Summer Swelters, Duty Endures


By Charlie Johnston

(This piece incorporates a message I sent out privately to TNRS leaders a week ago. Though many of you help refine my thinking and my expression of my thoughts, I give special thanks to Steve BC who helped me greatly in refining my thoughts reflected in this piece-CJ)

I have had both a glorious and difficult week. I am in the midst of several intense pro-life projects – and happy to report that Planned Parenthood and the whole culture of death are in much more dire circumstances than the general public and the media know yet. Sorry, I won’t elaborate. Discretion at this point helps everything unfold – and indiscretion could delay it all. On the other hand, I have been a bit handicapped because the housing for the on-button on my laptop mysteriously collapsed last Monday. A problem because my computer could not be turned on and a part had to be ordered; a blessing because none of the drives were affected at all. It should be finished late tomorrow and I can get off my virtual “crutches,” good as new (or at least as good as a wobbly old man can be!) If you think you have seen the picture above before, you probably have – on my substitute computer, I can’t pull up new images, so had to use one already in this site’s media library. It is, however, one of my favorite shots of Mt. Meeker.

At first, I thought maybe the devil was trying to slow me down (as many Christians are all too wont to think whenever they get a mysterious contradiction – especially one that is wildly rare and random.) As the week went on, I came to think that, no, God was telling me to lay back a little and pay attention – and preventing me from acting precipitously. After all, this did NOT affect my operating system at all, just purely a minor (if annoying) mechanical failure. All it would cost me is time, not loss of anything important. I have gone through a series of meetings with over 20 people this week, some of them absolutely amazing in their insight and accomplishment, all of them completely dedicated to rebuilding the culture of life on the rubble of our crumbling culture. The ages of those I am talking to range from mid-90’s down to the early 20’s, all filled with what is simultaneously a joyful and a terrible resolve. A great movement is bubbling up under the very noses of our blind media. That establishment media’s ignorance is only rivaled by their unmerited self-regard. By the time they recognize this great new movement, it will have already taken the day.

Just as in the opening lines of Charles Dickens’ “Tale of Two Cities,” we now live in what are the best of times and the worst of times. Things have gotten dramatically more ugly in the last two weeks. The anti-God left has become more open in its advocacy of violence – and in actions that are precursors to violence. Peter Fonda’s ugly rant, urging people to kidnap Barron Trump and put him in a cage with pedophiles, that they rape and murder Kirsten Nielsen…Occupy Wall Street putting out a brochure on how to murder ICE agents, then putting their names and addresses online – and urging people to kidnap their kids…the chasing of Nielsen from a restaurant by an angry mob…a restaurant manager refusing service to Sarah Sanders, another mass shooting – this time at a newspaper office by an unhinged man with an old grudge against the paper. Once again, the police had been warned several times about how dangerous this man was. Ah, but the left insists on opposing both the right to self-defense AND treating actual criminals as criminals. At the same time, we have had several major Supreme Court rulings confirming individual liberty under the Constitution. The announcement of Anthony Kennedy’s retirement from the court makes it much more likely that we will have a stable majority on the court that follows the law and Constitution rather than how a rogue justice feels when he gets up in the morning. That is very good for liberty, but devastating for leftist neo-fascists who have counted on being able to impose through the courts what they cannot win through persuasion at the ballot box.

The left’s efforts to overturn the last election and re-establish authoritarian rule have now collapsed on the legal, bureaucratic, and political levels. There was an interesting new poll published last week that showed that 70% of all Americans now believe the media makes things up to advance their own narrative – including 53% of all Democrats. Media credibility has completely collapsed, which means the left no longer has the offensive line they so counted on to protect their narrative. It was predictable that once the left lost hope of winning on the facts and evidence, they would make a last, desperate try through violent revolt. They are not winning more advocates by their new, quasi-violent tactics…they are losing adherents even while they whip up their base to a violent frenzy. As the bureaucratic coup attempt collapses, the violent coup attempt gathers force. I consider it now all but inevitable that we will face large-scale, violent confrontation. The only thing which could stop it is for the left to abandon ugly brown-shirt tactics (while comically accusing their opponents of fascism) and re-commit to reasoned debate, respect for free speech in all cases, and using persuasion and reason as their primary tactics instead of vitriol and violence. That is probably a hopeless aspiration: Americans are simply not going to adopt, through calm reason, the ideology that ruthlessly murdered over 100 million of its own adherents while impoverishing, starving and enslaving its survivors. Emotional blackmail is the only effective tool the left has that does not involve actual violence and intimidation. Some people keep asking me when. I don’t know…but just from normal analysis, unless something dramatically changes the cultural trajectory, I don’t see how we get deeply into fall.

If things go seriously south, I really don’t know how much communication we will have. That is another blessing of my electronic disability this last week. I was saddened to see some people online worry about whether I had lost heart. NEVER! If we have a violent explosion that is not being contained, I will begin walking the Jericho March whether we have internet or not. If we do, I will give updates as I can through Beckita and Steve. Things might be sporadic, but God will make a way where we can sustain each other as the crisis plays out. But I want you to know that whatever happens, whether there is communication or not, I will be doing what I said. I pray that I will not faint out of fear, but I feel a certain confidence that I won’t. When things got scary or hard on the pilgrimage, I sometimes grumbled about it, but I never thought seriously of turning back. But you never know. May your prayers and the good God sustain me. I don’t know how this Jericho March will help things, but I know it is the next right step for me should things blow up. I walk by faith now, not by sight. I also know that the most important things, through this crisis, are obedience and trust. I don’t know how God is doing things, but I trust that He knows, so I walk as I should.

I am not as confident as I once was that I will live to see the prolonged era of peace, prosperity and brotherhood the completion of the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart will usher in from this side of the veil. You may recall that I was told that if I kept faith, I would live to see it. After two dramatic misinterpretations on my part, I have examined that carefully. First, if I keep faith, I WILL live forever. That does not necessarily mean I will see the result of the Triumph from this side of the veil. Second, though it did not look like what I expected, I have already seen the beginning of the Rescue. It began last September 23 with the great sign in the sky – that few paid any attention to. Yet this does not worry me. I find that what I have preached from the beginning is sufficient: take the next right step, acknowledging God and being a sign of hope to those around you.

What I most worry about now is that if I am badly wounded or even killed in such an endeavor, it might sap hope from others. Of course, that would be because people, once more, had wrongly put their faith in me rather than in God. When things don’t go as you expect…or as I had expected…do not lose heart. Remember then that I have, on several occasions, been badly wrong on details while simultaneously telling you absolutely true on the great sweep of what is before us. We are now in the midst of a global civil war fought on cultural lines, as I spoke of more than two decades ago. It is no longer a cold civil war, it is not yet a hot civil war, but it is getting notably warmer by the day. If it gets fully hot, the issue will not be what details I got right or wrong, or what details YOU got right or wrong, but whether each of us will be steadfast servants of the living God, doing what we are called to do with fidelity and fortitude. I got a note from one of our great TNRS-ers, telling me sadly that he would not be able to walk with me if I have to embark on the Jericho March. He was unexpectedly appointed director of a significant American Catholic Shrine and will be living his duty there. I was delighted. God gave him a call, he is living and will live that call with fidelity. Each of us living the call that God has given us (and remember, He knows each of us by name and what He intends for us) is the foundation upon which the great era of peace will be built. Your call is not my call, nor mine yours. Discern the call God has intimately given you, then live it with joy, fortitude and endurance.

All of you must be the light of the world as darkness surrounds us. You, too, walk by faith, with the certain knowledge that God has a plan for our renewal, not our destruction. Walk deliberately and without fear (though you are excused for being a bit nervous from time to time – just don’t let it affect your holy resolve). God, Himself, will be our guide and our microphone.

It is terribly difficult right now as the body politic totters between reform and disaster – and when Church leaders are largely paralyzed by their own internal battles. This time, it will not be the leaders who lead us to safety – but the ordinary people who lead and, by their example, cause ordinary leaders to recollect their duty to God and to the faithful. I want people to be mentally and spiritually prepared for whatever comes. It has been painful watching some think that there are no worries – God will take care of it all. Yes, He will…but WE are the instruments He will use to take care of it all. It has been equally painful watching some act as if the Church is going to come tumbling down because of some serious miscreants in it. It is Christ, Himself, who promised He would preserve His Church. To start doubting that the Church will survive is not the same as doubting some of its leaders; it is to doubt Christ, Himself. Christ let the storm toss the boat His own disciples were in while He slept – and when they, in panic, woke Him saying, “We perish,” He rebuked both the storm AND their little faith. Advocate for fidelity to the Magisterium and the Gospels through this Storm, but do it in a way so that when the Lord has fully rebuked the Storm, He does not turn and reprove you for your little faith. Stay firmly in the Barque of Peter, even when you think Peter and some of his cohorts are acting rather hinky. It is Christ’s promise you count on.

I want us to have strong, but flexible, muscles – mentally and spiritually. In the BEST case, we have some serious battles ahead. In the WORST case, we suffer severe trials but are assured of victory. If we get the best case, I don’t want people to think there are not severe trials involved – and to be prepared for them. If we get the worst case, I don’t want people to lose sight in the midst of the storm that we are assured of victory. The path to safety ahead is narrow – and the way to destruction is wide, indeed – in either case. I say that not so much to exhort people here, but to remind you all that you are all called to lead others, during a time of great turmoil, through that narrow path. Many will lose their heads in whatever panic comes. Our job is to keep ours, show others to do the same, and keep our eyes firmly on Jesus as the light going forward. Everyone here has a greater call than to just keep their head in the midst of trials.

I pray still that somehow this can be resolved by ordinary means. As I mentioned, I am working on several intense pro-life projects right now. Someone asked me why I bother if the Lord is going to renew the world. Ha…when He moves His hand, I want him to find me hard at work at my ordinary work. So should it be with all of us. I suspect if the fiery trial must come, it will come suddenly upon all of us. Keep to your ordinary work with fidelity, trusting that the Lord will show you the next step when it comes…and pray that you will have the resolve to act, not panic.

We all walk by faith and not by sight now. Please do not get discouraged when you make a big error. I have worked hard to do well, but I have made a couple of big errors. Those errors do not relieve me – or you – of our obligation to live our faith with resolve until the end. I hate these times, but part of me is joyful to see them come, for this is the renewal – and I was made for these times. Remember, when it seems dark, that God chose you for these times, too. He knew every soul He would ever make before all ages – and chooses when to deploy them. He chose your soul to be deployed in these times. Give thanks. The only thing that is really at stake is your place in heaven. Act with the fidelity that will allow you, a hundred years from now to watch from heaven as your descendants remember you and call you blessed because, when the great assault came against faith, family and freedom, you stood with unshakeable fortitude on the side of God and to secure those blessings for them. Remember, when all natural light seems extinguished that you need only the supernatural light of God to take the next right step and be a sign of hope. Acknowledge Him and follow His light.

264 thoughts on “Summer Swelters, Duty Endures

      1. Hi Becks.
        I thought you guys may know the story but it was new to me as is EWTN. It’s worth a re-tell now and then. As you say Becks a great story about one of the many great Americans. Their hearts are so big. His, especially so.

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        1. SO glad you shared it, Broseph. It IS absolutely worth bringing to the forefront from time to time and how apropos, as you have noted, on this day when America celebrates her independence. Thank you.

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    1. Joe, Thank you for this video. Fr. Kapaun is one of my heroes and, also, one of my prayer partners. He is a true inspiration for all who face evil.

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  1. Friends,

    I need help understanding. Todays homily was about how people have been migrating since they left the garden of Eden. How Jordan took in over 2 million refugees. How our continent came to be populated. All of which seems to me to promote immigration.

    However, are the Mexican etc. Families on the border actual refugees? And what about rules and order? Where there is chaos and disorder… And what of those immigrants who are following the “rules” and are not yet able to join their families.

    What am I missing or not understanding?

    Lastly, if Mexicans are fleeing their country… wouldnt it be better to help fix the problem rather than flee or are things that evil in Mexico that they have no recourse but to flee?

    Anyone who can help me to understand I would gratly appreciate it!

    God Bless America!

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    1. So many dimensions to answering your question, little one. A huge discussion point is the rampant corruption in the Mexican government and culture which brings about irresponsible care of her country’s poor. The Mexican government actually encourages her poor to flee to America… and some propose to hold governance over these citizens after they illegally enter our country. In other words, washes their hands of their own responsibility towards their countrymen in need.

      I can tell you, Father gave a risky homily at 3 Masses last weekend. Speaking as a legal immigrant to this country, he called out the unjust support from clergy, including the prelates from the hierarchy in America, for open borders with disregard to our country’s laws, while railing at any Catholic who disagrees with them to the point of … Please go back and read the second section of Charlie’s piece:

      Much more can be said but, ultimately, President Trump and his administration are not against immigration in these circumstances in which we find ourselves. They are FOR immigration which occurs within the laws of our country.

      As another perspective, take a look at this link and scroll down to the Tucker Carlson interview with the hispanic woman entitled: Entrepreneur: Hispanics are not single-issue voters.

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      1. Little One,
        I think it is important to note that all authority comes from God. Just laws are authorative and because if this, they must be followed. Our border laws are really no different from any other country so inacting penalties and detainment is a normal, frugal, just consequence. But some powerful influences here in America will loose out if the borders get closed.
        The main reason that the powers-that-be turn their heads is twofold: drugs and cheap labor. (And one of the main reason we deal with China too is cheap products.) This is the point Pope Francis makes about Capitalism in the using of human beings for unjust, illegal ends where they not only do not benefit from the laws that protect them as legal entities but do not become responsible citizens which is a normalization for any human being to flourish. Americans think they get cheap labor and cheaper products because of it. Truthfully, in the end, we end up being taxed somewhere because of all this, so in essence we-the-people really don’t get away with too much of a savings, but it lines the lobbyists pockets so they keep pushing for it.
        All thier money is dependant on these immigrants coming here and using our system through illegal channels. It’s the elephant in the room nobody talks about, it is not just about the election narrative, that’s the smoke screen for the main event, literally-human trafficking.
        Fear is the weapon. When your here illegally you are always afraid and looking over your shoulder. People use this fear to control them in finance and yes, in voting fraud too. They do not vote for the good of the nation but out of fear of being sent back to Mexico. This is a shame and disables them from being citizens with a real stake in the game. If they were here legally, there would be no fear and they could vote for the common good and since many Mexicans are Christians they would end up being conservative voters!

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        1. A lot of good points here. As Beckita and Phillp have shown, other powers exist to control resources: people, money, benefits. The current narrative of ‘abolish ICE is a false narrative when their point is related to abortion.

          Abortion separates more children from their parents than any other.

          “Abolish PP”

          Mexico consists of States, just like the United States. Each state can petition the Government to separate themselves from the Federal and make their own Country or join the USA. Cae in point, the Central American Countries: Costa Rica, Honduras, Guatemala etc. At one time, these were States of Mexico.

          The issue is the Mexican class political system exists preventing the lower classes to move upward hence family members migrate to the USA for work and send money back home. This allows a higher quality of life. Further, our American social programs provide a heavenly resource for migrants to live quite comfortably here. This leads back to the powers to be. Stop the government/funded social program and the money flow will cease.

          Mexico is an oil rich country, larger reserves than Saudia Arabia. Their government ‘repatriated’ the oil lands and made it a public entity. Mexico lacks refineries. They have to ship crude oil north to the USA to be refined.

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          1. I learned that there were dozens of serious taps on Mexican pipelines, funneling the state’s/people’s wealth to private individuals and possibly cartels.

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        2. Thank you!

          It just surprised me coming from Father Paul Schenck whom I so admire from working with him in the pro-life movement in the Harrisburg diocese.

          It struck me that I don’t know him as well as I thought I did.

          Today he remarked in his homily how he was invited to visit congress after being let out of jail (pro-life event) and his Democratic senator friend showed him the silhouette of Moses that faces the speaker for everyone to remember that Congress, and all of us, answer to a higher power.

          Father Schenck has an amazing story of converting from Judaism, Episcopalian and now he’s a Catholic priest.

          Guardian Angel help me with discernment!

          All of you TNRS/ASOH help me with your wisdom and knowledge.

          Thank you!

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    2. I think you do understand little one. The left is not very good at using logic and even does not care about logic or true justice.

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      1. Thanks Doug.

        I have a hard time figuring out when folks don’t think/believe what I do. I try to be totally orthodox to the church’s teachings since I broke many of rules in my past and learned the hard way.

        It is amazing all the heresies believed by fellow Catholics in my area and in my family.

        Disbelief in purgatory is the main one.

        Thank you for your input. Often I can tell something is off but I don’t know how to articulate it.

        Thats why I hang with this family so I can grow and learn!

        Thanks gang!

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    3. I would like to see the Church, and all it’s naturally occurring functions (education, health care, charity, etc.), completely separated from the government dole. Actually, I’d like to see the government completely out of all these issues, except perhaps for oversight. Unfortunately, I think many in the Church are influenced by the purse strings of government. Many priests, also, are probably influenced by the media, which I believe is mostly full-fledged propaganda. I long for the day the Church is free of the tentacles of secular governmental structure and influence. I’m not sure how that works in relation to those who hope for some form of Theocracy.

      Mexico is very corrupt. I have friends with family in Mexico. Every time they go, they take bribe money for the gangs and the police, to avoid beatings and theft. This has been going on for a long time. How the people of Mexico need relief! In addition to the ‘vote’ and kickback issues, I believe there are those among us who want nothing more than to see America and Europe on their knees and purposefully encourage, and even create, the immigration chaos to destabilize. In addition, the chaos gives cover for the very dark issue of human trafficking.

      Of course our duty to our neighbor remains, and we must strive within our current reality to reject the seeds of division constantly being sown. May the Light of Truth illumine our minds and the Flame of Love purify our hearts. Come Divine Will. Reign in us, and throughout the Earth!

      That being said, I will do my best to fully participate in the 54 Day Rosary Novena for Our Nations! : ) Peace be with you, brothers and sisters. As others have said, if we are separated, you will remain in my heart and prayers.

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  2. Please, God, save us. Have mercy on us. Protect President Trump and the USA. Happy 4th everyone.

    This is rather long but very much needed in this time we face. The following is upcoming rosary events to take part in for the USA.

    “The Lord will give strength to his people: the Lord will bless his people with peace”(Psalm 29:11)

    “We maintain the peace through our strength; weakness only invites aggression.”
    President Ronald Reagan

    ANNOUNCEMENT: “Peace Through Strength Challenge” July 16 – August 15

    Beginning Monday, July 16 (Feast of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel) and leading up August 15 (Feast of Our Lady of the Assumption) …

    Fr. Richard Heilman of “Roman Catholic Man”
    Sam Guzman of “Catholic Gentleman”
    Doug Barry of “Battle Ready”
    Major Jeff Heller

    … will be joining forces to lead what we believe is the most important challenge of our times.

    Let me explain …

    A word used to describe elements of our culture today is “unhinged.” Yes, by and large, our culture is unhinged or “detached.” We are detached from the Source–God–of our supernatural strength; the supernatural power of “grace.” In fact, the critical underlying problem is an epidemic of disbelief in the supernatural. Our culture is supernaturally weak.

    In the culture and on the political stage, this being “unhinged” has led to anarchy and discord. In our homes and in our hearts it has led to distress and despair. No grace; No hope; No peace!

    In the midst of a current epidemic of despair and suicide, even the Psychiatric community is surrendering to the solid evidence that “strong/devout faith” plays a key role in psychological well-being.

    Applied to our nation’s desire to avoid war, President Ronald Reagan famously stated, “We maintain the peace through our strength; weakness only invites aggression.” Yet, this is all too true when we apply it to our own spiritual lives.

    God wants to walk with you in verdant pastures of tranquil repose and beside restful waters. Yes! God wants you to be happy and at “peace.”

    But, how do we get to this place of peace? God has revealed the prescription in so many ways that all boil down to: “When you are well-connected with Me and supernaturally strong, you will find peace.” Moreover, if you are supernaturally strong–“grace shields up!”–and ready for anything, the devil and his minions are less apt to disturb your peace. Yes, “Peace Through Strength.”

    We all know there is an urgent need to make our homes, parishes, communities, country and world strong again. And, deep down, we all know that those places will become strong once we, ourselves, become strong once again. Make America Holy Again begins with each individual’s pursuit of sanctity; pursuit of supernatural strength. In this pursuit, we must be willing to accept this challenge and say,
    “I’m Going In!”

    As we approach the 54 Day Rosary Novena for Our Nation on August 15, leading to Rosary Coast to Coast on October 7, we want to be the strongest Special Forces Prayer Warriors we can possibly be.

    From July 16 to August 15, on the nine (novena) Mondays and Thursdays leading up to the 54 Day Rosary Novena for Our Nation (concluding with Rosary Coast to Coast), Sam, Doug, Major Jeff and I will lead the “Peace Through Strength Challenge,” as we break down all of the ways God has revealed for us to become well-connected and supernaturally “strong.”

    Please sign-up for the “Peace Through Strength Challenge” HERE. (This will also sign you up for the 54 Day Rosary Novena for Our Nation).

    For Facebook users, join the Special Forces Training group.

    “And one day, through the Rosary and Scapular, Our Lady will save the world.” -St. Dominic

    From the Feast of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel to the Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary, we will call out to God, through the intercession of our Lady, to heal our nation and world!

    July 16 – August 15 – Peace Through Strength Challenge

    August 15 – October 7 – 54 Day Rosary Novena for Our Nations

    October 7- Rosary Coast to Coast(Joined with the Holy League of Nations)

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  3. We are signed up for the Rosary Coast to Coast in Ventura, CA Location is at San Buena Ventura
    State Beach. All are invited! Btw….Charlie, I haven’t heard how David Daleidan is doing. Hope he is
    hanging in there. Everyone is still praying for him. Prayers for you too!! God Bless you and God Bless America. Amen.

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  4. I am signed up for the Rosary Novenas and Rosary Coast to Coast. After reading this post of Charlie’s, I had to be still for awhile. I felt sad/scared, but now ready to buckle up. There have been encouraging signs in our country, but there are a lot of stone cold hearts out there. My family is divided (my siblings) and I was quite surprised by a couple of them. I include you all in my prayers, especially you, Charlie. God bless us all.

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    1. Offer the Chaplet of Divine Mercy for your divided siblings/family. This morning, after mass I offered the Stations of the Cross for our Country, the USA. Prayer in a word, works. Especially, pray the Sacred Heart Litany /Novena/ consecration on this First Friday devotion.

      Remember, tomorrow is a First Saturday Devotion to the reparation of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, as request by Our Lady of Fatima.

      We all are getting discouraged, I have of late commenced in a determined manner of obtaining a Plenary Indulgence immediately after confession or reception of the Eucharist. Stations of the Cross or an audible recitation of the Rosary in a group setting promotes a Plenary Indulgence. Prayers for the Pope as well.

      For me, obtaining a lot of partial indulgences and hopefully a full one each day helps in the Spiritual warfare. A couple of Christmas’s ago, I received a statue of an Angel kneeling. I thought, what am i to do with this… so I positioned an Image of “Jesus, I Trust in You” Divine Mercy canvas print against the inside of my glass patio door. Directly opposite on the outside is the Kneeling Angel, facing Jesus’ image.

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    2. Thanks for your prayers, Audiemarie. Thanks for your witness of taking time to be still, then rising to readiness. These are the times when I like to remember Romans 5:20 and I have noticed this verse has been expressed by others in our community as well.

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  5. You had a more productive than me…

    I kind of been stuck on existential stuff:
    1) Why did God create people? Why did God create me? What is my purpose in life?
    2) Who are those principalities & powers that attack us? Why do they hate us so? What’s their obsession with destroying us? Was there really a deadly tree in eden? Or was was the eaten fruit just a symbolic contract of rebellion against God that led to sin.

    The book of Genesis seems to raise more questions than what it seems to answer… What is life really about? All I seem to have sometimes is questions about the reality we’re faced with, it’s causes, and why it is so…

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    1. Deep stuff Al. Why did God create me? Because he loves me! You are a gift unto yourself. I find this most awesome! The rest, well, that to me is a deep mystery still, but I keep reminding myself about the first and that makes my world ok.

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      1. That’s circular reasoning though… Or does God love us because he created us? It never really answers the question “Why am I here?” Nor does it answer why the devil is always trying to destroy us since the beginning with Adam & Eve…

        We go through every day of our lives facing evil for the battle for our souls, and don’t understand why, only that evil hates us and wants to destroy us…

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        1. Pride. The devil hates because of pride. God loves us. God loves all his creatures, especially the devil. The devil chose not to return love to God and thus made a decision set more firmly than in concrete. Choice.

          The devil cannot hurt God specifically but knows God loves his creatures, namely humans. The devil knows humans and manipulates our emotions, feelings, intentions away from God toward ourselves which is pride. Humans are created in God’s image.

          Catholic Study Bible

          Genesis 1:26

          26 Then God said, “Let us make man in our image, after our likeness; and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the birds of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creeps upon the earth.”

          In Genesis, God formed Man from the clay (earth) and ‘blew’ into him. No other creature was made in this fashion. By blowing into him (Man) a part of God exists in all of us. In Hebrew, the word described ‘above’ is rather forceful. So many things to ponder and pray about.

          Catholic Study Bible

          Genesis 2:7-9

          7 then the LORD God formed man of dust from the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living being.

          8 And the LORD God planted a garden in Eden, in the east; and there he put the man whom he had formed.

          9 And out of the ground the LORD God made to grow every tree that is pleasant to the sight and good for food, the tree of life also in the midst of the garden, and the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.

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          1. “…and man became a living being.” (Gen 2:7)

            Define ‘a living being’ In what sense? ours? or God’s?

            The devil manipulates us to believe we are like the animals but God clearly shows we are not and have dominion over ALL the earth. Think about global warming, safe the earth nonsense. Whom does this come from?

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          2. That pride probably started a long time before man was created… “One third of the angels fell” & “man will know good & like us” or something similar. We realize than humankind got dragged into a battle of good & evil among the angel as we refer to them… It’s beyond our comprehension, but we’re in it, because Adam & Eve didn’t realize what they were getting into, they wanted to become more, but became less.

            Where does this place is today? Who are we? What are meant todo?

            Jesus gives us a path to walk, but for the majority nowadays that’s not good enough. We need to reflect on Bible passages that we made assumptions on, as there still remain hidden truths…

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        2. Yes. I find myself going in circles sometimes on this too Al, but then it gets crazy trying to figure this out. So I just have to stop and fall back on that I am here, he loves me and has great things in store. I just soak in the reality of he loves me to pieces. Life is such a great gift and my wife an I have experienced our share of suffering and interiorly understand there is great dignity in it. It is a great mystery and one I am not sure I want to fully understand. I compare it to dissecting a flower. You can pull all the petals off and look at it under a micro scope. It looks like a pile of mush afterwards. Or, you can leave the flower whole, look at it from a distance and admire it’s beauty. God bless you!

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        3. Why did God create me? Why am I here?
          Baltimore Catechism 101:
          To know, love and serve Him in this life in order to be happy with Him in the next.

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            1. There’s some good answers…

              I feel we need to reflect on the things that were in order to move forward.

              From all that I read, I get the impression there was a fall before Adam & Eve, and the human race got dragged into a larger battle between good & evil.

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              1. Al, your questions are common. Everyone asks these grand questions at some time in his life. For me, I have found the most profound peace and answers when I refocus and ask not why God made me but how could God become like me? The mystery of the Incarnation of Christ gives us a glimpse into our value, our worth and the meaning of life. Start with Jesus. As you come to love Him and know Him more, I am convinced you will find the meaning for which you yearn. Prayers for you to receive great grace and inspiration.

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    2. Al, As I read your comments and questions, today’s secondreadingin the Liturgy of theHours came to mind. I hope this answers your question:

      Jesus Christ, son of David according to the flesh
      [ 354- 430 A.D. ]
      ON THE
      Let us see, in our own bodies, how the head is the source of grace that flows through the members, filling each according to its capacity. The grace by which every man, from the moment when he comes to believe, becomes a Christian is the same grace by which that man, from the moment when he came to be, became Christ.

      The Spirit through whom we are reborn is the same Spirit through whom he was born. The Spirit that brings us remission of our sins is the same Spirit that gave him freedom from sin.The shining example of predestination and grace is the Saviour himself, the mediator between God and mankind, himself a man, Christ Jesus.

      What merits, of good deeds or faith, did his human nature have beforehand, to make this happen? Please, let me have an answer: how did that man earn the privilege of being taken up into unity of person by the Word co-eternal with the Father and of being the only-begotten Son of God?
      What good quality of his can have made him deserve this?
      What had he done, what had he believed, what had he prayed for, to come to this indescribable excellence?
      Surely it was no action of his, but the action of the Word lifting him up, that caused this man, at the moment that he was coming into being, to come into being as the only Son of God!

      God certainly knew beforehand that he was going to make these things happen. This is exactly the predestination of the saints and it shines out most clearly in the predestination of the Saint of saints. How can anyone deny this who properly understands the utterances of the Truth? For we see that even the Lord of glory is the subject of God’s predestination, in so far as at his incarnation a man became the Son of God.

      So Jesus was predestined, so that he who was to be, according to the flesh, a son of David should nevertheless be the Son of God in power, according to the Spirit of holiness – because he was born of the Holy Spirit and of the Virgin Mary. Thus in a unique and indescribable way a man was taken up into God the Word so that he could be at once a son of man and the Son of God – a son of man according to the nature that was taken up, the Son of God because of the only-begotten God who took him up. If it were not like this, we would have to believe not in a Trinity but in a Quaternity.

      This predestined elevation of human nature is so great, so high, so exalted that there is no greater height left to which it could be raised. On the other side, the very godhead could not throw itself down lower than it did, to the taking on of human nature with all its weaknesses and a final death on a cross. As he, the one, was predestined to be our head, so we, the many, were predestined to be his members.

      Let any merits that men may have be silent here – they died through Adam. Let God’s grace reign, as it does reign: the grace of God through Jesus Christ our Lord, the one Son of God, the one Lord. If anyone can find in that man, our Head, pre-existing merits that led to his unique birth, let him look in us, his members, for pre-existing merits that might lead to the rebirth of us all.

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  6. There is an interesting movement taking place amongst disgruntled and disheartened Democratic voters. The link to the video that started it all is…

    The campaign is #walkaway.
    The personal testimonials coming from this FB page are amazing. Real conversion stories.
    Charlie, what’s your thoughts on this political phenomena? I would be interested in your opinion about this movement. Will it have a positive impact on the hostile cultural, political environment?

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    1. Of course, Charlie will speak for himself. And it surely is great stuff, texasooz, when people awaken to truth. Walk Away is a refreshing movement, albeit, it’s but one source of giving people opportunity to be supported while rejecting the lies and deception of the left. The communities that have gathered around Q, Sundance, Kayne West and Candace Owens, among others, have also given people places to express and be validated in their realizations connected to the bunk peddled by the Dems. Blessed are we as this reality has been accurately recounted with insight and set in historical context via Charlie’s writing while we process current events as they unfold.

      In my mind, there is a great deficiency in these movements IF they stop at simply being tolerant, capable of dialoguing with each other, and following one’s own conscience, for we will have missed a major purpose of this Storm: that we acknowledge that everything good comes from God. Obama – and the powers behind him – was a master at deceiving while using words such as “hope” and “change” without any reference to the Source from Whom comes life-giving hope and change. Ever in awe with expectant faith, I wonder how God will lead us and prompt each of us to act for His Plan, His Dream for us, to be fulfilled. With heart, eyes and effort on the current NRSteps, ever praying as I have often written and as MP closed in a recent comment: Come Holy Spirit!

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      1. Interestingly, Beckita, Q has been decisively Christian from the start. Recently, they posted this at the end of one of their comments:

        “Read the BIBLE.
        GOD WINS.

        I immediately thought of Charlie when I read this. Even as Q says God wins, they repeatedly ask for prayer and work very hard themselves to help God win.

        Everyone, that’s a key theme in all of this. Eventually, God wins, but we can’t sit back and figure He’ll do all the work. He wins through us and our voluntarily provided mutual efforts. When we acknowledge God, take our own next right steps, and act as beacons of hope to those around us, God wins … and so do we.

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        1. Amen, SteveBC. The great balancing act so aptly expressed and lived by St. Benedict whose feast we celebrate in a few days: Ora et Labora: Pray and Work. There’s much praying and working to be done as we carry on.

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        2. Hear, hear. The “Great Awakening” has brought forth much prayer and conversion. It is an inspirational growing movement of ordinary people who are witnesses to unity, courage and strength, for the greater glory of God. ❤

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  7. A little humor… in this 14th week’s bulletin by the Pastor.

    Supposedly, a Catholic priest once told the following:

    I was walking thru our parish school, near the preschool, when a group of three-year-olds came marching out of their classroom for lunchtime. One little boy stopped and gave me an odd look.

    He said, “Why do you dress funny?” He pointed at the whole of me: black shoes, black pants, and clerical shirt. I told him that I was a priest, and this is how people know I’m a priest, by how I dress. He still looked puzzled. He then pointed toward my neck.

    “Does it hurt? Do you have a boo-boo?”

    Now I was the one puzzled until I realized that he was pointing at my white collar. I suspected it looked like a band-aid to him. I laughed and took out that little plastic insert and handed it to him.

    The little boy noticed that one side was smooth and the other side was bumpy. On the backside of the plastic insert, there are raised letters, saying who made it.

    “Do you know what those words say?” I asked. I had a hunch that he wasn’t old enough to read, but then again, you never know.

    “Yes, I do,” he said, confidently. Peering intently at the letters on the insert, he said, “Kills ticks and fleas up to six months!”

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  8. Al,
    You first question is simple to answer:
    God ( the Son “through Him all things were made”) ,created people because part of His nature is Creator. He, in order to create Himself in the flesh as the second person of the trinity, Jesus, used man to this end. We came into existence as partakers of this creation and its Creator to be His brothers (priest, prophet and King) and to rule over that part of creation we were intended for.
    Your purpose in life is to “love and serve God in this world and to be with Him in the next” by “loving Him with your whole being and your neighbor as yourself”.
    The “tree” in the garden was a test of the weakness of man inherent through his gift of free will. Great power was given to the angels and man by free will and this power shook them when it was tested by the Law. Sin gets its power from the Law and this was the test for Adam and Eve who were restricted from absolute power of unrestrained free will.
    A certain amount of freedom was granted through free will by God to the angels and man. They were then free to leave His service or remain in it, to accept its mysteries or to reject them.
    The general consensus is that Lucifer, with a third of the angels, rejected the rule of a human King (Jesus) and a human queen (Mary). The consensus is he “will not serve” because it was beneath his state as the “light bearer”. He was “proud” of his being and this “test” of humility by being subject to a lower creation (You made him (man) a little lower than the angels; HEB 2:7) was God revealing to him he would loose his place in heaven to a lower creation. Thus scripture say that he was “envious” of man and this is why he hates us. Once he lost his place in heaven his very nature changed to that of a relentless mad dog but one with a purpose- to hate, despise and desire the destruction of they who he is envious of….us! The saints are now filling up the ranks that the fallen angels vacated and by thier lowly state, (“He hath put down the mighty from their seat: and hath exalted the humble and meek”: the Magnificat) they make sufficient what is lacking.
    This replacement further humiliates and enrages the fallen angels and so they seek to inhibit us from becoming part of the communion of saints.

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  9. I’ve always thought that we were created out of an excess of Love. Love. Love first and foremost.

    Why join with the spouse and become one? (OK, some of us may wonder/question at times why we made this bold, yet simple move… looking back at singlehood, tempted toward the notion that we were sufficient unto ourselves….) Yet, we drew from the well and loved beyond ourselves.

    Why have kids? (Yep, this one really may have some of us scratching our heads at times, and yet we managed to draw deeper and love some more). Little co-creators like Our Father, we reach into the Well and always manage to draw forth more… because love is not an exhaustible thing. It has its source in Our Father, Perfect Infinitude of All Things Good… Himself.

    Yes, even beyond that to Excess!

    Oh, why spend so much time trying to understand so many things (worthy or not), when we can just plunge into the arms of Love… have joy, laugh, play, delight, give, love… return love especially to Our Lord in His other children… explore an eternity of endless Love.

    Somebody said that we don’t get Heaven until we get Heaven, but it seems pretty clear to me that Our Lord is already offering and giving Heaven right here… right now.

    Maybe I’m saying that if we all took that seriously, we’d have this thing licked sooner rather than later.

    As further evidence, I was looking at Patrick’s upcoming itinerary (The Mt. Rushmore Adventure) and marveling at what a little slice –– a little possibility of Heaven –– that presented to him. Not sure how that could possibly be any better for him… maybe just add a little slice of pie in there somewhere with your fellow trekkers/loved ones. ‘Course that might look excessive to some.

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      1. Aw, Mick, I just realized that I forgot to answer your previous question. It was a large mouth bass that I caught. About 7 – 8 inches. Dinky… but with a large mouth.

        You mentioned that you were about 7 – 8 years old the last time you went fishing. Gadzooks, girl! What’s keeping you from getting out for some fishing with the family?!

        Well, it just so happens that one of my best fishing outings happened right around the time I was 7 – 8 years old. It also occurs to me that I probably owe Phil a better fishing story. So…

        I was spending the day with my Grandma (understand that fishing was to Grandma what dancing was to Fred Astaire… and maybe I was a wee, young Micky Rooney of sorts). Naturally, I was hoping for some fishing that day. Turns out Grandma had other plans to take the car in for servicing, so I probably managed a fake grin/subtle grimace… probably an eye-roll as we headed out.

        After an unusually long drive, turns out the service station was right next to a small lake. Seems to me that Grandma was grinning with a bit of a twinkle in her eye when she started suggesting silly ways to kill the time while we waited. Basically, everything but fishing.

        Also turns out that Grandma had a couple of poles in the trunk (those old style bamboo rigs with the cork bobbers), a can of fresh worms, and a picnic basket with lunch.

        I could barely keep up with Grandma as she just about ‘tapped danced’ her way to waters edge and cast upon the waters. Based on the time of day and conditions, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. It was slow going for a while, until Grandma moved us down shore a bit to try the edge of a weed bed.

        That move did the trick. Bam! Bam! Bam! We caught so many fish, so fast, I had all I could do to keep reloading worms and keep the rhythm. After a while, all we could do is laugh, and laugh, and laugh some more. ‘Dancing’ up and down that shoreline for all we were worth, with a great orchestra of flapping fish, jewels of sunlight shimmering on the waters, birds swirling around our bobbers, and pinging tools from the service station… all of it backing us up.

        In no time at all, we filled a 5-gallon bucket with a variety of pan fish. Then came the cleaning where I maybe did one fish to Grandma’s dozen. I’m telling you, she was pure artistry in motion, even wiry like Fred, with a bit of that same nervous energy.

        I’ll tell you what that memory is for me. A little slice of Heaven. That’s what it is, and thanks for reminding me. It’s the sort of thing that I bring to mind (maybe Grandma is just reminding me) when I find myself walking through the shadows in the valley of death.

        And when I’m having a particularly good day these days, I just might doze off at night and dream of either fishing or tap dancing. Heck, I’ve done my fair share of fishing over the span of my life, but tap dancing? Nothing against tap dancing, but I can assure you that I’ve never done a lick of tap dancing.

        Go figure. Maybe that’s Grandma’s doing too. And I can still hear her laughter.

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  10. I read the special report recently, and the part about “Trump- the last president” caught my attention, whether it true or not who knows, but it got me thinking…

    You can’t be united under the will God if you voted against God’s will. As sophisticated the electoral process has become, it can never do God’s will, as voting generates pride in one’s political views. I see the future as a voter-less one, as we can’t accept God’s will if we value our opinions more… Food for though…

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    1. Ah well, Al. I think it’s very possible to vote for the candidate who best represents Gospel values without becoming overly attached or pride-filled. Everything and everyone is imperfect. Abba, in His Infinite Wisdom, left us as we are after the fall and loved us so much that He sent His Son to reconcile us to our Father. Consistently, Jesus said He came to do the Father’s Will. Among the many life-giving teachings the Master gave us was this: “Render therefore unto Caesar the things which are Caesar’s; and unto God the things that are God’s.” Try as we do, we often fail. God knows we’re made of dust. So, we rise from mistakes, sins and failures to repent within the Father’s embrace and begin again.

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      1. In a future age of peace, I see God appointing leaders, as the preferred route to go.

        Elections have paved the way for all kinds of evil, as human beings often choose to vote against God’s will.

        Humanity’s current form of governing is the best we can come up with, and leaves lots room for corruption…

        Even when a just leader is elected, there’s much opposition to their good intentions.

        The time will come when we have to set aside our need to control and let God do things his way.

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        1. I think letting go of control starts with us individually. It will take a mass conversion of folks to attain real change. Honestly, I think the U.S. has the best system of government by far. We as a people are straying. Perfection will only come when we attain heaven. This is where I think we should individually strive for and the rest will fall into place. Matthew 6: “see ye first the kingdom of God and everything else will be added unto you”. Blessings Al!

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  11. It’s been awhile since I have posted here but I never left. Not sure why the format needed to be changed. I’m glad to see all of you that have held on and still posting here. I’m rather disheartened of the lack of faith over at the TRNS forum. It’s a ghost town. I’ve been on my own journey – armed with what Charlie has taught us over the years. Charlie again is correct. There is a movement, patriots really. Fighting a battle unseen by the public. Curious that it was deemed Calm before the Storm by our president here…

    Now , I would humbly request that you take what Charlie has shown us and merge it with this …

    I am not sure what Charlie knows of this but what I can tell you is that there was an election – but the powers were kept in place by the previous administration. I am sure you were all aware of it. The scope of this is beyond what most people can take. The truth will soon be revealed to the world. There are some 45,000 sealed indictments that will be unsealed , at the right time. If Trump himself was not the miracle given to us then that still must be coming -just a year late. Be steady,do not panic and take the next right step.

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    1. Good to see you again, John of Arc. Actually, there have been quite a few readers who, previously, have commented on Q and The Conservative Tree House stuff. (And, yes, Charlie is aware of both movements.) There are many who are most hopeful that the work done by the Q group will come to fruition in the ways which he (they) have projected. Too, Crew Dog previously shared a link to the CTH in which Sundance wrote a magnificent piece concerning the many patriots who stand ready to act when needed. That said, it remains critically important for us to refrain from overconfidence in any plans set forth by the group attached to Q or any other human source. Well intended they are and by God’s Grace much good has been brought forth. Still, our steadiness and focus must be anchored in God and how He wishes to unfold everything… and no one but no one knows exactly how His Plan will unfold. Thus, we keep our eyes on what the Lord allows and/or how He directly moves, no doubt, in many ways which will surprise us all. The Apostles, who walked with the Lord and took direct instructions from Him were shaken to the core as the events of Abba’s Plan, in their day and time, the Passion and Death of the Master, actually played out. It’s a balancing act, as we pray unceasingly (Acknowledge God), we do whatever He calls us to do (Take the next right step) and surrender our best efforts to Him (So He can make of us a sign of hope).

      As for the quiet at this forum, please be assured that many are they who remain ALL IN, even as they tend to their duties and slog on through personal storms, ever ready to rise to do the Lord’s bidding. It may seem like a lack of faith, but what I see is fortitude and perseverance being deepened, resolve becoming ironclad and hearts expanding, ready to serve God’s people when they will need each one of us to fulfill the mission He has entrusted to each one. God bless you, John of Arc. God bless us one and all.

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    2. Amen, John. I’m glad that you have added to the discussions here today.

      I strongly encourage all ASOH and TNRS members to *make some noise* on TNRS Forums whether on the TNRS private forum, the TNRS leader forum, or more locally in your Storm groups and be united in sharing resources, insights, thoughts, concerns, prayer, etc.

      Certainly now does not seem like the time to let our guards down. ❤

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      1. Jen, Beckita, and John of Arc: Is the TNRS Steppers Forum (the private forum that Jen mentions) still up and running? For some reason, I had it in my head that it had closed down.


          1. Jen, I experienced the same problem a few days ago: suddenly unable to receive notifications. I’ve tried several times to remove and, then, re-enter preferences, to no avail. What did you do to get up and running again?


            1. I have not been able to figure it out yet. I am just looking at what I can via the comment sections of posts and the direct replies to my comments on wordpress. I am going to add a new wordpress acct this morning and see if that helps.

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                1. Beckita, I’ve just added a WP backup acct and found a section marked “conversations” that show comments as they are being posted (not sure if moderated or not yet) that I do not recall seeing on WP before.

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                  1. Thanks for your feedback, Jen. I’ve worked with my provider to be sure all is well on this end. Still, not receiving emails notifications. We shall see…

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          2. So, I went to the site JLYNNBYRD posted for the forum. It is kind of odd. Is it a private forum? I don’t remember seeing it on the old site TNRS. Also, I am not a facebook user. Does that affect the forum?

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  12. Charlie,
    Thanks for this refocused (for me) article about the big picture. I thought i was on the right path, with the ordinary ups and downs, then something happened recently where Ihave felt, highly disappointed, and envy of the same situation. Going to Confession usually helps, but feelings keep resurfacing. I knkw these are trying times, and have failed miserably this past test. I know I got to get back up and accept what I cannot influence or change, and go where God leads me…..thanks for all you do to encourage us out here throughout the world. Godspeed!

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  13. HTTP – This was established years ago for TNRSers to connect via a forum. It grew to have topics of interest discussions as well as local interests for all there. ❤ If you are not already registered, you may want to check it out. You do not need FB to join. 😉


  14. From Voris today. Yes it is a Gay Thang but since the LGBT Crowd have become a treasured “Victim Group” of The Democrat Party (Global Left) it is not-PC to speak of them in negative terms. Likewise Illegal Aliens, Welfare Slaves, Abortionists and the various Lefty Rent-a-Mobs that are allowed free reign in any Blue State/City you might name.
    Please God!! Allow this Scandal to EXPLODE so the rebuilding might commence. Church & Christendom! AMEN!!

    And those denying it are lying.


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