War and Peace

By Charlie Johnston

Yeah, yeah, I know what you’re wondering: does this title refer to the subject Charlie is going to cover today or to the length of the piece? Well, let’s get to a few ancillary observations, then the subject and see how long the piece ends up being…

The left is in a twitter over a story that a little over a decade ago, Georgia’s Republican Senate nominee, Herschel Walker, pushed a girlfriend to get an abortion. I find the accusation credible. Sadly, I have a lot of friends who once were involved in procuring an abortion before resolving the brutal guilt involved by becoming passionately pro-life. Even so, the hurt, pain and guilt linger on. More sadly, some of the survivors of abortion become passionately pro-abortion in a frenzied effort to convince themselves that what they did was okay. Back in the 90’s, when I did a lot of reporting on the abortion issue and spent a lot of time talking to women who had survived their abortions without becoming handmaidens to Moloch, I came to think that abortion leaves a hole of despair in the heart that will not heal – unless it is filled with love of and contrition before God.

It is always sad to hear that someone you know or care about has, at an earlier time, suffered that particular wound – but not terribly surprising in this malignancy we call modern culture. Walker never made any bones about the dysfunctions he lived in some of his earlier life, so I didn’t find the accusation particularly shocking. What did surprise me was that all the left and the establishment media thought that conservatives would abandon Walker en masse to vote instead for Democrat Raphael Warnock – a “pastor” who supports abortion at any time for any reason until the moment of birth. Say what?! They think the way we should respond to finding that someone we know was once seduced by the devil is to support the devil’s imp who is actively trying to seduce more people?! But the left has no concept of contrition, redemption and transcendence, so I suppose their stick-figure logic is not so surprising. After all, most of them are eager to cancel any of their allies for much less substantive missteps.

In a larger sense, the press genuinely does not seem to understand what has happened to them. Fourteen years ago, they openly abandoned objectivity and became partisans in their efforts to smear then-Republican Vice-Presidential candidate Sarah Palin. I thought they would make a course correction after their mad, dishonest frenzy. But they just doubled down, getting increasingly more hyper-partisan until they have become the shock troops of the left – attacking anyone who does not support the destructive leftist chaos they prefer. Fourteen years ago, their attacks carried some effect because of their residual credibility, even though it was suspect even then. Now, while the press has its small hallelujah chorus that cheers on everything they do, no matter how diametrically opposite it quickly proves to be from reality, most ordinary folks use press attacks as a shorthand gauge on what to think of various people they have not been able to fully gauge: if the press attacks a person, that person is probably a solid citizen. The press wonders why the public no longer believes them. Actually, the public does believe them. It believes the press has become a lying pack of predatory, yelping hyenas – so whatever the press is against, the public is largely for.

This is why decent people in public life welcome attacks from the press: it enhances their bona fides. It is the price of prostituting your principles: nobody loves you anymore.


Back when I was doing radio, I would make predictions about a host of races a few weeks before election. About a third of my predictions would be deeply contrary to conventional wisdom – and was often the subject of much mirth. But the mirth became much less as my tenure went on. Bizarrely, every cycle I called except for my final round was identical. I would get every race right, including the upsets, except for one, which I would miss badly. Every time. On my final call before leaving that media, I got every race right (I had often joked that if I ever got them all right I would retire – so it was fitting). The Democratic County Clerk, in a private conversation about the phenomenon, once asked me if perhaps it was because I had established enough credibility that a lot of people voted the way I suggested locally. I dismissed that – and she agreed – because I noted that a lot of my predictions did not reflect what I wanted to happen, but what I expected to happen.

The biggest coup came in 1994 when I began proclaiming in March that Republicans were a dead lock to win the House of Representatives that fall – for the first time in over 40 years. About a week and a half before election, I had a panel show which included a local county Democratic Chairman and the top aides to two Republican Congressmen on. We took turns projecting how many seats would swing in the House. Oh, everybody howled when I said the Republicans would pick up 52 seats. It was reported by national networks the day after that Republicans had picked up 52 seats in the House. The late Congressman Phil Crane said he had told the Washington Post in an interview that I was the only press in the country that called what would actually happen eight months before it happened.

Unfortunately, that spooky political prognostication prowess only worked at such a high level when I was not directly involved in any races. I was good when I was working a campaign, but certainly not spooky good. Well, I’m not directly working any campaigns right now. So I am going to give you my preliminary predictions right now – predictions that I reserve the right to refine two weeks before the election.

If Biden and company do not do something entirely insane like declare martial law before the elections, Republicans will pick up 73 seats in the House and will have 57 seats in the Senate. The sad thing is that, even after such a profound victory, Republicans will be as vigorous in defending our liberty as they have been in defending the J6 political prisoners and the conservatives and pro-lifers targeted by Merrick Garland’s Injustice Dept. Then we may finally understand that there is not a traditional political solution to what ails us.

Let the howling begin. (It soothes me during election season.)


I have been getting asked, of late, whether I have ever seen large-scale nuclear conflict as part of the storm. The simple answer is no – which is not to say we could not see any nuclear exchanges at all. In fairness, while I generally interpret the large sweep of events quite accurately, I usually get the timing wrong and frequently garble details. But I have never foreseen large-scale nuclear exchanges as being part of the Storm I have talked so long about.

My friend, Desmond Birch, has the best handle on analyzing approved mystical messages – and discernment on messages that are not approved but not condemned of anyone I know who is not privy to regular mystical insights, himself. (Frankly, he is better than most actual mystics I know). His interest is academic and scholarly, as a committed faithful intellectual. So I asked him if any of the material he has studied (most famously in his book, “Trial, Tribulation and Triumph”) has suggested large-scale nuclear activity. His response was comforting, for it is the same as my personal observation: no, he has seen no credible suggestion of that.

That being said, the western diplomatic corps seems determined to blunder us into a World War. A few thoughts about that…

The most credible critical analysis of who sabotaged the Nord Stream pipeline comes from Tom Luongo at ZeroHedge. This analysis of where we are at in the Russia-Ukraine War is a good, solid piece of geo-political insight. In fact, it was reprinted at ZeroHedge. I don’t know who Big Serge is, but I sure wish our diplomatic corps had about half his geo-political insight.

I’m going to give a quick overview of where I think the major players are landing in this right now.

Vladimir Putin: Putin is a tyrant, but not a madman.

Putin is a Russian nationalist who would like Russia to become a truly great power again. That is a goal many would disagree with, but it is not an irrational goal, particularly from a Russian standpoint. I have believed for well over a decade that Putin is one of the very few world leaders who has sophisticated historical and geopolitical depth. I have seen nothing to change that assessment. In fact, I think Putin is probably the reason we are not embroiled in a nuclear war – and pray that he will remain safe until this crisis is resolved because I fear some of the oligarchs and generals currently under him ARE madmen.

After lobbying unsuccessfully for two decades for the return of those regions of Ukraine that were historically Russian, I believe Putin invaded Russia to force Ukraine and the west to the bargaining table. He had hoped to repatriate the historically Russian lands lost in the break-up of the old Soviet Union and halt the expansion of NATO to the very borders of Russia. The troops he initially deployed were sufficient to hold things together as he accepted negotiations. He was shocked to find that the west was only interested in expanding the war and forcing regime change on Russia – and sending Ukraine gobs of money and weapons to do it with. So he took to jawboning, threatening heavy consequences to the west. But he is not a madman. He wants to cement historic Russia, but not by igniting the globe. He has concluded that the west is more feckless and dangerous than he initially believed. To accomplish his goals, he has decided to act from overwhelming conventional means to accomplish what he originally intended. He “annexed” the lands he claimed and will use overwhelming conventional force to secure them.

Meantime, whichever forces destroyed the Nord Stream pipelines and have been seizing Russian assets, what they actually accomplished was to destroy the age-old restraint against attacking non-war-making infrastructure. It was almost certainly western globalist interests that did it.. Putin almost surely will respond in kind, giving Europe a horrifyingly dark, cold winter and revealing NATO to be a relic whose effectiveness and focus have long since passed. That is going to be ugly.

Joe Biden A madman who wants to be a tyrant but is only a feckless puppet

Biden had no geopolitical sense when he was young and healthy. He has long had delusional fantasies about his mighty prowess. Now that he occupies the Oval Office, he thinks all must do as he says.

For two decades now, the Democrats have managed foreign policy solely for their domestic and political preferences. It is beyond the scope of their ever-yowling demons to consider that bad foreign policy can have disastrous, even existential, consequences. It’s just a weapon in their demagogic political toolbox. The chickens are about to call it a night and come home to roost.

People often think vain men are hard to manipulate. To the contrary, a vain man with a shallow to mediocre intellect is the easiest to manipulate. America no longer has the strongest, most efficient military in the world (maybe not even the second strongest). Whatever it has in equipment or technology is utterly eclipsed its lack of focus, will, and discipline. Our allies are not comforted by our military presence and our enemies are not intimidated by it. Very bad things are about to happen. Biden’s only response will be to shout at the clouds. Maybe set up another Reichstag speech drenched in gory red lighting. Perhaps send the FBI after enemy armies – but while they will gladly oppress domestic mild-mannered, middle-class dissenters, the new FBI will run like a scalded dog when facing troops that can shoot at them without consequence.

Biden has no effect on the course of events except for the effect his hollowing out of American prosperity and security has – which is to encourage enemies and demoralize allies.

The Globalists Madmen who want to be tyrants and are willing to burn everything down to get there.

The globalists, folks like Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates and George Soros, are arrogant and haughty, filled with the hubris that they can and should rule the world for their benefit. Unlike Joe Biden, though, they have enough competence to demolish the institutions and norms that keep civilization working. They do not have the brains to know that such schemes always end in their own destruction rather than preeminence. But they do have the smarts to bring the middle classes of the world down before they go with it. They truly are the devil’s imps, dupes of the spirit of antichrist. The devil is glad to empower their mad schemes, letting them destroy multitudes before indulging his malice to delight in their destruction, too.

It is the globalists who are most committed to war at any cost, as they think it the best way to clear the decks for their unquestioned rule. They think universal destruction of existing nations and norms gives them a competitive advantage – and they are undeniably vexed that ordinary people have, even if in an initially feeble way, resisted their depredations.

In the end, they will get a new world order. It will not be the one they expect, nor will it be under a one-world government. Turns out God likes having a variety of flowers in his earthly garden. Thirty years from now, the globalists will be regarded by history as the peculiarly sinister madmen who brought the world to the brink of destruction in service to their demented ambition. Their vicious disappointment and bitter end will be cause of celebration for centuries – and an object lesson on how critical it is to keep such insane zealots away from anything resembling the levers of power. But they still have a lot of ruin to wreak ahead of them.

Volodymyr Zelensky A courageous but vain naif who serves primarily as comic relief

I am not quite sure whether Zelensky wants an independent Ukraine or is auditioning for a Hollywood career. It may be both. He is a tyrant who was effectively installed after a US-led coup against a pro-Russian government. Since then, he has sent political opponents to jail at as least as fast a clip as his rival, Putin. He has eagerly turned Ukraine into a haven for American politicians’ graft. He has actually elevated and empowered actual neo-Nazi groups in Ukraine (the real kind, not the American leftist fever dream kind) and used them to brutalize opponents, particularly in the east with its Russian sympathies.

Zelensky imagine himself to be “…the very model of a modern major general…” but is actually a comic, though vicious, figure. For the globalists, he is entertaining cannon fodder. If he gets his way, Ukraine will not prevail, but be crushed entirely. In the end, Zelensky’s reign will be a Gilbert and Sullivan operetta come to life.

China A zealously ambitious, but troubled, empire trying to determine its next meal.

It has been peculiar that, though ostensibly allies, China has done very little to support Russia in its war with Ukraine. In headier times just recently, China spoke of working with Russia to create a new default currency for the world.

It may come down forcefully on Russia’s side ultimately or it may work to sabotage Russian infrastructure as time rolls on. Whatever it does, principle will have nothing to do with it, only what China’s expedient judgment on what will best serve to make it global hegemon. Anyone with even moderate geopolitical sense knows that, ultimately, China and Russia must battle for dominance. Right now, China fully intends to take advantage of America’s senescence to further their goals. But whether to take Taiwan or, perhaps, to move on Russia now is the question. If it moved on Russia, it might even get the support of western diplomats who are too stupid to understand that is a vital part of the chain leading to the west’s destruction. Russia’s apparent weakness is tempting to China. But the Chinese leaders are not historical illiterates: they know that apparent Russian weakness led Napoleon into the most disastrous military operation in history. For over 90% of the duration of the war, Napoleon romped from victory to victory. In the end, only one in 20 of the French soldiers made it back home alive.

So China, whose economy is on more treacherous ground than our own, believe it or not, has to wonder which way to go. It thinks the subjugation of Taiwan would bolster its economy, clueless that its tyranny would kill off Taiwan’s economic vibrance. It would love to get control of Russia’s vast energy resources. If it could probe Russia’s resolve while taking Taiwan, that would be its ideal – and what I think it will do. Above all, it is determined to take advantage of this moment of American impotence, which it fears may be very brief.

North Korea China’s lunatic wild card

It has been little noted that, last month, North Korea formally changed its policy on a nuclear first strike. N. Korea decided that, if it feels threatened, it may launch a nuclear first strike. A few days ago, Japan set off air raid alerts and sirens when N. Korea did a threatening missile test.

Now this is an extreme possibility, certainly one that I give no more than a five percent probability, but it could be in China’s perceived self-interest to goad N. Korea into launching a nuclear missile into Russia. Russian response would tell China whether it should pile on against Russia or destroy its supposedly “rogue” ally, N. Korea. It would also give China justification for invading Taiwan in the name of establishing stability in East Asia. If Russia was fully resolute in the face of such an attack, China could eagerly cement alliance between them – and leave the ultimate battle for another day. That would be a death knell for Ukraine – and almost certainly NATO. Europe would become a backwater of a continent with little influence despite its scenic statues and monuments. If Russia did not respond vigorously to such a provocation, China would completely dominate Asia and much of Europe. Thus, Putin has serious motivation to send all the troops he needs to settle the Ukraine issue on the terms he originally intended and to push NATO back. Doing so will keep China from turning its hungry eyes towards Russia early.

The point is that I have never seen a scenario in which the entire world is so volatile – not even before World War I. A host of western countries are MUCH closer to internal civil war than they understand. Vladimir Lenin once said that sometimes nothing happens for decades – and then decades happen within weeks. It is a variation of the old Chinese curse: “May you live in interesting times.”

But it is also true that the race is not to the swift, nor the battle to the strong. Victory comes from the hand of God and those who follow him. We are on the precipice of horrible things erupting like demons throughout the world. We are called to be the bulwarks of God’s presence in the midst of all this. We will not change the mad fecklessness of world leaders who think they are playing a game of Dungeons and Dragons writ large, but we can rebuild from the rubble they are bringing us to. If you are not already a member of CORAC, for heaven’s sake, join. We are Gideon’s Army, tiny but completely committed to living fidelity to God while actively collaborating with our neighbors to rebuild a culture of light and life under God.


I will speak this Friday at the Parkwood Clubhouse at 1314 Buttonwood Dr. in Ft. Collins, Colorado. Doors will open at 5 pm, we will have a Rosary at 5:15, then a potluck supper. I will begin speaking at 6:30.

Then on Saturday, I will greet pilgrims as they arrive to see the missionary image of Our Lady of Guadalupe at St. Catherine’s Chapel on the Rock at the foot of Mt. Meeker. The schedule of events is:

9:00:   Arrive at Camp St. Malo and gather at visitor center (bring your own coffee/beverage since coffee shop does not open till 10)

9:05:  Greetings 

9:10:  Talk on heritage and history of Camp St. Malo by director Kyle Mills

9:30:  Mass in St. Catherine’s Chapel

10:15: Veneration of Our Lady of Guadalupe and talk by image custodian Dr. Lisa Van Bramer

10:30:  Procession through Camp grounds to the foot of Mount Meeker and prayer

11:00:  Return to visitor center and gift shop

11:15:  Optional outdoor-path Stations of the Cross with OLOG image

11:30-on:  Lunch on patio and CORAC member socialization

12:30:  Our Lady returns to Fort Collins

Go here to sign up or volunteer.


If communication goes out for any length of time, meet outside your local Church at 9 a.m. on Saturday mornings. Tell friends at Church now in case you can’t then. CORAC teams will be out looking for people to gather in and work with.

Find me on Gab at Charliej373 or at the CORAC group.

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124 thoughts on “War and Peace

  1. Whew! We have a lot of significant unknowns up ahead and a lot of wood to chop as we live it. The how of it in the way forward is clear: Choose unshakeable Trust in the Lord… TNRS… ASOH… CORAC… Trust Do Love

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    1. Beckita . . . You just summed up all of my thoughts after a quick first reading. I will add a “Thank you again Charlie.”

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      1. Hey Bonfilius! Great to hear from you. (Had to edit this as I hit approve too soon.) That’s quite the screen name. I’ve heard of Bonfilius and Ripafratta but never the two together. 😊

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        1. Thank you for your greeting Beckita. The 2 names are together now because I combined them about 25 years ago. I read about Sts. Bonfilius and Lorenzo da Ripafratta, loved both names and decided if I ever change my name . . . .

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        1. Hey dudette! I’m doing great since I know everything is according to God’s perfect plan. How are you? (See my reply above to Beckita regarding my new screen name.)

          God bless you and your beautiful family.

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  2. Charlie, I much appreciate your analyses. You do so well at gauging the truth, even though it paints awful tidings. Despite the gloom and evil described, your prose is richly enjoyable:

    ” They think the way we should respond to finding that someone we know was once seduced by the devil is to support the devil’s imp who is actively trying to seduce more people?! ”

    ” The press wonders why the public no longer believes them. Actually, the public does believe them. It believes the press has become a lying pack of predatory, yelping hyenas – so whatever the press is against, the public is largely for.

    This is why decent people in public life welcome attacks from the press: it enhances their bona fides. It is the price of prostituting your principles: nobody loves you anymore. ”

    However, I believe the truth you see is deeply troubling, just as you state:

    “The point is that I have never seen a scenario in which the entire world is so volatile – not even before World War I. A host of western countries are MUCH closer to internal civil war than they understand. ”

    Re the USA, ” Joe Biden: A madman who wants to be a tyrant but is only a feckless puppet. ” Indeed, this corrupt President works at being a tyrant with his executive orders, such as handouts for college loans and mandates to take Covid jabs or get fired. Fortunately, his personal incompetence ultimately becomes self-defeating.

    Hopefully, the Nov election will create a turning point away from the Godless Democrat Party. It’s not that the Republican Party is in anyway saintly, with its host of Establishment RINOs, such a Romney and McConnell, but the majority at least still honor God, our Declaration of Independence, and Constitution.

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  3. I appreciate this analysis, Charlie.

    As for our mission in our own communities, you often speak of “the prayer of doing.” Yesterday, I was reminded of one of my favorite John Michael Talbot songs, based on a prayer of Saint Teresa of Avila:

    “Christ has no body now but yours.”

    God bless and keep you, friends ~
    Sister Bear
    From the wilds of Oregon

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  4. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! … 😉

    We need St Michael, the Heavenly Host, St Joseph-Terror of Demons and ALL the Warrior Saints On-Deck ….. NOW!!






    Vat II was HiJacked by Marxist Perverts and we are in The Storm now ’cause the same characters HiJacked the NOT conservative political parties of US/EU/Can/Aus/NZ …. and Israel too for that matter.;-(










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  5. The left surmises, (erroneously I hope), that the Kansas pro-choice victory is a bellwether to retain the Dem majority. They don’t realize that even though many millennials might be pro-choice publicly, at the voting booth they’ll weigh it against having to cancel summer vacation, taking kids out of private schools, b/c of soaring gas prices, imploding grocery bills, inflation of goods/services which are axing piano/ballet lessons, plus postponing upgrading housing due to rising interest rates,- abortion rights may not be a priority in casting their vote. My adult kids sense a seething in their friends and colleagues.

    Charlie, tsk, tsk, you just can’t resist those facetious remarks: ‘howling is soothing during elections’ 🙂

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    1. To the contrary, Maggie. I used to write for several widely read statewide publications in Illinois, including an insider journal. I did this while I was actively running campaigns. Most people enjoyed getting a genuine insider’s candid perspective. But it became a useful gauge for me on how my strategies and tactics were working – because the more powerful a gambit I ran in a race, the more loudly and shrilly opponents would publicly screech at me. If they were at proper howling intensity, it told me I had really struck the mark with a winning blow. So howling against me and my positions really is soothing to me in election season.

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  6. Charlie, I don’t mind these long in-depth pieces. As a scientist, I enjoy reading your scientific analysis of all of these variables.

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  7. Thank-you, Charlie. My simple mind found your analysis clear and understandable. Your closing line spoke to me of my part: “ We are Gideon’s Army, tiny but completely committed to living fidelity to God while actively collaborating with our neighbors to rebuild a culture of light and life under God.”
    Ongoing prayers for all – God bless, katey in OR

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  8. Wow, Charlie. If it weren’t for the “God wins” thought in my mind, I might tend to real anxiety after reading this! 😜

    I certainly appreciate your insights though. Gives me my walking papers for the next right step! 😉

    May God bless all your next right steps as you travel!

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  9. So now when the Ukrainian forces are gaining some ground, President Zelensky is not willing to have peace talks with Putin. So how does it work: no nuclear power army is fight a nuclear capable army and rejects any peace talks? How will it end?

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    1. Ukraine has largely exhausted the weapons we sent – and we have exhausted our available stockpiles to send, even as we send more money. Ukraine has had its “blue skies” moment. They have reached their zenith. Russia will get what it wants. Now the real question is whether it wants to break up Nato and punish European infrastructure. These couple of years are going to eventually be seen as the worst strategic foreign policy miscalculations in modern history, all driven by wishful thinking and hubris instead of hard analysis on the ground. It is going to be humiliating for the US, hard for Russia, perplexing for China, and brutal for Europe. The deck is being reshuffled big-time. The US is likely to be treated as a pariah state until it gets its act together again – and it will have well-deserved that status.

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        1. They are preparing for the possibility. They are not psychic – and they are not as astute in their normal prognostications as I am. Actually, they are not as astute in their prognostication as a chicken’s entrails. Why does the federal govt. do any of the things it does anymore? The way they bought up Covid shots to enrich the pharmaceutical companies who own the scientists of the CDC, maybe they are just planning to give the pharmaceutical companies some more windfall profits. We all know that our salvation is not from the federal govt., but now we can’t expect our security to even come from it either.

          In fairness, if I were running things, I would stockpile such supplies, too. Even if you have a genius for prognostication, you never treat that as if it is absolutely true. You are an idiot if you don’t make provision for contingencies.

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          1. But YOU might stockpile them to be distributed to the folks. I’m sure these have designated folkies – who are not you or me! BTW, Is it iodine that we stockpile?

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            1. Nance, there are several different kinds of iodine, at least one of which should *not* be used, as it is toxic to consume. KI4U sells potassium iodide tabs. You can also get pure potassium iodide in liquid form. I have stockpiled the KI4U tabs, but to keep my thyroid fed on an ongoing basis, I place two drops of Lugol’s Iodine on the inside of my wrist most nights. The iodine stains your skin when you put the Lugol’s on, then over the next several hours the body absorbs the iodine in the skin and the stain disappears. An indication that you have sufficient iodine stores in your body occurs when the stain lasts for at least 6-8 hours (overnight) and up to 12 hours before fading completely.

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                1. Nance, I use Lugol’s on a day-to-day basis. It’s a combination of potassium iodide and the non-toxic form of iodine. If you’re storing the KI, then KI tabs are good. If you plan on using it day-to-day, using the Lugol’s formula is safer. KI in liquid form can help a person stay uninfected when traveling when used just before and during a flight, but pure KI is not good for daily use except at low doses. So use Lugol’s day to day. It’s available in 2% form at Amazon. 🙂

                  I don’t know what Academy is, sorry. Yes, it is possible to use iodine to disinfect water, but I’m uncertain about the amount needed or type.

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                  1. OK, Steve. we ordered the Lugol. One bottle for each household on the farm. Is there any downside? Shall we pre-take to get our thyroids super safe? As far as I know, no one has thyroid problems, so will the disappearing stain keep us from harm? r shall we save it for when and if.

                    Anther question. I heard from I do not know where, that in case of nuclear fallout, stay inside at least two weeks. Like the three days, we are to forget the farm animals and stay inside. Is this true/wise? We have been stockpiling food and water at each place – kinda.

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                    1. Hi, Nance. No, if you don’t have a thyroid issue, you do not need or want to use the Lugol’s on a daily basis. It isn’t necessarily that there is a downside but that it is mostly a waste of time and money for you. And it *is* possible under certain circumstances for some people to have their normal thyroid function turned down a bit. So, no, I would advise against you folks using it before a nuke explosion occurs or a nuke power plant goes up. Just put it away for now.

                      Even if a nuke goes off near you and directly upwind of you, you would just start taking the Lugol’s at that time. I would simply keep the stain going by putting more on once the stain has faded by 50-75%, to keep it dark for the first couple days and then just do it once or twice a day for 2-3 weeks. Iodine-131 has a half-life of 8 days, so most is gone in 3 weeks. For kids, the staining works as well but may fade more quickly or more slowly than for adults, I don’t know. The nice thing about the stain method is that it tells you when your body is taking up the iodine and when it is not. The stain will fade if your body is taking it up, and it will stay dark if your body doesn’t need it.

                      Most of the worst parts of fallout have short half-lives, so staying inside for 2 weeks is a good idea *if* you can seal or otherwise reduce air flow into the room(s) where you are staying. There is at least one book out there (I can’t remember its title) that describes how to seal a room with plastic film and then set up a filtered air inflow via a vacuum cleaner motor but any fan with a decent air filter will keep you from suffocating – do it carefully.

                      There are long-lived radionuclides in fallout that cause long-term harm. Everyone alive in the 1960s when governments were doing atmospheric testing absorbed a lot of radioactive strontium that was incorporated into our bones (strontium is a critical element for bone growth). I would be tempted to take some extra/supplemental strontium, like the iodine, but it would need to be taken long term. Usual dose for adults is probably 250 mg per day, 1 part strontium to 2 parts calcium. Most people get too much calcium these days, so I would just add the strontium.

                      I hope that helps, Nance. 🙂

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                    2. Nance, as far as the animals are concerned, I have a couple comments.

                      First, if you can’t put them in a barn and seal the barn with filtered air for them, then you will have to leave them outside or otherwise stabled. However, if you stay inside most of the time and take the iodine as I have suggested, there is no reason you can’t go out to take care of them if you are as brief as possible and if you wear outer clothing that you can take off and leave outside your sealed room when you go back inside. Having good respirators (like construction respirators – not stupid surgical masks or dust masks that do nothing) would be a good idea, with cartridges for replacement. Some respirators may even be certified for radioactive exclusion, I don’t know, so look around. 3M makes some good respirators. Tyvek whole-body hazard suits would also be good for going out to take care of animals, although it may freak out some of the animals!

                      Second, animals also have thyroids, so technically, if you can figure out how to dose them and how much to give them, they can also benefit from iodine in their feed or on their skin. I don’t know what that dose might be, but I suspect animal care like this has been covered somewhere online, so check online to see if you can find out what to do to keep their thyroids safe. This applies to dogs and cats, as well as farm animals. Keep in mind, though, that any furry household pets will pick up dust that is radioactive onto their fur and lick themselves and absorb that stuff. If you have in-house dogs and cats, keep them inside with you. If they need to go outside, you will want to cover as much of their fur and body with cloth as possible and leave that clothing outside the sealed room when you come back.

                      And wash your hands a lot.

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                1. CJ, I am hypothyroid. That is why I use it day-to-day and at whatever dosing will have the stain last overnight for 6-12 hours. The dermal method is the preferred method for use because you can monitor your iodine store in your body by the length of time the stain remains visible before it fades out completely. 6-12 hours indicates proper store amount. Also, if you have proper stores measured by this dermal stain, you won’t need to supplement with extra KI if there is radiation in your air, as your thyroid will already have enough to keep the radioactive iodine from getting into your thyroid. Just maintain supplementation as per normal and get the stain up to closer to 12 hours. 🙂

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                    1. Yes, I use the iodine (Lugol’s) pretty much daily. I also use USP Thyroid which is a desiccated thyroid med that gives all the thyroid hormones, including calcitonin, which is a critical item. For those on straight T4 or Cytomel, you are getting either T4 only or T3 only or a combination of T3 and T4. Without calcitonin, you can turn off your thyroid and end up with bone problems. I use the USP Thyroid so that I can take enough of the Ts to get comfortable without compromising my bones. I routinely feel at my best when my TSH is close to but not quite zero. I could not do that safely if I took only T3 or T4 alone.

                      RLC Labs used to offer Nature-Thyroid and Westhroid but now recommends people get USP Thyroid (or Thyroid USP) from compounding pharmacies, which is what I now do. If you don’t feel good on Cytomel or T4-only pills, you might consider asking your doctor to prescribe Thyroid USP. You can get it compounded at DCA Pharmacy or Everwell Pharmacy or pretty much any other pharmacy willing to compound medications. RLC Labs has a page of pharmacies here:


                      With Thyroid USP at the right strength, you can safely drive your TSH more toward zero than you can with the standard T4-only or T3-only meds, which when you think of it, should be where it is for most people, in my opinion. After all, if your thyroid were working properly, your hypothalamus would not need to pump it up much if at all, most of the time.

                      For advice outside the thyroid Box, you might try reading the material on this site:


                      for more information, as they do a pretty good job of covering why people do or don’t feel good on the various standard meds. You might find some ideas that would help you. If not, then ignore them. 🙂

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                1. Linda, thyroid issues are very complicated, and I am not a doctor. Many people thrive on Synthroid. I do not. Others thrive on Cytomel. I do not. I prefer the USP Thyroid because it is desiccated thyroid material with a good mix of everything. I also put the Lugol’s solution on my wrists, and I pay attention to the health of my adrenals, as they work closely with the thyroid. You might benefit from the Lugol’s, or you might not. I’m an experimental kind of guy, so I try things until I find the right combination for me. However, once you find something that works well, staying the course with that program is the best way to go, as it is possible to destabilize a thyroid and have to work for weeks or months to get things back the way they were. If you want to experiment, do it carefully. If you are asking if you should stockpile a supply of Synthroid, I would vote yes. A year’s supply that you rotate regularly seems like a very good idea to me.

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          2. “….as a chicken’s entrails”. Charlie cracks me up! Wow, this whole post is awesome; so perceptive and as Katey said, clear enough for us to understand. I need to just let go of it, but it bugs me every day to see the misinformation pushed about the Russia/Ukraine thing. Even Spiritdaily, which I check each day is on the anti-Russia bandwagon without analyzing and it’s disappointing!
            Grateful to you, Charlie!!!

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        2. Oh, Maggie, but the U.S. has become so very good at creating monopoly money! We excel at stupid and wasteful spending with funny money!

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  10. Meanwhile, on the home front: I did not save a baby Tuesday. But so far over 31 babies HAVE been saved since Wednesday, September 28.

    This does not include our twins saved from PP that Wednesday! Mom came by early Wednesday morning. She was sure she needed an abortion. This was a problem and that was a problem, and besides that…Well, our staff was out on the sidewalk and the reluctant Mom did come to the bus and saw her baby. That troublesome baby – WAIT there are TWO babies!!! TWINS.

    All of a sudden, Mom is happy with her babies, All of a sudden none of those problems was a problem!!!

    This is not an uncommon occurrence. Often, it isn’t just seeing the baby on the ultrasound, but seeing TWO babies. Even when the ultrasound happened at the abortion facility, TWIN babies are kept. Praise the Lord, I am not complaining. Just wonder why Mom can’t find the resources, the stamina, the love to care for ONE baby, but has no qualms about parenting TWO. Interesting…(BTW, I love twins. We have TWO sets of TWIN grandchildren.)

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  11. senescence

    1. The condition of growing old, or of decaying by time; decadence.

    2. The state of growing old; decay by time.

    3.The state or process of ageing, especially in humans; old age.

    You’re welcome. 😊

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  12. Charlie, you gave me my big chuckle for the day re the federal government
    “Actually they are not as astute in their prognostication as a chicken’s entrails”. So very true and a hilarious description.

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  13. Charlie, what do you think about Elon Musk and his transhumanism? That is very alarming to read about. Do you think it will actually come to fruition?

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  14. After 2 lawsuits and 463 days, CDC V-safe Data (reactions to C19 vaccines) revealed:

    7,7% hospitalized

    25% unable to go to work/school

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  15. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! … 😉

    Mary Most Holy, Queen of the Holy Rosary




    Yep! The enire DC Swamp be Corrupt! Any New News?
    PS: If area in question is BLUE or near Southern Border it be Crime Ridden! ;-(

    We are at Stage Four …. not News to most here!

    …… THEY are NOT hiding THEIR intentions or who THEIR enemies are …. and THEIR willingness to VOID The Bill of Rights!
    …. & what’s left of Mom & Pop Middle Class Business ….. and The Jobs ……… ;-(
    ……. before Winter’s End will there be FEMA Feeding Centers and heated Camps where everyone must be disarmed and submit to the latest ClotShot ….. for Public Safety… See!!!??




    John Podesta: Biden’s New Green Investment Czar


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  16. “The Rosary, though clearly Marian in character, is at heart a Christocentric prayer. In the sobriety of its elements, it has all the depth of the Gospel message in its entirety, of which it can be said to be a compendium.
    (2) It is an echo of the prayer of Mary, her perennial Magnificat for the work of the redemptive Incarnation which began in her virginal womb. With the Rosary, the Christian people sits at the school of Mary and is led to contemplate the beauty on the face of Christ and to experience the depths of his love. Through the Rosary the faithful receive abundant grace, as though from the very hands of the Mother of the Redeemer. ” -St.John Paul II

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  17. “If Biden and company do not do something entirely insane like declare martial law before the elections, Republicans will pick up 73 seats in the House and will have 57 seats in the Senate.”

    Well, at least you didn’t go way out on a limb with that prediction 🙂

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    1. How can we win any important seat with Dominion voting machines? Or paper ballots. They will steal this election too. Especially in blue states.

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  18. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! … 😉


    THEY are The Demonic Gang of Baby Killers, Perversion, Border Invaders and godless Socialist Big Bro Tyrants!

    Harvard hospital claims ‘babies know in WOMB if they’re transgender’

    Yep!…. & DHS’s Maydorkass/HHS’s Becerra too!


    VAXX Wars!


    WAT! …. THEY want US dead!

    Of course! ChinaJoe just does what his PuppetMaster orders!



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  19. I also think that politicians will not solve our ever growing problems. Most have very little courage and just want to keep their jobs. However, we still need leaders and I will use my vote to support those I feel have a moral code. Our dear Lord can still use men and women he chooses to lessen the impact of so many things. No matter how one looks at it, the world is extremely volatile everywhere and it is inevitable that some extremely difficult and thorny times are ahead. May Christ have mercy on us all and may Our dear Blessed Mother intercede for us! The Sacred Hearts will triumph.

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      1. Amen, for the sake of…! I love the prayer of Our Lady of All Nations, and say it at the end of each decade of the Rosary. Won’t we be deliriously happy when the prayer becomes true; may She be declared our Advocate!!

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  20. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! … 😉 PM


    Until Our DOJ/FBI and DC/BlueStates Judiciaries are cleansed ….?….




    A quote from a MILINET Regular below. I Pray we have enough Good-Guys!?
    “If progressives and communists wanted peace, there would be peace. If the rest of us wanted war, there wouldn’t be any progressives and communists!”





    Yep! We’ve been played Big since 1935 ;-(




    I’m expecting the usual % of People will die of Seasonal Flu and other Natural Causes and a NOT-Usual % of People dying from demonic Clot-Shots!! ;-(





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  21. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! … 😉







    Müller: “How Is It Possible That Cardinal Grech Is More Intelligent Than Christ?”








    I suspect there is much truth here! We will never know what all the Ukraine Dealing was/is about but I have NO doubt that much of it was to Cover-Up US/EU Corruption, Bio-Labs, &…???
    And as a political ploy to distract BoobLand USA/EU from the disastrous Economic/Energy Policies (Blame Putin) and distract from the ChinaPlague Hoax-n-Genocide.
    As a Military Man, I can’t help but think that the depletion of Our Military War Reserve Stockpiles coupled with the imposition of PC Rainbow WOKE and Get Jabbed or Else DOD Policies to Drive Good Men Out is ALL part of a Sinister Master Plan ….. China be laughing with delight ;-(


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    1. Yes, my wife and I saw it and thought the movie provided a lot of good info. I also highly recommend seeing the Mother Teresa movie which will be showing again in selected theaters on Nov. 2(English) and Nov. 7(Spanish).

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  22. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! … . Happy Columbus Day 😉









    Not a bad idea. For years I’ve used cheap Walmart Blankets as “Drapes” to cover windows & glass doors during really cold spells when my Heat Pumps don’t do de job!
    In the Old Days people had tall Poster Beds with Mosquito Nets in Summer and Drapes in Winter.



    ….. & NONE of the mentioned Hunter Crimes DOJ leaked are about The Hunter, Jim & Joe Family International Crime Syndicate Operation!!

    I’m sure this was just one of those silly accounting errors that happen daily in DC … Right?! …… Hello??!



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    1. “Not a bad idea. For years I’ve used cheap Walmart Blankets as “Drapes” to cover windows & glass doors during really cold spells when my Heat Pumps don’t do de job!”
      Would that also be called a “three dog night”?

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      1. Have you read the children’s book by Eileen Christelow: “The Five Dog Night?” It’s delightful!

        Editorial Reviews
        From Publishers Weekly
        Crusty New Englanders get a good ribbing in this tale of two neighbors in pursuit of both corporeal and emotional warmth. Betty always brings cookies and unwanted advice when she visits cranky old Ezra. As winter deepens, she nags him more and more about his refusal to put extra blankets on his bed. She complains about the chill, he responds that it “wasn’t too bad. . . . only a one-dog night” and she thinks he’s “crazy as a loon.” She doesn’t understand that he’s “blanketed” by anywhere from one to five of his dogs. In Christelow’s witty story, which was inspired by a news report, the one-dog weather gradually intensifies and the number of dogs atop Ezra’s bed increases–along with Betty’s concern for her stubborn neighbor. One frigid morning, Betty bursts into Ezra’s home and discovers the secret of his warmth. Fed up with what he perceives as her nosiness, Ezra lashes out at Betty, who vows never to return. Ezra’s heart thaws with the spring, and he takes cookies to Betty, by now a convert to the five-dog heating system. Their friendship blossoms. Christelow’s crisp pacing, well-pitched dialogue and unpolished style of illustration suit her rough-around-the-edges but winsome Yankees just fine. As homey as apple pandowdy straight from the oven. Ages 5-9.
        Copyright 1993 Reed Business Information, Inc.

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        1. “She doesn’t understand that he’s “blanketed” by anywhere from one to five of his dogs.”
          …” Betty, by now a convert to the five-dog heating system.”…
          Now, I’m a convert too!

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      2. We have a large house with many bedrooms. The wood heater is in the center, in the kitchen, downstairs. We open vents above the hater to heat the upstairs, and block (Blanket?) off rooms not in daytime use. (Bedrooms are not much warmed, because beds keep folks warm. Our daily lives are mostly lived in the kitchen with the wood stove, and the upstairs living room above it. And yes, we must go through “Outer Mongolia” to get from one heated space to the next.

        But remember, we live near Houston, NOT in Sweden!

        Sweden, you survived before electricity, you can do this!

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          1. No inside animals at our house, allergies; but you are right. They also keep your warm. When they we little, we made them sleep two by two. that also was warmer.

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  23. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! … . 😉







    Crazed and Demonic Death Cult is what we are dealing with and THEY will NOT abide our opinions to be heard.


    ChinaPlague Hoax & VAXX Genocide is just one Filthy Pie that the evil Global THEY have THEIR fingers in and THEY have become increasingly unable to Cover-Up the evidence of THEIR CRIMES.
    THEY are Rich, Powerful and will go down fighting!! …. Be Prepared!

    “One World Digital Currency” – AKA: Mark of The Beast! ;-(




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  24. So that was the recent holiday! Columbus Day! Now they call it here in IL Indigenous People’s Day so I thought it is a new holiday to honor Elizabeth Warren and her predecessors… And making a doctor’s appointment for my kid I was asked if he was born a biological boy – Yes! And then if he still feels being a boy-Yes! And they are not giving up adding- what pronouns he prefers to use? I wish I answered something like: just threw “get, some, brain”… Ufff

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  25. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! … 😉 PM


    This CEO knows we are in a Recession now and is “kicking de can down de road” when we may well be in a DEPRESSION in 6-9 months!

    Ya really can’t compare 1933 USA to present ’cause in 33 there was no Social Security, New Deal/Great Society Welfare State, massive #s of Gubermint “Public Servants” & etc….. but USA in 1933 had 93 million population/ 52 million working age & 24.74% Unemployment Rate.
    Using Gubermint Stats in 22 we have around 35% of working age Not-employed Rate with a Gubermint claimed Unemployment Rate of 3.5% now.
    We do have more % of Oldsters, like me, but very large % is a huge # of Non-Producers that are on welfare, criminal activity &/or are hanging out with parents/grandparents that are sharing their savings and Gubermint Checks.
    Thankfully, I’m not sharing my AF Pension & SS with any squatters but I know of a bunch that do … and when de Gubermint Checks bounce ……. ;-(



    I’m sure the FBI will Raid the homes of THESE Parents … Right? … Hello!??

    Global godless Re-Set Idiocy .. On-Parade! THEY want Thee & me Dead … Period!!




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  26. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! … . 😉




    THEY Media don’t like Catholic Hospitals ’cause they don’t murder babies!
    ….. & CRIME is RightWing Propaganda!







    ……… Hmmmmm??

    It simply can’t be paid off…. $$Trillions more unfunded liabilities ;-(




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  27. Thanks, Maggie. He is the only Pope I have ever seen in my life. It was in Los Angeles in 1987, and a bus load of us from my parish went to see him. As he drove by in the Popemobile at the end of the Mass, you could feel the Holy Spirit! What an experience. I pray to him often and long ago decided to adopt his motto as my own, “Totus Tuus”.

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  28. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! … . 😉

    Our Lady of Fatima Crowned Queen of Russia








    Democrats Collude to Cover Up the Crime Scene

    Bartiromo Hammers Democrat Over Chaotic Border, Fentanyl ODs Under Biden







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  29. Charlie – Hope all is well!

    Do you ever get the sense, or inkling, that large parts of the GOP are heading also in a bad direction?

    I personally am seeing more and more instances of the reaction to some of the dysfunction on the political left making its way to the political right in simply a different, twisted way. So we end up with 2 political parties pushing each other to get more and more extreme.

    I guess there is truth in one’s identity not being primarily political, but rather fundamentally as a beloved son/daughter of the Father, and then secondly as a Catholic.
    I’m worried that there are churches, especially protestant and non-denominational churches, placing the political at the top of their priority list, rather than one’s relationship with God. And then allowing that personal relationship with Jesus to drive how one acts in the political arena.

    Anyways, just pondering out loud!
    Feeling more “politically homeless” by the day, but I guess that’s not a bad place to be for a Catholic!

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  30. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! … . 😉






    Easily explained! THEY were busy rounding up Pro-Life activists/Jan 6 Trespassers and terrorizing their Families and Friends!
    …….. Why have the FISA Judges NOT been Raising Hell in a loud & public fashion over DOJ/FBI Malfeasance? THEY are corrupt too is only explanation ;-(





    I’m emotionally disturbed about this cancellation ;-(



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  31. “Christmas Novena (the Nine Excesses of Love) which Luisa did for the first time at the age of seventeen, and which she never abandoned during the course of her life.

    Here below is a suggested schedule of meditation.
    9 Week Scheduled

    I. Excess of Love Trinitarian Love October 14 – 20
    First, let us focus on each Excess of Love for one week, during nine consecutive weeks, by reading and meditating on them each day, ever more closely and deeply.

    This will help us to prepare ourselves for the final nine days before Christmas, in which we will repeat the Novena.

    May God grant us abundant graces, light and consuming love, to be reborn with Him in the Life of the Divine Will. Amen”


    ” As for example, for one hour, with my thought, I brought myself to Paradise, and I imagined the Most Holy Trinity: the Father, sending the Son upon earth; the Son, promptly obeying the Will of the Father; the Holy Spirit, consenting.

    My mind was confused in contemplating a mystery so great, a love so reciprocal, so equal, so strong among Themselves and toward men; and then, the ingratitude of men, and especially my own. I would have remained there, not for one hour, but for the whole day; but an interior voice told me: “Enough – come and see other greater excesses of my love.”

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  32. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! … . 😉







    Drug & Human Trafficking Cartels “Own” Mexico and ChinaJoe Admin is aiding & abetting THEM with Open Border Alien Invasion Policies ….. does anyone doubt that Cartels have infiltrated The Church on both sides of the Border? We are dealing with Manifest Evil!
    …. but Mexico has plenty of Faithful. Let’s PRAY that ALL The Americas see Galactic Divine Intervention ….Soon!!

    De St Louis Gubermint does not want Christians helping the “Poor” in any way ’cause thats de Gubermint’s job ….. especially before Elections!






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  33. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! PM … 😉











    ….. everything but National Security!


    Naughty Words Guy is Fired-Up …. I Pray his vision of 2023 Retribution for Bad Guys is Correct?



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  34. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! … . 😉









    HullyGee! What could possibly go wrong!? Let’s see! The Usual Suspects that brought YOU “Follow the Science” Clot-Shots now want to Block the Sun …. stop that terrible Global Warming Cycle that has been occurring for Four Billion Years! …SEE!
    THEY start a Sun Block Op and shortly thereafter Mother Earth sets off a Krakatoa Volcano Event.. ;-( … I just can NOT believe that the avalanche of Evil & Krazy News of past five+ years has NOT been orchestrated! ;-(

    The Usual Suspects claim this guy is a RightWing Nut …. Methinks NOT?


    What’s gonna happen when Life/Health Insurance Companies start asking HARD questions about Clot-Shots and unexplained/unusual deaths and Injuries? .. BigTech Social Banning … Media Black-Outs … FBI Raids!??

    Hah! Not a smidgen of corruption during BO’s Reign …. Right!? ……Hello!!???


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  35. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! … . 😉









    DEMOCRATS and THEIR fringe Defund Cops, Geo. Soros DAs, and Social “Justice”-n- Trash White People Radicals are responsible for this!! THEY have BLOOD on THEIR hands!! ….. THEY have every intention to continue the above plus ALL THEIR other Agendas.


    Well, “Booty”! If your Plan is to destroy The Constitution, Bill of Rights and The Republic as Founded, …… I suppose that one could say that Prez Puppet-Stooge’s Puppet Master has, indeed, many accomplishments “To Crow About” ;-(



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  36. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! … . 😉






    The October Full Moon is called The Hunter’s Moon.
    This past full Moon was also a Blood Moon.
    November’s Full Moon is on Election Night and is a full Lunar Eclipse.
    …………………. Nov 8 Moon Info:
    Just Religious Kook Stuff right!?? ………. Hello!?
    …..Scripture tells US to watch for Signs in the Heavens .. Ya Prepared!!??




    “Legal” Corruption!


    Stupid is as Stupid does ;-(



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  37. Good morning (here☺️) – I just signed up for the Novena to the Mother of God for the Nation on EWTN. It begins on October 30th. ~ Lord, hear our prayer!
    God bless us all & God bless America.
    Katey in OR✝️🙏🏽✝️

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      1. Beckita, I often respond to novena emails – it’s not unusual that I will be praying up to 3 at once, to different saints and for different reasons. The praymorenovenas.com site is one I usually pray because the prayers are for things and persons that would not occur to me. This month is St. Jude.
        I try to remember many folks from this site ~Reminds me, has anyone heard from Lilia in Italy? I hope she and her priests are doing well.
        God bless us, everyone! Katey

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            1. I have no recollection of “Jenny.” As we can see, many are they who are no longer commenting regularly, but continue to read and also spend more time engaging in CORAC. 😊

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              1. I’m sorry, I was thinking about jlynnbyrd, who at Lent said she was only posting on Sundays, I think.


        1. Katey, I have recently heard from Liliae. She is doing pretty well, as are her husband and son. They have thankfully remained unvaxxxed, though it has been a seriously difficult task, as the authorities in Italy are much more authoritarian than we are, and the structure of their society provides many ways to force citizens onto the “accepted/prescribed” paths. I have to admire all three of them for resisting the vaxxx, as it really is so much harder for them to do that than it is in most states here in the US.

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  38. I’m just now watching an interview by Tucker Carlson of Mattias Desmet, from about September 5. It’s more than an hour long (longer than the link limits here), but you can find it on a search-engine:

    YouTube Tucker Carlson Mattias Desmet about Mass Formation and modern society

    To disrupt mass formation even a bit, it’s so important that Charlie et al on ASOH are questioning the narrative ~ even in quiet, directed ways ~ about COVID, vaxxx, etc.

    Blessings, friends ~
    Sister Bear

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    1. I just watched the interview.
      At the very beginning they show a part of the interview between Dr Malone and Joe Rogan Exprerience Dec 2021
      Here is what Dr Malone says:
      ” Malone suggested that people are in the midst of what he called “mass formation psychosis,” drawing parallels to the mentality that developed among the German population in the 1920s and 1930s.

      In those years, Germans “had a highly intelligent, highly educated population, and they went barking mad,” Malone said.

      “When you have a society that has become decoupled from each other and has free-floating anxiety in a sense that things don’t make sense, we can’t understand it. And then their attention gets focused by a leader or series of events on one small point, just like hypnosis. They literally become hypnotized and can be led anywhere.

      “They will follow that person. It doesn’t matter if they lie to them or whatever.”

      Several years ago, he said, people were “complaining the world doesn’t make sense” and that we weren’t “connected socially anymore, except through social media.”

      “Then this thing happened,” Malone said, referring to the COVID-19 pandemic. “That is how mass formation psychosis happens and that is what has happened here.”

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  39. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! … . 😉


    …. We need Our Lady to Show-Up and end another “Plague”!!!







    Where satan abides ;-(




    In the unlikely event that Our USA continues to bumble along for the next six months, I’m guessing that the Cali Antichrist Wannabe will end up as VP Nominee after ChinaJoe resigns to “Spend more time with family” and KamalBreath becomes Prez Puppet-Stooge #2 ……. and Congress RINOs vote for it!?

    I recently “discovered” the below site…. even though I had it in my RC Links for years?


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