The Source of Authority

By Charlie Johnston

As regular readers know, I am adamant that this is NOT the end. Rather, it is a renewal that feels in some ways like the end. Thus, I maintain that there is no Antichrist just around the corner – and also that we should not hunker down so much as we should step up (though situationally, there are moments where, as a tactical matter, we should hunker down).

That being said, both Scripture and Salvation History are layered like an onion, with one layer often mimicking another. God seems to love to foreshadow definitive events with lesser but similar events beforehand. Why He does this is a question for another time, but that He does it is clear. I focus on Revelation 13 and 14 as foundational to my meditation today.

Revelation 13 describes the rise of the two beasts – and how almost everyone bows down to the beasts. I have long interpreted this to represent an anti-God ideology. After the rise of the beasts, in Revelation 14, three angels appear, each with a proclamation. The first angel proclaims that contrary to the beastly ideology, all power and authority resides in the sovereignty of God. The second angel proclaims that Babylon the great has fallen – that is, the worldly humanistic philosophy of materialist supremacy. The third angel proclaims that all those who swore fealty to the beast and did not repent before these angelic proclamations will be cast into eternal torment. Now I insist that this is not the end – but I also think it is a pretty good dress rehearsal. I want you to note the sequencing between these two chapters. In 13, God is quiet, letting the offenses pile up. This is critical in separating the sheep from the goats. The goats calculate which side looks to be winning – and shift their alliance to that side. God has no need for sunshine soldiers. Instead, He wills that they reveal themselves to the world as such. Then in 14, after all have chosen, the angels come to proclaim the eternal truth that God reigns. Woe to all those who thought they cleverly were choosing the winning side while God was silent. God IS love – and those who would be His children hold fast to Him because of love, not malleably switching allegiances because of transient events in order to try to be on the winning side.

The battle is heating up dramatically in this dress rehearsal – and a whole host of folks, particularly in the hierarchy, are in danger of the judgment. Whether it is good or not, I do not care about those religious authorities who actively wage war on the faith and the Magisterium. They will repent or perish. But too many otherwise good clerics are in deadly spiritual danger now because they keep trying to straddle what they think is expedient and what they know to be true. Collegiality, which is normally a good thing, is being used now as a snare by the devil. Otherwise honorable Bishops find themselves offending Christ to avoid offending other Bishops. This is a time when Jesus comes not to bring peace, but a sword – that we may once again find peace. Woe to those who let their cleverness lead them to the wrong side of His terrible, swift sword. Now IS a time of fulfillment. 

Formal authority is often mistaken for moral authority. Formal authority is what is given when an entity employs, elects or appoints someone to a position of trust. It can help facilitate action. Moral authority comes from having a reputation for courage, honor, justice and prudence. It is the heart of real authority – and comes primarily from devotion to living as God calls each of us to. When an official starts to squander his moral authority, he often tries to compensate for it by exercising his formal authority more arbitrarily and coercively – which further dissipates his moral authority. A good man can thrive while never having any formal authority of note. No official can survive for long having no moral authority, except by raw terror – and that only extends the time before full revolt.

Alas, too many Bishops are trying to accomplish “collegiality” by vigorously going after orthodox Priests for the smallest of infractions – while ignoring the deep offenses of such as Fr. James Martin and others who are pushing an anti-Catholic agenda on marriage and family life. They are almost literally, like the Pharisees of old, straining at a gnat while swallowing a camel. If it was just the Bishops who are actively waging war on the faith and the Magisterium, I would not care. They have their reward. But too many Bishops who are basically orthodox are falling into this trap, hoping they can buy peace by appeasing the more aggressive, but effectively anti-Catholic, Bishops. You cannot appease men in hopes of buying peace without inflaming the wrath of God. Do not be deceived that God lets the offenses pile up for now – just as He forewarned us He would do before re-asserting His sovereignty. Those who have made themselves enemies of God and His Word are fully earning what they get. But my heart cannot but pity, to an extent, those who will be counted with the goats simply because they were timid – and didn’t want any trouble. Two sites which are doing a marvelous job of chronicling the offenses are Church Militant and LifeSite News.

The U.S. Bishops’ moral authority took a body blow when they were prepared to deal candidly with the latest round of sexual scandals in the hierarchy at the 2018 Bishops’ Conference in Baltimore, but then saw Chicago’s Cardinal Blase Cupich cut them off at the pass by getting the Vatican to cut it off. The Bishops who want to enfeeble the Magisterium got what they wanted, while the better Bishops, through their timidity, came off looking like a bunch of eunuch. The fumbling mishandling of the Covid scare where so many Bishops eagerly accepted – and even exceeded – draconian governmental edicts that hampered (or even denied) the faithful access to fundamental sacraments further tattered confidence in the pews that these shepherds will defend the faithful. Few Bishops asked critical questions of public health and governmental authorities. They just claimed to be “following the science” even as they acceded to counter-scientific nonsense.

Are there legitimate issues with the orthodox Priests who are being cancelled? There could be in some cases. I know I admire Abp. Carlo Vigano, but also think his grief at the scandals in the Church have sometimes made him intemperate and led him to some errant conclusions. I understand, though: when the upper levels of the hierarchy resolutely will not hear or respond to your concerns, you almost have to start shouting. Here’s a reality check for the whole hierarchy: when the only people you vigorously punish for real or imagined offenses are those clerics who actually give voice to the concerns of the laity that you refuse to hear, you absolutely collapse your moral authority. Worse, you start to spark suspicion that you are not engaging in any real discipline at all, but simply persecuting those who would give voice to the faithful. Do that and you make yourself the enemy of the faithful – the wolves you are supposed to protect the faithful from. If you have chosen to be an enemy of the faith, so be it. But if you are an otherwise faithful shepherd who just doesn’t want any trouble, what a pitiable thing to risk your soul for!

I pray often that Gideon intercede for those Bishops who are honorable but timid. Read Judges 6 through 8 to meditate on the story. When first we meet Gideon he is hiding on a threshing floor to avoid his enemies. Not only did God demand that Gideon “man up” in defense of Israel, but that he take only 300 soldiers to defeat an army of Midianites over one hundred times that size – some 32,000. It demonstrated that, no matter how things seem, the battle is always in God’s hands. Had Gideon continued to cower and avoid his duty, he would not have saved his life, but have lost it.

And yet, as is very often the case in God’s economy, even as the darkness surrounds us, there is a growing group of Bishops in the USCCB who are not only stepping up to defend orthodoxy, but seem to be doing so in an increasingly systematic way. Abp. Joseph Naumann of Kansas City has been the premier advocate for life. Abp. Jose Gomez of Los Angeles raised the issue of whether communion can be allowed for Catholic politicians who brazenly and persistently publicly defy the Church on fundamental teachings. Abp. Salvatore Cordileone has expanded that by the call for teaching and instruction on “Eucharistic coherence.” Denver’s Abp. Samuel Aquila has become the architect laying out the intellectual framework for the whole project of defending orthodoxy. Just recently, he jumped into the fray against the German Bishops’ call for “synodality,” which looks to many of us like a call to smash what unity remains in the Catholic faith. What is striking to me about these items is that it looks like a real plan for orthodox coherence is rising instead of discrete one-offs. It is the beginning of renewal – and now we have a rising tide of Bishops willing to give voice to the deep concerns of the faithful. Of course, Cdl. Cupich ran off to the Vatican again to try to cut this expression of orthodoxy off at the knees – and certainly received the nervous seconding of a host of the timid. I don’t think it is going to work this time. Next week, The Bishops are going to discuss the criteria for public figures to receive the Eucharist. I don’t think it likely that the orthodox position will prevail – but I also don’t think the issue will be smothered like the effort to address sexual abuse was three years ago. Standing for orthodoxy is not a passing fancy for this growing group of Bishops: it is the heart of their vocation, an expression of intentional discipleship. May the rest of the timid get off the threshing floor and get to work renewing the Church in God’s own image.

Jesus Christ is the source of all authority on heaven and on earth. May all those in authority embrace this before God once again proclaims His sovereign authority to all the nations.  And do it before the angels sing.


Fr. Richard Heilman and Doug Barry typically record their podcast on Monday evenings. Alas, a situation has arisen where they will not be able to tape on Saturday while our conference is going – and we can’t tape on Monday. So that aspect of the National Conference will have to be deferred. We will replace it with a session where attendees can ask questions of the speakers and national committee chairs – and it will be part of the video package available after the conference.


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  1. Wow!!! Such an incisive and accurate analysis and instruction, Charlie, written in truth – with love and concern for our Bishops who are buckling under due to faintheartedness born of fear.

    And THIS: “Otherwise honorable Bishops find themselves offending Christ to avoid offending other Bishops.” For too many looooong years, this has been a plague for our Bishops.

    Oh I love this light in the darkness, a sign of hope for all to see: “What is striking to me about these items is that it looks like a real plan for orthodox coherence is rising instead of discrete one-offs… Standing for orthodoxy is not a passing fancy for this growing group of Bishops: it is the heart of their vocation, an expression of intentional discipleship.” Prayers unceasing that this comes to solidly be: and that the timid loafers get off their duffs to rise and shine the spotlight on God’s sovereign teachings and ways.

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  2. Beckita, Agree fully with your comment, and was about to copy the very same quote from Charlie that you just highlighted. Charlie’s analysis is carefully expressed to avoid being rudely bombastic over misused authority–but nevertheless achieves that effect! I’m bewildered that those many who chose as their life profession would be so obviously conflicted with God’s word and intent. Distinguishing between moral authority and organizational authority is key to disregarding or canceling outright what such immoral figures proclaim.

    My growing hope is that such moral corruption in the churches (it’s not just in the Catholic church but as well in Protestantism) and in society here, led by the Progressive Democrats and their media allies, has become so outrageous (e.g. sex roles being canceled, men with their male physiques authorized to compete against girls, Mothers no longer honored as Moms, but regarded as incidentally bearing children to fake way sex differences, defaming law officers as inherently racist even when the officers are themselves Black and Brown, promoting Equity of rewards for school and work, instead of reward for competitive merit) that our next election will turn against the Demorats.

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    1. Amen, Jack. So agree with your observation about all manner of Christians not being faithful to the covenant with the Father. It’s mind boggling to think of how a church minister could reconcile blessing an abortion clinic with fidelity to Christ and His teachings.

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  3. Each one of Charlie’s posts hit me in a different way. All good but some, this one in particular, reach me in a way I can’t quite describe. Times like this I wish I had the articulation skills that so many have in these pages.
    The most heart-felt thanks, Charlie.

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  4. My holy and devout priest Father James Parker from Holy Cross in Batavia, IL is being cancelled by our Bishop Malloy in the Rockford Diocese. He has not been told what his crime is (as he has committed no crime) but rather is being taken out of active ministry because he is a traditional priest. He is a vey holy man whom the other priests in our Diocese once dubbed “the saint priest”. Now he is being told he is to leave our parish and has no new assignment. Furthermore, he cannot live in a rectory in our diocese. He is a priest who live-streams holy hour every night at 8 yet he is being cancelled!

    Malloy has done this to at least 15 other traditional priests in our Diocese. We his flock have had enough and we are fighting back. And so is Father Parker. Just today he issued a statement saying he has gotten nothing in writing from the Bishop and has not been told of his crimes and he will not leave his flock until that happens per Canon Law. He also has hired both civil and Canon lawyers and will be fighting it to the end. The Bishop has also refused to meet with him.

    We have have started a living expense and legal fund for him. I will put the link here. Please pass it on to anyone you think would be interested. Also Church Militant has taken up our cause and has given us a lot of coverage. Lastly, we have a Facebook page “We stand with Father Parker” where you can follow along with all we are doing. It’s public so you don’t need a Facebook account to see it. I will put that link here as well. A website is in the works. The Church Militant videos are all linked on the Facebook page too.

    So far we have held two Rosary vigils (one at Holy Cross where we had 800 people show up and one outside the 7:30 am Mass at the Cathedral in Rockford last Sunday. Another one is scheduled for this Thursday. Please spread the word far and wide as we are trying to take this fight national. Father Parker’s last day is supposed to be June 15th but as of right now he will not leave until he gets something in writing.

    Please pray for Father Parker and all the other canceled priests in our Diocese and around the world. We are Mary’s Blue Army, and we are fighting as best we can but need your prayers for discernment and perseverance and charity as we fight to have them all reinstated.

    Thank you in advance for your prayers. Father Parker is loved by so many and we his flock have been so blessed to call him our shepherd.

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    1. Beth, I too am in the Rockford Diocese and this just breaks my heart hearing this news. I have been praying for Father Parker, Bishop Malloy, and our Diocese. I wish I had known there was a vigal at St.Mary’s, I would have attended. I live in Rockford but sadly have never attended the mass at St. Mary’s. I’m hearing from a friend who now goes there that it’s doubled in size this past year from people leaving the other surrounding churches. Thank you for posting the links on how we can help.

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    2. I will keep Fr James in my prayer. My parish priest Abbe Naulleau is also avery holy and saintly priest. You will know them by their fruits. He is a walking orchard.
      Christus Vincit

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    3. Beth, so happy to support Fr. Parker with $ and prayers. We need to have the backs of our good and holy priests. God bless.

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    4. Beth Monday morning is our FaceTime Rosary group. We are lifelong friends who live in different counties. Father is added to our prayer list. Sending your info to my correspondence email list.

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      1. Thank you so much Joanne. Father’s last day is supposed to be June 15th but he has made it clear he’s not leaving unless the Bishop gives him something in writing as to what his crimes are. He has Canon law on his side but it is most nerve wracking. He is under tremendous stress.

        At 1:00 today we his parishioners and other supporters started a vigil where we stand outside near where he is to pray for him and to let him know we are here for him in what could be his last days as an active priest. We are stationed either outside the rectory or the church office – wherever he is. We will be there through Tuesday the 15th. If I can figure out how to post some pictures on here of the vigil I will. We are so sad for him yet also feel incredibly blessed to be standing beside him. We are not sure if the Bishop will try to forcibly receive him. If so we want to be a witness to that and record it as well.

        Here is a link to a Lifesite news article that came out this past week. It is well written and tells what’s going on in a much more comprehensive way then the Church Militant stories which are wonderful but only give little snippets of the whole story.

        Also here is a link to a website we started for him.

        Thank you to everyone who is praying for him. He is overwhelmed and so very grateful.


  5. I would also add bishop Paprocki of Springfield, IL to the list of US brave bishops… Just a thought, wouldn’t it be better to have the Antichrist coming soon so we are done with all this godless crap all and for once?

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    1. I getcha’ Pawel, but this is the minor apostasy and chastisement. Aren’t you glad we’ll be long gone before the major apostasy and chastisement are in motion? The “spirit of antichrist” gets awfully vile at certain periods of history and right now it would be more than we could take… without Christ.

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      1. For those inclined to focus more on what God is doing and less on what the adversary is doing at present, there’s nothing really minor in importance, seriousness or significance in our time, especially considering that there are 7.8 billion souls at stake. That number of souls, with the value of each soul to God being inestimable, is unprecedented in human history. Got our work cut out for us as we strive to cooperate with God in His Divine Will, but we are given all help from Him. God is doing something new… one could maybe think of it as something unprecedented for unprecedented times.

        What’s our response to that? Let’s just get back to normal quickly? Let’s finish this… get ‘er done quickly? Make America great again? Lord, smite our enemies and get us to the Triumph as fast as possible? Truly, many don’t know what they’re asking, because if God had to punish all the guilty it would not be pretty.

        I watch keenly and often wonder what God is doing. Can’t help but think that He often obliges with this answer: What are you doing, child?

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        1. So true that each soul is precious and worth every effort, in prayer and deeds, as we tend to people in these times… and in any time.

          Back to the original point, salvation history-in-the-making is considered in ways that help us know where we are placed in time, just as Desmond will do when he speaks to us at the conference. Not saying that this article to which I link has a solid handle on every detail, but I do find Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI’s words very helpful in stirring up new hope and trust in the Lord. Maranatha!

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          1. Yes, I look forward to that particular view of history, much of it with the benefit of hindsight where the misty past doesn’t obscure details, and the simple way forward where mystery abounds… none of which should shake us from the present. The now. That place where we live and God is to be encountered. The subtler point was one of regards the word “minor,” of which we have not yet fully experienced the full impact.

            Some may wince at the mention of that “full impact,” others cheer it on, others be spurred on to greater love, and so on. Relative to each person’s current state.

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      2. That’s for sure Beckita!!!! This is horrible enough! I feel so sorry for the ones at the end of the world! But if I live 30 more years…please God…don’t do that to me😂😂😂 we could possibly see that too😩

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      3. Well, probably that’s the case Beckita, however, it is almost inconceivable to think of a greater apostasy of a civilization than that of the current one, where slicing babies alive in mothers’ wombs is equaled to tooth extraction procedures, “mother” and “father” are improper wordings in the forms, where ‘she’ and ‘he’ is being taken over by ‘ze’, where it is applauded to be proud of being homosexual while inappropriate to be a proud Christian even in Catholic organizations. And these ridiculous bullying lockdowns look like drills before submitting all under total control …

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        1. Indeed, it’s been horrific, Pawel. I can’t even fathom what the major apostasy will look like. And, as MP noted, we don’t have to spend time dwelling on the future; NOW is the time to renew and recreate with God a New Beginning. Maranatha!

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        2. Pawel: I wonder, is Biden’s rosary more than mere political theater? If so does he pray to the Blessed Birthing Person? Can’t help it, you have to find humor where you can find it today! In any case pray for all those very brave parents and teachers speaking out on the Marxist Critical RaceTheory which is sewing hate and separation once again. Here is a link to a wonderful teacher from Loudoun Co., Virginia which is right next to Washington DC. Her name is Monica Gill.
          We all know how the Lord works to his own purposes. The lockdown has exposed what schools have been teaching basically behind their parents’ back. The leftist Marxist policies have been in effect longer than the pandemic. But the pandemic has exposed it. The leftist blatant obfuscation of truth and their use of the pandemic for Marxist control orchestrated their exposure. Thank You, Jesus.

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  6. These new pieces are still not showing up on normal WordPress ways for me??? I have to hunt for them and usually see them on fb first? Scratching head. 🤨 I’m hoping they are showing up for other readers so they can comment.

    Great piece though Charlie!!! It was cautionary and heartening at the same time!🐶✝️🙏

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    1. Linda, go to the MENU bar at the top right corner of this page and take a look at the TECHIE QUESTIONS segment. Walk yourself through the steps given to recheck your settings. That, at least, would be a first intervention to see what might be going on.

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      1. Something even more simple (that I have actually seen before) is that some people who live the page up on their browser need to update it regularly. The page does not auto-update. So if you have the page open while a new post goes up, the new post will NOT show until you refresh the page on your end.

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  7. Another study revealing the immunity of those who have had Covid-19 and therefore do not need to be vaccinated:
    “The study findings reveal that individuals with previous SARS-CoV-2 infection do not get additional benefits from vaccination, indicating that COVID-19 vaccines should be prioritized to individuals without prior infection.”
    “Importantly, not a single incidence of SARS-CoV-2 infection was observed in previously infected participants with or without vaccination.”

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    1. My sister-in-law insists her nephew got covid twice and it was much worse the second time around. Heresay, I know, but she swears by it.

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  8. Dr. Byram Bridle Professor of Viral Immunology University of Guelph

    ‘We finally learned how and where the Vaccine antibodies are stored in the body’

    ‘The spike protein in Vaccines can kill you’

    Dr. Bridle is not an alarmist. When he issues a warning, readers should listen.

    Pfizer Japanese government study…

    “The infamous spike protein of the coronavirus gets into the blood where it circulates for several days post-vaccination and then accumulated in organs and tissues including the spleen, bone marrow, the liver, adrenal glands, and in quite high concentrations in the ovaries”; “a large number of studies has shown that the most severe effects of SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, such as blood clotting and bleeding, are due to the effects of the spike protein of the virus itself.”

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      1. HTTP this is my greatest worry since my 20 and 23yr old granddaughters took the jab – sigh
        (you know Bill Gates said as much at a TED talk – We can bring down the population if we do a “good job” with vaccines, …..”

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        1. SanSan, I said before that 1 daughter and 2 grandchildren had the jab (work/school), so I pray every day, and have for years, that the Precious Blood of Christ flows through all family members. We need that more than ever and I trust the Precious Blood of Jesus to work miracles.

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    1. More confirmation of evil! Thanks for this, SanSan! I’m adding it to my library. Seems that one of the keys is the fact that the spike protein in the “vax” doesn’t stay in the shoulder and gets into the blood circulation, then to organs including the brain, which I’ve just heard in recent days. God help us!

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    2. Yes, and even after Dr. Byram Bridle made that peer reviewed announcement, the Canadian media ignored him, social media censored him, governments are coercing Canadians to hurry up and take the shot before public realizes the governments aren’t as honest & moral as they claim to be, and most people are lining up to take the shots.

      The death toll is going to be huge up here in Canada. Charlotte Iserbyt – “The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America” is a understatement for when people choose to morally do nothing against sin & evil a d allow those fester.

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      1. Hello Al. Actually, I think we’re going to see worldwide problems due to the jab which causes gene manipulation and which is called by the misnomer “vaccine.” The push to get it is happening all over the world, not just in Canada. Finally, the choosing to do nothing against sin and evil has been part of the picture in life for more than fifty years and it’s what got us to where we are. To counter this problem, again, I urge anyone who has not yet joined CORAC, to consider at least joining via the website. Even if you’re not ready to officially volunteer, please join at the website level so you can see the possibilities for steppinf out of the “Silent Majority” world into the “Making a Stand with God” way of being. Onward!

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      2. The censoring is rampant. Sheep’s lead to slaughter – and many Bishops are leading the way. Lord have mercy 😦 Everyone, stay in the Ark, hold tight to the Lord and pray for the conversion of all souls. Dear Sacred Heart of Jesus, I trust in You. Dear Mother, keep your children under the mantle of your protection. Dear Guardian Angels guide and direct us to our safe home.

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  9. JESUS = GOOD NEWS …. 😉

    Burger King was once my favorite Junk-Food Provider.

    YEP! America Last Agenda and THEY get 51% of The “Vote”?

    Does anyone believe that China is Not controlled by Evil Agents who want to control the Pacific and be a Mr. Big in The “Great” godless Global Re-Set?
    Do you think CCP/PLA cares if millions die in China or elsewhere?
    Do you think that the CCP/PLA does NOT control every significant “industry” in China?

    My Goodness! It looks like BO and his BigTech/Media Masters be gettin’ nervous …. Which means all here should be gettin’ ready for Distractions & Serious Unpleasantness!!

    ANTIFA = Troops who stormed the beaches! THEY be gettin’ nervous!


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  10. “I don’t think it likely that the orthodox position will prevail”
    Golly, Charlie, I hope you’re wrong on this. I absolutely do hope that orthodoxy absolutely prevails, on some level. Maybe clarification of just what you meant —

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    1. When reading this sentence you quote, Schooter: “I don’t think it likely that the orthodox position will prevail.” in its full context, I see that Charlie is speaking, specifically, to the issue of what the BIshops will do about public figures who openly support, legislate and or pen executive orders and additional laws which give approval and enact serious sins against God’s Laws… just as Biden and other public people have done while saying they are “good Catholics.” I totally agree with Charlie, not because anyone hopes that orthodoxy does not prevail, but because, for too long, too many Bishops have cared more about appeasing man, climbing the hierarchical ladder in prestige and/or playing it safe in the sense of avoiding public conflict. I certainly live in such a Diocese where, a certain Bishop most often introduced his position by saying he consulted with his confreres who are Bishops before announcing his decision on a matter of faith and morals. There was never a strong – truth in charity – statement declaring the Faith we have been given via the teachings of Jesus Christ which must be the foundation of decision-making for Bishops on such matters.

      So here’s your Charlie quote in context: “Next week, The Bishops are going to discuss the criteria for public figures to receive the Eucharist. I don’t think it likely that the orthodox position will prevail – but I also don’t think the issue will be smothered like the effort to address sexual abuse was three years ago. Standing for orthodoxy is not a passing fancy for this growing group of Bishops: it is the heart of their vocation, an expression of intentional discipleship. May the rest of the timid get off the threshing floor and get to work renewing the Church in God’s own image.”

      Praying in solidarity for our Bishops… in this country and all over the world.

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  11. This quote…

    “Those who have made themselves enemies of God and His Word are fully earning what they get. But my heart cannot but pity, to an extent, those who will be counted with the goats simply because they were timid – and didn’t want any trouble.”

    …is terrifying!!!

    There are so many times and ways I myself have struggled with, “not wanting to cause trouble!”

    What a fine fine line to toe!😩

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    1. The critical piece for all of us who have sinned in these ways, Linda, is repentance with confession. And when we fall again – and fall again we shall, darn it – simply repent, confess and begin again. Do not overthink anything. Remain at peace and do not be afraid because we all fall short of the Glory of God and He knows we’re made of dust, striving to give Him our best. Amen!

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      1. Thanks Beckita…you always encourage me with your wonderful advice 🥰 what that quote spoke to me is sometimes I think we need to speak up to others who are erring and many many times I have, but probably not enough but I’m running out of friends 😂😂😂 and so of course I thank God for you and everyone here and everyone I go to mass with 🥰. God is good!!!

        Really great message from Jesus this morning from Anne the lay apostle in direction for our times!🥰

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          1. I never thought of that…I guess I’m talking about like warning people about birth controls, vasectomies, mortal sins, not being married validly, not going to church ⛪️, fornication, things like that…which I think I do warn most of the time, but there are a few I need to do yet and I know it’s going to cause more divisions 😩 I ain’t no Saint so I can often speak from experience but people do not like it when you tell them the truth and they do back away😩

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      2. Whew…what a busy week it’s been😂😂🥰

        I think of this often what Charlie said once and I paraphrase him often!

        “No vice, no virtue!!!”



    2. Linda,

      You may find St. Ignatius advice on discerning the spirit that influences you helpful.

      It is in his Spirutual Exercises.

      I will try to get a quote for you later.

      I have found them EXTREMELY helpful and calming.

      God bless.

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      1. Here we go.

        Specifically the 5th rule, but the entire section is very good fir context. There are suredly more English friendly translations available..

        The section on scruples is fantastic too.

        Example I just finished a fast from cocktail hour of 40 days and 39 nights.
        While I am sure that it was actually more than 40 days and 40 nights, the devil had a go at it via that 39.
        “Can’t do forty!” attacked my mind for a bit, but
        The gentle Spirit in my thoughts was the advise I chose to listen to because of St. Ignatious work.
        I told God that if it really was 39, I would do it again, but was told to stop the scrupulisity and relax

        Grace and peace

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  12. JESUS = GOOD NEWS …. 😉

    Good Catholics ChinaJoe & SanFran Nanny will get on it … Right!?

    Were the Colonial Pipeline and JBS Foods Hacks Acts of War?


    PuppetPrez parroting the FringeLeft’s Talking Point of the Day:


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    1. I hope people read the report, CD. Another nail in the coffin for the “vaccines”! Lord have mercy, Alzheimers, etc.!!

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  13. …”Collegiality, which is normally a good thing, is being used now as a snare by the devil. Otherwise honorable Bishops find themselves offending Christ to avoid offending other Bishops”. Like others this line jumped out at me since it’s the same feeling I’ve had. Encouraging to see some of these great bishops sensing the need to dig in and fight for our Faith and begin to work to turn the tide instead if talking about it behind closed doors We definitely need to keep praying and fasting for these Bishops who may be ready to stand out of the shadows and fight for Christ✝️

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    1. Bumper stickers are very good at this snare too.
      “No hate in the 728!” for example , or “love is love” .

      Very disarming…..until…I memorized The Spiritual Works of Mercy and

      “Admonish the sinner is mercy!” puts the devils propaganda to a deserved death

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  14. The Solemnity of the Sacred Heart of Jesus is also a World Day of Prayer for the Sanctification of Priests. May their hearts and ours be like unto Thine, full of mercy, humility and love.

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    1. That is beautiful. I enjoy Sachin Jose’s posts. ❤
      Here is my Sacred Heart Art for the day. I added it to our campfire prayer circle in the backyard this morning while praying the Rosary and Divine Mercy Chaplet in the bright sunshine. We have new homeowners as next door neighbors and we now affectionately call it our campfire half circle after the surveyors were finished with their work. 😉

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        1. Or so it seems. 😉

          I had a spill at the left side of the point on the heart and it turned out that the accidental splatter was shaped just like a mini sacred heart, flame and all. God can even make our mistakes glorious! ❤

          I belonged to Opus Dei when I lived in Chicago. Mary, who had just shy of a dozen offspring, hosted our weekly evening Circle Group gatherings in her living room. I was so impressed on how neat and tidy her house was. She confided in me it was not all that clean and it was the reason why she left the lights turned down and instead burnt candles so that the filth was less obvious in the adjoining dining room.

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  15. JESUS = GOOD NEWS …. 😉

    Yep!! ….. Just how many Other Shoes we be talkin’bout!???

    America Last!

    Can you believe this ****?!

    Com’on! It ain’t Kamala’s Fault that her trip South was a disaster!
    It was Evil Trump Supporters jamming her ear buds & blocking signals from BO’s DC Bunker … & it happens every time ChinaJoe finds a Mic too!!




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  16. Received the following in an email. My son has not been vaccinated and doesn’t plan to be. Not sure where to go from here. Please pray.

    Dear Students,

    Our entire CUA community is excited to resume normal operations for the Fall 2021 semester. The University will continue to monitor local and national trends and data on the transmission and spread of COVID-19 and will continue to be guided by recommendations from the CDC and DC Dept. of Health. An important first step ahead of fall is to collect information from all students relating to their Vaccination Status.

    As such, all students (graduate, law and undergraduate) are required to complete a COVID-19 Vaccination Status form through the CUA Student Health Portal by July 31, 2021. Since you will provide details on the type of vaccine and dates administered, please complete the status form and upload a copy of your vaccination card (using the “Document Upload” feature of the health portal) as soon as you are fully vaccinated. Students who are not planning on getting vaccinated must still complete the status form.

    Based on current CDC and DC Department of Health guidance, individuals who are not vaccinated for COVID-19 must continue to wear a face mask and maintain social distancing practices in all indoor settings and any outdoor setting where both vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals may be. It is too early to project what the guidance will be at the start of the fall semester, but as of now, unvaccinated individuals will be required to quarantine and participate in routine surveillance testing during the fall semester.

    By mid-June, the COVID-19 website FAQs for students and parents will be updated for the fall semester. In addition to this resource, students and families should feel free to contact the Office of the Dean of Students at with questions or concerns.

    Should you need assistance in finding locations across the US where COVID-19 vaccines are administered, use this locator tool offered by the CDC. Other helpful COVID-19 resources can be found on the COVID-19 Updates page. If you have any questions regarding the COVID-19 Vaccination Status form, please contact Student Health Services at:

    Dean Sawyer

    Jonathan C. Sawyer
    Associate Vice President for Student Affairs & Dean of Students

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    1. Same for my son at the “Catholic” University of Dayton. He simply will not comply. It makes me so angry and heartbroken at the same time that our young people have to endure this treatment. It is divisive and evil. I am trusting completely that Mother Mary will protect him from the tyranny and provide another path for him if needed. Not much else I can do.

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  17. JESUS = GOOD NEWS .. PM .. 😉

    Laugh-er of de Day! ;-(


    .. & … protect US from “The Squad” whom the Democrats/Media find A-OK in spite of their Jew/White/Christian/Constitution/Cops/Producer Class Hatred!

    Yep! This Mike Adams is a RightWing NutJob! Just disregard all that “stuff” that your lying eyes-n-ears-n-nostrils have been assailed with these past 30 years!


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  18. From CREWDOG’s morning “overload” post.
    Looks like this group is really in need of as many prayers as possible:
    Here is a quote from the author:
    “Every day, I hear from detainees and their family members about the conditions in the jail. Some predict prison staff are making life miserable in order to provoke an uprising that will be recorded and used as additional propaganda to show the violent tendencies of the so-called insurrectionists. Almost all are first-time offenders.”
    read the article:

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    1. For the sake of…. the article is heartbreaking! It truly does sound like a Soviet gulag. So many levels of government and judicial are involved with this evil. I don’t recognize our country any more. 😦
      Yes, let’s pray for a miracle; maybe Mary Undoer of Knots?

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  19. JESUS = GOOD NEWS …. 😉

    Yep! I’ve been a critic of the feminized Jesus pics myself. I’m guessing the artsy-craftsy crowd has always been a bit …. Ya Know?
    My Mom’s favorite Jesus, “Our Lord of the Sea”, Pic was from a WWII Catholic Magazine that she had cut-out and framed. Being from a Navy Family and Dad being Over-There meant this Pic held much meaning for her.
    Anyway! Whilst in the Phillipines, I took the pic to a local artist who made three oil painting for Mom, Ol’ Sis & Me. On my painting my face replaces the sailor’s.

    Jesus don’t look like a wuss in this pic! 😉

    Despite what the four bishops say, I’m guessing they got seriously unpleasant blowback from Influential Pew Peons and “Fires” lit under their ample butts!

    …. ’cause ….Well! ….Ya Know!

    I’m sure that the fact that most of the Pols who pushed this “Benefit Program” are DC corruptocrats had nothing to do with it.
    …. & PuppetPrez playing Sante Claus!… Fiscal Collapse …SOON!

    BLUE CITY = UNSAFE ….. even Red States!!

    What a Laugh-er Quote! ….. Prayers for Victims!
    Austin is a nasty pus filled Blue Pimple on Texas’ Red Butt and THEY will twist themselves into pretzels to avoid the obvious.
    “Chacon described the lone suspect as a Black male with a black shirt, skinny build and “dreadlock-type” hair – but told reporters early Friday morning that the description isn’t very detailed “based on the chaotic nature of the incident.”
    Chief Chacon might as well have said: “Despite a detailed description of the Perp, we can’t rule out the White Supremacist &/or TX Red Neck Element.


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    1. CrewDog, is the painting of strong Jesus and the sailor in “The Helmsman” link the one you commissioned for your mom, sister, and you? I really like Jesus’s looks in this painting.


      1. Yes, M,

        The very one that Mom cut from that 1944 magazine……
        Although, I recall she said that it was from a Calendar? No matter great painting.


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  20. Oh how the images of a church in devastation and the calling to Holy Spirit for help, in this video, bespeak the very state of THE Church and our hearts.

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