A Coalition of the Willing

By Charlie Johnston

With all of the dust and smoke being stirred up by Texas Right to Life’s (TRTL) involvement in getting the state’s heartbeat bill passed and then helping enforce it, I have never been prouder of my affiliation with this magnificent group; the biggest, best and most effective pro-life group in the world! This is not a go-along, get-along type of prolife group. I said in my last column that this is a group which gets things done and makes things happen. Can I pick ‘em or what?

First, the whistleblower site they set up to report violations of the law was de-platformed by GoDaddy. Then a Travis County District Court (Austin, of course – the San Francisco of Texas) granted a temporary restraining order preventing TRTL or anyone affiliated with it from helping to enforce the law – though any other Texan may do so.  This just after the U.S. Supreme Court refused to grant a general restraining order against the law. Now, a worldwide coalition of activists is targeting TRTL. The left is SHOCKED that a pro-life organization actually took the initiative and is working with fortitude to end the execution of infants rather than just wringing their hands impotently as babies die.

I have spoken with many of my friends at TRTL and they all confirm that this assault is a sort of blitzkrieg effort. The left, including globalists, are terrified. If TRTL can effectively attack the very foundations of Roe v Wade, as it has, it could spark real resistance to global control of the countries of the world and bring down the entire leftist project. Give the left this much credit: they know what a dire threat this is to their whole deluded and deceitful program. But they are going to find that TRTL is not some run-of-the-mill conservative organization that talks tough,  then turns tail as soon as the going gets rough.

TRTL will weather the storm and end up stronger than ever. It is an intense storm, though. TRTL is an independent pro-life activist group. It is an overtly Christian group – it is in its mission statement. It trains students to act as pro-life coordinators on college campuses across the state. It has the legislative team at the Capitol the entire time the legislature is in session, helping to initiate and lobby on behalf of bills such as the heartbeat law that was successfully passed this session – and for which it is now grappling with attacks from the entire leftist, globalist movement. When Texas hospitals seek to unilaterally withdraw care from patients and insist they must die, TRTL is on the spot advocating for those patients – and has saved more than a few. In fact, this cost them the support of the Texas Conference of Catholic Bishops (TCCB), a decadent group of Bishops who are in bed with the hospital association. TRTL didn’t hesitate or pause. In supporting life, TRTL does the job that Texas Bishops refuse to do, apparently because of the willingness of the TCCB to toss Catholic doctrine aside to enhance their earthly influence-peddling and prestige with the anti-God left.  TRTL actively works to endorse and support candidates who are genuinely faithful conservatives – and doesn’t hesitate to go after incumbent Republicans who are too eager to trim their sails to mollify the left. When the dust has settled it will be the undisputed leader for the cause of life – no apologies, no deals, no backtracking. It will also be a premier leader in the battle for faith, family and freedom against the rising fascist movement in government, academia, media, entertainment, and the corporate world. No apologies, no retreat – and a clear-eyed response to the irony of our modern fascists calling themselves “anti-fascists.”


One of the sideshows in the attacks against TRTL was when Wiccans and pagans started “cursing” TRTL. It brought back fond memories for me. Shortly after the turn of the millennium, I was writing for a couple of Illinois state journals. In one column, illustrating a point, I had written that the only modern functionally pagan state was Nazi Germany (a non-controversial fact among professional historians – and I did not note it to start a controversy). Well, it did, indeed, start a controversy. Wiccans started attacking me and promised that they had set aside a particular night when the Wiccans of three states – Illinois, Missouri and Iowa – were going to gather to simultaneously curse me, so I had best beware. I laughed and told them to, “Curse away! My Boss is stronger than your boss. But take care, for my Boss sometimes takes curses against His servants and redounds them against those who curse them.”

The appointed night came and went and I continued on my pilgrim way. What happened to the Wiccans doing the cursing, I couldn’t say. I never heard from them again. But they never made a public vow of cursing me after that.

I guess to a certain extent many think the pagans have won. After all, for the last decade or so, almost ALL western countries have become, suddenly, functionally pagan. But I understand why they would shriek so hideously as they see what they had thought they had won slipping away from them. And by gum, TRTL is playing a HUGE role in the slipping away of power from neo-pagan hands.


If you like being at ground zero, that is where TRTL is at right now – and you’re invited to join them. Yes, CORAC members are being offered complimentary tickets to the grand TRTL Celebration of Life Dinner in Houston on Saturday, Sept. 18. But you have to register by the end of this week. Just drop an email to Bilot.lambfam@gmail.com. I went to my first dinner there in 2016 and I haven’t missed it since. Take it from a fellow who has probably been to more than a thousand grand political and social gala dinners, this is by far the best (and with the best food served, I might add.) This year’s keynote speaker is Jim Mcingvale, better known to Texans as Mattress Mack, the creative, funny and engaging king of furniture stores in Texas. What is less known is what a profound humanitarian he is – because he lives life as an intentional disciple and does it without fanfare. I have had dinner with Mattress Mack and a few other friends the last few times I have been in Houston. If you think he is funny and engaging in his commercials, he is absolutely amazing in person and in how he lives his life. I hope to see you there.

When you register, you are automatically registered for the VIP Brunch on Sunday morning where various department heads from TRTL and some allies will give updates and chat with those in attendance – and then shortly after the VIP Brunch is finished, we will have a CORAC meeting to do our own updates. The dinner is comped if you have registered, but you have to handle your own transportation and lodging – though TRTL will send you information on getting the group rates at the downtown Hilton of the Americas where everything is happening.

What is going on down there?

The main reason why everything is getting so very chaotic so quickly is because no one is in control of events at all anymore. Neither the good nor the evil. The anti-God left-wing globalists are looking on with horror as their plans collapse as dramatically as the twin towers did in New York two decades ago (it is so weird to me to consider that any babies born on that day are now 20 years old. Man, they grew up in a far different world than I did. I have told some of the young people I work with, including David Daleiden, that they don’t know what normal is, having never lived in a normal world). Leftists are always long on the certainty of their own superiority and short on any actual competence. It is why every time they take control in a society, everything goes to pot. This time, they have taken control of most of the globe. But their control is slipping away from them, as ordinary people recoil in horror at the folly of their crackpot plans.

Even as the supposed efficacy of the mRNA shots and masking is collapsing (Israel is the most “vaccinated” country in the world – and now it is the premier Covid hotspot in the world), leftists are shriekingly demanding every one double down on the authoritarian measures they insisted on that didn’t work the first time. That is all a leftist has: they are incapable of adjusting to reality when their plans collapse and can only insist on doing more of what failed in the first place. They never consider that they might be wrong, because they are convinced that theirs is the vision of the anointed, as the great Thomas Sowell contemptuously described them. Their frantic efforts to double down are just their reaction to the loss of control their myopia is costing them.

In Europe, some of the big bankers are trying to hedge their bets by going big into precious metals and stones, as the realization is hitting that all the economic tricks in the world will not prop up the economic damage leftist ideological pretensions have wrought on the global economy much longer. They have an even bigger surprise coming. In the end, though precious metals and stones are much more stable than fiat currency, they are still just a form of currency – and offer little protection in a catastrophic collapse. Spain, which had a hundred-year head start on England in the New World was not as successful in its colonization efforts. This is because Spain thought that gold and silver were real wealth – and concentrated on extracting that. England knew that setting up a mercantile system was what created an ever-growing flow of economic prosperity.

A very simplified view of the problem recognizes that there are different forms of value. Three concern us here. First there is intrinsic value, which is what something is worth in its own right. Then there is market value, which is what something will trade for. Market value is dramatically affected by factors such as desirability, scarcity and utility. Thus, because of its plentiful nature, water, which has a supremely high intrinsic value has very little market value. But if you are trapped on a desert island, would you trade all your preciously gained food stores for even a mountain of gold? If you did, you would soon die if you cannot replace those food stores – and you will have very little use for the gold. Extreme situations dramatically magnify the importance of intrinsic value and diminish the importance of market value, depending on the depth of the crisis. Finally there is imputed value. This is what props up all systems of currency ever devised. A relatively worthless article is agreed upon as a means of trade, representing the productivity of the people who agree to the form of currency. It is based on trust: as long as people agree to and believe it has value, it does. When confidence in a currency collapses, so does its value. Economic trickery can prop it up for a time, but at the very high risk of collapsing confidence in it altogether. This happened famously in the American Confederacy, the Weimar Republic and Pancho Villa’s Mexico. More recently, it happened in Yugoslavia as it broke up, Venezuela as it moved to communism, and in Lebanon in the last two years as the government has tried to dictate, by fiat, what the Lebanese lira is worth. The bankers have already lost control of the narrative – and their palliative of moving to precious metals and stones will only slow, not stop, the slide.

While everyone is focused on the humanitarian tragedy of America’s botched, incompetent withdrawal from Afghanistan, few yet understand that what Joe Biden has actually accomplished is to unleash the dogs of war. America is clearly no longer the world’s policeman; it is not even a reliable ally. Not only can’t it keep the peace; it won’t even keep its word. This has dramatically empowered terrorists across the globe while importing a whole new generation of terrorists into the United States. It has also emboldened nation-state aggressors across the globe. We are on the verge of World War III, far more comprehensive and destructive than the two that preceded it, because of vain fecklessness. It can’t be much forestalled now even if a Ronald Reagan or Donald Trump were to take the reins – for we have taught evil aggressors that if an American administration which takes its job seriously is elected, all the aggressors have to do is lay low and wait for the inevitable Jimmy Carter or Joe Biden that will follow when feckless Americans cease to take sound policy seriously in favor of ideological pretensions or perceived benefits. We have also taught our allies the same. For over a century, America has been the great restrainer in global affairs. Now the hand of the restrainer is withered and dead.

America and the entire west have become like a bus without a driver careening down a mountain road towards the barricade to the abyss beyond. Ordinary people are feeling an awful dread, while the anti-God left is frantic that it wasn’t supposed to be this way and are trying to re-establish the control they have already lost in the only way they know how – ever more draconian dictates. The dictates lead to more resistance, which lead to more dictates in an ever-deepening spiral which hollows out confidence in the institutions doing the dictates. If the “leaders” among us had an ounce of knowledge of actual history, they would know they are enacting the archetypical format for catastrophic collapse and global strife which will erupt into catastrophic war.

While dealing with some of the problems at my lower level, I am almost gleeful. For most of my life, I have been convinced that man was increasingly drunk with the illusions of his control over events. I have been expecting that, at some point, God would strip away all illusions, that He might first break down man and his vanity and then rebuild healthy cultures in His image. For there is One who has not lost control of events – and that one is God. Many of you, maybe most of you, in the comforting cocoon of western security, liberty and prosperity, have assured yourself and others of what your fidelity would be in extreme times. You say you trust God and walk in your own integrity? Now it is as if God were from Missouri, for He is inviting you to show Him your faith. To help you along, he has made Himself the only lifeline out of the swirling vortex sucking everything down our culture has become. But it only appears as if God is inviting you to show Him. He already knows what you are and can be. He intends that you demonstrate it to yourself, for He knows that imagining a crisis and living it are two very different things – and so He proves you through this fiery crisis that, even now, comes barreling upon the world like a runaway train. If you actually live the fidelity you always said, from your ease, that you would, you will walk with greater confidence in proclaiming His kingdom to the weary and the fearful – not because your confidence in yourself has grown, but because your confidence in Him has grown and you are able to abandon yourself more fully to that confidence.

God uses this technique over and over throughout Scriptures. Do you really think God was bargaining with Abraham in the debate over Sodom in the 18th Chapter of Genesis? God knew He would spare the city for the sake of 10 righteous men even before Abraham said a word. But He also knew how wroth Abraham would be with the city when he saw how hideously depraved it had become. So God entered into discussion with Abraham to draw forth from the man a sharing in God’s own pity, a deep desire that even the most vicious enemies be reclaimed to God rather than destroyed in mere human vengeance. The enlarging of Abraham’s heart through the “negotiations” did not spare Sodom, but animated Abraham’s outlook for the rest of His life. He craved less the vengeance that men crave – and more the turning of the hearts of men that God craves.

For most of my life, I have looked forward to the chaos that would come when all illusions of mastery are stripped away from both the great and the small. As fearful as it is to have our delusions of grandeur crucified before our very eyes, its signifies the same grace that flowed from the Crucifixion of Our Lord. We are to lift up our heads and rejoice, for redemption is at hand for all who trust in the Lord. We are to walk both humbly and confidently with the Lord, for He has condescended to invite us to cooperate with His plan for recalling those who have fallen who are willing. We cannot stop the crash. We cannot force those who have irrevocably deluded themselves that there is nothing greater than themselves. But we can assemble the ambulances to care for all the wounded who WILL stretch out their hand to God for healing – and what a glorious call it is! From the fires and rubble of a culture that, by its hubris, will make the City of Babel blush at the judgment, we are invited to participate with the Master in rebuilding a culture of life in the City of God. I tell you now that those who stand true in these fearful times and participate humbly and confidently in this great work God has appointed will be revered and called blessed by their children and grandchildren up unto the establishment of the new heaven and the new earth. What a glorious time to be alive! And God has chosen and called you for this moment. Don’t obsess over the wreckage of the dead culture collapsing around you. Answer His call with rejoicing and participate in building the City of God. God will use the coalition of the willing in his service to renew the face and faith of the world. It amuses me sometimes that God has decided, this time, to renew the world with an army of misfit toys – and I am foremost among them.



I was going to kick off a fall fundraising drive this week, but some of the key players in facilitating that are also key players with Texas Right to Life. I prefer to help them with their crisis right now and delay the start of the drive for a week or two. When we get started, our targets will be to get 100 people to pledge to monthly donations and secure a total of $40,000 heading into the fall. Also, for anyone who has emailed me at my CORAC address recently, know that it has been temporarily affected by the attacks on TRTL. I will get back to you as soon as I can get back into my account.

If you can help us get it started before we formally get started, you can donate here. I deeply appreciate it as we continue to assemble the ambulances. Make sure to check out the videos, discussions and papers of our Health and Wellness, Sustainability, Communications and Prayer Teams Pages. It helps you prepare for the worst in a way that paves the way for the best.

I have been delighted with the functionality and usefulness of the Gab social media site. It does everything I want it to and none of what I don’t. You can find me there under Charliej373 or the CORAC group. You can also follow Texas Right to Life there, under its newly formed group page.


I will kick off my latest missionary journey this Saturday, Sept. 11, at the 9/11 CORAC event in St. Cloud, Minnesota. It is an all day event that will begin with a patriotic Rosary at 9:11 a.m., followed by a spiritual warfare presentation by Deacon Dan Dullinger. A shooting range will be open for enthusiasts and there will be presentations on sausage-making, communicating via ham radio, and natural and herbal medicines. In the afternoon at 1:30, I will give a presentation followed by questions and general discussion with attendees. Not only that…organizers have some 2,200 lbs. of dried navy beans on hand – and all who attend are invited to fill a bucketful to take home before they leave. But it is a BYOB event – Bring Your Own Bucket! (only for the dried beans; there will be brats, beans and beverages available on-site to keep you from fainting in the mid-day sun) For information on where it is and to let them know you are coming, call Kris Rehfeld at (605) 228-3539 or Dino Kremers at (320) 309-3655.

Come on up and we’ll have a lively time.


271 thoughts on “A Coalition of the Willing

  1. It’s been quite the furor on social media as abortion supporters have been triggered and saying such ugly things since the victory with the heartbeat bill in Texas. What a blessing not only for the state of Texas, but also for our country and world!

    Oh Bankers, Oh Bankers and Those overly attached to mammon, I think all that glitters like silver and gold is soon to be as so much dust in the wind.

    Great analyses and insights expressed, Charlie. Love this declaration: “My Boss is stronger than your boss.” AND: “The main reason why everything is getting so very chaotic so quickly is because no one is in control of events at all anymore.” AND the idea that the Left is horrified at what they have wrought. Mercy, this world is aflame with degeneration, disaster and war drums.

    Thank you for the beautiful, rallying passage, bearing hope and encouragement for us to press on with fortitude and faith. Seems we’ll have THE MOST intense labor, as we live out God’s Plan, birthing with Him a culture of life while welcoming home the lost turned repentant with hearts transformed.

    Our eyes WILL see the glory of the coming of the Lord!

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    1. Beckita – this is a beautiful rendition of BHR! TY for sharing.

      Here is another for your listening pleasure. It is a rendition arranged and performed by the Stapleton’s. They provided the music for a Flame of Love retreat here in Pittsburgh last year and sang this song. Its a very stirring version….

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      1. This hymn always sends a thrill through me, thank you Charlie and Bekita, God Bless the good people of America.. Here a la France life in this little oasis of our parish life goes normally and peace fully . We have recently celebrated the ordination of two of our altar servers.

        Christus Vincit.

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        1. God bless you and your wife, Dear Scot. Always great to hear from you. Grateful you are in an oasis as I read much news of LOT of uproar in your country. Praying for our friends in France.

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  2. …”the biggest, best and most effective pro-life group in the world! This is not a go-along, get-along type of prolife group…”
    Along with many other good news, I thank you for the uplifting words (I need them lately)
    Hopefully TRTL will eventually have a few excess people who can go to places who will welcome them and be willing to learn strategies, perseverance, etc from them and their furvor can spread all over the USA.
    Or if certain people from other states who are on fire with this could go there and learn more from them.

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  3. I feel kind of weird to be gleeful as the world as we know it crumbles… I am not sad, I am glad.

    Everything is rotten, it must go. I don’t want the pain that will happen but at the same time I rejoice that people will be able to turn to God and answer his calling as all lies are exposed.

    I’ve often said that I want to get to the ending of the book. I don’t care about the middle. I would like to be a bear and hibernate in a cave, to then wake up and read about it. But alas, we must all go through it in order to rejoice fully in the ending and the renewal.

    I am excited to see God act, and hoping that my friends and loved one will reach out to Him and yet at the same time I am sad at the stubbornness and anger that I see in them. I only hope and pray that I am not an obstacle for God’s grace to reach them.

    I wonder what will happen. I wonder if this will be the time that ends Islam, like the Aztecs, Or will Islam be there till the end of time? Sometimes I think Islam, was the devil’s way to try to make a copy religion. It seems, that Islam corrupts so many of God’s given gifts. This strucked me when I read about two women who were preparing to be suicide bombers. They said they wanted to serve and give their lives to Allah. This is the corruption of the human desire to serve and dedicate our lives to God…. A desire exemplifies by those who take religious vows, such as nuns, monks and priests.

    I keep reminding myself, this is just a moment in time. It will end. I wonder, what will future generations call this Era? Covid Era, the era of delusion? The era of renewal? What do you think?

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        1. Katey/Jen/Itaca123,
          I Like your version of the term, “the Era of Errors and Resurrection” or what I would call a heading or title of the Era, but not a description. The Era of Errors, the Revelation of Evil, The Battle of the powers of Darkness against the powers Light and the Rescue by the Mother of God. So, I summarized 4 descriptors in a heading in a longer title. But the devil is in the voluminous details and all-encompassing aspects of this battle of evil that we must fight and be ready to be a sign of hope for those around us during and after the battle.

          I started to give a brief description of what I would have summarized to better describe the Era title, but it got so detailed, I just erased it. It was like writing a book. My Era title may be too much as well. Nonetheless, I agree, it would be nice to have it all over with, but Our Lord calls us to be there throughout the battle for the benefit for our own personal salvation and to help others as well during and beyond the storm. This is no small assignment. God will take care of all other issues in our life that are not our already in our immediate charge, and we let him lead on the rest of the way (worry free) of all else, as long as we let him. That is the only way to true victory.

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    1. Maybe its not an Era but an Age.

      Bilbo Baggins, in The Lord of the Rings, spoke of the Age, not the Era.

      I am quite adamant that God was speaking to this Age with those, and other movies.

      Just a thought.

      Grace and Peace

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      1. Timothy,
        I was thinking of that term. Either way the context of the issue sure is the same. By the time Bilbo was done with all that he went through, he probably did not give a hoot what you called it, if you know what I mean.

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      2. After Biden announced the one shot to rule them all, we fired up the series. Appropriate and all, LOL. Life is stranger than fiction, or Tolkien was mightily inspired, or a mix of both. 😀 I always felt the movies were inspired to prepare us. There was an undeniable prescient feeling when watching them, when they were first released. Now here we are! Maranatha!

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    I am not seeing much News or Worry about Bad Guys and the 20th/911 this Saturday? I’d like to think that’s a good sign … but These-Days I’m afraid that our Gubermint “Protectors” are Whistling Past de Graveyard … or Worse!? ;-(
    Yes! Worse!! …… Being a Ol’ Curmudgeon with a Military Mind combined with my love of History and Global Current Events allows me to entertain any number of dark thoughts in the Wee Hours … and those dark thoughts are NOT getting less so!
    We know that the WH is a Punch & Judy Puppet Show with BO and ALL his Old DC Gang & Media pulling strings.
    We know that ALL Feral and many State Agencies have been infiltrated by the Radical Left “Down with de Agenda” Crowd to the point that ” The Others” have been forced out or intimidated into silence/submission. Where are The Whistle Blowers? … Eh!!??
    We know that Feral/Blue State Just-Us & Security Agencies have been ordered to play the Three Wise Monkey Routine when it comes to Illegals or ANY Group that is deemed a “Victim Group” of the Democrat Party or Democrat Agents (BLM, ANTIFA, Unions,..).
    We know that ChinaBioWeapon Hysteria is ALL about Control/Citizen Submission and little to do with Public Health.
    We know that Obama/Biden, from their first WH Day bent over backwards with Muslim “Outreach Policies”.
    Knowing what WE Know and a reasonable consideration of the above plus the inputs of Our Lying Eyes/Ears these past 15 years …. is it beyond the realm of possibilities that Agenda Agents could well collude with Foreign Agents or Terrorists to create “Events” that would create Horror, Chaos, Distraction, Martial Law?!? Then produce demands for Lock Downs, Gun Control, “FEMA” Camps, Rationing and Suspension of The Bill of Rights? …. Oh!! …. and blaming White RightWing Trump God-n-Gun Clingers?!?
    Ravings of a Demented Mind?

    ….. just as Planned …. See above!



    How nice! OUR Battle Gear going to the CHIEF Sponsor of Islamic Terrorism.

    My Ol’ Dad was always quoting H.L. … the Guy who coined term BoobLand USA!
    “The urge to save humanity is almost always only a false-face for the urge to rule it.” H.L. Mencken





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  5. This pep talk came at the perfect time! I’m staring down the barrel of a Covid Vax gun. The large corporation I work for is rumbling about making ‘vaccines’ mandatory. It’s ‘take the jab or hit the road time’. My wife has so far supported my position on this experiment, although she doesn’t see the danger in it I do. Support is easier when you’re not throwing our retirement out the window at 58 years old with the prospect of being a ‘leper’ to the health care system. Most employers will shun the unvaxxed as insurance companies continue to turn the screws. It’s a painful position for both of us. I just don’t think the vast majority of Americans (including my wife) understand the gravity of this moment. I may live thru this first volley of ‘the jab’, but my descendants will pay the price. My big boy pants are coming out of the closet. This fight just got real!

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    1. Ugh Mark!!! I know! I’m afraid for all of us! So far so good for my hubby, he works for a very small foundry/machine shop, so they won’t enforce it but what DOES scare me & my hubby is if the health insurance agencies start putting the squeeze on these small companies for all their-employees to be vaxxed or denied insurance coverage?!?!?!?! I don’t know what we’d do then, but I know it won’t be the vax. Over our dead body! Period! 😂

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        1. I agree, but I think they are going to need to change their policy on Medicare, which I think they don’t try to replace. I could have that wrong though. Definitely a more general “thing” that will come to us as we try to cope with what is coming.

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      1. I agree Linda, “over my dead body!” This is a surreal time. Society is being conditioned to do what they are told or suffer the consequences. A line is being drawn. I was hoping this fight would find me lobbing missiles safely from a destroyer. Instead, I’ve been thrust into the front line. Unofficial word is an edict will be given to me by the end of the year to get their injection. I see a grace in knowing; an unwanted grace, but a grace none the less. I’m sure my company has done their homework. It’s my prayer, they terribly underestimated ramifications and experience an exodus of biblical proportions. Although frankly, by the time they figure it out I’ll already be an unemployment casualty. Even now, vax injuries and permanent side effects are mounting. It would be folly to play Russian roulette for a job; a job working for a company that made visible their disdain for employee’s. We are obviously living through a breakdown of societal structures we’ve depended on our entire life. This level of control is only sustainable if those who are being coerced play. I won’t quit, I won’t respond to e-mails, and I won’t be vaxxed. If I’m forced to leave, I’m gathering all my marbles and going to play with people I can count on to be honorable. This will not only be a separation of me from my company, I will begin an earnest endeavor to separate myself from all that is controlled by corporations, banks and government. Alternative communities will form out of necessity and be forced to survive another way. This is the beginning of that time. I see spending time getting acquainted with CORAC members in my area sooner rather than later.

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        1. First of all …never quit! Let them fire you first and then you can get a good lawyer and fight back!!! Plus when they fire you you still get unemployment!!! Keep us posted Mark!!! We’re all here for you!!!

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          1. Thank you Linda. I have no intention of giving in nor any grand illusion anything I can do is beyond what they’ve already planned for. I’m guessing I’ll be part of a class action of displaced employee’s in a lawsuit designed to drag on until it matters little. My energy will be focused on the ‘next right step’!

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            1. Yeah! Yes I had to forewarn my niece too to never quit (which she had said she would do if they mandated the vaccxxxxx) because if you quit, they don’t have to pay you unemployment. But if they fire you, they do! Ha! I had never really thought about that until my best church buddy told me about this. Now I try to tell as many people as I can about that. It could buy people some time🥰. Who knows what’ll happen to us all😂

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              1. Re: unemployment benefits if fired for not taking vax. Oregon Gov Kate Brown recently said during a press conference NO, although it might be on a case-by-case situation.

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        2. We have got your back Mark, spiritually, at least. I am retired, but I know there are plenty of things coming my way, and everyone’s way, that will include the take (or have) the vax or else threat, to see a doctor or get food or services etc. The speed and number of these threats are certainly growing quickly.
          May God be with you.

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    2. Mark, I am keeping you and all who are faced with this abuse of power in prayer to be guided by the Holy Spirit in their discernment and choices.

      On Labor Day, yesterday, while pondering the blessing of being back at work again, I realized how additionally fortunate I am for not having to add facing this issue to my circumstances.

      My 15 year old car has finally met it’s demise and my husband lost his job at the beginning of last month after seven years of loyal service. This has put us on a detour we did not see coming. To add to the fray, our state has reissued oppressive restrictions again! I/we can relate. We are being challenged like the dickens yet as we create and celebrate our small victories, with God’s mercy we will overcome this too.

      I enjoyed this clip that I came across on a SM feed yesterday that lifted my spirit and gave me hope. I played it in a loop for a bit before retiring for the evening.

      God bless you in your decision. ❤

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      1. Jen, I had no idea my you were going so many difficult issues. I can see why it has been so difficult to connect. As you know you are always in my prayers. Being only a short distance away, please let me know if for any reason I can help with driving you or your husband anywhere. I will be really upset if you do not ask and there was a real need.

        Anyway, you are in my prayers and I have asked St. Anne, the grandma of Jesus (love that title) to help you as she would her holy daughter.

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        1. I know and appreciate your kindness, John. You certainly have your fair share of challenges too.
          We were blessed to have found an older model used car that was an answer to a prayer. Rather then a garage kept, low miles car that needs to go to make room for a more sleek designed vehicle to take it’s place at a great price, we found a younger polish fella who had the same deal only it was driveway kept and was his first car that he abandoned for a sportier new model about a year ago. My hubby who is mechanically gifted said that this model is one of his top two for longevity. He dropped the price and took our lower offer after we test drove it and checked under the hood.
          When I am asked what kind of car I have now, I respond, paid in full! The trade in of the old car was just enough to pay for the four new tires we had put on today. Now all that is left is the title/plate transfer and I am street legal again!!! Thank you all for your prayers on our behalf.
          John, I hope you are getting some relief/resolutions in your circumstances as well. ❤

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          1. Jen,
            That is great news. I am not surprised that your car situation was solved without a ton of stress or in having to accept a deal you were not happy with. Prayer can do that sometimes. I also will keep your husband in our prayers in finding another job if he has not found one yet.

            With Biden’s speech today about mandating vaccines for all companies with 100 employees or more, this illegal act will really force millions of people to either quit or take weekly covid tests or take the vax. You can feel the evil seep through the TV screen.

            As always, thanks you for your prayers and concern. I am doing well. A lot of things have gone from a boiling temp to a simmering, while others, will just not let go.

            I think a better way to say it is that I am letting Our Lord do the driving and I will accept the bumps that come during the trip. He is a lot better driver, has a better car with superb handling, better shock absorbers, super comfortable seats, racing seatbelts to keep you buckled tight, and knows the quickest, best paved and fastest roads. A pretty good deal as long as I keep up my end.

            Take care.

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    3. Mark, I don’t have to face this unless and until Medicare gets into the mandate business. However, when I contemplate what is coming, it occurs to me that each of us needs to consider that we may choose the vaxxx to retain pensions and insurance, risking our lives to do so, only to find that what we had thought we could retain will not survive the Storm.

      Some thoughts: No pension is likely to survive, including yours. Few if any insurance companies are likely to survive. Few parts of our existing healthcare system are likely to survive.

      If what is projected for the vaxxxed over the next year or two is correct, nothing you have mentioned is likely to survive, and all will have to be rebuilt from the ground up.

      Does that change your calculus here? Trading your life for what the old folks used to call a mess of pottage is not the deal you are contemplating now, but it is likely to be what you get.

      Hard words, I know, and I’m sorry to feel it necessary to say them, but nobody really knows yet how badly the Old System of the World is about to do. I could be wrong, of course, and certainly I hope I am. However, none of us have really thought through and *internalized* what “Storm” really means here, so we keep thinking things will go on pretty much as they have. They almost certainly will not.

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      1. Sobering and wise words, SteveBC!

        My dear departed mother opted to work two jobs when my dedicated and devoted father lost his eye sight and his job as a result at the age of 43. At 45 years of age my mother worked as a mortgage loan officer full-time and a telemarketer part-time to make ends meet and keep *their* dreams of retirement intact while my Dad was seeing an ophthalmologist to restore his vision and was in his second straight year of dialysis for kidney failure. They held onto the hope of healing to the end.
        My mother died at the young age of 46 and collected a mere $250.00 for funeral expenses for all her adult years of paying into the system and did not live to see her retirement years. Hindsight is 20/20. To be fair, my dear father on account of his ailments qualified for Medicare while under the age of 65 years old which paid for 16 years of preexisting and chronic medical care in his final years. He did not live to see age 65. They did the best they could with what they were faced with and like most things their decisions panned out to both a blessing and a curse. My father, by my promptings and the grace of God returned to the sacraments before his untimely death. The healing he was granted was for his eternal soul.
        Live life well in the moment and count your blessings, no matter how difficult the circumstances, was the moral I got from their story/example. ❤

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        1. Agree with your assessment of SteveBC’s words, Jen, and what a beautiful – and instructive – story about your parents. May they be interceding for us as we make our way into and through so many unknowns. Fr. Wang and I live on pensions and Social Security and can see the writing on the wall. We know we can choose fear or trust. That power is within each of us and Jesus spoke to St. Faustina about how our lack of trust in Him causes Him sorrow. All of us are entering the wilderness of this desert, also known as the height of the Storm, and, truth be told, we DO have all we need.

          “Don’t be pulled in different directions or worried about a thing. Be saturated in prayer throughout each day, offering your faith-filled requests before God with overflowing gratitude. Tell him every detail of your life, then God’s wonderful peace that transcends human understanding, will guard your heart and mind through Jesus Christ.’ (Philippians 4:6-7)

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          1. Beckita. I was having a hard time recently with a large family problem/responsibility that was dumped into my lap with no instructions. Was not handling it well even as a little voice in my head was telling me so. It seems that just as one problem is solved or overcome another rears it’s ugly head. It seems to me that the anger and vitriol everywhere in society is trickling down to the family level to me. My friend Susan is a wise Catholic women who counsels for Rachel’s Vineyard retreats and a great advisor friend. So I confessed the anger and coldness I was feeling in my heart. I knew it was wrong. She told me she has a young friend who told her this quote. “Mary, lend me your heart!” Relief from my anger subsided. Then confidence in my abilities to handle the situation returned with a peacefulness in my heart. Remember this little prayer. Once again, “Mary lend me your heart!”

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            1. Beautiful, Joanne!! Sonja Corbitt shares a similar intervention in her Freedom from Anxiety series. She stresses the number of times Jesus said, “Do not worry.” and “Do not be afraid.” Then, Sonja speaks to the actual choice we have with every thought. We CAN obsess on worries, hurts, whatever negative thoughts might rise OR we can choose to let such as this go and, thus, renew our minds in Christ by choosing life-giving thoughts. If Sonja experiences a thought that is hard to let go, she simply and gently gives it to Mary. If that same thought persistently returns, Sonja repeats the handing over and, right quick, Our Lady is at the rescue.

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                1. Thank you for your kindness, Littlelight. I began the series by listening and journaling. I’m taking a deeper dive by pasting the transcripts into documents and then reading the material while cutting out extraneous-for-me parts and then copying that with which I continue to contemplate and co-create with the Lord.

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                  1. There is so much wealth there, as you know! I have only scratched the surface, and have benefited greatly from that little bit.

                    My hang up right now is journaling. I have a strange terrible stubborn aversion to it. But it keeps coming up everywhere, and I mean everywhere. Gary Roe just released a book “The Write Way to Grieve” The slow girl (me, LOL) thinks I may be getting nudges.

                    The desert meditation has been powerful in helping me visualize things in a looking up the mountain (DFOT’s language) kinda-way. In Sonja’s language, visualizing the blooms and dew fall. Thanks to MP’s photos over the years, this life long forest dweller has an idea of what this may look like. It is pretty cool.

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                    1. LL, simply ask Holy Spirit to overshadow you and His Spouse to procure the graces needed to do this. It doesn’t have to be a writing of e.v.e.r.y. l.i.t.t.l.e. t.h.i.n.g. Your style may be to make a more broad recording OR engaging in the dialogue with the Lord and writing highlights.

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          2. Beckita, I gave a thumbs up comment to Steve. It showed up as needing moderation and then disappeared. Did I say something wrong? I am so self-conscious with little outside contact. I hope my remark was not misunderstood. Maybe it was just a glitch. Oh well offer that up too.

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      2. We need to hear that, Steve, even though deep down we may know already, and even though we don’t have a timetable. God bless you for having the courage to speak it!

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      3. No Steve, it doesn’t change my calculus, it reinforces it. Thank you for that. I agree. I recently read a C.S. Lewis quote: “When the whole world is running towards a cliff, he who is running in the opposite direction appears to have lost his mind”. It’s funny, Charlie wrote about normalcy and confirmation bias recently. I’ve pondered those often in the last 5 years as I ready myself to spend retirement money on a small farm. I have no delusions about self sufficiency, but it gets me further from a population gone mad. If God wills, I’ll have a spot for family to gather. If not… Well, it’s all paper right now anyway!
        Batten down the hatches, the storm is on us.

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        1. Ha, Mark! In quiet times, I still fantasize over living alone in a mountain cabin near a stream and sitting this all out. I would not do it. “I have promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep…” But it is a pleasant fantasy for me.

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          1. Not that it’s a competition, but I’ve got one better than kicking back and sitting it out, Charlie and Mark. One evening when I came across an article about the Yellowstone Super Volcano and its implications for those in a 200 mile radius from it, I popped up from the computer and stepped into the living room where Father was reading. “Hey Papita,” I said. “Just imagine that Yellowstone Volcano blowing and covering us in ash and we could, speedy quick, trek to Heaven.” He looked up from his reading and in a calm tone remarked, “THAT’S the lazy way out.”

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                1. I just shared this with my husband who enjoyed a loud belly-laugh to start the day. Pls let Fr. Wang know how he is heartening us 🙂

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          2. Love it, you nailed it (again!!!) that’s the evil one tempting you to “sit this one out” instead of doing what’s right!!!
            parallel to Mat 16: 21-23. …what Peter tried to convince Jesus…
            and therefore why Jesus says “Get behind me, satan! You are a hindrance to me; for you are not on the side of God, but of men.”
            I heard an amazing parallel to this statement to Peter, actually calling him satan!, to the tempting of Jesus during his 40 days in the desert by the devil. both were doing the same thing… tempting Jesus to choose the Easy way.

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            1. Kevin, there is a difference between sitting one out and taking prudent action to protect your family when danger is perceived. Positioning myself to help family and others seems like “The next right step” to me, not sitting it out. But hey, if staying in the city and fighting hungry hordes over beans, rice and toilet paper is your way of serving God, then God bless you! We’ll have a cup of coffee and discuss how our Lord used our imperfect decisions when we meet in paradise.

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              1. Mark, hmmm… I’m bewildered… I am very sorry you have personalized what I wrote. What I loved was the “dream” Charlie had… Because I have the same temptations. We all have those temptations to choose the lazy road where we don’t go out an help anybody. Most, and more likely ALL here don’t choose those types of temptations either.
                In fact, “…taking prudent action to protect your family when danger is perceived. Positioning myself to help family and others…” IS MOST CERTAINLY NOT “SITTING ONE OUT” Caring for others is one of the most/best things we can do to do our Lord’s work here on earth!!!!!
                That’s a GREAT example of the Prayer of Doing.
                Jon Leonetti’s weekly clip this week talks about the same thing… “Going out of our way to help others”.
                It’s a 1 minute video clip:

                Blessings to you/yours, -kevin-

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                1. Hey guys, I don’t think you are so much disagreeing with each other as sharing different perspectives…and maybe a little fantasies of a better world. No harm, no foul. I trust both of you to do the work with fidelity needed to make that better world a reality. I love my work, but boy do I look forward to my retirement!

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                2. I apologize Kevin. Between Charlies comment and yours, I did take that personal. It seems as if my comment of buying a farm was taken as a dream of retirement. I have never been busier and throwing a move with large expenses in the mix with losing a job on top has put me on edge. I’ll admit might ‘fight’ is up right now given the direction my employer of 35 years is taking. Their blatant disregard for employee’s and human rights is staggering to me. thank you for clarifying

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                  1. Thanks Mark, much appreciated and accepted.
                    However, It’s me that should apologize. I got quite “chatty” the last several days here, and that *never* works for me. People often misunderstand my words. It’s my problem, I know better and yet I still let my guard down (again) Most people do this very well, but I don’t. I won’t be clicking/chatting hopefully anymore. Know I will continue to be praying for everyone’s intentions, even though I’ll be silent.
                    blessings, -kevin-


                    1. No, Kevin, don’t go away! We all need to be here if we have time to stop by and visit. We give each other knowledge and wisdom in many ways. I get chatty too, off and on. 🙂 I’ll be watching for you to come back!

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                    2. Annie/Beckita, I am not leaving, I’m not going anywhere.
                      and I feel plenty welcome here.
                      Being chatty is certainly not a bad thing either. Here, it’s a GOOD thing. It is what makes this site and the people in it like family to each other. (i’m just not good at it)

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          3. Ah Charlie, would that I had the time to fantasize about the quiet life. My wife and I are taking care of 2 sets of parents and one aunt. We have 4 kids and one grandchild. Not a one of my kids see’s this train barreling down the track. I’m more thinking of a place of relative (relative to high density population with no services) safety for 5 households. At some level we are called to use what we have to take care of others. A well and septic is a good start!
            What I perceive to be true is this:
            Society is breaking down and the monetary system will soon follow. I have a small pile of cash squirrelled away. I can use it to better position myself (and those God chooses to put in my path) or lose it. I see no benefit of living in high density areas during major conflict or economic collapse. I’m not a farmer, but if I have land, sustainable water, a way to process waste and seed then I’ve done what I can. I’ll most definitely need Gods grace no matter where I am. I’m aware all my plans can turn south in the blink of an eye. They have. The land I purchased sits squarely between both adult children. It’s a wise move in good times and a great location for bad times. There are people, just not thousands in a square mile. I’m not unplugging, just extending the cord. I’ve pondered often what the Jews that fled Germany saw that made them move when others didn’t. I think I know…

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            1. Mark, we must be led by Jesus and do what seems to be right as best we can. We decided to pay off our house. We hope it means that the “powers” will not be able to take it so we can be here with food for those who need it. We hope and pray that our little town stays “under the radar.”
              I am praying for us all that we can read not only the signs of the times, but also those signs that are meant for us.
              Lead us Lord! 🙏🏽
              Happy birthday to our Mother Mary💙
              God bless us all, katey in OR🙏🏽✝️💙

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              1. Exactly my prayer, Katey! To read the signs that are meant for us! I have ideas of course, but want to know God’s will for us. As Mark says, we have children and grandchildren we want to be near and help, but it has to be the Lord’s initiative. No one else in the extended family has read all this or understands what we’re up against as much as I do, so decisions have to be divinely inspired and led by the Holy Spirit. I have seen examples of that in the last few years, so I believe the Lord will do it again, and in even more powerful ways. Come, Lord Jesus!

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            2. Mark,
              I understand your urge to move away from the population to a slower simpler life.
              My parents did so with us back in the early 70’s. I didn’t know why until I was older but they told me that drugs started filtering into the neighborhood and with the Sexual Revolution in full swing some of the hired teachers at our Catholic school were dressing inappropriately for my mother’s taste.
              So we moved to the suburbs.
              Dad bought 20 acres and split half with a friend. We grew a garden, had chickens, pigs, horses, turkey, peacock, a milk cow and a few steers (and a monkey).
              I built barns, fences, pens, chicken coops and an addition on our home. I dug holes for trash, cleared our property with a chainsaw and axe and cut down innumerable trees. I competed in horse tournaments for 4-H and gave presentation on snakes and other wildlife. I started doing tile in the summer and got a shotgun for my birthday and started hunting deer, quail and dove.
              And all this between the ages of 12 and 16!
              So in a rather short period I developed knowledge and skill in multiple areas.
              I suspect, you will too as “Necessity is the mother of invention”. And “God helps those who help themselves”.
              “And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are called according to His purpose.” (Romans 8:28).

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            3. Mark, I have often wondered about why some fled and some stayed in place too. Some didn’t extrapolate the facts (disbelief), some didn’t remember past pograms, for some their possessions held them in place. Germany was an “enlightened”, educated society. How could reason and logic be tossed in favor of faux ideology? After all, the Jewish population was an integral part of Germany’s success. Yet, the population was led by the lies of Hitler. Our country is being led by the lies of the MSM and the Democrats even as blatant hypocrisy is exposed. The colossal blunders here continue and the Biden administration tries to cover them in stead of rectifying them. Here’s one example. Today I heard the Surgeon General of the United State of America actually state that the antibodies developed by persons who have had Covid have LESS protection from future infections than the “vaccines”. This is an absolute lie and completely “not following the science”. A country that lies to itself will not survive.

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      4. Stevebc I tend to think as you do! I keep telling my hubby I doubt social security will be here when it’s our time. My son just called and BEGGED me to get the vaxxxxx and said if this covid gets me he’ll be mad as heck! Ha! What a great time it was for me to witness to the faith of, “the good news!” 🥰. I also think pensions will be gone and times will be much simpler!!! I’m sure it’ll be a hard adjustment but I’m also sure God will give us all the graces to adjust 🥰🙏🐶

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      5. I sense that when all you speak of cimes true, we will have to go to physical war.
        That is what I see coming.
        Thankfully, many experienced warriors see it as plain as day.
        Michael Yon , a special forces warrior, sees it too.

        He sees the spiritual roots of this, as do others

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      6. “Trading your life for what the old folks used to call a mess of pottage is not the deal you are contemplating now, but it is likely to be what you get.” Ha! You are right Steve. What a great analogy. Ask Esau how that worked out for him!
        God, be all in us, as we all are in You. Help us to embrace our birthright and forgo the pot of porridge.

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        1. Julie, just wanted you to know that there does seem to be something glitchy going on with the moderation of comments. I went to approve a comment that you addressed to Beckita, but it simply disappeared when I tried to approve it. It’s not in the spam or trash folders; it’s just gone. Weird. Anyhow, it’s always great to see a comment from you. 🙂

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      7. SteveBC, this reminds me of what happened at our state u. The univ. was strong-arming all to get the vaxxx or you will have to wear a mask! (and other niceties like closer surveillance via testing, blahblahblah) That was the then story-line. We are blessed that the kids sought and got an exemption. Well, well, well, turns out vaxxxed or not, masks are a non-negotiable. They are also institutionalizing Fear. Actually this u piloted a program of testing the wastewater ’cause then they can pinpoint The Offending Person (no kidding: https://covid-testing.uconn.edu/dashboard/ )

        I say don’t pee in their toilets. They have Screaming Meemie down to a science. But the roar is so monotonous they are tone deaf.

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      8. Interesting take Steve. I see your point already happening, in part, to me.
        My “retirement” investments have been my turtle farm and my music and staying debt free.
        Despite the economic crash happening, Florida has seen a boon in construction so I’m super busy with tile work but I see most businesses here are hurting for workers and this has made many things expensive, hard to get or on back order- sometimes for months.
        My turtle sales to China buyers has disappeared. I mentioned this to my brother Richard who follows China through some of his military sources who talk to defectors who told them China has had an economic crash partially due to Trump’s policies but more so from the effect of Covid. He was told that China has lost a fair amount of their military from Covid and that they have pulled men from the work force to fill the void and this is one reason they are so anxious to annex Taiwan because of their profitability. He claims the CCP very probably will shut down China and return it to a full Marxist style military state because of all this.
        Fr. Wang and Beckita may have more insight into the situation in China.

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        1. This is verrry interesting, Phil… both your observations about life for you in Florida AND the info your brother has received. We know that the one child policy had relaxed, even before the covid madness began, because the Chinese government has been on the move to be Tyrant King ruling the world and, to protect the vast frontier, there is need for man power to build up military forces. But my goodness, we can all see how China has invaded and infiltrated every corner of the world possible. I think it would be jaw-dropping to be able to clearly see this in its entirety right now. I’m not surprised by what your brother has been told via his sources. There was quite a lot of personal video footage released which showed the intense impact of covid on the population. While we do visit weekly with our own sources 🙂 , we know that news is heavily censored and propagandized and, therefore, family members have a distorted view of actual reality. I can only imagine how the Chinese will be ramping up its aggressive scrapping when the greatest worldwide chaos to come ensues.

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            1. I defer to Charlie and SteveBC on this, Jewel, as I really don’t know if JR Nyquist is a solid voice for reporting and analyzing. I DO recall that, in the broad sweep of things, eventually, the US and Russia will ally to contend with the China threat

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              1. I have heard from others that China indeed has so trashed their country’s environment that they would love to and indeed even have to spread out. I’m sure the Russians fully understand this, as their Siberia is next in line, along with Bhutan, etc. Once we in the USA get our act together, and I definitely believe we will, both the US and Russia will realize their common concerns and *finally* come together as the natural allies they actually are in facing China and the satan.

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                1. Steve,

                  I think it is a little more complicated . . . our country is a wreck, so Russia will initially be standing on its own. As a Ukrainian Greek Catholic, I am very sensitive to the issues/relationships between Russia, Poland and Ukraine. Both Poland and Ukraine (especially in the west) have a very visceral dislike of Russia. I know for a fact that many Poles and Ukrainians are now wondering what they have shackled themselves to (the current USA). The opportunity is here now for Russia to court these countries and repair long standing rifts. If Russia had Poland Ukraine with them, it certainly would be much harder for the Chinese.

                  I have had talks with Polish friends and Ukrainians on this – and, in the words of a priest friend “America is now becoming like the Soviet Union of my childhood. My wife and I wonder why we came here.” Father is my age, 53, so his first 23 years of life were in the USSR, and he was in the Red Army.

                  This same priest pointed out to me, since he reads Russian, that things are not as hunky-dory in Russia as we might believe and Orthodox priests who question certain regime actions, find themselves disappearing to a monastery. However, he noted in certain matters that Russia is going in the right direction . . . so we need to keep praying, my friend.

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                  1. Ah, JIM, your comments are absolutely correct. I’m usually accused of writing too much and here by necessity wrote too little. I apologize for glossing over the very serious extra issues you bring up.

                    Yet I will stand by my statement that Russia and the USA, once things clarify here especially but also there, will be natural allies against China. It’s my belief that many in Russia, in the general population, would and often do readily connect with a properly constituted USA where the People are actually the Sovereign. When Russia has gone a long way to fully correcting their detour into Evil and we do the same, I believe both will recognize our need to band together to resist the Chinese, the world’s principal arm of the satan’s plan. And if indeed both countries and other countries at some point Choose God and Mary, the bond will become even stronger.

                    At that point Poland and Ukraine will find themselves in this same camp, and the geopolitical frictions will, at least for a time, fade into the background.

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              2. For some reason, Beckita, reading your comment gave me a flashback to Josyp Terelya (sp?) and his book that I read many years ago. He speaks of the future threats from these various countries as he was given revelations from the Blessed Mother in his freezing cold Russian cell. An amazing person he was!

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        2. Ah, PF, supply chain disruptions are getting serious, aren’t they? That will get worse. People who can repair existing infrastructure and equipment are going to be in *huge* demand as we head for a Cuban-style loss of “new things”. If you have tools and are able to fix existing things, if you have small machine tools and can make screws and bolts and bars, or if you can take apart an old car and cannibalize it to keep another junker going, you will never lack for work over the next several years. For those with medical and healthcare skills, you also will not lack work. Those who can fly planes, repair electronics and washing machines, and so many other things, you will never get a vacation. And at some point, though, you will start getting paid(!).

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          1. SteveBC, I totally agree with your assessment. Have any of you been looking for a new car? We have been looking and looking and looking… new is not available. And then look to the price of gasoline. I need some new shoes…
            God bless us all as we weather this storm, acknowledge God, hearten our neighbors and take the next right step. Lead us Lord!
            Katey in OR🙏🏽✝️📖

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      9. I agree with you SteveBC. It is not worth to take the jab. I saw the following elsewhere and I would like to share:

        “You comply because you want it to end.
        But it is because of your compliance that it will never end.”

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        1. “You comply because you want it to end.
          But it is because of your compliance that it will never end.”

          Any parent that has not said no to their child when a no was clearly warranted know this to be true! 😉

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      10. SteveBC I agree with you. I found the following someplace else and would like to share:

        “ You comply because you want it to end.But it is because of your compliance that it will never end”

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      11. I have been quoting this, with full attribution to Steve at this site. This is the economic future in a nutshell. To paraphrase, St. Thomas More, “I understand selling your soul for the world, but for a mess of pottage?”

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    4. Hi Mark

      I just lost my job (resigned after the Relugious exemption attempt failed )after refusing to take a mandatory hearing test*

      A great demonic oppression has geen lifted per a deliverance prayer in Ripperger’s deliverance prayers for the laity.

      It was tough and completely accidental and unexpected, yet it was /is unmistakenly God offering me His way or “the normal way”.

      Several “spirit”/gut checks were and still are involved.

      I feel immesurably better.

      Tl;dr my faith is less abstrract now.

      Furtthermore, there is a nascent army/force of very brave men and women (see Michael Yon’s locals.com feed for a bunch of examples) who, like TRTL are ignoring the powers that be abd are doing the right thing . “This IS the Kingdom’ as Fr M states on one of his videos..

      God bless

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      1. Timothy, Good job standing up for what you believe in!!!
        Just remember that this does not close any doors to you or your future, it OPENS up many many of them!!!
        As Joanne said, MOST businesses are screaming for employees, you may even be able to pick and choose.
        Many businesses have said this time is an amazing opportunity/time to change jobs because of such a strong need for employment. They said that it is a perfect time to start, and work your way up through the ranks. (Because they want people who are actually/still willing to work, as their (future) management (people with good work ethic))
        May the Peace of Christ be with you in your future!!! -kevin-

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        1. Kevinmal: Thanks. I encouraged my son to move to Texas to find work after @ 1.5 years out of work in
          PA. He found a job managing several restaurant franchises for an owner. I put him in Mother Mary’s care every day.

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      2. I’m sorry to hear that Tim. This is a mind boggling, disorienting time. I’m focusing on making my prayer life a priority as i know confusion, fear and anger (and I’m plenty angry) are of the devil. It’s helping. I’ll keep you and all those who’ve experessed concern in my prayers. God made us for these times. My goal is to hear “Well done good and faithful servant” when this is over. Let’s do this together!

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      1. Thank you Katy. I’m sure I could technically retire. I’m not sure what the benefit would be over letting them fire me. I guess that’s a question I’ll need to get answered. Right now, I’m documenting in anticipation of a class action. Frankly, it’s all less important than taking care of both spiritual and temporal needs. Gods working in this. I see it. I feel it. I’m being knocked off dead center and like most times I’m forced to build virtue, I don’t like it…

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  6. The Battle Hymn of the Republic was written by a cousin in my father’s family. We are both descended from John Sayles and Mary Williams Sayles, though she is down through the Wards and I through the Sayles line. Lots of history in our little family.

    You guys are always in my prayers, though I am most often quiet. God Bless.

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    1. Loving this hymn as I do, William, because Our Lady said at Medjugorje that she loves it, I remember you telling this part of your family history. Thanks so much for your payers.

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  7. “…not because your confidence in yourself has grown, but because your confidence in Him has grown and you are able to abandon yourself more fully to that confidence.“

    Amen. He finally got me there…all in.

    If God is with us, who can be against us, eh? Misfit toys, indeed 🙂🙏

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  8. I have been in a bit of a funk most of the day. I threw my back out and the pain wore me down physically and mentally. Then I read this piece. I became more and more heartened and by the end was practically cheering despite my back. Go Charlie! Go team! Go Corac! Go TRTL! God can do this! We are His soldiers! We can take the Faith, Family and Freedom message into universities just as TRTL took the pro-life message into them. We are winning, not loosing! I often think of your warning Charlie, that the devil gets us in our weakest area. May we constantly fortify our weaknesses with His strength. And may we never give up. Never.
    Thank you for welcoming all to the St. Cloud gathering. It promises to be another great CORAC event.

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    1. Kris, I am praying you are 100% better by then and that all in attendance enjoy the gathering.

      My favorite anatomy teacher taught that when one injures their back, rather then apply the usually R.I.C.E. method of self-care = rest, ice, compress, and elevate, one should M.I.C.E., move, ice, compress, and elevate, of course in moderation. Although it is painful, I know the later method works best for me in healing.

      P.S. – A massage session or two would definitely help! 😉

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    2. Wow, thanks everyone! I didn’t expect such a kind response to my back problem which was a comment within a comment. I will try all your suggested methods to improve. My biggest problem is going from sitting to standing to walking. It’s not so much the pain that hinders me as the amount of time I need to actually be able to move into each phase. It happened on Saturday and I was concerned about church on Sunday, especially Holy Communion as we kneel at the Communion rail. I prayed, “ Lord, please allow me to be able to move while in Church then if it be Your Will, I’ll accept the injury back again.” I did absolutely fine in church! Afterwards, the crippling injury was back. Praise God!

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      1. For what it’s worth, Kris, I have a dispensation from kneeling because of my neurological issues (kneeling and getting in and out of cars are the two most challenging things I do). I don’t usually use it unless the pain is really bad – but I only have about five kneels in me a day…so if I go to Mass in the evening, I usually have to just bow and sit.

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        1. Charlie, I have been thinking of you since this happened. I’m sure I’m getting only a small taste of what you suffer but I did offer my pain to lessen yours. My hubby likes me to be ready to exit the car as soon as it stops. I often accuse him of expecting me to tuck and roll out of the car as he rolls to a stop. 😊 He has been infinitely patient as I move at a snails pace getting in and out now. I don’t know how you are able to accomplish so much with your chronic condition, Charlie. I have a new appreciation!

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          1. Ah, who knows, Kris? Yours may be more intense right now. But, mine is chronic and not going away – so I have had 18 years to get used to it. A friend remarked the other day that he was stiff getting out of bed that morning. I laughed and said if I were NOT stiff getting out of bed, I’d probably call the doctor to try to figure out what was wrong. Thanks for the prayers!

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          2. You cracked me up, Kristen, with the line about your hubby, and “tuck and roll out of the car”! I hurt my back in college on a camping trip, was only 17 yrs. old, and had the chronic pain off and on for over 30 years. It was healed at a healing Mass when the priest said that the Lord was healing back pain! Never had the crippling type of pain again, although there’s a little soreness once in a while from arthritis. 🙂

            May the Lord give you and Charlie relief!

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      2. I actually have a fractured spine (spondy something! It’s called) and I suffered for Years! I was on tramadol and had to wear a lumbar corset just to get out of bed!

        Ha! Sometimes Mike had to help me to the wash room in the middle of the night as I just couldn’t support my weight alone!

        Anyhow one day, Fr Joe was giving out the sacrament of the sick at noon mass st Peter n Paul’s in Sandusky Ohio (he’s retired now I 🤔 think??) and I thought, I wonder if this is serious enough for me to go up and get this sacrament. Most folks were elderly (I am too now) but this was probably like 8 years ago?

        Anyhow, as soon as his thumb put the sign of the cross on my forehead, this beautiful sensation went down to the very tips of my toes! I thought I was going to go down in the spirit!

        It sort of had me feeling perplexed for awhile but then in a few days, my back started hurting less and less as I awoke.

        One day, I decided to go clean a house without my lumbar corset just out of curiosity and I did just fine!

        Then I started weening myself off my tramadol until I was completely off of them!

        Thanks be to God! I think and believe i had a healing!

        I had to get an ultrasound a few years back for a different problem and she was like, “Hey, do you know you have a fractured spine?!?!” I’m like, “Yes I know!” Ha! I think I told her the whole story too! So it’s still there, but the severe back pain is gone!

        But God’s pretty twicky! He gave me other kinds of pain to fill in! 😝

        So anyhow…long story short of it, maybe go up for the sacrament of the sick the next time some Holy priest administers it after Holy Mass?

        What do you know for sure?

        God heals!!!🥰🙏🤔❤️

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  9. I always read but seldom comment, Charlie, but I seriously needed this today! I can, for the most part, blow off the constant fear mongering of the media and the democrats, but the last few weeks it has been non-stop, everywhere, in my face hatefulness…from people who are in like Flint for the jab, and those who write everything off as a conspiracy theory, leaving nothing to faith. I avoid the world news as much as possible, but as farmers we also watch the weather reports and keep up with local news. Fear mongering is everywhere.
    But as you so boldly claim, “my Boss is bigger than your boss” is absolute truth. No denying or arguing that! My faith was strong before, but reading your writings from the very beginning (I first heard of you when you were interviewed on EWTN Radio) has increased and deepened my faith exponentially! Hopefulness and faith abound in your columns and touch my heart at depths I never knew were there. Thank you for guiding us through these tumultuous times and leading by faith, hope and love. Thank you most kindly for being God’s “Frontman” in this historically diabolical world!
    Thank you and may God bless you and keep you safe from all harm as you continue to help us traverse this mighty storm!

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  10. “We are on the verge of World War III, far more comprehensive and destructive than the two that preceded it, because of vain fecklessness. It can’t be much forestalled now even if a Ronald Reagan or Donald Trump were to take the reins – for we have taught evil aggressors that if an American administration which takes its job seriously is elected, all the aggressors have to do is lay low and wait for the inevitable Jimmy Carter or Joe Biden that will follow when feckless Americans cease to take sound policy seriously in favor of ideological pretensions or perceived benefits. We have also taught our allies the same. For over a century, America has been the great restrainer in global affairs. Now the hand of the restrainer is withered and dead.”

    Thanks for this piece Charlie! Great one indeed!!!

    So proud of TRTL!!! It’s just so hopeful to see that in the end God wins!!! 🥰🙏👶🏼🎉

    Get up! Pray up! Saddle up, y’all!!!👍

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  11. It is clear to me that Biden has set the whole world up for war. Yes, probably WW III. For all the reasons you have cited, Charlie…TRTL has been amazing. May Our Lord bless them and strengthen them further in this difficult fight.

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  12. It’s all great, Charlie! But one line with which I really identified was, speaking of the young people, “they don’t know what normal is…..”. Many years ago I would tell our kids that life now was “before and after”. Our children can’t comprehend what life was like 40 or 50 yrs. ago, or even less. It’s one of those few things that makes me appreciate my age. 🙂 Thank God, our kids are old enough to have missed the “dumbing down” in the schools, and have become good, conservative citizens, not that it was a cake walk!

    I would so love to take up the offer of the TRTL dinner! I can’t even think of leaving my husband as he begins radiation. It would be awesome to take part, as well as being able to meet some of you who will be there.

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  13. I particularly like this part! Ha!!!

    “For most of my life, I have looked forward to the chaos that would come when all illusions of mastery are stripped away from both the great and the small. As fearful as it is to have our delusions of grandeur crucified before our very eyes, its signifies the same grace that flowed from the Crucifixion of Our Lord. We are to lift up our heads and rejoice, for redemption is at hand for all who trust in the Lord. We are to walk both humbly and confidently with the Lord, for He has condescended to invite us to cooperate with His plan for recalling those who have fallen who are willing. We cannot stop the crash. We cannot force those who have irrevocably deluded themselves that there is nothing greater than themselves. But we can assemble the ambulances to care for all the wounded who WILL stretch out their hand to God for healing – and what a glorious call it is! From the fires and rubble of a culture that, by its hubris, will make the City of Babel blush at the judgment, we are invited to participate with the Master in rebuilding a culture of life in the City of God. I tell you now that those who stand true in these fearful times and participate humbly and confidently in this great work God has appointed will be revered and called blessed by their children and grandchildren up unto the establishment of the new heaven and the new earth. What a glorious time to be alive! And God has chosen and called you for this moment. Don’t obsess over the wreckage of the dead culture collapsing around you. Answer His call with rejoicing and participate in building the City of God. God will use the coalition of the willing in his service to renew the face and faith of the world. It amuses me sometimes that God has decided, this time, to renew the world with an army of misfit toys – and I am foremost among them.” CJ

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    “The essence of perfection is to embrace the will of God in all things, prosperous or adverse. In prosperity, even sinners find it easy to unite themselves to the divine will; but it takes saints to unite themselves to God’s will when things go wrong and are painful to self-love. Our conduct in such instances is the measure of our love of God. St. John of Avila used to say:

    “One ‘BLESSED BE GOD’ in times of adversity, is worth more than a thousand acts of gratitude in times of prosperity.”

    + + + + + + +

    [He offered] this incident in the life of a certain monk: Externally his religious observance was the same as that of the other monks, but he had attained such sanctity that the mere touch of his garments healed the sick. Marveling at these deeds, since his life was no more exemplary than the lives of the other monks, the superior asked him one day what was the cause of these miracles.

    He replied that he too was mystified and was at a loss how to account for such happenings.

    “What devotions do you practice?” asked the abbot.

    He answered that there was little or nothing special that he did beyond making a great deal of willing only what God willed, and that God had given him the grace of abandoning his will totally to the will of God. “Prosperity does not lift me up, nor adversity cast me down,” added the monk. “I direct all my prayers to the end that God’s will may be done fully in me and by me.”

    “That raid that our enemies made against the monastery the other day, in which our stores were plundered, our granaries put to the torch and our cattle driven off —did not this misfortune cause you any resentment?” queried the abbot.

    “No, Father,” came the reply. “On the contrary, I returned thanks to God—as is my custom in such circumstances—fully persuaded that God does all things, or permits all that happens, for his glory and for our greater good; thus I am always at peace, no matter what happens.”

    Seeing such uniformity with the will of God, the abbot no longer wondered why the monk worked so many miracles.

    + + + + + + +

    Acting according to this pattern, one not only becomes holy but also enjoys perpetual serenity in this life. Alphonsus the Great, King of Aragon, being asked one day whom he considered the happiest person in the world, answered: “He who abandons himself to the will of God and accepts all things, prosperous and adverse, as coming from his hands.” “To those that love God, all things work together unto good.” (Rom 8:28) Those who love God are always happy, because their whole happiness is to fulfill, even in adversity, the will of God. Afflictions do not mar their serenity, because by accepting misfortune, they know they give pleasure to their beloved Lord: “Whatever shall befall the just man, it shall not make him sad.” (Prov 12:21)

    from “Uniformity with God’s Will”
    St. Alphonsus de Liguori

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  15. ok, ok, I’m sick at home again today… saw this, and it really cracked me up…
    See article below…
    I wonder if she realizes that she is doing/suggesting a very Catholic/Christian thing called “Fasting”!!!
    and, even better yet, like the article says, if all her liberal followers to the same, it will reduce the possible future abortions!!!
    Actress Bette Midler Wants Women to Hold “Sex Strike” Until Texas Abortion Ban is Overturned:

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    Murder, Inc. a wholly owned subsidiary of Democrat party USA can’t abide Pro-Life!


    Four Big Islamic Terrorists that BO/Biden released w/Planeload of $$$ for ONE Deserter/Traitor are now “Overseeing” the latest USA Hostage “Situation” & ….. ;-(

    OK! What do Our TNRS ChinaBioWeapon Gurus think about the below articles?
    Now! Where can we get it?
    Below is from a year ago discussing the PVP mentioned in the above:



    Canada joins Australia, New Zealand & Old Blighty in ChinaBioWeapon Tyranny …. where will the USA be come Christmas?

    Some new info and a few naughty words from Geo. Carlin.


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  17. I was checking out another “verse of the day, and sometimes I open the whole chapter and read around…
    You just gotta love how St Paul really gets blunt sometimes.
    The second half of V:10 is SOOO true in today’s world!!!

    Galatians 5:10‭, ‬12 NRSV-CI

    10: I am confident about you in the Lord that you will not think otherwise. But whoever it is that is confusing you will pay the penalty.

    Then This one really cracked me up tonight…

    12: I wish those who unsettle you would castrate themselves!


    Blessings, -kevin-

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  18. Charlie, these past days watching the military demise under the feckless pathetic person who is nothing more than a puppet decide the fate of many has been a time of intense prayer asking God to intervene.  The 13 young who died with the explosion in Afghanistan, watching MORE unvetted Afganie men with child brides imported to ameriKa…more than active duty personnel stationed there…, the DELIBERATE set up of a terrorist military in the Middle East called the Taliban, and knowing many young in the military have been wounded physically and or psychologically is more than sad or painful.Yyour article says to focus on the endgame.  I will , even if seems difficult at this moment, I will repeat when feeling weak, that God knows better, and to Trust to abandon myself to His Holy Will. And being in the Pacific, I can only dream of the fun in Texas AND Minnesota ya’ll will have.  If I were to magically appear , I would be hogging myself to TEXAS ribs, and MinnESOda bratwurst with a cold brew!!!😛God bless all here with 🌸 aloha .🤙🏼🌺

    Sent from Yahoo Mail for iPad

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    1. Oh what a gorgeous image, Maggie! Amen to the 5 smooth stones. Interesting connection: Episode 5 of the Freedom from Anxiety series integrates quantum science and neuroplasticity into the presentations in ways that highlight Magisterial Teaching concerning our inter-connectedness with each other, so much so, that our own interior healing has a mighty impact on our prayer life, including our prayer of doing.

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  19. Another heady article about the lab origins of SARSCOV2.
    I have included some quotes for those who do not wish to read the long article. It’s translated from French so the verbage may be a little funny.
    “Luc Montagnier’s assertion does not come at random because in reality, as we have already mentioned previously ( chapter 7 part 2 ), the AIDS virus is causing havoc in China that is not communicated by the WHO . Another rising scourge in China is malaria from Southeast Asia and Africa with which China has developed a large number of economic and strategic contacts over the past 15 years. The malaria epidemic in China appears to have been brought under control since 2015, at a cost of $ 135 million (USD). But the possibility of resurgence necessarily exists and the need to develop a vaccine remains given the economic and human cost of this disease. Note that the countries of Africa and China share the same double struggle over AIDS and malaria, which are their common scourges. Therefore, one can wonder if there is a tacit agreement between the WHO, whose director Tedros Ghebreyesus is Ethiopian, and the Chinese government for the development of vaccines against AIDS and malaria both its declarations and its actions seem subservient to Chinese power.”
    “Another strategy, much more recent, consists in grafting an envelope protein target virus (such as HIV) on a vector virus. We could even push the concept of vaccination to a respiratory virus, quite infectious but not very pathogenic, such as a mild cold human coronavirus, to which the population has been adapted for a long time and which would convey vaccine epitopes of the target virus or pathogen. We do not know if such a strategy is feasible in practice. In any case, given what has already been undertaken in recent years in terms of genetic manipulation of viruses, for laudable goals in China and elsewhere, it is certainly not a moral rule that would prevent this possibility from being seriously considered.”
    “The many research studies carried out over the past dozen years at the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV) show the considerable efforts that have been made there to find an AIDS vaccine.
    The presence of the signature sequence reflects the integration of a sequence fragment from the Kénya 2008 strain ofRaTG13 HIV1 into the genome of SARS-Cov2 … and that of RaTG13, the only known sample of which was kept since 2013 (until in 2017-2018) in paraffin at the Wuhan Institute of Virology. Unless we imagine that the Chinese bats of Yunnan were contaminated before 2013 by an ancestor of the 2008 Kenya strain of HIV1 and would have naturally produced a viral recombination, we cannot explain this by mere chance.”
    “They assert that this unmistakable presence of concentrated EIAs, in relation to HIV but also with the Yoeli Plasmodium parasite (1 long mini-sequence of 38 nt), the agent responsible for malaria, would not be natural and would reflect a strategy of attempt to develop a vaccine that would have leaked from a research laboratory in China.”

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  20. Hey friends. Thoughts on how to approach the talking point that American ICUs are nearly 100 percent unvaxxed patients? Is that data being manipulated? Our local papers are reporting these stats and doctors, friends and family are bludgeoning us with it. Does anyone have solid data on US hospitalization rates by V status? Or perhaps the current US data is valid, but the tide will shift and resemble Israel’s once variants are predominant? Our family is also facing impending “termination for insubordination.” I’m finding it harder to reason in the whirlwind so any help thinking through the ICU numbers would be so appreciated. I’m feeling a little wobbly in my mental defenses to that particular argument/fear.

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    1. Irish, I invite you – and All – to the Health Freedom Summit, initially hosted about a year ago and now relaunching with updated information. I received an email from this group which I cannot put my fingers on at the moment. In it, they provided the stats shared by the CDC on its site wherein they show the high proportion of the vaxxed filling hospitals. The belief by many is that there is a great deception in the sharing of data. Here’s the summit link: https://healthfreedomsummit.com/ If you have FB and go to their page, you will find beau coup pieces there concerning the outright lies being peddled.

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      1. That’s what I’ve read also, that there’s reporting of the reverse! It’s the vaxxxed being hospitalized. That is the case in Israel where the v’d are the ones filling the hospital beds.

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        1. The CDC and the media are engaging in a bit of “bait and switch.” The numbers they use to calculate how many are vaxxed are from January and December – when barely one percent of the population had not had the shot. The hospitalizations they use are now. They are lying with statistics that don’t share the same baseline. Shoot – if they would have used vax stats from March 2019, they could claim that 0% of those hospitalized are vaxxed. But the experience in Israel and some other heavily vaxxed countries gives the lie away.

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      2. I just tried to register with them and saw this message 😑

        UPDATE: Our hosting account has been partially terminated without notice.
        Our email capacity has been shut down.
        Health Freedom Summit was hosted on the Kajabi Platform which was mentioned in the report put out by The Center for countering Online Digital Hate and highlighted by Biden.

        We were notified Sept 9th 2021 at 6pm that our account’s email functionality was terminated. We cannot guarantee the publishing of our content as we do not have full control over our account and suspect it could soon be completely deleted.
        Please view while you can.
        We were only told quote: “for security purposes, we cannot reveal how these detections are made.”

        Our Operation Flood Monthly membership is partially hosted on a different platform, in the case of take down, you can find us here.

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          1. I wasn’t able to use your link because I wasn’t registered yet. But I tried their main website again and was able to register. They must have been able to work around the problem!


    2. IrishBAdgerling, here in the US, the CDC counts people who go into the hospital within two weeks of getting the first jab as “unvaccinated” from what I have seen. Lots of screwing around with the data.

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  21. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! 😉





    I can’t but wonder if these two Mexican Events are related?









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  22. Hi Stevebc hey I got my script of ivermectin from frontline drs. 24 pills of 3 mg each. Not sure how to take it should we get sick? I keep looking through your front porch but don’t see it as of yet. Can you give me any advise or where to look? Thanks Steve. I’m on your vitamin regimen too🥰 love it!

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  23. Happy Birthday to Our Lady, everyone! I served as the subdeacon a divine liturgy this morning. There is nothing more enjoyable to me than serving the Deacon and Priest at the altar. It is to me living exemplar of Isaiah Chapter 6 and the ecclesial hierarchy that Pseudo-DIonysisus talks about.

    Here is the Kontakion of the Nativity of the Theotokos:
    Through Your holy birth, o Immaculate One, Joachim and Ann were delivered from the shame of childlessness and Adam and Eve from the corruption of death. Your people redeemed from the debt of their sins, celebrate Your birth crying out to You: the barren one gives birth to the Mother of God, the Sustainer of our Life!

    Prayers for everyone here and prayers for your perambulation coming up, Charlie!

    Prayers for the souls of those who died at bloody Flodden in 1513 (Dated to September 7, 8, and 9) including King James IV.

    And, for something very nice – a distant relative of mine was just beautified with the consent of Pope Francis: https://pl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maria_Paschalis_Jahn

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  24. As far as advice goes, this line is pure gold: “Don’t obsess over the wreckage of the dead culture collapsing around you.”

    You know, makes me think of another conversation going on over here: https://corac.co/the-conversation/

    Sort of the new touchpoint/hub for CORAC folks learning, teaching, collaborating… doing stuff.

    Quick scan of of commenters here tells me that 90%+ are also CORAC members (yeah, I look at that sort of thing without obsessing).

    Not to cannibalize in the least from this great conversation, but how’s about it?! Yep, another challenge from MP.

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    1. What a true blessing it is to be alive now with all of you here. I am finding myself so busy with so many things, etc., that is difficult to absorb the wealth of info on Corac’s site. Nonetheless, it is a cheerful, courage-building site. The blessing are everywhere, if we can have eyes to see (+Let it be so, Lord+). Doesn’t the very air feel full of life-giving promise? As things get darker, it seems as if the spiritual goodness of The Lord and His peeps are growing bolder. And Corac and this forum are certainly bright lights leading the charge (TYG)

      Yesterday at Staples I had a lovely conversation with an elderly man who likes to journal. He didn’t seem particularly religious, but I dare to say he was God-fearing, from the many, wonderful stories he relayed. He told me: “I have to update my journal. Previously I wrote that there are no humans today who are willing to stop and listen. Everybody’s face is covered with a mask and people are afraid. And today I met one.” I saw in him the same laughter and hope I want and pray to wear, regardless of the wind direction. Our conversation ended with: “We have God, we have everything!” (TY to Charlie for refining this here and now). The whole episode was a shot of courage, warmth and wonder. How wonderful to connect with ordinary people in life who refuse to Fear. There are a few out there still.

      Charlie’s words and story about the non-hullabuloo that was the hexing, has given me a giddy shot of courage. Certainly Our Boss is bigger than theirs. (Duh-me! Why was I so knocky-knee about it before, ugh). I also love Charlie’s prayer of asking God to keep up on His plain path, not to the left with anger or to the right with fear. I like to add not to the left with hubris or to the right with self-loathing. I’m sure there are many more examples worthy of prayer formula. It is a wonderful formula.

      Anyways today on Our Lady’s Birthday, I am delighted to realize how much I love being a Mom. With everything, all the challenges and all the sorrows I’ve seen, I still wouldn’t trade it for the world. How wonderful I can say this today in the midst of this woeful world. I feel truly blessed. TYG. Happy Birthday Blessed Mommy! God bless us, Everyone!

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      1. Love to hear that you took the time to have “a lovely” conversation.. “to stop and listen” to some old guy in a store. I don’t undervalue the worth of such things, as it really takes a holy boldness these days to step out in charity. To be a light in the darkness for those who prefer to do little more than pop-off or cower under a stormy cloud, or simply go around tossing the hot potato of woe and outrages of the day without providing the slightest, productive solution. Charity is the solution if we want to get to renewal. Well done, Littlelight.

        We can’t draw so much as a breath without God, but that doesn’t mean we should tempt Him by trying to extract everything from Him with no effort on our part. Anecdote to gloom: holy boldness. We can just start by wanting it, if necessary. Baby steps. I’m heading out for a desert run just to clear the fog. Yeah, I’ve got other more important things to do, but I’m not going to let all that get in the way of having some prayer time and living a bit. Bonus: I’ll be more productive after.

        A little something that may serve as a good starting point, or may be of some interest:


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        1. That was an great read and much food for thought. The squeamish feel of that nest of busy-bees is a nice touch.

          Yes, I can say I remember living in both busyness and margins, ugh. Margins are so much nicer, all around. Timely reminder it is. TY!

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          1. The subtle irony of the image (because it likely connotes busy bees to most) is that they’re actually the most efficient pollinators on the planet. They work, and work well! A single colony can pollinate up to 3 million flowers a day. Their work is rewarded with nectar and some pollen and the plants thrive. By extension, we get honey.

            Some days all of creation seems like one big metaphor and endless smaller metaphors to me. But it’s so much more.

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            1. Hah! That’s a wonderful insight—wow.
              “Some days all of creation seems like one big metaphor and endless smaller metaphors to me. But it’s so much more.”
              Yes, indeed!

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        2. MP, I read the essay and enjoyed it very much. I liked the bees 🐝 I then proceeded to comment on it and was blocked by the website. It was odd. It had me fill in my email address and asked what I was doing..
          a very strange interlude.
          I hope I wasn’t interviewed by an alien bot. 🙄
          Katey in OR 🙏🏽


          1. Katey, I’ve just discovered the wonder of the new site. It is amazing! Lots to delve into. Tons of encouragement. TY to MP and All the hard working Squirrels. I loved Patrick’s story, Wow-wee! I love the monthly prayer intentions. I love how I can be part of conferences and “see” many of you even though I can’t travel. Good stuff.

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          2. Were you logged in? The site will prompt you to login with an email and pw, or ask you to register in order to comment. Checked the logs and we’re malware/virus free at present, and other security measures are keeping the hackers at bay. Send a screenshot of what you’re encountering so I can be certain it’s not something on our end.

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    1. I’m glad CD included the link to Mallett’s piece, “Francis and the Great Shipwreck”; it’s a must read. MM thinks all this might tie in with the third secret of Fatima. Maybe so, maybe not, but it’s a great post by Mallett, who always has solid resources and quotes. Thanks as always CD, for your detective work!

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  25. What makes it all even crazier, all these horrific things and events are happening while the men in the most powerful positions on Earth are Catholic (Joe, Nancy and even Papa Francis).

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  26. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! 😉

    May St Joseph, Terror of Demons and St Michael, Archangel be with US!



    Intimidation, Slander, Vandalism ……… & WORSE Soon!! …. & with covert/overt support of Democrats/their Media & BigTech Masters!

    YUP! ….. We be in The “Perfect” Storm ;-(




    Not gonna happen! … THEY rule in DC! ;-(



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  27. Linda: Take 4 3mg pills once a week with or without meals presuming you weigh less than 150 lbs. . Also take Zinc and Vitamin D3 and C. This was in Covid19criticalcare.com and elsewhere.

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  28. PS:
    I missed this Scary One last night!
    There are Credible Medical People Out-There with Credible Evidence that demonstrate that the Jabs are responsible for The Variants. Can you imagine a more diabolical scenario?
    Make NO Mistake!! This is Lab ChinaBioWeapon and, it appears, designed to “feed-off” “Vaccines” meant to thwart it! ….. Till The Killer Variant Zulu is released.
    Democrats taking advantage to Steal Elections/ Population Control really may really be an “Event” that makes understandable The Book of Revelation and it’s vision of mass Human extinction. ;-(



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    1. Again, Charlie or SteveBC, please weigh in on this. Crew Dog my understanding is that the jab is not actually responsible for the variants. Why? Because every virus mutates. (The powers that be are calling them “variants” as if this kind of change is exclusive to this most current covid virus and they do so to pile fear upon fear.) If left alone, each mutation results in the virus weakening. The problem with the jab is how it debilitates the person’s own immune system from rallying a fight against the variants.

      I bring in a SteveBC quote to add to this discussion:

      “What is true to my eyes is that the virus is the *means* by which the Powers have spread the spike, which is indeed a bioweapon. The virus is real and has carried the initial spike protein around the world, AND it provided an excuse for the Powers to claim a pandemic and work to scare everyone into a state of such extreme fear that we would all willingly take the vaxxx. It is the vaxxx that is the true bioweapon, and the spike in the vaxxx is more virulent and damaging than the one attached to the virus. This is because the two features of transmissibility and virulence are usually on either end of a teeter-totter. More transmissibility is needed for Step One of the attack, and virulence needs to be low. Once we are all primed to clamor for the vaxxx, transmissibility is unimportant, and virulence can be emphasized. And that is what has happened. So you *have* to have a virus in Step One to get the initial spike to spread. The Step Two payload can be virulent since it is being delivered to willing victims by the hundreds of millions in shots. In fact, the virus itself, absent the spike protein, is almost benign and is easily handled by the immune system in a few days, but it delivers spikes to that portion of the population that is particularly vulnerable often enough and nastily enough to be scary.

      Just remember this: any vaxxx that injects the spike or means to make your body make the spikes are giving you Covid. Covid *is* the spike *is* Covid.”

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      1. Ah, Beckita. You’ve found another part of the depopulation trickery.

        If there were no vaccine, or if we had a vaccine that protects against all infective variants in a viral family (as with Measles, and others), then the virus would either gradually evolve into a very transmissible but not very virulent variant or it would be mostly extinguished.

        For Covid we have these vaccines that do not prevent infection and transmission but *allow* infection and transmission. All they do is just keep the vaxxxed people from getting very ill from that infection (supposedly). This is called a “leaky” vaccine.

        If you start with a population that is 99% unvaccinated and 1% vaccinated, there is no real chance to develop an interplay of variants moving between the two types of people. However, as you vaccinate people, you get to a point where that interplay becomes sufficient to generate new variants that are more virulent AND which can be transmitted through the vaxxxed and unvaxxxed sufficiently easily to survive and even thrive.

        I’ve often wondered why the Powers are so set on getting the population mix to at least 70% vaxxxed and better to 80% vaxxxed, and then I found this “leaky vaccine” process.

        Because the vaxxxes do slow transmission and enable some resistance to the disease, I *think* you have to have a population where more people are vaxxxed than unvaxxxed for what I have called the heterodyning or amplification process to really set in. That would make these 70% or 80% targets sensible. If the population does not meet that amount, then there is much less likelihood of generating more dangerous outcomes.

        So a Covid virus gets into a person and infects him. If that person is vaxxxed, the virus is forcefully evolved to escape the vaxxx antibodies (etc.), and instead of becoming less virulent, it can become more virulent. Normally this would die out, but there are enough slow-transmission vaxxxed people and fast-transmission unvaxxxed people that the enhanced virus is able to transmit through the population, going often through the unvaxxxed and sometimes through the vaxxxed until it gets back into a vaxxxed person where it can mutate into an even more virulent version and repeat the process.

        This is a known process, as the vaccine for Marek’s Disease in chickens is a leaky vaccine. The vaxxxed birds (like the vaxxxed people above) become asymptomatic super spreaders, shedding new variants which live successfully in the vaxxxed chicken but kill *all* the unvaxxxed chickens.

        I think we are getting more virulent versions periodically, less because of this process but because someone (who might that be?) periodically releases new and different and more virulent versions, which get *hidden* inside this “leaky” process. However, at some point various nations will get to greater than 70% vaxxxed, and enough nations will get to that point that this “leaky” amplification process will take on a life of its own.

        If we were to stop all vaxxxinations around the world, this process would gradually fade away.

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        1. Wow! Thanks for expanding on this, Steve. If we didn’t have knowledge that God will intervene in a powerful way, much sooner than later, it seems we’d be looking at full on extinction effected by humanly-devised self-destruction.

          In the face of some of history’s most horrific abuses, those who perpetrate them are often called “animals.” The guys who are orchestrating and executing the current ugliness surely qualify for that moniker. It still remains mind boggling to me that a person, fully and freely, gives themselves over to the evil one.

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  29. Yes Charlie, but they all were baptized in the Catholic church, and they all keep receiving Eucharistic Jesus, we are all sinners for sure,but the feeling of this is as if after the Last Supper most of the apostles decided to crucify Jesus themselves…

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    1. One difficulty is all the propaganda that proliferating, Pawel. Who actually is speaking from a low information or disinformation status? Who knows better and doesn’t care or is actively participating in this kind of genocide?

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    2. Good observation, Pawel. Those apostles would have found such a thing unthinkable. Many of these new apostles seem, like the evil men who killed the heir hoping to gain the vineyard, seem eager to get their bloody work done. As always with evil schemers, they are so busy congratulating themselves on their own schemes they have no idea they are sealing their own doom.

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      1. Just watched the face of evil and thought of the Pharaoh who cursed himself by the deaths of the first born. Moses responded to the Lord’s sentence “…I will execute judgements: I am the Lord.” Moses said, “This day will be a day of remembrance for you, which your future generations will celebrate with pilgrimage to the LORD; you will celebrate it as a statute forever.” (Ex. 12: 12,14)
        Reminds me of the remembrance and thanksgiving coming for the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of our Virgo Potens.
        “Who is she that cometh forth as the morning rising, fair as the moon, bright as the Sun, TERRIBLE AS AN ARMY SET IN BATTLE ARRAY?”
        May Jesus and Mary and all the angels and saints of Heaven do battle for us and with us against all the forces of evil.

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  30. …and it’s getting dicier!!!😫 never in a million years would I have ever guessed the saving up of beans and rice for times of distress would come about this way!!! Lord have mercy on us all!!! 😫

    Biden to announce vaccine mandate for companies with more than 100 employees


    Explore the Fox News apps that are right for you at http://www.foxnews.com/apps-products/index.html.

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  31. And…….Thank you Holy Spirit!

    One week and three hours after refusing to take a OSHA hearing test because of God, we here this from the pretenders to legitimate authority.


    “Requiring All Employers with 100+ Employees to Ensure their Workers are Vaccinated or Tested Weekly
    The Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is developing a rule that will require all employers with 100 or more employees to ensure their workforce is fully vaccinated or require any workers who remain unvaccinated to produce a negative test result on at least a weekly basis before coming to work. OSHA will issue an Emergency Temporary Standard (ETS) to implement this requirement. This requirement will impact over 80 million workers in private sector businesses with 100+ employees.”

    Source: https://www.whitehouse.gov/covidplan/

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    1. Your actions are blessed and ASOH and much good will come.

      The new “rule” is so much posturing and hot air. How is this enforceable? By whom? The legions of mask-police are getting tired as they too have been recently duped by the false promise of freedom from masks that the jab would provide.

      Again The Fear is their most useful weapon. Let us not be afraid, or taken in. I just don’t see the lock-step infrastructure needed to ensure compliance. The unwieldiness and bloat of bureaucracy will itself ensure a clown circus here.

      Step around it, nothing to see here.

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  32. A very cool thing happened in prayer time today.

    I tried to translate “God is the God of the living” by myself with my only guide the forms I am speaking and praying in my daily Rosary.

    My thought process went like this.

    God is-> Dei est (I guessed on the ending for Dei…Deum is an option)
    God of the living-> Deus vivos.
    Conclusion-> Dei est Deus Vivos ( elegant no?)

    So I hit goog trabslate and this is where ‘the cool’ happened…


    And I got Deus Viventum.

    However, while writing this comment, I got other options, abd now I am back to figuring out the Latin Elephant like a blind man.

    They are…

    Deus viventium -> God of the living
    Deum esse Deum vivorum ->God is the God of the living


    God bless

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  33. Re the new upcoming mandatory vaxx for companies !00+, any chance that those forms for religious exemptions posted earlier could be placed in the menu box for quick access?

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  34. I couldn’t even speculate how many companies will go out of business due to the lack of employees if Biden puts in this 100+ employee rule. I suspect that this may get tied up in either the courts or legislation. If not, I will go seeking a new job at a smaller company.

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    1. PRTX, I read your comment here and almost read on, but suddenly got hit by a “boomerang” thought.

      Desmond has in his TTT book some prophecies from Pere Lamy in France during WW1 (I hope I got that right, Dez). Lamy said that Mary had told him that after the big crisis, the world would continue but everything, including cities, will be smaller. This includes smaller factories and companies.

      What this “ruling” from Biden will ultimately do is get people thinking about working in small groups rather than large. The optimal top size for a company is about 140-150 people. Suddenly, we now have “evolutionary pressure” for many to quit the big companies and create smaller ones.

      Perhaps this will end with the United States returning to being a nation of small farmers and shopkeepers. From our current perspective, that starts to appear to be not a bad outcome. So the work of the wicked may boomerang again.

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  35. Someone asked about a “smoking gun” to the dangers of taking the mRNA
    injection. This study not only brings to light the MANY different reasons SARS-CoV2 and the jab can create autoimmune responses but also lists that this new therapy has not been in any animal trials and that SARS-CoV1 animal trials never “passed”muster either and are the only animal trials on this type of therapy to date!
    “Unintended consequences of pathogenesis from vaccines are not new, nor are they unexpected. They are unanticipated only if those who develop them do not include available knowledge in their formulation plan. For example, the H1N1 influenza vaccine used in Europe led to narcolepsy in some patients, resulting from homology between the human hypocretin (aka, orexin) receptor 2 molecule and proteins present in the vaccine. This was established via the detection of cross-reactive antibodies in the serum of patients who develop narcolepsy following H1N1 vaccination in Europe”. “Pathogenic priming may be more or less severe in vaccine or infection induced immune responses to some proteins than for others due to original antigenic sin.”
    “In two studies, this became obvious following post-vaccination challenge with the SARS virus found that recombinant SARS spike-protein-based vaccines not only failed to provide protection from SARS-CoV infection, but also that the mice experienced increased immunopathology with eosinophilic infiltrates in their lungs.”
    “Ferrets previously vaccinated against SARS-CoV1 also developed a strong inflammatory response in liver tissue (hepatitis).”


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    What is the Significance of the Date of Sept. 11? It’s More Than You Think…

    TalibanJoe’s Ventriloquist Rolled Out the Feral Gubermint’s, panic driven, ChinaBioWeapon “Plan” today. The “Panic Plan” to Mandate Citizen Submission/Control and distract an awakening BoobLand USA from the, as planned, godless Global Re-Set, Afghanistan, Economic Bad-News and demise of The USA Republic ;-(

    The Good News about Panic Plans is: Panic makes for Big Mistakes ….. that’s also The Bad News that makes THEM dangerous! ….. Interesting Interview below:




    One panic reason is THEY are fearful of Election Audits “Breaking-Out” USA wide!

    I’m guessing that we are very close to another Lexington/Concord Event? Where??
    Let US PRAY that, as in 1775, it turns out well. ……. but! …. Remember it took eight years of Blood, Tears & Sweat to make The USA Happen. How long to save It?







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  37. This is such a great read so relevant for today, Sept 10th, 2021. Hah. This entire passage reminds me of the conversation MP and I had about the busyness vs. margin metaphor of bees, and the same problem we humans have in our daily lives.

    This is from Direction From Our Times, Anne a Lay Apostle, Vol Seven, July 30, 2004, St. Ignatius of Loyola. It is the daily readings they are emailing in the “volumes in a year” project. It can be found on page 97 of the pdf file link below.


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    1. It is this quote from the above link that reminds me specifically of the bees, how to live in margins and not soul-draining useless busyness for busyness sake. You’ll have to read it all yourself to see the answer 😉

      “So you might say, ‘Ignatius, I do not understand how I can work so hard and not care about the outcome of my labors.’ “

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    2. Jen, this also reminds me of your parents! Princes and Princesses in Heaven. Woot!
      +God bless us and keep us on Your plain path, Everyone.+

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      1. Thank you, littlelight for sharing this piece and for your kind words. I am loving this AoRK daily series and Volume 7 is amazing in how our duties, struggles and rewards are truly timeless in the spiritually sense! ❤

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    1. WOW is right, Pawel. I am particularly horrified by the atmosphere in the hospital wherein telling the truth and/or asking questions is a stigma and calls for silencing the person who would dare attempt to communicate the reality of what is happening.

      Below is yet another video which blows my mind. It describes some surprising, but still shockingly horrific evil. And it’s EXACTLY what happened to Fr. Wang. He was given remdesivir from an IV drip, started on dexamthasone which he took for 10 days and then, lo and behold, admitted to hospital 21 days later with combination pneumonia and edema – with chest x-rays showing markedly different images than those taken when he was hospitalized for the initial two days, three weeks earlier.

      At this second hospitalization, he had to be on 3+ times the liters of oxygen he had ever needed in a previous actual case of pneumonia. The docs “suspected” a bacterial pneumonia so put him on old Zithromax. I just reviewed all his chart notes from the two hospitalizations and I thank God for the doc with whom I communicated throughout this episode as she keenly listened to Father’s health history and operated much like a functional medicine doc: looking, questioning, taking caution not to assume. She kept remarking that things didn’t add up. (He had NO respiratory symptoms with covid. None.) Then she would say that we don’t know long term effects of covid. Well, now I believe it WASN’T covid-induced pneumonia; it was the reaction to the deadly drug cocktail – remdesivir and dexamethasone – that stirred up the inflammation storm. I cannot say enough about the powerful choice for both Father and me to pray over each other, every day of illness. With his age – 92 at the time – and three major co-morbidities, he could well have died without the supernatural intervention of healing prayer… and while we did this every day that we were home during the bout with covid, it was done,with my hands raised towards the hospital when I wasn’t allowed to be there with him during the “pneumonia” phase. When Father was finally released from the hospital, we joined our Tuesday evening healing prayer time in my Anointed Life community to pray once again.


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      1. Horrifying info in the video, Beckita. Also just viewed video from Stew Peters with whistleblower nurse. It’s not the delta variant, it’s vaccine damage!

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      2. Oh how I wish the truth would come out. A comment on one thing in the video. There is no “test” for the variants. A sampling of positive (I assume PCR) tests are sent for further genetic analysis. That is how the variants are detected. And there is no tracing back to the specific individuals, so no one knows for sure which variant they have. For example, here in WI, a sample each week (not even on the daily counts) is sent for testing. They will then report the percentage of variants. Lately, all genetic testing is showing the delta variant. They also never list the percentage of all the positives that were sent for testing, but given all are showing delta, it is possible that all the case themselves are delta variant. The WI websites have a lot of data, but it is a pain to try and make sense of it. Usually I am one for more data, but they have dumped a lot of data that I have yet to navigate around, if I would care to.

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  38. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! 😉



    Not according to PF & his Vatican Lavender Mafia! PF and Special Friends have all but eliminated a Catholic’s ability to Claim an Exemption! ;-(

    Meanwhile in Sweden! A place that WHO/CDC/NIH, Dr Death, Democrat Party & Global Re-Set godless Oligarchy dare not speak of:

    I’m thinking that PuppetPrez is nothing but a Smoke-n-Mirrors Show to distract US from the Global Re-Set/DC Swamp Operators and THEIR Dirty-Deeds!
    … Do Not Resist, Comrades! Oh! BLM, ANTIFA & Union Thuggery .. is A-OK!


    Massive OverLoad Friday:


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  39. If this video disturbs anybody’s sensibilities I’m not sorry…it’s supposed to. If viewing just the first 10 minutes makes 1 person here pray fervently for these souls then my work here is done today.

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    1. Truly, Christopher. And this is but one city with our poor, broken, bleeding world of people on display. Pray and prepare to work. This is a field for the Spiritual and Corporal Works of Mercy to flourish.

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  40. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! 😉 Noon

    Religious Exemption Resources

    The Meme below has been disavowed as fraud … but the interesting part is how fast & aggressive The Usual Suspects were in trying to “Stamp It Out” 😉 THEY are very afraid of anything that may upend THEIR ChinaBioWeapon Conspiracy!




    We touched on this subject last month but it’s worth taking another look as it is obvious that THEY are very worried about the collapse/outing of THEIR ChinaBioWeapon Criminal Conspiracy! …. & I’ll keep asking that nagging question! Why are THEY, who despise me and everything I stand for & hold dear, so concerned about me getting this “Life Preserving” Jab …. Eh!!??



    I ran across this site and it has some interesting posts:

    God Bless The Investigation and protect the investigators!

    We ain’t seen nothing yet! ;-(





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    1. Thanks for the ex.resources link, CD!💙
      (Will be interesting to see what legal maneuvers the red state governors can actually put through)

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