New Prayer Initiative

(From Fr. Heilman, posted on his Roman Catholic Man site and sent via email today, comes an announcement/invitation to, again, unite in prayer. ~Beckita)

ANNOUNCEMENT: “Peace Through Strength Challenge”

“The Lord will give strength to his people: the Lord will bless his people with peace” (Psalm  29:11)

“We maintain the peace through our strength; weakness only invites aggression.”
President Ronald Reagan

ANNOUNCEMENT: “Peace Through Strength Challenge”

July 16-August 15

Beginning Monday, July 16 (Feast of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel) and leading up August 15 (Feast of Our Lady of the Assumption) … 

Fr. Richard Heilman of “Roman Catholic Man”
Sam Guzman of “Catholic Gentleman”
Doug Barry of “Battle Ready”
Major Jeff Heller

… will be joining forces to lead what we believe is the most important challenge of our times.

Let me explain …

A word used to describe elements of our culture today is “unhinged.” Yes, by and large, our culture is unhinged or “detached.” We are detached from the Source–God–of our supernatural strength; the supernatural power of “grace.” In fact, the critical underlying problem is an epidemic of disbelief in the supernatural. Our culture is supernaturally weak.

In the culture and on the political stage, this being “unhinged” has led to anarchy and discord. In our homes and in our hearts it has led to distress and despair. No grace; No hope; No peace!

In the midst of a current epidemic of despair and suicide, even the Psychiatric community is surrendering to the solid evidence that “strong/devout faith” plays a key role in psychological well-being.

Applied to our nation’s desire to avoid war, President Ronald Reagan famously stated, “We maintain the peace through our strength; weakness only invites aggression.” Yet, this is all too true when we apply it to our own spiritual lives.

God wants to walk with you in verdant pastures of tranquil repose and beside restful waters. Yes! God wants you to be happy and at “peace.”

But, how do we get to this place of peace? God has revealed the prescription in so many ways that all boil down to: “When you are well-connected with Me and supernaturally strong, you will find peace.” Moreover, if you are supernaturally strong–“grace shields up!”–and ready for anything, the devil and his minions are less apt to disturb your peace. Yes, “Peace Through Strength.”

We all know there is an urgent need to make our homes, parishes, communities, country and world strong again. And, deep down, we all know that those places will become strong once we, ourselves, become strong once again. Make America Holy Again begins with each individual’s pursuit of sanctity; pursuit of supernatural strength. In this pursuit, we must be willing to accept this challenge and say, “I’m Going In!”

As we approach the 54 Day Rosary Novena for Our Nation on August 15, leading to Rosary Coast to Coast on October 7, we want to be the strongest Special Forces Prayer Warriors we can possibly be.

From July 16 to August 15, on the nine (novena) Mondays and Thursdays leading up to the 54 Day Rosary Novena for Our Nation, concluding with Rosary Coast to Coast, Sam, Doug, Major Jeff and I will lead the “Peace Through Strength Challenge,” as we break down all of the ways God has revealed for us to become well-connected and supernaturally “strong.”

Please sign-up for the “Peace Through Strength Challenge” HERE. (This will also sign you up for the 54 Day Rosary Novena for Our Nation).

For Facebook users, join the Special Forces Training group.

And one day, through the Rosary and Scapular, Our Lady will save the world.” -St. Dominic

From the Feast of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel to the Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary, we will call out to God, through the intercession of our Lady, to heal our nation and world!

July 16 – August 15 – Peace Through Strength Challenge

August 15 – October 7 – 54 Day Rosary Novena for Our Nations

October 7Rosary Coast to Coast (Joined with the Holy League of Nations)

116 thoughts on “New Prayer Initiative

  1. Happy Independence Day, Everyone!

    Two Boston police officers sing an impressive version of “God Bless America” while driving in their police cruiser. Their Fourth of July edition of “carpool karaoke” has now gone viral.

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        1. And to you, too, Patrick. Also, thank you for your service. (And thanks also to CrewDog, MP, and all the veterans in the TNRS-ASOH family).

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  2. Time to PRAY …… and pass the ammo!
    Yup!! There is no doubt that the Earth’s Climate changes ….. just as it has done for Billions of years. I believe that Man has little to nothing to do with it!
    Al Gore and his Lefty “Climate Change” Fanatics have done nothing, can’t do anything, to halt “Climate Change” but they have caused serious damage to the US/EU economies, increased Gubermint overreach into people’s Homes, Businesses and Schools! Yes!! in the last 1/2 of the 20th Century the US/EU needed to clean-up the environment and we did …. here anyway. But like every other Liberal “Program” it’s never ending and never enough. The truth is: The Liberal/Left has little positive to argue about. If debated honestly, their “programs” are not popular with the majority and their Socialist Gubermint ideal has failed miserably since the Paris Commune in 1870. We here can even point to the Pilgrims failed Socialist attempt that had them near starvation after their first Winter. Just look at EVERY Urban Area the Left has “owned” for the past 50 years …. Cesspools all! They must then campaign on fear, class warfare and closets full of Boogermen …. just like they are doing today.
    Sooooo … what do we have to show for all this “Climate Change” Mania? Let’s see … Poisonous light bulbs from China, 1.5 gallon toilets that don’t flush, higher energy costs, lost jobs/wages, an EPA infested with radicals who have driven farmers/business out of business and/or outta de USA …. to places with no EPA, filthy environments and slave wages …. so Quiche Eaters like Al Gore can fell good about themselves whilst raiding your wallets…. Whatta Country!
    Then along came Trump! Climate Change is just one of the Left’s “Rice Bowls” that is being kicked over and why the Left is pushing Civil War II. Let’s PRAY that their efforts fails ’cause, NOW, there may be enough Patriots of Faith to counter them …. in 10 years!!??? … and Pope Francis and Vatican Gang … ;-(

    “Al Gore Says Pope Francis Is His ‘Inspiration’ in Fighting Climate Change”


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    1. Amen times 10 to the 23rd, C-Dog!

      He is an endless source of comedic material.
      Thank you, Mr Gore, O Founding Father of the Internet!

      At UCCS, the professor of an easy summer class – Economic Botany for 1 credit – forced us to sit through the Al Gore masterpiece: “An Inconvenient Movie.” After listening very closely, I pointed out that no conclusive, plausible, or factual evidence linking warming trends to man’s behavior was presented anywhere in the film. I added that creating a digital polar bear struggling with a cartoon chunk of ice is not an argument. If anything, the cheap ploy to pull at the viewer’s heartstrings suggests that Gore doesn’t have anything solid to stand on himself.

      Yes, I did pass the course. The teacher was actually pretty cool. After considering visiting the Celestial Seaonsings factory as part of the course, she instead opted to take us 6 students on a tour of the Coors brewery. NOTHING beats a Killian’s Irish Red from the tap at the factory.
      It was….sublime.

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    2. Just finished watching the Trump rally in Montana and was so happy to see four priests standing behind President Trump. They were clapping and smiling, and one of them blessed President Trump as he was leaving. My husband and son went to the rally here in Minnesota a couple weeks ago. I was too sick to join them, but watched it on youtube. They came home energized. It’s encouraging to see these rallies packed with us ordinary people.

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      1. In today’s edition of the Billings Gaxette there is a big article about the stir the priests caused. Towards the end of the article, a commenter stated it was great to see the priests cheering when the president talking about the right to life. The Gazette has gone quite liberal. Right now there are more down votes than up votes. IMO it would be wonderful to have more priests stand up for the unborn. Maybe we wouldn’t be in the pickle we find ourselves now.

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        1. It’s all over the Montana press, HTTP. Two of the priests are personal friends. I can attest to their faithfulness and courage in preaching Truth, in and out of season, both in the pulpit and in the public square. Two articles, highly critical of the presence of these priests at the rally, attribute intentions to them which neither writer has any way of knowing. One author, a Democratic commissioner from Great Falls, holds disdain for President Trump and his policies as do most of those who commented at the end of her piece. The other author quotes canon law which does not at all apply to what these priests did. While our western diocese in Montana is in an interregnum period as we await the appointment of a new bishop, your Bishop went on record criticizing his priests for being there and, honestly admitted: “I’m not what you would call a supporter of many of the President’s policies.” Here’s one of the pieces.

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          1. Dear Lord, save us. May the Holy Spirit guide and direct us. Keep Your servants safe.

            If my memory serves me correctly…wasn’t a few bishops who went to the border to condemn our immigration policies? Isn’t that political? Boy, the snake is flipping and flailing to take down as many souls and it can. Help us, dear Lord, to hold our ground and keep our eyes focused on You.

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              1. They’re with us HTTP. The veil is thinner than vellum and they, with all the holy ones, await our requests for their intercession. All saints had their time on earth to proclaim and live the truth and, now, it’s our turn to do so while fulfilling the mission entrusted to each of us as we live out the Ballad of the Ordinary Man. We can do this. By the grace of God we can, for no matter how dark the darkness becomes…

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          2. Yikes that was not the most hopeful display. I noticed a few “likes” from you Beckita because when I added my “like” I saw your name. At least there were a few commenters in defense of those priests.But honestly the comments are not surprising because Patheos is not necessarily a “Catholic” site. At least, in my opinion from reading it before the link you left above. I wish everyone would remember that those priest are voting citizens of this country.

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        2. Thanks for the update on the priests at the Trump rally, HandToThePlow! I agree, it would be great to see more priests standing up for the unborn.

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  3. Three pressing cries for help within the Church, e.g. prayer, penance, fasting and marching forward with steadfast attention to our ordinary NRSteps.

    From Anthony Esolen, a writer previously featured here with a guest article:

    Solid research shared here:

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    1. Thank God for these voices, Beckita, but we need more of them to outnumber the “bad guys”! Father Z had the excerpt today from the Esolen article, so excellent, and the Crisis article once again reminds me of the small book “AA 1025”. I keep saying, “How can all this be happening?!” It’s surreal, especially if you grew up when I did, so long ago. 🙂

      The Boston police officers singing was awesome, God bless them!
      I’m in with the Rosary novenas, the prayer initiative!

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    2. Fi read the crises article on youth synod. Truthfully… I am confused. I know longer know who to believe in articles. The confusion is too much. All I now know is we are in a serious mess…. Years ago Our Lady at Fatima gave us what we needed…. But like silly children we did not listen
      We are desperate for an outpouring of the Holy Spirit of TRUTH andLOVE. We have drowned I’m opinions.

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        1. Anne, to me, there is a fine line we walk in these days. We cannot stick our heads in the sand, nor should we obsess over the evil being revealed. SO much that had been previously hidden for SO long has been coming to light in spades. The three pieces I shared yesterday were introduced to me by one of my FB friends, Janet E Smith, professor at Sacred Heart Major Seminary in Detroit, who has – for years – contributed admirable and heartening work on life issues. I share the articles more as reasons to enfold all concerned in prayer and sacrificial offerings than to analyze what will actually happen at the synod. I think so much of what is happening in our world right now is beyond the scope of our ability to directly influence by concrete deeds. But I know this message of TNRS has tremendous rippling effect on the whole world. It encompasses both prayer and deeds and, when lived out faithfully, we – co-creators with Abba – are, truly, salt of the earth and light for the world. Don’t messy things often get worse before they get better? I DO believe we can do this, Anne.

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          1. Thank you so much Beckita. Could not agree more with first statement… Heads in sands vs obsessing! Must keep balance. It was more the confusion it placed in me over heresy vs mercy and where these men of the church stood.on matters. We must be compassionate but not change things to suit and lead people into error…. Which is false compassion.

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      1. For me, it’s the fundamental question of what we aspire to. To be authentic Christians, fully alive… love in action. Or merely activists who happen to be Christian… or something in between. Too much of the latter (in my opinion) replete with the running tally on the day’s fresh horrors, the demise of (fill in the blank) as we know it, the plummeting into the abyss… with the flood, as you mentioned, of opinion, analysis, partisanship, editorial, misinformation… confusion.

        I have a great many favorite Saints, but lean on St. Paul quite a bit in this regard. It’s quite clear to me that he was the former. On fire. Fortunately we have Holy Scripture to provide us insights into this great role model who took up, along with other unique characters, Christ’s work. Not sure why, but I always imagine St. Paul in the same vein as Lou Holtz. This is because my humanness needs that sort of point of reference to make him a bit more accessible I suppose. Who knows. Maybe they are quite a bit alike, right down to the delivery and the twinkle in the eye.

        At any rate, both certainly knew how to wait on the Holy Spirit, then take to the field with only Victory in their sights and only the essential words necessary to get it done.

        Holy Scripture. Our Lady of Fatima. And so, so, so much more. Everything of value, in fact. Our Father never tires of showering us with help and grace, and yet how careless we are. How easily distracted.

        Come Holy Spirit!

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        1. Thanks for the post, MP. I need to step away from the partisanship and confusion, to be Christian first and foremost, and focus on those things of real and lasting value: to be “love in action.”

          Had to go look up Lou right away and found this:

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          1. While you were digging up this gem from Lou, Phil was already getting the poles ready. Doug has the wagon. I’ve got the bologna sandwiches. Nothing for it but for you to grab the crickets for bait and let’s go fishing!

            BTW, does Lou Holtz with his “Trust, Commitment, Love” meme remind you of someone?

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            1. ….it’s a variation on a theme we’ve seen here often! 😉

              BTW, you read how I was lamenting the fact that I haven’t seen Mount Rushmore because no family has visited yet? No sooner did I write that when my aunt told me my cousin Joanne (the youngest of us) and her new husband Mike are heading my way. They are on a 30-day honeymoon across the U.S. (how cool is that?) and will be swinging down from Montana in two weeks…

              But it get’s even better. Mike is an avid hunter and they’re both hikers, backpackers and fly fishermen. He’s also an RN. Soooo..(take note, Hand to the Plow)….we’re going fly fishing in Spearfish Canyon, hiking around Silvan Lake, getting a burger at either Lewie’s or the Sugar Shack, camping at my old place in the Custer hills, then finishing it all off with a visit to Abe and the Boys!

              Man, MP, I’m stoked! 😎

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          2. Thanks, Patrick for this video. You can’t believe how much it got me to remembering my own father. It had me tearing up and laughing at the same time with memories of him. Also, copied it to send out to all on my email list.

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    1. This article is wonderful. Sharing the link for the value of the teaching from the Angel of Fatima, while cautioning our readers that there is writing at the site which ventures into calling Pope Francis an anti-Pope, which we do not countenance here. Prayers for all TNRSers and our families who are living the Angel of Fatima’s counsel: “Above all, accept and bear with submission, the suffering which the Lord will send you.”

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      1. I appreciate your refinement in re-iterating long-standing policy here, Beckita, while making the exception for an excellent article. I knew I was inspired in choosing the editor for this site!

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        1. Well shoot, Mary Ann, when I was acting as editor for this site as well as publisher, on several occasions I did links to wonderful articles that turned out to be on very dicey sites. In these times, it is hard not to do that every once in a while.

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  4. Say, Charlie, off topic. What is the brand name of the hiking boots you recommended? Grandson is a scout and they are heading into the Adirondacks for a week. Thanks

    Had a wonderful 4th here. After Mass, several of us sang patriotic hymns in thanksgiving and praise to our loving God for all the blessings and for bringing us, and all the world, through this storm of evil.
    God bless all here.
    I just love this site. It so nourishes my faith and hope. Helps keep me on an even keel.

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  5. With her Feast approaching marking the start of the 54 day Rosary Novena I thought I would post this image of The Virgin of Carmel saving souls from Purgatory 17th century painting.

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      1. While on this topic of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, Beckita, can you clear up the approbation (or lack of) of the Sabbatine Privilege? You don’t hear many catechists or priests or Bishops talk about it much anymore. Any links you can provide would be greatly appreciated. Blessings to all!!

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        1. Here’s a piece on the history of the Sabbatine Privilege, Marisa. I do appreciate the expansive resources at the New Advent site. I love to remember the Doctor of the Church and Carmelite Sister, Saint Thérèse of Lisieux, and her “daring” teaching about purgatory. She captures so well the wisdom of giving away all our partial and plenary indulgences via prayers, sacrifices and good works that comprise the days and nights. Thanks, Marisa, for you have prompted me to reread this inspirational piece. Here’s an excerpt: “Therese stopped storing up merits for herself. She still performed little meritorious acts, but she offered them all for others. Her plan was to have no merits in her account on the Day of Judgment.”

          Now back to the Sabbatine Privilege, especially as it pertains to wearing a scapular… Here, I cannot help but recall that Our Lady came to Garabandal as Our Lady of Mt. Carmel. Often, She is depicted holding Baby Jesus in one arm while holding the Carmelite scapular in the other. Here’s a great piece concerning its significance. And just maybe, She is calling our attention to the Sabbatine Privilege.

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          1. I have managed to add 4 days in Garabandal during my trip to Scotland and Ireland. I will be staying in a guest house called “Our Lady of Mount Carmel.” Prayers for all at ASOH.

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            1. Fantastic! A plan made in heaven, Broseph, and coming together in fine fashion. The Triple Crown Glory: your mum’s 90th birthday with family time, Papal Mass and Garabandal. With you, in spirit and in prayer, as you pray for us. May Our Lady of Mt. Carmel at Garabandal shower you with all manner of graces.

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                1. Aw shucks, Broseph! So sorry this didn’t work out at this time. Probably only in the rear view mirror will it make best sense. Meanwhile, praying to Our Lady of Mt Carmel to console you. If I had true tech savvy, I’d replace the inscription with: Our Lady of Mt. Carmel of Garabandal, pray for our friend, Joe.

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          2. Wow! This just goes to show how persons who teach have to be so very careful to pass on the unmitigated truth. I was never taught about having to recite the Little Office or abstaining from meat on Wednesdays and Saturdays. All I was told was that you were invested formally in the scapular, prayed the Rosary and made the 5 First Saturdays.

            Now I’m wondering about all the people I have taught the Sabbatine privilege incorrectly. And while I admire St. Theresa’s holy desire to not “store up” graces or merit, I am so worried I won’t have enough to balance the scales of Justice. Could I really afford to spare them for others? Not trying to sound overly worried but I have to learn to rely on Christ’s Divine Mercy better to get to that level of heroic piety.

            Oh well, next right step…

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            1. Marisa, you taught all those people well. While the link to New Advent gave historical background, here’s a link to the website of the Carmelite Sisters from Colorado Springs. In the section concerning the brown scapular, the sisters convey current information about enrollment and the “work” _ there are four options – needed to gain the Sabbantine Privilege. I italicized the text especially pertinent to our discussion.

              “To be eligible for the scapular promise, one must be enrolled in the Brown Scapular Confraternity. This is a simple ceremony which can be performed by any priest (see below). The members of the Confraternity have the added benefit of sharing in all the spiritual benefits of the Carmelite Order.

              According to a statement made by the Carmelite Fathers at the National Scapular Center, every priest now has the right to invest the faithful in the Brown Scapular and to substitute the rosary in lieu of the Little Office (see below).

              The scapular must be 100% wool without plastic casing and should not be pinned or affixed to clothing. It is worn over the head, under one’s clothes, with one square of wool hanging on the chest and the other on the back. Pictures are not necessary. Brown Scapular of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel

              The Sabbatine Privilege

              The Blessed Virgin of Mount Carmel has promised to save those who wear the scapular from the fires of hell; She will also shorten their stay in purgatory if they should pass from this world still owing some debt of punishment.

              This promise is found in a Bull of Pope John XXII. The Blessed Virgin appeared to him and, speaking of those who wear the Brown Scapular, said, “I, the Mother of Grace, shall descend on the Saturday after their death and whomsoever I shall find in purgatory I shall free so that I may lead them to the holy mountain of life everlasting.”

              The Blessed Virgin assigned certain conditions which must be fulfilled:

              Wear the Brown Scapular continuously.
              Observe chastity according to one’s state in life (married/single).
              Recite daily the Little Office of the Blessed Virgin OR Observe the fasts of the Church together with abstaining from meat on Wednesdays and Saturdays OR With permission of a priest, say five decades of Our Lady’s Most Holy Rosary OR With permission of a priest, substitute some other good work.

              Whenever I ponder this topic of purgatory and promises given to shorten this needed process, I remember the foundational point of St. Catherine of Genoa’s writing after she had received a vision of purgatory: “It is the infusion of this fiery love of God into the soul – so attractive, yet, at the same time, so painfully felt – which burns away the real substantive effects selfishness and other vices leave upon the soul.” Her book, Fire of Love, is worth the read. Here’s a link to a short synopsis about it. In the article the writer says: “It is the infusion of this fiery love of God into the soul – so attractive, yet, at the same time, so painfully felt – which burns away the real substantive effects selfishness and other vices leave upon the soul.” And this draws me to remember St. Theresa of Avila’s reverberation of her heart which I was blessed to venerate in Avila some years ago. Here’s a brief description of her experience and words from St. John of the Cross: “August 26th, Carmelites around the world celebrate the feast of the Transverberation of St. Teresa of Avila, Virgin, and Reformer of the Carmelite Order. The transverberation is a mystical grace wherein the Saint’s heart was pierced with a ‘dart of love’ by an angel. St. John of the Cross, ‘It will happen that while the soul is inflamed with the Love of God, it will feel that a seraph is assailing it by means of an arrow or dart which is all afire with love. And the seraph pierces and in an instant cauterizes this soul, which, like a red-hot coal, or better a flame, is already enkindled. The soul is converted into an immense fire of Love. Few persons have reached these heights.'”

              This, in turn, brings my thoughts to Our Lady of Akita who spoke of fire falling from the sky… and Our Lady of Mt Carmel at Garabandal who conveyed to the girl seers that the Warning will be a type of internal purification as we see our souls – with the history of our sins and good deeds – in God’s Light.

              I also remember the promise made to us through St. Faustina from Jesus concerning the great gift of Divine Mercy Sunday when we celebrate it as He requested. Annually, we can renew the state of our soul via this means. I think, too, of the mystical writings of various holy ones who have had visits from souls in purgatory wherein the souls convey they are so detached from earth and would never wish to come back… they have seen Our Beloved Lord and all possibility to sin has ended.

              I know God does not allow the revelation of these things to leave us in fear of anything but offending Him. Fr. Jacques Philippe, in his writings today, reminds us that God knows we are made of dust. God knows our hearts when we strive to be like Him and do His Will, yet, fail – again and again. The Father who waited, day and night – night and day, at his house door, looking for the prodigal son to return and then ran to embrace him and dress him in regal robes while lavishing His Love upon the lost, now found one, is the same yesterday, today and forever. Jesus and His Father are ONE. Jesus is merciful like the Father. I expect to meet ONE just like the Father, spoken of in the parable, when our Just Judge stands before me to reveal my life to me in His Light. And I hope to prostrate in the dust to kiss the feet of the One Who has opened the gate to our Heavenly Home for each of us. Each soul knows exactly where s/he needs to go for entry into the House of the Father. If some time in purgatory is needed to burn out of me any vestiges of self-love, then I intend to take on the attitude I embraced before beginning labor to birth my children: the greatest Olympian event I’d ever enter this side of the veil. And so shall purgatory be for me: the greatest Olympian event ever after passing through the veil.

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              1. Praise Our Lovely Lady of My. Carmel. YES, yes, Msgr. Wearden invested us and gave us permission to pray the Rosary. Your words are wondrous, beautiful and inspired. Thank you from the bottom of my, as yet, untransreverberated heart. All the Carmelites you mention are old friends of mine but it is time I renew our friendship. I will re-read St. Catherine, too. If I may also make a recommendation, for all who may be interested in reading the great Carmelite Doctors, Fr. Dubay’s, The Fire Within, is a great primer. Peace and blessings to all.

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              2. My scapular is metal…I believe I was watching EWTN a number of years ago, and a Pope was quoted saying it was okay to use a metal scapular. Did I misunderstand or am wrongly informed?

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                1. Even with the Carmelites saying the scapular must be 100% wool, sheralyn, I think surely Our Lord and Our Lady look upon the intent of those who wear the medal rather than the fabric scapular. So, I went looking for something about this and I found this link at the website of our friend, Fr. Heilman. Love the title: The Scapular Medal – Our Catholic Dog Tag.

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            2. Marisa, have you read Fr. Michael Gaitley’s book “33 Days to Merciful Love”? I’m certain that this book will alleviate all of your concerns about having enough merit to balance the scales of Justice. It’s truly a life-changer. 🙂

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  6. I’d say that Bishop Schneider has a good grasp of the facts and is not afraid of the Vatican/US/EU PC Thought Police. Good for him!! I’d go farther and say Islamic Invasion Orchestrated by International Powers aided and abetted by satanic forces.

    “Catholic Bishop: Europe Migrant Crisis ‘Orchestrated’ by International Powers”


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    1. Matteo Salvini, the Italian minister , mentioned in the article , who is trying to stop illegal immigration to Italy is being attacked by all the media, radio, tv, on social network, called racist and fascist ,even many priests accuse him , in the mean time his party is winning all the Local elections even in Tuscany, former Sanctuary of the communist party. Common people are tired of crimes and privileges bestowed on migrants. We have forty percent Youth unemployment , cannot spend five billion euros a year to support them, since they also are mainly Young men with high criminal rates . In Pisa at night fights are common between factions of north africans pusher and sub saharian African pushers . People voted for salvini’s candidate for Mayor. Democratics former communists are shocked on tv. They consider themselves morally superior while who votes for salvini is a fascist. Salvini ‘s party holds the ministry for family. The new minister Fontana made a declaration in favour of natural families against Rainbow families and again hall lgbt accused him of fascism . The new Italian Government is in charge since June the first. But it is already in danger with all the media against it , the Church against it, soros against it, UE against it, macron against it, etc..Lilia from Italy

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      1. I had a thought, Lilia. The problems in Italy should be *unique* to Italy. But instead they sound identical to — and are occurring simultaneously as — the problems in the U.S. and other parts of the world. Coincidence? Are humans on the planet connected in some unseen way? (Besides the internet : ) Possibly. But it seems that these conflicts are being coordinated somehow by a common and evil Author. We are at war with weak men and strong demons speaking with one voice.

        I can’t say with certainty, but “philanthropist” Geo. Soros seems to be a bit of both.

        Prayers for you Lilia. Thank you for keeping us updated on our brothers and sisters struggling in Italy.

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    1. I laughed at this replay, Sean. As for the cursing one, yes, I’ll offer my Chaplet of DM for him and for all who take the Lord’s Name in vain. Blessed be God and Blessed be His Holy Name!

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    2. Sean, one observation I had while watching the video earlier was when it was said by an news anchor that Trump could only win with prayer and a miracle. I am keeping POTUS, his family and administration, as well as those who seek his demise, in my prayers. ❤

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      1. Yes, I noticed the ‘Miracle’ also. I think this video displays more than the eye sees or the ear hears.

        I have been adding prayers for the President of the United States along with prayers for the Pope. Then, offerring the Indulgence for a Holy Souls in Purgatory.

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      2. It was interesting and gratifying to me to hear the Mass intention one day last week was for “Donald Trump”. Plenty of us are apparently praying for his safety and that of his family. Just this morning I thought of the possible Supreme Court nominees and the danger they must also be in, and prayed for St. Michael to keep them safe too! There are far too many wackos in the world!

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    3. My husband somehow found the Rachael Maddow election night broadcast on you tube. It was a shorten version of her election coverage, just towards the end as the states rolled in. Every morning for a month after the election he would gather up his coffee and his toast, sit at the computer and reply it and then I would hear him chuckling.

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  7. Any Irish ASOHs know of any way I can get a ticket to Phoenix Park for the Pope’s Mass? I know I have left it too late but I will be in Scotland for mums 90th and thought I could also fly over to Dublin.


  8. Good news – I have been in touch with my cousins in Tyrone. They have a ticket for me for the Mass with Pope Francis in Phoenix Park and I will join them on their parish bus to Dublin. I will of course be praying for all my online family at ASOH at this special mass.

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  9. This morning I awoke with a minor ‘revelation of truth’ regarding “Communion of Saints” through the participation of the mass and reception of the Eucharist. I have been praying on this and to fundamently ‘own’ its insight so I may not violate our Covenant through my sins of the flesh.

    Then I read through a latest message from ‘Revelaciones Marianas’ it is an eye opening enlightenment on our situation. Television, video games, Innocence, indoctrination are themes ringing True (for me).

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  10. I read an interesting quote from a homily last Sunday by Father Eduardo Perrone as mentioned on Father Z’s Blog. Fr. Perrone said “While there has never been a time in the Church when both the good and bad have not had to co-exist, yet we seem to be heavily burdened today with so much evil, confusion, scandal, sacrilege, and ignorance as to be discouraging. But what is really happening is that the good and bad crops are both maturing. It must be getting nearer the harvest time — for there has indeed been appointed such a time when all must come to a conclusion.”

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  11. Dianebelvs…… Thank You so much for sharing!!! The last week my attention has been drawn to Elijah… I have not. Looked for this…… Just come… Including a picture of him on a catholic calendar!!
    He called for the people to make a decision…. Baal or Yahweh. I sensed we are being called. Then I sensed … The harvest is white…… Ready! A few moments later remembered.that Patti Mansfield spoke on hat word at Rome last year. Was telling a very prayerful person and he said both the wheat and darnell are ready for harvest.
    Just sharing thought. Oh…. And so many have seeds of baptism and with a light of a match they are ready to be set on fire. I think of so many young people with good hearts… But not catechised because of times we are in. Come… The Fire of the HolySpirit.
    So your comment “struck”home!!

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    1. Anne, after reading your comment, I read this on Glen Hudson’s Garabandal Facebook page about the brown scapular and it’s origins:

      THE STORY OF MOUNT CARMEL took place approximately 3000 years ago is found in 1 KINGS chapter 18, where Elijah challenges 450 prophets of Baal to a contest to see whose God is God and whose is a counterfeit. In short both sides built altars to sacrifice a bull and then “the God who answers with fire” is the true God, and “they all agreed”. The false prophets called out all day with no response while Elijah gleefully taunted them. Then it was Elijah’s turn and he had the altar soaked with water three times while the other side taunted him, but when Elijah called upon the Lord, a tornado of fire shot forth from the heavens and consumed the sacrifice, the stone altar and all. Elijah then slew all 450 prophets of the false god Baal. Elijah’s name means; Jehovah is God. Today stands a monastery on the sight dedicated to Our Lady of Mt. Camel which is in the northwestern range of Israel.
      Please share these posts to inspire and encourage others and for the glory of God.

      There are no coincidences…only our dynamic, loving and triune God!

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      1. Thank you so much Mimi…I really do believe the Holy Spirit is trying to draw everyone’s attention to the Truth.may we all hear…and choose wisely.God bless Mimi for giving solid info.

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  12. After posting above unusual circumstances(too long to explain) had a conversation with a manager of a new shop …in quick chat about world at present..

    .said he was Christian.. As I was about to leave said his priest said two weeks ago….he senses we are near a time of great harvest!!

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  13. I found the below in my in-box this morn. Attacks on Christians is NOT considered newsworthy by The Usual Suspects and I would venture that attacks on Christians are encouraged by the same people who are also trying to destroy Our Faith by all means …. including adulterating St Patrick’s Day ;-(

    MILINET – Articles for Christians–13 July
    “Leader of LGBTQ Vets Group to Oversee Boston St. Patrick’s Day Parade”

    “OBSERVATORY ON: Intolerance and Discrimination Against Christians in Europe: REPORT 2018”

    Click to access Report-2018-final.pdf

    …. and Voris is On-Track:

    “Shutting You Up!”


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