Tools of the Trade

By Charlie Johnston

When I first took over as managing editor of a group of suburban newspapers, I had utter contempt for the way most newspapers make their mistakes loud and long – but banish their corrections to small print on page 32. I vowed that, when we made mistakes, our corrections would be at least as prominent as the original mistake. My publisher did not like that at first, but our credibility went way up – and he became a fan. When I was recruited into radio I continued the practice.

The fact is that when you do this stuff every day, you are going to make some mistakes. It may surprise you that it stings me to admit a mistake – and, particularly, to admit it prominently. But it is a great and effective discipline and one of which I am very proud. When you adopt this discipline, you get very picky and drill down deep to avoid mistakes – and you make fewer of them, for you know when you do err, you are going to have to “fess up” loud. It stings every time, but enhances your discernment, humility and credibility. It is one of my most valued assets. It has allowed me to make very bold statements that would often be ridiculed if I had not the reputation for scrupulous research and an absolute refusal to say any crackpot thing just because it supported my preferred narrative.

I said near the turn of the year that I believed the Covid jab would become one of the biggest medical disasters in history. That take was ridiculed in polite society and even banned by the press and social media. Now more and more doctors are warning that this “vaccine” is deadly dangerous, even while the pimple-faced “fact-checkers” at social media sites ban the scientists…in the name of #science. Besides having more recorded adverse reactions, including some 5,100 deaths in the U.S. alone than almost all other vaccines in history combined, it creates a host of problems including chronic heart malfunctions in young people and potential sterilization. I could speak boldly because I had done my homework. Regular readers know I often make such unpopular statements that contradict the prevailing narrative after I have vetted things to my satisfaction – and am usually right. If, on the other hand, I said nine wild things that were false for every wild thing that was true, the true things I propound would make little impact – simply filed in the “blind hog stumbles on an acorn” folder.

Some of our readers do, indeed, repeat nine or twenty wild-eyed theories that are completely wrong for every one they get right. Then they crow like a rooster at dawn when they stumble on something right. Stop it. If your only tool of discernment is whether you like what a wild theory says, you have no discernment. You do NOT warn people of real danger; you cement a reputation as an irresponsible crackpot who can be safely ignored, even when you are right. We can do better – and we need to do better if we are going to be a true sign of hope as things grow darker. Fortunately, there is a tried and true (if rather painful) method of dramatically improving your discernment and your credibility. Make the same vow I did when I took over a managing editor’s chair – and then live it.

Those who jump on every passing rumor and repeat them as fact think that people don’t remember the multitude of things they have repeated as fact that prove to be false – if they just never mention them anymore. People do remember – and quietly make their determinations about credibility. If you vow to loudly correct every errant ‘fact’ you have promoted, either in a comment or a post, it will sting like crazy. Almost seamlessly, though, you will start living real discernment and discipline and saying far fewer things that are clearly errant. You will receive the joy of having people no longer roll their eyes or have something else to do when you start emoting, but actually listening and questioning you. I do not tell you this just because it irritates me, but because if you are going to be a sign of hope in tumultuous times, you must guard your credibility more carefully than gold. Simultaneously, you must not just shut up for fear of having to take the sting when you are wrong. Rather, vet things well and take responsibility for them, knowing that sometimes the sting of error will come – but that your commitment to loudly acknowledge it when it does will enhance your credibility and make you a real sign of hope. .

Back in January, I had more than a few noble friends who were connected to the federal government warning me that I was going too far in refusing to accept the election results without a full investigation and for repudiating the narrative that the demonstration that got out of hand was an “insurrection.” Almost all of these people have told me of late that I was right again and ahead of the curve once more. Take and live my vow. Don’t do it for me – but for yourself and the many souls you are encountering who need you to be sober, steady and credible.


I have to laugh at Kamala Harris refusing to go to the border, insisting that she is looking for the “root causes” of out-of-control illegal immigration. Guatemalan President Alejandro Giamattei told her bluntly what the root causes are – the policies of the Biden-Harris White House. Perhaps Kamala could team up with O.J. Simpson. He could look for the “real killer” while she searches for the “root causes.”


I have come to have great regard for the young theologian, Daniel O’Connor. With every year, the pieces he publishes get more insightful and powerful. He is not locked into previous positions. He does not work to prove that whatever he ever said is true – but seeks out truth relentlessly and with real vigor – and publicly leaves any error behind as soon as he discovers it. He is an intellectually deep man and has real intellectual integrity. I don’t agree with him on everything. He still supports the idea of a “prophetic consensus,” a concept I do not accept at all. Prophecy is either inspired or it is not. You can’t just take all purported contemporary prophecies, average them out, and come up with a consensus. That makes for an unhappy medium. Always remember that, at the time, the prophetic consensus was that Jesus was a fraud. We only know better in hindsight. Sometimes what is true seems false for a time and sometimes what is false seems true for a time.

That said, O’Connor published a brilliant piece a couple of weeks ago that was deeply insightful. It is very long – but it has convinced me that he is going to be a consequential man, both because of the substance of what he writes and because of his intellectual honesty. You don’t have to read it all at once, but you should download it and enjoy his deep insights and defense of Magisterial truth.


I am furious that Pope Francis and a cabal of heterodox clerics are credibly reported to be working to diminish the Traditional Latin Mass, putting it on the course of ultimate extinction. I am not a Latin Mass Catholic, but I deeply respect the beauty, tradition, history, and reverence of it. I respect that while so many timid Bishops were panicking and denying people the Sacraments – and even calling the police on a pregnant woman who needed to catch her breath without a mask, the Latin Masses largely kept the Sacramental coherence of the Mass and Sacramentals intact. In fact, I have been so impressed with their fidelity, I am going to learn the Latin Mass fully and attend more often. (The major reason I don’t is because there is so much kneeling and rising – and that tremendously aggravates my neurological disability. I’ve only got about five kneels in me a day.)

Don’t get me wrong. I am not one to throw the baby out with the bathwater. While I prefer to receive on the tongue, Canon Law says people have the right to receive in the hand. I do not consider someone who receives in the hand a lesser Catholic. In fact, I sometimes receive in the hand as a tacit rebuke to those who pharasaically spend Mass thanking God that they are not lowlifes like other men (Luke 18:11). As much as I respect the Latin Mass, I have no time or respect for those who insist that it is the only valid Mass. I regard them as an exotic variety of Protestant – without the honesty. The Novus Ordo Mass is more easily drawn off track, but the Church long ago approved it, I like it, and I say reform the abuses which more easily occur in it. I think Vatican II was a monumental achievement – which was quickly highjacked by heterodox clerics calling for a noxious “spirit of Vatican II” to justify their offenses. Vatican II is a great achievement; the “spirit of Vatican II” is the smoke of satan mounted to discredit the achievement.

Now that the Vatican thinks eliminating one of the few areas of robust orthodox growth is just the ticket; while the Vatican promotes anti-Christian doctrine on family and sexuality; while the Vatican refuses to investigate or allow any candid investigation of major sexual abuses; while heterodox Bishops in the U.S. are relentlessly suspending Priests whose only visible crime is to be openly orthodox; and otherwise orthodox, but timid, Bishops are trimming their sails and demanding their Priests do the same to avoid angering those Bishops who are waging war against the Magisterium, is it any wonder that many in the pews are wondering if the princes of the Church actually believe in Christianity anymore?

After the Vatican betrayed the Catholics in China to kowtow to the Chinese Communist Party, China thumbed their nose at the Vatican anyway by demanding that accepted Priests fully adopt Communist ideology. How can a Priest purport to serve God while simultaneously believing He is a pernicious fairy tale – as communism insists? I guess there are plenty who do it in the United States and Europe, but still… The Chinese-Vatican Accord would be one of the greatest scandals in Church history were it not for the flood of scandals issuing from this Vatican on a near weekly basis.

As I have said before, I do not care a whit about those Bishops who actively wage war on the faith and the Magisterium. They have their reward. I am also heartened by the rising group of Bishops, particularly in the United States, who are boldly, openly and systematically defending the faith and the Magisterium. For those timid Bishops who are trying to straddle a line between the world and the faith, there is no longer any place of neutrality. The time for choosing is here. You must unreservedly and boldly serve Christ and His people or, even though you are just lukewarm, you risk being cast into outer darkness along with the openly inflamed enemies inside the Church.


If you have not read or watched Michael Voris over at Church Militant lately, you should. Some people have been turned off a little, over the years, by his sometimes scattershot and bombastic approach. I have to tell you, his style has gotten much more refined and measured this last year. Oh, he hasn’t gone soft at all, but he spends more time seeking out and recognizing the hopeful signs as well as the deep offenses. Nothing has been lost in his investigations of serious problems inside the Church and the hierarchy – a vital task he carries out brilliantly. A sense of larger perspective and a commitment on how to truly reform has been gained, though, as his operation is expanding. His daily news feeds are outstanding and on point each day. So if you haven’t checked in with Michael Voris lately, you don’t know Michael Voris. His has become a daily go to site for me – especially his half hour news spots.


Over the last week, I have shifted all CORAC operations to Texas. We are incorporated there, so it just made sense to fully get all things established in Texas, one of the great free states remaining in America. No, I have not moved there – and I do not intend to unless things get so ugly in the blue states that I have to go into exile there for a while.

Our address there is:

Corps of Renewal and Charity

18208 Preston Rd.

Ste. D9-552

Dallas, Texas 75252

If you send checks to the Colorado address, they will still get to me, but I will just forward them to the Dallas address for processing. Yeah, we are not wasting your money on a fancy office: it is a UPS Delivery Center. One of our Regional Coordinators checks it weekly and makes deposits.


We are less than two weeks away from the Conference in the Black Hills of South Dakota! Beginning Friday, June 25 through Sunday, June 27, here again is our line-up of speakers:

Eschatologist Desmond Birch will speak Friday evening on where we are in Salvation History. On Saturday morning, Catholic family activist Chris Godfrey will speak on building and nurturing Christian families. Chris was a starting member of the 1987 Superbowl-winning New York Giants, as well. On Saturday afternoon, David Daleiden (who did the undercover videos exposing Planned Parenthood) will speak on how to persist under persecution. We will hear from our own Beckita and Fr. Wang on the persecution of Catholics in China and their history together evangelizing that great nation – which is Fr. Wang’s homeland. On Sunday we will hear from Jim Graham, President of Texas Right to Life – where they just successfully shepherded a heartbeat bill through the Texas legislature. Jim will talk on winning under constant assault.  We will also have presentations on ham radios and communications; health and wellness through traditional medicine and homeopathy – and those new age remedies to avoid; home skills that will help you survive and even thrive in difficult, tumultuous times; and how to connect with our prayer teams throughout the nation.

It is just a weekend, but some people have made it part of a larger vacation in the beautiful Black Hills near Mt. Rushmore. I hope to see you there.


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223 thoughts on “Tools of the Trade

  1. The more I hear Kamala Harris’ comments, the more I pray for the health of Joseph Biden (even though I am not particularly fond of him.)

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  2. Attempting quickly to produce a “vaccine” therapy was bold and dangerous. The rush was largely motivated by the media and federal medical bureaucrats (Fauci prominent here) pushing for a pandemic fear that could be used against Trump. As it now has turned out from empirical research, there was always available at the start effective therapy from hydroxychloroquine, supplemented with zinc and any good antibacterial medicine, as well as early oxygenation to kill the virus.

    Even now, as relatively high rates of severe reaction to the mRNA vaccine are piling up, with heart damage for young men becoming an international issue, our stupid liberal university presidents are demanding that students must be vaccinated to return to school, and our idiotic FDA and teachers unions are demanding that children must get vaccinated when they have no need, but may be injured by the “vaccine.” What a poisonous witches brew we have now in the Demorat Party, the media, woke corporate heads, teacher’s unions. and bureaucrats running the federal and state governments as imperious wizards.

    Charlie, I too am amused by deciding on truth as the statistical average of opinions: ” You can’t just take all purported contemporary prophecies, average them out, and come up with a consensus. ” I have to be suspicious of any intellect that thinks such is the way to learn the truth.

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    1. I’m waiting for someone to pick up on my sly pun regarding the prophetic consensus. I often embed subtle puns, but this one is not as subtle as usual. It will be fun to see who first notes it.

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      1. I think Daniel is trying to conclude if the prophecies are truly from above, there will be a “general consensus” as only One source, the Holy Spirit, is speaking and this knowledge, being from one, should have a unative message, particularly if the visionaries are carrying a global and not just a local message.
        This is what I gathered from Daniel’s post, he being a (near) PhD and therefore descerns theology in this type pattern. Much of Canon Law and Magesterial teaching is written this way and is not easily discernable for the laity and although most prophecy is sent for the common man it is the Magiserium that has the last word on it and even gives some of them “Doctors of the Church” status.

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        1. Yes, I think what Daniel thinks of the general concensus, it is a general concensus among that group of prophecising people he and others on the countdowntothekingdom site kind of filtered out by their individual and
          collective discernment … although personally for myself it seems often tiresome reading prophecies “soon xyz will happen” and these soon prophecies are being prophecised for many years… As a fan of a quick ball , looking forward to Medugorje prophecies to be revealed, that is 3 days before they actually happen…

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          1. However well intentioned the idea of a “prophetic consensus” may be, it’s still about putting pieces of prophetic utterances together – as if those pieces are to be literally, one-dimensionally interpreted – and then figuring out what will happen. It’s one thing to do this to satisfy one’s own curiosity; it’s another to go public and lead others into this way of thinking. If someone is strong in faith and has some sense that the prophetic consensus could readily be filled with errors, not only of interpretation, but of other sorts as well (Daniel did point out that the blessed grapes which were to ensure that one or two would be sufficient to feed a person during a time of famine comes from a condemned series of apparitions.), that’s serious business. Who has the time and expertise to discern all those seers and messages in the prophetic consensus? And if one did have both time and expertise, how would this help you – and others – develop mindsets and abilities to love and assist those around us in what is now upon us and developing in real time?

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            1. I rely on my own conscience when in doubt. I never have heard any voice in response to praying for guidance, but the unvoiced voice, the thought from “nowhere,” manifests from time to time–and even then I would not trust that, but apply common sense reasoning, and then trust to faith. I suppose only a few of us do have tangible communication in life, but we all have our conscience to consult.

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            2. Agreed Beckita, however, it would be interesting to see Charlie and Daniel discuss this matter to have a clear understanding of different points of view.

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              1. I think, Pawel, when you read Charlie and you read Daniel, you can clearly see the divergence of approaches and conclusions when interpreting and making use of prophecy. I’m of the belief that while we can take note of those differences, our time is better spent acknowledging God so that Holy Spirit can find space within us to fill us with inspiration and imagination to take our next right steps in planning and carrying out projects and events which will fulfill our call to make a stand with God. We’re living prophecy in real time now and God’s Plan is unfolding both right before us and in the ways He’s working beyond our vision yet to fully see.

                This reminds me of a song the teens in my parish used to sing:

                Find us ready, Lord, not standing still.
                Find us working and loving and doing your will.
                Find us ready, Lord, faithful in love,
                building the kingdom that’s here and above,
                building the kingdom of mercy and love.

                We must wait for the Lord
                for we know not the time.
                So here and today
                we gather and pray,
                discovering love in our midst.

                We must make straight the path,
                God’s love revealed.
                With sin cast aside,
                God’s mercy alive,
                fear not for here is your God.

                Lifting up those bowed down,
                we prepare for our God.
                Rejoice in the Lord,
                for hope has been born
                in hearts where our God finds a home.

                (Optional final ending)
                Brick by brick, stone by stone,
                find us working and loving and doing your will.
                Find us ready, Lord, faithful in love,
                building the kingdom that’s here and above.

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                1. Yes! I was telling Desmond the other day, if the 3 days of darkness comes tomorrow, I’d not do anything different than today. That day I speak of I simply cleaned a house for an elderly lady incapable of it, I calmed her fears about it being the end of the world and told her about Charlie and y’all and the coming era of peace, I went to the grocery store and spoke with a nice elderly man there about coming back to church (he used to be an alter boy) I had my hour of adoration, Holy amass that morning, took care of Mike at night and visa versa…etc etc etc…I simply lived my day acknowledging God, taking the next right step and trying to be a sign of hope for all those whom God put in my path. Simple. Just like Charlie taught us all all these years! Don’t worry, be happy😂

                  Oh!!! One more thing…if I knew the 3 days of darkness were coming the next day, I WOULD do one extra thing: I would’ve asked Father Francis if I could go to confession after/before Mass!!! 🤔

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            3. Beckita said:
              “And if one did have both time and expertise, how would this help you – and others – develop mindsets and abilities to love and assist those around us in what is now upon us and developing in real time?”

              Matthew Trompler replied this (below)
              “I think the problem with the pharisee wasn’t necessarily that he was making a judgment, even if true. It was that he failed to see how he could be responsible and lift up that person. His sentiment by itself divides him from the other, when the goal ought to be to raise the other, which is arguably also the goal of serving the other.”

              These two sentiments for me are ringing in my head as it is becoming clearer to me they both answer the question of what does it truly mean to bring The Lords love into difficult situations or to difficult people.(question mark).

              Mostly through painful experiences, I am learning it rarely means what a first blush conclusion, even a seemingly logical conclusion would be. I have learned that people you felt 100% certain would be there for you in great need are the first to fail and fail badly. Conversely, people you may be tempted to write off will be the very ones who do show up. Which leads one to question how many times one has acted as either(question mark) Only persistent prayer can shed God’s wisdom (and His hope and healing love) onto these perplexing situations or people. If we have patience and deliberation and ask God for wisdom, as painful as it may be He will reward this with a healing solution.

              Charlie has often and many times exhorted us to not judge by appearances to laser focus on God, as things get nuttier. To be thoughtful, deliberate, that none is perfect (well God and Our Lady, St Joseph very close) and God isn’t interested in perfection but only our will to keep trying.

              What has me trembling, trembling, trembling are the personal experiences Ive had of people who love God, have all the right looks and seemingly correct practices, but yet deem what is truly Gods merciful loving actions through people that look unsavory for xyz reason, as NOT originating from God. In other words, they don’t believe in God’s mercy(I figured out the right shift key works for the apostrophe! Yay!). They don’t believe God can be THAT merciful.

              Anne a Lay Apostle’s meditations on volume four (on youtube) speaks to this. I sent one of the daily messages about fear to someone I was certain would be receptive. The dress-down and admonition I got stung hard and worse made me very sad. As that apostolate and Charlie’s tdl formula ARE singularly bringing to life a closer relationship with God.

              What has me trembling enormously is I got a quick glimpse of how badly I and others fail, truly fail at the only mission that matters, bringing God’s love to our hurting world. Tremble.

              Questions: How can we reach those so closed off to God’s mercy who have the veneer of religion How can we better develop this in ourselves. It seems those who have no religion may be easier to reach with authentic love.

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              1. I get you littlelight!!! 🥰 Anne’s message from Jesus this morning was amazing !!! Friday June 18th!!! I share your zeal for these messages of love and mercy. 🥰✝️🙏😇

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                1. Yes! It was great!

                  Someday I hope to take the backpack program. I wish everyone could do this. I think it would be a great program for confirmation students. It would be a great sign of hope/renewal to see this program adopted by more dioceses for adults and confirmation candidates.

                  Aside from Charlie, and the good people here, I have yet to find another authentic Catholic voice that seems to have the right balance of not being nutty liberal or nutty radical or not being lukewarm. Also, a voice that is so crystal-clear on how much each individual, regardless of circumstances or actions, IS LOVED by God.

                  But to take that fact and structure it in authentic, magisterial Catholic teaching—-that is a feat indeed. I see this in ASOH and DFOT. It has literally saved my life. TYG.

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                  1. Littlelight I would’ve been dead or in a psyche unit LONG ago had it not been for happening on Charlie and Fr Mitch Pacwas talk like long ago! Lol it was like 9/11 ya know how you remember JUST WHERE YOU WERE when you heard about it?!?! Same thing for me! I just KNEW something big and strange was up and I couldn’t put my finger on it and the world was so darn hateful.

                    Hey! Happy Father’s Day, Charlie and Fr Wang and all the dads and priests here!!!

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                  2. The original Backpack Program is great and so is the newest adapted version of it for adults. That said, if you like what happening via DFOT and the various Backpack Series, Mothers of the Church is not to be missed! 🙂

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              2. Littlelight, your own fidelity to the faith is one of the biggest tools of evangelization. For ideas on how to employ practical skills, there are Apostolates such as St. Paul Street Evangelization which teach online courses for a minimal fee.

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    2. I have been trying to sharing this. Scientists round table talking about the medicines withheld, the injuries like no other shot, their attempts to get the medicines released. The silence and threatening of doctors (2 of these men have been threatened) so sad. I only listen to those with credentials one has worked on the mrna…so many useless deaths. How do we help them if their contacts in the senate and FDA will not listed. Maybe listen if you will to their discussion.

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      1. Sorry, Irish. We’ve limited videos to a run length of not more than 30 minutes as the vetting process in moderation takes time to responsibly accomplish. Let’s give some search words so people can have a look, if they wish: on You Tube you can find Irish’s suggested video to view by searching with “How to save the world, in three easy steps.” and “Bret Weinstein”.

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    3. The “vaccine” was essentially ready with patents on it some years back is my understanding. They just needed to figure out the roll out. And it is, of course, an experimental injection that may well cause sterility, blood clots, and untold and as yet unknown side effects. Consider three things: 1) ALL of the are predicated on the murder of the unborn; 2) there is much money being made by certain ones; 3) those certain ones are all about depopulation. None of this was ever about health: far from it.


      1. Well, Magdalene, I have heard the rumors that the “vaccine” was ready years ago, too – but have NEVER seen any evidence of that or of any patents. If you want to say the vaccine is bad, or even a disaster, I agree with you – and from the beginning I have cited hard evidence to back that up.. But why repeat an unsourced rumor? That really gets to the heart of what I have been saying about vetting things. If it turns out not to be true, it diminishes your credibility – so why even go there without some sort of credible evidence.

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  3. Another great post Charlie.
    It reminded me of an old saying…
    If you end up having to, “eat crow”, make sure to eat it ASAP, it’s far far worse after it’s gone cold.

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  4. Thank you for another good post!!! Have been reading Daniel O’Connor for a year or so and really love his work…What an amazing young man…
    I really need help with your view on Vatican II , as I have had terrible experience with that whole thing in my life. Certain this is my own fault and will continue to keep an open mind. Hard these days…Praying for you and your efforts to fulfill God’s mission for your life.

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    1. Patricia, when you read the actual documents of Vatican Ii, you taste and see their beauty and truth. On the other hand, many a disobedient one has used the phrase “the spirit of Vatican II” to justify actions and writings which are a distortion of the documents. Such as these attempt to remake the Church in their own designs rooted in modernism. So do pull out those documents of Vatican II and read what they actually say.

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        1. Many believe the same thing. But there is a big problem here: if that is true, then infallibility on defined Magisterial doctrine is not true. Infallibility is not what most people think it is. On the rare occasions where it does apply, it does not mean that a Pope or a conclave of Bishops will get anything right at all. Rather, it means they will not get anything wrong spiritually in formal doctrinal pronouncements. Your statement refutes that entirely – that the devil can upend God’s promise not to allow error in formally defined teaching. If that is the case, why be Catholic at all, since it would become a house built on sand with no solid foundation? Of course, that is what many Protestants say.

          I have read all the Documents of Vatican II. In fact, they were some of the first things I read when I was considering coming into the Catholic Church. I found them deeply heartening. Then I was baffled when errant prelates said all sorts of absurd things and justified them under the “spirit of Vatican II.” They never cited what specific documents they were basing their pronouncements on, just an amorphous feeling. I can accept what some orthodox theologians say as potentially valid, that Vatican II did not have the impact its authors intended it to even as I disagree with them in the longterm and from the perspective of the documents themselves. But if I believed that the devil had inserted time bombs in formal teaching documents where Christ promised that the Church would not err, it would make the promises of Christ, Himself, null and void.

          I agree with you that a whole host of offenses and errors have used Vatican II (wrongly) to justify them. But we must be careful not to come up with an interpretation that invalidates the promises of Christ – or the Divinity of Christ. I think your position here invalidates both, so I cannot accept it at all because I choose to remain Catholic. Could you give some examples of which documents you find deficient or loaded with time bombs and how so?

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  5. Here in Spain, in Galicia, (St. Jame’s way) Everyone is happy to receive the vaccine. I longer talk about it and try to keep my head under the radar. They are now calling people 40-50. My family knows, and the pressure keeps increasing with each person that has gone to get the jab. In the fall, I suspect the vaccine will be a requirement for my job. It is simply seen as a given to get vaccinated. There has been no adverse effects…. Yet. If I understand correctly, the protein is a toxin so it accumulates so the consequences takes time. I admit, that I hope, the consequences keep becoming more obvious in the summer and there is a stop to the vaccination program by fall.

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    1. Itaca: it’s the same thing here in Ireland – I’m expecting that they’ll insist on it for us to get back to “real” work in August. The plan was Sept. originally but now that August is on the cards they’ll likely use the earlier date to insist on having the vac. I hope not, but I strongly suspect.

      And there is zero reporting of concerns about it in all the “official” media. The same goes for the UK, as we get all their media here – in fact, their media plays a large part in forming opinion here and, needless to remark, it’s entirely on board with the narrative.

      I loved walking in Galicia on the Camino. Having done the Camino Frances, and started on the Via de la Plata a couple of years ago from Sevilla to Mèrida, I was thinking of doing another stage on that route, probably from Mèrida to Salamanca, but I just don’t think that will be possible this year.

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  6. “Truth” always rises to the top on its own. I have found of late that I don’t have to “prove” that something is “true” when it just is.

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    1. SanSan, that is the attitude in which error flourishes. “I know I am right just because I am.” Please use a better vetting system than that. Whenever you make a statement of fact, write it down – then take responsibility for it as it is shown to be true or false. I have seen you purvey some errant theories as facts from time to time. I have yet to see you take responsibility for errors on those few occasions. Even on this thread, when you say that “opinion” does not flourish on Voris or O’Connor’s sites, that is not correct. Voris’ site is at least half opinion, though increasingly well thought-out and grounded in fact. While O’Connor’s is more oriented towards facts, the very act of theological musing begins with forming opinions. They are either well-formed or ill-formed.

      You do some great stuff here and in CORAC. But I get the disturbing feeling at times that for you truth is an opinion you agree with and error an opinion you don’t. Stick with what is factual rather than the more metaphysical word, “truth” for a while and I think you will become much stronger in your evangelical efforts as it will force a harder and more refined discipline in your thinking.

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      1. I have faith (plus the Bible and the Magisterium of Holy Mother Church) that the “Truth” will always rise to the top – and that I don’t have to “prove” it. I mistakenly believed that truth with a capital “T” would be understood on this site.

        “Truth” (big T) flourishes on CM and O’Connor’s site, as it does here. I didn’t say “truth” (small t) “prevails” – because “opinions” do and can change the landscape.

        I base my life in “reality” and on “facts”.

        I truly do try to “vet” before passing on information. I have made a mistake now and then when information came from a very “trusted” source. We all make mistakes and I did “fess” up when it happened. I think my main fault is not being “clear” when I write or say something. I’m very direct and do not take the time to elaborate, as you do.

        Admonishment noted. I will be more careful in the future.

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        1. Thanks SanSan. I am actually going to do a follow-up piece on this subject, because it is vitally important in these times…and I want to be very precise about what is needful.

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  7. Thanks, Charlie, for a great post. I appreciate your efforts to get solid evidence to back up your facts. I do not take everything in hook line and sinker (including you!), but tend to be a bit of a skeptic myself. I was not sucked into many of the conspiracy theories some of my friends were over the past year and a half, so did not experience the repeated disappointments many of them did. That being said, I do not have the time or energy to do extensive research on everything that comes up. I also I’m not entirely sure how to do good research. I am one of these people who can get on the Internet and search and search for the answer to something and never find it. Then one of my kids will come along and find what I need in a few seconds! I sure wouldn’t mind learning how to research effectively and efficiently. 🙂
    I was also happy to see your remarks about Dr. Daniel and Connor and Michael Voris. I knew without even looking what article you were referring to for Daniel. I read it thoroughly, printed it out for my husband to read and passed it on to friends. I will read it again and again. And I was definitely one of those people stop listening to Michael Voris. It seemed like everything coming out of his mouth was pretty snarky and I just couldn’t listen anymore, even if he was right. I will give him another chance, so thank you for that.
    I can hardly believe the conference is only a week and a half away! I am really excited about getting to listen to and meet David Daleiden, who, along with Lila Rose, is one of my all-time heroes. I am also really looking forward to hearing Father Wang speak and listening to his stories. It will be wonderful networking with so many like-minded people. I’ve had a strong feeling for awhile that great things are going to come out of this conference. See you soon!

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    1. SO grateful for all you’ve done, Laura, along with the many who’ve worked hard behind the scenes to make this conference happen.

      Thank you for bringing this topic to the fore: “I sure wouldn’t mind learning how to research effectively and efficiently.” Charlie has actually given us a lot of counsel on discernment and research principles. Thing is, this has been communicated and reiterated in various pieces over the months of his writing. I’ve referenced Charlie quotes and pieces in replies to assist either those who have asked the question on what sources to use OR to redirect and remind – not only the individual who’s posting the latest, greatest wild stuff and claiming it’s been vetted – but as a reminder for us all to heed Charlie’s caution to take great care, in these times of misinformation and disinformation abounding,when sharing news and links.

      You’ve nudged me to realize, it’s time for me to cull the pieces in which Charlie has given instruction and guidance on these things and present them all together, in a separate post, with the encouragement for folks to save it and refer to it.

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  8. Charlie, thank you for your support of Michael Voris and Church Militant. Also, Daniel O’Connor. Again, “truth” not “opinion” flourishes at both sites.

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  9. Thanks Charlie! Great piece per usual!!! My one best church buddy Char has been sharing Daniel O’Connor with me too lately. I’m very drawn to Louisa P. and her message of living the Divine Will.
    Don’t know much about it yet, but it sure sounds a lot like acknowledge God, take the next right step and being a sign of hope to me? 🤔

    Globetrotting Tommy and Liz are going into the hospital today around 3 to begin the process of inducing labor. She’s 36 and a bit nervous and her bp is up so of you all would offer a 🙏 prayer for her and baby Jaxon🥰 Tommy too of course. My how a baby changes one’s world! 😂 they’ll be globetrotting in a different way now right?!??

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    1. Praying for Tommy, Liz and Baby Jaxon, Linda. May all go beautifully well.

      There is caution to take with understanding the spirituality of Living in the Divine Will, Linda. There are still people who go “crazy town” with the Volumes that Luisa recorded. Again, the mystical language is not simple and literal in its meaning. Honestly, there have been some who teach this spirituality as if it’s an elitist way of relating to/with God. I pray you’re able to find someone knowledgeable and reasonable to guide you in studying and living it.

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      1. Thanks for the heads up on Louisa Beckita 🥰. I haven’t read or heard any of her writings yet, just that Daniel O’Connor propagates her very much. I’ll be very careful if I do read any and I really appreciate your advice!!!

        I feel like Tommy n Lizzys baby coming today or tomorrow is happening by your advice to me to pray to Our Lady of the miraculous medal!!! And I know you and many of us here prayed too!🥰🙏✝️❤️😇🎉🍾🐶👶🏼. I’m so deeply grateful for your advice and prayers🥰
        Love you B! Linda

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        1. A dear priest friend who teaches and has prayer groups centered on Living in the Divine Will gives Daniel credit for writing well on this topic, Linda. So it seems you’re off to a good start with Daniel’s writings as you explore this spirituality.

          Thanks for your kind words. It was the story about Mother Teresa and how she advised a young couple to pray that I shared with you. You must be bursting with JOY at the birth of your sweet grandchildren. 🙂

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          1. Oh my gosh Beckita it’s just so surreal I can barely contain myself lately!!! How can it be 2 grandkids within a week of each other?!?! Frankie and Alesia on Tuesday, Tommy and Liz tonight!!! Ha!

            Sort of a cute story…so Liz is the most amazing nurse but she’s never been a patient!!! Tommy called tonight when Liz was all hooked up at some hospital …she’ll be induced first thing in the am! But when I was talking to Tommy Liz was laughing up a storm!!! I said what’s so funny!!! She said,” these gowns!” (She has gotten up to use the washroom) “They’re a little breezy!” Hahahahaha we all had a good laugh at that!!! She’s NEVER been a patient! Always the nurse!😂😂😂

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      2. Crazy town?
        Then they crow like a rooster at dawn when they stumble on something right.

        My vocabulary grows daily as I read these posts! Thank you and God bles#.

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        1. Not so strange, Linda. This spirituality of Living in the Divine Will has a history of being so out-of-control with how it was promoted, that the Vatican imposed a moratorium on anyone teaching about it, but 5 designated people. My goodness, what a mess those errant teachers had promoted. Things like: “We won’t need the sacraments anymore.” and “The greatest saints ever will come from those who practice this spirituality.” Good heavens! What is greatness in the eyes of God?

          Each authentic message and devotion has its place in a gorgeous mosaic of spiritual treasures. I think of those who make the mistake of placing in primacy any favorite devotion. For example, I have noticed that many who promote the Flame of Love devotion over-push it rather than offering an invitation to join in the prayers. From Elizabeth Kindlemann’s Diary, I have often heard quoted: “The Flame of Love is the greatest gift which God has given to the world since He sent His only Son.” Well, wait a minute. Did not Our Lord Himself, in the Scriptures, use hyperbole to make His points? Consider this: “And if your eye causes you to stumble, gouge it out and throw it away. It is better for you to enter life with one eye than to have two eyes and be thrown into the fire of hell.” Did He mean this literally?

          Back to the spirituality of LITDW, two excellent, sound and reasonable teachers of this (and they’re not the only good ones, but especially in the beginning, it’s important to get a solid foundation) are Daniel O’Connor (who you’ve already referenced in a previous comment) and another is an Irish woman who, for years, taught – with great knowledge and insight – Biblical studies: Frances Hogan. For a long while, as you enter into this spirituality, I would stick with them and with the wisdom of taking in “a sip a day” of the teachings.

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          1. Sounds like good solid advice Beckita. Thank you🥰 fortunately I’m very simple and like you say, I sip from them all😂 nummmmm….i suppose my 3 favs are Charlie, of course, flame of love and Anne the lay apostle. I’ve just recently added to my dfot bathroom mirror prayer the Divine Will prayer but that’s really as far as I go for 1) I just don’t have the time 2) I’m simple minded 😂😂😂 3) I’m also scatter brained 😆 built in protection from God😂. But thank you for explaining all that to me. It’s very 🧐 interesting. What marvelous times in which we are living 🐶✝️👶🏼👶🏼🥰😂🥳

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          2. I started to read one of Luisa’s other books (honestly I can’t remember which). After approximately 2 paragraphs, I realized I was in over my head, LOL. Thankfully 🙂

            I will say the 24 Hours with Our Lord is a good one, it seems I had no difficulties with feeling like I need a translator when I read that book. That work also really helped me realize how much God loves me. It is a gift.

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  10. (The major reason I don’t is because there is so much kneeling and rising – and that tremendously aggravates my neurological disability. I’ve only got about five kneels in me a day.)
    PSA: You don’t have to kneel and rise to attend the Latin Mass. Many of us “oldsters” bow, sit and stand – the Latin Mass “focus” is on the worship of God, not what is going on in the pews.

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    1. I just like to second SanSans observation. We recently started attending tlm when the doors to our parish were closed and then draconian measures enacted when the same doors supposedly “opened” again. At tlm many people for various reasons (young mothers, pregnant, elderly, etc.) just do the best they can.

      There is a lady in her 90s who survived covid, I have been told, who just sits in the front pew. When it is time for communion, she is first and stands, Fr. brings Jesus to her. It is a lovely and healthy show of respect, humility and care for each other.

      I am guessing that such attention would horrify you, Charlie. I get it, I love sitting in the back in a hidden place. Here is story maybe you’ll find amusing:

      In the old days (before covid) we struggled with being on time for mass a few times. Anyways, our “punishment” was the only pew available was the one right in front of the altar. Just to be clear, this is a group of eight. If you didnt go there on your own, Fr. would invite you (most kindly and with a humble sense of welcome) to please sit there. This is the pew with no kneeler, right in front of the altar. In essence, once one got over ones mortification, it is the best seat in the house.

      Most of the parish avoided those “best seats” like the plague, LOL.

      I often meditated on the irony of the situation: My introverted nature thinking it a punishment, versus our wonderful Pastor welcoming us to sit there. The agony of struggling with wanting to miss mass or go elsewhere (often logistically impossible) versus the sense of peace that felt like Jesus hugging and encouraging me when we went anyways because it was the best we could do.

      All THAT to say: please ask tlm priest for accommodations to just sit and stand as needed to best care for yourself. You never know who you’ll be encouraging.

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      1. I just realized I needed to clarify something, please bear with me. None of this changes my conclusion that Charlie gave a flawless beautiful argument and rationale. But I just want to eliminate any confusion about the point of my story to any readers.

        Just for clarity we knelt even though there was no kneeler. There was no kneeler because there was no room for both a kneeler and an aisle. This is a parish of faith filled people who kneel. When one sits in that pew one basically kneels at the very foot of the altar. It is profound to be that close to the altar during the sacrifice of the mass. The mortification is being the center of attention when one would prefer to remain hidden. So the argument was about being given attention. Anyways Charlie parsed it out expertly, with love that cannot be denied or argued against.

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  11. I would like to know if you would like to hear of what might be a cure for the ill effects of the Covid-19 virus spike protein. Years ago, I was a bee keeper , who gave honey bee stings to multiple sclerousis patients. I found a way to keep honey bees alive after losing their stinger, which is an injury which should kill them. I have done this thousands of times, over a period of years, so it is fact and easily verified by other bee keepers. All this is natural ingredients, nothing artificial. Let me know if you are interested.

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  12. JESUS = GOOD NEWS …. 😉

    A very Whitewashed VAERS Reporting System. Oh! Is Whitewashed Racist!?

    AG Garland & his LeftWing DOJ Civil Rights, Crackers need not apply, Division is already Making Noise about interfering in the Sovereign States Audit of their Elections. That become automatically a violation of The Constitution as States have control over their Elections. Of Course, These-Days, we don’t need no stinkin’ Constitution/Bill of Rights. Plus Our SCOTUS has already signaled that they run The Court according to The Gospel of the Three Wise Monkeys when it comes to Election Fraud, Feral Gubermint interference & …?! ;-(

    Trust Them! It’ll be Grand ….. ;-(

    Yeah! The G7/UN will speak very stern words to the CCP/PLA and ..{Laugh Line} ……’s-middle-east-strategy-alienating-allies-and-emboldening-foes-187408/

    I witnessed a lake drowning at a Texas Park years ago and didn’t realize it until seeing it on the News the next day. It looked like a bunch of kids, 50 yards out, having fun.

    Resistance! … even from Courts & Bill Maher ………


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  13. Charlie,

    As Father Z has noted over the years, the 1962 missal does not actually dictate any position for the laity. Rather the positions they assume during the mass are dictated by custom.

    The Novus Ordo, however, dictates the positions of the laity.

    In my opinion, there is less up and down in the traditional mass as opposed to the modern mass.

    However, with your back problems, any priest worth his salt will tell you that you are dispensed from kneeing kneeing where required in the Novus Ordo. I recall how the elderly and others with difficulty would sit through mass and then stand for communion at the altar rail, in both the traditional mass and the Novus Ordo.

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    1. If you had intense pain every time you kneeled and rose, you would know there is almost twice as much kneeling and rising at a TLM. I was given a general dispensation from kneeling about a decade and a half ago. But unless I am really hurting or played out, I do it anyway – largely because of those people who irreverently refuse to kneel before their God. I do it in reverence AND as reparation for those who are irreverent and do not truly believe Christ is present in the Eucharist. Once, with a brother who is a Latin Mass devotee, I actually could not get up for about 10 minutes. He knows how I am, so we both chuckled quietly until finally, on my fourth try, I was able to get up. If I shepherd myself well, my disability is almost invisible. That’s good – but a failure to kneel could also be more easily mistaken for irreverence.

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      1. “That’s good – but a failure to kneel could also be more easily mistaken for irreverence.”

        The Lord, who alone can read minds and hearts, will see it right, Charlie.

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        1. Littlelight, I understand. However, at one out of at least ten, maybe fewer, Churches where I go while on the road, I am recognized and talked to by a stranger. I do NOT want to give scandal, even when it is only the appearance, to people who may be looking for a sign of hope and would be hurt if they recognized me and thought that I was irreverent – and just another phony. A good fellow wanted me to go to Hooters with him while I was visiting – because he really loved their wings. I absolutely refused, even as he gave me reasons why it was okay. I finally told him I was NOT going to have some old dear lady spy me going in and get her heart broken. I screw up enough things unintentionally that I will not risk giving scandal I can easily avoid. I also rarely participate in processions, even though I love them. I can walk a long time, but not as quickly as most people do. When I have to either rest or fall behind, it can appear that I lack fortitude. Truth is, last time I participated in a procession, even though I had to drop out, anyway, I was in physical distress for almost a week. I have real, but nearly invisible, limitations – so rather than let the invisibility of that cause someone to lose heart, I avoid situations where it is likely to happen.

          On the other hand, I was once in a Parish in Milwaukee that had no kneelers. It infuriated me. When the time came, I knelt on the hard floor knowing I was going to pay a price. An elegant lady next to me leaned over and said, sotto voce, “We don’t kneel here.” I replied, just as pleasantly, that “I always kneel before my God.” I was in bed for three days, but it was worth it to give witness to the Real Presence.

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          1. For what it is worth, I am not particularly vain, but I am acutely aware of how things can seem. I believe that God has sent me to be a sign of hope to many and that, having been sent, I am to do my best to do honor to Him who sent me. I once, in a small Church at Daily Mass in Illinois, was hurting so bad I was visibly struggling in the kneeling and rising. Yes, I hated it. But afterwards, a lady came up to me in tears saying she was deeply moved by my love of Our Lord – that she could see how much I was hurting – and she was having some serious private struggles – and that watching me had given her new heart. I gave thanks to God and thought that, on days when it is really hard, perhaps He is using me as an instrument to give heart to someone else who is having even harder struggles.

            So, for good or ill, I try to do what seems most effective to me in evangelizing both with words and actions. Sometimes I fail, sometimes I misjudge, but I keep in mind that I will give account to the Master for how I lived the call I was given.

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            1. For some reason Charlie, what really heartens me is when I see you are being moved by either your love for Christ or your love for your fellows, and you put your right hand over your heart! I’ve witnessed you doing that personally (and it really heartened me) and I’ve witnessed you doing it when you were zooming with Fr Heilman and Barry!!!

              Charlie just keep doing what you’re doing!!! You are a sign of hope to me and so many here and we try our hardest to play it forward 🥰😇✝️🙏❤️🐶🎉

              God bless you dear friend of God✝️

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            2. I understand your desire to not produce scandal and, as a sort of celebrity, to hearten those who look to you as a source of faith.
              I feel the same way at my church. Our choir pit is in the front next to the Alter and the congregation faces us so we are in constant view of the whole parish.
              I therefore pray piously, do not act bored or tired, stand straight and tall and pay attention to the mass all in a effort to be a good example.
              If I have to a face of my Faith, I like to keep it clean!😇

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            3. That’s wonderful, Charlie! Your arguments and reasoning are flawless here. Forgive me.

              And you DO hearten. I would not have survived the terrible storms of my life without the tdl you patiently admonished us to practice all those years. Those habits have saved my family. Literally, as they all took their cues from me. TY seems stupid. The Lord knows and He will not be out-done in generosity (that is Fr. Frigaults words, RIP, not mine, but I am sticking with them)

              Lets all pray you can bear that. Squirrels, we have are marching orders. God bless you (and Everyone).

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          2. Hello Charlie, I don’t comment often, and this comment probably isn’t really necessary, but since I moved back to the Milwaukee area (from Denver), I am saddened by the number of parishes that still do not kneel, even when there are kneelers. One of my siblings’ parishes is an ultra modern church that doesn’t have kneelers and pews are so close that is it hard to kneel even on the floor, but I try. Another sibling’s parish has kneelers, in a beautiful old church, but due to 20+ years of more liberal pastors, the entire congregation is trained to stand and even do so when at mass in another more traditional parish. I do kneel when there and my sister-in-law is very gracious and will even put the kneeler down for me, even though she stands. No one ever asks and so I can’t respond as you do. But it is changing. One of parishes where I go to daily mass, the pastor announced a while back that they would now be kneeling at the appropriate places. Slowly now it is “normal”. I was blessed to find a parish that is very vibrant and holy. I love my pastor and the associate pastors we have had are many of the newly ordained priests that are very holy also. Sorry for rambling on. This is a topic that is very near and dear to me and I am afraid I haven’t always been gracious in dealing with it. God bless you and I hope to see you, and others here, in SD in a 1 1/2 weeks.

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            1. It’s a shocker, Barb. I have family in the Milwaukee area – and I was shocked at how bad many of the Parishes there were. Former Archbishop Rembert Weakland did terrible damage. The money he embezzled from the Diocese was the least of it. During his brief tenure as Archbishop there, now Cardinal Dolan did a yeoman’s job restoring orthodoxy to some Parishes. One of the best pro-life homilies I ever heard was in Milwaukee – and when I went to compliment the Priest after Mass, he told me he was one of “Dolan’s boys.”

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      2. I hear ya, Charlie. I have a neuromuscular disease that results in muscle atrophy in my extremities (lower arms and lower legs). My fingers are noticeably curled, my gait unusual, and my balance poor. I usually walk with a hiking stick for support. None of this causes me any pain, though.

        In the last few years (after attending several TLMs), I have taken to receiving communion on the tongue while on one knee at Novus Ordo Masses. I do one knee because, at the Novus Ordo, there’s no communion rail and I am not confident I can gracefully rise unsupported off of two knees. I used to be self conscious about it worrying how others may perceive me and making sure that I was not vainly doing this for attention. I kept it up. I soon found parishioners giving me miraculous medals for my daughter or books with old children’s stories. Later, other parishioners would directly confess to how they found my faith inspiring to them. I had no idea how visible I had been to others. It has been humbling and has made me oh so much more careful in how I present myself in public.

        Regarding TLM, there are no rubrics for the laity, however each community has its own customs during Mass. Some permit prayer responses from the congregation, others demand complete silence. When in Rome… The communities are pretty tight and can be suspicious of newcomers, but attend often enough and conform to their customs, they will get to know you, understand your limitations, and welcome you in.

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      3. We had an elderly priest (now deceased) who would painfully make all the proper genuflections for all those who refuse to do so.


  14. For those who wish to know how to keep a honey bee alive after it loses its stinger, it goes like this. The honey bees produce three materials in their hives to build and maintain them. one is pollen, which they harvest from plants and store. Another material is honey, which they manufacture for flower nectar. The third building block is propolis, which is a brownish grey color and has the consistency of chewing gum. They glue their hive to trees and such with this. The bees eat tree sap to make it. I found that if a bee eats the combination of propolis and honey that have been mixed together, and she eats them both together at the same time shortly after losing her stinger, she will live 85% to 95% of the time. Losing her stinger need not be a fatal injury. I kept many bees alive using this method, so as to return them to their hive during the warmer daylight hours during the winter. I have found that propolis and honey is a wonderful immune system enhancer. I am of the opinion that Royal Jelly consists of propolis mixed with honey as well as pollen and nectar. The only downside to taking propolis and honey together is that the first time you do it you will not sleep that night. If the honey bees eat them separately and not mixed together, it has no effect on them and they die. I take one tablespoon of honey mixed with one capsule of propolis, and also include one capsule of white oak bark, and one capsule of hawthorne berries all mixed together. If you add a little milk, you will be pleasantly surprised that it tastes like a chocolate milk shake. I take this twice a day to relieve what i believe is an inflamation of the brain that came from a covid infection over one year ago. It is a great anti-inflamatory medication, and I have used this on many feral cats that were ill with what appearred to me to be the Covid virus.

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    1. Interesting information, Arthur. I will add an observation: I am not allergic to bee venom. But once I took propolis and once I took bee pollen; both times I had an anaphylactic reaction. Weird.

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      1. Whatever a bee eats will be manifested directly in the quality of honey they produce. When honey bees eat the nector from a flower named mountain laurel, their honey will produce hallucinations similar to those produced by the drug LSD. I had a nephew, who at the age of six years old, was extremely allergic to eating walnuts. I gave him a tablespoon of propolis mixed with honey, and two days later he accidentally ate a walnut, and suffered no ill effects, no trip to the hospital was needed. So I would be careful if you have had a bad reaction in the past and get medical assistance you wish to take it again, but the benefits of it in myself and my animals is great. Propolis is such a great anti-bacterial that when bees sting to death an invading mouse, and are not able to remove it from the hive, they will cover it with propolis, and it prevents their bodies from decaying. Also keep in mind that when the bees feed a bee larva, (a baby bee), it will grow into a worker bee, small in size, with a lifespan of six months. But when the bees feed the baby bee Royal Jelly, it grows into a Queen bee, that is much larger in size, and lives several years. Powerful forces are at work here. I hope this is helpful, but do use an abundance of caution if you have had a bad reaction in the past.

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        1. Fascinating! TY for sharing. I love this. I cant wait to read SteveBCs comment below.

          Mountain Laurel is the Connecticut state flower. Around where I live its blooms are in full force! Makes me wonder about our local honey (yikes)

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      2. Another note of caution, never give honey to children under one year of age, their bodies become paralyzed by the effects of the bacteria found in honey. They can not handle it at that young age according to what I have learned.

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    2. Arthur, you’ve intrigued me here. I’m not into rescuing stingless bees, but I find your comments interesting because I am hunting for ways to preserve the health of people who have taken the spiked vaccines. Personal motive is that several family members have taken the vaccine.

      Would you mind answering a few questions for me?

      First, why do you think you have brain inflammation from Covid? How does it manifest itself? Do you think it comes from spike proteins that have remained in your brain or an auto-immune reaction you want to tamp down, or some other mechanism? And do you have inflammation or symptoms anywhere else in your body or just in your brain? Speculating here, but spike-related inflammation appears to lead to stroke and headaches while auto-immune reactions, say, where the microglia are improperly programmed to attack neurons would lead to issues with thinking, brain fog, slow loss of memories that would be more permanent, cognitive decline. Neither are particularly reversible but could be slowed.

      Second, I’m curious about the additions to your formula, because off-hand neither honey, nor white oak bark or Hawthorne berries seem to strike me as anti-inflammatory in nature, but I’m not a herbalist. I know Hawthorne as a strengthener of the heart. I don’t know anything about white oak bark but would have thought you’d want white willow bark to resist inflammation. Honey has many healing substances in it, so I would think it was less an anti-inflammatory and more a help to the immune system, like Hawthorne might be.

      Third, what is it you are seeing in the cats that make you think this formula is needed and effective? Cats have pretty powerful immune systems. I understand they can be carriers but not aware they could develop symptoms.


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      1. Let me take your questions one at a time. First, I had Covid-19 in maybe February of 2019, many months before it manifested itself worldwide. The symptoms I had included intense pressure in the head, but no headache, with diarrhea, and flu like symptoms. The blood pressure was normal at that time. Now, today, the pressure on the brain is felt with again normal blood pressure. This time the hearing was impaired, everything sounded like I was deep down in a well or cave tunnel. When I coughed it was painful, like being hit hard in the head. This may come from spike proteins, hard to say, or it may come from having eaten some bad meat that was full of prion disease proteins. Either would have the same effect. One of my older cats developed a balance problem, and had a hard time walking. The veterinarian said she had an ear infection, and I treated her with antibiotics with poor results. When I treated her with propolis and honey mixed with the white oak bark and the hawthorne berry she made a good recovery but still has some disability. Was it covid-19, maybe, but seeing her recovery gave me the encouragement to use it on myself. I do not have the hearing problems at the present, and the pain when coughing seems to have moved to another part of the brain and is reduced in intensity, as if a healing is taking place over time. I do not have symptoms anywhere else. There were times when a slight cognitive malfunction was apparent, but nothing that would impair my ability to function safely. The continued taking of this remedy for the last two months, twice a day, seems to have rejuvenating and healthful effect. and does seem to reverse any impairment suffered. The white oak bark is a strong herbal remedy to prevent bleeding which helps prevent strokes. To answer your second question. I originally used white oak bark in an anti-cancer version of the propolis and honey remedy to prevent bleeding. As this remedy actually killed cancer, I was worried that a tumor in the wrong spot would leave a hole leading to a fatal result. Also, white oak bark has strong anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties, and when covid-19 came its many qualities recommended its use. Hawthorne berries were included for its effect on immune system enhancement as well as to guard against the cytokline storm, where the immune system over reacts to an infection. I have also included in this remedy a capsule of Yarrow also, for the same reasons as white oak bark, but it is not recommended for long term use because it has a bad effect on the kidneys when used for prolonged periods, but it does seem to add a little exra punch to the mixture, so use with caution. To answer your third question, for about five years, now, strange diseases have manifested among the ferrel cats I take care of, which are feline leukemia, feline AIDs, and now covid-19. Whenever I encounter something that the veterinarians can not treat, I experiment with the propolis and honey mixtures to find a healing. Both feline leukemia, and feline AIDs are very contagious, and these cats should have all died long ago. But they have not all died but most are healthy and thriving. I have one cat who was twice diagnosed with feline AIDs, a disease which is 100% fatal after one and one half years, and he is still healthy six years later. Covid-19 manifests as a flu like illness among the cats, that causes a mange like look because of bleeding under the skin. you see breathing difficulties, and heart problems, but most recover. It seems they get Covid-19 from eating infected rats. The rats come in from the planes from China, so before anything illness wise happens, the cats see it first. I hope this is helpful to you; Arthur Bertanzetti

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        1. Fascinating, Arthur, thank you for taking the time to answer my questions.

          I would like to include at least one of your recommended herbs and as well, perhaps, the full formula in my developing vaccine protocol, which I hope will help my family and others handle vaccine damage, of course with your permission. The overall formula combines so many aspects of healing potential, and I suspect such people need broad-spectrum help when possible.

          If you don’t mind, would you please simply list the brand and type of honey you use, as well as the brand and strength for the capsules you use, the propolis, white oak bark, hawthorne, and yarrow? You can also give me UPC numbers if that is easier for you (I’m in USA, so need USA numbers – not sure where you are). I need that information in order to duplicate your formula.

          In return, and if you don’t already know this: If your older cat with the motor problems still has difficulty walking, perhaps boswellia and (particularly) Lion’s Mane mushroom powder added to your formula would help (if the cat can tolerate those substances, of course). In my research into Covid, I found out that these two items are seen as able to help the body rebuild damaged nerve networks even quite long after the damage occurs. Perhaps they would supercharge the healing process for your cat. Let me know what you think or the results if you decide to try them. 🙂

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          1. This is to answer your request for specific information on the ingredients that I mix with the propolis and honey. use any real honey, not corn syrup falsely labeled as honey. Look for a very thick viscosity of the liquid. I use so much honey, that I buy mine from Sams Club Warehouse stores, produced by Sioux Honey Association, Sioux City, Iowa, 51101,, UPC 18700 00016. It says that it is 100% U.S. Grade A fancy white pure honey made from clover. Now for the other ingredients let me suggest that in your area you find a health food store that only sells products that have been independently tested by someone other than the manufacturer for assurance that they really are what they say they are. If you do that you can use local brands but I include the following for your information. Propolis is manufactured by Beehive Organics, Inc.,, and is distributed by Premier One, Park City, UT.,84098, Telephone no. (800) 373-9660,, and it is labeled as 1300 mg./capsule, and has a UPC number of 31111 59351. Hawthorne berry, White oak bark, and Yarrow capsules come from Solaray, Park City, Utah, 84098, telephone no. (800) 538-5888, The White oak bark contains 480 mg/capsule, and has a UPC of 76280 01650, Hawthorne berries contain 540 mg/capsule and have a UPC of 33739 04715. The Yarrow contains 320 mg/capsule and has a UPC of 76280 01690. I hope this information is helpful. As for any permission on my part, use it all you want, I do not wish to limit you or anyone else in using it. What was freely given me I freely give to you. Art Bertanzetti.

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            1. Linda, that is still very much in development, but a good draft is up on my website. Go here:

              Covid-19 Protocol

              PLEASE NOTE: The vaccine paper is the second of two PDF papers linked to on that page. The vaccine paper is strongly linked to the first paper on Covid. You need to download both PDFs. Then when the vaccine paper refers to the Covid paper for certain content, you can go right there into the Covid paper and see what is recommended also for vaccine action.

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                1. Linda, my mother is still herself but continues to fade. She and I have had numerous conversations about end of life issues and the process of going Home to God, which she has taken to heart. It’s sad and difficult for both of us, but I see some positives for us as well. Friends here have been so helpful, and staff people so supportive.

                  If nobody needed help in this world, would any of us learn to be truly helpful? It works both ways or neither, yes?

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      2. Steve BC,

        I respect your observations and critical thinking. I was wondering your thoughts on folks who got the “vaccines” and seem to be totally fine. And then there are others who immediately die or have severe long lasting reactions.

        What would you attribute this to? Perhaps D3 levels? Long term problems from the spike protein accumulating in organs not manifesting yet? D0 you thing frequency such as 5G will effect the vaccinated?

        Thank you for your time and consideration!

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        1. LittleOne, that is a complex situation. I think you’ve pegged a good possible factor. Age is likely a big factor as well, because different ages have different ability to manage their encounter with the vaxxx. Yes, it could be that some will show symptoms later. Another factor is where in each body the mRNA devices or DNA devices actually go and the varying weaknesses and strengths of the body systems in each location. If the mRNA and DNA gets reverse transcribed into nuclear DNA, that would be likely to increase long-term damage.

          Interestingly, there are reports that some of the vaccine lots were only saline, which might cause a little discomfort at the injection site but nothing else. The story is that the Pharma companies and their puppeteers were so alarmed at how many negative reactions were showing up that they had to add saline into the distribution network to give the opportunity for those who received the saline to be so excited that they would tell their friends it was easy and they should get the vaccine too. Who knows?

          As for 5G, I have my doubts that that can do much itself, but perhaps it could unbalance certain susceptible people. Simply put, I just think there is no reason to go that far afield in theories when there are so many other possibilities that sit closer to home in our bodies. But I will keep track o that option if better data arrive.

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  15. Hello, Charlie!
    Would anyone know if my condition (MGUS) is similar to COVID injectables? My body makes the abnormal IGG & IGA with low M-spikes. Multiple Myeloma is a blood protein reproducing itself in the bone marrow (in the leukemia family) Forgive me, I’m still learning…(the “vaccine is deadly” link sounded a lot like my doctor appointment regarding MM)
    Now, on another forum, IIH patients are getting 3 injections of COVID shot because their bodies can’t receive the “full benefit.” Sigh…
    Anyone know particulars on these two oddities?
    Love what you are saying about the truth. I Crave the Truth in all things Always. Always analyzing with my Catholic eyes.
    We need to ask God how He wishes us to worship. I don’t know Latin myself, but I love when I hear it sung. I also appreciate that an exorcism uses Latin because the satan knows Latin.

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  16. JESUS = GOOD NEWS .. PM .. 😉

    I quite simply believe that THEY will not allow The TRUTH to be told about Election Fraud 20 &/or ChinaPlague Conspiracy 21 although both “situations” appear to be “Coming-Out” late Summer?!
    THEY are International, Rich, Powerful and seemingly, since Billary’s 90’s, immune from serious investigation/prosecution.
    The very same DC Swamp Cover-Up, Intimidation, Slander, Distraction & Spin …… and Worse Masters ….. are more legion, experienced and well funded than ever before.
    ….. and why We PRAY for Divine Intervention!!

    Silly US!! … & to think that we might have thought that ChinaPlague came from a CCP/PLA Weapons Lab and not Batman & Robin’s Cave. Perish that Thought!

    Nothing to see here! …. Move Along!!

    Look up Christopher Sign & Clinton Body Count.


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    1. CD, that was my first thought when I read about that young journalist’s death. How suspicious! I’ve heard the controversies all the way back to Vince Foster (think that’s the right name).

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  17. JESUS = GOOD NEWS …. 😉

    Happy Flag Day! ….. Make sure Old Glory is “Out-There!

    I got the feeling that we are living in an Age where we will be seeing God’s work in/through all sorts of “strange” people and things?

    Via Jeff Prather Site:
    Directory of Doctors Prescribing Outpatient COVID-19 Therapy
    Sadly, if Trump had “trashed” this Drug (other simple remedies) instead of touting it, tens of thousands of USA Citizens would still be With-US! ….. Say What!?? …. Yep! … For 4+ years what/whoever Trump supported The Usual Suspects “Trashed” and THEY supported what/whoever Trump “Trashed”….. Beyond Strange!
    The failed “Policies” of the godless Socialists, by whatever name THEY call themselves, have already this Century added Millions to THEIR 100 Million Body Count of the 20th Century ;-(



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  18. PS:

    This came in today from Jeff Prather and the Team America Op.
    I know we have our own COVID In the Know Types that might opine about the below:


    COVID-19 does not represent the last pandemic that we will face. Team America Medical believes that treatment options represent the first step that should be used to BOTH prevent and fight the COVIV-19 virus and any other virus-like illness that may emerge down the road. These options are simple and basic and will protect you and your family in the future. Having a kit containing these items should have you prepared in advance should you get infected with viral related illnesses.
    Please note that the doses herein are only guidelines. You should work with your local physician before implementing any of these treatments. The scientific rationale behind these recommendations can be obtained by contacting Team America Medical.
    Daily Treatments to prevent illness [these are suggested doses only-work with your local physician]
    -Vitamin D3- 2500-5000 IU daily [note: daily sunshine on your skin is the best way to get Vit D]
    -Methylated mixed Vitamin Bs- one tablet daily
    -Vitamin C- 1000 mg daily
    -Zinc picolinate 20 mg daily
    -Quercetin daily or every other day 800 mg
    Should you get COVID-19 or ANY virus or virus-related illness, the following can be added to the above:
    -Hydroxychloroquine- 200 mg twice daily; if you start on this you may stop the Quercetin
    -Ivermectin- 20 mg for every 110 lbs. on day #1 and then 10 mg for every 110 lbs. on days 3 & 5
    -Vitamin A- fat soluble or emulsified [NOT water soluble] 10,000-20,000 IU daily
    -Melatonin- 5-10 mg daily
    -Z-pack [Azithromycin 250 mg]- 2 tabs initially and then 1 tab daily x 4 days
    -Nebulized Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide [H2O2]- at the 1st sign of any lung symptoms.
    -get or make some Normal Saline; 1 teaspoon sea salt in 1 pint of water
    -Mix 1/4 teaspoon of 3% Food Grade H2O2 + 7 ¼ teaspoons of Normal Saline OR
    -Mix 1/4 teaspoon of 12% Food Grade H2O2 + 5 ounces of Normal Saline
    – place the dilute Food Grade Normal Saline Solution in a desk-top electric nebulizer
    – treat for 15 minutes every hour until symptoms abate; treat for 15 minutes daily after the
    initial treatment or more if symptoms indicate
    Glutathione- 100 mg daily
    Remember, always contact your physician for advice before starting these treatments. There is a medical team involved with Team America that can also make recommendations.


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  19. Part 1: Exactly. Beautiful.

    Part 4 on Method of Receiving Communion: I think one can claim that it is objectively better to receive communion on the tongue while also saying that how one receives communion doesn’t reduce or determine one’s ontologial value as a human being.

    I think the problem with the pharisee wasn’t necessarily that he was making a judgment, even if true. It was that he failed to see how he could be responsible and lift up that person. His sentiment by itself divides him from the other, when the goal ought to be to raise the other, which is arguably also the goal of serving the other.

    It would be like after a teen does a stupid thing, the parents go, “I’m glad I’m not them!”, rather than fulfilling the responsibilities of being a parent and finding one’s own fault in the situation (hey, back to Charlie’s first point!).

    I bring this example up in part because I am currently watching a show called “Supernanny”, which deals with parents who are generally ignorant about how to raise kids. I find the solutions to generally be highly beautiful, with a few exceptions.

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  20. Yesterday was the second anniversary of my “Sunshine Sean” son’s passing from this life to begin his Spirit Journey into the Eternal Realm. He died as a result of an auto-pedestrian accident. Charlie, Beckita and so many others in the CORAC family were all so comforting in their consoling words and prayers. And for that I shall always be grateful. There’s nothing like the “loss of the flesh of your flesh and bone of your bones” to get you laser focused on that which is right, true and lovely in this life and the life to come.

    Charlie’s exhortations as of late have been very true to our beloved Lord Jesus’ exhortations to be vigilant about all things spiritual, and Our Lord’s succinct instruction about “Let your yes mean yes, and your no mean no, because anything other than that is from the Devil”, really goes to the heart of what I believe Charlie is charitably admonishing us all to be mindful of. At the age of 66 I find it so much easier to listen to what others have to say, especially when it comes to listening to the Holy Spirit in the lives of others. The Holy Spirit, as the last 2000 years has proven, ALWAYS ALWAYS leads to The Way, The Truth and The Life in Jesus, and Jesus alone. Charlie’s charitable admonishment is just that, charitable, and asking us to be mindful of what Jesus expects of us, and that’s not asking too much. We are called to keep our eyes on Jesus and Jesus alone, and I’m sure we can all say a BIG AMEN to that.

    I live in Rapid City, SD and I look forward to seeing so many of you who I share a blessed kinship in Jesus with. Yes, we are Family and very blessed family in Jesus at that!

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    1. What a beautiful reflection, Charlie R, and I love your affirmation for how Charlie is preparing us as he is. You named a most valuable virtue for us all to practice: the willingness to take pause – and deeply consider the content – when someone offers counsel and guidance. Praying, now, and seeking your Sunshine Sean’s intercession that we all s-t-r-e-t-c-h and develop in this facet of our spiritual growth. See you soon!

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  21. JESUS = GOOD NEWS .. PM .. 😉

    We are expected to give “Get Outta Jail Free Cards” &/or Take-a-Knee for BLANTIFA plus Career, usual suspects, Criminals ’cause of ……
    ….. at the same time we are expected to turn a blind eye to the criminal Feral Persecution of Jan 6 – Not Insurrection – Capitol Trespassers ……..

    Cosidering what I know & have seen unfold these past 20+ years, I don’t think the Guy below is Far-Out!

    “Great” Global Re-Set = Death of USA Republic!


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      1. Thanks jlynnbyrd!!! Haven’t stopped smoking since last Tuesday!!! The kids have been great sending pics all day long🥰😂🙏✝️👶🏼❤️📿

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        1. Hehe, I copied it and saved it. I had a funny feeling I might need that some-a-day. We have only one kiddo engaged to be married, the rest are single or in our care. But we are hopeful we will yet see Joyful days abundantly. Whether here, or beyond. we hope in The Lord 🙂

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      1. Thanks Kate R!!! Ha!!! Yeah he’s a real beautiful baby!!! I told them get that boy a hoop! Lol Both parents are well over 6 foot tall!!!😂🏀😇🥰🙏✝️🥳📿🎈


  22. FYI- free blessed miraculous medals, (multiples allowed), affixed to card explaining devotion. At amm(dot)org under the Gift Shop tab. Click on “medals with and without chains” item#1086 . (or call the 800 # listed on their website)

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  23. Charlie, this news, which is everywhere, brings to mind your talks wherein you point out the malicious motives of whoever introduced the Pizzagate narrative. There are several innuendos running through the article… dragging out the lies about what went on at the Capitol on January 6th, accusing those who followed the Qanon stuff of violent designs… watching…

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    1. THEY seek them here! THEY seek them there!
      The G-Men are looking everywhere!
      Are they in Heaven or are they in Hell?
      Those damned elusive ……. Q-Anon Trump &/or Constitution Supporters.

      Meanwhile in other news…… The Usual Suspects, now Identifying as White Supremacists, continue to destroy once great USA Cities like DC, Chicago, Minneapolis, Baltimore, Memphis, San Francisco, Portland, Atlanta, Newark, St Louis, Seattle, Austin, Oakland, Houston, Erie,……………………………….. ;-(


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      1. The Conservative Treehouse (Sundance) has published an article everyone should review:

        It is time for Revelry. Wake up and realize the Feds and their supporters are not your friends.
        Think Local!

        I have said it before, your best home alarm system is your neighbor. Likewise, we don’t get out of this without:

        Catholic Study Bible

        John 15:7-14

        7 If you abide in me, and my words abide in you, ask whatever you will, and it shall be done for you.
        8 By this my Father is glorified, that you bear much fruit, and so prove to be my disciples.
        9 As the Father has loved me, so have I loved you; abide in my love.

        10 If you keep my commandments, you will abide in my love, just as I have kept my Father’s commandments and abide in his love.
        11 These things I have spoken to you, that my joy may be in you, and that your joy may be full.

        12 “This is my commandment, that you love one another as I have loved you.
        13 Greater love has no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.
        14 You are my friends if you do what I command you.

        17 This I command you, to love one another.

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  24. JESUS = GOOD NEWS …. 😉

    At least their was someone at the Vatican with enough savvy to figure out this was a Democrat/Left Ploy to Advance the Abortion/Gay Agenda.

    Not long now …… Get Ready!! ….. & you smug rural folks remember that unless you produce everything you need …. Virtually ALL the transport….Rail, Road, Air, River… hubs-n-warehouses are in DeepBlue cities!



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  25. I saw a link on CFP with the intriguing teaser The Last Free Man in Ireland. Well, I had to go there didn’t I?

    What I found was a Catholic Conversation. A Catholic Conversation between a priest named Fr. Brendan Kilcoyne and a contemporary Irish commentator on Irish culture, history, music, the meaning of being Irish in the world and what it means to be Catholic in the world. His name is John Waters who has a rather eclectic background career much like Charlie and from what I can gather is considered somewhat eccentric and definitely counter secular cultural. He describes his spiritual journey toward intentional Christianity and how odd it seems in the modern world.

    The Conversation takes place in a Pub near Dublin. It is a kind of conversation that we never hear anymore. It takes on hefty intellectual and philosophical themes in search of understanding and Truth about living as Irish in Ireland and as Catholics in Ireland and the broader world.

    I know this conversation would resonate with many here at ASOH. It is a deep dive into what is happening to our culture and Christianity and our Church in a post-Christian world and particularly in America. But it’s not for everybody.

    I was a little shocked to see that this Conversation in the Pub is 2 hours and 54 minutes long. We don’t usually get to listen in on a 3 hour Conversation about Catholic Culture in the modern world. I will say there is not one single boring minute in the entirety of this examination. It will rivet some of you because what they are discussing are many issues painfully relevant to Catholic life in America.

    Since it is 3 hours long I won’t link it. It is presented by a Catholic website named Catholic Arena. You’ll get there by googling Catholic Arena Ireland. The title of the video is : John Waters and Fr. Kilcoyne Discuss Elvis, Pearse and God. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

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    1. STE,

      ❤️The conversation. One of my favourite parts was when John was told by a friend to throw a shoe over the bed in order to get him to kneel while praying!🤣😂🤣

      Thank you for sharing. Loved the accents. Got a lot of work done while listening😀

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      1. That was one of my favorite bits in the Conversation as well Little One.

        It came in the context of his recovery from the worst kind of alcoholism though AA. He had been away from the Church for some years and had literally forgotten how to pray. Alcoholics turn to AA only as a result of hitting the bottom and discovery one clear and certain truth about themselves — they can’t do it by themselves. Waters sees this as a critical juncture in his path to intentional Christianity. He couldn’t get there by himself. You need a higher power to get you there.

        So he had to learn how to pray all over again. AA taught him how to pray.

        Waters is almost hilarious in recounting how he learned to pray again in AA. A companion in AA asks him “how do you pray?”

        John Waters: “Well, I remember parts of the Hail Mary and the Our Father and such.”

        AA Companion: “No, John I mean HOW do you pray? Do you pray standing up or sitting down or on your knees? Do you pray on your knees John?”

        John Waters: “No, I don’t pray on my knees. My knees hurt and its uncomfortable.”

        AA Companion: “Do you not ever get on your knees or use your knees?”

        John Waters: “Well, sometimes I have to in the usual course of things.”

        AA Companion: ” Well, here’s what I want you to try John. In the morning when you get out of bed and you are getting dressed throw a shoe under the bed. And when you kneel down to retrieve it say your prayer then. You’ll be in the right posture to talk to your higher power. On your knees in total dependency. Because you can’t do it yourself. It’s the posture of surrender of self. It’s where you begin.”

        John Waters: “Well, what do I say while I’m on my knees?”

        AA Companion: ” In the morning at rising pray this word: Help. In the evening at bed time pray this word: Thanks.” On your knees searching for your shoe.

        A lot to think about there, right Little One? On your knees puts you in the right posture and context with the reality of the situation. You are not the Creator of your life God is. You are the created and He is the Creator and the only right response to that fact is to surrender the Pride of Self Control and Self Determination that is beyond your capability because you simply can’t do it on your own. The Creator is where Hope lies and approaching it on your knees is the right posture acknowledging that fact. Call it a kind of reminder of that fact during the Help and Thanks prayers that bracket your waking hours.

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        1. I love this! I’ve been on the Al-Anon side of the 12 step program and was initially surprised that the 12 steps for the addict and their afflicted love one(s) are the same. But of course, in hindsight, truth is the truth and it makes perfect sense. Therefore I recommend highly the steps as a guide for healthy living. ❤

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  26. I am trying to post a comment here and cannot see anything Iam typing?? I am trying to ask STEVEBC if he could offer any advice on natural remedies to reduce his cholesterol as his doctor just informed him he has Togo on medication for this? Otherwise he is in good health and at a good weight? His father dropped dead at 59 of a heart attack but was also a heavy smoker. I want to comment more but I again cannot see my comment? Why am I so dumb on this ?🙄

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    1. Hi, Robin. I took your request as an opportunity and prod to write up my thoughts on cholesterol. Sorry it took so long to respond. Please click this link to go to my web site and download the PDF file I have created. I hope it helps you and your husband. Please feel free to comment there after you’ve had a chance to read the material. The link:

      Understanding Cholesterol


  27. Yesterday in California. My husband and I (unvaxxed) went into CVS and Target without masks! Everyone had masks on even though it was the “big day” for CA – no more social distancing or masks. People are still masked up in cars and outside walking alone.(?) My neighbor and her teen daughters still wear two masks in the backyard. 😦
    Businesses can make up their own rules, but the usual “wear a mask” signs were gone. No one said anything, so it was great to do our shopping and be able to “think and breath” again.
    Our poor children in schools – still need to wear masks until they are vaxxed 😦
    Tomorrow, our dictator Gov Gavin will let us know how businesses will “know” who is vaxxed and who isn’t – “its not a passport or mandatory” tho. 😉 Waiting for the other shoe to drop.

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    1. Oooh, SanSan, it’s like this in CT, too, wrt masking, at least. Our Gov, seems to have a tad lighter touch than yours. However he is no friend of freedom.

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    2. SanSan, I’m holding my breath about what Gov. “Nuisance” does next. He absolutely does not want to let go of that power! Lord help us and come Holy Spirit!

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  28. We have attended the Roman Rite (the Traditional Latin Mass) for over six years. A few thoughts.
    There is no higher, more beautiful and authentic worship of the Triune God this side of heaven than the Latin Rite. Simply put, the Novus Ordo, at it’s best, is oriented to the horizontal and the Roman Rite is sheer vertical. The Novus Ordo has become a train wreck, because the men in charge of the church do not have supernatural faith in Jesus Christ.
    Receiving Holy Communion on the tongue is how God intended it. The simplest rationale in my mind for this is that we as laypeople are not worthy to touch the Blessed Sacrament with our hands. Only a priest may do this, because he is ordained. We receive kneeling, as is right before God, unless we cannot for a physical reason.
    The Latin Rite is accessible, timeless, reverent and for you. Obtain a Sunday Missal with English on one side and Latin on the other, you’ll figure it out in short order. It is a Mass, and the sequence is the same. Prepare to be awed and feel in the presence of God, because you will be. Prepare to be shocked at how much you have been hitherto robbed of.
    Do not concern yourself with kneeling and postures. If you are physically unable save your kneeling for the altar when you receive Christ. A bow of the head serves the same purpose as kneeling, it is the sign of reverence to God. No one should worry about what their neighbors think, they do not think anything about others, they are busy being in God’s presence. It is generally a crowd where people mind their own business and worship the Lord. There are no loud conversations or chit chat until people are away from the sanctuary, outside.
    Come to the Latin Mass, all Catholics. At least try it. Look up Catholic Latin Rite and attend. My prediction is most will not go back. The men who run our infiltrated church want to destroy it because they fear the proper worship of God. They rail against Him and faithful Catholics. They will not succeed. They will only make it grow and be stronger.

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    1. Kate, you’ve expressed some strong opinions here concerning the Mass and some of your opinions are NOT based on Magisterial Teaching. Just one example: “There is no higher, more beautiful and authentic worship of the Triune God this side of heaven than the Latin Rite.” This has never been proclaimed in an official Church teaching.

      What you do have is a great devotion to the TLM which is wonderful! I attended the TLM throughout my childhood and have also attended many awe-inspiring Traditional Latin Masses in my adult life. In fact, however, the Novus Ordo is a legitimate form of Mass and I have experienced awe and wonder with tears of gratitude to God at these Masses as well. I, personally, know many, many priests who offer the Novus Ordo with hearts full of faith and a demeanor during Mass which exudes reverence for the Most Blessed Sacrament. These priests who I know, are fully aware of their identity – in persona Christi – and the awesome, sublime privilege they carry in being able to offer the Mass. Some of them actually offer Mass in both forms: TLM AND Novus Ordo.

      I cringe at your sweeping generalization about priests and prelates in this: “… the men in charge of the church do not have supernatural faith in Jesus Christ.” I get the emotion which rises due to the evil deeds done by some in the hierarchy. It’s sickening, horrifying and it provokes anger to see the damage done. While what you say is surely the case with some Church leaders, your sweeping statement smears our faithful priests and prelates who work every day in the trenches to proclaim and preach Christ’s teachings.

      Honestly, if you had just stuck to describing the beauty of the TLM, which is very real and truly awesome, I think it would have been a much more convincing and inviting appeal to attend this form of the Mass.

      Another thing to keep in mind – and this is for us all, including me, as we survey the landscape of corruption and filth in our Church – is that the enemy is pointedly after those of us who strive to live a pious life in the best sense of the word. Piety IS a gift of the Holy Spirit. Yet, each of us is capable of distorting and tainting this gift when we get caught up in anger-turned-to-bitterness or in making an idol of our favored form of the Mass. WE lose our way when we, like the Pharisees before us, insist on the letter of the law and fail to love by speaking temperately, by praying for our enemies – including those in the Church who are causing damage, and by trusting that God has a Plan to set things right as we make out stand with Him.

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      1. Beckita, I don’t know if my opinions are “strong”, but I do not withdraw an iota of what I said. I believe we are all entitled to our opinions, and that is mine. I have clearly struck a nerve with you about the Novus Ordo, but that was not my intention. I am stating my opinion. I would like to ask you, is it magisterial opinion that worshiping pachamama, a fertility goddess of the Amazon, is proper conduct for a pope? That is exactly what happened in 2019, in the Vatican garden, over the bones of St. Peter. There is so much more, but, many Catholics cannot or will not accept or see the truth of some things. It is too hard. I get that. As to my sweeping generalizations, I realize and appreciate we have many faithful priests. We do not have many faithful bishops. The people, the church, and now the nation, is going off the rails and into communism, because this is so. As the church goes, so goes the world. Whether we choose to see it or not, it is still reality.

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        1. Kate, I’m 100% with you and all who were horrified by the idolic worship of Pachamama in the Vatican and we can readily note Scripture and God’s statements concerning such a grievous offense with the commensurate discipline which followed worshiping idols. See my other response to you, as I addressed the difference between opinion and actual Church teaching. It’s good to see the generalization corrected. Together, now, we all pray and work for for reform and renewal as we make our stand with God.

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          1. Beckita I’m happy to have good conversation and discussion with you and realize that you are a person who is devoted to God and our faith very sincerely, as I hope I am. God be with you.

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      2. Frankly Bekita, in all charity I think you may be having an off-day. I do not believe I made an idol of the TLM. Nor have I looked down upon NO Mass attendees. I was one, 6 years ago. We are all stressed, but we need to try to keep calm and respect the opinions of others.

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        1. Kate, it was a straightforward response written to present Church guidelines and correct the error of placing one legitimate form of the Mass above the other. The Church doesn’t do that. That’s not opinion; it’s how the Church is in regards to Mass. I don’t have to be right; but I will remain true to what the Church actually teaches. And if I err, well, I’ve apologized here before for errors made and I’m happy to continue doing so in the future when it happens.

          I continue to stand by the wisdom of taking care not to allow the seeds of bitterness to take root in our hearts. As you see, I did include that reminder for myself as well as all in our community. And to that end, we’re all called to charity. When anyone generalizes a charge against the bad actors in the hierarchy and applies it to all priests and prelates, it’s simply not a fair statement.

          And I meant it when I observed you have great enthusiasm for the TLM and that’s a wonderful thing. I’m so grateful that Pope Benedict brought its beauty back into common use, for it has fed a spiritual hunger in the many who love worshipping at Mass in this manner.

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    2. Kate I am of the age where I too grew up with the Latin Mass prior to Vatican II. I hadn’t been to a traditional Latin Mass in a long, long time until it happened that our Parish began a monthly First Friday Latin Mass celebration.

      I have to say it transported me instantly back to the Mass of my youth. This one had all the bells and smoke and the formal processional and recessional with the cavalcade of priests and deacons and altar boys in stately and solemn procession to the altar of God.

      There’s no denying that there was and remains a different vibe to this approach to worship.

      Yes, I would use the word Richer and also the word Mystical in comparing the two forms of the Mass.

      A vertical orientation vs a horizontal orientation is a good way of putting it I think. Lot of up and down on your knees time true.

      You might enjoy the discussion of the Latin Mass by Fr Brendan Kilcoyne and John Waters in the Conversation discussion I posted down thread. John Waters once upon a time was a music critic. He describes the Latin Mass from a musical standpoint. The music of the Latin Mass sung, chanted and prayed transports you to the spiritual realm of reality in a far different way than the modern hymns we hear in English. Much different vibe and feeling.

      One thing you don’t hear discussed much is the role of the Latin Mass in forming Catholic Culture and Catholic Community. One comment I read is that the Mass is not and should not be a place of Community as much as it is a place of adoration and worship. As in individual adoration and worship even if you don’t understand the words. Even if you are only swept up in the majesty and the pomp and the music and the worship. The Latin Mass is Catholic Culture writ deep in contra -position to modern post Christian culture. It stands out. Almost a cultural reproof. Think of John the Baptist and Herod Antipas. I wouldn’t call the Novo Orus a Protestant format. But culturally it is less disturbing to the non-Catholic population I believe. “They’re pretty much just like us only a little different.”

      That’s a kind of way of distinguishing the Latin and the Ordo Novus formats too I think.

      I will concede that there is a place for the heavy emphasis on the vertical Individual Adoration and worship swept away in the Mystical and a place for the joining of hands in Community worship we can all understand quite clearly format.

      Plus, there’s always the necessity of clearing the parking lot for the 11:00 AM Mass to think about as well.

      Frankly, I like both formats.

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      1. Storm Tracker Ed, all of what you said is true, and today, when we are inundated by the world, the Roman Rite is a place where the world is left outside. To each his own, and I attended NO Mass until 6 or so years ago and enjoyed it very much. Our priests were reverent and the Mass was the one we had always experienced. But the world kept creeping in, and when Francis was elected, we got more and more of that. We looked for something more, something less worldly, and when we attended the TLM, the Latin Rite, we knew we were home. There is community, particularly for young marrieds starting families. We have a Catholic school in our parish, and we are seeing a growing presence of young, beautiful Catholic families. Mothers and daughters wear the veil. All indications are these are people serious about their faith, and they are the future. The NO church is diminishing. Don’t blame me, blame facts. That is so, and a demographic winter is about to show up, as the older adherents leave this world for a better one.

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        1. I understand that we get out of the mass what we put into it.
          Same with prayer.
          Same with faith.
          Same with relationships of any kind.
          Both forms of the rite have INFINITE merit. One is not more infinite than the other.

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        2. One of the things about the “old” Mass tradition was that it set Catholics apart from the rest. The Latin rites were different than Protestant services. We ate fish on Fridays. We “had to” go to Church every Sunday and on days of obligation. We were forbidden to attend Protestant services. We had the nuns and the schools. We said the rosary and got on our knees a lot. The ladies had to cover their heads.

          The Catholic Church had a kind of moral clarity and hard earned credibility in the world. And everybody around us had their eye on us.

          The Mass was at the center of all of it.

          We were different from all the rest. It gave us a sense of identity. It gave us a sense of catholicity if that is even a word. We were united in our diversity from the rest of America. We were unified in purpose, values, religious beliefs and our approach to worshiping God. Taken altogether our Catholic culture was held together by a kind of centrifugal force that captured us from the moment of birth to our dying breath.

          The Mass was at the Center of all of it.

          I think you are correct in observing that what we have today isn’t the same as what was then. It is less unified and more directly contentious both in the clergy and religious and among the laity as well. We don’t know what anybody believes anymore and we are unsure where all of it is heading.

          And I would venture to say that the Mass is no longer at the center of it all.

          So if it is no longer the Mass — what is at the center of modern Catholicity?

          Modern cultural Catholicty — is there such a thing anymore? What is it that binds us together in common ideals? Are there any common ideals left?

          I think an argument could be made that the concept of Community has replaced the Mass as the central core of the modern Parish. Activities. Committees. Discussion Groups. Adult Education and all the other “ways to serve your Parish” we see listed in the weekly bulletin. The Mass is not the glue that holds Parishes together anymore IMO. Social justice and serving the needs of people in one way or another is at the center of Parish life and emphasis these days. Community today vs Worship in the old days. A Community centric Church in which there is no unanimity of belief today vs A Worship centric Church of old in which there was no doubt o disunity whatever about the values that each of us subscribed to.

          The consequence is that we are no longer so different from the rest of America. And we are not anywhere near as unified in purpose and values as we once were. As you say Kate, the facts are the facts.

          So the question it seems to me is how do we reconcile these differing visions of Catholicity in the future? How do we marry up the best of the past with the best of the present? How do we limit the losses? How do we Renew the Church?

          Just my guess but I think somehow the Mass has got to return to being the center of it all. Worship comes first. Community follows. Somehow that has got to occur. The form of the Mass is secondary to the function of the Mass in my view. The Latin Mass and the Novus Ordo are both beautiful. They both should somehow set Catholics apart from the rest of America as being in this world but not of this world. Different isn’t so bad. Especially if it leads to the gates of Heaven.

          I just don’t see how we are going to get there. I don’t see that anybody in the Church is even viewing things from this perspective. I have confidence that in the end God wins. What has to happen in the Church will happen in the Church. I’ll tell you this though — in the end the Mass will be at the center of it. No doubt about that at all.

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  29. JESUS = GOOD NEWS …. 😉

    Report any anti- Democrat Party AGENDA Family or Neighbors.

    If the below does NOT garner serious Red Country/County Blow-Back then we will know The Republic is indeed lost.
    Do these Democrat Humanoids know something we don’t? ….. or are THEY convinced that THEY have the Power/Ability to subject Producer Class USA and the millions of local Military/Police ( active, retired,former) that THEY have demonized and worse?
    Not to mention a heavily armed Red Regions Citizenry …… most with Faith in God &/or Good-Will …. and the USA/Constitution as founded in 1787.
    A Citizenry that does not trust Gubermint, Media or their Global BigTech Masters?
    If YOU ain’t got ready yet ….. Good Luck!

    Now that ChinaPlague Resistance is building along with evidence of a Great Reset Covid Conspiracy and “troubling” Election Audits …. plus an increasingly obvious incompetent Prez/VP….. and their, run from the DC BO Bunker, Keystone Cop Team…… We will continue to see any number of False Flag Ops, Dem/Media created “Crisis’s”, Cover-Ups and slanderous attacks upon ANYONE who opposes The Agenda thru Election 22.



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  30. “I do not consider someone who receives in the hand a lesser Catholic.” Thank you Charlie. I love the holy Mass. I cannot hug our Lord yet like the Apostles were able to do. I love making His thrown with may hands and if only for a millisecond hug Him before receiving our Lord into my body. Yes I would love the traditional Mass but in english as I actually pray the Mass. When I was young going to latin Mass the saying was “I’m going to go watch the Mass” As a child I would just try to follow the Mass with my beautiful well written first communion book but I was only reading my prayers and trying to follow what was going on. When I returned to the Church one of the things that drew me was first Converts not Catholics. How beautiful to follow their journey and how much I learned. Then a few years ago I went back and I followed and prayed the Mass in english from beginning to end and I was in tears. Luckily we have had very holy and reverent priests at our parish. Abuses can be in the latin Mass as well as english Mass. That is another issue I keep silent on because people don’t understand that it is in praying the Mass and receiving our Lord reverently that is so very important not english or latin, hand or mouth.

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    1. Hear, hear. If my memory serves me well, I remember Charlie saying once that there are no children of a lesser God. People by and large are divided and jaded due to our *coveted and unyielding* perspectives.
      If we would only hold everyone as dear, practice the Golden Rule which I mentioned earlier in the evening on a conference call, what a world. The Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary will usher in the Era of Peace and a taste of Heaven on earth when we will to love as we were created for without all the fuss. 😉
      I think rescues and restorations at the hands of people of good will after natural disasters, especially the devastating storms we’ve experienced lately, are mini examples of how we ought to and can live by setting aside our petty differences and instead acting in love and care unconditionally . ❤

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  31. Best of luck to you Charlie, perhaps we’ll meet again on the other side of these events.

    The next right step for me is move on & focus on the situations up here, as events up here are out of sink with what you guys are going through. I don’t have much of anything useful to contribute these days.

    Peace of Christ be with you.

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    1. MP, If I may add
      Front: just below ‘stop it’: “Let it go”
      Rear: The Lord’s prayer “Our Father…”

      Today’s June 17, Mass Gospel:

      Catholic Study Bible

      Matthew 6:7-15

      7 “And in praying do not heap up empty phrases as the Gentiles do; for they think that they will be heard for their many words.

      8 Do not be like them, for your Father knows what you need before you ask him.

      9 Pray then like this: Our Father who art in heaven, Hallowed be thy name.
      10 Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done, On earth as it is in heaven.
      11 Give us this day our daily bread;
      12 And forgive us our debts, As we also have forgiven our debtors;
      13 And lead us not into temptation, But deliver us from evil.
      14 For if you forgive men their trespasses, your heavenly Father also will forgive you;
      15 but if you do not forgive men their trespasses, neither will your Father forgive your trespasses.

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      1. A coupla’ Irishmen walk into the doctor’s office because they have neck pains.

        The doc inquires of the first fella, “what might be the trouble?”

        “Doc, my neck hurts when I do this,” as he moves his neck a certain way.

        “Then don’t do that,” says the doc.

        So the doc then turns to the second fella and inquires about his problem, to which that fella replies, “never mind.”

        So here’s my question: which of those three characters was most Christlike?

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          1. Then I would ask, what kind of good doc gives lazy advice? It amounts to little more than avoiding the pain? Where’s the real healing prescription and follow-up regimen?

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              1. And yet, as you well know, I can’t say that the honest KevinMal is wrong in the least. I mean, who puts forth such a scant, made-up anecdote, then dares ask such a question? Then follows it with three more questions? If I had been asked such a thing, I’d have had to honestly answer, “I don’t know.”

                One can read between the lines of that bit if they are deft at such things, but does it lead anywhere but to more questions? Would things change if we could google “two Irishmen walk into a doctor’s office” and come up with voluminous results?

                Only way to be in a better position to answer is if I happened to be one of those Irishmen or the doctor. Whichever of the three, what’s the first question I would ask myself then?

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                  1. Two simple but often overlooked tools of the trade: storytelling and asking questions. Jesus did both often, sometimes asking a question then launching into a story, or the other way around. The Pharisees asked questions to look smart and entrap, and of course rambled on quite a bit. Jesus asked questions to share and inspire healthy thought and edifying conversation. Effective evangelizing doesn’t have to be complicated at all, much less require a lengthy study course.

                    Speaking of stories, I caught a bit of “Field of Dreams” this Father’s Day morning, right around the part where Ray and Terence Mann found “Moonlight” Graham hitchhiking. That story is all about a son reconciling with his father. That it’s a baseball story is a bonus.

                    Happy Father’s day all.

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                1. Ok, I’m back in town.
                  yea, Maybe I thought of it too simplistically, and also, I actually thought it was just some ‘humor”, and that there was no correct answer per the actual words presented in the hypothetical story… so I thought about it in a “parallel”…. but anyway, my thoughtline was this: Jesus is the Great/(only)True healer, and we all go to him for healing and advise. Those two guys were going to a “doctor”… so I thought maybe there was a parallel to us going to Jesus asking advise about sinful behavior… i.e. just to make something up for an example: “I feel terrible afterwards every time I was mean to xyz person or animal.”
                  Jesus advise could be “don’t do that anymore”
                  The second guy heard the advise given, and did not want to ask, because he was not willing to stop his bad behavior either.
                  it’s just what jumped out at me in the few seconds I actually I had at the time, and for some strange reason, had to throw out a reply. (partially because nobody else did)
                  so, with taht parallel thought(s) there was only 1 possible person of the 3 that might be considered most like Christ. (yea, I know I switched those 2 words around… vs “Christ-like”)
                  blessings, -kevin-

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  32. JESUS = GOOD NEWS .. PM .. 😉

    Yep!! NEVER forget that the Democrat Party was/is the Party of Slavery, Jim Crow and the KKK.
    The Republicans were the Party that freed the Slaves and pushed through the anti-segregation and voting rights bills in the 60’s.
    My Family has always been Republican. No doubt ’cause my Great GranPa was a Union Soldier badly wounded by one of A.P. Hill’s Boys at Antietam.
    Mustered out at a DC Military Hospital and getting a job at the Treasury Dept where he died on the job @ 72.
    Besides being a Republican, I’d guess Ol’ Dan was also a proud member of The Grand Army of the Republic ….. a Union Vets organization. I’m guessing those GAR Comrades of Mine are all spinning in their graves now.
    That Evil NRA was founded by former Union Officers (probably all GOP) and one of their causes was that Freedmen be allowed to arm themselves for Protection from Democrat outrages.
    In Richmond THEY are digging up A.P. Hill ’cause …. it won’t be long before a bunch of folks “Found Not Worthy” by The Usual Suspects be having their graves desecrated ….. along with the History of Our Republic!


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  33. Today’s Liturgy of the Hours (June 17th) First & Second readings are spot on with us this day. In the first, the people ask Gideon to be their leader, he replies not I but the Lord. The second is a homily on the Eucharist.

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  34. “…You must NEVER confuse faith that you will prevail in the end-
    which you can never afford to lose-
    with the discipline to confront the most brutal facts of your current reality,
    whatever they might be.”
    (Admiral James Stockdale, POW Vietnam 1965-1973)

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  35. Today’s (June 17th) Liturgy of the Hours morning canticle:

    Catholic Study Bible

    Isaiah 40:10-17

    10 Behold, the Lord GOD comes with might, and his arm rules for him; behold, his reward is with him, and his recompense before him.

    11 He will feed his flock like a shepherd, he will gather the lambs in his arms, he will carry them in his bosom, and gently lead those that are with young.

    12 Who has measured the waters in the hollow of his hand and marked off the heavens with a span, enclosed the dust of the earth in a measure and weighed the mountains in scales and the hills in a balance?

    13 Who has directed the Spirit of the LORD, or as his counselor has instructed him?

    14 Whom did he consult for his enlightenment, and who taught him the path of justice, and taught him knowledge, and showed him the way of understanding?

    15 Behold, the nations are like a drop from a bucket, and are accounted as the dust on the scales; behold, he takes up the isles like fine dust.

    16 Lebanon would not suffice for fuel, nor are its beasts enough for a burnt offering.

    17 All the nations are as nothing before him, they are accounted by him as less than nothing and emptiness.

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  36. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! 😉



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    1. Thank you PRTX, for pointing out this interview!!!
      This is POWERFUL!!!
      I 100% agree, that it will take the lay people coming forward in union to correct this.
      and I emphasize the “in union” part.
      It can and probably should start out where we speak out individually, but what will *really* make progress happen is when we all come together to do this in union.
      As Charlie has said… Along with regular “Prayer”, “The Prayer of DOING”!!! is what it is going to take.
      Blessigns, -kevin-

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  37. Really great message from Anne the lay apostle this morning on the darkness that is coming…famine…great disaster….suffering and what to do with our suffering 🥰❤️📿🙏🐶. It sounds scary, but when you listen to this message today, Jesus calms all our fears. Thank you Jesus for this message of hope today🥰

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  38. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! 😉

    Critical Race Theory Will Destroy Our Military


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  39. My best church buddy Char shared this with me today on Daniel O’Conner what living the Divine Will means. It seems truly simple. Just give Jesus Your Will and ask shim to give you His Will which will be coming to all in the era of peace. I want it! It’s a Grace and it’s free🥰🙏✝️❤️🐶📿🥳

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  40. To Beckita, Charlie and all: I know I have been very quiet lately but I have not been gone. i follow the various postings here and at the CORAC site. I pray for all of you every day. The past few months have been very busy. Mostly with good things, and in many ways with things I think the Lord wants us to do to position my wife and I, and our family, for what is to come.

    I am asking for your prayers today. A very good friend, and brother in the Lord, named Gary, died early this morning. He has had a long struggle with illness and disability but it was still unexpected that he went so soon.

    Please say a pray for his soul, his wife, children and grandchildren.


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    1. We’ve missed you, JT. SO sorry to hear of the passing of your dear friend. Praying for the repose of Gary’s soul and praying, too, for his family and all who love him.

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  41. May I ask you to pray for my husband who is in surgery now. It’s a follow up to his end of March cancer surgery. I’m praying for angels to fill the OR and for the Holy Spirit to anoint his doctor and all who help. I pray for all of you who need prayer.

    Wasn’t it Bob a while back who told us about his cancer? I wonder how he is doing?
    God bless and heal us all!

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    1. Praying for your husband, Annie. Praying for you, too, as you accompany him in this illness. Thanks for your prayers and keep us updated.

      Bob not only had a cancer diagnosis, he has had a challenging side effect from the “vaccine” which has affected his eyesight. Prayers anew for Bob.

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    2. Annie I an praying for you and yours! Bob and I were on a conference call together with others last weekend. He looks great and he is in good spirits. Still I pray for him and for us all as we navigate through the chaos and confusion with love, prayer and discernment. ❤

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