The Lion in the Streets

By Charlie Johnston

Of late, I have taken to warning people that a key reason for deliberation and restraint is that the devil is inspiring people on the left to float specific false instances of evil practices they generally use in order to discredit criticism of those practices altogether. They hope that over-aggressive folks on the right will jump on the ‘false flag’ tales with eagerness. Then, when they are inevitably proven false, it will discredit all such accusations.  Several years ago I recognized the ‘Pizzagate’ story as such an instance. The logistics of the story did not hold together well, but I knew from other experience that pedophilia and satanism is near rampant in many quarters of the left. What the Pizzagate story did do was make it easier for the evil pagan left to dismiss all such stories. Even the revelations of the depth of the Jeffrey Epstein scandal did not change that – and Epstein was a choirboy compared to what many are doing.

Now we have another example. It turns out that the whole ‘Hammer and Scorecard’ scenario was a leftist disinformation campaign. No, it was not launched in the hopes that people would believe it generally, but in the hopes that over-aggressive types on the right would swallow it whole without vetting, so as to undermine the mountain of legitimate evidence of massive election fraud.

It is brutally hard right now to know well what to believe. You have the opponents telling you things that are not true, you have friends telling you things that are not true (often with the best of intentions, simply because they have bought into leftist false flags), the very means we use to calculate statistics have been badly bowdlerized, normally reliable people are venturing into some deep rabbit holes…it is chaos out there. So what to do? First, slow down. In chaotic times, I like to fall back on what I call “first things,” fundamental principles that are a solid guide to analysis. A couple of examples: you do not have to be a scientist to see that the places that have locked down hardest and been most exacting on mask mandates are having the worst results. Demand to know why. Yes, the politicized medical community says it would be even worse in those spots if they had not been so draconian. But seven or eight months ago they were saying that the draconian measures would make kill zones like New York, New Jersey and California into safe spots while those with a lighter touch like Florida and Texas would become disasters. It has been exactly the opposite. I don’t have to be a scientist to know this is true – and I demand that the scientists explain before I continue to put any credence into their wild, dictatorial guesses. It looks to me like the draconian folks are, indeed, unnecessarily killing people. The draconian states I mentioned have almost twice the death rate of the more permissive states. Demand a credible explanation of why – or demand the mandates be dropped because they actually are killing people.

All the folks demanding that we admit that Mr. Biden was honestly elected could resolve matters by supporting a full, vigorous and transparent investigation into the evidence of massive fraud. If they won’t support such an investigation, why not? And calling me a ‘domestic terrorist’ for demanding the investigation before making a determination won’t cut it. The fundamental question on our side should not be whether Biden was fairly elected or not, but whether his advocates will support a proper investigation. We need to be very disciplined in our framing of the issues at hand.

Here are a few things that are verifiably true:

-It is true that Biden and the left are launching an effort to purge conservatives from the military. I say let them. It just means the Republic of Christians and Conservatives will have a stronger, more disciplined real military to confront the soy boys that are allowed to remain in Biden’s army. There is no successful radical takeover I know of in history where the radicals did not first successfully woo the existing military. Yes, Stalin purged his military corps, but only after the Soviets had successfully consolidated power long earlier. Even then, the Soviet Union suffered several years of military losses because it was filled with political soldiers rather than professional ones.

-It is true that the demonstration at the Capitol, in which a sliver of protesters got out of hand, met NONE of the criteria for an insurrection – while many of the ‘peaceful demonstrations’ the left supported over the last decade did. It is a failure and a betrayal for conservatives to adopt the incendiary framing the left wants to put on this to justify classing all orthodox Christians and conservatives as “domestic terrorists.”

-It is true that one of the primary and most aggressive instigators of the incursion into the Capitol was John Sullivan, a BLM/Antifa activist. That does not change the fact that some of the instigators were conservatives and the overwhelming majority of the instigated were conservative. We have to be more disciplined. It is worth noting, though, that when Sullivan was recognized as a radical left activist, he was released from jail, unlike many of the less aggressive – but conservative – people arrested. Perhaps he was able to tap into Kamala Harris’ bail fund for left-wing rioters. Certainly, the only real crime recognized in Bidenworld is disagreeing with the leftist narrative.

-It is true that Gina Carano, a popular star of Disney’s The Mandalorian, was fired for noting that the sustained assault on conservative and Christian thought is essentially the same as how the Nazis dehumanized Jews in preparation for the Holocaust. Some lefties called her remarks reprehensible. Yet those remarks are objectively entirely accurate – and I have been saying the same for over a decade. It is almost precisely the same technique. If you want to stop what is actually reprehensible, the left should stop doing it. Fortunately, The Daily Wire has set up a streaming movie company – and Carano was picked up to produce and star in an upcoming movie. Disney has a magnificent archive of classic movies, but it has become a gutter company dedicated to the destruction of traditional American values.

-It is true that Q largely accurately described the predatory nature of the Deep State, but it is also true (whether from naivete or from hubris) that it encouraged people to do nothing, to just wait for the men on white horses to come in and save the day without individuals having to make their stand. Breitbart writer John Hayward has a much better take on what is required of each of us if we are to restore liberty under law. And Congressman Dan Crenshaw came up with an excellent mini-manifesto of what it means to be a conservative American in these perilous times.

-It is true that we are no longer edging, but instead rushing headlong, towards full-blown social, economic and cultural collapse. Hostile tyrannical and rogue regimes throughout the globe are celebrating that their hour has come round at last.

-It is true that those states which have locked down the hardest and enacted the strictest mask requirements have the highest number of Covid cases and death rates

. New York and New Jersey have near double the death rate of Florida. A scientist who has worked with these issues told me it is because, outside of clinical settings with careful protocols, masks become viral incubators. The average 17% reduction in oxygen intake masking imposes on most people weakens their immune system – and so heavy unclinical mask use becomes a true super-spreader event. I don’t know enough about the subject to know if that is entirely accurate, but I DO know that the places with the most draconian restrictions are producing the worst results. Why is some enterprising reporter not asking about this? Why do the bureaucratic government health officials keep insisting we double down on what objectively is producing the worst results? Why do so many people not look dispassionately at this evidence right in plain sight and not ask the questions – and demand real answers instead of double-speak?

-It is true that in British Columbia (thankfully not in the United States) the top medical official has petitioned for the authority to order police to arrest anyone who attends services at any of the three churches which have publicly criticized her or who has shown the intent to attend services there. Canada is often a harbinger of leftist madness yet to come in the States. If this madness does not stop soon, I have a feeling a lot of public health officials are going to have appointments with the cells they would confine others to when it finally does.

The devil is in the streets, roaring like a lion and seeking out people to devour. His allies, both witting and unwitting, do not understand that, though he seeks out their mutual enemies first, he is perfectly content to devour his own allies, too. The devil’s only ideology is human misery and destruction. I see a few initial signs that some of the less obtuse on the left are starting to figure out that they, too, are on the menu.

Some are suggesting that the left is being deliberately provocative because it WANTS a civil war – and thinks it can win. That is entirely possible. Napoleon invaded Russia because he thought he could win and would be greeted as a liberator. Kaiser Wilhelm provoked World War I because he wanted to take over the European continent and thought he had the power to make it stick. Adolf Hitler provoked World War II because he thought western leaders had become too soft and degenerate to stop him. History is replete with people who let hubris lead them to downfall because they underestimated the will of people to survive after they understood they were in an existential battle. On the other hand, leftists are pathologically one-dimensional, static thinkers. They actually believe that when they take a title, you MUST do whatever they say because they say so. They actually believe that when they change a major input into society, nothing beyond it will change: that killing tens of thousands (even millions) of jobs from day one will not increase unemployment, that making the country dependent on hostile foreign powers for basic needs does not empower those hostile powers, and that forcing people to shut up or be cancelled does not create a smoldering resentment that almost always erupts into extensive violence and revolt. Whatever the reason, it sows massive chaos and discontent. Talk about unsustainable!

The pagan left has joined the legion of chaos and confusion, assaulting people and commanding them, even (maybe even especially) when a lighter touch provides much better results.  But the devil likes to create doubt in the early stages of battle, to persuade people that maybe he is not really there and this is just an intense version of business as usual. Thus, you have all manner of establishment Republicans – Nikki Haley, Mitch McConnell, Mitt Romney among many others – jockeying for position trying to leverage things to provide their next step up the ladder. It is like the multitude of doctors in “The Exorcist” (both the movie and the book from which it was based) are determined that everything is normal, though they can’t locate the source of the problem. It was subtle, but the doctors were too busy dreaming of the sensational case histories they would be named in to see the problem clearly, blinded by their own desperate normalcy bias.

In the end, Chris McNeil, the mother of the possessed little girl, saw 66 doctors before they threw up their hands and conceded they did not know what was happening or how to stop it. Even then, they still recommended more of the same thing that was clearly not working. It was only when Mrs. McNeil absolutely refused confined institutionalization that they tentatively suggested trying the ritual of exorcism. And again, even then they pedantically explained that exorcism was superstitious poppycock, but sometimes worked on people who had been overtaken by such poppycock. They could not bear to say that they did not understand what was going on and that they might be wrong in all their suppositions.

At first the Priest that McNeil called in, Fr. Damien Karras, was of an accord with the doctors. While formally a Priest, he had lost his faith, if not his concern for those around him. Out of deep concern for Mrs. McNeil, he went to see her daughter, Regan. The demon in Regan delighted in playing on Fr. Karras’ uncertainty. It would demonstrate its power and then give cause to doubt it was a demon at all. Even when Fr. Karras finally sought approval to perform an exorcism, he could not bring himself to believe Regan was actually possessed, only that the case met all the criteria for an exorcism. The Bishop brought in Fr. Lancaster Merrin, a Priest with serious experience dealing with evil and demons. Even then, Fr. Karras tried to explain to Fr. Merrin the psychological outlines of the “case.” Fr. Merrin firmly dismissed the desperate delusions of the determined rationalist. Fr. Karras’ true saving grace, the thread with which God could reclaim him, was his resolve to be a sign of hope to the McNeil family, despite the sacrifice and horror it entailed on him.

With Fr. Merrin’s entrance onto the scene, the demon completely abandoned the cat-and-mouse pretense that it was not really a demon at all. Now all it did was rage and attack. In the midst of this full-blown horror, an amazing thing happened. With the demon no longer pretending to be anything other than what it actually was, Fr. Karras saw what a pale simulacrum of reality his shallow conventionality actually was. He regained his lost faith.

When I first saw the movie in 1973, I was utterly astounded. With the exception of one flaw so huge and fatal that it caused me to hesitate recommending it, the movie got everything right. A demonic entity neither tries to convince you it is or is not real. Rather, it tries to keep you confused, guessing and second-guessing yourself. It is deadly dangerous to get into idle conversation with a demon. No one except Christ can “handle” a demon. All of the gambits of the demon are designed to take your focus off of Christ and onto yourself and the demon. If you are timid, it will seek to intimidate you into asking for mercy – failing to rely on the superior power of Christ. If you are vain, it may cower before you, seeking to persuade you that you are the great demon-slayer so you cease to rely on Christ. Any gambit that causes you to rely on either yourself or the mercy of the demon instead of on the power of Christ is sufficient and you become the captive of the devil. Once revealed, a demon spews accusations at all people involved and present – mostly false but sprinkled with a few true accusations to goad people into engaging directly with itself instead of counting on Christ – and to shake the people’s confidence in each other and and derail the focus on Christ that is vital. Once you begin to try to determine which accusations are true, you become captive to the devil. You must ignore them all. Most are false, and even the ones that are true are solely matters between God and the accused – not your concern. No matter how pure of intent, people who are emotionally undisciplined or given to delusions of grandeur should flee from the devil and never be so cowardly as to directly engage him.

The huge and fatal flaw in the story is that, in the end, Fr. Karras in his misguided compassion for the girl, invited the demon to leave her and take him. While in the book and the movie, this freed the girl – and Fr. Karras leaped from a window to his death and the demon’s demise; in reality, this would not have freed the girl but only made both the girl and him hostage to the devil. After such a disciplined, clean narrative, in the end, Fr. Karras relied on what he thought was his own noble cleverness rather than on the power of Christ.

Now here we are. A ravenous lion is prowling the streets, seeking people to devour. We are still at the stage where he often pretends he is not a lion at all or is, at least, a friendly lion only seeking “unity” with us. Of course, his brand of unity is to devour us and our consciences whole.

We must resist without becoming ravenous lions ourselves. Far too many Christians think in binary terms – either becoming completely passive, thinking that doing nothing is “trusting God.” That is just a formula for consigning our posterity to the lion’s tender mercy – and makes the serious theological error of assuming that God does not demand anything concrete or risky from us. The other side is to fight fire with fire, steadily becoming more and more the mirror image of what we fight. That is just a formula for replacing one tyranny with another. The central question of Christian activism and witness is how to act in a vigorous way that gives everyone a chance to repent of the evil they do, without becoming monsters that seek to coerce their will on others on legitimate matters of conscience – as those others now seek to coerce ours. As I sometimes say, serious Christianity is not for wimps.

Almost all on the left have decided to be heroes on the cheap. They do not think heroism consists of self-sacrifice, patience, or grace under fire or lifting humanity generally up. They think it just consists of choosing who it is safe to hate – and then punish and oppress them freely. The modern left really is not any different than Pol Pot, Josef Stalin, Adolph Hitler, or Mao Tse-Tung – all of whom ruthlessly oppressed those they wanted to while telling themselves it was in service of a superior morality. This tale is just a rerun of the sad narrative that cuts through the whole of human history.

Many serious Christians, as they find their way in this tragic new world challenge, are trying on different tragic roles they want to assume – as martyrs, heroes, prophets or kings. We only have one choice – and that is to seek prayerfully and mightily to discern and to do the will of God in our particular situation. God is the only casting director here. If we humble ourselves to Him, He will choose what role He wants us to play in order to draw more souls back to Him. I pray that whatever role He assigns me, it inspires more to love Him and find the peace that only comes from Him. I most assuredly do NOT want to be a martyr, but if that is the role He assigns me to gain the most souls, I am willing (if grumpily so). Don’t try to usurp God’s role as casting director; just seek to humbly discern His will in your life. The way to do that is to acknowledge Him, take the next right step, and be a sign of hope to those around you.

We are dealing with powers and principalities here. There is only one conspiracy – and that is the one run by the devil to separate us from God. He has many busy little co-conspirators running little gambits throughout the world – all unknowing that when their usefulness is expired he will gleefully devour them, too. Not all such can be rescued, but as God hungers for souls, it is our duty to try to rescue as many as we can without collaborating, by inaction, in the active persecution of the faithful.

The lion is in the streets. He will not vanish by our pretending he is not there, nor will he go because we hope for the best. After decades, maybe centuries of our love growing cold, of our presumption growing beyond all bounds, God will redeem and deliver us. But not until we have shown Him by our actions – not pretty lip service – that we love Him and His ways and mean it.

If you truly go all in, you will still suffer much, either directly or through your family and loved ones. Astonishingly, though, like Fr. Karras in the midst of great horror, you will rediscover your lost faith and find great joy. For now, though, we have arrived at the great confrontation between a Christian worldview and a satanically-inspired pagan worldview, between the Church and the anti-church, between the Gospel and the anti-gospel. Your future and your posterity’s future hinges on the choices you make over these next few years. May your children, your children’s children, and their children look back on these times and call you blessed.

The lion is in the streets, but he will not prevail because the arc of all of history bends towards Christ.

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188 thoughts on “The Lion in the Streets

  1. Wow. It IS a mightier-than-ever swirl of chaos with deception, misinformation and disinformation cresting in nearly overwhelming waves. I appreciate, more than ever, your own discipline in vetting things, Charlie, and in linking us to additional voices which rise above the din of distraction, intrigue and flat out lies. It is sound counsel to keep our spirits and hearts ready to do the Lord’s bidding. Steady as we go with our eyes and hearts on God and His Mother.

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  2. Boy, I needed that back-slap back into reality! Thanks!

    Praying for the courage to act and speak when necessary and for the wisdom to stop and shut my mouth when necessary. Sadly, I stink at both.

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  3. I’m sorry, Charlie, but those of us who have been following Q have been doing far from nothing! We have been among the most vocal and active people in defending faith and freedom in America. My husband, for example, has refused to wear a mask at all during the last year, and we have had a county-wide mandate in place since November. This has made life difficult for us in many ways and certainly invites conflict, but we have endured the battle thanks to the confidence gained from Q’s encouragement and guidance. My friends and I have been writing to legislators, protesting mask mandates, and getting out to vote for people who would uphold the Constitution. This is to say nothing of the truth we have been spreading online and in our everyday relationships. As you know, it is not easy to tangle with friends and family who have been brainwashed by liberal propaganda, but anons have been doing this passionately for years now. We have been on the front lines of what is an information war, and you should not discount the energy we’ve poured into fighting for faith, family, and freedom.

    What else should we have done? What did you do? You started an organization, and that is wonderful. Is that the only action that constitutes “taking action”? Do we not all have different roles to play and contributions to make in this fight? Q was about educating and informing us so that we could battle more effectively with the clarity of truth. Q never told us to sit on our laurels. Rather, the drops have exhorted us time and again to spread truth, vote, run for office, take jobs in the public sector, and trust in GOD. And guess what? WE HAVE DONE ALL OF THESE THINGS.

    So do us a favor and don’t accuse us anons of having been duped. People told me the same thing about following your posts back in 2016. You grossly misinterpreted events, but rather than beating myself up and dying of embarrassment for having encouraged others to listen to your message, I decided to stick with it and see what God had in store. I will do the same with Q and with President Trump.

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    1. Ah well, I don’t think I “grossly” misinterpreted anything. Made two substantial errors, but the big sweep has held up quite nicely, I think. And I did not say you have been duped. I have consistently said that those who listened only to Q were much better informed than those who only listened to the establishment press. I have complimeted Q on getting the diagnostics right, but have had issues from the beginning with his prescriptions.

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  4. And let’s not forget that you, Charlie, told us there wouldn’t even be an election in 2016, so I didn’t even bother voting! I listened to you and did nothing, paid the minimum on my credit cards as you had advised, and began girding my loins for the collapse of our society. And now I don’t even have the pleasure of knowing that I cast my vote in 2016 for the greatest president our republic has ever seen. Humility, please!

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    1. Okay, here I have to correct you, Erin. I NEVER said there would be no election. I occasionally said who knows – but made clear I did not precisely know how things would come about. I have no idea why it is my fault that you did not vote when there clearly was an election. Shoot, I spoke with a prominent Christian author who encouraged people to vote for Trump and wondered if he had done well or poorly – and assured him that I shared his sentiments almost exactly. I encouraged an organization that had been invited to meet with Trump to do so – and helped prepare the agenda.

      Paying the minimum on your credit cards…that’s possible. I routinely told people who desperately wanted to pay down all their bills to use the money they have now to do useful things while it had value. In fact, folks at a major religious institution were planning an expansion and wondered if they should postpone it. I emphatically told them to go forward as planned, do what makes sense right now. That even if currency lost its value, the bricks, mortar and supplies they got with it now would retain their value whatever happened with currency.

      One of the frustrations I had then and still sometimes now was that people would listen to only snippets of what I said, use them to justify the plans they had already formed, and then blame me when their plans went awry. I very publicly noted that the ONLY preparation I did was to kept my backpack ready. I did this specifically to underline that you can’t outwit God. Shoot, even my Archdiocese acknowledged that I tried to tamp down the misinterpretations of what I clearly said repeatedly, but there was significant danger that people would continue to go rushing ahead in ways that I did NOT advise and, often, firmly advised against.

      From the beginning, I have emphasized that too many people want a guru who will relive them of their duty of moral agency – and that no such guru is coming. We must meet each challenge in the moment and take responsibility for our actions. You obviously took some of that to heart, for you did nothing that would cause you permanent damage. But so long as you seek a guru instead of good counsel, you will be disappointed. Humility does not mean that because I made a couple mistakes – which I acknowledged immediately – I must never again make any honest critique of anything. I got a few furious letters after Locutions to the World collapsed claiming it was somehow my fault for never believing in it.

      I am very glad to know that you are making it a habit of doing the little things you can. That is the key to most everything before us. I assume your anger and disappointment have driven the bitterness of this comment, so I don’t take it entirely to heart. May things go well for you and yours.

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    2. Erin, Charlie’s take is his opinion. Give yours, than move on. It’s not necessary to conclude mistakes made along the way. That’s what Mathew 7:5 was written for (take the plank out of your own eye). So we can look back on why WE did what we did and not try to blame these things on others. If you study the REASON you reacted the way you did, you’ll learn something important about YOURSELF.
      Back during the Y2 scare I knew a lot of people that thought the end was near. I was so poor and destitute things couldn’t have gotten any worse as I already had “nothing” to loose so I had nothing to fear loosing! After 2000 came and went a lot of people were embarrassed and I too decided to live “one day at a time”. After that scare it was a good lesson to not loose ones sence of proportion because things “may” go awry. Things ALWAYS go awry! One of my favorite saying is “whether you like or dislike the way things are going- just wait…” I have to attest to the reality that most things, no matter how bad, have eventually worked themselves out in the end. If everything every prophet or visionary, or analyst said came true, we’d have been destroyed a zillion times by now! I know God has got this. Not me, or any prophet….but God. Actually, Charlie having to come back to some of his stuff after it has been more “clarified” is comforting to me. Even though his predictions/analysis eventually come about, they usually turn out not so bad because God is our Father and He loves us so His chastisements are tolerable and His grace sufficient for those who trust Him. At least they have been for me. I trust Him so when things go bad, I know it is for my benefit, not my demise. I may not like it, but in the end, I see why it benefited me if my heart is looking for that reason and not to blame someone or something else.
      Still not easy, especially right now as things are really tough. But I feel that grace and it sufficiency.
      And I’m trusting.
      Jesus, I Trust In You.

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        1. *Phillip bing! Sorry.

          Also, I’ll claim another bing! for misspelling due to “fat fingering the typing” your name, Beckita in the last thread 😀

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      1. Charlie & Phillip, great replys to Erin. Erin, you definitely sound frustrated like I feel & felt. I mentioned this to Charlie and the CORAC group a little while back, but I found my source of frustration absolutely to be when I placed my trust someplace other than our God. I obviously follow Charlie and I did follow Q for about a year or so. The distinct difference, at least in my opinion, was that I found Q to make many promises that didn’t visibly come to fruition (I know some of it likely did behind the scenes) in the artificial deadline created by us (the time that President Trump retained power in the presidency in my case)… I stepped back after I was able to realize that Pres. Trump was indeed going to leave office (despite the “hopium” podcasts based on Q drops that I was watching saying something to the contrary) and I refocused on God and Jesus’ sacrifice for us – which always led me to the knowledge that He has already won…

        This allowed me to see that I was trusting in “the plan” from Q, and in the man President Trump, instead of God. I did feel angry, but it was absolutely due to me thinking I knew more than God and His timeline – that is what it boiled down to. Why I thought that I knew when and where God was going to smite the evil doers, I don’t know. I know by trusting in the plan proposed by Q, I was actually open (though not convinced) to thinking that JFK Jr was runing the whole thing (maybe with Elvis?? just some levity there… sorry). I am very happy you acted on the information by Q to combat evil… I did not act specifically on his information, but I did act… many of us at ASOH and CORAC did act as part of the Church Militant. Setting up a national organization is not inaction. Like building a house… the excavation and foundation are boring (no offense to the excavators or poured wall people)…. but now that we are putting walls and shingles up, there is an avenue to act that will be organized.

        So I guess in summary really, I empathize with you Erin on the anger and frustration (caused by trying to outsmart God for the most part)… however, I disagree with going back and browbeating Charlie for a few things that he has since apologized for (and in hindsight wasn’t entirely wrong about). I started following him in 2015, and ever since (and I am guessing prior as well), he has consistently been cautious with how we should take the Next Right Step. I truly believe that advice has allowed many to assess what that means for each of them before they act. I have found it helpful to ask the ASHO/CORAC group and/or Charlie to clarify my understanding of a comment if it feels extreme – and this amazing community has always caringly helped steer me in the right direction with my steps.

        God bless, and focus on Him while you discern all of the world information coming our way – I try to.

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        1. Good stuff too, Billbad. Keyword “focus.” Solutions or problems?

          The more some choose to focus on problems, real or imagined, the more the usual ones answer with honed, steely-eyed focus on solutions. Strong ones, help the weak ones, and bless them for the opportunity to serve Him. Weak ones, be docile and grow, and thank Him for tending to you.

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        2. “I have found it helpful to ask the ASHO/CORAC group and/or Charlie to clarify my understanding of a comment if it feels extreme – and this amazing community has always caringly helped steer me in the right direction with my steps.”
          Yes, there is wisdom, both hidden and obvious, within these walls. Every step our God takes to save and sanctify us can be found here if one is open to it, dispite the personalities and conflicts. All has purpose if one is open to their revealing. Even Mimi the cat has a message. She was a companion, created by the mind of God before time, to be a friend and comfort to a fellow creature. She traveled with him on the journey of discovery in faith and knowledge of Himself through the genius of a cat (or for others, a boot sized dog or a tiger). His genius. And we who then recognised the genius of God in these most simple of friendships.
          How much more will we recognise after the lifting of the veil?
          I myself can hardly wait!

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    3. Erin, I understand your frustration. I think that maybe you should return to the article entitled, Through a Glass Darkly, written by Charlie several years ago. I explains quite well how he is often shown things. He must do a lot of interpretation.. There is no prophet who is 100 per cent correct. He explains that he is much like a Sherpa. A guide who is human and somewhat of an expert. He leads us in the right direction but cannot tell us what every step will be to the point of being exact….As far as I am concerned, there was no election in 2020. There was a charade of an election. But, one can look at it any way they would like. I voted. I am glad that I did. But because this was an illusion of an election, and because I believe that there was tremendous fraud, can we really refer to it as an election at all? Wishing you peace and comfort during these difficult times.

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  5. I have reviewed a substantial research literature on use of “masks” to prevent spread and intake of flu and Covid viruses. For ordinary use on a wide scale (and in properly controlled randomized research designs), the masks are demonstrated to be ineffective, but may indeed be actively harmful (even beyond interfering with social skill development by children who need to see facial reactions). Most masks worn are not tight fitting, so ultra small viruses pass by them. Even tight fitting masks that catch droplets contaminated by viruses fail, because the droplets dry, freeing the viruses to circulate thru and around the masks. Masks worn for hours may also breed bacteria and fungus. Tight fitting masks worn over hours do decrease oxygen intake and increase carbon dioxide, so people with respiratory distress will be harmed. Copied below is the abstract of one recently published review that is typical:
    Volume 26, Number 5—May 2020
    Policy Review
    Nonpharmaceutical Measures for Pandemic Influenza in Nonhealthcare Settings—Personal Protective and Environmental Measures

    40 citations including:

    Human Infection with Swine Influenza A(H1N1) Virus
    COVID-19 and Infant Hospitalizations for Seasonal Respiratory Virus Infections, New Zealand, 2020
    Excess Deaths during Influenza and COVID-19

    Jingyi Xiao1, Eunice Y. C. Shiu1, Huizhi Gao, Jessica Y. Wong, Min W. Fong, Sukhyun Ryu, and Benjamin J. CowlingComments to Author
    Author affiliations: University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, China

    There were 3 influenza pandemics in the 20th century, and there has been 1 so far in the 21st century. Local, national, and international health authorities regularly update their plans for mitigating the next influenza pandemic in light of the latest available evidence on the effectiveness of various control measures in reducing transmission. Here, we review the evidence base on the effectiveness of nonpharmaceutical personal protective measures and environmental hygiene measures in nonhealthcare settings and discuss their potential inclusion in pandemic plans. Although mechanistic studies support the potential effect of hand hygiene or face masks, evidence from 14 randomized controlled trials of these measures did not support a substantial effect on transmission of laboratory-confirmed influenza. We similarly found limited evidence on the effectiveness of improved hygiene and environmental cleaning. ..”

    Thus, empirical research demonstrates masks worn for controlled research and by the public at large are ineffective, but may actually be harmful. Masks that are capable of truly blocking viruses are also going to interfere with normal breathing and social interaction, especially important for children and teens. Based on decades of flue research, now added to with Covid research, masks may do more harm than any good, and are thus more of a political control tool than a health benefit.

    I should add, that as Charlie indicates, lockdowns also do much more economic and social harm than any good in preventing viral infection. Given that the accurate counting of deaths shows mortality is mainly for the morbidly ill and oldest segments of our population, lockdowns for the entire society are also much more of a political control tool than any benefit. The CDC even admits that the lockdowns may be causing medical harm as routine health visits are inhibited, and the incidence of suicides also increases.

    And now let me explain just a bit of statistically biased reporting being done by the CDC. The CDC had been reporting estimates off excess deaths that they attribute to the Covid. This is done by collecting data by population units over a period of years to average the deaths normally occurring, which is OK. However, when recent data during the Covid outbreak are higher than the norm for a segment, the excess is fully counted as representative of a true excess of deaths, and then attributed to the Covid as the new factor. However, when deaths in any segment are below the norm, those data are excluded, and the norm is used instead, so that the CDC data analysis procedure is forcefully biased higher for excess deaths. The CDC then averages across all segments to calculate total excess deaths due to Covid, and these have to reflect an invalid upward bias.

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  6. Charlie your words are always uplifting and your perspective always incisive. But this post I found profoundly moving. For me, you framed the confusion with grace-filled precision. While trying not to let the anger make us like our opponents, nor rely solely on prayer without action, the dilemma becomes “what” are the right steps for each of us? God is indeed the “casting director,” as you say. May we recognize our “role” correctly. Right now I feel like I’m in a “hallway” looking for a door to open; doing a few things here and there with others, but largely unfocused – kind of like shadow boxing (not sure that’s a good analogy). It’s like getting reports of a battle off in the distance but not knowing how to join a defending army, nor what they’re doing to prepare. Isolation, I think, is one of the biggest challenges right now. An army of one isn’t very effective. May God direct us.

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    1. Welcome to commenting, Dianne. Hang around with us and the isolation will be defused. There’s blessed solidarity here, both in reading Charlie’s writing and in discussing as we may in this comment section. Each one of us striving to build one another up, the better to do the little each of us can do, right before us. God’s Peace and Blessings!

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    2. Dianne you took the words right out of my mouth!!! This is exactly how I feel. Not sure where I should be and what I should be doing. I have been reading Luisa Picaretta’s living in the divine will, but i am not really sure what to do…I keep praying for God to put me where He needs me.

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      1. That takes humility for a general to admit in front of his troops, (‘it is hard for me, too’); yet you always end with encouraging advice. ‘Persist, light dawns little by little’, with each step we take.

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    3. Welcome Dianne D.
      You are not alone! You are in a really big house with the person in the next room just happens to be miles away. 😉 I encourage you to hop on over to and sign up in your region. You will meet. People through your zoom meetings.
      The communion of saints and holy souls in purgatory are right there with you. Oh and your guardian angel is always with you. All Glory to God!!!!

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      1. 🙂

        CORAC Website and Community Forum, fun facts:

        The next “Topic” created on our CORAC Community Forum will be #100 and we appear to have our very first CORAC Region on the cusp of 100 members!!! Find out which one on our CORAC Region Leader Board at

        Hat tip to MP, our webmaster, our CORAC Coordinators and everyone recruiting and working on behalf our CORAC Mission. Happy Ash Wednesday to you all and your beloved. Please remember to keep CORAC in our prayers, works and almsgiving this blessed Lenten Season. ❤

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    4. This has been the ONE week it hasn’t been so good being a Texan. When the elecricity wasn’t off, the internet was. I kept thinking, “What on earth is happening that this is the distraction for now?” And then, my better self said – repeatedly, I might add, “Doesn’t matter, your right next step is to PRAY!” (After I cleaned up the front room and a spare room in case someone needed them. And praised the Lord repeatedly that the boys had off Saturday and had split that cord of wood!)

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  7. After rereading your post Charlie, this paragraph makes my heart weep. “-all unknowing that when their usefulness is expired he will gleefully devour them, too. Not all such can be rescued-“
    I think about Jesus in the garden, being scourged, being crucified. Lord have mercy. Now, it makes my eyes weep too.

    -We are dealing with powers and principalities here. There is only one conspiracy – and that is the one run by the devil to separate us from God. He has many busy little co-conspirators running little gambits throughout the world – all unknowing that when their usefulness is expired he will gleefully devour them, too. Not all such can be rescued, but as God hungers for souls, it is our duty to try to rescue as many as we can without collaborating, by inaction, in the active persecution of the faithful.

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  8. All that I feel like I can do is pray for this world, contribute when I can, and share warnings of authors such as Christine Watkins in her book, THE WARNING (a compilation of the Illumination of Conscience given to a number of people) and SHE WHO SHOWS THE WAY (locutions from the Blessed Mother). These books echo much of what you have been saying, Charlie, and I highly recommend them. Michelle


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  9. Great piece – you are so right about vetting everything we read – especially online. The internet has changed everything. When “researching” online we need to exercise the same caution that one would use in a dark cave with only a tiny match to guide the way – things aren’t often what they seem to be even if the source seems to be conservative/christian etc.

    It’s not just about checking out the facts (including what was not mentioned) it’s also checking out the author–ask yourself by what means does this person have access to the information? Does the person have something to gain by convincing you? Can a youtube guy really tell you what is going on at the highest levels of government? Don’t you think if he/she were really that well connected and telling the world on their youtube channel actual government secrets that they would get a visit from law enforcement at the very least?

    With apologies to Ronald Reagan and the Russian proverb from which he quoted…

    Don’t trust until you verify. (except in Christ, of course!)

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  10. Charlie I’ve been anxiously awaiting this piece since you first mentioned the “exorcist piece,” forthcoming!!!

    Better than I thought it would be!!!

    If one is spiritually alert, which I’m sure we all are here…you can just sense a palpable difference in spiritual warfare!!!

    Ha!!! I was just speaking with Mike about spiritual warfare and he assured me it doesn’t exist – at least not for him! Hahahahaha I told him, well when you see Charlie, ask HIM if it exists!!! Lol

    I just told Mike (two secs ago) Charlie’s new piece is about spiritual warfare!!! Lol he laughed so hard!!! So did I!!!😂

    This part Charlie: wow

    “Many serious Christians, as they find their way in this tragic new world challenge, are trying on different tragic roles they want to assume – as martyrs, heroes, prophets or kings. We only have one choice – and that is to seek prayerfully and mightily to discern and to do the will of God in our particular situation. God is the only casting director here. If we humble ourselves to Him, He will choose what role He wants us to play in order to draw more souls back to Him. I pray that whatever role He assigns me, it inspires more to love Him and find the peace that only comes from Him. I most assuredly do NOT want to be a martyr, but if that is the role He assigns me to gain the most souls, I am willing (if grumpily so). Don’t try to usurp God’s role as casting director; just seek to humbly discern His will in your life. The way to do that is to acknowledge Him, take the next right step, and be a sign of hope to those around you.”

    Thank you for taking the time to write this cautionary tale all out for us!!!

    Navigation is tricky these days… maybe it always was? 🤔

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  11. Yeah, I think God already assigned your role, brother 🙂

    One step at a time, Trusting God will guide each one and win in the end. Until then, sacramentals have been very useful lately to keep the evil one at bay. And purging everything that offends Him, pride first.

    We need lots of game little fellas, or at least enough…

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  12. “If you truly go all in, you will still suffer much, either directly or through your family and loved ones. Astonishingly, though, like Fr. Karras in the midst of great horror, you will rediscover your lost faith and find great joy.”

    Ugh. I really hope I got mine out of the way in 2017, but I suspect I have not.

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  13. Yep. Reacting on hair trigger is not good. Blindly swinging at the air in the fog, hurling opinions, retorts and accusations wildly, based on confusing, unvetted and/or false demon spew is not good at all.

    Tip off: Perturbation, lack of peace.

    Formulating reasonable and solid questions in the relative peace of a well balanced head is good. Asking even better questions once thinking out loud is called for –– bringing such things forth from a heart rooted in the Gospel Truth –– is really, really good.

    Fruit: Peace, under all conditions and circumstances.

    Somewhere, at some point, I recall Our Mother pointing out the Gospel and reminding us that “everything we need to know is there.” Can’t remember when or where, but I do know The Word communicated everything he wanted to say to us.

    Never underestimate the power of prayer and the peace it brings, which is in proportion to how we love. Not the least bit of ignoring, passiveness and wishful thinking in it. Just ask a decent Monk, or any of the hidden mystics with a robust spiritual life. Such a thoroughly active weapon, so formidable, so much more real and true than all the other weapons ever conceived by men… unstoppable! Because who can stop Him?!

    Yes, in the meantime, this painful process of actually getting there –– more spirit than men –– to be really and truly ALL IN.

    Question: Why not be a mystic?

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  14. “…seven or eight months ago they were saying that the draconian measures would make kill zones like New York, New Jersey and California into safe spots while those with a lighter touch like Florida and Texas would become disasters. It has been exactly the opposite.”
    Covid 19 is very contagious. In a matter of a few days, multiple people in my family were infected by me after I returned from I road trip. Interestingly, the grandchildren (9 of them) and my brother Joe have shown no symptoms at all. I had symptoms for 2-3 days then fatigue for a few more but am fully recovered with no side effects.
    My wife has had more serious symptoms and is still dealing with stomach issues. My two daughters and one son-in-law have similar symptoms as my wife and have also lost their sence of smell/taste.
    My point is it seems the more densely populated centers in the country, like NY, NJ and San Fran (NY city has 25K people per square mile!) naturally exhibit a greater impact from Covid-19 while more spacious areas like FL and Texas do not. I believe that these “epicenters” also spread the early more virulent form while the more open states spread a weaker, less virulent form that had more time to mutate between infections. This comes down to a faster contact dynamic in areas with dense populations where the virus mutates less between contacts and so spreads wide before it looses its virulence and becomes more “cold- like” and less “flu-like” in its symptoms and effects. Obviously, one can become infected by a person from a population with a more virulent/contagious form by traveling or from a traveler that comes to town. I was both as I was traveling along I-75 and I-10 which are two major thoroughfares of the country where I contracted the virus on my trip out of town, became ill, and then brought it home on my return all in less than 4 days. My symptoms abated on day 3 after my return but my wife’s started on day 4. This was convenient as I traded her role of caring for the sick as I had recovered enough to care for her (dispite some fatigue).

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    1. Well, I have heard that explanation before, but it requires that I believe Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, Orlando, Atlanta, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio and Austin to be sparsely populated areas. I think it does have an impact, but it just does not explain the consistency of the results – and Florida has far more of the most vulnerable, older segment of the population than any of the “kill zone” states. I know it can be serious and seriously dangerous. The question is how most effectively to deal with it.

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      1. It’s not the”sparsely” population but the per square population I refer to. People are not standing on top of one another in Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, Orlando, Atlanta, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio and Austin like they are in downtown. Areas of NY, NJ, etc. The studies I have read also conclude that the virus is mostly spread in close quarters over a long time and not as much (but still does) from incidental/short contact. Subways, buses, elevators and cubicals are much more prevalent and crowded in the big cities of NY, NJ and SF than in Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, Orlando, Atlanta, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio and Austin as an infrastructure reality and increase several fold these close/time contact areas. There is probably an added stress factor on the health of compact city dwellers as well as a lack of the fresh air and sunshine found in the more “open cities” of Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, Orlando, Atlanta, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio and Austin who own more personal vehicles and are not as restricted to public transportation and walking in crowds.
        Just my two cents.

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    2. Prayers for healing for your wife and family, Phillip, and their full recovery. Glad you and the rest are on the mend and made it through. God Bless!

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  15. “We must resist without becoming ravenous lions ourselves. Far too many Christians think in binary terms – either becoming completely passive, thinking that doing nothing is “trusting God.” That is just a formula for consigning our posterity to the lion’s tender mercy – and makes the serious theological error of assuming that God does not demand anything concrete or risky from us. The other side is to fight fire with fire, steadily becoming more and more the mirror image of what we fight.”

    I liked the whole article Charlie, but the part quoted above has been my focus & personal struggle for over the past year. Effective or not, I’ve at least made my stand & choices clear to those around me.

    I pray & hope God will renew & teach me with the opportunities the present presents. I’m no good to anyone (even God) as a worn out wreck, I’ll be more quiet over the next while…

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  16. This is off topic but may be of interest to some since the vaccine seemed to be of major concern at Charlie’s recent CORAC meeting Q&A.

    I was heartened to hear these pastors (see link below) speak with deep concern for the safety of their flocks and was quite encouraged to come to know that the same Holy Spirit who has convinced me to be wary of these vaccines is alive and well in these Latino and Black communities. I will leave judgment of the doctor responses to the viewers.

    In addition looking at these vaccines from another perspective (my own): to rob a bank, kill the teller, live in luxury and then pass along cartloads of apples to the poor will not go well before God. The end never justifies the means. Beware of those worm-infested apples. (Also see link below connecting certain vaccines to abortion).

    Abortion is not the only big lie out there.

    May the Holy Spirit continue to penetrate His people with convincing truth and unshakeable trust.

    (423) Brigham and Women’s COVID-19 Vaccine Q&A // Boston Pastors ask the tough questions – YouTube

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  17. Great read Charlie as always, however, can we change the title to “The rabid pit bull in the streets” or perhaps “The rabid chihuahua in the streets” or “The hungry wolf in sheep’s clothing in the streets”?… There is only one lion, the king, the shepherd.


        1. Absolutely. Rick. Love it. 🙂 AND there is a particular lion to which Charlie refers, lest we get too far from his rock solid message of the importance of exercising deliberation and restraint in these days. Even as we proceed with new writing here, I keep returning to the piece: Your Audience is God. Those questions are mighty helpful when assessing information:
          *Is your theory internally coherent?
          *Is your theory plausible?
          *Is there hard, fact-based evidence for it?
          *Is it relevant to the problem at hand?

          The full context of the Biblical line which I previously posted is worthy of deep contemplation and it aligns with Charlie’s counsel in his latest writing:
          To the elders among you, I appeal as a fellow elder and a witness of Christ’s sufferings who also will share in the glory to be revealed: Be shepherds of God’s flock that is under your care, watching over them—not because you must, but because you are willing, as God wants you to be; not pursuing dishonest gain, but eager to serve; not lording it over those entrusted to you, but being examples to the flock. And when the Chief Shepherd appears, you will receive the crown of glory that will never fade away.

          In the same way, you who are younger, submit yourselves to your elders. All of you, clothe yourselves with humility toward one another, because,

          “God opposes the proud
          but shows favor to the humble.”

          Humble yourselves, therefore, under God’s mighty hand, that he may lift you up in due time. Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.

          Be alert and of sober mind. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour. Resist him, standing firm in the faith, because you know that the family of believers throughout the world is undergoing the same kind of sufferings.

          And the God of all grace, who called you to his eternal glory in Christ, after you have suffered a little while, will himself restore you and make you strong, firm and steadfast. To him be the power for ever and ever. Amen. (I Peter 5: 1-11)

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    1. Pawel.
      I’ve worked with big cats. Lions are scary to the majority of people who know them well. Robert Baudy the lion tamer I worked with had a multitude of horrible scars from ‘tame’ lions and tigers and a bank of horror stories from people he knew, even family members, killed by them. He hunted a man eating black jaguar in South America and it was on display at his facility. When he lectured you on the importance of due diligence around his cats and their danger, he was stern and focused and no-nonsence and would become like a roaring lion himself if you faltered in the slightest. He would be the first to regale you of the power and god-like qualities of them. But also the demon- like ones.
      And Scripture too uses both.

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      1. I understand Phillip, my point is if we are translating the spiritual kingdom realm into the animal kingdom realm, there is only one lion… And I am aware that early Christians were devoured by lions in the Colosseum, however, many carnivorous animals would act the same way if kept hungry in cages and let out…

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      2. Crossed paths with a mountain lion in some chest deep dead grasses up by the river one time. That’ll get your attention.

        Lately, we’ve got a couple of decent sized bobcats coming down the hill at night, trying to establish game trail in the desert area on the east side of the house. I was alerted to them initially by my boot sized trail dog and subsequently confirmed what they’re up to by affixing a game camera to a Saguaro. I suppose they can look pretty menacing on the prowl… could even easily slit a jugular with those sharp claws if it suited them. Not so menacing as to scare off a fearless chihuahua who always stands her ground with her inspiring growl. Oh, she digs deep, and it’d be an alarming thing if I stumbled upon her in the dark, not knowing what a tiny and sweet pup she is.

        I like to be aware, but in these instances I pretty much just see a couple of cats, and a wee dog that’s full of surprises.

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        1. When I was helping said lion tamer, he used me as a cat wrangler for a commercial that was being shot near Miami back in 1981. The whole story is quite amazing but the climax came when one of the Siberian tigers escaped into the surrounding “jungle” (it was a USDA tropical forest study area planted with a variety of tropical trees and plants). The cat had to be hunted down, tranqulized and “packed out” of the woods in a big tarp, given an antidote for the tranquilizer (which is actual a toxic drug and not a true tranquilizer) then nursed for a few days as she had a bad reaction to the drug. Dispite all the sickness, the cat still had lightening fast reflexes and a roar equal to the loudest thunder I’ve ever heard! They are worthy of respect for their beauty, power and majesty but must be feared for the sheer terror they invoke when they are at their fiercest, particularly if one is under their wrath!

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          1. Yes, there’s no substitute for prudence and practical, first-hand experience with these things. Reminds me of many of trials told here where folks are undergoing, grappling with, hoping to overcome, and overcoming stuff that seems far worse than staring down a rabid lion. No running… no places to hide sometimes from the ferocious jaws and sharp claws. Fearful things at the time, but borne by Him and with Him. Him who says, what can mere men, or beasts for that matter… or sillier still, what can mere phantasms do to you. Nada. Can’t separate a soul from the love of God.

            Thought I heard the exhortation to gird our loins, and just got startled for a moment there that some were fretting over metaphors.

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            1. -Thought I heard the exhortation to gird our loins-
              When I first read that line of yours, MP, with all of this lion talk, I read—gird our lions-

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    1. No worries, Pawel. I respect that you don’t like the image of a lion for the enemy. I LOVE the image of Christ as THE LION as well, especially as Aslan. The line from Scripture about the enemy of our souls that I shared reminds us that his rabid ways always a.t.t.e.m.p.t. to mock God and His Infinite Goodness. Disgusting, yet real. And, right now, he IS on the prowl, in an intense way as he wants to cause as much destruction as possible as his undue influence has been broken. Fuming, foaming, spitting, vicious as hell is he because, even in this current darkness, there’s the Dawn of a New Beginning on the horizon and I can almost hear the hissing of defeat as the petite and perfect heel of our Stella Maris is c-r-u-s-h-i-n-g his juggler. Blessed be God forever! Ave Maria for all eternity!

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      1. Iirc, reading the Narnia series, I think it was in The Boy and His Horse volume, Aslan was chasing “bad” lions to protect the children. C.S.Lewis uses the lion metaphor to show this dual reality.

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      2. Yes Beckita, I am aware the devil is described even as a dragon in the Bible which illustrates his enormous power, however, I got this feeling a lion figure kind of dignifies the devil, and there’s nothing to be dignified for this ultimate Betrayer.

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  18. JESUS = GOOD NEWS .. . 😉

    I’m sure most here have already figured out that Fauci is just another Deep-State Sock Puppet.

    Pastor Coverstone today spoke of “Death Spikes” of Elderly in Norway, Gibraltar & NY that could be Vaccine Related? Now! …. Old Folks tend to die-off in Winter but …. These-Days!!??? …… & Seasonal Flu has “mysteriously” disappeared!??

    Yep!! Lots of “Unity” goin’ on roun’ here sez The Ministry of Truth.!


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  19. Brother Charlie,

    Aslan the Lion is our Lion that will destroy Satan’s devouring lion of evil. Yes, Aslan and our Blessed Mother Mary’s all powerful weapons of holiness in the Holy Rosary, as well as other Heavenly gifts of Life, will see that God’s Will be done on earth as well as Heaven. What a glorious time to give witness to the Way, The Truth and Life in Jesus our Lord, and it’s so good to be arm in arm with you and other humble souls on this journey through hellishness. We are not alone and our Lord Jesus’ words resonate more now than ever before when he says, “Know that I am with you til the end of the age!”

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    1. I love it, Charles! The devil’s imitations are always pale imitations of the Lord’s creations – which try to make up for their lack of substance by their snarling rage. Jesus is with us until the end of the age. The devil is only among us until the end of the rage.

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  20. JESUS = GOOD NEWS .. Noon . 😉

    Rush Limbaugh Dead ;-(
    I’ve lost a Best Friend of almost 30 years today! A Best Friend I never met.

    Grant Rush Eternal Life, O Lord!
    May Your Perpetual Light shine upon him!
    May Rush and All Our Faithful Departed Rest in Peace!

    The Big Lie strategy was credited to Nazi Propoganda Minister Joseph Goebbels but this tactic has been used by Tyrants for millennia. Nothing is new under the Sun …. ABCNNBCBS-PBS/NYT/WP & Democrat Party/RINOs ….anyone??
    …… the Rich Computer Nerd is also buying huge amounts of Farm Land … Why? … Exactly? …. and raking in $$Billions on “Vaccine Investments” whilst pushing The Left Agenda and telling US Peons how to live!.

    Bennie Thompson is a Democrat Safe-Seat House Slave! We will be seeing more of these Safe-Seat Radical “Victim Group Members” leading the Charge against Trump and his Deplorables….. not to mention our North European/Judeo-Christian Heritage.
    It is a tactic that The Left has been using for years. Trot-Out Safe-Seat “VGMs” to advance The Agenda. People who have no re-election worries, are promoted/protected by The Media and can counter attack any opposition by claiming Racism, Misogyny &/or Homophobia ….. and thus avoid any intellectual debates on Serious Matters of National Significance.


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    1. I had not cried for Rush until after reading your sweet tribute to him, CD. I have prayed for the repose of his dear soul and for all who love and especially for all who loath him. I’ve only seen a glimpse of the toxic responses that they have shared. Lord have mercy on us all!

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  21. “I see a few initial signs that some of the less obtuse on the left are starting to figure out that they, too, are on the menu.”

    ‘Useful idiots’ figuring it out ??

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  22. Thank you Charlie. May cooler heads prevail.

    I desperately want to stop people from getting the experimental, unethical and grossly under-tested “vaccines.” I want people to stop wearing masks because it hurts their innate immunity. I wish churches would stop speaking about offering prayers for “healthcare workers on the front lines” and for “all those who have died from the covid-19 pandemic” – not because prayers are not good but because such statements reinforce a disproportionate fear while supporting the Left’s misguided narrative. Some people are genuinely terrified of what is essentially a common cold. It irks me when the church asks for prayers for the politicians to successfully “manage this pandemic” because it is those same politicians and experts who have hijacked the situation to restrain the will of the people, taking away right after right after right. Politicians DO need our prayers, but the request should be that they will take their boots off our necks and release us from this dangerous and even deadly stranglehold.

    These desires of mine are not unreasonable. So I seek anything I can find regarding these subjects on the chaotic internet, but accurate and objective information about the disease and the “vaccines” is extremely difficult to obtain. Once I find something that supports my position, I grab onto it and forward it to friends and family, and even to patients to some extent. And this is precisely what the Left does: They find whatever supports their beliefs, true or otherwise, and disregard anything that contradicts.

    I do need to slow down and vet these bits of information MUCH more carefully. I’ve already said and written things that were later shown to be untrue. I have also parroted statements even when they didn’t quite ring entirely true in my mind, or info whose source I did not confirm adequately, blurting it out anyway because I desire the outcomes of the things in my first paragraph. This is irresponsible, particularly for someone in a position to provide health care. We were trained to employ evidence-based medicine – and I know better.

    Now, for a quick cautionary tale:

    “Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men.” (Luke 2:14 KJV)

    I walked into a store in Rapid City, seeking a hair straightener to seal Mylar bags of dried foods. (Obviously not for the hair on my head). As is my custom, I disregard all signs that state a mask is required. As I entered, stunned customers in masks froze in place and stared at me. An employee handing out coupons asked me if I had a mask. I politely told her that I don’t wear masks. I proceeded to walk toward the back of the store, passing staring customers who were standing still. Another employee said firmly, “Sir, you need a mask to come in here.” I look back and said politely, “I can’t wear a mask. COPD and asthma.” I passed by a tall young man who was also standing in place who said somewhat indirectly, rather to himself, “Then you shouldn’t be in here.” I smiled at him and proceeded. The store was unusually full of shoppers.

    My heart began racing. I had never seen such an extreme reaction anywhere before, and it was surprising how many people got involved. I quickly scanned for the straightener (not there) and planned to make a quick exit. Then I heard the manager being paged overhead. Oh boy, here we go.

    I walked swiftly back to the entrance of the small store, through racks of products, when I heard, “There he is.” I had about 15 feet to go when a large man about my height, balding and bespectacled with a mask, suddenly appeared. But I had already passed him so he trailed behind.

    He said, “Get the hell out of the store. Never come back. Get off this property. You are never allowed in here again……” et cetera.

    The rage in his eyes startled me, his face flush with fierce anger. I kept my cool and kept walking. He was right on my heels, verbally threatening me, but I did not believe it would come to blows so I – perhaps foolishly – kept my back to him as it was clear I was exiting.

    Though not one to be bullied, I stopped suddenly right at the door and turned back. He was so close that he actually bumped me slightly. Our faces were a foot apart. I looked him in the eyes with a relaxed expression and asked, “Is there something wrong with your mask?” My surprise halt and cryptic question confused him for a moment. He briefly stopped talking. Without waiting for a reply, I immediately turned back and pushed out the door.

    The man was using every ounce of energy to restrain himself from shoving me into the glass doors, punching me, and physically throwing me out. He knew that any contact with me could result in a lawsuit, and that internal conflict was evident. He could barely restrain himself from hurting me.

    His litany resumed. I walked casually back to my truck parked on the far side of the lot. He was now keeping a greater distance away. Again, I looked back for a moment and confused him with another comment. “God bless you” I said gently and sincerely. Another pause in his talking, then he made some comment about me needing to read the bible and resumed his demands that I leave the property. (I had just seen a video of groups of unmasked Patriots going into Trader Joe’s defiantly and joyfully and they were also saying God Bless You! – although I realize this can taunt someone if said in the wrong context).

    I got into my truck. He stood behind it making a show of looking at my license plate. I considered gunning the engine to spin the rear tires and cover him with snow, but thought better of it. I started to drive off. My heart was really racing now.

    He walked back to the store and was amid the parked cars when I slowly circled my truck around and passed perpendicular to his path. An incredulous look came across his face when he saw me. He had to pull his steamed glasses down and squint to see that it was really me. The fury in his faced returned. I kept a slow pace as I circled around the parked cars toward the exit once more. And incredibly, even a couple customers who were watching this scene unfold appeared to stop in front of me as if they intended to block me. That actually scared me a bit that more people might get involved. However, they thought better of it and continued to their cars

    Once I was close to the exit, I stopped. “I’ll leave when I’m good and ready” I thought. Free country….blah, blah, blah. The store manager walked toward me again at my new location. I waited, and waited until he was 10 feet away, then I drove slowly away. I gave no hand gestures and kept a calm and neutral expression on my face.

    “What just happen?!” I thought.

    I found myself unexpectedly in a situation where it was me against an entire store of people. Perhaps no physical confrontation occurred because people thought that I was a.) nuts for defiantly pulling a stunt like this, and b.) possibly armed because it is mostly conservatives who defy mask mandates.

    Afterward, I wasn’t sure if I was glad I had left my pistol in the truck or not.

    The most startling thing was the pure hatred in this unfortunate man’s eyes.

    And here’s a tidbit of irony. The name of the store? GOODWILL.

    Deeply shaken for a time, I recovered and continued with the rest of my day. I eventually left Rapid City taking the interstate east. I stopped in New Underwood and bought a very large bottle of whisky. After today, I felt I needed it. The people in this little town were unmasked and friendly – I was back in Mayberry once more!

    Right then it dawned on me. This frightening confrontation of citizen versus citizenS occurred in the Great State of South Dakota, one of the freest in the Union! If this sort of thing happens here, imagine how bad it is and will get in other parts of the country.

    I tell this story to convey one message to all here: BE ON YOUR GUARD OUT THERE. WE ARE AT WAR.

    Jesus please forgive me, I must be held to account for lying about having respiratory conditions. I also incurred a 15-yard penalty for taunting, which is never a good idea and could have very well brought about a much worse outcome. I will conduct myself more carefully in the future.

    To conclude, this clever short by Kevin James doesn’t seem quite so funny to me anymore.

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    1. Wow!

      Due to my past and subsequent healing I often interpret people’s actions through their woundedness. Every.single.person in this world has been so severely wounded by our culture. Those wounds are great places for the devil to provoke us to much greater anger than the situation calls for. We need constant prayer for (emotional) healing and conversion. With our woundedness we shut God out but usually interpret it as God has abandoned us. Until we are healed we can’t open our hearts for conversion.

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    2. Ugh, I’m so sorry, truly awful,Patrick. Yeah, in good ole CT, land of embracing communism for decades now, you couldn’t get away with that. Many months ago I had a public display nowhere near as bad, but shook me nonetheless.

      Aaah, after that I internalized the advice right action, wrong time, picking hills to die on, etc.

      Around here you can see some establishments know it’s all a commie ploy to control us while others, sadly, like your Goodwill people, have drunk the Jim Jones flavor aid and are waiting for the foaming at the mouth to begin. No worries, shouldn’t take long (Aaargh, gallows humor and frustration, here).

      I love this. You clearly defined why that prayer bothers me so much. Keep on Keepin’ on

      “I wish churches would stop speaking about offering prayers for “healthcare workers on the front lines” and for “all those who have died from the covid-19 pandemic” – not because prayers are not good but because such statements reinforce a disproportionate fear while supporting the Left’s misguided narrative. Some people are genuinely terrified of what is essentially a common cold. It irks me when the church asks for prayers for the politicians to successfully “manage this pandemic” because it is those same politicians and experts who have hijacked the situation to restrain the will of the people, taking away right after right after right. Politicians DO need our prayers, but the request should be that they will take their boots off our necks and release us from this dangerous and even deadly stranglehold.”

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      1. Funny, but that very thought came to my mind while I was still in the parking lot, watching the poor fellow walking in circles yelling at a truck with its windows rolled up. I thought, “Man, that guy sure drunk the koolaid.” followed immediately by, “That guy sure needs my prayers.”

        “O Blood and Water, which gushed forth from the Heart of Jesus as a fount of Mercy for us, I trust in you.”

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        1. Patrick– I don’t wear a mask either. To me, it seems sinful. I have had pretty good luck not being harassed, but I notice that people are getting more strict about it. A lot depends upon the person you happen to encounter. I was going into sams club recently and was in a hurry so I didn’t want to spend time having a conversation with the employees about not wearing a mask, which is what typically happens. I put one on for the 15 seconds it took to walk through the door and then took it off for the duration of my shopping trip. No one said anything, even though I spoke to 2 different employees to ask where I could find some items. I just can’t understand why the majority puts up with the mask nonsense.

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            1. But I just don’t get it, Patrick. Why can’t everyone see how illogical it all is? Just observing tge world around me tells me that masks and lockdowns are damaging, not helpful. My guess is that the liberals listen only the news sources that tell lies and they believe and are terrified by what they are told.

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              1. Because the devil is still trying to rule and dominate his kingdom here by completely eliminating The Faithful, while the unfaithful, as useful idiots, continue to believe that they can silence the Voice of God (first in their own consciences) by making what is illicit, licit. Yes, it’s demoniacally insane.

                The Christian is armed with everything necessary to bring healing, nonetheless. Yeah, some might have to get their medicine kicking and screaming.

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              2. A massive media propaganda machine claiming hundreds of thousands of American deaths.

                Medical experts with ‘PhD’ next to their names giving lectures and interviews supporting the narrative, non-stop, 24/7.

                Physicians and other providers respected by their patients giving misinformation in the clinical settings.

                The CDC providing official sounding statistics and sending out printed materials for public display with false information about the situation.

                The aggressive suppression of information by social media platforms, muzzling any person who contradicts this deceitful narrative.

                Adolph Hitler would be so impressed by what they have done here.

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    3. Had a similar experience at a coffee shop . They yelled at us told us to leave and they were going to call the police because we didn’t enter with a mask, mind you everyone else there was seated at tables with no mask on to drink their coffee. We just had to have it on when THEY told us to wear it. It was surreal.

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      1. The sheer level of stupid is staggering. This whole situation now has nothing to do with people’s health. But it certainly gives them an excuse to express pointless anger at each other. Surely the devil is delighted by this.

        Today, instead of making a cross on our foreheads, the diocese instructed priests to sprinkle ashes on top of our heads, cuz…. well… you know…. coronavirus.

        I wasn’t the only one greatly annoyed by this.

        Had a friend dip into the pile on my bald head and mark my forehead with a cross in the proper fashion.

        It may seem a small thing among many things, but this is a sign our Church is in deep trouble.

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    4. Patrick, it all proves how dumbed down the society has become and how easy it is to mind control the masses with ridiculous restrictions that contradict logic and common sense. We need , individually and as a nation, God more than ever.

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    5. My response, I would wear a mask, a clean one as that short of a time wouldn’t hurt me much and to remember that that anger is a result of the fear that the people were feeling. The mask comes off as soon as I am in open air so as to avoid danger to self and for free breathing. And sadly, in our area I do know of too many who have had severe reactions to this thing. My wife is more fearful and am praying for her. We are isolating for a bit as my grandson tested positive for COVID with the usual mild symptoms for a child,

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    6. As I was reading your story Patrick, the first thing that struck me was this can’t happen in South Dakota! Sorry you had to go through this, but what an eye opener! If you are anything like me I’d be going over it in my mind over and over again as to how to do it differently. I admire how calm and collected you showed yourself to be on the outside. I can’t even imagine being in your shoes going through this. The reality is that some day this will probably happen to most of us. I bet your guardian angel was with you every step of the way!

      It’s funny, too, just this morning it fleetingly went through my mind that we should check out some land options in SD. (I hadn’t even read this yet). Then I thought about what Charlie said in one of his previous writings, that this will affect us all. Running won’t get us anywhere, but prayer, prudence, and being a light in this darkness is the best option anyway.

      Thanks for sharing your story!

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      1. I am one to excessively ruminate on such things. But not so much this time. I haven’t entertained doing anything differently. It was more what the event signified rather than what actually transpired that troubles me. The fact that it may serve as a warning to others as to the seriousness of our plight has made the experience worthwhile.

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        1. I am catching up on the 2021 Healthcare Freedom Summit presentations and just watched this darling idea from Ronni Peck. It’s a grassroots effort that is a creative twist that we can certainly partake in.


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  23. I don’t take Acts 10:9-16 merely as literal and one dimensional either. Meat, metaphors or otherwise.

    Just don’t offer anything to useless idols, and be honest in rooting out the idols.

    Good, gravy… we’ve got a lot of wood to chop.

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  24. Sadly the reality of demonic influence in these times is clearly to be seen. And we must be wise in our response to the demonic as we have been reminded we are ants trying to fight a rhino so need to put our full trust in God alone.

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  25. From the Thomas More Society’s FB page today:
    #DavidDaleiden, our #ProLife client and #undercoverjournalist who exposed the #illegal activity of #PlannedParenthood needs your prayers. There is a critical hearing in one of David’s cases today. The National #Abortion Federation is moving for summary judgment against David in their civil lawsuit against him. The NAF is contending that since Judge Orrick ruled in favor of Planned Parenthood (in a different lawsuit which is STILL under appeal), that the Judge should simply render a judgment against David in favor of the NAF without any trial, evidence, or testimony. If the NAF wins this motion, there could be a permanent gag order injunction slapped on David which would mean the undercover videos he took of abortionists haggling over the price of #abortedbabybodyparts would never see the light of day.

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  26. Agree with most of the posts about masks – junk science at best to support they can significantly retard the virus spread. My personal view is areas with recirculated air like big city apartments are bigger risk with or without masks on – keeping windows open may be best option to reduce risk in dense urban areas. What concerns me the most is the impotent response of the church to this very issue. A majority of bishops and priests have bought into the cool-aid (at least in Indiana). Have seen them go as far as have ushers boot people out of church without masks which is atrocious . The church needs to be better than this.

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    1. I agree- its so foolish. I can almost tell you what tv channels or newspapers you
      read based on what you believe- true indoctrination at its best.
      I know of a person (very religious) who stopped going to mass, because there was a person in church without a mask, so sad.


  27. May the Blessed Mother of God be with David’s team as well as the Guardian Angels of all the souls butchered by planned parenthood. Our prayers are offered that a warrior for life defeat this latest attack by the darkness of Satan.

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  28. Very insightful post. The degree that Satan’s rage to devour souls is diabolically stunning. I definitely agree that we are no match to fight him on our own. Only with Christ can we survive. You noted some of His tactics that cause confusion, chaos, death, apostasy, complacency false hope, discouragement and so many other evil actions. These are just a sampling of his attempts to destroy souls. We better be rooted in Gods Word and bring with us all those we can and do our part to fight for the side of light and hope.

    Have mercy on your children as we plead for justice.

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  29. From Bree Dail, a Vatican correspondent I follow on FB. We have known that many changes must come and there would be things like this… Praying anew for our Church.


      1. New update minutes ago… I pray there is a clarification that curtails this move to put pressure on people to take the vaccine, allowing them full freedom to follow their consciences on this.

        UPDATE: Sources inside the Vatican have told me none of this policy has made it down to them, yet—and they believe there will be quite a push back, if enforced in this way. Nevertheless, the article has cited Cardinal Giuseppe Bertello.Waiting for Holy See Press Office to clarify.

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        1. Beckita, I sensed something broke open yesterday, Ash Wednesday. I could be completely nutso and wrong here. I see this tightening effort on Control happening simultaneously locally and elsewhere:

          In CT our Public Health Committee has 2 bills SB 568 and HB 6423. Two identical bills to ram the removal of religious exemption for vaccinations down our throats. This duplicity they aren’t trying to hide.

          We sent in our testimonies and were supposed to be given zoom call testimony access. Apparently, 1,900 people requested and only 1400 people got invited to testify Only 240 ended up being heard. Out of 3 of us who submitted, only my husband got an access code.

          On the day of the hearing, this past Tues., the committee said in order to “hear everyone’s testimony, they would need eleven 24 hour days of testimony. Someone raised a motion to hear all testimonies, it was shot-down. They decided on party lines 11 to 22, to hear only 24 Hours of testimony. It ended up being 22 hours.

          My husband was in the double-digit. In 24 hours they only heard only 240-ish testimonies. Everyone was supposed only get 3 minutes. My husband listened to the almost the whole thing. He said he heard only 2 or 3 in support. What the corrupt board did, was give THOSE people UNLIMITED time testifying. They shut down all other voices to 3 minutes.

          I got an email from Parental Rights org, the same day—Tuesday. Apparently, there is some Nutso legislation in D,C, that if it passes, and it looks like it will (haven’t checked the outcome) in the D.C. district children 11 years old and older can get vaccinations WITHOUT their parent’s consent and even the EOB (Estimation of Benefits) on the insurance billing paperwork may not document what the insurance charge is for!. Hah.

          One of CT lawmakers on our Public Health Board said that morning (Tues) someone gave her a list of 160 families who Prohealth Physicians (our largest managing group of pediatricians in CT) THREW OUT of their medical practice FOR NOT BEING UP TO DATE ON VACCINATIONS. My ped is with prohealth, and sadly I did kow-tow to most of the vaxs over the years. She called me to reschedule 2 of my kiddos this summer. I told her after 35 (I don’t really know the number, but it’s double digit) shots, if my kids aren’t Healthy enough than Tough Luck—we’re DONE. No more vaxs. If they can’t abide by my wishes—throw us out, we’ll do without a pediatrician.

          I see a need for CORAC to start a doctor source for families such as these. I was gonna post something on the Corac board, but the grief over Joanne/Chris/Paul, Kim’s daughter, Doug/Lambzie/David has in truth almost overcome me.

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          1. Oh do post the suggestion at CORAC when you can, Littlelight, and begin the discussion. Because the sickness of the lies perpetuated in the psychological community is far advanced and entrenched, there is little parents can actually do to turn around an adult child. For sure, families need to be supported to navigate those very rough waters.

            As for the rest of what you report, it IS frustrating and infuriating. We’re in the thick of so much wherein the only way out of it is through it. Acknowledging that many of these things test us to the hilt and trigger intense emotions, in such as this are opportunities to rely completely on God and pray with confidence. When my husband was dying – and he had a prolonged and painful terminal phase – I just pressed in the more, proclaiming that God acts from Pure Love, He is with us always and that since He draws good from evil, then Blessed be God in all His ways. This kind of prayer didn’t change the journey to death that my husband was traveling. But it did strengthen me and that was so good since we lived a six month saga of tending to complications. At one point, after the patient had spent 3 weeks in the hospital and finally came home, another complication arose so that I had to take him back in the late evening. Once he was stabilized, I drove home to get some sleep and was awakened two hours later at 3am. The nurse had my husband on the phone. His electrolytes were so off that he was confused and needed the reassurance of hearing me explain why he was there and what was happening to him. The natural NRS was to rise and shine to offer in-person reassurance. Driving back to hospital, I chose to sing the Divine Praises.

            For sure and certain, God never ever brings evil. For sure and certain, He IS with us to carry us through any personal storm as we do all we possibly can. And when we have done all we can, the wisest NRS is to take time to surrender and rest in Him… or not and drive ourselves – and those around – into intense anxiety and deeper pain.

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            1. “I just pressed in the more, proclaiming that God acts from Pure Love, He is with us always and that since He draws good from evil, then Blessed be God in all His ways.”

              I can see how your attitude and determination made what was surely Impossible to bear, not only possible but blessing you with the joy of being the hands and feet of God. It’s still a marvel to me. TY for sharing that!

              and this is pure gold:
              “And when we have done all we can, the wisest NRS is to take time to surrender and rest in Him… or not and drive ourselves – and those around – into intense anxiety and deeper pain.”

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  30. The Kitten in the House.

    Today I say goodbye to a long-time friend. Mimi has been with me for 16 years, born on the day of my brother’s wedding in 2005. Her mother, Baby, was “given” to me by another cat when I was injured and homeless in Colorado Springs. Their presence in my life marked my return to the Catholic faith. And now at a rather providential point in time — especially right at the start of Lent — she is leaving me. I’m moving into a new phase of life (as we all are) and will focus entirely on working for the Corps of Renewal and Charity in addition to my other job. The Lord saw fit to take away the small burden of caring for an animal. As usual, his timing is perfect.

    I’m grateful for the company she and Baby gave during some very lonely times. She was a source of warmth and protection (against mice) during my time in a tent in Custer a few winters ago. She is, by far, the most interesting cat I’ve ever owned. And we really have enjoyed each other’s company. She’s traveled with me from Colorado to Ohio to South Dakota and Montana. She was a really nice animal. My little chatter box, my furry companion.

    Our official portrait on the road somewhere in South Dakota

    Roughing it in the tent in Custer, SD:

    Her mother, Baby, 10 days after back surgery, in Colorado:

    Our final portrait today. Sure, it breaks my heart how she stares directly into my eyes with that unconditional love. But thank you, Jesus, for the company! She was a very good kitty!!

    And thank you for your prayers. I’m doing quite OK over this.

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    1. Well, as for me, I really don’t like good-fare-thee wells, not at all, NoSireeeBob.

      And I’m NOT sorry, LOL.

      Aaargh, Beautiful friends, there {{{Patrick}}

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    2. Patrick I remember your tent days too and your talk about your mimi back then. I am glad you’re doing ok…..God’s critters make awfully nice companions for us as we travel this journey. Putting my last cat down some years ago, affected me so deeply that I chose to never have another pet. I acknowledge the bright spots they were in my life though, and I know you do too. Enjoy your memories of Mimi and Baby. They sure helped you get through some tough times. God Bless You.

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    3. I loved your sharing.
      You said it exactly- … by far, the most interesting cat…
      It’s really incredible how totally different each cat’s personality is.
      And I want you to know that my cats look at me with unconditional love…
      until its time to cut toenails 🙂

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    4. Too bad their little lives seem so short, coming and going with distressing regularity. God gives us great gifts with some joys attached to them, along with some sorrows and teaching moments as well. Reminds me of how short OUR lives really are.

      Exchanged waves with a sweet old couple out for a walk yesterday, as we do in these parts. Glanced, in the rearview mirror as I passed by. Gaaaaah!!!! Got startled by the old gray haired guy staring back at me.

      Any other graybacks find that new gear yet? Clock is ticking and really need to lay down some tread to finish strong.

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      1. “Any other graybacks find that new gear yet? Clock is ticking and really need to lay down some tread to finish strong”

        I guess you ain’t talking about Hair Dye?! LOL, my hair is a wonder of modern chemistry—-my hairdresser is a Sweetheart. She makes it look easy (not, not)

        Ugh, really NOT looking forward to my come-uppance/reveal when the au’ natural white comes out. Waaah. Well, on the bright side, I will shock everyone who knows me. That could be a useful comedy tool to lay down the said tread, hmmm..

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      2. ” God gives us great gifts with some joys attached to them, along with some sorrows and teaching moments as well.”
        Oh so profound and true! Thanks MP for telling it like it is.


    5. Patrick, I don’t even like cats that much; and yet, I have tears streaming down my face as I think about your and Mimi’s parting. God bless you, and God bless your sweet kitty.

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      1. Thank you Mick. It was bittersweet. We had a wonderful last day together with lots of snuggles and kisses. We shared a bowl of yogurt on the kitchen floor, and then waiting in my truck for the vet to show up, we watched a beautiful sunset together out the driver side window. At last with the shot given, she fell asleep in my arms one last time, tucking her head into my chest. And back to God she went. 😔❤️

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    6. Oh Patrick, I’m sorry about Mimi. I, too, remember her and your stories of your times together throughout the years. I understand how it’s sad to lose our sweet pets and also get what you’re saying how they’ve had good lives and brought us joy, but now your time will be focused on your misssion with CORAC and your other work. Loved the portraits of you, Mimi and Baby. Such beautiful cats. I have 2 dogs and 5 cats yet. I don’t plan to take in any more strays, but you never know. God bless you. Patrick.

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  31. Off topic but, does anybody know where I can get an easy access bird-proof squirrel feeder? My setup is quite inconvenient for my little buddies. They have to hang by their toes up side down to shell sunflower seeds. 😉

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    1. Ha! I think Charlie spoke of one once. 🐿

      In Colorado when she was just a kitten, two squirrels on the campgrounds I was living on used to playfully tease Baby until she gave chase. They would calmly wait until she could catch up. Tearing through the snow after them, and even scaling trees clumsily behind, I could tell Baby loved the sport of a good chase. Both creatures are pretty cool.

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  32. This is a fantastic post, one of the most bracing I’ve read in a while. I only discovered your blog a few days ago after following links on another blog…a rabbit trail story common with me. So glad I followed the trail and ended up here. This is great stuff, Charlie. I pray you keep it up.

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    1. Welcome, S.K.! We hope you stick around, and hope to see you often in the comment section. 🙂

      P.S. Since you’re new, perhaps you haven’t heard (or heard much) about CORAC yet. If you go to, you’ll learn a lot more about Charlie and about what he and we are all about. (That was a lot of “abouts,” but I think you catch my drift.) 🙂


  33. HI CHARLIE, Here I’m addressing exclusively the false flags, the fake crises the Left throws up to emotionally and mentally disarm people’s natural aversion to various stimuli – either negative or positive. Way back in the 1960’s days of campus and other civil unrest and demonstrations engineered by the Left, I lived in Seattle. I was even then fighting the same tactics you are describing so well here as the use of false flags.

    The Left had various training schools to teach various tactics and strategies to Leftist organizers. I followed those leftist training schools quite closely. That is how I how I became so familiar with their methods.

    One of them methods was to disarm the general populace from a normal, healthy counter- reactions to things evil. They did so with a gradual growing barrage of propaganda and false information on various issues. This was called ‘DESENSITIZATION’. Through the repeated exposure to events both false and real. They would place doubt in the mind of the general populace as to whether there was any real danger.involved

    Where did they learn this? The left learned it from psychologists. Here is a definition of the psychology of desensitization:

    “In psychology, desensitization is a treatment or process that diminishes emotional responsiveness to a negative, aversive or positive stimulus after repeated exposure to it. Desensitization also occurs when an emotional response is repeatedly evoked in situations in which the action tendency that is associated with the emotion proves irrelevant or unnecessary. The process of desensitization was developed by psychologist Mary Cover Jones, and is primarily used to assist individuals in unlearning.”

    A classic example of this tactic during our current time, was and is the constant barrage of pro-homosexual propaganda. Homosexuals are just good normal people don’t we know.

    For the beginning of their formal frontal assault on the American public, they used the then new Ellen DeGeneres’ TV show – where she was openly presented as a practicing lesbian.

    At First, most Americans were revolted and horrified. Over the next years, more and more of the more normal looking homosexuals and lesbians were trotted out of their respective closets. The large number of the American public finally collapsed under this planned barrage of ‘DESENSITIZATION.’

    THAT, is a good example of what the growing occurrence of false flags is all about.

    All my love in Christ


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    1. I knew the left was using the methods of Saul Alinsky as well as Marx, Lenin and Mao Zedung, but psychology too!
      Desensitization- I remember once moving into an apt on the 23rd floor. When I first went out onto the balcony, my stomach did flip flops, but by the time we moved out I was totally comfortable with it.


  34. Have you ever heard about something called Moralistic Therapeutic Deism? Me either until a couple of weeks ago when this was brought up by a very young priest who has been tasked to “work with the young people” in our parish. So, he’s been studying up on what the problem is.

    Moralistic Therapeutic Deism is the new civic religion in America.

    According to the authors of a groundbreaking sociological study of American Teenagers religious beliefs these are the principles of the New American Civic Religion, not simply of American Teenagers but of the adult population as well:

    1. “A god exists who created and ordered the world and watches over human life on earth.”

    2. “God wants people to be good, nice, and fair to each other, as taught in the Bible and by most world religions.”

    3. “The central goal of life is to be happy and to feel good about oneself.”

    4. “God does not need to be particularly involved in one’s life except when God is needed to resolve a problem.”

    5. “Good people go to heaven when they die.”

    So what is this?

    “Deism” is the idea that God made the world and then stepped away from it. God’s not intimately involved; there is no Providence. “Moral” comes from the concern to be a generally good person. “Therapeutic” concerns feelings and brings us closest to Gnosticism: we live in a therapeutic age, in which feelings dominate and now determine much in religion, culture, politics, and law.

    Finally, our contemporary age of Moral Therapeutic Deism seeks to reimagine Jesus as a mascot for its ideology. Modernist Christianity, rooted in the Enlightenment, sought to adapt its understanding of Christian faith to the latest knowledge in secular domains—the sciences, hard and soft, as well as philosophy and ethics. It therefore was, and is, embarrassed by the miraculous and the sacrificial, both of which belonged to an unscientific premodern age. And so modernist Christians sought to save the faith for modernity by purifying it of all that modernity rejects. What is left over is ethics; Jesus is preserved as a great moral teacher of enduring relevance through demythologization— that is, through stripping away the miraculous and sacrificial myths around his legend and going “behind the Gospels” to find a historical Jesus congenial to the spirit of the age. Even here, however, with regard to ethics, Jesus is understood to teach what the Enlightenment believed anyway, and so Jesus was remade in the image of (say) the German Philosopher Immanuel Kant.

    So too now in our postmodern age. We make a malleable Messiah in our image, a tolerant, inclusive Jesus, a breaker of all boundaries who does so purely for the sake of transgression, and all those who would insist on maintaining religion’s traditional rules and rituals are written off as rigid, pilloried as Pharisees. Far from seeing him as our Master, the postmodern age makes Jesus our mascot, the one who affirms our favored causes and affirms us in our deepest selves, where we find ourselves defined by our severest desires. ”

    Here is a pretty fair analysis of the danger that this generalized set of beliefs presents for the Church in America.

    Our young priest brought up this New American Civic Religion in context of the reading on Jesus’ healing of the leper. Matthew 8: 1-4

    1 When Jesus came down from the mountain, great crowds followed him.

    2 And then a leper* approached, did him homage, and said, “Lord, if you wish, you can make me clean.”

    3 He stretched out his hand, touched him, and said, “I will do it. Be made clean.” His leprosy was cleansed immediately.

    4 Then Jesus said to him, “See that you tell no one, but go show yourself to the priest, and offer the gift that Moses prescribed;b that will be proof for them.”

    The priest talked about leprosy. How it was held to be a punishment from God for sins. This “sinner” reached out to Jesus in violation of every rule in the book. This was an expression of humility, sorrow for his “sins” and faith in Jesus all wrapped up in one. This is what Jesus saw. This is what Jesus came for. He reached out to the unclean, outcast penitent in violation of every rule in the book. And took away his “sins”. Healed him.

    The problem with Moralistic Therapeutic Deism is that there is no place for sorrow for sins and a redeeming Savior. In fact, there is no place for sin at all.

    Trouble is, concluded our young wise priest, this New Civic Religion of America doesn’t reflect our true nature. We are not a community of nice people. We are a community of sinners. In need of redemption. This is a dead end trap for those who discover or realize they are not nice. They have no place to go.

    To me, this reminds of how Charlie described Islam. A satanic deception. Moralistic Theraputic Deism isn’t Christianity. It isn’t even a watered down version. Like Allah, The God of the New Civic Religion of America is not our God.

    This is a real problem for America. How do we turn this around? One sinner at a time. I wouldn’t look to politicians or political parties or the judicial system to be leading the way on this urgent task. Not in their collective interest. The Church? Well, there’s a question for you.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Only the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit can turn this around, along with our greatest advocate our most loving and Blessed Mother. This is New Age baloney, I think, which is really Old Age thought. In my opinion, these will be the central points of the new one world religion, when it is finally established. It thoroughly denies Christ and HIs great sacrifice as Savior. Since there is no sin, there is no need for a Savior. But there is wrong thinking. If one believes that there are timeless truths, that the path to the Kingdom is narrow, and that there are acts that offend God, then that person will be silenced. We see the early template now.

      Liked by 3 people

      1. I concur StJudithwantobe. Here is the bit in the description of this New Civic Religion in America that chills me the most:

        “Far from seeing him as our Master, the postmodern age makes Jesus our mascot, the one who affirms our favored causes and affirms us in our deepest selves, where we find ourselves defined by our severest desires. ”

        Point being here that we use Jesus to ratify our severest desires. What are our severest desires but our sins. Our sins are not evil. We see them as good. Even nice. And all Nice people go to heaven.

        This gets to the original sin. We will be like God who KNOWS what good is and what evil is. That is, we will become like God who DETERMINES what good is and what evil is. We define for ourselves good and evil. Sin and not sin. Nice and Not Nice. How can we sin under those rules? And if we don’t sin why do we need a savior? Why do we need redemption for something that is not an issue for us? We are Nice people and we are going to Heaven.

        We define our severest desires, nasty as they may be, as Good, even Nice.

        That’s how Lucifer viewed himself. That was his rebellion. Pride. Would not accept his limitation.

        3 ” it is only about the fruit of the tree in the middle of the garden that God said, ‘You shall not eat it or even touch it, or else you will die.’”

        4 But the snake said to the woman: “You certainly will not die!”

        5 God knows well that when you eat of it your eyes will be opened and you will be like gods, who know* good and evil.”

        6 The woman saw that the tree was good for food and pleasing to the eyes, and the tree was desirable for gaining wisdom. So she took some of its fruit and ate it; and she also gave some to her husband, who was with her, and he ate it.

        This is the New Civic Religion of America and as far as we can see the rest of the world.

        It’s amazing to me that the hierarchy and the Church are not racing through the countryside by night like Paul Revere shouting the warning to the sleeping people. “The Devil is coming! The Devil is coming! Look to your arms!” The Devil is here. Where is the Church? Asleep.

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        1. It is much like Oprah’s Miracle Course, I think. That course says, if I recall correctly, that we seek our “Christ Consciousness”. That means we are all like gods. The is no God the Father, Son or Holy Spirit, as Christians define them. There is no Lord and Savior, no Almighty God to whom we are accountable for our actions. No Holy Spirit from whom we seek guidance. Nothing is right or wrong. It is all relative. You are OK, I am OK. No sin. No moral compass. Apparently, each of us find our moral compass within ourselves…. This is sheer nonsense and gobbledygook….There is so much darkness surrounding us now that it is hard for me to bear even reading this stuff. A lot of it twists language for the unsuspecting. ….. I know it will get worse. When read these templates for the future, I am filled with a feeling that is hard to describe. It feel a terrible dread. But it is more.

          Liked by 2 people

          1. Storm Tracker Ed, the Church is not simply asleep. I sense there is more going on here. I think that the Vatican has become infiltrated over a long period of time with men who do not accept the teachings of Christ and who have long wished to remake the Catholic Church into a new entity. I now believe that they are largely in control. Just as the Democratic party of the U.S. no longer exists and has been converted to socialist/communist principles (but retains the name), the deceivers want to do the same for the Catholic Church. They will retain the name, but make it a mockery of what it once was. That is how I see it…….The blindness among the sheeple is what really concerns me. If the flock were not so weak, then it would not be possible that so many people simply accept widespread delusions which are affecting every institution in the United States and the rest of the Western World.

            Liked by 3 people

              1. Ed and Judith, it’s also valuable, when looking at the corruption, destruction and darkness all around us, to get the wider view of looking through the lens of the Father – limited as we are in this capacity – to see that amidst the darkness He has a Plan and it IS unfolding even now.

                Without all the revelations we have had, we would have never known how depraved certain aspects of the Church have been for, literally, years already. Desmond has reminded us, in his writings, that we have gone through these cycles of falling away from the Lord when His Church has looked to be in the most dire state in the past… yet, And we know, from Scripture, that this has been our story since God first made His Covenant with us. Always, always, always, God’s Love pulls us through when we respond to His Grace.

                All those who strive for holiness, a holiness grounded in healthy human development, great impact is made. As Charlie writes, when we make our stand with and for God, He will see and He will intervene in a profound way(s). God IS acting even now. We have G.R.E.A.T. hope. Aslan is on the move.


                1. Beckita, we know that God always wins. And our loving Blessed Mother is our greatest advocate. This is still very hard to watch as it is happening.

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                  1. I do understand, Judith. I feel the hardness in it too. I chime in as I do with hopeful perspectives, lest anyone fall prey to the temptations of despair. Praying for new measures of peace for us all as we make our way through this transition to the full Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

                    Liked by 1 person

                    1. I realize this, Beckita. It is even hard for Charlie, so we are all feeling a bit the same. We have to go through the valley to get to the mountaintop.

                      Liked by 2 people

                    2. Yes, Judith. I liken my current status to childbirth. The contractions were felt – and I didn’t medicate at all to reduce that discomfort; I chose the Lamaze method – yet, I never took my mind off the thought of how beautiful the baby would be and how excited I was to meet that child after carrying this precious one in my womb. So, too, I keep my focus now on what I can do – even as we note these ugly developments around us. Above it all, I keep my heart and mind on the mystery of the full Triumph of Our Lady’s Immaculate Heart as I remain open to the Breath of God guiding my footsteps. 🙂

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  35. Even before this new heresy, I remember Fr Groeschel blaming it on the psychologists, the fact that people didn’t believe in sin anymore.

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  36. Was flicking through conservative talk radio channels on the way home and the topic was consistently Covid and specifically masks. One was bemoaning that masks are just “walking billboards advertising panic and fear.”

    Question: If that’s the case, why are we not leveraging that billboard space?

    Anyone want to advertise anything on mine?


    1. Ha, MP– my brother doesn’t wear a mask, but there have been rare times when he had to, for example, on a flight. He wrote across his, “DOESN’T WORK”.

      Liked by 6 people

      1. Ha! I often ponder if only The Culture of Life forces could have such an extensive/global PR campaign for abstinence outside of a Sacramental Marriage!

        Imagine the astounding “health” benefits from that Divine Law if it were equally adhered to. ❤

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  37. For The Sake Of… Archbishop Fulton Sheen pointed out forcefully the spiritual dangers of Freudian psychoanalysis, and was the subject of coordinated attacks from the usual suspects as a result.

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  38. Francis continues the purge of conservative thinkers by removing Cardinal Robert Sarah from his Vatican post. A lot of these cardinals are allowed to serve until age 80, but not Cardinal Sarah. Anyone that goes against the grain of popular “progressive” dogma is removed as soon as it can be done without provoking some kind of scandal.

    You know, Christ was not popular with the Roman ruling classes nor the high priests of Jewish councils. He did not fit the profile of what the Jewish people considered a Messiah. I wonder, if we were back in those days, would Francis, the pontiff of the Catholic Church, recognize Him? (He would have the been a Jewish high priest, or some equivalent) After all, Francis apparently believes there is no hell, largely pooh poohs Catholic 2000-year beliefs re many sins in his public comments, and really moves in circles that are most popular in the Western “progressive” world.

    I do not see a man who is in the world but not of the world. Francis is facilitating tyranny and largely championing the Great Reset. As Maria Esperanza said, end time events would unfold when communism returns. It would start in Venezuela and spread. I do not know what she said about how far it would spread. Amazing that the Vatican is on board.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. It surely is amazing how far south many in the Vatican have fallen, Judith. This is truly a Passion Time for our Church.

      It’s important to keep in mind that Cardinal Sarah tendered his resignation – as does every prelate that reaches his 75th birthday – in June of last year. He is now 76 and while many prelates serve for a few – or more – years beyond the age of 75, we don’t don’t if this resignation which the Holy Father accepted now is due to his own push or the discernment of Cardinal Sarah to move on at this juncture.

      Not to be picky, but to be true, while Maria Esperanza did say the troubles of the purification would begin in Venezuela, I don’t recall reading or hearing her speak to a return of communism. That was recorded as being said by Our Lady of Mount Carmel in Garabandal. Nevertheless, the idea is there as reported by some of the Garabandal girls and it is Fr. Wang’s opinion that not just communism, per se, would return but all the -isms that are Godless would become a prominent part of the landscape as we approached the height of this Storm, e.g. socialism, atheism, hedonism, etc.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Beckita, I think Fr Wang’s opinion is really sharp. However, I would wonder if they are all coming back at once because they are ultimately one ‘ism or if they are separate ‘isms that are fellow travelers.

        Put another way: Are they all simply facets on a single crystal, and If they are all simply facets on a crystal, then what is the crystal? Or are they separate at their individual cores, and If they are separate at their core, then why would they come back together as if they are linked?

        This may be a distinction that carries no meaning, but I’d be interested in his answer.

        Liked by 2 people

        1. As Fr. Wang and I are speaking, he just said they’re all inspired by satan to destroy Christianity and our souls, Steve. He mentioned that Pope St. Pius X grouped them all together and called them “modernism.” Father added more: rationalism, materialism, and Marxism. (There’s more… I’m thinking of pantheism and all the heresies that end in -ism.) Again, at the core of each, is Godlessness. It comes to me that this is the spirit of antichrist of which the Scriptures speak. Father’s further point is that they never really went away; we’ve been dealing with them for years and years. St. John the Evangelist, one of the Apostles, comes to my mind as he forewarned in his first letter: “and every spirit which does not confess Jesus is not of God. This is the spirit of antichrist, of which you heard that it was coming, and now it is in the world already.” (I John 4:3) This is me thinking now: just maybe each one has different emphases or details of which they’re comprised so that you can say each is distinct in some ways, yet, they are definitely connected in what is at their core.

          Liked by 4 people

          1. This makes a lot of sense, Beckita. I hadn’t connected that with what St John said so long ago, but that adds a connection that helps. Yes, I agree that that these are different in clothing but the same at the core, and considering Godlessness as the core appeals to me. Where I would perhaps disagree is when Fr Wang calls all these isms “modernism” when to me they are actually ancient in their lineage, as St John stated. They aren’t modern at all, as in the evolving judeo-christian-based modern world of no slavery, personal freedom with personal responsibility and all the other things which have until recently characterized the good aspects of so much of our world. The isms are indeed revenants, paganism returning to a modern world that appears not to have much of an immune system against them. Perhaps he means something different when he uses “modernism” than my distinction of “modern” but to me the isms are all ancient, red-in-tooth-and-claw paganism, utterly totalitarian by their very nature. We’re used to a Left-Right political spectrum, but to me the spectrum is vertical, like this:

            The Left-Right political spectrum puts the extremes out to either side. What ends up in the middle is not freedom or principle but compromise. When you look at it vertically, you realize we want to strive upward, and there is *no* compromise possible between the people near the top and those at the bottom. The extremes are both antithetical to each other and cannot compromise with each other. At the top a principled/lawful society facing off against its ancient unprincipled/lawless enemy at the bottom. The properly evolving modern society moves toward the top by going against “modernism” so “modernism” as a term here works only if “modernism” as the enemy of “modern” means ancient enemies cloaking themselves as “modernism” to drag us back down into blood, the collective murder described by Rene Girard. It’s not an accident that these modernisms all lead to the collective murder of innocents. It is their core uniting action.

            Sometimes, someone will say to me, “Can’t we just all get along?” My response is always no. We *need* this division. We need it to be made crystal clear to all of us. Everything going on right now is finally highlighting this ancient contest. Jesus said He was bringing a sword. I think He was referring to this ancient contest, and His entrance into the contest brought the sword previously missing, causing the Real Political Spectrum finally to come into high relief. So is “modernism” in this use clarifying or confusing? I think it’s confusing. It’s not modern but ancient. We need a different term that will resonate with people in our modern world and help them see clearly the ancient enemy for what it is in this age.

            Liked by 2 people

            1. Steve, the kind of Modernism to which Pope Pius X referred can be found in his encyclical, PASCENDI DOMINICI GREGIS ENCYCLICAL OF POPE PIUS X ON THE DOCTRINES OF THE MODERNISTS. It’s a particular term addressing the need to guard the “deposit of faith” in the Catholic Church. (edit: Better said: “Modernism” a particular term used to acknowledge the forces which would tear down and destroy the “deposit of faith.” Pope St. Pius X could see those forces intensifying in his days and he was the Pope from 1903-1914.)

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