Desolate No More

By Charlie Johnston

I have come to believe that when an eternal heavenly decree becomes operative in time, it does not usually change things all at once. Rather, it sets a process in motion which will accomplish what God intends. As it is written in Isaiah 55:10-11,

“For as the rain and the snow come down from heaven, and return not thither but water the earth, making it bring forth and sprout, giving seed to the sower and bread to the eater, so shall my word be that goes forth from my mouth; it shall not return to me empty, but it shall accomplish that which I purpose, and prosper in the thing for which I sent it.”

Crops are sown on what appears to be barren land. Through wind and rain, sun and soil, sweat and mud, in time they become real food, ready for harvest to give life and strength to the one who sowed them and to many besides. We often look for some immediate transformation. The problem is that an immediate transformation changes events but does not change us. The processes God sets in motion in time have the capacity to change us, to grow our capacity for wisdom and make our hearts capable of genuine love. Spiritually, we often want the fruit while neglecting the process that will give us fruit that will last and grow. I understand. I love a spectacle as much as the next guy (well, maybe not quite as much…get enough of them and they can be rather nerve-wracking).

The mastery of any discipline comes through a process. Whether it be carpentry, masonry, judo, or any other discipline, the practitioner gains his mastery through years of study, error, sweat and toil. This changes him – and the process, itself, helps ensure that the mastery he wields is responsible, disciplined, and restrained.

One of the things that often frustrates me is that people who believe, as I do, that I receive divine instruction fitted for these times, is that they think I get the equivalent of a step-by-step instruction manual. I do not. My perception is that I get very broad direction, even if it is sometimes very specific about unfolding events. That is NOT the end of it, but the beginning. Then I must go and do tons of research, apply every gift of my mind to verifying or refuting what I have already seen, and then decide, myself (with prayer and supplication), how best to proceed, taking full personal responsibility before God and man for what I do. It sounds like an arduous process – and it is. But it is a great – and divine – safeguard against satanic deception. It also helps, over time, to give some shadowy idea of how God thinks – which is dramatically different than how we are inclined to think.

People often get enthused – and even puffed up – if they think they are receiving mystical messages. I have had over a hundred cases where people have told me that God gave them specific instructions on how I am to live my particular mission – and they know it came from God and not the devil. How could they know that? Is it not written that the devil often appears as an angel of light? Do they believe themselves to already be a greater saint than Sts. Teresa of Avila, John of the Cross, Padre Pio and many more who quite candidly admitted that they were deceived by the devil for a time?

I have been aware for almost 60 years that many of my daily experiences are mystical. Over 50 years of that experience has been mainly training, jerking me from pillar to post, slapping down my false assumptions and enthusiasms, and forcing me to use all the faculties God has given me to engage in active discernment – and take full responsibility for whatever I conclude, regardless of where the original inspiration came. For five full years I was given over to be sifted by the devil. It was brutal. Yet I have come to be profoundly grateful for this process. I do not go jumping down every passing rabbit hole; I am aware of how easily I can be mistaken under the best of circumstances; and it has made me largely immune to transient enthusiasms – with a deep awareness of the necessity of the prime directive that the medical profession has largely abandoned: first, do no harm.

Some imagine that I must chafe at being under the yoke of spiritual direction or subject to the overt authority of my Bishop. If you knew the reality of how things are, you would know what a relief and a comfort it is. A few years back, my Bishop gave me a tart rejoinder in a private communication. It stung a bit but was just what I needed. In the stinging aftermath of my major error, I was creeping into trying to justify myself. If you give yourself to service to the Lord, you can certainly defend yourself, but you are not to try to justify what the Lord has either decreed or allowed. He, Himself, will justify you – and if He does not, then you are to accept the opprobrium until He decrees otherwise. The legitimate spiritual authority of those I am actually subject to form the indispensable guard rails on my perilous journey.

To receive actual ongoing mystical direction is less gift than it is awesome burden. Again, you are not allowed to say whatever pops into your head and blame God for it. You must take full responsibility for it, yourself. This often means being silent on things you want to speak on and being forced to speak on things you would desperately rather be silent on. On several occasions with my director Priests, they would venture into areas that, if I was entirely candid with them,  would cause them to share responsibility with me for the decisions I would make. In each case, I informed them of the danger area, noted that I would tell them if they had thought through the consequences of it, and let them decide. Thankfully, they were each sober and serious men and understood that this was not a matter for idle curiosity. In one case, a Priest and I decided that it might be best for particular reasons for him to know a certain thing. But we waited a week, so that he could discern if he could deal with it in a fully responsible and charitable manner. That was the only occasion.

I am always befuddled by the certainty of people who have had a mystical experience, wherever it came from, or have just recently begun having mystical experiences, without having gone through the brutal gauntlet of a lifetime of training, that their call now is to instruct me on what I should REALLY be doing. Some of it is objectively good. But don’t you know that in the pious, the devil proposes genuinely good things to seduce them to depart from what their authentic call is? He is not clumsy. Over the years, I developed a set of protocols that must be met before I will even consider a mystical experience to be from God – protocols that I have never said out loud, even to my Priests. Almost all such instructions from others include several major red flags that even a serious amateur should recognize. But the thrill of hearing an outside voice too often trumps any sort of prudent discernment. I will tell you this: if what God tells you is simply what you already believe, it is not God speaking to you. When God works with you, He breaks down your many false idols and comfortable assumptions, and regularly knocks you on your rear end. My son once told me (many years ago) that he was praying to have a touch of what I experienced. I begged him to stop, got so emotional I was near tears. It shook him up. I later explained that it was not that I disdained the gifts given to me, but they were the sort of gifts you accepted in prayerful hope that none you love would ever have to accept them. Dealing with mystical experiences, you come to have a great love and desire for the ordinary. The ordinary you can examine and critique, prod and poke. This is why, whatever the source, extraordinary or mystical, I am not comfortable speaking about the subject until I have fully subjected it to the ordinary means God has given each of us in such abundance, if we would only use them. That means I sometimes speak of hard things I would rather not and remain silent about things that I am initially enthused about. But wisdom will stand the test of examination – and if it will not stand examination, it is best left alone, no matter how superficially soothing.

The point is that the processes God use transform us – and unless we are first transformed, having what we think are the answers are of no avail. It would be like giving a 16-year-old kid a Corvette. It is just asking for a catastrophic crash because that sort of power is dangerous to any who have not learned how dangerous it is and how quickly it can turn on you.

It is our hearts in which God is sowing His seed now. The terrors around you, the trials so many of you are undergoing, the brutally hard work of finding some hope in the midst of an old culture collapsing around you, these are just the manifestations of God preparing the ground (your heart) to receive His word, be healed, and bear fruit that will last. Don’t you know that when it seems all is lost, you take the next right step anyway, and then God delivers you that it builds real trust in Him? Or that when He allows one of your cherished notions to be blasted to smithereens that He is calling you to let Him increase in you as your reliance on yourself decreases?

We are launched on a great pilgrimage now, a pilgrimage that will transform us if we are willing. If we accept it with all its vicissitudes, neither lording over others with what we learn nor shrinking from the stark demands it makes of us, we will be transformed – and that is the way that the Lord will transform and renew the faith and face of the earth. Pray not that God will ease the burden, but that He will strengthen our hearts to meet it. If you put away all malice and turn your face determinedly towards the Lord, doing the little you can that is right in front of you with courage and fortitude, “The nations shall see your vindication, and all the kings your glory, and you shall be called by a new name which the mouth of the Lord will give. You shall be a crown of beauty in the hand of the Lord, and a royal diadem in the hand of your God. You shall no more be termed Forsaken, and your land shall no more be termed Desolate; but you shall be called My delight is in her…” (Isaiah 62:3-5)

Let us go forth with humility, charity, patience, fortitude and resolve to bear fruit that will last – and the Lord will make us His heralds of the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart and the Renewal of the world.


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108 thoughts on “Desolate No More

  1. Charlie, so well said by you, “The processes God sets in motion in time have the capacity to change us, to grow our capacity for wisdom and make our hearts capable of genuine love. ” Isn’t such a process essential to the exercise of free will?

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  2. I especially consider the danger posed in this: “But don’t you know that in the pious, the devil proposes genuinely good things to seduce them to depart from what their authentic call is? He is not clumsy.” Surreptitiously insidious is our Mother’s adversary.

    But mercy! God bless those who have tried to counsel you based on their self-perceived ideas. Sorta’ sounds like playing a round of dueling prophets.

    So many songs have been written about various dimensions of God and His ways. One based on the God of Process might be an interesting one.

    Another keeper is this piece, Charlie, for it is rich with the stuff of a wise mindset which will aid us in enduring… not only ’til the end of this Storm and the launch of the full Triumph of Our Lady’s Heart, but also to the end of each one’s time on earth.

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    1. I love and value counsel, Beckita. When people try to take over from God to direct me, not so much. I already have earthly authorities over me to help me find my way authentically.

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      1. I know you love counsel, Charlie. It’s one of your many strengths. I should have been more precise in my expression. Perhaps I should have written “misguided” or “erroneous” counsel based on self-perceived ideas… which, as you note, amounts to such individuals trying “to take over from God to direct” you.

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      2. “If you give yourself to service to the Lord, you can certainly defend yourself, but you are not to try to justify what the Lord has either decreed or allowed. He, Himself, will justify you – and if He does not, then you are to accept the opprobrium until He decrees otherwise.” (CJ).
        Clement of Rome told Augustine: “Pray that, above all things, the gates of light may be opened to you; for these things cannot be perceived or understood by all, but only by the man to whom God and his Christ have imparted wisdom”.
        It is important to understand that even a great Luminary is but a piece in God’s toolset. Each tool does a specific thing and has a specific purpose that only applies to its function (charism) but God is it’s master.
        Scripture is very clear on this: “So you also, when you shall have done all these things that are commanded you, say: We are unprofitable servants; we have done that which we ought to do.” (Luke 17:10). In other words, we fulfilled our mission as intended. God gets the credit if we succeed. We get the credit if we slack in our duty. But even then God will gleen good out of us.
        “For almighty God… because he is supremely good, would never allow any evil whatsoever to exist in his works if he were not so all-powerful and good as to cause good to emerge from evil itself. “—CCC.
        If we are to enter heaven laden with merit, what merit is there for us if we gain the whole world (such as those “good” things that can distract us from our intended purpose) but loose our souls? So God must correct and test they whom He uses for His great works in order to purify and refine them— and keep them out of trouble….
        It’s a duel purpose; save souls through the prophet and save the prophets soul too.
        If St Paul had to “fight the good fight and run the race” to keep his faith all while evangelizing the world than it can be expected that other Luminaries will have to do the same fighting and racing to keep theirs as well.

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  3. Charlie, thank you for emphasizing the “process” God uses to transform us. It becomes more obvious every day that My Will is not in control. No matter how much I want it to be or want to be able to “fix” situations or circumstances myself. I think we are similar in age…I turn 65 this fall. Age is very sobering as it make reality more real. My hopeful illusions of what and when and how things will happen are often just that…illusions of a hopeful mind. Instead of asking God what he wants us to do…maybe we should ask how he wants us to change? “Jesus, I Trust in You” is a wonderful phrase, statement. Do I live it? Do we truly live it? Very recently, I was given The Surrender Novena given by Jesus to Fr. Dolindo Ruotolo. I had never heard of him or of the novena before. I have found it to be a wonderful novena that has strengthened me…especially during difficult trials. The short ejaculation (“O Jesus, I surrender myself to you, take care of everything”), that you say 10 times at the end of each day’s short messages/reflections, is one that I repeat often throughout the day. And it helps me to transform my self-reliance into surrender to God’s Will…and gives me peace…and the growth you mentioned in your post. I long for the Triumph of Mary’s Immaculate Heart…and the end to all the evil and corruption of our current world. I am impatient. I want to lead the dance rather than wait and surrender to God and let him lead the dance. My impatience also lets me know the degree of my lack of wisdom…as I was taught long ago that he greatest form of wisdom is surrender. For anyone else who identifies with my comments and struggle, here is a link to The Surrender Novena I mentioned: or just do an internet search of your own.
    God Bless you Charlie and all who are striving to “Acknowledge God, take the next Right step, and be a Sign of Hope to those around us”.

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        1. Perfect timing Terry.
          I think the opportunistic link appeared just in time to remind me to send it to someone I think could use it right now.

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        2. Not at all…we have been at it for nine years now…and the combined writings could fill three or more volumes of “War and Peace.” Good time to remind people of it.

          I was talking to a colleague a few years back and he rather embarrassedly told me that he didn’t read everything I wrote. I laughed and told him, “Not to worry. If I didn’t have to actually write it, I doubt I would either.”

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    1. Welcome to commenting, Terry. The Surrender Novena is such a blessing. I’ve even used it by praying all nine days in one day… sort of like Mother Teresa’s way with her “Flying Novena.” She would pray the Memorare nine times in one day when she felt pressed for an answer to prayer. And in some situations, I simply repeatedly pray the line: O Jesus I surrender myself to you, take care of everything.

      It was 7 years ago, in 2015, back at Charlie’s blog, The Next Right Step, that we began praying and recommending The Surrender Novena.

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    2. Terry Miller: impatience is my worse trait. The Surrender Novena is an attitude corrector. You can purchase it at Full if Grace web site. I mention this as a way disseminate it. I keep a few in my purse ready to go. My friend does this too. Conversations come up with total strangers. People totally stressed out for one reason or another. The last conversation was with a mother dealing with a son I gathered using drugs, not in cooperation with her values. I asked if she was Christian. I asked this because I though if she was at least Christian and not Catholic she would appreciate it because it was Jesus talking. Your description of the novena is beautiful.

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  4. I think I read once that Padre Pio said one of the many ways he figured out he had been deceived was after certain mystical experiences, he sometime felt emotionally sad/felt guilt. Those that were authentic, he felt peace. I’m sure he had a whole host of specific things he did to figure out if his experiences were real or not, but it makes since that bad feelings would follow from the Evil One.

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    1. Becky, when Charlie writes: “But don’t you know that in the pious, the devil proposes genuinely good things to seduce them to depart from what their authentic call is? He is not clumsy.” I think Charlie’s pointing to the slyness of the enemy. Not always do bad feelings follow temptations from the evil one. Those “genuinely good things” can make us feel excited and happy when, in fact, they have pulled us off course “from what” our “authentic call is.”

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      1. Exactly Beckita. The satan can sometimes make you feel jubilant that you are doing something extra special good. It is only when you eventually see there is no fruit to it that you begin to realize that jubilation may not have come from God. A lot of the things that people are told are signs of discernment are, indeed, good…but are just the tip of the iceberg. It is wise to tell people not to play in traffic. But if they think that, alone, will prevent them from ever being hit all they have is a false sense of security. The devil is a LOT trickier than most even begin to understand.

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        1. Merciful heavens, rain down on me! I pray that sometimes the fruit is hidden because I have not seen too many of my former students become very holy people. In fact, most are not following Christ or His Church, that I can see. I hold them deep in my heart, however, and pray that this is the reason God brought them into my life, so that they could have a perpetual intercessor. Most times I feel that I am only herding young people to the sacraments but throughout their formation, I beg God to not allow me to be an obstacle to Him. I pray so hard that the fruit is hidden and, if I attain salvation, I will finally see it in the souls of those also saved by Him. Pray for the young and for their families to come to a deep love for Jesus. Thank you for the reminder to remain always vigilant; it is so necessary.

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          1. Ah, Marisa, perhaps I was not precise enough. There is a stark difference between what is actually barren and what you term hidden fruit. To give witness to the faith is never without effect. Hang in there and keep giving witness. I cannot count the times when I thought my efforts had had no effect on someone only to find, years later, that the someone took deep heart from them.

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              1. Becky, it’s what Scripture calls “planting the seed” by your faith walk and witness.
                “So shall My word be that goes forth from My mouth; It shall not return to Me void, But it shall accomplish what I please, And it shall prosper in the thing for which I sent it.”
                (Isaiah 55:11)
                Pope Francis said we evangelize by “attraction” which is put another way in Scripture:
                “In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.”
                (Mathew 5:16).
                It is your testament of faith that will “convict” those around you. God cannot be outdone and will pour powerful graces out through you because of your fervent faithfullnes.
                My uncle took 20 years to convert after someone planted that seed. It softly knocked on the door of his soul for two decades before it sprang forth.
                The story of St Monica and her son Augustine is well known on this.
                If you never “see” their conversion, do not lose hope. St Faustina reminds us of the last act of God’s mercy for those that have been recommended to Him through their prayers and especially the Divine Mercy Chaplet.
                “God’s mercy sometimes touches the sinner at the last moment in a wondrous and mysterious way. Outwardly, it seems as if everything were lost, but it is not so. The soul, illumined by a ray of God’s powerful final grace, turns to God in the last moment with such a power of love that, in an instant, it receives from God forgiveness of sin and punishment. Although a sinful person is at the point of death, the merciful God gives the soul that interior vivid moment, so that if the soul is willing, it has the possibility of returning to God thus making use of all the prayers that other souls offer to God for them.”
                So, with this promise, now you can truly say:
                Jesus, I Trust in You.

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        2. I try to be real careful with fellow folksies too…especially loved ones…for if the satan can not get us to sin, he often uses those closest to our hearts to trip us up! 😩. Ugh I lament how many times I’ve fallen for that even though I’m on a constant look out for it! 😩. I’ll keep messing up I’m sure 6 hours after I’m 6 feet dug!!! Ha! Jesus I trust in you! Plz help us all here, dear Jesus🥰🙏

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    1. It might have been Aleteia website where I saw several prayer cards advertised, clicking eventually took me to this site. I assume, Charlie, the M. medals are not blessed? Beckita, would Fr. Wang say they are blessed if we hold them up when a priest on TV is giving a live blessing, or should it be done in person.
      (Beckita, please delete this reply if Charlie prefers announcing the link, etc. himself)

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      1. No, this is fine, Maggie. I will put it in the body of an article sometime soon. But no, the medals are not blessed. If you want them blessed, you should take them to a Priest.

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  5. “We are launched on a great pilgrimage now, a pilgrimage that will transform us if we are willing. If we accept it with all its vicissitudes, neither lording over others with what we learn nor shrinking from the stark demands it makes of us, we will be transformed – and that is the way that the Lord will transform and renew the faith and face of the earth. Pray not that God will ease the burden, but that He will strengthen our hearts to meet it. If you put away all malice and turn your face determinedly towards the Lord, doing the little you can that is right in front of you with courage and fortitude, “The nations shall see your vindication, and all the kings your glory, and you shall be called by a new name which the mouth of the Lord will give. You shall be a crown of beauty in the hand of the Lord, and a royal diadem in the hand of your God. You shall no more be termed Forsaken, and your land shall no more be termed Desolate; but you shall be called My delight is in her…” (Isaiah 62:3-5)”

    Yes. This. I so NEEDED to hear this now! Thank you God for using Charlie to get this through to me! And thank you, Charlie, for your faithfulness to God.

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  6. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! .. !! 😉

    The below was a comment on MILINET today that sums up the situation for not only Border Towns but the enntire USA where illegal invaders have been transported on YOUR Dime!
    Throw in the demoization, marginaization and defunding of Police and you have a large part of The 08 Obama/Democrat Agenda to Transform America .. and ,Of Course, disarm Producer Class America too

    “Anthony, I have been to Uvalde, my neighbor in San Antonio has a ranch near it, his Uncle is the Mayor of Uvalde, the “Democrat who called Beto a “Sick SOB”. None of the articles I have read covering this incident mention the Biden/Mayorkas/Cartel Invasion of America and it’s direct impact on Uvalde Law Enforcement’s ability to ferret out potential threats or to respond to Psychopaths like Salvador Ramos. Instead of being focused exclusively on regular police duties of Uvalde, they must also respond to crimes committed by hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens, sex traffickers, and drug smugglers as they infiltrate into America via the lines of communication flowing through their town.
    RJ XXXXX, Colonel USMC Ret”

    Who elected these WEF Bolsheviks & Brown Shirts and gave them Power over US?…Eh!!??


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  7. Thank you for doing this hard work, and doing it so faithfully. I can’t imagine it, don’t want to imagine it, and frankly want nothing to do with it. But I am ever so grateful that you do. Because I know that it is God’s love and mercy for us and that you have allowed Him to use you and I am sure that you don’t even mention all of the ways that it costs you.

    You are always in my prayers.

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  8. I am so grateful and thankful that you have accepted this work of God in your life, because I know that it is God’s love and mercy for us and I am sure that it costs you much more than you share with us. I know that you love God, but you also love us too. And you have been at this for years. I am very grateful that you said yes.

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  9. I always knew this would eventially come together. This may be the “new way” Charlie spoke of years ago. I still remember. Love you all.

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    1. John, I eliminated the link because it is pure poppycock. I won’t go through all the reasons, just a couple. First, the United States is not and never has been a corporation in the sense this video tries to make it. There is no legal definition that can be stretched anywhere near that far. Second, no president has the unilateral authority to make such a decision or declaration on behalf of the whole people. To have any hope of validity, it would have to be adopted by a Congress of the people. Even if it were, just as with the real Declaration of Independence, the only means of giving it force would be through force of arms.

      I know people want to find some easy way where everything will be set right. That is not going to happen. We must slog through step by step. You have been a valued commenter and I appreciate the many contributions you have made on these boards. But this “second declaration of independence with Donald Trump having dissolved the American corporation” is sheer fantasy.

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      1. Charlie, Fantasy it may be. I will take your word to heart. Fantasy Donald Trump once was too. I have much faith in you as well. I have sent alot of aquantances here. I only wish the older stuff was still up. You must have a reason beyond of a few dates. I don’t understand. If you ever do decide to come to Ohio, even passing through, Id love to chat. Although, I’m a simple kinda man. And believe me, I would rather Mary perform a miracle and convert the world to Christ anyday.

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  10. There’s a nice Steak house just outside of Las Cruces. It is just down the road, turn right and go a little bit.
    [Just down the road: 60 min.\ a little bit: 45 min.}

    On the way a bunch of Satellite array may be visited… all are about ten stories high.

    Anyhow, the steak is good. Served on a pizza tray, It is cut on the largest circular saw I’ve ever seen. The steak is half fat n grizzle. The remaining is about the portion of an average steak house.

    The locals (cowboys) had a stare which went a thousand miles. They’ve been out in the country for a couple months… wondering if they were hallucinating at the strange dialect (NY) emitted from a few loud mouth.

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  11. Such a great piece, Charlie!!! This paragraph really shot out at me personally

    “It is our hearts in which God is sowing His seed now. The terrors around you, the trials so many of you are undergoing, the brutally hard work of finding some hope in the midst of an old culture collapsing around you, these are just the manifestations of God preparing the ground (your heart) to receive His word, be healed, and bear fruit that will last. Don’t you know that when it seems all is lost, you take the next right step anyway, and then God delivers you that it builds real trust in Him? Or that when He allows one of your cherished notions to be blasted to smithereens that He is calling you to let Him increase in you as your reliance on yourself decreases?”

    I don’t know what we would all do without you and your “yes,” to God to help poor bleeding humanity!!! I try to spread your messages of hope to everyone who will listen!

    I’m really enjoying you on Twitter!!! I hope we all go on there and Charlie goes Twitter viral!!! Ha!

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    1. I like this portion too, Linda. As a matter of fact, it brought tears to my eyes, for someone (Charlie) to voice what many of us feel, going through trials, seeing all collapsing, etc. It reminds me of when I was very young and my mother had gotten so angry with her Spanish temper :), my father would come give me a word of comfort.

      Thanks, Charlie, for being our Sherpa and going through so much to guide us.

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      1. That’s beautiful Annie W! Tears really help me too when things get too hard. They are so cleansing and that’s when I think our heart opens up, we get rid of our agitation and fear and then they Holy Spirit comes to heal our wounds and make us more like Jesus who loved us so much that He gave up His life willingly on the cross😩

        Happy Memorial Day everyone and also, Happy great feast day of Joan of Arc!!!

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  12. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! .. !! 😉

    I trust He is hurrying back!!

    Yep!! – To Save The Country, Destroy The Public Education System

    International Homicide Rate Comparisons & the 2nd Amendment


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  13. Lately, I’ve developed a kind of time-lapse movie of the expansion of Jesus’s teachings. When He was born, it was just Him, all 9 pounds of him, and a totally helpless baby. At Pentecost it was 12 (11?) guys and Mary in the upper room. 33 years to get from one small baby to a core of 13 people. Then Pentecost happened and thousands began becoming members of the Church as the Apostles and their following priests began traveling outward from that upper room into Jerusalem and eventually outward over 2,000 years to where we are now, with another 1,000 years (or so) to complete the process. In a five-minute time-lapse movie, that will look like an *explosion* outward, but in reality it’s 3,000 years of travels and contacts and a lot of work.

    Could I have made the transformation from non-christian to Christian while watching a 5-minute time-lapse movie? No way! Considering the number of people involved in this whole process, 3,000 years actually seems pretty compressed.

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  14. Interesting article Charlie, I sometimes wonder what is going through people’s minds in this topic area. The greatest deception the devil ever done in our generation is convincing most people that he doesn’t exist, so that he do what he wants with little to no resistance.

    It’s hard enough to discern deceptions in the world we live in, but also having discern of spiritual & nature too…?

    There’s lots of fake information out under the disguise of being legitimate, topics in the area of fake history, fake science, fake ethics, and fake education at odds with God and his will. The theory of evolution has branched out into all these areas to promote a dangerous mindset in people, so they can reject Bible wihtout hesitation and peer pressure others to do the same. The world’s vast amounts of knowledge is mostly foolishness before God.

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  15. JMJ
    In regards to Charlie’s comments about experiencing the mystical, if memory serves me, the Mystical Doctor of the Church, St. John of the Cross spoke about his encounter with a young religious in his community. The religious told St. John of a mystical experience that God granted him, and wanted to know what he should do. St. John told him to immediately go to the kitchen and scrub all the pots and pans. HA! So perfect a response from a master of the spiritual life in an effort to keep the young monk from not becoming proud! This gives us some perspective on the risk of these experiences, especially without good / holy spiritual direction.

    Having given spiritual direction for several decades I can readily admit that it is one of the most frightening of tasks. Note that I was a homicide/rape investigator as well as a SWAT commander for a number of years, so I know some measure of frightening. The fear is that of misdirecting a soul, causing them spiritual harm. With one very holy, advanced individual my prayer prior to our meetings was, “please Lord, don’t let me mess them up!” That prayer came into regular use before giving spiritual direction, talks, etc. Having a good spiritual director can be a great source of grace in pursuit of our call to holiness. It is necessary that we pray that God will help us to identify that person He desires to assist us, someone who is not only learned but also is humble (key) and has some experience in these matters. (The Dominican theologian, Fr. Jordan Aumann, OP wrote extensively on this matter in one of the last chapters of his writing, “Spiritual Theology”) It took me several years of prayer before God introduced me to my first director, followed by two more highly educated and holy priests from three different religious orders who have helped me for 40 years. I am so grateful to God for these priest as I have known many dark alleys and dead ends in my spiritual journey prior to receiving their help. Still have some even with their help….. the fruit of my stubbornness and pride. I share this in an effort to encourage all to pray that God will provide the spiritual director He knows that will be of the most benefit…. “Ask and you shall receive….”

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  16. Charlie, I appreciate that, in this post, you refer to your life-long training for such a time as this. And here we are.

    One person that I’d never heard of until sometime last year is Dr. Robert Malone, MD. He and his wife, Jill, PhD (childhood sweethearts), have been “red pilled” by the COVID-19 scenario and are tirelessly working to get the truth out. Dr. Malone’s blog is now on my regular trapline.

    Here is a recent post (an excerpt from his/their upcoming book) that makes a great deal of sense to me:

    Blessings, friends ~
    Sister Bear

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      1. StJW2B, I read your comment the first time as “Dr. Malone and people like him are truly contagious.” Then I realized what my eyes had tricked me into and started laughing. So I decided to let you know you inadvertently have given me some laughs today.

        But you know what? In a way, they *are* contagious and have spread their information wide and far, infecting many others with a partial antidote to the deadly disease of wokeness. May they continue to be contagious! 🙂

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  17. It’s perplexing yet reassuring how you maintain a joie de vivre amid the serious tasks you’ve been assigned in these grievous times. If not for this blog I’d be Chicken Little’s twin.
    (p.s. and oh btw, I hope you can trust your barber to dispose of a certain customer’s hair clippings and not secretly store them in a bag labeled “CJ’s relics” 😉😇)

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    1. We viewed the documentary, The Passion of St. Joan of Arc, last evening on EWTN. Researched and presented by Spanish scholars, it also contained vignettes with acting.

      May St. Joan of Arc remain by Charlie, interceding, inspiring and guiding him along his way. And we know that from her Heavenly home, she is with any of us who call upon her. Thank you, St. Joan, for remaining with each of us at ASOH and CORAC.

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    1. PF is picking “Like-Minded Cardinals ;-(” who will pick PF’s “Like-Minded ;-(” successor.
      It’ s ALL part of The Final Confrontation and it’s time to mind our own Area of Responsibility.


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    2. I don’t believe for a minute that it’s subtle, Judith. A Pope does not simply look at a country’s prelates and priests to select someone of his personal choosing. Key clergy in a Bishops Conference, along with the Papal Nuncio, discuss possibilities. Precedence is considered as the discussion goes on. From that lens, Archbishop Gomez from LA should have been high on the list and likely chosen as Cardinals from major cities have most often been selected. San Diego does not even rank as an Archdiocese.

      Considering the small minority of brave and faithful Bishops who went public in supporting Archbishop Cordileone, I think it’s very likely that those who were responsible for recommending Bishop McElroy were sending a shot across the bow to the prelates, Such as Archbishop Cordileone, who enforce discipline measures upon those Catholics who publicly support and promote such a grave transgression against God’s Laws as abortion.

      When I first read this news, I lamented. Within minutes, I began to fear for the prelates who have doubled down on refusing to bend the knee before Magisterial Teaching. The struggle between good and evil goes on while God’s grace is ever sufficient for each of us to freely choose good. Ultimately, all – from the highest authority in the Church to the least – must choose or perish.

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      1. Now everyone knows more about our diocese and what we go through with a bishop who equates abortion with climate change. As I told my dear friend, what about when this bishop (and many clergy around the world) faces the Lord?! I tremble at the thought.

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      2. Apparently Francis can ignore the process you describe and do whatever he pleases. He clearly has a political agenda. I also believe that in making these type appointments in the U.S. , especially at this juncture in time, that Francis now has the blood of innocents on his hands. He can say whatever he wants in his public appearances in regard to sin, and maybe he will not change Church doctrine via an encyclical , but he is worse than lukewarm. And, yes, you are right to fear for our courageous prelates who are simply doing their moral duty. I do not know what Francis can do to punish them, but I feel certain he will do so.

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        1. Yes, any Pope has supreme authority in the Church. At the same time, each Bishop has authority in his own Diocese as a king does in his kingdom… with the Pope alone over him in authority. In the case of such a large country/Bishops Conference as we have in the US, there’s no doubt that those who advised Pope Francis on the selection of the new soon-to-be Cardinal are equally responsible with this Pope for how they have chosen and what their agenda represents.

          Actually, my fear is not for the courageous prelates, rather, it is for those prelates who allow for agendas and behaviors which disregard the Teachings of Jesus. This is why I wrote: ” Within minutes, I began to fear for the prelates who have doubled down on refusing to bend the knee before Magisterial Teaching.”

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          1. Well, of course, there has always been concern for the person/soul that totally ignores the teachings of Christ and who even celebrates the action which is considered a mortal sin in Church teaching. This is why Pelosi could not be ignored any longer. She actually cheers for the right to this heinous procedure at any stage and does it openly, vociferously and without any shame. As a mother, I cannot understand her at all. A mother understands that there is most definitely life in her womb. The thought of the suffering a child endures while being ripped apart, crushed or somehow dissected alive is one of the worst images I can imagine. I find it unbearable and cannot understand how anyone can fight for this so-called right or participate in this most heinous and ugly action on a child.

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              1. A very good link. Pelosi keeps saying that God gave us free will. Indeed, he did. And we are all very responsible for our choices….She always deflects questions about the pain a baby feels while he/she is being ripped apart…Thanks for the link.

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  18. Keywords “discipline” and “mastery.” Other stuff often gets substituted for that such as feelings and consolations, neither all that dependable if anything is to ever get done for our little parts. When the sweet feelings, inspirations and consolations wear thin or stop entirely, what’s a person got left to move forward with? Discipline.

    I’m hearing a spate of platitudes and other silly stuff lately from the people around me trying to grasp these times… completely perplexed and maybe coming a little late to the party… if at all. Here’s one I heard no less than a few times lately in some form: “life is about making mistakes and learning.” Uh… sure, we’ll all necessarily make mistakes and learn one way or another in life, but I wouldn’t say that’s what life is all about. Better to say it’s about overcoming, mistakes and learning notwithstanding. And best to overcome with love.

    I sometimes think that understanding what the gift of prophecy actually is, is every bit as difficult as grasping an authentic prophetic word. Or not, depending on whether the heavy human flesh or lightness of spirit happens to be dominant at the moment.

    We are not devoid of God’s voice ‘speaking’ to us all on planet earth. It’s a constant utterance of “I am,” which already says and encompasses so much beyond our reckoning as to get us moving in awe and gratitude, whatever the cost.

    That’s the story right there, not the story the world is telling. Unfortunately it’s the latter that continues to dominate more and more… apparently so comforting and cling-worthy (from a human standpoint), but only serving to transfix and distract from the work given each of us.

    Want more allies and friends in the fight? Tell a better story. Or rather, live a better story.

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    1. Sure MP, for those who actually care about God & HIS will, “Discipline” is probably what’s missing, the disciplines to make the right choices, to seek God’s grace, and to deny the things that are not needed. For those who reject God, there’s a greater issue with them than just a lack of discipline…

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        1. MP, What I’m experiencing with most loved ones and friends is sort of the way I was raised…I’m not really sure what you call it, but it’s like most people I’m close to live their life to the fullest but with seemingly no thought or devotion to God. No one goes to church unless it’s a funeral or a wedding and most weddings aren’t even in a church anymore. There’s a word for what I’m seeing…is it agnosticism??? I’m not sure 🤔

          I told my sister once, it’s as if the sailors enjoy the air that moves them along, and yet they forget or ignore WHO gives them the air.

          Of course the church circles I run with live, eat and breathe for their next Mass or time of adoration 🥰. Ahhhhh those are my favorite fellows to spend time with…and babies 👶🏼 too!!! Those are the things of the next life I’m sure!🥰🙏😇👶🏼📿😉

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          1. When I say discipline is discipline I’m referring to it as a habit, and, sure… it can be misapplied to worldly wisdom which can lead to death, or Heavenly wisdom which obviously leads to Life.

            That said I see discipline as a habit… a raw, hopeful and fertile ground. Take Saul for example. He obviously had the discipline of zeal for the Faith, though misapplied early on, until Jesus knocked him off his horse. The rest is history, written in Scripture and Heaven.

            Ever wonder why Jesus took those extraordinary measures with St. Paul and not some… say, more Christian-loving and holy person close at hand?

            Know what else always has its reward? Hard work.

            I’d love a small crew of St. Paul’s coming off the bench right now (and that may happen and would be sufficient), but everything about these times tells me that’s not going to be the case. It’s up to the whole body of Christians… ordinary folk, whether ready or not.

            Best everyone get out of this “I’ve got my faith” mentality, roll up the sleeves and really start living it. Because I guarantee that whatever a habits (good, bad, or indifferent) a person has, they’re being super-charged, revealed and sometimes sadly exacerbated in these times.

            I sometimes read things into St. Paul’s writings that may or may not be there (because I’m a read-between-the-lines guy), but, by golly, the man was on fire and lived it!

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            1. I love your writings MP!!! You have a deep faith and love for God that are extraordinary!!! God bless you and all your loved ones and all your horses and dogs too!!!🥰🙏😇


  19. Ha Charlie. I feel kind of sorry for you. I thought to myself, if I had an opportunity for Jesus to appear to me in person, would I take it. No.
    Jesus said blessed are those who didn’t see but believed. I am afraid seeing Jesus with my eyes, I would lose any merits, if there are any in my case, to have a shot at Heaven.

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  20. A Jewish man had come to the end of his tether …. he decided to commit suicide. Yet, in His perfect timing, God had already sent the ideal friend to share the truth about Yeshua the Messiah. A wonderful video that runs for just 6 minutes;

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    1. The Lord gives and the Lord takes away, blessed be The Lord!

      It is so very difficult for survivors of suicide loss to read/hear how some are delivered by The Lord from The Diabolical Horror that is suicide. We all know among the answers are: who can understand God’s mind? and also: He brings all things to good for those who love Him.

      I actually had another Mom tell me if only my son had prayed harder/more, The Lord would have cured him and he would not have died by suicide.

      Another time, as I was going into the church for a mass offered for the repose of my son, on the anniversary of his baptism, I saw a car parked right in front of the church with a bumper sticker: “Suicide is Preventable” (No, not always. Correction: Suicide is Complicated)

      These are examples of erroneous logic which continue to cause severe harm and add to the problem.

      For those silent readers who have also suffered a death of beloved to suicide, The Lord loves us and our loved ones, too. Have faith. Never doubt His tender Mercies. I offer this:

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  21. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! .. !! 😉

    YUP! Jesus I Trust in You!!!

    Nothing to see here! … Move Along!!

    YEP!! Gun Control is the only answer …. ’cause we simply can’t allow those awful Producer Class Types to harm any of our cherished Victim (Vote Democrat) Groups …… or stand in the way of that Great godless Global Re-Set Agenda ;-(


    THEY will continue to broadcast THEIR favorite Hysteria Talking Points … ChinaPlague/Guns/Climate Change/Racism …. till Doomsday ;-(


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  22. Durham Trial over, nothing to see hear folks, keep moving…..

    Is it any wonder that “innocent” souls like David Daleiden and Jake Lang would ever have a chance in this corrupt deep state?

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    1. With regard to the political rot, this is the one item that set me off when I saw it earlier today Mostly looking over my shoulder glancing back, as I don’t hold out for any of the current institution(s), but…. my, God!… when is the rot going to be torn out. My mostly pity and too often disdain for these people is near complete for politicians. Elected, appointed, hired… or otherwise.

      I did notice this news release on Bongino Report, with it conspicuously absent on virtually all the leftist rags. No wonder. They got what they wanted, but know full well what this sort of thing portends.

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    2. Sasan, our justice system has become fully nullified by politics. That is what the quiet end of the Durham Trial has clearly shown the world.

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    3. My understanding is that Durham knew the probability of wining this with DC jury pool was slim. However, important testimony of key players has now been entered into evidence that can be used in future trials. A matter of sacrificing a smaller case to shore up what’s needed for the bigger one. Not over yet… at least that’s what I’m praying for 😉


  23. Brother Charlie, a WOPILA PILAMAYELO (Hearty Thank you! in Lakota) and may JCALAS continue to lead and guide you in our Lord’s work of CORAC.

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  24. SanSan, I am beyond disgusted. I said to hubby that we must have 90% corrupt judges in the country, appointed by liberals who knew exactly what they were doing!

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  25. If you all wouldn’t mind please pray for Jaxon he has staff infections on his skin! (Tummy) 😩 I’ve been sick as well but I’m not worried about me. I told them not to leave the country (Ireland) and I pray to God they didn’t give their 11 month old the vax!!! 😩. Two big round circular infections they are calling staff infections. Thank you for your prayers!!! I’ll be there tomorrow so will say Charlie’s pray over Jax but I wouldn’t mind if you all pray for him tonight 🥰🙏👶🏼😘
    Thank you so much ahead of time! I love you all and go to you guys asap for prayers

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          1. He’s so gosh darn sweet Beckita!!! He cried when I left a little bit ago 😩. It’s amazing to me how we are all so interwoven in our CoRaC group!!! I go straight to you all here when my heart is troubled and I see great prayers requests answered so quickly here!!! Thank you thank you thank you🥰👶🏼🙏😘 🌹

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  26. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! .. !! 😉

    Usual Suspect Bishops/Cardinals be fuming 😉

    Yeah!…Right!! Prez Puppet-Stooge sez……. Biden doesn’t control his bladder…… THEY want ALL YOUR GUNS … PERIOD!!!
    The DC Swamp Democrats are figuring out every angle to divide the USA……. even Blue Collar Democrats!
    To avoid speaking to the REAL: issues like: Inflation, Fuel, Bare Shelves, Alien Invasion and Crime… THEY will be Hooting-n-Hollering about Guns, Racism, Evil Cops, White Supremacy, Plagues from Wuhan, Trump & Homophobia.
    Expect the above plus THEIR entire repertoire, Squared, of Dirty Tricks, Lies, Distortions and Slander ….. and, I fear, serious Wag de Dog Scenarios … Domestic & Foreign!

    No doubt!


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  27. Hi,
    Sort of unrelated, but I’m just curious as to whether anyone is following the mobilization of Chinese military, and the pre-crisis activities that are placing China on war footing. I have seen JR Nyquist, Frank Gaffney, Bradley Thayer, and Brian Kennedy on a webinar (entitled CCP Is Transitioning to War – What are we doing?) on, also seen them on Bannon, and with Mike Adams on Brighteon, and other places. Pretty compelling stuff and right in line with Charlie’s comments that China will be the big enemy…

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    This isn’t shocking to us, because we have been warned. Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche has been heading the rallying cry for 2 years. He has an Open Letter to Parents on his website:
    Try to get that letter to all family and friends that have been vaxxed. Might help them start antivirals right away.

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