Summer Swelters, Duty Endures


By Charlie Johnston

(This piece incorporates a message I sent out privately to TNRS leaders a week ago. Though many of you help refine my thinking and my expression of my thoughts, I give special thanks to Steve BC who helped me greatly in refining my thoughts reflected in this piece-CJ)

I have had both a glorious and difficult week. I am in the midst of several intense pro-life projects – and happy to report that Planned Parenthood and the whole culture of death are in much more dire circumstances than the general public and the media know yet. Sorry, I won’t elaborate. Discretion at this point helps everything unfold – and indiscretion could delay it all. On the other hand, I have been a bit handicapped because the housing for the on-button on my laptop mysteriously collapsed last Monday. A problem because my computer could not be turned on and a part had to be ordered; a blessing because none of the drives were affected at all. It should be finished late tomorrow and I can get off my virtual “crutches,” good as new (or at least as good as a wobbly old man can be!) If you think you have seen the picture above before, you probably have – on my substitute computer, I can’t pull up new images, so had to use one already in this site’s media library. It is, however, one of my favorite shots of Mt. Meeker.

At first, I thought maybe the devil was trying to slow me down (as many Christians are all too wont to think whenever they get a mysterious contradiction – especially one that is wildly rare and random.) As the week went on, I came to think that, no, God was telling me to lay back a little and pay attention – and preventing me from acting precipitously. After all, this did NOT affect my operating system at all, just purely a minor (if annoying) mechanical failure. All it would cost me is time, not loss of anything important. I have gone through a series of meetings with over 20 people this week, some of them absolutely amazing in their insight and accomplishment, all of them completely dedicated to rebuilding the culture of life on the rubble of our crumbling culture. The ages of those I am talking to range from mid-90’s down to the early 20’s, all filled with what is simultaneously a joyful and a terrible resolve. A great movement is bubbling up under the very noses of our blind media. That establishment media’s ignorance is only rivaled by their unmerited self-regard. By the time they recognize this great new movement, it will have already taken the day.

Just as in the opening lines of Charles Dickens’ “Tale of Two Cities,” we now live in what are the best of times and the worst of times. Things have gotten dramatically more ugly in the last two weeks. The anti-God left has become more open in its advocacy of violence – and in actions that are precursors to violence. Peter Fonda’s ugly rant, urging people to kidnap Barron Trump and put him in a cage with pedophiles, that they rape and murder Kirsten Nielsen…Occupy Wall Street putting out a brochure on how to murder ICE agents, then putting their names and addresses online – and urging people to kidnap their kids…the chasing of Nielsen from a restaurant by an angry mob…a restaurant manager refusing service to Sarah Sanders, another mass shooting – this time at a newspaper office by an unhinged man with an old grudge against the paper. Once again, the police had been warned several times about how dangerous this man was. Ah, but the left insists on opposing both the right to self-defense AND treating actual criminals as criminals. At the same time, we have had several major Supreme Court rulings confirming individual liberty under the Constitution. The announcement of Anthony Kennedy’s retirement from the court makes it much more likely that we will have a stable majority on the court that follows the law and Constitution rather than how a rogue justice feels when he gets up in the morning. That is very good for liberty, but devastating for leftist neo-fascists who have counted on being able to impose through the courts what they cannot win through persuasion at the ballot box.

The left’s efforts to overturn the last election and re-establish authoritarian rule have now collapsed on the legal, bureaucratic, and political levels. There was an interesting new poll published last week that showed that 70% of all Americans now believe the media makes things up to advance their own narrative – including 53% of all Democrats. Media credibility has completely collapsed, which means the left no longer has the offensive line they so counted on to protect their narrative. It was predictable that once the left lost hope of winning on the facts and evidence, they would make a last, desperate try through violent revolt. They are not winning more advocates by their new, quasi-violent tactics…they are losing adherents even while they whip up their base to a violent frenzy. As the bureaucratic coup attempt collapses, the violent coup attempt gathers force. I consider it now all but inevitable that we will face large-scale, violent confrontation. The only thing which could stop it is for the left to abandon ugly brown-shirt tactics (while comically accusing their opponents of fascism) and re-commit to reasoned debate, respect for free speech in all cases, and using persuasion and reason as their primary tactics instead of vitriol and violence. That is probably a hopeless aspiration: Americans are simply not going to adopt, through calm reason, the ideology that ruthlessly murdered over 100 million of its own adherents while impoverishing, starving and enslaving its survivors. Emotional blackmail is the only effective tool the left has that does not involve actual violence and intimidation. Some people keep asking me when. I don’t know…but just from normal analysis, unless something dramatically changes the cultural trajectory, I don’t see how we get deeply into fall.

If things go seriously south, I really don’t know how much communication we will have. That is another blessing of my electronic disability this last week. I was saddened to see some people online worry about whether I had lost heart. NEVER! If we have a violent explosion that is not being contained, I will begin walking the Jericho March whether we have internet or not. If we do, I will give updates as I can through Beckita and Steve. Things might be sporadic, but God will make a way where we can sustain each other as the crisis plays out. But I want you to know that whatever happens, whether there is communication or not, I will be doing what I said. I pray that I will not faint out of fear, but I feel a certain confidence that I won’t. When things got scary or hard on the pilgrimage, I sometimes grumbled about it, but I never thought seriously of turning back. But you never know. May your prayers and the good God sustain me. I don’t know how this Jericho March will help things, but I know it is the next right step for me should things blow up. I walk by faith now, not by sight. I also know that the most important things, through this crisis, are obedience and trust. I don’t know how God is doing things, but I trust that He knows, so I walk as I should.

I am not as confident as I once was that I will live to see the prolonged era of peace, prosperity and brotherhood the completion of the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart will usher in from this side of the veil. You may recall that I was told that if I kept faith, I would live to see it. After two dramatic misinterpretations on my part, I have examined that carefully. First, if I keep faith, I WILL live forever. That does not necessarily mean I will see the result of the Triumph from this side of the veil. Second, though it did not look like what I expected, I have already seen the beginning of the Rescue. It began last September 23 with the great sign in the sky – that few paid any attention to. Yet this does not worry me. I find that what I have preached from the beginning is sufficient: take the next right step, acknowledging God and being a sign of hope to those around you.

What I most worry about now is that if I am badly wounded or even killed in such an endeavor, it might sap hope from others. Of course, that would be because people, once more, had wrongly put their faith in me rather than in God. When things don’t go as you expect…or as I had expected…do not lose heart. Remember then that I have, on several occasions, been badly wrong on details while simultaneously telling you absolutely true on the great sweep of what is before us. We are now in the midst of a global civil war fought on cultural lines, as I spoke of more than two decades ago. It is no longer a cold civil war, it is not yet a hot civil war, but it is getting notably warmer by the day. If it gets fully hot, the issue will not be what details I got right or wrong, or what details YOU got right or wrong, but whether each of us will be steadfast servants of the living God, doing what we are called to do with fidelity and fortitude. I got a note from one of our great TNRS-ers, telling me sadly that he would not be able to walk with me if I have to embark on the Jericho March. He was unexpectedly appointed director of a significant American Catholic Shrine and will be living his duty there. I was delighted. God gave him a call, he is living and will live that call with fidelity. Each of us living the call that God has given us (and remember, He knows each of us by name and what He intends for us) is the foundation upon which the great era of peace will be built. Your call is not my call, nor mine yours. Discern the call God has intimately given you, then live it with joy, fortitude and endurance.

All of you must be the light of the world as darkness surrounds us. You, too, walk by faith, with the certain knowledge that God has a plan for our renewal, not our destruction. Walk deliberately and without fear (though you are excused for being a bit nervous from time to time – just don’t let it affect your holy resolve). God, Himself, will be our guide and our microphone.

It is terribly difficult right now as the body politic totters between reform and disaster – and when Church leaders are largely paralyzed by their own internal battles. This time, it will not be the leaders who lead us to safety – but the ordinary people who lead and, by their example, cause ordinary leaders to recollect their duty to God and to the faithful. I want people to be mentally and spiritually prepared for whatever comes. It has been painful watching some think that there are no worries – God will take care of it all. Yes, He will…but WE are the instruments He will use to take care of it all. It has been equally painful watching some act as if the Church is going to come tumbling down because of some serious miscreants in it. It is Christ, Himself, who promised He would preserve His Church. To start doubting that the Church will survive is not the same as doubting some of its leaders; it is to doubt Christ, Himself. Christ let the storm toss the boat His own disciples were in while He slept – and when they, in panic, woke Him saying, “We perish,” He rebuked both the storm AND their little faith. Advocate for fidelity to the Magisterium and the Gospels through this Storm, but do it in a way so that when the Lord has fully rebuked the Storm, He does not turn and reprove you for your little faith. Stay firmly in the Barque of Peter, even when you think Peter and some of his cohorts are acting rather hinky. It is Christ’s promise you count on.

I want us to have strong, but flexible, muscles – mentally and spiritually. In the BEST case, we have some serious battles ahead. In the WORST case, we suffer severe trials but are assured of victory. If we get the best case, I don’t want people to think there are not severe trials involved – and to be prepared for them. If we get the worst case, I don’t want people to lose sight in the midst of the storm that we are assured of victory. The path to safety ahead is narrow – and the way to destruction is wide, indeed – in either case. I say that not so much to exhort people here, but to remind you all that you are all called to lead others, during a time of great turmoil, through that narrow path. Many will lose their heads in whatever panic comes. Our job is to keep ours, show others to do the same, and keep our eyes firmly on Jesus as the light going forward. Everyone here has a greater call than to just keep their head in the midst of trials.

I pray still that somehow this can be resolved by ordinary means. As I mentioned, I am working on several intense pro-life projects right now. Someone asked me why I bother if the Lord is going to renew the world. Ha…when He moves His hand, I want him to find me hard at work at my ordinary work. So should it be with all of us. I suspect if the fiery trial must come, it will come suddenly upon all of us. Keep to your ordinary work with fidelity, trusting that the Lord will show you the next step when it comes…and pray that you will have the resolve to act, not panic.

We all walk by faith and not by sight now. Please do not get discouraged when you make a big error. I have worked hard to do well, but I have made a couple of big errors. Those errors do not relieve me – or you – of our obligation to live our faith with resolve until the end. I hate these times, but part of me is joyful to see them come, for this is the renewal – and I was made for these times. Remember, when it seems dark, that God chose you for these times, too. He knew every soul He would ever make before all ages – and chooses when to deploy them. He chose your soul to be deployed in these times. Give thanks. The only thing that is really at stake is your place in heaven. Act with the fidelity that will allow you, a hundred years from now to watch from heaven as your descendants remember you and call you blessed because, when the great assault came against faith, family and freedom, you stood with unshakeable fortitude on the side of God and to secure those blessings for them. Remember, when all natural light seems extinguished that you need only the supernatural light of God to take the next right step and be a sign of hope. Acknowledge Him and follow His light.

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  1. Amen, Charlie… to all you’ve written.

    This thought, “I want people to be mentally and spiritually prepared for whatever comes.” brings to mind one of your gems which remains ever present: “What you desire most is most effective against you. Desire God and all shall be added to you.” To truly get there, detachment is bedrock and becoming the Litany of Humility, by Rafael Cardinal Merry del Val, is a worthy endeavor for emptying of self in order to embrace wanting what God wants.

    O Jesus! meek and humble of heart, Hear me.
    From the desire of being esteemed,
    Deliver me, Jesus.

    From the desire of being loved…
    From the desire of being extolled …
    From the desire of being honored …
    From the desire of being praised …
    From the desire of being preferred to others…
    From the desire of being consulted …
    From the desire of being approved …
    From the fear of being humiliated …
    From the fear of being despised…
    From the fear of suffering rebukes …
    From the fear of being calumniated …
    From the fear of being forgotten …
    From the fear of being ridiculed …
    From the fear of being wronged …
    From the fear of being suspected …

    That others may be loved more than I,
    Jesus, grant me the grace to desire it.

    That others may be esteemed more than I …
    That, in the opinion of the world,
    others may increase and I may decrease …
    That others may be chosen and I set aside …
    That others may be praised and I unnoticed …
    That others may be preferred to me in everything…
    That others may become holier than I, provided that I may become as holy as I should…

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  2. Brilliant piece Charlie.

    I am happy that God had given USA a really strong president who will not back down and is accomplishing everything he said. I know in his early days he was pro choice but in 2018 he advocated his support for pro life The Right To Live. I am hoping the Holy Spirit anoints the new judge so as to fulfill this promise of his. Meanwhile here is Dinesh speaking on the same matter

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    1. Thank God for Dinesh Souza and may God bless him! I am a fan of Dinesh, he exhibits the best of our Immigrant class and is the reason America, as a Country, is Great.

      As we all know here, America was founded as a compilation of ethnicities and cultures. George Washington remarked to an Indian (Native) Chief his race would be better suited to Christianity than his current.

      America thrives in its immigrant citizens, ONLY, whereupon these immigrant citizens align themselves within the American culture. Maintain their Identity; yes of course, but ASSIMILATE.

      Public Charity: Organizations, such as:
      Funded by Government;
      funded by organizations funded by government;

      need to CEASE TO EXIST.

      We need to getback to Biblical Basics: Love God with all your Heart, all your Mind and all your Soul
      & Love your Neighbor as your self.

      In my interpretation, God desires NO MIDDLE MAN, he wants direct contact {w/ the consumer}

      Give to your neighbor in need

      (not more, and not less)

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  3. This past month or so I have been feeling a great push to be physically fit as well. I am more of an occasional exerciser. Not driven to exercise for looks or anything like that but now, an internal-almost shout-get in physical shape. Even to the point of jog/walking-I haven’t done that in 40+ years!
    Lots of points to contemplate, Charlie. Thank you for your encouraging words. Most of my adult life I felt like I should have been alive during the pioneer days and have learned lots of those skills because they were fun. Well, that fun may now be a necessity.
    Beckita-thank you for the wonderful music. Music stays with me a lot longer and can bring it to mind much more easily. If everything goes south the right kind of music may sustain us.
    An aside-Ted Koppel wrote a book titled-Lights Out. He did a great job of researching the topic. I would encourage everyone to read it.

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    1. Handtotheplow, #me too!!! Lol…I’ve had a terrible feeling of impending doom, have begun to change habits that could be bad if things change, started doing laps or walking, gotten books from the library on how to identify edible weeds & how to live off the grid!!! I’m reading “One second after.” Forwarded by Newt Gingrich about EMP hitting America’s already weakened electric grid. Scary stuff..but I truly believe if it hapoens, thus book gives a true to life scenario of how it will go down.

      Fr Chad Ripperger renowned exorcist has a new 4 part series out on end times 2018…he says to detach from EVERYONE &EVERYTHING because ALL could be gone. All EXCEPT GOD. If we try to become more like Our Lady, who wanted NOTHING but God’s Will, we will be fine whatever side we get to see the full restoration 😄

      For me personally, I feel God is asking me to pray for all those I know right after I receive Holy Communion. ..I go down the list & the list is…thank you Charlie for helping us & coaching us too!!! TNRS xoxo

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      1. “For me personally, I feel God is asking me to pray for all those I know right after I receive Holy Communion.”
        Indeed Linda, what a great time to pray! Think about it. When you consume that host, it settles within a few inches from your heart.
        My prayer: Jesus, make my heart a loving and peaceful resting place for You as I seek refuge in Your Sacred Heart as well.

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        1. That is so beautiful Christopher J! Yes, and I try to hold Jesus on the roof of my mouth for as long as I possibly can and caress Jesus for as long as I can as I go down my list of my family and friends whomever I can think of or whomever God puts on my mind and heart… What a moment! We are all so fortunate.. Today was really cool…I received from the first time our new Priest, Father Francis on the feast of Saint Thomas… Those are my two boys’ names!!! Francis and Thomas! Happy 4th everyone!!! God save us all! xoxo

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    2. Same here, HTTP. This past month I jumped back into a fitness program. Six days a week, I follow a mixed schedule of light body-weight exercises while making coffee and oatmeal. You know: push-ups, lunges, toolbox curls, dictionary deltoid raises, etc. Sunday’s are now “just-a-closer-walk” day. Yesterday I went on a beautiful 5-mile hike in the Black Hills with some friends from church. Knees and back are sore, but it was worth it….especially because of the half-pound Rueben burger I had at the Sugar Shack afterward. My motivations? Partly to improve appearance and confidence, partly to increase function and endurance lest I have to walk across the country one day.🙂 (Kidding…I’m pretty sure the Lord has work for me here.)

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      1. Ah the Black Hills, Patrick! During all the years of raising the family, when school was out for mom, dad and the kids, we’d pack up the van and drive I-90 east to Sioux City. Rapid City and the Black Hills were a must stop on the way across the Great Plains. The biggest annoyance became the children’s compulsive attraction – when they were very young – to stopping at Wall Drug to hear Singing Sam the Gorilla Man. Honestly, they’d sing his tunes in their sleep. Really?!

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        1. Hee! Other than Rushmore, Wall Drug is about the only other cool thing for a kid to do here. A diamond in the rough, it’s the Disneyland of South Dakota. Heck, I even love stopping in for my free cup of coffee. Of course, I admit I also enjoy flirting with the Ukrainian girls there on work visas in the summer. 😚☕

          I bet for you, Becks, just seeing pines over the Sugar Shack brings back all kinds of memories. It is so God’s country!

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          1. God’s country it is, Patrick! And so is Montana. Plenty of pines all around. Over the weekend, I drove Father and me to ministry near Glacier Park. There were two Masses in the parish for which he subbed and we drove into the Park Saturday evening for Mass with folks from all over the country as well as the world.

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              1. I can see the image, Joe. So it’s cold down under, eh? I miss the -25 cold ⛄️ and this mid-summer heat 🌞is melting me. I thought the Farmers’ Almanac said this would be a mild summer.
                Perhaps Al Gore Junior was right all along…🌏🔥

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              1. Looks like it posted right well, Broseph… the very pic I saw in my FB feed today posted by my Scottish sister. G.o.r.g.e.o.u.s.


            1. Wonderful pictures, Beckita. Montana is very high on my bucket list and there’s a very real possibility I’d live and work there someday…soon (God willing). Something tells me that when I arrive I won’t want to leave, especially if these pictures are anything like what I’d see.

              My friends from Colorado Springs just got back from a small-vessel cruise of Juneau and Glacier Bay National Park. They affectionately call me the “Mountain Man” for some reason and said they were constantly thinking during their tour how much I’d love the independent Alaskan lifestyle. Ah, so many beautiful places to see in this land, B. Despite our pains, we are so blessed here.

              Once I graduate, this could be me, happily freezing my tuckus off…without the mullet, of course.

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              1. It would be awesome to have you working in the state, Patrick. The eastern part is, as you probably know, more like the plains while everything near and west of Bozeman is mountaneous. You’re so right about God’s beauty all over this land. The Badlands so close to you are a striking sight. I’ve known so many people who have visited or lived in Alaska. *That* would be an interesting experience to be living in one of the lands of the midnight sun.

                On our drive to ministry, we traversed the west shores of Flathead Lake, the largest natural inland lake west of the Mississippi. When stormy weather rolls in, the waves crest in an oceanic manner. In August, the bing cherry orchards which fill those east shores are loaded with rich fruit.

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              2. Patrick, thanks for the blast from the past. Northern exposure is one of the handful of shows that watched back in the day. 🙂

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          2. Oh, Patrick, I would have to respectfully disagree with you as to Mt Mushmore is the only place to go. (My youngest called it Mushmore and it stuck.) Mt Mushmore was the place locals avoided. Spearfish Canyon is a must in the fall time, breathtakingly beautiful. However, being a Montana native-the Black Hills are a good second place- ;-0 Oucha.

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      2. We lived in Belle Fourche for 4 years when Bishop Chaput (now Archbishop), was in Rapid. Was blessed to hear him a few times. Many fond memories of the area raising our 3 sons and homeschooling with other area families.

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        1. Archbishop Chaput returned to Rapid to be a guest speaker at a Catholic Social Services awards dinner last year. He is still loved here. Sometimes we meet a person who makes us feel we are in the presence of someone very special. He’s one of those persons. Some people just exude the love of God.

          I completely agree, Spearfish Canyon is amazing.

          Now, as for Mt. Mushmore! I’m embarrassed to say that — especially on the 4th of July — I’ve lived here for 8 years and haven’t seen it yet. I’ve seen the mountain from the backside, but not the faces. Actually, I’m waiting for family to visit so we can all enjoy it together…it, er, may be awhile.

          Belle Fourche has one of the best Chinese restaurants I’ve ever eaten at, and I’ve eaten at hundreds all around the US and several countries in Europe. (The best was in Luxembourg, but that included a hot towel face massage by the waitress at the end, so it’s an unfair comparison 🙂). In Belle, the sesame chicken is cut from real breast meat and the colorful twice-cooked pork fried rice comes to the table so hot that one has to wait for it to cool! Mmmm.

          Well maybe you can explain this to me, HTTP: Why do they pronounce the town “Bell Foosh”? Or how about Pierre, SD, which is butchered as well, pronounced “Peer”? At least they pronounce Lead, SD, as “leed”.

          Thanks. Say, if you ever want to visit the Hills again……

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  4. So glad to hear about the committed Pro-lifers, Charlie! This coming Saturday, in Ireland, we’ll march through Belfast city centre to give witness yet again and to support our brothers and sisters, born and unborn, in Northern Ireland, now the only part of this island where they haven’t bowed the knee to Baal. It breaks my heart to have to say that, but it is the truth.

    Yes, so we lost a major battle, and the majority spat in God’s face, and there will be consequences for that. But at least some of us will try to make some reparation by keeping at least a part of the country free. Funny, isn’t it: it was the Northern Kingdom of Israel that apostatised, and the Southern Kingdom of Judah that stayed faithful. Here in Ireland we have the opposite! Ok, I won’t push that analogy too far, in view of what subsequently happened to Judah, but for the moment I thought it was interesting. In a wry sort of way.

    Anyway, we do take heart from developments in the US on the pro-life front. And I am really intrigued to hear all about how dire things are for the Priests of Baal, aka PP, as you allude to above, but that’ll come out in its own good time. In the meantime, I’m happy to TDL.

    Blessings to all on this feast of our martyred Archbishop Primate of All Ireland, St. Oliver Plunkett (1st July 1681 at Tyburn, London). May he powerfully intercede before God on behalf of his wayward descendents. We so need that. J.

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  5. Well Charlie,

    Should it become necessary that you embark on the Jericho March, your answering the call and doing it in accordance with God’s Will will be a victory right there. Every single step. For one thing, each step can be a prayer. And you can be assured of my prayers.

    I hope should the pilgrimage arise that you will make it safely to Washington, D.C. … I trust that whatever happens, “all things work together for those who love God” and that you will be a great example for the rest of us.

    It’s been a really strange year for me, and God has been showing me that if you do trust and obey, He can get you through adventures that you never would have dreamed of as being possible.

    As for callings, what’s remained constant in my case, like I posted about four years ago on your TNRS blog, is that I still feel called to be an artist who paints in the Storm (and hopefully beyond it?). And for whatever reason, I now feel I’m supposed to paint on a bigger size canvas using the colors red, blue, and purple, and that I should also paint T-shirts (but not like everybody else).

    So today I started a new painting with Cobalt Blue, and I have the Cadmium Red Light and Brilliant Purple ready to go. I’m painting with paper towels dipped in water, and will likely also use palette knives and brushes.

    Sounds silly, right? Well, the Bible does talk about becoming a “fool for Christ.” And how God uses “the foolish to confound the wise, and the weak to confound the strong.”

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  6. I was praying for you, Charlie, and got a quizzical feeling that you wanted to write but… I couldn’t discern more than the feeling you were being prevented in some minor way. Of course, feelings mean nothing, only faith matters. I prayed you would write when the time was right. God is good and here you are. And such writing… I needed the boost. So, for me, the computer malfunction and the reboot with Mt. Meeker as the only choice for our Vista is a telling sign of hope. Our loving Father knows what we need before we ask. And even when we eagerly hold out our hands, He waits ’til the right moment to fill them. That includes Beckita’s inclusion of the Litany of Humility; always a good time for that.

    As for the walk and the coming hurricane, fiat voluntas tua. Here I am, Lord.

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  7. Thank you Charlie, for this and for all you do for us and the Church.

    I try to practice the examen prayer, given to us by St. Ignatius of Loyola. Of greatest significance in this prayer is step one …. being grateful to God. This is of key importance as it gives us hope. Regularly practicing this exercise of gratitude tends to open our eyes to the many things, even in trials and sufferings, that God has allowed or provided for our benefit. The more we practice this prayer, especially recognizing those things that God has done for us, a sinner, we become more sensitive and aware of His generosity and benevolence permeating our day. This surge in gratitude makes us joyful, as a hope-filled person tends to be joyful and at peace. St. Padre Pio said, “God doesn’t give more to those who aren’t grateful for what they already have.” Wow! Today, I thanked God for air conditioning, as the heat index outside is 103 degrees here in the southern south… in other words near the Gulf of Mexico.

    Regarding hope, I read some years ago that there are over 20,000 Associations of the Lay Faithful; Catholic lay organizations (many having priests and religious as well) with various charisms, apostolates, etc. I am sure the number is significantly higher now. These associations came about in large part during the “new springtime” that St. John Paul II spoke about. The provision which allows for the creation of these associations came about with the 1983 revision of the Code of Canon Law. What a blessing for the Church. I think that this is a part of what you spoke about Charlie, when you talked about how lay people will play a significant part in the renewal of the Church and society. God has been planning and planting for quite some time in preparation for the storm and the renewal to follow. As Charlie has said on a number of occasions, “God will not leave us bereft.” I tell that to people often, especially those who are suffering, which are many in this day and age.

    One last thing, as I so much like to pass on little joys to others…. like a good recipe, or a good, uplifting movie (these movies have become somewhat rare nowadays). I read the following quote from Scripture and passed it on to some friends. I was surprised at how many wrote and expressed their gratitude as it seemed so timely in their lives. So, I share it here….

    For surely I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord, plans for your welfare and not for harm, to give you a future with hope. (Jeremiah 29:11).

    May our most benevolent God grant us all an abundance of His most choice graces, especially our Savior’s courage, peace, joy and love!

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  8. Wonderful! Perfect! Thank you all!!

    Charlie, I feel July 5th is significant for you. Whatever may come know that we pray for you always as you pray for us.

    I think that getting our guardian angels involved is important. I have been studying under Father Ripperger.

    There are youtube videos by Father Ripperger about angels.

    Whatever may come Charlie, thank you! Thank you for doing your duty well and helping all of us to prepare and perfect our duty to God.

    Praise the Lord! Hallelujah!

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  9. Just this morning a friend shared a meme that said something to the effect that “I know it looks dark, but the Light is coming. Keep holding on.” How fitting that this post of yours should appear, reaffirming that simple statement. Thank you for being such a faithful, honest and humble sherpa, Charlie. Your words truly do convey truth, encouragement and hope! I am always calmed and uplifted after reading your words.

    And thank you Beckita, for the beautiful Litany of Humity..I have always loved it!

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  10. Thank-you Charlie, for this call: “Discern the call God has intimately given you, then live it with joy, fortitude and endurance.” In the past few months I have been restricted by injury (all my fault!) and was becoming quite discouraged. I went to my spiritual director and was telling him of my struggles and I said I want to feel better so I can do more and he said Garbage! You don’t need to do more, you are a prayer warrior, do that! Just remembering his words makes me want to laugh and cry at the same time. I need to live out my call with joy, fortitude and endurance!
    And since that is my calling, please, everyone here, know that you are in my daily prayers:
    Our Lady of Guadalupe, Mystical Rose of Tepeyac, help all those who invoke you in their necessities!
    Since you are the ever Virgin Mary and Mother of the true God, obtain for us from your most holy Son, the grace of keeping our faith, sweet hope in the midst of the bitterness of life, fervent charity and the precious gift of final perseverance. Amen
    Thank-you Charlie, Beckita, Steve and
    God bless us, every one,
    Katey in OR, Prayer Warrior 🙏🏼💕😊

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  11. I too took and keep heart from that Sept 23rd sign in the sky; as I raved about it to my dying, 70 year old husband, and my sixteen year old granddaughter — having just shown her the EWTN video about such an astronomical sign at the time of Christ. My husband may or may not have taken it to heart before he died several weeks afterward…(I just couldn’t bring it up here as we were transitioning and I wasn’t up to it; and hopefully not called by God to do so:)
    I take heart in the seeds planted by it all in my grandaughter’s heart. ( Simone’s daughter:)

    I knew these past weeks that you were somehow formulating something, Charlie. And seeing it or not, to yes, walk by faith not sight.

    Oh, Charlie. You were told to keep faith, not be unerring…

    My biggest challenge is what I call the misery factor. I challenge myself and another recent widow regularly to ‘ breathe like we want to live’, (a term used by a dying boy to his Mother who was suffering from his same disease).

    I, We, know from discernment to not act on our lesser inclinations. I pray for the grace of endurance, calm focus, and that actual grace to actual-ly take the next right step; overstepping fear. Amen!

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    1. Leslyek, I am so sorry for your loss. I will pray for the repose of your husband’s soul; and I will pray for you and your family.

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    2. Joining in prayer for the repose of your husband’s soul, Leslyek, with deepest condolences to you and your family. Praying for you and all who love your dear husband.

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    3. I am so sorry for your loss, Leslyyek..I will keep you and your family in my prayers, as well as for the soul of your dear husband. May you feel Christ’s love enfold you.

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  12. There is a saying that goes like this:
    “ The sun is always shining even when we don’t see it.”
    Dark clouds always pass but the sun remains constant.

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  13. As things begin to unravel the idea of loosing contact with this community is bittersweet.
    When Jesus ascended into heaven Our Lady told Mary of Agreda that it was His way of ‘kicking the Apostles out of the nest’. Having been so close to Him and so dependant on His leadership it was time for them to act on their own and thus the Acts of the Apostles came into being.
    We here at TNRS are now at this threshold. Whether the internet goes down, some of us move on to bigger and better things or Charlie takes a walk (ascends?) the bittersweet days are at hand- the best and the worst of them.
    I lived a long time before I met this community. I learned a lot here and I’m glad of its existence. But I need to be ready to be led to the next chapter by Our Lord and remember to take what I’ve learned here with me, and all of you as well. If I live a long time away from this community, I will not forget you. If tomorrow the internet goes down and we loose contact with one another I will not be too saddened because I trust we will be together again. How or when does not matter since I have placed you all in my heart where you will remain. Friendship and community is eternal and in this I am comforted but right now the idea of loosing you all is bittersweet. But I have the consolation that in the end, when we are all in eternity, there will be no bitter but all sweet!

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    1. Tears streaming, Phil. As ever, so beautifully said. Your words bring to mind some research done with a chorus when pulse monitors were attached to the singers’ ears and the researchers measured the changes in the choir members’ heart rates as they navigated the intricate harmonies of a hymn. Some of the discoveries included the calming effect of the music on the hearts of those in the group and, my favorite, the heart beats of the singers were synchonized in no time at all. I have nary a doubt that the hearts in our TNRS-ASOH family have been beating in unison. And whether we remain the People of the Kingdom or move on as the People of Heaven in the days to come… our hearts will ever beat as one.

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        1. Well, Nancy, Charlie gave us the lyrics and the melody as the bass line, or ostinato, and after checking with his angel, Charlie conveyed that anyone may compose a melody which would harmonize with the ostinato. Perhaps our own stories throughout this time of Rescue could comprise additional lyrics.

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      1. This beautiful song from Charlie and sung by Kitty always make me cry!!! so Beautiful.. Did anyone see Mystic Post today? Mirijana could hardly contain herself, she said Our Lady appeared to her yesterday and was beyond consoling… May Our Lady’s Heart Triumph asap!

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    2. I love that Phillip Frank. My hard drive and years of files and work were lost on Friday. We have not been able to and it appears my not be able to repair the damage and recover the data. I’ve been at ease piecing back what I am able to with the remnants of some sub par equipment and programs.

      I do believe 100% there are several lessons for me in this mishap and that with my efforts, all will be well. I had the joy of spending part of the weekend unattached from the daily grind and completely disconnected from technology in Wisconsin at a family beach cottage that I had not been to in years.

      At Mass out of state, a new Pastor, Fr. George, during the homily expressed that two churches were uniting to form one new parish.

      He presided over all of the Saturday Vigil and Sunday Masses at St. Peter and St. Bede to speak to all the members of the flock which together now have formed the new parish named, Our Lady of the Lakes. He said he may not always be physically present, since he can only be at one church at a time, but will be spiritually united and have associates and staff available. He made a bold request for the community to be more united and involved too. He added that he will make mistakes, and will learn from and correct them as we work together to stay strong.

      I was so very encouraged as I felt, as I often do God speaking directly to me through other people and circumstances. I love, love, love the name of the new parish: Our Lady of the Lakes. We are no doubt being prepared, imho. May God continue to gently guide us all on this blessed journey of action and faith.

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      1. Hmmm…if it is in Lake County, Illinois, I have been several times to both those Parishes. I thought you were down in Cook County. Nice that you go to my old stomping grounds for Mass. I was received into the Church at St. Gilbert’s in Grayslake.

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        1. I love that Charlie and appreciate your always insightful and thought provoking articles.

          Jeff and I had the pleasure of spending a bit of time this weekend in Kenosha County at a family summer cottage. I no longer reside in Cook County, thanks be to God! We are in Will County now in St. Mary Immaculate Parish which happens to be the largest parish in the state with 8000 + families.

          Even here, we are experiencing a crisis in clergy and church resources being spread so thin. More and more we are being called to be a community faith; a family of God. You have been preparing us for this all along. Thank you! ❤

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          1. We keep getting wonderful Priest from India Jlynnbyrd! Boy they sure do have amazing faith! Not that American priests don’t but they seem unafraid to preach and to preach boldly, where no man has preached before! Today is a great day for Our Indian Priests, being the Feast of Saint Thomas!!!

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          2. Hi JB
            Yes indeed, we are in a crisis of clergy. Here in my district we have one priest for three parishes and are lucky to have two masses in a week.
            This week our resident missionary priest from the Philipinnes returned from “holiday”in his home country. During his stay there his bishop asked him to stand in for his local priest who was sick. On the Sunday before he ended his holiday his duty included saying 7 masses starting at 4am and finishing at 8pm. He travelled to many villages in the course of that day and got home at 10pm. All our missionary priests are heroes and The Catholic Church in New Zealand would find it hard to survive without our Asian priests. The churches would be half empty without our people of Asian origin. Their devotion to Jesus and Mary is inspiring.

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      2. I loved this as I am familiar with both parishes, mainly because of funerals. Also familiar with Prince of Peace where my cousins went to school. Went to many Sunday Masses there. Also St. Eugene’s was mentioned as Father’s previous parish. This was a local parish to the one I grew up in. Thanks for the memories.

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        1. You’re welcome Noreen. How is your Magnolia tree doing? Ours was budding in January too. Sadly they remain closed and we have no new growth/leaves either.

          Recently new leaves stared forming on the large branches near the center of the core/trunk. Odd, yet intriguing! ❤

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          1. Flowers all gone but leaves are beautiful! My grandson loves to climb it. Also, I have been to many Masses at St. Eugene’s, Divine Savior, and Immaculate Conception as well as worked at Resurrection in the 80s.

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    3. Philip Frank should we all tnrs be in heaven together some day, I think Our Sweet Jesus will have a beautiful abode JUST for us TNRS folk, with a beautiful cabin in the woods, and lots & lots of squirrels, wild horses & streams😏

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    4. Goodness, Phillip Frank…you clearly just wrote everything I feel in my heart and hear in my mind, but could not put into words. Like Beckita, tears falling here, too. May the Blessings and the Grace of God be with all of us and our loved ones, that we will all be sustained through His Mercy, until the very end, whatever and whenever that may be. I have come to love and cherish all of you and the wisdom that I have gleaned from the words herein. ❤️🙏

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    5. Lovely comments, Phillip, but one part stung me. Only Jesus ascends. I just walk – and if it is a long way, I walk with a limp I can only hide for short distances.

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      1. My “ascend” comment was a euphemism for our loosing you in a crises/walk, etc.
        We all limp but my point was more about how any truly mature individual puts away childish things (crutch) by either leaving the nest or being pushed out of it and must man up, limp and all.
        Of course, Jesus never abandons us, He actually gives us the Holy Spirit as well (Who has been ever present here too!) And nothing good is ever truly lost.
        So gimp on TNRS’rs, I shall not lead, for I do not know the way and I shall not follow per chance I’ll fall behind and so I will remain at your side and be your friend.

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        1. After reading Charlie’s reply, I was about to mention that we’ve all been limping in some fashion since birth and Voila! Here’s your clarification, Phillip. “That is why, for Christ’s sake, I delight in weaknesses, in insults, in hardships, in persecutions, in difficulties. For when I am weak, then I am strong.” (1Cor 12:10)

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          1. If we lost you Charlie, we would all go through Charlie withdrawal symptoms, but as long as our faith is well placed in God, I think we will get through it. I am counting
            On that you will make it to the triumph in this life. 😁

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    6. Bittersweet indeed, Phil, but not before this parting share from the Sweetwater, as I don’t have anything further to add that isn’t redundant.

      Funny, but I’ve been been helping to drive my favorite bands from the usual stomping grounds to better range because they had a mighty struggle ahead if they simply stayed put. Heck, it was tough. Not sure when I’ll cross paths again with the likes of Old Gold, Red, Espiritu… etc., but there was greener pasture and abundant water waiting for them after a long slog.

      Not much of a fishing story towards the end of the video, but that silly fella happened to have his gear along and managed to catch a fish on the first catch. Sure, it was dinky… but the sight of those happy mustangs coupled with catching a fish (even a dinky one) was a little slice of paradise in the midst of all the pain. God is good.

      And all will be well. All will be well.


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      1. Another amazing video, MP. Thanks so much. Oh, and how big was the fish you caught? I haven’t been fishing since I was about 7 or 8, which was the last time I went fishing with my grandmother.

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      2. Missed you lately MP.
        I figure you were harassing something! A type of prefigurement to our times?
        Greener pastures, hmm.
        May we all be driven to them in these days of the desert;
        D- divisiveness
        Lord lead us to this place of cool waters and green pastures.

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      3. Beautiful MP. I recently heard someone ask “why doesn’t God show himself to everyone?”. There was a priestly answer to this, “how do you show infinity? ” This answer had a profound effect on me. I thought, it makes sense. The irony is that God is showing himself to us directly. He is showing himself in bits and pieces as our little finite selves most likely cannot absorb all there is to know. Job is classic of this. All of nature reflects a certain aspect of who he is. How glorious and how much surprise there is still in store for us! Looks like that wagon trip will be a long one with new discoveries and surprises around every bend and corner. Blessings to you!

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      4. Michael Patrick that was so beautiful! Thank you for sharing… what came to my mind is…Give a man a line and a hook and he will never go hungry! Even if it’s only a dinky bite! 😉

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    7. Thank you Phillip. Your words are awesome and I feel exactly the same way about the blessed people here. I hope to meet all of you, someday, in a very glorious place.

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  14. When the Church began, it was a community. Would we all break bread together if we were in the same room? Yes, just like in the early days. But then the Church grew out into the world, and it accreted the trappings of secular power around it. That is not the Church, nor the Magisterium, or the Bible. Imagine what is needed to strip the Church of its secular trappings and return it to its roots, as a simpler organization, as a community of souls. Like a lifeboat the Church has built and protected itself in a secular world in order to bring from its source the framework of its knowledge so we would have all that available to us today despite all the crises of the last 2,000 years. Now it is heavily encrusted with the ornaments and armor of worldly power, and Rescue has arrived. That armor is no longer needed although there are many who desire it still. Such a stripping will be costly and very difficult. It may cause many to believe that the Church itself is failing, falling, collapsing. But what is being stripped and tossed away is not the Church itself, only its secular accretions. Hang in there, and trust God’s Plan.

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  15. My Father has shown me that He permitted many trials throughout my lifetime for this day and time. I have been “fired” over and over again so that I would pick up my cross and continue to move forward even though I fell in sorrow and lost my ways too many times to remember. This past week was topped off with a violent Norovirus that I thought was my end…..but no, I’m still standing…..wobbly…..but upright to take a tragic call that my grandnephew (who I never got to meet) overdosed on drugs and has died. Another painful loss, but I will continue forward working in His vineyard, taking the next right step. I am ready Lord. Thank you for all the guidance and assistance from my angel, My Blessed Mother and all the great Archangels and Saints to sustain me and all of my dear friends here at TNRS. God bless all here. Thank you TNRS family.

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    1. So sorry to hear of the passing of your grandnephew, San San. Praying for the repose of his soul, for his and your family, and for all who love him.

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    2. SanSan,

      Prayers of strength and support and a big hug for you during this most stressful time. Know that Our Lord will not forsake you. Let the perpetual life shine upon the soul of your grandnephew.

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  16. Inspirational, thank you Charlie! So many things resounded in my heart as I read your piece. Indeed what a joy it is to understand and embark upon a God-given mission.

    Many of us have the Prayer-Warrior mission (as Katey’s SD reminded her) as an important basis of our day-to-day duty. Some days we limp along, others we take leaps and bounds – all are wonderfully caught up in the Lord!

    Also there are times when you realize that God has hand-picked something in particular for you to do and until you know that you are sufficiently prepared (with trust, courage, means, etc.) there is an exhilarating mix of trepidation and anticipation – waiting on the Lord.

    It is where I joyfully find myself at the moment. I remember well your concern for me last year Beckita when I seemed to be swamped with troubles. It was the same experience as you and many others were enduring, and no doubt others are right now too. I wondered at times just what the Lord might be getting me ready for. Do we dare say that we are catching on to His modus operandi? For anyone reading who is really struggling, may I encourage you to ‘stay awake’ through the darkness – be prepared for the return of the Bridegroom with His Joy and Light. He is just getting you fit for duty! And that is not to make light of anyone’s real pain for we are all called to carry our crosses but it can be so easy not to see them as ‘treasures’.

    Just as an aside: I am wondering if others here might be having similar experiences (and I am fully aware that ‘feelings’ are not to be trusted) possibly as an aid to helping each of us in the time ahead. In the last couple of days I have noticed when I read, hear or speak the words ‘holy Catholic Church’ or ‘Holy Mother Church’ my heart seems to palpably swell with love! Praise our Good and generous God!

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  17. As a Christian and conservative, I’m unaccustomed to hearing good news in the Godless, erotic/neurotic, culture of death that’s consumed our beloved country.

    I was in nursing school when Obamacare was legally stuffed down our throats. Somewhere between mortified and outraged, I wept upon hearing the news. What a huge boost to the already mammoth abortion and contraception machine. I wasn’t going into health care to be a party to this evil, and for two consecutive nights, I cried myself to sleep before Our Lady of Tepeyac. It seemed like the defeats were mounting: the political and judicial losses we incurred during O’s ugly reign were demoralizing, to say the least. Sadly, I started getting used to losing.

    This was probably the biggest reason I was drawn to the message of hope from The Next Right Step. Charlie assured us that this evil would be swept away in the Storm and that civilization would be rescued by Our Lady, the Immaculate Conception. I jumped on board right away. Ah, how sweet hope is!

    Now, with a decent man in the White House leading us away from inevitable doom, we are seeing everything suddenly swing in the opposite direction. (Wow!) However, our victories are bittersweet because of the rage this is provoking on the other side. Still, we are stopping the enemies, both demon and human. These may be small victories for God and for Life, but this has filled us with renewed hope and vigor.

    Witnessing the wild protestations from the Left, it’s clear a brutal slog lie ahead. But Charlie, what you DIDN’T elaborate on hints that our troops are well-positioned to eventually end this horrific war. Even without the details, this has got to be the best non-news I’ve heard since 1973!

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    1. As for Obamacare, they never saw the Little Sisters of the Poor coming. I heard one of the Mother Superiors (from the Philadelphia convent, if I remember correctly) speak at Mass at our Church right after it was passed. She was a young, strong confident woman and outlined that they would be suing the government over the law re:subsidising abortion. There were many cars in the church parking lot that year with Vote Obama stickers on their bumpers. Many parishioners were gaga over the “O”. I wondered if they had any clue what they had voted for. And there from the altar podium was this paragon of the Catholic Church telling them what Obamacare really was. So the resistance started in a very unexpected place. Just like President Trump, they never saw her coming, they never saw her determination, they never say her resolve. She said that day that they would never pay for Obamacare! To this day, it makes me chuckle.

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      1. Heartening story, Joanne. That’ll teach ‘em: Don’t mess with the Little Sisters of the Poor!

        That really translates to: Catholic religious and laity may appear as a weak, insignificant minority, expected to turn the other cheek, but as we saw in this case, when you cross the line that is their faith, you cross the line with God. Fair warning.

        Of course, the left will remain blind to ever seeing that.

        Saint Jeanne Jugan, pray for us.

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    2. I heard yesterday on the Drew Mariani show that 3/4 of Americans DO NOT WANT R V WADE OVERTURNED! I was horrified! I spoke with a Christian woman about this the other day, and she was in the 3/4ths.. I was horrified! I couldn’t believe Christians are anti-life

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      1. Our Lady of Tepeyac will see to all hearts, Linda. The sacrifice to Baal will end. The Mother of God will ultimately crush the head of the Serpent.

        As for your Pro-death friends, they are blind to the true horror. They think they are being compassionate. I have an intuition that Our Mother will strip that veil of false compassion away. Her love for all her children is so great, she can’t let them be deceived forever. She will stand again in front of the light of her Son so as to give us just enough cover to perceive her victory. This is how I believe she will work and then we choose life, or perish. 8 million pagan Mexicans became Catholic due to one small image. Imagine if she enlarged her canvas just a little more for the rest of the world.

        Pray. Hope. Don’t worry. Take the next right step.

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      2. I don’t doubt it, Linda, although I’d want to know what question the survey asked and who did they ask. So 1,020 people were asked to represent about 200 million registered voters. (0.0005%)

        Quinnipiac, Question 31: “In general, do you agree or disagree with the 1973 Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision that established a woman’s right to an abortion?”

        63% agree, 31% disagree. (about 2/3 agree with the question)

        Only 24% polled were Republican, nearly 30% were Dems, and 46% make up the rest. (Independent voters lean liberal). So a majority of people polled are liberal/progressive. Unfortunately, this latest poll is very consistent with trends over the last decade, adding some credibility to the data. We’ve definitely lost the PR battle here. But as far as I’m concerned, this is a loaded question from the start and conservatives are underrepresented.

        If Americans knew the truths of abortion: that it is UNSAFE, is often performed in unsanitary conditions, can lead to mental disorders like PTSD, substance abuse, and suicide, that it can cause various cancers in women or even death during the procedure, that it is not a free-will choice but often coerced….

        …OR if they were to witness the actual procedure 😳 and see the distinctly human remains that get discarded, MOST would have an immediate change of ❤️. But few who so vehemently support and fight for medically-unnecessary (cosmetic) abortion have the honesty or the courage to look directly into the face of this “precious” concept mislabeled as a right.

        [Hey Quinnipiac and you others: Provide a color picture of baby parts alongside a smiling medical doctor…. then ask Americans their opinion of question 31. Let’s see what kind of numbers you come up with.]

        Bring. It. On.

        Our Lady of Tepeyac, Mother of the Unborn, pray for us.


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      3. Linda, this does not surprise me at all. The generations younger than I have been taught that it is their right, that it is just a clump of cells to be tossed at will. They have not been taught anything about a soul, about the Incarnation (except in the Catholic Church), about a living human being aka a baby. They have no real clue even with the advent of DNA. I once was in a discussion on line with a young lady who pronounced that Abortion Rights “brought us out of the Dark Ages”. I laughed and told her “no, no, my dear, abortion pre dates even Ancient Rome and was rampant. It was Christ who shown the light of truth on the practice”.

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  18. Thank you Charlie and all here in this community. As usual, there are many pearls of wisdom in your article. Your phrase: “Discern the call God has intimately given you, then live it with joy, fortitude and endurance.” struck a cord.

    Through some humorous circumstances, I got the sense I was supposed to be a “prodder.” Long story short (😀), I sensed earlier this year, I was to influence, with love, those God placed in my path … my family, my friends and people he brings me during my day. (I always wanted to influence outside of that sphere – ignoring “my sphere”). So … I started writing letters of love to them, sending cards I never had time to send before, calling/texting — anything to just keep in touch. In letters to family, I speak of our roots in God and the Catholic church (all have left the Church and some do not believe in God)…. not in a militant, know-it-all way (which was my M.O.) … but weaving God’s Love into a story about an experience in my/our life… weaving God’s Love in offering encouragement in their trials, etc.

    Since reading your articles beginning in summer of 2014, I have grown by leaps and bounds in my Faith and the Love of our Lord. Thank you.

    I took to heart your words:
    “As you look at your life, you cannot measure it by the books published , the soup kitchens worked, the refuges built-though if you do those things they are good. Rather, you must judge it from the perspective of the hope inspired, the peace you spread, the joy you engendered, the love you kindled- for these are the sure marks of the Kingdom of God. All else is detail.”

    God Bless you and all here.

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  19. The left is definitely coming unhinged when a certain senator promotes harassment of Trump supporters.

    At this point, I suggest we pray mightily that the right supreme court pick is chosen to replace Justice Kennedy.

    Such good people here!
    Blessings to you all!

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  20. I have been anticipating this post, Charlie, with joy in my heart. Yes, the events, seen and unseen, since September 23 are, indeed “signs of hope!” May we all courageously live our roles in the days to come. I love all of you in Jesus through Mary.

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  21. Ah Charlie, sounds like you’ve been doing what I’d been hoping you were up to—working with the pro-life warriors on the front lines. I pray every day that God will strengthen my resolve, too, in these times, to be joyful but terrible, as you say. We ordinary folk are standing at the ready! Trying mightily just to live my vocation well—the kid stuff has been intense lately. I’m counting it as part of my boot camp 🙂 Love and daily prayers to all here.

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  22. As we teeter on the edge of the nest, I am so grateful for the encouragement I have received from Charlie and ALL of the TNRS’era. God knows our name and has put us here in this time and space for a reason. If/When we go radio silent I pray we will do the job which has been given with trust and fidelity. Ha-reminds me of how I trained my dogs with voice and hand signal. When my dog went deaf she was still able to obey. May I be as obedient! (If this lowly person trained my dog like that imagine how much more our great God will do for us.)

    For some reason, I am not able to “like” posts. I would “like” everyone’s post.

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  23. I feel a STRONG call to live the devotion of the Divine Mercy in particular this season. I am blessed to live near the National Shrine of Divine Mercy. I hope that this makes up for the fact that I also live within walking distance of Hillary Clinton. One of her houses anyway. The area I live in is a popular haven for wealthy New York City folk. We are not wealthy ourselves, my husband is just a carpenter. It’s hard living here. There is Catholic life here, and where it is found, it is very strong, but we are not many. Someone joked that we’re called “The Frozen Chosen” in church circles, because we are such a rarity. Our area was determined to be the most post-Christian spot in the U.S. compared to the level of faith that used to be here. Anyway, we’re trying in various ways. Some of us have thrown ourselves into homeschooling instead of enjoying the wealth of a double income home in order to preserve our children from spiritual harm. Some of us are working to establish a renewal of Catholic socialization, customs and traditions through starting up activity groups for children. Some are working hard to get perpetual adoration in a town that has become a post-Christian haven. Some are quietly evangelizing at work. We’re trying to bring Jesus into our world, and we’re doing it by living Divine Mercy. Some can only pray and do the dishes, but none of us are doing nothing. I often think of the prayer of Saint Francis these days, calling upon God to make us an instrument of peace, because our dearest wish is to let God use us to accomplish His Will and bring Him into the world. What also gives me hope is something a priest once said about this part of the country . . .he said that the blood of the martyrs here many years ago will not be wasted . . . that he believes that God has a special plan for here because great need demands great mercy and grace. The martyrs who died here all those years ago have not forgotten us. I am more than a little worried, though, that my lifelong fascination for all kinds of survival stories and self sufficiency skills was part of some kind of preparation for things to come . . . but I put everything I am and all the gifts I have been given at God’s disposal, even though I am quietly terrified of the kind of struggle that may come my way . . . Charlie, your posts have been a wake-up call to live for Jesus NOW.

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  24. It is a time of increasing uncertainty. The signs of the time — the Precursors — as Charlie points out are worrying. Time for discernment and preparation both physically and spiritually. We simply do not know how it is all going to end … save that God wins.

    In these uncertain times I have been drawn to study the early Christian church and its response to uncertain and tenuous times. I believe there are role models there for all of us to emulate in formulating our own personal behavior in these days.

    The word Righteousness is coming up more and more in my study. What does it mean to be Righteous? To live Righteously. To live Righteously in community with others.

    Two personalities emerge. James the Just and Simeon bar Cleophas. These two men took up the leadership of the Jerusalem based early Christian Jewish community after Christ’s death and resurrection. They were known for their Righteousness and humble and ascetic living.

    James the Just was “the Brother of Jesus”. It is felt that he was one of Jesus’ step brothers from a prior marriage of Joseph. He was part of Jesus’ Natzorean clan. He was from Nazareth. Archeologists believe that the Nazareth relatives of Jesus removed themselves to Jerusalem and formed the core of the Christian Jewish Community in Jerusalem after Christ’s death, resurrection and ascension. James, together with Peter and John the disciple that Christ loved remained in Jerusalem. Mary lived in that community as well. James The Just was martyred sometime around AD 60 by being thrown off the Temple parapet.

    Simeon Bar Cleophas was a cousin of Jesus and assumed the role of Bishop of Jerusalem succeeding James the Just. He too was known as being Righteous. Living Righteously and being a sign of light and hope for the Christian Jewish community.

    How did that small group representing the earliest core of the Christian Church comport themselves inside the walls of a Jerusalem controlled by Roman pagans, surrounded by Jesus rejecting Pharisees and generally regarded with suspicion if not outright hostility?

    These were Christian Jews. They were Jews. They continued to be Jews. Mary and James and Peter and John and the Natzorean relatives attended all the Jewish Feasts and went to the Temple. They lived quiet Righteous lives within that environment which at the very best simply left them alone.

    They served as examples. They were the light in an otherwise dark world. They were steadfast. They did not flinch.

    James the Just along with Peter refereed the split between this Jewish Christian community and the early Gentile Christian Church at the Council of Jerusalem in the year AD 50. Paul and Barnabas and Titus came up to Jerusalem to represent for the Gentiles. Circumcision and adhering to all the Jewish rules and laws was the issue. With a handshake James and Peter settled the matter with Paul. It is not necessary to force circumcision on the converts. It is not necessary to Judaize the expanding Church.

    After James the Just was martyred sometime between AD 60-67 and the times became darker and the impending Roman destruction of Jerusalem in AD 70, Simeon Bar Cleophas, the son of Cleophas who was Joseph’s brother became leader of the community. Stepped up to the job of reconciling the Christian Jews and the Gentile Christians. He led that community OUT of Jerusalem to an area around Pella in the Trans-Jordan region. They survived the destruction of Jerusalem. They lived through The Storm. Jerusalem was literally flattened with no structure left untouched by 2 Roman Legions in the year AD 70. The last resistance was defeated at Masada in AD 73.

    Among the very first Jews returning to Jerusalem was the Christian Jews and the Gentile Jews under the leadership of Simeon Bar Cleophas. They resettled amongst the Romans inside the walls of Jerusalem.

    These people and these leaders faced hardships and obstacles that we today here in this country can hardly fathom. But they survived. A key to that survival was a willingness to acknowledge God, tyake the next Righteous step in front of them, and be a sign of hope to the budding young Christian church.

    They survived by living Righteously. Something we might all take into consideration in our own day with the precursors and the signs of the times darkening by the day. We are not alone. We are not the first to have to deal with uncertainty.

    James The Just and Simeon Bar Cleophas pray for us!

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  25. “Advocate for fidelity to the Magisterium and the Gospels … Stay firmly in the Barque of Peter, even when you think Peter and some of his cohorts are acting rather hinky. It is Christ’s promise you count on.” Precisely! Been defending this position for most of my adult life! God be with you, Charlie!

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  26. Charlie…. I’ve not been following, but intermittently and I love this post! Thank you!
    Pray, pray, pray….. and keep the faith all! What an exciting time to be alive!

    We who are open to The Holy Spirit can’t forget to pray for those who are not. Let’s all make sure our lanterns are filled with oil so we can share our light for those who have none!

    God Bless,

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  27. Wow Charlie. Thank you for writing this. You scare me and yet you make me calm. I pray that I can be the person God wants me to be, when the time comes. I know that I am alive now, because God wants me to be here now, in these times….just like all of you. May God direct our steps through these times.

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  28. There was a young bird who settled upon the east veranda to build a nest, she laid two eggs. Over the course of time the eggs hatched & the mother bird sat upon them to keep them warm during the cool evenings & fed them as necessary for the two babies to grow into mature birds. Human hands attempted to interfere one afternoon to gently move the nest to a more secure place on the building while inadvertently preventing the mother from having enough room to fly away & return to the nest as is necessary to tend to her chicks, though she did try. The two babies succumbed to the chill a day or so later. The lesson here is that human interference does not always go as is desired even under the best of intentions or circumstances. Several weeks later the same mother bird returned to build a new nest in the original location on the veranda laying two new eggs. This time the nest was left alone despite being in the same precarious place chosen by the bird. Again both eggs soon hatched & the mother bird tended to these two new chicks. One afternoon while the mother was away one of the chicks was found walking about the table down below and it was decided to place the rather small featherless chick back into the nest, this occurred once more the following evening with no one there to place it back into the nest, thus the chick died. A day or so later the other chick hopped out, but was incredibly much larger than the first chick & fully feathered as well as being capable of short flights. It turns out it was this chick or the mother herself that intentionally kicked the other chick out the nest both times. Lesson here is simple yet quite difficult to fathom: one was chosen while the other was not or one was prepared to leave the nest while the other was not.

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    1. Latest Medjugorje Message, July 2, 2018 – Apparitions to Mirjana

      “Dear children,I am the mother of all of you and, therefore, do not be afraid because I hear your prayers. I know that you seek me and that is why I am praying to my Son for you, my Son who is united with the Heavenly Father and the Holy Spirit-the Paraclete-my Son who leads souls to the Kingdom from where He came, the Kingdom of peace and light.

      My children, you are given the freedom to choose, but, as a mother, I implore you to choose the freedom for the good. You, with pure and simple souls comprehend-even if sometimes you do not understand the words-and within yourselves you feel what the truth is.

      My children, do not lose the truth and true life so as to follow the false one.By life in truth, the Kingdom of Heaven enters into your hearts, and that is the Kingdom of peace, love and harmony. Then, my children, there will not be the selfishness which distances you from my Son. There will be love and understanding for your neighbors. Because, remember, again I repeat to you, to pray also means to love others, your neighbors, and to give yourself to them.

      Love and give in my Son, and then He will work in you and for you. My children, ceaselessly think of my Son and love Him immeasurably and you will have true life, and that will be for eternity.Thank you, apostles of my love. ”

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      1. “To pray also means to love others, your neighbors, and give yourself to them.” For the most part we, or maybe I should just speak for myself here, but I think I speak, for example, for us living in Texas. We/me, don’t grasp what this truly means, daily. Yes, borders and immigrants and walls, all that seems complex. Complexities ranging from the National fear of terrorists, and drug cartels, to personal life or death issues with the ranchers. How do we live this call to “love others sincerely, and truthfully in the light of the imitation of Christ?” Christ submitted himself that we may live…and we know that in his moment of his personal thought of what his sacrifice would mean to his human self, (or maybe it was more than that, it was the moment he used to give us in himself the example of how we must be in our personal fears for our lives) when he prayed to let the cup pass. He surrendered to God’s Will, that we all might have life eternal…Even so, do we yet, in how we respond, or rather live daily to what is happening all around us, is it that we still, “…know not what we do?”.

        I was researching on “Our Lady of Nazareth”. A friend gave me an Icon she brought back from her trip to Jerusalem. And the icon has a prayer in either Hebrew, or Greek for which I am trying to find a translation. Anyway, what I came across was an article on the separation wall:


        A prayer to “Our Lady Who Brings Down Walls” is found at the bottom of the article. They use the word “Christian”. I think the prayer should use the word, “People”.

        “Forgive us, Father, we know not what we do.”

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  29. This.

    We watched the movie War Room, which features this song, for the 3rd or 4th time this weekend. Highly recommend it! J+M+J

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    1. thank you. I built a “war room” (small prayer room) in my house in a little corner of my basement after I saw this movie.

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  30. “Every generation of Americans needs to know that freedom consists not in doing what we like, but in having the right to do what we ought…We must guard the truth that is the condition of authentic freedom, the truth that allows freedom to be fulfilled in goodness.” Pope Saint John Paul II (Oriole Park, Camden Yards, Baltimore Sunday, 8 October 1995)

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  31. The hypocrisy of the godless Left never ceases to amaze me ….. and, of course, they can get away with hypocrisy ’cause 43% of BoobLand USA still relies on ABCNNBCBS/NPR/NYT …….. for their “News”! They can wrap themselves in the Bloody Robe of Jesus for advantage one day or praise/defend “Art” that has a Crucifix in a jar of urine the next!:

    “Indianapolis church places Mary, Joseph, Baby Jesus inside cage to protest Trump immigration policies”

    “Progressives Deploy Religious Ignorance and Bigotry to Stop Amy Coney Barrett”


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  32. This St. Maria Goretti novena couldn’t be more appropriate. Today’s reading knocked my socks off.
    When Maria was attacked by her neighbor, he told her that if she did not let him have sex with her that he would kill her. Maria refused. She told him she would rather die than allow him to do what he wanted to do with her. In a rage, Alessandro stabbed Maria multiple times with a farm tool.

    Shortly afterwards, Maria was found and taken to the hospital where doctors tried to save her.

    She was badly dehydrated due to her large loss of blood, and she begged for water, but they weren’t able to give her any because it would have made her condition worse.

    A parish priest was called to give her Last Rites before surgery, and the priest showed Maria a crucifix and told her that Jesus was also very thirsty as he suffered on the cross.

    He asked Maria if she would offer up her thirst to Jesus for the salvation of sinners.

    Maria agreed, and she didn’t ask for water again.

    Let’s pray today that St. Maria will intercede for us to be able to offer up our sufferings for the greater glory of God.

    Here are the prayers for today:

    Day 7 – The Saint Maria Goretti Novena
    (Audio/Video Version)

    In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

    O St. Maria Goretti, beautiful model of christian suffering, pray for me.

    You carried your cross so courageously while you suffered through surgery without anesthesia. You thirsted and were not able to be given water, and you accepted that cross because you loved our Lord.

    Pray for me, St. Maria Goretti, that I will become better at carrying my cross.

    Pray that I will not complain about my cross, and that I will remember to offer it up to our Lord, for I know that He does not waste any ounce of suffering given to Him.

    Please also pray for (mention your intentions here).


    In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

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    1. Praying this novena as well, HTTP. Another extraordinary dimension of Maria’s story is the mercy of her mother granted to this young man. When he was released from prison, Maria’s mother, Assunta, re-introduced her child’s murderer to their family as Uncle Alessandro. Remarkable. A sign of hope for the ages.

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  33. I think the Folks at the Thomas More Law Center & Michael Voris give us some serious thoughts to ponder this Independence Day. …… Keep your powder dry!

    “Celebrating America’s Independence Day – Mindful Of The Deeper Meaning”



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  34. My goodness, many of you have expressed a lot of the thoughts racing through my mind as I read Charlie’s message. I’ll confess that there was some fear that all this could actually be coming close to an eruption. I have to ask Mama and Jesus to take away my fear, not really fear for my own self but about all the family scattered everywhere. There is also sadness at the possible end of an era with all of you, whom I have come to love, and with whom I feel comfortable sharing these things. Many of your words this time bring tears to my eyes.

    One reason I felt fear was recalling a dream from maybe 25 years ago. When there are dreams the Lord gives me, I know surely they are from Him b/c of certain things. This particular dream was brief, as they often are, but caused me panic. There was a truck in my driveway that we were loading b/c we had to flee. What was written on the side was a message about where we needed to go. I still remember the feeling and this writing of Charlie’s made me wonder…….. could it be for now?

    As some others said, for now I’m a prayer warrior, and pray for peace to know what I must do next, if anything. With others in the family being in a “different place” spiritually, I can’t really fully discuss this with them. Well Lord, you take care of it! God bless and strengthen you all.

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  35. My thoughts are ……. We really don’t know anything…. Other than a general awareness that we are living at this time and are in Gods Plan. We have to keep balance in God. A moment at a time!!

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  36. Well! I’m extremely happy to see the Greek Orthodox Archbishop of the USA speak to the importance of US Independence Day and the freedoms/opportunities allowed Christians to practice their Faith and spread the Word! I’m hoping that someone here can provide a like message from their Catholic Bishop without the usual Left Liberal Democrat “Talking-Points”.

    “Encyclical of Archbishop Demetrios for Independence Day – July 4, 2018”


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  37. Thank you Charlie and all of you wonderful contributors. What you share is thought provoking and honesty from your heart. This can only be because you trust in God.

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  38. Thank you, Charlie, for all that you have done and continue to do for this community of followers and for making a difference in this most difficult world of ours.

    I pray daily for fortitude and strength to be that sign for others. Jesus I trust in you.

    God Bless

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  39. A good Verse/Thoughts/Prayer for any day but especially This 4th of July!!
    HeartLight Daily Verse – 4 July

    Psalms 33:12
    Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord.

    Thoughts on today’s verse:
    What is god of our culture and our nation? Certainly our God is the LORD, Yahweh, King of Israel and Redeemer of the lost. But we can pray for revival to sweep our land and we can repent for not placing him first in our own lives. He has promised to respond if we will humble ourselves and seek him. Let’s do that beginning today!

    LORD, God of the heavens and Father of all nations, I humble myself before you today, acknowledging my own sin and the sin of my people. I pray that you will revive us by the power of your word and the sanctifying power of your Spirit. Bring renewal to our land. In the name of Jesus and by the power of the Spirit I ask this. Amen. Visit for more.
    Happy Independence Day! 😉


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