A Terrible Resolve

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By Charlie Johnston

At the end of the movie, “Tora! Tora! Tora!” Japanese Admiral Yamamoto expresses his dread of what the sneak attack has accomplished: “I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve,” he muses.

I could not help but think of this quote in the aftermath of New York’s gruesome celebration of its adoption of infanticide as a ‘universal human right’ – and the efforts of several other blue states to follow suit. I have long thought that the anti-God left was heading towards advocating for ‘post-natal abortions.’ Now we are there. The line of battle just gets sharper and and more well-defined.

Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam is struggling to survive to full term in his state. Democrats are NOT agitated because of his radio interview endorsing infanticide, but because of a blackface picture in his college yearbook and his confession that he once donned blackface to portray Michael Jackson. Apparently, Democrats have decided he is free to execute as many black babies as he pleases, but don’t dare imitate an actual black person who survived the delivery room. How bizarre. I play the trumpet – and can do a mean singing Louis Armstrong impression. I know it’s good, because I once tipsily and cockily told a black musician in a Memphis jazz club that I could do a better Louis impression than he had just Cardinal done. Irritated, He challenged me to come up on stage for the next set. I did – and when I was finished he slapped me on the back and said, “Damn, boy, you were right.” With a wicked grin, he asked me if maybe there wasn’t a little ebony in the woodpile I came from. It was a different time and we both laughed. Fortunately, I never donned blackface for a show. I just hope the folks in Virginia keep Northam comfortable until they decide his fate.

I don’t think this pro-abortion triumphalism is having quite the effect its advocates intend.

I sing at the choir in my Parish. Understand, I keep a very low profile in Colorado. I do all my political and activist work in other states. I like to keep Colorado mainly as my home, away from the fray of my work in the rest of the country. And though it may surprise you, I am fairly quiet and soft-spoken when I am not working. There may be one person in the choir who knows I write a popular website, maybe one or two who know that I do some vaguely defined pro-life or political work. I’m just a nondescript guy there who sings bass and sometimes plays the trumpet. The folks in choir are good Catholics, the sort in the pews who avoid discussion of controversial issues and stick to the nice stuff. Tuesday, after rehearsal, a spontaneous discussion of abortion arose that lasted for over 10 minutes. Everyone was talking about how each of us has to do more to stand for life. Parents talked about the serious conversations they had with their children on the importance of the sanctity of life at all stages in the aftermath of these new assaults. We prayed for unborn children and the sanctity of life. I said not a word (except after rehearsal to the director – who has a vague idea of my work). The abortionists are succeeding in causing the ordinary people in the pews to get “woke” to the danger.

I am not the only one who was filled with visceral revulsion at the refusal of New York’s Cardinal Timothy Dolan to take a stand for Catholic values (other than to call any who were disgusted by his moral indifference “far right.” Apparently, anyone who will stand for life is “far right” to him now – and the far right is certainly not entitled to the charitable consideration abortionists and advocates of infanticide are from him). Cdl. Dolan has to be a little shocked at how unanimously both Catholics and ordinary conservatives have risen in disgust to condemn his inaction with Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

I don’t think the bulk of the hierarchy – and certainly not the Vatican – have any clue what precipitous freefall their moral authority is in. The culture of sexual abuse and the defense and cover-up of it is just the tip of the iceberg. When several Dioceses jumped in with the lynch mob against the teenage Catholic boys from Covington, Kentucky, it told a lot of people how unreliable, even malicious, many of our leaders have become. Now four Dioceses are being sued for slander for their precipitous and vicious attacks against those school children.

In Saginaw, Michigan, a pastor was recently removed by his Bishop for being too “traditional” – and thus divisive. This is not a matter of Latin Mass or such. Rather, Fr. Edwin Dwyer had the audacity to preach an unapologetic pro-life message while introducing traditional elements such as bells and incense to Mass. It has not escaped the attention of a lot of Catholics that while almost all the abuse is committed by heterodox clerics, the only ones ever punished are orthodox clerics – and the charges are almost always trumped up against them. Even the trumped up, phony charges do not rise to the seriousness of the actual crimes and sins committed by heterodox clerics, then covered up or excused. About the only thing that can get you in serious trouble in this weird new church is to be serious about your Catholicism. The top hierarchs do not understand that it is no longer a matter of the faithful disagreeing with them: the faithful do not regard them as morally serious people anymore.

In just a week and a half, the World Summit on Sex Abuse called by Pope Francis will meet at the Vatican. The estimable Msgr. Charles Pope wrote a marvelous piece on the three keys critical to beginning to restore moral credibility to the hierarchy. I pray that it may begin, but I have little hope. Michael Brendan Dougherty noted a few months ago that the only men Pope Francis seems to promote or respect are those who are “morally compromised and theologically suspect.” I suspect we may see some grand gesture, perhaps the laicization of former Cdl. Theodore McCarrick as a sop to cover over the fact that no real reform is likely to be allowed at this summit, certainly not of the type that Msgr. Pope calls for. Top authorities are more likely to play at being clever rather than at being faithful. Then a lot of noble Bishops are going to have a great decision to make: will they go along with the defense of the indefensible or will they stand for the faith of Jesus Christ? We have entered the forge.

Yet, the devil always overplays his hand. The smoke of satan has never been thicker in the corridors of the Church than it is now. Some of the most noble Bishops may be effectively neutered for a time trying to balance their lawful duty of obedience with their duty to defend the faith, hearten the faithful, and defend the faithful. This is where the apostolate of the laity will come to the fore, not to supplant the hierarchy, but to empower those honorable, but often timid, members who still believe in the faith of Jesus Christ. Abortion is the tip of the spear for a much more comprehensive set of problems than initially meets the eye: the culture of death versus the culture of life. Many outside the Church and many authorities inside of Her have taken up the banner of the culture of death. They will not prevail.

We have a great battle before us. I am convinced, though, that the celebration of infanticide in New York will be to the pro-abortionists what Pearl Harbor was to the Japanese warlords: an overplayed tactical victory that ultimately ensured their destruction.


Many of you know my friend, Mary Lapchak. When I am on the road visiting communities of the faithful throughout the country, she coordinates all the details of my visits. She it is who makes the trains run on time for me. She and her husband, Mark, have a wonderful working farm in central Colorado. I often visit them to decompress. We watch movies in the evening, have fabulous food (Mary is a superb cook) and just have a great time. When the transmission went out on my old truck a few months ago, Mark found a good used one for me and installed it, himself, at cost – which left me enough money for getting out around the country later this spring.

Often, confronted with the various outrages that are so common today, Mary will ask me what can be done. Ah, but she warmed my heart after the New York outrage and Cdl. Dolan’s refusal to do anything about it. She didn’t ask me what could be done. Instead, she wrote personal letters to every Bishop, including auxiliary and emeritus, in the country. She sent out over 400 individual letters. They were brief and to the point – no unnecessary words. This is what I mean by the apostolate of the laity and the prayer of doing. Many will probably not respond to her. Some already have. But before God, she has done something. The generosity of God for whatever we do in honor of Him guarantees it will reverberate throughout the Church, regardless of what responses she gets.

Mary is my indispensable right arm when I get out on the road. But this is the single most magnificent thing I have ever seen her do. Below is the text of her letter:

“Your Eminence,

Today, New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo signed into law the legalization of murder abortion of children up until birth.

Very bluntly, we are murdering God’s creation of unborn children. I would contend the charge of murder does not indict just the mother and father of the child, but all of us who know what is going on, and do little or nothing to stop this genocide/infanticide .

Surely, this is the work of the satan and an impossible situation for us mortals. Surely, this battle is “… not with flesh and blood, but with the principalities, with the powers, with the world rulers of the present darkness, with the evil spirits in the heavens.” (Eph 6:12)

If this observation is true, we are told by Our Lord Jesus Himself, “…This kind can only come out through prayer.” (Mark 9:29)

Do you, as our shepherd, believe this is the evil work of the satan?

Do you believe Jesus’ words in Mark 9:29?

Do you have a conviction or have a desire to have a conviction to save God’s Precious Creation of the unborn child?

When will we lift our voices, in unison, to heaven? What more needs to happen to convince us the murder of unborn children will not stop until this infanticide is legal in every state?

What am I asking you to do?

1 Storm heaven with prayer by organizing and leading a Jericho March 1 seven times around your Planned Parenthood facility.2 This was done in the Denver Archdiocese by Archbishop Aquila on March 5, 2016.3

  1. I respectfully request you ask your parish priests to celebrate a weekly (at a minimum) Mass in front of all Planned Parenthood facilities in your diocese.

Thank you for your consideration.

Mary Angela Lapchak

Parishioner, Our Lady of Victory Parish, Limon, Colorado

cc: All active and emeritus Cardinals and Bishops in the United States



1 Now Jericho was in a state of siege because of the presence of the Israelites. No one left or entered.  2  And to Joshua

the Lord said: I have delivered Jericho, its king, and its warriors into your power.  3  Have all the soldiers circle the city,

marching once around it. Do this for six days,  4  with seven priests carrying ram’s horns ahead of the ark. On the seventh

day march around the city seven times, and have the priests blow the horns.  5  When they give a long blast on the ram’s

horns and you hear the sound of the horn, all the people shall shout aloud. The wall of the city will collapse, and the

people shall attack straight ahead.

12  Early the next morning, Joshua had the priests take up the ark of the Lord.  13  The seven priests bearing the ram’s horns

marched in front of the ark of the Lord, blowing their horns. Ahead of these marched the picked troops, while the rear

guard followed the ark of the Lord, and the blowing of horns was kept up continually.  14  On this second day they again

marched around the city once before returning to camp; and for six days in all they did the same.

15  On the seventh day, beginning at daybreak, they marched around the city seven times in the same manner; on that day

only did they march around the city seven times.  16  The seventh time around, the priests blew the horns and Joshua said

to the people, “Now shout, for the Lord has given you the city.

349 thoughts on “A Terrible Resolve

  1. How foolish to think that some sins are of less consequence then others. And how often are many sins involved in a sinner’s life. How often pride IS involved even in sexual sin. Read Romans Chapter 1 “Claiming to be wise they became fools”. And I think Aquinas once spoke of how for the proud God will sometimes allow the sinner to be drawn into the most degrading of passions so as to humble them and possibly bring them to repentance. Having dealt with sexual sins in my own life before I learned to trust in God’s grace and not in my own efforts, how often did I become proud when I thought I was doing well, trusting in myself and God would allow me to fall again, until I finally began to learn not to trust in myself, but in God and the help of His dear mother?

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    1. I would be a bit careful here, Bob. All sin is consequential, but in 1 John 5:16, Scripture says all sin is not equal. I understand your point, but it is important that we not make our point by contradicting Scripture, itself, lest the point be lost entirely.

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      1. I meant to say that all sins considered “grave matter” that is, mortal sins ,any of which could lead to hell are all equally consequential and need to be repented of and not treated as “less serious” than other mortal sins. This was in response to the earlier discussion that sins of the flesh could be considered less serious. Thanks .

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        1. Sadly the idea that sins of the flesh are less serious has led some down the path of thinking those sins are not mortal at all and thus has led to the confusion so many are in now.

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  2. Folks, perhaps we could take a united stand, a next right step together tomorrow? On the Feast of St Valentine, who would be amenable to offering all prayers, fasting and penances for David Daleiden and his courtroom battle – he certainly is a valiant warrior but it appears that he is up against it and could use our help: https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/daleiden-decries-collusion-between-abortion-orgs-and-attorney-general-in-bo

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    1. Will do, Karen!
      Still trying to get here when I can. Our challenge of physical labor and time is not over. When I feel at the breaking point I cry out to the Lord and he hears me, in so many ways, so many little gifts! Miss you all!

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    2. Well thank you very much there Karen as I just got some pork chops earlier as they were at half price. There are four of those curs O’course so I could possibly cook but two for my partner as I never liked pork chops. Then again I have a nice wine sauce to cook said curz. Trying tho I daresay as I most likely will participate.

      Make a deal with you Karen if I am overcome with aromatics on the morrow. I usually try to fast three days of the week as a rule…Never, never was there meat in our house on Friday…

      Deal for you there Karen, Cheat that I am I will fast on Monday and hope this would suffice…Never really thought of Valentine other than the day of lovers. Chicago of course would not believe of the night Chicago nearly died… Many thoughts, much Irish on that occasion…

      Capone of course was “got” for taxes and as he is said to have said…Uniformity, if my lot had uniform. Does not say much really as most of our governmental institutions are a cancer on our lives..

      Ansin A Karen, Dia agut agus beannacht go leir…

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      1. Just been out in my back yard with our new Jack Russell. A little white girl which it seems is unusual for her breed. Methinks of course of this girl,(Dolly) is really an albino. Deaf as a bloody post is this little girl. Sleeping behind me now and awaiting instruction for bed-time…

        We are training her by sign. Dolly can do many tricks by sign it seems. I am teaching her to go to the toilet by sign. Dolly will follow me out of an eve and do her business as I touch the ground with my finger…

        Doom break peepz, doom break…

        Dia agut agus aye…

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      2. Well done Mac – I’m sure David would appreciate any or all offerings on any day of the week! Plenty of Irish in my background but not a word of Gaelic unless I go lookup the family motto. Thank you.

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  3. Hump Day Articles. I sure wish I could find more Good-News but ……. ;-(
    At least my Crocus and Daffodils are starting to bloom 😉

    MILINET: Articles for Christians – 13 February
    Why Valentine’s Day Is Named After a Saint

    A Court Case in Iowa Shows the Reality of Religious Discrimination in America–DAVID FRENCH

    Abortion and the Politics of Self-Destruction–Brian C. Joondeph

    Southern Baptist Leaders Respond to Sex Abuse Scandal

    De-Developing and Dehumanizing the United States

    Judges Caving to Transgender Activists on Parents’ Rights

    End Of The American Dream


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    1. I love crocus and daffodils. Mine just got another foot of snow dumped on them, so I don’t expect anything before late April. And that’s Easter season, and us ASOH’ers are an Easter people so there’s alot of hope in that…which isn’t bad for a hump day CD!

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    2. Dear god Crew but I clicked one of yer links. I loved the old Americay I once visited. John boy style as older people held open the door for my wife to traffic. I wonder then as I wonder now…

      Media one has to suppose, media…

      Oiche mhaith agut John-boy…Alas we are so very close it would appear…


  4. The strongest pro-life sermon I have seen was during a Sunday sermon in Pagosa when our pastor, Fr.Malin, called all the children up to the sanctuary….and then told the kids that one third of the parish children were missing….they could have been your friends and classmates….but they were killed before they were born. The adults gasped. The children didn’t know how to react. It must have happened at least seven years ago, but I still remember it vividly.

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  5. A prayer request please: Sitting at the International Heart Institute with Father as he’s waiting to be seen by his cardiologist, a former altar boy from 40 years ago. It’s been a sweet and joyful reconnection for those two. Asking for your prayer support for Father. Thank you in advance. Update will be forthcoming.

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    1. I’m about to head off to Mass Beckita with your intention. Please tell Father that I place him between the Two Hearts on this special day devoted to human love for the best of care and attention of the supernatural kind!

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      1. Thank you very much, Ed. Missoula’s Heart Institute truly is international with many a symposium hosted here for world renown cardiologists and it ranks among the top fifty heart hospitals in the nation. God IS good… all the time.

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    2. Prayers going up for Father Wang and his heart health. What a beautiful reunion that must have been for the two of them to meet again. I will ask Mary’s intercession for all involved.

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  6. I sent requests to friends in Illinois to ask their Pastors to announce about the terrible bill introduced today ( Wednesday); that Infanticide trumps divisiveness etc.; as suggested by Fr Spirzer on Relevant Radio.

    And bravo to Mary to start a catalyst upon which to build; I notified an activist to promote this; and notified Movers and Shakers at Church; and my Bishop (have two momentarily:) about the Jericho Procession and letter.
    Will keep trying. Amen.

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  7. The United States Department of Justice website has become an interesting site on which to keep tabs. Here’s a report on the sentencing of Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman, super-villain Sinaloa Cartel leader:


    Chicago was one of his main US hubs. Charlie, you know that turf well. One paragraph of interest:


    “The evidence presented at trial demonstrated that to further the interests of the Sinaloa Cartel, Guzman Loera and his organization took advantage of a vast network of corrupt government officials. These officials ranged from local law enforcement officers, prison guards, state officials, high ranking members of the armed forces, as well as politicians. These corrupt officials assisted Guzman Loera and his organization in exchange for millions of dollars’ worth of bribery payments. For example, according to the testimony of several witnesses, in many instances, Guzman Loera and his workers were warned of pending law enforcement operations which allowed Guzman Loera to avoid capture on multiple occasions. In other instances, Guzman Loera, through his employees, paid officials to turn a blind eye to trafficking activities in an effort to facilitate the shipment of drugs, weapons, and bulk cash.”

    Your thoughts?

    God is good, and He is bringing dark to LIGHT.

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    1. Sadly, Sr. Bear, I have known public officials who would sell out their grandmother for a juicy TV appearance. Some of those would be known to everyone here. People get their validation by their power, their notoriety, their wealth – and it has caused people to pursue these things as ends. As the darkness expands, more people are openly cynical and manipulative. A big part of the Storm is to reveal that those things, when pursued as ends, bring death and misery. And so it must be. People are having to choose now whether they will get their validation from loving God and their neighbor or just die in their sin and vanity. Already, it has begun that to be callously manipulative does not advance you, but brings you down. This is just a trickle that will very soon be a flood. May all repent. Sadly, I know many will not – and most of you shall live to see the horrible end of those who could not get past their own vanity and self-serving brutality. The serpent tells them that they shall be like gods and they believe it…but the serpent is being revealed as the great dragon, the satan. Ironically, he will relish their agony, even as they have served him with great fervor. For those who, by self-serving cynicism, have effectively given themselves to the satan, I have bad news: he’s just not that into you.

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        1. My Archbishop, Samuel Aquila, directed all Priests in the Archdiocese yesterday to end all Masses with the St. Michael prayer. I am very happy about it. I have been quietly ending each Mass with the St. Michael prayer when it is not publicly done since last fall.

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      1. Sobering thoughts are these, Charlie, yet I know the demise of those who stubbornly and arrogantly refuse to bend the knee will come to pass by their own free will. And that, despite all the ways God and His Mother have reached out, again and again and again, by providing all manner of lifelines for each one to latch onto so they may change course, repent and return to the safety of fearing the Lord, a fear rooted in truly loving Him by striving to keep His commands. Not knowing who might have a surprising change of heart, offering prayer and penance for the incalcitrant – to the end – will never be wasted as the rejected graces will fill up the great treasury and become assistance for those, stumbling as they may be, who are willing to open their hearts and emerge from the crucible of God’s purifying Love to be made new.

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        1. Truly spoken, Charlie and Beckita.

          I’ve never been able to figure out how “true” Satanists (and what a horrible thought that is)can give over their souls willingly, it’s said in hope of power etc not only in this world, which often does seem to happen, but also in the next. AS IF!

          Yet, many of these people have been and are extremely intelligent, and must know the nature of evil? Which is that he does not share one iota of his power, and demands total submission. I know he’s the great deceiver and father of lies, but it’s always bamboozled me how supremely intelligent people, in human terms, could get pulled in by that scam.

          Not that I’d ever want to underestimate the power and malignity of a fallen angel, especially the prince thereof, but I still chuckle at the description I heard of him, something like: “the eternal loser, the Wile E Coyote of eschatology”.

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  8. Today’sFirst reading at mass. How fitting. Happy Valentines day.

    Catholic Study Bible

    Genesis 2:18-25

    18 Then the LORD God said, “It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him a helper fit for him.”

    19 So out of the ground the LORD God formed every beast of the field and every bird of the air, and brought them to the man to see what he would call them; and whatever the man called every living creature, that was its name.

    20 The man gave names to all cattle, and to the birds of the air, and to every beast of the field; but for the man there was not found a helper fit for him.

    21 So the LORD God caused a deep sleep to fall upon the man, and while he slept took one of his ribs and closed up its place with flesh;

    22 and the rib which the LORD God had taken from the man he made into a woman and brought her to the man.

    23 Then the man said, “This at last is bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh; she shall be called Woman, because she was taken out of Man.”

    24 Therefore a man leaves his father and his mother and cleaves to his wife, and they become one flesh.

    25 And the man and his wife were both naked, and were not ashamed.

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  9. AM News Dump – 14 February.

    The Homosexual Mafia Strikes Again–Avrohom Gordimer

    As you might expect, with one exception, all are in Fringe Left Blue States that are always pontificating about “Diversity”. I’m sure all here have long ago figured out that “Diversity” does not include God, Constitution, Pro-Life & Gun Clingers.

    FIRE names America’s 10 worst colleges for free speech: 2018

    When Concerns for Peripheries Eclipse Interest in the Sacred Other

    I read an article a day/2 ago about a book on Vatican “Going-Ons” that if just 1/2 True would be a major “Houston, We Have a Problem!” Moment. I have not had time to research it but if the lists of Sex Scandal Clergy keeps getting longer and the malfeasance of “Bigs” like Mahony keep unfolding ……… ;-( …….

    Cardinal Mahony Wrecks the REC

    Virginia, New Jersey Catholic dioceses list clergy accused of sexual abuse of children


    Are all of our, once great & cherished, institutions dissolving?!!? ;-(

    Brass Call for More Accountability to Stop Sexual Assault at Military Academies

    A Diocese, that by the way, was quick to join the howling Left Fringe lynch mob of Media and their Democrat Party lackeys!!

    Diocese Investigation Concludes Covington Students Didn’t Start Confrontation


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  10. @MarieUrsula: I suspect that you are asking for Charlie’s thoughts. Here are my two cents worth. There will eventually be identified similar collusion with prelates and priests everywhere in the world especially in regards to child sex trafficking. Like the in Buenos Aires where Fr Grassi and Bp Zanchetta, under the guise of helping oppressed children, many others will be found guilty or are under investigation for these and similar heinous crimes. The same scenario will likely play out in the USA. As you know, Sister, power corrupts and without the protection of supernatural faith the hierarchy will be shown to be riddled with collusion. We are only seeing the tip of the iceberg so far. The blessing is that the choice for “life or death; blessing or curse” is being made more and more clear every day in everything.

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    1. While I was specifically thinking of public officials in Chicago and elsewhere being bribed by El Chapo and his goons to look the other way, I cannot deny the possibility of churchmen (both Catholic and non-Catholic) being compromised as well. And, yes, the choice is being made more and more clear, I think by the grace of God.

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