Deadly Danger Ahead

By Charlie Johnston

I don’t think the hierarchy in America understands how deadly dangerous the situation over the potential canonical rebuke of Fr. James Altmann of La Crosse, Wisconsin, is. The controversy began when, in a recent homily, Fr. Altmann said bluntly that, given modern Democrat support for abortion, homosexual marriage, and gender ideology, no Catholic can honorably vote Democrat and pretend to still be Catholic. To be knowingly complicit in these mortal sins would lead a soul straight to hell. The video of that homily went viral.

Two days ago, La Crosse Bishop William Callahan issued a statement calling Fr. Altmann’s homily “angry and judgmental,” and threatening canonical penalties if the Priest did not respond to efforts to induce him to speak more gently. To his credit, Bishop Callahan did recognize the underlying truth behind Fr. Altmann’s call for fidelity to Catholic doctrine – at least by Catholics. That tells me that, at least, the Bishop knows that this situation is fraught with peril.

If these were normal times, Bishop Callahan’s response would be prudent and balanced. But  the reality we are dealing with is that these are not normal times – and normally prudent responses, however cleverly devised will not cut it. Last I looked, Fr. James Martin, who actively promotes what Jesus and His apostles affirmed as a sin, is welcome in most Dioceses in the country. A few months ago, when President Trump went to the St. John Paul II National Shrine to sign an executive order defending religious freedom internationally, Washington Archbishop Wilton Gregory blasted it as “reprehensible.” When Priests or Bishops publicly attack Trump or conservatives or things that are Magisterial articles of faith, if a faithful Catholic objects, we are lectured that we must respect their freedom of speech. If a Priest or a Bishop has the temerity to actually defend Catholic doctrine, we have be-robed prelates telling us we must be prudent, never be divisive, and then threaten consequences if we continue a full-throated defense of the faith. This business that any attack on the faith is fair comment and any defense of it is subject to canonical penalties is unjust and pernicious. I don’t know Bishop Callahan, but a trusted friend and counselor who does assures me he is an orthodox and prudent Bishop. I do know Archbishop Gregory and, despite his flaws, hold him in no little affection. But both men are treading on deadly dangerous ground.

I understand that when you are trying to avoid a fight, restraint is paramount – and counseling “prudence” is, well….prudent. But when the fight is inevitable, your counsel must be on how to win that fight. In normal times, Bishops and Priests do well not to be partisan. But when one side is openly anti-Christian, and seeks to destroy both the faith and the faithful, you have to engage in the battle. In a bizarre development, our clerisy has become not only partisan, but partisans on behalf of the people and movement that want to destroy us. At the very least, if the Bishops are not going to discipline any Priest who offends the faithless, they must be equally lenient with any who defend the faithful. Otherwise, they are partisans against their own cause.

Sadly, our hierarchy, even when well-meaning, usually does not understand how their pronouncements come across to the folks in the pews. They are cowed by that minority of anti-Catholics in the pews who are also the mouthiest. Clerics usually live in a bubble – and unfortunately vastly overestimate their own prowess and cleverness, when they should be focused on simple fidelity.

I have always described my own three prime duties as:

  • Defend the Faith
  • Hearten the Faithful
  • Defend the Faithful

That’s not a bad mission statement for religious leaders, either. But here is what we Catholics in the pews see:

  • Defend the Faith. We have Priests galore – and far too many Bishops – who eagerly explain to us all the things that that Jesus guy and His apostles got wrong – and why both Scripture and the Magisterium don’t actually mean what they plainly say. I do believe that most Bishops are faithful and orthodox – but almost all of even the best of them are very timid about rebuking their brother Bishops who very publicly are not, while being Johnny-on-the-spot to rebuke a subordinate who does vocally defend the faith. The modern hierarchy is failing to defend the faith.
  • Hearten the Faithful. When a Bishop or Priest actually does vigorously and vocally defend the faith, he almost immediately becomes a celebrity because of how many people he heartens. That is why Fr. Altmann’s homily went viral. It is why Bishop Joseph Strickland of Tyler, Texas has become a Catholic folk hero after endorsing Fr. Altmann’s homily – and then doubled down on that support after Altmann was threatened with canonical penalties. Strickland said he was ashamed that it had taken him so long to speak boldly in defense of the faith. Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone of San Francisco has been raising eyebrows among the establishment – and garnering the enthusiasm of the faithful – because of his increasingly vigorous proclamation of the fundamentals of the faith. Such proclamations should be mundane, a veritable rose garden of fidelity to the faith and the faithful. Sadly, they are as rare and striking as a rosebush in a dung heap…but they do hearten the faithful that it is not all dung heap and all is not yet lost. As a group, the hierarchy has failed to hearten the faithful – and thank God for those rare roses who do.
  • Defend the Faithful. We are still waiting for the Vatican to do anything about the predator Priests and Bishops in the ranks, those wolves in sheep’s clothing who feed on the flock. Frankly, it seems high officials, especially the Vatican, are more interested in protecting and promoting the predators rather than resolutely defending the flock. The only time there is forceful action is when an orthodox prelate like Australian Cardinal George Pell investigates the finances of the Vatican and is confronted with charges so ludicrously and palpably false that they would be laughed out of any entity that was not using the justice system as a partisan bludgeon. Meantime, when miniature tyrants across the land used the Covid Virus as a tool to enforce draconian rules on Churches that were waived for many secular pursuits – including looting and rioting, most of our Bishops meekly went along, when not actually enforcing even more draconian rules than the secular authorities demanded. When it comes to defending the faithful, most Catholics think they could build stronger fortifications out of balsa than what the hierarchy has provided.

These are three prime duties – and the modern hierarchy is wanting in each.

There are a few things I know from a lot of discussion with inside sources that are not necessarily obvious to everyone. First, the financial situation in Dioceses across the country is much bleaker than is being let on right now. 1) A lot, maybe even a majority, are headed to bankruptcy. 2) Major Catholic donors have taken notice of the failure of these prime imperatives. Even now there is a growing sentiment among the biggest donors to pull out altogether and just finance those entities that actually proclaim the faith with boldness and clarity. 3) The best Bishops are deeply despondent and confused, unsure of what to do or how to proceed. In such situations, leaders often take what they think to be the safe course, the path of least resistance. Except that now, what they usually think is the safest course is actually the deadliest.

My dear Bishops, if you continue to try to appease the anti-God left, the radical BLM and Antifa Marxists will still hate you and try to destroy you. Meantime, the Catholic major donors will abandon you – and neither BLM nor Antifa is going to make up the shortfall. Rather, they will cheer on the agony you helped bring on yourselves.

For every truly sustained series of frustrations, there is a build-up of resentment, until some minor event, some catalyst, causes the frustration to reach critical mass and explode. The faithful in the pews have long suspected that the hierarchy is not much interested in defending the faith, heartening the faithful, or defending the faithful. How Fr. Altmann is treated may well be the catalyst that brings that frustration to critical mass. The time has come when all of us, including our leaders, must choose or perish. The only course of safety now is to cast out into the deep in fidelity to the teaching of Christ and His apostles.


Here is the second in the three-part series on the founding of the Corps of Renewal and Charity (CORAC). It is a look back at what it means to acknowledge God, to take the next right step, and to be a sign of hope to those around you. Again, thanks to our own MP for taping and editing this series.


Finally, just a couple of days ago, we finally got all the pieces together with the bank to set up a donation link to CORAC. Last night I received an email from the provider that we had received four donations yesterday totaling $500. Today, I have to find how to get detail on who donated so I can thank them directly. The donation link is set up in red letters at the top of the “Menu” section on the top right-hand of the page…and in smaller type at the end of these articles.

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265 thoughts on “Deadly Danger Ahead

  1. Fellow squirrels, Squirrel LL here, reporting in from the powder keg that is one of the Dem’s test-case proving grounds, um I mean the State of Connecticut.

    I posted this news article before, but below is an updated version that is heartening for the surprise Biden supporters had witnessing the Trump turn-out in good ole Mystic CT.

    Noteworthy is today our gov (who deserves impeachment for crimes of treason against his own citizens) is signing another exec.order to levy fines $100/$250/$500 against any citizen who either does not mask or is in a gathering of too many people and/or hosts a gathering of too many people, respectively. (1.) This after the panel of 10 legislators (6 dems and 4 repubs on party lines) allowed the gov to extend all his exec. orders until Feb 2021. (2) The masking and shutdown was for 15 days to “flatten the curve,” it’s been over 180 days, the curve has been flattened, CT has one of the lowest infection rates of any state in country. But the raw power grab/crimes of treason are now entrenched and the gov will not back down. (3)

    Interesting is gov’s language in explaining how this order came about and how he intends to enforce this order. The gov’s lackey said: “Department of Administrative Services Commissioner Josh Geballe said the fines come in response to “multiple requests” from local leaders, health departments, and law enforcement who sought leverage in getting community members to follow the rules.”(4) Ha! He could be lying or telling the truth, but I’m not certain how to prove either. Except, at least one selectman is publicly proclaiming they will not enforce the weenie’s dictates. (5)

    A bit of a problem for the gov. is he also gutted and hog-tied both the state and local police officers with the legislation our Democrat controlled legislature passed and he signed.(6) On Oct 1st anyone in CT can sue any officer for any reason. The St. Police declared war (um, I mean “no confidence”) on him.(7) It seems a hallucination to believe the credibility of lackey-Josh’s assertion “law enforcement sought fines” I’m pretty certain no one will listen to the weenie’s weenies, I mean the nazi youth enforcers the gov. tries to use. So I’m guessing the real end-game is to overrun CT with antifa and blm on Oct 1st.

    footnotes, how do I get a wysiwyg editor to embed these links?







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      1. LOL, Http, as I just finished another reply using that same phrase and it’s Japanese equivalent (Yare, Yare, Daze). The latter one comes from one of my favorite anime heros.

        I look forward to reading Rush’s words. Ty, all around.

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      2. Rush’s words are sober, yet all of us here know them to be true. Today Biden promised a national mask mandate. The gulags are next. I wonder when those who believe the Dems and support them will realize they’ve been had? Yuri Bezmenov says its when the tanks are breaking down their homes.


    1. Littlelight, I live in CT also. I felt a sense of satisfaction when I read in the Norwalk Patch how the officers of the Norwalk Police reacted when they were informed of the new rules for Police in CT, when Lamont’s representative came to the police precinct.
      Let’s just say their displeasure was more than apparent. Norwalk police have always been known for their good community relations throughout the years with its citizens; they work hard on it. My brother-in-law was a member, before he retired. It is such a shame. (Stratford also had a well attended Trump boat parade!)

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  2. I apologize if someone has already brought this up – but here goes.
    First off, I agree that being catholic is not choosing off a “Chinese” menu like the Vatican seems to be doing lately. You are either in all the way or not. And I love Fr. Altmans sermon and point of view. What concerns me, and possibly his Bishop too is that talking in terms of political affiliation may be construed as political advocacy and could risk the nonprofit status of the church. in all past election cycles, the sermons I heard that reflected the same idea, spoke in terms of what the church teaches on various topics but stopped short of calling out one party over another. I recall Senator Dianne Feinstein criticizing a catholic judicial nominee because “Dogma ran in her veins”. this political rhetoric from the pulpit risks tanking every catholic political nominee. Dewey lost the election to Truman because he was Catholic, and JFK nearly did. (he also set in stone the awful interpretation of separation of church and state to mean that government can’t in any way mention or acknowledge God or religion) Personally, I think if more priests preached what it is to be catholic in light of the gospel instead of giving generic christian sermons we would have a lot more faithful catholics.


    1. As I will include in my piece later today, the chairman of the Federal Election Commission said most emphatically today in an interview that talking about partisan politics in a way that applies an organization’s principles practically does NOT jeopardize that status.

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        1. It was different then, Madkat. It was changed in 2017 – and the FEC Chairman emphasized that change in his interview today. So you were, undoubtedly, told correctly when you worked for the Diocese (at least if it was before 2017).

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  3. Madkatmomma: There was exceeding anti Catholic bigotry surrounding Catholics at the Dewey/Truman election. I remember the JFK hoopla. I was 12. He arrived at our local shopping center to campaign and the stir was palpable. My Irish grandmother was atwitter. So too most of my aunts and uncles. The German Catholic ones not so impressed. My Aunt Vicky warned us all about him (JFK). The Jewish community in Delaware Co., PA were smitten by him. I look back on this and realize for most the election was really about JFK being a Democrat. Some knew of JFK’s reputation, most did not. There was lots of worry about JFK following the Pope and not secular law. Father Altman is not the only priest to say exactly what he said about voting for abortion. Father George Rutler said as much before the 2016 election. Even AB Chaput had similar comments regarding a visit to his office by 2 Democrat operatives threatening him. I know that there is some interpretation of church vs state regulation which is probably unconstitutional if it were challenged. When do priests give up there rights as citizens? Have you noticed that the same regulation is ignored when black churches outright invite Democrat political candidates to speak from the pulpit? A blatant example is Obama. Do you really think the socialist left will not go after tax exempt status of the CC if Biden is elected? They will. For them it’s about tamping down free speech, tamping down dissent, tamping down the Gospels just like China. Socialists are really Communists. For me Altman and others are Viganò.

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  4. Hi Patrick.. I will send you an email later today. I am happy you are considering Holy Hill. It is one of my favorite places, even though I don’t go as often as I should. I guess it is one of those “my backyard things”. It’s always there, so I can do it anytime, but don’t. As to the Rudolph Grotto. I was there 2 years ago, on my way back from La Crosse to Green Bay (to a friend’s place). We went through the cave and it was beautiful, so simple, yet majestic. I pray that you have a blessed trip.

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  5. Please, one of y’all much smarter than me, please comment on “A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing” that apparently has been playing on EWTN. Our priest went balistic on me in Confession today, threatening to disband our Rosary Group. He overheard some of us talking about it after we finished the Rosary this morning after Mass. He said any such talk was hereterical, and he wasn’t having it anywhere on the church grounds. He went on and on. I have not watched it, as I do not get EWTN. These ladies are daily Mass goers, and he is threatening to deny us Communion!

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    1. I’ve viewed this documentary and facts are not heresy, Nance. Cultural Marxism has, indeed, infiltrated the Church and is on the rampage on our American streets throughout the nation. Sounds like you hit a mega nerve with your pastor. Here’s a synopsis of the film from one of EWTN’s communication directors.

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    2. All I can think of here is: “Yare, Yare, Daze” which translates to: “Good Grief” This saying belongs to an anime hero who has a poker face but beats-up the really bad guys and wins. The bad guys get all emotional and tell the hero how they’re going to make the hero suffer and hurt, and he rolls his eyes, mutters “Yare, Yare, Daze” and proceeds to cook them good in short order. It’s a lovely distraction.

      I think we all need a bit of this warrior attitude. As if we are focused on Our Lady and Jesus and The Weapon, rosary, sacraments, etc, Jesus has this. Though vengeance is absolutely The Lord’s, may He forgive those of us who thirst for His Mercy, Justice and His peace. May He give us all patience, humility, discernment, all the gifts of The Holy Spirit as we await His will and His ultimate victory.

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    3. That is terrifying – and you need a new Priest or Parish. A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing chronicles Saul Alinsky’s tactics and the rise of cultural Marxism in many sectors of the Catholic Church. The most charitable explanation is that your Priest mixed it up with something different – or he could be a wolf defending himself by trying to intimidate you. The folks at EWTN are proud of this – and some friends involved in the making sent me an advance copy back in 2016. This is not heretical – and no competent authority has even attempted to make that claim.

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  6. “A revolution, prepared by our moral corruption and errors, breaks out in our midst. In the name of the law, we overturned religion and morality; we renounced experience and the customs of our fathers; we defiled the tombs of our ancestors, the only solid basis for any government, to found upon uncertain reason a society with neither past nor future.” (François-René de Chateaubriand).
    “How monotonously alike all the great tyrants and conquerors have been,” C. S. Lewis noted, and “how gloriously different are the saints.”
    Revolution is demonic because demons were the first revolutionaries. In Paradise Lost, John Milton gave the name “Pandemonium” to Satan’s capital. It means “all-demon-place,” and that’s precisely what the Revolution produces. Once the old order has been destroyed and man’s base passions have been unleashed, they can’t be contained again. Our existence becomes a continual offering of innocent life to these monsters.

    “When God wishes to chastise a nation for its sins, He enslaves it under the dominion of voluptuous men, who, stupefied with the opium of sensual gratification, can only be aroused from their brutal insensibility by the fumes of blood…. Revolutionary France worshiped at the same time prostitution and death; while prostitution triumphed in her temples and at her altars, death was worshipped in public places and on her scaffolds.”(Juan Donoso Cortes).
    “We have been conservatives for too long. We’ve been content merely to mitigate the effects of revolution. Now, we must become reactionaries. We must rebuild Christendom, not merely curate the ruins. What we need now is a counter-revolution—“the opposite of a revolution,” as Maistre said.
    Christ the King must reign once again over all things spiritual and temporal. We must confess the unconditional sovereignty of God over His creation.”
    (Crisis Magazine”.

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  7. Hi Nance. That seems rather odd to me. I was fortunate enough to find and watch it free online before the last Presidential Election. Most links in the search engine were of Catholic Churches that had hosted the movie at an event AND it’s EWTN! Anyway, I have uploaded it in my library and came across this link to the full movie for you to watch, if you so desire. ❤

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  8. I love to hear about a Catholic priest or Bishop and especially the Pope just come out and say this is the truth, and abandoning the truths involving life and all aspects of our existence as God has created us has lethal consequences, perrod.

    Such talk from Father Altmann’s homily, reminds me of many of Christ’s teachings as well as the apostles entrusted to spread God’s Word as being just as blunt with no apologies for a lack of “break it to them easy” criteria to be effective. Father will certainly be in our prayers as are all (men, women, laymen) who have chosen to lead us in all aspects of the Catholic faith.

    Your follow up briefs regarding the issues, impact, and resolutions are always information I always look forward to and always tie into your mission statement.

    I have seen some but not all of the YouTube videos, amd am looking forward to the new ones regarding the creation of CORAC.

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