Intentional Acts of Faith

Saying Grace – Norman Rockwell

By Charlie Johnston

When my maternal grandmother, who doted on me, died back in 1964, she bequeathed her Bible to me. Actually, she bequeathed several things to me from her meager estate – and made it known to all that these were to go to me. Alas, much of the family looted her small store of things – and the only thing I have of hers is her Bible. I was only eight years old. I wasn’t mad at the relatives; I was embarrassed for them. It was not the first time I pitied the unseemliness of the behavior of an adult, but it was the first time I can remember pitying a whole group of them. I did not understand the petty, grasping nature of it all. I can’t see how someone can feel triumphant about taking something they are not entitled to. Truth be told, I still don’t understand it except as sort of an anthropological study.

My mother, God bless her soul, was adamant that the Bible was mine – and took custody of it until I reached maturity. After I took possession of it, I filled out as much as I knew in the section in the back devoted to Mom’s family tree. In the 90’s Mom was looking through it while I was visiting and discovered what I had written. She recognized it was not her mother’s handwriting – and mistakenly thought her Father had written it (I wrote in the names in a formal style that did not obviously jump out as my own handwriting). Mom had had a troubled relationship with her father until the last five years of his life, when it became blessedly sweet between them. She was in tears of joy and humbly asked if she could hold the Bible until she passed on as it was such a precious memento now of both her mother and her father. I thought of telling her the truth, but her mistake brought her such solace and joy I could not bear to correct the misunderstanding – so it went back into her custody. When Mom passed nine years ago, it came back into mine. Praying that she is in heaven and knows what happened now, I hope that she is as warmly affectionate about my restraint as I was about her joy at her “discovery.”

Last week I took the Bible to be rebound at a well-regarded book bindery and repair shop in Denver. I had a wonderful chat with the lady who owns the fifth-generation business, who determined that this Bible was printed in 1923. It will not be ready for 10 weeks.

I hit the road again in a week and a half. With the rapid destabilizing of the country, for the first time since I have gone on these missionary journeys, I am deeply uncertain about whether I will be stranded outside of Colorado for a time if an authoritarian convulsion divides the country into free states and captive states. I left the Bible in her care anyway, knowing that nothing is lost in God’s economy – and as an intentional act of faith that, even if I am delayed by events, I’ll be back in God’s good time.

Amidst all the uncertainty hovering over the world, the Church, and our country, now is the time for intentional acts of faith. I think of the time on my pilgrimage when an unstable young man followed me into the woods near Lake Charles, Louisiana and threatened me with a pistol. As I started to break camp to move somewhere else after he fled in panic at something I did not see, something rose in me to make me think, ferociously, that no, I was going to stay right where I was that night and sleep well. And so I did. I can’t say whether it was an act of faith or an act of defiance – but sometimes an act of defiance is an act of faith, a steadfast resolve that no matter how things appear, it is God who reigns.

When you decide to have another child in these troubled times, it is an act of faith. When you strike up cheery conversations with strangers along your daily way, it is an act of faith. I do that all the time. I can’t help myself. Despite my occasional crabbiness, I am fundamentally a cheery guy and have been my whole life. Of late, though, I have noticed that people don’t just enjoy our little impromptu conversations; there is often a look of real relief and gratitude at the cheery normalcy of it all. 

Embrace joy, as a child of God, even in these troubling times. Then, go forth and share that joy with all you encounter. It is time to become intentional evangelists in a troubled world. Simply share your cheery good nature with those you meet; with quietly confident (and not pushy) fortitude act as if God is in charge rather than just saying it – and you will find that an unknown multitude will find their way to Christ and His peace because of your example.


A relatively new commenter here took umbrage at my saying that, with the exception of the use of fetal stem cells in it, sin does not attach to the decision to take or refuse the Covid gene therapy shot. While long-time readers know I was sounding the alarm about the unnecessary use of fetal stem cells in almost all vaccines in America from the time I began writing here, it was an inelegant construction on my part. What I should have written is that no more sin attaches to the use of this mRNA shot than to any vaccine. For many people, awareness that fetal stem cells are being used in the development of many shots only began with the debate over this one. I have known – and decried it – for several decades.

Complicating it all is that the Church has declared that this vaccine is acceptable because of the “remote material cooperation” with the evil of abortion of those who receive the shot. “Remote material cooperation” is a specific and venerable theological concept that dates back to St. Thomas Aquinas. The head of the theology department at EWTN, Colin Donovan, explains the Church’s current position quite succinctly. Infallibility does not apply to the Church’s pronouncement on this matter – and officials have badly muddled the matter of faith and morals, which they DO have authority over with scientific judgment, which they do not. If you detect a note of skepticism in Donovan’s review of the situation, so do I – and I agree with his seeming tacit point that the venerable theological concept has been either misapplied in this case or so clumsily muddled that it is worthless without substantial modification. (Forgive me, Colin, if I have misread you).

Practically speaking, I always endeavor to keep specific controversies narrowly focused – to limit the number of rabbit holes people can go down to avoid the central issue. For me, the central issue here is what is different about this shot from other shots used for other purposes. If my primary stated objection is something that is common to almost all shots used in similar circumstances, when people who otherwise might consider the evidence in good faith discover that, they are likely to conclude that I am just an “anti-vaxxer” and dismiss everything I have to say on the subject – so that is a formula not of bringing a serious, ongoing issue to light, but dismissing serious consideration of what is different about this shot.

This is not a vaccine, but a form of experimental gene therapy – called a vaccine merely because it uses the same method of delivery as a vaccine. By the standard officials are using to define this as a vaccine, a solution of arsenic and strychnine, delivered via syringe, is a vaccine. The method of lethal injection used in some capital cases is a vaccine under the new standard of definition. A vaccine is a solution of attenuated or dead cells of the disease you want to protect against injected to trigger organic immune resistance. If officials want to soothe people by comparing this gene therapy to a vaccine, they do not get to stop without comparing results. By the CDC’s own numbers, this shot has already produced over 100 times as many serious adverse reactions and deaths as all other vaccines combined in the last 30 years (and I am understating it by an order of magnitude here). I, personally, believe (along with more than a few well-credentialed scientists and doctors – all of whom are silenced by politicians and the media) that more people have already died from the shot than have from actual Covid. The cascade is growing visibly week to week now for all who study the actual data.  

Those Bishops who seek to mandate this gene therapy are attacking actual Church doctrine, period.  (Philip Lawler, author of the highlighted link, did a solid book entitled “Contagious Faith” on the subject.) Individual conscience is not the be-all and end-all for Catholics. Dr. Jeff Mirus, founder of Trinity Communications, writes clearly and concisely on both the limits of individual conscience and the extent to which it applies and may not be coerced. I am not the Church. Even if my opinion is correct and well-reasoned, it does not carry the weight of the institutional advice of even non-defined advisories from the Church. On the other hand, it looks, in this case, as if Church authorities did NOT study the actual data, apply defined moral theology to it, and then make a coherent pronouncement. Rather, it looks like they decided to approve it and shopped around for plausible reason to justify the decision they had already made. If the latter is the case, then as the many flaws become publicly manifest, it will lead more people to treat the Church’s actual authority, even when carefully applied, in contempt. That is a loss for everyone.

Meantime, careful journalist Alex Berenson was banned from Twitter for repeating solid information confirmed by the CDC that does NOT conform to the preferred narrative of the anti-science, anti-liberty ruling caste. When all are held to account – and all will be sooner than they think – it will be in mitigation of religious authority’s guilt that they were misled by public officials and voices they once could trust, but it will not erase their culpability for failing to do true due diligence once significant and credible controversy arose. Meantime, we would all do well to avoid triumphalism – for anyone to assert that their own conscience (examined or unexamined) trumps everyone else’s is to invite divine rebuke. So, I examine this whole subject on narrow grounds that I am confident of because of my study and the rules of logic and am neither quick to condemn another who has come to a different assessment nor to expand the ground of my examination to areas that should be defended in their own right.

Mark Twain once told the story of a woman who lived her life for others – and you could tell the others by the haunted, hunted look in their eyes

Though all modern government documents are murky, the FDA approval letter for a Covid shot set a new standard for murky. At the founding of the American Republic, leaders took pains to write powerful, complex ideas in accessible language for all. As legalism set in, documents started to become difficult for the layman to interpret because of the desire for precision. As bureaucracy exploded, the murk was not for precision, but specifically to hide the real intent from the layman. I have long worked from the “squid” theory of interpreting government documents. I figure that any time there is this much ink clouding the water, there has got to be a squid there somewhere – so I endeavor to find the squid.

I have come to believe this was a shell game designed to give a plausible foundation for various governments and institutions to mandate the experimental mRNA shots while simultaneously protecting those same institutions from any liability when the adverse reactions and deaths continue to skyrocket.

The best short piece I have seen on the con game involved here was on American Thinker, by Steve McCann. Robert Kennedy Jr. co-authored a longer piece getting into the details of how this shields the pharmaceutical companies involved while illegally mandating an unapproved shot. This “approval” is a breathtaking masterpiece of raw cynicism. And that in an already unconscionably cynical age!

Pretending Covid was a dire emergency seemed an opportune way to the anti-God left for seizing power across the globe. They did, but they also started digging themselves and everyone else with them into a deep hole. Israel, the most heavily inoculated country in the world, discovered that natural immunity provides 13 times the protection from re-infection than the Covid shot does. So what does Israel do? It mandates that people get booster shots every five months. You never hear about Sweden anymore. It acted rationally in a way that did not give it an excuse to exercise arbitrary power over its citizens. All the “smart” kids in governments and the media said it was going to become a death camp because of its “irresponsible neglect.” You don’t hear much about Sweden anymore because it did NOT become a death camp, it did NOT destroy its economy, and it did NOT seize basic liberty from its citizens – and now has weathered the storm and stabilized. The rest of the world seems determined to keep digging by doing the same things they did to make a real problem into a man-made crisis. They are desperate not to let go of the power they have seized, no matter how many people have to die.

The worm is turning visibly and quickly on this whole thing now, despite the frantic efforts of control freaks to force everyone to bend to their will. Yes, I know; jobs, livelihoods, health care and freedom are being threatened. Every day I see posts from the control freaks wishing death and worse on anyone who will not submit. They latched onto Covid and the shots as a means to power because they are shallow, vain and petty. Soon, those who held their ground and acted rationally will hold the whip hand. I remind everyone that we are to use that moment as a means of reconciliation, not revenge – and so not to treat those afflicted as they have treated us while they thought they held the whip hand. That does not mean they should be allowed to continue to hold the reins of power. They must not. We must not be led by shrieking, hysterical harpies. But we must treat them with a charity and dignity they never extended to us, for our purpose is to draw them back into the fold of a free people under God.


It is well know that I am not a fan of Chicago’s Cardinal Blase Cupich. That being said, reports that he has banned the saying of a public Hail Mary or St. Michael prayer after Mass do not seem to be correct. The story was triggered by a complaint from a Priest in Libertyville, Illinois.

First, I still have a LOT of orthodox contacts in the Archdiocese of Chicago – and I used to attend the Parish in question for Daily Mass frequently. People who I trust absolutely have told me that what happened was that the Priest in question was extending Mass beyond reason with a whole litany of prayers. (Update: I have been given credible evidence that the Priest in question was NOT so doing, but this was all in response to a single pastoral instance where Parishioners simply spontaneously said the St. Michael prayer during the recessional as the Priest processed out. I am looking further into it and will give a fuller update later this week. 9-4-21) After numerous complaints from parishioners, the particular Priest was restrained. No one has produced any order from Cardinal Cupich banning the prayers said to be banished – and several orthodox clerics have told me they have had no private instruction from the Chancery on the matter, either.

We have to be careful to be just. Many of us are primed to believe the worst about certain figures, specifically because we have gotten the worst from them on so many occasions. But when we leap to a conclusion that is not warranted by the evidence, it is ourselves and our cause we do damage to.

I have examined this and am satisfied that this story, though widely reported, is in error. If anything changes, I will let you know.


I often denigrate the Democratic Party, as they are the prime aggressors in this great war on American culture and values that we are now oppressed by. But I have no respect left for the institutional Republican Party or most of its leaders, either. In the great crisis of our time, they are absent, toiling solely to get the best seat at the surrender ceremonies should the Constitution fall like a statue of Abraham Lincoln at the hands of Antifa and BLM. The gulf between Republican “leaders” and the conservative base is wider and deeper than the gulf between Ronald Reagan and the late Speaker Tip O’Neill ever was. Already, over half of those who identify as Republican have given up hope that restoration of American freedom can come from the party.

With what are now clearly political prisoners rotting in jail for the crime of trespassing while protesting wide-scale election fraud on Jan. 6, a handful of Republican Congressmen and no Republican Senators are actively working to right this wrong. On Covid restrictions, with the exception of Sen. Rand Paul, the best you can get from most Republicans is a tepid defense of the right for Americans to choose what they put in their bodies – while hastily assuring questioners that, though they will defend liberty, they certainly are not like those unwashed rubes who comprise so much of their base. When Democrats want to spend $4 trillion that we do not have, Republicans eagerly suggest a more moderate $1 trillion we do not have. The leadership of both parties are determined to take us over the cliff; the Democrats at a frantic 175 miles per hour and the Republicans at a more moderate 50 miles per hour. Sorry guys, I am not bought into going off the cliff at all, so you are on your own. There are, maybe, two handfuls of prominent Republicans I have any respect for – and less than a handful I have significant respect for.

All our institutions have failed us – and are vested in continuing the failure.  I have long said that this would be the hour of the ordinary man. And so it will be. Leadership will come from ordinary people who just say no, who have had enough of unwarranted and unconstitutional bullying by our public servants. Leaders like former Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller will rise by challenging the establishment – and accepting whatever consequences these bullies can muster for it. Yes, Scheller was cashiered and also smeared by the top brass,  but his demand for accountability over the Afghanistan disgrace preceded an open letter by almost 90 retired general officers demanding the resignations of Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin and Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman General Mark Milley in the aftermath of this debacle. There will be a lot of false starts and even some outright frauds before we get it right, but effective leadership now will come from the rank and file. After a century of perverting and corrupting the brilliant system of government erected by the American founders, that system is entirely broken and corrupt.

Being an official in the existing system does not completely disqualify a person from taking leadership in the reform, but it is a big knock against them.


I have decided to gravitate most of my social media stuff to Gab. I will continue to use Facebook, MeWe and Parler, but I have come to like the functionality and privacy features of Gab. It is a lot harder for scammers to randomly target you there – and the people who seek you out are much more likely to be people you know or have something in common with. You can find me there as Charliej373 – and I have already set up a group page for CORAC. Come on down – I’ll leave a light on for you.


Next week we will kick off a fall fundraising campaign for CORAC. If you have not visited the site lately, you should. We have videos and downloads for health and wellness, sustainability and so much more. We are working hard to get you the tools you need to endure, come what may. If you can get a jump, please go here to donate. We’ll be putting an emphasis on monthly donors. Our nut is about $10,000 per month when I am not on the road and between $12 and $13,000 when I am. If we can get as many as 100 people to form a Centurion’s Club, donating $100 per month, I could do everything else I have to do and rest a little easier.

If you can join us in Houston on Saturday Sept. 18 and Sunday, Sept. 19, the deadline to register is Sept. 11. Send an email request to Laura at to register. If you can come, you will receive complimentary tickets to Texas Right to Life’s (TRTL)annual Celebration of Life Dinner – a $200 value on its own. TRTL won a great battle yesterday when the Supreme Court refused to grant an injunction banning Texas’ heartbeat law. Getting that law passed was TRTL’s top priority in the last legislative session. You will also have a pass to the VIP brunch the next morning and an invitation to the general CORAC meeting after the brunch. I have been going to these dinners since 2016 – and they are the most uplifting, dazzling gala events I have ever been involved with. This is a group which gets things done and makes things happen.


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  1. First of all, if I may be so bold, I heartily advise all readers to get a 3 ring binder and begin copying Charlie’s pieces NOW so that the counsel and wisdom which rings true, gets your attention, enlightens you and pierces hearts can be highlighted and always at ready access. We must never forget to avoid triumphalism AND to live out intentional acts of faith AND cultivating God’s Joy amidst all that is AND treating our oppressors with charity and dignity even as they are held to account and, please God, repent and return to Him AND we have to be careful to be just… and more.

    Whenever we are reminded, in the comments, about a quote from Charlie’s previous writing, some express the longing to have something published from the past so they can soak in it, contemplate it. We had the opportunity with the Blogger Books that were offered at TNRS. To go back and pull out all those rich pearls now would take a LOT of time and precious time is limited, particularly given what deserves our focus, now, at this juncture in this Storm. I see the elements of all Charlie’s previous instructional and preparatory counsel embedded in his current writing and, adding to its wealth, are the newly expressed gems of counsel, insight and instruction pertinent to this place in the rapids. There are adages in this piece, and in the previous one, to ponder and live by as we partner with God to co-create a New Beginning. We’re reading Gospel teachings expressed in a translation of contemporary language which vivifies the principles and, as our hearts are anointed in God’s Ways and Words, we rise to make our stand with Him more firmly convicted and committed.

    Too, do take some time to check out the links. I know we’re all busy; we are. Some more than others. Yet, these linked-to pieces provide an under-girding for our own understanding of what’s going on and what can be highlighted when we have opportunities to speak with others about the current state of affairs. You DON’T want to miss the understanding of Pfizer comirnaty or the way Dr. Karp summarizes Virology 101 or Jon Brown’s reporting on the state of the union – which actually places the exclamation point on what we already perceive… and more in those links.

    My God! What a downright mess WE have made of the Faith and, most often, we have done so in neglect of studying and, therefore, in chosen ignorance of what Christ’s Teachings actually are. A good meal a day of reading and studying actual Church Teaching – from trusted sources – will bring us from languishing in starvation mode to the state of becoming well- nourished, alert and articulate children of the Beauty, Grace and Truth found in Mother Church.

    Charlie, thank you for speaking straight and true with precision and depth. You have wrapped us in a blanket of safety, not to snuggle in and take a nap, becoming pompous with what we clearly know, but to enjoy the security of being protected by Christ’s Teachings which brings about a good kind of boldness allowing us to be more competent ambassadors to speak His Words and live by them.

    (Oh Maternal Grandmother of Charlie, we pray with you for him even as we seek your intercession with that of all our family members, who have gone before us, as we strive to live from the core message fostered here. Dear Holy Souls, we continue to pray for you, beyond the bings, and we welcome your prayers for each of us and all of us together in TNRS-ASOH and CORAC. We are on an adventure of faith, hope and love together. We are the ordinary heroes who, in simplicity and humility, rely completely on Abba even as we call You down, Holy Spirit, to overshadow each and every one that with Our Lady Stella Maris You can fashion us, each one, into a more fitting image of Jesus.)

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    1. There are definitely some passages that spoke to my heart and mind. Thank you, Charlie and Beckita.

      I am more a cut and paste tidbit kinda gal. Long ago I found a wonderful tools online, for my sensibilities to help me to listen to content while my eyes are tending to other duties, that is a joy for me.

      In my email MAIL Options –> Quick Access Toolbar –>

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      1. Command Menu –> change from Popular to ALL commands. For us otherwise tech challenged folk, this opens up a wide range of personal email correspondence handling choices. Scroll down to *SPEAK* and select ADD and APPLY/OK and the computer can then be prompted to read your mail as needed. ***Same can be done on Word Docs options.

        For larger article reading, I use a free program shared by a dear devout fella who share loads of information, found here:

        It may not be for everyone, yet is has been a Godsend for me! Since I can remember, I have always valued time as precious and desire to make the most of it. My dear mom used to say, I often refused to nap, in fear I might miss something. HA! 😀

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        1. Thanks, Jen for this. I use the 2 finger swipe down the iphone to have Ch. posts read outloud-am able to speed up or slow down the reading; even works on kindle app (or is it the nook) and turns pages auto, don’t have to sub to audio books.

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          1. Cutting edge, Maggie. I love it! <3.

            I am old school and am seriously considering a burner phone and ditching the *plans*. In the early 1980's I remember declaring that I'd never pay to watch TV and/or drink water, too. That was when the attraction to cable TV (HBO at the time) was no commercials. When able, I divert from the pitfalls of willfully being duped or as I like to say, of becoming shark bait. I have missed the mark, at times, unaware. My first cell phone plan was with the 'esteemed' philanthropist, Richard Branson, and his Virgin Mobile company. Needless to say, I no longer do business with his brands.

            Live and learn. Grow as we go!

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            1. Linda, just take two fingers, slightly separated, and swipe down a fourth of the way from the top of the screen quickly/lightly and a safari bar should appear. Might take several tries and diff. models I think have diff tweaks. I discovered it by accident when trying to bring down the cover wallpaper.

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    2. Uniting my prayer with Beckita’s beautiful and heartfelt prayer, that Charlie’s Maternal Grandmother and all our family members pray for us and help guide us during these times.

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    3. Just a heads up to everyone. In the past I used to receive an email notification of new posts. This is now the second ASOH post that did not appear in my inbox. I have a Gmail account; I did check the spam folder but the notifications were not there either. I don’t know if it’s just my account but I would not put it past Google to mess with religious feeds. I think it’s time I investigate platforms other than Google. Blessings, Cathy

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        1. Too many possibilities, Beckita. I think the first act to take is to use the Follow item in the Menu to reFollow, as Kim says below. If that works, great. If that doesn’t work, then it could be that Google is diverting the notifications, or that Cathy’s ISP has decided to play Nanny. Those options are outside our ability to affect, so Cathy will have to check that possibility herself.

          As Kim says, it could be something occurring in Cathy’s WordPress account and might be fixable there. We don’t have access to her account, so she would have to check that herself.

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      1. This has happened to me twice via my Comcast email provider. The first time it was researched and reported to me by the medium. Presidential Prayer Team, themselves. The second time I put a note on a public media platform asking them to fix this and explaining I will no longer pay a company to be my email “nanny” and they did almost immediately after denying they had anything to do with it. ❤

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      2. CM– I have gmail, too. I have had to re-register with WordPress a couple times over the years when I realized I was not getting Charlie’s articles. I just figured it was a glitch of some kind.

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      3. Not to be an alarmist, but recently I tried 2 different days to forward the email with the previous post (had the word “fiery” in the title) and it never went through. That has not happened before; they were both “gmail” addresses. Wonder what’s going on.

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        1. Close, Annie, but not quite so threatening as the message that my wife recently received. We don’t own any mobile phones, instead we have a land line provided by Google (just $10 per month). As Maureen was chatting to an out-of-state friend about Covid and the negative results from the “vaccine”. In the middle of a chat, an unknown computerized voice interrupted, making the following statement;

          “Please note that this call is now being recorded.”

          Quite disturbing. Although I did remind Maureen that her calls, emails, comments, posts, etc. had all been recorded by the NSA ever since around 2010. This was legalized by the Patriot Act around 2010. Consequently, all that this new message was intended to do was to scare and intimidate people from sharing the truth. Don’t let them fool you; regardless of formal sounding warnings appearing in your phone calls, they’ve been monitoring your communications for over a decade.

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    THEY Hate Traditional!

    Yes Comrades! Our Friends at Pfizer are “Fighting” 24/7 … for You!

    YUP! … As Planned ;-(


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    1. Yep, CD, up is down and black is white, etc. The gang in the Vatican ignores Canon Law. It is required that seminarians learn Latin during their training. In the “old days” :), we even took Latin in high school. It is so valuable in figuring out the meaning of many words throughout life.

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  3. I am happy to read that Cardinal Cupich did NOT order that the Ave Maria or the St Michael’s Prayer not be be said at the end of Mass in his diocese.

    I am saddened that people of good will would bear false witness against him in this matter. I know well how it is when false witness is borne against one.

    And I pray as Jesus did, “that all may be one as the Father and Jesus are one”

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    1. Well I am not happy Cardinal Cupich mandated vacccination even before the governor Pritzker did it, like a week before, what a faux pas I guess, and this is not a smear.

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    2. I wish I had been able to respond earlier, but my husband is very ill with COVID and he was just admitted to the hospital yesterday. I wish to make a correction to the statement that Charlie wrote regarding what is happening at St. Joseph Parish and the resulting bruhaha in the Archdiocese of Chicago. I was a parishioner there for over 35 years, and now attend St. Gilberts where Charlie once said he went through RCIA and was admitted into the Church. But I digress. The fact is that I have many friends who still attend daily mass there.
      I know Charlie prides himself on vetting information he receives, but in this case he was given erroneous information. Here is the sequence of events, from people who were present at both the 6:30 a.m and 8:30 a.m. daily masses.
      A group of women who are in a rosary group and are concerned about the state of the world decided it would be good to say the St. Michael prayer after mass as the priest was processing out. Anyone who prays this prayer realizes it take about 35 seconds. When these few women would lead it, a few fellow parishioners joined in. The pastor did not like that and asked the women to stop. Shortly after that, Fr. Emmanuel read his now infamous statement that Cardinal Cupich had asked for the St. Michal Prayer and the Hail Mary not to be prayed after mass. Quote from Fr. Trout’s letter to the parish which can be found on the website:
      “At the same time, in accord with sound liturgical practice and in keeping with archdiocesan norms, which I personally confirmed with the Cardinal, the recitation of prayers must never interfere with, interrupt or distract from the public liturgy of the Church.”
      Let me clarify, Fr. Emmanuel is a “new” priest in our parish, extremely humble and devout. He NEVER prayed litanies after mass. Occasionally, as mass ended, he would come around to the front of the altar, turn to May’s picture, say a Hail Mary and process out. PERIOD. I can verify this as our 8:30 mass is live-streamed and still available on
      (I took the time to find some masses that Fr. Emmanuel presided at that were from 8:30. On July 5th, there were no prayers after mass. On July 15th, Hail Mary. August 17th, Hail Mary. You can all watch for yourselves that his is NOT a rabble rousing priest. )
      As I mentioned above, Fr. Trout wrote a letter to the parishioners that he “confirmed with the Cardinal” saying these private prayers were not appropriate. My guess (now this is conjecture) is that Fr. Trout told Fr. Emmanuel to not allow the prayer and he had Cardinal Cupich’s consent. Fr. Emmanuel might have “assumed” this was coming from the Cardinal. Certainly understandable.
      The ridiculous part of all this is that it has emboldened others to pray the St. Michael prayer, which we are now being told is acceptable if prayed devoutly.
      The pastor has declined to make any further comments on this, and it has caused some real anxiety in our parish about what to pray or not pray. Ironically, singing is allowed, so now the song Immaculate Mary is occasionally sung as the priest processes out.
      Charlie, I have followed you for years and I have always appreciated the fact that you vet all your information as posted. PLEASE issue a correction. Simple, humble priests such as Fr. Emmanuel should not be thrown under the bus for something that they did not do.

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      1. Thank you, Crystal. Obviously, neither I nor you were there, but you are relying on credible information from people you trust, as I have. I find your take very credible and carefully checked, as well, particularly that you took the time to watch tapes of Masses at which Fr. Emmanuel was the celebrant. I am going to go back to some of my sources on this – because this is not inconsistent with what they said except for the leap that Fr. Emmanuel provoked it.

        Looking at it from what both they and you have credibly told me, here is what I can see as almost certainly factual:

        1) Cdl. Cupich did not specifically ban the Hail Mary or the St. Michael prayer, just that public prayers must not, “interfere with, interrupt, or distract from the public liturgy of the Church.” That gives a wide berth for local pastors to decide what so constitutes such. I know of few Pastors who would decide that a Hail Mary or St. Michael Prayer following Mass would constitute such. Sadly, about half of the few I know who WOULD do so are in the Archdiocese of Chicago.

        2) To date, though I can find no evidence that Cdl. Cupich has made any such formal order, I also note that he has not publicly objected to his actual direction (if it was his) being interpreted in this manner. Unless he issues a clarification, one can only assume he is comfortable with that interpretation.

        3) The particular Parish never issued such a public correction as to what, specifically, the Cardinal had directed, either.

        It is possible that this is a series of clumsy misunderstandings that no one in the Archdiocese or Parish has had the good sense to correct and clarify. It is equally possible that someone, or several someones, have had mischievous intent from the start and are using the murk produced to further that mischief without being accountable for it. Well, the buck stops here (and I mean that in the Trumanesque, not the Bidenesque, sense). This week, I will run this story down at both the Diocesan and Parish levels and give you a report by the end of the week in a column. As I said about government documents earlier in the same piece, where there is this much ink in the water, there has got to be a squid there somewhere – so this week I go on a squid hunt.

        I have already amended the item in the column. Update your browser on this site and you will see the amendment. I know that such updates are not as widely read as an original column, so I will publish my findings in an original column at the end of the week. Thank you for this carefully vetted response.

        By the way, if you had been going to St. Joseph’s for 35 years, we almost certainly crossed paths a few times. I went to Sunday Mass there between five and 10 times while I lived in the Chicago area – and for almost a year went to Daily Mass on Wednesdays there.

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        1. Thank you Charlie! At St. Joe’s we were 9:00 am mass goers, EOM’s and lectors, and lectors and EOM’s at daily 8:30 mass. Kevin and I were very involved in Marriage Ministry. In any case, thank you for taking a second look and thank you for prayers for Kevin who is in the hospital for Covid.

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        1. Thank you for your prayers Becky! You may remember us from our days traveling to prayer groups for Jesus Christ the Returning King. Such fond memories of meeting you and Father! God Bless you for your beautiful work in keeping this blog site active!

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          1. I remember you well, Crystal, and the great breakfast meeting with texting and photos being sent across the pond. 🙂 I’m SO sorry to hear that Kevin is ill. Father and I had covid last November and weathered it quite well, even as Father developed pneumonia two weeks after he had recovered from the virus. Thanks for your kind words. Please give Kevin our love and receive our love and hugs as well while we continue to pray for a complete recovery for your dear husband. I also pray you remain well.


        2. Thank you so much for prayers. Our wonderful st. Gilbert pastor visited him yesterday and annointed him with the Sacrrament of the Sick and brought him the Eucharist. It was the highlight of this last week. Thank you ALL for your prayers for Kevin and all those who are struggling to breathe with this horrible virus.

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  4. Charlie, As usual a multi-topical informative with truths laid out regarding the evils going on with Covid and the coming collapse of the so call Vaccine due to its real effects. I think your point shown below is a great reminder of what God wants us to do when the Covid crash comes.

    “I remind everyone that we are to use that moment as a means of reconciliation, not revenge – and so not to treat those afflicted as they have treated us while they thought they held the whip hand”

    People will have to make sure God’s will and compassion is in their heart, and not the human tendency for vengeance and judgement.

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  5. Bekita, I totally agree your response. I think your suggestion about getting a binder to keep hard copies of Charlie’s talks is an excellent idea. Charlie’s latest being another perfect example.

    Sometimes there is so much good stuff from CORAC sources and other freedom loving or spiritual websites. At least for me, it is difficult at best, to try and keep up and recall the key aspects of the information I should and/or want to remember. I think having a hard copy of key articles in light of our collapsing society and freedoms, and all aspects of communications (possibly including power, thus access to the internet) is quite helpful in highlighting key areas and adding notes or questions etc. to follow up on later.

    Also, while I am here, thanks for the post suggesting Sonja Corbitt’s “Freedom from Anxiety Series”. I have already started it and chapter one was full of really helpful insights and provided a deeper understanding of Our Lords words and expectations as well as Sonja’s helpful ways to tackle the issue. I have of course downloaded the talk and the transcript.

    To Jesus through Mary

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    1. Agree, John, with the additional ways you suggest to use the copied version of Charlie’s writing. I especially love the “ask questions” part, thereby not simply being spoon fed, but thinking further about these things. Happy to hear you’re exploring Sonja’s latest offering. It’s a dynamic way to make final preparations for what we’re about to through AND it will have forever impact on our walk with God.

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  6. As I have no other way of communicating with you let me say, I attended John Leary’s last Zoom meeting… Also, you may be interested in knowing that my younger brother, David, took the Covid vaccine shot in march and had a shoulder operation in may, which would not heal. Nothing would help him, so I convinced him to try the propolis and honey combination, and having taken it twice a day for several weeks starting in early august, he reports he is healed and back to normal. If it worked for him maybe it will work for others. The Covid vaccine shuts down the normal processes of the immune system, and in this instance, it was restored, though I doubt this is a cure. He continues to take one capsule of propolis with one tablespoon of honey, twice a day, with no ill effects. It works for honey bees and it worked for him.

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    1. That’s an awesome testimony about the recovery of your brother, David, Arthur. SteveBC may well be interested in hearing about this. I clear your comment because I think others, too, will find the means of this healing to be interesting and helpful. However, because we do not clear stuff about alleged seers or message bearers whose Bishops have declared them to be not authentic – and in John L’s case it was because they contain doctrinal errors which are contrary to the faith – I removed the text about the latest report concerning John Leary. We’re big here on obedience to legitimate Church authority. I tried to find the letter which, then, Bishop Clark wrote when he spoke to the problems with the alleged messages. It’s no longer on the Diocesan website as far as I can see, so I share a link from the Diocesan newspaper which reports on Mr. Leary’s status as named by the Diocesan Bishop who investigated him:

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    2. Arthur, thank you so much for this update. I’m delighted to hear your brother is doing so much better. I haven’t been able to test your protocol so far, so I haven’t known what to do with it. This goes a long way toward allowing me to suggest it to others to see if it will work for them. Several members of my family have taken the vaccine and appear to be OK, but I want to have something easy to recommend if their situation turns problematic. And a thank you to Beckita as well for helping bring it up to me.

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  7. Charlie- Just wanted to thank you for your effort to provide some semblance of sense and reassurance in a world that appears stark raving mad. Who knew World War Z was intended as an allegory? I know that’s a bit of an overstatement, but not by much.

    I also wanted to say that I have been reading your posts since 2013 or so and while I know that you publicly announced you got some things “wrong” back in 2016, I am not so sure that is an accurate assessment anymore. You might have had a few specific details wrong, but the core of what you said would happen has happened and continues to happen. Certain “leaders” and their minions never truly gave up power. Who can argue the power of the Deep State from 2016-2020 and its influence and interference during the Trump administration? Indeed, they are the primary reason he was cheated out of office in 2020 and why that crime continues to be denied to even this day despite mountains of evidence of the fraud. The same crew from Emperor BO’s reign are back at it again, doing their level best to re-institute tyranny with the One himself pulling strings behind the scenes on behalf of the same powers to whom he originally answered. Our institutions (including the Church) have all but collapsed. The country is no longer run according to its Constitution, but rather according to the will of the so-called “elite.” Moreover, the cultural civil war is raging at fever pitch for anyone with eyes to see, and the “storm” continues to rage with ever increasing intensity. Trump remains a caretaker and a symbol to preserve what was once our nation, even now.

    Nevertheless, all of this seems to be for the primary purpose of God opening man’s eyes to his own folly so that we can realize what we have lost along the way- much like a loving parent must do when they have tried all they can with a wayward child only to realize the only hope that child has for correction is to experience the consequences of their mistakes. Many seem to be slowly realizing what they see around them is wrong and are looking for something else. One can only hope that these circumstances are primed for a reawakening within man of his longing for God.

    Praying and hoping for the Rescue you have foretold.

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    1. Welcome to commenting, Fred. (If you commented in the past, welcome back.) I’ve noticed the kinds of things you mention as you reflect on the content in the early days of Charlie’s writing. Two things we keep our eyes on today and looking forward. One is respect for Charlie’s Archbishop Aquila who directed us not to reinterpret Charlie’s prophecies. ( Surely our heads do not forget those early prophecies. We’re simply honoring the Archbishop’s directive here.) The other is Charlie’s own acknowledgement in his visits as he’s traveled the country since late last year: he was told that when we enter the zone of prophetic fulfillment, the time for giving prophecies will end.

      Not sure if you’ve done consistent or intermittent reading, Fred. The Rescue will come true, in God’s best timing, albeit as a process and a discrete event, for Our Lady herself promised that her Immaculate Heart will Triumph. When he moved to this venue, A Sign of Hope, Charlie wrote of how most prophecies are a process and he expressed the following thoughts: “Despite my occasionally spectacular failures, nothing has happened to diminish the merit of the heart of what I proclaim: the ordinary way of acknowledging God, taking the next right step, and being a sign of hope to those around you.

      The process which will culminate in the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart has begun. Our choice now is to be heralds of it or inhibitors of it. May God bless and keep you safe throughout the restoration before us.”

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      1. And Our Lady of Fatima seer Lucia said the triumph was also an “ongoing process” and not a single time event.
        I guess after 2000 years since Jesus and the Apostles prophecied many events, it seems only natural that much of what will happen will take time!

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    2. Fred, agree 100% with you. I remember arguing with Charlie when he went quiet that he was correct in the major facts but off only in timing and a few minor facts. These days I love reading Charlie for reminders that we are going to be rescued and that this turmoil will not be forever. I rely also on the Blessed Mother’s promises at Fatima that in the end Her Immaculate Heart will triumph. Steve Bannon, on War Room, from 10am to 12 noon every M-Saturday, and again from 4pm to 5pm, M-F, reminds us constantly that we are going to take the country back politically “precinct by precinct”. He appears to be back practicing his Catholic faith because he opens his podcast every day with the month and the day and says in the “Year of Our Lord 2021”. Furthermore, he reports honestly about the Church and speaks often about Archbishop Vigano with great respect.

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    1. Well, bgawk, obesity HAS been noted here at ASOH more than a few times as a danger for those with covid, yet, even those who are overweight, or afflicted with other co-morbidities, could have had a great chance of recovery had the simple, inexpensive medicines and protocols been offered to them.

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  8. Thank you Charlie, another excellent post to ponder.

    Under, “intentional acts of faith”, I participated last Friday in the “healing service” that was livestreamed via Zoom with Father Mathias and Encounter Ministries. Many of us have prayed for Father Mathias healing from cancer over this past year — and he is in remission! Praise God. I was also made aware that while Father Mathias was still in the hospital, he anointed and prayed over a young woman heading to surgery with aggressive brain cancer. Well her 9 doctors were dumbfounded that the tumor they removed was benign 🙂

    Anyway, I wish to report my healing miracle — I have been off pain meds since Monday night! I still have a broken Tibia and Fibula, but the “PAIN” is gone! And I’m only in my 3rd week. AND, I can lift my leg from the floor to the bed UNASSISTED. Praise Jesus! I am so humbled that He gave me such a sweet blessing.

    I noticed some on my CORAC brother and sisters on the livestream and prayed earnestly for their intentions. Especially for Bill’s daughter Brooke. I witnessed many healings throughout the service with Father Mathias. So heart warming. Anyway, I just wanted to share my happy news!

    God bless everyone.

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    1. San San, Do you have a link for further zoom healing sessions? Just got out of the hospital with a new diagnosis of Afib and it zaps my energy all the meds and gives me brain fog and I don’t wanna have to go through ablation or shock therapy. I can’t stand for very long and search w/ my desktop and my old SE phone is too small to do a lot of googling thanks in advance

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          1. Another resource for healing prayer, Maggie, is Damian Stayne and his community at the Cor et Lumen Ministries which he founded. They host worldwide Healing Services and Damian has tremendous gifts of healing in the Lord’s Name. In fact, when Fr. Mathias first realized the Lord was calling him to a healing ministry, he received an impartation of healing power via Damian. While the Church doesn’t have an official teaching on impartation, we read of this very action with Elijah and Elisha in 2 Kings 2 as well as Moses and the 70 elders in Numbers 11:16-30. And in contemporary times, we hear, from reliable sources, of St. Padre Pio imparting gifts to the Servant of God Maria Esperanza… and Maria received direction to impart to those whom the Lord chose.

            There’s a magnificent mystery about who is healed and who is not. Jesus ALWAYS works through a truly humble person to whom He has imparted His gift of healing. Now, how it looks on the outside is another matter. I’ve seen Jesus heal immediately. I’ve seen Him heal in stages. I’ve seen Him heal interiorly while the one who received prayer reaches total peace with carrying what is God’s Will for him/her. And there is a dynamism between the one who becomes Jesus’ hands (and in video format where there cannot be actual touch, mystically the Lord is touching those whom He heals through the one praying in His Name) and the one who receives the Lord’s gift. The receiver can prepare by asking Holy Spirit to reveal anyone who needs to be forgiven. Extending forgiveness doesn’t mean it was OK for the sinner to cause hurt nor does it deny the feelings of hurt. Most often, a simple act of the will to forgive unclogs any blocks so that the healing graces flow and penetrate the one who is receiving prayer. (For those who may not yet have had the opportunity to explore the Freedom From Anxiety series by the Bible Evangelista, Sonja Corbitt, that is a potent way to more fully get on board in embracing the absolute abundance which God loooongs to bestow upon each of us.

            God is pouring out tremendous graces in our times when we follow Jesus’ commission to lay hands on the sick so HE can heal them. (Mark 16:17-18 and Acts 9:17 and more) As Jesus communicated to Anne a lay apostle, He understands how broken and bleeding is our world, thus we are living the Scripture that where sin abounds, grace abounds all the more. In this, I actually see that He’s coming even now – and in but one potent way, via the kindling of the gifts we were ALL given in Baptism and Confirmation – to reclaim Abba’s children. And this is being done through ordinary people. Granted, God alone ordains to which of His children He grants a developed gift… and if that one falls prey to the temptation that it’s all about him or her, how sad it is to lose the plot and experience a great fall.

            All this is to say, you might consider exploring possibilities around you, Maggie. If you hear of a humble person who is known for being used by Jesus to bring His healing to others, and that one is a Christian of a different stripe, well, consider being among the first of those who foster Christian unity now by allowing that one, whom Christ is using, to bring His healing to you.


            1. Appreciate your wise and in-depth counsel, Beckita; almost eerie how on point your advice is. Will also learn from Damian and Sonja; many layers indeed.
              During my stay, I quickly went from complaining to myself about next door patient who yelled all night while being chained to the bed (prob an op o.d) to asking the Lord what the next right step is-heard “I put him nearby so you would pray for his peace and healing” Had to rely on y.t. Fr. Groeschel reciting the rosary very peacefully-neighbor finally quieted.

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              1. How beautiful an offering for your neighbor in hospital, Maggie, and that you were listening to the Lord. Prayers anew for your healing. 🙏🕊🔥⚜️♥️


      1. I empathize with you, Maggie. My husband has Afib and the meds as you say, zap energy. They tried the shock therapy a few years ago and it didn’t work. I pray so hard for my sweet hubby and now he has to start radiation in a few weeks for the followup to cancer surgery.

        Ask Gabriel for strength, as Mama Mary told Father Gobbi what to ask of each of the Archangels. (Binding evil by St. Michael, and healing by Raphael. I ask all of them for help every day!!)

        God bless you and may you find something that works for you!

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      2. Maggie, I had a problem with A/fib and it turned out to be the result of sleep apnea which caused oxygen deprivation to the heart. I began wearing a chin strap at night, which stopped the snoring, and now I don’t have the problem anymore. CPAP machines are good also, if you can tolerate it. Have you been tested for sleep apnea yet?

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        1. Yes, they often go together. My husband uses a CPAP, but some people find it hard to tolerate, such as our oldest son, unfortunately! There are also mouth guards that are supposed to help stop the open mouth and snoring. My goodness, don’t we have all kinds of things represented here in this family of friends!

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      3. sorry for late reply — I can’t get to my computer very often these days. Looks like Beckita has you covered regarding Encounter Ministries. God bless. Praying for you.

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  9. Thank-you, Charlie, lots of meat here. I have yet to read all the links, but some I have seen.
    I read yesterday in some news source (I cannot recall) that the defense attorney for the 17 political hostages in DC has “mysteriously” disappeared. I don’t read many sources so it is probably either Prather, LifeSite or Epoch. Can we believe that this is true? I continue to pray for those held in custody.
    Also, I am still looking for the source of the story that Novovax is preparing a killed-virus vaccine. 🤷🏼‍♀️ Not that I need it. I hope. 🙏🏽
    Praying for all here. ~ God bless, katey in OR🙏🏽✝️

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  10. “Saying Grace” has always been on my Top 3 List of Rockwell Works. I consider him one of my ‘teachers’ from early on, if only by way of a book of his prints that I would often use to mimic selected works as an exercise. Some 25 years after the title was published on the SE Post cover, tackling “Saving Grace” was an ambitious ‘assignment’ with mixed results. Still, I was pleased with the effort and think I absolutely nailed the guy with the cigarette, as well as the young lad bowed in prayer. Even know where that tribute piece still hangs to this day. Other ‘teachers’ followed, then one day i actually signed “MP” to something with only a wee tinge of guilt at not crediting the masterful influences. It’s the way of things, and can be seen right there in that wondrous work.

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  11. Hi friends,
    I saw an article with pictures of squirrels and a bird, and it made me think of our CORAC, TNRS, ASOH members. I used either search engine: Duck Duck Go or Google and I put in “Epoch Times squirrels bird”.
    Hope you enjoy the pictures and story,

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  12. Thank you, Charlie for that beautiful memory of your grandmother’s Bible and loaning it to your mom. It made me cry, that simple act of charity.

    And your words of wisdom about loving those who are hateful now, for surely the spirit of fear is guiding them. I know that fear from the this side as from the beginning of the masking, I couldn’t wear one and would have panic attacks when forced by necessity to wear one. So strange sometimes what we don’t know about ourselves. God’s grace and mercy led me through an awful six months of “darkness” mostly because I continued to pray like St. Mother Teresa–her example of trusting without receiving consolations (for years!), kept me praying even though Satan had me doubting God’s existence.

    Anyway, I understand the fear and try hard to love in the face of the anger and meanness.

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    Good Article on Archbishop Viganò’s latest. I hope he has good security!?

    Of Course! It’s ChinaJoe’s godless PuppetMaster Callin’ de Shots!

    God Bless & Protect these Patriots!

    Does anyone here know what the Democrat/Media defination of “Youth” is? … Exactly?!

    Anything resembling America First won’t come from this ;-(



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    1. CD, the article on has a link to with the whole letter the Abp wrote. I got it in Moynihan’s email from Catholic World Report and it is dynamite! It is the strongest Vigano letter yet, and all who wish to be better informed need to read it. This holy man is so courageous and may Mother Mary keep him constantly covered with her mantle!

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  14. Does anyone have some source information as to how long it takes to recover from viral fatigue and dizziness and “brain fog”? Asking for family members who caught the wild virus and were not injected.
    They were prescribed ivme but still have irritating effects.

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    1. Joyful, there has been a debate online between folks who believe IVM is great after an infection and those who are saying that IVM in the recovery period can be irritating or even counterproductive and suggest Niacin.

      I would like to suggest that these family members move to the once a week maintenance dosing on the IVM or even stop it for 2-3 weeks and try the Niacin protocol. At its simplest, it involves taking up to 1,000 mg of *flushing* Niacin (nicotinic acid) twice a day. You have to start at a much lower dose, say 100 mg, and if you flush hard there, you stay there for a few days until the flushing reaction begins to diminish in strength, at which point you increase the dose by 50 or 100 mg and go through the cycle repeatedly until you can get to 1,000 mg in morning and again in evening with only a moderate flushing reaction, and stay on that dose until you feel well. At that point, you can start reducing the dose slowly, watching to see if your energy flags again, upping it if necessary. I take 250 mg every other day and get a very mild reaction to it, and I think that should be the goal.

      This works (if it does) because Covid causes the body to use up its stores of an important energy-related molecule called NAD+. Flushing Niacin feeds the pathway that helps the body make more NAD+, which in turn increases cellular energy generation.

      They should also add several other items, such as Quercetin to undo remaining spikes and get rid of senescent cells. My various supplements are on my website under the “Stuff I Like” tab, and my Covid and Vaccine papers are here:

      Covid-19 and Vaccine Protocols

      Your family members are not vaxxxed, but the Vaccine paper can still be useful to them. The spike may be wearing them down as I said, but they may also be hyper-inflamed or having clotting issues. They should get some tests to see about inflammation (C-reactive protein, GGT) and clotting (D-Dimer). They should also see if there are any ideas in either paper that might sound good to them.

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      1. Thank you, Steve. I sent them your protocols and they have Niacin and Quercetin. (My dil knows how to use your suggestions 🙂 Just hope my son will.)

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        1. Great. Please do get back to me if they do try this and either it fails to help or they get some benefit from it. Follow-ups ‘R’ Us! Their experience either way is worth knowing. 🙂

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      2. Steve; I just downloaded and printed your c19prevention file. Haven’t read through it yet but Joyful’s question above caught my eye. I’m not vaxxxed but have had this weird balance issue going on for a couple months. I won’t call it dizziness, that tends to imply spinning sensations. What I have is a strange sense of unsteadiness on my feet. Like a (almost) constant feeling that I could be pushed over with a feather. I go out walking and it’s a real challenge to walk a perfectly straight line. Weird and very obnoxious. There’s other stuff too that I would love to tell you about and I’m sure you would just love to read about. Just kidding about the last part. 🤓 Would it be possible to contact you offline? Thanks for all your efforts!

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          1. Please be aware, CJ, that I am not a doctor and won’t be giving you any medical advice. I’m more of a sleuth or analyst, with the goal of giving you some ideas that you can pursue on your own or with your healthcare people.

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              1. CJ, that’s fine. I did a little bit of online work. It seems it could be something you could have an audiologist test for. I know you don’t feel vertigo (spinning), but it seems there are times when a person with a similar issue just feels ready to fall over to one side. When I was a kid, spinning around would sometimes not give me vertigo when I stopped but more like a hand on my right shoulder pushing me over slightly or hard to the left and even lifting me up a little bit, which sounds like what you are feeling. If you have reason to believe it is *not* a vestibular problem, then I will need you to send me more information. If you don’t know if it is or not, getting your doctor to prescribe a set of tests with an audiologist would seem worthwhile, if only to rule out the vestibular disturbance possibility. Sometimes you have to rule a few things out before the real problem can come to the surface. And if you’ve been vaxxxed, well, it could be many things, like a motor disorder, and I would have no idea where to start other than what is already in my papers.

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    2. Joyful, because you asked “how long,” I can say that for us – no mRNA and no ivermectin – it took about 3 months. Since we didn’t know we’d been exposed, we thought we had a really bad cold so the only medication I took was Dimetapp and Robitussin. Found out a week later we had been exposed and by then I had lost taste & smell. That also took about 3 months to fully return. Hope that helps them.
      God bless, katey in OR

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  15. I don’t know if this works, but kefir with potatoes was one of John Paul 2’s favorite dishes.

    “Kefir: A protective dietary supplementation against viral infection.


    Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) is an infectious disease caused by a recently discovered coronavirus termed ‘severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2’ (SARS-CoV-2). Several scholars have tested antiviral drugs and compounds to overcome COVID-19. ‘Kefir’ is a fermented milk drink similar to a thin yogurt that is made from kefir grains. Kefir and its probiotic contents can modulate the immune system to suppress infections from viruses (e.g., Zika, hepatitis C, influenza, rotaviruses). The antiviral mechanisms of kefir involve enhancement of macrophage production, increasing phagocytosis, boosting production of cluster of differentiation-positive (CD4+), CD8+, immunoglobulin (Ig)G+ and IgA+ B cells, T cells, neutrophils, as well as cytokines (e.g., interleukin (IL)-2, IL-12, interferon gamma-γ). Kefir can act as an anti-inflammatory agent by reducing expression of IL-6, IL-1, TNF-α, and interferon-γ. Hence, kefir might be a significant inhibitor of the ‘cytokine storm’ that contributes to COVID-19. Here, we review several studies with a particular emphasis on the effect of kefir consumption and their microbial composition against viral infection, as well as discussing the further development of kefir as a protective supplementary dietary against SARS-CoV-2 infection via modulating the immune response.”

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  16. “As I started to break camp to move somewhere else after he fled in panic at something I did not see, something rose in me to make me think, ferociously, that no, I was going to stay right where I was that night and sleep well. And so I did. I can’t say whether it was an act of faith or an act of defiance – but sometimes an act of defiance is an act of faith, a steadfast resolve that no matter how things appear, it is God who reigns.”
    Several years ago during the Obama “destroy the country” period, life was tough financially for me because construction was so suppressed. I had to turn to alternative resources for capital and on of them was trapping turtles. While trapping in a huge river in GA I was attacked by a large alligator. Fortunately, I kept my cool long enough to thwart its advance on me in my tiny kayak and I escaped death or injury. Needless to say, like you Charlie, my first responce was to quit and leave! The following week I had a bit of PTSD on the river, looking over my shoulder at every sudden noise and I even encountered a few more alligators on that trip. What kept me there was not just the needed money but my Faith in what I was doing was necessary and I trusted the Lord would see me through. I believed it was the enemy that tried to scare me off and into despair of trusting that God had my back.
    I made several more trips after that encounter and, as time heals all wounds, I found it easier with each day out on the water. But I never take my Faith in Him for granted and focus on His will for me, even if it requires being scared to death at times!
    I wrote “Thy Will be Done” on my truck windshield during those times and it is still up there today. Whenever things get tough or are going bad, I look up there and remember how I was once saved from the “jaws” of death.
    After that recall, things don’t seem so bad anymore…..

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    1. PF, what did you do with the turtles you trapped? Did you eat them? Sell them? To whom?

      I found out recently that here in FL, when a 4 foot alligator comes to your local pond, you call someone with a license to remove that size gator. If it’s a 7-foot alligator or larger, you call someone with a different license. We had a married couple recently come over in their pickup truck, get out their fishing rod and put bait on it, then reel in the gator, tie him/her/it up somehow, lift it up and put it into the back of the truck, to be taken home and eaten, I gather. Apparently, gators caught like this cannot be sold to restaurants as food by the trappers, which surprised me.

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      1. Steve, the turtles went to breeders overseas as we sold them in male/female pairs.
        I did call DNC on the gator that attacked me so I hope it was removed because just a day or two before that river was full of people doing every imaginable boating activity! Imagine my surprise when that gator swam 100 yards from shore to chase me down (probably thought I was a swimming deer) when just a few days earlier there were dozens of people and boats on that same stretch of river!
        The nuisance gators are skinned for the hide. Gator tail meat has to be agriculture certified I think.
        One of the mistakes FWC does is to not allow gators to get real big. Bull gators (12-15 feet long, 500- 800 lbs) eat the smaller male alligators and control a harem of adult females. In this way he maintains a proper ratio of predator/prey that is sustainable. Without the bull gators the smaller gators over proliferate and they have to travel around looking for food-thus the nuisance gator problem.
        Granted, the fear of gators will always trump sound science and this will be the norm for years to come especially when Fido or Fifi is targeted for a snack!

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        1. Huh, breeding pairs sent overseas. Who woulda thunk that! 😀

          Thanks for the information on gators. I’ve marveled at the enormous positive impact allowing wolves in Yellowstone has had. They not only keep the herds down and healthier, but the streams run clearer and cleaner because the herds don’t stay as long on their shores breaking down the banks. The entire ecology seems to be evolving back to a healthier state because of restoring the top of the food chain. So we have a similar situation here with gators. “Having dominion over” leads in directions that seem counter-intuitive to us these days.

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          1. Yes Steve, here in Florida the loss of Red Wolves and Panthers has enabled raccoons to over proliferate and become a nuisance. They are an amazing creature which eat innumerable things. Uncontrolled, they pillage the environment in a multitude of ways and overpopulate because of the lack of natural predators to help “balance” their numbers. The Wolf example is but one and fortunately Yellowstone is fairly pristine so the wolves had something to work with there.
            Florida has been heavily logged and replanted with nonnative forests making it impossible to “rebalance” the state successfully. The problem with the lack of a natural fire cycle in California allowing it to become a tinder box has a different effect here. The suppression of fire here allows invasive trees to grow in areas they do not belong and it shifts the ecosystems into something else. Much of the Sandhill areas in Florida are popular for housing, but when these natural areas are not allowed to burn, diffent tree species that would normally be killed by the fire spring up and choke out the normal species. This in turn drives out or starves out the native fauna while outlier species move in and take over.
            Forestry is trying to return some of these habitats back to their natural state, but it is an uphill battle with the other man-made issues disturbing the natural flow that would occur between forests, not to mention the missing apex predators like Wolves and Panthers as the linchpin to overall success.
            I could go on and on, but this blog is not the place for it.

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            1. I had no real idea of how out of balance things here in FL actually are. I’ve moved around so much that I don’t have any deep knowledge about the local environment. FL has a *lot* of people moving in, which puts more pressure on pretty much everything.

              Thank you for the information about FL. Now I have at least a little better understanding of my surroundings and hope that will help me see better what’s actually going on here.

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              1. Steve,
                Global Warming is just another “crisis” used to shift money into anothers hands. The state’s pet projects like the Everglades restoration (which has sat idle for decades now), the FL Panther
                Reintroduction (which is actually now genetically extinct) and the python eradication project are just allocated funds for lost causes.
                Never letting a crises go to waste rarely means spending money to actually “fix” the problem as most problems can never really be fixed. This helps keep the cash cow alive and well.

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  17. Charlie: Are there any addresses to which we could write the insurrection prisoners? I tried to send a note to Joe Biggs but it came back. I had his convict # but I didn’t know which prison to send it to.

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    1. Schoooter, that’s so nice of you to attempt a note. My guess is that if they won’t give those guys any rights, medicine, visitors, etc., that they won’t allow mail either. Mother Mary, Undoer of Knots, please free these people!

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      1. I’ve written to a political prisoner in Broward County Florida, years ago, before their new guidelines found here:
        Sadly it appears that many law enforcement branches including the courts are for profit NGO (no government oversight) agencies. Several prisons and jails set up a website and charge fees to have the *privilege* to send correspondences via email and/or get the address/cell #. etc to send one.
        I sent along stamps and post cards with my note and he was not able to receive the correspondence at all for that reason until his release. We do not have legitimate legal authority for the most part anymore. It has been eye opening for me and I have been paying attention.

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  18. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! 😉

    Net-search the below 55 min interview:
    Protestant leader Albert Mohler speaks with Archbishop Charles Chaput about ‘Things Worth Dying For’.

    Tell PF to hire Hunter & The Big Guy!

    Does Hunter get a Seat on de Board & The Big Guy getting his usual 10%!?
    Time to Dig-Up Ol’ Sir John again:
    “Treason doth not prosper. What is the reason? For if it doth, none dare call it treason”.

    Yep! AKA: Hostages & Ransom! An Islamic Favorite since 800 AD! ;-(

    Flying Cover for The Big Guy!

    Yep!! More “unexpected” BAD Economic News!

    I’m sure that most here have figured, long ago, that the ACLU is a Front Group for the Global Left and $$$ laundering Op of the Democrat Party!


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  19. Please remember to mix the propolis and honey together, so that you take them at the same time, otherwise the remedy is not effective.

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  20. Excellent piece here, Charlie, per usual! I’m trying today to print a lot of these pieces out! It’s an amazing amount of print when you also include the comments which are like gold as well! Thanks Beckita for reminding us all to print these gems out!

    I really really really like this part of Charlie’s piece:

    “When you strike up cheery conversations with strangers along your daily way, it is an act of faith. I do that all the time. I can’t help myself. Despite my occasional crabbiness, I am fundamentally a cheery guy and have been my whole life. Of late, though, I have noticed that people don’t just enjoy our little impromptu conversations; there is often a look of real relief and gratitude at the cheery normalcy of it all.

    Embrace joy, as a child of God, even in these troubling times. Then, go forth and share that joy with all you encounter. It is time to become intentional evangelists in a troubled world. Simply share your cheery good nature with those you meet; with quietly confident (and not pushy) fortitude act as if God is in charge rather than just saying it – and you will find that an unknown multitude will find their way to Christ and His peace because of your example.”

    I do that too, Charlie! Ha! Mike always worries about me because he says I’m too friendly with our fellows, but I just can’t seem to help myself! People are, most generally, such loving and interesting souls when you are one on one with them!

    I remember once long ago, Charlie said if you spend a good chunk of time with just one person, how can you not fall in love with them! (In a good and holy way that is!) God makes all sorts! He seems to like a very grand and wide variety of a garden! LOL!

    But anyways, I’m really going to try even harder to be “normally cheery,” in this time of transition! Thank you, Charlie, for all this wonderful advice! I promise to pray every day for you while you’re on the road for God and your angel to protect you! I know He and they will! Many here pray daily for this I’m sure!

    God speed!

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    1. Wow, Linda. That must take a lot of paper and many binders – or whatever you use to hold the writing. Some pieces are so full that I copy the entire pieces. With other ones, I just copy and paste passages.

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      1. Well my printer hasn’t found my WiFi yet😂 But it will be interesting when it does! I am using both sides of the paper. Normally I just use a stapler but this one may be too thick 🤔 but thank you for giving me some ideas for in the future pieces. Btw can you say a prayer for Liz and baby Jaxon? They both 🤧 cold. Liz says Jaxon gets really really mad every time he coughs!!! Hahahahaha we are all getting a good giggle out of his personality at just three months old! So smart! Lol thank you Beckita 🥰

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              1. There’s nothing better than being a grandma 👵 🥰 wish I would’ve been so focused with my own but I’m was so young and dumb back then 😂👶🏼👵

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                1. Love this, Annie. My maternal grandmother was dubbed “Nanny” by the eldest of the 10 of us kids, so I was delighted to take up the “Nana” moniker when my first grandchild was born. 🙂

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      2. Beckita!!! My printer never found my WiFi so I’m taking your advice and pasting and copying important points so as not to waste paper and paste and ink!!! Dah!!! Why didn’t I think of that! 😂 lol. Good common sense there!

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    2. Sometimes when I’m coming out of grocery stores, (or our only remaining wonderful cafeteria),
      I will joke with the people entering and say “There’s nothing left, I bought (ate) it all”
      Its really fun to see the responses.

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  21. Sherlock Holmes, by Arthur Conan Doyle.
    Exerpt from “His Last Bow”

    “As to you, Watson,” said Sherlock, “you are joining us with your old service, as I understand, so London won’t be out of your way. Stand with me here upon the terrace, for it may be the last quiet talk that we shall ever have.”

    The two friends chatted in intimate converse for a few minutes, recalling once again the days of the past. As they turned to the car Holmes pointed back to the moonlit sea and shook a thoughtful head.

    “There’s an east wind coming, Watson.”

    “I think not, Holmes. It is very warm.”

    “Good old Watson! You are the one fixed point in a changing age. There’s an east wind coming all the same, such a wind as never blew on England yet. It will be cold and bitter, Watson, and a good many of us may wither before its blast. But it’s God’s own wind none the less, and a cleaner, better, stronger land will lie in the sunshine when the storm has cleared.”

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  22. Off topic: I was browsing a thrift store with items from estates, etc., and found a framed representation of Our Lady of Guadalupe with the signature of the Abbot Guillermo Schulenburg from 1978 and which certified (in Spanish in the Abbot’s writing) that it was an accurate representation of the sacred image. I imagine the someone had gone on a pilgrimage to Mexico and probably had brought it back home because the store keeper told me that she got it from the estate of a women who had been ‘very religious’. The Abbot had written in cursive and there were parts of his signature I could not read. But I knew he was the ‘Abate de Guadalupe” and his first name was Guillermo. So I did some searching. It turns out that this Abbot declared sometime in the 1990’s that there was no evidence that Juan Diego ever existed and that the image of the Virgin of Guadalupe had really been painted by a human hand. This caused quite a stir in Mexico and Latin America. Pope John Paul II removed him. There had been an Abbot in charge since the 1700’s. ….. I was happy when I bought the piece because I had imagined that it was blessed on the site in 1978. However, now I feel sadness that this Abbot later denied that there was a miraculous event….It must have been a great disillusionment to Mexico (whose patron saint is the Virgen of Guadalupe) to hear this Abbot declare that the events never happened. He retired in Cuernavaca, I believe and played his favorite sport, golf, during his forced retirement…..It appears that there have always been questionable religious men and women who have totally disappointed the Church! There is so much scientific evidence that corroborates the miraculous nature of the image! I wonder if this Abbot had it in the 1990s. So hard to believe that he denied the entire miraculous event.

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    1. The date of the inscription and signature on this image is Oct 12, 1978. Oct 12th is the anniversary date of canonical crowing of the Virgen of Guadalupe. (Her feast day is Dec. 12th) So I am sure there were some special events on that date in 1978, In any case, I have a beautiful image that I feel was blessed on site. Regardless of what the abbot did some 20 years later, I am still honored to have found this in this shop…..I also think I found a simple chalice. It was among the religious pieces in that section of the store. It is hard to believe that this would be in a thrift / antique shop, but I bought it just in case it was. I did not think it was a proper place for it.

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      1. That’s such an awesome story! I acquired a few items from antique stores many years ago. It was my rescue mission. One was my patron saint with her child Mary; I love it, and all of them. I ask them to “tell” me their history. I have an Infant of Prague with clothes made by nuns who taught at a Catholic school many, many years ago. Thank you, Jesus for your blessings!

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    This Protestant Bishop Gets-It. I’m guessing the Cardinals of DC & ChiTown don’t!


    Tucker On-It:

    Sounds about right! ;-(


    Former CIA Official Perfectly Predicted Afghanistan Disaster in Early July.
    Could Our Military/Intel/DC Command Structure really be this incompetent or was it de Plan!?


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  24. Maybe there is someone on this website, Charlie and others, that can help me with this moral dilemma that I have discovered in my research. It is the issue of monoclonal antibodies or Regeneron. It appears that this treatment that is now on the FLCCC early treatment protocol as a second-line of defense early treatment against Covid has been derived from humanized mice that are injected with embryonic stem cells from in vitro fertilization and then used to create human antibodies against Covid which are then infused into the patient to fight against Covid.

    The link to the updated early treatment protocol of FLCCC…

    Click to access FLCCC-Alliance-I-MASKplus-Protocol-ENGLISH.pdf

    I have known at least 3 people who have utilized this treatment successfully in recovering from Covid. All Catholics. But, they did not know about Regeneron’s origins as I will mention below…

    Here is a link from the Catholic Register in 2018 that explains how humanized mice are developed which used the aborted fetal cells from the HEK293T line…

    Here is a link from an article that explains Regeneron’s position about using fetal stem cells from in vitro fertilization in the development of monoclonal antibodies that utilize the humanized mice developed from aborted fetal cells from which they create the human antibodies against Covid 19 which are infused into the Covid-positive patient. This article features Regeneron’s own statement about using the embryonic in vitro stem cells in the development of this treatment…

    So when I read what Pope John Paul II said in Evangelium Vitae, Section 62 and 63:

    “This moral condemnation also regards procedures that exploit living human embryos and fetuses-sometimes specifically “produced” for this purpose by in vitro fertilization – either to be used as “biological material” or as providers of organs or tissue for transplants in the treatment of certain diseases. The killing of innocent human creatures, even if carried out to help others, constitutes an absolutely unacceptable act.”

    I would say that using the Regeneron treatment would be unacceptable morally, and that the patient needs to request alternative morally-ethical treatments like, for instance, convalescent plasma that does not utilize fetal stem cells in order to combat a severe case of Covid 19?

    I find this an urgent subject seeing that Governor DeSantis has authorized 15 infusion centers to be set up all over Florida. And Dr. Peter McCullough has mentioned this as a good early treatment, too.

    Any thoughts?

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    1. Ugh, Texas. Thanks for bringing this to our attention. You have clearly laid out the details of this problem and I agree with your arguement for why it would be better to seek a treatment other than Regeneron.

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  25. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! 😉

    Formailism? Religiosity? Rigidity? Yeah! I agree that a grave crisis for the planet exists but it ALL has to do with Satan and his Useful Idiots … that appear to be LEGION in centers of Church/Civil “Authority” ;-(,-not-the-foolishness-of-formalism-53959.html

    China Deals & Deceit …. Oh! … Come Now!

    All part of “The Perfect Storm” we be in ;-(
    ….& another SIGN!
    …. another ;-(

    YUP! Pretty much the way IT was/is ;-(

    Plenty of Interesting Pieces the past few days!

    Perhaps I’m just old & cynical but, These-Days, I simply do NOT believe ANY Good News stories about Gettin’ de Jab! Too many Lies and too much Intimidation Slander and Gubermint Overreach Villainy these past few years!


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  26. It is xanning season and the Walmart does not have mason jars in stock.
    Lowes sold out.
    Our local gun, gear, clothing, bear traps, abd hardware stire has them, limit one 12 pack.


    So, I am watching you tubes for lessobs on how to preserve cabbage , abd the nice lady in this video mentions that she and friebds cannot* find them either.

    Very strange.

    * there is a pun in there! Can-not! Get it?

    God bless.

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      1. Can’t come soon enough, Jen. Out with the culture of death and in with the culture of life. Whew! Charlie wasn’t kidding: there IS a LOT of wood to chop. 🙏🕊🔥⚔️⚜️♥️

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  27. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! 😉

    THEY will NOT abide Christians!:

    THEY are in Lying, Slander & Spin Over-Drive …. and Dangerous!!

    I have thought that Hodges to be in the Alex Jones category. However from what I have witnessed this past year to include the Words, Actions & Wish Lists of Democrat Party Bigs …. Far Fetched? Most Here know/feel something Very Bad is Goin’ Down!

    Funnies are not funny These-Days ;-(

    Si vis pacem, para bellum.
    Propterea accipite armaturam Dei.


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    1. I looked it up:
      If you want peace, prepare for war.
      Put on the armor of God.
      (Fr. Z. would love your Latin)

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  28. “We have to be careful to be just. Many of us are primed to believe the worst about certain figures, specifically because we have gotten the worst from them on so many occasions. But when we leap to a conclusion that is not warranted by the evidence, it is ourselves and our cause we do damage to.”

    I confess to having a big Jonah complex. “No, no I don’t WANT Nineveh to be saved! They deserve destruction!” – that’s my instinctual response. I don’t want revenge, just vindication in their self-destruction. I know it’s wrong. I’m angry and I know that I’m supposed to not sin in that anger. But I haven’t been able to control my first reactions. I give them over to my Lord and pray for people I didn’t want to pray for. But that doesn’t stop the process from happening anew with every outrage they commit. Please pray for me, contender to Paul’s Chief of Sinners ,title not because I want to but because it’s natural to me.

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    1. Frankly, you are far kinder and gentler than me and my thoughts.

      My steadfast rule is to never act until the Holy Spirit says it is go time.
      Also, after the thoughts and anger settle and I regain quietude, I confess abd offer all those thoughts to God .

      I usually remember to apoligize for the cuss words

      Depracatory Psalms are a thing; presumably they were penned by angry people?*

      I cannot imagine the warriors of the Bible going about slaying saying ‘Tally Ho” and “Take THAT you fell fellow”. They are human too. Although I am open to being showed wrong.

      Put another way God gets angry and Jesus was presumably angry when He thrashed the money changers.

      *It must be quite the season when the choir sings deprecatory psalms ir when they are part of the readings OR the homily!

      **I think I woukd like that homily!

      Grace and Peace to you

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      1. Ha, Timothy, I LOVE it. You know, St. Joan of Arc loved her commander, LaHire, a veteran, profane old soldier. At first opposed to her coming, he came to love her and tried dutifully – and often awkwardly – to live up to Joan’s expectations. She regarded him with deep affection, trust and no little amusement. Once, when Joan playfully asked LaHire to offer a prayer, LaHire gathered himself and said, “May God do for LaHire what God would have LaHire do for Him if God were Lahire and LaHire were God.” Joan was reported to have chuckled quietly at this clumsy and yet, profoundly sincere, prayer.

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        1. Charlie, I am going to have to crack that book next!

          It is two arm reaches away from where I sit and that vignette really appeals to me.

          Our Lord and Our Father hunger for honest, sincere discourse, such as LaHire offers .
          Ditka jumps to mind here.

          Mike Singletary once remarked how he prayed for Mike Ditka and I truly believe that God got that old Bear.

          Grace and peace.

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  29. Hi all!
    Been following these reflections on here for over 7 years and it has born much fruit in my life, praised be to God!

    I know there has been a lot of talk about the widespread election fraud and the dangerousness of the mRNA vaccines.

    I know Charlie has linked to many different articles and papers over the past 9 months, many containing real “yellow flag” in them. I have not yet seemed to be able to get to the hard data and evidence, that would turn the yellow flag into a smoking gun. Has anyone put together the investigations that have been done into a good summary of the actual hard data and evidence in regards to either of these at this time?

    Ave Maris Stella Maris, Ora Pro Nobis!

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      1. Ha, Beckita, I was going to say I have also linked to a LOT of good, solid data. In any case, logically, Philip has it backwards. I do not need to prove beyond any doubt that an experimental and potentially risky process is deadly before stopping it; you need to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that it is safe and provides a real benefit before going ahead with it. When, instead of offering such proof, you try to force and ridicule people – and won’t even answer their questions – that is a sign it probably is not good for me. Shoot, I learned that back in elementary school: if a gang of kids was trying to get you to do something and the best that they could come up with was that you were a chicken and a wuss if you didn’t, they did not have your best interests at heart. Now Anthony Fauci, Joe Biden, and all the talking heads on TV are glad to call you a chicken and a wuss, but none will answer your considered questions.

        A rule I took to heart long ago is not to go diving headfirst into the water until I have first established how deep it is. And all the cool kids in the world yelling, “Dive! Dive!” will not persuade me otherwise.

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        1. Well, and you HAVE linked to a TON of excellent, solid data. There are several reasons I put my trust in your professional researching, Charlie. Not only do you search until you find solid stuff, you look at the opposing arguments to study their credibility – or lack thereof. And, man, that bit of logic about proving that there’s safety in a technology never-before utilized and never fully tested for viral protection is critical. But what bothers me MOST of all are two other dimensions to this covid fiasco: 1. Why the heck are officials from major health institutions and the government keeping cheap and proven-to-quickly-heal medicines from people? 2. Why does the CDC print in their stats that there’s a 99.something% survival rate from this strain of covid AND that, statistically, it’s the vaccinated who are contracting the Delta mutation while those who quote the CDC data – both government officials and many in the media – speak lies to the contrary? Deliver us, O Lord!

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          1. New study shows the vaccinated can carry higher viral loads than the unvaccinated and thus be more of a threat to other individuals thus becoming “superspreaders” of vaccine resistant strains.

            “While moderating the symptoms of infection, the jab allows vaccinated individuals to carry unusually high viral loads without becoming ill at first, potentially transforming them into presymptomatic superspreaders.
            This phenomenon may be the source of the shocking post-vaccination surges in heavily vaccinated populations globally.
            The paper’s authors, Chau et al, demonstrated widespread vaccine failure and transmission under tightly controlled circumstances in a hospital lockdown in Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam.”


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    Interesting! ….. The Story of Ivermectin … & more Interesting ….
    Why THEY @ the WHO, CDC, NIH, BigTech, LeftMedia and Democrat Party USA are so against Ivermectin to the point of unhinged hysteria … WHY? ….Eh!!??? …. It must be far greater than $$$ Interests. …. Evil Powers & Principalities … Methinks!

    News from Peru that THEY never reported upon!

    THEY …. be they Judge, Legislator, Educator or Useful Idiot are Baby Killers… Period!!!!

    NO! It was most assuredly NOT a Mistake! The BackLash must have been … 😉

    Yep! A lot can happen in 72 Hours or a Week!


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  31. I am just asking for another of my family to see if anyone had this happen to them: after case of this virus, was there a sort of relapse about a week or so after symptoms went away (low grade fever, headaches, queasy stomach)? Or is it a new exposure? I thought it would be nice if it was a “one and done.”—apparently not. Thank you for any information you can give me.


    1. Joyful, I gather it is something that happens and can indicate the person is getting what is called “Covid Long-Hauler Syndrome.”

      I strongly doubt it is a re-exposure and something new. I have a couple possibilities for you to think of. Also, correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m going to assume this person has not been vaccinated and is not spending a lot of time around people who have been vaxxxed.

      First, it could indicate that the virus has survived in tissues where oxygen and immune system components cannot get to (easily). I constantly pound the table for Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy for everything Covid. If your person can get a handful of sessions in an HBOT chamber, that should kill *all* remaining virus in them. There is some indication that the virus is what is known as a bacteriophage, meaning it can infect bacteria. There are a *lot* of bacteria in your microbiome in your gut, and this sounds like a gut issue. Another option would be infrared saunas to get internal body temperature up several days running and see if that helps.

      Second, it could be that the person’s body is having difficulty recovering, either from the illness or from the items taken to treat the illness a week or two before. If a strong antibiotic was taken, then the person may need to take probiotics to rebuild the microbiome. Saccharomyces Boulardii and Bacillus Coagulans can help. Or the body may be very run down, with low NAD+ and melatonin and so on. For that kind of issue, I recommend that the person try Ivermectin for a week or two. If that doesn’t work or just because, I recommend the Niatonin Protocol which uses niacin and melatonin to help people rebuild their energy stores. Go here for that:

      They do consults if you would like to discuss this with them. Of course, online docs do consults and could help out. You can visit my Doctors and Healers page on my website to get links to many docs and directories, and you can also check out the recovery protocol currently being developed by the folks at FLCCC here:

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      1. Steve, thank you for the information. Family #1 that I mentioned back on Sept 2, took an amazing turn for the better on Sept. 6. Dil started niacin at 200 mg but had no reaction to it. She has used it before. She did discover that she does not tolerate melatonin well now. Son didn’t want to use it 🙂 They both finished off oral steroids and food tasted good again. They discovered that going outside to sit in the sun felt so good. Of their ten children, nine of them had symptoms that lasted about 2-4 days with a few having slight coughs afterwards. (no one vaxxed but dad works with vaxxed co-workers)
        Family #2 has two little ones 6 months and 2 years. Mom and Dad (both unvaxxed) had the illness along with the two little ones. All were better, except for fatigue, until Sept. 5 when all had low grade fevers, GI issues. Mom was afraid she had let them get exposed again (they had been through cycle of illness lasting a month). As of today, everything is fine with them. No more fears.
        I have been giving your information to both families. I appreciate and am so grateful for all you do. God bless you.
        (Adults in both families continued to use D,C, Zinc, NAC, Quercetin, along with prescription Ivem. oral steroids, antibiotics and baby aspirin)

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        1. Well, I am certainly glad to hear your family is better, though I don’t know why. LOL.

          The Niacin (nicotinic acid type) can be taken up to 1,000 mg twice a day. I would bet DIL would get a reaction to those! But it’s not needed if everyone is no longer fatigued but instead feeling right as rain. 🙂

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  32. I was chuckling with Charlie the other day about growing up with large families. Mentioned our family text thread that’s pretty lively as a rule, and how if the public were privy many would find it beyond the pale. Still, a good many others might feel right at home… ducking when necessary and rolling on the floor mostly. After last night’s epic thread of ND banter (it was a barn burner) trailing off into something about one of my brothers tossing the remains of a BBQ smoked hen across the yard, we went quiet for the night. A prudent respite after the squeaker, but a win nonetheless.

    This morning, this from another brother’s backyard, followed by a St. Francis quote from the ma:

    “If you have men who will exclude any of God’s creatures from the shelter of compassion and pity, you will have men who will deal likewise with their fellow men.” — St. Francis of Assisi

    To that, I add this quote:

    “We’re all squirrels.” — Anonymous (oh, ok… I was trying to pass a thought of mine off as ancient wisdom)

    Thing about my wondrous but peculiar family is, no matter how simple we keep it or how outrageously far afield our comments and speculations wander, we’ve got a ma that keeps us grounded in the basics.

    How much more true of Our Mother. And how much she labors to keep us grounded as we await the Triumph of Her Immaculate Heart.

    What do we expect that to consist in?

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  33. Considering two angles to the Texas heartbeat law… just may be the trigger for sessession
    2. Given the rage of the murderous ones, Fedgov may expel Texas. Ya, that is not in the Constitution, but that never stops John Roberts!

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  34. The media hit pieces against the use of ivermectin is easily refutiated by the following paper that not only shows the past use of ivermectin in humans but of new clinical studies showing it’s benefit in treating SARSCov2.
    Since this is a very large, heady paper on Ivermectin’s great health benefits IN HUMANS, I’m posting exerpts from it for easier reading.

    “Discovered in Japan in 1975 by Professor Satoshi Omura at the Kitsato institute and working with William Campbell, they isolated the compound naming it avermectin of which ivermectin is a derivative. Ivermectin’s impacts in controlling onchocerciasis and lymphatic filariasis diseases *in humans*, which blighted the lives of billions of the poor and disadvantaged throughout the tropics, is why its discoverers were awarded the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 2015 and the reason for its inclusion on the World Health Organization’s (WHO) “List of Essential Medicines.”(for humans!).
    Since 2012, a growing number of cellular studies have demonstrated that ivermectin has antiviral properties against an increasing number of RNA viruses, including influenza, Zika, HIV, Dengue, and most importantly, SARS-CoV-2.
    observing the near absence of all viral material 48 hours after exposure to ivermectin.
    Multiple coexisting or alternate mechanisms of action likely explain the clinical effects observed, such as the competitive binding of ivermectin with the host receptor-binding region of SARS-CoV-2 spike protein, as proposed in 6 molecular modeling studies. In 4 of the studies, ivermectin was identified as having the highest or among the highest of binding affinities to spike protein S1 binding domains of SARS-CoV-2 among hundreds of molecules collectively examined, with ivermectin not being the particular focus of study in 4 of these studies.
    *This is the same mechanism by which viral antibodies, in particular, those generated by the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines contain the SARS-CoV-2 virus*. The high binding activity of ivermectin to the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein could limit binding to either the ACE-2 receptor or sialic acid receptors, respectively, either preventing cellular entry of the virus or preventing hemagglutination, a recently proposed pathologic mechanism in COVID-19. Ivermectin has also been shown to bind to or interfere with multiple essential structural and nonstructural proteins required by the virus to replicate. Finally, ivermectin also binds to the SARS-CoV-2 RNA-dependent RNA polymerase (RdRp), thereby inhibiting viral replication.
    The growing list of studies demonstrating the anti-inflammatory properties of ivermectin include its ability to inhibit cytokine production (cytokine storm) after lipopolysaccharide exposure, downregulate transcription of NF-kB, and limit the production of both nitric oxide and prostaglandin E2 in late stage infections.”
    This paper also has a large portion dedicated to multiple studies showing the prophylactic ability of ivermectin in preventing transmission of COVID-19.

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    1. Phillip Frank, thank you for posting this. Along with your comment, for those that are interested, Dr. Pierre Kory is interviewed by Dr. Bret Weinstein on his Apple Podcast, The Dark Horse, June 1, 2021. The podcast is 3 hours long, but the listener is given very insightful reflections from Dr. Kory about this meta-analysis Ivermectin paper, his group’s FLCCC discovery of Ivermectin in treating Covid, his naivete thinking that through this discovery and it’s efficacy in treating Covid… that the pandemic would be over, his shock that the FLCCC and the early treatment with Ivermectin has been censored and even lied about, his shock that he has been accused with having a political agenda when he is actually a Democrat, etc, etc. Even though this podcast is long, the testimony by Dr. Pierre Kory makes it go very fast…highly recommended.

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