Review, Refresh, Renew, Rejoice


From the first time I visited TNRS in 2015, I not only found value in reading Charlie’s posts, but also benefited from being nourished by the feast of comments wherein shared thoughts and insights bring new knowledge, refined thinking, encouragement, pearls of wisdom and inspiration. Last week, our dear Crew Dog, who faithfully posts many and varied links, left us a particularly heartening jewel. I cannot encourage you enough to read it. The idea of holding “cold anger” is an avenue for harnessing the anger of these times that it be employed for good. The article also presents part of the picture of how ugly the ugliness has become. Here it is, over at The Conservative Treehouse.

The immediate impression I had when reading this piece was a renewed and urgent sense that, in a moment’s breath, everything will change. Of course, we’ve been living through intensifying events and have anticipated the likely time when the Storm would be most difficult to navigate. As I pondered the article’s content, there arose a poignant sense of immediacy and I was awestruck in considering God’s Goodness in the many people in this country who are our kindred souls, ready and aware that a final confrontation is approaching, rather than receding.

I thought, too, of the many themes and things Charlie has covered with us in his writing and visits, in ways tender and firm, maternal and paternal, preparing us for what he has been shown since childhood. His piece, What the Next Right Step Really Means, flashed into memory, strong and true, for I view it as a wellspring from which came further instruction and invitations to contemplate. Surely, Charlie was overshadowed by the Holy Spirit when this piece was conceived. Published nearly four years ago, it rings ever more true today. My hope in reprinting it is that each of us will ask Holy Spirit to come down that we may read with fresh eyes as we reflect upon the wisdom flowing through the counsel and exhortations proffered with love and concern, not only for us in this family of faith, but also for the benefit of all whom the Lord will place on the path of each wee and willing sherpa who has been formed for these days, very much by all that has transpired here in this holy place.

~ Beckita

Fear *can* become but a passing emotion; it is time to choose, with ironclad resolve, to cling to the breadth, the depth, the length and the heighth of true trust in God, relying completely upon Him and His providence.

For I, the Lord your God, hold your right hand; it is I who say to you, “Fear not, I am the one who helps you.” (Isaiah 41:13)

Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. (Philippians 4:6)

The Lord is my rock and my fortress and my deliverer, my God, my rock, in whom I take refuge, my shield, and the horn of my salvation, my stronghold. (Psalm 18:2)

Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make straight your paths. (Proverbs 3:5-6)

For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope. (Jeremiah 29:11)



God’s Plan

What The Next Right Step Really Means


“What you desire most is most effective against you. Desire God and all shall be added to you.”


Before I ever began talking to my priests, before I was received into the Catholic Church, before I had children, before I was married I was told that a time was coming when I would not be able to see more than a step ahead of myself, a time when even that step would often be hazy, a time when I would have to completely rely upon God for every step. It was a mysterious thing to me. Like the dunce I often am, I wondered if it meant I was going to go blind. That is not what it meant (though who knows, I suppose I could still go blind). Today, I will tell you a little bit about what it means…and take you deeper into my interior understanding of these things than I ever have before. It is time you need to hear some of these things.

For a good 20 years my angel would use prophetic words to tell me innocuous things that were to come in the future. On almost every one, it would come to pass as he had prophesied, but not at all as I had expected. This served a twofold purpose (maybe more, but two things I have come to understand). First, it burnt much of the vanity right out of me. In this world, I’m a pretty smart fellow. But when dealing with the next, I’m as dumb as a box of rocks. All my smarts here are worth less there than a pocketful of Monopoly money is at the local mall here. It helped me to understand my true stature – which most surely is not heroic. Second, it – and the rest of my lifetime of ongoing experiences – have taught me to see a little from the perspective of how they see from that side of the veil. It is so profoundly different that my sight is little different than blindness – but that is what a lot of this has been about…to see a little as they see…and I needed every bit of the smarts God gave me here to rise to the level of blathering idiot there (a status I have not yet achieved, but I’m working on it).

We misunderstand almost everything, sometimes in small ways, usually in large ways. It is not just that the world is changing in large, unexpected ways: as the Storm rises to greater fury, our instincts become more useless. All of us have gotten to where we see a set of circumstances, then use our reason and logic to make a plan. All of us do that. As we separated our reason and experience from its root in God, things have gone downhill at a geometrically accelerating pace. Now people look to prophecy, even try to make a concordance of prophecy to see what will happen. Why? So they can make a plan. Your plans won’t work and are useless. Your instincts don’t apply to the Storm that is upon us. The more you plan, the deeper you will sink into the quagmire. It does not matter whether you are an active opponent of the faith or whether you spend five hours in Adoration and say 50 Rosaries a day. When you use the information you glean to formulate a plan, you trust to yourself and your own cleverness. God will let this Storm we have brought on ourselves rage until that confidence in our own capacity is burned out of everyone. That is why we all must lose hope before the rescue. Whatever we say, even if we think differently, it is ourselves we rely on – not God. That is why people restlessly seek more information on what is coming: so they can make a plan.


It is why I pray that God give me no information more than what is necessary for me to carry out the work He has laid out for me. I am subject to the same temptations as anyone else on this matter. I KNOW that the more specifics I know the more likely my silly mind is to start formulating a plan of my own devising – rather than looking to God for each step, which is the only path to safety. Here is a paradox: If you look to God first and just take the next step in front of you, He will flourish it, even if it is the wrong step. If you make the perfect plan, perfectly informed by the best, fully approved prophecies, you will fall into a pit. All of your plans will blow up in your face. Yet every step you take after acknowledging God – WITH EACH STEP – will flourish. This is a subtlety that many, probably most, deceive themselves on. If you humbly ask God to help you be what He calls you to, He will bless your efforts. If you, instead, dedicate yourself to helping God rescue the world, you will founder. God does not need you to accomplish His will; you need Him to remain in His grace. If you keep that straight, He can use you as a profitable tool. If not, you are useless to Him, however scholarly, pious, or orthodox you think yourself to be. The sooner you get that, the closer we all are to rescue.

When you are sitting on a placid lake in a canoe with a paddle, you can use the paddle to steer, to choose where you want to go. When you are in that canoe in a fast-moving, frothy, rapid river, you do not choose where to go. In fact, if you try to steer, you capsize. Rather, the paddle can only be used to react to the current and the rapids…and every bit of skill you have must be used to keep from capsizing as the river takes you where it will. We are in the rapids. We are not in control. But if we are humble and skillful, we can dramatically reduce our odds of capsizing.


You will see nation rise against nation, bishops fighting with other bishops, leaders trying to undermine the faith both from within and without. I have long known that. But what I also know is that the whole world has succumbed to a zeal for locating and diagnosing the splinter in everyone else’s eyes. If you have a baseball team in which all nine players are too busy critiquing the flaws of their teammates to bother playing their own position, the problem will not be solved by the third baseman’s ever more penetrating analysis of how the center fielder is messing up. The situation will not stabilize until each player understands his own limits – and resolves to quit worrying about his teammates, except to back them up well, and relentlessly devotes himself to playing his own position with every ounce of skill he has. This is why I am so slow to condemn anyone who purports to play for the Christian team. Even if your analysis of the center fielder’s deficiencies is spot on, it will avail you nothing if you have not devoted yourself to playing third base as you were assigned. It is painful for me to hear good people eager to detract others on matters they are only partially informed about. These people think they are cutting their targets, but they are actually cutting themselves and losing blood by the minute. God has not found those who disagree with us wanting: he has found us all wanting. We may deceive ourselves on the matter, but God is not deceived. You want to know who killed Christ? I killed Christ. Pound that into your head. Every one of us killed Christ. Internalize that and you are at the beginning of wisdom.

We understand nothing. We think God punishes us for sin. Religious folks think it is just; non-religious folks think God is a killjoy. Neither understands the nature of sin. God warns us away from sin because, by its very nature, it wounds us. He loves us and wants to protect us from harm and spiritual death. If a man atop a mountain aerie puts up a wired gate blocking access to a rickety bridge and posts warnings that the bridge is unsafe, that if you venture there you will likely fall to your serious injury or death – if you go ahead and mount the fence anyway, go charging across the bridge and fall, breaking your arm and ankle, do you think the man is punishing you for disobeying him? Of course not! He was trying to protect you from behavior he knew would wound you but you were too stupid to believe.

People think the increase in natural disasters and catastrophic events is a punishment from God. Again, we understand nothing. Has it never occurred to you that the dynamic tension of the natural forces that sustain life are normally more volatile and violent than we recognize? In normal times, God is constantly staying the brunt of these things. Now we dismiss Him from the classroom, dismiss Him from assemblies, dismiss Him from the public square – and so He obliges. That means His hand is not there to stay the rougher edges of natural events. It is not He who chooses to subject us to these things, but we who have sullenly demanded out from under His thumb – and now we dare to complain of what happens when we expose ourselves?

As you know, I have been an advocate for refuges, for people preparing to help others, to live simple solidarity, one with another. But I see religious people acting as if they think that these are going to be enclaves completely secluded from the Storm in which Jesus will be our maitre d’ and the angels and archangels will serve as our waiters and cocktail waitresses. The refuges are not places we will go to be treated like visiting satraps by the heavenly host. They are an opportunity for us to serve and live solidarity with each other as we weather the Storm. I have seen tales from visionaries who have probably seen true but can interpret nothing that further this nonsense. At one place of refuge, they told me how they had been told they will know who to let in because of a glowing Host that will appear in their foreheads and that the deer will walk right up to them and fall dead for food. I told them bluntly that while that is metaphorically true, in that they will perceive differently when they acknowledge God in all things and that it means there will be sufficient food, it is not literally true. I reminded them that God promised to deliver the Israelites to a land flowing with milk and honey – and He kept His promise. But when they got there, they still had to milk the cows and keep the bees – and if they had waited for the heavenly host to act as their stewards, they would have died in that very land flowing with milk and honey. In the refuges, you will work hard, have many trials, and will know hunger, though not starvation. Live it well and you will be startled at what joy you find in the midst of such hardship.

Some people have gotten queasy when I speak of my anticipation of being able, if I have kept faith, after the Storm, to devote myself to helping raise the money and materials for the building of the Shrine. They think we won’t need any of that, since Jesus will reign directly. No, He won’t. I am not a millenarianist who claims we are going to have an earthly Paradise. We don’t get heaven until we actually get…heaven. The world that we will have after the rescue is a fully natural world. We will have to get jobs, raise families, pay bills, organize societies and governments. God is giving us another chance to get the natural world right. He will give us the visible sign of our miraculous rescue by Our Lady to help fortify our resolve. It is VERY important that we take it to heart, because the next time there is a massive falling away like now, it will be the end. But we are getting another chance to get our hearts and heads right – and how well we keep faith will determine which of us ultimately gets heaven, but it will be a fully natural world that we go back to.

Some have complained that they cannot imagine such a thing because it has never happened that way. Really?! When God actively intervenes in human affairs, He usually acts in a way that is unprecedented in human history. When the flood came, there never had been, before or since, such a comprehensive disaster – and his fellows mocked Noah for his foolishness in preparing for such an event. When Israel left Egypt, never before had a captive people been spontaneously set free by their captors to go and found a great nation. When Christ came, Israel was used to prophets. Because, in part, Christ did not fit any of their previous categories, He was rejected by the very people He was sent to. When, after decades of existential war, France was on the very brink of permanent annihilation, it pleased God to send an unlettered teenage girl to rally the country and save the nation. God is always startling, fresh and new. It is we who constantly fail to have the wit to see what He is doing – particularly when it does not fit in with any of our previous experience of Him, which it usually doesn’t.

St. Therese playing St. Joan of Arc in a play she wrote at her convent.

Shortly after I was received into the Church I read St. Therese of Lisieux’s The Autobiography of a Soul – and fell in love with her and her little way. I recognized in it the only way forward in the chaotic times ahead – and know that the way of simplicity is the way to endure this Storm. There will be so much chaos that it will make your head spin. No one can possibly keep up with it. You cannot divine the mind of God. If you seek to be a heat-seeking missile aimed at heresy, you are just as likely to hit a St. Paul in the making as you are a betrayer. In fact, God allows some errors among His servants to draw out the deeper errors of those so caught up in their own vanity that they cannot help but restlessly pick at the splinter in others eyes to avoid contemplating their own splinters candidly. Try not to be one of them. This does not mean you should not authentically proclaim the faith. You should. But again, you will be held to account for EVERYONE you could have given effective witness to but did not because you wanted to show how clever and what a shrewd aide to God you are. AND you will be held to account for EVERY case where you could have defended the faithful from an assault but did not out of false tolerance. If you can wrap your mind around those two dictums, you know it is impossible. A man cannot be that discerning. That is why the ONLY hope is to acknowledge God, take the next right step and be a sign of hope to those right around you. Trust-Do-Love. Now you know where I got the phrase, “The Next Right Step” from as well. It is an iteration of what I was told from the beginning these times would be like. The way of simplicity is the only way to endure.

We are the sheep.

Some think I have it easy, for I have been told I will live through the Storm if I keep faith. That is not a condescension to me, but necessary for my work. I am also reliably informed that several times, in the course of it, I will desperately long for the release of death to free me from these trials, but it will not be given. Pray that when that happens I will have wit enough to pray for more strength. I am also told that parts of me will be permanently broken for this life once we come out the other end. That makes sense. I came out of my little preparatory mini-Storm with permanent neurological damage and pain. Over the course of my life, I have been forced to see mankind at times through the rancid, accusing eyes of satan. I loathe him. He is the universe’s true bastard – for He had a glorious Father, THE glorious Father, and knew it, but rejected Him that he might accuse and savage mankind. But I also have been privileged to see mankind with God’s eyes; to see the feebleness, the deep longing, and the love that often transforms the most bitter foe at a crucial moment. If you have not read it, take a look at this piece. In the late summer and early fall of 1997, just after I finally agreed to live what God had laid out for me definitively and to the best of my ability, my angel was sent to take me into the whirlwind, like Job, to see all of creation, the whole universe, the beginning and the end. Like Job, I understood very little of it…it was far too great for me. But what animated it all was God’s staggering love for us. Every event, every chance acquaintance, is ordered by God that we may turn to Him and live eternity in heaven. The piece was the best I have ever been able to manage in describing it. It was then that I fell head over heels for God’s creation here and learned never to gainsay it.

Our plans mean nothing. It is best to know as little as possible in detail, in order that we are not tempted to formulate more useless plans. The only thing that will put flesh on the bones of our plans is to relentlessly acknowledge God, take the next right step, and be a sign of hope to those around us. Do that and you will be an island of peace and strength throughout the Storm.


86 thoughts on “Review, Refresh, Renew, Rejoice

  1. Amen Hallelujah!

    I am a great sinner. Praise God for His grace, i can’t beleive this time has come, i was told I would commit many a grave sin and it all came true… but in repetance and humility the Lord has preserved me. Dear friends repent and believe in the godpel.. i know nothing. Trust wholey in the Lord, rely on our dear Mother Mary who has snatched me from the abyss so many times, Trust in God, He is in our daily lives, Listen and obey, obedience is key, we are NOT in control. Thank You Lord for Your abundant Love, Trust!!!

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    1. The Blessed Mother has pulled me away from the abyss too, Little One. Where would I be today without her? I am so very grateful to Jesus for giving me his mother from the Cross.

      My morning offering always concludes with: “Jesus, grant that I may come to you through your Mother.” — Ven. Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen

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      1. Patrick,

        Ven.(hopefully his cause will move forward soon) Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen was so enlightened when he always called on our Blessed Mother for help. May She always be there to help each and every one of us during this journey. Thanks Patrick for the reminder !

        Paul in Katy

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  2. “Review, Refresh, Renew, Rejoice” and a photo featuring a phoenix … just in time for my birthday on June 25! 🙂

    Meanwhile, I’m still called to be an artist in the Storm.

    And not always for the reasons you might think… Sometimes to buy art, because it can be a review that refreshes and renews and causes rejoicing …


    At a local art gallery, there was a painting called “Sargazers” by Dan Driscoll in between two of my framed photos. In the painting were stars, meteors, an Easter Island statue, and an African Grey Parrot.

    Stars = Heaven
    Meteors = Dad and I watching the Perseid Meteor Shower
    Easter Island Statue = Father David Reddy, missionary priest to Easter Island who was a friend of the family
    African Grey Parrot = Father Charles Schneider, missionary priest to Ghana, Africa who was a relative … and African Grey Parrots come from Ghana

    So at the opening reception, I had three fathers in Heaven looking down on me with love … as well as God the Father! So yeah, I bought the painting! It was meant for me.

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    1. Phoenix, I immediately thought of you when I saw the photo at the start of Beckita’s piece. And I hope you have a wonderful birthday tomorrow. 🙂

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      1. The Phoenix arrises after going through fire.
        Up from the ashes grow the roses of success.
        Translation: The blood of the martyrs is the seed of the church.
        This martyrdom does not have to be one of blood but can be a bloodless martyrdom as well from the “dying” or transformation of self and a new heaven and a new earth will spring up.

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        1. Amen, Phillip. Beautiful! I love how you brought forth the blood of the martyrs into your interpretation. I wonder what thoughts are evoked in others by this image.

          Turns out there’s much Christian symbolism in the phoenix, even tracing back to the first century when St. Clement of Rome wrote his first epistle to the Corinthians. ( ) This bird appeared much in early Christian art, mostly symbolic of Christ’s Death and Resurrection, yet it also represented faith and constancy.

          I was actually looking for a powerful image of the Holy Spirit, knowing how critical is this Person of the Trinity, throughout time, and, especially, to us now when wisdom, prudence and discernment will be precious support as we navigate the rapidly changing rapids of these times.

          In my search, this phoenix dramatically spoke to me of how we are living the paschal mystery… as you note, Phil, dying to self, being purified by fire. Our Lady of Akita spoke of fire as God’s means of chastisement/purification. Surely the outer world will reflect the work being accomplished in each one’s interior if we but surrender and submit then rise and rejoice to be made new. Romans 6:6 and these verses from Colossians 3:5-10 speak to the renewal of the heart, mind and soul which is desperately needed in these days:

          “Do not lie to one another, since you laid aside the old self with its evil practices, Therefore consider the members of your earthly body as dead to immorality, impurity, passion, evil desire, and greed, which amounts to idolatry. For it is because of these things that the wrath of God will come upon the sons of disobedience, and in them you also once walked, when you were living in them. But now you also, put them all aside: anger, wrath, malice, slander, and abusive speech from your mouth and have put on the new self who is being renewed to a true knowledge according to the image of the One who created him–”

          May this change be embraced by all people!

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  3. It’s the 25th here today Phoenix – Happy Birthday. I usually make a sponge cake called a Ginger Fluff on this day for my Mum whose birthday it is also – first one without her so I’ll make it for my brother who misses her dearly and loves his cakes! It’s a day that marks 6 months until Christmas as you would be aware and the ex-pat Poms who live in Oz like to celebrate their ‘winter Christmas’ now when it’s not so hot as that special day can often be here. Then of course, there is the Queen of Peace Medj. anniversary.

    Beckita, your four-word-heading call is very enticing – I can’t wait to have that quiet time where I can again get my teeth, eyes, ears and heart into ‘God’s Plan’. Come Holy Spirit with your Holy Fire!

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    1. Continued prayers for the repose of your mum’s soul, Karen. Ginger fluff cake sounds yummmmmmmm! Prayers for you too, Karen, and all who love and miss your mum – who is as close to you all as your own breath, in the Light of God.

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      1. Thank you very much for your thoughts and prayers Beckita. Yes, the mysterious Light of God.

        Charlie’s first paragraph led me to think about mothers and planning. Blessed Mother is certainly held up to us by the Church as model par excellence and we can do no better than to see how She handles the Storms in Her life. And now from Medjugorje She invites us to fast on Wednesday’s and Fridays and on Thursdays to meditate on the Gospel of St Matthew 6:24-34, ‘do not be anxious about your life’.

        Just to take a look at three moments in Her early life: As basically a toddler, little Mary, waving goodbye to her parents and possibly never seeing them again, moves into the Temple to live, learn, praise and serve. First dramatic Storm – but the Lord provides the widowed, childless prophetess Anna to be her guardian.

        After becoming comfortable with Temple life and committing herself to be a virgin for love of God, she then is told she is to leave this only place She has ever known and become a wife. Second Storm – and the Lord, seeing Her humble submission (and having obvious plans for Her) provides fellow-virgin Joseph to be Her husband.

        No sooner has Mary moved back to Nazareth and given her stunned but trusting ‘fiat’ to the archangel Gabriel’s request from the Heavenly Father for the Son of God to take flesh in Her Womb then this young orphaned girl, straight out of a closeted ten years or so and recently betrothed to a relative stranger, now herself in the early stages of hidden pregnancy, heads off either on foot or with a caravan, from Nazareth to the hill country of Judaea. Did she have a clue where she was going? For sure St Joseph would have given her plenty of instructions and maybe even gone much of the way with her. And her elderly cousin Elizabeth would probably have visited her young relative in the Temple at least once a year because her husband Zechariah was a priest who had annual duties there, so Mary would have been very concerned and eager to help with the late-age confinement at the very least. But what did this young girl, straight out of the Temple, know about birthing and caring for babies, either her own or her cousin’s? Storm Three. Thanks to her total reliance on her Heavenly Father, this Daughter was about to receive first-hand experience from the next-best thing to her own mother – that of a wise, spirit-filled friend and cousin.

        Stopping here because the life of our Blessed Mother appears filled with Storms and we could and should take much time to contemplate them.

        But I ask myself what would I do if I was young, orphaned, inexperienced, engaged, pregnant to another. Many girls these days would be advised to abort the baby but I would at the very least fret, maybe panic and hopefully before anything drastic happened I would pray! Once a decision is made to have, if not keep, the baby then the scary realisation of seeing the pregnancy through to its inevitable painful end looms. How to cope with that and provide for myself and new little baby now that the fiancé has gone? Unless I have a very good relationship with my God I am either going to fall in a heap or begin planning to survive this daunting scenario – a difficult and risky one for both mother and child. Maybe many girls who find themselves in this situation are not actual orphans but may have cut themselves off from their family life in the name of freedom. If humility is possible she can make a ‘prodigal return’. If not she pins her hopes on the government or welfare.

        If the world could only ‘see’ that Large, Kindly Hand reaching down from above! How is it that the darkness of the world can appear brighter than the Light of God? I believe in Peru there used to be a band of terrorists known as the Shining Darkness – such a diabolical name! As a catechist who once felt the burden of a faith that I could not seem to pass on to my own children, let alone the multitude of other people’s children over the years, I find now that there is only (and silly me – it was ALWAYS the case) one path to take – to Trust and TNRS and there will be mustard trees in diverse places!

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        1. I prefer a specific cake: Cheesecake and only from one baker, S&S Cheesecake.

          This baker is renowned throughout nYc providing resturants a delicious, creamy product and setting an example between his relationship with his employees. During the high holy days, the business would not be shut down but he would mandate all profits go to the employees. Chances are, you have sampled their cake if you visited nyc. S&S (Bronx) and Juniors (Brooklyn) are the anchors of this industry.

          Yes, they deliver. I have shipped cheesecakes to California… (to a cheesecake fanatic in San Diego:)

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          1. Oh, just saw this post and just made a blueberry cheesecake because you just can’t buy a good one at the Acme. Used the one and only Philadelphia Cream Cheese. My husband just chinned in – The best cheesecake was at Jack Dempsey’s NYC. “”Everyone went to Jack Dempsey’s for it”.

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        2. You got it Patrick – that’s a perfect traditional specimen! When available, I vary drizzle mine with thin passionfruit icing.

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  4. My hunch is Sundance is referring to Mary Mother of Christ as if I am correct he is Catholic. I think he very well knows about the Marian apparitions and this is the decisive battle between Good and Evil (communist forces). The Rev 12 sign given on Sept 23rd 2017 was a definite marker. This is my guess. I think there are valid reasons he cannot mention it. For one many readers would just tune off.

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  5. It was one year ago this month that the Republican Baseball Team was gunned down by a crazed Liberal Bernie supporter. One of these Days there is going to be a “Straw that breaks the Camel’s back” Event and this “straw” might just be something seemingly silly as this Red Hen Restaurant fiasco. I’m guessing that though the Lavender NY Carpetbaggers who own the establishment are now the darlings of The Usual Suspects, they will soon be “high-tailing it” back to the Great White North. The Dems and their puppet masters @ ABCNNBCBS-PBS/NYT/WashPo are doing their best to Spin and Marginalize this incident but thanks to Talk-Radio, Internet & FOX News it is the Puppet Masters who are becoming more marginalized every day. Remember all the “Media Spin” when it came to ANTIFA, BLM, Pink Hat Crowd and obvious voter fraud incidents during Election 16? Not to mention the Scandals of the “not a smidgen of sandal” during Obammy’s Reign? It seems the “Wheel has Turned” of late. Somebody “BIG” in the USA Left told the above to “Put a Lid on It”. After DJT got elected, to their amazement, someone decided that it’s not quite time for radical/violent LeftWing Street Thuggery since it proved counter-productive in 16. In a couple of months we will see if the Left Wing Thug Tactics are renewed? Someone may have also figured out that the record breaking sales of Guns & Ammo during the past 10 years was not being bought by The Usual Suspects. As many, including me, have been saying for near a decade … We are as divided a nation as we were in 1860! … and in more dangerous ways!!
    As Capt. John Parker said at Lexington Green in 1775: “Stand your ground. Don’t fire unless fired upon, but if they mean to have a war, let it begin here.” I can’t help but wonder if another “Shot Heard Round the World” will be attributed to an incident at another place called Lexington?

    Liberals’ Hatred Will Inevitably Turn Into Violence

    Is violence next? Some Democrats encourage aggressive public confrontations against Trump, aides

    Red Hen eateries feel the heat after Sarah Sanders booted from Virginia restaurant with same name

    Maxine Waters calls for total social warfare against entire Trump administration

    New Yorker fact checker ‘resigns’ after slandering ICE agent and Marine veteran as Nazi


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    1. I have been thinking that this may be the moment that persecution of Catholics in public begins as well. Anyone who has any moral standard is going to be refused service.

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      1. Yes, Erin. And just perhaps having the “moral standard” to which you refer is, after all, comprised of professing and living the values of the Gospel which, naturally, lead one to reject the mark of the beast aka support of the hard left’s anti-Gospel principles. The final confrontation is upon us…

        “We are now standing in the face of the greatest historical confrontation humanity has gone through. I do not think that wide circles of American society or wide circles of the Christian community realize this fully. We are now facing the final confrontation between the Church and the anti-Church, of the Gospel versus the anti-Gospel.

        We must be prepared to undergo great trials in the not-too-distant future; trials that will require us to be ready to give up even our lives, and a total gift of self to Christ and for Christ. Through your prayers and mine, it is possible to alleviate this tribulation, but it is no longer possible to avert it. . . .How many times has the renewal of the Church been brought about in blood! It will not be different this time.”

        – Bicentennial talk given in the United States by the future St. John Paul II, then Cardinal Karol Wojtyla of Kraków, Poland

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      2. Our Comrades in Christ are enduring much more than “refusal of service” in much of the World but you will hardly hear it from FakeNews! If you do, it will be spun and sifted through a sieve of Liberal doublespeak/propaganda.
        RIP Comrades of Mine!
        “Muslim Herdsmen Slaughter 120 Nigerian Christians Returning from Church Funeral”


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          1. We all do, Jlynnbyrd. But to end, it’s got to be reported. I’m not a great follower of news media, although I do see a lot via my work, but I hadn’t heard of this atrocity. Good Lord, when we remember the slaughter in the Balkans 25+ years ago and how it was reported all the time – rightly so – and for this? Crickets. It really does reveal the innate racism of the NWO. Africa? Nah, who cares. Not cause du jour, baby.

            Now, I could be wrong, maybe it has been featured, but from what I saw earlier tonight in my local pub it was all World Cup stuff. Thus are the sheeple herded into their “right-thinking” corrals. As they continue to munch their lotus.

            As Crew Dog rightly reminded us, atrocities against certain sectors just ain’t noooos. Get with the times, Man.

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        1. CrewDog and other readers and commenters here – maybe you have not commented before – I would appreciate any thoughts on the story from the link given. In these days of fake news, careful reading and discernment of facts, ie. the truth, is paramount. It is horrific that such great numbers of people are slaughtered on returning from a funeral. The reporter said it was an 11-village attack by herdsmen. He also said it was in retaliation for the killing of 300 cows. So it is not Muslim v Christian as such but cultural/tribal. I can’t imagine what would happen here in Australia or anywhere in the West if the food we need every day was vindictively taken away from us. I wish we could know more about this story.

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          1. Karen, in looking at several additional news reports about this sad event, there are various other details added. And it looks as though both religious and ethnic factors were involved. I do know Nigeria has been long suffering at the hands of Muslims terrorists… horribly so. That said, my understanding of naming this an 11 village attack refers to the reality that people from 11 villages had traveled to attend the funeral. Here is but one additional account:


            1. Thanks for this link, Sean. We have had a priest from Nigeria in our diocese who put us on to praying for his country for the last eight years as divisions and violence have escalated. I spent some time in Nigeria while on a wee tour from Liberia, West Africa where I served for 2+ years in the Peace Corps, 42 years ago. May the Lord have mercy on these beautiful people.

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            2. Thanks Beckita and Sean. I couldn’t help thinking about the genocide in Rwanda when I read CD’s first link. I know other countries like Syria especially have loudly decried for the lack of worldwide intervention and heaven knows the huge cost of life because of seeming apathy but we simply cannot have another Rwanda – can we really??!! Although there were many cases of Tutsi’s quietly helping Hutu people and vice versa – we only have to read Immaculee’s first-hand account for the truth of that and the incredible terror and her faith response in this earlier article: – I do remember hearing a confession of one of the many perpetrators involved who had faced trial, explaining that he did not know what had come over him – that he seemed to be driven by a force outside of himself and he was now filled with remorse. I guess ethnic hatred is simply one of many avenues that invite evil into our lives.

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              1. Karen, I remember reading an account that had some words from a UN military general who met with one of the Rwandan leaders during the massacre. He said that the instant he walked into the room where the leader was, he knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that he was in the presence of Satan.

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    2. Big victories lately, CD, like the Christian bakers, Trump’s travel ban, and now this massive victory over Leftist Unions. Finally, free speech has been protected!

      Today we have polls released about expectations of civil war in the U.S. 59% are expecting violence from those who oppose Trump. Not a surprise to those here at TNRS/ASoH. While I’m elated at all of these conservative victories, each victory increases pressure on the cornered, bleeding, frantic Leftists (like Maxine Waters and Tom Arnold), and thus expectations of violence also increases.

      What would really kick-off civil war? OVERTURN THAT ABOMINATION CALLED ROE V. WADE.
      Bring. It. On.

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        1. So agree with your closing remark, Patrick. The topic of raucous noise from the left will now shift from immigration to abortion, for Our Lady – via our prayers, sacrifices and good works – has positioned Her holy, petite heel squarely on the juggler of the serpent. She, the Immaculate Conception, Patroness of the United States of America, is reclaiming the turf Her adversary snatched while we had been, by choice, sin-infested and asleep. Can you hear it now? The sweet sound of hissing as the culture of death is thrust with mortal blows. O Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee. May we surge ever forward with renewed fervor and resolve that no soul be lost.

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  6. Why is the U.S.A. Flag folded thirteen times? I live near the Saratoga National Cemetery and my Pastor inserted the answer in the past weeks bulletin (Birth of St. Joun the Baptist).

    I am now quite rejoicing in their meaning, specially placing this within the context of “review, refresh, renew, rejoice”

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    1. Thank you, Sean, this is beautiful. We have 2 flags folded in this manner. One from my father’s casket, for 30 yrs as a Naval Officer, and one for my husband’s retirement after 20 yrs. as the same. I value them both so very much, and all that they stand for.

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  7. Latest Medjugorje Message, June 25, 2018

    “Dear children! This is the day that the Lord gave me to give Him thanks for each of you, for those who have converted and have accepted my messages and have set out on the way of conversion and holiness.

    Rejoice, little children, because God is merciful and loves you all with His immeasurable love and leads you to the way of salvation through my coming here. I love you all and give you my Son that He may give you peace. Thank you for having responded to my call. ”

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  8. Working where I work, some days I can become very fearful. But then I think of the police officers who choose to stand against hate and evil everyday and I draw on their courage. In the Garden of Gethsemane, Christ saw our times and the height of the Storm. When I think of His eyes on me from the Garden and from the cross, and how He watches like a good Shepherd over us all, I am comforted. Be comforted, my friends. His rod and His staff, which He will yield to keep the wolves at bay, should give us courage.

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  9. Oh Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes! Man proposes, and God Disposes!!! God has taught me and allowed me to learn some serious lessons these last many years, but none as this in such a dramatically traumatic way as in this year… The analogies of the “baseball team” and the “bridge” were good…I read through to all the additional links…I was grateful, even delighted to finally have a name for it, a term that seemed at first read to fit how to explain Trump, even to justify to myself for helping to put him in his place…but oh, that phrase…it didn’t quite fit me…so I went in search of some sort of synonym. How does one find such a synonym for such a phrase, but I managed, even though, I can understand how the use of “glorious bastard” works better for today’s writing references, I choose now to say, If Trump and his purpose can be truly defined in two words, Trump is a “Samson Agonistes”. Though I certainly hope it doesn’t, things could all tumble down upon him as well in the end.

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    1. Charlie, in fulfilling his mission, has truly prepared us, Doug… in as much as we can be prepared. Biggest take-away, of course, is the timeless wisdom: completely rely on God.

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      1. Today’s 1st reading at mass was a good one for that Beckita – with the people turning back to God’s laws. Fr. Pung at St. Mary’s Cathedral had a great homily about it. He mentioned complete trust in God – it is the only way!

        Well, keep prayers happening everyone… just read this on the Daily Wire:

        Wow! Praying for all those involved in the replacement process to be touched by the Holy Spirit!

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        1. That first reading sure was a great one, Bill. Proclaimed it with conviction from the lectern today. Thanks for this news. Joining you, and so many more I’m sure, in prayer for a new SCJ who believes in a culture of life.

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  10. It’s a long read, but I think most of us needed it…

    I too see God as passively punishing by withdrawing his protection and letting humanity get what it deserves. It makes me wonder humanity was doing before Noah’s flood that caused that flood… I’ve read the Book of Enoch, and it seems so out of touch with our current reality, that most people would think they are reading something like Lord of the Rings. Then again most people have a hard time believing humanity once lived close to a thousand year and that there was a global flood.

    We all get caught up in the details of everyday living, that we loose sight of our purpose. Life is way too complicated and I suppose that that was intended purpose of those who wanted to drag souls to Hell. I simply yearn for a simpler time when focusing exclusively on God is a heck of a lot easier todo…

    After considering Garabandal, we have to hit bottom before the warning happens, everyone from that time is getting old…

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      1. Yep, everyone has failed if not by misdeed, then by failing to act. Christ died for the entire human race because we all sin, and there only ever was 1 Immaculate conception, so there’s no excuse for Christians having a I’m holier than thou attitude. If you do a good deed, do it out of love for God, and expect nothing else in return, not a reward, nor credit, nor being owed anything, as love makes no such demands.

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    1. Little One, Charlie has been having computer issues and is working on getting them resolved. Hopefully, everything will soon be repaired and he’ll get a new post ready to go up.

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      1. Beckita, If the repair bill for the computer issues is too high and comparable to a
        replacement, I can’t speak for others, but I’d be happy to donate to a general fund for
        an updated pc. Need to avoid withdrawal symptoms from delayed Charlie posts 🙂

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        1. I know he’d graciously thank you, Marie, but he’s got this. (Laughing at your closing line.) As well, Charlie’s also caught up in his own duties and tasks right now, as we all can be.

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  11. A GoodOne for these days of strife and uncertainity!!

    HeartLight Daily Verse – 29 June

    Psalms 138:8
    “The Lord will fulfill his purpose for me; your love, O Lord, endures forever — do not abandon the works of your hands.”

    Thoughts on today’s verse:
    God has a purpose and plan for each of our lives. The greatest thing we can do is to find that purpose and live it out. We can trust his purpose in us because it is based on His wisdom and love. As long as we seek His will, we’re not going to do anything that can ultimately spoil his purpose in us. Yes, we may at times stray from the perfect channel He wants us to travel, but we never get totally out of the main channel. As long He does not abandon us, (and he promised He never would forsake us He will use us) for His purposes.
    O Sovereign God, help me discern today what my life is intended to fulfill. Thank you for loving me and promising to walk beside me every step of my life. I live trusting that you will never forsake me. Through Jesus I pray. Amen.
    Visit for more


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  12. No where but godless Liberal La-La Land can the saving of the most innocent be considered “Dangerous”. You will find similar articles throughout FakeMedia today. The unlikely Trump/his Deplorables are WINNING and the Left is more Unhinged by the minute …. and they are becoming more Dangerous by the second!!!:

    “The Supreme Court’s decision on antiabortion centers could have dangerous repercussions”


    “The Nuclear Option: The ‘Coming Civil War’ — Already Here”


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  13. Today’s Liturgy of the Hours Psalm 64 fits nicely with our current ‘twitter’ commentary:
    Catholic Study Bible

    Psalms 64:1-10

    1 To the choirmaster. A Psalm of David. Hear my voice, O God, in my complaint; preserve my life from dread of the enemy,

    2 hide me from the secret plots of the wicked, from the scheming of evildoers,

    3 who whet their tongues like swords, who aim bitter words like arrows,

    4 shooting from ambush at the blameless, shooting at him suddenly and without fear.

    5 They hold fast to their evil purpose; they talk of laying snares secretly, thinking, “Who can see us?

    6 Who can search out our crimes? We have thought out a cunningly conceived plot.” For the inward mind and heart of a man are deep!

    7 But God will shoot his arrow at them; they will be wounded suddenly.

    8 Because of their tongue he will bring them to ruin; all who see them will wag their heads.

    9 Then all men will fear; they will tell what God has wrought, and ponder what he has done.

    10 Let the righteous rejoice in the LORD, and take refuge in him! Let all the upright in heart glory!

    Spirit of Anger via Spirit Daily

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    1. We are all struggling, in one form or another. Just this past week I have been determined to obtain a definitive Plenary Indulgence, one per day. Yesterday, immediately after reconciliation I felt compelled to pray the Stations of the Cross.

      I had intended on praying immediately after receiving the Eucharist (after mass) as a new routine for me. Then the ‘light bulb’ over my head clicked on and I realized no better time to pray the stations than immediately after receiving absolution.

      In a way, this prayer routine is a definitive way of mentally knowing my sins & punishment have been erased. Staying for the Vigil mass, merging my prayers with the offertory and knowing upon reception of the Eucharist, my soul was free of just punishment was so awesome.

      Throughout last evening, I found myself pondering God’s gifts of grace opportunities for all of us to be as pure as possible. .For me, this keeps me going, without too much worry as I say “I am all in”.

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  14. Hi Crewdog

    I am now having recurring dreams of USA. In one I saw violence everywhere then yesterday night I saw the communist red flag and that the land will be divided.

    At first I thought maybe Russia but then I though with President Trump not backing down on tariffs against Canada, Europe and China and bringing manufacturing back to USA and that China is being tackled on the expansion front might just attack the US with all allies deserting and hence Trump is trying to befriend Russia as a counter measure.

    Maybe this is what Charlie was referring to but it could also be the country so polarized by communist forces within that the only saving grace will be the illumination of conscience.

    How can you beat the latest protests it’s so ugly and controversial even my Priest is referring to Trump indirectly as a an intolerant dictator. I did see his point of the sermon of the child girl who Jesus woke up the drawing and that Jesus came to save the sinners and hence we should not shun the LGBT community. Maybe Charlie can educate us on this seperation issue since its the left keeps brining it up even after Trump announced an executive order? Notice they never use the term illegal immigrants always refugees and it’s their right.

    No consideration for all those people who honour the legal system some are heart broken to be refused a visa even if family members are there. For some the scars are life longing and some they can never recover but they honour the countries laws. Surely the US cannot accomodate the entire weight of every poor world and other nations that start giving handouts instead of encouraging people to train themselves and work. My hope is God while ushering in the new world makes every nation great like US and other western countries and we can all have peace and proper balance.

    God Bless

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  15. The below came in my inbox today from a MILINET Regular and retired Marine pilot. This is his reply to the Dougherty article. I think that the Great Push-Back is upon us to undo 50+ years of satanic damage to Church & Society!!… Please God, Amen!!:

    “Resp “Off the Shelf: What Catholic Traditionalists Foresaw–MICHAEL BRENDAN DOUGHERTY

    I recently left the corporate world to serve the Catholic Church fulltime. I’m serving as Exec Dir. of Amazing Parish, an apostolate that provides instruction to pastors and their parish councils/teams via conferences and ongoing coaching. We’ve put ~900 of the 17,000+ parishes through the program and will have more than doubled that this time next year following conferences in Milwaukee, Cincinnati and LA. The author’s reflections on the post-Vatican II Church is nothing we haven’t heard, in various forms, before. However, for us who love Holy Mother Church, his words sting and they underscore both the challenges faced by the domestic Church and, I believe, the importance of the work we are doing through Amazing Parish. His heart is restless and he is seeking the truth and beauty of the faith for which he was created and his parish and the Church is failing him. If he isn’t fed he, and many like him, may leave the faith and be lost forever.

    This article really captures the issue:

    The quote in the article by Fr. Garrigou-Lagrange nails the nature of the problem, lukewarm priests who fail to speak the truth in their homilies and proceed with the view that “I must proceed warily so as not to incur criticism.”

    In the article, Cardinal Burke is quoted: “The situation in the Church is very alarming, first of all, because the fundamental truths of faith are undermined, put into question.” Also in the article is a 2009 quote from Archbishop Chaput: “40 years of American Catholic complacency and poor formation are bearing exactly the fruit we should have expected…We can’t talk about following St. Paul and converting our culture until we sober up and get honest about what we’ve allowed ourselves to become. We need to stop lying to each other…”


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    1. Crew Dog, these are heart-piecing pieces. They express truth which needs to be spoken. At the same time, this bring to mind that those who jump ship from the Barque of Peter really shoot themselves in the foot by walking away from the sacraments. Who wins with such a decision? Reparation, prayer and penance, while each one taking NRSteps must surely be the way through and out of this mess.

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  16. Today our priest actually spoke about the existance of the evil one in reference to how the world was created good without death until lucifer chose not to serve. Praise God for our priests and the ability to receive the sacraments!

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  17. Josh,
    The “numbing” down of America is a demonic trick. The devil honors what is wrought in darkness and confounds that which is wrought in justice. His “followers” do the same and by controlling the infinite minutiae of regulations thrust upon an honest, legal minded society, they know no righteous person can successfully navigate its labyrinth and succeed. It’s intended that way. So to enter through the back door it requires the “Mark of the Beast” and then you are allowed access into this tainted society where the price of admittance is signing on to its blackmail list- the “you scratch my back, and ill scratch yours” club. In this club, everyone has the key to everyone else’s skeleton closet. Heck, they may even help you put it there!
    Propaganda starts by controlling the narrative and then bullying those who disagree with you either by shaming or indignation. I noticed that the left uses the exact same verbage these days as the right uses.
    By “apeing” righteousness, they can control the narrative with their false appeals of justice, freedom, choice, etc. This makes their agenda seem caring and loveing. But we are to judge them by their fruits not their words because without God, no good can be accomplished because it is through God that all good things come. So upon inspection of what they truly DO and what accomplishments they actually make, their true intent and designs are made known.

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    1. Bishop Sheen’s “Life is worth living” presentation of ‘Moses and the Ten Commandments’ [1956] is a description of our times. He relates the issue of legislation. We legislate those issues lost to the immoderate man, whereupon we seek to control the behavior of others. However if we Love one another, no law is required.

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