Some Hard Truths About Russia and Ukraine

By Charlie Johnston

Dayton, Ohio – I have watched the Ukraine-Russia war for over a year and have carefully parsed all the news and arguments coming from political types and even from some of my friends, looking to see where I might be in error in my judgment. I have come to a conclusion: Ukraine is about to be toast.

It didn’t have to be this way. Even Russia did not, originally, want it to be this way. When it first invaded Russia used a smaller than necessary force in the expectation that this would not be a long war. It expected it would finally force the US and the west to the bargaining table. It was a bold move, a move that would not have been necessary had the US ever given an honest hearing to Russian concerns about self-determination for those areas that had been traditionally Russian for near 500 years and the surrounding of Russia by NATO. Instead, ever since Bill Clinton Russia has been ushered to the kids’ table every time it wanted to talk about its grievances – while the “big boys” in the west decided Russia’s fate without Russia’s input.

Most of the area east of the Dnieper River in Ukraine has been historically Russian, not Ukranian, territory. In 1954 Soviet Premier Nikita Khruschev transferred administrative control of Crimea and the Donbass to Ukraine. It was a routine move at the time as all of the territory involved, including Ukraine, was under tight Soviet control. It was just an administrative restructuring. The two main purposes of the move were as a tacit apology for the Holodomor (when Stalin forcefully starved millions of Ukranians) and to get a larger presence of ethnic Russians into the administrative structure of Ukraine. When the Soviet Union broke up in 1991 Ukraine retained the traditionally Russian territories it had gotten administrative control over under Khruschev. Throughout the 90’s surveys of the population of these territories consistently showed upwards of 70% wanting to reunite with Russia – because they were primarily Russian and had been governed by Russia for hundreds of years. Crimea had been Russia’s warm-water naval port since Czar Peter the Great, almost a hundred years before America’s declaration of independence. It was akin to having Massachusetts and Vermont declared Canadian territory because of an administrative decree of England from before the Revolution.

In early 2014 the US, under Barack Obama, sponsored the overthrow of the moderately pro-Russia Ukranian government and replaced it with a solidly pro-America, anti-Russia government. This put huge pressure on Russia, which was in danger of losing its vital warm-water port in Ukraine (something akin to our San Diego). Obama was assuring Congress that Russia would never dare to invade Crimea to secure its naval capacity. Literally, the day before Russia invaded, a small group of Congressmen called me on my birthday to get my take (at the time, there was still a group in Congress that valued my usually accurate assessment of such things). I told them that, of course, Russia would invade Crimea. It had to. Without Crimea, its capability to project naval power in the world would be severely crippled. One of them argued that there was only a very small chance that Ukraine would try to seize the naval facilities. I laughed and said, for Russia, the only chance that was acceptable was no chance. I used the potential loss of San Diego to put things in proper perspective. The call ended with them sobered, but not convinced. They would be convinced the next day. The next week several called back to see if I thought Putin would now invade Ukraine proper. I told them that was unlikely as there was no pressing strategic need and that, west of the Dnieper, Ukraine was largely Eastern-rite Catholic rather than Russian Orthodox as Crimea and the Donbass are. Ukraine proper would be a constant burr under Russia’s saddle. But because of western diplomats’ cluelessness about cultural imperatives and what a problem trying to govern Ukraine proper would be for Russia, Vladimir Putin would undoubtedly threaten to invade to leverage advantage from clueless western diplomats. That was how it remained until a year ago.

The Ukranian government following the color revolution the US sponsored increasingly persecuted ethnic Russians in the Donbass, even sending in an overtly fascist militia to do their dirty work. For purely domestic political reasons, Democrats demonized Russia beginning in 2016 as a cudgel to use against Donald Trump, thus foreclosing any possibility of rational diplomatic relations. Meantime, the ascension of Joe Biden led to renewed pressure to expand NATO, effectively surrounding Russia with a hostile alliance. Serious readers may recall how the US (rightfully) reacted when the old Soviets tried to establish a hostile nuclear base on our border in Cuba. Not a good plan if you are not filled with sophomoric hubris.

Russia and Putin got a big surprise, though. Instead of convening at the bargaining table to forge a peaceful solution, probably with a carefully monitored self-determination referendum in the disputed territories, the US immediately started pressing for a proxy war and regime change in Russia. We have the bizarre situation of the west pressing for a corrupt, authoritarian state (Ukraine) to wage war on a much larger corrupt, authoritarian state (Russia) in the name of…democracy!? Of course, the US itself has become a very corrupt, increasingly authoritarian state in which “democracy” is just a propaganda buzzword rather than a principle. Even in the midst of rising tensions, instead of trying to defuse them by putting a moratorium on new NATO countries, the Biden State Dep’t. advocates for more. And even now, with the specter of nuclear war rising, rather than listen to Russian grievances western diplomats walked out of an OSCE (Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe) meeting the moment Russian diplomats tried to speak. Why not just spit in Russian faces? It would scarcely be more provocative. These are the actions of people who desperately want war.

So now Russia is furious. The west has made perfectly clear that Russia will never be treated with any seriousness so long as this team of Keystone Diplomats are running the show. The western narrative is that Putin is an authoritarian madman. I agree with the authoritarian part, but I think he is the shrewdest major leader on the globe, with the keenest grasp of geo-political realities. I also think he is one of the most patient of global leaders. He tried for over two decades to get the west to give him a hearing on his grievances on NATO and ethnic Russian territory in the Ukraine, only to get airily dismissed every time. He started the war with Ukraine with limited aims, hoping for good faith bargaining. He got the back of the west’s hand. He got his Nord Stream Pipeline blown up – probably by the US. I know of no act of war Russia has committed against the US, but I know of several the US Has committed against Russia. Yet even now, Russia restrains its response to US provocations to threats only.

Again, Putin is shrewd and plays for far more than momentary advantage. He knows that, ultimately, Russia must come in conflict with China. It is a geographic imperative for a China that is determined to be eastern hegemon and global financial center. Putin also knows that the US cannot be its ally under the current regime – which would be useless and treacherous even if it could be an ally. But he also knows that when the hour of confrontation comes, he desperately needs America. So he has got to thread this in a manner to completely discredit the current American regime without alienating the bulk of Americans. I think Putin is now focused on three primary strategic objectives:

  • Completely subjugate Ukraine. Embarrassed by the unexpected pushback he got from the west when he had taken pains to amass only enough forces to trigger negotiations, Putin now knows he must completely dispel the illusion that the west can subjugate Russia through a proxy, or even open, war. I actually don’t think he will keep Ukraine (though he may hold onto it until the ultimate confrontation with China has played out). The problems with Russia trying to govern Ukraine west of the Dnieper are the same as they were 30 years ago. The next push will NOT be a show force; it will be full force.
  • Completely bust up NATO. NATO is an alliance whose sell-by date passed a generation ago. Its only purpose now is to harass Russia and remind her that she is a second-rate power. It continued to grow as an alliance against a threat that was no longer there (at least until the west started overtly beating the drums of war against Russia). It sapped resources that were desperately needed for a Southeast Asia Treaty Organization to defend against the threat of an ascendant and ambitious China. Putin intends to reveal NATO for the paper tiger it has become and the US military as the feckless, unreliable force it has become.
  • Amass hard evidence of US corruption in Ukraine. The US has been the leader in trying to provoke war against Russia, in refusing to even listen to its grievances. Putin is making plans to gather the evidence of massive financial corruption by US officials in Ukraine and of illegal bioweapons research sponsored by the US. The aim is to completely discredit the current regime while maintaining the possibility of friendship, or at least alliance, with the larger body of US citizens. Putin aims to make it clear he means America no harm, but will devastate the existing US officialdom and its foreign policy establishment.

Some have asked me about China’s “peace plan.” China has no peace plan for Ukraine, just 12 vague platitudes. Xi Jinping may be evil, but he’s not stupid. He, too, understands the ultimate confrontation that must come with Russia. If Russia succeeds in the three priorities I listed above, she will come out of this much stronger than she went into it. Xi dreads that possibility and hopes to cut that off and force Russia to support him in his attack on Taiwan without having grown stronger and having opened up the possibility of alliance with the US against the true great military and economic threat to the world.

There is real danger in all this. Russia has an odd habit of bumbling into initial confrontations as Clark Kent, only to be humiliated. Then, when its opponents think it is crushed, it emerges as Superman in the next set of battles. Often, though, Russia cannot abide success without overreaching. A successful subjugation of Ukraine could lure it into deeper military efforts in western Europe. That could set off a genuine global war.

The bottom line is that, before the summer is over, I expect Russia to completely crush Ukraine. When it comes, it will come as quickly as the fall of Afghanistan did. And it will be even more humiliating to the US, which has been emasculated by its own leaders – leaders who are fond of making bold statements they have not a chance of carrying out.

I have fought for a year to try to find the flaw in this reasoning. If Regis Philbin were around I would tell him, “This is my final answer.”


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74 thoughts on “Some Hard Truths About Russia and Ukraine

  1. WOW!! Excellent analysis, and believe it or not, it brings internal peace to see all these factors and potential consequences laid out before us. Why? Because as we see the likely developments in this currently messy world scene continue to unfold, we can remember that some of these things must come… not because God wants this or because any sane person seeks this, but because we are currently and unfortunately ruled by idiots. As ever, the very best most individuals can do is the little right in front of us, coupled with prayer that Our Lady intercedes for the best outcomes possible at this juncture.

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    1. “…currently and unfortunately ruled by idiots.” Precisely, Beckita!!
      This is brilliant, Charlie, as always, in the way you analyze. I love the 3 priorities you list for Russia, and especially await and hope for #3. Much of the information you list (for example the coup that installed Zelensky) is agreed upon by others who are not heard by, or given a voice by, the lamestream media. (No surprise there since one can read reports of Soros dark money going even to talking heads in the media. They all spout the same drivel.)

      One reason the whole fiasco makes me upset is that we are decimating our military arsenal, shipping it to Ukraine with all the billions in cash, for what?! Well, we know the answer in part, at least, as listed in your #3 goal for Russia. Oh well, God is in charge!

      I beg the Holy Spirit every day, to shine His light on evil to destroy it and to heal the spiritual blindness all over the world.

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      1. Thank you, Dan. Love your work. Praying anew for you and all your efforts as well as praying in solidarity with your prayer initiatives. PS Fr. Wang was with you on that pilgrimage with Rosalie and the massive pilgrim group.

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        1. Thank you Bekita for your kind compliment and prayers. I have happy memories of being with Father Wang and a thousand other pilgrims on our 1992 75th anniversary of the last apparition of Fatima pilgrimage to Fatima and Russia. In the Holy Name of Jesus King of All Nations, Dan

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          1. Beautiful, Dan. Father is now 94 and, as it is with so many of us, his heart is burning for the renewal for which we continue to work and pray. I want to thank you as well for your support for me at a time when I was trekking along unchartered-for-me territory. 🙂 God’s Blessings galore!!

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    1. Hi Mick . . . Between you, Beckita and Charlie, I think there is not a subject one of you is not expert in. Heck, each of you might be an expert in every subject.


      1. You are too kind, Bonfilius. So glad we’re in the Squirrel Club together, learning supporting and helping one another as we make our way on this perilous journey!!


  2. Oh my gosh, all serious points, then tops it off with squirrels make fine eating. Ok, I laughed out loud to that one.
    Lots of wood to be chopped and praying to do.

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  3. Bravo, Charlie! I hope the reasons for the turmoil are beginning to be more widely known. Too many people are Russian-Man-Bad without drilling down at all. In my opinion, though the whole story will not be comprehensible until we realize the massive crime that is hidden in Ukraine. Only then will people understand why over $100 BILLION of US taxpayer money had been dumped into Ukraine.

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  4. Bravo, Charlie, for analyzing the situation historically. It all began in 2014, and too many Americans don’t know that our own government is largely to blame for the turmoil. There is a key required to make it all make sense, and that is the massive crime that has been going on in Ukraine all the years since 2014. When the crime network is uncovered, from biolabs to human trafficking to outright Nazism, never forgetting 10% for the Big Guy, people will understand why the US government, led by Biden’s handlers, has shipped over $100 BILLION to the rotting regime there.

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    1. Sheryl: pray God that it will be “uncovered” but given the utter corruption of the establishment media (and I’m speaking of all of the West here, not just the U.S.) what are the chances of that? They are so deeply enmeshed in all the lies and corruption of their Masters that it would take an almost superhuman effort by honest and deeply courageous journalists (supposing such even exist in those media any more) to carry out such an exposé.

      And even if they could be found: would they be “allowed” to do so under the big-name bannerheads? They’d have to go to independent platforms and use their own names, not aliases – and then the relentless vilification would begin, including threats and likely physical danger. It would take great courage to survive all that.

      I know that sounds very pessimistic but I don’t doubt the sheer vicious blindness of the peddlers of the Lie (I think -pray – it’s more that rather than willingly following Evil). They’ll likely end up in their equivalent of the 1945 Berlin bunker still refusing to admit they were wrong, while having dragged everything down to ruin.

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  5. I so appreciate reading your perspective, Charlie, as I am not really savvy on world politics. Thank you for this (sobering) analysis.

    (And I’m afraid that, when push comes to shove, there won’t be many squirrels left in my neighborhood either. 😏)

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  6. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! … 😉 PM

    Just one of of ALL the CORRUPT DC Swamp Alphabet Agencies ;-(

    SIGNS? I’d bet same trend in some USA Cities?….Muslims don’t murder their babies.

    I’ll bet a C-Note that Iran already has The Bomb ;-( ….. Israel ….. !!???


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  7. I am going to print this one and will no doubt watch it play out, step by step. I so appreciate your analysis, Charlie!

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  8. Charlie, your analysis of the Russia-Ukraine situation seems really solid. Mind you, I’m not an expert at all in these things. But your points are consistent with those of a number of people on my daily non-MSM trapline of citizen journalists.

    BTW, I think that those who are perpetrating such things, in darkness and intentionally created confusion, cynically rely on We The People not having time or motivation to find and evaluate information OTHER THAN that spouted by the mainstream media that they responsibly tune in to while cooking dinner and relaxing after a busy day at work. Sorry for the run-on sentence ~ but isn’t that a metaphor for what many good people’s days are like?

    Perhaps we need to take time for beauty and prayer; for example:

    The decades especially are gorgeous. ❤

    Blessings, Charlie and friends ~
    Sister Bear

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  9. Charlie, Thanks for a brilliant analysis of the history and what has lately been happening and why. Re a coming massive Russian attack, I agree that is likely. The military outcome is not assured, however. Russia is reported to have lost most of its armored fleet, its modern tanks and personnel carriers, so the invasion will be mainly from foot soldiers supported by missile and aircraft attacks on territory to be taken, step by step. The West has been supplying Ukraine with abundant artillery pieces that will likely survive the air attacks and decisively destroy any massive infantry attacks– Russian infantry will be slaughtered as they attempt to take new ground.

    Such a slaughter would create additional pressure on Putin for his own survival. If the initial wave of an infantry attack fails, that would create the opportunity for rational negotiations, but it is hard to imagine that happening with the Brandon regime goading Russia and supplying Ukraine with weaponry sufficient to stall Russian ground attacks.

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    1. We will have to wait and see. But I have given my final answer – and I am content with it. It took me so long to fully analyze because all the reports are so much BS. Remember how Russia was on the verge of financial collapse because of the sanctions, according to state media? Now it turns out it is stronger financially than when it started. I don’t believe Russian materiel is nearly as degraded as our hopeful state and defense departments say – and their media acolytes parrot. So the sudden loss will come as a shock to the American public which has, once again, been misinformed by those who would be masters of the country rather than servants.

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  10. I invariably get into trouble with friends from Poland each time I comment Ukraine at a European christian forum. It’s like they basically think that Russia should be permanently erased from the planet once and for all. For example: “If it is about critiquing our corrupt and faithless West, then why glorify Russia as a derivative? The hard fact is that Russia is, and has been for the last 400 years, a terrorist state, which primary internal policy was to separate their citizens (serfs?) from the western enlightenment and keep them uneducated and drunk (there are wonderful studies on a Russian state tradition of alcohol as a drug dealing business model since Ivan IV). All of these served the purpose to keep the society under the rule of a tsar and very few boyars who profited well. Ivan and Stalin are gone, but the system still works. Putin and the oligarchs play exactly the same role and Stalin and the central committee or Ivan and the Boyars. There is no need to legitimize Russia just to stay contrarian to the West. I understand that there is a temptation to use Russia as a leading force fighting against the downfall of moral rules. But allowing them to run their terror internally without promoting it as a wonderful solution to western problems would be a great first step.”

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  11. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! … 🙂

    Some Worthy once quipped: “Only Gubermint can slap ink on the useful commodity, Paper, and make it totally worthless.” Making the $ Worthless be part of The Plan!

    The Usual Suspects in Swamp DC/Media/Global-Reset don’t like The Exposé so I, automatically, do ….. likewise all the other Links I send 😉


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    1. Fox News and Rupert Murdoch, unfortunately, CrewDog, are apart of the “Swamp DC/Media/Global-Reset” cabal. They are boycotting CPAC this weekend, along with Pence and DeSantis, Paul Ryan et al, because Trump and his MAGA agenda will be there. Fox News (Rupert Murdoch) will not even allow its news anchors mention that the 2020 election was stolen!
      They are no longer the fair and balanced, conservative voice that people still think they are! They are trying to choke the Trump MAGA movement much like they did the Tea party movement a few years ago.

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  12. Please, please read this book, about a Ukrainian man who spent over 20 years in Russian prisons because of his Catholic faith. It is all true, and this will give you hope.

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    1. The link didn’t come through, but the picture link did. The book is Witness by Josyp Terelya. I will check it out, Joan!

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    2. I am Dan Lynch. Josyp Terelya was a friend of mine. He was a Ukrainian who lived in Toronto and we both shared the same spiritual director, Ukrainian Bishop Roman Danylak ,who also lived in Toronto.

      In the late 1980s, Josyp, who had suffered terrible torture at the hands of the Russians, said that Our Lady told him, “Beware of a man named Vladimir.”

      See and listen to his story and the story of the apparitions of Our Lady of Ukraine here:

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  13. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! … Happy St Katy Day 🙂


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  14. “So he [Putin] has got to thread this in a manner to completely discredit the current American regime without alienating the bulk of Americans.”

    “[Putin’s]aim is to completely discredit the current regime while maintaining the possibility of friendship, or at least alliance, with the larger body of US citizens.”

    I agree 100 percent, Charlie. And I am gratified that in Putin’s major speeches, he gives a “shout-out” to people in the West who know that their media are lying to them and withholding information from them.

    The problem as I see it, alas, is that there seem to be so few of us. Many good, conservative folks, who generally don’t like the mainstream media, and certainly don’t like Biden & Co., nevertheless believe that Putin is the second coming of Hitler. The demonization of Russia in general and Putin specifically over the past 20 years has been extremely effective.

    I try to get through to people on this, but even people who agree with me that the U.S. should quit pumping $100 billion (so far) into Ukraine, as our own country falls apart, completely buy into the Ukraine Good, Russia Evil paradigm.

    Before February 2022, even mainstream news sources covered the alarming rise of bona fide Nazi paramilitary groups in Ukraine, and the plight of Donbass denizens being bombed out of their homes by their own government. Mainstream news outlets would occasionally cover the horrible corruption in Ukraine, its role as one of the top destinations for toxic waste dumping, and its deplorable status as one of the world’s top exporters of women and children into global human trafficking.

    All of this coverage ceased in February 2022, and everyone developed complete amnesia about all those issues.

    People who otherwise deplore the Biden Administration seem unfazed by the lunatic declarations by State Department bigwigs that destroying Russia is so important that we should even accept nuclear war to accomplish it.

    The hatred of one individual, Vladimir Putin, is as white-hot as a nuclear explosion. Every time I talk to people, I feel like I am hitting a brick wall — and one that is 100 feet high and ten feet thick. Even the Covid psy-op did not show me the full magnitude of how effective our media really have been at brainwashing.

    No matter how much Putin may want grassroots Americans as allies, I don’t see how he can get through to enough of them. Most of them hate his guts and wish him dead.

    It makes me profoundly sad. It was all so unnecessary. Russia after the fall of the Communist Soviet Union, could have been our ally. Indeed, Russia — now a Christian nation that is building or rebuilding three churches a day, and has criminalized the sexualization of children by homosexual and transgender propaganda — should, in a sane world, be embraced as our friend among nations.

    I pray for Vladimir Putin daily. I don’t know how deep and sincere his Orthodox Christian faith truly is — no one knows that except God — but he certainly has demonstrated patience and shrewdness that make me hopeful that he is seeking guidance from above.

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    It’s a good thing that CORAC does not have its base of operations in the totalitarian Republican(!) government of RINO Ron DeSantis. Otherwise, if this bill passes, then CORAC would have had to register with its Office of “Misinformation Dessimination.” Fortunately, Corac it’s not based in Florida. Looks like the billionaire class and Uniparty, which includes Fox News and Rupert Murdoch, are going full on for their man while not actually declaring him a 2024 candidate… yet. In the meantime, Conservative Treehouse makes the interesting comparison between Ukraine and Florida’s legislature tactics for regime power.

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  16. To really drive home the spiritual battle that we are in, I would like to recommend this new podcast called “The Exorcist Files” by Father Carlos Martins. It is extremely well done, and more importantly, it ties in a lot of Catholic theology like what is mortal sin, what are sacramentals, what are demons, etc.

    Father Martins also talks about his conversion story that is quite amazing. Spoiler alert: atheist turned priest turned exorcist.

    Father Martins is also the director for the “Treasures of the Church” which is a Vatican-sponsored, traveling exposition of over 150 plus first-class saints relics. Should a parish in your Diocese sponsor the treasures, don’t miss it. It’s very worth your time!

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  17. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! … 😉 PM

    These Guys want to sell Krugerrands but I’d bet the Article Info is essentially correct.
    These-Days Beans, Bullets and other essential Barter Items are., still, more afordable and may be more useful short term?

    Has there ever been any doubt!?

    Col MacGregor USA (Ret) is In the Know/Ukraine!

    ….. Friday News Drop … MORE of OUR War Reserve Stockpile Out de Door ;-(



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  18. Charlie:

    I do not disagree with anything you wrote about the war in Ukraine, Putin, Russia, our government and the western powers. There is a profound hatred of Russia, and things Russian, that runs through our politics. Both political parties are infected with this mind virus. It is deeper than the memories of the years of the standoff between communism and the west. I think that the refusal of Russia, and Putin in particular, to submit the Russian people and resources to the western corporations, banks, political system and cultural decay is a large part of the current belligerency on the part of the American elite.

    On a personal note, the conflict has been deeply, emotionally disturbing. My mother’s parents came from the area of the Polish/Ukrainian border. They always considered themselves to be Polish, as their families were Roman Catholic and not Ukrainian Catholic, or Orthodox. Even so, I know from the last names of some of my ancestors, that I have a good deal of Ukrainian, as well as Polish, blood.

    It has been profoundly difficult to see the carnage that has been unleashed upon the population. In the early days of the war, I watched French and German television. These news operations showed far more of the death and devastation than anything that is being shown on our media. It has been heart wrenching to see the suffering and destruction of people who look and speak like my relatives. I understand enough of the language to hear their pleas to God, to us, to Russia, asking that this just stop. The scenes that I see remind me of my grandparents’ descriptions of what they fled a hundred years ago.

    There is also a racism about this conflict that has affected me in ways I could not have imagined a year ago. The Ukrainians, Russian, Poles are all Slavs. We are descended from the same racial/ethic group. For all our differences; our languages, cultures, customs, religions come from the same roots. Even today they are far closer to each other than are any of the nationalities in the West. On one level this makes the war even more horrible. In some respects, it is like the American Civil War. Brothers fighting brothers. On another level, I find the conduct of the Western countries to be completely despicable and disgusting.

    Much could have been done to prevent the current hostilities. There were options that could have been agreed to. Options which would have prevented the present ongoing slaughter of troops and civilians. The West could have insisted that all parties engage in negotiation. We could have demanded some sort of compromise (which I agree would have left all sides not getting everything they wanted). Instead, the West, urged on by the United States, decided to push the situation into full scale confrontation with Russia. For the western governments this was a particularly attractive option. They get to poke a stick in the eye of their Russian adversary while the only lives being lost are Slavic lives. German, French, English, Canadian and American troops and civilians get to sleep quietly in their beds each night while Ukrainian and Russian soldiers and citizens die in the thousands.

    I have never felt so separated, so alienated from my government. I was born and have lived my entire life in the United States. I profoundly love this country and her good people. Yet, I feel like the powers in our government are smiling while they say that my people are expendable, that our demise really is no big issue.

    God has also been speaking to me about my own denial of reality and refusal to speak up when I have seen our government perpetrate war and mayhem on other people in the past. I have to confess and profoundly repent from my own indifference to what we have been doing in other parts of the world for a long time. God has been impressing Martin Niemoller’s poem on my heart in a way I never quite understood before.

    First they came for the Communists
    And I did not speak out
    Because I was not a Communist
    Then they came for the Socialists
    And I did not speak out
    Because I was not a Socialist
    Then they came for the trade unionists
    And I did not speak out
    Because I was not a trade unionist
    Then they came for the Jews
    And I did not speak out
    Because I was not a Jew
    Then they came for me
    And there was no one left
    To speak out for me

    Martin Niemöller

    Every day I say:
    Mary, mother of God, pray for us.
    Maryjo, Matko Boża, módl się za nami.
    Мария, Матерь Божия, молитесь за нас.
    Intercede for this war to come to a quick end.


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    1. What a magnificent cri de coeur, JT! Though I have no Slavic blood that I am aware of, I have many Ukranian friends and few Russian friends. It tears at me that this has been so unnecessary, but has been caused primarily by my own nation’s malice and fecklessness. As for Ukraine, I think of it largely as I do China – a nation whose honorable, even noble, people have suffered much, but who are held captive right now by an utterly corrupt government. How many governments are there across the globe that are not utterly corrupt today?

      Truly, this IS the hour of the ordinary man. We will not be prosperous and healthy again until we have all risen and thrown off the shroud of evil elite, credentialed men have thrown over us to try to smother the light of Christ and of life from us. I envision a day – and much sooner than anyone now thinks – when Ukranians and Russians, Greeks and Turks, Arabs and Israelis, when all of us will be able to sit together at the table of true brotherhood, both acknowledging and respecting what makes us different while valuing what unites us – faith, family and freedom.

      God delights in having many flowers in his garden, all turning their faces in unity to the same Son. The tribe of elite schemers comes from mankind, but it cares for none but itself and its co-conspirators. May they repent in sackcloth and ashes or be swept away with the great renewal now in motion, that all the rest of us may form a great community of love and life, with many vibrant neighborhoods under God.

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      1. “God delights in having many flowers in his garden, all turning their faces in unity to the same Son.” This sentence, so beautiful a metaphor!, made me remember a grace that God gave me many years ago. I woke up from a dream repeating a word I had heard repeated many times, “Heliotropium.” One of my priest mentors had even said in my dream, “We are going to celebrate a heliotropium Mass.” The dream made such an impression because I had never in my life heard that word before and when I couldn’t shake it off, I looked it up to find that a “heliotrope” is a type of flower that follows the sun’s movements during the course of the day. God is good and this was just a nice whisper of hope that your hope and prayer will come to fruition someday soon. Maybe even in a Mass. Peace to all here.


    2. “Our days are not so unlike the pagan times. These are again pagan times, with all the resultant impurity. Impurity is celebrated and, through the devious machinations of powers that control the mass media, made the constant screen that obscures hearts and minds from knowing where our true homeland is. They are the sirens who snare us as they did to the crew of Odysseus. They are Circe, who changed the crew into swine.”
      (Fr John Zuhisdorf)
      I have noticed a lot of deviancy even on the more conservative sites. It seems those who now consider themselves conservative have moved left of right to a moderate area and the moderates more to the left and the left right off the cliff!
      It’s rather easy for a liberal persons to considered themselves conservative these days as the view there is fairly consistent to what they believed just a decade or so ago.
      This is called the slow fade.
      But they still advocate for all the same liberal (sinful) things we conservatives shunned then. (As far as the “true” conservatives, they are now shunned as terrorists!)
      What about now?
      War is a punishment for sin.
      Germany, before WWll, had slid into just the same moral decay we see in the West now.
      They were easy victims to evil because they had accepted the camel and spit out the gnat. (Matt 23:24).
      How far had Sodom fallen before the Lord destroyed that city? The dead Sea is a testament to that punishment, even now it is lifeless from the high salt content it bears.
      The German war effected the whole world for a time and now the “errors” of Russia have created a global salting.
      Part of the “infrastructure of the Antichrist” is to lay siege to the whole world and then turn around and offer a “solution” to what it caused! Biden claimed to reduce gas prices and inflation after first causing it! The US wants to keep “democracy” alive in the Ukraine but it is a socialist country repleat with scandal and is a world renowned hub for corruption laundering .
      So far here in the US the scandals and corruption have mostly led us into social and financial suffering.
      Pray it does not go so far as to lead us into a “salting” of our own.


  19. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! …:-)
    ……….. Yep!! Time for the Timid Good-Guys to Raise Hell!!

    Ahhh …. Don’t we have “better” things that concern US?
    How about Pork-Up on St Pat’s Day and no Pancakes, Bacon and Roast Beef on the following Sunday!??

    THEY have destroyed The Boy Scouts, done grievous harm to The Church, are now are after Women’s Sports! I have a Bad Feeling that we will soon find out how much THEY have damaged Our Military ;-( …. & where is the Feminist Gang!!??

    We can only Hope/Pray!


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  20. This may be a triple post now. Something crazy happened with my WP account. Had to start from scratch. First time dealing with like this in my 7+ years with TNRS & ASOH. 😶

    Mods: Disregard/delete first 2 posts if they appear. Fun times! 🆗 👍

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  21. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! …:-)

    As I recall. Democrats just adore the murderous Reds in Nicaragua!

    FBI/DOJ Criminal Anti-Catholic Bias Exposed
    [video src="" /]

    . ……. Let Us Paay!
    ………. Resistance!

    Deep Dive …. Sinister 4th Branch of Gubermint! ;-(


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  22. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! …:-)

    You will submit to The Agenda Or-Else! You will lose your Job and be ID’ed as a Resistor for further “Actions” ……. demonization and worse!!
    Canada Got-Away with Gulag-ing Resistors during The ChinaPlague Hoax and Mandates ….. Remember!!

    Why are we not hearing about Hungry People, overwhelmed Food Banks and many staple foods prices 3X higher in price than the “official inflation rate” .. & MILLIONS of Illegal Aliens to feed?…… ’cause Democrats “Own” DC & Media.
    If Trump were Prez it would be 24/7 “News” Hysteria…… Ya Prepared!?

    I’m guessing Naval Aviation is in no better shape! The only next step is the recall of Retired Pilots. As a Retired Regular Officer, I can be re-called on my Death Bed ;-(

    Since Biden PuppetMasters are the same as Obama’s, I’d bet that Iran will get “The Nod” over Israel …. and her Safety!


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    1. Hey SOSP 😉

      They wouldn’t give me, at my age/health, a flying job.
      It would be some Pencil Pushing Gig! …. or Drone “Pilot” ;-(
      My Ol’ Navy Dad said Old Guys were called back in WWII to fill staff/training jobs ……………. it may well come to that….One Day…… Soon!??.


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  23. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! … 😉 PM

    Prayers needed!!

    Nothing to see here! … Move ALONG!!!


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  24. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! …:-)


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  25. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! …:-)

    We want ALL of THEM to Out themselves!

    Here SOON! THEY want to CONTROL You/Yours!! APPs, Digital Currency, BigTech and godless BigBro Gubermint. You will own nothing, adore Gubermint Masters and be happy … or Else!

    IT is ALL part of the Satanic Plan to Destroy The Church. Foretoild long ago!
    Jesus, Itrust in You!

    Will no one rid US of this Insufferable Ass!?


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  26. What will be is what will be, but woe to those who flee. They shall be the true travesty.

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  27. For an online spoken Divine Mercy Chaplet with 34 million views:


  28. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! …:-)

    What have THEY NOT Lied about!? ….. I could fill several entire Posts listing all the DC/Media Swamp Lies of just past Decade!


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  29. A great joy has descended upon my family today with the announcement that my son’s wife is pregnant with twins!
    We had know of her pregnancy but just learned today through the sonogram that she is carrying twins.
    My son Johnny already has seven children and had purchased a 15 seater van a few years back. While he and the seven kids waited in the van, his wife, Ashley, went in for her OB visit.
    When she came out, she put the CD recording of the sonogram which included audio of the Dr’s comments on the van video player and as the kids gathered round, they heard the OB pronounce ” oh, there’s two babies” where upon the kids broke out into excited screams and shouts for almost two minutes, rocking the huge van with their jumping about. Even little Jane, just over a year old, kicked and squealed with all the excitement.
    In my family, children are a great joy, so twins are a double miracle to us!
    With all the problems going on in the world these days this news has brought such a feeling of excitement to my heart I can’t describe it. It’s as if, despite these troubles, God still wants us to have an Abundant life, filled with the great gift of fellow souls to fill our heavenly home. There is nothing like contemplating the cooperation of man and God in producing an immortal being. Of all the things I do and say and accomplish, none of it will be here at the end of time but the children I have and the children my children will have and all these souls God infused in them will be.
    In the Prayer of Thankfulness, sometimes called the Prayer of the Unknown Soldier, one of the lines reads:
    “I asked for all things that I might enjoy life; I was given life that I might enjoy all things”.
    This line could be written about me as I too was given “life” in that God gave life to my children and Grandchildren.
    The prayer’s last line is so appropriate right now I’m just bursting to write it:
    I am, among men, most richly blessed!
    Thank you Jesus!

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    1. God Bless Johnny and Ashley’s Family and the new members.
      I second the “Thank you Jesus”

      I watched Fox News @Night on March 8th. Trace Gallagher asked the question, who besides your mother was the most influencial person.
      Kevin Corke (who also works for Fox) and is one of 10 children answered “the Virgin Mary”. Its at the 38 minute mark if you want to look it up.

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      1. Great story FOR THE SAKE.
        Contemplating who is the most influential people in my life leads me to different persons for different perspectives.
        My mother was my first teacher and was strong in her faith and in truth. She was duty bound and was not a complainer but did her duty diligently. She also was generous (my dad thought to a fault!) with her time and money and charitable to everyone.
        In this, she was the first influencer of my faith and charity.
        My dad was agnostic (but converted in the end) but was dedicated to his family as a provider and didn’t have hobbies or relationships outside of this. His home was his castle and there he was when not at work. He did not join in his families faith walk but he did not inhibit this either. He did attend our baptism and First Holy Communion days, but that is all.
        He is who most influenced my dedication to family and my work ethics.
        It wasn’t until I was in my early 20’s that I started praying the rosary in earnest. This is when rosary cenacles, The Pieta Prayer Book, The Marian Movement of Priests blue book, Mariopolis, Fatima, Garabandal and other Marian devotionsn teachings and apparitions became fully known to me.
        In this respect, Our Lady is the most influential in my faith walk toward my sanctification. This is not surprising since as the dispenser of all Graces, she would appear as it’s conduit. And since God has chosen for Her to be more present in these times as His advocate, it is only natural that She be such a great influence and role model on those who love Him.

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  30. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! …:-)

    Just in case Ya need more proof that Democrat Party is The Party of Death ….. and Racial Division (AKA: Keeping dangerous Criminals of Color Out of Jail and On the Street)! ;-(

    Uni-Party In-Action …. Satan laughing in delight ;-(
    …… I’d bet a C-Note that Swamp DC/Blue States are awash in Cartel $$$!


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  31. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! …:-)

    I enjoyed watching this!

    End Times Prayer of the Flame of Love-Father J. Blount

    ……Antichrist Wannabe and Democrat Pals … In-Action!!
    ……… HELLO!!!?….. It ain’t very hard to understand, Gang!
    The DC Uni-Party Swamp does not give a **** about Debt, Economy, You/Yours well-being or the long term survival of The Republic!
    THEY only care about THEIR wealth, power and winning the next Election!
    It has always been so but The USA Golden Goose is dead, our frontiers/cities are overrun with Barbarian Hordes and vast swathes of the USA are inhabited by ignorant/helpless Boobs without a compass or rudder. ……. Fix Bayonets!


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  32. As a friend of mine says: “The weapon of choice…
    … Yes! the Rosary”
    PS I wonder if the Divine Mercy Chaplet link has been overwhelmed- sometimes can’t get it to work.

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  33. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! …:-)

    Yep!! It was ALL a Set-Up! … “DC Draino” Tweet …. #3 Down ….. I find it interesting that Missing Mitch McConnell, AKA: The Turtle, took a fall at a Restaurant and bumped his puddin’ head and will be unavailable for comment till …. Tucker/6 Jan … Goes Away!? …. Haven’t heard much from SanFan Nanny of late either? ….. Remember when Billary took a fall and bumped her puddin’ head in the middle of one of her many scandals?

    … Nothing to see here! …. Move Along!!



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