On Our Own, But Not Alone

stella maris

By Charlie Johnston

From the time of my mid-teens, whenever my circle of friends was wildly but enthusiastically wrong in their assessment of how a particular course of actions and choices would play out, if I saw I could not persuade them, I adopted a technique I called “playing the prophet.” I would tell them matter-of-factly, without anger or bitterness, why I believed it to be an errant course and precisely what I thought it would lead to. It had nothing to do with any mysticism, just normal analysis extrapolated to its logical conclusion. Often, I went along with them on their errant course, without dropping my candid objections. I tried to calibrate it so that, should I prove right, I made it as easy as possible for them to move to my position without any bruising of egos. I also went along with them when I was overmatched so as to remove my ego from any petty efforts to merely prove I was right. I had one friend, in particular, in those early days, whose wise counsel spared me from several big mistakes of my own. Funny thing…if you take pains to remove the emotional triumphalism from disagreements (the desperate need to be right rather than as a means to find what is right), if you thank people for their thoughtful counsel even when you don’t agree, and if you particularly thank them when it turns out they were right, you get better counsel – and you encourage people to share their honest assessments. Do the same in reverse, completely banishing any “I told you so” moments, and your own counsel goes down a lot easier even with people who strongly disagree with you. The truth is, if you don’t follow this formula, most people will still forgive you for your errors in judgement – but some people will NEVER forgive you when you are right.

As I got into my late teens and early 20’s, I modified this technique for public, local disputes, as well. Sometimes, the prevailing conventional wisdom is both so misguided and so certain of itself that there is little you can do other than express your dissent and wait it out. The price you pay for such a stand is usually a barrage of withering criticism and attacks in the moment. You have to manage the response to these with skill and judgment. If you are silent in response to all, you come across as an impotent coward who won’t stand for what he purports to believe in – and will have little influence on future controversies even if you prove completely right on the present one. If you constantly attack all who disagree with you, you come across as a prickly, egotistical jerk who is incapable of collaborating with others. Again, you will have little influence on future controversies even if you prove completely right on the present one. How you calibrate your response and behavior in such a situation is far more important than whether you prove objectively right or wrong in determining what influence you will have on future events. If your goal is to do the most right thing you can in all situations, you will take great care in the calibration of all responses.

I used to tell candidates I counseled that I had two fundamental duties to them. First, I was obliged to give them the best, most candid advice I could in private. Second, once a decision was made, it was my duty to carry it out with as much skill and enthusiasm as I could, whether or not it was the course I recommended. Almost all my candidates were very grateful to have someone who was both absolutely candid and absolutely loyal. This gets to the crux of the matter. If you are in a position of responsibility and the course you prefer is not the course chosen (after you have had full latitude to voice and explain your preference), give it your all to make it work as decided. You have nothing to lose and much to gain. If it works out, you played an important role in its success. If it fails, your vigor at trying to make it work makes it easy for everyone to change course and try it your way. For me, that is the heart of honor. It is a large part of what I mean when I say it is more important to be true than to be right – for you can’t always be objectively right, but you can always be true.


Now, it is a time to “play the prophet” again – from the entirely temporal perspective from which I originated the term over 40 years ago. I have always defined the term, “false dawn,” as that period after a crisis when people think they have gotten things back under control but have actually sown the seeds of greater dysfunction just ahead. I think we have reached our final false dawn – but it is one unlike any I have ever seen before. We actually have two distinct and competing false dawns, both of which badly mis-analyze what has actually happened. Both think they can quickly bring things back to normal after the current tumults are decided in November.

On the right many have convinced themselves that if Trump and the Republicans win a landslide victory that everything will smooth out and we will have all the levers of power to ensure that it does. I actually do think the election will go so heavily to the right that it will be a near extinction-level event for the Democrats. I also think that things are going to be far worse next year than almost anyone can now imagine. First of all, if the election should play that way, do you really think the insane, violent left is just going to say, “oh, never mind,” and go away? People who are insane and violent are slow learners – and will not make the connection that all their histrionics were counter-productive. They will, instead, double down on the very things that ensured their loss at the polls. Do you think that, controlling all the levels of elected power, Republicans will then act vigorously to restore order? The best that can be said of the overwhelming majority of Republican officials is that they have not participated in the actual assault on the social fabric. But if this is our seawall, better get a boat, because the flood is coming. Even if the GOP wiped out the Democrats in the election and even if Republicans suddenly found the spine to enforce public order, our institutions are shot. Forget the perniciousness of media and the justice system – then tell me what institution you have confidence in anymore. Some of the police are trying, but many folded to the multitude of aspiring petty tyrants. These police cowered from the actual wolves among us while ticketing swimmers and honest people for going to get a haircut or a bite to eat. The top echelon of the military has gone whole hog for identity politics, thinking its mission is no longer to win wars, but to make people feel happy. Our churches? Many of them have imposed more draconian rules for worship than the multitude of aspiring secular petty tyrants persecuting them. Bureaucrats are a law unto themselves, thinking (mostly rightly) that the elected officials accountable to the people will not or cannot ever hold them to account. The Constitution is reduced to a mere fig leaf covering over the raw will to power that prevails. How do you resurrect a once-healthy body politic when all its organs are eaten away with cancer? Who has the will to truly clean house and reduce things back to a minimalist government of the people, by the people and for the people?
The left thinks the monstrous cultural forces they have released can be called back should they win. They are not just riding the tiger; they are riding an ambush of tigers. They will not be able to get off without being mauled or devoured. On the bright side, the left has unintentionally struck mortal blows at the educational and cultural institutions they have used to indoctrinate people for so long. Teachers’ Unions and tenured college professors are going to find that they have killed the goose that laid the golden eggs and will, within a short time, have to find real work or starve. While it still has substantial influence, the leftstream media has tanked its credibility – which continues to vanish faster than a toupee in a hurricane.  The illusion of bureaucratic expertise is dying. Even if all this could be surmounted, the damage we have done to our nation is insurmountable. We are drawing down on the capital now and think that because there was so much capital to be drawn down on, that everything is basically okay, just needing a few tweaks to get back to normal. We have badly mutilated our productive capacity. Our supply chains are deeply damaged and, in more cases than you think, completely broken. Watch for spot shortages in basic things like food. Keep your eyes peeled for unexplained disruptions in basic utilities – including communications. Officials will try to pretend everything is okay as they shift resources to try to cover the shortfalls and disruptions – and with every shift they will draw further down on the capital and closer to the day when there are no resources left to shift. Many of us are going to know hunger in the near future. If I lived in a city, I would get out as quick as I can. Living in a suburb, it would be prudent to look for alternate supplies of water other than what your municipality pipes in. If you don’t have a natural fireplace or, at least, a chimenea, now would be a good time to get one.

Few now argue with my once-controversial, decades-long assertion that we were headed for a “global civil war fought on cultural lines.” Even many of the most sober secular thinkers now believe we may have reached the tipping point where civil war is inevitable in this country. What is often forgotten is that I said global. Our enemies have been watching. Don’t be surprised if, early next year, both China and Jihadists launch greater attacks and efforts to disrupt not just America, but the entire western world. If America is a sick man, Western Europe is terminal. I am sick to death of hearing arguments about whether Vladimir Putin is a real Christian or a good man. He is a tyrant, no doubt, which is what has ruled Russia for over a thousand years. I have doubts that anything other than a strongman could survive more than a few weeks in Russia. What is critical to me is whether he is a rational man, whether his actions make any sort of coherent sense within his worldview. My conclusion is that they do. He is dancing as fast as he can to stay afloat in a sea of hostile monsters, most notably China on his southern border and a substantial Muslim majority in some of his provinces. I think he is waiting to see whether America has the fortitude and moxie to take its own side in a fight anymore. If we do, we need to form a serious security alliance with him to fight off the existential threat that China and Jihadists pose to the west. I have said repeatedly that I’m recruiting – and I want Russia to firmly come down on the side of the west rather than just maneuver for its own survival in the midst of oriental intrigue. Russia is no longer as oppressive as it was under the czars – and a LOT less brutally oppressive as it was under the communists. It is a work in progress – and I want it to progress on our side. Make no mistake, America’s enemies are heartened to know that, even if things were to calm down a bit, they now have a substantial portion of the population here committed to America’s downfall. Antifa and Black Lives Matter will form the largest fifth column in the history of hostile foreign attacks.

So yes, I have a very gloomy view of the near future – far gloomier even than I have described here. When I say gird our loins, I do not mean for the election – though I pray we prevail there. I say do it for the greatest existential battle in world history. We have two choices opening up before us: resurrection or a new and brutal dark ages.


Over the weekend, I was intending to do a piece here questioning why churches and religious leaders, generally, are so flaccid in their defense of the faithful in these trying times. Fr. Dwight Longenecker wrote a marvelous piece on the sometimes dynamic tension between institutional church leaders and faithful, frustrated laymen. I have wondered why the response of religious authorities to offenses has been so feckless and torpid. But towards the end of the week and more vigorously through the weekend, I started hearing from a host of people about the things I MUST do to make CORAC effective. I expected that: at this stage of forming a large organization, everyone weighs in with how you must do it – some in absolute sincerity, some really not understanding where you are going, and some just trying to hijack your movement for their agenda – which they have never been successful in getting an audience for. Some want to make it only into a prayer group. Others want it to be entirely secular. Still others don’t want to do anything without first garnering the enthusiastic support of Bishops and prelates.  All of these are formulas for doing nothing…for just continuing to march in place hoping the world doesn’t cave in on us.

First, let me state clearly what we are and what we are not. We are not a prayer group that does some stuff. We are an activist group that is grounded in faith and prayer. I do not impose any mandatory devotions on anyone. In fact, I endeavor to keep it largely secret what devotions speak to me. Few know beyond the Rosary and the Chaplet of Divine Mercy what devotions are important to me. My concern is that people be spiritually fed with healthy devotions without neglecting the prayer of doing. I do NOT want to discourage anyone who lives a vibrant faith life just because it is not the same as my vibrant faith life. We have altogether too much triumphalism in faith communities as it is. Others have told me that we are not prayer-centered enough. They are either completely ignoring the national network of Priests and pastors I have gathered together as a resource and the prayer teams around the country that I am vigorously promoting and connecting with each other or they are just irritated because I am not doing it the same way they would. One of the greatest banes of modern faith communities is that too many people define holiness as being “like me.” The minority who want it to be entirely secular, detached from faith, do not understand there is no better way to become the mirror image of the monsters we must fight. Those who want the enthusiastic support of religious leaders before acting at all do not seem to understand that we are largely in the state we are in because many of our religious leaders will neither defend the faith nor allow others to defend it. (See Matthew 23:13) Nonetheless, I am recruiting. I will not seek permission from anyone to stand for faith, family and freedom – but I will not defy the lawful spiritual authority of those given that authority by Christ. I am in the situation that William Wallace was in in the movie Braveheart, when he told Robert the Bruce longingly that if the Bruce would lead boldly as king, Wallace would follow him, but that either way he would stand for the freedom of his fellow Scots. If Wallace would have waited for the Bruce to act, nothing would have ever happened. By acting boldly, he ultimately filled the Bruce with the courage and resolve to act boldly, himself, and lead a generation of Scots to take their freedom. The truth is, several Bishops have told me they are quietly praying for the success of our initiative.

And then it hit me. We are at a tipping point, like a car precariously balanced at the edge of a cliff. The watchword for most officials, both religious and secular, who are not actively engaged in assaulting our culture is, “make no waves.” They are not all – or even mostly – timid. Rather, they know if they move wrongly, they may well tip the car over the edge of the cliff into a fiery crash. So many are frozen in place, knowing that bold action is required but not yet knowing how to calibrate their action to create the least danger of fatal harm. This is why the decisive action of the ordinary man is so critical in these times. We lack the influence to crash the car if our actions are imprudent – only to add to the confusion. If we are disciplined and effective, we can draw the car back from the edge of the cliff to where those who bear greater responsibility can feel emboldened to act. So for now, if we lead effectively in living our duty, many of the formal leaders will be emboldened to act more decisively – and as they act more boldly, we will feel more comfortable in following their lead. Over time, the equilibrium Christ established will be restored. And what a happy people we will be!


Many Catholics – and a few Protestants – have commented approvingly on my vigorous insistence on the critical role of Holy Mary in the task before us in my talk in Limon two weeks ago. I am gratified by those Protestants who told me they had not seen it from that perspective before. Many of the Catholics assumed – and with pleasure – that because I am devoted to Mary, I pushed the same devotion on others. As I have said before, I do NOT like to dictate what devotions anyone should follow, only that they feed their faith with healthy devotions. I had a very different purpose in emphasizing the role of Our Lady.

I sign almost every letter and email I write with the closing, “Ave Maria, Stella Maris!” Translated, it means “Hail Mary, Star of the Sea!” For ancient mariners, the stella maris was the indispensable navigational guide that would lead them safely to harbor. If they lost sight of it for very long, they were in real danger of losing their way and getting lost at sea. The Virgin Mary is the indispensable navigational star who leads us safely to the Harbor which is her Son. Without her, we can quickly and easily lose our way. Now we are all at sea – so I insist on Mary not because I am devoted to her, but because I intend all to get safely to harbor.


As I have noted, our National Conference of the Corps of Renewal and Charity (CORAC) will be on the weekend of September 12 and 13 in Limon, Colorado. Mary Lapchak is the Conference chairman – and she needs volunteers to help her, both locally and online. To help, contact her at lapchakma@gmail.com.

Below is a sample of our logo. Our own MP came up with a bunch of images and variations. He is an incredibly talented man.


348 thoughts on “On Our Own, But Not Alone

  1. Wow, Charlie. Thank you for expounding on the “more important to be true than right” saying.

    Uber sobering is the rest of your piece. Couldn’t agree more on your questions posed about the behavior of the violent left and the Republicans after the election… and your observations about the failed state of the corrupted institutions. Holy Smokes! God has a work to do to awaken – in the best of ways – His people! It does seem that allowing us to experience what we have wrought will lead to a line from The Canticle of the Turning: “From the halls of power to the fortress tower, not a stone will be left on stone.”

    Incredible insight is this!!!: “And then it hit me. We are at a tipping point, like a car precariously balanced at the edge of a cliff…”

    Way to go, MP, on the logo! As ever, beautiful work!

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    1. Charlie, the link you included in this sentence goes to a Sweden/Covid-19 article. Was that your intention?
      “I also think that things are going to be far worse next year than almost anyone can now imagine.”
      Thanks, Marie

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    2. Maria Bartiromo has become one heck of a investigative reporter on government. She had a extraordinary show on Sunday with Steven Schlage, a Spygate and deep state insider. He’s talking. He also revealed on the show why he’s talking. (Because this week the full federal court judges in DC are reviewing General Flynn’s case this week. Here’s a link to The Federalist and its report on what Schlage said and who he is.
      https://the federalist.com/2020/08/10/what-we-learned-sunday-from-spygate-insider-steven-schrage/

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  2. Thank you for that great column, Charlie! I have not joined CORAC or tried to get anyone in Lubbock involved yet because Lubbock is weird: we tend to do a lot of CORAC  like stuff here on our own. I am so glad you are doing this though! (and I am leaving my options open too!)  Keep on trucking, you’re a big source of hope for me and others here!  Judy Johnson Sent from Mail for Windows 10 From: A Sign of HopeSent: Monday, August 10, 2020 7:15 PMTo: jnursester@gmail.comSubject: [New post] On Our Own, But Not Alone charliej373 posted: " By Charlie Johnston From the time of my mid-teens, whenever my circle of friends was wildly but enthusiastically wrong in their assessment of how a particular course of actions and choices would play out, if I saw I could not persuade them, I adopted a"

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  3. Whew!!! So much to digest here!!! Couldn’t sleep 😴 again last night so I’m sleep deprived (so what!) but man Charlie I guess we all deep down know this to be true!!! Girding!!!

    Ave Maria! Stella Maris!!!

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  4. Charlie,

    You stated, “If I lived in a city, I would get out as quick as I can.” Would that include thinking twice about sending college kids off to college in a big city? Our son is due to leave for college in DC next week….7 hours away. I’ve prayed and prayed. I know we have to do what is right for our family. I think he should stay home for the semester. I haven’t voiced it much as my son is excited about college. Hubby thinks he’ll be ok. Please pray for us.

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    1. Well, if you look at a lot of pictures of Minneapolis, Portland and Seattle, there are big sections that look like Mogadishu. So if a city is a dangerous place for you, it is for your kids, too. Fortunately, in D.C. Trump has shown he will act decisively to preserve order in that city, so that is probably one of the relatively better places your son could go. Praying for you.

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      1. Charliej373 and Becky-tn my son globetrotting Tom and his wife Liz are in dc in college park RV park. They do government covid testing and they say they see virtually no protests at all! They claim they are in the safest place to be but they are either ghetto peeps they see or crazy rich white liberal snowflakes ❄️!!!🤷🏻‍♀️

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      2. Well, we have officially moved our son into his dorm in DC. I prayed for the Blessed Mother’s intersession for a good group of roommates for my son. Both were very kind and outgoing. One had already put up his Crucifix on the wall in his room. The other was wearing his crucifix around his neck. This evening, my son texted me that he was joining them and a few other students to pray the Rosary. This mama is so grateful to God and His beautiful mother!

        Thank you all for your prayers….keep ’em coming.


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  5. Charlie, a couple of comments. You hit bullseye on an important target when you wrote:
    ” The watchword for most officials, both religious and secular, who are not actively engaged in assaulting our culture is, “make no waves.” They are not all – or even mostly – timid. ” Perfectly true and an insult to God given life. When I was so long ago promoted to a federal organization leadership position (old super grade. or current senior executive service) perchance, I rented a house that was a short walk from my predecessor. Very bright, cordial, and easy going in retirement. Ralph had earlier approved several of my system-rare promotions, and was always friendly. So one evening, at Ralph’s invitation, our families had diner together. After a bit of wine, he said he would give me a big tip on how to succeed that he had learned the hard way. He said that weekly, sometimes daily, some system politician or high ranking officer would call and then send over a memo or letter with the hot demand for quick action documented. Since we were an R&D Institute, our work program had to be approved and funded, which took bureaucratic time to program and get approved. But, we also allocated about 20% of the budget to fight fires. Ralph said that his years of experience taught him that the best way to deal with fires was to basically ignore them, and if called, to say he was working on the issue, but it just had no easy fixes. So, he would review the inbox daily, and simply shuffle the hard demands back into the box–unmarked. Ralph kept a low profile to get thru life– and what is any such life worth?

    Second, I was pleased to see your analysis of the situation in Russia, and the idea to cooperate

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  6. Charlie, just last night I was recalling that only a relative few people in Israel were directly involved in Christ’s death, but the entire country was taken down and almost all Jews forced elsewhere for 2,000 years. As I contemplated that, my own desire and hope that what is coming will spare those like me not directly involved in the worst things of our modern world took a pretty big hit. It struck me that in ways I don’t even know, I am complicit in the System and so will need some good hard whacks upside the head at some point. So be it.

    I am no longer certain that there will even be an election but think it will happen. I also understand that the aftermath of any election will, as you say here, be very chaotic. I do take some real heart, though, in seeing both secular and spiritual efforts ongoing, threading through the chaos and (I hope) providing a kind of stabilizing backbone to the efforts to pull us back from the brink. I do have faith that the budding CoRaC effort here, the efforts of the group surrounding Trump, and other positive efforts will pull us back from the brink. Without these efforts, none could hold.

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    1. only a relative few people in Israel were directly involved in Christ’s death, but the entire country was taken down and almost all Jews forced elsewhere for 2,000 years. ….
      Aw, heck, SBC, I take it all the way back to Adam and Eve….(Tongue in Cheek) ;-0

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  7. Thank you Charlie. Very lovely, MP.

    An interesting aside, I’ve heard that Our Lady under this same title— Star of Sea—-is also a consolation for The Holy Souls. Apparently the sufferings of purgatory are like waves in a sea. When Our Lady visits, all the souls there get relief. She also comes to deliver souls. She is also a beacon-light there, also. This is my recollection from memory of piece I read—both my memory and the piece could be faulty. We all are living a purgatory of sorts. There as here, Our Lady is our Hope, the hope God has given us to succor us in this fight. Maybe we can unite with The Holy Souls for strength, and courage and clear sight.

    It seems lately to me that there is a diabolical disorientation clouding the vision of many good-willed people to the reality of the political tyranny we are living. I don’t know how else to explain the continued cooperation of the masses to even more draconian rules as the covid numbers and deaths tank. It as if we are among the lotus eaters. I believe you, about the landslide. I just think some states maybe too far gone.

    God bless us, everyone! Ave Maria, Stella Maris!

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        1. Oooooh Beckita that is really good!!! Btw mike always offers up his foundry day (hot, hard & heavy) molten aluminum up for the holy souls in purgatory!!! I always tell him, when you help a holy soul, they in turn help you when they enter the Kingdom!🤗

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        2. Words seem inadequate, thank you Beckita, this is a timely post! My earthly existence lately mirrors the deep suffering in the mist. I don’t understand it, I am not looking for this but much prefer joy. I do everything in my power to foster joy, still it is not mine to have, yet. Acceptance and patience seem to be the watchwords along with a choice to believe I/we are loved tenderly and beyond understanding by The Lord. So I pray for this acceptance/patience along with all Holy Spirit’s gifts and ask Our Lady to surrender for me every detail of all of our lives to her Son. By the grace of God, this squirrely-squirrel will keep squirreling on! 🙂

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          1. God bless you, Dear Littlelight. I come in alignment with your intention: “Acceptance and patience seem to be the watchwords along with a choice to believe I/we are loved tenderly and beyond understanding by The Lord. So I pray for this acceptance/patience along with all Holy Spirit’s gifts and ask Our Lady to surrender for me every detail of all of our lives to her Son.” I pray for new joy in your life, the kind of joy which the saints themselves experienced as they carried their share of the Cross. May this be so for you and for all in this community of faith. May we profess, in our own style, the joy which surely flooded St. Lawrence when he said during his martyrdom on the gridiron: “I’m well done on this side. Turn me over.” May JOY become a potent spiritual warfare weapon for one and all.

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            1. LOL, LOVE this!!!!

              I don’t know if this is bad or not, but I find inspiration from bad-butt science fiction characters who are like Charlie’s bikers, with hearts of gold, whose chose/fight/die for The Lord, against all odds, after difficult pasts. So, I just got Sabine Wren (Mandalorian) t shirt with “Rebel Scum” (By the grace of God I too am this rebel scum), a Ahsoka Tanu (Jedi/rebel/true to Anakin’s salvation even when Anakin goes bad—alright I’m a Jedi in my dreams, Lol) t shirt, and a Jotaru Kujo “Yare, Yare, Daze” t shirt (“Yare, Yare Daze = Good Grief”) this one is even a further stretch, but how I admire his cool tenacity, determination, strength, discipline and non-fear of death in the good fight, heh).

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  8. “Playing the Prophet” sounds like what I was trying to do with my friend. Of course keeping in mind my weaknesses as a human being, among them, a tendency towards social awkwardness or unawareness or not coming up with the right thing to say even when trying my hardest to say the right thing.

    And that said, in these times of trial by virus, a political argument may not always be about the politics. Particularly when both people share the same religion, the same devotions, and vote for the same candidates.

    Thinking about it, the real issue between my friend and I may well be that my friend has chosen the path of rarely venturing forth from the safety of home: basically going out only for groceries and to indulge in one major seasonal hobby, while in contrast, I’ve chosen the path of attending Mass in person, going out to eat in restaurants or picking up food from a sub shop, going hiking on nature trails and taking landscape photos, attending the meeting of an art club in person, even of going on vacation at a nearby Bed and Breakfast Inn. I’ve invited my friend to get together in the safety of a park where we could social distance out in the healthy warmth, sunshine, and fresh air of nature with a picnic lunch, who knows after our last conversation.

    The image of Lucy pulling the football away from Charlie Brown after encouraging him to come running up and kick it comes to mind, with me being Charlie Brown and my friend being Lucy, only instead of a literal football, I’m asked a political question and then pounced on when I answer. In which case, the best answer going forward appears to be not to play the game.

    I did write a final e-mail though because I felt a need to clear my name based on an accusation leveled against me. Because to my mind, I’d rather have an honest enemy than a false friend, and if someone wants to be angry at me, I’d rather they be angry at me based on the truth rather than on some fiction they’ve dreamed up about me in their own mind. I took care to be as charitable as I could in the e-mail and am even open to still being friends … Now I think I need to take a “next right step” back for awhile and leave things in God’s hands.

    Anyways, I’m going back out to the Bed and Breakfast in Amish Country again tomorrow and staying overnight. Last time I did, for my birthday, was a wonderfully rewarding experience. Best to stay focused on God’s many blessings towards me.

    … While continuing to keep on acknowledging God in prayer and doing what little I can to make the world a better place by being a sign of hope.

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      1. Hi Linda,

        My birthday was actually on June 25th so that was the reason I traveled back then … The special occasion why I went to Amish Country yesterday and spent the night was to watch the Perseid Meteor Shower … I sensed God wanted me there to do that. Had an adventurous time, saw some meteors, and even saw a Red-Headed Woodpecker at both of my stops in Amish Country (lunch and the inn) yesterday, each woodpecker perched prominently on a pole in front of me! So it was like one my birthdays, anyway! 🙂

        Many thanks for your well wishes either way! And hoping you’re enjoying the best of blessings in God’s marvelous creation this summer, shimmering with gossamer dragonfly wings 🙂

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        1. That is wonderful The Phoenix!!! I love the Amish! Ha!!! If the grid goes down they will have the last laugh on humanity!!! Clever clever people!

          Oh yes, enjoying the dragonflies! I’ve been seeing a lot of butterflies 🦋 lately!!! They are quite busy these days! But happy belated birthday 🎂 and God’s blessings on ya for another interesting year!🤗❤️🙏😘🎉🎂🎈🎁

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          1. So are butterflies a special favorite of yours, Linda? Any type in particular, Monarch, Swallowtail, … ? It’s definitely perfect butterfly weather!

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    1. “I’d rather have an honest enemy than a false friend, and if someone wants to be angry at me, I’d rather they be angry at me based on the truth rather than on some fiction they’ve dreamed up about me in their own mind. I took care to be as charitable as I could in the e-mail and am even open to still being friends … Now I think I need to take a “next right step” back for awhile and leave things in God’s hands.”

      I love this and have printed it out and hung it up! I am currently having similar problems with some unbalanced neighbors who are menacing and I too have talked and wrote to no avail. Just to keep from pulling my hair out and get a chuckle, they live on the same street and so I commonly refer to my efforts as Jen’s letters to the Street Name-Inthians. I kid you not. Please pray for us. These things must come and your insightful words have inspired me to remain steadfast in putting this on God’s hands! Praying for you and all in similar circumstances with family, friends, and others in our circles of influence. ❤

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      1. Thank you very much for your encouragement and the kindness of your prayers, Jlynnbyrd! 🙂

        Praying for you with a Bible verse from today’s Liturgy of the Hours (well, the Universalis website version anyways …)

        Ephesians 3:20-21 ©
        Glory be to him whose power, working in us, can do infinitely more than we can ask or imagine; glory be to him from generation to generation in the Church and in Christ Jesus for ever and ever. Amen.

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  9. Our Republican friends in Congress could stand to read a line from one of the late great Ronald Reagan speeches:

    “Admittedly there is a risk in any course we follow other than this, but every lesson in history tells us that the greater risk lies in appeasement, and this is the specter our well-meaning liberal friends refuse to face–that their policy of accommodation is appeasement, and it gives no choice between peace and war, only between fight and surrender. If we continue to accommodate, continue to back and retreat, eventually we have to face the final demand–the ultimatum. And what then?

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  10. My reaction on reading the bleak secular situation you describe was to smile at the good news and think, “We have been granted , by grace, a reprieve ”

    Reading the VDH essay, I was struck by how similar his and yours argument writing styles are; meticulous recitation of the facts followed by the logical outcomes to expect.

    The essay delineating the types of civil wars, while informayive and well written , misses the nature of the war ; Christendom in the West is in the end game of communist subversion and the beginning of an invasion and replacement strategy through open borders. It is the same enemy that conquered Russia for a time, now showing its hatred and fangs in America. In my opinin, the urbanites are subverted pawns ,

    Christebmndom in the East, to include Russia, is emerging from what we are just entering.

    The good news is that the evil ones were forced to show their hand before their task was completed under the cover of politics and cultural change. Now they have a war on their hands.

    Thank you for all your labors! You are doing a great work.

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      1. Kim and Becks

        I feel happy!

        The Moral Law is true!

        After a lifetime Of the low buzz cognitive dissonance between what we have been told is true (i.e., the Lie) , and that includes EVERYBODY in the West alive today, the dissonance is broken. Christendom has clarity, the enemies of Her have clarity.

        Doubt died. The Virtues live.

        Frankly, I am rejoicing.

        Suffering? Dude! This is joy! Its like the joy athletes feel after a bloody brawl of a football game.

        God made us for this.

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        1. Well, Timothy, there IS certainly cause for joy. And there *will* be manifold sorrows and g.r.e.a.t. suffering. I’ve done a lot of dreaming/imagining of what a New Beginning will look like and have likened this transition to childbirth. I forewent all pain relief options with the birth of each of my children and welcomed every contraction as bringing me closer to holding my baby. I’ve been looking forward to these days, knowing that the only way out of them is through them and, thirty years ago, when I became familiar with many a Marian message, I surrendered to whatever God wishes for me as we make this contemporary Exodus. To suffer for something good is beauty; may our suffering bear the fruit of conversion for our enemies. There will be martyrs, I do believe; I’m not chomping at the bit for martyrdom but whatever God wills, permissively or perfectly, I want. To become a pioneer in the New Beginning would be sheer delight; again, whatever God wants for and from me, I want.

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          1. I so admire that, Beckita!

            LOL, I’ve always thought epidurals (well done ones by competent experts) during childbirth are God’s gift to women! How I thanked Him for this marvel of modern medicine. I bet you can guess the one kid of mine who was born “precipitously” without an epidural, yep, yep. Aaargh, is there some deeper meaning here?!?

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              1. Yes, so true, Beckita. What I appreciated was that the baby pressing down on the organs most during the third trimester, made for getting up frequently overnight to relieve oneself. It was the dress rehearsal for nursing our babes, imho. 😉 God is SO good and lovingly covers every precious little detail. ❤

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                1. Jlynnbyrd,

                  When I was pregnant with our son, I found that my entire pregnancy I had to sleep sitting upright. Usually, that didn’t happen until my 3rd trimester when my belly got too big for me to sleep comfortably lying down. So for 9 months, I slept sitting up. When he was 2 weeks old, he was diagnosed with reflux. We were told that after I’d feed him, etc. he’d have to stay upright for at least an hour in order for him not to reflux his food. It didn’t take long for me to realize the Lord has used that 9 months to prepare me for sleeping with a baby on my chest sitting upright until he outgrew the reflux. God is good!

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  11. Couple of things …..

    I agree with the main thrust of Charlie’s opinion that who wins and who loses on Election Day will be somewhat anti-climatic. The Marxist Democrats we know about and appreciate quite well. The GOP is less forthright and clear cut. It appears that a lot of the GOP elite have been fully compromised by the Deep State. They have a past. They have been dragging their feet on Obamagate. All talk and no action. I guess using a well worn metaphor they just want the sleeping dogs — especially their own — to just lie there asleep. They are invested in corruption. A Trump victory threatens to kick those dogs wide awake and perhaps a lot of “the folks” are going to “say it ain’t so!” about a lot of high muckety muck Republicans. Surprise, surprise, surprise.

    Trump may get more effective push-back from an “emotional triumphalism” from the embedded anti-Trump Republican Establishment which will have an equal interest with the wacky lunatic Marxist Left to “Dumping Trump” before the dogs get kicked in a second Trump Administration.

    All of this would be less intimidating if we had any faith left in the Judiciary System in the U.S. But, like Academia and Hollywood, that all important Judiciary System has been implanted with ideologues of the Left. The loss of the Judiciary to the Marxist Social Agenda — including the annihilation of Christianity — is the most grievous blow to the American experiment IMO.

    Switching to another thing…..

    I am a member of the Cursillo Movement and when I tell people about it the first question out of their mouths is “What the heck does that mean?”

    As we proceed along I anticipate the same question in approximately the same order about CORAC.

    I see three words we better be able to explain with some coherency and specificity: Corps, Renewal and Charity. What is a Corps? What do you mean by Renewal? What do you mean by the word Charity? Most people would think: Marines; Driver’s License; Red Cross.

    Final thing re: Mary…..

    One of the things we were always taught is that Mary will lead us to her Son if we pray to her. This is a frame of mind and a way of perceiving the relationships and how they work going all the way back to the nuns in first grade. Mary facilitating movement of us toward Jesus. This is a very fine and accurate description.

    Less appreciated over the years, at least on my part, is that Mary also leads her Son to each of us individually. He listens to His Mother. See the Wedding Feast at Cana. She escorts Him into the room. Leads Him right up to you. Looks you right in the eye and says: “Storm Tracker this is my son Jesus. I want you to be His friend.” Then she turns to Jesus and says “Son, this is Storm Tracker. I want you to be his friend.” “Shake hands boys and now go out in the yard and get to know each other but be back by supper time.”

    Mary is Jesus’ mother and our mother. We are family. Can’t understand why that isn’t stressed more in Catholic education or in broader Catholic thinking.

    Mary is a powerhouse.

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    1. Ed this really cracked me up: “Corps, Renewal and Charity. What is a Corps? What do you mean by Renewal? What do you mean by the word Charity? Most people would think: Marines; Driver’s License; Red Cross.”😂😂😂

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  12. I still feel the pulse of this small town in PA right outside my church office window. There is so much anger and so much unrest, even drug deals on both sides of our church grounds. At a time when we need Jesus and His holy Mother the most, our churches were emptied and passersby look at us with more and more suspicious eyes.
    Now, the following is not a criticism but an observation. My parish has two distinct cultures here, Anglo (many of German descent) and Hispanic. It is the Mass in Spanish that reaches our capacity every week while the English-language Masses reach about 50 – 75%. I am not sure why that is except I think that, when a people who have borne much suffering historically, gets hit by another wave, they know where to find their strength and courage. While other groups, so dependent on technology and the supporting government systems, are happy to remain in the home, do what they are told, make their spiritual communions and wait out the storm. But what if it doesn’t abate? For me, it is a great suffering, to see the country I love so subverted and betrayed by her own “comfortable” people. Families who keep their children away from Mass so that they will be “safe” make me feel so sad. Isn’t Jesus our greatest Champion and Rock of safety?
    I’d like to add that the people, the “outsiders” whom we have tried so hard to conform to our way of life as Americans, never really have and may be our best hope for new life and rebuilding after the storm. They are remaining faithful to the little, important things (family and faith) and are a great sign of hope for me. I have not seen many Hispanics join into the rioting or “peaceful protesting” though, I can tell, many young people, including Hispanics, have been indoctrinated in such insidious ways. Homeschooling may be the best medicine so we must truly pray for parents.
    One RCIA student of mine, a Cuban who almost died in one of Castro’s concentration camps, is in disbelief at how stupidly people chase after Marxism and socialism. He wishes he could intervene but we both have come to the conclusion that you cannot “tell people” what to do, sometimes they have to see for themselves. I think that is at the heart of your message, Charlie, et al, we are going to be shown whether we wish to or not and we all must find the best way to be a sign of hope to others.
    In my early career, I would have walked on broken glass for these young souls but now I stop to regard my tired, old feet. Why can’t someone else do it? Have I been such a failure that no one will take up the colors when I can no longer run them into the battle? It *feels* that way, sobers me up and shakes me from my complacency to let God send someone else. Here I am, Lord. I may be an older female version of Rocky VI but I will keep on punching. Though the heart is willing, the flesh is weak.
    Here calls for the perseverance of the saints! And a good, inspiring Rocky theme song.

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    1. In this, Marisa: “Here I am, Lord. I may be an older female version of Rocky VI but I will keep on punching. Though the heart is willing, the flesh is weak. Here calls for the perseverance of the saints!” we are in good company here!

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    2. Marisa– my pastor escaped from Cuba when he was a boy. He says the same thing–how can Americans not see what’s happening?! He also talks about how people are so terrified about their physical health but are not concerned about their spiritual health. He made Mass available from the beginning of this Chinese virus fiasco, which really enabled me to keep my sanity.

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      1. My student/friend says that he saw so many people die all around him and that he was nearly dead himself. Castro had all the sick and the dying put on ships for Florida, including a lot of criminals. Kinda sounds familiar, the way that Dem cities are releasing the rioters and emptying prisoners due to the China C-19.


    3. God bless you Marisa.

      P.S. I absolutely LOVE Rocky VI! I watched part of it a couple days ago. My favorite exchange:

      Mason Dixon: “You’re one crazy old man.”

      Rocky: “You’ll get there.”

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  13. Great piece Charlie,

    I read every link too. A lot of information, much of which you have been preparing us for these many years.

    To balance this grim forecast, remind us of the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. With her help, it would seem that our culture won’t completely die but will be made new in Christ. That we will become a true Christian nation once again. With a reminder in the sky that communist/atheistic tendencies result in death and destruction and that there is a God and He loves us.

    A time of hard work and many astounding miracles. Of great Saints formed in trial who conquered evil against great odds with the help of Our Lady. Of Martyrs. Of simple folk doing their vocations with dedication and humility.

    A renewal never before seen in history. The amazing conversion of sinners. Of angels interceding and helping mankind to do the Will of God.

    We will all know there is an almighty God. And we will praise Him for His Love and Mercy.

    Remind us of this great hope.

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    1. Here’s another both/and, I do believe, Little One. We must face the truth of what is and what is to come… AND we hold the Promise of Rescue in our hearts which heartens us to gird our loins with joy amidst sorrow and fear!

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  14. Charlie! I couldn’t get to this last night as I wanted to, and I couldn’t today because I was cleaning Tappans! hahaha but Holy smokes, Charlie, I think this is your BEST PIECE YET!!! Although, I’ve said that so often that again, I guess this IS the best piece for THIS time! just simply wow!!!

    Keep your eyes peeled for unexplained disruptions in basic utilities – including communications. Officials will try to pretend everything is okay as they shift resources to try to cover the shortfalls and disruptions – and with every shift they will draw further down on the capital and closer to the day when there are no resources left to shift. Many of us are going to know hunger in the near future. If I lived in a city, I would get out as quick as I can. Living in a suburb, it would be prudent to look for alternate supplies of water other than what your municipality pipes in. If you don’t have a natural fireplace or, at least, a chimenea, now would be a good time to get one.”

    Mike and I are indeed noticing disruptions in things that were usually made and shipped from China! Sheets are hard to find these days (certain types), Brother printers, potato ricers and odd things like that!

    This new piece you posted last night is so chock full of nuts, I’m going to go and print it now while I still have toner ink! hahaha!

    God bless ya, Charlie! Thanks for all the heads up on things we should be stocking up on!

    Funny thing…I’m close to diabetes now, and doc tells me to lose weight…I can’t lose a few pounds and keep it off to save my pudgy little self! Mike either! I’m sort of wondering if God isn’t permitting the weight loss for something that is coming down the pipes! Ha! I could survive on myself for quite a long long time! It wasn’t covid 19 for us…it was covid 15! (lbs)

    Ave Maria, Stella Maris! Makes me want to go listen to Kay Clarity’s Stella Maris again!

    ps… I sure would like to know your personal devotions. Mine are Flame of Love Rosary, Chaplet of Divine Mercy, and I think I’m going to start a new one Char told me about this morning…It’s called the Chaplet of the Holy wounds!

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        1. Yes! My thought was about David, too. I mentioned that (I learned from Charlie) the hubris is so great, it’s completely blinded them to their imminent destruction.

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      1. I saw David on Sean Hannity last night. Such a mighty warrior! I even like the longer hair. It works on him.
        Thank you for all your behind-the-scenes support of him, Charlie. Let him know that many people pray for him everyday.

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    1. Looking fwd to the debate between Pence and KH, should be quite interesting. Let the games begin….and in the meantime prayers for her conversion. (Oh, and if any new readers need to be reminded, “Harris abused her power as CA Attorney General to raid the home of David D. She prosecuted pro-life journalists when they dared investigate PP’s selling of baby parts. She supports killing babies up until birth.” Lila Rose)

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  15. Marisa I’m 57 but “feel” like 87 or more! Darn housecleaning has wreaked havoc on my poor old knees but today I actually told God,” ya know What dearest God? I’m really getting really sick and tired of this darn devil! Can you just chain him up for a time via Our Mother Mary?!?!??” Hahahahaha! I was quite serious! I hope it made God laugh! Just sick n tired of ole hairy 🦵 legs!!!

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    1. I’m only one year behind you. Remember that line from “Raiders of the Lost Ark?” “It’s not the years; it’s the mileage.” I think God has a great sense of humor. I always think of Charlie’s comment, “You’re a game little fella.”

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      1. Ha Marisa! If that is the case, I have a LOT of miles on this old chassis. A friend once showed me a Diesel Truck he had that was only a few thousand miles short of being at a million miles. I asked him why he didn’t wait until it tipped over – and he replied that the odometer didn’t go that high and it would just trip back to zero…and if he waited until then I would think he had just got a new odometer. Now I know how that truck must have felt!

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  16. Perseids, Tears of St. Lawrence, peak tonight into Wednesday morning. If you’re in an area of clear sky free from bright lights it is supposed to be the best of the year. Online has plenty of stories on how best to view.

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  17. I agree with your assessment of the situation of the first half of your article Charlie. There’s no going back to way things were, and the left wont humbly accept defeat, but become more nasty & hostile. You’re bang-on for people being in denial for being wrong and saying “I told you so” makes them worse.

    I guess the next level of bad will be upon us soon. All previous man-made civilizations came to an end, we’d be foolish to think Western civilization will last forever, everything comes to an end, it’s the prospect of big changes that have people in denial or worried.

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      1. If I had to guess, Christendom will more likely picking up the pieces of the ruins of the current civilization and rebuilding from new with a better foundation, I highly doubt it’s going to be a slow growth and transition. I’m a realist, to a optimist I’m too negative and to a pessimist I’m too positive, I don’t lock myself into one viewpoint but look at probable range.

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          1. Probably, we’ll know we’ve hit rock bottom once we hit it, right now we’re still falling. I try not to dwell on these things, as the present & near future (same day or week) has enough problems & challenges to deal with.

            I wish I could move to the countryside, I currently live on the edge of town next to the boreal forest.

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      2. THY KINGDOM COME…THY WILL BE DONE…on EARTH as it is in heaven! I agree with you and I expect to see more people become eager to live in the Divine will. I am already seeing signs of this. As for 2021, I am a realist and believe as Charlie does that it will make 2020 look like a walk in the park. These things are necessary to awaken people to the existence and love of Jesus Who wants to save all of us. So Timothy, I suppose that I must say that I am an optimist as well.

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  18. “…and as they act more boldly, we will feel more comfortable in following their lead. Over time, the equilibrium Christ established will be restored. And what a happy people we will be!”brought me to hopeful tears.
    (The part before the three dots is really important:)

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  19. My former Pastor, now Bishop DeGrood of the Sonic Falls Diocese, has lifted the dispensation from Mass in his diocese. It still holds, of course, for those at risk. He did this out of concern for the souls in his care. Please pray for his protection, his Ministry, the people of his Diocese, and all Bishops, that they would follow suit.

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    1. I did read about Bishop DeGrood’s decision when it hit the news. Offered a prayer right away for this courageous Bishop. BTW, I grew up just a hundred miles south of him in Sonic City, IA. (Ha! Couldn’t resist, KMA. 😄 May all the souls of the faithful departed rest in peace. Amen.)

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      1. Beckita, did I just do a Bing!? You know, Sonic Falls sounds like a snappy name for a town, doesn’t it? Thank you for praying for Bishop DeGrood. I don’t know anyone who is as steeped in prayer as he is, or lives to do the. Will of God as he does. He needs our prayers, as do all our Priests and Bishops.

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      2. oh my gosh Beckita!!! You grew up there??? I spent a portion of several summers during the 60s and early 70s with extended family out on Stone Park Blvd. My father’s parents lived at 2001 W. 6th St., and Grams was a teacher at the school adjacent to their home. I’m sure you must know some of my family there.

        This is not a comment I wish to be posted (unless you want to post it and desire to reply). I felt compelled to share my surprise with you and let you also wonder if we ever met. 🙂

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        1. How awesome is that, Patrick?! If you went to Mass at the Immaculate Conception Church, the 60’s were the years when I warmed the organ bench there. I lived two blocks from the church, off Morningside Avenue. 🙂

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  20. As far as “supply disruptions”, we can give you an update in the garden seed industry. Because of the china virus, we have had a sales increase of over 5000% this year. Seed companies across the board have recorded record sales this year. Because of the massive increase in sales, the usual supply of garden seeds is disappearing fast (something about possibly starving to death always gets people interested in gardening I guess.). We are starting to have a problems getting seeds and have had to switch between different suppliers and growers. Some seeds we are not able to get anymore this year and we are not sure that we will be able to get them next year because the supply is drying up. For anyone who is planning on buying garden seeds for planting a garden next year we would recommend you purchase them NOW! Whether you buy from us or someone else doesn’t matter, you may not be able to get them next year. Or if you are able to get them, they may be quite a bit more expensive as the law of supply and demand kicks into high gear.

    We have not been able to post as much as we would like because of the huge increase in sales this year. We have been working 6 days a week with a part time night shift, even then we had to shut down the website numerous times to catch up. Please pray for us that God gives us wisdom in how to run our business, get garden seeds out to people, and to prepare for the future hard times coming fast.

    CORAC sounds interesting and very worthwhile, however we feel that God has us right where he wants us selling garden seeds. Dealing with hate mail from angry liberals upset with our website keeps Sarah busy, but it is a great way of being “a sign of hope”. Sarah has an amazing talent at dealing with these people and turning things around for good. We wish we had the time to share with everyone here some of the stories we have. From the 6:00AM Sunday morning phone call with a lot of swearing to an apology 2 days later and asking us and thanking us for our prayers. People are really suffering out there, but one by one they can see God’s grace through people like us and the people who read and operate this website. A kind word goes a long way.

    God Bless,
    John, Sarah and Family
    St. Clare Heirloom Seeds

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    1. A very interesting update, John. Thanks for that. You’re already enlisted and active in CoRaC duties with all that you’re doing. Your closing words hit the target on renewal and charity! Please pray for us all as we pray for you.

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      1. Hi Beckita,
        Sarah here. 🙂 You’re welcome on the update, and you ARE all in our prayers, for your work, and personal needs.

        Thank you for the thoughts on our work being enlisted and active in CoRaC duties. 🙂 The small line of “being a sign of hope”, shared by Charlie, really hit a chord for us way back when we first heard of his message, and it has been revolutionary for us, in so many realms of life: in our way of interacting with others, in how we view others we encounter in the world, in how we handle customer communications, etc. God is good to lead us in this way!It had truly been by the grace of God that we an see this way, in the midst of stress, and touch others lives for good.

        Would also like to share, as we forgot to add for those interested in getting seeds. We are running our Annual St. Clare Feastday Sale. We are especially interested in sharing this with the good people here, as we know they strive to prepare with the desire to share what they will have with others in coming times. To Acknowledge God, Take the Next right Step, and be a Sign of Hope to Others.

        In honor of our patron saint’s feastday, all seed orders are 25% off(coupon code below required for discount). Tuesday Aug. 11 – Thursday Aug. 13, all seed orders will be 25% off when you enter the coupon code: August25off during checkout. http://www.StClareSeeds.com (Please note: The above coupon code excludes Garden Seed Collections, as they are already discounted 10%, if interested in purchasing a Seed Collection please use the coupon code: SeedCollection15 to bring the discount to 25% off the original price of the seeds.) If readers miss the sale dates, but are interested in getting seeds, please contact us to see what we can do for a discount.

        May God bless one and all here as they strive to serve God, and love people through His grace! Let us be the light shining in the midst of the darkness of this world, and shine forth the Truth, and the true ways of the Holy Catholic Faith!!!!

        God bless,
        Sarah and John

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          1. Thank you, Kim! Our website is a labor of love for us both, we’ve built it together. It’s great to be prepared. Praying God leads you if the necessity arises. 🙂 God bless,
            Sarah and John

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          1. You’re Welcome! It occurred to us we have been having a lot of seeds selling, but we wanted to get the message out to the good people here before it’s too late.

            That’s a wonderful way to prepare. We try to prepare that way, too. We always feel, and strive to keep top of our mind, heart, and soul that all the Good Lord helps us to do is not for ourselves alone.

            God bless you,
            Sarah and John

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        1. Hi, Sarah! Half an hour ago, I had an e-mail exchange with a friend who ordered some seeds from you today. Turns out that he knows your parents! If I mentioned the last name, you’d probably recognize it.

          Next time you’re in the area, I’d love to get together if you have the time. God bless, protect, and guide you and your amazing family. 🙂

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          1. LOL! I just realized, looking through the orders that came in, who you are talking about. 🙂 Yup! The last name definitely tips it off for me. 🙂 Wonderful family. Babysat for a number of his siblings’ children. Beautiful families, and know many of them well.

            Yes! It would be nice to get to visit. It’s always so busy fitting in time with my family I usually don’t get to visit with friends. 😦 We should make it happen, though! Thank you, and same to you, and your family!

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    2. John, you and your family are in my prayers. I’m going to copy this comment of yours and forward it to everybody in our Storm group. We’ve been talking a lot about food security and seed supply, and your comment from your “insider” perspective is particularly relevant. Thank you.

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      1. Hey Mick! Praying you and your family are well. 🙂 Thank you for your prayers, they are always appreciated, and mean so much.

        Thanks for passing this along, and please also pass along the sale info I just posted in reply to Beckita’s response, in case anyone is interested. We especially want the sale to get out to the good folks here who may be interested in preparing with seeds.

        Glad our insider perspective can be of help. It has been an astounding year, that even big names in the seed industry have not seen before.

        May God bless and lead us all with wisdom in caring for and preparing for the needs of our families, and anyone He calls us to help!

        By the way, thank you for your comment and prayers when we lost our baby in March. I tried to reply, but couldn’t get it to work. It meant a lot to me/us! All the prayers from our friends here meant a lot. It has been hard, but the prayers of so many have carried us through, and we cling with love to the grace in the prayer “Jesus I trust in Thee”. We know Our Lord knows and is there holding us in the midst of our sorrow.

        God Bless,
        Sarah( and John)

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        1. Sarah, I’ll definitely copy your comment about your sale and will send it around to our Storm group this evening.

          Thank you for your prayers for my family; we really appreciate them. 🙂

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    1. No posting yet about this, Linda, but I’ve been reading and observing Melbourne and so many other places in the world that are just as off-kilter as are we… a veritable worldwide civil war being fought on cultural lines.

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        1. We can recall Desmond’s piece published here, The Middle Coming, which stresses that THE antichrist comes at the end of time. However, the spirit of antichrist has plagued us throughout the ages. 1 John 4:2-3 expresses it well: “By this you know the Spirit of God: every spirit that confesses that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is from God, 3 and every spirit that does not confess Jesus[a] is not from God. And this is the spirit of the antichrist, of which you have heard that it is coming; and now it is already in the world.

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          1. Oh yes I forgot again🤯🥵😰🤭🤔 but it sure seems wierd all around the world 🌎 at once…but then again I guess Our Lady’s ❤️ will Triumph all over at once so yes I guess it is so🤗❤️🙏🎉

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              1. Just can’t wrap my head around it and we sort of even knew something big was coming down the pipes!!! Just dizzying! So glad we have each other! Truly ❤️❤️❤️📿📿📿

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  21. Did any one notice that Monday’s Derecho wiped out large swaths of crops across the American corn belt?

    There are also the locust problem in Africa and record flooding destroying agriculture in Red China.

    Didn’t someone mention that we would know hunger in the coming year?

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    1. Yes indeed, William. When I return home from today’s road trip with Fr. Wang, I’ll share a most beautiful way famine is expressed by Jesus to Anne a lay apostle. we have nothing to fear.

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    2. William, thanks for the information; I hadn’t heard about the derecho and its effects. God help all those farmers, as well as all those affected by the locusts and the flooding.

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    1. Ha, Linda! In all seriousness, though, a British Berkefeld filter (especially a large model with the black filter elements rather than the white ceramic filter elements) would be a fantastic thing to have for providing potable water for one’s family and neighbors. They’re getting to be almost impossible to find, though.

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        1. Which model are you considering (Big Berkey, Berkey Light, etc.)? Does it come with the black or the white elements? And how many elements (2 or 4) does it come with?

          Liked by 1 person

          1. 😬 yikes!!! Mick I think it’s big berkey with black elements ! You could do 2 or 4 but I say two are not necessary to rid of fluoride??? It’s their best seller apparently


            1. Linda, the Big Berkey is the model that we have at our house. It can take 2 or 4 black elements. If there are 4, then it will filter the water twice as fast and therefore will increase the total daily output of the unit. If you anticipate filtering water for more than a handful of people, it would be best to buy extra elements so that you can run it at full capacity. Plus if you want to filter fluoride, you’d also need to buy the PF-2 Fluoride/Arsenic filter elements because the black elements do not filter fluoride (neither do the white ceramic elements). You’d need a PF-2 element for each black element. Also, the PF-2 elements need to be changed 3 times as often as the black elements: Each black element is rated for 3,000 gallons; each PF-2 is rated for 1,000.

              Thus, if running your Berkey with 4 black elements, you’d be able to filter a total of 12,000 gallons of water at a rate of 7 gallons per hour (as opposed to 6,000 total gallons at a rate of 3.5 gallons per hour if run with only 2 elements); and you’d need 12 PF-2s to filter the fluoride out of all 12,000 gallons.

              Hope this helps. 🙂

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              1. Mick thank you so much! Ok I ordered the big berkey and bought 2 xtra black filters. We have a big neighborhood and well water in certain yards too ( need to get a hand pump for the wells) can I ask you will the black filters filter out chlorine? Also, do we really need fluoride remover? I’m thinking pools, streams, rain water (gonna get rain barrels me and Char) don’t have fluoride? Jesus, do you put fluoride in your rain? 🤔 Lol

                Also, mike and I were talking turkey 🦃 last night and we were discussing the basement. If there is no heat and it’s really cold out and you’re out of firewood, mike said that he’s pretty sure most basements do not go much below 50 degrees! He’s thinking in worse case scenario people could stay warm at bedtime by sleeping down below with good quality sleeping bags. Just a thought.

                Anyway everything is up to God. We could die today and leave this area in a blink of an 👁!!! Hahahahaha…up to God🤗❤️🙏😘📿

                One more thing and this is quite alarming!!! Char had a meeting last night with their prolife committee and one of the ladies present said her friend who lives in Kentucky was parking somewhere and Blm people surrounded her car and told her to beep her horn for blm support!!! It was a very small town in Kentucky btw… she said “no I feel ALL lives matter!” They said if she didn’t do it they would come back and burn their little town down to the ground!”

                I’m pretty sure I got that 100% right but you know how 📞 telephone ☎️ talk goes!


                Liked by 2 people

                1. Linda, the black filter elements do filter out chlorine. If you not filtering fluoridated water, then I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t need the PF-2 elements. We’re on a well, and we didn’t bother buying the PF-2’s.

                  Regarding your idea of sleeping in the basement if there were no heat: that’s a really good idea. Here’s another idea that I read about someplace, which might help those who don’t have a basement or who live in super-cold places like the Dakotas: Buy a tent that ‘s big enough for everyone who lives in your house, and get some sleeping bags rated for the lowest temperature that you think you’d need. Pitch the tent in the room of your choice, and cover all doorways to the room with blankets or something. The tent helps to consolidate everybody’s body heat into a small space, which would hopefully help everyone to keep from freezing. Another thing that could be done is that two sleeping bags could be unzipped and then zipped together to make one big sleeping bag that two people (three if they’re smaller) could fit into.

                  BLM is evil. Antifa is evil. Jesus rightly said that we are to overcome evil with good; but all of us also better have some more tangible tools at our disposal, because they are bringing to us a fight that we do not want but that we must win. God help us.

                  Liked by 4 people

                  1. Mick!!! You should be given the “rocket scientist “ degree like Stevebc!!! I wouldn’t have even known about the berkey if it hadn’t been for you!!! I just showed mike a few videos on berkey and he was quite impressed!!! Love the 🏕 tent sleeping bag idea 💡!!!

                    Love this:

                    “BLM is evil. Antifa is evil. Jesus rightly said that we are to overcome evil with good; but all of us also better have some more tangible tools at our disposal, because they are bringing to us a fight that we do not want but that we must win. God help us.”

                    God save us all!!!

                    Also, Char told me this morning after Mass ALSO about this lady who had prophesy long ago that Kamila Harris would one day have a great conversion! Her background is baptist and she is part Indian!!! May
                    Kateri Tekakwitha intercede before the throne of God in her/ours behalf! 🙏 Amen🤗❤️🙏😘📿🏕

                    Liked by 1 person

                    1. Linda, you have no idea how out of the question that is! SteveBC is actually good (well, great and a genius) at science. But science classes always scared the mess out of me; I only passed them because I had a good memory and would memorize the homework questions and pray that the test questions were similar. Zero understanding at all; just regurgitation of what was in my class notes and stuff. But thanks for making me feel like a rocket scientist for a hot second. 🙂

                      Tonight during the family rosary, we prayed for the conversion of Harris and Biden. I do hope they convert; but I also hope that, electorally, Trump and Pence beat Biden and Harris like a drum.

                      Liked by 6 people

                    2. Oh lol aren’t people from India Indians? I’m asking in earnest lol. My priest is from India I should ask him lol. Btw tomorrow is India’s 4th of July! They broke free from England 1947 I think he said??? Lol

                      Liked by 2 people

                    3. Beckita, Char and I have had some interesting conversations with Fr Francis from India after Mass. He loves to tell us about his homeland. He’s very intelligent. I think most people from India are indeed very smart.

                      He told us most Catholics go to mass daily. Where he’s from, they walk 2 miles to get there, then take the transit systems to get to work!

                      His niece just got married this past week but the marriage was arranged . He said most marriages are arranged in India but they do ask the kids if ok with their choice.

                      Also, there are very few divorces in India 🇮🇳 because if the couples have difficulties the two sets of parents intervene with good Christian direction!!!

                      Sort of cool, eh?

                      Fr Francis’ father chose his vocation for him. At first he didn’t like but soon after entering seminary realized his father was correct in his vocation.

                      There are no screens in their windows. They open them and are not too concerned about 🐜 bugs!

                      The monkeys 🐒 are in the northern region of India but I guess once there was a tourist there and the monkey stole the ladies cell phone and actually dialed a number on it and that’s how they discovered the thief was a 🐒 monkey!!!😂😂😂

                      Fr Francis has a very good sense of humor and loves to talk with us all and we laugh a lot!

                      We are planning a rosary 📿 and Eucharist procession at our church on October 11th America needs Fatima rally!!! Fr Francis is on 🔥 fire with Gods love thanks be to God! My hero story of this night!😇


                      Liked by 2 people

                    4. Linda, this is such a great thread! Mick, HTTP, Doug, we love our jotuls. We have an F-600 in lovely green (they don’t make that color anymore!) in the basement and another Castine ?F400? in the great room. They are beautiful and burn clean. Every year when the chimneys are cleaned we are told the flues have minimal soot. Though they can be a Bear to start, especially if there is low pressure. My husband has shown me the technique, ex Boyscout and all, Lol. Parts are easy to replace if need be.

                      HTTP my husband had a collegue years ago who moved to Vermont and got a soapstone stove–not Jotul, I can’t remember which manufacturer. They are lovely, I’m told a downside is they are very delicate–easy to break. Iirc, one huge advantage to soapstone is the way they radiate heat?

                      Doug and Mick, LOVE your ideas/work about the toilets! So much to learn!

                      Liked by 1 person

                    5. SusanLittlelight these topics indeed are good and prudent to discuss!!! So glad you liked this 🧵!!!

                      It was sort of funny at our last zoom 🏎 meeting…no names but someone asked if we all had read Charlie’s last post. We all did but one person. “What did I miss?” She enquired. “Oh not too much,” a very wise voice began, “just to leave the city if you’re in a big one, find alternate heating and water routes and we’re all gonna be hungry sometime in the future!”

                      Hahahahaha 😂😂😂

                      We all got a really big chuckle out of that but it opened up lots of discussion on things are not too distant ancestors probably had down with no problems!

                      I remember my mom saying that growing up, they took one full bath per week and a family of 6 shared the same water!!! My mom got to go first because she was the baby!!!

                      💭 thoughts this Sunday in August…we in America are spoiled rotten!!! 😬

                      Liked by 1 person

                    6. LOL, your summary cracked me up!

                      Aaaargh, you had me going down memory lane, so true all that! My parents were from large, immigrant families, growing up during the depression. I have memories of large gardens and canning, etc. The stories they told, eeek. Yep we are indeed-y spoiled.

                      Liked by 1 person

                    7. Littlelight I’m so glad it made you 😊 smile…boy we need that today. There is so little joy these days. The world is on the edge. I bet our parents and grandparents had such a simpler time and ease of joy! It is fun to imagine…Mayberry USA 🇺🇸!🤗❤️🇺🇸🙏😘

                      Liked by 1 person

                    8. We are building a log home and plan to heat with a wood stove.  I have a Vermont casting in my regular home and it heats well.  Was wondering about Jotul.—- Sent from Doug’s Back Pack


                    9. My husband says Vermont Castings have a catalytic apparatus that can be difficult to maintain. The Jotuls don’t have the catalytic apparatus. They may be less efficient, but they fire up without problems and throw off so much heat. Also there are less parts to replace. The Jotul we have in the great room is harder to start because we didn’t put the stove pipe straight through the cathedral ceiling, but rather bent it at a right angle out the wall. I didn’t want to breach the roof, and thought it looked aesthetically better.


                    10. Yup.  I have one and am not fond of it.  Next stove will not have one.I can’t use converter and keep stove on low.  The converter clogs up.  Need to operate on high and then it gets too warm in the house.  It has a bypass which I use 100% of the time now.—- Sent from Doug’s Back Pack


                    11. Hi Doug, the Jøtul seems to have a more consistent heat and lasts through the night. The cast iron is more on and off if you understand what I am saying. You do have to be careful with soapstone because it can break more easily. I wish we were getting one for this house but a cast iron will be very nice too.

                      Liked by 1 person

                    12. I plan to stick with cast iron.  Consistent heat through the night is handy.  I have a good size Vermont casting at our current house and can’t keep it low enough to last the night.  I think the thermostat control won’t let it get too low.  So if Jotul is consistent through the night, I’ll have to take a close look.  Thanks!—- Sent from Doug’s Back Pack

                      Liked by 1 person

                    1. No this is no joke! Lol we have natural gas leading into our two fireplaces but have researched it since I proposed the question and the answer is unanimously that if the grid goes down, the natural gas that comes into homes to light fireplaces and electric stoves are also cut off! Drats! Just what I thought😬


                    2. Oh gosh what an upheaval!!! 💩 luckily we have a septic tank but still don’t understand the plumbing’s of that either handtotheplow 😂😂😂


                    3. Natural gas is out as a heating and cooking source if the power goes down everywhere. That is why we are having a wood burning stove installed. It get mighty cold here in Montana. It has a flat top so we could put a frying pan or kettle on top as well to melt snow for water. Just thinking about the freezing cold makes me say yuck. I would encourage you to have wool long john’s, socks, hats and mittens to wear in the house if the power goes out. You probably already know this but, even if they get wet they will still keep you warm. Down in a great insulator to put on top of your bedding or sleeping bags. I hope you are coming to Limon. I can hardly wait to meet this great family.

                      Liked by 2 people

                    4. HttP, did you know that one can bake on top of a wood stove? All you need is the cooking vessel (a cake pan, casserole dish, etc.), an old canning-jar lid (to raise your dish up off of the stove top), and a metal bowl or pot that is large enough to use as your “oven.” You put down the jar lid, put your cooking vessel on that, and then overturn your bowl or pot over that. There needs to be an inch or two of clearance all around and above the cooking vessel. It takes some experimenting; but we have cooked cornbread, potatoes, rice, and winter squash this way. We use a stainless-steel 13-qt bowl as our oven, and we cook in round cake pans (cornbread) or a casserole dish covered with aluminum foil (everything else). Amazon has plenty of bowls big enough to use this way; here are links to a couple:

                      Liked by 1 person

                    5. Handtotheplow thank you so much for taking the time to explain all that to me!!! It all makes perfect sense! We have a natural fireplace 🔥 but a wood burning stove sounds way better and way warmer to me. Actually the burning of wood hurts my lungs since I have asthma but what ya gonna do? Lol accept our crosses as they come. It gets cold here in northern Ohio but I don’t think as cold as Montana!!! I’ve heard Montana people are really tough to be able to go through your winters!!! God bless you all!!!

                      I doubt we can make Limon handtotheplow but I will ask my guardian angel to go there in my stead!!! I sure look forward to meeting you all someday too!!!❤️🤗🙏😘📿

                      Saint Maximilian Kolbe who knew great hardship and laid down his lives for his friends, pray for us!!! Love that Saint!!!

                      Ave Maria Stella Maris!

                      Liked by 3 people

                    6. Missoula, Montana has verrrry mild winters compared to what I experienced in Iowa, Linda, because Missoula is at the convergence of five valleys. The eastern part of the state has much rougher winter weather. In the early days of the FBI under J. Edgar Hoover, popular lore held that agents who botched a job risked exile to the bureau’s remote field office in Butte, Montana which often had the nation’s low temp in winter.

                      Liked by 2 people

                    7. We lived in Missoula for a short time during winter as you know. During winter we experienced something we had never seen before. Snow coming straight down! In eastern Montana it comes down sideways! Hahaha

                      Liked by 1 person

                    8. That’s a great idea handtotheplow!!! I’ve heard of them but I dunno if mike believes what’s coming down the pipes as much as I do😂😂😂 Gods will be done. Yes we do get very cold & nasty here Jan feb March. I think Lake Erie being so close??? Those nor easters can be down right dirty!!!

                      Liked by 1 person

                    9. Mick Ty for the instructions on using a wood stove for an “oven” We have jotuls and I do have a stainless bowl like that! I want to try this when we fire them up again 🙂

                      Liked by 1 person

                    10. Oh, we had a soapstone Jøtul in one of our places. Loved it. The soapstone is such a great way to heat. Now, back to cast iron. Oh well. Maybe there will be soapstone stoves in heaven. 😉


                    11. HttP, great point about the potential for sewer service disruption. Here’s a very short video that might help. I built one of these when we recently lost power for 6 days (never actually used it because we got our power back just after I finished building it). Total cost was about $20, not counting the trash bags that I bought to line the bucket with. Kitty litter, sawdust, agricultural lime, wood ashes, or just plain dirt could be sprinkled into the bucket after each use, in order to cut down on odor and fly potential; and a snap-down bucket lid would help a lot:

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                    12. Mick that was a great link thank you!!! I happened on this one this morning! Some great ideas about brushing teeth as normal but rinsing with mouthwash to conserve water! 🤗


                    13. Wow, Mick! That is a throne of a toilet. We bought the bare necessitates type of the bucket and seat due to living farther out in the country with electrical interruptions. It is a -Do the job and get off! No sitting around with arm/back rests and even a roll holder. I am laughing 😂.


                    14. Here is a picture of our Toilet at our shack in NH.  I built this myself.  It uses an old 6 gal chicken feed bucket inside (you can use old sheet rock compound 5 gal bucket).  The key is keeping the bucket lid.  Keep the lid on until using it, take it off when needed and put back on after doing business.  The lid keeps the smell contained.  We empty it during the day in the out house.  No going outside during the cold months!  However, gotta remember to take the white lid off before using.  There were a time in the middle of the night I was a little groggy and forgot to remove the lid. 😎Maybe you can post the pics Becks?Doug—- Sent from Doug’s Back Pack

                      Liked by 2 people

                    15. It works great.  No more cold out house in the middle of the night.  It is our high tech version of the chamber pot.  Its a great way to do your business out in the willowwacks of NH.  Life was never so good!—- Sent from Doug’s Back Pack

                      Liked by 1 person

                    16. “There were a time in the middle of the night I was a little groggy and forgot to remove the lid.” Hahaha, reminds me of the time one of our sons was sleep walking…all of a sudden we here this unusual sound coming from the coat closet. Yep, he thought he was in the bathroom.

                      Liked by 2 people

                    17. Ha!  It works well and, again, beats going to the outhouse on cold nights.  If it were not for this, I would have a lot harder time getting Lambzie to want to stay up at our property.  Now, she loves going up there.  We have been there every weekend this summer.  Of course, its my chore to empty it.  I dump it in the outhouse, use another 5 gallon bucket, fill and rinse with lake water into the outhouse.—- Sent from Doug’s Back Pack


                  2. An article about the residents in Sarajevo during the war stated one of the worst parts was the cold. Something to ponder for us With freezing winters. I read this a long time ago so don’t remember the specifics. I do remember reading they had to dodge sniper fire to get water.


                  3. Linda, great idea about the mouthwash for tooth-brushing.

                    HttP, your comment had me laughing! I can see my boys sitting on the “throne” toilet, using the armrests while they read a book for half an hour. 🙂

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          1. RV sales have skyrocketed.We are campers and have been for the past 40 years. This year we have seen a major change. Our favorite campgrounds are by reserve only. In the past, there would be several that were on first come first serve. Not any more.

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  22. A man named Gary Anderson put up a video recently on facebook. He said he contracted covid-19. The doctors wanted to give me cough medicine. He asked for hrydroxcholquine treatment. The doctors said they could not give it to him because it was not approved. They said they could lose their license (This was in Mississippi). A friend connected him with a doctor that would prescribe it. He felt well again rather quickly…..There is no way to verify this but I thought I would share for your discernment. Facebook has been taking it down. But if you search “Gary Anderson” on FB, you will be able to see this. Has anyone else found this problem in their state?

    Liked by 4 people

    1. Facebook took it down again!
      Amazing- they are all in cahoots to destroy the news of the effectiveness of Hydroxychloriquine.

      Liked by 1 person

  23. Your picture of Mother Mary is beautiful, Charlie, and I just found out why it looks familiar. I have a copy of it, given to me sooo many years ago for graduation, by a good family friend. I love it and have kept it safe all those years. It’s on a shelf in this room I’m in right now! It’s by Botticelli.

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  24. Please pray for my friend,S. Her daughter is struggling with alcoholism. This friend is what I’d consider agnostic. I tried to speak Hope into her today and the situation…letting her know how much God loved her and her daughter and, that whether she believed or not, He still heard her prayers.

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  25. We are seeing this emotional manipulation with masks now. People here are doubling-down on draconian enforcement even as the covid narrative slips.

    In this article, Dr. Mercola has this describing how Yale is currently testing 11 different messages to manipulate people into vaxing. The messages are designed to push emotional buttons of fear, anger, embarrassment, the common good, etc. Pretty much the same fare used for mandatory masking. I can’t tell you how many blogs, articles, opinions, etc., I’ve heard in Catholic/religious circles, that use one if not several of the following arguments to comply with the evil that is mandatory masking. We might all have to comply—-but everyone should understand the basis for these mandates is manipulation, and not health.

    Then Dr. Mercola goes onto describe Technocracy and says this:
    Unfortunately, many still cannot see the full picture, nor understand the ultimate real-world danger of unquestioning compliance with ever-more illogical and freedom-quenching recommendations and mandates.

    God Bless us, Everyone! Ave Maria, Stella Maris!


    “A total of 4,000 participants will be randomized to receive one of 12 different messages (10 messaging variations, one control message and one baseline message), after which they will “compare the reported willingness to get a COVID-19 vaccine at three and six months of it becoming available.” The messaging slants under investigation include:
    1.Personal Freedom Message
    2.Economic Freedom Message
    3.Self-Interest Message
    4.Community Interest Message
    5.Economic Benefit Message
    6. Guilt Message
    7.Embarrassment Message
    8.Anger Message
    9 Trust In Science Message
    10 Not Brave Enough Message

    It’s really all about manipulation — pushing the right mental and emotional hot-buttons to fire up a desired response, all while overriding more logical thought processes.

    The propaganda push has already started, it seems, with USA Today publishing an article7 titled “Defeat COVID-19 by Requiring Vaccination for All. It’s Not Un-American, It’s Patriotic.” This is precisely the kind of PR we can expect more of in the months to come.

    The manipulation aspect is equally if not more evident in the listed secondary outcome measures, which include:

    Participants’ confidence in the safety and effectiveness of the vaccine
    Participants’ willingness to persuade others to get vaccinated
    Their fear of those who have not been vaccinated
    The social judgment of those who choose not to vaccinate

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  26. And another manipulation: if you wear masks, the churches won’t have to be closed again. ( Insert “get vaccinated” for “wear masks” ) Opinion presented at a local hearing for mandated mask wearing–mandate passed. 😦

    Liked by 3 people

    1. I am not aware of this *mandate*, however Peggy Hall of TheHealthyAmerican.org educates that *mandates* are not laws and are simply words to instill fear/compliance. Governors cannot *mandate* anything outside a strict small window of emergency measures. She said this was like a school principal writing a parking ticket for a student parking in the faculty parking lot. 😉

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      1. Our tickets are $25 given out by the police. Complaints go to a hotline and are passed to the police to investigate. They really only want to encourage compliance. $25 was compromised down from $100.

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  27. As flies feed on rotting flesh, as demons feed on our sins and deep spiritual wounds so do Marxists of every stripe feed on our unresolved class and social conflicts. And they especially like the “useful Idiots” who fail to realize what evils they are helping to advance.

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  28. A friend has a son with an in law named Andrea. please say a prayer for her, who had a baby in July but has been in ICU with induced comas on several occasion, initially fighting COVID and now several other infections. The mom is 38 years old. And with folks having such different reactions to the virus, wiht many having only minor symptoms but some more serious, we see one of the reasons with the different reactions, masking, Lockdown vs. no lockdown. And my friend works part time in a school district and reports some kids are having some COVID symptoms, apart from spreading it to family. Thus we see some of the reasons for different reactions to this. If only we could reliably determine who is likely to have a more severe reaction. And with conflict in the medical field itself, how many are willing to try some of the reasonable approaches which Steve BC advocates in his work. I have some family members who say “I talked to my Dr. and he, she didn’t know anything about it, so why trust you “Dr. bob?” Well how about some of us have done some research and these approaches are likely with few or no side effects, apart from a few $$ spent?

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