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Syria War: Chemical attack in Douma, Eastern Ghouta claims 80 lives

By Charlie Johnston

(When confronting foreign policy and the questions of war and peace, observers too often monochromatically only over-correct for the last significant blunder. That leads us to lurch erratically, bouncing  from one wall to another, like a drunken man walking down a hotel corridor.  In all crises, we should look at the total framework and seek to carefully calibrate an approach that gives us the best chance of both prevailing and of establishing stability. Seeking to keep out of all conflicts gave us WWI, WWII, and the 9-11 attacks. Acting out of hubris sucked us into Vietnam. I was asked today about my take on Syria by a few friends. Rather than write a lengthy column, I will just share with you the (slightly modified) email I sent back to two of them.-CJ)

While I was worried most of last week, the way this is playing out looks like the most brilliantly deft foreign policy move in a very long time. I did not want to get in a war with Russia, I did not want to get in a new ground war in the Middle East…I wanted to isolate Iran – and hopefully enable regional players in alliance against Iran. I was not sure early on whether this was really done by Syria or whether it had been done by another faction trying to pull the US in. If it was done by Syria, we could not just leave it be, as the last century has shown quite clearly that nothing is so provocative to tyrants as weakness and irresolution, but I did not want to be suckered, either.

Russia wants a sphere of influence in the Middle East. We had shut them out so completely that when Obama gave them the opening in Syria, they took whatever they could get to get their foot in the door. I get that. Like a crooked card game to an obsessive poker player, he would not go there – unless it’s the only game in town. Syria was the only game in town when Obama opened up the Middle East to Russia.

When French President Emmanuel Macron said France had indisputable proof that Syria had done it – and our current National Security team confirmed it, I was relieved on that point. But it meant we had to act. Then I was worried about how to calibrate it properly. I was heartened when I heard credible reports of America and Russia coordinating through back channels.

Take a close look at the official statements that came out about this. First, Trump and Mattis made clear that this is a one-off, provided there is no more use of chemical weapons. In his statement, Trump did NOT say that Russia had to get out; rather he subtly invited Russia into a coalition against Iran and for stability. A spokesman said right after the attack that we had not told Russia when and where the attacks would be. Ha! We didn’t need to…if we simply told them back channel that we would be targeting chemical weapons sites and warehouses and would act soon, that would give them all they needed to know while making it true when we said we had not coordinated as to time of attack and specific targets. Russia’s ambassador’s comments that there could be grave consequences were remarkably pro forma and restrained if you are accustomed to actual serious Russian protests after a provocation.

The argument that Syria protects Christians was unpersuasive and even a little embarrassing to me. Are we so self-absorbed that we will give a guy a pass for routinely murdering innocent civilians, including large numbers of children, in exchange for leaving us alone? I thought this particularly distasteful since we have the young Saudi prince, Mohammed bin Salman, who has taken firm control of the country, openly collaborates with Israel, is working seriously to wipe the scourge of jihadism from his country and towards a solid alliance with the US and Israel. There, I thought, lies the hope for real stability in the Middle East and protection of Christians – we need to strengthen his hand and isolate Iran. Lo and behold; in the aftermath of our attack, Saudi Arabia has been joined by the United Arab Emirates and it looks like Egypt and maybe even Turkey in seeking to isolate Iran. Now Turkey wants to stop Iran because Erdogan wants to be the Jihadist Caliph, himself  – but this coalition is firmly under the leadership of Saudi Arabia and bin Salman. There will undoubtedly be mischief from Turkey and Erdogan in years to come, but we will deal with that when it is time – and strengthening bin Salman’s hand now will help us enormously then.

The only real demand we made of Russia is that it prevent another chemical attack. Now that Russia knows we are not seeking to evict her, that strengthens her hand enormously internally. She can put a choke collar on Assad – or more likely wait a respectable time, oust him (perhaps even giving him asylum in Russia), install its own puppet (undoubtedly repressive, but not savage), and actually collaborate with America and Saudi Arabia in stabilizing the Middle East, isolating Iran, and waging a real, coordinated mission to wipe out Jihadists.

Meanwhile, I had been pleasantly surprised for months by French President Macron, even thinking he may be the most serious Western European leader since Margaret Thatcher. (They have had a really bad run in all Western European countries of incompetent bumblers at the helms). Europe faces a far more serious internal crisis than we do (and we face a deadly serious crisis), even though it is not as obvious yet. It is where ISIS and Jihad will ultimately regroup. I am heartened that France, at least, has a real president instead of a self-absorbed technocrat.

There are, of course, many things that could go awry…but this was calibrated just right – and if the signals I am picking up come to fruition, it is a gift that will help us endure the worst of the conflict we face.

Ave Maria, Stella Maris!

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  1. Thank you, Charlie. We needed this. These are mind-boggling times and I consider with new appreciation the potent simplicity and wisdom of TNRS. How strengthening and comforting to know God has a Plan, HIS Plan, to which we surrender, for which we pray and give our all.

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  2. Charlie..I just LOVE reading your pieces!!! They are so well written and you are one really smart guy😇

    Has anyone read Pope Francis’ new Apostalic Letter yet on holiness???

    I just love our Pope! He & President Trump are really good strategists…they both know how to make their way around the mark…great tactitions to be sure…I get them both😆

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  3. Great article! Definitely on the same wavelength here, based on the information I could glean from The Conservative Treehouse and combined with my gut feeling.

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  4. Charlie,
    Very insightful comments. Your take on what occurred has me wondering as to what N Korea’s next move will be? Now that they see Trump has a “Red Line” for barbaric leaders will they negotiate honestly or continue to string us along until they are capable of putting nuclear missiles into our backyard? Your thoughts on how Russia (Putin) and/or China will react with regard to N Korea if we have to do the same strategic move?
    Thank you & God bless.

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  5. Brilliant. Charlie, once again I want you to know how much I appreciate your analysis of current events. It is such a relief to have a trustworthy go-to source. News comes so fast and furious… your frequent short takes are exactly what is needed. Thanks.

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  6. There is another line of thinking that the deep state might have had a hand in the chemical strike to prevent US from leaving Syria. I am also happy that MbS is very serious about taking control in the ME and stopping the jihadism. The fact that Trump shows that he defers to MbS but offers our support is the first time that the US has not tried to bully their way into ME affairs of which we know nothing about.

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  7. Everyone is against Trump’s actions in Syria – the entire Left, the crazy Right (Michael Savage, Alex Jones) the reasonable Right (Laura Ingraham, Tucker Carlson) and thoughtful Catholics like Dr. Robert Moynihan. I exchanged emails with Dr Moynihan about his take on the matter.

    We just celebrated Holocaust Remembrance day. As usual, someone lamented how the phrase “never again” is just a hollow slogan because the world has usually stood by (e.g. – Rwanda) when genocide or crimes against humanity take place. But if Assad did indeed use chemical weapons against civilians, how can anyone ever invoke the “never again” ethos if we sit by and do nothing in this situation?

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  8. Charlie I always look forward to your articles because you consolidate everything going on in the political/world realm and make it very clear.

    I just keep praying:

    all about TNRS 👍🙏🏼 Pax

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  9. NEWS
    I was thinking of Assad and wondering if it would be OK to pray that God punishes him or even ends his evil life. Then I remembered that there are Jewish prayers for this and many examples in the Old Testament. Jesus tells us to love our enemies but Assad is not my enemy. He is an enemy to humanity who has spilled innocent blood in copious amounts. Then I came across the article below. What do you think?
    The Jewish News
    of Northern California

    Is it sinful to pray for an evil person’s death?
    There is a person on the world stage whom I wish dead. In my opinion, this person engages in evil, ungodly behavior and abets murder of Jews and other people. Is it OK if I pray for God to kill this person? I am not the most learned scholar, but I have never read anything in Scripture that would indicate it is sinful merely to wish someone dead or to ask God for such an outcome? Can I do so? — Al in San Francisco

    Dear Al: Who of us hasn’t harbored less than charitable thoughts toward those who do harm to us or others, even wishing them gone … permanently? However, your question centers ultimately on prayer and your personal relationship with God, subjects above the Mensch’s pay grade, so I solicited expert opinions.

    Rabbi Joel Landau, of Adath Israel in San Francisco, says it is perfectly OK to pray for God to end someone’s life if that person is “halachically wicked.” And what counts as halachic wickedness? According to Rabbi Landau, it is murder itself or the material support of the murder of innocents. Does the object of your ire fit this description? If so, pray away.

    Rabbi Nosson Potash, of Chabad of Cole Valley, asserts that, ultimately, anyone has the right to pray for whatever they want. Wow. Think about that for a minute or two. However, Rabbi Potash cites Scripture to back up his view that God does not want sinners to die but, rather, would prefer they stop sinning. A talmudic passage (Berakhot 10a:2) states: “Let sins cease, is written. One should pray for an end to their transgressions, not for the demise of the transgressors themselves.” So if you have proof this person you mention is engaged, or about to be engaged, in the murder of innocents, you are within your right to pray for his or her death. However, it takes no more of your energy to pray that God show this person the light and, in so doing, persuade this person to use his or her place on the world stage to promulgate love and goodness. Would that approach not result in a better state of mind for you, a higher level of conversation between you and God, and a better outcome for the world as a whole?

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    1. Wow, Joe. Thank you for this. Reflecting on the idea that one can pray for whatever s/he wants surely reflects that we each have the gift of free will. How wonderfully this writing expresses God’s desire for conversion of sinners. We are called as Christians to strive to surrender personal will to God’s Will and, when Jesus’ disciples asked that He teach them (us) how to pray, He gave them (and us) the Our Father with: “Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us.” And from Jesus came His dictum to pray for our enemies. In light of these truths, I believe I have forfeited my right to pray for anyone’s death… but here’s the nuance: I pray for the death of the person’s/peoples’ evil deeds.

      Pope Francis captures the heart of this nuance in his Prayer for Peace and Protection from Violence and from Terrorism and give my assent to his prayer: “Touch the hearts of terrorists so that they may recognize the evil of their actions and may turn to the way of peace and goodness, of respect for the life and for the dignity of every human being, regardless of religion, origin, wealth or poverty.”

      All of this said, I love the way the Rabbi leads his readers to the Christian response, in the same ways as the Holy Father has urged us to pray. This draws my own reflecting to how God is already at work, fashioning us into a people who will one day be one flock under one shepherd.

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    2. I have offered the Chaplet of Divine Mercy for conversion of these Nations, people within the Nations and of late have sought prayers for China, Venezula, Syria and today Lebanon. Further, a few months back I had a mass offerred for the People of North Korea.

      Prayer works. Jesus’ Mercy is unfathomable.

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      1. Amen, Sean. Prayer changes everything, particularly the Rosary with devotion to our Mother’s Immaculate Heart, the Chaplet of Divine Mercy, reception and adoration of the Eucharist and the Flame of Love prayers to blind the evil one… even while every prayer from the heart has inestimable value.

        From Our Lady of Fatima: “You have seen hell where the souls of poor sinners go. To save them, God wishes to establish in the world devotion to my Immaculate Heart. If what I say to you is done, many souls will be saved and there will be peace…”

        And Jesus to St. Faustina: “The greater the sinner, the greater the right he has to my Mercy (Diary of St. Faustina, 723),” And: “Through this chaplet you will obtain everything, if what you ask for is compatible with My will.” (Diary, 1731)

        We pray in God’s Perfect Will when we pray for the conversion of all peoples of the world. He WANTS this even more than do we. May Holy Spirit overshadow us as we pray and strive to take next right steps as individuals and as whole nations – Man! do we need to pray for the leaders of nations who are sorting through the dizzying confusion of misinformation and disinformation in order to make wise choices.

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        1. Yes, and Sr. Lucia said that the Rosary has been given extra potency in these times. I forget the exact quote, but it was along the lines of: “There is NO problem, however great, that the Rosary cannot solve”. Ok, that’s a (rough) paraphrase, but if we have Faith as small as a mustard seed…

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    3. Joe, Good to see you’re using wisdom contained in Jewish writings. Since your headline included the word “calendar” I thought you might find this interesting. Google “Deciphered Dead Sea Scroll Reveals Secret Calendar” Another reason it’s difficult to set dates. 🙂

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  10. “For my own sake, for my own sake will I do it, that I may not be blasphemed: and I will not give my glory to another. ” (Isa 48:11.)
    God plainly lays out the facts: He will not be outdone despite our failings and machinations. He will not loose what His son has gained for Him….but we can for ourselves.
    The trick is to “fight the good fight, to run the race and keep the faith.” Charlie speaks of the “fine line” between doing too much or too little- the “Luke Warm”or the “Super Apostle”. God is accomplishing things right under our noses but we are missing it. The old ways are dying and the normalcy bias fails to recognise this.
    When Jesus hung on the cross He drew “all things to himself”. This “drawing” has a filtering effect. In the end this “quickening” we are experiencing has exposed the speed of this filtering, the separating of the sheep and goats and the purification from evil…and its rebellion because of this. We are seeing and feeling what being “wrent” is. The enemy is being forcibly removed and is scrambling to hold on tight to the last minute, like a tree stump being pulled from the ground with every little root clinging to it’s former hold. And so it is with us. This change is happening too fast and we can hardly keep up with it. TNRS is a focus for these times, to seek what we need to do RIGHT NOW and when the next step comes-RIGHT THEN, etc. It’s very easy, so why is it so hard? Because we have no practice doing it! We need to trust before we can step out in faith. This is our practice… to trust.
    Jesus, I trust in You.

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    1. Amen, Phillip. We are in the time of navigating the uncharted waters of which Charlie had forewarned us. Your words especially bring to mind Charlie’s piece: “What the Next Right Step Really Means.”

      A few excerpts:
      “It is why I pray that God give me no information more than what is necessary for me to carry out the work He has laid out for me. I am subject to the same temptations as anyone else on this matter. I KNOW that the more specifics I know the more likely my silly mind is to start formulating a plan of my own devising – rather than looking to God for each step, which is the only path to safety. Here is a paradox: If you look to God first and just take the next step in front of you, He will flourish it, even if it is the wrong step. If you make the perfect plan, perfectly informed by the best, fully approved prophecies, you will fall into a pit. All of your plans will blow up in your face. Yet every step you take after acknowledging God – WITH EACH STEP – will flourish. This is a subtlety that many, probably most, deceive themselves on. If you humbly ask God to help you be what He calls you to, He will bless your efforts. If you, instead, dedicate yourself to helping God rescue the world, you will founder. God does not need you to accomplish His will; you need Him to remain in His grace. If you keep that straight, He can use you as a profitable tool. If not, you are useless to Him, however scholarly, pious, or orthodox you think yourself to be. The sooner you get that, the closer we all are to rescue.

      When you are sitting on a placid lake in a canoe with a paddle, you can use the paddle to steer, to choose where you want to go. When you are in that canoe in a fast-moving, frothy, rapid river, you do not choose where to go. In fact, if you try to steer, you capsize. Rather, the paddle can only be used to react to the current and the rapids…and every bit of skill you have must be used to keep from capsizing as the river takes you where it will. We are in the rapids. We are not in control. But if we are humble and skillful, we can dramatically reduce our odds of capsizing.

      You will see nation rise against nation, bishops fighting with other bishops, leaders trying to undermine the faith both from within and without. I have long known that. But what I also know is that the whole world has succumbed to a zeal for locating and diagnosing the splinter in everyone else’s eyes. If you have a baseball team in which all nine players are too busy critiquing the flaws of their teammates to bother playing their own position, the problem will not be solved by the third baseman’s ever more penetrating analysis of how the center fielder is messing up. The situation will not stabilize until each player understands his own limits – and resolves to quit worrying about his teammates, except to back them up well, and relentlessly devotes himself to playing his own position with every ounce of skill he has. This is why I am so slow to condemn anyone who purports to play for the Christian team. Even if your analysis of the center fielder’s deficiencies is spot on, it will avail you nothing if you have not devoted yourself to playing third base as you were assigned. It is painful for me to hear good people eager to detract others on matters they are only partially informed about. These people think they are cutting their targets, but they are actually cutting themselves and losing blood by the minute. God has not found those who disagree with us wanting: he has found us all wanting. We may deceive ourselves on the matter, but God is not deceived. You want to know who killed Christ? I killed Christ. Pound that into your head. Every one of us killed Christ. Internalize that and you are at the beginning of wisdom…”

      His sage conclusion:
      “Our plans mean nothing. It is best to know as little as possible in detail, in order that we are not tempted to formulate more useless plans. The only thing that will put flesh on the bones of our plans is to relentlessly acknowledge God, take the next right step, and be a sign of hope to those around us. Do that and you will be an island of peace and strength throughout the Storm.”

      My own thought in light of your writing, Phil: Romans 5: 20 remains one of my favored torches in this morass of confusion set in great darkness: “Moreover the law entered, that the offense might abound. But where sin abounded, grace did much more abound.” Onward with TNRS guiding our way…

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      Thank you Phillip once again for your sharing. I came across the above link which offers support and clarification to the ways of our visible chief sherpa, Pope Francis. Of course when we hear the word Sherpa we think of those brave and experienced Himalayan guides and helpers. For them the next right step is often a matter of life and death. For them detail is of the essence and not minimal detail but maximal. Weather, quality of ground and snow, best route, danger of avalanche, equipment, supplies etc etc. Survival is paramount – the summit is a bonus. For them, normalcy bias could be a fatal mistake. “Please get out of the new world if you can’t lend a hand, for the times they are a changing.” May we all survive well the approaching calamities and be among the chosen ones who reach the summit and to that end remain close to the Greatest Sherpa, the Source and Summit of Salvation, The God of Surprises whose ways surpass all human understanding and knowledge and whose words echoe softly across the ages , “Be not afraid, peace be with you, come ye blessed of My Father.” If ever there was a place where conditions change at a pace beyond our ken it is a high mountain. But such sudden change happens also elsewhere in life eg in sand storms in the desert or flash floods in the valleys. In present times our best preparation for such events is our daily rosary. “I alone am able to still save you from the calamities which approach. (Fatima, Garabandal and Akita) Those who place their confidence in me will be saved. Pray very much the prayers of the rosary.” Normalcy bias says “that could never happen – at least not to me.” But wisdom says “Ask not for whom the bell tolls, it tolls for thee.”

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      1. SO beautiful and inspirational, Joecro. Thank you. May we ever focus on the details God reveals to us, day by day and moment by moment, as we each live out whatever mission He has entrusted to us in each one’s particular setting and life circumstances. May we BE as so many lights shining in the darkness of these times, beaming Christ’s Light, Hope and Love from within to those around us.

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  11. Your last line “This is a gift that will help us endure the worst of the conflict we face. Does this mean that we here in the USA will also have be involved in a war on our soil.
    Just listening to James Comey’s remarks about President Trump,makes it obvious that he will do anything to bring this President down. Also he does believe he is saving the world by doing this.. His thinking is twisted as far as I am concerned.
    Lord come and save us..

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    1. Theresa, please don’t get ahead of yourself. We are closer to a hot civil war than most realize. I do not know whether we will have hot war in our territory – but I do know that we are in the midst of real strife that is going to get worse before it gets better. When you get fearful of the things before us, remember my primary message is that God is using our own degenerate sense of morality and honor to cleanse the world. You have seen frightful things; you will see more frightful things. But your duty is not to fear the fearful things that come, but to live your duty before God, take the next right step and be a sign of hope, that we may be reclaimed all the sooner. Don’t focus on the terrible details, but on living your duty well whatever must come. You will find joy in the midst of trial there – and that very joy will help hasten the end of trials. God bless and keep you.

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      1. Theresa, don’t worry about James Comey, the book he has written, etc. It is actually a ‘shovel’ of which he continues to dig a bigger hole for himself and others. ‘They’ ALL testified in one manner or another, they all have facts (sworn facts) attributing an action or non.
        Terms: Contradiction. Malfeasance is another.

        “Don’t focus on the terrible details, but on living your duty well whatever must come. You will find joy in the midst of trial there – and that very joy will help hasten the end of trials.”

        Right on. I have found myself thanking God for his uneventful, but fullfilling day in prayer, monor evangalization and more prayer.

        I re-visited Movies…
        Tuesday: “the Passion of Christ”;
        Wednesday: “For Greater Glory – The True Story of Cristiada (2012) {chronicle of the Cristeros War (1926-1929}
        Thursday- The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (2003)

        [Hopefully the example of all may remind me of my duties.]

        I am enthralled with the Cristados. The movie while educational (to say the least) does not recognize the underlying fact “Freemasonry” is to blame. In my opinion, in Mexico, Freemasonry (was) is open while here in the United States is has been hidden.

        The most beautuful moment occurs where a young Cristero is martyred for his faith. He is in distinct pain from touture but in front of his Parents, he joyously proclaims his love for his Mama and states: “Viva Criste Rey”.

        He is killed, then rolled into a grave-hole.

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        1. Thanks Sean, I do believe I have gotten over James Comey.. He is everywhere doing his book tour.
          As Charlie said, Take the next right step.
          The Cristeros war was very enlightening..Many in the USA were not aware that Christians were being persecuted so close to home, before the Second world war.


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  12. Charlie your acceptance of Macron and US State dept statement of having proof
    of Syrian use of chemcial weapons on April 7th
    may be optimistic i fear. No one has addressed the absolute lunacy needed for
    Assad to use chemical weapons just at the point where he has basically won the war.
    It´s timing, a week or so after Trump indicating he wanted to withdraw from Syria
    and amazingly also just after a dubious claim of Russian culpability for Salisbury
    … all in all a combination which shrieks of dirty tricks and false flags.
    Add to that the reality that Russia has been warning since March 17th that a false flag
    op involving the use of chemical weapons was being planned leads me personally to
    have grave, grave doubts that what the media is telling us and our govts is reliable.
    Time hopefully will tell, but instigating an attack before even international inspectors could
    confirm that a chemical attack had taken place smacks of anxiety. Yemeni kids are being bombed with
    UK and US armaments and dying slow horrendous deaths from starvation also thanks to Saudi Arabia
    so i do not see how these children may be killed with impunity whislt our govts purport to be outraged by the deaths of Syrian kids either by chemical attack or not… still to be proven.

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    1. I know, that in a time where there are many conspiracies – and many being revealed by the week – it can become easy to impute conspiracies to everything. While we must be on guard, if everything is a conspiracy, we can’t know truth and all is hopeless. France not only verified this through their intelligence services, they joined the coalition in making the strike. France is not big on fighting. This was against their customary interest – so that suggests their evidence was overwhelmingly compelling. On your last paragraph, are we to decide that if an entity has done anything that is bad they are forever barred from doing anything good? And the Yemeni Civil War involves rebels backed by Iran, so the Saudi work there is to stop Iran’s influence. Iran has made it clear it wants; first, to destroy Israel; second to establish a jihadist caliphate that will rule the Middle East with an iron fist; third, to wage war on the entire world from that caliphate to enact sharia law everywhere. Now perhaps you think it is prudent just to leave it alone in the expectation it will die of its own accord. I don’t. And if I lived in Saudi Arabia – the very neighborhood – I most emphatically wouldn’t. As for your comment that children die in war, that is true – and it is terrible. But in ordinary warfare, such as we see in Yemen, the innocents who die are collateral damage in the targeting of military strongholds. The difference with Assad is that the innocents who died were made primary targets by their own government.

      I will make my assessments as I always have, by studying the best evidence I can find – with a skeptical eye – and then supporting the options that seem most likely to increase long-term stability. Sometimes I will be wrong. But I will not cease to make judgments because of my frailty – for to abdicate such is to consign us to a very long and brutal darkness. The evidence I have seen persuades me that it is accurate. The behavior of the principles (mainly Russia) in the aftermath persuades me that they, too, know it is accurate. So I am content with my analysis.

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      1. Charlie. I would also suggest it is unhealthy to see conspiracies in all things, but the reality is our government as well as the French, British, Russian and Syrian governments routinely lie to us, making it impossible to know for certain, what really happened on the ground in Syria. With that being said I am including a link below from a Zero Hedge article showing some examples of the aforementioned.

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          1. Frank & BD, I have noticed this seems to be a growing thing on many sites-both Catholic and conservative news sites online… Lord have mercy! I am praying for/about this. It reminded me of what Charlie spoke about and it scares me.

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        1. I’ve been asking myself frequently, BD… what to do with liars everywhere in these times?

          I equate these instances on many fronts to the flash floods we frequently get in the desert. Get enough of those and it might be collectively building to this (such as the 100 or 1000 year floods): “then from the mouth of the serpent spewed water like a river to overtake the woman and sweep her away in the torrent.” — Rev 12: 15-16

          Interesting the use of that word “water,” there. Hm., something to ponder. But with regard to the flash floods in the desert, I wish I had a dollar for every time I’ve come upon a flash flood tumbling down a wash and across a road. Sometimes there’s even a sign that reads “DO NOT CROSS WHEN FLOODED.” Often it doesn’t even look like that much water, but I’m a practical fella so will often wait until it rushes on past. Many don’t, which explains that other gal or fella who misjudged the depth, volume and force of the water (to say nothing of all the other stuff that’s getting swept along in the water). Those are the ones that typically lose traction, stall out in the middle, start getting washed away, panic, etc… until rescue ensues from your friendly sheriff’s department, other emergency responder, or often just the person who happens to be on the scene.

          I wish I had this all worked out, but the fact is I have to get from wherever I’m at to home, just like the next person –– flash floods and all. Helps to know the roads and terrain. Sometimes requires delays and patience. Helps to keep to the high ground when it’s storming about. I know, it sounds so ridiculously simple and trite, but ridiculously simple and trite is what’s getting me from one step to the next right now.

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      2. I hear you Charlie. I am just not at all convinced by our media or govt
        intelligence reports. Assad is a cultured educated man who has enough
        common sense to know that a chemical attack at this time could unleash
        hell on Damascus. His opponents also know this. It is a fact they have used chemical weapons
        in the current war. It is also a fact that OCPR gave Syria chemical plants all clear just recently. I find it hard to accept that Assad ordered such a strike. Could be rogue elements in his army,maybe. Then of course it could be rogue elements in Putin´s forces involved in Salisbury or rogue elements from MI5, CIA, Mossad. Who has most to gain from such an attack, has to be the question. Not Assad for sure. I do not believe one side has the monopoly on honor.Macron is no Chirac, hence the change in French attitude to strikes, that and the constant terrorist atrocities in France thanks ironically to the same jihadi elements Assad is fighting and who we have armed and funded in many cases. Murky waters indeed. I am amazed at just how supposedly appalled our side is
        about this April7th incident yet not a peep re the carnage of Yemen where our bombs are doing the killing of women and children and our ally the starving blockades. It is all driven by satan of course.
        Thanks for your insights. You are better connected than most of us.

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      3. Yes, I would trust the French on this. They are a very pragmatic people, at bottom. Plus, many forget that France has historic “form” in this area, which was part of their Mandate territory after WWI.

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      4. There has to be some economic factors in all this as well, “Follow the money” so to speak.

        The problem is to put it all together to make any coherent sense out of which countries have common interests and even within those countries, which tribes and factions have common interests.

        If Assad is anything like his father, I wouldn’t put it past him to ethnically cleanse with any means at his disposal. Some of the things his father, Hafez did were awful and well documented by objective journalism.
        It’s hard to know what sources are trustworthy nowadays. I feel like a fish out of water…:)

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        1. Yes, Andy, Russia is in Syria as a result of Israel’s massive natural gas finds off-shore in the Mediterranean. As a result of those discoveries, Israel and Greece have signed an agreement to build an undersea pipeline to Greece to supply Israeli natural gas to Europe, although the full goals of the project have yet to be fully announced.

          What has been stated is that there are tentative plans to extend that pipeline from Israel to Greece into Italy. It isn’t hard to project that once the pipeline to Italy is complete, the next step will be to continue on into the rest of the European continent and the UK. Unfortunately for Russia, they are currently the number one supplier of natural gas to Europe, and the revenue they receive in return for it provides a vital portion of their foreign income.

          How else better to effectively challenge the ultimate sale of Israeli natural gas to Europe and the UK than to have permanent military bases in Syria on Israel’s doorstep? Furthermore, their deep alliance with Iran and their Lebanese proxy, Hezbollah, is a further military asset to threaten Israel should they attempt to replace Russia as a natural gas supplier to the EU.

          Russia will never leave Syria, civil war or no civil war!

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    2. BJ, BD, JayKay, et al. I have a different take on this whole situation and would point out that the French are perfectly capable of using an excuse to attack the right people. There is much more going on here under the surface that we are not currently allowed to see, in my opinion. Everyone’s assumption is that the attack was aimed at Assad and Syria, but I do not believe that is the case. IRGC HQ and Hezbollah HQ were attacked – what if Russia is giving up Iran to justice? In choosing to attack, the Alliance would use an actual event or a faked event, it would not matter. I propose that all of us consider just how much of what we see is Kabuki theatre and realize how much we don’t know. Geopolitical constraints and strategic considerations surround this situation.

      Instead of believing that Trump is just another neocon or stupid, and that his colleagues and allies are either stupid or are manipulating him, I think we should ponder a bit on the idea that justice, true justice, is playing out before our eyes. Trump appears to have neutralized North Korea in less than a year, gotten a huge tax reform through, protected massive investigations into great perfidy in DC, totally destroyed the mental and emotional equilibrium of the Main Stream Media, renegotiated numerous trade deals, brought unemployment down and given good people all across the country new hope, pulled the wool over everyone with the omnibus bill, has begun serious efforts to protect our borders, has arrested tens of thousands of gang members and sex criminals, is instituting some excellent reforms of our welfare system, and is even carefully cutting back on payments to abortionists both here and abroad whenever he can. All this in slightly more than one year in office, against massive resistance from literally murderous traitorous enemies. And he and his wife are fostering Christianity in people’s awareness at the same time.

      Do you really want to think that Trump doesn’t know how to handle Syria but would substitute your own evaluation in place of his?

      We know God has a Plan. Trump has one, too. We should be praying for him, that his plan rests wholly within God’s Plan, and we should focus on playing our NRS position on the ball field instead of criticizing the other players on our team. And Trump at least so far is very much on our team.

      I want to see a little more hope around here, ok? This is the Rescue, after all, no matter how odd and weird and scary it sometimes looks. 🙂

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      1. So true, Steve. President Trump’s accomplishments are impressive as stand alone realities. The *most* amazing part, to me, is your point that he’s pulled them off in the hostile environment of an all out cold civil war/soft coup. Praying, indeed, Steve. As for more hope…

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      2. “Here is a paradox: If you look to God first and just take the next step in front of you, He will flourish it, even if it is the wrong step”. (Charlie Johnston)
        “We know God has a Plan. Trump has one, too. We should be praying for him, that his plan rests wholly within God’s Plan”. (Steve BC).
        It wasn’t surprising to me that much of what was accomplished by President Regan came about by his sincere devotion to get down on his knees and pray for God’s help. Charlie simplifies this effect nicely in the above quote and Steve, you corroborate this in yours with the addition of the Body of Christ needing to be at work on this too.😇

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      3. Hi Steve
        I suspect the French will do something that will really anger Russia. I say this because of the prophesy of Fr Pel which includes the nuclear destruction of Paris by Russia.

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        1. Joe, I’m not familiar with that prophecy, but there are so many out there, from sweet to horrible. My belief is that we have all mitigated the worst of the worst, at least for now, and that we have been given one last chance. I often contemplate what our lives would be like if Hillary Clinton had won the US presidency and shudder. If that alternative were where we would be now, I know the Storm would be far worse, and the possibility of total collapse much much more probable. Instead of seeing the two Koreas talking about settling their war once and for all and a false alarm of an attack on Hawaii, we would be on the brink of nuclear war if not already on the other side.

          So perhaps the Fr Pel prophecy is a real one but on the line where Hillary won the presidency. Or perhaps that prophecy remains in our future but only if we fail to step up and fully acknowledge God at some point during this grace of a different presidential term. So often, prophecy is like Schroedinger’s Cat, there and not there until we make a Choice which triggers the opening of the box.

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          1. Ho Steve
            This is the prophesy. Fr Pel visited Garabandal and interacted with the visionaries. Glenn Hudson, the one of the best sources for Garabandal considers him “golden.” As you say we are free in our responses and our reactions.

            Sunday, August 14, 2016
            Prophecy of Father Pel
            Prophecy of Father Pel
            The Original Link in French is given…

            Fr. Constant Louis Marie Pel was born in 1878. In his desire to become a priest, he was directed by Fr. Antoine Crozier, the “saint of Lyon” – – who had the invisible stigmata. Ordained in 1901 after having received 2 doctorates, Fr. Pel became a seminary professor. He was a personal friend of St. Padre Pio and Bl. Charles de Foucauld, and spiritual director for a time of Marthe Robin.
            Fr. Pel had a great devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, and would spend nights on his feet in church with his forehead leaning against the Tabernacle. He was the beneficiary of more than 3500 Eucharistic miracles.

            Blessed with good health, it was a car accident that ended his life in 1966 at 88 years of age. Padre Pio frequently asked his French visitors: “Why do you come here to see me when you have in France so great a saint!

            Fr. Pel was the founder of a convent for women and a seminary for men, and it was one of his spiritual sons, a seminarian, who wrote down the following prophecy that Fr. Pel related in 1945.
            Since the sins of the world are increasing in horror, very great punishments from God will befall the world and no continent will be spared from the wrath of God.
            France, being guilty of apostasy and renouncing its vocation, will be severely chastised. It (France) will be divided as by a line stretching from Bordeaux (in the southwest) to Lille (in the Northeast). East of this line, everything will be laid waste and set ablaze by peoples invading from the east, and also by great flaming meteorites falling as a rain of fire upon the entire earth and upon these regions in particular. There will be devastation everywhere: revolution, war, epidemics, plagues, poisonous chemical gases, and violent earthquakes. France’s extinct volcanoes will reawaken and destroy everything: Auvergne, the Alps, the Pyrenees and other areas.
            France to the west of that line will be less affected – – the Vendée (the area evangelized by St. Louis de Montfort and then also as a result was the primary area that rose up to defend the Catholic Church in France against the demonic French “Revolution”) and Brittany – – because of the deeply rooted faith in these regions. Nevertheless, it will be necessary to stay far from the coasts, sometimes even 50 km (c. 30 miles) away, to escape the sea’s swallowing (of the land) as will take place in Marseille and the Riviera because of the sins and scandals committed at the beaches of these regions in particular.

            But I must make known that the (evil) sectarians and the great enemies of God who would want to seek refuge there – hoping to escape the global cataclysms – will be put to death by the demons themselves wherever they attempt to hide, because the wrath of God is holy and just.
            Thick darkness caused by war, gigantic fires, and fragments of flaming (burning) stars that will fall for three days and nights — will cause the sun to disappear. Only candles blessed on Candlemas will give light in the hands of believers, but the Godless will not see this miraculous light because their souls are in darkness.
            In this way, three quarters of mankind will be destroyed, and in some parts of France survivors will have to go 100 km (c. 60 miles) to find another (living) human being. It will reach the point where people have to eat human flesh to survive.
            Several nations will disappear off the face of the world’s map. France will become very small, but as a small part it will survive until the end of time. And thus purified, France will again become the “Eldest Daughter of the Church” – renewed — because all the Cains and Judases of humanity will have disappeared in this “Judgment of the Nations.” But this is not yet the end of time, which will take place later.
            The Mediterranean Sea will disappear totally; the oceans will cast enormous jets of burning steam up to the skies and will deluge the continents in a frightful tidal wave that will annihilate everything in its path. New mountains will erupt out of the earth and the oceans, while the Alps and the Rhine Valley to the north will collapse as they are inundated by the sea. In this way, the map of the world will be totally changed; the earth will undergo great shocks (i.e., shakings) that will prevent it from turning normally on its axis. The seasons will be cease to exist for three years, after which the earth will once again produce it plants and vegetation. There will be great famine in the entire world. Paris will be destroyed by the revolution and burned by atomic fire (i.e., weapons being fired) from Russians in Orleans (south of Paris) and the region of Provins (east of Paris.)
            In the future, when you see that this frightful time is near, take leave to Brittany (on the western coast of France) but go to the center, far from the coasts – – because they will collapse. This global scourge will begin on a cold winter’s night and with a terrifying roar of divine thunder – an unnatural sound filled with demonic screaming – that will be heard by the entire world.
            It will be the voice of sin that terrified men will hear on that night.


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            1. Thank you, Joe. Certainly sounds bad and has many elements in common with a number of modern prophets. Let’s pray that we can mitigate some of these more difficult prophecies through our prayers and choices now, as one of the Medj secrets has apparently been mitigated or removed because of prayer.

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      4. Steve, thanks for the quick slap in the face to pull ourselves together! LOL (I actually think of Bones yelling at Jim – Captain Kirk here…)…

        I have been pondering this as well, mostly in front of the blessed Sacrament or saying the Rosary… I was drawn to this group and to Charlie with the simple, yet profound mantra to take TNRS… that’s simple to do, yet so so so hard, right? At first, when I found out that I was a frog in water that’s about 210 degrees, and that the flames were still at the bottom of the pot, I felt horror.. seriously…. I was horrified that there was this STORM that I was in. This storm was here, raging, and I was still planning to go out for a picnic that afternoon! Initially, I instantly thought about prepping, creating a refuge, what my supply lines would be, where to defend my wife and kids from evil forces…. what would I do when it all hit the fan?

        However, I stuck to the community here, and I am so thankful I did! You all helped me to realize that yes, there is a storm and we’re all in it… however, like Beckita’s repost of Charlie’s post some time back, MY plans are set, but only to flounder…. I truly, no, we truly… need to be open to God’s plan, His will… and that has helped me to almost (trust me, I haven’t!) forget we are always in a storm… anyone know what I am saying? Instead of constant anxiety and flat out paranoia that I suppose I’d have if I didn’t have Jesus and mother Mary to soothe me and remind me about God’s plan, I sometimes feel like I live a normal life – and not all the time, but sometimes I take the time to stand in awe over something my kids do and enjoy the moment. I laugh, I relax, I live still….

        Now, I know for sure these moments don’t always last long before some bit of news reminds me that the wind gusts are still blowing, but somehow I feel, and I actually know, that if I remain faithful to Christ and continually ask God what He wants of me, that I am going to win… I am not trying to be pious here, as I consider myself somewhat of a bumbling idiot (as Charlie would say) in terms of what I know… but we have so many Saints as amazing examples, and I have so many of you who are so much wiser than I am in the faith to help give me amazing perspective… but I just know that “my Guy” can and will pummel whoever the other side puts up against us…

        I think this helps me to take TNRS easier and not worry so much about earthly approval for anything (still working on this, daily). I know it allows me to sleep well at night, most times. I know it compels me to try to help others when I can. I know it guides me to want to make sure my children, wife, and everyone I meet gets to heaven… Am I ready to be a martyr? I hope so, and actually pray for that courage if I am put in that situation. But I am not worried because of it. I believe everyone here kind of feels the same way, or maybe I am way off and delusional (ha!)… but we will win and this storm rages on as forecasted… we’ve had some great meteorologists who have told us it was coming – but even like with the weather today and the news – they never get all the details right with “mother nature”.

        So I am going to keep reading here; keep a cautious eye on the news; pray intensely; and….. still plan that picnic I think.

        God bless save us all here as CrewDog would say!

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        1. Absolutely beautiful reflection, Bill! Your opening line still has me laughing. Oh yes to your assessment of taking NRSteps: “…that’s simple to do, yet so so so hard, right?” I think we are the ones who make it hard as we complicate the process of TNRS, very often by fear of failure and/or lack of trust. This is another point of emphasis which Charlie has placed in his writing: we’re NOT going to get it perfect every time. We ARE going to make mistakes and seemingly fail. Blessed be God Who ever draws good from our deficiencies. And, I don’t think you’re in the least delusional, Bill. You’re grounded and soldiering on, a wonderful sign of hope. God bless you and God bless us all.

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        2. I love the picnic, Bill! At first, realizing what a storm we are in, people frantically try to find a place to hide. Half the battle, I think, is figuring out there is no place to hide from this one. So strap up, trust God, take the next right step – and go have a picnic. Love it.

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        3. Enjoyed your thoughts and very much concur, BB. Also, I was chuckling at your mention of the weather folks –– “they never get all the details right.”

          I was outside (normally a wonderful thing here), but getting peppered by gritty gusts. I felt like I was getting sandblasted for a new coat of paint, and was, quite literally, getting sand blasted. Fortunately, I had to get in the car for an errand. Was feeling grateful as I pulled up to a stop sign, switched on the radio to EWTN, then glanced at the car to my left. EWTN was broadcasting the Mass and it was right during the consecration. To my left, I noticed a Rosary dangling from that other car’s mirror. Eucharist and Rosary. “Hello, MP, this is your Father with the daily reminder… just checking to see if you’re listening today.”

          The meteorologists on the local news (God love them) try their best. Fact is, it’s a cake job here. “Sunny and warm today…” It’s Arizona mind you. ‘Course they get all worked up during the monsoon season when the torrential rains typically burst (flash floods and all), but can never seem to pinpoint it with any degree of accuracy. Yes, we get monsoons, but it can be a real crap shoot. We also get flash floods, often both at the same time, but just as often it can be sunny and warm over your head, with flash floods ripping down the washes from some monsoon just over the rise. Sometimes, a drive across town takes you through a quick series of rain, sun, rain, sun, rain, sun…

          I find it better just to go outside and have a look, sniff the wind, gauge how my joints are feeling, etc.

          ‘Course our Father always has the better plan, come what may.

          God Bless,

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      5. Every time we gaze at Jesus Christ on the Cross, we’re contemplating rescue with hope, SBC. From my perspective, that’s what it is. Nothing more, nothing less. Now, His Church… Christ still at the height of redemption though.

        Sure, we’ve got to pay attention to where we’re going, watch our step, knock some mud off our boots every once in a while. But there is a way to be mindful of these practical concerns and accomplish them without ever losing sight of Him, particularly in other folks as we encounter them. Tend to that, and you’ve got the sherpa thing down pat.

        Naturally, I pray that Trump has the sherpa thing down pat, but don’t presume anything or over-analyze it. As it is, my gaze is fixed, and frankly the sometimes odd, weird and scary ongoing process of conversion in me is the big work before me, and so it is in each of us. Work with God to accomplish that in our hearts and I think we will have each done everything.

        Rescue is in His Heart. Only stands to reason that that’s where we need to be. And thus the new day dawns.

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      6. Well no, I do not believe that Trump “doesn’t know how to handle Syria”, and I did not actually say that. What I DID say was that the French, of all European nations, are the most likely to know what’s going on in Syria because of their history in this region. It is therefore good to see them coming out definitively, and in concert with the U.S. They certainly haven’t always done so. And I am not in any sort of situation of lack of hope, still less of putting my own evaluation in place of Pres. T’s. Perhaps my comment appeared in the wrong place. It’s actually agreeing with Charlie, and his assessment of M. Macron in particular, whom I originally thought was little more than Trudeau Mk. 2. As CJ says, we over here in Europe don’t have much in the way of leadership at the moment. Don’t get me going about my own benighted country… ☹

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        1. I’m sorry, JayKay, I was only *including* you in my reply, not criticizing what you said, but I can see why you might think differently. Your take on Syria is absolutely correct, provided they have a smart leader with integrity. Amazingly, Macron appears to be much more than Trudeau Mk 2, as you say, and it is not accidental that he is working with Trump on this and other matters. A good leader will use an excuse not just to do something but to do the *right* thing. If we ever become privy to the decisions Trump, Macron and May made here and why they made them, I believe we will see, among other things, that the targeting was very different from the rhetoric, for very good reasons.

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          1. Thanks, SteveBC. Absolutely no need to apologise. I knew where you were coming from, and where my comment appeared was open to misinterpretation. Anyway, over here, in the heart of the EU Beast (and in my daily work I’m pretty much in it – but despise much of what it has become) we’re so used to reflexive, inbred, anti-Americanism from all the usual sources that to see some sort of definitive action in support of truth is… amazing. Especially from France, a country I love, and know, but which has too often been led astray by its own delusions. But they do, sometimes, get it right. Ireland and France have a long history. Back in the Ancien Regime some of the best regiments in their Army were Catholic Irish. Same with a lot of other countries. Pity we couldn’t do it for ourselves 😒

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      7. I agree Steve that God is always in control of the final outcome.
        There has to be a razing before rebuilding can begin.
        I fear that the razing of US as a world power is perhaps
        inevitable. We reap what we sow and we have sown constant
        war, death and destruction for 15 years. I believe we need to ally with Russia, a resurgent
        Christian power in the face of the fast approaching rise of the atheistic red dragon
        China, but there seems to be a residual hatred of communist USSR built into
        our treatment of present day Russia which is quite over the top and driven by
        dark, militaristic forces. The practice of everyday Christian morals and mores
        are more likely to be found today in Russia than in the UK,EU or USA! Though i accept Putin may be using the church for political reasons. However, isn´t it the
        very same media who promote abortion, transgenderism and homosexuality,polygamy,porn,divorce as welcome and legally protected norms who also constantly beat the war drums against Russia and fail comprehensively to provide any objectivity in reporting the facts of what is happening in Syria. I hope you´re right about Donald Trump.
        He was elected on the promise of getting out of useless wars in MEast and aggression against Russia as well as looking after the profound domestic needs of USA.
        The fact that he is hated by the msm is a very positive indication that he is on a mission from above.
        We all pray it is so.

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        1. I see several parallels between the highest echelons of the government of China and our own government. Look at the level of corruption in American government, masked and deteriorating for so long, and, as Charlie once said: “… how much more corrupt, coarse and decadent the process has become in just under a decade.” It has become obvious that power has been wielded in a way to make a sham of our freedoms and a mockery of the rule of law.

          Oh sure, there’s but one party, the Communist Party in China, while we have multiple parties, but we had fallen deeper into the morass of government dysfunction with un-Godly laws enacted, no matter which party’s members were elected. And we all have had a share in this. Charlie, at TNRS, first wrote about the idea that our government leaders reflect the will of the people who elect them while Katherine, recently, reiterated this in a comment. At the same time, the elections are often won by a hair rather than a resounding majority, hence, the “Second Civil War” has emerged – and, I will add, fought on the lines of cultural norms. 🙂

          Another parallel: There is a mighty internal struggle at play in China between the ruling government and its ordinary people. The central party hard-liners in Beijing are strong-arming their way to over-correct the freedoms gained by the population in recent years. Just one small example: there have been cases where the common man has actually sued the government, but you’d never hear of such an event with a controlled press. The fare of reporting, for both national and international consumption, is only the news of how the government holds absolute power… and that is true. It is also true that those who live under the rule of an oppressive regime do such things as sign-off on paper as a member of the communist party and then forget about it as they go about their day which, in many ways, looks a lot like how we live our own days in this country, including worshiping God and evangelizing their brothers and sisters, yet, they give particular and wise attention to not creating any big noises as they share and express their faith in God. In other words, the government sets restrictive policies but they cannot enforce these policies to the degree they wish them followed.

          We, too, in America are in the midst of a mighty internal struggle. Without the election of Donald Trump, how could we have ever outed the Deep State and its connection to the agenda of the globalists? It would have been impossible with Hillary. Along with all the turnarounds which SteveBC has listed as part of President Trump’s successes – and this in the face of every kind of resistance and assault on the man and his administration – has come the revealing of truth concerning the globalists’ actions, bringing them from darkness to light. (Thank you, Donald Trump.) I see the globalists’ infiltration (much like the hard-liners in communist China) in our own nation’s inner workings – even amidst a governing system comprised of multiple parties – with the fingers of the globalists all over Washington DC and throughout the country. George Soros would be the most notorious face of his “elitist” class as he spends millions supporting causes which tear and fray the fabric of our democratic republic way of governing. I wonder where have been the true patriots for too many years? The men and women with conscience – who would lay down their lives to defend truth and freedom in the spirit and principles conceived by our founding fathers. Charlie said it best before the last election: “Actually, even in the political realm, which commands so much attention, the debate is reduced to shrill, partisan shrieking rather than any honest effort to understand our system, why it matters, and the consequences of policy choices. So much ignorant sound and fury, signifying nothing.”

          Actually, I was beginning to respond to your line, BJ: “I believe we need to ally with Russia, a resurgent Christian power in the face of the fast approaching rise of the atheistic red dragon China.” (While we’re here at ASOH due to Charlie’s humble response to his own prophetic errors of interpretation – and I respect and support him and our community in this – I don’t see how we can deny the truth that your expressed idea of an alliance between the US and Russia to deal with the China problem was an element of the broad sweep of things to come in this Storm.) I wrote all the above introductory stuff because I think it’s important to note the distinction between what the Chinese government has been rising to become and what is the true will of the people of China.

          Finally, so many are waking up in this country to fight the anti-God forces within while the ordinary Chinese person has been awakened and gives no real assent to the evil designs of their own government. All Glory to God that Christianity in China has grown by swells of graces through the evangelizing efforts of so many… so much so, that I think it’s important to NOT label the whole country as atheistic but to, rather, stamp that label squarely and accurately on the face of the hard-liners in the central party. And why do I say only “hard-liners?” Because many in the central party have met Jesus, through the courageous efforts of believers, and are now sealed with Baptism and Sacred Chrism Oil, as they secretly believe in Him. Think here of the many secret Muslim conversions and what it would mean for a “Muslim” to reveal his true Christian faith identity. I am intimately aware of Catholic catechetical materials which have been personally delivered into the hands of many a communist official. I can say no more than acknowledge the reality that the Holy Spirit cannot be contained. Even amidst the looming dangers and increasing darkness even as the battle between principalities and powers with Goodness and Light reaches its culmination, Holy Spirit’s Fire burns brightly in the Land of China as her people come to hear that God’s Kingdom is here and Jesus is alive!

          Last thought based on your feeling, BJ: “I fear that the razing of US as a world power is perhaps inevitable.” Because this country has been, providentially, consecrated to the patronage of the Immaculate Conception, the evil one actually invaded the Immaculada’s Own turf and WE invited him, fell to his temptations and own culpability in what has come to this land. However, Our Lady’s maternal strength is not only protective in a gentle, nurturing way. She is infused with the Mighty Power of God in ways untold. So fused to His Will is She, the epitome of humility, even if our current way of governing crumbles – IF that is God’s Will, be it permissive or perfect – I do not feel our country will be razed as a world power. Rather, I sense we will be soundly purified, reshaped to be a fitting vessel – stripped of our arrogance with selfishness tamed by our scourging – to take our place on the world stage, truly reflecting a country consecrated to Mary Immaculate, fulfilling the role of leadership while we remain on bended knee before the Living God in the sanctuary of both our hearts and churches.

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          1. Thank you Bekita and BJ for reminding me to focus on people rather than governments… Also how Charlie reminds us of the back channels of communication with Russia, etc. People are amazing and with anyone, you have to get to know someone to really know them. Facades and veils are so prevalent for so many reasons… we have them too when we are in certain situations – we can’t help it. I pray that I am who God made me to everyone I know…. and when I portray myself as Christ’s follower, I truly enjoy the company of whoever I am with! This is how it works on a personal level, and honestly we are people who give power to our government (or that was the original design anyway) for the most part, so we need to realize and pray for the PEOPLE in China, Russia, Iran, Syria, and everywhere else that they are our brothers and sisters who can unveil at some point to change their countries.

            I seem to forget, or at least set this thought aside way too often. Yup, they look different than I do, but so do A LOT of people…. I am just as different to them! I am going to try to fill my mind with great faith information today, and am going to put on my “People who are brothers and sisters in Christ” spectacles to do it! Thanks for the reminders that we are all on the same road, that it does not good to cut in front of anyone else, and that maybe I could even give someone a piggyback ride on part of it sometimes….

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  13. Thanks for an upbeat article on Syria, Charlie.

    I’m back from a weekend retreat at Rachel’s Vineyard. In attendance were 7 victims of abortion (2 men), 7 staff members who organized the event, and one very dear priest. My heartfelt thanks to those Sign of Hope folks who offered prayers for healing during our encounter. (And Mick, I told the group straight away that you and your little Therese in heaven were praying for everyone there.)

    When I first arrived at the monastery, I saw a young nurse — a very good friend — who I haven’t seen in about 3 years. We hugged very tightly — she’s a great hugger. She and I and one other nurse used to work night shift together and we had an unusually good relationship. (I say “unusual” because it’s rare for nurses to get along as well as the three of us did.) This young nurse dropped off the radar, though, and we lost contact when she suddenly moved away, but the Holy Spirit brought us back together this day in a most profound way. (I still can’t quite wrap my mind around this stunning fact). Anyway, it was like no time had elapsed and we picked up right where we left off, yet she had a little angst about what I would soon learn…

    The three of us would sometimes meet for dinner before the night shift, and on one particular night it was at a king crab and prime rib buffet at a local casino (totally free). During what would be our last dinner together, my young friend excused herself during the meal. The other nurse and I were very concerned about her: She looked terrible, she had withdrawn, she’d lost weight, her hair was falling out. Is she bulimic? Something was wrong, but we were unable to learn what. She was gone from the table for quite a while.

    I learned this weekend the horror that occurred in that casino bathroom after she took a prescribed abortifacient medication. Sitting next to her on a couch, tears streamed down my face as I listened to how my friend had suffered in this way.

    Thanks to Rachel’s Vineyard, she is on the road to healing after coming to a very difficult crossroad. They (we/the Grace of God/the Holy Spirit) helped her to overcome it. I am so grateful for this. I’m also grateful because this beautiful soul was just welcomed into the Catholic Church on Easter Sunday. Praise God! Thank you, Jesus.

    I, too, was able to face my own abortion during this retreat. I experienced much needed healing and feel a deeper connection to my deceased daughter. I will ask for her intercession while I, her daddy, remain in this valley of tears until I can join her in Heaven.

    It is difficult to share even a small bit of this experience about my friend because it is so deeply personal, so private. But I’ve overridden that urge to silence. I’ve gained so much understanding from this encounter: that the scourge of abortion takes so many different shapes, that it hurts people in a myriad of ways, that it is far more prevalent than I imagined, maybe even someone eating dinner with you, and that its wounds run deep and fester, not unlike the woman from the Gospel with the hemorrhage. Rachel’s Vineyard helped each of us, as individuals and as a group, to reach out to each other and to Jesus for healing. And Jesus has answered our prayers. A great weight has been lifted from us. Though none of us are completely out of the woods, we were given the strength and the means to move forward toward forgiveness.

    This was a weekend I will never forget.

    God bless you all, and thank you for your prayers.

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    1. Patrick: Praying for your friend and for you as you take steps to heal. Thank you for sharing your experience. I am in awe with how God works His healing and His plan.There are no coincidences. It is good to be reminded about the hidden suffering around us. Inspires me to try to be a brighter light of hope to everyone. Thank you!

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  14. Here’s a refreshing piece concerning another man of wisdom for our times: “George Weigel weathering turbulent times with stouthearted friends” Mr. Weigel, an erudite and prolific writer, has penned a new book: The Fragility of Order: Catholic Reflections on Turbulent Times. Love his attitude.

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  15. I admit that I am a bit suspicious of the timing. Assad deciding to launch a chemical attack just after the US declares that it is going to exit the theater seems just a bit irrational for a person who is basically winning his war. On the other hand, evil often acts irrationally as it overplays its hand in its pride and inability to resist causing misery. I also don’t trust the Deep State neocons in the US government who seem overly anxious to blame Russia for everything even to the point of starting a very ill-advised war with them. A very recent example of this is the “assassination” attempt fiasco that the UK recently blamed on Russia with no evidence. I don’t have the background knowledge on Macron to comment on France’s role in their investigation. So in that i’ll defer to Charlie, and say personally that I really don’t know whether or not Assad was responsible for the chemical attack.

    Whether he was or was not responsible, i’m just relieved that our government decided to launch a restrained and targeted attack instead of winging missiles toward Russian assets and forces. It’s heartening that the warmongering neocons don’t have their hands firmly on the wheel, and that in this instance rational heads prevailed.

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  16. Lake,
    The US told Russia of the no fly zone before the attack to eliminate accidental collateral damage of Russian troops.
    Charlie is right, I think the US and Russia hold more in common than is publicly known.

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  17. I think in a perfect world no one should ask for the death of anyone, evil or not but for their conversion and God’s will towards what is more effective for his soul and the souls of those effected by him.
    In Ezekiel 33:11 God says: “As I live, saith the Lord God, I have no pleasure in the death of the wicked, but that the wicked turn from his way and live”.
    But in Acts 5:5 Ananius fell dead at Peters feet by his act of betrayal which for Gods purpose struck great fear into those who heard about it and this brought about a greater discernment for those who wished to join the new church worthily.

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    1. Here’s a story from the bible of faith and courage that sees death as just deserts with the blessings of God and to His glory. From the book of Judith.

      “Judith came in and took her place. The heart of Holofernes was ravished at the sight; his very soul was stirred. He was seized with a violent desire to sleep with her; and indeed since the first day he saw her, he had been waiting for an opportunity to seduce her.
      17 ‘Drink then!’ Holofernes said. ‘Enjoy yourself with us!’
      18 ‘I am delighted to do so, my lord, for since my birth I have never felt my life more worthwhile than today.’
      19 She took what her maid had prepared, and ate and drank facing him.
      20 Holofernes was so enchanted with her that he drank far more wine than he had drunk on any other day in his life.
      It grew late and his staff hurried away. Bagoas closed the tent from the outside, having shown out those who still lingered in his lord’s presence. They went to their beds wearied with too much drinking,
      2 and Judith was left alone in the tent with Holofernes who had collapsed wine-sodden on his bed.
      3 Judith then told her maid to stay just outside the bedroom and wait for her to come out, as she did every morning. She had let it be understood she would be going out to her prayers and had also spoken of her intention to Bagoas.
      4 By now everyone had left Holofernes, and no one, either important or unimportant, was left in the bedroom. Standing beside the bed, Judith murmured to herself: Lord God, to whom all strength belongs, prosper what my hands are now to do for the greater glory of Jerusalem;
      5 now is the time to recover your heritage and to further my plans to crush the enemies arrayed against us.
      6 With that she went up to the bedpost by Holofernes’ head and took down his scimitar;
      7 coming closer to the bed she caught him by the hair and said, ‘Make me strong today, Lord God of Israel!’
      8 Twice she struck at his neck with all her might, and cut off his head.
      9 She then rolled his body off the bed and pulled down the canopy from the bedposts. After which, she went out and gave the head of Holofernes to her maid
      10 who put it in her food bag. The two then left the camp together, as they always did when they went to pray. Once they were out of the camp, they skirted the ravine, climbed the slope to Bethulia and made for the gates.
      11 From a distance, Judith shouted to the guards on the gates, ‘Open the gate! Open! For the Lord our God is with us still, displaying his strength in Israel and his might against our enemies, as he has done today!’
      12 Hearing her voice, the townsmen hurried down to the town gate and summoned the elders.
      13 Everyone, great and small, came running down, since her arrival was unexpected. They threw the gate open, welcomed the women, lit a fire to see by and crowded round them.
      14 Then Judith raised her voice and said, ‘Praise God! Praise him! Praise the God who has not withdrawn his mercy from the House of Israel, but has shattered our enemies by my hand tonight!’
      15 She pulled the head out of the bag and held it for them to see. ‘This is the head of Holofernes, general-in-chief of the Assyrian army; here is the canopy under which he lay drunk! The Lord has struck him down by the hand of a woman!
      16 Glory to the Lord who has protected me in the course I took! My face seduced him, only to his own undoing; he committed no sin with me to shame me or disgrace me.’

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      1. Hi Phillip
        As you can see from the book of Judith this was about the death of the Assyrian leader. Perhaps we should send out our beautiful Beckita with a case of fine wine to get Assad drunk and think he is on to a promise then cut off his head – just like Judith did to Holofernes!

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        1. At your service 😉 …

          Ah! Those days of the Old Testament when Abba was about the business of purifying and taming the brutal tendencies of His people. Still, what an honor to be likened to Judith, a woman of immense courage who risked all in pouring out her love for her people, a pre-figurement of the Blessed Virgin Mary. In the words of a, then, recent convert to Catholicism:
          “In honor of the Blessed Virgin Mary today I would like to share the story of Judith. My heart was ravaged with the honor of the Godly woman a few nights ago who’s life is a wonder-filled precursor to that of Mary and up there with the great standards of faithful women. God was clearly foreshadowing as He always does in the Old Testament of what will happen in the new. I would also like to shout Luke 1:48 (“All generations shall call me Blessed”) and the biblical call of all generations to be mindful of the Virgin’s Blessedness…

          The book of Judith is a testament to the significance of the humility of the Blessed Virgin Mary and Her significant role in salvation History… Judith is surely a great Jewish tradition in the faith regardless of what one believes about Mary and what the Church says about her and it is a must read into God’s story of Christianity’s Jewish roots… This story of the faithful Israelite woman whom All Israelites would forever honor for her upright life and love of her nation is a prelude to what God would accomplish through the Blessed Virgin Mary against His enemy…crushing the head of the serpent who threatens His children by the hands of a woman. But I won’t spoil it for you. Let’s just say Judith did for her nation what Mary did for us and for all humanity.”

          May Judith, in her wondrous spirit – as described in the writings housed in the Marian Library at the University of Dayton, Ohio – intercede for us all that we take NRSteps while remaining poor in spirit, filled with fortitude and faithfulness as well as all the virtues this great woman of God exhibited.


          Judith is the heroine of the deutero-canonical book with the same name. She exemplifies the ideal woman of later Jewish piety (150-100 BCE). In many of the events of her life she fits the description of a woman who was a Pharisee. In her victory over Holofernes she resembles Deborah and Jael in their victory over Sisera. She describes herself in Judith 11:17: “Your handmaid is, indeed, a God-fearing woman, serving the God of heaven night and day.”

          In her religious observance Judith is a righteous person. She observes the prescriptions of the Torah, is a chaste widow, observes the feasts and even eves of the feasts as well (8:6). She observes the laws of ritual purification and cleansing (12:2, 9, 19; 16:18). ” … she is a model of Pharisaic religion. It is no wonder that her devotion is blessed; she is rich, she is beautiful, she is held in high repute by all 8:7-8 though it may be noted there is no mention of her having children. The story centers round her courage, her initiative, her selflessness 13:20 . . . . ” [See: Reginald C. Fuller, gen. ed., A New Catholic Commentary on Holy Scripture, rev. and updated (Nashville: Thomas Nelson, 1969) 404.]

          Judith represents the entire faithful people of Israel. This is especially seen in her final hymn (16:1-17). Judith belongs to the poor of Yahweh (tapeinoi) (6:19; 13:20; 16:11). Scholars say, “The spiritual physiognomy of Judith is undoubtedly that of the poor in spirit.” In her actions Judith “serves as a paradigm for human liberation. Judith upholds the fundamental truths that faith does not depend on visible results (8:17-27) and that God’s might is not in numbers” (9:11).

          Judith and Mary

          In Mary of Nazareth there are similarities to Judith’s absolute trust in God as one of the anawîm or poor ones; there are the ritual observances to the laws of purification and celebration of the feasts, especially Passover. Both are exemplary in their prayer-life and in their religious participation.

          In the liturgical readings of masses in honor of Mary, the blessing of Judith is similar to the angelic salutation of Luke: “Blessed are you, daughter, by the Most High God, above all the women on earth” (Jdt 13:18). Frequently in song and response the praise of Judith is celebrated also in Mary: “You are the glory of Jerusalem, the surpassing joy of Israel; You are the splendid boast of our people” (Jdt 15:9), and finally from her own hymn (Jdt 16:13-14):

          “O Lord, great are you and glorious, wonderful in power and unsurpassable. Let your every creature serve you; for you spoke, and they were made, You sent forth your spirit, and they were created; no one can resist your word.”

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        2. Joe,
          I think our “Judith”( ie: Mary), is looking to convert Assad (maybe through the Warning?)
          And the God of Surprises strikes again!

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          1. And so She intercedes for Our Lady of Tepeyac, Mother of conversion, thank you for praying for us. As ever, we join our hearts and prayers with yours. 💞🔥🙏

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            Hi Frank and Beckita
            Following your comments about Judith who prefigures Mary I found this article which supports your views. I could not help but draw parallels between the Assyria if yesteryear and the Syria of today and the Lady in common – prefigured and actual – who is coming to our rescue. I was actually looking for another piece that describes Mary as an awesome warrior.

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            1. A sublime find, Joe, with each paragraph as reassuring, power-filled and confidence-building as all the others. We shall surely suffer in the worst of what’s to come but we, truly, have nothing to fear with the Immaculate Conception as our recourse. (PS You were led to a perfect piece which describes Our Lady as an awesome warrior.)

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              1. This makes me think of 2 things…what Fr.Corapi used to say “Our Mother DOES wear army boots!”

                And also my own earthly mother who was a saintly woman (and I’ve been told this by many people who knew her, that she was a true saint) but who raised a large family(that’s where the 14 comes from btw) and could reveal her “mother grizzly bear” side when any spiritual or earthly harm threatened her cubs (it was both awesome and terrible to behold).

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      2. Ah, some OT justice now is it?! Maybe we could entitle this “Getting Punchy on the Way to The Ballad of the Ordinary Man.” Good thing B is around to hand out some hall passes. Did you try the Cafeteria door to see if we could make a break for the ball fields? Or maybe we just grab Phil and make for the fishing hole.

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            1. No worries, BD. Every ever-lovin biscuit pictured was whipped up and baked with almond and coconut flours. Mmmm… Only sorry that the Ballad of the Biscuits is a wee filler for the much anticipated Ballad Of the Ordinary Man which I expect to be so worth the wait. Here’s another gluten free culinary delight for you with a wee glass of scotch: 🍰☕️🥃

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            1. Right, Mick? I suppose it’s really a stretch to call him an “ordinary man,” based on his big screen persona… but I’d still like to think he was an ordinary man in real life.

              Only challenge now is that I’m definitively out of filler material waiting on “The Ballad…” That, and I’ve suddenly got a hankerin’ for bacon and biscuits.

              Only this crew could start out a thread with… (wait, I can’t even remember what this started with) and end up here with the Duke and some instructive distinctions between our hearty biscuits and Joe’s little crackers. (Oh, that’s right. Joe started this.)

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              1. H.i.l.a.r.i.o.u.s. We could always have ASOH story time. Gather round the campfire, Kids. (Where IS Doug when we need a verse of Kumbaya? Anybody have a few chocolate bars? We could roast up some marshmallows and introduce Joe to graham cracker style biscuits. It’s not tablet but I’ll bet you’d take a likin to s’mores, Sciwi Joe.) Now, for an apropos tale:

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              2. MP, which is your favorite Duke movie? Mine is The Quiet Man. I love everything about that movie: the scenery, the Irish brogue, the Catholic flavor, Maureen O’Hara (man, was she beautiful!), the “He’s WALKING her back… and it’s a whole long way!” scene, the fight scene, and especially the scene after the fight (“Woman of the house! I’ve brought the brother home for supper.” “God bless all in this house.” “Wipe your feet!” “Thank you, ma’am.”).

                I couldn’t resist adding this video clip, set to a cool song from my high-school days:

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                1. Mick– I love the Quiet Man too. I’ve seen it so many times I know the dialog by heart. All the actors are fantastic. Don’t you love it when the man lay dying and when he hears the fight happening, jumps out of bed and runs down the road to watch. And the widow and the brother end up together!❤

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                2. Oh, that’s a tough one, Mick. “The Quiet Man” is up there for sure, but it’s kinda like asking what’s your favorite quote from that movie when nearly every line in that script is gold. I still savor most of his movies. Maybe I’ve got a particular fondness for “The Cowboys” and the “Shootist” at the end of his career. Simply beautiful and beautifully simple. Says a lot about a fella in his last stretch… passing along what’s left to give, making stuff right, settling a few scores that need settling, going out with some dignity.

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                3. My favorite John Wayne film is “The Searchers” directed by John Ford. Every ten years Sight & Sound Magazine in conjunction with the British Film Institute conducts a poll of critics and directors of what they consider to be the greatest films in world cinema. In 2012 846 critics, programmers, academics and distributors voted “The Searchers” the 7th greatest film of all-time. In 1992 it was voted the 5th best film. This is more impressive when you consider that a lot of these people are left-leaning types who have a natural antipathy for Wayne’s patriotism. Wayne gives what I think is his greatest performance as the vengeful and obsessive Ethan Edwards. Martin Scorsese includes “The Searchers” among his favorite films. Several “Star Wars” movies pay homage to “The Searchers”. David Lean studied “The Searchers” when he was preparing to shoot “Lawrence of Arabia”. It has had a huge impact on other directors. The first and last scenes are considered iconic in the history of cinema. Here’s another famous scene that gives lie to the myth that John Wayne couldn’t act.

                  I also liked Wayne in John Ford’s Calvary Trilogy — “Fort Apache”, “She Wore a Yellow Ribbon” and “Rio Grande”. And, of course, I like “The Quiet Man”.

                  Here’s a link to the poll I referenced above:

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                  1. Love “The Searchers”! When he takes Natalie Wood up in his arms! And the last shot of the movie- John Wayne framed by the door of the cabin, walking away. Such an amazing story.

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                  2. I claim no sophistication nor rate movies on best actor, director, or whatever. I like a movie because it moves me, I enjoy it. On that basis, The Quiet man is still my favorite.

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              1. Kim, I think you’re right and he WAS a NSR’er. Here’s some choice Duke quotes to prove it:

                “Don’t pick a fight, but if you find yourself in one, I suggest you make damn sure you win.”

                “All battles are fought by scared men who’d rather be someplace else.

                “Courage is being scared to death but saddling up anyway.”

                “Sometimes it isn’t being fast that counts, or even accurate; but willing.”

                [of his trip to Vietnam in 1966] “I can’t sing or dance, but I can go to the hospitals and give them something to write home about.”

                “When the road looks rough ahead, remember the ‘Man Upstairs’ and the word H-O-P-E. Hang onto both and ‘tough it out.'”

                [and my personal favorite] “Nobody ever saw a cowboy on a psychiatrist’s couch.”

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            1. In the UK, a cookie is a soft, squishy, moist biscuit (for lack of a better word). British cookies tend to be bigger and more substantial than a British biscuit. In the US, a cookie covers both what the British would call a biscuit and a cookie.

              Biscuit (bread) A biscuit in the United States and parts of Canada, is a variety of small baked goods with a firm browned crust and a soft interior. They are made with baking powder or baking soda as a chemical leavening agent rather than yeast.

              In Commonwealth nations and Ireland, a biscuit is a small baked product that would be called either a “cookie” or a “cracker” in the United States and most of English-speaking Canada.

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        1. Yea MP, we could use the fish like St Raphael and Tobias did as a cure and maybe chain up a few enemies along the way with our tangled fishing lines, possibly find a few coins in the fish’s mouth for gas and send any extra fish we catch off to feed the hungry and the poor!
          (These fish stories are getting out of hand. Slimy little buggars!)

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  18. Hi Everyone

    I also dont buy it that Russia was at play in the UK episode and the Syrian gassing as well just like the weapons of mass destruction that didnt exist but they made 95% believe it or how the left tried so hard to box trump and won to some extent in making him ultimately accept that russia interfered with the elections when he strongly refuted it all along. He had no choice. This is not to deny chemical weapons were used but it could be deep state, israel, iran or even uk itself.France could just be used as a proxy.

    Either everyone wants a piece of the oil/gas or it could be some crazy mix that trump has gone along with their narrative while having back door channels with Russia/Assad.

    Didnt Q say something suggesting fake event and deliberate misinformation but trust the plan? Also Q validated a request ‘tippy top’ made in Jan as trump said it recently. It could also have to do with Iran as Steve suggest. If we are to believe otherwise than Q is also fake.

    I am going to go with my gut feeling and trust God to reveal the truth whatever it be.

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    1. One quibble, Josh…those WMD you think did not exist in Iraq. Read the actual Duelfer Report. It is quite different than the media made it out to be. What it said was that WMD were not there when we invaded, but also said that during the time the world dragged its feet, Sadam moved many to other nations. It also said Sadam had a robust WMD operation – and planned (and was capable) of fully reconstituting it within 30 to 60 days after sanctions were lifted – and planned to. It concluded that Iraq was a clear and present danger and we needed to act or face WMD later. The only useful line in the report to the New York Times and the rest of the media was that WMD did not exist at the time of invasion – and it was the only line they reported. This is why I so emphasize to people to read actual source documents if they can, because the media have been flat out lying for a long time now.

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      1. Agreed Charlie. Sadaam “owned” the chemical weapons (wmd’s). He just parked them in a place other than his driveway. How do we know he had WMD’s? Because we (USA) sold them to him via the University system.

        A good reference book for those interested is “Germs” by Judith Miller. Miller properly describes the ‘cold’ war of germ warfare between Russia and the USA. Citations are listed and it is an actually good (easy) read. You will look at the American Anthrax attacks in a different light.

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  19. Amen, Charlie. I’m a huge believer in reading source documents whenever possible.

    And I encourage people to spend more time in the two source documents that should be of supreme importance to us — the Sacred Scriptures and the Catechism of the Catholic Church (although the CCC is in a sense a secondary source as it relies on Scripture, the Doctors of the Church, etc). Scripture and the Magisterial teaching of the Church take precedence over apparitions, prophecies and, most especially, over internet sites that focus on paranoia and conspiracy.

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  20. Hi Charlie

    The report is a mixed bag as well for me as to speculation he hid them elsewhere and would have done this/that?. Strong words means nothing unless backed by evidence and i frequently hear unbiased or impartial investigation but it is far from it.

    I remember when he invaded kuwait and was told he was a madman and I remember always tensions between Iran and Iraq.

    I doubt he had ambitions to take on the west maybe just flex his muscles in the middle east and with Iran but probably he had to go for whatever reasons they decided.

    No doubt some of these dictators in iraq/iran etc we/are bad and many were opressed under them but what we have now is much worse and a spill of islam into west with Germany and Sweden the worst. Some of them are innocent and integrate well while others just dont and eventually ask for a seperate country and are barbaric as in the philippines or pakistan not to mention ISIS in the middle east etc.

    But when i look at how the deep state appointed Roseinstein and Muller and are forever using the msm or brake out events to drown the truth about Trump and make everyone believe he is a complete incompetent joke i wonder how better off the west is? or if its not this its a slow constant attack against chrisrianity and to replace it with secularism/atehism or for the benefit of the top1% keep everyone distracted and enslaved to debt for 30 to 40 years. Maybe not as brutal or barbaric but anyway hopeless.

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  21. Now!!! Tell me again why US/EU LeftWing Politicians/Churchmen/Media are celebrating the Islamic Invasion of the West? ….Eh!!??? Importing invaders that not only have NO intention of assimilating to the indigenous Culture & Norms but have every intention to force the natives to submit to their “Culture & Norms”!!!
    ……… and if the Natives complain they are Shamed, Labeled & Libeled as Racists …. in some places they are charged with “Hate Crimes”. It quite simply can’t be Votes @ Election Time …. something/somebody very sinister is behind all of this and I’m guessing Satan and his useful idiots. In the USA we have Islamic and Hispanic Invasion with similar but perhaps not so dire short term catastrophe.


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  22. Praying for the Church in China with this news:
    Beijing (AsiaNews) – In Henan, a circular notice dated April 8 prohibits all young people under 18 years of age from entering church to attend mass. It also forbids priests to organize any activities – conferences, summer or winter camps, etc … – with young people. Below we publish the complete text of the circular note (and the photo of the document, with the official stamps), signed by the Henan Patriotic Association (PA) and the Henan Commission for Church Affairs.

    Full article here.

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    1. Bekita and CrewDog – thank you for helping us keep that cautious eye on the news from around the world. Continuing to pray for conversion of hearts around the world for all of our brothers and sisters!

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    1. Amen. Alleluia! Upon further reflection – and prayer is still very much needed – this latest assault on the beautiful Chinese people is a policy that will be impossible to enforce en masse. They will surely baptize their babies at home and continue to raise them in the faith until that glorious day when this Storm has ended and we humans, as CJ has said – but paraphrasing now – have all our knuckleheadedness, pride and lies of self-sufficiency burned out of each one of us and have made a full return to God, ready to co-create with Him in building a civilization of Love.

      Here’s a little background on Our Lady of Sheshan. Shanghai has, historically, been THE most Catholic area in China.

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  23. Offering all here up to Our Lady of La Leche here in St Augustine, FL at one of the oldest churches in our country at a site where one of the first catholic masses was said in the US.

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    1. Thank you for offering us to Our Lady, Phillip. Love this image and love the Servants of the Pierced Hearts of Jesus and Mary.

      (I added a new link for your image as the URL posted here would not have reprinted it in your comment. We could have followed the link to Google Images but I thought it good to simply see Our Lady of La Leche right here.)

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  24. Praying!!!!!

    Seems as if things are speeding up more than ever… if that is possible!

    The Rosary and the Sacraments are keeping me afloat. Praise God!

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    1. Hi Josh. Not sure exactly which article you wish to reference in your comment here. The link takes us to a list of pieces on the Flynns’ site. As for naming specific dates, I must acknowledge that *no one* on earth knows the exact timing of God the Father in these things. I share your eagerness for a reset and often wish we were closer to Our Lady’s complete Triumph. When tempted to frustration and disappointment in waiting, I often turn to Scripture to refocus my thinking on God’s timeless promises to us. They are medicine for the heart and soul as I also ask Our Lady for the graces to grow in trust and faith in ALL God’s Ways. Here are a few and they fit every difficult waiting time in our lives.

      For still the vision awaits its appointed time; it hastens to the end—it will not lie. If it seems slow, wait for it; it will surely come; it will not delay. (Habakkuk 2:3)

      Wait for the Lord; be strong, and let your heart take courage; wait for the Lord! (Psalm 27:14)

      Trust in the Lord, and do good; dwell in the land and befriend faithfulness. Delight yourself in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart. (Psalm 37:3-4)

      Praying for you, Josh, and for us all to be strengthened and consoled as we wait upon the Lord and continue taking NRSteps. May we each be imbued with the Peace only Christ can give.

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      1. Yep– tough to live in these times, but our time on this earth is a twinkle of the eye. My heart bursts with joy when I’m with my sweet grandchildren. I savor it and know I move at breakneck speed toward the end of my time here, and pray for and anticipate the glories of praising Our Lord in heaven for eternity. Please God, keep my on Thy right path that I may be one of your saints in heaven.

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      2. Thanks Beckita

        I was referring to the article of the 2 colliding stars i honestly didn’t read the others and tried not to post to other sites so went directly to the authors site.


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        1. Thanks, Josh. I used to read the Signs and Wonders magazine which the Flynns print and now offer online. Just read the article which you mention and am struck by this: everyone I know who has tried to figure out the timing and sequence of certain future events has been surprised when their particular timeline does not pan out. God bless and keep you, Josh.

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          1. Thanks Bekita

            I await for announcement from Father Petar Ljubicic regarding the first 2 secrets as i dreamed about he finally had something to announce. hopefully it’s not 2027 or 2047 🙂

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    2. Josh, you won’t know the day or the hour. You cannot know what is God’s plan. You can only pray His will be done. The one thing I have learned over the past few years is that with Christ you can live or die through anything. The Christians in communist Russia, China, Cuba did. Poland has lived through massive persecution over 2 world wars and Communism. Eastern Europe was persecuted. I think of those pictures sent out by ISIS of those Christian men about to be beheaded. They lost everything especially their children and their wives but would not deny Christ. Do you remember the stories of the Christian martyrs in Rome? I use to think it would never happen in the USA. How naive of me. You have to cement your spirit in Christ. Be an example of stalwartness. When a crisis appears in this country, I just pray the simplest prayer of all – “You, Lord, take care of it.” Pray the Rosary every day.

      A few years ago my husband and I reunited with cousins in his family. We were invited to “Easter” dinner at their home. (I put Easter in quotes because I wondered what the heck they though the word Easter meant as we drove home.) Somehow abortion came up with me being attacked for my anti abortion position. I was dumbfounded because I thought them as Roman Catholic. I later realized that they were no longer so and some were even atheist. I walked into a den of wolves and got clobbered. I still wonder if they realize the hypocrisy and irony of celebrating an Easter dinner.
      This kind of thing happened recently again at a Baptism while I was praying the Surrender Novena quietly in the chapel waiting for the Baptism to start. I was ridiculed by my sister in law for praying. I was dumbfounded again especially because her mother was a very good Catholic women who prayed the Rosary. You have to defend yourself and then pray for them. I think its good to stand up to them and have their positions not validated. It just might get them to think.

      Liked by 1 person

  25. Sorry just hit submit was wanting to add that i have lost the only 2 best friends besides and so many others believing in Trump and the Rescue.

    I dont blame anyone but was hoping that God illuminates the wicked from hurting others you know with all the injustice everywhere.

    Even though i feel strongly the rescue should happen sooner and have little strength left i draw strength from the surprise element just like divine mercy sunday when i didnt know it was the important day but was literally woken early morning to pray and enjoy that miraculous moment with the Creator and nature and he just wouldnt go away and I was 100% I could feel his presence in me and i was thinking this had to be day and only until i attended mass i realized it was the Divine Mercy Sunday. I couldnt think of a more deserving day for the illumination of conscience but God had different plans.

    Here is a song i like so much I initially liked the Aaron Shust version.

    Jesus i am never giving up on you dispite all my wrongdoings and flaws.

    Liked by 8 people

    1. So sorry about the loss of your dear friends, Josh. Love your choice to draw strength from God’s Goodness in what you experience around you, such as your Divine Mercy Sunday experience and this beautiful song you have shared. My belief has un-wavered: that Illumination of Conscience will come one day… sooner rather than later. God has never and will never leave anyone’s side. Nothing He allows or does is a mistake.

      I can honestly say, each person I know is going through something tough right now, albeit with different circumstance and details. We’re being purified and in this is God’s beauty at work, for in such trials we are fashioned with more capacity to become what God wishes us to be: His Light in the darkness. This world will need each of us, ready for new depths of loving service, for we are the Israel of today as described in Isaiah 49.

      May He just fill you up, Josh, with all you need and may you, and all of us, continue to grow in relying on Him completely.

      Liked by 5 people

    2. Josh, I loved this song of Worship. Evangelicals really know how to do a concert for young people “and I am Old” and I loved it. Such a handsome young man who reminds me of my nephew Brendan.

      Liked by 3 people

      1. Hi Noreen

        Yes they are adorable singing for the glory of God from the heart and yes I have unknowingly drawn influences from our brothers/sisters in Christ in their efforts to convert me and i humbly acknowledge this.

        But we also had the most adorable priest and Catholic choir and friends attending daily mass at St John 23rd Fort Collins playing guitar and singing hymns in the chapel as well and going for retreats that i will never forget.

        I also have my wow moments kneeling down during the blessing of the Eucharist and in front of the turbancle everytime as i can feel The Lord’s presence there strongly everytime . This and our other sacraments besides the sacrifice by the priests and parishners helped shape me and in the end were just too strong for me to convert.

        If you liked this you will also like the version by the Gwinnett church or Passion – Forgiven – Crowder. That is country style.


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  26. While the intensity of persecution has always varied from locale to locale in China, there is a disturbing increase in governmental interference with heightened threats and actual violence targeting Catholics in Henan Province. Some observers believe this is testing ground to see how the people cooperate or push back. As well, it is meant as deterrence, rooted in fear, for anyone to even consider converting. For certain, prayers are needed.,-desecrated-tombs,-kindergartens-closed:-persecution-in-the-Henan-Church-(Video)-43677.html

    Liked by 4 people

    1. A read of “The Monks of Kublar Khan Emporer of China” may be a pertinent review. It deals with the Khans of Persia and their dealings with the Mongol Christians (as stated in the preface). Two Chinese monks and their travels to Jerusalem, of which they never made it. One monk became the Patriarch and Catholicus of the Nestorian Church, the dominions of which extended from China in the east to Palestine in the west.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. China has an incredibly long and rich history, Sean, and I am spoiled to live in residence with a walking, talking encyclopedia of Chinese history, both ancient and modern, set in the context of world history as well as Church history. (Cliff notes galore!) Thanks for the link. What is it, Sean, that prompts you to recommend this particular writing as a response to the current escalation of religious persecution in China?

        After praying the Divine Office each evening, we discuss our China Project and end the discussions with another Rosary for our Chinese brothers and sisters. As a young seminarian, Father fled from his country on the heels of it falling to communism under Mao Tse-tung. It was so crushing as the country was poised to experience a massive explosion of Christian conversion. Evangelizing efforts, since President Nixon visited China in 1972, have continued to develop with a great outpouring of the Holy Spirit via catechetical materials and prayer. While we know today’s flowering of faith may well be paused in light of current events, we will not be daunted in our evangelizing efforts, for we believe the faith will again flourish – this time as never before – when our worldwide purification is complete and God becomes the center of His children’s hearts once again. Blessed be God! Ave Maria!

        Liked by 3 people

    2. Still praying for China, Beckita.🕊✝ I was going to ask you how Fr. Wang was doing and it sounds like he’s doing well 😊! 💜🧡💖

      Liked by 5 people

      1. Thanks so much, Snowy. He IS doing very well, particularly, for his age. The pneumonia episode from a year ago has brought noticeable changes for him but while the body weakens for us all as we age, his spirit continues to soar with love for his priesthood, for the people to whom he tends with spiritual nurturing and, in special ways, for our evangelizing efforts in which we soldier on amidst all that we face in the world today. Plans are underway for a magnificent birthday party in the fall. I’ve got to get crackin on a creative way to share his life story which could sincerely become an epic novel, then movie, one day. I did this for his golden priestly anniversary fourteen years ago and have actually composed two songs for different celebrations of his life and vocation. It just might be time to compose another gem in this year of celebrating 90 years of life and 64 years of priestly ministry. God bless all our priests!

        Liked by 7 people

        1. MP, I can’t stop laughing! He’s a little Burrowing Owl with his head upside down. Don’t worry he’ll get some feet soon! If I roasted him he’d be one bite- definitely not a Butterball turkey, not even a Butterball drumstick! Hahaha!!

          Liked by 3 people

          1. I should add, 🤠, cowboys used to call these little guys “Howdy Owls” because they seemed to nod hello when the cowboys rode past them on their horses 🙂

            Liked by 2 people

        1. Thanks Jen 🙂 Isn’t he the cutest little “butterball” owlet? I couldn’t resist painting him! When I get the painting done he’ll have some feet too- haha!!

          Liked by 3 people

    3. This is very sad indeed and it’s hard to imagine the spiritual drought there right now, B. I think someone said earlier that if you want something to really flourish, go ahead and try to oppress it (or some such). I add that those folks responsible for damming up the supply of Water are going to regret it.

      Speaking of drought, I took this intention of yours into the desert with me today, along with Doug’s mercy stone. Thought I’d give the stone one more prayer trek before mailing it to him and felt really moved to pray for China’s hidden Christians. Dads and Moms especially who are raising up the children –– full of the Holy Spirit –– who will blind their foes and throw off that oppressive yoke. I suppose we may only be given a couple-two-three to help, so prayed for one, two, three… ended up praying, trusting and thanking in big chunks, eventually getting to 5,270,000. Doesn’t hurt to ask.

      So it’s been a dry winter season, unusually warm, with the drought continuing here. Some days it was almost impossible to imagine Springtime returning to the desert, even for a fella well seasoned at imagining such things. Nonetheless, there it is in full bloom today, and one has to marvel at how the desert plants can pull it off with so little water.

      Makes trekking along the usual ways a bit difficult since it’s all growing like crazy, but helps if a person is used to those ways. Also, I’ve been wondering where the wild horses have been, especially Old Gold. Seemed prudent to hand the lead over to my Guardian Angel and just follow his lead which took me deep into the thick of it where I crossed paths with the first of many bands that I know well. How heartening to see the new colts and these creatures doing what God designed them to do, even if hidden away in spots I never would have guessed at on my own.

      Here’s a little footage I edited together for all and I hope it speaks for itself (…hope it speaks of HOPE). Came across the Ft. McDowell, Yavapai, Red’s and Gold’s Bands –– all flourishing in spite of the drought. Sorry for the sloppy camera work at the end where I was filming Old Gold. My eyes were running…. must’a been the dust, or sweat… or something.

      One final thought since we were talking about the Duke, Western movies and the Chinese. Anyone have a chance to catch Robert Duval in “Broken Trail?” There’s another Catholic (who is not afraid to speak about it) and I think it might be his finest work.

      God Bless,

      Liked by 7 people

      1. Wow for the video, MP. Just WOW!

        Such beautiful intercession for the Chinese people. There’s surely an attempt by the hard-liners to impose a fear-filled drought into the believers, yet, you nailed it, MP: “I think someone said earlier that if you want something to really flourish, go ahead and try to oppress it (or some such).” We have every confidence that Holy Spirit sustains these believers in their faith, washing them in Christ’s Love while within them flow rivers of living water springing up to eternal life.

        Liked by 5 people

      2. Oh Beautiful video, 🤠… just beautiful! I just love those horses! I get it about shedding a tear for a missed animal- and when they come back- wooohoo! Makes the heart happy! I pray for the Lord to protect ours all of the time! And He did- so many deer hid out here during hunting season last year the neighbors are furious with me! 🤫🤭Heehee
        I couldn’t hear anything because my volume isn’t working, but I’ve become very accustomed to watching the animals in silence here, so it worked perfect for me!
        I have a few animal stories- hopefully bring a smile or two 🙂
        I really wish I could video the deer🦌 here! The yearlings are having the time of their life playing in the temporary pond that is most of my backyard at the moment- until the snow finishes melting and the ground thaws! They jump and spin and twist, kick their heels up and have so much fun chasing each other! They are so happy to see Spring finally come and some unfrozen water!
        Our rooster Pheasant, which we named MP 😄, (my dad always wants me to name him Rooster Cogburn- but there are about 10 of those now because that’s what he names every one of them at his house… lol!) along with BD the Grouse, who, yes BD- finally came back- and NO I didn’t really poach him, are also enjoying it…strutting around with their new girlfriends and showing off!
        A few days ago, our little chipmunk, named Mini-Mouse 🐿, after waking up from hibernation moved into my house via the heat ducts- which she chewed through when she had had enough of the cold! At night, when all is quiet, she rattles the vents on the floor so I will bring her sunflower seeds..can you believe that? Haha- spoiled little thing she is! but i just love her! I wonder… if she has little ones, well…. yikes, the whole litter will want to be spoiled, and I’ll need 20 new names!!!!🐿🐿🐿🐿🐿🐿 😉
        Then there’s Little Red-Rocket, the red squirrel and her sister, who is a huge trouble maker (but not quite as naughty as Lil Red Rocket) with the deer and the birds!! Haha (Doug does Jacki have red hair?? JayKay do you have red hair? RR’s Sis or bro needs a name!), and now a new black squirrel that took up residence here this winter… Gee, guess what her name is 😄 – she’s a beauty!! Hint: starts with M! 🤔 I really hope no one minds we name the animals after y’all? Eh? Besides, it reminds me to pray for all of you!
        All I can say is animals are just such a gift from God and soooooooo wonderful… the best entertainment EVER!! 🙂

        Liked by 7 people

        1. Ha, Snowy! We are totally going to have to name our next rooster Rooster Cogburn! I don’t know how I never thought of that before.

          I hope I’m not being presumptuous (pride goeth before a fall, etc. etc.), but do so hope that the squirrel-of-color has a 4-letter name ending in K. 🙂

          Liked by 4 people

          1. Well, of course! She’s so feisty and cute! She regularly beats up the boy squirrels too, and takes over the feeders! No one messes with her- fits you like a glove! 🙂

            Liked by 4 people

              1. Mick, oh, thank you for asking- he’s not doing very well at all, is still really sick and has been coughing since at least last November. The doctors can’t find the problem. I was planning to ask for prayers again today!


        2. Snowy, glad to hear that you’re continuing with this:

          Now the Lord God had formed out of the ground all the wild animals and all the birds in the sky. He brought them to the man to see what he would name them; and whatever the man called each living creature, that was its name. So the man gave names to all the livestock, the birds in the sky and all the wild animals. – Gen 2:19-20

          I imagine Adam gave them names like Soaring Glory, Thunder Hoof, and Trickster, and that God was pleased with that effort. I come up with stuff like Stinky, Big I.J., and Mitten Head… oh, it goes downhill from there. Well, here’s hoping He’s at least amused.

          Side note to Mick: Mick, there’s a brilliant Chocolate Flax mare with colts up near Heron Rest. Henceforth she will be known as Miss Hambone.

          Liked by 5 people

          1. MP, you are really cracking me up- Stinky and Mitten Head are 😄😅😂!
            Hambone- OH! Haha – forgot all about that name for Mick!! Luv it!


  27. In being called to do the Next Right Step, we are also called to focus primarily on that step and trust that as that is being accomplished we also trust that God will help us to know and accomplish the next right step after that. If we try too hard to look too far ahead, it will only act as a distraction in our present duty, diminish our trust, and make too much of ourselves. How can we be a Sign Of Hope when we do not have trust as the basis of that hope? I know it is very human to want to know but since when has that knowing been part of God’s plan for us? When has the mystery of God been lacking in His testing of us? Testing and mystery have always been part of God’s dealings with mankind. That will not change as Charlie has so painfully learned and we should learn from his experiences. Watch and pray, pray and watch. TRUST in the Lord.

    Liked by 10 people

  28. I’m kind of a troll. I’ve been reading “CJ & friends” for a long time but until now have felt I have nothing to add. This site and all the comments console and fortify me. My husband and I for years now have felt we are standing at the edge of a cliff. We have big issues before us and have, by the grace of God, some scary issues behind us. On dark days when a strong tail wind sounds like a blessing, we hold hands and look up. Our faith is strong.
    I have a friend named Annie who is quadriplegic since the age of 5 . Her doctors said she would not live outside an iron lung. She did…and is 54. From that young age, her life’s motto has been “Inch by inch, life’s a cinch!” She is a strong, positive, artistic people-lover who gives everything to God. Her life’s work is being honored tonight by the rehabilitation hospital where she spent so much time. Charlie’s message has always spoken to me and fits so beautifully with that of my friend. I’ve learned to do what is in front of me and not look too far ahead. Thank you all for sharing on this site…you light my path.

    Liked by 9 people

    1. mimimommy3, I am so glad that you shared your story so filled with hope and courage. I love your friends motto and surely will adopt it as an inspirational mantra. Bless you and yours! ❤

      Liked by 5 people

    2. Hi Mimimommy3, we like trolls here, they are fun and this place needs a little rattling anyway 🙂 but that said, your not a very scary troll! 🤗🤭 You and Annie sound wonderful! God bless!

      Liked by 5 people

    3. Thank you for your insight. This site holds me up too. I am old enough to know that everyone has something hard to deal with in their life but your friend’s life motto is heartening. I add it to my heart. I had an aunt who at 23 in 1946 had a massive stroke on the way to work. She spent the rest of her life with one side of her body slumped and non functional. She lived until she was 85 but as she entered old age she couldn’t move at all. Her life was confined to bed and wheel chair and depended on the people who administered to her needs. But she did have a lovely voice. She had dreams of being on the “stage” before her stroke and even recorded a few 78’s in the 1940’s. After the stroke, she sang every Sunday in the church choir. She has been set free in Heaven and I bet singing in its heavenly choir, center stage. For a gal who needs recurring lessons in patience (me), I will think of your friend always and thank her for teaching us all a lesson in love and humility.

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  29. I must say. I also beleive with those few who question why Asaad would pull such a foolish move while winning on most fronts. I would also question why aren’t people questioning the US in illegally invading another country? Having US backed ‘freedom fighters’ does not constitute a moral obligation to invade another country. From what is have read, i.e. NOT the MSM, Russia realized increasing violence is a loosing battle in this county, no pun intended. What most of us also understand is the Military Industrial Complex needs war to live. I pray Trump is wiser than he appears, which warning the Russians before hand was indeed wise.
    I would also suggest to those who support these continued aggressions to compare the relative peace Christians had prior to the US invations & destruction of Iraq & Syria. Compare the current life style of all citizens in both ruined countries & tally up the amount of money made by the MIC.
    I have a tough time feeling people aren’t choosing to be mis led when they support our ruinously run foreign policy.
    God bless all on this forum.


  30. Our Planet abounds with SIGNS of End Time proportions but The Cult of Death (ABORTION), I would say is the worst. In two Human generations Western Civilization/Old Christendom has bought into the Abortion Agenda and it’s close “cousin” the Perversion Agenda. People who embrace, fund and legislate for unlimited Abortion are hailed as some sort of Heroes of Feminism and Modernism. Those who oppose are libeled, persecuted and criminalized ….. and their views mocked or blocked on “Social” Media sites. Same-same with the Perversion Agenda:

    “Rome Yanks Largest Pro-Life Poster in Its History”


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  31. Gee, wouldn’t it be great if all who have just recently had a baby, would march into an abortion clinic with baby in tow, (this is for all in the waiting roomat the abortion clinic) and announce that this (holding baby up) is what they are about to abort? How many minds would be changed upon seeing this? It would be great if this could be an organized effort, to turn heads, and minds, about this atrocity called ABORTION. God willing, I hope this could happen.

    Liked by 6 people

    1. Me too, Mary! My daughter had a baby girl three months ago, and 2 of her cousins had baby girls this month. What a precious display they are. My sisters and I (the grandmothers) are excited about dressing them alike and all the fun play dates we’ll have!

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  32. As we slog on through the morass of evil being unmasked with ultra attempts to ramp up persecution, let’s unite in prayer with our friends across that shining Atlantic sea, appealing to our Warrior Mother for the powerful intercession She ever provides. (Did you know that exorcists often recount, when faced with tough situations in praying to free a possessed person, they call upon the Blessed Mother and hear the demons shrieking “No! Not HER!”? – Not meaning to hyer-focus on the enemy’s deeds, simply stating facts concerning the mighty power of God entrusted to OUR Mother, full of grace. – Of course, I wonder why any of us would delay in calling upon Her when faced with tough situations and times, whatever they may be.)

    I see there’s one location marked on the map which is smack dab in the midst from where my own Scottish ancestors emigrated to this country. A wonderful sign of hope is this scheduled event for Sunday, April 29th.

    As we pray with our brothers and sisters from distant lands, let us also pray for those who continue to suffer immensely in these times, such as Mynmar Christians trapped in the jungles and the horror which Venezuelans are enduring.

    Another prayer need concerns, so called, “hate speech.” Interestingly, both NZ and USA are in the midst of facing this issue.

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  33. My daughter just called me… my granddaughter called her very upset from school today because their art teacher is again teaching the kids about ouija boards and tarot cards. My daughter dealt with this about a month ago, demanding it be stopped immediately. She told the Principal this was a “religion” to some people, and if he was going to be allowed to teach this, she wanted the kids to be taught about the Catholic Church, and Jesus and Mary.

    Needless to say, it was all stopped.

    Now today, this teacher brought my daughter up to the kids during class and started making fun of her, explaining to the kids that what she had done to put a stop to this was both ridiculous and wrong. He then proceeded explaining the finer points of using the ouija board and said that all demon and ghost things are simply make believe… and that she needs to get over herself. He is also trying, once again, to teach them the good things about drug use, namely marijuana.
    Many of the children in the class started yelling that drugs are bad, demons are not fake, this is really evil, and it frightens them. He silenced them… and that’s when my Granddaughter walked out and called her mom, crying.
    My daughter is on her way to the school now… and she is furious! The Principal has repeatedly told her this man is harmless and poo-pood all of it, though he did have the paraphernalia removed at the that time, but only because she threatened to pull all 7 kids from the school. Now the art teacher wants it all back, wants the freedom to teach it, and is going to fight to be able to do so. This teacher is far from harmless.
    I don’t know what will happen… I can’t believe this is happening in this tiny rural school! Please say a prayer for her and for the protection of all of my Grandchildren.
    As I’m typing this, my daughter sent me a picture that my grandaughter snapped with her phone in art class- a moment ago. He has a life-size, dead baby laid out on a table with his neck stretched out-head twisted back, it’s an aborted baby. He wants the kids to examine it, touch it and draw it. I would post it but it is so horrifying, I am beside myself.. I feel sick. These poor kids…Please pray.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Totally depraved, Snowy. Praying for your grandchildren and all the children who have been subjected to this teacher’s actions which deserve reprimand and commensurate consequences due to the harm he has caused and intends to continue doing. As well, it sounds like the principal has culpability in these events. Praying for your daughter and that she is joined by parents in demanding redress for these awful things the teacher is doing in the classroom. Praying for conversion of the adults involved in any way.

      Liked by 6 people

      1. Beckita, amen. As upset as I am, I am also praying for the conversion of the teacher, principal, and anyone else involved, they are yet more victims of the Enemy. Lord have mercy.

        Liked by 4 people

      2. What a new great name for Snowy, “Totally Depraved Snowy”. 😉 Anyways, these ouija boards are nothing but evil. I am reminded when I was a sophomore in college there was a fire in an apartment not far from mine and two people were killed. We peered in the window and saw a ouija board on the ground floor. It barely looked touched by the flames. I get the chills every time I read or hear that name.

        Liked by 5 people

      1. MP, thank you. My daughter found his facebook page- he is an active satan worshiper among other things- that Claymore is needed! There may also be others involved…

        Liked by 2 people

    2. Dear Snowy, I just read your comment about what’s been happening at your granddaughter’s school. It blows my mind! Will pray for all involved in this awful situation at Adoration today. God bless you and your family.

      Liked by 2 people

        1. Yes, you are right, Snowy. I always pray for people like this teacher. If they convert, they would be powerful for evangelizing, not to mention their own soul being saved. Many times I have looked at people who appear completely lost to evil, but then see a spark of fear or sadness in their eyes or expression, which makes me have compassion and hope for them. I believe praying for them does help immensely. XO

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  34. The terrorist in Toronto that killed 10, is being portrayed as a non-terrorist despite the family’s last name originated in Iran & other Muslim countries… There you have it folks, there’s FAKE NEWS in Canada too, trying to hide the facts from the Canadian public & the world… I hate it when people play ignorance and do the ostrich head in the hole in ground routine…

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Upon doing more research, the last name of the Toronto not so strong a link to terror, but something even more disturbing popped up… Jihadis believe they get 72 virgins for committing mass murder, the Incel group shows strong links to jihad recruitment, getting any desperate person to do their dirty work for them.

      I looks like the jihad will use proxies if not done directly…

      Liked by 2 people

    2. Thank you, Al. My exact thoughts about his last name. Maybe because I grew up with an Irish grandmother married to my Greek grandfather and my entire father’s side of the family was German that made us all aware of last name origins. Maybe because I went to all Catholic schools full of the grandchildren of immigrants, that we could identify the origins of last names easily. All this was 2 generations ago and I know my adult children cannot and do not make these associations today.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I was just freaked out by everyone saying the terror attack is just the new normal that anyone does. Something was telling me there’s a Jihadi link, and jumped on the first thing. I should of been a little more patient and waited until I was calm, so I could think more rationally.

        The Incel movement is no doubt being run/influenced by terrorists. Several decades of Liberal policies & laws has no doubt destabilized society to this current breaking point, we’re now reaping the fruit of their labour’s.

        Liked by 2 people

        1. Thanks Al. Had to google the Incel term and Menassian last name. Turns out it is an Armenian last name. I am aware that Armenians although from the Middle East are predominately Christian. Their country and people were massacred by the Turks at the beginning of the last century. No doubt though he got the idea from the Islamic ideology attacks in England, France and Germany.

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