The Borking of a Noble Man


By Charlie Johnston

A good friend of mine, Illinois State Sen. Kyle McCarter, was nominated by Pres. Donald Trump to be our Ambassador to Kenya. The nomination was enthusiastically embraced by the Kenyan government. McCarter’s parents were missionaries there. They started the Each1Feed1 Charitable Foundation , building both a health clinic and a school in Kenya. Their passionate work was so well-received that locals renamed another health clinic after them – “Kwa Makata.”  When age slowed the elder McCarter down, Kyle kept things going and expanded them.

McCarter and his wife, Victoria, opened a children’s home, which mainly takes in orphan refugees from war-torn countries. The campus houses some 50 children – and the McCarter’s are intensely involved in its operations. Both speak conversational Swahili and have long-standing ties to Kenya, with a long

Victoria and Kyle McCarter with African children at their mission

history and a missionary commitment to charitable work in Africa. In anticipation of taking on the Ambassadorship, McCarter did not file for re-election to his state senate seat and began to sell off his successful small business.

Alas, though, McCarter is a tea-party style conservative and a committed Evangelical. By the time testimony was taken on his nomination back on July 31 before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, the Republicans on the committee had already left the room – and Democrats ignored his over 30 years of charitable work, ignored the  enthusiastic approval of the Kenyan government, ignored the economic issues – and made this a simple case of how vigorously he was committed to gay rights. Seriously, I am not making this up. McCarter’s record in the Illinois legislature has been one of consistent support for the traditional concept of marriage.

In 2011, the Illinois legislature removed Catholic Social Services from eligibility as a partner with the state in arranging adoptions. Just the year before, it had been praised as the best agency in the state in placing orphaned children in stable homes. What changed? Well, Catholic Social Services would not place children with homosexual or unmarried couples. So, what had been, the year before, the most effective agency, was now defined by Illinois Democrats (and some Republicans – it is a terrible state) as a bigoted hate group. This is the sort of thing that happens when officials make the actual needs of children take a back seat to the wants of homosexual adults. McCarter committed the grave sin of defending Catholic Social Services (One of the few bright spots in Illinois, where I labored for several decades, is that Evangelicals and Orthodox Catholics truly work hand in hand there. There are no junior partners). This should have been no surprise, given McCarter’s long history of charitable work and commitment to caring for children. But it was styled as McCarter wanting to allow Catholic Social Services to discriminate against gays, not as an effort to advocate for children.

When they weren’t attacking him for not being an LGBT social justice warrior, the Democrats on the Committee simply smeared him. One asked him why he was anti-refugee (because of his opposition to taking in refugees without vetting from unstable countries.) This is, literally, a man who has set up and runs a home for some 50 children who are refugee orphans from war-torn countries. It is as outrageous as portraying Santa Claus as anti-child. Most prominent among the attackers were Sen. Janine Shaheen (D-NH) and Sen. Cory Booker (D-NJ). Booker did his usual schtick, helpfully informing McCarter that he must not just treat people equally, he must change his heart to abandon his Christian faith to actively support gays. It was disgusting and slimy.

I have known McCarter for 23 years. He is a smart, shrewd man who is completely committed to his faith. He lives it every day. While these senators are busy posturing in the hopes of helping themselves and advancing their own ambitions, McCarter’s first priority has always been to help others – and he does it EVERY day. He is a man I admired from almost the first moment I met him – because of his commitment to his faith AND because of his breathtaking commitment to the prayer of doing.

Now I don’t know whether it was just a coincidence that all the Republicans were absent when McCarter testified, so there was no one to defend his record – or whether some Illinois politician arranged for him to be sand-bagged (as I said, it is a terrible state politically and governmentally. I know it well). What I do know is that his nomination is likely to come up for a vote very soon, perhaps this week. Below I list the names, states, and phone numbers of all the Republican Senators on the Foreign Relations Committee. Would you give a call to one of these senators, particularly if there is one from your state, and let them know you want them to be there for the vote and to vote yes – that you know McCarter’s record? Let us not let this very good man be sacrificed on the altar of the Democrats’ insane identity politics and hatred of Christians who are serious about our faith.

*Sen. Bob Corker – TN, 202-224-3344

*Sen. James Risch – ID 202-224-2752

*Sen. Marco Rubio – FL 202-224-3041

*Sen. Ron Johnson – WI 202-224-5323

*Sen. Jeff Flake – AZ 202-224-4521

*Sen. Cory Gardner – CO 202-224-5941 (or email)

*Sen. Todd Young – IN 202-224-5623

*Sen. John Barasso – WY 202-224-6441

*Sen. Johnny Isakson – GA 202-224-3643

*Sen. Rob Portman – OH 202-224-3353

*Sen. Rand Paul – KY 202-224-4343

I will let you know how it all turns out.

144 thoughts on “The Borking of a Noble Man

    1. Thanks Beckita. I was struggling to contain my outrage in this whole mess. I watched tape of the hearing – and it truly disgusted me. One of the most quietly committed and charitable men I have ever known – and just smeared by the left to advance their ambitions. I was disgusted.

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    2. Done. Here is a list of the senator’s Twitter handles, if you’d like to rattle their pages on SM too. 😉


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      1. Simply tell them you are calling on behalf of the nomination of Kyle McCarter to be Ambassador to Kenya. Give some details about his background in missionary work in Africa – and that you were appalled that Democrats made his hearing into an LBGT smear session. Tell them you want them to vote yes on this good man and will be watching.

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  1. Disgusted is a good word for the Kavanaugh hearing as well. Charlie, you are a good port in the “storm” and I look forward to your posts!! Thank you.

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  2. Done, Charlie–I called Corker’s office–they told me he is the chairman of that committee so he has to be there. I’ll try to call all the rest.

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      1. I called his office back and they said he doesn’t have to be there for a hearing, only a vote. Stinker–I wish politics was like it was in 1776–it was a part time voluntary position.

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    1. I am praying for this wonderful man and his family. I can’t think too hard about all the evil in D.C. and elsewhere or I get really disgusted, upset, and sad, everything all at the same time.

      While we’re at it, please pray for VA and the Carolinas. My late mother lived in VA Beach and I have emailed our old friends to say I’m praying for them to be safe if the hurricane hits. There are now mandatory evacuations.

      God bless and strengthen us all!!

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        1. Got a buddy in the path Mick.
          He says It’s chaos there right now with long lines at the gas stations and everyone scrambling for last minute supplies.
          He’s closer to the middle of the state (NC) but he has a beach house on the coast and with the chaos realises its too late to get over there to do anything about it now.
          Just another mini-lesson for us in preperarion for the big one.
          God bless those who will suffer this period.

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          1. Prayers for your friend, his loved ones, and his property, Phillip. I have a lot of distant relatives in the Raleigh-Durham area, so I’ll pray for them, too. In fact, I think a Chaplet is in order for all in harm’s way. Guess I’ll go do that now.

            By the way, did I ever tell you that my favorite uncle’s name is Phillip, and that my husband’s Pearl-Harbor-survivor grandfather was named Phillip? It’s a great name.

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            1. Mick it must be !
              There are 5 Phillip Frank’s here:
              My Gradfather, my Dad, me. my son and his son.
              I guess you just can’t keep a good name down!

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                1. No Mick, there are a few different “middle” names.
                  My Grandfather was a Phillip John, my dad was P. George I was P.G.Jr but I named my son after my grandfather P.John he then named his son P.J.Jr.
                  Got it?😵
                  (Pop quize on Thursday!)

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  3. Another point supporting that Kyle’s life philosophy fits right in with supporting the best of Kenya, is Kenya’s affinity for successful natural family planning, as in the story that can be accessed online, below.

    Family Planning: Lessons from Kenya’s success story
    By Catherine Mwesigwa Kizza
    Added 18th July 2016 11:55 AM
    Kangemui1 703×422

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  4. Anyone watching Hannity about how the FBI and DOJ were working together to release to the media to smear President Trump? Strok and Paige’s text messages congratulating each other for the leaked information.


    1. What a riot! Now why would my name get baked in with this?

      My grand kids played with his wife last week and made her into multi-colored cookies.

      Ironically, my friend, who led me to Christ, used to spell my name Dough. Even after I corrected him, he still spelled it that way.

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      1. We just kneaded to hear from you, Dough… with a little of your oil to lightly brush the baking pan and your brand of leaven to fermet the mix here. Now rise and shine and give God the Glory Glory!

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        1. I am over done on this side and I think it is time to flip over this thread and let it cool off on the baking rack for a while. I knead a break 😎

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              1. Well, the idea of martyrdom was the fondant in your pun’s request to be flipped over. Actually, you may well knead some bacon bits, Doug, to add to those rising biscuits.

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    2. ‘Captain Crunch’ has signed many a nypd memo book (all patrol cops have to record their daily activities). On this date, many questions and conspirator comments abound. Here is a video of a guy demonstrating steel structural integrity.


    1. Dear ascotinfrane, please keep us here in the USA abreast of what is going on in France. It helps to know what others are seeing/hearing/doing in this vein.

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  5. Praying for all in the path of tropical storms, hurricanes and typhoons – there are a few threatening across the world.

    These creation phenomena can be terrifying as can be threats or intimidation by fellow human beings as well. Always we have Jesus’ exhortation “Be Not Afraid”. Mark Mallett related his family’s recent experience through a stormwind, as he called it – indeed a horrific yet heartening account! Mostly, being calm through such things is easier said than done. However, if we practise the Next Right Step in our daily lives then we can be sure, because of our Rosaries, love and trust, we will come through (maybe on auto-pilot) the other side okay.

    Having said that, I am a little wary of some things I have recently read that are possibly coming from within the Church. As is common practice I have often prayed for the safety, health and intentions of the Holy Fathers – I think there have been 7 in my lifetime. Maybe I should include the same for all people of good will like McCarter and Kavanaugh, after reading of a journalist’s account of his attendance at, or rather near, a meeting of priests: (I just noticed that this story has come from The Spectator so I am wary of that too.) Then there is the possibility that Archbishop Vigano is the subject of a Vatican-organised search, not necessarily with Papal knowledge. Have we really come to this point (‘again’ would say those who have come through the communist persecution)?

    When then Pope Benedict XVI said that our greatest enemy comes from within the Church, at first I thought he was referring to individual sin and the ensuing growing apostasy from the faith. Then after the ongoing revelations of priestly child abuse I thought of the weight of this knowledge that he was obviously carrying and perhaps this is what he was referring to. Now – do we have to acknowledge the presence of that age-old faithless tactic of witch-hunting and inquisition. I guess it is a natural progression of apostasy on a large scale and from within the higher ranks. Arrgh! I thought the world outside the Church was our physical enemy! More fool me! Never mind, Jesus also said “And do not be afraid of those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul; rather, be afraid of the one who can destroy both soul and body in Gehenna” in Matthew 10:28 – to be read in context.

    Interesting to note that the image of Our Lady of Guadalupe in NEW Mexico shed miraculous tears for the third time on First Saturday of this month. Yes, we need to make reparation to Her Immaculate Heart because this good and loving mother gave us all fair warning and we did not heed Her – or were very late in doing so as Fr Robert Altier relates in his now-famous homily. Then Father makes this good point:

    “St. John Paul spoke of a new springtime, Our Lady of Fatima spoke about a triumph of her Immaculate Heart, and after that triumph she said there would be a long period of peace and unprecedented growth for the Church. So that’s what’s coming. It is not a point of despair, it is not something we should run away from, we need to remain faithful, we need to continue to pray and we need to fast because our Lord told us with this kind of demon only prayer and fasting is going to be able to get rid of it. So that’s a choice we all have to make, we are going to go through some hard times, but we have that resurrection, the new springtime, that triumph of our Lady’s Immaculate Heart. So, all I can tell you is: no matter what happens remain faithful to Jesus. It is just that simple.”

    Perhaps the Rev 12 celestial event of September 23 2017 marks the beginning of a three and a half year trial for the Church which culminates in the promised period of peace. This from Wiki???

    “The Revelation 12 sign prophecy was an apocalyptic belief that suggested an astronomical alignment on September 23, 2017 fulfilled the first two verses of Revelation 12. This date coincided with the Autumnal equinox and the end of the Catholic September Ember Days. This theory, promoted by a number of Christians and Christian news organizations, proposed that a literal fulfillment of the prophecy made in the Book of Revelation 12:1-2[1] occurred on this date over Jerusalem. Others maintained caution while nevertheless marveling at the coincidence.[2]

    The passage of the New Testament in the Book of Revelation 12:1-3 describes “a woman clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet and a crown of twelve stars on her head. She was pregnant and cried out in pain as she was about to give birth.” (NIV).[3] Many people worldwide believe that an astronomical alignment involving the constellations Virgo and Leo, the sun, moon, and planets Mercury, Mars, Venus, and Jupiter that occurred in September 2017 fulfilled this prophecy word-for-word.[4][5][6] It is also known as the Woman of the Apocalypse. Some of the most common Christian interpretations of this passage interpret the woman as Mary or ancient Israel, the man child as the incarnate Jesus and the (teknon) child being the Body of Christ, and the woman’s other offspring as the Church that forms during the tribulation.[3] ”

    So sorry to go on – suddenly after 8 gruelling weeks I now have a bit more time on my hands – better get my Beads out, thanks be to God.

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      1. Hi, Mick! Thanks so much for remembering my son. The good news: he’s keeping the line of communication open. Not-so-good news: His health has been suffering for several weeks, leaving him unable to find work. The “friends” he lives with are not people he can rely on for support. Spiritually: He’s still “away” from the Faith; trusting the good God to use his challenges to bring him back!! Thanks for your continued prayers for us!

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    1. LIN, I’m here. I read every comment. 🙂

      I’ve been very busy recently taking care of my own matters and increasingly taking on various matters for my mother, who has decided to stop driving. I must say, though, that everyone here is doing such a great job of taking care of each other, I haven’t felt the need to add anything. I pray for those who ask and for everyone in our community each day.

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      1. I called one of the Ohio senators on the list since my family is originally from there. I thanked him for all he does and said how despicable it is that the demonicrats, I mean democrats are being towards Mr. McCarter

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  6. Just how did the LGBT “Community” (& Abortion Lobby), it’s Radical Elements and Agenda become a huge-n-powerful force? A powerful force able to push their Agenda into a major National Issue(s) and into a BIG Plank in the Democrat Party (Global Left) Political Platform(s)? …. and in a single generation?? I’ll Say Again, the same Global Lavender Marxists that have infiltrated The Democrat Party are the very same Usual Suspects that are bent on destroying Mother Church ;-(

    MILINET: Articles for Christians – 11 Sep

    “SHOCK: Chicago’s Cardinal Blaise Cupich Tells Anguished Seminiarians He’s ‘Very Much At Peace’ Amid Abuse Scandal”

    The Guy & his website at the below may be a bit “Far-Out” but, from what we know now, his points apper to be essentially correct. ;-(

    “The Modern Catholic Heresy of Homoclericalism”–Vic Biorseth

    “Congressman demands DOJ probe Colorado’s religious bias panel for ‘harassment’ of Christian baker”

    “Vatican promises ‘clarifications’ to pope cover-up claims”

    “China plans licence system to crack down on ‘chaotic’ online promotion of religion”

    … and some Good News and a small victory! ;-(

    “Federal Appeals Court Rules in Favor of Missouri Abortion Restrictions”


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  7. Recreational sex is what birth control is all about. Nothing holy here, just self gratification. At one time it may have been better to be married than to burn, but birth control has let the genie out of the bottle. You do not have to consciously think to move each muscle in your leg as you walk. Over time when you were very young, your subconscious mind made it possible for you to walk by the trial and error method, which was to make all of your actions at trying to walk better, faster, and more coordinated so that after a while you could do it without thinking. You learn every bodily movement in the same way, Ask any athlete. You become what you do and folks using sex for recreation are going to have their subconscious minds working twenty four hours a day getting better at it, faster at it. and wanting more of it. It will eventually make you anything but normal. There was a time when young people respected one another, because they new that if they did not great hurt would be brought about. That is no longer a concern today. You ask where does the problem come from that we see today. I suggest to you that it is sitting next to you every sunday, and catholic parishioners will get the priests and church they deserve as long as they violate Gods commandments. I hope I have not offended anyone to greatly, but we are on a slippery road down hill with no brakes on the vehicle.

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    1. This is truth, Arthur. Blessed are we that God has a Plan and we’re part of His Solution as we continue acknowledging Him and taking next right steps. HE is the Way out of this mess and He chooses to use every one of us as an instrument via acknowledging God and taking next right steps. May He bless us one and all.

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    2. Arthur, that seems to be a part of the problem, indeed. A sin of many, myself included at times in my life. The greater sadness is that not only are the one who *violate* sitting next to us in the pews, they are in the Communion lines and are partaking in the Sacrament while not in a state of grace. That included me at times as well. I pray for conversions for our members, one and all. It appears that God is working out the details in His great mercy for us poor sinners. ❤

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    3. You have not offended anyone here, Arthur. It is a point I have frequently made. We MUST root out the predators while recognizing that our turning away from holiness in our own lives was the fertile soil in which predators could flourish. The best piece I have ever read on how to press on to renewal while understanding and emphasizing the need to purify ourselves as we proceed is Martin Luther King’s “Letter from the Birmingham Jail.” For those who have never read it, I pray you do. It is such a different approach than modern impotent virtue-signaling.

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  8. Rather than the accuser being unchained to attack bishops, I see God’s Light shining, bringing from the sick, secret darkness what had been hidden for too long. Bringing an end to the abuse of people and power by those in the episcopacy is God’s Mercy at work.

    Definitely praying for all the bishops of the world including the Bishop of Rome, Pope Francis.

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    1. I love that, Beckita. May I quote you?

      “Rather than the accuser being unchained to attack bishops, I see God’s Light shining, bringing from the sick, secret darkness what had been hidden for too long. Bringing an end to the abuse of people and power by those in the episcopacy is God’s Mercy at work.”

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  9. The Good News! The Church Swamp is Draining.
    The Bad News! Much unpleasantness until the last sucking sounds from the drain pipe ;-(
    What I find most disturbing is the fact that the Pervert Mafia had/has become so powerful (for decades apparently) that it inspired fear within the faithful clergy to the point of fearful silence ….. and probably driving-out countless good people. Voris has complained about “Secret Police” Thug Tactics perpetrated by Cdl Dolan in NY. Unlike Charlie, I expect Dolan to be “outed” before too long. Let’s hope before the New Year we read of many “Shepherds” retiring for “Health” reasons.

    “Special Report – Why Cardinal Wuerl Placed Me on the Basilica’s Most Wanted List”


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  10. On Thursday, feast of St John Chrysostom, Pope Francis will receive Cardinal DiNardo in the private audience he had sought.

    May St. John Chrysostom intercede and call upon the heavenly court that they may pray for this meeting. St. John C, among many virtues, was known for his denunciation of abuse of authority by both ecclesiastical and political leaders.

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    1. Surely Russia sees clearly that China is a present and growing threat. (“Keep your enemies close…”) And of course China sees Russia as a geographic, political, and military complication against their world domination plans, like the U.S. I imagine Russia will have a dreaded “oh no” day when China finally rears its ugly Dragon head, but then it will be too late. Russia will get squeezed. I wish we had a strong relationship with Russia today because we are destined to become brothers in arms, but right now Putin is unsure where to commit his sparse chess pieces and seems to be playing a broad field. Watching with you, Sheralyn……..

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  11. Is it just me or does anyone else find that their faith in the Catholic Church shaken. I am starting to question to myself whether what we see happening is simply the signs of a dying false religion. So much of me wishes I was born in the Orthodox Christian church and did not need to concern myself with the liturgical innovations, effeminate liturgies, lack of clarity from the Pope, and the sex scandal. I am feeling increasingly drawn to Orthodoxy and don’t know what to do. Sorry if this post is not on topic and please keep me in your prayers.

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    1. Bob, please hang in there. Don’t leave the Church. If Catholicism is a false religion, then Jesus is not God. And if Jesus is not God, then how could even Orthodox Christianity be other than a false religion?

      Orthodox Christianity has many positive qualities and many wonderful adherents, but there is no “Orthodox Christian church”; there are several different churches, none of which has a Rock on which Jesus built it. The Rock was imperfect, and the Apostles were imperfect (and Judas, handpicked by Our Lord Himself, committed a sin infinitely worse than the horrors committed by McCarrick and his ilk); and yet if Jesus is God, then His Church is to be found where Peter is.

      The current occupant of the See of Peter has his problems, and many of the current successors to the Apostles are less than worthy. But it has ever been so in the Church; and if you know your history, you will see that it is no different in Orthodox Christianity. Jesus wasn’t kidding when he said, “Upon this Rock I will build My church” (Matt. 16:18); and St. Paul wasn’t kidding when he said that the Church is “the pillar and foundation of the truth” (I Tim. 3:15). There is only one truth, there is only one pillar, there is only one Church, and there is only one Rock. Seek that truth, and the Truth will set you free. Cling to that pillar, and it will uphold you when your faith flags. Build your house upon the Rock, and your house will stand when the storm rages and the rain and wind batter it. Remain in the Church, and she will be a mother and a shelter to you during these agonizingly difficult times.

      Please be assured, brother, of my prayers for you. Hang in there.

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      1. Also, I think that Akita prophesied about this very moment in time; not to scare us, but for us not to be surprised when it takes place so that we understand God knows about the situation and we do not lose heart. God bless you!

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      2. Yes, Mick, I thoroughly second all that you have said – as CJ used say: “here is wisdom”.

        Bob: don’t, please don’t! Stay with the Rock. He never said it was going to be easy – rather the contrary. When it’s easy is when we have to watch out most. Our Church had a wonderful period for some time in the last century, when maybe things were at their “easiest”. We all, Shepherds and flock, took our eyes off the underlying reality of this World, which is that it basically hates us. That false time came to a screeching halt by the last decades of that century, and now we’re back in the reality – which is still pretty soft for us in the West, compared to what our brothers suffer in other regions. That may not last much longer. So we need everybody. Please, brother, don’t leave. J.

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    2. Bob, don’t lose heart. God is still in control and will preserve the church. He will send the right saint at the right time. There are many bad actors, but they are not the church. Many are angry including me, but we need to persevere.

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    3. Remember, Bob! The Church, boiled down to essentials, is Jesus, Thee, Me and other struggling People of Faith. The Catholic Church was instituted by our Triune God as an aid and vehicle to ease us along The Path. In it’s 2,000 year history, the Church has had many Ups-n-Downs. As any organization operated by Humans, it is far from perfect and subject to all the blunders, frailties and Seven Deadly Sins that each of us struggle with. The Church can’t be destroyed but often needs course corrections, tune-ups and, occasional, major overhauls. I’m guessing that it’s Major Overhaul Time and, as is days long past, it will be those people with “Working Man Hands” that get Her fixed-up. Sooo …. when your trusty steed gets shot out from under you, do you lie there in a depressed heap? No! You dismount and fight on foot. Your steed will get patched-up and come along presently 😉

      Psalm 91 – My Refuge and My Fortress
      The praise of a canticle for David. He that dwelleth in the aid of the most High, shall abide under the protection of the God of Jacob. He shall say to the Lord: Thou art my protector, and my refuge: my God, in him will I trust. For he hath delivered me from the snare of the hunters: and from the sharp word. He will overshadow thee with his shoulders: and under his wings thou shalt trust. His truth shall compass thee with a shield: thou shalt not be afraid of the terror of the night. Of the arrow that flieth in the day, of the business that walketh about in the dark: of invasion, or of the noonday devil. A thousand shall fall at thy side, and ten thousand at thy right hand: but it shall not come nigh thee. But thou shalt consider with thy eyes and shalt see the reward of the wicked. Because thou, O Lord, art my hope: thou hast made the most High thy refuge. There shall no evil come to thee: nor shall the scourge come near thy dwelling. For he hath given his angels charge over thee; to keep thee in all thy ways. In their hands they shall bear thee up: lest thou dash thy foot against a stone. Thou shalt walk upon the asp and the basilisk: and thou shalt trample under foot the lion and the dragon. Because he hoped in me I will deliver him: I will protect him because he hath known my name. He shall cry to me, and I will hear him: I am with him in tribulation, I will deliver him, and I will glorify him. I will fill him with length of days; and I will shew him my salvation.


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    4. Bob, thank you for bringing your concerns to this thread. My faith in the Catholic Church is not shaken at all BUT the sins and errors of too many clergy, including active homosexuality and horrific abuse of power by too many bishops has been horrific, giving rise to my raw feelings of anger and repulsion for the destruction which perversion and protection of ongoing perversion has brought.

      I understand the temptation to jump ship thinking the grass is greener on the Orthodox side but my friends who are in the Orthodox Church speak of BIG problems and battles there as well. In short, this is a time of division, chaos and confusion e.v.e.r.y.w.h.e.r.e….. in families, at work, in communities, in church – Catholic and non-Catholic alike – in governments and among nations.

      My prayer for you, Bob, will be that you can just hang tough and remain in this Church which Jesus founded – for neither HE not His life-giving teaching have been in the least tainted… NEVER can they be. I pray that with God’s Intervention, this Plan of His that is unfolding in real time, this current crisis will be resolved, even though it may become uglier in some ways for a time. Please remember, the ugliest part was that this filth and corruption were hidden for too long. We had no idea of its depth and breadth while we carried on in faith giving God our best efforts to be His true disciples. This Light which has revealed the rot is a very good thing which opens the way to cleansing the pus n stuff from the interior of Christ’s Church. Hard as it is to live it, this is actually a very good time.

      We’re really not so different than the disciples who walked and talked with Jesus in the flesh more than 2000 years ago. Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever. We can meditatively go to Jerusalem, entering the mysteries of that original Via Dolorosa, knowing that Christ is suffering His Passion anew TODAY as His Beloved Bride, the Holy Roman Catholic Church which He founded, is undergoing a tremendously violent shaking – as you say, Bob – but, please, let it not shake anyone’s faith. Let us remain with Jesus now…. keep watch with Him before His Eucharistic Presence and accompany Him and His Mother on THIS Via Dolorosa for which you, Bob, and each one of us has been chosen to walk, in our day and time. If we can hang in with the Lord now, we can avoid living Peter’s angst when Peter denied Jesus and the cock crowed. Instead let us each take on the attitude and actions of the beloved Apostle John or Jesus’ Mother or the other women who stood at the Foot of the Cross. Jesus did NOT refuse His Passion and Cross. Let us not refuse to carry ours, now laden with this scandal in the Church which will not last forever. Let us be ready to do whatever HE tells us to do that we become His instruments of love, healing and light. We CAN do all things in CHRIST who strengthens us.

      Sending you St. Theresa of Avila, Bob. I’m so grateful for the great gift of having venerated her transverberated heart in Avila and knowing that to God time is One, I give you the strength in St. Theresa’s heart as she shares it with all who ask. May she remain ever so close to you, holding you in your particular, God-ordained place in this Barque of Peter. May St. Theresa whisper in your soul, unceasingly: Let nothing disturb you. Nada te turbe, Bob.

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    5. Bob, I believe what we are seeing is a long planned and executed over decades campaign of the Devil and his minions both spiritual and human to crack the Church wide open.

      I too am confused and dismayed as are a whole lot of folks here on ASOH.

      What to do?

      My strategy is to go back and study the life of Jesus.

      Turns out he faced a very similar situation to the one we are confronting today. He was dealing with a corrupt Government in the form of Herod Antipas who murdered John the Baptist not simply because he called out his marital situation but also because he saw John as a growing political threat.

      Antipas was one of the sons of Herod the Great the King of Judea who sought to kill Jesus in the manger. He was appointed by the Romans to be Tetrarch of Galilee. His brother Herod Phillip was appointed Tetrach of the Region just to the north of Galilee now in Southern Syria and parts of Jordan. His other brother Herod Archelaus … the most corrupt of them all … was appointed Tetrarch of Judea including the city of Jerusalem. The whole Herod family was paranoid and corrupt to boot. Herod the Great killed off most of his family including his wife. He was planning on killing the three boys when he suddenly died in about AD 4.

      Up in the Galilee region Antipas set up the capitol of his Tetrarchy at Tiberias on the shores of Sea of Galillee. Tiberias lies roughly 6 miles by land and 5 miles by water from Capernaum which was Jesus’ base of operations for his 3 year public ministry. The Mount of the Beatitudes and the place where Jesus fed the 5,000 lies about halfway between Tiberias and Capernaum right smack dab on the shore of the lake. On a good day you can see Tiberias in the distance standing on the Mt of Beatitudes.

      You can imagine what Herod Antipas was thinking as just 3 miles up the road this “prophet” was speaking to huge crowds on the shore of the lake. Perhaps as many as 15,000 at the feeding of 5,000 (men). Antipas thought Jesus was John The Baptist come back from the dead. Enough to spook anyone. He sent spies to find out what was going on with Jesus. Jesus was warned that Antipas was going to seize him and do to him what he did to John the Baptist.

      At the same time Jesus was operating under a political threat he was dealing with the growing fear of him by the Temple hierarchy. They were corrupt too. Making a fortune from the franchise of running the temple. So there was confrontation between Jesus on both the political and the church level. Much like we face today. Perhaps worse.

      So what did Jesus advise the people to do in that circumstance?

      Render unto Caesar what belongs to Caesar and what belongs to God to God; and,

      Woe to you hypocrites ,,, a whole series of woes. See Matthew 23.

      Then he advised the people to do what they say but not what they do.

      The word hypocrite is Greek. It means ACTOR. Jesus called the corrupt Sadducees, Pharisees, Scribes and Priests who ran the Temple a bunch of actors. They were only playing a role. They were not as they seemed.

      The message was not off. The messengers were off. Jesus remained a devout Jew all his life. He stuck with the Church which was Judaism. He went to the feasts in the Temple in Jerusalem. He followed the required practices. He did not abandon his Church.

      I think this is good advice for all of us to follow in our present day. We can’t let the corrupt messengers throw us off the correct message. We cannot allow hypocrites or actors wearing a false mask throw us off the Truth of the Gospel.

      Stay firm Bob. Fear not.

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    6. I have a friend who is a ‘Trad’; loves and practices the Latin Rite in a Traditional Latin Rite Church. They celebrate no other Liturgical type of mass. He attends reconciliation (confession) service in my regular liturgical church. I love the reverence of the Latin rite, I love the ICONS of the Orthodox Church but feel my SOUL satisfied and fulfilled in the ordinary, mundane Liturgical sacrafice of the Mass. Especially since I can understand/ comprehend the words spoken. I don’t care for folksy, guitar bands nor those which have electric guitars.

      The point is we have many, different forms to worship and each a particular to a region or country. For example, in Hawaii, soon after the offertory everyone stands and it is requested to remain standing until after receiving communion. I am a bit fuzzy on the details, only I recall distinctly not appreciating their service. Although, I do appreciate Whom I communed with.

      Anyhow, today I prayed the Stations of the Cross, (before and after) daily mass, I found myself contemplating the “good thief nailed to the cross” and the Mercy of God . Here is a man who acknowledged his sin and asked forgiveness. Absolution was granted and he immediately went to Heaven.

      Late this morning I opened the Bible to Matthew 20:1-16

      Catholic Study Bible

      Matthew 20:1-16

      1 “For the kingdom of heaven is like a householder who went out early in the morning to hire laborers for his vineyard.

      2 After agreeing with the laborers for a denarius a day, he sent them into his vineyard.

      3 And going out about the third hour {9 AM} he saw others standing idle in the market place;

      4 and to them he said, ‘You go into the vineyard too, and whatever is right I will give you.’ So they went.

      5 Going out again about the sixth hour {12 PM} and the ninth hour {3 PM}, he did the same.

      6 And about the eleventh hour {5 PM} he went out and found others standing; and he said to them, ‘Why do you stand here idle all day?’

      7 They said to him, ‘Because no one has hired us.’ He said to them, ‘You go into the vineyard too.’

      8 And when evening came, the owner of the vineyard said to his steward, ‘Call the laborers and pay them their wages, beginning with the last, up to the first.’

      9 And when those hired about the eleventh hour came, each of them received a denarius.

      10 Now when the first came, they thought they would receive more; but each of them also received a denarius.

      11 And on receiving it they grumbled at the householder,

      12 saying, ‘These last worked only one hour, and you have made them equal to us who have borne the burden of the day and the scorching heat.’

      13 But he replied to one of them, ‘Friend, I am doing you no wrong; did you not agree with me for a denarius?

      14 Take what belongs to you, and go; I choose to give to this last as I give to you.

      15 Am I not allowed to do what I choose with what belongs to me? Or do you begrudge my generosity?’

      16 So the last will be first, and the first last.”

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    7. Bob, I have a reverse way of looking at this. If the Church could be disproved insofar as its teachings are concerned, it would have been exposed by now. Instead, the avenue of attack is like a termite infestation. Why spend so much effort to discredit an institution over centuries by rotting it from within, by distorting its teachings, by corrupting its hierarchy, and by misdirecting its laity, if that institution is fundamentally false? Why attack the periphery and not the core? Way too much effort being expended if a fake. Flak comes heaviest when you are over the target. The Church is attacked in this fashion because it cannot be attacked in its fundamentals.

      Our response isn’t to tear it down or let it collapse. It’s to rehab the building and restore it to its original nature. When this process is complete, the Church may end up looking very very different from what it looks like today, but its nature will remain intact. Find the nature or core of the Church and hold on while the periphery is torn apart and reassembled around it.

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  12. Bob, I second Mick’s counsel. Also, I think, we are all being attacked by satan. We are seeing the viciousness of the war on a broad scale-Church, marriage, sanctity of life, authority, gender as created by God etc., but the enemy has not lost sight of his plan to destroy us individually. Beckita is correct- there is so much suffering and so many people going through personal storms. It has been that way for me for many years, and for my family. Just when I think things are quieting down I get blindsided by something that has my shaking my head, wondering what the heck is going on. I have felt like passively throwing in the towel many times. I find, though, that I am not only being attacked, I am also being asked by God to trust Him. I am also being stretched. For me, the deepening scandals have so far not shaken my faith. However, by my reactions to much of what’s going on in my personal life I am more clearly seeing my own heart, and the things within that need healing and repentence. I see that I’m a mess, the world is a mess, and the only hope for any of it is God. Focusing on the next right step in my own little life helps when things look so bleak. It helps me remember as bad as it is all over, we’ve been told for years that this upheaval would come. And God is moving. I just need to hang on, even if I feel like it’s by a fingernail. Praying for you and all here.

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    1. I’ve missed you, KMA. Thanks for checking in with your words of wisdom and support. Prayers anew for you, your family and needs. May Christ imbue you in new ways, KMA, with His Peace.

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      1. Thank you for your prayers and kind words, Beckita. I have been reading and praying all along. Just could not post. Thank you, Steve BC for helping me find my way back from wherever I was. 🙂

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  13. I say this for the priests and all others who are interested. When a Satanist holds a consecrated host in his hand, he feels an uncontrollable anger and hatred welling up inside of him. Out of one thousand communion hosts placed on a table, he can tell, without fail and every time, which one is consecrated. Jesus is real, yet most priests do not believe this, thinking he is just a good teacher. Yet if they followed what Jesus said and denied themselves (be able to live without what they most desire to have), pick up their cross (obey the ten commandments), and follow me (love your neighbor as your self in all of life’s situations}, they would find God living inside of them and the realm of miracles that only God can do. Look to the example of Jesus himself, where he was baptized by John the Baptist, and then immediately went out to the desert for forty days and nights. Satan came and Jesus endured every sort of sinful temptation, even the most vile , so he clearly understands anyone of us. Do not be afraid to pass through this, because each one of us will. Then, after overcoming the devil, he went out and preached the sermon on the mount. Do not be like Esau, and sell your birthright for a mess of pottage, but go forth in confidence, that with the help of Jesus and Mary, you too can be an heir to Gods kingdom and his true child. You are selling all you have for the field where there is the treasure of the pearl of great price. You lose nothing and gain everything. The all powerful and omnipotent God respects your free will, and though you receive infinite grace in the mass with communion he stands at the door of your soul and knocks and will not come in if you want to watch football or go down to the mall and shop.

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    1. Many beautiful and encouraging thoughts, Arthur. Thank you. I do differ in believing that “most” priests do not believe in the real presence of Jesus. Unfortunately, there are too many who do seem to disbelieve but I think it wise to be careful about generalizing the struggles of the minority of the clergy.

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      1. I agree, Beckita. Some priests, despite being the “Alter Christus” by virtue of their sacred ordination, seem almost afraid of Him – or at least the more “difficult” parts of His message – treating Him like the awkward relative who tells it like it is but whom one doesn’t really want to be seen with in polite society.

        I say “some”. In fact, thank God, the younger priests of my direct acquaintance are not like that at all. They are fearless. Same goes for many of the older ones I know, including one 95-year-old who, though recently failing, unfortunately, has been a Rosary champion for 60 years. He would still sing parts of his Mass and preach wonderfully up to quite recently.

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        1. Interesting, J, I see, on this side of the pond, what you see on your side: the younger priests and the older priests share the same awesome reverence for Jesus in His Eucharistic Presence and His Teachings.

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          1. Indeed I would say, Beckita, that many priests on this side of the puddle are greatly strengthened by what they see – thanks to the ‘net especially, and EWTN, certainly not the main sewer media – on your side. You are leaders. You’ve already saved us so many times over the last toxic century. We do look to you in so many ways. Those of us who know their a*s from their elbow, that is! 🤨

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  14. A great and brief overview of the intersect between the messages of Our Lady of America and the clerical abuse scandal is up at Spirit Daily today:

    Charlie reminded us that Dan Lynch’s Apostolates include promotion of the messages of Our Lady of America. At his site, you can sign a petition for the statue of Our Lady of America to be processed and displayed in the Basilica of the National Shrine in Washington DC.

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      1. I would love to have done so, but it seems just for the U.S. Still, I’ve”signed” it anyway😋. Seriously, it would be great if it could be opened to “furriners”. We’re all one, after all, and that might have some extra clout if we could. God bless Dan and his work anyway.

        I first heard of Our Lady of America, and Sr. Neuzil, via Michael Brown’s site about 10 years ago and was really taken by its authenticity, particularly the warning about the forthcoming storm due to lack of chastity especially. 60 years later, in the wreckage, how can we doubt? Would that the Bishops of the U.S. might fulfill that very basic request. We can only hope that, as was said in another context: “They will do it, but it will be late”.

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        1. Hi jaykay. I truly believe in the authenticity of “Our Lady of America”. I personally met with Sister Millie numerous times over a span of a decade or so and became convinced she was a true mystic and the messages genuine. I believe she had the charism of reading hearts (found out the hard way) and many more mystical gifts. She told me the Statue of Our Lady of America will one day be enshrined in the Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Washington DC. but this would not occur until there was a conversion of America itself taking place.

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          1. BD, that is so amazing that you met with Sister Millie/Mary Ephrem. I, too, believe in the authenticity of the Our Lady of America apparitions.

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  15. Charlie it was so easy… I just read off what you said and added a little bit here n there in regards to his background missionary work in Africa and then also to include my husband Michael and nobody even answered the phone… it was just a recording ..thanks for helping me get through it God bless

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