The Eternal Now

By Charlie Johnston

Back in the day, when I was advising officials and candidates in a fluid situation that had many possible outcomes, I would give a lot of real-time focus to what we actually knew. From that, we would work on what was possible, what was likely and what was absurd. By keeping focused on first things, it kept us dealing with reality rather than partisan narratives or wishful thinking, even when we could not reach a conclusion yet. It is a form of cogitating, of spit-balling in an effort to figure out what is actually happening and what it means. That is what I will do in the major segment on Ukraine at the bottom of this piece.


Sometimes, when speaking of a friend, a person will ask you, “Is that a Facebook friend or a real friend?” It is a good question in these times – particularly when Facebook affiliates are trying to get you to sign up to get a “virtual” friend. One thing I am certain of is that Joe Biden is a Facebook president.


If you haven’t seen it yet, this week’s podcast focuses on our Communications committee at CORAC. We have set up a communications network through ham radio that crisscrosses the entire continental U.S. You’ll get a whole lot of information on radios, including the costs and legalities involved. No license is required to receive but one is currently required to broadcast, except in an emergency. We also discuss EMPs (electro-magnetic pulses) which can wipe out electronics – both the potential sources of them and how to protect from them.

I have been trying to think of an effective way for people to get together in the aftermath of a mass communications failure that would be simple to remember. An idea occurred to me last week. Just gather on Saturday mornings at 9 a.m. local time at the front of your local house of worship, be it a church or synagogue. In order to facilitate that, I have asked our regional coordinators to work with local people within their regions to designate local churches that can be focal points known in advance for people in the region. We will have local people checking other churches in town if such an event were to occur. Church front at nine on Saturday mornings is easy to remember, though, and if we get this going, people will find each other if its needful.


I’m speaking this Sunday afternoon in Rochester, Minnesota. Y’all come, Y’hear? I have been having a lot of young people coming out for my talks this year. We have several big new initiatives and resources going up soon at CORAC, but one I think will be very fruitful is creation of a youth movement. Ha! I thought of calling it “New Wineskins,” but as always, the name should be determined by the young people in the group.


The Eternal Now

Eternity is a difficult concept, a truly great mystery beyond our capacity to fully grasp. Many think of it as endless time but that is not it at all. Eternity is the infinite now. This universe is a mere terrarium in God’s eyes – and time exists only in this terrarium where our individual auditions for heaven play out. In the infinite now of heaven, everything is present to God – NOW. The squalling infant I was at my birth is present to God now; The joyful but weary old man I will be at my dying breath is present to God now; the jolly and determined older man I am right now is present to God now. It is only in the terrarium of the universe that time progresses in its remorselessly linear parade.

This reality beggars the human capacity for imagination. The only way we can approach it is through mangled analogies like St. Patrick’s use of shamrocks to illustrate the Trinity. When you are walking a well-trodden wilderness trail in the mountains, you see what you approach in a linear fashion. You are, by analogy, in time. If from a perch high upon the mountain you can see the trail from beginning to end you are, by analogy, outside of time: it is all present to you.

How, then, can there be any order, structure or activity where everything is present now? Let’s go to another mangled analogy. Take a seat in your living room and family room. Look around at all the elements in the room: the pictures, the fireplace, the knick-knacks on the mantle, the furniture. They are all present to you as you sit in the room. Now imagine that all these elements are segregated into discrete packets and paraded before you on an invisible, mystical conveyor belt. Each picture, each picture frame, each item of furniture, each curio, each log from the fireplace, the fireplace itself, and even the fire pass before you in a linear sequence. That is the consequence and limitation of time. It does not appear as a coherent and pleasing whole, as a comfy room in your house would, but as a random and linear sequence of objects. The greatest mind on earth would have trouble assembling these random objects in his imagination into the coherent whole that is immediately obvious from your seat in the room, where all its components are present to you now.

The Book of Revelation makes me nervous. I also love it because, though St. John still imbues it with substantial interpretive commentary, he gives a large dose of the raw material that the mystic experiences. Some of it is from eternity; some of it is in time. This is an aspect that often leads those who seek to interpret such things astray. Take a small sample from the 12th Chapter of Revelation. At the start it says that, “a great sign appeared in the sky, a woman cloaked with the sun…” Since it appeared in the sky, it appeared in our universe and, thus, in time. Later it says that “war broke out in heaven, Michael and his angels fighting against the dragon.” In this case, it is in the eternal realm that war broke out, so it is always now. War broke out in heaven before the universe began; war broke out in heaven right now; and war broke out in heaven at the end of time. Think of it: the demons and the satan, himself, are fallen angels who were cast out of heaven and became demons upon losing this war. How could the satan have appeared to tempt Eve at the dawn of time unless he had already lost the war? Confusing things even further, many translators loosely use the words, “the heavens” or the word, “heaven,” sometimes to describe the sky (which is in time) and at others to describe the eternal realm (which is not). So when St. John is describing an event in the sky he describes something in time and when he describes an event from the eternal realm, he is describing something that is eternal. Yet our poor, feeble intellects insist on forcing everything, both mortal and immortal into some sort of linear timeline – and we can’t even agree on what that timeline would be. We cannot begin to contemplate a reasonably coherent interpretation of Revelation until we recognize that only some elements of it are in time while most are from eternity. It is not a simple, linear story.

This may seem like a digression. I hope you will contemplate it, though, both as an illustration of how much more difficult interpretation of mystical things are than most people can begin to imagine and because contemplation on this will be important to some future pieces.

Most of all, understand that all we on earth can see now are the random items coming down that linear, mystic conveyor belt, but in eternity all those elements will come together and be so arranged as to form the most glorious room ever. That is a mystery, but surely a joyful one.


I just saw my new favorite bumper sticker ever near Annapolis, Maryland. It read: “Navy Wives – Changing the world – One diaper at a time.” Whoever it was who had that bumper sticker is now an honorary member of CORAC if she isn’t already a genuine one. That’s our mindset, exactly.


This is last call for any who wish to participate in the online Catechism classes that will be presented by Desmond Birch. If you want to give Beckita, the Prayer Teams Chairman at CORAC, your interest and what days are best for you, drop her a note at


Cogitating on Ukraine

Analysis, particularly of a fluid situation, must be ice cold if it has any chance of being accurate. If there is an actor or entity involved that you routinely like or dislike, get emotions involved and that animus or affection will quickly become a filter through which you see what you want to and are blinded to what you don’t want to see. You will be prone to unlikely leaps of logic because of what you want to see, while avoiding any contextual matters that might blunt your emotional assessment.

That is very hard with the Ukrainian crisis because, in addition to the usual fog of war, there is a LOT of intentional misinformation being spewed by the media in this country. On five occasions so far, I have seen pictures purportedly of the pathos in Ukraine, only to find they were actually pictures from prior conflicts that had nothing to do with Ukraine. This is a minefield for even the most competent analysts.

When I was a young man, the adage was that politics stops at the water’s edge, meaning simply that all parties would unite in a foreign crisis. That was the case even in the midst of Watergate when Richard Nixon had to deal with the foreign oil crisis. It frayed a bit under Jimmy Carter with his failed effort to rescue the American hostages held in Iran, largely because of what was perceived as the poor conception and execution of the rescue plan – and the excessive restraints Carter was purported to have put on the rules of engagement. Those hostages were voluntarily released by Iran while Ronald Reagan was being inaugurated. With characteristic grace, Reagan asked Carter to be his envoy to greet the newly released hostages, thus restoring bi-partisanship to foreign affairs. It continued through the first George Bush, though questions percolated when he routed Iraq in a few days, but failed to follow through and oust Saddam Hussein, who was left to gas his own Kurdish people – Kurds that we had promised to support but did not. The fraying got very serious under Bill Clinton, whose slap-dash approach to foreign affairs left many baffled, particularly when Clinton began giving classified warfare technology to the Chinese, including vital technology to target satellites. The second George Bush united Americans with his forceful response to the Taliban-backed attack on America on 9-11, but within weeks leftist Democrats were using it for partisan advantage. At the time it shocked me. Sadly, Bush pushed several initiatives in the heat of the moment, such as the creation of the Homeland Security Dept. and passing of the Patriot Act. Those initiatives were briefly used for foreign threats, but have since been used primarily against average Americans in raw partisan fashion. Barack Obama’s foreign policy was a slow-moving mush of failure. I cannot think of anything, other than the capture and killing of Osama bin Laden he did that made things better. His advocates point to such things as opening up Cuba and enabling Iran to work on developing nuclear weapons as successes – but most normal Americans think otherwise. Donald Trump was the best foreign policy president we have had since Reagan but he was hamstrung from the start from doing with Russia what he accomplished in the Middle East, North Korea and much of the rest of the world. The Democrats were too busy demonizing Russia to fuel the collusion hoax that Hillary Clinton and the DNC mounted to actually consider making the world safer. Joe Biden’s foreign policy is a fast-moving mush of disaster.

To recap, for nearly 35 years the American foreign policy establishment policies have been a bumblingly incompetent exercise in self-actualization by bureaucrats who know little about world history, less about geo-political currents, and are incapable of imagining that anyone might have a legitimately different position than they do that is worthy of even considering, much less taking seriously. They are not concerned about making the world a safer place, but in showing how smart they are in a smarmy, sophomoric fashion. If you get the idea that I hold our professional foreign policy establishment in utter contempt, you understand accurately where I am coming from. Add to that some 35 years (except for one term) of mediocre or worse presidents who just followed the incompetent foreign policy establishment’s lead. Ever since the second Bush, the Democrats have politicized foreign affairs to use as another political cudgel in their bag of cheap tricks, never mind American security.

For some 20 years Vladimir Putin has been complaining of NATO closing in on his borders and warning that he would not accept Ukraine joining NATO. The globalists just said, “No,” thinking they were the final word on the subject. They are shocked that he didn’t comply with their decision like people around the world did with their Covid shot mandates, lockdowns, masking, etc. This has terrified the supremacist left: what if other entities and people began saying no, en masse, to their decrees? Why didn’t they listen and work a diplomatic effort that took the Russian leader’s concerns seriously? Probably because they think they are the only deciders.

I’m shocked that so many otherwise solid commentators are dismissing Russia’s concerns about NATO encroachment as irrelevant. For as long as history has been recorded, the major powers of any era (and even many of the minor ones) have acted forcefully to keep from being encircled by hostile powers. That is why America proclaimed the Monroe Doctrine late in 1823. China’s primary foreign policy aim from antiquity has been to prevent encirclement. Their ancient game, “GO,” is based on that principle. The Cuban Missile Crisis was specifically because America would not abide overtly hostile power with nuclear capabilities on its doorstep. Avoiding effective encirclement is one of the prime goals of nations since…forever. Even Dennis Prager, a public intellectual I greatly admire, touts this trope. Why are we so shocked that what has been a low-level casus belli forever turns out to be one in this case, too? Prager dismissed it because Russia was not “in danger” of being invaded by NATO countries. Yeah, well America was not in danger of being invaded by Cuba, but we risked nuclear war to stop it from arming with nukes. For 31 years, this and other issues could have been dealt with diplomatically had we been serious, but we chose to treat Russia as a pathetic, defeated nation from the time of the fall of the Soviet Union. Perhaps Putin is just sick of being called corrupt by Joe Biden – and who could blame him? That is like being called an antisemite by a Jihadist Ayatollah.

Some people have noted that Ukrainians were German sympathizers in World War II, insinuating that they are secret Nazis. What nonsense! Yes, Ukraine (which was then a region of the Soviet Union) was largely sympathetic to Germany in WWII. But the Holodomor, the forced starvation death of as many as eight million Ukrainians by Josef Stalin had taken place less than a decade before the war broke out. If your national authorities had just murdered eight million of your fellows less than a decade ago, you think you might support anyone who gave hope that those national authorities might be defeated? If Ukraine is neo-Nazi how, pray tell, did they manage to elect a Jewish president? Please stop the stupid stuff. If you don’t want to study the fullness of the history, quit playing the expert.

I do not buy that Putin is the epitome of evil. Yes, he is a rough character. But when he invaded Georgia, after attacks on Russian soldiers in the separatist regions ceased, he withdrew. At home, he is murderously brutal with powerful opponents. Unlike truly evil regimes like China, North Korea, Iran, and the old Soviet Union, though, he is not murderously brutal with ordinary people. You could make a pretty good case that current American authorities are more brutally authoritarian with ordinary people than Russia is. Frankly, I think that with the collapse of Covid as a justification for authoritarian gamesmanship, our gamesters (who think themselves statesmen) need a new monster to justify their authoritarian games.

Yet I do not buy the idea of Putin as the champion of Christianity ready to re-evangelize the world, either. Yes, Russia is respectful of Christianity and protects Christians and their beliefs. It shamed me a few years back when Christians were under large and organized persecution in the Middle East, that Russia was the only country that came seriously to their defense. Having read several solid biographies of Putin from different vantage points, I believe he is a genuine and lifelong Christian but I also believe he often uses his Christianity to justify his temporal ambitions – for himself and what he wants Russia to be.

Why did neither America nor NATO intervene in the old Soviet Union’s brutal subjugation of Hungary and then Czechoslovakia? Because we did not have a vital interest there worth risking a nuclear war – and the memory of what global war actually is was still fresh? What has changed since then other than fading memory and the certitude of our experts without expertise that all must bow to their sovereign will?

If any news reports can be believed, I have noted the irony that, in the initial phases, Putin has made the same error invading Ukraine that Napoleon made in invading Moscow over 200 years ago: He did not establish an adequate supply train for the magnitude of the task. Apparently, he thought it would be over quickly. God bless the tough Ukrainians for their determined defense of their country. But unlike Napoleon, Putin’s error is not fatal. His supply train is not completely cut off.

When Putin says that Ukraine is and always has been part of Russia, it simply is not so. Yes, it had been subjugated by Russia for over 200 years before the fall of the Soviet Union. But Ukraine has a uniquely independent history, culture and language. If Russia wanted to argue that historical Ukraine is largely the territory west of the Dnieper River and that the territory east of the river is historically Russian, it would have a solid point. But nobody listened to that argument and now Russia is apparently going for it all.

Back when the Soviet Union fell, I was doing radio. I was infuriated by the first George Bush’s talk of a “peace dividend” and the chattering classes pronouncing that America was now the sole superpower. I insisted constantly on air that when the fundamental power structure in global affairs shifts in a dramatic and sudden way, that is not the beginning of great peace: it is the beginning of 40-200 years of tumult and upheaval as the world struggles to find a stable new balance of power. So, it is among the most dangerous of times, not the safest, and the prudent statesman would prepare for tumult and upheaval, not take a victory lap.

In next week’s CORAC podcast, we will not have a guest. Instead, I will talk at length about potential consequences of the current situation with Ukraine and the rapidly encroaching authoritarianism in formerly free western countries.

NATO and the Marshall Plan were two of the greatest foreign policy triumphs in history. But with the fall of the Soviet Union, NATO’s mission was finished. Its continuance has, arguably, made things worse rather than better. Certainly, well before the fall of the Soviets, Western Europeans had ceased to regard NATO as collective security and started using it as a crutch: let America handle – and largely pay for – European security. It made Western Europe decadent, simultaneously denouncing American warmongering while cowering beneath our umbrella when danger threatened – and depending on America to pay for most of it long after European economies had recovered from WWII. I frankly hope that NATO collapses – so perhaps we can begin to build new collective security arrangements fitted to the threats of this age rather than those of our grandparents’ era.

Whatever order arises from the current confusion, it will not come from faculty lounges, foreign desk fantasies, or globalist dreams of supremacy. It will come from power, hopefully fronted by serious diplomacy formed by serious people – and will come from those nations which have the will to exercise it effectively. Our leaders are not serious people; we have not conducted serious diplomacy for over a generation, and our military might is an illusion that, even now, is being degraded by our “leaders.”

While we talk of sanctions against Russia, Biden will not use energy policy to stop or slow them down – as both Reagan and Trump did. We continue to buy oil from Russia while refusing to activate our overwhelming domestic energy resources. Russia needs oil to be at $61 per barrel to break even. It is at $100 per barrel. A great irony is that even as our “leaders” demonize Russia, we are financing her war through the profits we give her on oil – and will not take serious steps to stop that.

Now is the time to embrace God fully, to acknowledge Him, take the next right step, and be a sign of hope. With our commitment to do the little good we can right in front of us, God can deliver us. Our “leaders” cannot; they have become the pitiful, helpless giants that the late Richard Nixon warned of in 1989.

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112 thoughts on “The Eternal Now

  1. Thank you, Charlie, for the invitation to contemplate the Eternal Now and time as we know it on earth. Looking forward to the mystery of the seemingly random items coming down the mystical conveyor belt to be arranged in a glorious image, and I’m equally delighted to dwell on the joy of interior freedom and bringing Heaven more fully to earth, even while viewing the ugliness all around us. Mercy.

    Rajan Laad surely addressed the difficult dichotomy of surging empathy for the real suffering of the innocent Ukrainians who are afflicted in this mess, while feeling aghast at the lies and narratives being promoted to snuff out the truth of what’s actually going on. I appreciate the time and energy it must have taken Laad to track down the actual origin of those falsely presented images being used for the new agenda. Just as you noted: “Frankly, I think that with the collapse of Covid as a justification for authoritarian gamesmanship, our gamesters (who think themselves statesmen) need a new monster to justify their authoritarian games.” A new platform is pulled forth – also built on lies – to promote worldwide tyranny.

    I felt a wee guilty not adding a contribution to the special basket being passed at Offertory on Ash Wednesday to support innocent Ukrainians. All I could think of was wondering which money laundering operation my coins would go to and what types of weapons would be purchased, completely bypassing the innocent ones. Last evening, I noticed someone had posted a comment on social media in which the person shared that he had located an ad for a Ukrainian family’s Airbnb and contributed directly to the Ukrainians via that route: reserving the space but never intending to use it, only to allow the owners to keep the contribution. I imagine a plethora of thieves have now set up phony ads for such as this.

    This world IS a minefield… for analysts and for too many people, places, and things. Thanks for the reminder to read news reports with self-awareness of any bias filters we have, Charlie. Your recap on the nearly 35 years of foreign policy (except for that one term) is an indictment of failure on the majority of our society, especially in failing to proclaiming the faith and evangelizing, but also in the American education system and in families because of the failure to teach/learn both American history and worldwide history, creating schools, homes and work places where ideas have not been widely discussed that we might strive not to repeat the madness of certain times.

    And THIS: “This has terrified the supremacist left: what if other entities and people began saying no, en masse, to their decrees? Why didn’t they listen and work a diplomatic effort that took the Russian leader’s concerns seriously? Probably because they think they are the only deciders.” I think the supremacist left KNOWS they have to pull out all stops now to make the world and its peoples reflect their illusion that they have ultimate control of everything… straight from the pit of hell as it is. This world has been a dangerous place, much longer than most had realized since a LOT of corruption was so far underground for so long. Indeed, the danger is royally ramped up ‘cuz it’s do or die time for the left.

    SO looking forward to keeping on the narrow way of next right steppin’, while looking forward to how God is leading us, and ALSO looking forward to next week’s podcast… all the while praying for God to part this Red Sea with well-educated, serious people capable of employing serious diplomacy based on a foundation of God’s Laws, which are engraved on every human heart, to take us on new paths to Peace.

    Finally, who wooda’ guessed that Sherlock Holmes was also a squirrel! 🙂

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    1. I don’t know, Bekita. Regarding Sherlock Holmes: maybe some of the great one’s deliberations as he explained the cases to My Dear Watson, WERE just a little bit squirrelly.

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  2. The louder the media screams “Putin/Russia BAD!” The more distrust about that narrative is spread.

    The thought that came to my mind, was being Catholic hasn’t stopped our politicians from using that as cover, so it probably wouldn’t stop someone from another religion from being manipulated, too. (Jewish/Nazi). I am in no way making the claim that is or has happened. I just would not be surprised by it.

    Thank you, Charlie.

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    1. I am trying to figure out what the mainstream media wants to condition us to believe and why. I do not trust a single thing they feed us.

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      1. Yes, I wonder that, too, SJWTB.

        Remember they started the fear game decades ago? My first recollection was The Killer Bees on 60 Minutes (revised pre ‘vid to Murder Hornets). Mad cow. Ebola. Then every summer it was a new killer mosquito bug that was gonna get you. The local news flashed the local municipalities’ poison-vans spraying against the Killer Mosquitios in the burbs. Remember Zika? And before the ‘vid, there was a new lethal tick-borne illness. Fear, all the time. Now we see that fear is a necessary ingredient for a mass hypnosis formation event.

        Whatever death, destruction and unlimited power (Emperor Palpatine, Lol) they are aiming for, we all know the psycho-tyrants end up with the same hideous, death-warmed over desperate look, before they crumple into their demise and, oh yeah, God wins. : -)

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        1. LL and SJWTB, I agree with both of you. From the beginning something just doesn’t “feel right”, and I keep telling hubby that I wish we knew the truth. Ha! These days that’s not easy to uncover.

          Yesterday, however, catching up on comments at Charlie’s previous post, I saw a link someone posted (sorry, have to go back to see who it was) for the Glenn Beck show with Adam Curry. It was quite amazing, and I highly recommend it for more explanation about what is going on, the Big Picture! We all have different drives and the Lord created me to want to know why things are the way they are. That’s why we have varying degrees of wanting to dive into explanations. Watch it if you are inclined to do so. God bless all!!!

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        2. And I hate to see conservatives buy into this fear. I think you are right-on, Littlelight. Whatever the media denounces, buy more of; whenever they try to scare the daylights out of you, look for what they are hiding. Our Catholic Church this morning flew lags of Ukraine AND America. The only ones I know for sure who have skin in the game in Ukraine are all named Biden! Scary indeed. Remember Charlie’s early visions, the world at war…Russia on OUR side…and Chinese IN America – winning this war.. Of course, we know Mary is victorious “in the end.” Only keep on praying with two hands; keep one hand planting; one hand giving; one hand writing letters; and another hand…God use me as you will.

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          1. I was stupefied this morning as I read about Cardinal Wilton Gregory’s visit to the White House this week as he gave Joe Biden ashes. As reported by The Hill: “’I was with the cardinal this morning. He came over and he gave me ashes. We both prayed for that, for the people of Ukraine,’ Biden told reporters, with ashes noticeably on his forehead.

            Pope Francis has encouraged people to fast and pray for Ukrainians on Ash Wednesday, and Biden said he agreed with the pope.

            ‘I think he’s right,’ Biden said.”

            This is the maddening part: Biden agreed to pray and fast for Ukraine, a country in which the Bidens – Joe and Hunter – under the Obama-Biden administration, “benefited” via money laundering. Excerpt from this piece:
            “The Obama-Biden Administration helped create instability in Ukraine, leading to a Mafia-like climate where potential Russian aggression leads to Ukraine demanding protection. Protection money is easily extorted, benefiting Hunter Biden and indirectly Joe Biden.

            The ultimate price paid for the Obama-Biden Administration’s interference in destabilizing Ukraine politics is Russia responding using military force to annex Ukraine.”

            And while Joe Biden prays and fasts for Ukrainians, his administration still continues to block access to our own country’s resources and, instead, pays Russia high dollar prices for oil, thus, contributing to Russia’s profit which allows them to buy more weapons as they invade Ukraine AND we are seeing gas prices soar in America.

            Deliver us, O Lord.

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          2. What’s slightly humorous to me is that one doesn’t need to be a deep scholar to get it. Even if you only did the opposite of The Narrative,

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          3. Ooops, Nance, to finish:

            Even if you only did the opposite of The Narrative,…one would be making excellent choices.

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      2. StJudeWanttobe: I agree. The MSM have a solid record of lies especially those of omission. I listened to Glenn Beck today. He narrowed the competing forces to two: the globalists pushing the Great Reset and dictatorship totalitarians nations China, Russia, North Korea, Iran and Cuba. In those old SAT test questions of “eliminate the one in the group that doesn’t fit”, I pick Russia. But is there really much difference from the Great Reset crowd? They unmasked themselves during the pandemic and 1/6. I hold the sacrificial acts of St JP II in my heart. He through Christ was the great reset of Eastern Europe. Do the people remember the thousands attending Mass in open fields in complete defiance of Eastern Europe authorities? It was my observation back then that the Iron Curtain came down across Europe in the hearts and minds of the people BEFORE it was physically gone. Two great quotes, “Mr Gorbachev tear down this wall.” and “Be not afraid.” It was a glaring example of Christ in action through the people he loves. There is an online Flame of Love continuous Rosary on line at their site. I was stunned the other night as I heard a older man no doubt from Ireland lead one of the most heartfelt reverend Rosary I have been privilege to partake in. The other is at this link. Please pray for the soul of man Mathew Perna. Pray the Jesus has everlasting mercy on his soul. Search bar: Crisis Magazine, Mathew Perna, Political Prisioner by Austin Ruse. Crisis labels itself as A Voice if the Catholic Laity.

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        1. If you read Archbishop Vigano’s letter, he certainly has some thoughts about the whole thing. A very long letter, indeed….Yes, I feel very badly about the death of Matthew Perna and I will pray for him.

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  3. Thank you for the history lesson. I had never been a student of history. Before 9/11, didn’t know where most of these countries where for sure on the map. Now, learning the history of Ukraine, it definitely puts the animosities into perspective. Taking it down to the level of two people-the bully and the victim. Leave it to the evil to take advantage of the crisis.
    There are so many hurting people and peoples around the world. Come Lord Jesus and have mercy on us all.

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  4. Thank you for your insightful description of the eternal now. It was very interesting. Your analysis of the temporal world is astute as well. The stage has now been set for unspeakable events, I think. So we pray and do some good in regard to those things that are right in front of us. And take it a day at a time. The rosary and the Mass are the weapons we will use. Our actions and our prayers will be signs of hope.

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  5. With apologies, Due to my husband’s death and a bad fall on the ice in which I ruptured my Achilles’ tendon, I’m unaware how to access the podcasts. I would deeply appreciate an update…thank you!

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    1. So sorry about the passing of your husband, Tricia. Prayers for the repose of his soul, for you as you mourn, for the healing of your tendon and all your needs.

      To access the podcasts, simply click on this link: You’ll arrive on a page with six circles, each being an option to visit another part of the website. The very first circle is light blue and says: “Weekly Podcasts.” Click on it and you’ll be taken to the place where you can choose to listen to any of the podcasts.

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  6. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! … PM 😉

    YEP…. WE, in The USA/EU, have been losers in a Global Sucker Game for at least two years!! ;-(

    I sure wish SC would Wise-Up and Dump Miz Lindsey!

    Wheat (all grains/food), Fertilizer, Fuel & EVERYTHING ELSE costs EXPLODING plus Small Business and Farmers struggling to SURVIVE .. a “Perfect” Storm of Evil is unfolding …. daily .. but BigTech, Democrats/RINOs, BigBro Gubermint, BigBox and BigPharma ALL In de Pink …….. ’cause it’s ALL part of de godless Global Re-Set Plan. Are YOU … READY!!!???

    THEY do not want Pure Blood Resisters back in Gubermint or Blue Areas!

    We know that Earthquakes are a fact of life. I’m within the Damage Zone of the below and added Quake Insurance to my Insurance years ago …….. BUT …. Why is this “Experts Report” coming out now. 50/50 it’s a THEM Diversion Op?!


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  7. More news about the dangers involved in the C19 shot;

    The FDA initially suppressed releasing the results of Pfizer’s internal research on the C19 shot for 75 years (!). However, as a result of a lawsuit, a US Judge overruled the FDA. Pfizer was ordered to release their records … all 440,000 pages. However, the Judge allowed Pfizer to divide up the total, as long as they provided at least 30,000 pages per month. Consequently, the first 55,000 pages are now publicly available.

    As a result of the above, we now know that, before its approval, Pfizer and the FDA were aware of 1,291 different side effects caused by the C19 shot. Please see here for a partial list of the recorded side effects;

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  8. I felt so proud of young Daily Wire Catholic journalist Michael Knowles when he stated early on that he didn’t think Ukraine should be let into NATO; because it is a type of border state ( he used a term I liked but forget) and serves a neutrality purpose similar to Jordan. He described from a different angle the ominous encircling idea, and unapologetically added he felt almost alone in that so far…
    I did actually give to the Ash Wednesday appeal in hopes that they’re at least the equivalent of Aid to the Church in Need (time to look at even them again perhaps) and trusting the claim to be well positioned to bypass trouble and get it to the people — with a prayer and leaving it now — like my votes — in God’s hands to effect either more testimony against the crooks or authentic help for the victims.

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  9. I tried to find information on the Freedom Convoy arriving in Washington D.C. this weekend and see there is nearly zero coverage in the legacy media. I think Fox News covered the Canadian Convoy more than the one going on in their own country.
    I saw with my own eyes what the Canadian legacy media reported versus the reality that took place in Ottawa with the Convoy protest, so I cannot trust anything they write about what’s going on in Ukraine.

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    1. It IS such a tough scenario with Russia and Ukraine right now, Linda. No doubt about the heartache of those who have fled their homeland for safety. For sure, innocent people are suffering. I’ve been looking for a reliable source to make a contribution which I believe will get into the possession of ordinary people. That said, Linda, I’m going to speak to the article in ways that I want to be clear are not about you. I know your tender heart and I respect that we can differ in opinion about this article.

      I’m not at all impressed with Cole Kinder’s piece for two reasons. One is that he writes in a singular way about the reason behind the invasion of Ukraine, when the issues are so, so, so much more complex than the one dimension on which he chose to focus. The other is that Mr. Kinder comes to a terrible conclusion which, to me, is not even Christian.

      Kinder wrote: “You will hear justification of Russia’s aggression as a type of a Christian crusade against Western atheism.” Well, that may be so with some individuals, yet Kinder has no facts to show how many are actually seeing “Christian crusade against atheism” as the purpose of the invasion. If there are stats, I’d like to see them in print… otherwise, I have to think this comment hit a nerve in Mr. Kinder so he chose to focus on it.

      It’s interesting to read the historical bits shared concerning the development of the various rites of Catholicism in Ukraine. But mercy! Kinder’s conclusion is rather scandalous: “…we should also be against a Putin invasion of Ukraine because our Faith is strong in Ukraine. If conservative Catholics desire a more Catholic world, then we should do all we can to support Ukraine, one of the few countries with a truly Catholic heritage.” Why is this scandalous? Because when have we ever compared the life of a Catholic to be more valuable than the life of a person who is of the Russian Orthodox faith? Or Buddhist? Or Muslim? Or who has not yet embraced Christ?

      We cannot resolve conflicts based on which faith triumphs. Conflicts must be sorted out by judging with righteous judgement. And it ain’t always easy when the truth of the complexities are duly considered.

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      1. Interesting take Beckita!🥰 So sweet of you to note my tender heart and that we can differ in opinion lovingly 💐. You know me well😂. Well I’ll let Desmond share his take on this issue if he wishes to do so. Although I doubt he will because it’s all just so sad😩. Praying for us all🙏🙏🙏

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          1. It is😩. Well all we can do is 🙏 pray and offer up all our suffering. I know God has this beautiful divine plan…I’ve never encountered any suffering that didn’t change me for the better. Sometimes suffering causes people to change for the worse though. I’m praying for those people currently 😩 (Putin China etc…)

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            1. For most of us it is true that our role is to pray, offer fasts and penances and then practice St. Therese’s Little Way. It’s important to aim our prayers at all nations. Our own government and alphabet agencies have made horrific contributions to where we find ourselves today. Praying for serious, erudite and strong leaders who are willing to lay down their lives and partner with God to find solutions because God doesn’t do for us what is our responsibility to do. 🙏🕊🔥⚜️♥️

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  10. Putin may have great hopes for Russia but he does not imbue the fruits of: “pure; then peace-loving, considerate, submissive, full of mercy and good fruit, impartial and sincere.”
    His fruit is thusly: “…bitter envy and selfish ambition in your hearts, do not boast about it or deny the truth. Such “wisdom” does not come down from heaven but is earthly, unspiritual, demonic. For where you have envy and selfish ambition, there you find disorder and every evil practice.”

    “What causes fights and quarrels among you? Don’t they come from your desires that battle within you? You desire but do not have, so you kill. You covet but you cannot get what you want, so you quarrel and fight. You do not have because you do not ask God. When you ask, you do not receive, because you ask with wrong motives, that you may spend what you get on selfish pleasures.”
    (James 4:1-3)

    “Who is wise and understanding among you? Let them show it by their good life, by deeds done in the humility that comes from wisdom. But if you harbor bitter envy and selfish ambition in your hearts, do not boast about it or deny the truth. Such “wisdom” does not come down from heaven but is earthly, unspiritual, demonic. For where you have envy and selfish ambition, there you find disorder and every evil practice.
    But the wisdom that comes from heaven is first of all pure; then peace-loving, considerate, submissive, full of mercy and good fruit, impartial and sincere. Peacemakers who sow in peace reap a harvest of righteousness.
    (James 3: 13-18).

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    1. My heart goes out to the poor Ukranian people caught in the middle of this battle. But, when I see this lying stealing fraudulent person we have at the helm stepping up to assist Ukraine defend their borders after dismantling our borders, our economy and our freedoms, I take a good serious second look at Putin. Others may know more about the Blieden, Obama, Clinton, Soros, etc., support in Ukraine, but my hunch is that Putin is taking this strong step to protect Mother Russia. Too bad there is no one to take such a stand for our own disintegrating America the Beautiful! I hesitate to pick up a stone to judge or criticize Putin whilst living in this corrupt regime’s glass house.

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    2. Cogitating on focus and priorities: And thus Putin’s given the lie. A destroyer and liar, an adulterer of the Faith and homeland, abetted by those who are mockers of doctrines and minds. Such, because they say one thing and do another, knowing that what they do is evil yet doing it all the same, marrying a legitimate idea of the Faith then betraying it for a low worldly love.

      The battle is between Heaven and hell, with all the human players as but a deceitful screen. Behind the troops are Angels and demons battling. Behind all the excuses, the satan battles Christ.

      Is our Beloved Christ finding suitable ground? (i.e. – souls living in Him?)

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      1. “A destroyer and liar, an adulterer of the Faith and homeland, abetted by those who are mockers of doctrines and minds. Such, because they say one thing and do another, knowing that what they do is evil yet doing it all the same, marrying a legitimate idea of the Faith then betraying it for a low worldly love.” Describes more our own “leader” of the past 2 years using our tax dollars to payoff hospitals and doctors for these faulty coronavirus tests, for inpatient hospitalizations, for ventilators, for the deadly drug remdesivir to the tune of $100,000 bonus per patient! Not to mention mandating a dangerous experimental injection that is killing tens of thousands and maiming hundreds of thousands of military and citizens with no end in sight. He’s killing off our citizens with our money. Let not cogitation of focus and priorities be distracted from our own spiritual battle and wonder whether or not Putin is seeing something much deeper and more threatening to his country than you and I have yet to behold.

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        1. That was the point, stgmp4docs, you could just as easily substitute “Biden” for “Putin” in that comment, as well as nearly any of todays ‘leaders.’ And, ergo, the final sentence on focus. Could we but each truly live In Christ, to at least make the rank of unprofitable servants.

          Granted, my comments sometimes beg a little cogitation to make any sense.

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          1. Together with this monstrous world leadership evil being purged from the underground and brought into broad daylight, I do see and believe the Lord IS raising many “unprofitable servants.” Look at the many doctors risking their license to speak loud and clear about medical maleficence, look at the truckers risking their livelihood and comforts to forge these convoys, look at Archbishop Carlo Vigano and Archbishop Athanasius Schneider, to name a few.

            Instead of all the Putin name calling, we might consider his intention to protect Mother Russia at any cost against that same monster that has seeped and overwhelmed our freedoms.


            1. We’ve had over 20 years to consider Putin and his motives. That he’s capable of, and does, protect interests “at any cost” is without question. Same for Biden, Xi and the rest. But to come down on the side of any of these at this juncture is to try to make a case for Saul.

              Let the ordinary man imitate David.


              1. He’s no “ordinary man” and is subservient to no one, unlike most of the rest. Neither does he need to explain his motives to anyone. In fact Putin might be the one remaining fly in the ointment to the Great Reset. You have your opinion, and I offer mine.


                1. This ‘spitballing’ would go a lot smoother if you slowed down and worked on your reading comprehension. “Ordinary man” refers to ordinary men like truckers, the neighbor, Johnny lunch bucket… just about everyone not in the news, folks simply making their way through life with a semblance of good will.

                  God did not make it complicated for such as these. “You will know them by their fruits.” Nothing about ‘getting an outcome at all costs.’

                  I know some folks are desperately clinging to their opinions because there just has to be a bad guy we can definitively peg. Ever consider that mystery Babylon is the entire world at this point?

                  Prove me wrong with a solid case. A false dichotomy and/or appeal to ignorance on behalf of Putin does not a solid case make.


                  1. This evening I found this in my mailbox. I believe Archbishop Vigano touched on every one of my intuitions concerning Vladimer Putin’s actions, and so much more (see link at bottom).

                    “Hello Barbara M Gerbick,

                    I am sending you now a document which I consider particularly relevant for the United States: it’s the English translation of my original Italian statement on the Russian-Ukrainian crisis.

                    It is urgent and necessary that American people would understand that the Russian Federation is not any more the Soviet Union and President Putin is not a Communist dictator.

                    In the Russian-Ukrainian crisis, we must clearly recognize and denounce the coup d’état of the deep state worldwide, functional to installing the New World Order, involving the WEF, NATO, UN, the European Union, the IMF…

                    In some points of my document, I also touched on issues concerning the Biden family scandals and the great responsibilities of the American deep state.

                    There is a real risk that the Biden Administration will take advantage of this crisis, of which Joe Biden himself is an accomplice and responsible. There is also a real risk that it will serve to cover up his crimes, those of his son Hunter, the China virus pseudopandemic, the Durham investigation, the 2020 electoral fraud, as well as jeopardizing the mid-term elections.

                    It cannot be overlooked that the pre-eminent intent of the architects of the New World Order is the destruction of the Christian civilization and that Russia is currently the only country in Europe capable of facing this diabolic plan.

                    I hope that you will be able to help spread this statement of mine, in the hope that it may contribute to the truth, which is the foundation of justice and peace.

                    God bless you!
                    + Carlo Maria Viganò, Archbishop



                    1. Thanks. I appreciate Archbishop Vigano since he’s very insightful and erudite, and appreciate you mentioning that his thoughts are in tune with yours. That said, how does this make a case or defense for Putin? Simply citing Archbishop Vigano to that end is an appeal to authority fallacy in debate.

                      I have several notable go-to’s with thoughts congruent with my own as well, but spend more time looking at the facts, as available so far, which contribute to supporting my earlier thesis. Facts such as Putin invading Ukraine, deaths and casualties, refuges pouring into other countries, ramifications on economies and livelihoods, etc, and the trajectory of those woes if this continues and balloons, possibly top the very threshold of Rome. Sure, anything is possible at this point.

                      Backing up to fact, I overlay that reality on The Gospel to consider the horrific incongruencies and wonder at the lengths we sometimes go to to justify war, and the possible motives that aren’t nearly as complicated as most think.

                      Bottomline at this point: I can’t make a case for Putin, the West, or any shadowy interests manipulating from the shadows. I’ll stand with Christ and act when called, come what may.


                  2. It seems pretty blatant to me that the folks “desperately clinging to their opinions because there just has to be a bad guy we can definitively peg” come from the stock such as yourself and Phillip Frank, who as many good Protestants like to do, quote Scripture profusely in an attempt to justify judgmental attitudes and name calling. I wouldn’t even attempt to add anything further to what has already been profusely portrayed by Arch. Vigano. What, pray tell, would it take to release you from “desperate clinging” to *your* opinion? It would be more professional to keep these discussions on topic and not take stabs at a person’s “comprehension”, etc. Surely you’ve heard the phrase when you point a finger be aware of where the other three fingers are pointing. Did it every occur to you that the your skip-to-do, all-over-the-place technique of leaving interpretation to the imagination of the reader could have anything to do with the confusion?

                    How heroic to proclaim that you “stand with Christ and act when called, come what may” insinuating that Archbishop Vigano, myself and anyone who differs from your perspective does not stand with Christ. Actions speak louder than words. Were you standing with Christ when you took an unashamed dive right here in this conversation to downgrade your opponent with talk of “spitballing” (yuck! God have mercy)? In the end you betray the gentleman you pretend to be by leaving the final word to yourself (or so your thought) and quite generously at that.

                    This message is obviously intended for MP personally marking the final comment I’ll ever make on this site.


                    1. “Spitballing” and “cogitating” were Charlie’s words used in his opening paragraph of this column. I merely borrowed them. As for taking an “unashamed dive…,” I’d call it establishing an explicit thesis and them proceeding to support (and debate if necessary).

                      I find it odd that some want to talk about rough topics like tyranny and war (which could thunder over our own heads at any moment), yet get so easily offended when challenged.

                      I don’t get offended if you don’t think me a gentleman. Shoot, part of me grins at that because so many of the words in use today have been utterly drained of their meaning.

                      Why not stick around?

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                    2. Aw, shucks, sgmp4ds, don’t go. MP is a Cowboy and all, with a <B of gold and there is always much lost in tone-translation.

                      God bless us, Everyone!


                    3. Stgiuseppemoscati, Without getting in the middle of this, I hope you reconsider your decision to leave. I’ve (and fam, with whom I fwd) found your comments interesting,( even though I can’t wax philosophical ).
                      (Furthermore, I’m partial to your avatar, after enjoying the bio on EWTN, I donated the DVD of St.Moscati to our local young adult church group and give his bio as confirmation gifts.)

                      One of St. Moscati notes he wrote to himself: “Love the truth, appear as you are,… and without fear and human respect. Even if the truth costs you persecution, accept it; and if it means anguish, endure it.”

                      Forgive me if I’ve stepped on any toes or breached boundaries. Either way you decide, Godspeed.

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                    4. Funny thing was I had a positive position on Putin protecting Russia until I read those Scripture passages I quoted, not the other way ’round! The words of St James inspired me to recognize that going to war and destroying a sovereign nation to stop the (“possible” not imminent) destruction of your nation isn’t exactly Christian! If the devil, who claims all the Kingdoms of the world: (..”all the kingdoms of the world and their splendor. All this I will I give you,” he said, “if you will bow down and worship me.”) to be under his rule and Russia has been mentioned by name by Our Lady at Fatima to the three children and by Jesus to Saint Faustina as evil, it is not a bridge too far to imagine that this event too is influenced by evil. Once one decides that he is in control of destiny, despite who gets hurt, that one has placed themselves into the role of a god and contrary to Christ thus becoming an antichrist.
                      “It is not the task of the state to create mankind’s happiness, nor is it the task of the state to create new men. It is not the task of the state to change the world into a paradise—nor can it do so. If it tries, it abandons its own boundaries and posits itself as something absolute. It behaves as if it were God, and, as the Revelation of John shows, this makes it the beast from the abyss, the power of the Antichrist.”
                      Pope Benedict XVI, Values in a Time of Upheaval: Meeting the Challenges of the Future. Pope Benedict XVI


        2. Your point is well taken St. G.
          The Great Reset is the building of the Antichristical infrastructure. But Putins lack of faith is no excuse for war. This the above quoted verse tells of: “Such “wisdom” does not come down from heaven but is earthly, unspiritual, demonic”. So, as MP attests, “we wrestle not against flesh and blood” and the “kingdoms”(world) of the satan wars with one another for maximum destruction. Both sides are right and both sides are wrong. They look at one another but only see their point of view as “good” and only evil in the others. “For where you have envy and selfish ambition, there you find disorder and every evil practice”. So only evil and disorder occure.
          In the 198o’s the band U2 wrote songs about the religious wars in Ireland . One song called “Pride” has lyrics about this exact hypocracy:
          “One man come in the name of love
          One man, he come and go
          One man comes he to justify
          One man to overthrow
          In the name of love
          What more in the name of love
          In the name of love
          What more in the name of love”.

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          1. “Putins lack of faith is no excuse for war”. Again, looking at the characters (Soros, Obama, Clinton, Bliedon, Trudeau, etc.) invested or siding with Ukraine, Putin’s strong actions seem more likely to be grounded on an impending great threat to his country.

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            1. I keep trying to like your posts STGIUSEPPEMOSCATIPRAY4DOCS, but wordpress won’t let me. I’ll be surprised if this comment makes it through. I see these things exactly as you do.

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  11. “I frankly hope that NATO collapses – so perhaps we can begin to build new collective security arrangements fitted to the threats of this age rather than those of our grandparents’ era.”
    This comment worries me a little. While I think I understand Charlie’s remarks that western countries used NATO as a cover for selfish reasons and then begged the US to bail them out when they got in trouble, I worry that dissolving NATO will usher in rapidly the rise of the NWO. That scares me.

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    1. Schoooter, I think the NWO is well on its way in advancing their agenda… with or without NATO. In their way of thinking, the globalists HAVE to win this phase of the “greatest historical confrontation humanity has gone through.” (Quote from St. John Paul II, 1976) Already, for them, too many people are waking up and uniting. For example: pulling the Canadians out of isolation and into greater public unity is something Justin Trudeau was *not* hoping to do with his tyrannical posturing. His goal was to maintain the fear and division which had already been sown in the population, the typical MO of the Left as a means of keeping power over the people as their ruling style.

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    2. I think globalists have been trying to use NATO as one of the tools to erect the NWO instead of as a collective security arrangement. That is the sort of thing that happens when you dilute the focus of such a solemn organization.

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  12. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! …;-)

    It’s long Past Time for US to let Europe take care of themselves.
    After the Gulf War & fall of Soviet Union it was THEN the time to focus our Blood & Treasure on OUR Southern Border, Iran and the Far East where most of Our Stuff comes from!! ….. Outsourcing …. another situation that must be addressed!
    Alas! It was not to be and our children & grandchildren will pay the price ;-(

    YES!! On one hand I think that by years end ALL could well be out of Our Hands and in His Hands …. but I thought the same in 2016 ….. along came Trump.
    WE must live each day and prepare as best we can. As we used to say in the Ol’ Strategic Air Command: “Suck It Up & Press On!” We have People to take care of!!
    Talk about Crimes against Humanity …. but We can’t discuss the situation to the South ’cause THEY will call US names and TOO MANY USA Politicians & Global Elites are Living Large on Cartel $$$.


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  13. I’m not trying to cause trouble here but I’m confused. I disagree about the neo Nazis thing. I’ve seen enough to believe they definitely to exist in power over in Ukraine. It was left wing journalists from bbc, time and the Guardian who covered it in past years. They still have YouTube videos up from recent to post 2014 on the rise of that movement. Strange to me that many of them now ignore it or deny it after they themselves covered the story of those far right groups. Now the anti-racism battling fake news people only want to talk about brave Ukrainians while ignoring the real history of pro Russia citizens and the neo Nazis being at serious odds in Ukraine. I don’t know what I’m not seeing that disproves the reality of it though. Seeing is believing in this case for me. I think the anti semitism thing is irrelevant. They seem to simply have adopted many concepts of Nazism but maybe not the Jew hating side. It’s more neo Nazis hating Russia this time. They march around with ss banners instead of swastikas though. They train children. Where am I mislead on this? Are you saying those videos and documentaries are all fake? Just looking for clarity on that matter

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    1. Faith967: Is it Democrat-like of Trump faux accusations by Europe/EU of the leader of Ukraine? Is there the same division and allegiance of the media in Europe like the MSM here. Because the MSM here is certainly in lock step with the European born Klaus Schwab Great Reset. So instead of Russian collusion we have Nazism being reborn.


      1. Picture worth a thousand words: a photo taken of Canadian Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland at a Ukraine rally caught her holding a red and black scarf representative of the Bandera movement, a far-right Ukrainian nationalist group linked to neo-Nazism. Freeland, a Ukrainian Canadian, posted the photo with the scarf to social media but then deleted it.

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    2. Without the unique element of multiple sorts of genocide – most notably against Jews, Fascism is just another tyrannical political ideology. Italy was fascist – and no one recoils in horror at it. “Nazi” causes people to recoil against genocidal maniacs. If they are not seeking to murder groups because of ethnicity, they may be national socialist (or technically Nazi or fascist), but they are not the genocidal monsters we saw the middle of the last century.

      By definition, fascism allows (even encourages) private enterprise, so long as it is directed by the state. I was not saying that many Ukrainians don’t embrace forms of fascism, but that that advocacy is not grounded in genocidal aspirations. It is primarily a reaction to the communist murder of eight million Ukrainian civilians.

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  14. Has anyone seen a verifiable source that Russia will go to a gold standard?(see link)

    This is going to be like the boy shouting that the Emperor has no clothes to the American dollar. Every country in the world will have to choose, do you want to deal with Russian rubles backed by a fixed amount of gold (so the price of whatever you are buying or selling can not be manipulated) or do you want to continue using the US dollar (backed by an already unpayable 20 trillion dollar debt and rising as they print whatever they need with no limits).

    Libya’s Gadhafi tried to do the same in 2011 and ask him how he’s doing now.

    They would not be doing this unless China had already agreed to it. Russia doesn’t need food or oil, they are exporters. China if they take Taiwan will own or destroy the majority of the tech sector/chip manufacturing. Both have been hiding the real quantity of how much gold they have been accumulating since around 2015.
    What would your take on this be Charlie?
    If Russia does start a gold standard, the US will soon have to choose between 1)hyperinflation, 2) nuclear war or 3)stop all sanctions and leave Ukraine in the Russian sphere. If they choose 3) they are really just postponing the day they will have to choose between 1) and 2) eventually with China or even Russia and China.
    Am I seeing too much in this?

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    1. I think probably not, as it’s too volatile and limiting. For now, they still have China and their own energy sector to leverage. Thanks to nitwits like Biden, Russia’s oil and gas revenues were approx. $119 billion in 2021. Up over 50%. Well, short term situation, with loads of complicated challenges chugging down the tracks on nearly every global front.

      One thing that launched me into action is the fact that global food sources are getting assailed on nearly every front. Gold is purdy, but has zero nutritional value.

      A day spent making foraging videos (CORAC stuff) in the mountain preserve today seemed worthwhile. (Yeah, shameless CORAC plug.)


    2. I think you have done a solid job of analysis of a significant aspect of all this, Andy. I would note that our deficit in America is $30 trillion rather than $20 trillion. The scenario you set is a plausible one…but there is also the scenario that Russia has to work with China for financial reasons and then the Chinese Yuan starts pressure to become the world’s default currency. If any significant portion of the globe started using something other than the dollar as a default currency, American money would quickly become monopoly money and financial collapse would be here. It could make Venezuela look like a garden party. On the bright side, folks would not have time any more to worry about “micro-aggressions.”

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      1. Time bombs are seemingly around many a societal corner… not in the sense of a predetermined, controlled time for detonation, but more a sooner-rather-than-later matter of time before today’s Babylon takes a monster hit that topples it to the ground.

        Such ashes make for a most fertile working field to live the Spiritual and Corporal Works of Mercy with heart to heart connections made while God’s Name is no longer taken in vain, but reverently and joyfully spoken as the core to the adventure of building a New Beginning.

        Blessed be God in CORAC and all those good works underway and all those hearts ready to tend to all the anawim, particularly the most afflicted with suffering. The anawim. It’s actually cool that each and every one us comprise the anawim.


  15. A report from today’s Daily Telegraph, a normally reliable British newspaper. It’s about a protest in St. Petersburgh and in other cities across the country. There are photos within the article, but they don’t copy and post to WordPress;

    “Wielding batons and electric rods, police in Russia detained more than 2,500 people protesting against Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine despite the threat of a 15-year jail sentence. Videos from protests in cities across the country showed Russian riot police chasing the mainly young protesters through streets, pinning them down and detaining them.

    In one video, from Yekaterinburg in the Urals, four policemen held down a protester while another policeman kicked him and beat him with a truncheon. In St Petersburg, several policemen were filmed electrocuting a man with electric rods as she lay on the ground screaming.

    Alexey, a 36-year-old PR manager had been to a protest in Novosibirsk, Siberia. He was briefly detained but was released unharmed. “Yes, it is scary, but you have to try not to be afraid,” he told The Telegraph. “But what is happening now in Ukraine is just a catastrophe, a horror.”

    A new law threatens people with a 15-year jail sentence if they spread information about Russia’s invasion that deviates from the official narrative that Putin ordered a “special operation” in Ukraine to “denazify” the country. Outside the Kremlin, plain-clothed policemen, wearing dark glasses and dark coats, were filmed keeping a close eye on protesters and in St Petersburg reports said that police had detained Russian journalists.

    Demonstrators said that the new law effectively banned them from carrying banners and openly discussing the war. Instead, they shouted “no war” as they marched and sang the Ukrainian national anthem. In Russia, protests that do not receive official permission are illegal. Thousands of Russians have been detained since the start of the war on February 24.

    The protesters represent a small minority because most people in Russia believe reports on state-run media that Putin’s “special operation” in Ukraine is necessary to save their kinfolk from Nazis.”

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  16. I hope we are not witnessing the beginning of WWIII.

    This is probably a coincidence but still…

    Beginning of WWI
    7+28+19+14 = 68

    Beginning of WWII
    9+1+19+39 = 68

    Invasion on Ukraine
    2+24+20+22 = 68


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  17. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! …;-)

    We are TOTALLY unprepared for Cyber War, EMP Attack and God only knows how many enemy agents have poured through our Wide Open Borders since Jan 09?
    It ain’t gonna end well ;-(

    Is Klaus “Reichsführer-WEF” Schwab the Most Dangerous Man in the World…

    This guys site has a bit of a naughty, but true, name but he Gets-It!

    I’m sure that the below is Fake News ’cause Fmr. AG Bill “Swamp” Barr assured US last week that Election 20 was Okey-Dokey and besides it’s all Trump’s Fault.

    More Fake News …. Right!??


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    1. CrewDog, thank you for posting the Mississippi report about “Zuckbucks.” I was wondering what other states, besides Wisconsin, had fallen for the corrupt tactics of the Center for Tech and Civic Life (based in Chicago) during the 2020 election ~ and who knows what other elections!

      I’m on page 92 of the 136-page report issued on March 1, 2022, by the Wisconsin Office of Special Counsel, which has been investigating the election cheating in Wisconsin in 2020. It is well written and well worth reading.

      God bless and keep you.

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    2. CD, your farmer/Tucker article has changed my gift giving to upcoming nuptials from superfluous registry items to 20 yr. shelf life of freeze dried food, (albeit unconventional and prob.causing baffled reactions).


    3. Yes CREWDOG, it’s all over the top unbelievable, but the information is there, and it’s just the tip of the iceberg.

      I just don’t have it in me to post this kind of stuff anymore…


  18. I have found that comparing time from God’s perspective to an old filmstrip was always helpful. God exists outside of time the way we exist outside of the filmstrip. Each frame of the filmstrip could be viewed as a moment in time and all frames would be equally accessible.

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    1. How cool, Jon. I love the part where God makes all things new, which has me pondering how an individual frame would look after sin – when one repents – since sin is not the final word and “As far as the east is from the west, so far hath he removed our transgressions from us.” (Psalm 103:12) And the greater the sin, the greater right that sinner has to My Mercy. (Jesus to St. Faustina)

      I remember my days with Servant of God, Maria Esperanza. In a private retreat with her and the group of us whom she had invited, a few people had remarked that, in private, they were firmly, but lovingly challenged to get some things corrected. (Shades of Padre Pio) When we were alone and Maria read my soul, she only dwelt on God’s Goodness in me. All I could say was Wow! because I was experiencing a living encounter with Psalm 103:12.

      No doubt, it will be Pure Joy in Eternity to sing God’s Praises for His Infinite Redemption and Mercy!

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  19. Excellent analysis Charlie! I fully agree with the Ukrane/Russia/NATO information in this article, there’s always more to learn.

    Eternity & the infinite… It’s like Calculus, you can fit an infinite amount of 2 dimensions in 3 dimensions, an infinate amount of 3 dimensions in 4 dimensions, etc… What is considered time in 3 dimensions is all visible coordinates in the 4th dimension’s present (now). The concept of time goes out the window in higher dimensions. Going up one dimension reduces everything in the lower dimension to basically ZERO.

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    1. Oh, Goodness, Sr. Bear, I was thinking similiar thoughts! I was wondering if Zelenskyy went to the Soros funded leader school.

      The idea that Zelenskyy is Jewish so therefore could not possibly be for nazism bothers me a lot. It is because it is the perfect kind of facade for a lie. If you are drunk on power and corruption, I can think of no.better.foil for messing with people’s cognition to further an evil agenda.

      What do we know about the globalists and how they distort truth to further their agenda? What have we learned? Well, we know a perfect foil for them is any idea that is too perverse a thought, too far a stretch for sane people to embrace.

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      1. Okay, Littlelight, a little parsing may be in order here…let’s start with some definitions and perceptions:

        Fascism: a political system based on centralized authoritarianism that allows for private business ownership so long as that business accepts direction from the state and supplies its rulers.

        Nazi: The specific form of fascism adopted by Hitler’s Germany. The perception, though, is generally of genocidal exterminators of Jews, Gypsies, and the handicapped.

        Communism: a political system based on centralized authoritarianism which controls and owns everything, including the means of production, i.e. businesses.

        Josef Stalin: The dictator of the Soviet Union who was the genocidal exterminator of Ukrainians and who subscribed to the Communist system.

        Now, I noted that the Ukrainians DID, largely, sympathize with Nazi Germany because they had been victims of Josef Stalin’s massive genocidal effort just a few years before the war began and desperately wanted to see the murderer of their families and friends defeated. I do not see evidence of Nazi sympathies in Ukraine as a significant issue now, i.e. there is no movement there to commit genocide against anyone – and I noted their Jewish president in support of that assertion. Might many of them be fascists? That is entirely possible, according to what fascism is as a political system without the genocidal aberration. Certainly, the left in America has been overtly and aggressively fascist for a good 14 years, even while calling themselves anti-fascists.

        I am making myself pointedly clear, but I need some clarification from you. Are you just arguing that Ukrainians are supporting the raw political system of war-era Germany and Italy AND that the American left now actively supports? That may or may not be: I haven’t studied the data sufficiently to make an assessment I would be confident of. Or are you arguing that the Ukrainians are nascent genocidal exterminators? I see no evidence for that. Or are you perhaps just using the term, “Nazis” as so many moderns do, to mean you think the Ukrainians are evil?

        I am usually pretty specific in how I limit myself in definitions so as not to smear anyone and say, with some precision, what I mean. If you think the Ukrainians are bad or evil, just say so. But to call them Nazi-sympathizers meaning they support the political system of fascism, but intimating they are genocidal exterminators, is a smear unless you can provide evidence to support the intimation.

        I hope you don’t feel picked upon, Littlelight, because you make many wonderful contributions here. But when I talk about being deliberate and precise to everyone, I mean it specifically so as not to unjustly smear anyone. To justly smear whoever deserves it is fine with me. Could you be more specific with me about exactly what you mean here?


        1. “Could you be more specific with me about exactly what you mean here?”

          Absolutely, and I thank you for this.

          “If you think the Ukrainians are bad or evil, just say so.”

          It is ridiculous to label an entire group as either bad or good and you are correct to demand this distinction. Labeling an entire subset is the game our media is playing.

          What does seem probable, and highly likely to me, in my admitted non-scholarly observations, is that the Ukrainians must suffer from what we, here in the USA, and for that matter, others in many countries all over the world are suffering: the corruption of our political leadership (e.g. Hunter’s Burisma appointment and the conflict of interest that was for both Ukrainian and US governments).

          “Are you just arguing that Ukrainians are supporting the raw political system of war-era Germany and Italy AND that the American left now actively supports? That may or may not be: I haven’t studied the data sufficiently to make an assessment I would be confident of. ”

          Yes. I am arguing that I would not be surprised if evidence came forth to support that there is at least some segment of the leadership—either large or small—that is actively in league with our American left.

          I do not think, as you clearly state, that there is a genocidal underpinning here.

          What I am trying to convey, badly, is we are living in this time were very few in positions of power are actually who they claim to be. So in this time of mass confusion, it truly would not surprise me if evidence rose to show a segment of powerful Ukrainians actually are neo-Nazi sympathizers and they actually did elect a Jewish (in name only) president. It would not surprise me because we have our unhinged lefties who stole our presidential elections and put in a Catholic (in name only) president. Our unhinged lefties support Planned Parenthood. Margaret Sanger was a Nazi sympathizer. Planned Parenthood is truly a form of Nazism in action.

          So I would argue that the same type of “hidden” Nazism could be prevalent in the Ukrainian situation.

          I certainly do not wish to smear anyone. I do not believe that this is currently the situation as there is not evidence to support this assertion.

          I thank you for this opportunity for clarification. I hope I was able to clarify?

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        2. I owe an apology to you, Littlelight. I knew that Ukraine was routinely oppressing the majority Russians in the far western areas, even making it illegal to speak Russian. I did NOT know that some of the primary groups they were using to carry out that official persecution were neo-Nazi paramilitary groups. I know now.

          Though I have still found no evidence of any sort of genocidal aspirations in Ukraine, your unease about the use of neo-Nazi groups was on the mark and I was wrong.

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          1. Oh, Gosh, Charlie, I do not know the history or the details, I’m just observing from what I’ve witnessed and know in my own country. Iow, I truly don’t think you owe me an apology, words are used for destruction and Zelenskyy could truly be an ordinary man trying his best in a terribly complex situation.

            The point you make about being verily, super-ly careful about using that Nazi term, is well made. It has been the cause of much confusion and I did and will continue to benefit from the parsing you provided. And you are correct to do so. As more confusion won’t help.

            I guess what bothers me, is that there is now hard evidence that the globalists want genocide and serfdom. There is so much evidence out there. ( Planned Parenthood, The Great Reset, Howbadismybatch, the released Pfizer info saying they new of 1200ish side effects, etc, etc.) I’m just frustrated, that we can’t call a spade a spade and all.

            Maybe you can coin/use a new term so the ties with the past that Nazism evoke, and that particular flavor of Hell, won’t confuse what is this newer flavor of Hell, and the newer, subtler genocides that are occuring.

            Thank you for all you do, Charlie!

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            1. Thank you both, Littlelight and Charlie, for this exchange. Ukraine’s history and its relationship with Russia is already complex. Throw in lack of in-depth knowledge – my own included – and propaganda and it takes care and time to be informed and understand what is actually happening.

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            2. Inightful dialog…

              Culture of death, tyrant/tyranny, globalist, eugenics, and new world order are some words I use to describe evil. People seem desensitized towards Nazis & facist are used in a insulting way these days.

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    1. Love it, Sr. Bear!!! You’re zinging in the wonderful pieces right and left today. I read this one quickly and will revisit it for a more thoughtful read later.
      “On the other side of the tangles of barbed wire, however, the sleeping giants that are America’s ordinary working men and women, her shopkeepers, firemen, nurses and train drivers, are now slowly freeing themselves from their torpor. Today, they are once again beginning to use muscles that some had forgotten were there all along. Unlike the email jobs caste, this caste of people are far from being ”maxed out”, indeed, they seem to have almost no limit on their potential power at all. It is by their work alone that the big cities where the email caste lives can keep going, and the more they are willing to use this power to fight back, the more doomed the email caste becomes.

      Having spent much of their stored power on a shock and awe campaign that neither shocked nor awed the working men and women of America, the woke now increasingly hunker down for a long political war of attrition that they on some level must know they structurally cannot win, no matter how disciplined, fanatical, or moral they may be. So please, have some understanding if they choose not to find the humor in the simple phrase ”Let’s go Brandon!”. They have all the right in the world to not find any of this particularly funny.

      After all, they know what that phrase really means.”

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  20. “The Book of Revelation makes me nervous. I also love it because, though St. John still imbues it with substantial interpretive commentary, he gives a large dose of the raw material that the mystic experiences. Some of it is from eternity; some of it is in time.”

    Yep, the sum of all human history from the begining to the end of time in this universe essentually adds up to ZERO in the the higher dimension/reality of Heaven. A major event in Heaven probably has a echo & long lasting effect in human history. Revelations 12 definately seems to portray the sum of human history & existence, in that reckoning 1 day does seem like a thousand years.

    I wish we didn’t have to worry about what’s in the Book of Revelations, it just seems more dangerous to ignore the warnings it offers, even if it’s hard to differentiate the difference between worldly events & the timeless reality of the Heaven. A mystery that we human beings can’t seem to grasp or get with our limited understanding based on time & limits.

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  21. This is an interesting vidoe by Brother Bugnolo, an American, who usually lives in Italy, but is curently based in Poland to report on the war in Ukraine. He offers some interesting information and perspective. I don’t always agree with him, but he is interesting to listen to and I think he offers some notable ideas.

    He is not in favour of the Ukraine gov’t, but rather, the people, and he believes it’s good to help them defend themselves. We might or might not agree, but I think the information is good.

    The video starts properly at about 2:19

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  22. If you haven’t heard, the east coast of Australia has been inundated with severe flooding. Our government is so terrible that it has not sent any real help, as it would usually do.

    HOWEVER, I have reliable eye-witness reports from someone in the affected region, that the people are simply helping each other themselves! Apparently, most of them are in good spirits.

    I have also seen a lot of video of the camps of the people who are still protesting in Canberra against the Covid mandates (and decades-long treason by the parliament). The camps are amazing in that the people there have all they need and people step up to organise and cook and do whatever else needs doing, without anyone at the top telling them what to do. These are ordinary people.

    It gives me hope to see them in action, and knowing that we have Jesus and Mary, I can see how we can work together to do God’s will.

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