Pockets of Resistance

St George and the Dragon – Peter Paul Rubens

By Charlie Johnston

An acquaintance of mine recently suggested to me, rather plaintively, that if we vote for Joe Biden, maybe the left will stop the violence. “Oh, like Democrat Mayors and Governors have protected their Democrat voters in the cities and states they control?” I tartly responded.

The Democrats have unleashed the ravenous beast that is rampaging across the country, rioting, looting, assaulting and murdering all that stand in its path, but they do not control it. If Donald Trump wins, the left will try to destroy the country. If Biden wins, the left will try to destroy the country. These are the people who have no goal except to watch the world burn. I will vote for the guy who will fight back. It’s our best chance. Just ask the McCloskeys – the formerly liberal Democrat couple who were charged for defending their home in St. Louis from violent rioters, while the rioters were left unmolested by the District Attorney charged with protecting ordinary people.


David Daleiden released a new video Monday morning, showing Planned Parenthood (PP) officials admitting under oath what they furiously deny when they are not under oath. It is a powerful video, using these abortionists’ own testimony to expose who they are and what they have done. Of course, the leftstream media does not cover it at all, collaborating with Planned Parenthood to just parrot the lies told when abortion officials are not under oath.

Several people here asked about the $600,000 performance bond San Francisco Judge William Orrick ordered Daleiden to pony up a week ago. Yes, it’s real, and the money must be raised for it. Over a decade ago, California ruled that monetary damages cannot be awarded for allegations that prove to be accurate. They didn’t tell us about the exception when the true allegations are against Planned Parenthood. California also ruled long ago that journalists, including citizen journalists, have immunity for undercover work when they have the reasonable belief that a crime is being committed (that is a bit of an oversimplification, but not much). Again, they did not tell us about the exception when the journalist is investigating Planned Parenthood’s crimes. (Note that I say crimes, not “alleged” crimes – for PP officials have admitted to multiple crimes under oath). So who is being prosecuted and harassed by the state? The fellow who exposed the crimes. Shoot, when she was the California Attorney General, Kamala Harris (who is now the Democrats’ VP nominee) collaborated with PP officials to persecute, prosecute and harass Daleiden for having the temerity to investigate the crimes of abortionists, even staging a Roger Stone-style raid on Daleiden’s home in the early morning hours.

Fortunately, Daleiden and his team have been prepared for all of this. They never expected officials in California to follow the law or give him a fair shake, only to try to destroy him and bankrupt him, no matter how many laws and rights they have to trample on to do it. Frankly, when this is done, there cannot be a no harm, no foul resolution letting his persecutors off the hook. Judge Orrick, Kamala Harris, and all who participated in the conspiracy to deprive Daleiden of his civil rights and railroad him need to be tried and sent to prison. Kamala Harris would not look great in orange, but she wouldn’t look any worse than she already does.


“Safety” is the new lever with which the left seeks to overturn the Constitutional order and put an end to human liberty. That is at the heart of why I have been so adamantly opposed to the Covid restrictions. Oh, I took the virus seriously. In mid-March, there were enough unknowns about it that I was willing to accept the two-week drastic restrictions, though I was very dubious about the idea of quarantining the healthy. Basically, viruses that are easily transmittable are rarely deadly and viruses that are deadly are rarely easily transmittable. The big concern, at the start, was that this might be a bio-engineered virus that was both easily transmittable and deadly.

By the end of March, we knew what segments of the population were most vulnerable. There were still a lot of unknowns, but the data was obscured by the panic porn the media so loves to foster. Amazingly, we forced many of the most vulnerable into deadly environments, while locking down the healthy. By mid-April, the data, even in bowdlerized form, showed who was seriously vulnerable and who was not – and what treatment regimens were effective. For anyone who is not obese, diabetic, or over 78, this virus is more innocuous than the common flu. For those who are vulnerable, a regimen of chloroquine, zinc and zithromycin at the onset of symptoms contains it almost every time. Yes, the media love to give the anecdotal cases of people in the non-vulnerable segments of the population getting a bad case and dying from it, but for every such anecdotal case they give on Covid you could give 70 for the flu. Meantime, instead of just spreading the panic porn, the left has actively tried to suppress the treatment that is effective almost all the time.

Now we have mandatory masking. I will confess to a personal issue on this matter. My lungs process oxygen very efficiently. Ironically, this creates a problem for me with masks. My expirations are unusually carbon dioxide-rich. Masks reduce oxygen intake by 15-20 percent from the start. When I wear one, I get progressively dizzier and dizzier because of the carbon dioxide buildup. I fainted once and have since worn the mask, when I have to, below my nose, so I can get the oxygen I need. I have read many of the objective studies on masks. There is evidence that they do slow the rate of infection. But they only slow it, not stop it. The reality is that Covid will grow in a population until it reaches a rate between 15 and 20 percent infected – and then it begins to recede. These numbers are constant whatever restrictions you take, whether next to nothing like Sweden or full lockdown. That does not mean that masks are never justified. When in a mixed group that includes some of the most vulnerable, slowing the rate of infection can be a big boon to them. Yet unless they are so compromised that a common cold would do them in, the chloroquine regimen will almost certainly stabilize them. Some of the researchers are worried about the long-term effects of masking, for sustained oxygen deprivation kills some cells permanently. I don’t know quite how to take that, as many medical personnel use masks almost all day and there has not been a report of some spike in long-term damage related to it, so I note these minority concerns but don’t entirely believe them. For me, if I wear a mask over my nose, the light-headedness begins within minutes. So if it is enforced in a place, I just can’t stay there.

I hear all sorts of nonsense. Some say we can’t go back to normal until the virus is eradicated. To my knowledge (and someone else may know of another), the only virus we have ever eradicated is smallpox. We don’t eradicate viruses, we learn to manage them. The media loves to cite infection rates as if they are death rates. Infection rates are largely irrelevant – only significant if a virus is unusually deadly and there is no palliative. Again, the most communicable viruses are rarely deadly – and so the infection rate for a normal virus should be high. We get new flu-like viruses every few years and they are generally lumped into the seasonal flu statistics. Vaccinations are adapted every year to what is expected to be prevalent that season. The flu shot you got last year is not the same as the one you got five years ago.

The bottom line is that this is within the range of what we would expect from a normal heavy flu season. Covid adds a few significant twists – more serious for an identifiable subset of the population and practically innocuous for most – with an effective palliative for all.

That is why I have been so adamant about the draconian restrictions. In this nation, serious long-term policy is to be decided by the people, not the bureaucrats. Elected officials have genuine authority for short-term emergency measures, but long-term significant policy changes must pass muster with the sovereign, the electorate. If we cede our sovereignty to bureaucrats, submitting to their suspension of basic civil liberties such as movement, assembly, speech, and religious worship because of the dangers of a virus that is substantially within the normal range of toxicity, then we have permanently ceded those liberties anytime a bureaucrat justifies his diktat in the name of safety. We will see new diktats against driving, gun ownership, hiking – or just about any human endeavor, because almost everything involves some level of risk. It’s about power, not safety.

I have been utterly flummoxed at how many health professionals clearly do not know how to read data sets, for even by the CDC’s own bowdlerized data, this virus does not justify extreme measures. I have heard many health professionals mouth government pieties and then get completely lost when I start discussing actual data with them. One nurse told me a few weeks ago that this is deadly to people under 30, as well, for she had personally treated five who had died. I told her she needed to call the CDC right away, for she had treated all the people in that demographic who had died in Colorado at that time plus a few that they must have shipped in from other states to die at her hands – at least according to the CDC website, which I had perused two days previously. She glared at me and stormed away. (A young woman behind the desk, with twinkling eyes, gave me a thumbs-up after Nurse Ratched left.)

The determining factor in what is allowed and what is restricted is almost always political and ideological. Small business owners are shut down; big businesses are largely unmolested. Rioting and looting are accepted and encouraged; religious worship is heavily restricted. Last weekend in Limon, Colorado, which had just effectively shut down our conference of religious and conservative activists, there was a big community festival. As long as your gathering is not a serious threat to leftist ideologues, you can have at it. If it conceivably can be, then you have to be shut down for reasons of “health.”

I think an initiative I am going to emphasize next year, if we are in any simulacrum of normalcy, is to file lawsuits against governors, mayors and public health departments that have enacted these draconian regulations – for they have not followed the science (instead trying to obscure actual data) and have usurped authority over us at a level they don’t have even in a legitimate emergency.

I long for the days of a normal, decent society. We can all choose to be considerate of each other. It does not offend me in the least to wear a mask or physically distance from someone who is scared, whether legitimately or not. But when a transient government takes it upon itself to tell me what I must do in all circumstances, Constitutional liberty be damned, I won’t buy into it.

Scott Morefield of Townhall said that he thinks Covid fascism could be the existential fight of our generation. I think he is right – and that it may well become the trigger that sets off ultimate revolt. A weird political realignment is in its nascent stage right now. Many Democrats who take individual liberty seriously, who believe that rioting is not honest protest, and genuinely believe in God, are moving to the Republican Party. Meanwhile, many like me are disgusted with the Republican Party for its routine fecklessness and refusal to stand for liberty. When the dust settles, I think Americans need a party that is honestly conservative and willing to fight for it AND a party that is honestly liberal without being insane and violent.

I saw one fellow on Facebook suggest that all Trump supporters should get the chloroquine regimen if they get sick and all Democrats should get the Bill Gates vaccination. I laughed out loud. That would be one way to thin the ranks of the opposition.


Robert Royal, who is editor-in-chief of The Catholic Thing, is a gifted and insightful writer on religious matters – and the juxtaposition of the spiritual in public affairs. He is one of my favorites – and he published a magnificent piece on “How it All Ends,” a few days ago. It gets to the heart of what we deal with in these tumultuous times. I thought it apropos to end today with this meditation on how it all ends.

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    1. Wisdom. I’m delighted to begin, this week, the Backpack Program: “Mothers of the Church” with Direction for Our Times. The “Adult Faith Formation” series was a dynamo experience during the summer. The “Mothers of the Church” sessions were developed to assist women in growing in a role as spiritual mothers who would be willing to express their spiritual maternity in parish life, thus, partnering with the pastor, the spiritual father, of his parish. I see a promising future with this theme. These ideas sprang from Pope St. John Paul II’s Apostolic Exhortation, CHRISTIFIDELES LAICI, wherein he spoke of the laity as not only collaborating with the priests but, indeed, becoming co-responsible in nurturing and encouraging other lay people in spiritual and human development. “And going out about the third hour he saw others standing idle in the marketplace; and to them he said, ‘You go into the vineyard too'” (Mt 20:3-4). Such an exciting time to be alive!

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    1. More concerning, worrisome things about potential vaccines include the use of “genetically modified” RNA being injected into our bodies as well as nanoparticles…totally unknown and untested new types of vaccines that could potentially alter our DNA. I watched a video by Dr. Carrie Madjec about Moderna (modified RNA). Scary, mark of the beast type stuff. The blog “Behold I Come” has an interesting meditation on the mark of the beast, referring to these types of vaccines that can/may modify our DNA.

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  1. I am in need of reassurance from some of you wise commenters. I’ve taken a break from news and commenting for a bit as things have been busy at home, but the news of the last week or two are so significant that they can’t be ignored. As a reader of Charlie’s blog for a number of years, I’m sort of prepared for major events and the “cultural war” in the abstract sense, but seeing the depraved and degenerate behavior of protestors is really upsetting and unsettling. It’s one thing to anticipate an unraveling of society in a general way, but it’s quite another to watch what happened to Rand Paul and his wife, or the fake guillotines, or a video of a young man making obscene gestures and screaming in the face of an older lady, or seeing young women who are so vulgar and violent. It’s…I don’t know, unspeakable. Am I alone here?

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    1. Some parts of what is happening are absolutely ugly, Golden. How can we not be horrified and outraged? I just continue to pray and remain at the ready to take whatever next right step God is nudging me to do. I intentionally watch only one news program and scan the news at several online sites. I want to be informed and allow that information to shape my intercessory prayer, yet, I dwell on the good and beautiful to keep my spirit buoyed. In fact, I just signed up for a challenge to create something beautiful each day in September. Knowing that every praise of God defuses evil, I dwell on praising and thanking Him throughout the days and nights. I continue in my activities with The Anointed Life Apostolate and have been working with people, facilitating a process wherein they find breakthrough via inner healing in Christ and this kind of beauty exhilarates me. I think these things must continue as we move forward, for we’ve only just begun with the worst of it. I simply choose not to become frozen in fear – even while I know I will feel fear at times in the future – for as Charlie and other writers have noted, the young hoodlums on the street know not what they are unleashing. Praying for you Golden and all who are in need of reassurance. I do know where sin abounds, grace abounds all the more and that’s not just a Scripture reference (Romans 5:20), it’s a promise.

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      1. Beckita, You may have mentioned this before but what is The Anointed Life Apostolate? One of things that God seems to be telling me is that intercessory prayer and reparation is most important in my life mission and I must do more.
        “Knowing that every praise of God defuses evil, I dwell on praising and thanking Him throughout the days and nights.” This is wonderful. I yearn to be this close to God.

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        1. Joyful, The Anointed Life is an apostolate which began about a year after the documentary, Fearless, was released. The executive producer of Fearless is Michael Sullivan who, with his wife Kelly, launched The Anointed life a little over a year ago. It’s very much about living and operating in the gifts of the Holy Spirit, yet, it’s not something rooted in the Charismatic movement. Rather, it seems to me that after the Charismatic movement quieted down, the Holy Spirit has come in a second wave. I first wrote about it here after attending this year’s Encounter Conference. There are weekly offerings which teach to ways of pray for people who seek the Lord’s healing as well as study and discussions of prophecy… and it’s not the kind of prophetic utterances which are given for the public while relaying messages from Heaven. The mainstay is daily Morning Prayer, Mon-Fri, when people gather on Zoom to pray for what’s on their hearts as well as to intercede for needs of the whole world. Everything about the community is about drawing closer to God and taking next right steps to draw others closer to Him. You can access more info here, Joyful. Oh, and at the beginning of last month, Michael uploaded the film, Fearless, so all can now view it without cost. It’s here.

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      2. Thanks, Beckita. Very good advice. I try to do those things, too, to varying degrees of success. For me, it’s not fear, it’s getting shaken to the core and it seems our society is not prepared for any real battle, spare a minority. Voting is not enough. To God be the victory!

        When seeing a woman about my age screaming and smashing things, deep down I know that could be me if things had gone horribly wrong in life. My friends from my single days were almost all liberal feminists and have largely bought into new leftism, so it hits close to home.

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        1. Thanks for your comment yesterday, Golden, which prompted the beautiful responses. It IS tough stuff to live in and to reflect upon. I like to recall so many of the stories of the martyrs. A common theme I’ve noticed is how often a martyr spoke in boldness with courage. Even our first martyr, St. Stephen, died proclaiming Christ and His Gospel. I’m a firm believer that the Holy Spirit had to have descended upon those martyrs, imparting to them God’s Grace, Glory and Power in new ways. I often think about how the grace I need for the future – even the near future of this very afternoon – is not yet with me. In others words, I have confidence that the graces we each need will be there when we do what Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal told St.Catherine Labouré. St. Catherine described an apparition like this:
          ”Her feet rested on a white globe…I saw rings on her fingers…Each ring was set with gems…the larger gems emitted greater rays and the smaller gems, smaller rays…I could not express…what I saw, the beauty and the brilliance of the dazzling rays.” Catherine heard an interior voice: “These rays symbolize the graces I shed upon those who ask for them. The gems from which rays do not fall are the graces for which souls forget to ask.” An oval frame formed around the Blessed Virgin, and within it in letters of gold Catherine read the words: “O Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to you.”

          May we all remember to ask for the graces we need.

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    2. Goldensun, you’re not alone in this. I don’t really have any words of wisdom; I can only offer the encouragement to strive to pray the Rosary daily, to cling to Our Blessed Mother, to stay as close to the Sacraments as you can (if that’s “allowed” where you live), and to unite all that we are and do and have with Christ’s sacrifice on the cross. If we daily strive to offer all of this to Him through the hands of His Mother, and if we beg for the grace to persevere until the end, we will be given all the grace we need.

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      1. Amen. God bless you, Mick. Thanks for commenting.

        Thank God, my kids are going back to school next week – brick & mortar! That will significantly reduce my stress and give me more quiet time and hopefully an opportunity for some daily masses, too. Once a week might not cut it! I’ve been drinking my morning out of a Philadelphia Eagles mug for about 16 years, but not anymore. I’ve got a new mug with an image of Our Lady of Grace and it’s a great pick-me-up. 🙂 It’s funny how little changes can make a big difference.

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    3. You aren’t alone Golden. We are here.
      I’m asking St. Michael to protect you.
      Have you prayed the Chaplet of St. Michael.
      I was driving to school one cold snowy, icy day. The car started to slide around a curve and I yelled out to St. Michael. The car immediately righted itself. At that point in my life I had only prayed a few times to St. Michael so it wasn’t a usual thing to call out to him or even to think of him.

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      1. Amazing story about the intercession of St. Michael. How wonderful that you had the presence of mind to call out to him at that moment.

        The Chaplet of St. Michael is beautiful! I starting praying it recently after listening to talks from Father James Blount. I’ve fallen off the wagon a bit in my prayer life since having work projects, major illnesses among close family and friends, kids being underfoot, etc. etc. and am looking forward to settling into a better routine when the kids go back to school. This group is a lifeline as well.

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    4. Goldensun,

      I think we’re all dismayed by the ugliness now so prominently on display, and how it seems to have come to this pass so relatively suddenly. I second Beckita, Mick and “Hand” above. I can only think of Matthew 24:6: “And you shall hear of wars and rumours of wars. See that ye be not troubled. For these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet.”

      But I think that we’re now over the tipping point, in fact, to which we’ve been sliding for many years but perhaps slowly enough that we didn’t notice – or we pretended we didn’t! So now that we’re over that point, the descent appears to accelerate, with attendant brutal behaviour ramped-up. I’m thinking of that movie “Titanic” from 1996 (not the classic 50s one) when the ship was finally taking in so much water that it started breaking in two under the strain, and the awful groaning and rending sounds could be heard from below and people began to panic more, but it was still level enough, with lights even still on. I think that’s been our Western society for some time now – probably since 2016.

      Then it finally snapped and the decks rapidly became almost perpendicular, the lights all went off, panic became total and it finally went down. I think we’re very near that now. However, while the ship sank, all were not lost, albeit those who survived certainly went through a very trying experience (to put it mildly!). We will too. But: “See that ye be not troubled”. And yes, “the end is not yet” – not by a long chalk, because “in the end, my Immaculate Heart will triumph”.

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        1. I’m very well, thanks, Beckita. There was an anti-masking protest in Dublin on the 22nd August, with about 5,000 there (that’s good by our standards – multiply by a factor of 50 or so for a US parallel). See this link for an example of the rubbish media take on it, with mandatory references to “far-right” etc. It does in fact refer to “large” crowds, which is an unusual outbreak of truth:


          My very good friend was there (I was his best man 30+ years ago and we’ve known each other over 50 years) and I trust his testimony utterly – that the crowd was much bigger than commonly reported (of course) and that it was totally peaceful despite the presence of the usual black-clad, middle-class, college-soy poseurs out for their thrill of being “on the streets”, knowing there was no real threat of violence that might ruin the expensive dental work that doting daddy paid so much for!

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    5. GoldenSun, in one sense it’s good that you have not become desensitized to the video images of Rand Paul and his wife being assaulted and other violent and obscene images of what’s happening on our streets and in other venues. Being horrified is the proper response.

      I, myself encounter news and images of such things in my daily trapline. To the extent possible, I skim over the images but don’t click the unpleasant video/audio buttons, because sound and motion have an additional effect on one’s nervous system. I haven’t owned a TV since 1987, so I am not bombarded with unwanted sounds and images trying to get me to react in some way. However, for a few years I was part of a team taking care of an elder in her home. She was a great fan of the evening news on MSM stations that I wouldn’t watch, myself. The constant blaring commentary seemed designed to anger and inflame ~ not inform ~ the viewers, and I could literally feel the automatic response in my system. In my own home, I am a friend of silence or, if desired, beautiful sounds and images.

      Facebook is another venue that I enter with caution. I signed up years ago because my siblings, nieces, nephews, and some friends were there. That’s still the case (I don’t “friend” people that I don’t know). I’d say about half of my Facebook friends (“friends” include family members) are Christians; others range from agnostics to a few atheists. I hold fond memories of each of them in my life. Naturally, FB friends in different circles have very different views, including on politics and social issues. In the old days, people could politely disagree on the issues and on the political figures that represented one side or another. But on Facebook, memes, videos, and narratives created by unknown entities can easily be spread; many of these are crafted to disinform, enflame, and divide people in sophisticated ways. I have seen fights break out on Facebook between friends and family members. Relationships have been damaged. Here has been my response: Occasionally, I will drop an emotionally calm comment into an argument, trying to prompt thought instead of heated reaction. Then I let it go. In addition, if a FB friend frequently posts inflammatory things, I quietly “unfollow” (not “unfriend”) him or her, so that we remain “friends” but I don’t see the inflammatory postings in my newsfeed. I can always, if desired, go to the page of any “friend” that I’ve unfollowed to see recent posts.

      Another thing I’ve been doing fairly recently on Facebook, on my own page, is to post some positive story, photo, or video with which I have a personal connection shared by others. I rarely if ever post generic feel-good images, and I rarely post more than one image a day; usually it’s every few days. The images or videos I post tend to remind people of gentler times, good values, and positive things that people we know have done. I do this for myself as well as for my friends/family. People feel the contrast between these positive things and what we’re being fed 24/7 by the disinformation/anger machines. I think feeling the contrast can motivate my FB friends and also me to act in positive ways.

      God bless and keep you, friends ~
      Sister Bear

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      1. Thanks Sister Bear! If my husband would agree to it, I’d get rid of the tv. There isn’t much worth watching anyway. And it’s so true that much of what’s shared in media is designed to generate emotional reactions. After taking a two-year break from Facebook, I just reactivated my account and it’s been positive so far. I went to a big “magnet” high school in Philadelphia that was truly diverse and it’s been fun checking in on my alumni groups. There are so many fellow black graduates who lead happy, successful lives. It’s a refreshing break from all the tales of misery and anger that bombard us. But mostly I use it to stay in touch with my true friends and family and I too am a fond user of the unfollow feature. Whether we see it or not, there is intense distress and despair in our culture today. Thanks so much for responding.

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    6. Goldensun: Most of those rioters are ANTIFA and BLM, Inc. They are Marxist Communist groups and are following the example of the Chinese Red Guard (google them). I watched diners eating outside in some city as these jerks accosted them and demanded they raise their fist to BLM. They shouted and condemned them if they did not. I kept thinking of CJ’s encounter in the woods on his walking pilgrimage with a person whose intent seemed to attack him. But then something behind CJ frightened the living daylights out of the attacker and he fled. Who didn’t think it was Charlie’s angel protecting him. So I wondered what I would do if accosted by rioters and I immediately thought of saying the St. Michael’s prayer out loud hoping my guardian angel would do the same for me.

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      1. What was striking about the incident you described, which I believe occurred in the DC area, is that the protestors there seemed to be fairly affluent. It looked like they went shopping for a chic protest wardrobe before taking to the streets to rampage against everything they themselves have benefitted from. It’s strange and I don’t get it. Regardless of the politics, I have sympathy for the plight of poor black people and can understand them protesting and even lashing out. But there is much more brewing than that with these protests and it’s sinister.

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  2. The below is a Drone video of the Saturday Trumptilla Boat Parade on Greers Ferry Lake I told you about. It starts from the Big Houseboat lead boat to near the start point. The last frame shows the starting point in the distance with boats still coming out. That stretch of the lake has got to be close to a 1 1/2 miles long. Where are CreepyJoe’s demonstrations …. I mean besides Portland, Seattle, Oakland, Denver, Chicago, Kenosha, NYC or ……… ;-( VERY strange times we be living in!!



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    1. HTTP, Dinesh D’Souza is one of my heroes; since the time years ago when he was on EWTN speaking with Mother Angelica. He is courageous and awesome. I vaguely recall something about a fight with the government, probably under Obama. Maybe it was an unfair investigation, audit…. He was obviously targeted. Great movie trailer!!

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  3. My daughter took her 6 yo to the pediatrician this morning. The doctor said the way they’re handling covid stuff is a joke and they won’t let up because they don’t want to admit they screwed up and also for political purposes. It’s driving me nuts. I wish I could think of other ways to fight this than.just not wearing a mask.

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    1. “May this movement spread and grow until, like the final passages of 1812 Overture, it swells to fill the earth with its potency and promise. Our journey to the Triumph has begun.” from The French Horns Sound Their Entrance.
      1) the Sacramento Rosary walk–already an example of doing what has to be done.
      2) https://uniteournation.net/ extension of the Eucharistic Procession and Rosary for the Nation that took place in Madison, WI.
      3) https://rosarycoasttocoast.com/ on October 11, 2020.
      I think that the time is now. Wearing masks is not the issue; saving our Country is. Pleading for the intercession of Our Lady in the way she has asked us to do and bringing The Second Person of the Holy Trinity to the streets of our cities, towns and parishes is the way to witness and glorify God. That is the sure sign of hope that everyone else, Catholic or not, needs to see as the storm increases. If we do it, they will join us. Jesus brings unity while the satan brings division.
      Perhaps CORAC could be instrumental in doing these as well as other regional projects.
      (Just some thoughts)

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  4. Truth and Clarity from Father Altman and very holy priest on fire with the Holy Spirit. Thank you Jesus! All for the Glory of God.
    Everyone, share this video!!

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    1. Sansan: I first learned of Father Altman a few months ago and have been following his homilies every since but I had not seen this video. It is amazing.

      Thank you for posting it here.


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  5. One of the best interview this year by Raymond Arroyo.
    This very smart lady wants America to see this cynical, nihilistic ideology which started
    in the universities and only serves to divide us

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  6. Good Morning, I need input on this book and author. My book club is considering studying it.
    “Jesus: The Way, the Truth and the Light” by Marcellino D’Ambrosio. I have never heard of him.
    Thank you ahead of time for those who comment.

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    1. D’Ambrosoio does excellent work, HttP. A longtime presenter on EWTN, he also is a senior fellow at the St. Paul Center. The St. Paul Center for Biblical Theology is a non-profit research and educational institute that promotes life-transforming Scripture study in the Catholic tradition. The Center serves clergy and laity, students and scholars, with research and study tools — from books and publications to multimedia and on-line programming and its founder and president is Scott Hahn. You’ll be studying primo material, HttP.

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      1. Thank you Becks.

        I am neither catechized nor confirmed and I am already taking sides in the political (?) disputes within the church.

        Lex Orendi, Lex Credendi, LexVivendi.

        That is why I decided to go to the RCC as a mere-christian.

        I am not at all surprised that there is division within the institutions; I am mildly surprised that it has been so easy to choose sides.

        grace and peace.

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