Cry, the Beloved

By Charlie Johnston

Early yesterday morning, we went over the top on our original Epiphany campaign goal, as you can see from the thermometer above. I immediately went to work seeing if we can get a match to double the original goal, making calls to folks. I asked our IT man to come up with a modified thermometer, modestly looking only at $30,000 for now. You will see it and our progress at bottom. You folks are amazing! We have a ton of work before us this year, but you have already given us a great start. If you haven’t donated yet, there is still time before Epiphany – and you can give here.


If any of you planning to join us for the Jericho March on Washington this Wednesday, the Feast of the Epiphany, have not yet let Mary Lapchak know at, please do so. Giving us your contact info will allow us to give you on-the-spot real-time information on rally points, meet-ups and other information that could be useful to you there. I will repeat tomorrow some of the most important info for you, such as to wear boots! But please let us know if you are coming. 


A thing that has been bothering me is that many Christians claim they are certain that Donald Trump will ultimately prevail because of their certainty that God will win. I remind you all that the disciples were certain that Christ would not be crucified because they were certain that God would win. Of course, God will win. He always wins. Your certainty, in this case, is not in God at all, but that He sees things the same as you do and you know exactly HOW He will win. That is not certainty; it is presumption.

I have organized a nice group of people to add to the Jericho March on Washington Wednesday. We will advocate for an honest count in the presidential election just past. The fraud was so massive, open and brazen that there is no doubt in any serious observer’s mind that this was a flagrant effort to steal the election. The consequences of fraud on such a massive scale are so devastating that I would even support martial law and military action to correct the fraud. I never thought I would do that – but now I think it would have less violent consequences than allowing the steal to prevail. I have no doubt that God will win – and the victory will be fully revealed at the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart. But I have no certainty that I know precisely how God will orchestrate this victory.

What I do know is that all of this is devised to force each of us to step up, to declare ourselves, and to work with steadfast resolve to elevate faith, family and freedom to their previous places of greatest honor in our culture. God leaves us no place of neutrality this time. We must choose. We must act. We may have allies of great prowess in this battle, but there is no man on a white horse to rescue us. It is just us and God. I believe Trump has been, in one term, one of the greatest presidents in American history. It astounds and humbles me that I expected so little of him and he has produced so much. Yet I think many people remain in denial that they will actually have to risk anything, themselves. They still think someone else is going to rescue them.

Before the election I was so disturbed that so many Christians were sounding the triumphal note that Trump was God’s plan that I began to have serious doubts. Given that I am certain that God intends to spur each person to take personal responsibility for renewing the culture, I began to wonder whether that objective would best be served by a Trump victory or a Biden steal. A Trump victory would have left many otherwise good people complacent, thinking that things were being handled without their contribution, despite the violence and riots that would have followed. A Biden steal would force people to confront the reality that if this culture is going to be resurrected, they would have to make their stand. I had begun to fear a steal of massive proportions, as I had come to think that had far more motivational value to get people to face up to what God insists we all face up to.

So here we are. I would much rather we have Trump as our chief ally in the battle before us, but I think Christian complacency that if Trump prevails all will be set right without us having to do very much is the very thing that is making it more and more likely that the steal will prevail for a time. Before the battle is fully engaged, God is going to get our minds right. The best thing you can do to insure that Trump remains our chief ally is to firmly get it out of your head that he is the sum and substance of God’s plan to renew our culture – and face up to the reality that the steal has a VERY good chance of prevailing for a time. Whatever happens, God has a 100% chance of winning. The only variable is what you will choose and what role you will play. Whatever happens, we have a tremendous battle before us and I, old and handicapped as I am, will fight it under God. I will make my stand.


We have entered the phase of conflict where honest men are trying to figure out what would be the least bloody path forward.

A few years ago I knew that the finest, most sober minds in the country had finally realized the potentially deadly and dire consequences of our cultural dysfunction when Victor Davis Hanson started writing (with no little amazement) about how if the trajectory of these dysfunctions did not change, we were headed for civil war. Townhall’s Kurt Schlichter has been candid about the conflict coming, even writing a series of dystopian novels about a coming split. Now an even more chilling sign of what is upon us has come. Both Hanson and Schlichter are frantically trying to figure out a genteel way that we can back away from the abyss. Neither is a coward. Both know how ugly this will turn very quickly, and both seek a less deadly path forward, so they kid themselves by talking about “next time.”

At the forward edge of every deadly conflict that was well-telegraphed in world history, honorable men have made desperate last-minute efforts to avert the conflict. Up until the eve of the American Revolution, Benjamin Franklin desperately tried to negotiate a peaceful resolution between England and her American colonies. When he could kid himself no longer, he became one of the greatest of American patriots. Many conservative Republicans tried desperately, on the eve of Civil War, to find a peaceful resolution before the conflict erupted in violence, even some that were entirely dishonorable. In the run-up to World War II, all of official Europe, except Winston Churchill and Cardinal Eugenio Pacelli (later Pope Pius XII), desperately tried to find a way to pacify Adolph Hitler. We were never going to get rid of Hitler without a few hundred thousand casualties, but the European dithering led to a catastrophic conflict that took at least 84 million casualties, several orders of magnitude higher than if we had acted with decisive and honorable resolve.

Even so, I sympathize with the temporizers. Hotheads always want force and violence as an easy response to conflict, idiotically convinced of their own superior prowess. War, once begun, always takes on a life of its own that confounds the expectations on both sides. Nations and movements have spilled a lot of unnecessary blood because of unchecked hotheads. Yet dithering in the face of aggressive provocations only buys the enemy time to grow stronger – and results in far more blood spilled even then that by hotheads. It really becomes a judgment call. If there is any rational basis for negotiation and restraint left, it is better not to initiate conflict. But when the ultimate goals of two sides are completely incompatible and both have dug in, one must lose and the other must win. The only reason to delay at that point is to buy time to strengthen your own forces. But it is imperative to understand that, sometimes, the only path to peace is through war.

I say we have reached that point. Some honorable officials and honorable thinkers want to wait until “next time” in hope that this storm will somehow pass over us of its own accord – or that we can build better storm shelters in the meantime. Most prominent among them is Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. He thinks it would be best to just suck up the fraud and prepare better for next time. It would be easy to vilify him as a coward, but I don’t forget that he skillfully shepherded over 300 conservative judges to confirmation. Only time will tell whether he becomes a Benjamin Franklin or a Benedict Arnold. But for all my respect for the great work he has done on confirmations, if he ultimately supports the steal, his time of usefulness is over. What most officials have not yet figured out is that patriots have lost all patience for temporizing. You stand or you don’t. Nobody much cares why anymore, they just want to know which team you are on.

I said it a few days ago and I say it again here: There is no next time. There is only this time. If we don’t get it right this time, there will be no next time – only civil war. The sooner officials and commentators understand that, the sooner we will know who they really are. The occupation and the coup are not yet completed, but they are very close. I will not submit to a hostile force that seeks to occupy by force and fraud the highest offices in the country and mutilate my beloved native land.

As the great novels of “The Lord of the Rings” and “The Narnia Chronicles” foreshadowed, we have entered into a real-life epic saga of good versus evil, the forces of God versus the forces of this world. All the most important institutions are betting on the forces of this world – including, sadly, a large number of religious leaders. As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord, knowing that even if we have only 300 to the world’s 100,000, the battle is in God’s hands.

Together, we have chosen the Lord here. Thank you all for being part of my house in the conflict before us.


Finally, though we just adjusted the goal number up because of your amazing support, already we are at almost $27,000! All I can say is thank you – and keep those cards and letters coming, folks! Below is the new thermometer. $40,000, here we come!


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  1. Yay, Team CORAC!

    “A thing that has been bothering me is that many Christians claim they are certain that Donald Trump will ultimately prevail because of their certainty that God will win.”

    Oh yes, Charlie. The surety of Trump saving the day by proving the fraud and proceeding to be inaugurated is expressed just about everywhere I go. I find myself replying by cautioning the other(s) to remain open to whatever God allows and I cannot believe how some people heatedly respond by reasoning that God MUST rubber stamp Trump’s victory over the steal, yet, IF Trump *does* pull through, how do we think those who are duped by the lies will respond? And even more sobering, how do we think those who are ALL IN with leading and actively supporting the dark side will retaliate? We know God’s ultimate goal is to reclaim each and every one – all He possibly can – who will repent and choose Him. What IS that Plan given the complexities of this worldwide civil war being waged on cultural lines? He and He Alone knows. Pondering aplenty and trusting wholeheartedly in THE One who is Sovereign Lord.

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    1. It seems to me you’ve found a good balanced way of remaining open to whatever God allows, Beckita.

      When I tend to get testy about the topic of whether President Trump will or will not be inaugurated this January for four more years is when the person I’m talking with seems to have already given up, resigned themselves to Biden/Harris, and seems to want me to do the same and not expend any more effort on the President’s behalf “because Covid” or something.

      My response to one such person was quite similar to something I heard Father Frank Pavone say during one of the weeknight online prayer rally sessions he’s been holding on RSBN, which I’ll paraphrase, it was something to the effect of: “No matter what the outcome is, I want to be able to stand before God and say that I did everything I could on behalf of President Trump.”

      As for going to Washington DC myself, wow I really would love to go, I’ve gone more than once to participate in March for Life rallies in years past and definitely know I’ll be missing out big time on personally making history at an ultra-historic time and place. On more than one of those trips, I coincidentally ran into someone I knew in the midst of hundreds of thousands of people, and one time I saw Father Frank Pavone in person. On my last trip to the March for Life, it distinctly felt like St. Michael wanted me to go down and be a photo journalist for the day, and I think the help I got taking photos that day was angelic, better than what I would normally be able to do on my own.

      This time around, my close friends and family know the reasons why I’ve chosen to stay home and offer support behind the scenes rather than being on the front lines at the rally in our nation’s capitol. (I’ve attended a few local flag-wave rallies and really enjoyed them and the fellowship there even though I went there with the intention of offering them up as a prayer-sacrifice due to the seasonal weather.) So in this case I’m offering prayers as a prayer warrior, sending my guardian angel to Washington DC … and since people are already starting to show up there I better send my angel now instead of waiting until January 6th … and having prayed and discerned about it, have made a modest donation to a citizen journalist who is currently heading to Washington DC.

      Maybe God is wanting me to take on a more humble role in some of these historic happenings … Like I’ve been an astronomer since about the age of seven, in this year of China virus did manage to see the Perseid Meteor Shower in August, but I missed out on seeing the once-in-a-lifetime Christmas Star this year due to weather conditions. I tell myself that quite possibly the people who saw the actual astronomical phenomenon of the Christmas Star in the sky with their own eyes needed to see it more than I did.

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  2. And on a lighter but just as true, note. All the Keen boots are being bought up on Amazon in a most battle worthy manner. Who else but CORACs ( Charlie favors Keens) would be doing that at the pace of causing one pair in the cart, after ‘losing’ two other ones, to go up in price by thirty dollars in just two hours? It’s to take a battle ready win or lose stand, hopefully!

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      1. I wore one pair of Keen boots throughout the 3,200 miles I walked across the country. I was amazed at how comfortable and sturdy they were. Now, admittedly, after maybe 1,800 miles I was doing little repairs on them just about every week. But they, like me, made it. I DID go through 16 pairs of shoe laces. It is much more stressful on a pair of shoes when you are doing sustained, extreme walking. To give you an idea, a nice pair of sneakers will only last you about a week. One of my Priests has the original shoes – but I still use Keens. And the funny thing was that I knew nothing about them. I was planning to leave in some cowboy boots, but my youngest brother gave me a pair he had only worn a couple of times – saying that those cowboy boots were going to shred my feet.

        In Kansas, a state trooper who was doing a wellness checked asked me what I was doing. When I told him he asked how many shoes I had gone through. When I told him this was the original pair, he got skeptical of my whole story until I lifted them up so he could see how badly the tread was worn – and I explained the weekly repairs I did. Those boots were good to me!

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        1. God bless you Charlie and all the CORAC squirrels. Soooo glad the contribution thermometer burst.
          I’m praying for you and all who support the CORAC effort. Our Lady of Tepeyac pray for us!

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        1. If boots are hard to come by just use your most comfortable shoes and wrap duct tape around them to secure them to your feet.
          Buy the sturdy kind of duct tape and wear long socks or an ankle wrap (the kind for sprained ankles) to keep the tape off your skin. The higher quality tape is very strong and sticks to skin very well and is painful to remove so the socks allow you to get the tape above your ankle without hurting your skin.
          Do not tape it too tight, you don’t want to loose circulation.

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      2. I like Merrill better because they fit my foot better. It is good to wear ones that are right for your feet. Poorly fitting boots are awful. Blisters etc are no fun.

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      3. After 10 years and many pairs, I can say I love Keens. It’s a wider shoe than others like Merrill and Salomon, just seem to fit me perfectly.

        Light, rugged, durable. They are great for working long nursing shifts on concrete floors, then hiking 1500’ up Bear Butte. (not pronounced “bare but”😀)

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        1. Ha! It never occurred to me that “Butte” might be pronounced “but” by some, but whatever. 🙂


          1. Merrills are good, too BillBad. Someone else here mentioned that Keens are excellent for peeps with wide feet. Merrills tend to be narrower, good for those who have not-wide feet, Lol.

            There are bunch of us who have wider feet and the Keens are so comfortable. My Hubbie has Merrills, his feet are not wide. We have only used them for hiking.

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            1. Sorry Patrick, scrolling back I see it was you who mentioned the foot width difference. I read your comment earlier in the day, responded from my email (so forgot it was your testimony) and then wanted to let Billbad know the Merrills also have a good reputation.


          2. Some people swear by Merrill’s and can’t stand keens, and vice versa. Just gotta try them on.

            I did get a little disappointed by my latest pair of “dressy” Keens for work. After successfully buying about 8 pair the past several years, I decided to try ordering the Targhee II online. I always buy the same size, so I figured it was a no-brainer.

            Ooops, they didn’t quite fit snug enough. I probably won’t try buying shoes online again.

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  3. Don’t know how well you like links in the comments, but this homily of Fr. Robert Altier (from the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis) fits right in with Charlie’s call to choose whose side we are on:

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    1. I loved in that whole video from Fr. Altier!!!
      I especially liked where he points out “why” Jesus told us that the gates of hell will NOT prevail against his Church/Christians/Christianity.
      BECAUSE FOR A PERIOD TIME, IT IS GOING TO LOOK EXACTLY LIKE EVIL IS PREVAILING/WINNING. (Possible similarity, Why Jesus often said “Do Not be afraid”, it was usually at times when there was something to fear)

      The general thinking that I have to remind myself with, to hearten my own heart… Is that no matter who “ends up” in the Whitehouse, God will make fruit of it!!!
      Easier said than done, but if we actually put our faith in God, we will not be afraid.
      How long will the turmoil/war continue? I love what Charlie says, the variable is us… The American people, What will we all choose and what role will we choose to play.

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      1. The idea of everything looking as though evil has won was a theme that was discussed back at the TNRS site from where Charlie first reached out to us, encouraging us to begin contemplating how we would conduct ourselves in the thick of the Storm as well as challenging us, in the best of ways, to develop habits of the mind which will serve us well in these days. There’s a passage from an old piece, Be Not Afraid, first published in October of 2015, which is worthy of pondering as we consider the idea of a phase where it will seem all is lost:

        Many continue to think that the Storm is God’s punishment of us. IT IS NOT. Get that out of your head. The Storm is what we have brought on ourselves. It is an evil that is entirely wrought by our hands. God has nothing to do with it. If you don’t firmly get that right, you will get almost everything else wrong. The great evil is that we have convinced ourselves that we are sufficient to ourselves, that we are masters of our destiny with no need for God, whatsoever. This hubris has caused souls to be lost to eternity at an unprecedented rate for the last century. For a time, God restrained some of the consequences of that hubris, to give us a chance to come back to Him of our own accord. That would have been best. But we would not. So God has lifted the hand of His restraint for a time, that we may see what WE have wrought without Him. Once again, God is using the evil we have wrought to bring about good – to let us see some of the consequences of our rebellion, that we will lose our confidence in our mastery of events without reference to Him. When our confidence in our own supremacy is dashed, we must either despair or turn to Him. Already, the rate of the loss of souls to eternity has slowed as people see what we have wrought.

        Some pray for mitigation of the Storm. They think they do well, but what they are actually praying for is mitigation of the consequences of what we have wrought. Over the last century, that sort of mitigation has been given – and the result has been the continued loss of masses of souls to eternity because of our stubborn, stiff-necked rebellion. For the last century, every time God has shielded us from the consequences of our stupid vanity, we have simply doubled down, thinking the mitigation proof that we are in control and do not need God. Our preening arrogance has formed a deadly cancer on the Mystical Body of Christ. All we ever had to do to rid ourselves of the cancer was to embrace humility and our need for God. Every time the Lord has mitigated the symptoms, we have doubled down on our arrogance, making the cancer worse. God is not using the Storm we have wrought to destroy us, but as a form of Divine Chemotherapy guaranteed to rid us of the cancer and leave us healthier than ever. The Storm, used as God is now using it, IS an act of Divine Mercy. It is an act of supreme folly to pray for delivery from the cure rather than from the cancer. (From the time of first reading this piece, I shifted my prayers for mitigation into the specific intention that all peoples would make a return to the Lord, for reclaiming His children is God’s end game.)

        Collectively, we really did this to ourselves and our Father in Heaven has been tamping down the consequences while He ever invites us to partner with Him in navigating the roughest of waters to come in this Storm as we co-create a New Beginning.

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          1. Thanks, Kevin. Honestly, when I was initially directed to TNRS by a priest friend, I was magnetized by what Charlie was writing – magnetized in the sense of it ringing true – so that I actually reread most of his pieces three times. It’s been five years since I did that, so some of the immediate recall has dimmed, but most themes we discuss here evoke something from the archives and there’s just too much gold in CJ’s earlier writing not to bring it to the fore whenever possible.

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            1. “Honestly, when I was initially directed to TNRS by a priest friend, I was magnetized by what Charlie was writing – magnetized in the sense of it ringing true”

              Oh, happy day, that day you first came here, God’s providence 🙂 Also, I must say, the same interior ringing of truth happens when I read here. I am so thankful to God for Charlie, you, TNRS team, all here.

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        1. This whole post is awesome. When it seems that evil has won, reminds me of a passage in some message by the Blessed Mother, I believe. It’s along the same lines, that when all appears lost… or some such words, that is when there will be a divine intervention. Unfortunately it seems that it must get worse to fit that description or promise.

          I pray every day for the Triumph, the victory!

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        2. Excellent reminder and answer to those refusing to see what their actions and inactions have resulted in based on their weak or total abandonment and need for God in our lives.

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    2. Thank-you, Fr. Joel for sending this homily. A true call to arms.
      I listened intently and was moved to tears when he stated, “He will send his mother this time.”
      Thank-you, katey in OR – praying for all our travelers 🙏🏽

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  4. Yes, and yes, Charlie. I would happily be convinced otherwise, but your analysis of the situation runs right along the lines of my thinking as of late. Never thought I’d live to see the day…..but as for me and my house, we shall serve the Lord as well.
    My husband and I will be at Mass Wednesday morning and in Adoration, praying your protection and the same for all in the Epiphany March as well as beseeching His Mercy on our country. God bless you!

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  5. Be prepared … On a wilder portion of the Internet, I came across a post titled “Early arrivals in DC please be careful. They are busing in Antifa and the police actually gave Antifa an escort (” … While I have a link to the Tweet containing the video, I’m not posting it here at this time because it contains rough language.

    Have already begun praying for all Americans attending the Epiphany Rally including from CORAC and invited your guardian angels to pray for you today at the Mass I attended.

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  6. Hello Charlie

    I believe it was Pope Pius Xll. Misprint.

    Please tell me what I can do up here in Vancouver BC. I am 75 but have a family I need to know how to assist in these coming times. Not sure what you are expecting, but I want my family and I to be on God’s side.

    Is there a CORAC up here?

    Denise ☘ Sent from iPhone.


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    1. Ha, one of the Priests who regularly reads this caught the mistake early and texted me. It has been corrected. I knew it was Pius XII, but I did not catch it on my re-read. I could call it a typo, but if I had made the same typo on John Paul II, I KNOW I would have caught it in the re-read.

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    2. Hi Denise in Vancouver BC. My family and I visited your fair city around 16 years ago. What a lovely city! I hope it still is. Thanking for caring about us here in the US. I love reading posts from dear ones in all the various countries. It feels like God has all of us circling the globe with His love connecting us.Blessing to you and your family.

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  7. I have spent the past few hours watching a documentary on the Nazi extermination of millions of Jews for being Jews, and millions of Soviets, Polish and more for being subhuman as non Arian. The manner of the killings were in general sadistic. One might have thought that God would have prevented or then stopped all of this cruelty. No, it’s left to our human nature to prevent or stop such evil.

    It’s estimated that 80 million civilians and military were killed by WWII, plus of course many more injured. By contrast, the snakes in Nazi Germany that brought about WWII were at most in the low thousands. Perhaps the snakes here now are only a few hundred in prominent positions, and they could be lawfully tried and then jailed for aiding and abetting voting fraud.

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  8. Thank you Charlie, another awesome post!!!
    I especially love the part:
    “… the best thing you can do to insure that Trump remains our chief ally is to firmly get it out of your head that he is the sum and substance of God’s plan to renew our culture – and face up to the reality that the steal has a VERY good chance of prevailing for a time. Whatever happens, God has a 100% chance of winning. The only variable is what you will choose and what role you will play. Whatever happens, we have a tremendous battle before us…”

    Charlie, You’re helping me in realizing the fact, that this “war” is between “Good and evil”, is not really about Donald Trump & China-Joe, and it’s not really even about the USA!!! All these things are only secondary… These things/people are just the “Playing field” or “war zone” All these things(we) are either assets or enemies of God. Donald Trump is not our “savior”!!! he is just a great asset/soldier/leader for our team.

    This war is about God’s view, of HIS big picture, which is saving souls, and only He knows which “path to take” or “effects/events to use(allow)” that will move/convert the most souls from being enemies, over to the truth.

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  9. I also think that along with converting as many “duped” souls as possible, from outright fighting for evil, to fighting for the truth/God…
    another huge positive/reason for us suffering this battle of ’20/’21, is to help get as many “Luke Warm” souls as possible to get off their lazy rears and start participating in the war against evil. “What will we choose and what role will we play?” The whole reason we’re in this mess, is complacency/laziness/fear/etc… What we have “failed to do”. For too many years/decades, We sit on our rears and let everyone else do the fighting for us. (yes, that was me too for many years of my life!!!)

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  10. Today marks the one-year anniversary of the apparent US drone strike that took out Qasem Soleimani, the Iranian major general who is said to have masterminded and commanded many terrorist activities over many years. This is one example I’ve noticed of the Trump Administration’s dealing with the kingpins without putting at risk the lives and physical-mental health of thousands of American troops and, concurrently, ensuring endless profits for the military-industrial complex. Perhaps “war” is different now.

    Also, it’s noteworthy that the President has repeatedly been inviting/asking patriotic Americans to show up in DC on January 6. Before that, during much of 2020, he held many rallies in many states for the purpose of engaging citizens in their civic duties. He repeatedly asked citizens to VOTE. (I, personally, drove 120 miles round trip to drop my ballot in the drop-box at the county seat instead of mailing it.) Consequently, Americans turned out in record numbers to vote legally ~ and most of them voted for Donald J. Trump for President. (Happily, this also overwhelmed and made much more obvious the tried-and-true multifaceted election cheating systems that had been put in place.) The point is, he is asking us to be engaged, to be informed, and to take responsibility in our democratic republic.

    Lately, it seems that the President and members of his team have been on the phone with members of state legislatures, giving them the evidence of election cheating and exhorting THEM to step up to the plate to do what is THEIR responsibility to ensure the integrity of elections in their states. He’s not saying, “You just sit back and I’ll save the day.”

    These are just some examples of how DJT is, himself, encouraging people NOT to put it all on him to save the republic, but to equip and exhort the people to fulfill their rightful responsibilities.

    Right along with this is his overt supplication to Almighty God to direct and to assist in all efforts. This open acknowledgement of God is shared by many of the President’s key staff, including Secretary of State Mike Pompeo; Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany (and Sarah Huckabee Sanders before her); ally General Michael Flynn and his brilliant attorney, Sidney Powell; and others whom Squirrels can name.

    The situation we’re in has taken many decades, probably centuries, to develop insidiously. Unlike the previous occupant who, I suspect, rather liked being hailed as “the One,” President Trump realizes that his two terms represent a blip in history but that they can be a crucial turning point ~ with the grace of God ~ to help get Americans back on track.

    If Cheatin’ China Joe manages to get in, well, we really do need a Deus ex machina. God’s will be done.

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  11. I’m sitting here watching everyone’s preparations for the Jericho March on DC, which is something Charlie talked of many times and was preparing us for a few years ago. Then, the attitude was that it would be happening in dark times with many systems down all over the country.

    We never thought that it would actually happen in a state of mind and heart where the participants are both determined and celebratory, very different from the original work we all did on it a couple three years ago.

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  12. I’m a little reluctant to say this…. but I’m a lot worried that if/when President Trump ends up getting back into the Whitehouse, that tooo many people will say…
    Whew, the war is over, we can all stop fighting now(praying, fasting), Trump will take over(continue) the fight for us again!!!

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    1. I’ve had this unshakeable feeling that Trump is going to be able to flip the script and expose the corruption for all to see. But instead of settling things down, that will be the catalyst for the civil war already in course to go hot. And that’s when China makes their move. Trump’s gone, and our persecution is coming and we’ll have to make our stand as Charlie so wisely councils, I’m sure of those things, but I think there’s quite a bit to play out yet and the depth of the corruption will be exposed for all to see.

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  13. “But I have no certainty that I know precisely how God will orchestrate this victory.” This statement rings true for me too Charlie. Actually, it seems to sum it all up.

    Like all here, I want Trump in charge during this storm, but it sure looks less likely by the minute. Your other statements about Trump winning now making it too easy for many of us to sit back down and let others do the work without choosing sides seems right too. Frankly i just do know what will happen, i stay informed but stopped trying to figure it out.

    But i do thank God for allowing me to realize whatever form His victory takes has nothing to do with my cleverness and everything to do with my YES! to Him. (All of our yeses!)

    May He protect our families and homes from evil and harm and sustain us in the storm that is upon us. Psalm 91.

    See you all in a few days in Jericho, with boots, ballistic eye protect and a trash bag too!

    With love and affection, yours in Christ…r

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  14. “My God, forgive what I have been, correct what I am and direct what I will be.”-St.Elizabeth Ann Seton
    May she intercede for CORAC’s journey and for authentic Cath.Educ. (inc. homeschooling) to flourish.
    setonshrine(dot)org has plethora of info

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  15. I pray if God decides that enough of us have stood up to grace us with a Trump victory, that we have the courage and fortitude to keep standing, and reminding ourselves and our allies that it is for God we stand, for without Him it is a quick slide back.

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  16. Brother Charie,

    You rightly say the following, “But when the ultimate goals of two sides are completely incompatible and both have dug in, one must lose and the other must win. The only reason to delay at that point is to buy time to strengthen your own forces. But it is imperative to understand that, sometimes, the only path to peace is through war.” This is the truth of the matter, and our Beloved Jesus gave us the supreme example of what is ultimately necessary in the battle against Good vs Evil. Yes, our Lord, when confronted and remonstrated by Peter to settle down and to “temporize” things, our Lord immediately said to, “Get thee behind me, Satan” because he knew that at that moment in time it was Satan who had taken hold of Peter’s mind. But our Lord would have nothin of it, just as He would have nothing of it when the money changers had sullied the “Holy Temple” and he made whip of cords and chased their greedy asses out of the temple! Yes, our beloved Lord Jesus was the Aslan Lion when confronted with Evil, and he exercised his violence against evil by ultimately allowing himself to be hung on a cross.

    So, to me, this call to arms to men of good will and principle, is just the same call that the original founders of this Country were called to. You are right to point out that two goals that are incompatible will naturally result in a conflict, where one must and will win over the other. I have always advocated that when a group of so called wise men (Supreme Court Justices) allowed the murder of children in the womb, that’s when a tetonic rupture of evil took place across this continent (and the world as far as that goes) and the ensuing tsunami waves of Satan’s evil begin rush across America. So, is it any surprise that the political party that wholeheartedly embraced the murdering of killing children as a sacrament to their beliefs, would now plan and outright and audaciously steal an election?! Hell No! It’s no surprise at all, and in their deranged and evil minds they think that we’re the evil ones for wanting to uncover their evil misdeeds. They think were wrong because they stole the election fair and square and who are we to question them. Yes, that’s evil at it’s finest. But, at St. Paul pointed out, this battle is about great powers and principalities, and it is now evident than ever before. So, yes, the call to stand up and be counted is now.

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    1. Excellent! “is it any surprise that the political party that wholeheartedly embraced the murdering of killing children as a sacrament to their beliefs, would now plan and outright and audaciously steal an election?! Hell No! It’s no surprise at all, and in their deranged and evil minds they think that we’re the evil ones for wanting to uncover their evil misdeeds. They think we’re wrong because they stole the election fair and square and who are we to question them.” Reposted this bit. Exactly what “they” think!

      HOW do we stop thinking in “us and them?” Or at war is it okay? This makes most of my family “them”.

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      1. It is heartbreaking when you realize that Nance. Pray, pray, pray for them that the scales will drop from their eyes and they turn their lives over to Jesus the Lord. (Also for the ones who Have their heads stuck in the sand.)

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  17. Great work, Charlie.

    All I can say is Amen…and A-women!

    [If anybody doesn’t know what I mean by that, you will soon enough]

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    1. Stupid, ain’t it, Christopher? As Beckita noted, these wokesters must’ve never heard of etymology. They’re the same people (or same type of people) who tell us that “niggard” is a racial epithet.

      I don’t know whether to laugh, to cry, or to beat my head against a wall

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    1. Noticed the “Bergoglio” not “Pope” from Abp Vigano. Thanks for the link.

      Btw, what’s with all the Catholic heros sporting long hair like Aragorn and Legolas? I think it is cool, the great catholic usurpation of the hippies.

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  18. David & Goliath
    Scary but we must remain steadfast and resolved–in Him.
    I think of the Patriots that won our war for independence. That is the spirit in which we must fight; not fighting for fighting’s sake but fighting for ourselves and our children. Unless or until we know God is not on our side we need to keep on keeping on, fighting the good fight for the right reasons.

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    1. Either you have not been paying attention or you are a troll. We have been covering the national organization, The Corps of Renewal and Charity (CORAC) since I founded it in early July – to be an educational and activist group to help prepare people to endure hard times and to band together with each other. My apologies if you have been legitimately out of the loop, but one of the favored efforts of my more unbalanced critics at the height of the controversy was to try to find some money angle. They were all disappointed. CORAC is worth supporting and will become, in this year, not only an important but vital organization to fight for faith, family and freedom. Perhaps you are a quiet reader who has gotten WAY behind. But since this is your first comment ever on this site, I can’t help but suspect you of being a troll. Again, my apologies if you are not.

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      1. Hi, Charlie! I’m a long-time reader but am usually a busy person and don’t comment. I have a minute and would like to ask what happened to these critics that made them disappointed?

        Thank you and may you be well.


    2. Ann the difference between you and we who donate to CoRaC is that you don’t understand Charlie or CoRaC. Charlie has given his whole life to help his fellows. We believe in him! Where would we all be without him, his spiritual direction during this tumultuous time before the triumph of the Immaculate Heart ❤️ of Mary or without the help that CoRaC contributions will help some of our dear fellows in need. Maybe one day you will be one of them? God can do many great things with 5 barely loaves 🥖 and two little fish🐠 🐟 !!! Now just Imagine a bunch of faith-filled God-fearing squirrels 🐿 with 2 barely bloated 🥖 and two little fish! 🤗 🐠 🐟

      Ave Maria Stella Maris!!!

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          1. Auto correct is pretty darn correct so many times!!!😂😂😂 the only 🥖 bread my body consumes is Jesus in the blessed sacrament!😂


  19. Lin Wood discusses the whereabouts of Jeffrey Epstein, the betrayal in The White House, reasons that V.P Mike Pence might not be on our team, the truth about the false COVID-19 models, the truth about the 2020 election fraud, Sidney Powell’s 270 election fraud report, the envelopes from George H.W. Bush’s funeral

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      1. If he is not unhinged, and what he says and tweets is true, then our conception of the depth and breadth of the evil permeating Christendom will sober us up right quick. Our definition of “legitimate cause” will expand to include defeating the demonic in our civic structures.

        He rings true to me, in the sense of, “I have told you true”.

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        1. Actually, the depth of the evil IS far greater than most anyone knows. That causes me to wonder why Wood is so desperately trying to draw people away from what is verifiably real. He is either suffering from a nervous breakdown or was never our friend in the first place.

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          1. Agreed, Charlie. I was already starting to wonder about Wood, but he completely lost me at “Pence et al. should be arrested, charged with treason, and executed by firing squad.”

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        1. He keeps coming up with wilder and wilder theories – without ANY hard supporting evidence, just his own speculation and his wink-wink assurance that it is true.

          When I was running big campaigns, I told each of my candidates to be careful because our enemies could only wound us; it was our friends who could kill us. My point was that we thoroughly vet whatever comes from the opponent’s camp, but too easily buy any soothing narrative that confirms what we already suspect if it comes from an erstwhile ally. A lot of info on each side is always unvetted wishful thinking – and if you get so undisciplined that you just choose what to believe based on whether it is amenable to what you already think, your credibility will eventually be shot with serious people. Wood has shot his credibility with me.

          Now, you want some specifics, Bonchie at Red State wrote a marvelously concise piece that summarized it all. The fact is, the more clever political operatives would toss out what was sometimes called “chump bait,” something obviously unvetted but so deliciously lurid that over-aggressive opponents could not help but bite on it – and destroy their credibility in a fiery crash.

          So no, a guy who maintains that Jeff Epstein is still walking around (presumably in hiding with Elvis) and that Mike Pence, who was a hero to Wood last week is now a Dr. Evil style villain who is going to face a firing squad is NOT the guy I will got to for solid, sober and sound information. There are real conspiracy theories happening out there, but Wood’s increasingly desperate posits don’t even approach, much less pass, the threshold of plausibility, or meet even the loosest standards of vetting. At this point, Wood has become so unhinged I wonder whether he has lost it or is actively working for the other side to hurt the credibility of the very real conspiracies that have mutilated confidence in the election process.

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          1. I hear you Charlie. I just thought that a “defamation” lawyer putting out such direct attacks, wouldn’t tread there if he didn’t have the “truth” behind his accusations. Why isn’t he being sued?

            Time will reveal the truth.

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            1. And I just have to note that people I thought true to the good, have turned out to be amazing “actors” and rotten to the core.

              I can’t believe that VP Pence is not who he portends to be. I pray that the taunts from Wood were just that, taunts to get him to do the right thing on Jan. 6th.

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            2. On that, I agree with you. That is why I think he may have had a nervous breakdown. And it may well have been caused by absolute fury over the flagrancy of the fraud and the co-conspirators in the media and among many Republicans to let it ride. Even so, if we are to be effective, we must stay grounded.

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              1. Lin Wood has been made privy to disgusting and horrific child trafficking. He has video, names, and all the receipts of high powered people who are and have been involved. I do think this knowledge has affected him deeply. He keeps announcing a “special place in Hell for these monsters”. I pray that he will be able to take down these monsters, but I fear the cover-up will continue if “evil” continues to hold power at the highest levels of our American institutions.

                Pray for Lin Wood and all those on the front lines trying to end child trafficking and murder of the innocent. Pray for his protection and that of his family.

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                1. Surely the cover-up would continue if evil forces continued to hold power… but they *cannot* hold it forever. We are on a precipice. No matter who is inaugurated, we will have more serious outbreaks of conflict- more than ever before. If Biden is illegitimately inaugurated, there are a plethora of people who will r.e.f.u.s.e. to accept him and they will become part of a fierce Resistance movement against him – so fierce that bloodshed may be inevitable. If Trump is justly inaugurated, all hell will break loose because the powerbrokers who used Obama as a puppet and now Biden as their puppet will incite all the foolish, lost ones to ramp up battle mode; again, bloodshed is inevitable. What happened at Josh Hawley’s home will be like a sweet afternoon tea party in comparison.

                  As I continue to ponder where we are, I wonder at a successful Trump inauguration from the lens of Heaven. If Trump gets into office again (And I would love this as much as anyone on this site who can see what devastation a Biden presidency would engender with evil officially promoted everywhere in this land.), where are the hearts of the people who voted for him? Yes I believe Trump won by a landslide and deserves to be inaugurated as our Prez. But wait! Are those millions of American who voted for Trump truly surrendered and committed to God? ALL IN for Him, His Laws and His Ways? I don’t know. No one knows but the Lord who clearly sees each human heart. We are about to enter this great mystery: a world renewed with the full Triumph of Our Lady’s Immaculate Heart. I’ve previously made a comparison of this Storm as similar to purgatory. We are being disciplined and purified by the Lord in this transition. Just as we cannot enter Heaven until we’ve been purgated to be Love in what we think, say and do, this time is a time of burning out of us all that interferes with total reliance on God with complete surrender to His Ways of Love. Voting for Trump because of the good he has done and would continue to promote does not necessarily mean a person is repentant and interested in conversion. I think of Matthew 7:21-22: “Not everyone who says to me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only the one who does the will of my Father who is in heaven. Many will say to me on that day, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name and in your name drive out demons and in your name perform many miracles?’ Then I will tell them plainly, ‘I never knew you. Away from me, you evildoers!’”

                  All of this makes me wonder if God will allow the inauguration of Biden for His purpose(s). Would such a horrible result actually precipitate the conversion of many more people? I don’t know. No one knows. We all look through a glass darkly. What I do know is that God is with us as we continue to choose Him and let Him lead rather than us, in arrogance, leading Him into the better way to do His Will.

                  This is but my way of reiterating what Charlie has written about. So, here’s a habit of the mind to foster before we are overwhelmed if things turns out differently than we think they should:

                  Given that I am certain that God intends to spur each person to take personal responsibility for renewing the culture, I began to wonder whether that objective would best be served by a Trump victory or a Biden steal. A Trump victory would have left many otherwise good people complacent, thinking that things were being handled without their contribution, despite the violence and riots that would have followed. A Biden steal would force people to confront the reality that if this culture is going to be resurrected, they would have to make their stand. I had begun to fear a steal of massive proportions, as I had come to think that had far more motivational value to get people to face up to what God insists we all face up to.

                  So here we are. I would much rather we have Trump as our chief ally in the battle before us, but I think Christian complacency that if Trump prevails all will be set right without us having to do very much is the very thing that is making it more and more likely that the steal will prevail for a time. Before the battle is fully engaged, God is going to get our minds right. The best thing you can do to insure that Trump remains our chief ally is to firmly get it out of your head that he is the sum and substance of God’s plan to renew our culture – and face up to the reality that the steal has a VERY good chance of prevailing for a time. Whatever happens, God has a 100% chance of winning. The only variable is what you will choose and what role you will play. Whatever happens, we have a tremendous battle before us and I, old and handicapped as I am, will fight it under God. I will make my stand.

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                    1. Ephesians 6:10-18 +
                      Finally, be strong in the Lord and in the strength of his might. Put on the whole armor of God, that you may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil. For we are not contending against flesh and blood, but against the principalities, against the powers, against the world rulers of this present darkness, against the spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places. Therefore take the whole armor of God, that you may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand. Stand therefore, having fastened the belt of Truth around your waist, and having put on the breastplate of righteousness, and having shod your feet with the equipment of the gospel of peace; besides all these, taking the shield of faith, with which you can quench all the flaming darts of the Evil One. And take the helmet of salvation, and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God. Pray at all times in the Spirit, with all prayer and supplication. To that end keep alert with all perseverance, making supplication for all the saints.

                      Our Constitution is Divinely Inspired. I believe We the People will fight to keep it.

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                2. Sansan,
                  I’ll share with you a confession, where I suspect I was led astray…
                  I watched a video series called fall cabal a few months ago. supposedly made by a person who converted from ‘left” to “right”, which at first sounds like a lot of bad facts about the evil plan for the “left” to take over the world, and to do that is to get Trump out of their way.
                  In that video series there are a LOT of actual truth!!!
                  but when looking at the whole thing, I am now not so sure of the true intent of the video series…
                  I now think it is pretty likely it was actually an attempt to make followers look foolish.
                  Example: pizzagate, where supposedly a specific pizza place had a basement where a lot of this horrific child abuse was happening… Later, a man who has no previous bad record, took the bait… he decided to fully expose all this horror once and for all… armed himself, went into that pizza joint, searched the place, and broke open the LOCKED doorway what was supposed to be the entrance to the basement…
                  It was a cleaning supplies closet, there was not even a basement in that building.
                  It successfully made a fool out of him, and therefore many others who believed in it.

                  All of this further proved to me, that the evil one is the master of deceit and lies. He almost ALWAYS mixes in TRUTH, and sometimes LOTS of it, only to hide the one lie in his objective.

                  I do not know if anything we read and SEE(video) on the TV/internet is true anymore.
                  For example, look up “deep fake” video editing capabilities. It is amazing what can be done.
                  They actually gave split screen image of videoing one person making a speech of Nixon giving a speech that he never ever did.

                  All of this further proves that Charlie is right, we don’t really need to know whether this, or that is true anymore. and furthermore, we should especially not worry/dwell on it.
                  We don’t need to know exactly what is coming next.
                  We just need to do the next right step that is right in front of us.
                  Live our lives and act out as the Gospel tells us to.
                  yea, WAY easier said than done, because all of our instincts direct us to the exact opposite of this, especially ME!!! All we can do is try to do better than we did “yesterday”
                  Matthew 7:15–20, By their fruits we will know them, but not just by “quick observation” especially not anymore.

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                3. One of our neighbors, as of this past December 31st was an FBI. He can’t even watch any kind of murder mystery. Probably complex PTSD. The horrors some of these people have had to witness. Maybe Lin Wood has been deeply affected by what you have noted. Dear Lord, please, please send help!
                  Lord have mercy and protect us.

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          2. Thank you for that, and the link. I’ve begun to think it’s actually kindof like a ‘zombie’ war, where good soldiers get ‘bitten’ and turn. Some may be on the side of right, as long as it’s far away, but if they suddenly realize that they themselves have a toe in the mud, they may get scared and turn. just a thought, that and blackmail…

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      2. I felt that way during, especially the second election of obama… “seemingly” conservative people publishing OUTRAGEOUSLY crazy, ridiculously bad things bout obama, supposedly to convince everyone to not vote for him… When simply pointing out all of the actual truthful things was MORE than enough.
        All that did was to further discredit EVRYTHING conservative being published.
        I strongly suspected that those crazy things were actually being published by the Leftwings/dems.
        If I remember right, that is a known tactic, to swamp out actual truthful things/facts that the dems wanted people to ignore, but I can’t remember the name of it, other than disinformation.

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    1. San san,

      Thank you for sharing! Mr. Woods does not sound unhinged in this interview. I love how he speaks about God, standing up for what is right, and trusting in God. Also that we fight against principalities and powers. He gives real hope. Who knows, he may be wrong with some aspects but I believe he is speaking true.

      And for that I am grateful for his contribution to fanning the flames of hope and trust in God.

      Thank you!!

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  20. Great news about the our money donations reaching such a great number and growing. A sign people are getting on board and supporting the cause. I am confident it will be put to work in standing up for God and country founded on God given freedoms and blessings.

    God speed to you and all CORAC members and other people of good will, for a safe and impactful presence at the Jan. 6 protest. you will all be in our family’s prayers.

    I would like to note that I believe all of us at CORAC are of the same mind in standing up for God publically and to those loved ones that just do not care, or even want to believe. With true desire to warn or guide a person away from existing or coming evil ways and actions, our faith will rely on the the Holy Spirit to guide our words, which will be truth. If truth is rejected, it is up to God to determine how He wants to address it. I believe our responsibility is great at this point in history of the human race and in how we battle Satan to save our souls and others.

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  21. This from Grace Force:
    I am too stupid to know what God will do with this corrupt election but I am thinking of those who were sure that the Savior was coming as a Great King to make things right, right fast and they were mistaken. God can do it but I am not confident that this is how He will choose to make things right. I tend to believe it will be a much longer and slower slog with elements of the truth being revealed over time, and much more hard work to change hearts, unless God intervenes of course.

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    1. God will win in the end (that’s all we know), whether “that end” translate s into the wicked dancing on our corpses or not, we don’t know, everything could possibly collapse to pre-1900’s living standards & technology for all we know…

      The trick is finding peace in & (trust in God) no matter what happens, easier said than done, as all other bets are off… The Israelites complained that Moses brought them into the desert to die even after witnessing God’s great miracles, how much will we have to sacrifice in our generation for God to save us, and will we show the same gratitude as the Israelites after it’s all did & done…?

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  22. Cardinal Sarah’s New Year Greeting:

    Happy New Year ! This day, we celebrate the Solemnity of Mary. With the mother of Christ, we are not afraid ! +RS

    He is a heartening witness to faith and trust.

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  23. Happy to see St Elizabeth Seton acknowledged today; likely no coincidence her obligatory Memorial is today, Monday; and that the basilica honoring her is in Maryland (Emmetsburg)!
    Convert, Mother, Philanthropist,Widow and American Catholic school founder — she will help!

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    1. Ah, this must be fun with trolls day here at the site. You have watched lying stories about four and a half minutes of the call taken completely out of context. Did you know the call was for a settlement discussion on an existing lawsuit? Didn’t think so. You lefties would not know the truth if it dropped from the sky and started wiggling all over your face. Here is the summary of the call from someone who listened to the full transcript. But hey, I’m glad we are getting some attention from the increasingly desperate left which is afraid their serial lies just are not flying anymore.

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  24. These are the reasons why I changed my focus from “no more social media” to more “in person” communication.

    There’s still very much denial out there for the severity of the situation and the laziness to defer everthing until next time, the crap isn’t waiting for next time to hit the fan, the globalists/communists/Marxists are making their endgame move now in the present to end as many lives as possible before God acts and defeats them.

    I ponder how bad things will get keeping Revelations 13:7 in mind…

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    1. Al2,
      Amen to that!!!
      Yikes, I just looked to remember what 13:7 was… and noticed Rev 13:5… 42 months of persecution…
      Well, i sure hope that prophecy doesn’t repeat itself again beginning in 2021…
      but on the bright side, I guess everybody would be thoroughly “awake” after 42 months (3.5 years)…
      Good question for Charlie: Do prophecies in the Bible ever come to pass more than once?

      (footnotes in my favorite study bible says:
      Taken literally, this would refer to the Roman conquest of Jerusalem in A.D. 70, as in Lk 21:24. Though mass numbers of Jews perished in the calamity, the Christians of Jerusalem fled safely to the Transjordan town of Pella (Lk 21:20-21; Eusebius, Ecclesiastical History 3, 5). Taken symbolically, this could refer to the persecution of the saints, whose destiny is the holy city above (Rev 21:2, 10).

      • Jerusalem and its sanctuary were twice before trampled down by the Gentiles, once by the Babylonians (Is 63:18) and then again by the Syrians (1 Mac 3:45).

      forty-two months: A time of tribulation (13:5), also described as three and a half years (12:14) or 1,260 days (11:3; 12:6). Some interpret these figures literally; others read them figuratively, indicating a limited period of persecution or as representing the entire course of Church history.

      • The time frame is drawn from Daniel’s vision of a tribulation to come upon the People of God in the future (Dan 7:25; 9:27; 12:7). This was foreshadowed by the Syrian desecration of Jerusalem from 167 to 164 B.C.


  25. Just finishing “The Annotated Memoirs of Ulysses S. Grant,” originally edited by Mark Twain. All involved had/have the benefit of hindsight, but I was struck early on at the truly circuitous path his life took, full of unexpected zigs, zags and whatnot. Sure, his life experiences from childhood helped lay down good habits, including a nimbleness in all respects of the word, and tremendous willingness to learn and improve at all stages and with all challenges met. Couldn’t help but grin at his frank admission that he felt regret at having signed on to the Army the instant he first encountered live rounds being fired.

    “There are but few important events in the affairs of men brought about by their own choice.”

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      1. Yeah, his horses (Rondy, Egypt, Cincinnati, Jeff Davis, etc.) got all the press, so I was a little irked that there wasn’t so much as a footnote about his squirrel, Louie. So glad that this rare photo survived and we’re finally able to rectify an important piece of history.

        Bonus points for noticing.

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    1. That photograph, MP, sans squirrel of course, hangs on the wall in my family room. I am an admirer of General Grant and a friend who was a fan of Robert E Lee thought I should have it. I was no less an admirer of Lee but my friend did not know that. That friend happened to be from Arizona!

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      1. Cool. Now the other guy you know in Arizona provided you with this little photograph, suitable to print out and and hang on your fridge!

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  26. I like this piece Charlie as I like them all…

    This part was especially nice:

    “Together, we have chosen the Lord here. Thank you all for being part of my house in the conflict before us.”

    I will be praying and sacrificing and offering up just about everything for y’all on Wednesday!!! I told globetrotting Tommy n Liz to watch for you Charlie!!! If you have an emergency call me and I’ll send Tommy out to rescue you! He won’t be on a white horse 🐎 but he does have a white Ford truck!!!

    God bless and protect you ALL!!!

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    1. “If you have an emergency call me and I’ll send Tommy out to rescue you! He won’t be on a white horse 🐎 but he does have a white Ford truck!!! ”

      I <B this Linda! Makes me smile, and it is a joyful thought of the possible ways The Lord has prepared every minutiae for Team Heaven.

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  27. The following is from a LifeSite article. It offers a complete transcript of Steve Bannon’s ‘War Room’ interview with Abp. Viganò. 𝐈 𝐞𝐧𝐜𝐨𝐮𝐫𝐚𝐠𝐞 𝐲𝐨𝐮 𝐭𝐨 𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐝 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐞𝐧𝐭𝐢𝐫𝐞 𝐩𝐢𝐞𝐜𝐞, 𝐩𝐥𝐞𝐚𝐬𝐞 𝐬𝐞𝐞 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐥𝐢𝐧𝐤 𝐛𝐞𝐥𝐨𝐰. Here’s a brief excerpt of the Archbishop’s recommendations for the restoration of the Church and society;

    “In order to bring down the deep state and the deep church, three things are essential:

    1. First of all, becoming aware of what globalism’s plan is, and to what extent it is instrumental to the establishment of the kingdom of the Antichrist, since it shares its principles, means, and ends.

    2. Secondly, firmly denouncing this infernal plan and asking the Shepherds of the Church – and also the laity – to defend her, breaking their complicit silence: God will demand of them an account for their desertion.

    3. Finally, it is necessary to pray, asking the Lord to grant each one of us the strength to resist – 𝑟𝑒𝑠𝑖𝑠𝑡𝑖𝑡𝑒 𝑓𝑜𝑟𝑡𝑒𝑠 𝑖𝑛 𝑓𝑖𝑑𝑒, Saint Peter warns us – against the ideological tyranny that is daily imposed on us not only by the media but also by the cardinals and bishops who are under Bergoglio’s thumb.”

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    1. “Thumbs up”, makes sense to me, is it still possible to effectively rally the faithful being this late in the game, and having the handicap of a false pandemic to confuse everyone?

      If Bergoglio isn’t the “false prophet” in revelations 13+, then he sure doing a pretty realistic impersonation of that beast. Doesn’t he realize what he’s doing? What makes shepherds turn to the dark side after all the education they received I wonder?

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    2. Has anyone worked out what to say to (& reason with) employers & schools about rejecting the covid vaccine from a ethical/moral point of view, when Pope Francis has given a green light approving the covid vaccines?

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      1. Al2 I had this very situation happen. My friend who is against abortion but votes D hadn’t even heard that vaccines use fetal cells. (She only found out when I told her right before Christmas.) Her husband, a professor of history no less) came home and “researched” the info for about 10 minutes. Declared they were going to follow what the US bishops stated that it was ok to take the vaccine. (He is a flaming liberal.) My friend is in the high risk category. She told me that she will take the vaccine. At that point I realized that no matter what I said it wouldn’t change her mind. I told her I wouldn’t take it due to the aborted fetal cells and left it at that. It would do no go at that point to say anything else. She has at least been told the truth and she has to decide.

        I have also given the information to my sons who think the vaccine is A-OK. They are adults and believe I am wrong. I had to turn it over to God. They have to be the ones to decide.

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        1. Have you read the comments in that post? It may not be enough, especially if the doctors or nurses decide to lie and answer “NO” to both questions. Are the doctors & nurses going to play fair undera tyranical regime?

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      1. Great work, HTTP! That link makes it so easy to do. Just one click and all three of those p*********s get the message.

        ps. fill in the *****’s as appropriate.


  28. “Excita, Domine, potentiam tuam, et veni (Stir up, O Lord, your power and come). Repeated during the season of Advent the Church’s liturgy prays in these or similar words. They are invocations that were probably formulated as the Roman Empire was in decline. *The disintegration of the key principles of law and of the fundamental moral attitudes underpinning them burst open the dams which until that time had protected peaceful coexistence among peoples* (sound familiar to what’s is happening now? PF). The sun was setting over an entire world. Frequent natural disasters further increased this sense of insecurity. There was no power in sight that could put a stop to this decline. All the more insistent, then, was the invocation of the power of God: the plea that he might come and protect his people from all these threats.”
    (Pope Benedict XVl)

    So, Pray this for these times to invoke our God to help us:
    Excita, Domine, potentiam tuam, et veni (Stir up, O Lord, your power and come).

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    1. That’s a reality repeated throughout history & the Bible, there will losses & hardships like at the end of Noah’s Flood, the Exodus from Egypt, and the falls of empires. We seem to be coming to the end of the Era of the Western Empire, many of us have lived cushy lives on Easy Street, which will come to an end. Life for a time may revert to a more local & low tech society where people more realistically earn (the true value) of what they work for.

      We don’t need the comforts of modernism, we need God. The shape of how much knowledge & inventions we carry into the future is unknown to us. On meditating on the Sorrowful Mysteries, it has become obvious to me that a New Begining cannot happen until we’ve experienced losses & hardships…

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      1. So true, Al. When we live day-to-day within a society, it’s so easy to become complacent, to imagine that everything that we rely on will be there tomorrow. For me, I sit in my bed, ordering various items we’ll need from Amazon. Hey Presto! They’re delivered at my doorstep within a few days.

        However, since I’m unlikely to take a vaccine that’s been tainted by abortion, I’m now reading that the globalists (the WEF) are attempting to institute a “CommonPass”. This Pass will be supplied only to those who’ve taken the vaccine. Amazon, along with some other vendors, are stating that in the future I’ll need that CommonPass to buy (and sell) with them.

        Another Hey Presto! Only this one isn’t so friendly. No buying or selling without a CommonPass, eh? Sounds awfully close to a warning given us in the Bible, doesn’t it? Who knows what they’ll come up with next ….. an invisible QR code that’s implanted into my hand? How nice of them to think of my convenience;

        An intriguing, but not surprising, excerpt from the above article;

        “The work was funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and came about because of a direct request from Microsoft founder and philanthropist Bill Gates himself, who has been supporting efforts to wipe out diseases such as polio and measles across the world, Jaklenec says. “If we don’t have good data, it’s really difficult to eradicate disease,” she says.

        The researchers hope to add more detailed information to the dots, such as the date of vaccination. Along with them, the team eventually wants to inject sensors that could also potentially be used to track aspects of health such as insulin levels in diabetics, Jaklenec says.”

        The world’s benefactor, Bill Gates. The same man who, along with the WEF, organized that Event 201 exercise one month before the virus was released. Someone who thought about it might believe that there’s a conspiracy afoot!

        Praise the Lord Jesus for promising me that He’d never leave or forsake me. Forgive them, Lord, they know not what they do.

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        1. Yes…

          On one hand, we (including me) don’t want to believe we’re living Revelations 13+ events, but the seriousness of events is too major to ignore not dismiss…

          Is Revelations 13-19 the “dress rehearsal (little apostasy) for the end of the world (great apostasy) mentioned in Revelations 20?

          As far as how events are playing out, we don’t seem to be doing a “dress rehearsal” for Revelations 13-19, as there’s a period of peace after Revelations 19, so that generation (all of us) is the generation that is getting the last chance before the final end… That about as much sense as I can make of it, Mystery Babylon = Western Civilization & Globalism?…

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  29. I watched the rally today in Georgia. I am not sure Trump is aware of the seriousness of the situation. This is not gentlemen’s fight anymore. Why would he and Don Jr. fly by the same helicopter? Glitches might happen in the helicopter control panel too… They should never travel together…

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        1. Thanks Linda, I too like to Raphael, and have for several years, but seems like I have lately fallen away from it… hmmm… Thanks for the reminder!!! I think I should start again!!!
          Let me see if I can find the prayers for the intersession of St. Raphael!!!


        2. Ok, I found my electronic copy of them. I printed out a few copies, and put them in places I sometimes pray.

          We pray today for Family, Friends, and Foes.
          Especially for those that our Lord knows we should be praying for, that we may not know about, and also all those that we have said we would pray for, or had a desire to pray for, even though there are too many to mention them all by name. We ask this through Christ, Our Lord. Amen.

          We pray for: Healing of Body & Soul:
          Blessed Saint Raphael, Glorious Archangel, your lovely name means God heals. We ask you to help us in all our needs and trials of this life, as you, through the power of God, gave guidance to young Tobias, and restored the sight of Tobit. We humbly ask our Lord for your healing, and guidance, that our bodies and souls may be healed and protected during our lives, and that through divine grace we may be made fit to dwell in the eternal Glory of God in heaven. We especially ask the favor of this help for: Person(s) __________ (our son Alec). We ask this in Jesus Name. Amen.

          We pray for: Guidance:
          O St. Raphael, Glorious Archangel, you are gifted with the power of Wisdom, Healing, and Guidance. You guided and protected young Tobiah on his travels as he journeyed to a distant land. Through the power of our Lord, we beg your assistance. Please give us the gift of your guidance, with the wisdom and strength we will need, to make good choices for ourselves, for our children, and for anyone else we may influence during our lives. Amen.

          We pray for: Safe Travel & Happy return:
          Dear St. Raphael, the Lord sent you to young Tobias to guide him on a long journey. Upon his return you showed him how to cure his father’s blindness. Through the power of our Lord, we pray for your powerful help for safe travel and a happy return. We ask this for ourselves, as well as for all who are far from home. Amen.

          We pray for: Happy(successful) Meetings:
          O St. Raphael, please lead us by the hand towards those waiting for us, and also lead those we are waiting for!
          May all our movements and all their movements be guided by your light and transfigured by your joy.
          Angel, guide of Tobias, lay this request at the feet of our Lord, whose unveiled face you are privileged to gaze.
          Lonely and tired, crushed by the separations and sorrows on earth, we feel the need of calling to God and pleading for the protection of your wings, so that we may not be as strangers to the Province of Joy, and ignorant of the concerns of our country. Remember the weak, you who are strong – you whose home lies beyond the region of thunder, in a land that is always peaceful, serene, and bright with the resplendent glory of God. Amen.

          We pray for: Evangelists & Clergy:
          St. Raphael, archangel, you protected young Tobiah as he journeyed to a distant land. Through the power of our Lord Jesus Christ, please protect all Evangelists & Clergy who travel near and far spreading the Word of God. Especially guide and inspire the “modern” apostles who use the communication media to bring the Word of God to thousands of souls. Please especially help all members of Clergy, that they may be as instruments in God’s Hands, guiding many souls to lead lives of Christian holiness. Amen.

          We pray for: Choice of a Good Spouse:
          St. Raphael, you were sent by God to guide young Tobiah in choosing a good and virtuous spouse. Please guide _______ in this important choice which will affect their whole future. You not only directed Tobiah in finding a wife, but you also gave him guidelines which should be foremost in every Christian marriage: “Pray together before making important decisions.” If through prayer we all keep God as the “third Partner” in our marriage, we will have the strength and grace we need to always accept and do His will. We ask this through Christ, Our Lord. Amen.
          Pray: Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory Be, Oh My Jesus…


        3. another question…. Why do so many places, including the prayers that I had found over the years, refer to Archangel Raphael as St. Raphael, Same for Archangel Michael…???
          I’m sure it’s not a big deal, but just curious.

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          1. Actually I don’t know 🤷🏻‍♀️ either except I know they are Saints??? Maybe someone else here would know the answer???


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