Eager to Return to the Land of the Living

By Charlie Johnston

I have not posted in almost two weeks. On Thanksgiving Day I had eight hours of uninterrupted activity – more than twice as long as any since I got sick. It set me back a bit. My progress remains about where my doctor said it would be four weeks ago, which means I would have two more weeks convalescence before I could tackle anything other than the most mundane tasks. Most of the symptoms have cleared up. What remains is easy fatigue and exhaustion. I did, however, tape a podcast Monday with Dr. Joe Brickner, the CORAC Regional Coordinator (with his wife, Connie) for Kansas and Nebraska. That will become a weekly podcast. It will be available to all members of CORAC. (There are no charges to join CORAC nor any fees – we just work to help each other and collaborate in defending faith, family and freedom in these tumultuous times.)

I have been working on a significant piece. It is not the toughest piece I have ever written, but the gears in my head have been grinding a bit more slowly than usual, so there you go. I actually expect to be back on track before the end of this week. With this update piece I plan to begin to get back on a more regular track writing here.

I have survived the most severe case of Covid of anyone I know of except for Cardinal Burke. It was largely my own fault. I was fully two weeks into it before I realized what I was dealing with and made arrangements for treatment. (Actually, others made the arrangements for me – I was a basket case when I first rolled into Missoula, Montana on October 27th). The critical thing with Covid is that you need to treat it early. As long as it remains untreated, it keeps drilling into you – and the deeper it gets, the more damage you have to deal with after the virus is gone. Thank heavens, ivermectin was waiting for me when I arrived at my hotel – which would be my sickbed for 23 days. I was never at death’s door, but death did take up residence across the street, eyeing me like a hungry vulture. The ivermectin stopped my downward spiral and, over the course of a week, brought me back to weakened, but coherent, consciousness. 

A 71-year-old man at a hospital in Naperville, Illinois WAS at death’s door – until his family got a court order forcing the hospital to give him ivermectin. The poor man had been on a ventilator for nearly three weeks – usually a death sentence. The hospital had refused to give him ivermectin – as many (maybe even most) hospitals do for fear of losing federal funding. The initial regimen was intense – 15 daily shots – because he was so far gone. The man began to respond immediately and, instead of dying in the hospital, was released On November 27th to return to his family home. 

A lot of people were pushing me hard to go into the hospital. I absolutely refused. Since the passage of Obamacare, hospitals have become the primary support system for the culture of death. They toe the line of the government’s bureaucratic narrative, however harmful and deadly it might be. They have largely become places to go to die, rather than to be healed. My primary doctor and dear friend of over 40 years took the lead after finding how sick I was. He gave the pro forma recommendation of going to the hospital, but after hearing why that was out of the question, just chuckled and got to work on my protocol. (As I said, we have also been dear friends for over 40 years). Meantime, Beckita was my nurse for the first three and a half weeks of recovery and the Lapchaks in central Colorado have taken care of me since.

For laymen like me it has been very hard to assess what is actually going on. The public health bureaucracy has spread so much misinformation in the last two years that many people, unaccustomed to doing hard research and reading data sets, have been reluctant to question previously trusted sources – even as that bureaucracy has changed the narrative up every few months, contradicting what was previously stated by them as revealed truth. That bureaucracy has had the media and social media amplifying its misinformation by sending their fact-blockers (which the media calls fact-checkers) to declare any dissent to be misinformation, even when it comes from top, accomplished scientists – and then to censor it. While many people, including some very honorable people, still hold onto the false narratives the public health bureaucracy is trying to enforce, confidence in public health bureaucrats and in doctors has plummeted in the last year and a half – and remains in free fall.  

I have written before about how shocked I have been in the last year and a half to discover that many doctors and medical professionals are little more than glorified cable repairmen. They don’t know the principles behind medicine; can’t read a data sheet and just do and say what the bureaucrats tell them. Even so, I have no little sympathy for doctors in this hideous age. Getting government so intertwined with health care has led to them becoming hostages to bureaucrats. If a hospital does administer ivermectin or hydroxychloroquine, it can lose all its medicaid and medicare reimbursements. In many areas, if doctors try to prescribe it, they can be brought before the medical boards and have their licenses suspended. I have heard from many doctors who face this situation – and some pharmacies will turn them in. (While anecdotal, I have heard from many states that CVS routinely turns doctors in who try to prescribe ivermectin. It is enough that I will not patronize CVS, as I consider them co-conspirators in the scheme to deny sick people effective treatment.) Thus, for those doctors who DO know the principles behind what they do, who DO know how to study datasets, to do what they know to be effective becomes a potentially career-altering decision because of the predatory government and medical establishment. How I look forward to the day when doctors can openly be doctors again! 

I saw a meme that said the big problem with natural immunity is that it’s free. It’s a striking thing, especially when you see how intertwined the CDC and big pharma have become. Routinely we see effective treatments that are inexpensive suppressed or outlawed in favor of expensive treatments that are ineffective or damaging. The much-touted Remdesivir has been a disaster, making people sicker in over half the cases in which it has been used. But it made big pharma a lot of money. 

As things progress, we see that those countries that have relied on ivermectin (primarily India and Japan) and hydroxychloroquine (some African countries) have had the best results and the fewest fatalities – and those which have the highest percentage of people taking the Covid shot  are still having the worst infection and mortality rates. At this point, for anyone who is willing to look at hard data, a version of the old Groucho Marx question arises: who are you going to believe, the public health bureaucracy in the western world or your own eyes?

And then we get to the Covid shots, a gene therapy erroneously and (I think maliciously) called a “vaccine.” Though there has never been long-term testing in humans (and the animal testing was a disaster that left most of the animals dead within a few years), Joe Biden has resolutely tried to mandate that everyone get the shot. Let’s take a hard look at that shot. A year ago they were saying that it would prevent us from getting Covid. Now, as that proved NOT to be the case, they say it will not prevent either infection or transmission of Covid, but mitigates the severity of symptoms. Now I would not understate the benefit of having symptoms mitigated. Shoot, I sometimes use Sudafed and Mucinex to mitigate the symptoms of a cold – and it gives me genuine relief. But I know up front that these will not protect me from getting or giving the virus – and I also know that they won’t cause me to develop clots, heart problems, vascular degeneration and other things that can permanently disable or kill me. Basically, the Covid shots are the equivalent of Sudafed or Mucinex with a nasty – and sometimes deadly – bite. And the government and public health establishment want to mandate it!

Every bit of new information that comes out weighs against the Covid shots. Remember a few weeks ago when the FDA said it would take 55 years for them to release all the data within Pfizer’s Covid-19 data file? Well, a court ordered some targeted materials released now. What was released showed that, in the first 90 days of the institution of the shots, Pfizer recorded 1,223 deaths and 158,000 adverse reactions, including fetal deaths and miscarriages (technically called spontaneous abortions). That is just in the first three months and only with Pfizer – from their own internal records. All across the world young, healthy athletes who have had the shot are collapsing on the fields at an astonishing rate. Japan and the Nordic countries have warned of heart problems in young people arising from the Covid shots – and have gone so far as to forbid them for use in anyone under 18 (and in some cases, anyone under 30). Twitter promptly declared these governments’ research to be “unsafe.” Shortly before this declaration, Twitter had warned users NOT to read a paper in the American Heart Assn.’s journal warning of the same thing. And with every revelation, public health authorities jump from lie to lie, like some low-budget Indiana Jones trying to avoid the boulder of doom that is rolling towards them. The media works to keep word from getting out at all, keeping their fact-blockers working double shifts. But there is no exit for the malicious pretenders from this disaster. Everything that is hidden will be revealed. The only question is how many innocents will die before the jig is finally up on public health authorities’ malicious fecklessness.

I say that hundreds of thousand of people who died with Covid died not because of the disease, but because they were denied effective treatment for purely political and ideological reasons. Some have taken to comparing Dr. Anthony Fauci to Nazi doctor Josef Mengele. I disagree. Mengele was evil, but he was an actual doctor who worked with – and tortured – patients. You could probably count on one hand how many actual patients Fauci has seen in the last 40 years. Rather, I think he most closely resembles Adolf Eichmann, the primary architect of the Holocaust. Whatever his intent, Fauci has erected a system that has led to hundreds of thousands of unnecessary deaths and the greatest economic destruction since the Depression.

I know that many who got the shot are now shaken by the steady flow of new data that shows these shots are not what was advertised and are quite dangerous. All those who are shaken have, thankfully, survived the multitude of short-term adverse events and now only face the long-term consequences. Again, we have no long-term data, but if it mimics the animal studies, it will include progressive compromise of the immune system and deterioration (perhaps catastrophic) of some of the vital internal organs. Some people, in their fear, will double down on their endorsement of the shots, no matter how ugly the continuing stream of evidence gets, hopeful that thinking a happy thing will make it so. Others will remain willfully blind until doom is upon them. If we would survive this manufactured catastrophe, our only hope is to call on God.

I close with three things:

  1. If you have symptoms you suspect could be Covid, get treatment as quickly as you can. I am not a doctor, but everywhere in the world ivermectin or hydroxychloroquine regimens are tried, they have worked. Early intervention is the key to conquering this without lingering damage.
  2. A key element to all this is that for public health authorities and pharmaceutical companies, THEY KNEW. They probably did not know from the start, but they saw the evidence of serious problems much sooner than the rest of us – and intentionally suppressed what was actually effective. And yet they doubled down on what is devastating us. They knew and yet allowed hundreds of thousands to die needlessly rather than change course – whether because of vanity, hubris, or intent, I can’t say – but they knew. Their desperation to hold onto power and influence, even at the cost of so many lives, suggests that as power continues to slip from their hands, they may do something terribly desperate to hold onto it. Do not be shocked if something truly deadly suddenly finds its way into circulation. Authorities have already shown they are much more concerned about protecting their reputations and holding onto power than they are about human lives.
  3. God intends your reclamation, not your destruction. Whatever may come, God has already prepared the brazen serpent that will heal us. Go to Him – and these prayers will help. Our true pandemic is not Covid, but the hubris and authoritarianism of public officials who have become completely unmoored from any sense of morality or honor. All healing comes from God. Never spurn the genuine natural remedies He has inspired, but never forget that He – and only He – holds the power of life and death in His hands. Call on Him.

For I know the plans I have made for you, says the Lord, plans for welfare and not evil, to give you a future and a hope.

-Jeremiah 29:11


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236 thoughts on “Eager to Return to the Land of the Living

  1. This is a big surprise, after taking an imported cough syrup from Poland, Covid ran away from me almost immediately. This syrup is Mucosolvan, includes Ambroxoli hydrochloridum – 60mg per one tablespoon… I can’t believe how well it worked for me… Thank you for all your prayers and thank you Beckita for taking care of Charlie.

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      1. Yes, my wife also recovered, still has no taste and smell back, but tested negative today. I myself am pretty much back 100%. And this syrup is something else, I had a bad whooping cough and after like first dose it ceased the problem like magic, I suspect that ingredient – Ambroxoli hydrochloridum -might be the key here and perhaps a potential Covid killer…

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          1. Sadly, This elixir is not available in the USA. I found expensive Tablets mailed from Japan on E-Bay. That deal looked suspicious. ……….. is this another 40 year old drug that has been shown to be an effective ChinaBioWeapon cure but is being suppressed by THEM!!!????

            GOD SAVE ALL HERE!


        1. So happy to hear you are both doing better! Did you get the cough syrup directly from Poland?

          I have heard that the zinc/quercetin combo can help with restoring taste and smell. 😉

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    1. I would be very careful about joining this group. They do not advocate or advise any of the protocols that SteveBC has. In an initial look through of their information, they are supported by Stanford, Mayo clinic, Harvard…you get the picture. They promote only monoclonal and plasma, which, while possibly effective, don’t pack the immediate punch that all of Steve’s protocols do. And, you have to go through their clinics…at what cost? Just saying, do some research on them before you join up.

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      1. Good eye, jewelsword13!

        I saw DC and was immediately suspect yet looked no further. Your findings add to the words of caution. Shameful if it is not on the up and up as this movement, done well, would be a godsend for posterity. ❤

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  2. Our world is getting more bizarre by the day. We are helping a Hispanic friend of ours with his doctor’s appointments since he can’t read Spanish or English. And even though he has been in this country, a legal resident for 40 years, he cannot speak English. So the eye doctor’s office handed him a health history and information form, in English, so we were helping him fill the form out. The company is based out of Dallas. The location would give you an indication of where I’m going here.

    The question that is asked on the form: Please mark all that apply:

    Birth Gender: Male or Female
    Current Gender: Male or Female or Undifferentiated
    Gender Identity: Male or Female or Choose not to disclose

    To say the least, we immediately voiced our disgust with such a question that is completely devoid of any medical basis for biological sex. We cancelled our friend’s appointment. We definitely did not want to deal with a medical office that would put such a ludicrous question on their medical form. (BTW, we had the same experience with another Dallas cardiologist’s office.)

    So we found another office for our friend that only asked the sex of the patient, male or female. You know, the only ones that God created.

    Charlie is right. Our medical profession is down the toilet. Prepare accordingly.

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  3. Katicos, this is a seems like a beneficial grassroots effort to gather facts that paints a picture from many angles of this lunacy based on collected data verses endless one person’s POV and/or opinions that is not (yet) controlled by the powers that be.

    I love the motto, “Empathize, Organize, Mobilize.” ❤

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  4. Ok, so it looks like there are effective low cost meds for Covid19.

    I took Mucosolvan syrup, not knowing it contains Ambroxol Hydrochloride, my Covid symptoms ceased within hours.

    Now I read that Ambroxol Hydrochloride was actually considered a treatment for Covid already over a year ago.

    Why all these meds are suppressed?! …

    “Ambroxol Hydrochloride Inhibits the Interaction between Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 Spike Protein’s Receptor Binding Domain and Recombinant Human ACE2


    Azithromycin and ambroxol as potential pharmacotherapy for SARS-CoV-2


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