From the Vortex of the Swirling Gyre

By Charlie Johnston

Whatever happened to cabooses? I noticed while driving in the Midwest that I almost never see cabooses at the end of a freight train anymore. There is always only the last car in a train. When I was a kid, I saw cabooses at the end of almost every freight train. Maybe someone who works with trains can tell us. I miss the little red caboose behind the track. It gave order and a proper close to a passing train. Whatever happened to them?


Is there a single time in the history of the world when the faction that censored people, burned books, and punished others for wrongthink were ever the heroes of the era? Ever?

Oh, I know the cancel culture warriors maintain that there is a unique moral imperative in their crusade and that normal people pose a unique danger to the world. But every faction in history that has institutionalized these tactics has claimed some transcendent moral high ground to justify their brutal oppression of opponents. Sometimes the opponents were almost as brutal as the oppressors, sometimes they were almost entirely innocent. Equally consistent is that all oppressors claim that they are the real victims of the people they oppress – and their brutalized prey are actually the aggressors. Even that icon of evil brutality, Adolf Hitler, claimed that innocent Germans were the victims of bloodthirsty Jews as he sent those Jews to the gas chambers.

The story is depressingly the same throughout history. A willful class of aggressive “idealists” declares whatever constitutes their ignorant enthusiasms to be enlightenment, then uses that as justification to intimidate, persecute and then seek to destroy their opponents – who actually pose no threat to the larger society; only an impediment to the willful class’ ambitions of seizure of absolute power. During the interim stages of the assault, much of the victim class cannot believe that their former neighbors and even friends mean them harm. Sometimes the victims don’t wake up until it is too late; at others, they rouse themselves to defense in the nick of time.

The oppressors sometimes burn themselves out quickly. At other times, they can hold power for decades, even as they hollow out the society they have highjacked and occupied. But even when they crush the victims, oppressors are always doomed to ultimate failure. That is because they don’t know how to build or grow anything. They survive by brutality and pitting others against each other. They only know how to break and destroy what they don’t like; not how to build anything they do like. Eventually, even when they have won, their barrenness, the infertility of their rhetoric, becomes apparent even to most of those they duped – and they fall, often to the outraged defensive violence of people who will be oppressed no longer.

Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Kamal Harris and their allies in cancel culture are at the peak of their power but, even now, it is a rickety and uncertain contraption. When a future generation writes the history of this era, Obama, Pelosi and Harris will be among the parade of villains, not the heroes, of this story. Because not once in the history of the world have the people who censor other people, burn books, and punish opponents for wrongthink ever emerged as the hero of the story, no matter how high-flown the spurious idealism they spout. By their tactics you shall know them.


I am fond of Professor Daniel O’Connor. We have some significant areas of disagreement, but he has struck me since I first met him as a young man who wants to chart the most right course he can find and follow it faithfully. He is usually more interested in trying to get it right than trying to prove whatever he thought last week is right. To that end, he is both humble and bold – humble in what he knows he is not sure of, respecting the conscience of others, and bold in proclaiming what he believes. A few days ago, O’Connor knocked it out of the park with his piece, “There are no Aliens” – and in a way that showcased his virtues. It brought to mind portions of my extended meditation on the Book of Job, which I reprint here from time to time and do so anew at the bottom.

Demonic entities are opportunistic. They will take whatever form a culture suspends its disbelief on in order to deceive the faithful and destroy the unsteady. In centuries past, many sightings of fairies, leprechauns, sprites and pixies were reported. People were inclined to suspect such things existed, so demonic entities (which DO exist) obliged them and appeared in forms the people of the time found congenial. People have now largely dismissed such things as fantasy. That is why no serious reports of sightings occur anymore. Ah, but many people do suspect that aliens exist – so demonic entities have abandoned the forms of fairies, leprechauns, sprites and pixies and adopted the form of aliens to deceive us. As O’Connor marvelously explains, it may be the most dangerous such deception of all – with even many high-ranking churchmen using the deception to justify a potential overthrow of Church doctrine.


We begin our Lenten Fundraising campaign for CORAC today with a message and video emailed out to the members of CORAC. I will link to it on Friday.


And now, back to Job (or to the meditation I wrote back in 1998 on the Book)…

Since God’s interaction with each person is so intimately personal, how do we encounter Him properly and help others to do so? However interesting it might be for a finger to explain its function to a foot, it won’t be terribly helpful in teaching the foot to walk. One of the best answers to this question is to be found in the most misunderstood and misinterpreted book of the Bible; the Old Testament Book of Job.

There is good reason why many skim over – or skip entirely – the Book of Job. It turns the nostrums of traditional piety upside down. As it opens we are introduced to Job, a just and pious man who is blessed in all his affairs. He is prosperous, healthy and has a big, joyful family. In fact, Job is so notable for his good-natured righteousness that God boasts of him before the heavenly host. Hearing this, the satan appears before the throne and tells God that the only reason Job is so faithful is because God has given him such abundant blessings. Satan proposes a wager: if God will let him afflict Job, the man will curse God to His face. Though the Anti-Gambling Coalition would surely disapprove, God takes the bet anyway.

Disaster after disaster befalls Job. His crops are ruined, his livestock perish, his children are killed, his health is afflicted and his life becomes an almost unbearable misery. It is idiomatic to speak of the patience of Job; even Jesus comments on it. But if patience is understood to mean meek acceptance of whatever comes, that most assuredly does not describe our Job. There are 42 chapters in the book. By Chapter Three Job is in full dudgeon. He complains of God, complains to God, insists he has done nothing to deserve this, and demands that God appear before him to explain.

In the course of his bitter complaints Job is visited by three traditionally pious friends (a fourth pops up briefly near the end) who come to defend God, urge Job to repent of his complaints and to confess to the sins that have caused these disasters to befall him. But Job is adamant. He insists that if God would agree to stand with him before an independent tribunal where both presented their case without intimidation, his own righteousness would be confirmed.

The two most commonly quoted verses of Job are at 13:15 and 19:25. The former is quoted as, “Slay me though he might, I will wait for him; I will defend my conduct before him,” (NAM) and, “Though he slay me, yet will I trust in him: but I will maintain mine own ways before him,” (KJV). The latter reads, “…I know that my Vindicator lives…” (NAM) or, “…I know that my redeemer liveth…” (KJV). Though both are beautiful expressions of faith, what is notable about them is the contrast they present to Job’s usual litany of complaints and demands. For those who would make Job into a meekly pious, long-suffering man, they are about the only useful quotes in the whole book.

Rarely is any of Chapter III quoted. In his opening complaint, Job goes into a lengthy curse of the day he was born. He comes perilously close to cursing creation, itself, in the process – which would be blasphemy. Even so, the two quotes cited earlier are consistent with Job’s main argument, even if not in the way that many would like them to be. Job does not argue that God is unjust, though he skirts close to that argument frequently; his argument is that his own treatment is unjust. Job demands, often quite stridently, that God appear to him and explain; yet he remains faithful that if he could obtain this he would ultimately receive justice from the Almighty.

His friends, on the other hand, insist that God’s justice is always immediate. So if Job suffers, he must have sinned grievously.

Astonishingly, God does exactly what Job demands. At the beginning of Chapter 38 God comes roaring out of the whirlwind to answer Job. For the next four chapters God takes Job through all of creation; the heavens, the earth, the seas, the sky, the animals, the darkness and the light. At each step, God asks Job what he knows of such things, what he can command. The Almighty is not gentle about his questioning of Job. Dripping with sarcasm, He taunts and mocks the man, showing him how small he is and how little he knows.

After four chapters of God roaring at and apparently browbeating him, Job submits. “I put my hand over my mouth…I have dealt with great things that I do not understand; things too wonderful for me, which I cannot know,” (Job 40:4, 42:3 NAM). It is at this point that many commentators who are candid about Job’s impassioned dissent lose their way. Though God appears, He does not seem to answer Job’s questions, only to roar at and intimidate him. Observers who admire Job’s courage and passion in challenging God lament that, in the end, he buckles before God’s power rather than persisting in his demand for answers. Though trying to approach the book honestly these commentators are as limited as Job’s ‘pious’ friends.

God certainly roars at Job, but He does much more than that. He spends fully four chapters showing Job every aspect of creation. Think about that. God did not just come out of the whirlwind to Job; He took Job back into the whirlwind with Him.

I love contemplating what it was Job saw that caused him to put his hand over his mouth and dispute with God no more. Imagine that God showed Job our world, sparkling blue and green like some impossibly rare and precious gem, glittering with life and light. Then God shows Job the entire universe. Think of Job’s wonder at the billions of stars, comets, quarks and planets all pulsing and whirring, a symphony of light and rhythm. Then the stunning realization that our world amounts to less than a grain of sand in the ocean of this staggering abundance. Most stunning of all, God shows Job that this vast universe is merely the support system for our little speck. Every passing comet, every collapsing black hole, every bursting supernova, every moon, every planet in the most distant galaxy is designed to maintain the dynamic tension which keeps our world ticking. Utterly amazing that in the grand physical scheme of things we are less than a speck – and yet are the very reason for that grand scheme. We are God’s beloved.

Zooming back to Earth, Job is shown how all the animals and plants, the land and sea, winds and waters, fire and ice in striving with each other maintain the vitality of life. He sees more than this, though.

Standing with God outside of time, that remorseless captor from whom no man has robbed even a minute, every moment of Job’s life is present to him; his birth, his death, his sufferings and his restoration. Watch with Job as he considers this divine terrarium contained in time and space.

Though He constrains Himself against compelling our will, God manages the divine economy so that every event, every chance encounter calls us to Him. Here is a child of great purity born to parents given to licentiousness. There a child of great courage is given to parents who are rootless. An arrogant rake named Augustine is born to Monica, a woman of astonishing purity, persistence and fortitude. Bathed in the grace of decades of her prayers, Augustine ends by becoming one of God’s most fruitful servants. How often are parents sanctified through their children and children through their parents! There are saints with great sins on their consciences. In them, it merely opens up new channels of grace as their remorse gives them a larger spirit and a tender empathy for other sinners. There are great sinners who only have a small virtue, but grab hold of that lifeline and follow it back to God. Many people are inspired to find their path to salvation through an encounter with one who suffers with dignity. Ah, but many others are seduced by the transient glitter of vanity and power, fooled by the false luster of what is only paper and paste compared to what God intends for us.

Job sees great natural catastrophes – and a flood of divine grace pouring forth just before the catastrophe hits. For a time even enemies recollect their common humanity and pull together in solidarity with each other. Many are saved through this. But there are those who loot and exploit their fellows, unaware that they tear a piece of their humanity away from their soul in the process. God weeps over it. There are untimely deaths which seem tragic. But most are souls in their final state of grace. It is God’s mercy which plucks them before they can fall into perdition. In God’s economy every event is a potential new channel of grace opening up.

Job does not see God punishing anyone; He is far too busy trying to save them. A little temporal or physical suffering is often applied to help heal a soul. But souls can only be damaged by their owners’ free choice. Certainly, the satan busies himself trying to undo God’s grace, encouraging souls to maim themselves by chasing after sex, money and power at the expense of those around them. With every step away from God it becomes harder for a soul to hear and respond to His call. God not only calls each of us to salvation; He calls us a thousand times a day in little whispers. The Lord of Hosts suffers intensely over each of His children who so maim their souls that they begin to lose the capacity to respond to Him. Everything leads to eternity. In eternity, outside of God, there is only agony and isolation.

Job sees that, in temporal time and space, the greatest conquests and the greatest accomplishments are less than a puff of smoke on a windy day. The only thing that matters – the only thing – is the witness we live with those we encounter and, especially, with those given into our care. Everything in this bubble is always passing away. Those who anchor themselves in temporal things will perish with those temporal things. All that counts is to help others to choose life, the life that is when all this passes away.

Job sees great souls whose purity and love unite them with God. Even greater souls manifest their love of God through their love of and tender care for their neighbors. But the greatest souls are those who embrace what little sorrows and sufferings come their way in penance for themselves and as an offering for those who do no penance. Everyone wants the consolation of God, but these are the souls who console God. Their willing participation in His sorrows opens up profound channels of grace through which many otherwise unreachable souls are recalled to God, to life.

This is some of what I see when I enter into the whirlwind with Job. He does not put his hand over his mouth in servile fear, but in awe and with gratitude. Though he can’t understand all he sees, he discovers a bit of the magnitude of God’s love for us. And he takes new joy in knowing that his sufferings, too, make him a participant in God’s redeeming grace for us.

As Job’s tale comes to a close God does what may be the most astonishing thing of all. In what should (but somehow does not) send a chill of terror up the spine of every religious scold in history, God turns furiously on Job’s ‘pious’ friends. “You have not spoken rightly of me as has my servant Job,” He tells them. The Almighty is so angry He refuses to hear their prayers for forgiveness. Instead, He directs them to go to Job and ask him to pray for them, for He will hear and accept Job’s prayer on their behalf. These are the very people who have spent the entire book defending God while Job has been busy raging at and challenging Him. What are we to make of this?

Perhaps the friends were not defending God at all. Perhaps all they were defending was their preconceived notion of God or what they thought He should be. Even worse, if what they said had been true, it would have meant that God truly is unjust. They said God only afflicts those who have sinned grievously. But Job spoke truly in defending his righteousness. For all his histrionics, Job never accused God of being unjust. In fact, Job seemed quite confident that if God would only appear to him justice would follow. God did come to him and gave him even more than what he expected. Job had, indeed, been the one who spoke rightly of God. God always responds to the honest heart. Job was certainly noisy in complaining of his pain and discontent. His questions were less requests than demands. But he was candid and entirely sincere. And God came.

Whatever your beliefs, you would certainly like to know if God is. Go ahead. Acknowledge where the shoe of faith pinches – or even if it does not fit at all. Then ask whatever you can with sincerity. You shall receive.

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  1. Yay, Daniel! Well done. The “era of modernism” is a platform for the concurrent “era of disorder and disobedience.”

    Excellent insight, Charlie, on the fading of “fairies, leprechauns, sprites and pixies” as forms for demonic spirits to inhabit.

    I do not tire of rereading your meditation on Job. It conveys in potent ways the L.O.V.E. of the Father for each of us. Oh the ways He prepared everything for us that we would choose a beautiful life, if we cling to Him and keep our part of the Covenant! Again, such profound insights, especially:

    *Most stunning of all, God shows Job that this vast universe is merely the support system for our little speck.

    *But there are those who loot and exploit their fellows, unaware that they tear a piece of their humanity away from their soul in the process.

    *It is God’s mercy which plucks them before they can fall into perdition. In God’s economy every event is a potential new channel of grace opening up.

    *God not only calls each of us to salvation; He calls us a thousand times a day in little whispers.

    *Those who anchor themselves in temporal things will perish with those temporal things. All that counts is to help others to choose life, the life that is when all this passes away.

    *God always responds to the honest heart.

    The Father’s Song (A meditation)

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    1. A beautiful, Holy Spirit filled song, Beckita. Makes me wonder how similar and different this may have been to the 120 believers who gathered together in the original Upper Room. To me, a part of the key to the power that followed was they “all continued 𝐰𝐢𝐭𝐡 𝐨𝐧𝐞 𝐚𝐜𝐜𝐨𝐫𝐝 in prayer and supplication, with the women and Mary the mother of Jesus, and with His brothers.”

      On the theme of worship, here’s a modern hymn recorded Adam Young. His rendition of “In Christ Alone”;

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      1. Nice rendition of this song, Dave. The piano intro is lovely. I’ve been loving a version done by a group named “Celtic Worship” with instrumental support which fires up the Celtic roots in me. 🙂

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  2. Re the caboose ghost: “Today, thanks to computer technology and economic necessity, cabooses no longer follow America’s trains. The major railroads have discontinued their use, except on some short-run freight and maintenance trains. The caboose has been replaced by something called the end-of-train device, a portable steel box about the size of a suitcase that’s attached to the back of the train’s last car. Railroad companies say the device accomplishes everything the caboose did-but cheaper and better.
    Still, for veteran railroad workers and generations of train buffs, the cold, robotic box is no match for the caboose, a railroad icon that had transcended its ostensible purpose and represented more than mere functionality or dollars and cents.”

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    1. My dad was a locomotive engineer from the early 1970’s until his retirement. He had mixed feelings about the “ETD”. It was efficient, but at the expense of a man’s job…

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      1. My dad had the same sentiments. He had over 30 years on the C&NW (and then UP) during the same time period. I remember visits to the roundhouse and rides on the engine in the switch yard. Good memories!

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    2. The Caboose was also tasked with observing the train cars for alignment on the rails, whether a car was off balance, rocking, brakes on fire etc. It was a refuge for the brakeman and employees to get out of the weather.

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      1. The engines in the middle and/or at the end are called distributed power units (DPUs). They allow for longer trains, reducing the stress on any particular coupler between cars. No one is usually in the cabs, they are all controlled by the engineer in the lead unit’s cab.

        FYI: there are still lots of hobos that ride the rails, a lot even have youtube channels!

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        1. We had one of these “travelers,” he called himself, WWOOF on our farm right before the Texas “big winter.” Three weeks. He was a good worker and had wonderful stories to tell.

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    3. One word: Featherbedding

      Back in the 1960s railroad featherbedding was a huge labor/management issue. Centered around the transition from steam to diesel. No longer needed a Fireman standing next to the engineer. The Caboose followed the same path. We used to go out to the railroad crossing when we were kids and wait for the caboose to pass by. There was always a couple of old guys with caps and coveralls standing on the rear platform. They smiled and waved at us. We smiled back at them.

      As trains became more efficient and required fewer people to operate them the handwriting was on the wall. From management’s point of view the union’s position was always two can do the job of one man and three can do it better. Wages and pensions and benefits In a time of increasing interstate trucking. competition.

      Little did we know we were waving good by to a way of life passing by while those men passed by the railroad crossing with the bells ringing and the lights flashing and the barriers swinging open. We watched them roll down the track until they disappeared. Then we went home.

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  3. I want to be like Job!!! I want to help God save as many as He can!!! I want to be a useful tool in God’s great hands!!! Sure is getting trickier and trickier!!!

    “Job does not see God punishing anyone; He is far too busy trying to save them. A little temporal or physical suffering is often applied to help heal a soul. But souls can only be damaged by their owners’ free choice. Certainly, the satan busies himself trying to undo God’s grace, encouraging souls to maim themselves by chasing after sex, money and power at the expense of those around them. With every step away from God it becomes harder for a soul to hear and respond to His call. God not only calls each of us to salvation; He calls us a thousand times a day in little whispers. The Lord of Hosts suffers intensely over each of His children who so maim their souls that they begin to lose the capacity to respond to Him. Everything leads to eternity. In eternity, outside of God, there is only agony and isolation.”

    Great piece per usual Charlie!!!

    St Job, please pray and intercede for us all🥰 You sure are an interesting fellow!!!🐿

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  4. A few years ago, I also met Professor Daniel O’Connor at Auriesville during a Pilgrimage. His cited article is a good introduction to a current moderist (Communist) theme of ‘something greater’ just down the road. Ya’ gotta trust the plan, gotta sign the bill to know what’s in it, etc.

    For several years, I have known a few Protestants delving into the Book of Enoch. It is known not to be Divinely Inspired, yet people are diving right in. I think it is demonically inspired. It speaks of demons cohabitating with ‘just about’ every living creature, creating creatures with extraordinary powers. It captivates people. Yet, as far as intellectual prowess, if true, they all died in Noah’s Flood.

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  5. All power is either angelic or demonic.
    We end up cooperating with one or the other and that is the power around us. Since we “wrestle not against flesh and blood”, and we are flesh and blood, it is the spiritual that we wrestle with and against.
    I’ve always contended the the 👽 Alien rage was a demonic deception. It would be the ultimate trick for the Antichrist to claim he was an alien when he appears and that God, angels, etc are aliens too.
    This would fit the narrative of all the space movies which have been grooming generations of “Treckies” and “Jedi” out there, hoping upon hope that it is all real so the silly superstitious Christian mythos can finally be abandoned.
    Once the Antichrist shows the amazing powers of his alien self- the same powers that Jesus used on the ignorant of that time but they where not ready for it so they killed Him, but this generation is now ready to be told is the real truth!
    I’m just guessing here, but I have pondered this for many years.

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    1. Phillip: I strongly agree with you about the deception aspect of UFOs/aliens etc. All this really began to take off (hah!) since the 1950s and the huge, almost unbelievable, explosion of technology since that time – which is concurrent with the huge (and also almost unbelievable) implosion in religious belief and practice that we have seen in our lifetimes. I see the two as strongly linked, perhaps part of the increased power that Satan is said to have demanded from God to test or destroy the Church, per the vision of Leo XIII – accepting that one does not have to believe in the latter.

      However, as a small quibble, I don’t think one can describe the anti-Christ’s powers as being “the same powers that Jesus used…”. Satan can only ever deceive and copy, never originate, so the anti-Christ’s powers will be derived from him and so will be illusory and a sham of the divine power of Jesus. And therefore his “miracles” will fail and ultimately be swept away, as the house built on sand. Unfortunately they will most probably have deceived many. May they be converted and not be lost.

      I gather doing this will be a large part of our job spec. ! : )

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      1. Oh, I know it’s not the “same” power, but the devil apes God, so it is a ruse he will use to imitate Jesus’ miracles and even though they will be false and demonic will still be amazing and convincing. So convincing that: “false prophets will arise and will perform great signs and wonders so as to deceive even the elect, if that were possible. (Mathew 24:24)
        So how much more will those who give themselves over to this deception accept it as a reality.

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        1. Hi Phillip, I DM’d you on CORAC site a few days ago. I’m finally able to post here again, so I thought I would ask the question here…’s referring to a post you did a while back about your family…..

          One of your family members either had Covid or the vaccine and developed a kidney stone.

          I have friends in their 80’s who 3 weeks ago took the 2nd shot and the wife developed a kidney stone and was very sick.

          I’m just inquiring out of interest regarding the side effect. Did your “family member” have the vaccine or Covid? How long after vaccine or Covid did the kidney stone happen?

          If this is none of my business, just say so. Otherwise, I would appreciate any follow up. Thank you Phillip.

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          1. Hi SanSan.
            I got your message and responded. Not sure you got it since your asking it here now?
            My brother had Covid but had very light symptoms mostly lost of taste and smell for a short period.
            After taking zinc these senses returned.
            About 6-10 days after the onset, he developed a kidney stone which took a few days to pass. During this period he was tested and the results came back “inconclusive” and checked off on the results document as “negative”. They said he did not have enough of the virus to be considered positive so I think he had defeated the virus therefore very little virus was present by then to show up on a test. My daughter and her 3 children live in his house and they all (but one) were sick and she tested positive for Covid so I’m sure he actually contracted it.
            He is still a little sore from passing the stone but is back at work.
            Hope this helps.

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      2. Actually, alien references and significant clusters of stories about it can be found throughout history, so it’s not a new thing, neither is it a new thing for some to attach it to potentially demonic manifestations. Certainly evil spirits can use almost anything to confuse, frighten and derail us. Just think of how many jump at mere shadows. The possibility for other intelligent life in the vast universe doesn’t frighten some folks in the least. In fact, I’d be awfully disappointed if Our Creator limited His masterwork to the mostly disobedient folk who inhabit this relatively tiny particle of dust called Earth. It’s good to be prudent, but there’s a good many mysteries in the universe that we’ll never know on this side. What use fearing?

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  6. Charlie . . . I noticed, a few years ago, the absence of cabooses and began asking, “Has anybody else noticed . . . . ?” I asked only myself because I was sure nobody cared as much as me. I cared only to the extent that I saw it as a loss of yet another piece of something uniquely American.

    The end-of-train device replaced the caboose.

    Double-stacked containers are replacing the traditional boxcar.

    Did anybody replace Boxcar Willie?

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  7. I have driven north and south on Hwy 95 numerous times in very close proximity to Area 51 and have seen a lot of aliens (on billboards). Most of them are selling “ALIEN JERKY” (3 miles ahead) while the illegal aliens are selling chorizo and churros from carts.

    What has been done with all of the cabooses?

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  8. As always a truthful and blunt description of our sinking society’s leading players, their corrosive affect, and historical pattern of anything is ok to do, including to crush those that do not fall in line with their wisdom.

    I thought Daniel’s post was very enlightening and presented. It was so pleasant to read such a solid defense of Catholic doctrine and a warning to those that are already indicating there ignorance and flat out abandoning of unchangeable Catholic teaching. Especially when it comes to discussing UFOs and aliens while introducing the likelihood of Satan using our weakness to the max to snatch what souls he can snare. I intend to download it and read it a couple of more times.

    Charlie, I have read your Job meditation on other occasions when you have had them posted. But as in most things of this nature, a reread brings out even more understanding and depth of what was going on between God and Job. I really liked the point about Job not blaming God, but was trying to get a fair hearing with God. The point that God does not force Job to alter his decision to regarding God’s ways but instead just shows Job all of creation in its splendor and how man is the beneficiary and focus. And, Job does give us a different perspective on how to talk/pray to God without blaming God for giving someone a bad shake of the dice.

    Thanks for including that post again.

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    1. Yes, I really like the “Job” post, and right from the first time Charlie posted it this particular excerpt has stuck with me: “God shows Job that this vast universe is merely the support system for our little speck”.

      And not for any other specks, so that about wraps it up for the “aliens” ; ]

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  9. Reminder – Novena for St. Joseph begins tomorrow. On his Feast Day, a free livestreamed conference will be followed by Mass (Bishop David Ricken, Fr. Don Calloway and others will concelebrate) which will be broadcast live on EWTN and other networks from the National Shrine of St. Joseph. More info at
    It ad Ioseph!

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  10. Far away from the swirling gyre…

    It’s that time. The smaller bands are moving West of the Rio Verde to form up the larger herd on the Tonto Verde Ridge. Here’s one six bands making the climb.

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      1. I thought the whole thing was thematically interesting since we’re gearing up CORAC and growing into a larger whole.

        Haven’t seen may mustangs for most of the winter, but they sure know when it’s time to act.

        Shot that iPhone footage from a good vantage, watching the many bands moving about in the thick greenbelt along the river for a few hours. And just like that they climb and emerge up top, from all points over a wide range, to gather into the herd on the ridge. How do they know it’s time? Good horse sense, and the mares take the lead on that… gentle, bossy or otherwise.

        Out of a few hundred head, named about half so far. Actually Doug named that one colt, “Deke,” because I happened to be chatting with him on the phone at the time. The unnamed ones are all “Bud” until I get a good look and two eyes from them. Once you have eyes with the other’s attention, introductions and names are right and proper.

        Who knows, maybe some of the standoffish ones get a whiff of me and think, “oh, there’s that Bud again.”

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  11. I grew up in a Division Point on the UP and later worked briefly for the Santa Fe. When I was a boy, a freight train crew consisted of five men, the engineer, the fireman, the conductor, and two brakemen. Now, most trains run with a crew of two, an engineer and a conductor. There’s no one to man the caboose. They’ve been disappearing since the 1980s.

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  12. “In centuries past, many sightings of fairies, leprechauns, sprites and pixies were reported. People were inclined to suspect such things existed, so demonic entities (which DO exist) obliged them and appeared in forms the people of the time found congenial. People have now largely dismissed such things as fantasy. That is why no serious reports of sightings occur anymore. Ah, but many people do suspect that aliens exist – so demonic entities have abandoned the forms of fairies, leprechauns, sprites and pixies and adopted the form of aliens to deceive us. ”

    And the demons impersonated pagan false gods… The whole human/child sacrifice thing is demonic in origin… When the apostles & early Christians called pagan practices “demonic” they weren’t being prejudice, discriminatory, nor biased, it was the 100% factual truth!

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  13. Too obvious! The aliens have taken all the cabeese for their Terran Animal Artifacts Muse-eums. Next mystery of life question, please.

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  14. MP.
    I noticed the horses are switching their tails aggressively during the video.
    What kind of flies are they fighting off?
    Here in Florida we have mosquitos, deer flies, horse flies and a small biting fly that gets on horses and cattle in fairly large numbers called a horn fly.

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    1. Mostly eye gnats and regular house flies this time of year. Odd I haven’t seen any of the bigger horse flies. Yay, birds and bats! Small swarms of eye gnats will drive anyone nuts… man or beast!

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  15. I’ve been referred to as The Caboose all my life. No joke. My parents had 2 kids in the first 2 years of marriage. Then 2 years later twins. Check my math but that comes to 4 kids all under the age of 5. But wait, there’s more! After a 8 year break came Christopher. Everybody called me the caboose and it sticks to this day. 😀

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    1. I would be proud of that nickname, Christopher—one of my daughters has 4 boys–she suffered 3 miscarriages but had her fourth 6 years ago—he is 11years younger than third boy. I think I’ll start calling him the caboose.

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    2. Ha, Christopher! I have on occasion referred to our youngest as The Caboose. She’s almost 4 years younger than the next kid up, and she’s 17 years younger than our oldest. 🙂

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  16. The caboose and life. When I was a boy my friends and I would hop the freight trains that ran next to the river down the street from my house. We would run after the moving train and grab the rails of the stairs near the back of the caboose and climb on board. The caboose is a lot like life. Running up to the train and climbing on is the easy part. Once on board, like life, it moved fast. We had to get off before we got too far from home. Getting off the moving train, like trying to escape the hectic pace of life, was very tricky. It usually involved jumping and rolling a bit and was sometimes painful. Without the caboose life is even harder. God Bless, everyone!

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  17. Charlie I had to run into drug mart today to get Michael some cream for his bursitis/arthritis shoulder and there was this nice gent there selling medical mutual stuff (which I think we have) but somehow we got on a conversation of being kids once long ago and how the scent of spring is in the air today and oh how wonderful the days used to be long ago catching grasshoppers, squirrels 🐿 for you😂😂😂, playing all day long with no fears and of course I told him about you and the coming era of peace as fortold by our Lady of Fatima. He remembered the story. Born Catholic now a Baptist and I assured him most baptists put Catholics to shame! Hahahahaha but he wrote down your name! He seemed happy and joyful and he seemed to know something big and beautiful was coming already! His name was Michael! Oh the things of Mayberry 🥰. Then I showed Michael this quote of yours:
    “. I often think of history as a sort of mystic river. One generation flows into the next – and we each see only the little portion of the river that encompasses our lives, while from on high God sees the whole thing, where it has come from, where it has been, and where it is going. Both for me and for the world, it has been quite the hectic flow the last couple weeks, like we’re coming around a bend in that mystic river.” CJ

    He showed me a pic of him and his grandson, Walter! That was Michael’s father’s name! Mystical river
    Plz pray for my neighbor Ernie. He’s going onto the next place here soon I feel. He told me today he feels he could die any day and hoped he would make it to heaven. Then he said, if Jesus can do it, so can I! He’s such a good salt of the earth kinda guy! God bless Ernie!🥰 thank you for prayers for him. Ernie Jenkins 🐿

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      1. Thank you sooo much Mick!!! He just made me 😭 cry!!! The guy can barely walk and he brought his lawnmower over just to help mike pick up some of the farmers 🌽 corn old dry leaves that accumulated by our fences!!! He’s like I gotta help mike!!! Talk about the prayer of doing, eh?!?! 🥰

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  18. JESUS = GOOD NEWS … 😉 …. PM

    Yep! Oppose ANY-thing in the godless Democrat Party AGENDA and YOU be a Domestic Terrorist …… I’m sure the below Humanoid would be A-OK with “Re-Education Camps … or Worse? …. for Patriot Dissenters.

    I catch Joe Dan Gorman’s Videos when I think to. He puts out a conservative message in an entertaining way. Latest = “DC vs. America”

    YUP! … DC Deep State Dept. of Just-Us is back ….. in Truth! …. it nevet went away along with the rest ofr the infiltrated by Them Fed Alphabet Agencies ;-(

    Talk about Fraud, Waste & Abuse …. & Scandal! Sooo… **** like the below means that DOD Funds are diverted from, already, stretched Healthcare for Troops budgets!


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    1. Hi Chris. I’ve participated in studies and prayer groups connected with the spirituality of Living in the Divine Will. I feel very blessed to study with one of the original priests who taught about Luisa and the Volumes and who was one of five allowed to continue teaching during the moratorium on teaching imposed by the Vatican at one point. I’m equally very blessed by a priest in my own diocese who has studied, taught and led Divine Will prayer groups. He has been, always is, a voice of sanity about living a particular spirituality. While I haven’t read Daniel’s entire book which you mention, my priest friend – steeped in Divine Will studies and praying – did remark about how well it is written. I would also recommended the work of the Irish Scripture scholar and teacher, Frances Hogan. I have viewed many a program on EWTN by Frances and she is an outstanding teacher. She does have her own website, but I’ll share this link from another website that is filled with good teachings on this spirituality.

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      1. Beckita, Thank you so much for mentioning this. All I can say is that Frances Hogan is WONDERFUL! I totally agree that she has been gifted as an educator. The link you share there at the end of your post is very good. At that link, her podcast, The Book of Heaven Volume 1 – Talk #4, is exactly what is needed for those who are going through really difficult troubles, those even suffering from minor disappointments, criticism of others….anything negative. This helps us understand how to get though that in the most productive way of “offering it up”…as it was taught to Luisa by Jesus Himself. Thank you, dear Beckita, for all that you do!! 😉

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  19. “Though he can’t understand all he sees, he discovers a bit of the magnitude of God’s love for us. And he takes new joy in knowing that his sufferings, too, make him a participant in God’s redeeming grace for us.”
    My mom was a big proponent of expiation.
    “Offer it up” was her goto catch phrase.
    I’ve noticed over the course of my life that during periods of suffering something big will occure. Usually it’s a death of someone I know who probably needed the extra prayer of my “offering it up” event even though usually didn’t know about it until later.
    This happened again just this past month when I had my own Job event.
    Just before and during my Covid illness trial, my home seemed to be in a state which reminded me of a Job-like trial/test thingy. The water clogged to a mere trickle effecting our ability to shower, wash dishes, flush the toilet and wash our clothes. The wash machines dial is computerised and it is also acting up but our warranty company, after scheduling a repair 2 weeks out, cancelled it for no reason at the last minute! I had a leak in a shower which I repaired over the summer but the water apparently trickled out under my wood floor and ruined the subfloor which started to buckle. Next, A tree had fallen on my roof during a storm and damaged my trusses and the ceiling was cracking from this. Then the septic drain field stopped working and the toilets wouldn’t flush so I had to open the clean-out and dig a hole to catch the sewage until I could have a company replace it.(ewe, the smell!).
    Now you can imagine the frustration of being sick AND your family being sick (16 at the time) and having all these things to fix all at the same time! (Job, I feel for ya pal!). Here is where the expiation comes in. Even though I didn’t know what it was, I knew something was imminent so I kept a careful vigil of this suffering as an act of reparation to what it may be.
    It turned out that the last of my mother’s family died, my Aunt Jane just as all these disasters where ending.
    But, as it turns out that God never closes one door without opening another, my youngest son Richard and his wife Angela are now expecting their first child after 5 years of trying! She is SO excited and everyone joyful about this, it makes the last month’s problems seem distant and vague.
    But I know they were for two very special reasons, just like the fact that Job, though never told WHY he suffered so much, now knows that, as a story in the Bible, his story is used to save countless souls.
    Thanks Job, for giving me a precedence to the benefits of why we suffer.
    And thank you God for new life, one in heaven and now a new little one here on earth to cherish.

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  20. This looks like a good cause to support. Onward CORAC Soldiers.

    From Fr Don Calloway – who posted this link in asking for our help.
    Please go to Amazon and leave a positive review. It appears St Joseph is being ‘cancelled’ by people in the reviews for being the guiding light to Christ and His Church for a man that has led a life of sin…

    “…I’m going to need everybody’s help. As you might have heard yesterday, Milo Yiannopoulos (a big time media person) is leaving the gay lifestyle and attributes his conversion to St. Joseph. He has been using my book Consecration to St. Joseph and is promoting it daily on his Twitter account. Now, I’m getting nasty emails, messages, and reviews on Amazon calling me and my book homophobic, etc.

    Please help me and get some truthful reviews on Amazon. I know hundreds (if not thousands of you) are currently doing the consecration. If you are able, please help with a truthful review on Amazon. I’ll probably be reminding people of this up until March 19 because things are going to get serious now. God bless you all!
    Update: Twitter has suspended Milo’s account because he has renounced the gay lifestyle. Keep praying for him

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    1. Wow! I read about this turn of events briefly this morning. Our dear Lisa H/TNRS team knows Milo as a friend and has ministered through our Church’s Courage Ministry – Kudos to him and all who have prayed for his conversion!!! Come Holy Spirit, kindle in us the fire of your love. ❤
      I will join in and give Fr. Calloway a review on his book which allowed me to appreciate Our Spiritual Father, St. Joseph in a whole new light!
      Trust, Do, Love!

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    2. Update on this news. It’s now being reported as likely false information. What a perfect lesson for waiting a day or two… or three, to see if something is accurate or hyped news. Sorry guys.

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      1. I wondered, Beckita. I had an early message today about this and went to Amazon to post a review and noticed that there was only one comment mentioning that the book was homophobic.

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      2. I looked on Amazon and found nothing negative in the comments, so I wondered if it was real. Glad it was false information. And we keep on prayin’…….

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      3. On GAB a few hours ago Milo shared: “Gave interviews to LifeSite, NY Post and others today. I’ll post links when they’re up of course. I also pre-recorded my interview with Fr. Calloway, who is great.”
        I dunno! ❤

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    3. I would say to tell Milo to take some time aside to deepen his faith and understanding of God’s ways in his life as Paul did after his conversion. These days we need the roots really deep in God.

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  21. These events have been bubbling for years (since 1948), but as each day passes, they come into clearer focus.

    – Firstly, there is the group of elites and their Great Reset (aka Build Back Better, aka Global Governance, etc.), a plan to reorganize the world under a One World Government that they control.
    – The second element is the One World Religion. From 2017 and onwards Pope Francis has formally agreed with leading Sunni Islam authorities that they pray to the same “God”.

    Now Francis is floating the idea with greater publicity. As is often the case, he uses the captive press audience on a papal flight. Especially appropriate on the return from his successful visit to Iraq;

    As each day passes, we step inexorably closer to the biblically prophesied last 7 years of man’s rule on earth. Far more significantly, the promised return of the Lord Jesus in His glory and power stands in stark view in front of us all.


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  22. Verse of the day… John 15:2 NRSV-CI
    …He removes every branch in me that bears no fruit. Every branch that bears fruit he prunes to make it bear more fruit…

    My thoughts… this pruning thing sure can be painful/miserable…
    How about some Novocain!!! (lol)

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  23. FYI
    Another drug is out for treating Covid in its early stages:bamlanivimab and etesevimab , supposedly will be out the end of the month.
    I asked our dr what he would prescribe if we got covid. He said not all pharmacies have ivermectin available.
    I called CVS, they have it. They also said Hydroxychloroquine prescriptions are not allowed to be filled for covid either when sick or as a preventative!!!

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  24. Dear ASOH Family,

    My oldest daughter got engaged last weekend. Asking for prayers for her and her fiance along with this mama of the bride to Acknowledge God, Take the Next Right Best Step and Be a Sign of Hope to all who will come into our paths as we plan. So, like many of you…we plan in hope and joy no matter what happens. I’ve given this wedding to the Blessed Mother, and trust in her care.

    Love you all,


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      1. Thank you for your prayers!!

        I remember all of you in prayer, especially when I go before Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament during my Adoration time. Team ASOH/CORAC – Go Team!

        God Bless,


        PS Watched Charlie’s video on the remnant and loved his definition – made me think of the 2nd Joyful Mystery – Mary went in haste…..she had her orders and went out….


  25. “I would create the universe again, just to hear you say you love me.”
    – Jesus, speaking to St. Teresa of Avila

    I love scifi, used to enjoy Star Trek (which seems like comedy now), liked the Galactica reboot which had a poignant ending about life on Earth, and am really impressed with the accuracy of The Expanse. But I believe that we are ALONE in the universe. There probably is life in some basic form “out there”, but we are immensely unique and probably alone.

    I have a friend who is a physicist. He’s retired now, but still likes to consult. He’s the kind of fellow who leads a national team that developed a spacecraft that must rotate several times per minute while keeping itself oriented toward earth by looking at a handful of stars on its way to Jupiter. They didn’t win the NASA contract after months of work, but that gives you an idea of the caliber of his intelligence.

    He and I have engaging conversations. I am never bashful about matters of faith. He admits he is an agnostic on the question of God and life after death. He always listens carefully to what I say, and I find when I return visit a year later, he has thought about my comments (supporting God, Jesus, or the authenticity of the Bible) and has prepared counter arguments. Sometimes his responses have logical fallacies or are kinda lame, sometimes they really stump me, but at least he’s engaged on the subject.

    I did pose one question to him once, though, that gave him pause. Personally, I believe that the moon, referred to as Our Lady’s Lamp, is a clear sign of God’s hand in the creation of the earth and man. It’s just too perfect in it’s location and in it’s function. So I asked him, “John, what are the chances that the moon should be positioned in the sky at such a distance from earth that its apparent size is identical to that of the sun, and that its trajectory lines up so well that we frequently have eclipses? Why is the moon not much bigger than the sun, or much smaller? It’s essentially the exact same size in the sky.”

    He said, “That is…….improbable.”

    I smiled. (It’s rare I score a point against John)

    I know the thrust of Charlie’s post and Dan O’Connor’s article was not exactly to discuss aliens, but I always tend to gravitate toward the simple (that in which I’m most comfortable) and avoid heavy thinking at all costs — so here’s a fellow with a nice take on the probability of alien life on earth that you might enjoy:

    And REMEMBER: those who don’t know their alien history are destined to repeat it!!

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    1. Patrick.
      I too had (he is deceased now) a friend who was an evolutionary biologist that I would discuss these subjects with.
      He said he was agnostic when he was younger by grew into a pure atheist after becoming a PhD.
      Interesting thing about any true scientist is their quest of truth. It was his desire to seek it in its truest form and he was a purist in his methods to discover it- but all from a purely scientific basis and methodology.
      He thought my vision/belief of heaven and faith a very nice sentiment, particularly after his mother died. But was adamant about there would be nothing after death.
      I imagine him now, after being confronted by pure Truth in death, one of its most devoted proponents. I planted seeds of faith and the hereafter in him through prayer and discussion and he sought truth his whole life.
      So my hope is in He who is Divine Mercy itself did not abandoned my friend to the netherworld.
      In the next life I expect he and I, after being resurrected as eternal beings, to continue our friendship discovering new worlds in this vast universe as our eternal playground.
      Red wagon, here we come!

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  26. JESUS = GOOD NEWS … 😉

    Too Little … Too Late!? ;-(

    Tucker is Correct.
    The Military is not a Social Experiment, no one has a right to join the Military.
    Like the rest or Our crumbling society Our Military has been decimated, these past 60 years, by Political Correctness, corrupt Brass/Politicians, bloated contracts that produce inferior Pork Barrel Equipment at inflated Union wage scale costs… F-35 … Anyone!? ….. and a Political Party that has shown nothing but contempt for the Warrior Community since 1968!
    Now! We have Maternity Flight Suits and Transgender Medical Procedures @ $200K each at a time when Medical Budgets are already stretched to breaking point!
    Satanic inspired Global Re-Set is the only reasonable explanation for what’s transpiring on Our Planet of late;-(

    Woke Mil – The Influence of SJW Commissars Upon History


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  27. I heard a very convincing comment by a physicist who I heard interviewed. She was a former atheist who had converted to Catholicism. She said that intelligent life on other planets was extremely unlikely, just based on the numbers. She first gave the number of planets and solar systems that we currently estimate exist (say X trillion). Then she said that the odds of intelligent life occurring on earth (or any other planet) through some natural process was 1 in a much larger number (say Y quintrillion). So, she said just as a matter of mathematics, there aren’t enough other planets in the universe to make it even remotely likely that one of them sustains intelligent life. The odds are wildly against that. (My numbers aren’t accurate here, because I don’t remember them, but you get the point).

    I can’t remember who she was, but I believe I heard her interviewed on Relevant Radio.

    I just thought that was excellent because it mathematically rebuts this notion that “there are so many other planets out there that it is very likely that one of them MUST contain intelligent life.” The fact is that, no, the odds actually dictate the opposite – that it is extremely UNLIKELY that any of them contain intelligent life.

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    1. Well … I don’t spend much time wondering about Space Aliens!
      They either exist or don’t … either way it’s God calling the shots.
      …. and if THEY do exist I sure wish they would abduct my Old Bod and run me thru the Bones McCoy Fountain of Youth Medical Machine ……. then teach me how to fly their Galactic Vehicle! 😉

      Merry WeekEnd and God Save All Here!

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      1. Ha, Crewdog! They don’t have to teach me to fly anything – just put me through the Bones McCoy Fountain of Youth Medical Machine. I would be perfectly content if all my moving parts actually worked the way they used to.

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  28. Ok , Charlie, I am taking the bait.

    The title of your post…

    I hope others post their guesses before you end the suspense with your reply…

    Here is my best guess…

    Michael Voris has invited you to The Vortex to perform William Butler Yeats’ “The Second Coming”


    God Bless

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  29. Hi folks

    Here in the mountains of the Tarheel State, the mask mandate is stilll in effect..

    So, I am surreptitiously working to provide “Bud” with a few heat/hand/motion activated spigots to put , temporarily, on the ~5 gallon, metal Holy Water dispencer at The Basillica.

    The idea is to bypass dipping fingers into a bowl beneath it and to alliw a mist of Holy Water to be dispensed without attracting the attention of the filth pretending to be our rulers..

    Today, after devotion, I measured the spigot width as thumbtip to first thumb joint…figure 1/2 to 1 inch spigot width.

    Scratch that….here is a pic of the dispenser model:

    I need to turn that spigot on that urn into something that will pass muster by the “rules”

    Maybe some of the mechanically minded here have some suggestions!

    To my mind, Catholic aesthetics are paramount…the tech/replacement must ‘feel’ like antiquity…late Middle Ages or earlier (:

    God Bless,

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    1. What a wonderful idea, Timothy! Hope someone can give you workable suggestions. As disgusted as I am with oppressive leadership, I think of those bad actors in the words of St. Elizabeth of the Trinity: “Lord, the one(s) You love” need(s) Your grace for conversion.

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    2. Tim, I am not sure about your sought after solution, but can offer an alternative suggestion. Holy Water dispensed in mists from spray bottles has taken the place of wells and fonts in some churches that I have attended and can be filled from the Holy Water dispenser without requiring modifications.

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    3. You could modify a touchless restroom faucet to only dispense a “drip” of water…
      I also think there are soap dispensers in restrooms now that operate touchless that could be modified too???
      Either way, there will have to be power there to operate those.

      Brainstorming… simpler thought??? Why not have a bowel sitting next to the dispenser, with a sponge soaked with hand sanitizer, and request that people sanitize their finger just before “touching” the sponge with the Holy Water?

      another thought… the Money spent to build a dispenser would most likely end up more costly than simply adding denatured alcohol to the holy water dispenser, so that it will qualify as sanitizer.
      Please ask a priest if this would still be ok, but I’m guessing that if a sort of hand sanitizer were blessed, it would spiritually work exactly the same as pure water???

      another thought… You could make an “elbow push button” on the dispenser, restrict the out-flow of the dispenser so it only “dripped” onto someone’s hand/finger…???

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      1. Kevin

        Thank you !

        I did some lite research on this and discovered this DIY dispenser engine…

        I am on the 3rdshift factory job for 2 more weeks, so I do not hhave the energy or mental acuity to tackle this for a while…

        However, with the mask mandates falling state by state, we may not need to do this stuff much longer.

        Still, it is a cool project and if NC Gov decides to continue to side with the devil, I will cobtinue my work to undermine it as I can.

        Honestky, though, I very much miss the tactile exoerience of touching my fingers into tge bowl of cool Holy Water and naking The Sign Of The Cross with it.

        I am very much looking forward to adding the Latin version to the mix…

        In nomine Patris, et Filii, et Spirutis Sancti, amen.

        Anyway, thanks again

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        1. You’re welcome.
          I also especially like crossing myself with holy water, and when going to Mass, I still made a point of continuing to do it, even when the front was dry for so many dreadful months.
          I’m my opinion, I was still getting a micro amount of dried water (mineral) onto my finger, and if not that, I would consider a holy water font to have become a type of sacrimental… worthy of touching, then crossing my self.
          I’m also keeping an extra small (repurposed)
          Eyedrop bottle filled w/holy water, in my pocket, and when I think of it, put the tiniest droplet on a finger and cross myself. Blessings, -kevin-

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    4. Well, great news on this small mission…

      The words “Bud”, “Dispenser” and “Holy Water” were spoken by Father , from the pulpit, during todays’

      I was very grateful and near tears at hearing them! I chatted with an usher on departing while I was taking a good look at yhe present urn’s spigot to determine if it is removable/replaceable (t appears to be) and the usgMher…young man with pony tail, was hyped about it too.

      In two weeks, if there is no movement on the issue (both Father and the usher mentioned that they were on the pricey side) I will attempt the DIY project posted earlier.

      Bear in mind that my DIY skills typically entail copious wads of duct tape…..(:

      God bless.

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  30. Joe,

    Interesting. That is the opposite of my expectations. I always thought there was so many planets that there had to be other life in space based on the numbers of planets and solar systems.

    One thought I read somewhere was that what if God created an Adam and Eve on another planet and they Obeyed God and didn’t fall? That would be interesting. But I am so ignorant I don’t know.

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  31. I would tell the young people who shared a class with me the very last paragraph! Not the exact words, but most definitely the exact meaning. I was reading some wonderful notes that they wrote me recently. I know I touched their hearts and they opened them up! Probably the most impact I have ever made.

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      1. And the best part is that, in the notes (from this very mature group of young people), they thanked me for sharing my faith and life story and for trusting them enough to do it. At least one of them began to see “signs’ in their own life and that student shared the “awe” experience with me and friends. That student reached out and He reached back, just as I assured them it would happen to the sincere and humble heart. This was more consequential than anything that was ever exchanged and conveyed in a class, though I always did so with content /concepts and have been very good at what I do. I am sure that I was “moved” to do it because it was never planned, Things just came up and I began talking about one thing or another. I also gave them the floor in case they wanted to talk about anything or express an opinion. They never really did but they did confide many things to me as time went on. We had built trust and respect.

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  32. Harvard claims vaccines able to help handle new Covid-19 variants.
    (Apparently, recovering from a bout with it does too by our T-cell’s immunity memory).
    “The fast-spreading U.K. variant seems able to evade some vaccine protection, and the South African variant appears able to skirt even more. Despite that, she said, none have completely escaped the body’s post-vaccination immune responses.

    That’s because, Alter said, though much attention has focused on how antibodies boosted after vaccination target their attack on the virus’ spike protein, the immune system has an array of other defenses that vaccination also mobilizes, including antibodies that attack other parts of the virus, and, importantly, T-cells that attack the infected cells the virus hijacks in order to replicate.

    “What we’re seeing is that these variants don’t seem to affect T-cell immunity all that much and they [the T-cells] seem to be as effective in recognizing these variants as they do the original virus,” Alter said. “What that means is that we actually have very important backup mechanisms built into our vaccines [our immune systems, you mean!] (PF) that will continue to provide protection against these newly emerging variants.”

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  33. JESUS = GOOD NEWS … 😉

    “For the Children” Mantra from The Party that CELEBRATES the murder of 60+ Million Innocents in the womb!
    Unions are nothing but a $$$ Laundering Scheme of the Democrat Party!

    Let US Pray that One-Day the Criminal Perps that weaponized China Plague for political gain “Face the Music”!
    Just how many deaths? …. nothing less than Genocide … the elderly, drug/alcohol abuse, suicides, medical malpractice, neglect, …… ;-(


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