Deadly Danger Ahead

By Charlie Johnston

I don’t think the hierarchy in America understands how deadly dangerous the situation over the potential canonical rebuke of Fr. James Altmann of La Crosse, Wisconsin, is. The controversy began when, in a recent homily, Fr. Altmann said bluntly that, given modern Democrat support for abortion, homosexual marriage, and gender ideology, no Catholic can honorably vote Democrat and pretend to still be Catholic. To be knowingly complicit in these mortal sins would lead a soul straight to hell. The video of that homily went viral.

Two days ago, La Crosse Bishop William Callahan issued a statement calling Fr. Altmann’s homily “angry and judgmental,” and threatening canonical penalties if the Priest did not respond to efforts to induce him to speak more gently. To his credit, Bishop Callahan did recognize the underlying truth behind Fr. Altmann’s call for fidelity to Catholic doctrine – at least by Catholics. That tells me that, at least, the Bishop knows that this situation is fraught with peril.

If these were normal times, Bishop Callahan’s response would be prudent and balanced. But  the reality we are dealing with is that these are not normal times – and normally prudent responses, however cleverly devised will not cut it. Last I looked, Fr. James Martin, who actively promotes what Jesus and His apostles affirmed as a sin, is welcome in most Dioceses in the country. A few months ago, when President Trump went to the St. John Paul II National Shrine to sign an executive order defending religious freedom internationally, Washington Archbishop Wilton Gregory blasted it as “reprehensible.” When Priests or Bishops publicly attack Trump or conservatives or things that are Magisterial articles of faith, if a faithful Catholic objects, we are lectured that we must respect their freedom of speech. If a Priest or a Bishop has the temerity to actually defend Catholic doctrine, we have be-robed prelates telling us we must be prudent, never be divisive, and then threaten consequences if we continue a full-throated defense of the faith. This business that any attack on the faith is fair comment and any defense of it is subject to canonical penalties is unjust and pernicious. I don’t know Bishop Callahan, but a trusted friend and counselor who does assures me he is an orthodox and prudent Bishop. I do know Archbishop Gregory and, despite his flaws, hold him in no little affection. But both men are treading on deadly dangerous ground.

I understand that when you are trying to avoid a fight, restraint is paramount – and counseling “prudence” is, well….prudent. But when the fight is inevitable, your counsel must be on how to win that fight. In normal times, Bishops and Priests do well not to be partisan. But when one side is openly anti-Christian, and seeks to destroy both the faith and the faithful, you have to engage in the battle. In a bizarre development, our clerisy has become not only partisan, but partisans on behalf of the people and movement that want to destroy us. At the very least, if the Bishops are not going to discipline any Priest who offends the faithless, they must be equally lenient with any who defend the faithful. Otherwise, they are partisans against their own cause.

Sadly, our hierarchy, even when well-meaning, usually does not understand how their pronouncements come across to the folks in the pews. They are cowed by that minority of anti-Catholics in the pews who are also the mouthiest. Clerics usually live in a bubble – and unfortunately vastly overestimate their own prowess and cleverness, when they should be focused on simple fidelity.

I have always described my own three prime duties as:

  • Defend the Faith
  • Hearten the Faithful
  • Defend the Faithful

That’s not a bad mission statement for religious leaders, either. But here is what we Catholics in the pews see:

  • Defend the Faith. We have Priests galore – and far too many Bishops – who eagerly explain to us all the things that that Jesus guy and His apostles got wrong – and why both Scripture and the Magisterium don’t actually mean what they plainly say. I do believe that most Bishops are faithful and orthodox – but almost all of even the best of them are very timid about rebuking their brother Bishops who very publicly are not, while being Johnny-on-the-spot to rebuke a subordinate who does vocally defend the faith. The modern hierarchy is failing to defend the faith.
  • Hearten the Faithful. When a Bishop or Priest actually does vigorously and vocally defend the faith, he almost immediately becomes a celebrity because of how many people he heartens. That is why Fr. Altmann’s homily went viral. It is why Bishop Joseph Strickland of Tyler, Texas has become a Catholic folk hero after endorsing Fr. Altmann’s homily – and then doubled down on that support after Altmann was threatened with canonical penalties. Strickland said he was ashamed that it had taken him so long to speak boldly in defense of the faith. Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone of San Francisco has been raising eyebrows among the establishment – and garnering the enthusiasm of the faithful – because of his increasingly vigorous proclamation of the fundamentals of the faith. Such proclamations should be mundane, a veritable rose garden of fidelity to the faith and the faithful. Sadly, they are as rare and striking as a rosebush in a dung heap…but they do hearten the faithful that it is not all dung heap and all is not yet lost. As a group, the hierarchy has failed to hearten the faithful – and thank God for those rare roses who do.
  • Defend the Faithful. We are still waiting for the Vatican to do anything about the predator Priests and Bishops in the ranks, those wolves in sheep’s clothing who feed on the flock. Frankly, it seems high officials, especially the Vatican, are more interested in protecting and promoting the predators rather than resolutely defending the flock. The only time there is forceful action is when an orthodox prelate like Australian Cardinal George Pell investigates the finances of the Vatican and is confronted with charges so ludicrously and palpably false that they would be laughed out of any entity that was not using the justice system as a partisan bludgeon. Meantime, when miniature tyrants across the land used the Covid Virus as a tool to enforce draconian rules on Churches that were waived for many secular pursuits – including looting and rioting, most of our Bishops meekly went along, when not actually enforcing even more draconian rules than the secular authorities demanded. When it comes to defending the faithful, most Catholics think they could build stronger fortifications out of balsa than what the hierarchy has provided.

These are three prime duties – and the modern hierarchy is wanting in each.

There are a few things I know from a lot of discussion with inside sources that are not necessarily obvious to everyone. First, the financial situation in Dioceses across the country is much bleaker than is being let on right now. 1) A lot, maybe even a majority, are headed to bankruptcy. 2) Major Catholic donors have taken notice of the failure of these prime imperatives. Even now there is a growing sentiment among the biggest donors to pull out altogether and just finance those entities that actually proclaim the faith with boldness and clarity. 3) The best Bishops are deeply despondent and confused, unsure of what to do or how to proceed. In such situations, leaders often take what they think to be the safe course, the path of least resistance. Except that now, what they usually think is the safest course is actually the deadliest.

My dear Bishops, if you continue to try to appease the anti-God left, the radical BLM and Antifa Marxists will still hate you and try to destroy you. Meantime, the Catholic major donors will abandon you – and neither BLM nor Antifa is going to make up the shortfall. Rather, they will cheer on the agony you helped bring on yourselves.

For every truly sustained series of frustrations, there is a build-up of resentment, until some minor event, some catalyst, causes the frustration to reach critical mass and explode. The faithful in the pews have long suspected that the hierarchy is not much interested in defending the faith, heartening the faithful, or defending the faithful. How Fr. Altmann is treated may well be the catalyst that brings that frustration to critical mass. The time has come when all of us, including our leaders, must choose or perish. The only course of safety now is to cast out into the deep in fidelity to the teaching of Christ and His apostles.


Here is the second in the three-part series on the founding of the Corps of Renewal and Charity (CORAC). It is a look back at what it means to acknowledge God, to take the next right step, and to be a sign of hope to those around you. Again, thanks to our own MP for taping and editing this series.


Finally, just a couple of days ago, we finally got all the pieces together with the bank to set up a donation link to CORAC. Last night I received an email from the provider that we had received four donations yesterday totaling $500. Today, I have to find how to get detail on who donated so I can thank them directly. The donation link is set up in red letters at the top of the “Menu” section on the top right-hand of the page…and in smaller type at the end of these articles.

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265 thoughts on “Deadly Danger Ahead

  1. Beautiful article – Fr Altmann is way more correct than he is negative. We’ve heard too much lukewarm stuff from the pulpit. This is a critical time for the country and homilies are same old same old…

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  2. The following is such a brilliantly insightful and true statement that I simply wish to repeat it here for emphasis:

    ” I understand that when you are trying to avoid a fight, restraint is paramount – and counseling “prudence” is, well….prudent. But when the fight is inevitable, your counsel must be on how to win that fight. In normal times, Bishops and Priests do well not to be partisan. But when one side is openly anti-Christian, and seeks to destroy both the faith and the faithful, you have to engage in the battle. In a bizarre development, our clerisy has become not only partisan, but partisans on behalf of the people and movement that want to destroy us. At the very least, if the Bishops are not going to discipline any Priest who offends the faithless, they must be equally lenient with any who defend the faithful. Otherwise, they are partisans against their own cause. “

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  3. Charlie great article and I agree with you wholeheartedly!!! God bless Fr Altman who has the guts to stick up for everything that is true, beautiful and good! (Or something like that??? 🤔). I can’t help thinking about Pope Benedict’s prophesy you put up a few pieces ago….,

    Don’t you love this:

    Pope Benedict XVI

    WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 24, 2016

    The church will become small and will have to start afresh more or less from the beginning.

    She will no longer be able to inhabit many of the edifices she built in prosperity. As the number of her adherents diminishes . . . she will lose many of her social privileges. . . .

    It will be hard-going for the Church, for the process of crystallization and clarification will cost her much valuable energy. It will make her poor and cause her to become the Church of the meek . . . The process will be long and wearisome as was the road from the false progressivism on the eve of the French Revolution — when a bishop might be thought smart if he made fun of dogmas and even insinuated that the existence of God was by no means certain . . . But when the trial of this sifting is past, a great power will flow from a more spiritualized and simplified Church. Men in a totally planned world will find themselves unspeakably lonely. If they have completely lost sight of God, they will feel the whole horror of their poverty. Then they will discover the little flock of believers as something wholly new. They will discover it as a hope that is meant for them, an answer for which they have always been searching in secret.

    And so it seems certain to me that the Church is facing very hard times. The real crisis has scarcely begun. We will have to count on terrific upheavals. But I am equally certain about what will remain at the end: not the Church of the political cult, which is dead already, but the Church of faith. She may well no longer be the dominant social power to the extent that she was until recently; but she will enjoy a fresh blossoming and be seen as man’s home, where he will find life and hope beyond death. — from Faith and the Future (2009)

    May God keep burning the dross out of each and every one of us and save us all!!!

    Ave Maria Stella Maris!!!

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      1. Oh it’s just amazing!!! Actually Charlie put it up on his recent post… good to remember. I’m finding much solace in our small daily community and actually more are coming daily then before!!! Used to be like 5 or 6. Now it’s 18+. Ours is a little church of 3 so I think daily mass is increased to the biggest one as well. And yet…small

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  4. Thank you Charlie for your post. I don’t intend to sound like I am splitting hairs, because the focus should be on defending Fr. Altman; however, being a resident in the Archdiocese of Atlanta, I must disagree with you regarding Archbishop Gregory. With the damage he has inflicted on our diocese and our youth, let’s just say an image of a millstone quickly comes to mind. One of the priests, who works very closely with Archbishop Gregory, teaches outright heresy and marxism in Atlanta. There is no other way to describe it. The thing is, this priest isn’t the only one! Archbishop Gregory was very adept at hiding his true political complexion while in Atlanta, but since he was called up to the big leagues in DC, he has revealed his true nature. Let us not forgot, like Father Altman pointed out, Archbishop Gregory directed his DC priests to walk alongside Black Lives Matter. Even suggesting they wear their cassocks to the march (down here in Atlanta, he had priests wear polo shirts). This can not be overlooked. Much is being revealed in 2020. We must all be willing to see the true nature of leaders. Difficult times reveal authentic character.

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  5. We used to live in La Crosse. We moved to Tennessee two years ago. Shortly before moving, we started attending St. James. We probably would’ve joined that parish if we weren’t leaving town.

    My husband and I took Father Altman out to eat before leaving town. He’s a great guy to spend time with. He gave me some advice that I’ve thought about quite a bit over the last two years.

    I wasn’t sure what to think of the video at first. While I agree with his premise, I didn’t think it was the kind of video that would convince any democrats to change their votes; it would only make them defensive. But I have read a ton of comments now on both sides of the issue and I am realizing that there are a lot of faithful Catholics who have been scandalized by the lack of a clear voice. Through the video and also his homilies he has heartened the faithful.

    There are people joining to go to the Cathedral and pray the rosary on Sunday. Fr. Heilman will also be there. Facebook has a page for Father Altman’s supporters where you can get details if you want them. But I’ve also been snooping on Father Martin’s Facebook page…someone there told someone else to message him if he wants to be part of a peaceful protest. I don’t know if that protest is meant to be at St. James, or if it is at the Cathedral to protest the protesters, or if it is protesting the Bishop for not coming down harder on Father Altman.

    I’ve also learned that Father Martin instigated some of this, telling his people how to contact the Bishop. In fact, Father Altman, at the end of the last Mass he has streamed (he won’t be streaming anymore) said that he did not have the children at Mass that day because they and the Bishop have been getting vile calls and emails.

    Reading comments from faithful Catholics, the other scandal, of course, is that the likes of Fr. James Martin can just do whatever they want. While it is up to his Bishop to correct him, other Bishops could still speak out.

    Dr. Marshall Taylor interviewed Father Altman today. It’s on his YouTube page and very much worth watching. I am praying for Father Altman, of course. But also for Father Martin, who needs the prayers more. And for his followers.

    I used to listen to Father Altman’s homilies and think how nice it would be for him to have a wider audience. I never figured that two years later it would happen quite this way.

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    1. My husband and I will be going to La Crosse tomorrow for the rosary rally. We watched the video together and my husband was impressed. He is Lutheran. Also, I mentioned before, that my Catholic friend was going to vote for Biden until she saw the video I sent her. There seem to be many Catholics who don’t know much about Biden or our Faith. I pray it is a truly peaceful day. We love the Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe there too!

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      1. My husband and I did attend the the peaceful rosary rally in La Crosse, WI, today. It was definitely an inspiring time and a blessing to take part with so many good people to support a brave priest, Fr. James Altman. Fr. Heilman led the rosary and gave an uplifting talk. He also brought a relic of the True Cross and blessed us all with it afterward. We couldn’t stay any longer, but everyone was invited to touch their rosaries or whatever they wanted to the relic when the rally was finished. No problems or trouble while we were present. There was one car that drove on the street between us all in which someone held out a Biden sign. It was pretty weak, thank God. 🙂 There was a drone that was hovering over us and was making a bit of noise. It stuck around for a while and then left. Was looking around to see if I would recognize anyone I knew from my parish in MN or perhaps some squirrels. All in all, my husband and I both felt joy in taking part in this show of support for Fr. Altman and, really, all good priests and bishops. I’ll try to insert a link here to the video of Fr. Heilman telling the story about the relic of the True Cross. It’s very interesting!

        God bless all here.

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        1. Well, that link did not go to the beginning of the story on facebook. I am not on facebook, so maybe those who are can see it there or share a better link than I did. sigh. A relative’s father was a soldier at Normandy on D Day who made it to shore and then was making his way, crawling, I believe, on land and saw a crucifix or statue of Jesus that was face down in the mud. He said he had to make it to the crucifix to turn it over so the face of Jesus would not be in the mud. As he turned it, the skull cap came of the head and something fell out of it. He thought it must be something special, so put it in his pocket. He later took it out to show some nuns and when they saw it, they immediately fell to their knees, recognizing that it was a relic of the True Cross. 🙂

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        2. No worries about the link, audiemarie. It works very well. Great video and great story about that particular Relic. THank you for taking the time to post it. I sleep with a Relic of the True Cross and when awakened at night remember our ASOH, CORAC and additional intentions.

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        3. Hi AudieMarie. There will be at least one squirrel 🐿 heading to your neck of the woods soon. La Crosse is en route on the last leg of my pilgrimage, and I will be traveling from Champion to Rochester in a couple weeks. I will stop by St James to pray. Are there any must-see Catholic Churches or site in your area to visit?

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          1. Oh, Patrick, what a great pilgrimage! One that came to mind, if it isn’t too far out of your way, is the Shrine of the Grotto of the Redemption in West Bend, IA. It’s something I really want to see. A friend was just there and she said it was incredible, and it’s open 24/7, no charge, just a donation. I live north of Rochester, but there are the Sisters of St. Francis at Assisi Heights, a beautiful place, but I don’t know if their mission has changed, etc., plus I believe it is closed to tours and Mass due to covid. A beautiful “chapel” is in Mayo’s St. Mary’s Hospital in Rochester. It is absolutely breathtaking and peaceful. I think you can get in there. Besides you’ve got credentials! If I think of any more, I’ll let you know. You can also get my email address from the TNRS staff. I’m excited for you!! God bless you.

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            1. Those sound beautiful, audiemarie. Patrick which interstate are you driving? You’ll probably be too far north for a stop in Sioux City. Trinity Heights with the Immaculate Heart of Mary Queen of Peace 30 feet high, stainless steel statue is amazing… and there are more places to visit on the grounds.

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        4. I guess this is as good a time as any to show you the route of my Marian Pilgrimage (and St. Joseph, Patron of the Dying) . Here’s some of the itinerary below.

          IF ANYONE LIVES NEAR MY ROUTE, PLEASE SEND ME AN EMAIL. I’ll be on the road from Sept 20th to Oct 9th or something. I’m going counterclockwise.

          + St Joseph Catholic Church, Spearfish, SOUTH DAKOTA

          + Our Lady of Perpetual Help Cathedral, Rapid City, SOUTH DAKOTA

          + House of Mary Shrine, Yankton, SOUTH DAKOTA (by Lewis and Clark Recreation area)

          + Immaculate Heart of Mary, Queen of Peace, Trinity Heights, Sioux City, IOWA

          (Lodging for a night in Saint Joseph, MO)

          + National Shrine of Mary, Mother of the Church, Gravois Mills, (Ozarks) MISSOURI

          + Shine of Our Lady of Sorrows, Starkenburg, MO (brief stop)

          + National Shrine of Our Lady of Snows, Belleville, ILLINOIS (long rest)

          + Lourdes Rosary Shrine, St Louis Bertrand Church, Louisville, KENTUCKY

          + Cathedral Basilica of the Assumption, Covington, KENTUCKY

          + Old St Mary’s Catholic Church, Cincinnati, OHIO

          + Our Lady of the Holy Spirit Center, Cincinnati, OHIO

          + Our Lady, Mother of Mercy Center, Rome City, INDIANA (renovations finishing, soon sacraments are coming! It was an old hospital in disrepair, now about to open to public. I’ll get some pictures!)

          Ferry across Lake Michigan to Milwaukee!

          + National Shrine of Our Lady of Good Help, Champion, WISCONSIN (long rest)

          + Old St. Joseph, De Pere, WISCONSIN

          + Rochester, MINNESOTA to (hopefully) visit Pearl Zaki, Historian for Apparition of Our Lady Zeitoun, Egypt 1968-1971. But with Covid BS it is not too likely I can see her. She has videos on youtube.

          + Grotto of the Redemption, West Bend, IOWA

          + Cathedral of St. Joseph, Sioux Falls, SOUTH DAKOTA

          Its not a complete list. Should take over 3 weeks to complete these roughly 3,000 miles. I will also be visiting Fernanda in Cincinnati, who helped write the Holy Hour Devotion for the Dying booklet. On this trip I hope to discern better my call to work with and for the dying. Also to pray for our poor country.

          I will be taking many pictures, and I’ve mounted a Go Pro on the windshield. I’m staying on campgrounds, sleeping in the back of my truck, grabbing a hotel, or staying with family or friends.

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            1. Oh yes, Beckita, thank you! I felt the need to offer something for the folks here but wasn’t sure what or how to phrase it — “receive petitions” — so definitely YES. This will add extra purpose to the journey, and I’d be honored to take people’s petitions along.

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                    1. You know, B, with the China virus nonsense, this may be a fairly silent and even lonely pilgrimage/retreat. People keeping their distance from each other, faces obscured with masks muffling their voices, few tourists I imagine. One place, the Abbey of Gethsemani in Trappist, Kentucky is completely closed to visitors. I hoped to stay there again one night before pushing on to Covington and into Cinci. Oh well, other opportunities will present. With sporadic violence dotted around the country too, it’s a curious time to be traveling. Still, I have little fear and ample trust.

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                    2. It is an upside down world, Patrick. For sure, it’d be wise to avoid places in the cities where the riots are happening. You know we’ll be praying for you – for beau coup graces to descend upon you – as your carry us and our petitions in your heart.

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          1. What!? No “Our Lady of the Sierras” on the itinerary? No doubt that’s too wide of a loop. Blessings on your pilgrimage.


            1. Oh, that’s a beautiful one MP, judging by the pictures! I’m afraid I won’t make it to the desert southwest this go around. But I sure do love that drive from Colorado springs through Pueblo over the border into the Santa Fe area of New Mexico, then the mountains outside of Albuquerque, a stop at the steakhouse in Truth or Consequences, and on over to Arizona. Breathtaking!

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          2. Patrick, I may have missed the email address in some commentary, but I live in the Milwaukee area. I know you are only briefly stopping near me, on the way to Champion, WI, but if your travels keep you here for a few hours, I’d love to meet, in person, some of the other ASOH commenters.

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            1. Barb, I plan on enjoying a long rest — longest of the entire trip — in Champion, maybe even at one of those fancy lodges on the Lake. 3-4 days. Around Oct 2-5 or so. After, I’ll likely be heading straight for La Crosse. But please shoot me an email — after Cincinnati I’m keeping things open-ended.

              Spiritual hospice at ProtonMail .com

              Attention: Patrick of South Dakota 😀

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            1. Since there is no direct route from Green Bay to La Crosse, I could take a route that takes me by the Rudolph grotto. It’s at a halfway point so would make a good place to rest.

              I wonder what’s in the Wonder Cave?

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          3. I appreciate you bypassing Illinois. My 2011 roadtrip crossed Illinois and I was happy not to offer this state any monetary consumption in fuel or food. Indiana, Iowa now… these are beautiful States.

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            1. Ha! Me too, Sean — they can keep it! I’m giving it a wide berth, keeping to the red states for the most part.

              Unfortunately, I’m missing the opportunity to connect with some of our dear Squirrels who live in the area and who call it home. 🙁

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          4. Gosh, PD, I wish you could meet my daughter in Louisville, and see St. Martin of Tours. It’s an incredible, gorgeous church and I believe might have a historic designation. She took me there when I visited and it made me cry because of the beauty of the church and the holy pastor’s Mass. If you have time to stop there, I’ll send you an email.


            1. What a coincidence, Annie, but today I decided to leave from Our Lady of Snows and stop in Louisville for the day — Cincinnati is just too far for one sitting and would’ve been the longest leg. I have a cousin nearby in southern Kentucky and we hope to connect (it’s been well over 20 years since I’ve seen cousin Joe.) We may go to the Louisville Slugger Museum. I’ve never been to the city.

              So when I first arrive I hope to make it for noon mass at St Louis Bertrand church, where they have the Lourdes Rosary Shrine. Then I must go to the historic Cathedral of the Assumption that was renovated (not to be confused with the spectacular Cathedral Basilica of the Assumption in Covington).

              So since I’m spending time there, I will definitely try to check out St. Martin of Tours.

              Thanks Annie! Please send me an email.

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    2. Please adhere to the website’s request below, not to identify this traditional Catholic Priest, who has a great gift of presentation and courage.

      Veritas Caritas is a collection of audio sermon recordings by a traditional Catholic priest. This site is maintained by Catholic laity and shared with permission of the priest.

      The priest featured in these recordings is a Catholic Priest in good standing with their local ordinaries and Rome.

      Please comply with the following requests when sharing this audio:

      DO NOT share the name, location or image of this priest when sharing links or information about this website.
      DO NOT download the audio to sell copies on CD’s
      DO NOT edit the audio of these sermons in any way.

      In charity, please say three Hail Mary’s for the priest who preaches these sermons and the laity who maintain the site, and ask others to do the same.

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  6. I agree with everything you wrote, great article with good meat on behind the scenes information. The only thing I disagree with what you wrote was where you state that the fight is inevitable…I believe without a doubt, it is upon us. The question is will we be like the Bishop and buckle? Will we deny our faith to protect our mortal lives? Or, will we love God and mankind to fight for our own souls, but more importantly for others souls? That is what Father Altmann is doing. He is sacrificing himself to bring salvation to others. I pray we each may take his example as inspiration and act!

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  7. Fr. Altman had his response to our bishop’s reprimand in his homily on Sept. 10. It was also spot on -charity in clarity. You can easily find it on YouTube. I have emailed a few of his homily’s including ‘the big one’ to my priest but I have not heard what he thought of it. I also wrote him a letter on why I would not be wearing a mask at Holy Mass when Bishop Callahan’s letter was read requiring everyone to wear one and told him to pass the letter on to our bishop as a witness to faith. I don’t know if he did that, but after 2 Sundays of telling us that masks were required we have not been told again. We are just reminded to remain seated until the ushers dismiss us. I have not worn a mask yet and when asked at Walmart by the door nazi if I had one, I asked what if I have an exemption? She asked from who? I said from my doctor. She then waved me in. I did not tell her Who my Divine Physician was, but since my doctor retired years ago, I only have Him. Jesus, I trust in You.

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  8. We are most definitely at the crossroads in the Catholic Church. How many priests and bishops actually believe the teachings of the Church and Jesus Christ? And I would like to ask Pope Francis, among other things: Does hell exist?

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  9. To contact Bishop Callahan:

    The Roman Catholic Diocese of
    La Crosse
    3710 East Ave S
    PO Box 4004
    La Crosse, Wisconsin 54602-4004
    Phone: 608-788-7700
    Fax: 608-788-8413

    Come family! Take up your pen and write! Phone to call!

    Write and call! Be kind! We all make mistakes! Be clear and concise!

    Oreo= Compliment, Criticism, Compliment!

    Honey works better than fire!

    CORAC a go! Bishops need to know that we support them!!!!!

    This Bishop will be more bold with our support behind him! Treat him like it was you in his position of authority. He needs hope too!

    Let’s do it!

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    1. Littleoneinpa if I call what do I say? Did you just leave a message? Can you give me a hint…I’m not good at formulation of thoughts on voice or paper. Thank you, Linda

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      1. Yes, Charlie and Sr. Bear: One of the big-gun major players in our Region proposed a wonderful project that our Region might undertake; but, being an intelligent and thoughtful individual, he was concerned that there might be 501(c)(3) ramifications. So he asked me what I thought. That hadn’t occurred to me when I first heard his idea; but after I thought about it for a second, I realized that he was correct in his concern that the proposed undertaking would probably run afoul of the rules for 501(c)(3) organizations.

        It’s a conundrum. And I wonder whether at some point dioceses, Protestant congregations, and faith-filled charities will have to just say, “The heck with it!” and do the right thing–the consequences to our tax-exempt status be hanged.

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        1. On the other hand, one thing a 501(c)3 designation requires is annual Form 990 filings to ensure transparency. Shyster organizations (and there could be plenty) will try to cheat on these or use charities as money-laundering vehicles. Ethical charities diligently and honestly fill out their Form 990s. When the system works ethically, it reassures donors that the charity is on the up-and-up.

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        2. Mick, It is a common legal practice for a given business to create other businesses that have separate legal existence, leaving the originator free of legal responsibilities from the new organizations.
          I do not see why any church could not likewise sponsor another organization, even with joint membership, that would not threaten its tax status as a church only.

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          1. That’s an interesting possibility well worth contemplating, Jack; thanks for bringing it up. Ha! I sometimes forget that not only are you one of our resident Ph.D. brainiacs, but you’re also a legal beagle. 🙂

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                1. Probably cannot claim any maturity or wisdom with my age as demonstrated by this message I just sent to the White House over Pres Trump’s warning to Iran to stuff it:

                  I wish to congratulate President Trump for warning Iran that any strike on a diplomat would draw a response a thousand times greater. Suggest that as appropriate the President would follow with what we learned out West. If a rattlesnake strikes, we do not bother attacking its tail, we go after the head of the snake– I think he would like this expression.

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                  1. Au contraire, Jack; I think that message shows great wisdom and maturity. I mean, what’s not to love about the expression, “If a rattlesnake strikes, we do not bother attacking its tail; we go after the head of the snake”? 🙂

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    1. Ah. I was referring mainly to churches, but I can see how this could apply to CORAC. BTW, I, personally, donate to things that I believe in whether or not I get a tax deduction for it. (I never itemize deductions, so tax deductible status doesn’t matter.)

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      1. A couple of tax years ago (and I attribute it to the Trump tax cuts, the standard deduction being generous) I gave up keeping any records on donations or any other itemized deduction. My profession was Tax Accountant and I have always prepared my own tax return. It would take hours over several days to collate and calculate the totals. Eliminating that process has been a godsend. I donate to only very targeted organizations that I know the who, what, why, and how the money is spent.

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  10. Taylor Marshall did a wonderful interview today with Father Altman.

    If you cannot listen to the entire podcast, here is the Summary:
    Father Altman’s added restriction will prevent him from live streaming his mass and homily. He is working on a way to get his message outside the church walls and stay within the restrictions.
    He asked for extra Rosary’s to be said for the church and the Bishops. He said don’t worry about him as he just a simple priest. Pray more for Bishop Strickland who oversees many priests and has a larger impact. Bishop Strickland is a larger target for the anti-church folks and thus he needs more prayers.

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    1. That is absolutely correct. I know Of Bishops who have bluntly threatened Bishop Strickland. Some are FURIOUS that he is not toeing the company line. Of course, the worst attacks, I think, were coming when many knew he was thinking of speaking out more boldly on behalf of the faith. Now that he has, the men threatening him may be more cautious. But be VERY suspicious if they start accusing him of anything like, say, Russian collusion.

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      1. An anonymous source told me an anonymous whistleblower told him that Bishop Strickland called the president of Ukraine and asked for a *favor*.

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      2. …Or if they start accusing him of either engaging in sexual impropriety, or of ignoring or covering up such accusations made against his clergy. If I’m not mistaken, that’s essentially the playbook that they used against Cardinal Pell, isn’t it?

        God bless Bishop Strickland, Fr. Altman, and all bishops and clergy who are defending the faith, heartening the faithful, and defending the faithful.

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        1. Padre Pio was also accused of misconduct, (if I’m not mistaken); the saint’s upcoming feast day,(23rd), would be a timely reminder to plead his powerful intercession for Fr. Altman, his Bishop and Fr. Martin in the preceding novena.

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  11. If Bishop Strickland were to somehow get Father Altman into his diocese, I would seriously think about how to move my family into that diocese.

    I thought that it was neat
    that Bishop Strickland wrote a tweet
    in support of Father Altman.

    I’m not sure if Father Altman realizes how much he has heartened the faithful with his sermons. He is one who doesn’t quench the smouldering wick nor break the bruised reed.

    There is a priest in Spain who also broadcasts his Masses and heartens the faithful similarly to Fr. Altman. I don’t know how much longer he will be able to preach without a reprimand.

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  12. I live in Bishop Strickland’s Diocese of Tyler, Texas. And we are very blessed to be in this diocese. We always had direct access in some way, shape, or form to the Eucharist during this Covid crisis. That was Bishop Strickland’s doing. He’s always praying with us in front of Planned Parenthood while in full cassock. He’s one of two Bishops that insisted publically at the U.S. Bishops Conference last year that abortion be kept as the most pre-immenent issue facing us Catholics today in forming our citizenship voting conscience. He has stated that he will refuse the Covid vaccine if it has been developed using aborted stem cells. He has publically rebuked those dioceses that have invited Fr. James Martin to speak in their diocese. He called Archbishop Vigano’s first open letter about the pope and others as, “Creditable.” So, with that short list, and now adding his support of Fr. Altman’s video, “You cannot be a Catholic and a Democrat,” it is very creditable that he needs our prayers, rosaries, and protection which Doug Barry (who lives in Tyler) talked about on the US Grace Force Podcast. Bishop Strickland, he said, has talked to him about his priests and himself needing personal protection. Very disconcerning indeed. I will step up on my rosaries and St. Michael prayers for our Holy priests and our Holy Bishop.

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    1. I’ve watched these developments you’ve mentioned, Texas, concerning the witness of Bishop Strickland as he’s stood and spoken with holy boldness. Keenly aware of how territorial are our Priests and Bishops – and that’s a good thing in many ways, but can become a weakness as well – Bishop Strickland has been in my prayers, received my notes of support and will continue to do so. What a great blessing for you to claim him as your shepherd!

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    2. A few dear clergy like Bishop Strickland, Fr. Altmann, my pastor in Memphis and some others are making a profound and holy impact on many people out here. Such a gift and blessing they are– really, the leaders of our remnant Church.

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  13. When I spent the summer of 1985 in communist Poland it was the communist government that “disappeared” 17 Catholic priests who were preaching against Catholic moral issues the government was violating…..not their bishops!

    Seven years ago a Canadian priest told me that he would be arrested and jailed for hate speech if he preached on the morality of alphabet sexuality.

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  14. Charlie I just watched your part 2 on hope and what next right step really means!!! It’s just WONDERFUL WONDERFUL WONDERFUL!!! I believe I’ll find myself watching it a lot lately because it is soooo helpful in these dark times to remember we are all gonna take wrong steps, but to keep trying knowing that God just loves our initiative!!! That is soooo heartening to me!!! I just love how you teach all our family here about our God and how you do it so joyfully too!!! MP you did a STELLAR job interviewing Charlie!!!

    Ave Maria Stella Maris!!!

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    1. To be honest, Linda, I formulated the interview questions AFTER the “interview,” and let him know as much before we started. I just thought it would be a good idea to have a chat on a number of basic topics, bouncing around quite a bit, and just going along for the ride while Charlie did his thing. Ha! At one point he gave me pointers on how to conduct and interview and I thought, hey, who’s doing this interview anyway –– me or you!? Well, worked out, and just be thankful we left some stuff on the cutting room floor. Glad you liked it.

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      1. Lol!!! It was just perfect MP!!! You have a very nice calming voice…sort of what I would expect Jesus to sound like!!!

        Charlie you’ll see hopefully my 2 donations! That was meant to be, so don’t think it was a mistake. Still curious about the French page but you know what they say… c’est la vie!!! that’s the way it goes!!!

        Ha!!! I think one was from my mom!!! She said soooooo many times C’est La Vie!!!

        Ave Maria Stella Maris

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  15. “My dear Bishops, if you continue to try to appease the anti-God left, the radical BLM and Antifa Marxists will still hate you and try to destroy you.”

    I always remind my ‘progressive’ acquaintances that the party loyalists are usually the first ones kneeling on the edge of the ditch.

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    1. Fr. Altman coined a few phrases, one of which is “Catholic Privilege”. Check it out on his youtube, while still available. Great tee shirt slogo.
      Privlege to call Mary, Mother.
      Privlege to call Jesus, Brother
      Privlege to call, The Father… Daddy

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  16. You really heartened us, Charlie, thank you. A while ago when it became apparent we had been abandoned by our diocese to worse tyranny than what our st. dictated, my husband wanted to write our own bishop, but there wasn’t any OREO in it. I dissuaded him. We did not have the tools to do what you did here. But we DO have an enormous amount of suffering we are carrying daily. That is given to +Jesus+ through Mary and our plea is not a second be wasted, all of it to go to His greater glory. I think this is our part here. Hidden, mundane. The ugly pride in me wishes I could do more.

    I know of a young heroic priest, (Latin Mass) who is in charge of a crumbling parish and rectory. He and his Bishop, are being heroic. Anyways they need a huge infusion of cash to sustain the infrastructure this Latin Mass depends on or that community will be destroyed. I don’t think +Jesus+ will allow this to be destroyed. Please contact me if you’d like the contact information to vet. Any large Catholic donor who is looking for a worthy cause can do their own research to verify my words.

    Keep on squirrelin’ on, my fellow squirrels! Ave Maria! Stella Maris!

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  17. My cousin Mark was reprimanded by the Bishop of the Orlando diocese a few years back over the controversy of him teaching *Catholic doctrine* Islam when he introduced a quote from St Dom Bosco about their evils. One of the parents of a student going to the Catholic school there showed the lesson to a Muslim friend who quickly gave it to an anti-catholic news source on the internet and it went viral.
    The controversy created a vacuum about what it was the Church “actually” teaches about The Muslim faith and some “New” policy based on ecumenism which is used as a social justice practice. My cousin was actually sanctioned initially by the Bishops secretary (what is it about secretaries in a Church?) who created a narrative of error towards my cousin, who was just quoting Catholic teaching, that he was teaching error. The secretary told the media that Mark had been “diciplined” and this was printed on various news sites even before Mark was ever contacted by the chancery!
    Mark received a letter to sign indicating he did not teach what the Church taught and Mark promptly refused to sign it. His defence was he was using the Catholic schools own curriculum and the pamphlet from St Dom Bosco was obtained at the school as well and therefore was NOT a teaching error but true Catholic teaching according to the Schools own curriculum!
    After a several week standoff, the Bishop himself contacted Mark and after discussing the issues man to man, gave a more appropriate letter for Mark to sign but not before his new-found “enemies” had added some “contractual” contentions to it that would be impossible for him to accomplish without ductape over his eyes and one leg tied behind his back and soon he was dismissed from the school. The schools pastor, knowing the unjust things that had been done to him, kept paying him his regular salary for 6 months after his dismissal in an effort to alleviate some of that wrong.
    I’ve seen first hand from this how a person of faith and good will like Fr. Altman can be destroyed by the mob for just telling the truth.
    For my cousin, the online controversy died down quickly but the local Ordinary’s desire to remove and destroy him did not as he can never teach in the diocese again because of this.
    God bless these brave men!

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    1. I remember when your cousin, Mark, was going through this trial by fire, Phillip. Incredibly so wrong. I have more than a few times pondered the Two Pillars Dream of St. John Bosco and wondered why this saint wasn’t also shown the intense damage being done from INSIDE the Barque of Peter. It would be amazing – or maybe too heart-breaking – to see an image painted/developed reflecting the vicious activity of the wolves inside.

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    2. Phillip, I think you would appreciate the 2019 movie, A Hidden Life. ” The film depicts the life of Franz Jägerstätter, an Austrian farmer and devout Catholic who refused to fight for the Nazis in World War II. ” ( ). After years of abuse in Nazi prisons, he was executed at the age of 36 for refusing to sign allegiance to Hitler, leaving behind his wife and three young daughters. A sad film to watch, but also inspirational for the courage he maintained.

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  18. Fr. Altman is awesome!

    Will NYS Voting rolls be contested?

    Some non-citizens and illegal immigrants are registered to vote in N.Y., election officials say
    Todd Valentine, New York Board of Elections co-executive director, and Nick LaLota, Suffolk County elections commissioner, said some non-citizens and illegal immigrants incorrectly get registered to vote in the state of New York.

    New York Republican Rep. Lee Zeldin said he’s aware of some non-citizens in Suffolk County who voted in previous elections. During a mail-in voting discussion organized by House Administration Committee ranking member Rodney Davis, Zeldin asked how to prevent this situation from happening.

    “We don’t have the proper amount of rules and laws and regulations to fetter out that sort of nefarious activity,” LaLota said.

    LaLota explained that undocumented immigrants are able to apply for driver’s licenses in the state, which makes it easier for them to mistakenly become registered eligible voters.

    “The state automatically registers them to vote unless they check a small box saying that no, they don’t want to get registered to vote,” LaLota said. “I would presume some of that happens intentionally, probably a larger amount happens unintentionally, but whatever the case is, the end result is a large amount of folks who are not in our country legally getting put on the rolls.”

    According to the New York DMV website, “the DMV does not approve or deny voter registration applications,” but they “send the application to the County or City Board of Elections for their review.”

    LaLota said his ability to find and remove non-citizens from voter files on the county level was constrained. “I don’t have any tools,” he said. “I’m not allowed to, as an elections commissioner, ask anybody from the U.S. Department of State or anybody else, who has citizenship, who has a Social Security number or anything else, so I have no tools here, congressman.”

    Todd Valentine, New York Board of Elections co-executive director, said some non-citizens get incorrectly registered at the DMV due to the automatic voter registration system.

    “If any voter comes in and checks that they are not a citizen, they don’t get to the voter registration application,” Valentine said.

    “If they don’t check the box, and say they are a citizen,” he added, “it is going to go through and get that [voter] application and just as you pointed out, it’s very difficult in the back end because there is no list of citizens that’s ever been given to any state or county across the entire country.”

    Valentine said some states have asked the federal government for a list of citizens to help them locate ineligible registered voters, such as non-citizens, but they have been denied.

    “Right now, we’re reliant solely upon the voter to check the appropriate box on the application that yes, I am a citizen, and if they don’t check the box — ‘Hey, you forgot’ — it’s an incomplete application — that’s the one good thing DMV does,” he said.

    Valentine explained that the current system relies on the honesty of non-citizens and illegal immigrants to indicate that they aren’t citizens during the voter registration process at the DMV.

    “It’s very difficult, if there’s no other way to validate that in any manner,” he said.

    In response to the statements from election officials, Zeldin said he wants every eligible voter to vote, but ineligible individuals should not be voting.

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    1. I thought this video was uplifting. It actually gave me great hope and to think someone in Australia cares enough about what happens to us. Usually people seem to roll their eyes at America, but they are praying for us.

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  19. This is such a frustrating and demoralizing situation that Charlie describes. It pains to think about it very deeply or for too long. Time for choosing. Time for choosing. And so many of our friends and family choose so wrongly and so tragically for their eternal destiny.

    Charlie describes the bind that the Catholic Bishops find themselves in. Particularly the financial bind. Perhaps every single diocese in America is facing bankruptcy. Wouldn’t surprise any of us. The question is why? The reasons are multiple and complex and self-reinforcing. It seems that much as America itself finds itself so also the American Church is trapped in a negative downward spiral.

    One commonality between American culture and Catholic Church culture is the massive negative effects of division and disintegration. One of the 3 Signs of the Diabolical. See Msgr. Charles Pope’s analysis of Bishop Fulton Sheen’s description:

    So, you go looking for the history of the relationship between the Catholic Church and the Democrat Party over time searching for the reasons for division and disintegration. It’s not pretty. At the heart of it is demographic change. The rise of the Nones. The rise of what Fr Altman calls the fastest growing denomination in America — Ex Catholics.

    Secularism vs Christianity. “Nominal” Catholics vs “Real” Catholics. Follow the Money.

    The money is draining out of the Church along with the people. It leaves the Church in a weakened state that may be a large part of the Bishops’ problem with speaking boldly as they fear strong fidelity and voice and determination to defend a Magisterium that stands counter cultural to today’s America will hasten the departure and collapse the financial edifice. Not on their watch.

    The Catholic Church identified itself with the “Old” Democrat Party for a variety of reasons and vice versa. The Democrat Party saw the NUMBERS in the Catholic Population, particularly in the cities and among the immigrant working class Irish and Italian and Polish and German blue back to the 1800’s. Electoral Gold in them thar folks. So the Democrats began expressing for the interests of working class people for the European Immigrant Catholics. Catholics and Democrats were a natural fit.

    Then along came the Marxists of the New School chased out of Germany by Hitler. They began their termite work on the American Culture as the way to Communist Power in America. That included use of the political “whale” that was the relationship between the Democrat Party and the Catholic Church.

    WWII and Communists? How weak was Communism at the end of WWII? A laughingstock. So the Communists sucked themselves onto a cultural/political whale for its survival and advancement much like the Remora Fish attach themselves to sharks and whales in a kind of mutual symbiotic relationship.

    Where does Catholic Social Teaching, including the principles of Solidarity as expressed by St. John Paul II, leave off and Communist Magisterium begin? It’s a hazy grey line friends.

    This is where the Diabolical plan began to unfold in earnest to destroy both the Catholic Church and the Democrat Party in America. It has progressed very near completion.

    Here is an article by a man born in 1938, Catholic, politician – lifelong Democrat – describing in some detail how the relationship the Catholic Church and the Democrat Party once strong and effective and mutually beneficial descended into a diabolical instrument hastening the demise of the United States of America.

    He describes it as the “Unraveling of a Relationship”.

    “Once upon a time—let’s say from the time of Franklin Roosevelt till the time of Lyndon Johnson—the Democratic Party was the clear party of choice for American Catholics.  The party had a special concern for the urban working classes and for the children and grandchildren of immigrants; its social justice ideas were often very similar to the social justice ideas outlined in papal encyclicals such as Rerum Novarum and Quadrigessimo Anno; it was emphatically patriotic and, like the Vatican, emphatically anti-Communist; it was strong on military defense; and it did almost nothing to defy or to undermine Catholic moral values.  It was a party that Catholics, at least Catholics of the kind that flourished in those long-ago days, could feel very comfortable with…….

    ….. The Catholics of the United States have changed greatly since those far-off days of FDR and LBJ.  They used to be, religiously speaking, a relatively homogeneous group, but they are now divided between what may be called “real Catholics” and “nominal Catholics.” 

    By “real Catholics” I mean those who go to church every weekend, who actually believe the doctrines of the Church, and who make a serious effort (while not always succeeding) to let their lives be guided by the moral rules and moral values endorsed by the Church.

    By “nominal Catholics” I mean those who are quite opposite.  They rarely or never attend Mass, and they have a “pick and choose” attitude when it comes to faith and morals.  They are Catholic in the sense that they were baptized Catholic and have not yet sent in a letter of resignation.  And of course there are shades of gray between these two extremes: Catholics who may be called semi-real or semi-nominal.

    If Catholics have changed over the last three or four decades, so has the Democratic Party “changed utterly” (to use the words of Yeats).  From being a party that Catholics could feel very comfortable with, it has become a party that Catholics—at least “real Catholics”—feel profoundly uncomfortable with.  Not to put too fine a point on it, the national Democratic Party has become an anti-Christian party…..

    ….. But although I won’t say that the Republican Party has become the Christian party, I will say that the Democratic Party has become the anti-Christian party; for to take sides with the secularists/moral liberals in the culture war, as the Democrats have done, is to take sides against Christianity.

    And so, the Democratic Party has gone from being a Catholic-friendly working and lower-middle class party to being a secularist and upper-middle class party.  Can a Catholic be a Democrat today?  It is virtually impossible, assuming that the Catholic in question is a “real Catholic,” is acquainted with policies of the party such as its support for abortion and homosexuality, and is capable of reasoning logically.  And this is what is actually happening: Increasingly, “real Catholics” are leaving the Democratic Party, although “nominal Catholics” (who are really semi-secularists) remain.  Since there are millions of “real Catholics” in America, their exodus from the party should cause alarm among party leaders.  But apparently it does not, at least not much, they are so in thrall to their secularist/moral liberal supporters.”

    The Bishops are in a squeeze that apparently they don’t fully understand. Do they have a strategy to defend the Catholic faith in America? Are they part of the solution or part of the problem?

    We have two very sick patients to deal with: The Catholic Church in America and the Democrat Party in America.

    What is the prognosis? Guarded to grim.

    What is the treatment? The Truth.

    Fr. Altmann asks and answers the question of the hour:
    Q: Can you be a Catholic and a Democrat in America today.
    A: No.

    The healing and the cure of the two patients begins with the Truth.

    Fr. Altmann answers another question:
    Q: How many Catholics voted for Barack Obama in the last election?
    A : 0

    Truth comes with a cost. The Bishops get weak in the knees contemplating that cost. Time to choose. Time to choose. So many walk away sad. So many sad Bishops.

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    1. This is a very good summary of what is happening, StormTracker Ed. Thanks for posting….. I see that Bishop Callahan has given Father Altman some fraternal correction. Bishop Callahan says that Father Altman has been divisive and the evidence is the amount of phone calls that Bishop Callahan is getting…….You are most correct when you say that the prognosis is guarded to grim. However, God must have a plan. I am sure that the road will be difficult. At this stage of things, there will be no easy road out of this mess.

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    2. Bishop Callahan Announces “Year of St. Joseph”
      April 2020 {May 1, 2020- May 1, 2021}

      Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ:

      Christ is Risen, Alleluia! He is Risen, Indeed. Alleluia!

      Well, I sure do wish I could announce another form of joyful news: our release from the “lockdown” we have endured because of COVID-19. We will endure our sequestration for another month! Yes, this means we enter May with fervent prayers to the Loving Mother of the Redeemer and Her Husband, our Diocesan Patron, and Patron of the Universal Church, St. Joseph.

      I invite you to celebrate and pray with me to Our Mother, Mary, and Our Patron, Joseph, starting on 1 May, the Solemnity (for us) of St. Joseph, the Workman. The Holy Mass was celebrated in our Cathedral that bears his name at 12:00 noon. This Mass marked the beginning of a year of thanksgiving, petition, and honor to St. Joseph along with many prayers of special intention for his blessings upon our families (Patron Saint of Husbands, Fathers, and Families) and upon all our beloved dead (Patron Saint of a Happy Death) and special needs of our Diocese (Patron Saint of the Universal Church).

      Several different spiritual events, prayers and novenas will be available throughout the year for publication in bulletins or special occasions as we make our way through the year. It, of course, is painfully obvious for all of us to know that our plans often turn to dust in the midst of possible tragedies and sicknesses that come our way. So, please watch our Diocesan website for further information and possible events—some of which may be live-streamed. I am hopeful that in the Fall we may be able to put together a pilgrimage to the St. Joseph Shrine at St. Norbert Abbey in De Pere and then stop at the Shrine of Our Lady of Good Hope in Champion (the only authentic Shrine of an apparition of our Lady in the USA.)

      So, please keep these thoughts in your prayers along with all the other pressing intentions for the sick and dying. St. Joseph, pray for us!

      In the Hearts of Jesus and Mary, I am,
      +William Patrick Callahan, OFM Conv.
      Bishop of La Crosse

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      1. “I am hopeful that in the Fall we may be able to put together a pilgrimage to the St. Joseph Shrine at St. Norbert Abbey in De Pere and then stop at the Shrine of Our Lady of Good Hope in Champion (the only authentic Shrine of an apparition of our Lady in the USA.)”

        How can CORAC help? Looks like a worthy event to me. Support Bishop Callahan in promoting and honoring Saint Joseph through his beautiful, living saints like Fr. Altman.

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  20. I did not realize that Father Martin, SJ is a big supporter of the multi-gender fringe groups. And apparently he was well received by Pope Francis in late 2019 in a papal meeting. I guess I am not keeping up with all the news. But this explains how he was invited to pray at the convention. It seems like everything is moving at great speed now.

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    1. Let me add that no one knows what on behind closed doors at the Vatican, but Father Martin clearly seems to be welcomed by leftist groups. And he has not been silenced in any of his initiatives.

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    2. Father Martin’s agenda is based on Father Martin’s homosexuality. Just because McCarrick was sent packing doesn’t mean homosexual priests who were a club in of itself in certain seminaries were removed from the church. Their agenda is gay marriage, elimination of transubstantiation. Watch Father James Altman’s description of his seminary years.


        1. Stjudithwanttobe: I think Father Altman refers to his seminary years in the video on Catholics cannot vote for any Democrat who supports abortion. The video is notorious now. Probably still on you tube. Hope you can find it.

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      1. I remember that description by Fr. Altman; he had to stop speaking for a moment, overcome by emotion. God bless that holy priest!!! May the Holy Spirit zap Fr. Martin with a huge conversion! “Up is down”; where are the bishops in correcting error?! Please help, Mother Mary.
        It’s so demoralizing. And our parish still doesn’t have daily Mass, after Gov. Nuisance and his rules go back and forth, open and close!! Aaargh!

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        1. I am saddened by the realization that the liberals most probably have really taken over the Catholic Church, right from the seminaries up to the Vatican.

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        2. Annie W. I live in Archdiocese of Philadelphia and we have had Mass for months. My parish is supposedly the largest in the diocese. Before covid we had 7 Masses. It’s been reduced to 6. We still are allowed on line Mass. Our church holds @500. The 10:30 has @ 150 every Sunday since covid. The 9 also about the same. Pre covid both were always packed. We have daily Mass too and Eucharistic Adoration which I just recently returned to. Is your governor CA?

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  21. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! – 😉

    I suspect that there are many Patriots Out-There, like me, who wonder if we have enough Good-Guys to overcome The Universal Evil that confronts the USA & Christendom.
    Then I think …. Patriots of Good Will but no/little Faith could well think that but …. People of Faith must not!
    With God’s Help. there is always enough Good-Guys to do the Job …. but so that any 1/2 Bright can figure out that Miraculous Forces are at Work!! …. Remember!?:
    Book of Judges – Chapter 7
    Gedeon, with three hundred men, by stratagem defeateth the Madianites.

    A Good=Guy with a video worth watching .. Why People Can’t See the EVIL They Support:

    Ah ….. it seems that Papa been reading DNC “Talking-Points of the Day” … again! ;-(


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    1. Holy cow, CD! I read the piece about McConnell, etc. and I’m blown away. How did I never hear about all this chicanery? I knew there were plenty of RINOs, but I had no idea about McC. and this whole cabal! Lord have mercy; just when you think you’ve heard everything!
      Thanks for all your digging, CD!

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  22. Many of us are tired of this routine. Never address the heart of the matter. Never affirm the core teaching. Denounce in the strongest of terms the supposed lack of charity with which the words are uttered. It’s essentially: “How dare you question us. We’re not the problem. You are.”

    The anti-God, anti-church, anti-family folks never seem to speak in the affirmative. They don’t tell you what they believe in or what they love. They’re against hatred. Okay, but absence of hatred is not love. They won’t defend abortion. They will accuse pro-life people of hypocrisy. They won’t defend homosexual activity. They’ll denounce discrimination and homophobia. Jesus didn’t come to the earth merely to oppose bad things. He gave us himself.

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      1. Oh it’s rich, Charlie:
        “What does the Democrat Party have to do to trigger your vocal Christian opposition?
        Abortion is not enough? Booing God at their convention is not enough? Support for admittance of biological males into girls’ locker rooms and bathrooms is not enough? Support for Marxist Black Lives Matter is not enough? Attacks on traditional marriage are not enough? Failure to support police protection of our cities from looters and rioters is not enough? Economic policies that increase dehumanizing dependence and poverty rates are not enough? Attacks on Christian businesses, the Little Sisters of the Poor, and religious liberty generally are not enough? Filling the heads of our children with critical race theory and race-baiting identity politics is not enough?,,,”

        “To the Never Trump elites who charge evangelical Trump voters with putting politics before the gospel, the Jesus 2020 evangelicals respond with words Jesus himself anticipated: “physician, heal thyself.”

        And the wrap-up: “Eighty-plus percent of evangelicals got it right four years ago and will do so again in a few weeks. They will head to the polls with much more confidence this time around because now they know that Trump, despite character flaws, but in stark contrast to the Never Trump elites, is a courageous, trustworthy, promise-keeping leader. With the Jesus 2020 sign, rank-and-file evangelicals quash the preposterous charge of idolatry and deign to speak for themselves since so many of their putative leaders either cannot or will not do so. They will vote for Trump with consciences clearer now than they were four years ago.”

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  23. There is so much good stuff on this piece I need something like a football 🏈 game for my hubby to watch so I can get through all these goodies!!! Ha!!! 🤔 wait!!! The Browns play today!!! Woo woot!!! Football 🏈

    Ave Maria Stella Maris!!!

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      1. I am aren’t I Mick?!?! But it takes a hoot to like a hoot and that’s what I love ❤️ about Mick!!!🤗❤️🙏🌹🥰🐿😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

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  24. Seems to me Jesus spoke some hard words too. To the Pharisees “You brood of vipers”, to Peter “Get behind me you Satan”. And he did do some rioting in a certain temple which he called a “den of thieves”. Jesus clearly wasn’t trying to win a political campaign. But, sadly, facing the cross IS hard for all of us.

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    1. I love to listen to the saints when thinking of carrying the cross:
      “It is not the finest wood that feeds the fire of Divine love, but the wood of the Cross.” ~St Ignatius of Loyola

      “When we are overcome by sadness, fear, or suffering; when the pains of loss overwhelm us; when evil seems to have taken power; let us look to the cross and be filled with peace, knowing that Christ has walked this road and walks it now with us and with all our brothers and sisters.” ~St Teresa of Avila

      “We are co-redeemers of the world. And souls are not redeemed without the cross.” ~St Teresa of the Andes

      “Do everything calmly and peacefully. Do as much as you can as well as you can. Strive to see God in all things without exception, and consent to His will joyously. Do everything for God, uniting yourself to him in word and deed. Walk very simply with the Cross of the Lord and be at peace with yourself. ” ~ St Francis de Sales

      And I especially love that the Lady of All Nations said when each one embraces his cross, True Peace will flood the earth.
      (Notice the missing serpent in this image which accompanies Our Lady’s words)

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  25. With the swirling of the world around us, many are experiencing silence deprivation. How blessed are we to be able to make time to take respite in the refuge of Jesus’ Eucharistic Presence… whether in person or via a webcam or by simply entering into Sacred Silence and resting in Him with thoughts such as these…

    To approach the living God requires a journey to the deepest center, to the very Spring from which all things come. No matter where we are, we can find the river that flows from this Spring. Yet, to be answered, we must ask; to find we must seek, to have laid open, we must knock. These are the steps of a great journey, the journey of a beat up and destitute beggar whose only hope is in the goodness of that Neighbor who passes by. Should we persevere, the River that makes all things new is ours, flooding even those steep banks that were once thought too high to be immersed.

    This river of Word and Fire flows through the heavens. Revealing all things and setting them on fire, it flows through all space and time in this world below. It’s light and warmth flows forsaken, deep below this world, even in those places where all love and hope is ever forsaken – and still it flows for this is not the last word about humanity. Overflowing into this present moment, even as you read this text, a fullness of meaning and life gushing forth unimpeded, never aging always new, the only new thing in this tired out world, making new all things, with a deep down cool freshness. Hidden under the veils of bread and wine, this Body and Blood feeds, nourishes, satisfies, quenches, inebriates until Spirit-filled the spirit of man must needs offer that spiritual worship that only a bodily sacrifice can achieve.

    Woe to those who, believing faith to be some private affair, dare to place unveiled glory under jars of acceptability. Woe to those who mindlessly accept the absolute claims of a governmental power and cowardly render to a social agenda even that which belongs to God. Woe to those who for fear of mere bodily harm neglect those matters of the heart for which we exist.

    Blessed are you who God has called to live by faith in times such as these – for Love has called you to tender love, for love and in love at a time when kindly love is most needed. Blessed are those who forgive from the depths of the heart that grievance until now so tormenting. Blessed are those who fear not to offer the thirsty a cup of water when others are too afraid to go forth. Blessed are they who do not fear to minister a word of truth in the midst of confusion and viral accusation. Blessed are those who suffer detracting sneers for having dared speak up for the most vulnerable: standing by the smallest among us come what come may — great indeed is the homecoming that awaits such as these.

    ~Anthony Lilies

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  26. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! – 😉

    Yep!! We’ve been warned, for over 60 years, by Churchmen, Statesmen, Historians and The Reds themselves that Marxist Socialism (Smoke of Satan) is at “work”…. everywhere ;-( …. and a thinking person might well believe that The Final Confrontation is at hand ….??!!??

    It is already unsafe in Democrat Blue Controlled areas. This unbridled MOB RULE & DOMESTIC TERRORISM will worsen, steadlily, into 2021 with The Media/Democrat Party in denial and overtly supporting “The Protests” & “Protestors”!

    I also expect that Fauci & CDC/NIAID Pals have been colluding with The Usual Suspects in Media/Democrat Party’s Vast Left-Wing Conspiracy!


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    1. From CREWDOG’s American Thinker article:
      “To understand the importance of religion to a free society, please consider watching and sharing the brief presentation below by Harvard professor Clay Christensen.”
      (it’s less than 2 minutes)

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  27. Lifesitenews reports ‘Judge rules Los Angeles can ban religious worship’;
    and the dominoes continue to fall…

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    1. …. and Maggie & Gang ……. considering what my come …. in our worst nightmare (historically quite possible) scenario ;-( …….. never Go to a “Camp” … ever!! …….. Unlike Russia …. We in the USA have the 2nd Amendment in 2020 ……. and (Good-Guys) are the most well armed Citizenry (Red States/Regions anyway) in modern history!

      “And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family? Or if, during periods of mass arrests, as for example in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of the entire city, people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling with terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand?… The Organs would very quickly have suffered a shortage of officers and transport and, notwithstanding all of Stalin’s thirst, the cursed machine would have ground to a halt! If…if…We didn’t love freedom enough. And even more – we had no awareness of the real situation…. We purely and simply deserved everything that happened afterward.”
      ― Aleksandr I. Solzhenitsyn , The Gulag Archipelago 1918–1956


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      1. CD this needs to be proclaimed far and wide.

        Even now I think this about what is happening in Australia. How many millions are locked down in Sydney (if I got the correct city)? Why don’t they all resist? I remember thinking this as a small child when I watched Nazi documentation of their own atrocities in the World At War series I saw with my Dad. I also think that about my own town/state. It is a madness that has overcome people, a diabolical disorientation. When you have pastors and bishops and other secular leaders frozen in fear and unable/unwilling to take a hard look at their misery enhancing fear-based choices and decisions—what more can be said?

        Have you seen Pastor Coverstone’s Lady Liberty dream? Myself, I have a sinking feeling the time for protest was when the mask mandate/lockdowns first appeared and became codified. But it is like a catch-22. If we weren’t as far gone as we are, the mask mandates/lockdowns could not have gained ground.

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  28. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! – 😉

    Retired former JAG Officer Colonel Richard Black Warns of a Potential Military Coup …… Well worth the time to watch this short video.
    “ALL bets are off” in 2020. We are so far “Off the Charts” in Our USA that no one, besides The Lord, knows what we face in the near future!
    ………… & Big Good-Guys Show on the 26th.

    YEP!! Definitely time for the DOJ to Shift-Focus from Russians under beds to Chinamen under beds…. Eh??!!??


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  29. On this feast of the “Triump of the Cross” I do believe, as do most of us here, that our Merciful Lord will soon deign to share with us all some small slivers from His Great Cross. Let us all pray that we have the courage to manfully step forward to accept His call in our lives, and ask for the grace to know how to respond to His call.

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  30. It was so funny yesterday morning. I got to the side door of church, opened it and found the pastor and three other people standing there looking at me. Father said good morning and that they were all there to welcome me to Mass. I said that that was really nice since I had just joined the parish on Friday.
    Now I know they were having a conference about something else, but I felt so special that Father said what he said. He could have ignored me because I’m very sure he didn’t know me. I feel he’s the kind of shepherd I have been looking for and I think my soul needs a change.

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  31. ( Thumbs up)

    Leftist mentality has become a wolf pack mentality. Where’s the dividing line that separates leftist politics from leftist religion? Being a leftist Catholic is a slippery & dangerous slope to be on these days…

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  32. People often discard Christian morality & ethics when faced with isolation, poverty, & hunger, as leftist policies promise plenty for those who support them.

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  33. Desmond put this up a few days ago. He said I could share it!!! It’s sooooo comforting!!! Just love Desmond!!!


    Some of you have noticed the relative scarcity of my postings here lately. There is a very basic reason for that: I’ve been trying to figure out why: what seems so few people have commented on any of the posts in the series on the original subject, ‘What has created the chaos and current cultural crisis throughout the world’? I’ve been thinking hard and praying hard about it. People I asked about this apparent scarcity above – they made the following observations:

    1. Few people understand the ramifications and applications of the following admonition found in 1st Peter 3:15: “Always be prepared to make a defense to anyone who calls you to account for the hope that is in you, yet do it with gentleness and reverence;”

    2. Why is that important now? It is because that entails a knowledge of how rapidly things are going to change – to get much much worse than they are now – not, ‘back to normal’ (whatever that is).

    3. Plenty of political analysts understand this through political analysis. But for those outside that field, the only other ones who should know it are – for instance – people who have read, ’Trial, Tribulation & Triumph’. It contains CHURCH APPROVED private revelations from many dozens of Canonized Saints, Blessed and Venerable throughout many centuries about what is coming. Those prophecies predict fairly detailed accounts of events leading up to our time and beyond. They’ve been right about virtually everything so far.


    4. In what is coming, anyone with a mature Christian faith and sound prayer life is most probably going to appear to be relatively quite calm in the face of events on the horizon – compared with their neighbors with no such faith and prayer life. For the most part, many of them will be losing, or on the verge of losing their heads.

    5. Those neighbors and others who are panicked by events which are coming, are going to ask you things like,
    a. How can you remain so calm at a time like this?
    b. Why are these things happening?
    c. What caused those things – what led up to this chaos?

    6. Many of even the readers who have been reading them already, and accepting what you’re [Desmond is] saying, they don’t think they would be able to answer such questions!
    I don’t know if that is accurate – but – is isn’t true. READ ON AND YOU’LL FIND OUT WHY?

    If your answer to ‘a’ is, ‘Because of my faith and trust in God, in Jesus Christ, my lord and Savior’ — that will be enough for some people.

    But many others will then ask you, ‘What caused these things to happen?’ If you merely can give the answer, ‘Because people abandoned God – and started living violent and immoral lives’ – That will satisfy some folks — but not as many as we might hope.

    Many will then go on to ask – but what led people to stop trusting in God? If the only answer you have is that they began to trust in ‘science’ rather than in God – That will be better than nothing for sure. But it still won’t really answer the questions for most of those who are fairly thoughtful about your answers.

    The series we’ve been developing once completed – will give you the capability to answer most of the questions of your friends, neighbors, even relatives – who by then will be virtually panicked. You being able to calmly sufficiently answer their questions, that will be like a calming breeze in their lives. You will become their life ring for them – as someone who is shipwrecked casts about for help while exhaustedly swimming in a turbulent sea.

    You will be able to fulfill what St. Peter admonishes us to be able to do:


    All my love in Christ


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    1. Is a good answer even possible? A fake science of evolution was created by those who serve evil to deceive the world, so countless souls could be sifted away from God.

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      1. It’s so sad really, Al, isn’t it??? I’m still not quite sure how I got lucky enough to know, love and serve God (then fell away) then a second conversion but I sure am very thankful for the graces!!! The only ones who go to church in my whole family and mikes whole family is he and I! Sort of scary. But I do think God has a great plan to bring all His kids back and won’t that be quite a celebration 🍾 🎉 🎊

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        1. Linda, you and Mike, in your prayers and fidelity, are a source of conversion graces for your family. Praying in alignment with you for your clan and for all the families here and beyond.

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          1. Beckita it’s sort of funny you talk about fidelity… of all our family members (not Mike) but I was always the wild child!!! Ha!!! Ya know how there’s always “that one” in a family??? I’m an all or nothing sort of girl!!! This time with Gods Grace I’m ALL IN!!! Ha!!! It’s sort of funny too for I feel such a call to pray for our whole family! God is soooo good!!! May He give enough graces through our Beautiful Mother of Sorrows to get ALL His kids back and on fire for our God!!!

            Ave Maria Stella Maris!!!

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              1. Ohhhhh you gave me goosies!!! Ha!!! How I love Saint Augustine and his holy mommy too!!!! Thank you for telling me that Beckita!!! My sis used to always tell me, “ Linda, you’re either Mother Angelica or Mary Magdalena!!!” 😂😂😂I pray to them all!!! HahahHha I can’t imagine how many of us “wild children “ that God needs to get ahold of these days!!! Oh wait until they find out how good is our God!🤗🙏❤️🐿😇😇🌹🔥

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        2. Highs & lows are normal in faith, even to the point of leaving Church for a while, there’s something special & precious in finding one’s way back to God, a certain humbling experience…

          I certainly hope God wakes people up, it would be a terrible tradegy to have so many souls go to Hell because people are ignorant of the devil’s attempts to rob them of eternal life & happiness in the presence of God.

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          1. Al that is so good to know! You are a very wise man! Yes very humbling for sure. Sometimes I say to self, “Self, You surely needed that experience…def knocked you off your horse!” Hahahahaha Then as you say, it is indeed so special & precious and I might add tender when Jesus begins to whisper to us to come back!🤗 so beautiful!

            The other thing I’ve learned from that experience, Al, is to pray for each and every soul I encounter who may be on a bad track. I feel so sad for them for I know where they are and it’s a very sad place to be.Im quite sure Our Mother, all the angels of God and all the Saints in heaven and all of us who are bumbling through this side of the veil are working very hard so that God gets ALL His kids back! Wouldn’t that be wonderful!🤗🙏❤️😇🌹🐿🔥☕️How we need Our Merciful Savior before He comes as the Just Judge! (St. Faustina)

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      2. “But when they arrest you, do not worry about what to say or how to say it. At that time you will be given what to say, for it will not be you speaking, but the Spirit of your Father speaking through you.” Mathew 10:19-20.
        I have noticed this in my life when speaking about the truth of God even though my life is not at stake.
        For us who are not “educators” but mere laity with faith, the Holy Spirit gives a wisdom above human wisdom to tell the things of the spirit. I am always amazed at my ability to answer seemingly unanswerable questions on the spot when asked. Afterwards, I too learn something as the Spirit channels through my words. I hope and pray and live a clean life, not just to save my own soul, but also to be a good example for those who need a good example. I’m no saint, but I try to be. The struggle is real and my St Peter’s “thorn” is too. But that is my humbling point and I recognise the need to be humbled when wielding the power of the Spirit-or, more appropriately, being wielded BY the Spirit!

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        1. Once in a while I’ll say something that even shocks & surprises me, as it’s beyond my education & understanding, but it only seems to happen when I least expect it. I honestly don’t know what to expect or what will happen in other situations where you know the questions are coming…

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      3. AL, I agree that good answers are no longer possible right now, but after the battle is when there might be many willing to listen and hear. Not all, of course, but I want to be prepared for that time.

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        1. I got a taste of that already, I’ve been visiting creationist forums & groups for God friendly scientific theories, and they’re being visciously being attacked by groups of atheists/evolutionists (as if they know the devil’s time is short, and they need to desperately take down as many people as possible now before time is up.)

          There’s no credibility in the things we say without God or his miracles, only those who want to believe & hope in God will listen.

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    2. Linda, thank you for posting Desmond’s fb piece. This is something I want to know. I hope Desmond or you will share his series here. Thank you, Desmond.

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      1. Audiemariie2014 I’m sure Desmond will be ok with your request. Haven’t had a chance yet, but I will do so today!!! I pray ur feeling better today dear one!!! I keep asking St Raphael to intervene for you!!!🤗😘🙏❤️😇🐿

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    3. “5. Those neighbors and others who are panicked by events which are coming, are going to ask you things like,
      a. How can you remain so calm at a time like this?
      b. Why are these things happening?
      c. What caused those things – what led up to this chaos?”
      This is a good exercise…here are my current thoughts…

      a. Reality is as God says it is and I have experienced it despite the culture asserting it is not. There is a Moral order and these are the fruits of flouting it. I am calm because God loves us and is giving us a glimpse of His Holy judgement (needs improving)

      b. This is the fruit of Sin; this is who we are without us choosing God.

      c. Same as b.

      I hope others on the board chime in with their answers.

      Becks, Charlie, this woukd make a great post in its own right; we can learn a lot from each other.

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      1. So true, Timothy. It’s been fun to work with Desmond and be able to edit his writing… mainly because his eyesight has been challenged as he has aged. For anyone who is on Facebook, you can visit the FB page Desmond A. Birch and find these pieces of his writing and more:
        Here’s the chronology of what he has thus far:
        SEPT 13,2020
        1 JUNE 18, 2020 FIRST PIECE – Central cause for the chaos.
        2 JUNE 30, Is there a central cause for today’s chaos? PORTRAIT OF HELL.
        3 JULY 22 – Discusses John Locke and other Enlightenment Philosophers. This one skips over Descartes, but of a purpose, as he will be brought in later.
        4 AUG 2 – Back to the series. Pic of boy thinking.
        5 AUG 4, 2020 – In matters of Deliberate Grave Immoral Behavior – PIC EVE.
        6 AUG 21, 2020 – Back to the series – SOCRATES, PLATO, ARISTOTLE – with portrait images of all three.
        7 AUG 30, 2020 REALITY: Painting of a mother, childen & goats in a field above a lake. How do we learn? – which process begins as we are children.
        8 SEPT 11, 2020 Why is it brothers and sisters. Photo of 3 wooden blocks with question marks after them.
        9 SEPT 13, 2020 Chronological Index of pieces up till this date on the causes of chaos in our time.

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              1. How sweet, HttP. Thanks for your kindness. Honestly, it wouldn’t take long to do this because everything is right there on Dez’s FB page. While I have edited his writing, I usually have not kept the edited copies on my computer. For now, anyone can access Desmond’s FB page here: You don’t need to be a member of FB to see/read it. Then simply scroll down to the dates where he’s posted his pieces. 🙂

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            1. Beckita, I felt motivated to go to Desmond’s FB page, find all of the relevant essays (which he listed), and copy/paste them into a Word document. I’m in the process of formatting them into a readily readable document. Let me know if I can assist in what you’re working on.

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              1. Ty, Sister Bear. Also ty to Beckita, Linda (of course Desmond). The link doesn’t work for me and I’m not on fb. I did try different browsers. All that to say I would be delighted to see this in another format.

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  34. Once again, Charlie, you are out of touch and on the wrong side. Father Altman is a terrible nutcase. He has other videos where he talks about Covid being a plot to take over the world, and he wonders who is behind this terrible plot. His now famous video appears to be professionally made by the Republican party. When priests get political, they become useless. If they have done their job, we know how to vote. And I agree with him that no one can vote Democratic. That is obvious. But for some smarmy priest to start thinking he has the right to get up in the pulpit and pontificate about political matters, because his little undies are in a bunch, well, he just became useless as a priest. Plus Altman is known as a crackpot. If you saw his video with the schismatic Taylor Marshall (who also borders on lunacy) you saw a Father Altman who was rambling, who could not keep his mind on track, who was nervous, who seemed a bit odd. Now, there is a tiny proportion of Catholics who like their priests totally political, totally telling them what to do, totally ignoring their jobs. And you are among that easily led group. We have entered the age of the loud mouth sucker political priest, eager to jump on soapboxes and be our political leaders. This is sickening, this has nothing to do with Christ and everything to do with the Devil tempting God’s priests with worldly fame. Shame on you for endorsing this nonsense.


    1. Back in the day when I was in radio, there was a woman who called once or twice a week to tell me how wrong I was and how mad I got her. She amused me and I asked her once why she listened to me if I got her so mad all the time. After a pause, she kind of giggled and said I was better than caffeine for getting her blood running in the morning. You are starting to remind me of her. Most of your arguments are assertion-heavy and fact-free. When you do get a fact in, it is usually garbled or contradictory to other “dendrite-facts” you embed in your commentary.

      Fr. Altman, as testified by some here and many others who know him, is a solid, steady Priest. When Priests get political?!?! Did you just wake up after 50 years…or do you only object when Priests politically say you can’t support modern Democrats and be consistent with Catholic doctrine? Is it okay when they constantly attack conservative, Republicans and those who support Catholic doctrine? Or is it truly just non-partisan enforcement you want…but you only speak up when they enforce that non-partisanship against Democrats?

      Sometimes I get a glimpse of reality in your over-heated comments, but it is reality as seen through a kaleidoscope. Ah well, kaleidoscopes amuse me a little.

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    2. Dendrite, Very pleased to see you airing your “knowledge” and perspective, because I’m hopeful that we might be able to pull you from your dark pit– granted I may be foolishly optimistic. A Chinese virologist from the Wuhan Lab is on record, after escaping from China, explaining that the virus was made there, and the world is fully aware that China let it spread world-wide, with the complicity of the WHO ( see ).

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    3. Shame. Shame. on. you. Dendrite. Shame. Did I mention, Shame? How about a shame, shame shame shame shame… shame.

      All I can say is… Paragraph spacing in between run on crazy. Thanks.

      [Once again, Charlie, you are out of touch and on the wrong side. Father Altman is a terrible nutcase. He has other videos where he talks about Covid being a plot to take over the world,]

      Actor Jim Caviezel speaks well of the Covid hoax:

      “Caviezel described church lockdowns as a denial of “inalienable rights, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness,” and asked “Why can’t I go to church?” It’s an obvious question considering that the “free exercise of religion” is part of the first amendment.

      The Passion star then mocked the lockdown double standards, saying, “You go into an airplane. You see a lot of people. They’re wearing masks. They’re right next to each other. But the COVID-19, for some reason, doesn’t spread.”

      He quipped, “It’s so smart. It knows not to do that. But when you go into a church, the COVID-19 goes everywhere.”

      Caviezel blamed his distrust for the Chinese Virus-hysteria narrative on the failing influence of the mainstream media. He claimed, “this is the conversation that we’re having right now” because “the media no longer represents a lot of Americans.”

      “But most of us, we don’t trust them anymore,” Caviezel stated. We couldn’t have said it any better ourselves.”

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    4. Wow, Dendrite! Your post is a lot to digest–I disagree with almost its entirety. Regarding Covid–I have pondered whether or not this was manufactured to enable those seeking to establish a one world order. You may think that is a crazy thought, but I do believe there are those who are wealthy and powerful who have that intention, so it is not unreasonable that it would cross one’s mind. Describing Fr. Altman as being a smarmy priest with his undies in a wad is an unfortunate way to get your point across. His concern for our Church and our country is one with which scores of us agree. Note the multitude of people who recently supported him with a public rosary–and the fact that his videos have been so widely shared and appreciated. There are also petitions being circulated that have been signed by many, who are asking that Fr. Altman not be silenced.

      So, calling Dr. Taylor Marshal a schismatic is puzzling. Are you labeling him that way because he disagrees with things that are said and done by Pope Francis and the Vatican? Many of those things appear contrary to Magisterial teaching, or are at least very unclear and confusing. I don’t know if there is a small proportion of Catholics who want priests to be political and tell us what to do. I do believe that there are many (maybe a remnant group described by Pope Benedict) who are thrilled with Fr. Altman and priests like him who are not afraid to speak the truth in these devastating times–not because we need him to tell us what to do, but because we know there are so many who don’t hear the truth and need to hear it. That is not ignoring his job, that is exactly doing his job. Because of the lockdown and prohibition to attend Mass, Masses have been streamed to those locked up. That probably has caused a proliferation homilies to be heard and shared by the masses. If a priest has become famous, it may be due to this phenomenon. It is so important and unusual to be able to have a respectful discourse in these times, with those with whom we disagree. I’m grateful for that opportunity at this site.

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      1. Bravo Charlie, Jack, and Kim! You summed it all up so there’s nothing for me to add! 🙂
        I especially like the “did you just wake up after 50 years” part! Duh!

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        1. More thoughts:
          “The ruling class has built a well-honed apparatus to inculcate docility in the people. Components include cheap, puerile mass entertainment, ubiquitous smartphones and social media, video games, porn, drugs, sportsball, and so on across the whole dreary panoply of lowest-common-denominator “culture” in the current year.

          We should expect all this to increase. The ruling class’ recent and ongoing enthusiasm for marijuana legalization and its total indifference to the opioid epidemic suggest that they’re seeking to drug as many non-elites as they can out of any potential resistance. Combine these factors with leftism’s top-down, total control of thought, and the picture becomes bleak indeed. The times are already quite vapid; very little (if anything) of lasting merit has been produced in literature, philosophy, music, film, or the other arts in several decades. The trend seems to be getting worse.

          But at least we still have that older stuff to fall back on, right? Not necessarily. The cherished and iconic works of our past are also threatened, in two ways. First, the movement that originated on campus more than a generation ago to get rid of core curricula and reinterpret in light of leftist orthodoxy those bits allowed to remain has borne fruit. We’ve now “educated” generations of students—even (especially) elite students—either 1) to have no familiarity with the Western canon; and/or 2) to despise it as inherently evil; or 3) to see it only through leftist lenses that make it seem as if it merely confirms current orthodoxy; or 4) to believe it was all “stolen” from other cultures. That last one, of course, is a bald-faced lie, but one that at least implicitly concedes there’s something valuable in the tradition. But the point is never made to spur anyone to actually read the books, rather only to validate in-group confidence. My people, and not yours, did that, hence we are great and you are not. The result is that the whole Western tradition is at risk of atrophy, and even death, simply from ignorance and neglect.”

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    5. Dear Dendrite, just so you know, I sent Fr. Altman’s video out to everyone–even my older brother who has been estranged from me & the Church for years (not sure why)–anyway, yesterday I received a “Thank You” from him for sending Fr. Altman’s video. From there he found many more homilies by Fr. Altman.

      Listen to his email….”I left the Church many years ago for so many reasons. Father Altman has renewed my spirit. I’m not a convert yet, but I have watched his sermons everyday. I see now, the Church is trying to stifle him. I need to continue to listen to his sermons. He is truly Paul of our time”.

      Father Altman is saving souls. I pray that your soul softens too. I will continue to pray for your conversion and every other soul who is lost like you.

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      1. I did the same thing. I sent it to Evangelical friends and fallen away Catholic family and friends. They all loved it and said that is the type of priest the American Catholic church needs back…times 1,000!

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    1. So true, Linda. After seeing the movie the first time, when it came out, the sorrowful mysteries of the Rosary were never the same for me especially Mother Mary’s part! I see Jesus looking at her as He carries the Cross, and her pain is probably worse for Him than the physical pain.

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      1. Oh soooo agreed Annie W. I actually try my hardest to envision those scenes when I pray my sorrowful mystery which I have been since that last message from Akita last October!!!

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  35. A gem of advice which Fr. Ripperger gave concerning spiritual growth was to ask our Sorrowful Mother to reveal to us any area of vice which needed to be routed out. I’ve found, again and again, that whatever we focus on, we get more of. To that end, when asking Our Lady for help like this, we can simply dwell upon and do more of the opposing virtue. SO grateful for this Mother of ours and all She has done for our conversion and salvation!

    At the cross her station keeping,
    Stood the mournful Mother weeping,
    Close to Jesus to the last.

    Through her heart, His sorrow sharing,
    All His bitter anguish bearing,
    Now at length the sword had passed.

    Oh, how sad and sore distressed
    Was that Mother highly blest,
    Of the sole begotten One!

    Christ above in torment hangs.
    She beneath beholds the pangs
    Of her dying glorious Son.

    Is there one who would not weep,
    Whelmed in miseries so deep,
    Christ’s dear Mother to behold?

    Can the human heart refrain
    From partaking in her pain,
    In that Mother’s pain untold?

    Bruised, derided, cursed, defiled,
    She beheld her tender Child,
    All with bloody scourges rent.

    For the sins of His own nation,
    Saw Him hang in desolation
    Till His spirit forth He sent.

    O thou Mother: fount of love!
    Touch my spirit from above,
    Make my heart with thine accord.

    Make me feel as thou hast felt;
    Make my soul to glow and melt
    With the love of Christ my Lord.

    Holy Mother, pierce me through;
    In my heart each wound renew
    Of my Savior crucified.

    Let me share with thee His pain,
    Who for all my sins was slain,
    Who for me in torment died.

    Let me mingle tears with thee,
    Mourning Him who mourned for me,
    All the days that I may live.

    By the Cross with thee to stay;
    There with thee to weep and pray,
    Is all I ask of thee to give.

    Virgin of all virgins best,
    Listen to my fond request:
    Let me share thy grief divine.

    Let me to my latest breath,
    In my body bear the death
    Of that dying Son of thine.

    Wounded with His every wound,
    Steep my soul till it hath swooned
    In His very blood away.

    Be to me, O Virgin, nigh,
    Lest in flames I burn and die,
    In His awful Judgment day.

    Christ, when Thou shalt call me hence,
    Be Thy Mother my defense,
    Be Thy Cross my victory.

    While my body here decays,
    May my soul Thy goodness praise,
    Safe in Paradise with Thee. Amen.

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