A Couple of Things…

By Charlie Johnston

I started a piece a few days ago on some hard realities facing us that I thought was going to be of relatively short or medium length. It has grown like kudzu and is a lot more complicated than I originally expected. In the interim, I have decided to give you an important update and to correct a few misimpressions that have arisen as I struggle to refine an intellectual and strategic framework for what is ahead of us.

First, late next week I will begin a series of meetings and talks that I will give over the next few months. I will not publish event details on this site. For that, you will have to register at CORAC and look under the “Meetings” tab. You won’t be able to see that page unless you have first filled out the information on the “Join” tab and submitted it. It is only a small measure of security, but probably a necessary one in these days of cancel culture and doxxing. 

Meantime, though I have yet to write the piece on secession, there is something that I need to make very clear. I do not advocate it as an offensive strategy; rather, I am pushing preparation for it as a defensive tactic. If the Potemkin administration of Joe Biden and the Congressional  and cultural pagan left do not reverse course, we are headed for a very sudden and rapid collapse, accompanied by at least a raft of significant regional conflicts around the globe. Meantime, the policies they are seeking to enact would make the existing nation into a giant gulag in which the liberties of all would be crushed, even as it is only enforced, at first, against those who are openly traditionally religious or conservative. If that push continues unabated, the existing nation of America will cease to be a Constitutional Republic, but a command state of a few rulers and oligarchs regulating the behavior of the rest of us serfs. My interest in secession is as a failsafe should current trends continue or accelerate – to preserve Constitutional liberty in a safe haven on this continent as the reigning powers destroy it in the home country. You can’t very well accomplish this if you have not planned ahead and laid the infrastructure – and clearly doing so helps as a deterrent to the over-exuberant, ascendant tyrants now holding the reigns of formal power in this country. In short, it is as an emergency exit to weather the storm that I prepare for it now, not as a primary strategy before we know how things will play out.

I mentioned that I was contemplating changing my political registration to Independent. I have decided against that. If there is hope to right this ship, we need the infrastructure that the existing Republican Party has. In recent years, I have refused to vote for any Democrat no matter how moderate or reasonable they sounded – for the simple reason that if you were willing to don the mantle of that party that has become so vicious and predatory, you are not worthy of support. Many of my Republican votes in general elections have been defensive – I would vote for squishes rationalizing that if they would not defend me, at least they wouldn’t actively attack me. No more. With Republican “moderates” showing they will, at best, give normal people no defense and, at worst, will pile on to the depredations in hope of buying some credits from the left, I will vote for no Republican “moderates” in a general election. That means the Democrat is more likely to win. So be it. If they won’t protect us at all, let us reveal the nature of the predatory compassion of the left in order that more may convert. And it also will help put the lie to any hopes the establishment has of arguing that only “moderates” can win. Of course, if the left succeeds in bringing on catastrophic collapse, it is all moot anyway. But Jesus teaches us to act in the present moment that all righteousness be fulfilled. (Matthew 3: 13-15)

I have had some very good people tell me they stand with the existing system despite its flaws because they support the “rule of law.” That phrase is shorthand for the clearer phrase of “equal justice under law.” Unless the law requires equal justice and liberty, the shorter phrase can be a trap. The depredations in the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany were almost all done under the color of law. If you become a willing tool of the lawless, even though they hold transient power, you may support the rule of law but you do not support the rule of equal justice under law. I fully support the rule of American Constitutional law. Even so, those who are laboring to try to bring us back to that system by working through the system now deserve a lot of latitude. If they succeed, we will all be better for it. If they fail, it is good that we should have a safe haven for them, too.

Some have suggested we withdraw from the world and from political disputes. The time may come for that. But my whole outlook is centered on how to take a few first principles – acknowledge God, take the next right step, and be a sign of hope – and apply that Christianity vigorously to everyday life. Again, Jesus did not advise us to separate ourselves from the dough, but to be leaven in the dough transforming the whole loaf. (Luke 13:20-21)

Just a few tidbits from my cogitations as I continue to work to mount a coherent moral and strategic framework going forward. Onward to the Triumph!

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  1. Thank you, Charlie, not only for these thoughts, but also for all the things you are contemplating. No small task is it to consider how best to move forward from where we are in this Storm. Ongoing prayers aplenty for you and for us all!

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  2. Thanks, Charlie– I hope I’ll be able to see you soon at one of your talks. My Cursillo group was together last night and were talking about what penalties we might suffer if we refuse to take a mandatory vaccine. We figured if it got to the point where all liberties and privileges are taken away we would definitely have to hunker down together somewhere in a remote location. Everyone is really starting to see where things are headed.

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    1. You’re so blessed, Kim, to be able to have a group meeting. That’s verboten here in CA under our dictator. The recall is succeeding, but we have to get a better person in office, not more of the same. I want Mass and Jesus!!

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      1. Oh Annie! Praying for you and all who are suffering like you. We have never obeyed the lockdown rules but ours are not as draconian as yours.


        1. Supposedly, we are. I’m so tired of all the “ads”: do this, don’t do this! It’s the “nanny state”. Even when things eased up a bit the other day, there’s still no worship inside!

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          1. We have Mass outside under our Bazaar Pavilion. We put up tent sides to stop some of the cold and wet, and we bundle up well, but we DO have Mass. Of course, we live in Texas, where it is ok to be inside, but at 1/2 capacity, our churches are not big enough.

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          2. What a nightmare! Our Lord must be sending you lots of graces to cope. Do you know any priest who would say Mass for you privately?


    2. As far as I know, Kim, their plan is to leave the vaccine as a “voluntary measure”. However, they intend to use their business assets and accomplices to refuse to let the unvaccinated travel. The World Economic Forum has initiated work on a “Common Pass”. Without the pass, there’ll be limitations on where you can travel.

      Just in case you missed this initially, just as I did, the logo of the World Economic Forum contains a remarkable characteristic. The logo is on the top line of the screen, to the left. Have a close look at it. There’s a curved line that runs across the bottom, and then runs up and through the words. Do you notice that the line runs to the left hand portion of the 3 “O’s”? It comes rather too close to reproducing the number “666”, doesn’t it? No doubt, it’s merely a coincidence ….

      Here’s a 3 minute video that describes this unholy system;



  3. I continue to be astounded at the relevance of scripture to present day occurrences. Today during adoration I opened to my bookmark at Revelations 3 to read, “and to the angel of the church at Sardis (Rome?) write: ‘I know your works; you have the name of being alive, and you are dead. Awake and strengthen what remains and is on the point of death, for I have not found your works perfect in the sight of my God. Remember then what you have received and heard;keep that, and repent. I will come back like a thief and you will not know at what hour I will come upon you.’” Sounds like today’s Church, and sounds like me.
    Have you noticed how very current many of the Sunday Catholic Mass readings are?
    I have also noticed a difference in the way I read the psalms. I used to skip over the warlike passages, but no more. I was peacefully enjoying psalm 139 when I came to verse 19: “O that you would slay the wicked, O God….” when I realized I had strong Joebama feelings.

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    1. God’s words in the Bible seem to find new meaning or sense of being in present even when it’s original & intended purpose was for a past or future event. Meaning of God’s words can still be derived & meaningful whether it’s “A” or “The” event, I’ve been seeing this a lot lately…

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      1. Al2.
        The reason the bible is always “new” is because it is alive. Being the “word of God” the bible holds the breath of God…and this includes His omnipresence. This creates a living interaction with us and our times having been written through He who is always present in every instant forever, the words reveal this presence and when we read them, living as they are, they reveal His prescient sence to us and the mind of God.

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        1. Sure, something like that…

          Words are just words on their own. The “Word of God” isn’t to be taken literally as a word combonation of a vocabulary/language, but is given to us as “Concepts, ideas, & examples”. The concepts, ideas, & examples God/Jesus gave us reveals the timeless truths about God, us, and the reality around us, it is a higher thinking that opens our minds, hearts, & souls to the influence of the Holy Spirit.

          The Bible opens us to truths when we use Bible passages to exlain other Bible passages, but we end up errors when we use other sources like politics & propoganda to filter & redefine the passages.


    1. 47 EO’s, good grief. It sure keeps things from being investigated closely with so many. Maybe that is why the O stayed in Washington after President Trump beat him. With things coming at us at break neck speed, I find myself focusing more on what I learned from the old Baltimore Catechism as a kid.
      Follow Jesus by imitating Him in all things,…
      Sounds like what the Blessed Virgin Mary said at the wedding feast, do what He tells you.

      A couple of days ago I caught a couple of tidbits but not enough to fully understand. It happened late to keep people from knowing about it. The Pentagon or defense department was given extra authority because the level was changed to crisis. Did anyone catch that whole thing? Could you explain here? I haven’t read anymore about it.

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    2. Yes, Briana, staggering! Even the lib NY Times said something like “Ease up, Joe. That’s an end run around Congress.” It reminded me of a statement Charlie made about waiting until the lib monster starts eating its own. Maybe they’ll all turn on each other.

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  4. Thank you Charlie for all of the hard work you have done guiding us through this as humanly as possible for I know Holy Spirit is leading all of us.

    It was good to see you today in our region 11 meeting.

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  5. Good article. Yes evil has made it into our government and Biden embraces change in structure for the global ideas despite he considers himself Catholic. Romney is another disappointment. I wrote in a vote when he ran against Obama cause he was exactly like Obama. I can’t vote for those on the Left anymore.

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    1. Welcome to commenting, John. Like you and Charlie, I’m done voting for those who side with the Left, even if they have an “R” after their names.

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      1. Every day, Sean, I have been turning to Gatewaypundit. I don’t know if Fox will correct its course, but I won’t rely on them alone any more.

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  6. Spot on, Charlie. Same here, KATICOS. Yes, I have noticed how every reading these days is shouting to us and yet most Lectors and Priests are not jumping on it to incorporate it with the times. 🤔🤷‍♀️
    Thank God for Fr Richard Heilman’s daily Mass and homilies for keeping me going and motivated for such times as these.

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  7. The guy who relieves me from my hour of adoration today, John, walks in, says Hello to Our Lord, turns to me and asks, “hey do you think this vaccine thing is leading into the Mark of the beast???” 😂 I told him well we’re supposed to have an era of peace first, but ya know…after that…i bet it sure could be! 🤔

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    1. “Hey do you think this vaccine thing is leading into the Mark of the beast???”.

      They aren’t making us take it yet, but one (mark) has been developed, thanks to the generosity of The Bill Gates Foundation. Developed at MIT, via Gates Foundation funding, this mark is applied with a Band-Aid patch. The mark it leaves on your skin is invisible, except for when it’s scanned by an InfraRed-type light.

      It leaves something called a QR code on your skin. A QR code is similar to the UPC codes that you find on most of the items in a store. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the material that causes the QR code to appear when scanned is called “Luciferase”.

      To put the cap on it, UPC codes contain the number “666”. Since QR codes utilize UPC formatting, it appears likely that QR codes will also contain that same number. Please click on the link below to see the proposed mark;


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      1. Yeah I’m not too sure how much time humanity will have after the era of peace? The world is so corrupt and so full of itself and our lousy technologies that WE think “WE”thought these things up all on our own without help from God!!! 🤦🏽‍♀️ I think I’ve heard a few people say the era of peace may not last too long before we go back to replacing technology in place of God??? Who knows…honestly who cares. I for one am simply going to try my best to simply live each day acknowledging God, taking that next right step and trying to be a sign of hope for all those who come into my path. I pray Our Lady of Grace, grant ALL the graces no one asks for to give them daily to each one of us squirrels 🐿 here!!! On ward Christian Soldiers, marching as to war with the Cross of Jesus…

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          1. It sure would be wonderful eh Beckita??? Mayberry!!! We have a pic of Mayberry in our family room and absolutely ALL the videos!!! I personally didn’t know about Mayberry; we were too busy sailboat ⛵️ racing growing up but I have sure come to know, love and understand Mayberry!!! It would just be wonderful for everyone to love and acknowledge God once again!🥰

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  8. I really cannot fathom how you do what you do Charlie . . . and you do what you do so well.

    I suppose you get healthy doses of divine inspiration.

    Thank you and God bless you.

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  9. I have tried to live my life as that “sign of hope” we speak of here. In a world lost in sin, one who lives the gospel message in righteousness and not in a haughty arrogance but who loves the “sinner”, shines in the darkness of the soul of those that know them.
    We become more and more that “sign of contradiction” but also, we become a
    beacon for those that feel the sence of loss in a world of the lost.
    Children are naturally comforted by correction, particularly strong correction. This gives them an easier, calmer mind as children are unruly and impatient with themselves because of their immaturity and lack of experience. Same is true for those who do not discipline themselves in Truth. When they see someone illuminated by it they are supernaturally attracted to it. This Truth goes forth and does not come back void (Isaiah 55:11).
    I allow it- I do not control it. The smaller and more humble I become, the more effective He becomes. (John 3:30). I see that the Spirit is working through me so I claim nothing for myself, I am simply not squelching the plan I was created for in these times. “…you also, when you have done everything you were told to do, should say, ‘We are unworthy servants; we have only done our duty.” (Luke 17:10).
    It pleases me to have no contentions that I am anymore than a lucky servant and a witness of these things.
    This brings gladness to my heart as it is a sure sign of the existence of God who humbled Himself to share in our humanity and who shares humanity with Himself in this way.

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    1. Yes PHILLIP . . . you are right on the money with all of this. “When they see someone illuminated by it they are supernaturally attracted to it.” This is reflected in the lives of so many saints (and a good number of individuals I know). I am currently reading (actually having it read to me by a friend) “Catherine of Siena” by Sigrid Undset. I have previously read about her a number of times, but this in-depth work gives one example after another of people who considered her a fake and a fraud – intent on exposing her as such – only to be captivated by her love of our Lord and subsequently becoming her friend after she exposes them.

      Each one of us can also be “illuminated” if we acknowledge God, take the next right step and be a sign of hope.

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  10. Thank you Charlie for your continued guidance. We certainly are facing some tough times ahead. I agree with Katicos that the daily scripture readings are very relevent at the moment. Things are no better here in Europe.

    Christus Vincit

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  11. Some are saying we have approx 3-6 months before the globslists go all out, I honestly don’t know about that, but it seems a lot more likely than anything in the years category. The Globalists, Marxists, & Leftists have pushed their plans so wrecklessly in plain view, that people are waking up saying “NO way!”, so the controllers are going to insanely & ridiculously doubling-down, trippling-down, etc… (it’s either use the momentum or loose everything) till they run out of cards hoping everyone backs down & submits to their tyranny. UN Agenda 2030 & The Great Reset are about mass extermintion of human life through murder, soft kill (fake vaccines), and sterilizations (if the fake vaccines fails to kill), submitting to this global tyranny isn’t a option…

    Your security measures look prudent Charlie, I don’t know much about how WordPress works nor how secure it is, but it encourges Facebook & Google signups, and the android WordPress app doesn’t function without Google play services, so a web browser is the only way to access TNRS without Google play services on a android. (I hope this information proves to be useful.)

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  12. I am always in awe, Charlie, of your grasp of so many aspects of this point in history. Your grasp of; politics and the evil forces therein trying to desperately keep their power and control of people through eliminating God out of of all aspects of society and the terrible moral and temporal consequences that will result. Your experience with tactics used to destroy America and our faith and hope; your strategies for contingency plans detailing aspects of survival in a dying country from a spiritual and temporal order. Your wisdom and focus of what is really important for us personally and for the success of CORAC and your God given mission. Your explanations of events and encouragement to focus on getting up after we fall and provide those around us as a sign of hope. I am also in astonished at all the contacts you have in so many different places and areas of expertise or consultation.

    You have spoken about these things and much more over the years about my short and meager list of topics to help us so we could thereby help you so we can help God save ourselves and souls for His Kingdom. I have never met a person with such a broad understanding of the issues and their correlation and integration past, present and the future.

    I believe that you are at the point in time in which God is now having you use all these years of
    prayer, heavenly guidance, experience, attained skills, focus and commitment to the cause of Our Lord and His children.

    I thank God for you. along with I am sure thousands more, for your past, current and future guidance. and prayers. You and our CORAC family are always be in our family’s prayers. With a firm focus on Our Lord, and in keeping faith in His ways, no matter how desperate we are, we will not give up but will keep moving forward as a sign of hope to all.

    Jesus, Mary and Joseph, Pray for us.

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    1. ONEILLJPO . . . Your comment here is a very well summarized encapsulation of the thoughts which, I’m sure, every single one of Charlie’s readers has in mind. God bless you.

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  13. Rod Dreher has similar concerns: “I firmly believe that we are in a similar moment here in America. Now Christians of all kinds – Catholics, Protestants, Orthodox – have got to take advantage of this moment of liberty. We have to get our networks in place to prepare for persecution,” warned Dreher.

    And unlike Soviet and Eastern Bloc communism, Dreher describes what may be coming to America as “soft totalitarianism.”

    “It’s not going to have gulags, secret police – the thing the Soviets had. Rather, this is something that is going to be done mostly by Big Tech limiting access to the economy, keeping it so only those who conform with what the regime wants can participate in the economy,” explained Dreher


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    1. I would amend what Dreher has to say to be that it would not NEED to have secret police and gulags to be effective because of the things he mentions. In fact, if leftists were smart that is exactly how they would do it as it dampens down the outrage that can infect their own followers. But leftists LOVE secret police and gulags – and anything else that gives them the thrill of exercising power over others. They can’t help themselves. It is pathological, not logical.

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      1. Secret THOUGHT Police…. they still have them and they already are active… just takes “deputy” John Q Neighbor to report something you think or say, and just as effective without the bloodshed (so far….).

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  14. Executive orders signed in the first week of presidency:
    Biden: 24
    Obama: 5
    Trump: 4

    Here is a video where it looks like Biden is signing an executive order saying ” I don’t know what I am signing” . To this Kamala seems to be telling Joe “Yes, you can”, then Biden says “Take this to the president” to which Kamala replies “Stop it”.

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    1. I printed the first week of Biden’s Executive Orders. 199 pages. Reading thru, the anti-white racism jumps off the page. Nearly half is related to covid-19 replete with revoking Trump’s policies.

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  15. Charlie,
    My first thoughts on the postings above regarding the readings at Mass these days was that God will not be mocked. Biden is mocking Christ as he and his minions constantly claim that he is a “devout Catholic” as he supports abortion until the day the baby is born and beyond. Yikes, I would not want to be facing the fury of God when He decides to act against these blasphemers.

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    1. As a public figure officially supporting abortion, Joe Biden is ex-communicated by default, this is defined by at least two articles of the Canon Law of the Catholic Church. Cardinals and all those of the clergy knowingly giving the Holy Communion to such a figure, are undoubtedly complicit in this sacrilege…

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  16. I bought HCQ and ZincPak online at speakwithMD.com
    A 26-minute video showing how very likely the vaccines, aside from Covid itself, are a biological weapon to destroy us.
    An interview with a well-credentialed military doctor.

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    1. . Just reinforces how dangerous the Vaccine is. It attaches to our DNA and the body will attack itself if exposed to Coronavirus. If we just get coronavirus, our chance of survival is better. The vaccine may cause spontaneous abortions—it affects the placenta somehow.

      Many around me do not believe any of this or doctors like this who have been on the frontlines warning us. I just don’t understand.

      I just ordered HCQ and ZincPak thru Speak with an M.D. $90 to have consultation over the phone. $190 for HCQ (3mo supply), ZincPak and shipping. Well worth it, just in case.

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  17. If you like session, then I recommend reading Jefferson Davis’s book, The History of the Confederacy, which at two volumes is quite a read. I never got around to reading it, but I did read the last paragraph in volume two. where he stated that it was not that the cause of the South was not just. He said, “that it was just enough, but that it was not practical.” The Southern states would not let their state armies outside of their states for any extended length of time. and after two failed attempts at invading the northin 1862, and 1863, with the fall of Vicksburg in Mississippi, that put an end to that carp shoot. Why do you not do what you can with prayer, and the ten commandments. I think you are trying to make a plan and not a good one.


    1. Ah, Arthur, and why did not St. Joan of Arc just do with prayer and the Ten Commandments. That would clearly have suited you better, though France would have been subsumed into England. But she was commanded to something different.

      The American South is not a good analogy to what we have at hand here – though it is an obvious one for those who are not deeply versed in world history. The American south wanted its own way and to separate from Constitutional government – hoping to correct the mistakes of America’s founding documents in declaring that all men were created equal. Now we are in a situation where the ruling authorities want to correct the founding documents by revoking the Bill of Rights. The situation for people like me is more akin to the American colonies or the Northern loyalists than it is to the 18th Century British or the confederate south. And what of the peaceful partition of the Soviet Union into independent republics just 30 years ago? Then there was the largely peaceful separation of Pakistan from India – or the almost completely peaceful separation of Singapore from Malaysia – very much to Singapore’s great benefit.

      If you are going to survey the results of such splits, you must go beyond those that seem obvious because they are merely parochial and survey the larger spectrum of why it has happened, how it has happened, and with what consequences…and then work to hold unity or invoke separation on terms that will best benefit those involved. And I am the last person you should ever advise to shut up, sit down, and stick with invocatory prayer without ever exercising the prayer of doing. I have made abundantly clear from the start that the latter is my calling – so such criticism is akin to criticizing a horse for not being a fish.

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    2. “I recommend reading Jefferson Davis’s book, The History of the Confederacy, which at two volumes is quite a read. I never got around to reading it, but I did read the last paragraph in volume two”

      Don’t recommend a book admiting you only read a paragraph… then post advice toward actions the Southern States did… to a good ol’ boy from the South. no less aged in Chicago politics.

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    3. Hi Arthur . . . If you like prayer and the ten commandments, then I recommend reading God’s book, the Bible, which at two testaments is quite a read. I did get around to reading it, and I read this: “Look carefully then how you walk, not as unwise men but as wise, making the most of the time because the days are evil. Therefore do not be foolish, but understand what the will of the Lord is.” (Ephesians 5:15 – 17)

      The days are absolutely evil. I believe Charlie understands the will of the Lord, is walking as a wise man and making the most of his time. I know that Charlie understands the evil of these days, and I think his knowledge, experience and expertise is invaluable for the formulation of a plan which is likely better than any other plan that might possibly be available at this time.

      I also recommend reading at least a dozen other posts written by Charlie. I make this recommendation because it seems you do not understand Charlie (for lack of knowing how he utilizes reason, logic and common sense).

      God bless you Arthur

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        The Challenge From Our Lord

        Thirty or forty years ago it was easy to be a Christian. The very air we breathed was Christian. Bicycles could be left on front lawns; doors could be left unlocked. Suddenly all this has changed; now we have to affirm our faith. We live in a world that challenges us. And many fall away. Dead bodies float downstream; it takes live bodies to resist the current. And this is our summons. We will have to begin to be a different church. We are for a moment on the trapeze. We are in between the death of an old civilization and culture and the swing to the beginning of the new. These are the times in which we live. They are therefore wonderful days, marvelous, we should thank God that we live in times like this.

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  18. Chatting with sone buddies at the factiry job, I mentioned that if Texas secedes, my 2 acres in Appalachia seccedes with her and I bet we can get our counties to jion in too.

    Heads nodding in agreement on that one.

    My heart seceded some time ago; it was the lies that did it.

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  19. PRAYER NEED: we need a dry or at least not icy from drizzle parking lot this Saturday morning so we can use a fork lift to unload about 40,000 pounds of US farm surplus (produce, dairy, meat) for free distribution to the neighborhood. It is dangerous to use a fork lift on ice. Latest weather forecast is freezing wet. Food is prepackaged into 25# boxes. It would be back-breaking to unload the 18-wheeler by hand. We hand out the boxes and milk freely, with a smile and God bless you. Retail value of one box plus milk is about $75-$80. Thank you!

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      1. Answered prayer! Bone dry parking lot and balmy temps….34 degrees, well warm by Minnesota standards. It kept the produce from freezing. . Lots of happy people. Quite an assortment of cars and trucks. Very fancy trucks down to barely held together lived-in autos. It looks like the freezing wet weather will come now we are finished with the food distribution. Thank you for prayers.

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  20. As a fairly long-time reader, I’ve noticed over the last month or so that you’ve made strong statements in a particular direction and then walked them back afterwards. This undermines your credibility. My view is that we should focus our political activities at the local level as this is more directly relevant to our families and communities and we’re more likely to have influence in this sphere. In times past, you’ve reinforced how those on the other side of the cultural divide may be closer than we might think as unexpected events unfold. Furthermore, we might be surprised to find allies amongst our supposed enemies on certain issues, but this message has been lost here in recent months. I’m referring to average citizens, not power brokers, etc., though I’d love to believe we’ll see dramatic public conversions (while not holding my breath). Yes, there is the “pagan left” concentrated in our richest areas, but when it comes to more average people, many of them have never heard a convincing alternative to the prevailing culture and we continue to be betrayed by our supposed allies.

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    1. That’s not an unfair comment, golden, but it ignores that there is a profound difference between bluntly stating a principle and then working out how best to accomplish it effectively. My old political clients were perfectly comfortable with that dichotomy, probably because we all are a strategizing bunch and it is common in such developing affairs. And also because the tactics I would develop to accomplish the stated goal usually worked pretty well.

      I appreciate your longing for more hopeful times. However, my understanding of my work is not just to be one-dimensional. I embed ways to reach out to opponents in everything I do – but I MUST make contingencies to deal with serious oppression if it continues to grow. Your proposed path makes no allowance for that – and so if the crackdown worsens, the only response it offers is an oops. Fortunately, the great majority of people never have to develop strategic and tactical frameworks during a rapidly developing and extreme situation. That is exactly what I have had to do on many occasions. And now this one. I know most folks have a movie-like idea that these sorts of things are smoothly worked out in advance by master-minds that never have to adapt or modify their tactics to best meet the challenge – but that is not how it works in real life. That it could affect credibility when people see the real way the sausage is made in real time is a concern to me. But given the nature of the challenges, I abide by a saying I heard long ago – that to navigate such waters you must have strong, but lithely flexible, muscles.

      The overall framework is how to preserve faith and liberty, to do it in the least bloody path forward in perilous times, and to leave open the door for opponents to repent and convert. It is, as always in such fluid and volatile situation, a work in progress rather than a settled formula.

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      1. Fine, but the march on Washington struck me as a fool’s errand from the very beginning and I never believed for a moment that the election results would be overturned regardless of my opinions or the evidence. We’d be in a much better position now if people didn’t mistakenly hold into the notion that the election results would be miraculously overturned. It played into the hands of the people now denouncing domestic terrorism and QAnon readers, etc. Trump won in 2016 because the Democrats didn’t take him seriously. And our side is strong because the other side underestimates and fails to understand us. So we’re strong when they don’t see us coming. My view is essentially that we should be quiet and shrewd as the political leaders fail because of their arrogance and inability to handle coming calamities. I grew up in a big city that’s been run into the ground over decades and the Republican party gave up on caring. So I find it frustrating that people somehow are shocked and nonplussed by incompetence and corruption in the cities. I guess they didn’t know how bad things really were. How could they possibly expect a sudden lightning strike of justice in a matter of weeks where the rot has been growing since the 1970s?


        1. Golden, neither did I believe the results were going to be overturned. In fact, the weekend before the March, a military officer asked me why I was doing it. He was glad – but noted that the legislators were going to do what they intended all along. I told him the reason I was doing it was because, “every time the left commits another outrage, an angel gets his wings,” by which I meant that another low-information voter gets red-pilled. If we had laid low and given no complaints, the leftist supremacists would have deceived themselves that we were pacified – and it would be harder to reveal to the unwary what they really are. We would not have had the kabuki theatre of the National Guard in Washington – a Guard they used and then promptly insulted and abused. We would not have had near as frantic an effort to censor us. We forced them to reveal in a stark manner who they really are.

          This is a subtle business and a judgment call. Your judgment may be right. On the other hand, you said yourself that the strategy of Republican pacifism and submission has not worked well in your city. Working against big odds, I have been beaten by the left plenty of times. But I have also turned the tables on them more than a few times using my unorthodox methods.

          In an exorcism, the chief tactical goal of the exorcist is to force the demon to reveal its name – to show who and what it really is. I could have done without the incursion of some of the more excitable types into the Capitol. The size of and cheery nature of the crowd was sufficient provocation, in my mind. But my goal, from the start, was to rattle the left and force them, in their demonic rage, to reveal themselves. I think we are much further along than we would have been without the demonstration – but our people have to exercise more discipline. Another rule of exorcism is not to get into extraneous exchanges with the demon. It forces a loss of focus, a loss of attention on Christ, and pointlessly prolongs the encounter. And yes, I think there is substantial demonic activity in the grandiosity and delusions of the left. Their weak point is their preening vanity. When that is threatened, they often cannot help from revealing themselves by seeking to impress you with their power and their unquenchable rage. My goal is to prod them to reveal themselves while keeping disciplined in Christ, ourselves. We have made progress, but we have a lot of work to do and a lot of discipline to learn to exercise. We would do well to deeply contemplate the late Rev. Martin Luther King’s “Letter from a Birmingham jail.”

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          1. About this: “I never believed for a moment that the election results would be overturned . . . .”

            Actually, the evidence (Navarro Report, etc.) shows that the election results were, in fact, overturned in at least six swing states. In the face of overwhelming votes favoring DJT, in large counties in these states, the counting was stopped late at night on November 3 and, amazingly, in the wee hours of November 4, Biden votes materialized. Abracadabra.

            Hundreds of thousands of people didn’t show up in Washington, DC, on January 6 to overturn the election results. They showed up PEACEFULLY to validate the true election results and to protest massive election cheating.

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    2. Planning for the battle is crucial along with intelligence/vigilance on enemy activity ….. and a flexible response to same! Make NO Mistake! We are dealing with an ancient enemy.
      Withdrawing into our 100 mile diameter bubble is not a good option.
      A Battle Plan is near worthless as it inevitably “goes out de window” after the first shot is fired.
      Don’t get tunnel vision on a Plan. The Maginot Line Plan was a disaster when Blitzkrieg came through the Ardennes Forest in 1940 … and an almost disaster in 1944 when the Germans pulled the very same stunt …… ’cause the Allies Battle Plan was …. ;-(


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      1. Yep, plans definately go out the window, as the enemies both mortal & spirit can discover & counter the plans that are made. Flexible & multiple frameworks are the way to go, before this Age’s nightmares are over, we’ll need to draw heavily on God in the present (the literal NOW as it’s happening) to get us through our daily trials somehow (let’s not kid ourselves, we’ll get stressed, confused, emotional, tired, and even scared).

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  21. I have never asked for prayers here ..and now I humbly ask all to add my son John to your prayer list.I am absolutely heartbroken about the sickening steal of the election and the fraud of the evil inauguration of the fake president.I emailed my son an article of a Holocaust survivor speaking of the dangers of socialism/communism ..I had always thought him to be a centrist..not a Trump lover but not stupid enough to support the left..actually he attended a Catholic school and went on to UD..he is a chemical engineer and quite honestly a wonderful young man.The reply I received from him quite literally made me sick, the accusations against President Trump were outrageous and completely unfounded.After texting back and forth he told me he never said anything to me because he didn’t want a confrontation. He also was always quite respectful of me and said he didn’t want to text but to talk about it when we see each other.I told him never to be afraid to confront me as I am well informed and can hold my own as I want him to be able to do also..since then I have sent him a few articles stating I am preparing my case as he should also be doing..he also stated his evidence was irrefutable..I replied funny mine is too so one of us is wrong..time will tell.I also told him one bit of evidence that is totally irrefutable is each party’s stance on life..wouldn’t you agree? This is not a simple “you don’t like Trump deal” I told him this is our core of who we are..when he was in kindergarten my friend was his teacher and she would tell me how he would read the Bible to the class ..he stood in my kitchen a couple of years ago and told me he would die forChrist..he wears a Star of David and Cross around his neck..I will not let this go lightly..I am preparing my case and I am praying that his eyes be opened to Truth.,I also told him I don’t care how much he detest Trump that’s fine many do not like his personality but he must see the truth of what is going on. When we visited he and his girlfriend in Cleveland her sister was there also she and her father are conservative ..she brought up President Trump and told me her other sisters are all left (one is married to a woman and they have 2 children..I like them all very much but not the situation) my son and her sister walked into the room and stated Trump was racist and hated gay people.. I had steam comming out of my ears but maintained my composure and asked her if she knew who Brandon Straka was from the walk away movement..of course not. Anyway I could go on and on ..please pray for strength and wisdom for me as I comely continue to present my case and try to bring my son back to his roots.I know many of you here are facing similar situations as is my close Orthodox friend..her daughter and most of her family are left. I am praying for GODS wisdom to help me in this battle and to remain calm ..each and everyday now I see the clear plan of the left to punish us and our love of GOD the family our beautiful country and for the man that fought for us..TRUMP. Never would I have believed this could have happened in America and never would I have believed I would hear my son speak this rhetoric..What a battle we are in .. I have the heart of a warrior and a deep love of GOD and I am fully in..living one day at a time now and completely relying on GOD..as you told us we would Charlie..

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    1. Dear Robin, I know this is a situation precious to your heart. As I read your comment, what kept coming to me is a piece which Charlie recommended back at TNRS. He introduced the topic of converting family and friends by saying – and I agree as I’ve watched family members veer into dangerous territory away from the Lord: “I always emphasize a light touch. I saw this piece by Annabelle Hazard in Catholic Stand and was so enamored of it, I decided to reprint it in its entirety here.” And here is that link for you or anyone else who wishes to consult it while considering how to interact with family and friends on such delicate matters.

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    2. I truly empathize with you, Robin, from my own experience. ❤

      Prayer and patience, I think, are the next right steps. In my experience, when people are firmly set in their opinions, especially when strong emotions are also involved, they are not open to well-reasoned arguments to the contrary.

      God bless and keep you,
      Sister Bear

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    3. Robin,
      I had a similar situation happen to me with my oldest daughter. She too became secularised shortly after leaving my family from outside influences. When she threw out some negative statement I simply set her straight with the truth and didn’t turn it into a big debate. The Truth sets us free but one has to be open and willing to be set free from error. Judas heard the whisper of the devil and took it as his own. The world is one constant whisper today. Actually, more like a raging torrent! It’s not surprising to find people who, becoming saturated by the secular world, have its effects rub off on them. Scripture tells us raising children up in the faith will have long a term effects on them dispite the temptations of the world. The difficulty is in keeping OUR composure while they settle the argument within themselves between God and the world. Two very powerful influences! As we mature, the saturation of grace and the weathering of life gives us a clearer insight that mere facts and arguments cannot. We must look to God’s grace as the soothing balm to counteract the contaminating influences of the world.
      Be that sign of contradiction for your son so he can believe you believe what you believe. You must remember its not you that enlightens but the Spirit working through you in His own ways and in His own time. Your disappointment is in God’s (apparent) slow effectivness is to be expected.
      But…, He’s got this.
      We wrestle not against flesh and blood and you and your son are dealing with what is spiritual and not carnal. Our God is an awesome God and He is not a looser. We just need to remember to become more confident in His hands AS HIS hands and feet.

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      1. Phillip, what a great comment. The line that hit me the hardest was, “Be that sign of contradiction for your son so he can believe that you believe what you believe.” Wow.

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    4. Robin, Thank you for your request for Prayer. We should all be doing this more, as it is POWERFUL! (yes, including me)
      I offered Mass today for you and your son.
      Please don’t forget to pray to the Holy Spirit for Wisdom and Strength in all/any conversations/communications you have with your son.
      Equally important to this is to mentally RELAX then when you visit with him, make a special effort to do a lot of smiling with warm looks on your face, yes even over phone, as it still makes a difference.
      Anxiety is of the evil one, and it gets in the way of the Holy Spirit. I am not saying that it is more powerful at all, but it makes it so you can’t absorb it nearly as well.
      (Yes, this is much easier said than done, but with practice it does get much easier)
      Blessings, -kevin-

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  22. JESUS = GOOD NEWS .. 😉








    One of the reasons THEY hate Trump is the fact that he actually followed through with campaign promises and means what he sez!

    Yep! We be living the The Time of Isaiah 5 ;-(

    DC DeepState Protecting Their Own!


    YUP! ….. Everything is Rigged and why UPHEAVAL is inevitable!





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  23. Love Bishop Barron’s reflection on today’s readings!!!
    Fits today’s world pretty well !!!
    Blessings, -kevin-

    Saturday, January 30, 2021


    MARK 4:35-41

    Friends, in this wonderful story of the calming of the storm at sea, we witness the spiritual dynamics of fear and trust. Making their way across the lake, the disciples stand symbolically for all of us journeying through life. When they confront the mighty waves, they are immediately filled with terror. Similarly, when the trials and anxieties of life confront us, the first reaction is fear.

    Jesus is “asleep on a cushion.” He stands for the divine power that is “asleep” within all of us. He symbolizes that divine energy which remains unaffected by the fear-storms generated by the grasping ego.

    At a spiritual level, we see that this divine power successfully calms the waves: “He woke up, rebuked the wind, and said to the sea, ‘Quiet! Be still!’”

    This beautiful narrative suggests that if we but awaken to the presence of Christ within us, then we can withstand even the most frightening storms. When, at the close of the story, Jesus asked the bewildered disciples, “Why are you afraid? Have you still no faith?” he is wondering why they have not yet experienced the change of heart necessary for living in the kingdom of God.

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  24. All,
    The future will require individual decisions based on the best timely information available. In the near future our faith, common sense, and ability to discover the truth are absolutely critical to our wellbeing and that of those we love.

    In discussions with my bride, we talked about the possibility having to move to another state and having to forego receiving the benefits I’ve accrued through my military and federal service. Not something I’m looking forward to doing, but I, and like minded associates will do if necessary.

    My family has been blessed to be able to experience living as guests and visiting numerous foreign countries. It was an amazing experience, that also taught us the value of being citizens of our great country. A country that has, by it’s institutions, allowed us to practice and grow in virtue, follow our conscience, and not be coerced to evil, either by subjugation or complicity.

    I treasure my association with you all and value the information I receive here. Due to his background, I believe Charlie speaks with authority on our current situation.

    In our prayers, my bride and I have asked that the truth be made manifest concerning the events of the past three months. I believe that if it is, it will probably only be manifest by divine intervention, and I pray for mercy for those who would oppose this illumination.

    That being said, we will have to make informed personal decisions. Again, thank you Charlie, and the group here for sharing your thoughts and prayers as we face these times, which we were created for, together.


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    1. Lash, may God bless you and your bride as you discern God’s will. Also, thank you for your years of service to our beloved country. Although I mourn her passing, I am praying that God will raise her from the dead through us and our future (and current) actions.

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  25. Everything starts with prayer, or needs to. I am reminding myself, not you.
    We have no national leadership, something we need. The Left will immediately seek to demonize and isolate that leadership. They are indeed powerful, but God is more powerful. I can understand why God would chastise a sinful nation. I do not understand or yet believe God would abandon a praying people who turn to Him for help and remedy from evil and tyranny. It does not even seem likely we are the tiny remnant, it seems the other side is the tiny remnant, after all, where were the millions cheering outside the White House on that God-awful mockery of an inauguration day. There was nobody there but our National Guard, who, I must say, are our brothers, sisters, sons, daughters, dads, etc. I am not afraid of the National Guard. I am appalled at how the National Guard was treated.
    We seem to have quickly given up, mentally. There is no fight in the dog. That is worrying.
    Give me Liberty, or give me death! We heard this all our lives and thought little about it. Now we must decide if we have as much zeal for freedom as our founders did, if the torch they pass to us will be thrown by us into the nearest river lest the light bring attention down on us.

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  26. It is clear that in these times of widespread struggles and the loosing of all the demons of hell upon the earth to tempt and derail us, that we must be even more guarded in our responses with each other and maintain an open and charitable treatment of each other. I see in my own life that I am facing direct attacks and disturbing thoughts I have never had to deal with before. Lets us focus on depending on being open to and praying for the guidance of the Holy Spirit in our struggles. May God bless and guide al here. jas

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  27. JESUS = GOOD NEWS .. PM … 😉

    Sundance, The CTH Guy, assembled The Evidence and presented it to DOJ & Congressional Staff of DC Bigs….. Crickets …. It really is amazing how much Trump was able to accomplish … and ALL be dismantled by Joebama ;-(




    More Fear Porn from Rich Computer Geek.

    Yep! Those strange Revelation Visions of St John are making a bunch of sense These Days. I’m convinced that The Left wants a bloody Final Confrontation.





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  28. During trip home from Nebraska, contemplating on the Gospel for tomorrow, something jumped out at me…
    “The unclean spirit convulsed him and with a loud cry came out of him.”
    I think that all of us are the man with the unclean spirit. Whether directly or as part of a community/nation.
    I feel like Jesus is in process of expelling evil from us (or “the US”) right now, and we’d better expect a lot of “convulsions”. I’ve not had any actual convulsions myself, but I understand they’re not pleasant… i.e suffering…
    Last thing “evil” will do when leaving, is to cause one last burst of convulsions/mayhem before leaving…
    There are many examples of this in this world, one is when parents have a reactivate attachment disorder child, and have been taught therapeutic parenting the correct way, the clear sign thet you are finally doing it right is that the child REALLY starts acting out, and”appears” to be getting worse for a bit just before starting to heal their brains and get better.
    Blessings, -kevin-
    … Another thought…
    Another way I’m thinking about it, is that in most cases, “procedures” that are done to us that heal us, or cause healing, are often quite painful. i.e. setting a broken arm/leg, dental work, surgeries, etc.
    I think Jesus is currently doing a procedure(s) on us now, that is temporarily going to be painful/miserable.
    But it should be viewed as, as someone else already said here, EXCITING TIMES!!!
    We get to experience God at work!!!
    Blessings (again) -kevin-

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  29. JESUS = GOOD NEWS .. 😉








    Yep! The Shadow CINC/USA, whomever that may be?, is showing his True Colors

    Yep !! …… & if you ladies or parents with daughters have a problem with this? You be a Transphobic Bigot and Big Tech, Media and your Democrat Radical neighbors will “Dox You” and do their best to ruin your life.
    It’s where we are then ;-( ……….. I keep wondering when the “FIX BAYONETS!” point will be reached in Fly-Over USA?


    Pastor Coverstone today:



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  30. I was reading an account of St. Anthony of the desert and of one time when he was tempted by many demons making a lot of noise after they had failed to overcome him with other temptations. His response basically was “You must be very weak as I am only one in the power of God, but you cannot come alone but must come with many of you makig a great noise” and the demons were humiliated and left him alone. How similar is our day with the demons making a great noise indeed! As we are sometimes the weak ones may God show us some signs that mary’s Triumph is near and some signs of His victory when we weak poor sinners are in need of it.

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    1. Bobg,
      I think this is spot on. The Left/Evil clearly KNOWS they are weak/minority, and clearly use Noise/Violence/Combined forces to “attempt” to overcome the power of God/Truth!!!

      I am realizing that even in today’s world, we are still the vast majority, and the “Left” is still the minority
      Unfortunately, we are(especially have been) far too silent in our voices, and also in our Voting.
      also unfortunately, they are MUCH more forceful in their voices, and especially cunning in their voting.

      After this 2020 election, it is now very exciting/uplifting/heartening to me!!!
      Before flaming me for saying that, (lol) let me explain…
      Prior to 2020 election (fraudlection), I was greatly disheartened, thinking that the average American population has been shifting greatly “left” for the last several elections.
      Now I honestly believe that it is likely that Obama did not actually win his second election.
      With the knowledge that fraud got them that election, Hillary bought and paid the deep-state for a win. Only reason she did not win against Trump is because there was a huge swing towards Conservative thinking(voting). Far more so than they planned on.
      I believe the reason there was yet another big swing towards conservative thinking/voting is because obummer was in there for 8 years… Showing everyone what he “really” meant when he wanted “Change”
      I now think that every hour/week/month/year that the “left” is in control, the more people are converting to the RIGHT.
      This must be why God did not “inspire” the right people to fully expose/correct the fraud in the 2020 fraudulection… By his “Permissive” Will He let it continue…
      God must not be done converting people yet!!!
      Whether 4 weeks, 4 months, or hopefully not 4 years, we will have an especially large conversion with them in control right now.
      Blessings, -kevin-
      Phil 4:8, Focus/Dwell on the GOOD!!!

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      1. What a great insight about likely fraud in previous elections, Kevin. Perhaps there was a swing in conservative thinking, and/or, another dimension could have been that people were just fed up with both parties and the dysfunction in our governmental processes so they voted for an outsider. I think Washington DC is like a vortex. You can run for office, be elected and head off to DC with an honest desire to serve and get sucked into the vortex of the political machine. All that said, I know too many Christians who don’t see the foundational issue that Life truly is and I know a bunch of folks that voted for Trump but are not ALL IN for the Lord. Looking forward to evangelizing those who are eager to make a return as well as those who will come and see about the Lord for the first time in their lives.

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    2. So needed your words BOBG

      Thank you! I am sore need of encouragement. Every day seems a battle.

      Warning friends and family about the experimental vaccines and no one seems daunted by them regardless that they’re derived from aborted babies. 🥲🥲🥲

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  31. Just as Lincoln would not allow succession, Mr. Fraudulence would not. And while Lincoln was fully noble, extremely intelligent, a committed Christian (putting his full faith in God), and magnanimous at the end of the Civil War, I see no signs that Mr. Fraudulence has these qualities. After all he is part of the counter culture movement that wants to erase the history of Lincoln, one of the most duly honored men in the history of the United States. He was a great thinker and orator, and we all know that he used the war to end the practice of slavery. That his legacy might be erased lacks all common sense and speaks of the unbelievable madness of the Left.

    Regarding the threat of succession ….. There was a line of clear demarcation between north and south during the Civil War. What we have now is a patchwork of red and blue states. Some of these are becoming purple. I do not see how succession could be successful even as a last resort to tyranny. Our Founders did acknowledge that under the possible transition to complete tyranny one unhappy day, the People certainly have a right to seek complete redress. I certainly think that under the current conditions, this would, indeed, be very complicated due to geographical complications.

    Many see that first appointments of this Administration are ominous. The flurry of Executive Orders has even been criticized by the New York Times. If one has any thoughts or philosophies that run counter to that of the Biden administration, then that person could easily be isolated from the general population very quickly. Trump supporters are this first to see this in an up front and personal way but they will not be the last. Laws are being completely ignored and/or changed to fit the Great Reset.

    I think that things between Russia and the USA will remain icy. While Putin is ruthless, he is intelligent and and equally canny Administration can deal with him. He has not squashed Christianity in Russia, although I am sure that Putin allows no dissent.

    On the other hand, China is fully anti-God. I am not sure the current Administration has what it takes to deal with China in any fruitful way. I do not think Francis has what it takes to deal with China in any righteous way. They are two peas in the same pod as far as I can see.

    Since the rule of law is fully diminished (and that is kind), Charlie is most correct on the status of this erstwhile republic.

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    1. Judith, I love your comments which are always thoughtful and, often, cause me to pause and ponder some. I think what we’re facing is different than what we faced in the first civil war. There is no previous template for that with which we now must contend. I’m looking forward to what Charlie will continue to share about secession based on his extended and deep contemplation of where we now find ourselves. For sure, we are in the rapids with a swirl of change and activity all around us.

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    1. Well, part of Australia knows. These particular reporters were considered Trump supporters for many years. I am sure Australians are hearing the cheering sections for the Left as well.


  32. Mark 1:23 And immediately there was in their synagogue a man with an unclean spirit; 24and he cried out, “What have you to do with us, Jesus of Nazareth? Have you come to destroy us? I know who you are, the Holy One of God.” 25But Jesus rebuked him, saying, “Be silent, and come out of him!” 26And the unclean spirit, convulsing him and crying with a loud voice, came out of him.

    I was struck by this reading on Sunday – This is where we are, the Dems are absolutely terrified of us, as we are their condemnation “have you come to destroy us?” as they build a wall around the Capitol…
    And we, as a nation need to respond and tell the demons to leave them.

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    1. QPW, I Love your insight!!!
      and… Some demons can only be expelled with Prayer with Fasting!
      We might just have to make lent this year, for the whole 12 months of 2021.
      I’m beginning to believe that if we don’t start doing our own things such as extra prayer, fasting, etc…
      God will be providing even more of them for us… and I’m guessing if He chooses them for us instead of us choosing our own, His will be far more “uncomfortable” lol.
      Even if ours does not eliminate, and only minimizes His, that’s still worth it!!!
      Blessings, -kevin-

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    1. It sure does, Mick! I hadn’t seen that but it doesn’t surprise me. I bet there will be places where those in authority will refuse to enforce it– I hope! However, I am sure that there will be many all around who will rat people out for any noncompliance of any dumb a** rule– pardon my inference to a tacky expression.

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          1. Ha, Kim! My grandmother was an Alabama-born, runway-model-gorgeous, bona fide, dyed-in-the-wool Southern belle…. and she would cuss like a sailor on rare occasions. 🙂

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    2. boy… isn’t that “doubling down” on more “error in thinking”

      for anyone who is interested, a family member forwarded this about the fallacy of masking for this plandemic…


      they even state their references on studies that have been done. and If I remember right, most, if not all of the quoted studies were actually done prior to the pandemic. so, they were certainly not biased.

      he talks pretty slow, so you can easily speed up playback quite a bit.

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  33. JESUS = GOOD NEWS .. 😉




    ….. where, no doubt, they will discover The Plague originated under Trump’s bed and was spread by Radical Racist Deplorables shouting … Jesus is Great.



    I’m sure it has nothing to do with Bio-Weapon Production. The peaceful workers & peasants of China wouldn’t condone it … Right!?
    How China is racing to collect Americans’ DNA








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  34. I learn more from this comment section than on any other site, and it’s incredibly heartening. What a great group…I love you amazing people!

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