a coup attempt against his successor and the permanent bureaucracy follows his lead instead of that of their legitimate boss, that is banana republic-style destabilization. Obama and all of his minions should be tried, convicted and jailed. If, like Napoleon, Obama was exiled to our equivalent of the island of Elba, I would be content. What is certain is that punishment should be swift and sure to prevent any cabal from ever using their office to seek to overthrow a lawful, Constitutional government again.

Choose Your Destructor

In more rational times we would come up with a way to deal with a serious problem that was somewhere between a reckless charge and a defensive crouch. But these are not rational times. For some reason, we decided that the best way to get rid of termites was to burn the house down. Insane partisanship has led some of those opposed to the burning to declare that termites are not a problem at all, while those who favor the burning shriekingly accuse those who want to save the house of being pro-termite. Lost in the din is any sense of reason or proportion.

Covid-19 has turned out not to be anywhere near as deadly as it was originally feared to be. It is significantly more serious than the average flu, though. Most significantly, it does not behave as most viruses we have seen before do. When dealing with something new that behaves counter to what we expect, there is good cause to behave with great circumspection until we have assessed it accurately and well. Covid-19 seems to silently starve people of oxygen without their knowing it. The critical thing seems to be to keep it from getting to the crisis stage. Before reaching crisis (called the cytokine storm), the infection seems milder than most – so mild that it is often not even noticed by the one infected by it. If it is allowed to proceed to the crisis stage, it is murderously hard to turn back, in part because the blood has been quietly depleted of oxygen, making the system an easier target – and is much more deadly than the average virus. Logically, that means that managing the symptoms early is key to preventing death. That also means that those who have fought the use of hydroxychloroquine early on are almost criminally negligent or malicious. Yet we should not rest easy until there is a good understanding of all the properties of this virus that acts in counter-intuitive ways, for there may be more surprises lurking.

How it came to be thought that shutting everything in the world down was the best way to handle this is a triumph of irrational thinking. It made sense to quarantine the sick and, even, vulnerable populations as it became known who was most at risk. I don’t know anyone who has died of Covid-19. I do have a dear friend whose brother died of despair a couple of weeks back as his world collapsed and his hopes for a future vanished. I don’t want people to die unnecessarily from either a virus or of despair and want in a rapidly collapsing economy. This is not a binary choice between black plague and Venezuela style economic collapse – unless our irrationality makes it so.

I get particularly irritated at those who ominously warn of a second wave. There is ALWAYS a second wave – usually much weaker than the first unless something has happened to impede development of herd immunity or unless, like the Spanish Flu of a hundred years ago, the first mutation is more deadly than the original. That is freakishly rare. Once a virus enters the wild, it is there permanently until the herd immunity becomes so great that the virus, itself, is eradicated. Vaccines are NOT cures; they are the injection of a weakened form of the virus to artificially speed up development of herd immunity. These are the raw basics of the field, similar to what multiplication tables are to mathematics. You don’t need to be a mathematician to know the multiplication tables – and you don’t need to be an epidemiologist to know the basics of virology. Anyone who pretends otherwise is ignorant or vested in creating panic.

The extreme social distancing and quarantines we have adopted are likely to impede the development of herd immunity and make it more likely that a second wave will be particularly virulent. As a matter of fact, we should want our healthiest segments of the population to be infected to speed along the development of herd immunity, with the proviso that treatments to manage the symptoms should be adopted as soon as symptoms show. That is actual science, rather than #science – and will be shown to be accurate once the next virus season begins. Sweden, which relied on common sense precautions, will win the second wave.

I Went to the Witch Doctor…

Over the centuries, many unscrupulous men have cloaked their irreligious schemes and assertions in the language of faith – because saying some nonsense was the “Christian” belief was a convenient means of shutting down conversation and examination of their assertions. People were intimidated by the idea of being called anti-Christian. Over time, the absurdities so justified by this practice led to faith, itself, falling into disrepute. Low men of little learning and vast ambitions have replaced faith with science as the means to shut down conversation and examination of their assertions.  Over time, if unchecked, this will lead the whole concept of science into disrepute.

Many honored public scientists are little more than “Monster Shouters,” amassing failed apocalyptic predictions around their necks like Mardi Gras beads – and are still taken seriously. Why on earth did governments around the world shut down everything at the behest of Neil Ferguson of London’s Imperial College? In 2005 Ferguson breathlessly warned that some 200 million people worldwide were likely to die from that season’s Bird Flu. He was off by a factor of a million – only a few hundred people worldwide died. In 2009 he insisted that the Swine Flu would kill 65,000 people in England. In reality, 457 people died of it in England. This time he was only off by a factor of 150, so I guess officials thought he was zeroing in on some semblance of accuracy. He was also responsible for England’s horrific mismanagement of Mad Cow disease at the turn of the millennium. We must do better than to form policy at the behest of a serial fabulist.

It turns out the World Health Organization (WHO) is NOT about science, but about parroting whatever lies China tells it to and barring open democracies from participating with it. Dr. Deborah Birx has reportedly claimed that she can’t trust anything that comes out of the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) these days. Frankly, a witch doctor who was as far off the mark as prominent public health authorities these days would be forced by his tribe to surrender his rattle. Why, in heavens name, are we treating the word of doctors who don’t treat any patients and ignoring that of those who do?

Both faith and science are means of approaching the throne of wisdom. Each will – and should – stand the test of examination. The scientific method, in fact, demands that one test and prove all things, rather than taking anything on mere assertion of authority.

Finding real wisdom is hard and fraught with both peril and error. Any who are honestly mature understand that. For public authorities to appeal to the authority of science to make assertions of certainty that are regularly not just wrong, but catastrophically so, is not to honor science, but to dishonor and leave it in disrepute. Just as those who once labeled their ignorant assertions “Christianity” to shut down examination, so modern sophists label their hysterical assertions “science” for the same reason. These types know little of science and less of faith. Let us then, with faithful humility, reason honestly with each other and abandon these childishly malicious parodies of faith and science.

You Will Be Like Gods

Godly men seek knowledge in order that they may serve truth with more fidelity. Ungodly men seek for knowledge to serve them in their mad grasp for power. In our benighted age, willfully ignorant men make stupid stuff up, call it knowledge, and demand power because of it – and they are taken seriously instead of chased off the stage with pitchforks and torches. It is the oldest satanic seduction in the universe; that with a little knowledge you will be like gods and can impose your will on others. It was used to topple empires, to justify genocide, to build the death camps. Those who fall prey to this seduction are always remembered as history’s great monsters. Yet, at the time they are making their reach for power and crushing all who oppose them, they imagine themselves to be noble idealists. Some are the devil’s willing accomplices, others the devil’s self-deluded dupes. Either way, the devil takes delight in destroying them when their usefulness expires.

The petty tyrants of the anti-God left are opportunistic. Their aim is to amass arbitrary power to themselves – and everything they do is intended to support that central aim. This public health scare accomplished what environmental alarmism and cries of racism, sexism, et al no longer could: it motivated otherwise free people to abrogate their own moral agency and obey arbitrary diktats from an ignorant, arrogant elite class of officials.

Thankfully, across the land, real blowback has begun and seems to be picking up steam. Some serious public thinkers are calling the lockdowns the greatest public policy blunder in history. A lot of governors and mayors, drunk with the exercise of arbitrary and capricious power over the citizens they consider their subjects, are battling a growing number of lawsuits.

I have been telling friends for over a month that I could not imagine a better strategy for turning blue states red than for Democratic officials to continue to call their own citizens selfish for wanting to work and not to be crushed by draconian government policies that are unrelated to  the threat of this virus. Sure enough, earlier this month, Republican Mike Garcia won the special election in a Los Angeles district to replace disgraced Democratic Congresswoman Katie Hill. And he didn’t win in a squeaker. It was a 12-point landslide (a “landslide” victory is usually defined as a win by 10 or more points). This in a California district that had gone for Hillary Clinton by seven points. It is starting to unnerve Democrats – but they have a gift for explaining away inconvenient actual facts and evidence, particularly while fluttering under the narcotic of a bona fide power trip.

Leftist officials across the country continue to fight their own citizens, convinced that destroying people’s lives and shuttering their livelihoods is surely the way to win elections forever. Besides, it is so much fun for them. I regret that a few weeks ago I thought – and said – that New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo might be taking a reasonable approach to all this, an approach that put a premium on his citizens’ safety. I did not know, at the time, that he had ordered all nursing homes in his state to accept Covid-infected patients or lose all funding. The nursing homes buckled and, of course,  became perhaps the greatest transmission hotspot for transmission of the virus. Since then, Cuomo has ruled that any volunteers who came to help out New York for more than two weeks during the crisis must pay New York state income taxes. He says he can’t afford to “subsidize” these folks. No, he didn’t give or pay them anything, (which is the definition of “subsidize” for people who are neither insane nor drunk with power). He begged them to come.  Come they did, and now he will charge them for the privilege of having helped during New York’s time of need. If you saw someone stranded and helped him change a tire, you would probably refuse his offer to pay you for what you did – but you would be incensed if they tried to charge YOU for the privilege of helping THEM. That is exactly what Cuomo is doing here – and I imagine he will be hard-pressed to draw many people to help out in future crises.

Of course, the media is busy covering for Cuomo. They imagine he might be their replacement presidential candidate for the badly faltering Joe Biden. The media is busily trying to strong-arm out of existence any facts and evidence that contradict their preferred narrative. Youtube is removing all videos that express opinions – or facts and evidence – that contradict the World Health Organization’s (WHO) China-driven propaganda. Facebook and Twitter are eagerly taking down information on protests against lockdowns and of any opinion that is to the right of Josef Stalin. The great Victor Davis Hanson questions whether the media even exist anymore.

In a macabre way, the media’s execrable, dishonest, constant gaslighting of the public is funny. If reporters were actually smart instead of pretend smart, they would know that one of the first things authoritarian movements do after taking power is to imprison or execute their ALLIES who have an independent platform from which the new imperators might be challenged. Those pathetic useful idiots always go to their doom screaming that they are on their destructors’ side. I know that if the left were successful in taking dictatorial power, the likes of Chuck Todd, Don Lemon and Jake Tapper would all likely be taken to the gulag before I would. It is the only thing that, occasionally, makes me smile about the prospect of a leftist anti-God takeover.

Sadly, crisis brings out the eager Vichy collaborators – those who eagerly inform on their neighbors and find meaning in becoming willing lackeys to those who abuse power. In my work over the decades, I have operated under my own “70 percent” rule – that is that, with effective leadership, when you are running at peak effectiveness, 70 percent of the people will do what is right and noble. But no matter how well you lead, 30 percent will remain Vichy collaborators. There are times when, through complacency, neglect or timidity, darkness has its moment. Sometimes that moment is very destructive – as with Nazi Germany, Soviet Communism, and the ongoing saga of the hostile takeover of Chinese culture by communists. Whenever the hour of darkness comes, it always finds plenty of willing accomplices – some of whom even think themselves to be idealists, now with the power to crush their opponents. These also always end up being history’s misshapen monstrosities, from whom we draw back and shudder at in revulsion. The hour of darkness has surely come upon the world. But it will not prevail. Spare a little pity for those who ally with darkness and seek to destroy us. It is themselves they will destroy after wreaking some havoc. Those who fall prey to the seduction to become “like gods” ever end in their own destruction. And the devil chortles with malevolent mirth at the spectacle.

The Church Dilettante

I decided at the beginning of all this that I would give a mulligan to religious leaders for what they decide throughout this spring. This came upon us all of a sudden, with little warning. Initially, the precautions seemed plausible, even if likely overblown to a skeptic like me. Once public officials went from taking perhaps prudent precautions to exercising vast, unconstitutional, arbitrary power that had little or no relation to the threat, it was clear that religion was being specifically targeted for “special treatment,” a euphemism used from time immemorial by tyrants concerning their intended victims. If religious leaders’ responses are largely timid, I can understand that many of them believe if they just appease secular authorities well enough, all serious trouble can be avoided.

Part of my tolerance for religious authorities’ responses was borne of an intense fatalism. When the offering to the pagan goddess, Pachamama, was accepted by the Pope on the altar of Jesus Christ at the Amazon Synod, I was terrified that the “abomination which makes desolate” had come to pass. (Many call this the abomination of desolation, but in Daniel 12:11-12, where it is first prophesied, it is called the abomination which makes desolate – and speaks of the consequences of such a blasphemous act – that it will make our altars desolate). I hoped that, after a few days, the Pope would explain that he had not known what it was and just thought it was a nice offering. Instead, it became clear that he knew exactly what it was and thought it was either no big deal or was right that it should sit upon the altar of Christ’s sacrifice. This was a fundamental break in the hierarchy, a break that only God can heal. But God is not mocked: it will not be healed until we have reaped the consequences of what we have sown.

The way I interpreted this (and I wrote briefly at the time about how deadly seriously I took it, though not of my expectations) was that full-blown crisis would come very soon and would threaten the very foundations of the faith. I did not expect that it would come in the form of a virus that will not even rank among the 10 most deadly in American history – and maybe not even in the top 20. It was not the virus that was the cause of the crisis, any more than the assassination of the Archduke Ferdinand was the cause of World War I. Both were mere catalysts which released the destructive power of disorders that had already built up to the breaking point. Our hysterical over-reaction was what caused it, shutting down the entire world except for Sweden (which is doing just fine, thank you very much). We had clearly lost our sense of self-reliance, our can-do spirit, and our faith that prudent precautions are all we can manage and must leave the rest to God – not to the government. I cringe every time I hear someone say the “government didn’t protect us.” The government is only supposed to protect us from external attack and internal crime (actual crime – not going to work without papers). On all else, we are responsible for ourselves.

Now the demons have been loosed – and they will not be easily bottled up again. Aspiring tyrants (both petty and major) have learned that if they can whip up enough irrational fear, they can move closer to their dream of comprehensive power. Even now, as fear of Covid recedes, those tyrants are busy concocting their next big scare, whether it is a “second wave,” murder hornets, or flying monkeys of death. It is coming – and all the “experts” will be there to assure us that this time, if we don’t knuckle under, we are all going to die.

As a Catholic, I have been embarrassed to see many of our Evangelical leaders doing a much better job of defending the faith than most Catholic leaders. Yet, there is an institutional inertia inherent there, too. If an Evangelical Church makes an imprudent maneuver, it pretty much only affects the particular church involved. If Catholic authorities make a seriously imprudent move, it can have serious consequences for all Catholic Churches and for Christianity, itself. I understand that the stakes are higher.

I am grateful that I have found a Church which does have real Masses. It is much further from home than I would prefer, but except for blocking off every other row of pews, it is a completely normal Mass. You can wear masks or not (I have trouble breathing in those things), you can receive in the hand or on the tongue. I am told that if vulnerable parishioners there have concerns, they will send out Extraordinary Ministers to their home to provide them with the Eucharist in a completely sanitized fashion. I just cannot bring myself to treat televised Masses or parking lot Masses where you listen in on your cell phone as an honest alternative, barring a much more serious crisis than the one we shut down for.

I have always thought that events would unfold in a manner that would reveal everything and force each of us to choose Who we will serve. This crisis is the penultimate revelation of who we have become. The Pachamama abomination forces all to choose, both laymen and clerics. It is by our fidelity to God’s revelation through Scripture and the Magisterium that the faith will be purified and renewed. For a very long time, some men have used Holy Orders as a fig leaf to cover over their worldly ambition and preening desire for social standing. Some of these have even done some creditable work – but only so far as it advances their interests. Now, I do believe God calls us all to account, both laymen and clerics. We either choose to be “all in” or He will leave us “all out.”

The breach in the hierarchical order does NOT relieve us of our duty to obey the lawful orders of our superiors. You may have noticed that, since the Pachamama debacle, I have taken pains to differentiate between lawful and unlawful orders. A lawful order is within the sphere of a cleric’s legitimate authority and does not obviously contradict either Scripture or the Magisterium. There are plenty of clerics around who, like Archbishop Pierre Couchon (who presided over the judicial murder of St. Joan of Arc) use their office to try to enhance their political standing rather than to please God. Even from one of these, I would obey a lawful order while resisting the depredations of his unlawful ones. It is Christ, Himself, who set up the hierarchical structure.

Right now, it is impossible for me to differentiate between those clerics who are mere temporal social climbers and those who honestly, but mistakenly, think there is some level of appeasing mammon that will set us free. Hence, everyone gets a mulligan. Make no mistake, though. Insidious secular authorities hate the faith more than they hate Republicans. Many Republicans can be coopted or intimidated. While the same can be said of many clerical leaders, the anti-God left knows there is no negotiating with God. His word is implacable and impervious to His enemies demands. Even when, as with Abraham, God does bargain, it is not that He changes His mind, but that He is nurturing the same yearning compassion in His servants as He has – and winnowing them away from raw vengeance. As much as leftists try to re-interpret Scripture to mean the exact opposite of what it says, as hard as they try to pretend that evil is good and good is evil, they know that as long as there are people who call on the name of the Lord, their power can never be secure. So they are determined to wipe out faith altogether, whether by patiently chipping away at it or destroying it in one fell swoop. God will win, of course, but if we want to be counted among His friends, we will have to make our stand.

I pray that our clerical leaders are seriously preparing to make that stand. For whether there is a second wave of the virus that is worse than the first or not, there will be a second wave of draconian restrictions attempted by petty, little men who are short on humility and long on ambition to shut down the faith and destroy liberty. Then we will have to make our stand. I would prefer to follow our leaders, but I will stand, regardless. No mulligans next time.

Dream a Little Dream With Me

I have been inundated with people telling me of their strange and intense dreams these days. In times of great stress, we tend to dream more intensely, in part to relieve that stress. In the last three weeks of a major political campaign, I dream so intensely and vividly that sometimes it is a relief to wake up and rest a little from the dreams for a while. But dreams serve another very useful purpose in such times. Our subconscious often highlights things that we may have missed in the crush of the day, things that we may need to pay attention to. In fact, when I am in the midst of the crush of intense dreams, I sometimes go to sleep to recruit my subconscious to give me insight to help me deal with the problems of the moment.

I think prophetic dreams are very rare. At least for me they are. In fact, there is only one I have had that I think to be clearly prophetic – and I didn’t make that assessment until nearly a decade later. It came in the mid-60’s. I dreamed vividly that a friend of mine and I had been taken by his mother (a Dutch woman who had been swept up by the Nazis when they came through Holland – and lived to tell about it) to the Museum of Science and Industry on Chicago’s south side. All was well until a loud screaming went up all around the museum. His Mom found us and, terrified, hid us under the canopy of a table. We asked her what was happening. She told us that we needed to be quiet because they were “putting children to the knife.” I told her she should call the police. She responded that the police were helping them. This dream caused me to tremble for days afterward. But it was over a decade later that I came to think of it as a foreshadowing of the abortion regime.

I figure that if a dream is actually prophetic, it will become clear to me in God’s own time. Yet if I look restlessly for prophecy in dreams, I am likely to miss the genuine insight into broad matters of the day that is normally found in them. Once, I was looking for a spot on an old-fashioned map. I couldn’t find it. I searched restlessly through the tiniest type of each location. Still it wasn’t there. After giving up, as I pulled my eyes away, there in large pale-blue type was what I had been looking for. It was literally a case where I was so focused on each tree that I entirely missed the forest right in front of me. Over-analysis can impede, rather than help, your search for insight.

Now I am glad that St. Joseph did not have my attitude and chose to act immediately on what he dreamed. But he seems an eminently practical man. He clearly did not get up and act on everything he ever dreamed. I suspect that God had a special way of showing him what was genuinely prophetic and what was just a dream. Take the insight that dreams bring and trust God to show you, in His own good time, what you need from them.

I sympathize with all of you. Intense unending dreams can be very disconcerting. I have been dreaming like I do in the last three weeks of a campaign for the last five years. It can be exhausting – but it is often very helpful in a plain, ordinary way.

The Shape of Things to Come

We are not going to get out of this without a fight. That is not based on supernatural prophecy. It is simply hard, temporal analysis based on the facts that everyone has at hand. It is the sort of analysis I used to get paid for by politicians and officials. I wasn’t always right – but was right in improbable circumstances enough that officials vied to recruit me to their staff. The Majority Leader in the Illinois House once told me that they  monitored me – that when I made normal predictions I was better than average, but not shockingly astute. But if I said something that seemed so wildly improbable that no one else had even thought of it, you could usually take it to the bank. We all make assessments from the sum total of our life experiences, the known facts, and our extrapolations of how people will behave under particular circumstances.

As I said above, leftist authoritarians are pragmatically opportunistic. They use what works for them in their frantic pursuit of raw power. Shoot, they use things that worked once and have never worked again. They now have a brand new toy: ginning up fear to critical, fantastic levels to justify their usurpation of power that is not vested in them. They hate two things passionately: religious faith and independent liberty. They cannot be content to live and let live. They have no joy unless they are forcing others to do what they want. If you think that they will not use this new toy to try to wipe out the two main impediments to their ambition – faith and liberty – you just have not been paying attention. We are not getting out of this without a fight. We will have to make our stand. There can be no compromise between those who want to enslave and destroy others and those who want to live and let live, minding their own business. One side must win and the other must lose. Those are the stakes now.

I am working busily to meet both the trials that are upon us and those that loom ahead. The City of God never falters, even though it is often under assault. The City of Man, no matter how intimidating it sometimes looks, is a fragile thing that crumbles when it assaults the City of God.  I have told you from the beginning that you need not do anything extraordinary to participate in God’s victory, which is sure. Rather, you just need to do what is right in front of you with great fidelity and great love, according to your station in life. What I said from the start is the key to everything that lies before us: Acknowledge God, Take the Next Right Step, and Be a Sign of Hope to Those Around You. The victory is entirely His, but our great God wants us to be His recruits and share in the great victory He is preparing for us.


319 thoughts on “Thoughts as the City of Man Topples

  1. Oh Charlie. You’ve articulated tremendously well many thoughts which have streamed through my pondering as I have read, watched, discussed with friends and continued to keep vigil as the unmasking and revealing of hearts intensely carries on.

    This is absolutely so: “We are not getting out of this without a fight. We will have to make our stand. There can be no compromise between those who want to enslave and destroy others and those who want to live and let live, minding their own business. One side must win and the other must lose. Those are the stakes now.”

    And it will not be a pretty battle, for these kinds of confrontations forge martyrs, white and red. ALL IN it is… the only way… blessed step by blessed step, day by day… the Little Way of TNRS while we Trust-Do-Love is our ostinato as strains of the Ballad of the Ordinary Man sustain us, reminding us to cling fast to our Safe Refuge: She who will accompany us and, then, Rescue us, sure and true.

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    1. Beckita,
      I just wanted to forward a link to a letter just released by the Bishops of Minnesota, where I live. Our Governor, comrade Walz, has allowed Malls to re-open to any number of people, but has only allowed churches to have 10 people in them. This letter by the bishops is courageous and taking on the complete godlessness and nonsense of Walz. If people could contact the archdiocese ( in support, I would greatly appreciate it!

      Here’s the link to the letter:

      If the link doesn’t work, people can go to the site and click on the “announcements” tab. It’s the first thing there.

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      1. Joe, I’m here with you in MN and am so grateful to our Bishops for taking a stand! My priest has been obedient, but brave, throughout the entire ordeal. God bless them. It bothered me that this time was referred to as a “lockdown”, because that is what they call it in the prisons when there’s a problem with the inmates and actually lock them in their cells. Please say a prayer for my priest who needs surgery since March. He will finally have it done the first week of June. He suffered that entire time. Thank you!!

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  2. In response to “The Church Dilettante” section: I’m grateful to report that both the Archdiocese of Portland and the Diocese of Baker (the only two dioceses in Oregon ~ I’m in the Baker Diocese) resumed public Masses this month, following prudent protocols. God is good.

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        1. Two sites Charlie has previously mentioned Mary: Citizen Free Press and American Greatness. The links above include pieces from American Thinker, Breitbart, Business Insider, Daily Wire, Dennis Prager, Just The News, LifeSiteNews, National Review, New York Post, RedState, The Catholic Thing, The Federalist, Townhall and Washington Times. Now, I would imagine Charlie has some reliable writers he leans into for information, but these news sites give you resources to explore.

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    1. The Diocese of Lansing resumed attended mass this week (invite only through lottery for now) and I was able to attend on Monday. How GLORIOUS it was and so warming to be among people in worship again. I know the Diocese of Grand Rapids is also doing this. Both will resume a form of public mass next week (or shortly after). With working from home for the foreseeable future, I can’t wait to work it out to attend daily mass again….

      Thank you so much Charlie, this is a great compilation you have from a solidly faithful perspective that I respect and look forward to reading every time! I have been trying to relay much of the bits and pieces of what you have here to family, friends, and those who might think I am a Churchy Religious Nut…. 😉

      God bless all, you are all in my prayer intentions each day!

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        1. That was me last night, Linda. My family was able to attend Mass inside our church for the first time since, like, March 12 (we had an outdoor Mass last Wednesday on our parish’s patronal feast). I was grinning like a mad fool for most of Mass, and crying like a baby after Holy Communion. It was so good to be home! 🙂

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          1. Awwwwwe!!!! So wonderful Mick!!!! And your youngest!?! Did Father let her receive??? I hope so!!! What an angel!!! Btw Globetrotting Tommy did that once… he was like 4 or 5? He went up for a blessing and stuck his tongue 👅 out and Father popped host in his mouth!!! Hahaha. He was like…”what’s the problem???” Ha!!! We were like Tommy you didn’t make your first communion yet!!! The priest who was going to (not the same one that accidentally gave Tommy Jesus)give Tommy first communion said, “Well, I guess he already did!” Ha! We were homeschooling so things were a bit less structured obviously. We used Baltimore catechism! How I’d love to revisit those books with them!!! Hahahaha

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            1. Linda, she had her interview with Father (with appropriate social distancing, of course), and she passed! So she’ll be making her First Holy Communion sometime in July. She’s pretty jazzed. 🙂

              Yes, homeschooling rocks, especially for sacramental preparation. We also use the Baltimore catechism. The St. Joseph First Communion Catechism (Book 0 in the Baltimore Catechism series) is one of my daughter’s favorite books–she really digs the color pictures.

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              1. Those Baltimore catechisms are da BOMB!!! My kids used to really love them a lot and me too for I was actually learning for the first time with them!!! Ha!!!! What wonder it is to learn about our faith!!! But I am so so so excited for your daughter!!!🤗❤️🙏🌹😇

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  3. This writing showed up on the heals of the announcement from the governor of MN that nearly all remaining closed establishments will be allowed to open on June 1st, with the exception of churches which will be restricted to 10 people. I am so very proud of Archbishop Hebda who sent an open letter to Governor Walz stating that he and the bishops of the state would not abide by this order. The letter from Minnesota Catholic Conference ( MCC) to Governor Tim Walz reads in part,
    “We have attempted to work collaboratively with the Walz Administration up to this time,” wrote the MCC in an open letter to Walz, Wednesday. On May 8, the Conference says it submitted a plan for limited reopening of churches with added safety measures that was drafted “by a group of national medical experts.” Even though Walz ignored this plan, instead opting to maintain his harsh restrictions, the MCC says it’s going to push forward, conducting mass at 33% capacity with a heavy emphasis on sanitization and social distancing.

    “The bishops of Minnesota are united in our conviction that we can safely resume public Masses in accordance with both our religious duties and with accepted public health and safety standards,” reads the letter.

    Walz’s continued efforts to limit religious gatherings to 10 participants undervalues “both the vital importance that faith plays in the lives of Americans, especially in this time of pandemic, and the fundamental religious freedom possessed by houses of worship that allows our country to thrive,” says the MCC.”

    I’ve read the entire letter, several articles on the topic and several emails from our church Administrator. I have a new appreciation and respect for the tough decisions our Church officials were faced with when Covid-19 was thrown at them. I have great admiration for the decisions they have now made to protect our religious freedom.

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    1. President Trump made a statement on May 22nd that churches are essential services and wants them opened immediately, overriding governors’ orders. We should all be petitioning any bishops who have eliminated all public Masses with messages such as:

      Dear Bishop ,,,,,,,,,,.,

      President Trump issued a proclamation declaring Church services essential services and demanded every state governor open churches by this weekend. We implore you to reinstate public Masses immediately, whether the governor agrees or not. The governor does not have the right to deny us our religious freedom and we look to you for courageous leadership to stand up for our right to worship and receive the sacraments. We will stand with you. Please take a stand with us!

      We thank you and would appreciate your prompt reply.

      I’m in the Diocese of Rockville Centre. Earlier yesterday I had emailed the Bishop after he contacted us regarding donations. At that point I told him the nature my contributions and requested that he reopen Masses. After Trump made his statement I wrote the Bishop again. We are longing for Jesus in the Eucharist here in NY!!!

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      1. Well done, Marie! ❤

        I am praying for us all to have our Masses and Sacraments restored. I am shaking my head at my own pastor's response to this and I am sharing Charlie's latest article far and wide, which included random temperature taking, scheduling and reporting/registering for attendance to Mass and the dreaded masking.

        Last evening in found this intriguing video of pro bono legal advise and templates for .gov types siting abuse of power and lack of jurisdiction; cease and desist. The letter could be edited for clergy too. The website has the form letter available for free, however overnight the site has been tampered with and is not accessible, as I type this.

        PDF link to templates.

        We need to take a stand. Thank you for the action and inspiration, Marie! ❤

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  4. One of the things I find interesting in all of this is that everyone is engaged. Almost nobody is on the sidelines. Everyone is awake to what is going on around them, and many are awakening to what is going on behind the scenes.

    Charlie has often said that we will all get our moment to Choose or perish. What I see all around me now are people awakening and choosing. I see this as an unmitigated good. We’ll have more of these moments, but the lineaments of the choosing are already starting to become clear. I suspect it will get harder and harder for people to change their minds as we see more and more of these moments and people’s choices get more and more defined under more and more pressure.

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    1. Steve, the closing sentence in your second paragraph reminds me of these words from Our Lady of Akita: “The thought of the loss of so many souls is the cause of my sadness. If sins increase in number and gravity, there will be no longer pardon for them.”

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        1. I saw that!!!! Amazing!!! Mike & I were talking last night about our fellows in Africa!!! Just think of it…dirt covered floors! No medicine! No air conditioning! Bare essentials! We are so spoiled here in America!

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      1. Jen, my family knows somebody who attended the Haircutting Protest. He said that the cops were acting like a goon squad. Seven or eight of them surrounded each of the barbers, one at a time, in an intimidating manner and ordered them to cease and desist (because Michigan has a mindnumbingly idiotic law that makes it illegal for a licensed barber/stylist to cut somebody’s hair for free). When none of the barbers stopped cutting hair, the group of cops returned, surrounded individual barbers, and wrote them $1,000 tickets for–get this–“disorderly conduct.” They threatened to come back every few minutes and write additional tickets. The barber nearest our friend got two tickets before she packed up and went home. “I could lose my license if I get another ticket,” she said. I don’t know how these barbers, who haven’t been allowed to work since March, are going to pay their fines. Please pray for them; and please pray that we be delivered from the hands of our awful, wretched governor.

        Actually, our awful, wretched, evil governor: It was revealed a couple of days ago that, a la Cuomo, the same lady who declared abortion to be “life-sustaining”also ordered nursing homes with no Covid cases to accept elderly people who have tested positive for Covid. What kind of a sick puppy DOES that? It seems so… demonic. Tucker Carlson was right: Whitmer IS a ghoul.

        But now for some really fantastic news: All seven of Michigan’s dioceses will be open for public Masses in time for Pentecost. Clearly, all of Michigan’s bishops have decided that, as a Church, we’re done playing Whitmer’s games. Good on them, and may God help them to stand firm in the face of tyranny.

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        1. Mick, at your prompting I have offered a prayer for all who have been adversely affected by these abusive measures. I have not been able to do the work I am licensed to do because of my injury in 2016 and subsequent relapse. I have allowed it to expire years ago. By passing the state boards, I am certified and *they* no longer have the leverage of threatening to revoke my license as a result. I have the knowledge and the skill set to work ethically in my field, license or not. My clients are told up front the situation. Currently, when I am able to contract work, I do it at a *certified* rate. It is a win-win for me and my clients. The world is changing in many ways visible and invisible that has allowed for the pulling the rug out from underneath our oppressors. Good grief, what a burden of unwarranted student loans debt we accumulate in order to be “certified and/or licensed” then there are fees that the states charge to renew them routinely in addition to mandated costly and mostly irrelevant continuing education course hours yearly. It has become quite the racket! In California, you actually need to have a license to shampoo hair!!

          One of the first matters of business President Trump tended to was drastically cutting out a large portion of regulations. Trump signs executive order to identify regulations that can be suspended for corona virus recovery #FoxNews and he is not finished. It is ongoing. Trump signs executive order to identify regulations that can be suspended for corona virus recovery #FoxNews I hope over regulation is a thing of the past and we may use our skills and talents to serve each other within our communities without a police state and/or BIG government interference.

          I am so happy for the reopening of Michigan Catholic Churches, and for their shepherds and flocks! ❤ Illinois is a whole other can of worms. Sigh.

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      1. Hi, Linda! Thank you for thinking of us. I’m fine, and my mother is doing OK. Being 95 is sometimes fun and sometimes not so fun. Between me and the staff at her independent-living place (who have been wonderful), she is well taken care of. 🙂

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        1. That is GREAT news Stevebc!!! Who am I? Nobody. But I think of you & mom often and throw a prayer 🙏 upward bound! I lost my mom 2 years ago and mom in law 1 year ago so I’m super sensitive to these things now…God bless and protect you & mom!!!🤗🙏❤️🌹🐿📿🐶

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          1. Linda, everybody is somebody to God, and you are now somebody to me and my mother with your thoughtfulness. Thank you for your prayers, an unexpected and much appreciated gift. 🙂

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    2. StevenBC I agree with your observation of more people deciding on which side of the fence they are on. It makes me want to throw-up or fall down weeping as I see my own sons (& their wife/fiancés) choosing to go along with the world and crowd. This cross is unbearable at times.

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      1. HttP, do not worry overmuch. One of the things that causes walls to topple is seeing, at first hand, what the consequences are of things that seem innocuous to us. I firmly believe they will be okay so long as you live fidelity to what you preach and trust God to reach them in His time – and perhaps through your fidelity. Be not afraid.

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      2. St. Bridget 12 year prayer is what Lambzie and I are praying for our kids http.  Big promise if faithful everyday for 12 years.—- Sent from Doug’s Back Pack

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      1. As a former member of the Archdiocese of New York, I am never sure of what to make of his Eminence Cardinal Dolan. I think he truly is an affable man who wants to be the Cardinal that everyone would like to have a beer and a brat with. There have been disturbing reports of shenanigans at some of the churches in the city that go unreported, unreformed and ongoing which he seems content to let go. I don’t know if he feels anything toward the president beyond a pastoral affection. This is why I’ve ceased criticizing him.

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        1. Michaela, we must hope and pray for many eye-opening experiences such as that which awoke Saul, who later became St. Paul. Jesus often shows his work in contradictions.

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    1. Thanks for sharing this, Judith. May God have mercy on every aghast “liberal Catholic,” that is, all those who are Catholic in name only. We’re all in for a rough ride. I can hardly fathom what it will be like for those who refuse to bend the knee til the bitter end.

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          1. Jesus told the clumsy little puppy 🐶 to fetch the stick and when he brought it back, turned to Charlie and said, “You’re a game little fellow!!!”😁 ok that wasnt a joke but sort of appra po😂

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            1. Ha! Once when I was being interviewed by a public board for an endorsement, they asked me if I had any skeletons in my closet. With a little bit of a grin, I said, “No.” A woman on the board followed up by asking, with some incredulity, “You seriously mean you have no skeletons at all?” With a broader grin I explained, “Oh, I have loads of skeletons. I just can’t afford closets.”

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  5. Charlie- Thank you for this latest writing. Advice? I live in San Francisco area. My Bishop, is Bishop Michael Barber whom basically sent out a letter last week stating “ I will reopen the churches for Mass when it is safe to do do”. Obviously, I will obey, but I am frustrated at this stance which I see as weak especially given other Bishops resuming masses. Do I write a letter? Do I just pray?

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  6. Well,Charlie,this piece sums things up beautifully. I am ready for the fight.

    Finally, be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power. Put on the full armor of God, so that you can take your stand against the devil’s schemes. For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms. Therefore put on the full armor of God, so that when the day of evil comes, you may be able to stand your ground, and after you have done everything, to stand. Stand firm then, with the belt of truth buckled around your waist, with the breastplate of righteousness in place, and with your feet fitted with the readiness that comes from the gospel of peace. In addition to all this, take up the shield of faith, with which you can extinguish all the flaming arrows of the evil one. Take the helmet of salvation and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God.

    Ephesians 6, 10-17

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  7. Fr. James Altman from the La Crosse Diocese at St. James the Less parish in La Crosse gave a most amazing homily that just made me say “WOW!” I have also watched more of his masses and he is definitely all in for Jesus and His Church. You can watch it here:
    I have not missed live mass, except for the last 2 Sunday’s listening from a parking lot and then going into church to receive Our Lord after mass was over, since public masses were cancelled. I attribute this to St. Joseph whom I consecrated myself to on his feast day when this all began. What a blessing this is and I am eternally grateful.

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  8. This is an action packed piece here, Charlie! I had to read it twice to formulate my 💭 thoughts!!! Excellent work, good man!!! How we all look forward to and live vicariously through these times with you as our spiritual and common sense (which ain’t so common today) advisor!!! Can’t thank you enough!! 🤗

    The battle rages on!!! Monsignor Ken, our pastor stated yesterday that he has never seen so many mean-spirited Catholics arguing and bickering with one another about how our masses should open up! He was quite alarmed at the high tensions and he looked quite exhausted by the whole thing!

    My problem with the masks is that my michael has severe claustrophobia!!! The poor man in a big crowd just freaks out!!! He could never wear a mask throughout services and so I guess we will be going to the Sorrowful Mother Shrine in Bellevue Ohio for outdoor Masses starting next Sunday!!! I asked him, “Mike…what if it’s cold?” “I’ll wear my carharts!” he replied!!! Some people just can’t take those masks! Yikes!!!

    City of man topples… it seems to me that things are only going to get worse as we go along in this storm. I like that God is asking us all to choose! I pray we ALL choose God!

    One bit of good news I’d like to share…I listen to catholic radio pretty much all day long while I clean my house or others and yesterday (gosh I can’t remember the priest’s name) but he said one thing he is seeing is an unbelievable amount of millennials coming back to confession!!! I almost did an old aged summer salt on that one and that’s NOT a pretty sight to see!!!😂😂😂

    This is my favorite quote from this piece of yours, Charlie!

    “ I have told you from the beginning that you need not do anything extraordinary to participate in God’s victory, which is sure. Rather, you just need to do what is right in front of you with great fidelity and great love, according to your station in life. What I said from the start is the key to everything that lies before us: Acknowledge God, Take the Next Right Step, and Be a Sign of Hope to Those Around You. The victory is entirely His, but our great God wants us to be His recruits and share in the great victory He is preparing for us.” CJ

    I too am seeing people begin to come back to God…maybe they never left…but that they are showing signs of talking more about God! As an example globetrotting Tommy told me he and Liz hold hands and pray before each trip!” I was shocked!!! Thanks be to God their trip to Kenya has been canceled for Kenya’s borders are shutdown!

    Just one more thing:😂😂😂 my bro and wife are currently homeward bound from United States Virgin Islands. It is a 7 -10 day long trip day, night, day, night, no hotels no lights at night nonstop voyage. They have asked for prayers. Some sailors here so if you’d like, you can follow their voyage below. Their sailboats name is Joli in menu button!

    Ave Maria Stella Maris!!! Pray and guide us all to your Holy Son!!! 🙏

    God bless and keep us all safe!!!

    TNRS ASOH!!! 🤗❤️🌹😇🙏💭🐻😘📿😷🌞⛵️💐🐿🐇🙏🙏🙏

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    1. To track Joli at bottom of link above click on “Salty Dawg Homeward Bound Flotilla Rally Tracks” and then type in “Joli” and predict wind will show you where they are! Just amazing…lots of sailors coming home with closed borders and hurricanes in pursuit so prayers for all appreciated 🙏🙏🙏

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        1. Timothy I just knew some of you would appreciate, “Salty dawg homeward bound flotilla rally tracks!!!” Sailors are sort of clever!!! But sometimes too clever for their own good!!! They get this “pride” thing because they can harness the air (wind) but they forget WHO gave them the air (wind ) !!! Hahahaha… how do I know??? Been there, done it, moved on!!! But hey…Jesus is a sailor too and taught St Peter, St Andrew etc…who was boss!!!🤗⛵️ Gotta love That story!!! I think I’m ready to watch “The Chosen,” once again! 😂

          But for now, I’m gonna go google Tom Wolfe, author of “The Kandy-Kolored Tangerine-Flake Streamline Baby”

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    2. I’m with your husband on the masks. I have trouble breathing properly through them. I don’t consider the use of them unreasonable, though I know they are little more than a placebo – so that really irritates me. I avoid anything that requires them.

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      1. Neither he nor I have worn one yet save that darn house I clean with the darn husky hair I’m allergic to!!! Ha!!! Even yesterday I didn’t wear it giving in to whatever!!! Lol. Mike’s claustrophobia is very severe. He’d probably pass out and has done so!😩

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  9. I can’t thank you enough for this post Charlie. It continues to fill me with hope and courage. Like you, my family is in search for a real and normal Mass. We are still searching at it may require us going out of state. Here are some of the edicts my parish has published from Atlanta, Georgia. Note, Georgia has consistently been one of the least restrictive states in the country. The Atlanta Catholic Church, the complete opposite. Our new bishop, just installed in May, is Bishop Hartmayer. This is what, as the pastor described, our “new normal.”

    1. Masks are required to be worn by everyone age 10 and older when present at the church.
    2. Urge those with small children or infants to refrain from attending Mass.
    3. Bring your own hand sanitizer.
    4. Bathrooms are open for emergencies only (not sure what constitutes an emergency).
    5. Mass reservations are required.
    6. Don’t be late or you will lose your seat and those waiting in the standby line will get it. You can not chose where you sit and must maintain 6 ft away from the other family that is assigned to your pew.
    7. Have your reservation confirmation (printed or on smartphone) to show the usher when you arrive at church.
    8. The holy water fonts remain empty.
    9. Reception of Holy Communion will be in the hand only.
    10. Masks should be worn in the Communion line.
    11. When approaching the priest for Communion, place your hands one underneath the other with your arms fully extended. When priest says, “The Body of Christ,” DO NOT SPEAK but bow your head. Do not reach for or close your hands around the Sacred Host. Step to the side, remove your mask, consume the Eucharist, then re-mask. Walk close to the wall as you return to your pew to provide social distancing.
    12. Where and how to give money to the collection baskets is mentioned four times in the instruction sheets. The most of any edict outside of mask wearing!

    Also, not related to Mass, but for I-Phone users, I just received notice that Apple is allowing automatic contract tracing and reporting with their IOS 13.5 update. It gives probable cause to test you or your family without your consent if your phone enters the “proximity” of a person with Covid. People are being advised to turn-off automatic updates. I just looked on my phone and it gives a description of the 13.5 update. It is called the Exposure Notification API to support COVID-19 contact tracing apps from public health authorities. It also updates your face ID when you are wearing a mask. Please check your phones and let others know.

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    1. i too am in atlanta, i have noticed that other churches are doing all different things!!! most have demanded masks to be worn. i am with Charlie, i can’t breath well in them and to sit in a church for an hour plus with it on, i think i would faint. this church is beyond draconian, go to communion and stretch your arms out to receive, so you don’t get too close to the Eucharistic Minister? Sounds as if this pastor is a germaphobe on steroids.

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      1. Thanks for the link! LifeSite also has an article on this. My screen message this morning notified me that the next update would put the exposure notification interface on my phone. That would be the IOS 13.5 software update. My phone had not updated yet, so I turned off the automatic update. I tend to be a little leary of the privacy and download promises of Google and Apple. I don’t think I trust the public health authorities criteria around privacy and data control either, especially with Covid-19. I am seriously considering just going back to my dumb phone.

        This is from the LifeSite Article:

        Apple has laid the groundwork to support COVID-19 tracking applications on iPhones in the name of containing the coronavirus, despite concerns about user privacy and individual rights.

        Apple insists that “Each user will have to make an explicit choice to turn on the technology,” which “can also be turned off by the user at any time,” and that it “does not collect location data from your device, and does not share the identities of other users to each other, Google or Apple.”

        It also stresses that data will only be given to “public health authorities” if their apps “meet specific criteria around privacy, security, and data control.” But concerns remain as to just how secure users’ personal information will be in practice, and what exactly will constitute users’ “consent.”

        There are some, however, who demand an even more heavy-handed approach to high-tech COVID-19 tracking. Politico reports that some advocates of locking down society say nothing less than full contact tracing, which entails not only identifying but tracking the movements of people with COVID-19, will suffice.

        Unless societies accept “privacy trade-offs,” COVID-19 tracking systems will be “unlikely to help people navigate their world, to leave their house and feel safe,” argues University of Washington Law School professor Ryan Calo.

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      2. Welcome to commenting, Eyelesscactus. Your screen name makes me chuckle, and your question is the exact one that my computer-geek son has. 🙂


    2. That’s just abusive. Non cooperation is essential. That’s the only dissent left, sadly. I wouldn’t waste my breath or an email. Those who think this is the “new normal” are beyond reason. You are wise to vote with your feet and wallets. If the entire parish did this, a positive change could happen.

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    Here’s a nice Pentecost novena day 1 from Fr Rocky! So beautiful!!! Short & Sweet🤗🤗🤗 plus he is giving out a new book he wrote, “crossroads of history” by Father Rocky! If you sign up he’ll send it free of charge not even shipping!! They say it is quite good!!!

    From Relevant Radio: Marian Pentecost Novena: Day 1 – Relevant Radio

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  11. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! 😉

    The only Leader that I pray for by name anymore is Prez Trump. God knows who the Good Guys are so I ask Him to guide/protect all the Good-Guys of Church & State … and raise up millions more for The Cause. Amen!
    Sometimes it’s not hard to figure out who is NOT a Good Guy ;-(

    From MILINET this Morn- Well said I’d say:
    Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and the rest of the radical left—undercover communists—like to scream about the seperation of Church and State, conveniently ignoring that the Constitution says the government shall not mandate religion but does not that say that religion can not have a place in our society. Catholic schools, all schools with a religious base, have a right to participate in our society, particularly since those schools take a burden off our school system. Therein lies the problem. Students @ private religious-based schools are not taught ‘the approved agenda’ pushed by the National Education Association (NEA), which controls our educational systems. Since the Catholic Church, to which Speaker Pelosi claims to belong, has denounced Communism, as well as abortion and homosexuality, all of which the Speaker endorses, she has effectively excommunicated herself from the Catholic Church. So Speaker Pelosi does not speak as a Catholic as she fraudulently claims.

    Semper Fidelis and God Bless America!!!
    Lawrence X. Xxxxx, Master Gunnery Sergeant of Marines (Retired)”

    “Townhall & “The Stream” are chock full of articles today reinforcing Charlie’s Post: ……


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  12. Our county never enforced any bands. Most places closed as ordered by the Governor but our Sheriff said he would not “police” us and we obeyed on our own and not because we were forced to. Now that Florida has stated reopening, things are starting to happen again. Truth be told, as a construction worker, my life has changed very little. I’ve remained and still am very busy with work. Other than loosing a few musical gigs and not eating out, I almost forgot there was a pandemic.
    The gigs have returned, albeit most are outside now, and the restaurants reopening, so normalcy is slowly returning.
    The mask thing is still strange and the social distancing, but normalcy bias will soon kick in and that too in time will seem, well….normal!

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  13. When folks fill out their tax return, will there not be a question of ‘did you have any earned income in another state’? Why is Cuomo so irrational about it?? I think he’s going nuts. Better get to the beach…

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  14. Thanks, Charlie. Much good stuff here. . . Except that “ting tang walla-walla bing bang” keeps bouncing around my cranial cavity and I can’t get rid of it — the lyrics, not my brain. 🙂

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  15. Charlie – do you have recommendations on reliable, truth-oriented news sources? Right now, I don’t trust any of them but need some. Whatever you can give will be helpful..

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  16. Charlie, of all your many brilliant pieces, this perhaps is your most insightful, cogent and timely. It should be required reading. I, personally, will forward it to everyone on my email list and encourage all your readers to do the same. God help us all.

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  17. Beckita reminded me of a post a few days ago, “What the next right step really means,” by Charlie and it really made more sense to me now then it did then!

    By coincidence (there are no coincidences) I was looking for Kays song, “Star of the Sea,” since my bro n sis in law are on voyage back home to mainland USA 🇺🇸 from USVI and I couldn’t find it!!!

    So I googled, Charlie Johnston Stella Maris and came up with this recording I think of a year or more ago??? Well it was the most delightful and heartening re-visit that I ever had!!!

    It’s serious and it’s seriously funny!!! I laughed so hard so often!!! Really worth a re-visit in these times!!! Makes more sense now then it did back then!!!

    By the way…can anybody tell me who sang that amazing rendition of “Amazing Grace?”

    Ave Maria Stella Maris!!!

    P.S. I did find Kay’s beautiful rendition of Stella Maris! I had texted it to my bro a little time back! Dah!!!

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  18. Posting this for our friend, Desmond:


    A very interesting read. I’ve been engaged in this fight since 1962 when I was a university student. For those who are not aware of it, this battle is like a strung out Greek tragedy – with many chapters which are, at first glance, not attached to a central theme – but finally merge in central themes in the later chapters.

    I was fortunate enough – right in the beginning of my awakening in the 1960’s– to realize this was not essentially a war between principalities and powers or about human ambitions. It was a struggle which had been specifically building for centuries, which only began to come clearly into the open with the advent of ‘The Enlightenment’ in the 17th to 19th centuries.

    What was so central in that step? It was the fact and underpinning that at the core it was a battle for the minds, hearts and loyalties of mankind – and not for territory, or gold, or jewels, etc. And most importantly, it was, at its core, totally a spiritual battle.

    How did I ‘tumble’ to that. I looked at it objectively looking for a common thread, the glue which could explain what carried and held it together over the course of centuries. Men and human ambitions virtually never live longer than three generations.

    By the time of Rene Descarte in the first half of the 17TH century, the Western world was already centered on man rather than God – overturning over a thousand years of Christian culture and history. That was the central achievement of the Renaissance. With the Enlightenment, next, man became centered not on mankind, but on his own personal being. Man now began looking for truth within himself – and was taught it was unimportant whether his inner truth jibed with the reality of the world outside himself.

    With the coming of the Enlightenment, the rule of truth was no longer to be found wherein the mind of man was in accord with the reality of the world around him.

    The beginning of the saying you hear tossed around today that, “There is my truth, and there is your truth” didn’t just jump up like a bunny hiding in the brush. For those who understand the corruption of Western Philosophy over the last four centuries, that mindless statement is a predictable outcome of the Enlightenment. Many of our children and grandchildren have been systematically taught in public schools over the last half century in the USA [and many other countries] that ‘everything is relative’ — that there is no such thing as objective truth.

    What we are seeing around us is the predictable corruption of men and women with such insane philosophies. As a rule, men who live such philosophy generally lose their faith in God, their rationality, and all reasonable sense of right and wrong.

    We should ask ourselves, who ultimately benefits from that? The ultimate answer to that question tells us the identity of the leader of the earthly evil forces arranged against us. [Can you hear Satan chuckling in the background yet?]

    Where am I going with this?

    It is this, there are so many battles one can find and fight, fiscal, philosophical, economic, moral, religious, political, etc., etc., etc., that: unless we pick our battles wisely, we will wind up accomplishing next to nothing. Our corporate enemies absolutely understand this.

    Right now, they are doing everything they can to distract people from what is really going on. One of their main tactics is to present those who do not like current developments with so many different battles to fight, that our forces will be disastrously splintered in the battles to come. Divide and conquer has, over the last four or five centuries, been their most consistent and successful strategy to destroy opposition.

    Please allow me to present a classic example of this. Today an absolutely wonderful Catholic woman asked me what she should do – because the only place she could find to receive the Eucharist is a parish where they will not place the Eucharist on her tongue, at this time, for fear of contagion. To her, this is the biggest battle and threat her mind is centered on. She is not unintelligent. She’s quite bright. She simply isn’t picking her battles wisely.

    So I gave her this answer. “For many centuries in the Infant Church, in the West, they received exclusively in the hand. On the tongue is what I grew up with and is also my personal preference. But I also am receiving in the hand now as it is presented to us in our cars in our parish parking lot Masses. The generations trained by the Apostles themselves received in the hand. So I know there is nothing wrong with it theologically or morally. So, till we have Masses inside the Church again, I’ll be receiving in the hand with a perfectly clear conscience.”

    I have no battle with those who don’t wish to attend a Mass in the Church parking lot. Why? That’s their right and I know how to pick my battles. For me, especially on Sunday, my object is to attend Mass and receive the Eucharist, period.

    I have pet peeves with many things going on today. But I also understand that I have to pick my battles, to keep my eye on the ball.

    Charlie and I are totally agreed on the centrality of us understanding that we are not going to get out of this without a fight – most probably a pitched battle on numerous key fronts. My job is to enter the lists in central battles, where whatever talents God has given me are best utilized. I work with all my allies in God’s army today – understanding they all will have their pet peeves – which I may or may not agree about or they with mine. ☺ But by God’s grace, I will not allow agreement or disagreement on peeves to distract me from the major battles – with the Trinity as my guide.

    All my love in Christ

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    1. Like in any war, there are soldiers trained for different battles and fronts. Just as officers are trained for certain assignments. Carthaginians-Battle of Cannae, the Numidian Calvary is an example. I think we have all been trained for certain battles in this war. Maybe the Mass and Communion is her front. To win a war, all fronts are important. The one leader who didn’t think that was Hitler (Western Front vs. Eastern Front).

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      1. I’m speaking of it as Charlie speaks of it – when I say “You have to pick your battles. Since you mentioned classic battles – I shall mention one of my favorites, the Battle of Heraclea in 280 B.C. There King Pyrrus CHOSE to fight a battle which he win by the skin of his teeth. But it cost him so many troops and resources that he later admitted another such Victoty Would utterly destroy his kingdom. So yes, history too teaches as to choose our battles – as two old political campaigners such as Charlie and I know to be a truth. 🙂

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        1. And then [just to mention another historically famous example] we have the case of General Custer splitting his forces into three detachments – while seeking to TRAP the Sioux at the Little Big Horn. And as we Americans know from history – he was the dummie who wound up being trapped – and subsequently slaughtered by a force he could have handled had he had all of his men available in the same location in the same battle. He chose the wrong battle, matched with the disastrously wrong choice of battle tactics. Military and civil history teach us the importance of choosing our battles. You can’t force people to make a wise choice, but you can try to lead them to it. “Communion on the tongue” though my personal preference – has no historic justifiable singularity of place. Ergo, it is not a battle I would ‘wisely’ choose to die for. Wisdom leads us to pick battles concerning the greater abiding battle issues vs personal preference. History is draped with the carcasses of those who chose to die on a hill of relatively insignificant importance in times of great moral crisis. I do not choose to be one of such. And so I try to lead others to choose their battles based on eternal moral principles and issues.

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          1. Was Custer a dummie, or just didn’t understand guerrilla warfare? He had never been exposed to it.

            History is also draped with examples of people thinking an event or action is relatively insignificant, but time proves that they were wrong. Hitler marching on Munich with his gang of Brown Shirts, didn’t seem too significant compared to what people thought was the greater crisis of Germany, their economy. It was after Hitler was imprisoned for that march that he wrote Mein Kampf and was able to rebuild the Nazi party and well, we know where he went from there. That march was a huge turning point or a major significant event for the Nazi party. It was not recognized at the time because the focus was elsewhere.

            Always hard to see the significant events while you are in the history playing out.

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            1. He and his classmates were taught at Westpoint never to split his forces unless he had absolute certitude of the number and disposition of his opponents. Custer didn’t have that, and, he knew it. His arrogance was well known to all his classmates. He listened to virtually no one else, and had some kind of deep seated sense of manifest destiny for his leadership – within which he thought himself incapable of any major mistakes. His ‘dummie’ sundrome was self-induced within a fairly smart man.

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              1. Oh, so you are saying he was prideful in his ability and intelligence? That is different then a dummie.
                Yes, arrogance in intelligence generally leads to a downfall or the inability to see how the battle is unfolding right in front of them. Arrogance also closes the ears to the whisper of the little soldiers that could offer insight into exactly what is going on at the front line. Also the spies who could tell them what the plans of the enemy are.

                This is certainly happening today as well. Many “experts” in science, politics, history and religion are leading us right into a trap because they believe they know better then the rest.

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          2. Your last three sentences are some seriously wise words, Desmond. Thanks for the swift kick in the pants; may it help me, and all of us, wisely pick which hills to die (and live) on.

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          3. Desmond that makes Perfect Sence!!! I too usually receive on the tongue but I’m fine with the hand for now! I’m grateful to get to clean up a bit beforehand in confession!!! I’ve really missed that too!!!

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        2. Isn’t that where the term “phyrric victory” came from or was that more the Battle of Asculum that came after Heraclea? There are also leaders, like McClellan, who choose not to fight any battles for fear of a defeat. He could have ended the Civil War sooner if he had chosen to engage sooner.

          Would you agree that sometimes the battle picks you? Battle of the Buldge, the conditions were almost impossible. Patton hated fighting in that terrain and weather; however, he knew he had to fight. This is where the story of the Patton Prayer came.

          I think we are facing the same. We are going to have to fight on multiple fronts, praying to God for the assistance we need for what stands right in front of us. As a wise priest once told me, we are called to be faithful, not successful. There was also Trotsky who said you may not be interested in war, but war is interested in you.

          I am not disagreeing with choosing battles, what I am saying is the battles are choosing us this time around.

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            1. Why do you not think I am not serious or that I haven’t studied it? Because my spelling was incorrect? Because I misspelled a word makes me not serious? I can assure you I have studied all of this and I asked a serious question. Do battles sometimes pick the person?

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            2. Also, just to be transparent, I am a woman. I was fortunate enough to have studied Ancient History, etc. with my 17-year-old daughter for multiple years now. Like her sisters, she was hybrid-homeschooled up until last year when she went to a traditional Catholic school. She absolutely loves history, consumes books all the time. We try to go to original sources if we can. One of her favorites was Thucydides. She also just finished a 12 page thesis paper on General Patton. It has been a complete joy exploring history with her and the lessons it can teach. So, in all jester, we would actually be tigresses and I guess bad spellers. Never meant, through my spelling, to give the impression I was anything but serious. These are serious times and it is serious work to teach children what they face in their future.

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              1. You have stated twice now that you are a woman. Do you think you are going to get a pass or gimme from me just because I’m a man? If so, it won’t work. I’ve taught for over half a century – not always to seminarians. I had my share of female students who were good students – who never pretended to learning they did not possess. In a word, ‘I’ve been around.’

                It isn’t just that you didn’t know how to spell Pyrric [in the same vein within which you tried to present yourself as a person with peer level knowledge on the subject.

                You also tried to portray Gen. Custer as a man who simply didn’t understand “guerilla warfare”, as an excuse for him splitting his smaller force into three contingents thus getting himself and his men slaughtered. You demonstrated you didn’t know very much about Custer either.

                He was at the very bottom of his class at West Point. He had a reputation for coming to class unprepared and trying to bluff his way through class participation. It wasn’t “guerilla warfare” he didn’t know much about. Most of his classmates knew many times what he did about military strategy and tactics. He didn’t know enough to command competently in military operations in general. This is no deep dark secret. It is common knowledge among scholars of military history of the U.S. Custer was constantly trying to compensate with his lack of knowledge, with his capacity for ‘daring do’. He suffered from no lack of courage – just a lack of understanding of some of the most basic aspects of military strategy and tactics.

                Instead of trying to play the expert on history, why don’t you ask Charlie? I can tell you from my knowledge of our conversations on various historical subjects, that he knows every single thing I’ve cited above to you. None of these things are deep dark secrets to real students of history.

                Ask Charlie if I find it easy to deal with someone who is pretending to a level of knowlege which they simply do not possess. He will assure you I do not. I decided to speak this candidly in the interest of sparing myself the pain of such a charade continuing.

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              2. Ah well, these are the perils of auto-didacts (self-taught), of which I am one – and both Harry Truman and Abraham Lincoln were, too. Auto-didacts often have strikingly original insights on historical and strategic matters, but often miss common things that are part of the standard record. I try hard to challenge myself with contrary narratives specifically because I am aware of the auto-didact’s Achilles Heel, which is to solidify an initial, but inadequate, analysis. You certainly came up with a worthy insight, DMG, that sometimes the battle chooses you – just as sometimes we choose our cross and at other, like with Simeon, it is imposed upon us. Certainly, Custer was probably an unfortunate choice to illustrate that, because he was well-known as a reckless dilettante who more sober officers tried to avoid serving with because of the unforced errors he routinely caused by his irrepressible recklessness.

                I certainly appreciate the effort that goes into self-education, DMG, and admire it. A few months ago, a friend gave me a $250 Amazon gift card, which was just fabulous. I mainly buy books through Amazon. I got out a map of the globe and looked for those countries whose history I am a little light on (not uninformed, but light) and got four books to help expand it a little. I also filled out my Russian library. Cool stuff, It really is a joy to study and learn, but we always have to be aware of the auto-didact’s Achilles Heel.

                I had someone early on take a stab at moderating this site who lasted only a couple of weeks. She told me, “Good Lord, you have professors, doctors, lawyers, theologians and every kind of expert imaginable there. I’m way over my head – and I don’t see how you do it.” Ha, my readers often keep me on my toes. No strange thing when they keep each other on their toes either. Let’s be glad for DMG’s key insight that sometimes the battle chooses you, let’s be glad for Desmond’s formal expertise – and let’s all move on now. Glad you are all here. And Beckita and Mick, I don’t know how you do it all, either!

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                1. My apologies Charlie. Thank you for your tempered response. I should have read this before my last response to Desmond. You are right, I will move on, but I will still read and love history with my daughters! I will also continue to teach them to ask questions even to the experts. Thank you again.

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                  1. I took the liberty of black-holing further responses from you and Desmond after I made that response. We get a few rough elbows here at times, but I don’t want to let things spiral. Desmond is, of course, one of my dearest friends – and you are one of our steadfast commenters…so I figured let us let this one go and wait for the next kerfuffle to erupt. I’m glad you are both here.

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                2. Yikes, Charlie… after reading your comment about the in-over-your-head moderator, I was thinking that maybe I should take the hint and resign. 🙂

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                    1. Charlie, I cannot stop laughing! Murder hornets/flying monkeys of death?!?! Hahahaha! Those are going to become my new favorite punchlines. 🙂

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                    2. Just so you are aware, I reserve the flying monkeys of death for AFTER I have had my first coffee of the day. The murder hornets, like the ghost of Christmas yet to Come, are more mercurial and come and go as they will.

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                    1. What? You’re BOTH gonna send killer critters after me? Harrumph! I’m gonna tell “mama” that the boys are picking on the girl…. Beckita!!! 🙂

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                    2. This Mama Bear is choking on her de-caf in laughter after crawling out of the cave… like man, last night, right after I settled into the recliner for some prayer time, I dozed off in the recliner and got up only to go to bed, sleeping about 11 hours.

                      This is so funny, Mick! Thanks for the joy, Guys, amidst the craziness in this upside down world.

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    2. Great comment, Desmond! I, too, prefer to receive on the tongue, but have long made it my practice to receive in the hand if I have a sniffle. At the Mass I spoke of, I received in the hand. I have friends I respect who are adamant about receiving on the tongue, but right now it feels a little more like orthodox virtue signaling than a commitment to fidelity to me, when the Church has long allowed either method. I don’t even raise a stink about TV or parking lot Masses (except to note they are NOT my thing) right now – as I think that my allies and I are going to have to collaborate on a lot more fundamental things very soon.

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    3. I agree, wholeheartedly. My dear departed mother, God rest her soul, has been deceased for 33 years. Yet I discover over and over again that life can be lived well when we heed simple motherly advise. Mom would say, don’t sweat the small stuff and ask, is this the hill you want to die on?

      I would be my desire to see our pastors use less defensiveness and more decorum and transparency in their correspondences during these times, come what may. We are on the same team! ❤

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        1. One of my old bosses taught me the Monkey Principle of Management:

          Never let the other guy put his monkey on your back.

          So many, many people want to put their monkey on our backs these days.


        2. A friend shared this video that went viral some time ago, yet I was glad to have discovered it again. I will add that advice from loving father’s it invaluable as well. This is a great reminder of just that! ❤

          The Most Inspiring Speech: The Wisdom of a Third Grade Dropout Will Chan…

          Happy Father's day to all. May we cherish our dad's, grandpas, godfathers and father figures loving and prayerfully this blessed weekend. ❤


    4. Yes, very good advice! Getting the doors open and assembling in the presence of God are the priorities, especially when the constitutional rights to do so are under threat.

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    5. Excellent analysis,

      Couple of things I wonder about:

      1. Jesus himself passed the confected bread and wine, body and blood, around the Last Supper dinner table. Presumably by hand to hand one to the other. Sounds like he “broke it” into little pieces and put it on a plate and passed it around. The cup went hand to hand. So if communion by hand was not a moral or theological problem for Jesus why is it a problem for us?

      2. I have often wondered over the years about who was the SECOND person, after Jesus at that Passover meal before his Passion, to confect the body and blood of Jesus? I mean who had the courage to say “I’ll do it.”?

      3. Where did the practice or custom of receiving on the tongue come from?

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  19. Great post. Lots to chew on. The situation with the nursing homes is such a tragedy. Perhaps in the minds of abortion and euthanasia enthusiasts, “protecting the vulnerable” applies to Democrat politicians fearing upcoming elections.

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    1. Since the Beartooth Mountains(Beartooth Pass) are my living room window view I had to read the Bullock link. None of that was reported on our local news. It was reported how the governor has locked down the town but not the cops incident. It makes my heartache for the residents. They are snowed in most of the year. I guess Mother Nature is going to take care of that anyway since a foot of snow is predicted this weekend and the pass will be closed again.

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  20. The thought JUST occurred to me it’s always like a mini retreat when Charlie puts up a new piece!!! How much fun we all have!!!🤗🙏❤️🌹😘🐒🐿🥜🇺🇸😇🥰⛵️📿🐻🐇💐

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    1. Yup, Linda.

      Kinda like a virtual graduate level seminar on what’s happenin’ now.

      The professor enters the 3 credit classroom and calls the students talking among themselves to order around the table and sets the boundaries of the discussion for the class. And boy there are some discussers here. Arguments you might say. Differences of opinion.

      I was watching Bishop Barron’s sermon from his Sunday May 17 Mass and he touched on the topic of apologetics and the ability to defend the doctrine of the Faith. He said that one of the things that “bugged him” was the de-emphasis of the need for doctrinal rigor in lieu of feel good evocative stuff in the wake of Vatican II. He actually called it the “dumbing down” of the faithful. It seems fewer and fewer Catholics are willing or more importantly able to stand up to the new Atheists especially the young NONES who are leaving the Church because …. “they don’t believe the doctrines of the Church” ….

      Wow. Talk about poor catechesis or what?

      Bishop Barron’s subject matter was Peter’s admonition to the new believers to : ALWAYS be ready to give a reason for the Hope that is in you.

      This Barron argues was the very beginning of APOLOGETICS in the Catholic Church. We need to rediscover the discipline of apologetics and inculcate it into our kids. If we don’t it won’t be pretty.

      Nobody wants to ARGUE about much of anything anymore. This Barron views as unfortunate. He sees ARGUING as the proper middle ground between VIOLENT RESPONSE to those whom we disagree with and limp wristed RESIGNATION to the views of the loudest mouths that oppose what we hold as true doctrine.

      I think this is what Charlie and Beckita and the other moderators are trying to establish here and do amazingly well at achieving. A seminar at a very high level. No kicking. No biting. No scratching. No spitting. No low blows. Just bring your best argument for your views on doctrine or anything else under discussion.

      That approach is what keeps us tuning in to ASOH.

      This discussion on the state of apologetics in the Church today is pretty interesting and well worth the 16 minutes it took Bishop Barron to deliver this homily.

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      1. Very interesting stuff you just wrote here Storm tracker Ed!!! Very interesting analogy!!! It is so true though…Charlie puts a piece up and we all come scrambling like 🐜 ants to a piece of bread 🍞!!! It can be quite amusing!!!

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  21. Here is an example of the stupidity of evil: a young man practices his boxing lessons on an infirm elderly patient in a Detroit nursing home… and he tapes it!

    The facebook page for his boxing gym disowns him stating they disavow this act and are working with the Police. Yet, I wonder why the gym hasn’t invited the young man in for ‘another’ boxing lesson? I imagine, quite a lot of local talent are enthused and very determined to provide such forms of striking technique.

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  22. A good summary, Charlie, and lots to chew on. As I read, I have thoughts swirling in my head from first reading the last few comments of the previous post. I often check the links provided and “hop scotch” from one thing to another.

    One example was looking up the book Sean referenced, “License to Lie”. Just reading the description and reviews about it was powerful. Then I went on to Gateway Pundit from Crew Dog’s link, and jumped to an article there about a Singapore woman with ties to Soros, Gates, et al, who is responsible for flagging and removing the conservative items from YouTube, etc. (Riverside doctors, for example.) The tech giants are as much dictators as the politicians, but we already knew that!

    I like your phrase about leading to “their own destruction” for all those evildoers. It can’t happen fast enough for me. It was a joyful moment to read in our once great CA, the Republican win in the LA area. May it be multiplied all over the country!

    I thought of you, Charlie, when twice in the last few days, I saw in articles in mainstream (maybe Fox), that there was not a “peaceful transition” of power from Obama to Trump. Doesn’t that ring a bell 🙂
    Now we see a lot revealed because of the Flynn case. Can someone please get that horrible judge off the case?!

    Okay, back to prayer, my refuge, oh Lord and Mama.

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  23. Just in time Charlie!

    Thank you for heartening us!!

    Getting ready for battle, already involved in skirmishes.

    Thankful I did the St. Joseph consecration in May 1st! And just did the Novena off the Holy Cloak. Thanks to all of your inspiration.

    Made an appt. with my priest to receive confession and asked to receive the Eucharist also. I pray he says yes!!

    Ask and you shall receive!

    Thank you for reminding us to do the little in front of us. Trust, Do, Love!

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  24. I’ve been taking a Covid-19 break, and reading about Intelligent Design and how Evolution has become a empty theory that just creates artful pictures to promote it’s political agenda to deny God & Christianity.

    Don’t fall off your seats, but volcanic rocks only a few years old from Mount St. Helen were dated to be millions of years old with the various dating methods to promote the “old earth theory” as to deny Genesis’ historical accounts of creation. I asked myself a startling question “Should we call cosmology & our convetional knowledge of the universe into question? Are the stars in the night sky really distant suns?” The Bible refers to the stars as angels, celestial host, & the night sky as a curtain. The star at Jesus’ birth, Mary’s crown of 12 stars, & the devil taking down of the stars of Heaven… Are stars really distant suns? There’s no REAL photos of other solar systems’ star(s) and their planets, just like the dinosaurs, and imaginary ape-men that the evolutionists like to artisticly portrayed and captivated people’s imaginations & beliefs into atheism & aliens. What we think we know may be false, as the world is held hostage by God hating evolutionists’ imaginary propoganda.

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    1. Should of read the devil taking down 1/3 of the stars of Heaven.

      Anyways, when you consider the pagan civilizations that worshipped demons and the stars in the sky associated with them, stars may have a different nature than the distant suns taught in schools. Black holes, dark matter, etc, etc, etc… just a bunch of imaginary fudge factors to hide the holes in the theories.

      People may shrug their shoulders saying “so what!”, but this may be something to consider for the future if we were to witness a unbelievable celestial event that defies what been taught about the stars & the universe (aka the Heavens).

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    2. Al,
      The bible verse, “no eye has seen nore ear has heard what is in store for us in Heaven” is a good starting point to why God uses creation as a metaphor for heavenly things. Jesus started His parables with “The kingdom of Heaven is like a…” and then uses the story to generate ideas that are heavenly truths that a fallen natured- behind the veil being like us can digest and understand.
      The sweetest thing is, by the gift of the Holy Spirit, God “teaches” us truth in a way the world cannot. For all our book learning, it would be futile if the darkness of sin led us into foolishness like you mention with the evolutionists. Dispite all their expertise, it’s still just a theory (educated guess). Man has created a language to describe this world. This was accomplished through our “fallen nature” and so it is flawed.
      When the Holy Spirit enters us, we are given “the mind of God” who then teaches us “all truth” hidden behind the veil. Wisdom, knowledge and understanding enter in, not the worldly kind, but for most of us the common sense kind. Many a saint was given this gift, despite a lack of historical, scientific or philosophical book learning on their part (which is considered to be relevant in academia today as a sign of “intelligence”) but they see the deeper truth behind the reason it all exists. It is like someone taking a car apart and describing each piece by its appearance despite its true use and function. Without the master plan of the whole automobile, one could easily get lost in the parts department.
      Jesus used some of the simplest of men to learn and teach (through the Holy Spirit) the greatest truths ever to be told.
      The worldly ones love to belittle these types but they are the ones who are small minded.
      With the Holy Spirit indwelling in us we have the mind of God.
      Which is smaller?
      St John suggested the whole world could not contain the truths he understood about Jesus if he wrote them all down in books. How many philosophers, scientists or historians combined have accomplished this, much less, thought of so much to write? And St John was just one man…..

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    3. I like the way you think Al.

      Climate change. Co2 levels bad. Fossil fuel bad.

      Fossil fuels. How did oil get to be described as fossil fuel? You mean to tell me that the Earth has been running on ground up plants, dinosaurs and fish remains since Titusville Pa. in 1859? Just sucking all those old oak leaves and T Rex and codfish bones out of the Earth soon to be sucked to the last drop? But no sign of the last drop yet.

      Some say oil is being constantly produced by some unknown process occurring deep within the crust and is being forced up to the surface all the time.

      I dunno.

      You may have a point about the stars. Some say the Star of Bethlehem was an angel.

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      1. Yep. The same club of God & Bible deniers taught evolution, old earth, old universe, etc… If this club of God & Bible deniers is wrong about evolution & the age of things, then why should we believe them in blind faith about what those lights in the night sky really are? They have no proof, not even photographs of the distant solar systems, it’s all artwork

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        1. Here’s another verse inspired by mass:
          Acts 1: 9 And after He had said these things, He was lifted up while they were looking on, and a cloud received Him out of their sight. 10 And as they were gazing intently into [h]the sky while He was going, behold, two men in white clothing stood beside them. 11 They also said, “Men of Galilee, why do you stand looking into [i]the sky? This Jesus, who has been taken up from you into heaven, will come in just the same way as you have watched Him go into heaven.”

          Think about it, were the apostles seeing something real or imagined it? Should we believe so-called pro-evolutionists & anti-God propaganda for what lies outside our solar system? Star Trek, aliens, alien worlds, black holes, dark matter, etc… is all fiction (imagined & fake).


          1. Al, I would be careful here.  Much is theory and unproven.  I believe black holes are well understood and can be seen in the context of God’s creation.  Life on other planets?  I would posit there is not intelligent life as in here on earth, but I would not rule out some type of life on distant planets in the universe.  After all, God is God.  He created life and what is to say he did not do it elsewhere in the universe?  The real answer is we do not know and I do not think our Catholic faith teaches one way or the other.  Science is a great gift of God and should always be seen in context with faith and reason.—- Sent from Doug’s Back Pack


            1. That’s exactly my point. By the same standard of “scientific seeing is believing”, there is NO visible proof that those things exist outside our solar system. Placing blind faith in those who are against God & his word is not a good idea. Real science is a gift when properly applied, but much of our current knowledge & theories are based on fake science with fake assumptions & fudged data to promote a anti-God political agenda. The conventional paradigm is a scam, political agenda, & imaginary hoax to promote denial & hatred of God & his word.

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              1. Say what?  Al, telescopes and physics are not proof enough for you that planets and stars exist beyond our solar system?  What planet are you from (sorry, had to say that.  Could not resist)?  The evidence is clear.  Exo planets exist.  These are scientifically verified by studying the relationship of movement of distant stars.  When a planet exists around a star, two things occur.  One, there is a “warbling” effect as the gravity of the planet and star both interact.  Not only does the star gravity impact the planet, but the planet gravity impacts the star.  So when a star is seen to warble, this means a planet or something exists that is rotating around the star.  This is more noticeable when the planet is large and close to the star.  Second, a star’s light intensity changes when a planet passes by between the star and us.  This intensity change signifies the existence of something rotating around the star.  Have you not heard of the Kepler telescope used to identify exo planets?Einstein’s theroy of relativity shows that black holes can exist.  This is proven by light bending around objects with high amount of gravitational pull.  Theory supports that black holes exist at the center of Galaxies.  Look at the pictures of millions of stars that swirl around the center of Galaxies.  Evidence here is very compelling.Even though a scientist may be against God does not change many of these scientific facts.  I agree that there are also a lot of theories that are touted as fact where political decisions are hastily made as well as taken inappropriately to deny God.  The point I am making is to apply appropriately the difference between fact and fiction; between proven and unproven theory.  When I say there can be life on a distant planet, I was not referring human or exotic life forms with intelligence.  I was merely referring to the possibility that life at some level can exist; maybe plants or some level of animals?  This is pure theory on my part and I do not see this in contradiction with church teaching.  If life exists in some form or another, it is still subject to the same laws of creation by God.  Who is to say unequivocally that God has not done this?  I am not at all trying to make a case that life exists on a different planet.  It very well may be that it does not exist.  I really don’t know and I don’t think anyone knows.  I am just leaving it to the possibility of God.  After all, scripture says all things are possible with God.  Put another way, it is prudent to apply sound and logical reasoning when discussing fact and theory.  It is unfortunate that many on the left apply theory as fact.  That is the travesty and injustice being done in science. Science and scientific discoveries and theories are good, but they need to be put in proper context with faith and reason that God has given us.Job Chapter 9 speaks well of some of God’s marvels in the Universe as he alludes to creating the stars as evidenced by the constellations he mentions here.5 he who removes mountains, and they do not know it, when he overturns them in his anger;4 He is wise in heart, and mighty in strength -who has resisted him, and succeeded?-6 who shakes the earth out of its place, and its pillars tremble;7 who commands the sun, and it does not rise; who seals up the stars;8 who alone stretched out the heavens and trampled the waves of the Sea;9 who made the Bear and Orion, the Pleiades and the chambers of the south;10 who does great things beyond understanding, and marvelous things without number.11 Look, he passes by me, and I do not see him; he moves on, but I do not perceive him.12 He snatches away; who can stop him? Who will say to him, “What are you doing?’13 “God will not turn back his anger; the helpers of Rahab bowed beneath him.14 How then can I answer him, choosing my words with him?When I think of the expanse of the Universe, I cannot help but think of the infinite nature of God.  It puts me in awe and wonder.—- Sent from Doug’s Back Pack

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                1. Yes, Kupiter exists, a satellite was sent there and pictures were taken of exo planets, and data collected.

                  I’m not against proper science being done in the proper scientific method, but there’s been a lot of forgeries both in data & facts to blind us against other possibilities, this is what I’m mainly proposing. I believe we all need to stop taking the words of men as experts in these things and start looking over their data & claims with a fine tooth comb instead of just blindly accepting their claims.

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                2. As for the rest, it’s not the observations I’m calling into question, the observations are undeniable, it’s the conclusions that are unconfirmable. We need more than a fictional story to fill in our gaps in knowledge, don’t forget conventional science say’s we’re directly related to apes.

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                  1. Al, my point is stuff like that is not science.  It is theory and the problem is theory is not proven science.  The left all to often makes and takes assumptions and theory as if proven.  That is not the scientific method.  In other words, its junk science.  Science has never proven we evolved from Apes.  It is a theory and schools teach this as fact.  This is just wrong.  The thing I caution here is mixing some real proven science with junk science and taking proven things and classifying them as unreal.  This is how i read your comment.  To me, its like throwing the baby out with the bath water.—- Sent from Doug’s Back Pack

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                    1. Thanks for clarifying the “junk science”, I do accept the seen stuff, I’m not so accepting of unseen stuff because of the junk science.

                      We’ll end the topic there, as Charlie requested, but thanks for aknowledging the topic, you could of just called me crazy, maybe the future will open some new understanding. It’s nice to be able talk about such things like we talk about the weather.

                      Thanks, we’ll move on to other stuff I guess…

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                    2. Al, I think it was a good discussion.  I can feel your frustration at the scientific community not using sound scientific principles.  I struggle with similar.  It understandably brings out a lack of trust and cynicism where it can get to the point of not being able to trust the whole establishment on anything that science concludes.  I get that.  Charlie has repeatedly cautioned to not become victim or prey to then lashing out at all the cohorts on the left side of this, but still treat each case individually.  It is all too easy to fall into the trap of lumping all scientists together and over generalizing everything as suspect.  God IS in control.  God bless you!—- Sent from Doug’s Back Pack

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                    3. That’s right, we don’t lump it all into the same group, and everything is taken on a individual basis, I agree 100% there.

                      It’s all good, to push a topic that people don’t want consider is to poison & harden their hearts against it. We’ll leave it for now, what has been said, has been said, time is needed to digest information.

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                3. Is God’s glory diminished for creating the vast ocean of stars in the night sky in a single 24 hr period? I think not. And if those stars are part of the 7 days of creation of a lot younger earth, and those stars as far away as the so-calked experts claim, then those stars have to be something else for their light to reach earth in such a short time. It seems to me the only thing telescopes were able to distiguish was the difference between a star & a galaxy. I’ve done extensive reading on the topic of the universe, the old universe & sci-fi was drilled into me over the years just like everyone else. The left has had too much control over popular thought, durring this Covid-19 crisis, I’m going critically reevaluate everything with a skeptical mind. If a method of analysing data is reveaved to be unreliable (like radioactive dating methods), then everything this method was used for in a scientific way also becomes unreliable and therefore invalid.

                  So no need to worry, I didn’t go crazy, I’m just setting a higher standard for proofs, as the left has played people for fools time & time again by rigging the data & it’s interpretation.

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                  1. With regards, Al, we are going to drop this topic. I submit you are NOT setting a higher standard for proofs; you are refusing to learn enough to understand proofs that have been proven. That is not setting a higher standard, but retreating into Luddism. I am the last person to suggest people just accept what is taught, but I do expect real, sophisticated objections that I can analyze for myself. When someone just gives up trying to understand the tools available, that is something, but it is not setting higher standards.

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                    1. I’ve been hanging out in science forums lately for answers, they don’t get upset so long as the questioning is done respectfully, as they know the holes in the theories better than the general public. Some intesting side topics came up that may redefine what we thought was true. I’ll go pick their brains some more, later.

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                  2. Al, I think it is great to have high standard of proof.  I also would like to see science put into a correct understanding and context of God.  Ok.  If data shows this, what does it mean in the context of God and faith?  Why did you do it this way Lord?  The creation scriptures can be seen as allegorical as in the context of God communicating to a scientifically primitive culture when they were given to Moses.  How do you explain Galaxies and black holes to Moses when the telescope has not been invented yet?  I believe we were given a treasure in that a great part of the beauty of our life is discovery.  God could just plainly tell us, but that takes away the adventure.   I am an engineer and have been very successful in my career.  I attribute that to both, a good understanding of scientific and engineering principles and that God is the creator of all of this.  I believe all engineering problems are solvable based on the nature of God.  It is all like a big puzzle and all the pieces fit.  He gives us a life time of discovery.  I see this discovery as linked to a greater understanding of who God is.  I am in awe of how the laws of physics and nature all tie together.  It just paints a deeper picture of God and his magnificence.  Of course, Satan and his minions can take what is good science, manipulate and twist it to use it for nefarious purposes to lead folks astray and destroy them.  With our culture which has turned away from God in large part, we obviously see more and more of this manipulation and junk science.  So we do have to be careful.  It is prudent that we study scripture, the Catechism of the Catholic Church and live our faith well along with educate ourselves with good reason and critical thinking so we can more easily recognize the junk science versus the real science.  God bless!—- Sent from Doug’s Back Pack

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            2. Science has NOT proven there is a “universe” beyond our solar system, and if the distant lights in the night sky are not suns, then there are no other planets outside our solar system either. Depending on how one wants to define an alien, would not an angel or evil spirits be considered alien?

              I believe the current paradigm is a “smoke of Satan” to blind us to the truths the Bible tells us.
              John 3:12 If I have told you earthly things and you do not believe, how can you believe if I tell you heavenly things?

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              1. Al,  Are you saying the existence of stars and planets beyond our solar system is not proven?—- Sent from Doug’s Back Pack


              2. Despite your frequent insight, Al, I think you have gone badly astray here. Science HAS proven that there is a universe beyond our solar system, primarily through the use of mathematics and physics. The way the scientific method is supposed to work is that you offer a theory, test it against reality, and if the predictions you make based on that theory prove out, your theory is confirmed. I think you are getting into some vast metaphysical rabbit holes here. If what has been proven out by the actual scientific method is not accepted, then ultimately we cannot know anything – and the anti-God left is right. I really don’t think you have explored the ultimate logical consequences of rejecting all evidence that is not easily intuitive.

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                1. I have been looking at the mathematics & physics and there’s a lot of theories that don’t add up mathematically and there’s large gaps in the physics.

                  Don’t get me wrong here, I watched sci-fi space shows just like the next person, I’m just saying consider the possibility we’ve been lied to about the nature of heavens (that which lies beyond our solar system.) It’s the fact that we don’t know what’s out there, and we’ve been lied to with evolution & old earth, that I go a step further and question author of the claims of those who claim they know what’s out there.

                  At some point we have decide whether the genealogy of Jesus Christ going back to Adam is factual historical record or it’s not.

                  It’s not that I saying I understand the universe, I just saying there’s good reason to doubt the claims those promoting “old universe”. Even the “the big bang” is starting to fall out of favor with theorists.

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                  1. That’s not the issue, Al. While you can’t do it without tools, you CAN replicate the experiments and predictions that prove these theories with little more than a telescope and a slide rule. If you can independently replicate and confirm the predictions of theories, they cease to be theories and become facts. We landed a craft on Jupiter NOT out of a wild guess, but because the because the replicable science told us exactly how and where to pilot the craft to. There is certainly much more to be learned about the universe, but the general shape and location of specific suns and planets is not a theory, but a fact.

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                    1. We understand our solar system a lot better than the universe, because we can see what is in our solar system, we can then form facts based on observation, the same cannot be said about the universe, can we be 100% certain that the stars are distant suns?

                      I don’t think it’s bad to be skeptical of things that cannot be 100% verified. A lot of Biblical references have been disregarded in favor of the left’s agenda, in this time of isolation I’ve been revisiting these things. There’s other explainations other than a old universe that also have data & theories.

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                    2. Hi Charlie, not to be too particular, but…. we never landed a craft on Jupiter.  It is more like we intentionally crashed a craft on Jupiter.  However, you are right on the greater picture and understanding of the science that got us there.  Hmmm.  Sounds similar to your personal take on the prophetic.—- Sent from Doug’s Back Pack

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                2. I apologize for not addressing everything in the first reply, I try manage information in manageable size chuncks. I’m not proposing that people change camp or jump on another bus so to speak, but to reconsider that maybe the information had been false all along. With all the deceptions the left has been perpetuating in the name in the name of science, I believe it to be prudent to not be so accepting of their theories, after the recent discovery that the dating methods are severely flawed & biased as to inproperly interpret the data, I’m going to expect that group to be a lot more transparent before believing anything else they got to say. The scientific method is only as reliable as the asspumtions it uses to make conclusions.

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    1. StJ, yes, there is a lot being revealed these days! I must say, that I read years ago, about what Gates did with vaccines to some third world women. They lost the babies they were carrying in utero b/c of what the vaccines contained. It was a hormone that caused the body to repel the fetus. Sounds like Nazi experiments.

      It may have been you who had a link a while back for the book, “Plague of Corruption”. It came up in connection with the Dr. Mikovits video. I downloaded it and so far have read only the foreward by Robert Kennedy, Jr. Just reading his foreward was alarming enough that I will no longer get flu shots, for example. I never wanted to in the past and was talked into it when I traveled a lot.

      We do discuss a lot of information here, not to be negative, but to be informed about the “enemy”. It is part of our armor. God bless you all!

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      1. For what it is worth, it is well-established that Gates supported and helped finance the distribution of a vaccine in some third world countries that also contained an agent that sterilized the women who accepted the vaccines. Some things concerning Gates may be over-stated, but this is clearly established – so I don’t trust his basic honesty or decency on anything. He is heir apparent to the empire of evil wrought by George Soros, in my view.

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        1. Does anyone here think that Bill Gates or George Soros (and all their cheerleaders) take this verse seriously?

          John 15:5 Abide in me, and I in you. As the branch cannot bear fruit of itself, except it abide in the vine; no more can ye, except ye abide in me. I am the vine, ye are the branches: He that abideth in me, and I in him, the same bringeth forth much fruit: for without me ye can do nothing.

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          1. When some piece of news is revealed about another atrocity committed by one of these my thoughts/comments are the same, ‘TheY believe it is A-OK to kill babies.” When I keep this in mind it usually doesn’t surprise me of their sinking lower and lower. Not even Cuomo sending sick people back into nursing homes. Doesn’t respect life at either end of the spectrum.

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            1. HTTP, when I hear about such evil, my thought is, “Won’t they be surprised when they die and face the Lord!” I pray they repent before that, and perhaps try to undo some of the evil for which they’re responsible.

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      2. I just bought the same book as well.
        I did not get it yet….There are many who would argue that this is completely not true. However, since the vaccine makers are not held accountable by law for safety since the mid 1980s I think Judy Mikovits has been making some very good points that need to be addressed. Moreover, the vaccines are not tested in any way for efficacy…..That is a very bad combination. I have also read that they are putting human fetal tissue in the vaccines. (No way to verify). That in itself is abhorent.

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        1. StJudith, it is common knowledge that many vaccines are grown on aborted baby cell lines. MR9? is one of the oldest ones and there are a few others. HLI has done reporting on this for many years—decades even? Also Children of God For Life. If you go to those sources, you will easily find it.

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        2. There were several speakers in the 2020 Health Freedom Summit who touched on the subjects. I have included my notes and resources for further study on two such discussions. ❤

          COVID’s Connections to 1986 By Dr. Andrew Wakefield & Lori Martin Gregory
          As we watch the COVID-19 disaster unfurl, health freedom is rapidly becoming a household term. Aggressive health policy is right behind the government shutdown, which is likely to include testing and loss of liberty. Andy Wakefield, a pioneer in navigating a world of propaganda surrounding true informed consent and public policy, as well as bought science and corporate overreach to mask the truth in the risks of vaccines, shares his thoughts on the state of affairs with Lori Martin Gregory, Producer of Andy’s upcoming film, 1986: The Act.
          To further connect with this presenter's work, please connect to their Facebook here: 1986 The Act

          Highlights of Health Summit Session:

          Appears that the health industry is in a panic, the pharmaceutical industry in particular as they are losing the hearts and minds of people challenging the dogma of vaccines
          The system reacted by pushing state laws to take away political, philosophical and religious freedoms/exemptions – go after doctors and force mandates and go after home-schooled children and vaccine adults and pregnant woman – cradle to grave
          Destine to fail – confidence and heart and minds are gone.
          Instill fear as seen with the corona-virus and complicit media
          Violate health freedom
          Public should be sufficiently suspect and will react accordingly
          Unqualified Bill Gates is pushing it by virtue of his wealth. How is this so?! Working to make those hesitant – comply. There is a movement. Free flu shots in pop up clinics with offers of gifts even.
          People are protesting to return to work, earn a living, buy food
          We have a war of the world rapidly building up and *they* are doubling down
          Damage has already been done – it is estimated that one out of two children will have autism by 2032 on current vaccine schedule
          New and costly childhood diseases, food allergies, cancers are also expected to rise
          To heck with natural herd immunity – per usual suspects
          Democrats will demand mandatory vaccines if they take over
          Hopefully this has shined a light on the fraud and people will push back
          We have to stand and fight – turning tail and running will not stop them
          Better to die as a free man then live as a slave – We have to fight to preserve that freedom, because it will be surely stripped from us in a very short space in time if we don’t
          Vaccines makers have zero liability in the marketplace since 1986
          Industry will most likely not compromise or negotiate – *they* are like androids *they* are devoid of the milk of human kindness – profit driven – These people have children and consciences. At some point the chickens will come home to roost. Perhaps litigation driven with punitive damages based on fraud which will reopen the wound
          Flu shots – resist it as it makes you 36% more susceptible to corona-virus  mandatory vaccine
          Hope that people who see the film will have hope that there is an alternative, and they do have the power vested in knowledge and the correct course of action. Collectively people can rise up, they can vote, use the due democratic process and vote for politicians who will stand up for their rights to put forward politicians who will endorse their rights and act in the best interest of this generation and future generations of the country and not in the best interests of big corporations like the pharmaceutical industry. The message is one of hope, I believe.
           website

          Confronting the Corruption, Fraud, and Evil of the Vaccine Industry By Jim Meehan, MD
          The vaccine industry and their untested and unsafe products continue to be exposed by a plethora of independent scientists, doctors, lawyers, and free-thinkers. The companies manufacturing vaccines have been found guilty in courts of law for producing harmful and deadly products. The vaccine industry’s corruption of science is criminal. But, it is medical and spiritual corruption of our children by the human DNA and residual cellular proteins derived from aborted fetal cells that concerns me most. I believe an industry of fraud, corruption, and evil has deceived humanity into willingly participating in a form of ritualistic evil that defiles and diminishes the body, mind, and spirit of our children.
          To further connect with this presenter's work, please connect to their website here:

          Highlights of Health Summit Session:

          Immune System – Vaccine Science
          U.S. Vaccine Program is Tragically Corrupted by Industry, Plagued with Scientific Fraud and just an absolute mess that needs to be addressed and needs to be changed
          Why are over 50% of children these days suffering from one or more chronic diseases?
          50-85% of medical research is flawed fraud; untrustable, unethical, corrupt and fraudulent behavior of researchers has been well documented
           In every case the research misconduct connects to the pharmaceutical industry; too easily seduced by Big Pharma funding and/or gifts
          MMR vaccines implicated in retinopathy (as seen in shaking baby syndrome – parents/caretakers falsely accused)
          Merck is a major donor to the university and the university/students must toe the line and be quiet
          Fraud perpetrated by the CDC – intentional deception and deceit – pseudo science (current vaccine trials with no placebos)
          Vaccines are killing children
          William Thompson – CDC whistleblower
          Coleen Boyle – lied while under oath (perjury) to defend vaccines/CDC while testifying to Congress, why because she is a lying, immoral deep state vaccine cultist. She has proven that she cares nothing about protecting our children. She appears to be serving herself and her dark masters that use children as revenue streams.
          The CDC is a swamp creature within the deep state that deserves to be nothing less than completely purged of the monsters that work there
          Child vaccines demand a gold standard
          Pharma profits from deadly drugs and vaccines because of the politics – they bought out immoral lawmakers who in turn gave them laws that gave them a free pass immunity to product liability and biologic reclassification. There are simply no incentives for them to make better, safer products. None.
          Stanley Plotkin confessed that he, in the name of science, unapologetically murdered 76 unborn children. First to grow vaccines on human fetal cells. He and his team seduced, manipulated, groomed young scared, desperate pregnant mothers to consent to sacrificing their unborn children for vaccine science
          In a deposition he admitted under oath that he experimented on pregnant woman, prisoners, orphans, “mentally retarded children”. The father of modern vaccines and the monster that created the vaccines being injected into 90+% of children of the world today and all like him – agents of evil
          Abomination – serious psychosocial and spiritual repercussions
          Vivisection – harvesting tissue organs from babies born alive after failed abortion without anesthesia
          Dr. Meehan concluded that he has considered this matter thoroughly and prayerfully. A fully devoted follower of Christ. As a physician, scientist, researcher, most of all a Christian and is concerned to the point of conviction… to expose these ritualistic evils that defile the body, minds, and spirits of our children. Believes that our children are being harmed and defiled by vaccines to the point that they are so trapped in inflammation, pain, and disease that they are driven to drugs, alcohol, abhorrent dopamine releasing behaviors and a medical industry that makes lots of money treating their symptoms while making them worse with endless prescriptions of psychotropic medications.
          The science is one thing but the spiritual issues are much greater. The spiritual defilement of God’s children cannot be decided in medical literature or a court of law. It is a matter that must be settled in the heart, soul and spirit of every person that believes in the Creator of all things, God. Every person of faith must search their hearts and consider the consequences, both medical and spiritual of injecting untested and unsafe vaccine ingredients, aluminum, heavy metal preservatives and non-human DNA and proteins and most importantly the abomination of injecting aborted fetal cells and contaminants into our children.
          Given the power, wealth and reach of the enemy we face, I have no delusions regarding the cost, risk and sacrifice required to defend my position. I accept the mission and willingly pay whatever cost must be paid. I will honor my sacred oath, arise to protect the health and lives of our children, serve others and serve God with relentless passion and determination. I will play my role. I will do my part to serve God’s greater purpose. I hope you will join me, so that others may live.

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          1. Wow, Jen!! Those are as much bombshells as the Dr. Mikovits video, primarily because these evils have never been exposed as much they are now.

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  25. I have missed the Eucharistic Jesus so much, I childishly complained to my pastor. He invited me to his private Mass that evening but I declined because he had already invited our deacon-candidate and his wife to attend as a birthday present and I did not want to intrude. As I was leaving, almost kicking myself for declining, Father called me on my phone and said, “What about tomorrow?” It was then that I realized the next day was May 13th! The Virgin Mother is so good to me, better than I deserve. But then, something even better happened. My autistic, adult son had attended with me. Parents of autistic children always wonder what their children understand, what they believe, what they imagine, how their minds work. As we were walking back to our place after Communion, my son said with such love in his voice, “Oh, how I missed You!” Though he is 26 years old, I believe this Scripture verse applies to him, “Out of the mouths of babes…You have perfected praise.” His love for Jesus served to increase mine.

    God is so good to us. He gives us the graces we need, when and how we least expect them. Praise Jesus with me for our good priest. He followed his conscience to care for my distressed soul and Jesus and His Holy Mother did the rest.

    My older son is set to marry in Minnesota on St. Anthony’s feast day. I am so glad for the moral courage of the Bishops there. I was already preparing to step aside to allow his father to attend. Again, when we prepare to take the next right step, difficult and painful as it may seem, God proves HIS faithfulness. Great is thy faithfulness, O God!!

    I will keep you all in my prayers as I journey to Houston for the 10th anniversary of my mother’s birth into eternity. Lift up your intentions and I will offer them up in my novena towards Pentecost. Marana tha, Holy Spirit! Make the world sparkle by the light of the Star of the Sea, our sure guide in the darkness of the storm. The corona virus is no match for the CORONA of Thorns, placed on Our Saviour’s Sacred Head, by which He atoned for our sinful thoughts and doubts. May all our doubts and fears be washed away by His Precious Blood.

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    1. Every time I see this passage I am reminded of a better and more true “p” word, The crown of thorns was not merely “placed” on Christ’s head it Was “pressed” on His head creating what has been described as the sixth wound of Christ and that one thorn actually pierced His skull and pierced His brain causing a lethal wound in the long term. jas

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      1. Sobering thought, JAS, especially as I recall a meditation I once read on how Jesus was repairing for sins of our thinking in His Crowning with Thorns… arrogance, pretentiousness, vengefulness, unforgiveness… Kyrie Eleison

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      2. Seventeenth Hour

        From 9 to 10 AM
        “Crowned Jesus, your cruel enemies make You sit; they place a rag of purple on You, they take the crown of thorns, and with infernal fury, they put it on your adorable head. Then, by blow of rod, they make the thorns penetrate into your forehead, and some of them reach into your eyes, into your ears, into your skull, and even behind your neck. My Love, what torment, what unspeakable pains! How many cruel deaths You suffer!

        Your Blood pours down upon your Face, in such a way that one can see nothing but blood. But under those thorns and that Blood, your most holy Face appears, radiant with sweetness, with peace, and with love. And the executioners, wanting to complete the tragedy, blindfold You, place a reed in your hand as scepter, and begin their mockeries. They hail You King of the Jews, they beat You on the crown, they slap You, and say to You: “Guess who hit You!””

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          (in response to Beckita)
          “And my lovable Jesus says to me: “My child, courage, do not miss anything of what I suffered. Be attentive to my teachings. I have to redo man in everything. Sin has removed the crown from him, and has crowned him with opprobrium and with confusion; so he cannot stand before my Majesty. Sin has dishonored him, making him lose any right to honors and to glory. This is why I want to be crowned with thorns – to place the crown on man’s forehead, and to return to him all rights to every honor and glory. Before my Father, my thorns will be reparations and voices of defense for many sins of thought, especially pride; and for each created mind they will be voices of light and supplication, that they may not offend Me. Therefore, unite yourself to Me, and pray and repair together with Me.””

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    2. Oh, how I love what you wrote, Marisa! God bless you and your family. Your son inspires me with his love for the Eucharist. Thank you for praying for us on your journey to Houston. I’ll pray for you all too, espcially as you remember your mother’s entrance into eternity.

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  26. As I’ve stated on a previous thread, I am a mask refusenik. I won’t restate my moral objections here but I will say I haven’t budged an inch since then.
    Yesterday my bishop posted a video on YouTube with his announcement that masses will resume on the 31st. He went through the changes people can expect which included masks being “required” (his word). There will be exceptions for people with conditions that would prevent them from masking. I want to attend mass but I won’t lie by claiming some fake medical condition. My question: Would I be disobedient to my bishop if I went there without a mask and if confronted, state my legitimate (imo) objection?

    Seeking Learned Opinions

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    1. “Wearing masks can be an act of charity for one’s neighbor, ” a Catholic doctor said.

      “The simple reason [to wear a mask] is primarily to protect others, the secondary reason is to protect oneself. Masks are a barrier to the airborne droplets that can carry the virus and infect anyone who breathes them in,” said Dr. Barbara Golder, a physician, lawyer and bioethicist with a background in pathology.”

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      1. Have you seen the BBC report that masked caged hamsters are 75% more protected from Wuhan virus than caged unprotected hamsters?

        Get creative. Most rules state masks must be worn, but clearly omit exactly which portions of the human anatomy are to remain covered. Sore elbow, Adam’s apple? Rules also neglect to specify the mask’s material. Nylon net? Pretty pink lace with lots of holes? Mosquito netting? Red with Trump 2020 lettering? I think the term is “malicious obedience”. When I enjoyed teaching 7th and 8th grade my boss told me I had a junior high mind.

        Liked by 7 people

      2. @MAGGIE: Thanks but none of that answers my question. I don’t want to rehash the ‘masks are effective/not effective’ discussion. So far my question stands unanswered and it is this: Is requiring a mask at mass within the purview of my bishop’s authority over me? It would seem to me it’s not but I’m all ears.

        Btw, I have tried searching for this answer prior to asking here with no success. Maybe I’m not looking in the right places so I thought I would come here. I’ve read discussions of much more sticky issues in this space through the years so I’m thinking somebody will likely know.

        Thanks again, MAGGIE and t.i.a. to any and all who weigh in.

        Liked by 3 people

        1. Christopher, I do believe it to be within the purview of a Bishop’s lawful authority. It is an inconvenience, but does not impede reception of the Eucharist or participation in the services. I think it is ill-conceived in this case, but a legitimate exercise of that authority. Yes, it is a temporal decision – but exclusively on property that he presides over. A homeowner might legitimately require all visitors to his home to wear a mask – but he does not have the power to require that guest to wear a mask outside of his home. It would be an illegitimate attempt at authority for a Bishop to require that you wear masks everywhere – but in the houses where he is master, I think it legitimate.

          On the other hand, those things make me light-headed and I have trouble breathing in them. So I think I would legitimately be able to stay home from Mass until such a decree was lifted – for I am not required to do something that, literally, makes me sick.

          Liked by 4 people

          1. Thanks, Charlie. You got me at “but exclusively on property that he presides over.” I hadn’t thought of it that way and this is why I love coming here.
            Considering the scarcity of definitive information in my queries, I’ll consider this the last word. 🙂

            Liked by 3 people

      3. I agree and practice the charity part.

        I have read read from militaey expert/med the n95? masks must be custom fitted to beveffective.

        During the fitting, they test with a smell test. If you can smell it, it aint fitting.

        Nobody at walnart has had a custom fitted mask by a military expert.

        The Fresh Market (love that store, coffee asvyou shop, hazz or ckassical playing. Petty’s in Orlando was better, they had beer…but I digress) now requires masks to shop.

        My mask, made in China btw, is what I wear at work. It smells bad, like wearing a used tube sock on your face. Per military standards, I almost remarked to a lady shopping in the same aisle how nice her perfumed smelled.

        I contend, that if a perfume can perneate my tubevsock stinky mafe in china mask, so can a microbe.

        Liked by 4 people

        1. TIMOTHY;
          I read a nurse’s account of how they test fit masks using a large hood-like thingy and pump sucrose mist into it. If you can taste any sweetness the fit isn’t correct. Often times it takes 3 or more tries to get it right. An this is with people who REALLY know what they’re doing. A loose flimsy fabric mask is folly.

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    2. Christopher– we are supposed to wear a mask in our diocese but the pastor of my parish doesn’t enforce that. I was told by someone that it shows Christian charity to wear a mask. I asked my pastor about that and he said not wearing a mask does not mean you are not charitable! I agree with you– there are very good reasons not to wear one– I really do wonder if they are more harmful than helpful. It seems like a tool of control– faceless people walking around. I pray you might find a place to go to Mass where mask wearing is not mandatory.

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      1. Yes. While it certainly can be a charity to one’s neighbor to mask, it also is most certainly a charity to one’s neighbor to defend their liberity with the truth and call a lie a lie. It is most certainly a charity to stop abuse and call it out, gently, courageously and firmly, for what it is.

        It makes me queasy to hear the former argument, because it seems to me it is another reiteration of the very same argument that was used to cover up the rampant, terrible, soul-crushing clergy abuses. If I remember correctly, any legitimate criticism of a person who was a priest was shut down by a moral argument. Charlie has offered the most coherent, comprehensive explanation of any I’ve ever read on the intricacies of the language, the problem, the need for extreme caution, but the need for steadfastness, prudence etc.

        For me, I am 100% convicted that mandatory masking is 100% evil. Therefore I am 100% convicted I have a solemn duty to not aid and abet it wherever I can. I personally don’t know what I will do when I’m certain to be confronted with it. I will do everything in my power to find another mass to attend, where it isn’t an issue. I’m terrified there won’t be another option for me and mine. I pray that the Lord will guide me. I trust He will. +Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, I trust in You.+

        Liked by 2 people

          1. Thank you very much—it is heavy, heavy on my mind and heart.

            Charlie, I have a very serious question here. When does the mandate to wear a mask in church become absurd?

            No one is asking this question. We need to start asking this question. When did physical proximity and facial expressions become objectively evil? Is there an end date in sight–because in all the literature I see, there is no set date to re-evaluate the prudence of this masked approach/social distancing in our churches. It’s as if our voices and thoughts must be muzzled, along with our faces.

            In my state we have 780 or something covid hospitalizations. At the rate they are dropping, our hospitals will be empty of covid patients in ten days. This while there are more positive cases, every day. So why are we still masking?

            It seems we are being groomed to accept this as “the New Normal” You could substitute “the New World Order” and it would be the same. Is there a plan to make this the “New Normal/New World Order” for every flu season—long after covid loses it’s relevance?

            In a matter as weighty and as important as this, shouldn’t our church speak in one voice, protecting the innate dignity of the human person, the beauty of life, physically proximity? Shouldn’t our church be demanding/insuring an acceptable end-date to this approach instead of allowing it to hang undefinitely, into the unforeseen future?

            Liked by 2 people

            1. My response to your question forms part of the piece I am working on right now – which I expect to be up in the morning. But remember that life is not a snapshot; it is a kaleidoscope. Things constantly change – based on events. People respond at different speeds. I believe that most people are basically decent. You may play them for a time, but they usually figure it out. When they do, woe to the one who has been playing them. So make your case, but give people some time. A LOT of people have been very publicly asking that question. And know that, when you let your emotions get deeply involved, your own perception gets skewed a little bit.

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          2. Here are quotes/links. There seems no negotiating a different course of action. The decision has been made. Permanently. Notice the phrase “the new normal” being used in many places. It feels like Animal Farm. Please, someone, convince me it’s not.

            “And that’s okay. Fr. Currie says the faithful have sacrificed so much during this time. And parishes will figure out their new normal together – with patience and prayer.”

            The link below shows an enormous amt of effort and planning in signs. These signs cost money to print, distribute and produce. I’ve never been in a Chinese State run “catholic” church, but I’m guessing if I was I’d see these signs:

            Click to access PilotPrinting_CovidGuide.pdf

            Also, this

            and this

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          3. Charlie said:
            I pray that our clerical leaders are seriously preparing to make that stand. For whether there is a second wave of the virus that is worse than the first or not, there will be a second wave of draconian restrictions attempted by petty, little men who are short on humility and long on ambition to shut down the faith and destroy liberty. Then we will have to make our stand. I would prefer to follow our leaders, but I will stand, regardless. No mulligans next time.

            What if that premise on the timing is incorrect? What if the second wave has ALREADY begun?

            It seems universal here that no one likes the “New Normal” marching orders. Everyone, All of you, have expressed that you will only cooperate with the madness if there is no other option. Well, the options are fading fast.

            Finally, did anyone see the irony in the sign posted above: ——>”Please Do NOT ENTER the Church IF you Are Sick? Are you kidding me? Have we lost our minds?? We all know what they meant to say. The choice of language is both unfortunate and revealing.


            1. Littlelight, I’ve been riled at times as Michael Brown seems to be in this piece. His ultimate frustration with everything is expressed in his closing: “Who knows much? That is the biggest lesson so far: how months into this thing, we could know so little.” I view the piece as a natural human reaction to all the unknowns; it’s Michael’s rant. If I use it to stoke any fears which may rise within me, I find I’m headed out of the trust in God zone, ditching a motto I have claimed as an anchor these days: Because the Sovereign LORD helps me, I will not be disgraced. Therefore have I set my face like flint, and I know I will not be put to shame.(Isaiah 50:7). I’m going ALL IN at relying completely on God the Father and His Providence, for I do believe that even when the Covid-19 settles down… we’ll continue to feel as if the world is upside down because it’s the nature of this stretch of the Storm. Where we are right now brings to mind the title of Archbishop Chaput’s book published 3 years ago: Strangers in a Strange Land.

              I also found Michael Brown’s examples of the pastor who laid hands on members of his flock to heal and then died himself from the virus a solid example of the need to be measured and, as Charlie has counseled, deliberate in our thinking, words and actions. My city is largely brimming with people who are liberal dems. Many places here cannot be entered without wearing a mask. So, OK, I put on a mask to enter if I must. As soon as I reach my car, I take it off. If it’s a place which doesn’t require a mask, I don’t wear it. This brings me stares of incredulity as I push my cart, but I don’t take offense. A wee prayer for that person’s peace is what I focus on because I think how sad it must be to be so entrenched in fear. I also use hand sanitizer in public places. No problem for me to do this. I’m in residence with a 92 year old priest with three major health issues. More than 100 priests died of the covid in Italy. They were all over the age of 70. I don’t want to bring home the covid, so I simply take precautions for Father’s sake, well, and I’m about a year from turning 70 so it would be a boon of good health for me to bypass this virus.

              I can honestly say I don’t at all feel like my parish priest and those who assist in disinfecting and taping off social distancing seating are over the top or fearful or trying to be oppressive. They are actually trying to meet the needs of the parishioners while honoring the Bishop’s directives. I write all this while also acknowledging that there are too many places in this country where the overreach and oppressive insanity that ensues are despicable.

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              1. I agree with all you’ve written. I think you misunderstand my tone/intention. It is not one of hysteria, but rather a compelling conviction for an urgent push-back for moderation.

                Those whose intentions are good, will see that moderation in all things (except the love of God) is always prudent.

                My premise is: we, the faithful, must advocate now for moderation! Push back on the mandatory stuff. Voluntary masking, yes! hand sanitizer, yes!! Reception in the hand of +Jesus+, prudent, okay, yes!, Every other pew used—yes!

                Mandatory masking, no!! Not using hymnals, no! Removal of holy water, no! Draconian signs telling us how to walk, no!!!

                Also, we must push for an honest discussion when to abandon such things.

                Know we will not be able to stop stupid people from doing stupid things. We can’t write a law for every contingency. This trend in our churches to out-do the government in mandates is senseless and dangerous.

                The difference is subtle, but our liberty depends on it. I offer you 2 examples of why the push for moderation and dissent is urgent.

                1.) Those of us with children, grand children, would be wise and prudent to consider the effect of seeing masked, socially distant people on our children’s development. How will this affect their perception of life, liberty and social normality? Will they be more or less likely to fight for freedom because of it?

                I think this point is being dangerously overlooked. In 2 years, a 2 year old child will be 4 and will have no memory or recollection of life in anyway except this “New Normal” Unlike us older adults, they cannot remember a gentler, freer world.

                2.)I’ve heard that instead of hymnals, some are being told to use their cell phones. It sounds reasonable, until you know that the CDC says objects are not the problem for contamination, and also know that cell phones make track and trace so much easier.

                Also, I would add, many people do not have knowledge of what is happening in STEM industries. These employers are pushing for better/faster/more complex/invasive tracking and data systems. It is a mistake to think that technology is going away–it isn’t.

                And I do not believe the technology is evil. Much good is coming from it. The evil rather is in our hearts.

                If/when Our Lord allows us another chance at freedom, we must become even more vigiliant because of this. But I assert the time to start is now.

                Liked by 1 person

                1. No, I didn’t intend to imply you’re hysterical when I responded, Littlelight. I was sharing how, in my part of the world, I’m walking through the covid days – in the most liberal county in Montana – and living with the guidelines, which I think are an earnest effort to keep people safe. In church and in the wider community, I’m doing what brings peace, even when I think some of those things are unnecessary… all the while dwelling on those thoughts and actions which bring peace to me and to others. I intuit, don’t know for certain, that we’re going to have a lot tougher stuff to come. From my view, I don’t think short term masking will bring long-term damage to my grandchildren. Adults and children throughout other eras in history have lived through some incredible trials. I imagine this will be a short-lived scenario and, with support, I know kids to be resilient.

                  Liked by 3 people

                  1. I appreciate you all allowing me to formulate my thoughts and for the opportunity to challenge them–very helpful. I was able to reread your reply, ty, also, for the reminder that it is only possible with God, and it is a narrow road

                    Liked by 2 people

      2. Thanks, Kim. It’s good to know I’m not alone. I like your pastor and I’ve never met him. 🙂 Read Charlie’s reply to my comment above. I think he (Charlie) is solid on this one and I’ll go with it for now.

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  27. Seems I recall the purpose of stay in place orders was to prevent hospitals from being overwhelmed such that they could not keep up with the load of critical patients. This appears to have morphed into preventing everyone from the virus at all cost.

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  28. “Most Holy Sacred Heart of Jesus, help my heart to persevere in all that is holy.” — St. Rita of Cascia

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  29. Moderator are we allowed to talk about our storm talk? If not just omit this paragraph but:

    Someone brought up today (I know his name but not sure we are allowed to say) about the lack of sunspots lately and how especially the north will be cooler and wetter and harder to grow things!!! Very alarming and I do believe it.

    Can anyone here elaborate on this subject?

    Thank you! 👩🏻‍🌾

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Sure Linda, you can share those things. You know, of course, I don’t put much stock in speculative musings on how the crises come, but stick largely to the notion that we have significant challenges ahead of us that we must prepare our hearts and minds for and which we will have to react to in the moment.

      Liked by 5 people

      1. Btw Charlie we had a really fun time and laughted a lot esp about the no closet thing for the skeletons!!!😂😂 these storm groups are really nice and I personally look forward to it every week! Great 💡 idea!

        Liked by 2 people

            1. Hi Linda.  Lambzie and I are at our cabin in the woods.  Poor cell connection.  So I send an email with “like” and it goes out sparatocally.—- Sent from Doug’s Back Pack

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  30. Storm Tracker Ed; says above “Never let the other guy put his monkey on your back.”
    gives me an excuse to and brings to mind this excellent (and funny) video:

    Be sure to watch all the way through.

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    1. Okay, that is pretty funny. I don’t often go to a Latin Mass – mainly because there is so much more kneeling and rising than at a Novus Ordo Mass – and kneeling and rising is one of the most difficult, draining things I do. (Getting in and out of cars is second to it – a neurological disability is very weird; some things that seem hard are simple and some of the simplest things are very hard). More than once at Latin Masses, I have reached the point where I physically can no longer rise – and have to be helped up by others. I’ve got, pretty much, a maximum of five genuflections in an hour before I am played out. I often can’t kneel at all on a bad day or in the evening. Thank heaven I have a dispensation on kneeling. I rarely use it, as I do not want to be grouped with those dissidents who will not kneel before Our Lord, but there are many times I have been grateful for it. If I push too hard when I know I am at my limit, I can put myself out of commission for a couple of days.

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      1. My husband and I can’t do the calisthenics either, so we sit in the last pew (with the others who
        are sitting too). (at the Novus Ordo)

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  31. Beckita I was checking out all your cool posts this morning waiting for wierd dark shadows fog 🌫 to lift in Ohio and came across this one!!! Did you share this yet with Charlie? So amazingly cute!!!😂🐿

    Liked by 1 person

          1. Beckita I think so often of the visit to heaven Anne the lay apostle describes about the different abodes! Did you see the heaven dvd yet? She describes st Clare amongst a bunch of the poor clares and not that I’m sure I’m saved but I often imagine Charlie…Saint Charlie hahaha and all of us at TNRS in our little abode talking, laughing, playing chess with squirrels 🐿 hahhaha !!! Just imagine!!!🤗🙏🌹


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