We’re Going In

By Charlie Johnston

Tomorrow is the day. Will the American Republic be saved tomorrow? I doubt it. But the battle lines will now be clear. The pagan left thinks they have accomplished the steal and now everyone will just knuckle under. As the great Rabbi and legal scholar Dov Fischer says, “Not this time, dear leftists!” I am delighted to see that Kurt Schlichter, a man I deeply admire, has fully girded his loins for the battle before us. Now I await Victor Davis Hanson to accept fully the reality before us. As much as people want the ugliness, the corruption, the fraud and the violence to go away, it will not until we fully make our stand.

If our protest tomorrow changes things in the electoral college, I will be profoundly grateful. But whether it does or not, it will signal clearly to the fraudulent powers that be that the great mass of Christian and conservative Americans are not Congressional Republicans or federal judges. We have a spine – and though we hoped that the leaders we honored with our votes would stand for us, since they have largely gimped out, we will stand for ourselves. If this final fraud stands, you owe no loyalty to the fraudulent government that occupies this country. Any cooperation you give can only be coerced cooperation. I will NOT let my children and grandchildren be deprived of the liberty I once enjoyed without a fight to the death.

For those coming to Washington tomorrow, through our CORAC group or otherwise, I repeat this link of tips for hostile environments. I will update you on Thursday on what happened and how our group fared. (I would update you tomorrow, but it’s going to be a hectic day.)


Our own resident rocket scientist (literally – not like Jill Biden) Steve BC made a comment and provided a link that explains why the states that have locked down the hardest have seen the worst results. To give a layman’s summary, outside of clinical settings with proper protocols, masks become viral incubators. Additionally, because they reduce the available oxygen by around 20% under the best of circumstances, they weaken the wearer’s immune system, making him more vulnerable to the viruses that the incubators on his face are breeding. That makes perfect sense. This is all about control, not public safety or public health. Lockdowns, themselves, are the greatest super-spreaders of all manner of viruses. Eventually, that will be understood by all – and will be one of the final nails in the coffin of the credentialed class.


Many are dismayed by the Vatican’s and most Bishops’ assurance that we can licitly take the vaccine for Covid despite almost all of them using stem cell lines from aborted children. Even worse, they opine that there is no religious exemption for Catholics – so if government mandates we take the vaccine, to refuse would be a crime. And our Bishops will not defend the faithful. The Bishops’ justification for this is that the stem cells used for this are from the 70’s – a long time ago. Perhaps the Bishops could give us approval for buying lampshades made from the skin of the victims of German concentration camps. After all, that atrocity is from the 40’s, even longer ago.

I think the Bishops are out of their league here – just desperately trying to find ways to accommodate themselves to the world. To argue that it is licit to intentionally benefit from an atrocity because it was a long time ago is both a betrayal of Christ and a feckless maneuver to try to pacify a pagan left that will come after the Churches whatever compromises with the commands of Christ those Churches make. During the Arian Heresy, the laity were more faithful and devoted to fidelity than the Bishops of the time were. Here we are again.

I am delaying writing a serious piece about the hierarchy, because I know they are under siege and deeply demoralized (at least the ones who are not actively trying to undermine Scripture and the Magisterium). Generally, I think Bishops are more well-intentioned, but less shrewd and intelligent, than Congressmen (and you know what I think of most Congressmen). They are frozen because this crisis has come swirling with great unexpected power and they genuinely don’t know what to do. Eventually though, the good intentions of the average Bishop are going to have to be translated into a vigorous defense of the faith and the faithful. If they want to reclaim some vestige of their moral stature, their pronouncements must be consistent with Christian morality – and designed to confront, rather than appease, a pagan foe.

Always keep in mind that Jesus Christ established the hierarchy. It is a divine institution populated by oh-so-fallible men. I am not going to speak at length on this until I have developed an approach that both offers the hope of reform of the hierarchy and the elevation of it in new honor. But to opine that we must take the vaccine if government orders it (which is what the combination of proclaiming it licit and that Catholics have no religious exemption actually is) is a betrayal of basic Christian morality. Some of our Bishops may choose to betray Christ because they have made themselves tacit enemies of the faith. Other may choose to betray Christ because they put primacy on collegiality and want to avoid offending other Bishops. Thank God for those Bishops like Archbishop Vigano, Cardinal Burke, and Bishop Strickland who have stood strongly for Scripture and the Magisterium, whatever the pagan left may think. But whether the Pope and some Bishops betray Christ – either from malice or fecklessness, I will not. It is the time of the hobbits. May our fidelity inspire the same in our leaders.


I was tickled by this book, written in 1896, which seemed to foresee the Trump presidency and the downfall of the American Republic. Sometime truth really is stranger than fiction.


I spent most of Advent and Christmas with my son and his family. He unintentionally gave me a great compliment when he told me I was as hard to buy for as the man who has everything. In some surprise, I noted that I certainly do not have everything. He nodded and said, “But you don’t want anything.” Actually, he is wrong. I love the trappings of Christmas – the music, the smells, the food, but mostly the wonder of the children. I was absolutely giddy on Christmas Eve as we put the final gifts for the kids under the tree. Then I was vibrating with excitement and enthusiasm when the kids got up on Christmas morning to discover their wonderful gifts.

I do NOT like the modern practice of the “elf on the shelf,” where parents go to great pains to make a mess at night and attribute it to the elf. This is not a Christmas elf, but a malignant spirit marring the face and meaning of Christmas. Thankfully, my son and daughter-in-law have a different practice. They have a little stuffed shepherd they call Levi – and tell the kids that Levi is looking for Jesus. They hide it each night before bed and each morning the kids have to find where Levi wound up the previous night. On Christmas morning, Levi is at the manger of their Nativity Set. He found Jesus. I love this.

Yet my son touched on one of my great aspirations – to have as if having not and to have not as if having. St. Paul lauds this practice as well in Philippians 4:12 – “I know what it is to be in need, and I know what it is to have plenty. I have learned the secret of being content in any and every situation, whether well fed or hungry, whether living in plenty or in want.”

In the coming year, we all must take this dictum to heart, knowing that if we have love for God, we have all we need.


I will give a final round-up of how our Epiphany campaign for CORAC fared this weekend. You made a profound difference. And it is because of you that we are going in! Oh, and I made the title of this post as an homage to one of the favorite sayings of one of my favorite Priests, Fr. Richard Heilman – Roman Catholic Man. 


97 thoughts on “We’re Going In

  1. How grateful I am to God for having found you and this great group of human beings…my brothers and sisters in Christ! Be assured of my prayers and a whole lot of butterflies in my stomach.

    It may be silly, but I’ve been asking the Lord for lots and lots of Christmas miracles since Advent started and well, we are still in the Christmas Season, so….please Lord….

    God Bless you all,


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    1. If that is so use Open Street Maps (OsmAnd) – you can download the app and download the appropriate map. No internet connection – no problem, you just need a gps signal.

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        1. Amen!!! I tried to tell all the holy women after Mass this morning but they were still pretty mad! Lol. I said No one expected Jesus to be crucified and that this plan God has now will gain the most souls for the kingdom 🥰

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          1. Great reply to the women, Linda. Everyone is processing what we have been and are experiencing as well as what lies before us… and this, as we are inundated with so many stories and reports which we must discern with care – as best we can – to sort what is fake and what is truth.

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            1. Funny thing…the reply that stopped her rant was…”They didn’t expect Jesus to be crucified either.” It was like the beginning of an “ahha ,” moment for her. It was beautiful to behold because I’ve had so many of those “ahha,” moments since I first started listening to Charlie! 🤗Even though a bit weepy today for us all what brings me great solace is knowing that certain souls that could have been damned may now be brought into the light by the horrible suffering that is upon us and what WILL come yet. It’s a battle for souls I believe…Jesus thirsts..🥰

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  2. Thanks for taking the time and posting today, Charlie. I love you emotional attachment to Christmas. I can not travel but am with all there in DC standing for truth an honesty in upholding our Constitutional Republic.. Holding all in prayer.

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  3. Prayers For all!♥️🙏🏼
    stay safe in groups. Don’t get messed up on the metro stops if using them, don’t want to get off wrong place. Watch the perimeters, and getting split off from your compatriots . Head on a swivel!
    I made the tough decision to stay home tomorrow, 😞 even as this call is “right up my alley”… my hubby needed assistance keeping things calm around the house in afternoon … as he zooms part of a big presentation for hi profile military program for important allies to USA. (Our 120 lb Great Dane Lucy, even with her respiratory infection has a way to make her presence known) & work being done on the house . Always, my Marriage vocation first♥️
    Be assured of our prayers…will be in front of Our Lord in the tabernacle tomorrow morning instead. Our rosary group will have our rosary in the 10-11am est time slot following 9:15 mass. All being offered up for the return our our country to God and that The fraud is overturned. Jesus is going to get tired of us hanging with him so much tomorrow 😂
    We have our FL state march for life on 1/16 on st Augustine. It’s always well attended and pray many more will join us this year. Don’t forget this is a big reason why the USA has been falling into decay. If we can reject abortion, no telling what God will raise us up to
    Pray too to St Joseph, terror of demons , the first Wednesday is dedicated to him …and it is the year of St Joseph …and it is traditional Epiphany… and he and Our Lady make a dynamic duo to crush the head of the serpent!
    Blessed be God forever

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    1. Embracing, how I remember many visits to beautiful St. Augustine when we were stationed in Jax. Great reminder about St. Joseph, terror of demons, as I address him that way every day, and yes, it’s the year of St. Joseph! (I’m asking him for a very big miracle in the family.)

      I’m praying hard for all of you, everyone there!, in D.C. for this challenge! Stay safe indeed! Charlie, hope all the CORACers find each other. We are praying hard and thinking of you all so very much! That may not be a current photo you posted, but I hope that many people are there, in spite of dirty tricks from Mayor, etc. etc. God bless us all and keep everyone safe! Guardian Angel of the United States, we are still praying for all your power to be evident!!

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    2. EmbracingChristoutdoors i really wanted to go too and my hubby works so I asked him if I could hitch a ride with someone could I go??? Hahahahaha his response was…” are you 😜 😝 crazy 😛??? Lol


  4. Godspeed to all bound for DC, the belly of the beast! (or at least one of it’s bellys). I will\go to Mass tomorrow to pray for the safety of everyone. I don’t know what specific outcome to pray for, -Things are such a hot mess now and I have no clue what is the best next right step…I’ll just leave it up to Jesus, Mary and Joseph who know what is best for all of us.

    I am journeying through the Igantian Spiritual Exercises with a group of ladies from Church. I love the practice of “visualizing” ourselves in the scene of scripture. I will hold the story of Jericho in my mind – maybe Crossing the Potomac can be a symbol of Crossing the Jordan…“Go through the camp and command the people, ‘Prepare your provisions, for three days from now you shall cross the Jordan here, to march in and possess the land the LORD, your God, is giving as your possession.’”
    Stella Maris everyone!

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    1. Just wondering about the journeying through the Ignatian exercises with a group….are you using a particular book or study guide format for this? Can you share?

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      1. Hi Cynthia. We are using the book The Ignatian Adventure by Kevin O’Brien SJ. Its a year(ish) study. We’re on week 14. It is being done by my Parish. While one can do the exercises alone, it’s far better to do them with a group and a leader. The sharing part is really important. You might check to see if you have an Ignatian Spirituality center in your area. When I first did the exercises about 15 years ago it transformed my spiritual life, along with making a Cursillo weekend, which transformed my understanding of my role as a member of the Catholic Laity. You might find more information here: https://www.ignatianspirituality.com/. there is also a wonderful website by the Irish Jesuits called Sacred Space. http://sacredspace.ie. It is a short daily meditation in the Ignatian style


  5. Buffering all CORAC trekkers with wings of prayers/penance and a song in our hearts. ( Also asking the Lord to give your nerve pain, Charlie, a long hiatus.)

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      1. Asking God to allow me to bear your nerve pain along with the COVID pain I have, to give it all to Jesus. May His holy Will be accomplished in His own time. Mary protect your little rabble of squirrels and their beleaguered captain. Amen

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  6. “The Bishops’ justification for this is that the stem cells used for this are from the 70’s – a long time ago.” Jumped out at me. Well, Jesus died on the cross a long time ago so that we may be forgiven. Would those bishops then nullify that to because it happened so long ago?

    St. Michael protect all people of good will going to the rally tomorrow.

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  7. May God be with those protesting (and inspire them) tomorrow & the days to come to bring us closer to God’s will & kingdom here on earth.

    God bless all who won’t give up & give in to the Globalists will & tyranny.

    Rise up shepherds of the Church as the flock needs it’s shepherds to stand up against these evils.

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  8. President Trump warned Antifa to stay out of Wash D.C. – they will be on alert for them.

    May be the safest day to walk in D.C. –

    My husband and I will attend Mass for the Epiphany tomorrow and then praying for all of you in Adoration. God Speed to all

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  9. Our fourteen year old granddaughter, who lives with us has been ill since yesterday morning. She had a rapid test done this afternoon and she tested positive for COVID. Please pray for her and for us.
    I know God is with us in this but I ask for your prayers.
    Thanks to you all for being there (here).


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    1. If you haven’t done so already, JT, look up SteveBC’s paper on the early treatment protocol for Covid. Have your granddaughter start it ASAP. Most of the supplements can be bought over the counter, Amazon Prime, next day delivery. Vit D3, Vit C, Quercitin, Zinc, NAC, Selenium, Vit K, Vit B complex with Thiamine, etc. If you need a script for HCQ, go to the Frontline doctors website and do a telemedicine with one of the doctors as some MDs won’t write you a script because they are afraid of their state medical boards.

      Will be praying that your granddaughter gets well soon.

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    2. JT, I’m arriving late to this, but I will add my prayers for your granddaughter as well as you and the rest of your family. My prayers will be backdated for maximum help.


  10. Praying for all of you going tomorrow to defend the Christian foundations of this country. You are not only good Christians, but also patriots and to be exact heroes indeed!

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  11. Praying for you all traveling to D.C. today and that the country and the world take notice! I heard them talk about the demonstrations on Fox News. So sorry that I couldn’t go – having complications with my heart. I have gone to the Pro-Life Marches in D.C. many times. You have all been in my thoughts & prayers all day! ❤️ Betty

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  12. Epiphany blessings on all of you, those who make the journey and those who support, including the multitudes outside your great country. “They also serve who only stand and wait”.

    Onwards to Mordor, Hobbits!!

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  13. I am with all of you in spirit and prayer as you go to DC! I wish I could go!

    I’ve been praying and fasting for your protection and success!

    God speed!

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        1. A Washington Post story says that the firm XRVision used its software to do facial recognition of protesters and matched two Philadelphia antifa members to two men inside the Senate. They’re good at getting people riled up.

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          1. They are, Diane. And among those who had gathered in DC were those who can see that the fraud was perpetrated; no doubt they were fuming. I think of the writer with the moniker Sundance over at The Conservative Treehouse. How often he has written about cold anger and hot anger.

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  14. God bless you and the patriots with you. Be careful, remember the police in DC are in the enemy’s camp voluntarily. There are lots of “security” being provided by Oathkeepers and Proud Boys. I think you ll like them. Real men, patriots, and good. Judge ordered the Chairman of the Proud Boys to leave and stay out of DC. The nation is falling ever faster now. I do not believe President Trump will turn over the reigns in these circumstances, how can he? The entire world depends on him at this moment in time. He and God who has been doing His will through this incredibly great man.

    Christo Rey!

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    1. John; I read about the arrest and banishment of Enrique Tarrio earlier today. In that same article there was something about D.C. police and NG requiring receipts for accommodations (hotels etc) to get into the rally. Now I don’t remember where I saw this. Have you seen anything like this?

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  15. Praying for Charlie, CORAC, and all in DC fighting for and defending our freedoms under God, asking the Holy Family, St. Michael and all the angels and saints to pray for, guide, and protect you all both physically and spiritually.

    Also hoping and praying for a softening and changing of hearts of the many sheep who have been led astray. May their eyes be opened and God’s will be done. AMEN

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  16. To all of the CORAC team heading to Washington DC, thank you for going in. I will be praying for you and your safety. Thank you for your courageous leadership. Please be wise, discerning, and safe. It sounds like some are trying dirty tricks to keep the Conservatives and faithful away. I pray that St. Michael protect you all. Our Lord, Our Lady, and St Joseph, please watch over our team. Thank you for your posts, Charlie. You are helping us to stay filled with Hope!

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  17. All CORAC members in Washington tomorrow and everywhere are in our family’s rosary tonight and always.

    I have read and have been told by a very distinguished person of the faith, that it is a great honor for our Guardian Angel to be sent on a mission to help someone in need, is in mourning or in some type of potential harm, etc.. I have, as well as many of my family done this frequently, especially since our overarching family, starting from my Dad and Mom, has reached over 80 souls. So there is never a time when one of us needs a second heavenly companion by their side for a while.

    This added touch does not in any way diminish Our Lord, the Blessed Mother, or saints from their spiritual support and protection. nor does it diminish any role of our Guardian Angel. They exist where time and space has no meaning and are thus not bound by earthly limitations. Take St Michael the
    Archangel who is every where fighting evil. He is not limited to helping one person at a time. I think sending our angels actually adds to the infinite spiritual gifts God freely gives us to bolster our resolve to stand up for good and defeat evil in whatever ways we can.

    The USA and its God given freedoms as spelled out in the formation of our nation through the Bill of Rights and the Constitution and were based on Christian centric values, unique in all history. We must battle the evil spiritual and temporal forces that are trying to destroy the most shinning example of a free and just society. We are out there to protect God’s gift to us, the country where we live, worship, work, protect others and defend its citizens against all adversaries both foreign and domestic. CORAC is doing that now and in so doing we give glory to God.

    My Guardian Angel is on the way, her name is Ann, and she is a big fan of CORAC.

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  18. Godspeed, Squirrels!

    I can’t help but recall one trip to Washington, DC, in April 1990 for the Rally for Life. I had made a reservation at the youth hostel, which was within fair walking distance of the Capitol. My flight from California landed at night, I took the Metro to the stop nearest the hostel, and I walked about a mile on mostly dark streets ~ arriving safely. O.O Thank you, God.

    Little did Mom know, although she was praying for me. Her closing words on the phone before I left for DC: “Bearie, YOU BE CAREFUL. Remember, the mayor of that city is a drug addict!”

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  19. On this traditional feast of the Epiphany, I prayed at Mass and via the rosary for all US Patriots gathering in Washington DC. Don’t forget to include the Flame of Love insert in the Hail Mary – it blinds you-know-who☺️ Will continue the prayers that God’s will be done🙏🏻

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  20. …and if you need to suddenly order 5,000 nutrition bars from Amazon, send them to St Elizabeth’s basilica or the White House for pick up and I’ll be ready to at least contribute again!

    I am Happy about Kurt Schlicter’s change; but think we’d be closer to Venezuela direction than to just San Francisco’s. Partly because we would have started out similarly )Dominion, communist sentiments); however, Venezuela didn’t itself start with our great roots !( I need to read up on that maybe). Godspeed, we All! I’ll be honking my horn at Thee hour!

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  21. A little pause for reflection.
    Over at http://www.spiritdaily.com I clicked on the photo of Mary in a grotto.
    If you scroll down to the explanation of the photo, you will see a “shout-out” to a very
    familiar person we all know.
    Thank You MP!

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    1. Great photo MP over at Spirit Daily.

      Spirit Daily often cites MSM news… makes me wonder sometimes.

      The MSM often puts negative descriptors of Trump supporters.

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    1. PS: I want people like Pastor Coverstone in my “Foxhole”:
      Pray With Me – January 6, 2020 – The Book of James – YouTube

      GOD SAVE ALL HERE & Guide/Protect Our Comrades in Faith …. EVERYWHERE!!

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  22. Prayers for all who are in D.C. today. As this is the feast day of St. Andre Bessette, who had an enormous devotion to St. Joseph, I pray for his intercession along with St. Joseph’s for safety and guidance of all those of good will in our capital today. God bless you all.

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        1. There were wonderful family stories, Betty, along with sharing a worn copy of the first biography written about St. Andre. Since that time so much more was written and scripted into videos. 😊

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          1. “There were wonderful family stories, Betty, along with sharing a worn copy of the first biography written about St. Andre. Since that time so much more was written and scripted into videos.” (Beckita)

            Oh, what a privilege! I did see wonderful movie on EWTN on his life. I should google what other books, movies, etc. I can find on him. There are so many holy people we can learn from! 😊

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  23. Mass n the Rosary said this morn for all here and in DC. I am so looking forward to all your stories from the field! Todays Gospel, n Fr Vin’s homily take away- ‘Be Not Afraid’. Dont tell me that God doesn’t have a plan!😉

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  24. Just saw a message that VP Pence says he cannot submit to demands that he overthrow the results of the November election. I am heartbroken if this is true, but will trust in God for what comes next. Lord have mercy.

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  25. It was so delightful to see that it’s St. Andre’s feast day on the First Wed. which is dedicated to St. Joseph. It must have been the latter who motivated me to go the outdoor Mass this morning, hoping the sun would warm me! But it was necessary b/c I have been imploring St. Joseph for a big intention and I knew adding St. Andre would be powerful.

    I’m sure we have all been storming Heaven and have heard by now about the D.C. chaos. I look forward to getting reports from those there to hear that they are all safe and sound. We have crossed the Rubicon!!

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  26. Revelations 13:1-10 is what has people freaked out, 42 months of ruthless rule was given to the beast, and the rest too horrible to say.

    Let us pray & hope that Our Lady’s (BVM) intercessions has reduced that horrible reality. Do the Medjugorje secrets have good news for all those years of prayers? God can reduce prophecies to nothing like with Jonah at Nineveh, let us pray & petition God for mercy & forgiveness. With any luck, Trump’s time as president has reduced the duration of evil’s rule, perhaps this is what’s the seer at Medjugorje was referring to the secret that can be reduced but not eliminated…

    The dragon, that ancient serpent will get it’s proud head crushed in the end…


    1. Al, all prophecy is open to mitigation and the ultimate mitigating factor is the return of God’s children to Him and the keeping of His Laws and Ways. In the authentic messages of Our Lady, the theme of personally converting and, then, praying for the conversions of others is constant. So, really, it is not her intercession alone that moves the Heart of the Father. She prays for us and with us. It’s not just about Trump’s impact, but about all of us, in solidarity, praying – including the prayer of doing – that people return to God.


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