A Great Battle


By Charlie Johnston

Our announcement Wednesday on the site concerning Fr. Michel Rodrigue prompted Mark Mallett to contact me with a cry of foul. Beckita had talked with me several days before publishing the announcement and I concurred with her judgment. Mark copied me on a note he sent to a reader who was concerned about the announcement. It reiterated the reasons for the decision the folks at Countdown to the Kingdom (CttK) made to keep publishing Fr. Michel’s messages, reasons that are entirely legitimate. It read, in part:

“…for Beckita to publicly posture herself as being “obedient,” and thus, that we are “disobedient”in spirit is disingenuous, given the facts. That, and it’s divisive. Does she forget that I likewise promoted Charlie’s messages at a time when he did not have the “support” of his bishop either? She was fine with that then… but suddenly we are now disobedient? I see a double-standard.

Moreover, several of the seers on our website do not have the “support” of their bishops. And that is almost always the case with living seers. In fact, the more authentic they are, generally, the more silent the bishops tend to be! (Pedro Regis, Luz de Maria do have some level of support, but this is rare). At the same time, no seers on our website have been given an official negative ruling, which one must obey.

Beckita doesn’t know us; she doesn’t know the conversations that we are having behind the scenes, carefully weighing everything with the desire to be obedient above all else. We had to weigh the conversions and fruits we are hearing from those watching Fr. Michel’s videos against a decision to remove those videos when nothing canonically or even prudently suggests, at this time, that we need to. Should the bishop or Fr. Michel ask that the material be removed, that is another story.”

Mark certainly has some reasonable points, though I disagree with his interpretation on several. First, Beckita’s discernment was more a matter of our judgment than obedience. Beckita specifically acknowledged that CttK had done what Bishop Lemay had requested, so she did not accuse them of disobedience. Couching the decision within the “spirit of obedience” was a phrase that could imply CttK was not as obedient as we are, even though she had specifically acknowledged its obedience in the sentence before. It was, perhaps, an unfortunate choice of words on our part.

Mark notes that he had highlighted me when no determination had been made about my messages by my Archbishop. I think he both makes – and misses -a point here. The point he misses is that, the first time he wrote about me, my Archbishop had expressed no public opinion, positive or negative about me – there were only rumblings that he was going to appoint a commission for an initial investigation of me, which he did. Even so, there is a valid point being made here, for the judgment we have made in this case is not for every case. I can easily see situations arise where we would quote a purported seer whose Bishop has publicly criticized them without making a formal inquiry. So, at the heart of this is that it is a matter of judgment, rather than obedience. In such a case as this, Mark is right. It is our judgment that is at variance, not our obedience.

Mark Mallett has done some marvelous and consoling work. In fact, his piece just yesterday, “Science Will Not Save Us,” is one I admire and heartily agree with every sentence of. The similarities between our subject matter and our approach on many things is obvious. But there are a few significant dissimilarities that will occasionally and inevitably lead to discordance.

In the first place is the eschatology. Mark and his colleagues are open to, if not always insistent on, arguments that the actual end is nigh and the actual Antichrist may be at hand. I subscribe to the Augustinian eschatology which the Church routinely teaches, if not formally defines. It is not just because the Church teaches it, but because from the first I became aware, in childhood, of the potential for a grave crisis over the whole earth during my lifetime, it was reiterated emphatically and repeatedly that this was NOT the end. While Mark and I agree on the peace to follow trials, he often posits it as a brief period of peace while I insist it will be an extended era of peace. That is a substantial difference in outlook.

As incongruous as it sounds, at the old site and this, I consistently maintained that even authentic prophecy is uncertain because of our penchant to misinterpret – and warned that even the seemingly most straightforward things could be the cause of our stumbling because of that. With equal consistency, I insisted that once the battle began, what we do and our habits of mind are far more important than what we think we know, that extended speculation on such things at that time would only distract and lead us down rabbit holes. Regardless of how the Wuhan Virus scare pans out now, we have opened up consequences far beyond what we know by this – and the battle has begun. CttK focuses on what it asserts that God is going to do to and for us, and how we are to respond to His actions. Perfectly legitimate, but I maintain that ever since Fatima (actually, since Lourdes – though it was more subtle there), God has been showing us what He expects of us; that when these events begin, He expected us to show Him, by our resolve, fidelity and fortitude in His service and in proclaiming His Kingdom to a dying world order, our devotion to Him – and He would respond to that by making us participants in ushering in the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart. Thus, CttK’s approach is Hunker Down – and refine your piety in preparation for the Master. It is an acceptable approach, but it is far different from ours which is Go Forth – and demonstrate your fidelity by your actions. It is inevitable that there will be significant points of conflict between these two views.

Finally, there is the matter of refuges. Over the last few years I have visited and encouraged people who have set aside property, using the money they have now to help others in times of trial later. I think that to be a noble sacrifice of self and a worthy offering. CttK is sympathetic to and promotes voices who say that God is going to round up many or all of the faithful and take them to places of safety while everyone else gets smacked down and battered by the storm. I will confess I do not just disagree with that, but believe it to be profoundly anti-Christian and directly contrary to what we are called to do in these times. In the first place, these last few generations the faith has been systematically assaulted from without and riotously attacked from within. The Lord’s house has been looted. Every generation is called to be caretakers of the Master’s house. During our time, it has been systematically looted. Do we really expect to be rewarded because we did not actually participate in the looting? We have utterly failed to defend the faith, hearten the faithful, and defend the faithful and now we expect to be declared a protected faithful remnant because even though, utterly failing our duty, we did not actually participate in the looting?! If the first Christians’ faith went no further than this, Christianity would not have gotten off the ground in the first place. And we expect to be congratulated for meeting this low and ineffective bar. I think we have failed miserably, all of us, but God, in His mercy, is giving us a final chance to show that we are worthy to be called Christian – and His children. This is our proving ground, not our shelter.

I think that a big part of our duty is to try to see what God wants – and then discipline ourselves to want the same thing. God calls all men to salvation; He wants none of those He created to perish, even while knowing that many will. We are to participate with Him in calling our brothers to salvation. I cannot reconcile that with the “refuge movement” as described by Fr. Michel and John Leary. In fact, I think the doctrine of such a “refuge movement” is directly contrary to what God calls us to.

In our little community here, many readers agreed with our decision, some disagreed. We try to reason together, knowing that there are many points now and many ahead on which we will disagree.

There are substantial conflicts between our approach at ASOH and, even, our understanding of what is happening around us and what we are called to with that of CttK. That is inevitably going to lead to some significant contradictions along the way. Whenever that arises, I pledge to acknowledge the dispute candidly, while simultaneously acknowledging both the good will and good work of those who take other approaches, hoping for the same end – the resurrection and renewal of faith in the world.




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  1. JESUS = GOOD NEWS & a good Verse/Thoughts for TNRS 😉

    HeartLight Daily Verse – 3 May
    Romans 12:12 – Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.

    Thoughts on today’s verse:
    Sometimes the key to survival is simply “setting our jaw” and going on faithfully trusting that God is there helping us, despite the outward circumstances. Choosing joy through hope rather than despair, choosing patient endurance in times of affliction, and choosing faithfulness in prayer are all decisions of the will. We trust that God, who raised Jesus from the dead, can also change our circumstances because he hears our voice.
    Create in me, O Mighty God, a resolute and steadfast heart so that I might persevere with joy no matter what the difficulty. This I ask through your faithful Son. Amen.



    Yep! The NY Left thought they had Dolan in their pocket (I think he was.) but Dolan, apparently, has stuck his finger into the wind and decided to appear “Centrist” for a re-make & Off Left Plantation Sortie. I had this guy pegged as a Phony a long time ago ;-(

    ….. and for all the good work that Donohue has done to protect The Church, he was real “Slow on the Draw” when it came to reporting ALL the scandals…. as a 50 year insider…. He Knew, all too well, about ;-(

    Yes it too disturbs me that there were no whistleblowers on this “Deal” …. and for the entirety of BO’s reign ….. and the dearth of whistleblowers in the 40+ years of Church Scandal ;-(
    It tell me that EVIL has permeated ….. everything and become so powerful that … None Dare Call it Treason …. Perversion … EVIL!!



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  2. Our home is a good refuge!

    Our Priest went to people in the parish saying his sister had no money to come to their Mother’s funeral. I gave enough money for the trip and others asked me to join them also. Then he takes his entire family relatives out to eat and drink. now his sister has told me about her family trip to Europe; her husband and daughter stayed for 2 weeks and she traveled for a month. The priest now wants everyone to donate for a $5 MILLION addition to our church when Sunday Masses do not fill it; people in the area are not wealthy. He said “we have the money only it’s in your pockets” I said as soon as a recession hits people can’t give-never could I imagine the Covid-19.

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  3. Just dropping a comment…

    I am viewing one of the videos and I see a holy man full of joy.

    I am a bit consterned that the audience appears to be all women.

    He mentions a conference of priests, all arguing, and he prays and everybody shuts up and stops arguing cause the angel did something.

    Be way cool if that happened here (:

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  4. Praying for you, Judith, as well as comfort for Jessica and Jeffrey on your loss of beautiful Gabriel. I wish I could somehow ease your pain, but my poor prayers are all I can offer. May Mother Mary, St. Joseph, St. Anne and Gabriel’s guardian angel support your whole family. I am so sorry.

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    1. Hey Rich. Imagine a great battle is about to begin. Somebody on your side otherwise, however well intentioned, is telling the troops that there is a super-bunker nearby to which they can retreat and suffer no ill. You know that to be incorrect – that you will have to fight the battle, that there are no bunkers out there other than what you will build and that they can be command centers, but not places exempt from the battle and its vicissitudes. Do you keep quiet in order to foster unity – with the consequence that you let all the people counting on this false hope be consumed by the battle? Or do you speak, even at the risk of getting some allies furiously angry at you?

      I am happy to see that some of the refuge stuff I find most objectionable has been going down from the CttK site this weekend. But at the time I write this, this is still up. It starts fine but ends up with supernatural assurance that you need not worry, that you will be taken care of and guided by angels to these sites, where you will be protected from all harm. Now I may be a little crazy, but I take very seriously what I believe to be my call to defend the faithful – and that includes from the sort of false hope that will get them squashed. I have been consistent from the beginning that this is our proving ground, that we are each to show our fidelity by our actions and that no family will be left untouched by the storm that is upon us. That is not particularly soothing, I suppose, but it is the reality I see and for which we must gird our loins. I have done what I see to be my duty by objecting to this false hope. I am perfectly content to leave it lie from here – but if I did not speak at all then all those who perished while waiting for an angel came to guide them to safety where they would sit out the storm would be added to my account of failures – and I have enough of my own to worry about.

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      1. You’ve spoken so well what was in my mind and heart when I first approached you, Charlie, about banning the messages from Fr. Michel due to his Bishop’s latest statement concerning them. As I have mentioned to a couple of people, the discussion of these last few days has been sometimes difficult but verrrry GOOD.

        Saturday evening, my mind was scrolling through many Biblical stories and saints’ biographies. I thought of the Apostles and their intense trials in Jesus’ Passion and Death. It must have been horrifically painful to have been so intimately connected with Him yet to experience the shattering of their false interpretation of His words, believing the Lord would establish an earthly Kingdom. Oh the shame that must have filled them after His Passion and Death, finding themselves in overwhelming grief and choosing to run away. Where was THEIR refuge, sheltering them from all they endured? Further, were they sheltered from the ensuing times of intense Christian persecution with prolific martyrdom in the early days of the Church? Where was St. John Paul II’s – and other great saints that lived the horrors of WWII – refuge from the totalitarian leaders of the day? We could go on and on recounting such examples.

        The discussion in conjunction with this piece brings to mind the wisdom of holding loosely, in our hands of prayer, all the details and favorite interpretations of any authentic prophetic utterance given in our times and focus on the Lord and what He is actually doing, day by day and, sometimes, moment by moment. With each passing day anchored in the core message of this site, deeper resolve, new courage and more pure love springs forth to TNRS and be ASOH as we go forth in these days.

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        1. Beckita: Ding, ding, ding!!! We may need a dose of the Holy Spirit to hold us up but Pentecost didn’t happened because the Apostles were meant to continue to lock themselves in the upper chamber.

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      2. Thanks for clarifying. That link is the first I’ve read of this priest, but his prophecy strikes me as 100 percent metaphorical. It’s a head scratcher to me that anyone would interpret it literally. Are we sure he does? The rules of thumb (as taught by the fundamentalist Protestant charismatic crowd) is that visions/dreams that are unrealistic or outside of the norms of the natural world are nearly always to be interpreted metaphorically. Those that are realistic are in the running to be interpreted literally, but metaphor must still be considered as the correct interpretation. You can see these principles at work in the dreams/visions in Scripture. No one interprets Mary’s flame of love via Elizabeth Kindelman as literal visible fires all over the place do they? I began to look to the fundamentalist Protestants for Biblical interpretation principles because I couldn’t find much teaching on it in the C world. I found their theology to be erroneous, breathtakingly so at times, but they sure had a refined understanding of interpretation.

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        1. “That link is the first I’ve read of this priest, but his prophecy strikes me as 100 percent metaphorical. It’s a head scratcher to me that anyone would interpret it literally. Are we sure he does? “

          Exactly, Irish. I’m glad you, and I’m sure most. got that.

          Charlie and Beckita, very disappointed to see you persist in this. Father does not say “ there is a super-bunker nearby to which they can retreat and suffer no ill. ”. In fact he says the opposite, that it will be very hard.

          You both think he means literal flames leading people? Really?

          Very disappointing to see you continue in this “great battle”. This spirit of division and unfounded accusations does not come from God.

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          1. Perhaps you are right, Tom, but I think you would agree that going from “he never said anything like that” to “it is obviously metaphorical” is quite a jump in just a few days. Maybe it is metaphorical, but it would be easier to accept that on its face if there had not been so many over the last generation who have said the same things and meant them literally. As for the great battle, I was not referring to CttK and me, but to the battle ahead we all face – and what the proper approach to it should be. Somewhere along the line the actual text of what I wrote has gotten obscured. I acknowledged Mark’s frequent very good work, the legitimacy of his approach, but just made clear it is not and will not be my approach.

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      3. Thank you for stating these things clearly and emphatically, Charlie. The article to which you linked gives a detailed description of refuges using “the Father told me” language (so who are we to argue or question?). And I can see that this approach runs counter to our TNRS/ASOH approach in significant ways. What we DO in these times matters.

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      4. So you’re basically saying that you know (or believe you know) the purported mystical messages from Fr. Michel and/or interpretation regarding them from others to be incorrect. One question that follows then is how do you know?

        Maybe it would be unfair to assume that you think you know based on your purported mystical experiences. Putting that aside, certainly you’ve developed a strong, well-studied faith, good habits of mind, etc. Not knowing much, if anything about Fr. Michel (with no intent to explore him), it’s probably fair for me to give him the benefit of of doubt of having those same well developed qualities, based on what others have shared. Also, I think there are clearly good intentions all around, based on other input.

        That leaves us with interpretation, and therein lies the crux I think. Apparently the ‘soldiers’ fall into three camps on that front including the pro-Charlie interpretation, pro-Fr. Michel/Mallet/O’Connor/etc., and those looking to unite on common ground. Yes, and variations/mixtures of those… and a fourth to be fair, comprised of those who are silent on the matter for whatever reason.

        Understanding why the usual folks choose their usual camps, as well as the various new voices of course entitled to their interpretation, I’m still a bit baffled why we still spend so much time, periodically, disputing on matters of interpretation. And yes, I deeply appreciate your efforts to unite too. Just a friendly nudge that you also like to dispute matters with vigor sometimes at the expense of unity, which ought to be arrived via the shortest path in many cases. Not to save the soldiers any pain in the short run, but to get at Victory a.s.a.p. We all want that.

        I said earlier that I prefer a brother to a middleman, and I wasn’t talking about my relationship with Jesus Christ. Quite obviously He is God, the Son of God, and the only Way to the Father. I was simply speaking about you all, wherever you may be, and the need to develop that very real and strong, personal and intimate relationship with God. Oh, I don’t despise prophecy, but I most definitely prefer to go right to the source, wherein I find that great encompassing Silence, who I can trust in all matters. If my interpretation of something is then formed my nothing more than a gentle breeze on leaves, then I’m good with that. Yes, probably a common experience we all have shared… encountering the silence when we ask God a question.

        I also shared that favorite clip from “Saving Private Ryan.” Think about it folks. A simple ‘pencil’ gets the job done without attempting to lug a bulky typewriter into battle. Besides, though that young soldier was a writer, he was actually recruited to join the small mission as an interpreter. French and German. [Insert inscrutable smile here.]

        Here’s hoping and praying for the same things that others want.

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        1. MP,

          I’m with you on this. You said it well.

          Frankly, I’m just having trouble not capsizing my boat right now.

          Trying to figure out how to even see to step and how to be a sign of hope!

          We need a refuge from the storm where we can boost each other up.

          Divisiveness is not the way.

          We shall see how it all pans out in Gods plan. Somethings are just too big.

          I need to hear about how wonderful it will be when this storm/battle is over. How long it will last so as not to despair.

          Concrete things we can do in our little power to make a difference.

          Thanks for listening folks!

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          1. Oh, then just forget about the storm and boat metaphors frequently used here and take a simple walk in the woods to rest in God. I mean it quite literally, or metaphorically if you please. Just have a good laugh for a moment, Littleone, acknowledging that you are most certainly not flailing on a boat down a frightening rapids shoot when you are walking in the woods. Are you literally on a boat all the time? Change the metaphor (i.e. – a certain pattern of thinking), and before you know it you’re always “walking in the woods” with God. But to reiterate, I found it really helpful to first actually walk in the woods to train my thinking.

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        2. MP, I don’t fall into anyone else’s camp on this one. I’m saying nothing different here to what I wrote of for over 600 pages and was published way back in 1996. As I said repeatedly therein, there won’t be any ‘safe places’. The consistent message which comes on this from Canonized Saints, Blessed and Venerable on this subject is consistent. It will be worldwide. When that phalanx of Canonized, Blessed and Venerable agree on such a simple topic, I simply don’t take the prophetic utterances of anyone who disagrees with all of them very seriously. It is just that simple with me. That is a synopsis of what I have written and have been saying for over two decades prior to knowing anyone in this group. It is not based in any personal opinion of mine. It is based in the historic record of all those Church-approved Saints, Blessed, & Venerable.

          That is said without any trace of rancor. It is a simply statement of historical fact in my life and work.

          All my love in Christ


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          1. I was generalizing to make a point, Des, said (and saying this) without rancor as well. I wasn’t thinking of you or anyone else in particular there, just some basic categorization/impression of the comments that, like all things, obviously have many more facets and much more dimension if we want to analyze everything there is to analyze about them. Shoot, if I attempted that, I’d not only fail, I’d never actually get to making a point. That said, sorry you took exception to it.

            Among all that, I was thinking of Our Holy Mother Church and Our Lord who formed Her. Oh, the simplicity of the Sermon on the Mount and that Our Lord could sum up the most complex Theology in a couple of short lines… or even with a glance! Our Church. Such an incomprehensible Beauty, so full of treasures and grace upon grace to to our souls. At the same time, I can’t help but see that the Church is also an incomprehensible, tangled mess to far too many. Noting this here because of the varied, even opposing angles of virtually everything.

            Someone mentioned “refuge” and my mind immediately went to Immaculée Ilibagiza and the little refuge where she hid out for 91 days with 7 other women. Yes, a tiny 3×4 bathroom, hidden away from the slaughter happening right beyond those walls. I met her some years ago and what an impression that encounter made on me. Noting this here because words can mean a great many different things to different people.

            As I noted, I know nothing of Fr. Michel, and I’ll add here that I haven’t read your book either.

            Only thing I know for sure is that I don’t know the mind of God. Just endeavoring to share something of the love from Him that seems to come right out of the great Silence.

            My simplified reading and reference source at this point? Only the Gospels, because I think it’s entirely and all there.

            That about sums up my thinking on the matter.

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            1. No problem. It just didn’t fit. My point was and is that the numerous canonized Saints, Blessed and Venerable state repeatedly that this Chastisement will be lived by, suffered by all, by ‘the good and the bad.’

              I didn’t take offense, I simply know the sweep of the voices of the Saints on this issue. They’ve been proven right over the centuries on many such issues. Due to their \track record over the centuries – I don’t take alleged prophetic remarks which disagree with them very seriously.

              All my love in Christ


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            2. That point about Immaculee makes a person think. The Blessed Mother in her messages in Rwanda said she was speaking to all of the world if she spoke to them. Linking this with the approved Medjugorge messages, Akita and Fatima, these are very humbling times. The path was through prayer and suffering for them all, the Gospel messages brought to life again and again.

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      5. Charlie, I enjoy reading your thoughts. Your ideas are always insightful and often inspiring. Your prose is well crafted. However, I think you are wrong in banning Fr. Michel’s ideas. Here’s why: The “next right step” sometimes is to resist evil or even bravely face persecution and death. At other times it is to flee or to” hunker down.” It depends what is God’s will. I think you will agree. For example, St. Peter was LEAVING Rome because a persecution had started when he met Jesus who was going INTO the city. When St. Peter understood that he was to FACE the persecution, he followed Jesus back into the city and was crucified upside down because he felt unworthy to be crucified right side up like Jesus. (It is interesting to note St. Malachy’s prophecy which may characterize our present pope: Peter the Roman. Pope Francis was elected on March 13, 2013 and dedicated his papacy to Our Lady of Fatima. Of course, the third secret of Fatima entails a vision of the martyrdom of a pope. Yes there is a prophecy by someone I respect(I won’t say who.) that after 3 denials Pope Francis will be martyred in Rome like St. Peter. In the political and economic turbulence of “the storm” no doubt)

        In Acts 8:1 we read, “Now there broke out on that day a great persecution against the Church in Jerusalem, and all except the apostles were scattered abroad throughout the land of Judea and Samaria.” Were all the Christians except the apostles cowards because they ran? No. By fleeing they spread the Gospel to other areas. It was God’s will-the next right step.

        When Jesus was apprehended in the Garden on Holy Thursday and said of the apostles, “let these go” was He encouraging the apostles to be cowards? No. He had other plans for them. The next right step for the apostles was to run. St. John ran right out of his clothes and went off naked.

        No one is advising sitting out all of the “storm” in a “refuge.” But there may be times when the next right step will be to “hunkerdown.” For example, if the Corona Virus becomes a lot more virulent or deadly like the Spanish Flu did in the autumn.after the initial spring contagion, isn’t it possible the next right step will be to stay at home(refuge) with 3 months of food and water because even the food stores will have trouble finding people to work in them or the distribution system will be so spotty?
        If we face a choice of a vaccine made from aborted human embryos along with being “chipped” to verify our vaccination, will it be the next right step to “hunkerdown” at home or refuge? You know the public would look with disfavor on those who wouldn’t do everything to guarantee its safety.

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        1. Vytas, this is one of most thoughtful comments on the subject I have seen here. Certainly, there are times to hunker down – usually in preparation for action, but sometimes just for safety. Those who use refuges as command centers to plan action do well. But even when hunkering down is appropriate for its own sake (like in the retreat to the catacombs), we remain responsible for our own mutual defense and support. On that point, I have always been and will remain adamant.

          I worry far less about another virus or exotic things to fear and far more concerned about the spirit of tyranny that has been unleashed by this emergency.

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          1. I tried to post this before but I don’t think it wen th through. Don’t know who this guy is. He delineates the steps of those working toward a one world order. Just more food for thought.

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      6. Hi Charlie,

        “……that you will be taken care of and guided by angels to these sites, where you will be protected from all harm. Now I may be a little crazy, but I take very seriously what I believe to be my call to defend the faithful – and that includes from the sort of false hope that will get them squashed. ” We will also be suffering through the minor persecution and many will be martyrs. It is only after the Warning when all have been shown the TRUTH by God that some will be protected. The people on the ‘outside’ will have made their choice… and so at that point there is nothing more we can do…. except continue praying for them, in the hope that even if they suffer death they will have that tiny opening before they breathe their last where they can still choose for God.

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        1. Janet, I’ve read what you describe in this sequence of how things will unfold. It’s definitely out there in prophecy land. I would simply caution us all – myself included – to hold every prophecy we’ve ever been exposed to in hands open to the Lord… to live it if this is what comes to pass or to release it if the literal interpretation put forth by someone or some group was a mistaken interpretation. I say this because the danger is that faith could be shaken by some.

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          1. “I say this because the danger is that faith could be shaken by some.” I agree, Beckita I often think of the ones who believe in the rapture..and when nothing happens…. ?? Many a faith will be shaken then. But I was thinking more like after the Warning when all will know where they stand before God. According to scripture many will be ‘marked’ Whatever that interpretation is…while some will persist in evil. Lord have Mercy.

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            1. I should have added “Marked” as in …. “Do not harm the land or the sea or the trees until we put a seal on the foreheads of the servants of our God.” Rev 7, 3

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            2. It’ll be so interesting to see how God’s Plan all actually plays out, Jen. (edit: Sorry, I meant to write Janet.) I used to be a firm believer that the Warning is a discrete event. As things continue to develop, I have become more acutely aware that every authentic prophetic utterance is but a wisp of knowledge compared to all the details in God’s Plan. We carry on. 🙂

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  5. I follow both Mark and Charlie. I can remember another time there was a disagreement that was addressed publicly by Charlie. That time as with this, I was disappointed with the tone of Charlies response. “A Great Battle” – It’s sad. I frankly don’t care about the substance of these disagreements. The reality is no one knows for sure how all this will play out. As to disparities: Will God create Refuge’s? Did God have Noah build an Ark? If God does create refuges, will you go there? Here’s a better question; Will you wake up tomorrow? Does the Antichrist come immediately before the end or could the book of Revelation (like most visions) leave us with a skewed understanding of events? Will a period of peace be long or short? Does it matter? Charlie posits his approach as opposing Marks. It’s a little alarming to me given the thought Charlie puts into most of his posts. Instead of an “either or” approach, how about a “both and”. I’ve been reading both for years and I find no contradiction that unsettles my soul. I cannot take ‘The Next Right Step’ without paying close attention to my spiritual life. Marks website, like Charlies helps me. The difference I’m seeing right now gives me pause. “A Great Battle”.

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    1. Hi Mark, . Having read Charlie and Mark for years, I take them both for good and holy men. But they both have different styles of writing. Mark is a little more serious than Charlie. Charlie is flambouyant and jovial. But being good friends, they would never battle. Charlie being Charlie used that word in jest. It certainly wasn’t a battle at all. Just a play on words. That’s my take on it. Just a nice discussion using colorful words and phrases which certainly didn’t mean a “great battle”. That’s my take on it, in my humble opinion.

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      1. Nice to see you come out of the shadows to comment Dee.  🙂—- Sent from Doug’s Back Pack






    We have, here, been distracted by a bunch of inconsequential BS these past few days! Monday makes for a good day to get back to Reality and plans to Save Our Faith, Republic and keep our Kith & Kin safe!
    Considering the entirety of the past 16 years, especially last five, of Democrat Party, Media & Academia Lies, Slander, Spin, Histrionics & High Crimes ….. would a thoughtful person conclude that it is quite possible that the above “actors” would collude to Shut-Down their States, Cities & Campuses NOT to protect their Citizenry but as a weapon to blame Trump/Deplorables for all the personal/civic carnage that will ensue?
    If this is a possibility and it Back-Fires like all the rest of their schemes, what’s next?
    I’m betting that after four years of practice, The Usual Suspects are grooming their ANTIFA, Union, LGBT, Abortion & Open Borders Thugs for a Pre-election Offensive.








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    1. CrewDog: Just wanted to thank you for all your hard work at supplying the links. I forward them constantly. My friends think I’m a genius. BTW, My friends think I’m a pain in the neck too because of the forwarded links. I have mentioned this site as a source. My motto: forewarned is forearmed.

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  7. In each century since the inception of the Church, there have been multiple ‘a’ntichrists’ [spelled with a small ‘a’] who fit the definition of them by St. John the Apostle. There will of course be only one ‘A’ntichrist – the big daddy of them all who comes approximate to/very close to, the very end of the world and its time.

    What I think we are entering into now, is an event foretold by quite literally many dozens of Canon Saint, Blessed, Venerable and other holy Catholic souls approved by the Church. I’ve always referred to it as a ‘chastisement’ – most specifically – as the ‘Minor Chastisement’. That is to compare it with the Great Tribulation of the Antichrist to come proximate to the end of time. All of this is also the consistent teaching of Fathers and Doctors of the Church going back to the first century, and much of it is also Scriptural – and part of the Traditional Eschatology of the Church.

    In this period referred to as the ‘Minor Chastisement’, the vast majority of the willfully malicious enemies of Christ and his Church will die. Only a few of them will be left to convert to Christ – and be allowed to live to give witness to what they were and what, by the grace of God, they have now become, baptized members of His Church, faithful members of his Mystical Body.

    According to all the Saints, Blessed, & Venerable to speak of this period – this Minor Chastisement will not be avoidable. It will be shared by all. For years as a much younger married man, I kept looking for ‘the safe place’ I could take my family to keep them from what was coming. I thought of Portugal, then of Ireland, then South America, etc. I finally realized, finally admitted to myself that each area I looked at had Church approved prophets who prophesied the same kinds of events under the same set of circumstances.

    That is why I finally buckled down to the understanding that the Church knows what she is talking about when She dogmatically teaches us that the Church is and her members are obliged to Evangelize in the highways and byways. The immensely rare occasion of even monks and nuns who are validly called to live the life of a hermit – that doesn’t apply to the other 99.999% of the rest of us. Our job is to be active witnesses for Christ – first by the way we live our faith in LOVE & HOPE, and then only with words.

    Since I woke up to the fact that that is the message of God’s authentic prophets – I have simply come to try to the best of my ability to live every day as if it were my last. I don’t know if I’ll even be alive this afternoon in a couple of hours, let alone tomorrow. If I don’t live every day as if it were my last, and live and speak as a faithful witness to Christ and His Church, what will I tell Him at my judgment?

    All my love in Christ


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    1. Hi Desmond, I understand you wrote a book on the topic? You have a link on where I can get a copy?

      It all has the feeling of a major life exam is being thrust upon us whether we like it or not…

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      1. The title of the book is, Trial, Tribulation & Triumph Before During and After Antichrist. By Desmond Birch. Just do a search on EWTN, ir Amazon, etc.

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        1. After doing some reading and reflecting on past events…

          Global government is the throne of this/these “antichrists”, I suppose on a subconscious level this is part of the reason why some have a aversion to global rule. We can’t stop the appointed time that we’re in, but we can choose how to react in these times, as we’ll reap the consequences of our choices. Resist, stop, minimize global rule, the same global rule that’s using Covid 19 (Coronovirus) to establish a global throne of power, stop the globalist throne of power from being established, and we minimize the damage the beast can do.

          Will we be vigilant like people of Nineveh when Jonah prophecied their destruction and were spared, or will we not heed the prophetic warning and allow destruction to happen?

          We’re missing the point here, if we’re claiming God sets us up for failure & destruction. I believe people have a “choice” to make in these times, and it would be the devil who would make people believe that God chose this time for destruction because time is up. God punnishes bad behavior after certain conditions are met, not because it’s year xxxx, many false prophets like to set dates.

          Can Liberals be defeated by shouting something like “globalist antichrist”? I got no clue, it’s beyond my thinking capacity, but we shouldn’t allow the globalist cabal to continue it’s plans unnoticed, but illuminate their wickedness for all to see.

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  8. Humbly asking for prayers for my sweet sister and her dear husband who lost their 5th child in a tragic drowning accident on May 2nd. He was 2 years old. Even though their faith is strong, they are just in so much pain and need prayers. Thank you!

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    1. EJ, I’m praying for you all that God gives you comfort and strength during such a very sad time. I’m so sorry for your precious loss.


    2. I am so sorry, EJ. That is so heartbreaking and sad. Sending hugs and asking for the Holy Souls in Purgatory to pray for this dear little one and for your sister, husband and you. So very sorry.


  9. Becita, Mark, Charlie,

    Beckita, Mark and Charlie,

    I belive that clarification and further dialog on a subject such as a war fighting strategy, eonomic Philosophy, financial issues, business models, etc. all have some aspects that do not always end up with a total a concencess. In the spiritual realm, ideas, understanding and discussions on the issue and its approaches to acheiving the same goal are very important. As a a true Catholic we all have beliefs of issues with an overarching goal of getting all of God’s sheep back home recognizing our approach in the times we live in. Spiritual matters outside of formal Catholic doctrone sitll eixists between parties of good will with the goal helping us, and those around us, get on the path ( As God dictates ) to Heaven and Love God to the fullest. One of the ways to accomplish this is to have faith in God no many how many times we fail, and keep striving to carry the cross and in doing so to provide hope to others by our actions.

    I for one feel that the dialog between the three of you is a great example of how this process should work. Not to be ramming someon’s approach and reasoning on others, but to at least understand the other’s viewpoinst and arguments on the issue or issues. Everyone is speaking from their heart while having the same goal. All else failing, we are alll one with God through our prayers and actions. This not only can mitigate or eliminate the current effects of evil, but can also be used, with God’s help, to establish a more just and moral comunity in the near future.

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  10. Avid and quiet follower but feel like I need to chime in on this one. Father Rodrigue says our first and primary refuge is the immaculate heart of Mary which in union with the Sacred Heart of Jesus. He also says our physical refuge – where God wants us – may be at home right where are. He also explicitly says that many of us will be called to be martyrs – so its is not true that he Is saying we all just head off into safe spaces. And yes, he does speak in terms that must be heard as mystical in the sense that the experience of being called and led by your guardian angel led by a light can only be understood in terms of things we know – Things like “light”. I believe that Father Rodrigue is 100% authentic but I’m not anticipating being led to a biodome by my angel and I don’t think that is a contradiction. If any group should be slow to speak on prophecies of this kind, one might expect that TNRS, one whose own cornerstone prophesy did not happen, to take as its default position to place its hand over its mouth with due humility. These are sensitive times and Satan wants to divide us. Peace, abandonment, love. Love. It is likelythat for one person, God’s Will, their next right step, is to engage in direct action. For another, God will indeed lead them to a safe space. Its not one or the other: in both cases it’s abandonment to the divine will; which is always the next right step.

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  11. Betty, my wife, and I got back from a 2+ week trip out west visiting Arizona and Colorado. I guess we figured out how to make lemoneade out of lemons with this covid thing. After having to give up a planned trip to Hawaii we were able to camp out in our van on National Forest roads, and both isolate and see the country, especially God’s beautiful mountains which I always enjoy seeing. And they were so beautiful this time of year with snow at the higher elevations. We prayed every day for folks though. But glad to be back. Charlie it is always good to visit your part of the country. We ended on a high note. Driving up Pikes Peak. I was surprised it was open this early but they are constructing a new visiter’s center up there and have been keeping the road open as much as possible. It is always good to be above timber line. I told my wife that I can’t miss Hawaii when I am in the mountains.

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