Random Musings at the Start of Lent

By Charlie Johnston

As it turns out, being sprinkled with ashes does not feel as solemn and serious as having your forehead thumbed with ashes by a Priest. It’s kind of like being anointed with silly string. Of course, one year into “two weeks to flatten the curve,” a lot of our religious practices seem more parody than liturgy. Most people have their special annoyances. I am also irritated that Holy Water has been removed from our Churches and replaced with hand sanitizer. Probably the invitation to make an appointment to attend Mass most agitates me. I have attended many Masses since Covid struck, but have attended none by appointment. It just seems contrary to our mission and to our commission – though some people I deeply respect disagree with me.

I sympathize with Bishops who are walking a fine line, trying to keep the Sacraments available without triggering even heavier government strictures. There was a time in this country – and within living memory – when officials and politicians feared sparking the ire of our Churches. Now our Churches fear sparking the ire of government. We are not better off for the reversal. It is also a sign of how truly enfeebled our religious sensibility has become that hostile pagan officials can smack Churches around with impunity.

I have no sympathy for the Vatican decree that all employees must take the gene-therapy vaccine or lose their job. Oppression from within comes as oppression from without is cresting. I can think of no more unchristian decree…except, perhaps, consigning orthodox Chinese Catholics to outer darkness while empowering their tormentors.

I have thought since the offering to the pagan goddess, Pachamama, was accepted on the altar of Christ by Pope Francis as a worthy thing, that there has been a fundamental breach in worship. It is not lost on me that this blasphemous offering was accepted just four months before fears of Covid blasted worship to near-catacomb style desperation throughout the world. And so, persecution must abide for a time, perhaps as a scourge for our lack of fidelity over many decades – and our lack of insistence on fidelity.

God does not abandon His people, even when He chastises them for a time. This time, renewal comes from the ordinary man. Keep faith, do the best that you can with the limited resources available to all now. I know that during the Triduum, I always feel forlorn and bereft during that period when the Crucifix is covered in our Churches and the altars are stripped. But we know that Easter is coming. Certainly, for the last year, it has felt like it is all Good Friday and no Easter. Wait on the Lord. Be of good courage and he will strengthen your heart.


The loss of Rush Limbaugh on Ash Wednesday was a great sorrow for many of us. I always listened to him while traveling on weekdays. He had no peer for his wit, good sense, and penetrating insight, all delivered with jolly good humor in entertaining fashion.

Young folks (and even most older ones) are not aware that Rush single-handedly saved AM radio. When I was young, AM Radio was for rock stations and almost all the popular stuff. FM was a small segment reserved for classical music and NPR-type stuff. As rock stations started gravitating to FM when the receiving technology for stereo sound became common, AM was becoming an afterthought – the home of “swap shops” and such. Rush Limbaugh was such a potent cultural force that he redefined AM radio – and rescued it from becoming a cultural artifact. Shoot, my years as a talk-show host were made possible in many ways by what Rush accomplished.

It is striking to me that two men I much admired died on such notable days. Fr. Seraphim Michalenko, translator of St. Faustina’s diaries and North American postulator of her cause, died on the Feast Day of Our Lady of Lourdes. He befriended me when many were on the attack. And then of course, Rush Limbaugh died on Ash Wednesday. I can’t help but wonder if God is trying to give us signs, but we just won’t see or hear.


While I am praying for my many friends in Texas, the biggest part of me thinks the storm and the troubles there are a sort of gift from above, a divine “inoculation,” if you will. Texas has its own energy grid – and its leaders are not terminally stupid.

There were many factors that came together for this perfect storm and no one of them can account for the totality of the crisis. A big part of it, though, is that as a sop to its “greenies,” Texas transferred a good chunk of its internal energy production over to “green” technologies, even while sitting on more efficient oil and natural gas than almost any nation in the world. This is something akin to funding the office accounts at Rothschild Industries through bake sales. Texans may decide that some of the things that could have ameliorated the problems are too expensive for such a freakish situation. It is not always prudent to pay every year to be hardened against a once-in-300-years-storm. You can choose instead to harden back-up systems and encourage preparation, such as fireplaces, wood stoves, and small generators, while ridding yourself of obvious problems that are mere political palliatives to a mouthy, but largely ignorant, segment of the population.

However it goes forward, because they have their own grid, Texas is uniquely poised to make its own assessment and decisions without much toxic “help” from the feds. I have confidence in the overall common sense of Texans, so I expect they will make prudent decisions that do not over-react to a “black swan” event while resolving to deliver energy in an efficient and reliable way – and encouraging people to be prepared for the unexpected.

So why is this a perverse form of godsend? The delusions of the occupying force that now holds power in Washington are leading them to do the stupidest things they can with energy, making it unreliable and hideously expensive by shutting down the most efficient forms which America holds in abundance. What happened in Texas is coming to the entire country in the next few years – and the feds are doing exactly the things that will compound the crises yet to come. Texas can and will take the lead in developing rational, efficient energy policy that will be a boon to its citizens as America hits the wall, an example of how to confront and overcome such crises brought on by mindless nihilism, and perhaps even a haven for some fleeing from states devastated by the tender care of our Washington overlords. Thank God for Texas, destined to be one of our greatest natural resources during the crises to come.


I have said a couple of times that the mRNA technology used in the gene therapy known as Covid vaccines changes our DNA. That is incorrect. It does not change the physical structure of the DNA, but reformats how it responds to certain challenges – changes its behavior. To put it in simple form, it does not change the hardware, but alters the software.

It is NOT a vaccine, it is gene therapy. It creates what are called “spike proteins” that are always on the lookout for the Covid virus and then mount a furious attack on it. It is experimental and has had no long-term human studies. There have been studies in some animals going back years. They weren’t promising, for the most part. In one involving cats, all the cats ultimately died when confronted with the actual virus the “spike protein” was supposed to protect against, because the protein went hyper-aggressive and killed the cat, itself. Hopefully, that was a distinct outlier which modified behavior too heavily. But the studies I have seen from the animal trials suggest that getting this vaccine might be akin to injecting yourself with time bombs set to explode when you are confronted with the actual virus you are supposed to be fighting. Thankfully, a lot of those time bombs are apparently duds.

Even so, early reports from the United Kingdom show that there are an extensive variety of adverse reactions that have shown up to the gene therapy (vaccine) even before the time bombs have had the opportunity to go off. Frankly, I have read some material that makes my hair curl and that I don’t share because I don’t want to be overly alarmist.

Yet we have an experimental therapy that was rushed through development that the pharmaceutical companies refused to make unless they were exempted from any liability for any adverse reactions. What could go wrong? Maybe the companies have solved all the problems and maybe it will work out just fine. But given the dicey nature of almost all aspects of this, to require people to take the gene therapy or be fired – as the Vatican has done and some companies and countries are threatening – is not just hubris. It is a sin.

But as persecution and coercion widens, that is the acid test of both our faith and our commitment to liberty. Others can consign themselves to the tender mercies of people like Andrew Cuomo and Bill Gates – but I am taking a hard pass. And anyone who tries to force me convicts himself. I am convinced that this is going to prove to be the greatest unforced medical disaster in history. And I do pray that I am completely wrong on this.


Just a thought: when Jesus says some demons can only come out through prayer and fasting, I think it means more than we usually think. We have a rather impoverished view of what fasting is. We tend to think of it only as refraining from certain foods. Yet I think that any serious and sustained mortification is a form of fasting: actively denying ourselves what is otherwise enjoyable or even good. So, I have long thought that the injunction that both prayer and fasting must be involved is an injunction that supplication must be combined with action – the prayer of doing as well as of asking. I may be making an overbroad definition of fasting in contrast to the over-narrow definition most subscribe to, but I think it worthy of contemplation. Particularly in these times, when the winds of demonic disorder are rising to a shrieking howl.


Many of my colleagues, both here and at CORAC – and some family, as well, are undergoing deep crises in their lives. Most of these are people who endeavor to carry their crosses quietly so that they don’t become a burden to others – and who just keep on keeping on. I know many of you are suffering the same. As if it is not enough that our country and the world around us are undergoing a violent breakdown, it is hitting in very intimate, personal ways as well. Never fail to lift each other up in prayer. I pray for my family, friends, the ASOH and CORAC communities daily – but of late I have had a lot of specific prayer intentions go up. Lift each other up. Care for the spiritually wounded even as you bear your own wounds through His grace.


Some of you have noted that you cannot access the video of my Cherry Hills talk from a week and a half ago. You have to log in to your CORAC account to do so. If you don’t have one yet, just go to the signup page and join. There is no fee involved. I have had a few people who have some measure of prominence tell me that they don’t want to share their larger contact info. I’m working on a workaround to that problem. Note, too, that your login for the site and for the Forum are two different things. Both are important, as the Forum is becoming a key place to share information and regional updates.


I wrote a brief note to Melissa MacKenzie, publisher of the American Spectator last week. She asked if she could share it in her weekly subscriber newsletter and, of course, I agreed. I was tickled that she even kept in my signature closing, “Ave Maria, Stella Maris!” If you are not familiar with the Spectator, it is one of my go-to sources. My favorite columnists there are David Catron, for his solid political acumen and Melissa Mackenzie, who always writes with great heart and courage. She has the deep humility of knowing she does not have all the answers, the courage to write what she candidly believes, and the fortitude to do the most right thing she can think of in all circumstances. Below is an excerpt from her latest newsletter:

“One of our readers wrote me last week and I asked if I could share his letter. He agreed and so here it is. A lot of people have been wrongly maligned because of the events of January 6th – no grace extended. To this day, Washington, D.C. is fortified like some failed state capitol….which is kinda appropriate given who’s in charge. Anyway, here’s the letter. Thank you, Charles, for writing.

Hi Ms. Mackenzie,

Just a note to tell you that I am thankful that you wrote the simple truth about the protest on the Ellipse on Jan. 6. I was there. It was a piece of Americana. I laugh in contempt at those who call it an exercise in white supremacy. There were a lot of black folks there, a HUGE contingent of Chinese Americans and I spent part of my time chatting with a group of native Americans. Everybody was chatting, laughing and cheering together. The gay fellow, Ricky Rebel who did the MAGA song to the tune of YMCA was there having a ball and everyone was cheering him – and having a ball with him. The only off things I noticed were some people in the crowd wearing all black with the creepy skull Covid mask. I thought they were not really conservatives. Then, maybe 20 yards in front of me was a man who shouted, “Let’s storm the Capitol!” Everyone ignored him and kept doing what they were doing. He tried two more times, with the same results – and finally gave up. What struck me was that his words were exactly how the media narrative later styled the whole thing.

I never made it to the Capitol. My hip got real sore and I needed to just get back and rest. I had a group of around 30 people from around the country there. Thank God NONE of my people went into the Capitol. It was stupid and unhinged. But people are NOT domestic terrorists for asking for a vigorous, transparent investigation of the mountain of irregularities. How bizarre that anyone should think so! You know, the difference generally between a guilty man’s defence and an innocent man’s defense is that an innocent man wants all the evidence he can get into the record, because he doesn’t know which piece will exonerate him. The guilty man wants as much evidence suppressed as possible because he doesn’t know which piece will convict him. It is the left which is trying to suppress things – and the “domestic terrorists” who want an honest investigation. An acquaintance asked me if I would concede that Biden was honestly elected. I said “Sure, just as soon as there is a genuine investigation into the irregularities and it proves it. Will you aggressively support that?” He was not pleased. Strange.

In any case, I am so glad you came to the defense of the multitudes of people who just wanted their voices peacefully heard. — 

Ave Maria, Stella Maris!

Charlie J.

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346 thoughts on “Random Musings at the Start of Lent

    1. We are extremely blessed in Boise Idaho at St Johns Cathedral.
      Daily mass, holy water, wear a mask if you want to, confession always available, ashes on the forehead on Ash Wednesday.
      The Cathedral is now in the process of placing the tabernacle in its rightful place! Front and center!
      Abundant blessings to you all.

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  1. Tell me about it!!! I got sprinkled with ashes in the morning, had a hair appointment in the afternoon and had to explain to my hairdresser that if she sees these little black things in my hair or scalp they weren’t 🐜 bugs!!! 🤦🏽‍♀️ Try explaining that one to a non Catholic!!!😂😂😂😂😂

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      1. 😂 lol Charlie I think she thought I was a crazy lady!!! Of course I talk to her about you all the time and even Wednesday I said, “Charlie thinks we’re gonna have a rough 3 – 5 years!” She replied, “Four to be exact until Biden is out of there but then again, they pretty much monopolized the elections!” Hahahahaha Meghan at Mane Root is an amazing girl! If you need a trim, I highly recommend stopping in there and she’ll fix ya right up! Either she or Kelly!!! They’re a neat bunch and bucked the mask wearing mandate as soon as it began! True patriots! You’ll be pretty close to them on 250!🤔 I take great delight on you seeing some of our local peeps! 💇 prayers for traveling Charlie!🥰🙏😇

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          1. Charlie, I go to a VERY exclusive barber. So exclusive that the guy has only 1 client. He’s not well-known and kind of hack but very reasonably priced. I’ve been cutting my own…err, I mean…getting my hair cut there for over 10 years and have saved at least $1,000 by my calculations.
            The place is called Christopher J’s Basement but don’t spread that around too much. 😉

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            1. Hahahahaha!!! Christopher J I had to learn how to do my hubby’s hair during the lockdowns!!! It wasn’t too hard but he doesn’t have too much on too so the risk was not too great! Lol still not perfect but it’s passable for these times😂

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              1. Linda, my husband USED to cut his own hair—buzz cut. Then he started getting professional cuts that looked oh so nice. Since the plandemic started he’s in revolt. Aaaargh.

                He now has a “man bun” LOL. The kids have tormented him relentlessly into getting a professional hair cut. (None of them would trust me, sadly. I did offer!) My guy won’t do it until he can get a profession cut without a mask: “Like Nancy Pelosi!” he says. 😛

                He trims the back of his neck to get the wolfy-hairs off and trims his sideburns.short. He has a very handsome face and angular chin, so he can get away with it. But he does look mucho-handsome with a real professional cut. I love his rebel spirit and defend him from the kids, Lol.

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                1. Oh that is awesome littlelight!!! Well he should come to where I am, my girl pulls the drapes and no one wears masks (well some fraidy cats do) but I never have nor my hairdresser 💇‍♀️ !!! True patriot!

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  2. As Charlie says: “Certainly, for the last year, it has felt like it is all Good Friday and no Easter”

    Yes indeed, and unfortunately, in this increasingly God-forsaking isle of Ireland, we will have yet another “Easter-without-Easter”, as our pathetic little underlords (they’re not the overlords they like to think themselves in their fevered dreams, being actually under the sway of the real lords of the world – except they’re too dumb to realise it) have decreed that we are to remain in “lockdown” until…oooh, perhaps May, but who knows?… with concomitant lack of Mass and confession.

    Thank the very good God, our local church is resuming Adoration in the afternoon on Saturdays, with limited confession as well. I’ve been asked to take the 4-5 p.m. slot as they have to ensure a constant presence, of course, but I am sure many will come anyway, as they certainly did during the last period without Masses in October/November. I’m really looking forward to it.

    And I love the musing on fasting combined with action! “…supplication must be combined with action – the prayer of doing as well as of asking”.

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  3. This is the only blog I am signed up for & can’t wait to read. Charlie, you are the best! It’s so much fun to read my own thoughts written in a much more comprehensive & intelligent way lol. I’ve heard that the weather is now being controlled by technology & even found some videos & articles on this. Do you think that’s true? Seems like as each day passes, life becomes more & more like the Truman Show. Our Lady, Queen of Peace, save us from ourselves!

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    1. I don’t worry about such things, Brenda. Yes, men try to control all sorts of things – but it is God who is in ultimate control. Those who try to control things they should not sow the wind and will reap the whirlwind.

      But I did get a laugh out of how this is all coming to resemble the Truman Show!

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  4. Do you miss Holy Water? Ask your priest if you can begin a Holy Water apostolate for your parish. Here’s how it’s done: get some plastic bottles from Amazon, or a local supply store. Next, get as many large, sealed containers as possible–like water cooler dispensers, or sideline Gatorade jugs–fill them with water, and load them into the trunk of your car or the back of a pickup truck. Fill the bottles with the water (your priest can bless the water all at once) then offer the sealed bottles of Holy Water at a table in the back of your church, for people to bring home. I’ve done this now in my two parishes over the past year. Even though we are not permitted to offer Holy Water in the churches, my parishioners are using Holy Water more than ever, blessing themselves in their homes. No reasonable priest will object, and he should be willing to reimburse you for the cost of your expenses. These times call for creative solutions, and I know from experience–this one works! 🙂

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    1. Father, Is this ratio still applicable? “In short, Holy Water can be diluted 49% and still retain its sacramental properties. The 49%/51% ratio has precedent in the Church. (source- ucatholic blog)
      (the Sacred Congregation of Rites prescribed in 1904 that liturgical candles must be comprised of at least 51% beeswax i.e in maxima parle.)

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      1. Maggie–yes. You may increase your Holy Water supply by adding regular water to it, so long as what you add is <50% of the total volume. Take note, however: it is permissible to do this only once, and not indefinitely.

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        1. Funny thing, on my pilgrimage, every time I came to a Catholic Church, I would add a little Holy Water to my water bottles…and would always refill them before they were empty. I knew the water in my bottles was far too diluted to be Holy Water, but it comforted me somehow to know that there were traces of the real thing there every time I took a drink. Ha, I told my Priest what I was doing and he said it was not Holy Water in my bottles, but he, too, saw nothing wrong in it and something a bit hopeful.

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          1. No, the water does not become exorcised by adding exorcised salt. The Roman Ritual of 1962, authorized by Pope Benedict XVI, has separate exorcisms for water and for salt. Personally, I always use this old rite when blessing Holy Water, because it is a more complete prayer.

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            1. Thanks Father! I’m not sure which prayer he used…I’ll have to ask my friend Char, for she provided it for him… but it was very long! Father Francis liked it a lot! He really got into it and at times he seemed to shake a bit. It was a very powerful to witness, very interesting words and a very long prayer. I’ll try to find it and seek your advice because we’ll be asking him to repeat the process again probably this spring! I thank God for priests like yourself and fr Francis who care about us sheep 🐑 so much! Thank you Father for saying yes to God for our sakes!!!🥰

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                1. I wonder Beckita, if Fr. Would be up to sending some of that salt out if we sent money for shipping and handling. Or victura98? Or if there is a priest in every region who could do that for their squirrels? Just thinking how to minister to everyone to make sure to have the bases covered so to speak. I don’t want to overwhelm Fr. Wang but I do want anyone who is need to be taken care of. this might be a topic for the Corac side of things. Thoughts?

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                  1. I see what you mean, HTTP. First of all, salt is heavy to ship. The other thing to think about is how the old ritual calls for the exorcism of the salt which the priest then uses to exorcise the holy water; there are separate prayers for each, so it’s not a matter of the lay person getting some exorcised salt and then adding it to the water. That won’t do for exorcised holy water. Please, do read the link I put in a comment yesterday and you’ll see exactly what I mean. It’s much better to find a local priest so he can bless/pray both parts of that ritual. There’s got to be a priest who is willing to use the Roman Missal Ritual nearby most everyone. For you, I recommend you give Fr. Bart Stevens at St. Anthony Catholic Church in Laurel a call. Charlie and I met him in 2016 when Charlie made a visit to Billings. If that doesn’t work out, keep asking around to see who knows a priest who would do this.


      2. IF you pour the NEW water into the existing Holy Water, as you pour, it becomes Holy Water. So no matter what volume you pour, it IS holy Water. This is how we keep our Easter Holy Water all year. BTW, maybe that vessel in the back of the church never got emptied? Ours hasn’t. It keeps getting lower, we keep adding water…Check out yours.

        As IF Holy Water was being used to “wash up”, hand sanitizer is a replacement? NOT!

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        1. I am hoping you really have holy water. I remember some years ago a comment, [wish I could remember who or where but someone I felt was reliable] that water poured into holy water does not become holy water. I don’t know science etc. but molucles? don’t change The holy water is still holy water but the added water does not become holy. He used the analogy of sand. take half cup of brown sand and add half cup of red sand. If you take a pinch of sand you will probably have some red and some brown sand..repeat that again and the pinch of sand may have none of the original brown sand, eventuly none at all/ I like the analogy of water and another liquid, say bleach. pour half a cup of water into half a cup of bleach. the bleach doesn’t become water and the water doesn’t become bleach..do that a few times and you will just have water, no bleach. I hope this is correct,but it makes sense to me..like the wine with water added, enough water and you really won’t have wine..

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          1. Clemgal, please take note of Victura’s response. He speaks with the authority of a solid Catholic priest. He said: “Maggie–yes. You may increase your Holy Water supply by adding regular water to it, so long as what you add is <50% of the total volume. Take note, however: it is permissible to do this only once, and not indefinitely."

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            1. Bekita yes I did note his reply and feel it is what I had thought all along. I was replying to Nance who said that water poured in becomes holy water and you can keep pouring in all year without blessing and still have holy water. That is what her church has apparently been doing. So that is not doing as Victura has said is correct. I apologize for any misunderstanding

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      1. Not all are in agreement. I sent an “Ask Father” question to Fr.Z about this and he replied to my e-mail with this link: https://wdtprs.com/2018/09/ask-father-adding-water-to-holy-water/

        The thrust of his linked post was that (prior to consecration) since no more than 1/5 (one fifth) of the volume of the wine should be added by water to be sure that the substance of the wine has not been compromised, the same criterion should apply to Holy Water in order to not compromise its substance: a 20% volume increase performed just once.

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        1. I think we are just in semantics here. I was under NO illusion that my drinking water was Holy Water…I just liked the comfort it gave me to add a little at stops. I regret if I gave the impression that I was quoting some rule on what mix of dilution can still be constituted as Holy Water. Rather, it was designed to be stated that, as when your children are not present, pictures of them can be a comfort, so for me, when I was far from fonts, knowing that I had put a few drops in my drinking water was a comfort even though it was not the real thing.

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              1. No worries. Yes, these reply threads can get confusing. I did intentionally reply to you, but I replied to your intention to post Victura’s recommendations to the site. I thought caution was needed on this topic.

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    2. My parish (Massachusetts) has the usual sanitizers as you enter the church and a sign to “wash your hands”. Then farther on we have a automatic dispenser that dispenses clearly marked “Holy Water”. I love it. (I also have my own holy water font in my home, which I use before I leave home) I love my parish.

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      1. Ha Linda, you’re funny! “Cooked you up.” It’s so great that we can have these sacramentals to use in our homes. I just got three pint jars of salt blessed a few weeks ago. (I poured the salt into the jars because I thought it would be kind of weird having holy, exorcised salt in Morton’s boxes once it was blessed). I usually sprinkle some on our food when I’m cooking, and I bless our house occasionally with it. We have some weird things happen in our home sometimes that we can only surmise as evil spirits, so when these strange things begin ramping up I go throughout the house and re-bless every room. I still have to bless our property yet. Been waiting for the cold snap to subside. Hoping we will hit 40 in Minnesota on Monday like they say. Of course, that will probably change. lol

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        1. Singingjuls first off your piece cracked me up too!!! 😂

          I want to be a witness to a little practice we have going on in our home! (I think I’ve shared this before? 🤔)

          I do believe in spiritual warfare!

          I’m sort of really in tune to things going amuck and although my hubby thinks I’m a quack 🦆 he does indeed do what I ask him to do because he’s learned that ultimately this procedure benefits him the most!!! So what Michael does is to go around the house with a crucifix and give the devil da 🥾 boot!!! He says, “Rooty toot, rooty toot, da devil gets the 🥾 boot! Out!!! As for me and my household, we serve the Lord ! And the devil gets the 🥾 boot!” Hahahaha He goes around the whole house, each room and kicks him out! I always say….don’t forget the basement!😂

          Actually I learned about this practice from Fr Ripperger, world renowned exorcist, who said ONLY the husband has the legitimate authority to exorcise his home!

          It is strange that when things get wierd, after my hubby does this home exorcism, things calm right down!

          Sort of interesting but true. Get ur hubby to go rooty toot and give da devil the 🥾 boot!!! 😀

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            1. Haha, LittleLight, I know my husband would probably do this inside but not sure about outside. It would definitely confirm our neighbor’s suspicions that we are all nuts! (Even though we’re just a bunch of squirrels in disguise). 😀

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              1. Please tell your husband, Brian is doing this and loving it! Isn’t it wonderful how your Michael inspired my Brian? See, you tell him he is A Sign of Hope!!! 😀

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                1. That is awesome Littlelight!!! Ha!!! Mike just did it again last night!!! 😂 lol. I figure you can never get enough demons 🧹 swept up and out!!! Lol I remember Padre Pio said if we Could truly see them, they would block out the ☀️!!! And THAT was in the 50’s???

                  “Saint Pio: ‘There are so many that if they were capable of assuming a form as tiny as a grain of sand, they would block out the sun. “

                  Click to access ANGES_pietralcina.pdf

                  Was it the 50’s???

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          1. OMGosh Linda, you are a hoot! I may just be able to get my hubby to do it this way! He and my daughter are the comedy team of our family. lol I do understand about the husband being the head of household but didn’t know that he was the one that was supposed to do the blessing, too. Sometimes he thinks I’m crackers when I go around blessing rooms, so it might take some goading to get him to do it, but doing it the way you get Mike to do it may just work! I’ve been the one that’s been blessing our home for years!

            Linda, do you or does anyone know any more about this? I was listening to a speaker recently, can’t remember if it was Fr. Ripperger, someone on the Grace Force Podcast, or some other video, but I thought they said that a husband can bless his wife and kids with Holy Water but a wife can’t bless her husband in the same way, she can only bless her kids. I’ve also been doing this for years for my husband and daughter, especially when their anxiety kicks into full gear. Oh well, God knows my heart is in the right place. Thanks Linda! 😉

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            1. While I do appreciate the work of Fr. Rippiger, sometimes, Juls, I think even our clergy can get legalistic about these things. I consider how a man and woman are actually the mutual ministers of the Sacrament of Matrimony to each other as the priest witnesses the vows and blesses them in the name of the Church… From the CCC: 1623 According to Latin tradition, the spouses as ministers of Christ’s grace mutually confer upon each other the sacrament of Matrimony by expressing their consent before the Church. In the tradition of the Eastern Churches, the priests (bishops or presbyters) are witnesses to the mutual consent given by the spouses, but for the validity of the sacrament their blessing is also necessary. I think, too, of the power of words. We ARE made in the image and likeness of our Creator. When HE spoke, He created. And WOW did He create beauty! When we speak blessings over others, we co-create with God. Proverbs 15:4 says: “A soothing tongue [speaking words that build up and encourage] is a tree of life, but a perversive tongue [speaking words that overwhelm and depress] crushes the spirit.” Why shouldn’t a wife – the co-minister of the Sacrament of Matrimony – bless her husband, and seek God’s graces upon him? This takes nothing away from him as head of his domestic church in which he lays down his life for his wife and children, just as Christ did for us.

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              1. Thanks Beckita for your wisdom and knowledge. I really need to explore my Catechism more. It’s sad, I have been Catholic all my life with about 15 years in between doing it my way instead of God’s way. In all my ‘ahem’ years of living I had never even heard about the Catechism until ten years ago. It’s amazing what you learn about your faith when you help teenagers learn about their faith. I think I learned more from them than they learned from me.

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                1. God bless you, Juls, for your years of work with youth. The Catechism is a gem for sure. Good for you for planning to explore it. Here’s a great article for consideration as well: http://www.catolico.org/_ENG/mary/mariano_principioENG.html

                  In it, the author discusses the Marian and Petrine dimensions of the Church. Both are essential, yet, take a look at this passage from the CCC when considering the domestic Church as a mirror of the Bride of Christ, our Catholic Church: 773 In the Church this communion of men with God, in the “love [that] never ends,” is the purpose which governs everything in her that is a sacramental means, tied to this passing world. “[The Church’s] structure is totally ordered to the holiness of Christ’s members. And holiness is measured according to the ‘great mystery’ in which the Bride responds with the gift of love to the gift of the Bridegroom.” Mary goes before us all in the holiness that is the Church’s mystery as “the bride without spot or wrinkle.” This is why the “Marian” dimension of the Church precedes the “Petrine.”

                  Amazing, huh? The “Marian” dimension of the Church precedes the “Petrine.” Whoa! When I think of a spouse blessing her husband, I think that Mother Mary must surely have continually blessed her earthly spouse, Joseph. This took nothing away from Joseph’s authority as husband. It actually enriched him with God’s Grace. Our Lady was THE GLUE which held the Apostles together after the Ascension as they awaited the descent of the Paraclete. Some of the Church’s mystical literature reveals accounts of each Apostle approaching her for her Maternal Blessing before they went out to all the world to spread the Gospel. Granted this is Mary, the sublime Mother of the Church. Still, in keeping with the domestic church as a reflection of the Church, both husband and wife were baptized as priest, prophet and king. And I’m not aware of an official Church document proclaiming that a husband has authority to bless his spouse but his spouse has no authority to bless him. I’d love to see it, if there is one.

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                  1. Thanks for the reference Beckita. I love this, “Our Lady was THE GLUE which held the Apostles together after the Ascension as they awaited the descent of the Paraclete. Some of the Church’s mystical literature reveals accounts of each Apostle approaching her for her Maternal Blessing before they went out to all the world to spread the Gospel.” Just like us as mothers keeping our families ‘glued’ together. What a beautiful role model Our Blessed Mother truly is!

                    I just started watching a series called, “Journey Through Scripture, Genesis to Jesus,” on EWTN. I’ve watched the first three episodes and it is full of references to the catechism and the how the books of the bible are inspired telling about salvation history. It’s done through the St. Paul Center.hosted by Matthew Leonard and read by Scott Hahn.

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            2. Singingjuls yes I heard that too!!! Hubby can bless wife and kids wife can only bless kids and siblings because she doesn’t have authority over hubby! However; she can indeed ask God to bless hubby. Personally what I do is I say the guardian angel prayer to his guardian angel to watch over him. I do this for lots of family and friends but I must admit sometimes our guardian angels are slackers!!! Hahaha just kidding ya dearest guardian angels!!!😂😇 please light 💡 guard, rule & guide all of us here!!!🥰

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                1. Oh man I wish we could soon mick!!! My poor hubby is slammed in his foundry work. 😫 believe it or not the boat business is booming and He’s the only one capable of molding, pouring hot aluminum and grinding at the moment and He’s waaaaaaay too old to be doing this work!!! He tried last week to teach a fellow how to pour and the poor guy almost walked out and still has a hand full of heat blisters from just one mold he poured! Lol mike on the weekend just tries to regain the strength he lost previous week. To tell you the truth mick I look forward to a day production stops and he picks up a hook hoe instead!!!😫


    3. I have asjed my Angel to remind me to ask our “Bud”, who tends to the Basillica physical operations, abd ask him to broach this with Father.

      Tiday, my Angel reminded me to ask “Bud” about the pissibility of providing sanitary matches, a match wrapped in celophane or in one if those paper utensel wrappers restaurants use, so that folks could use a sanitary match to light a candle with them

      “Bud” thought it a good idea and promised to broach the subject with Fatther.

      Then! “Bud” offered me the opportunuty to light a cabdle on the sly…a veritable slap in the face to this repressive regime that darkens our days! I felt like a soviet dissident lighting that candle and ut felt great!

      The wick burned brightky at first then the flane retreated to the wax where it grew very small; I was praying God would keep the tiny flame alive; it looked very touch abd go for some very intense seconds, then the flame”took” and began to burn steadily.

      I was overjoyed and grateful as I cintinued into Adoration to pray, thanking God fervently for the privilege of being a rebel against the darkness.

      I think many others will eagerly tebd the flames if we do this enturely reasonable, ethical thing.

      Perhaps sone here have ideas on a methodology for implementing this? Maybe ideas on naming the operation…”Operation xyz”

      Could be a fun way to bring the fight to them.

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      1. I love this Timothy, most encouraging. TY for sharing it.

        I got one for Operation xyz.

        We need a group of licensed physicians who won’t take insurance (so will be direct pay and not beholden to the darkness) for adults and children who refuse the gene therapy shot and got kicked out from their physician’s office for Defiance.

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    4. What a great idea Victura. Our church keeps Holy Water in our chapel in a tall metal container with a spigot so we can refill our bottles. I like your idea though, and will suggest this to our evangelization group because there are parishioners at our church that don’t know it’s available. I keep a bottle of Holy Water in my car so I can bless myself before my shift begins at work and right before I walk into church, plus more at home.

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    5. My church took those electronic hand sanitizer dispensers where you just hold your hand under without touching and it spurts into your hand, and instead of hand sanitizer they filled them with holy water at each entrance. Works great!

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    6. So what is the difference, if any, between water blessed in this way and water that is exorcised with the Easter candle and blessed salt? I feel like this is a shortcut.


      1. What is the difference? This is a deep question, and one for the theologians to debate. It’s simplest to state that there exist many different prayers which can bless (or make) Holy Water. Some are long, others are short. Personally, I use the prayers of the Roman Ritual of 1962, in Latin. It’s the longest, most complete prayer of any I have found to make Holy Water. I feel better knowing that the Holy Water has been made with a more lengthy prayer, with many more petitions to God. Is the Holy Water itself any different? I don’t really know, but I figure I’ll “play it safe” for the benefit of those who will bless themselves with it. 🙂

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          1. Yes, the “old school” Holy Water comes from a “high octane” prayer, but–here’s the key question–is the water itself any different, or is a blessing just a blessing, regardless of the words used? There’s no way I know of to test that for sure. I like to confess openly when I’m not sure of something.

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            1. You heartened me, Fr. Here are some thoughts, below. Please correct me, if I am in error. God bless you! Thank you for what you do. I am praying for you and ask for your prayers, too.

              It is a temptation for me to think I need these sacramentals to have access to all of Our Lord’s Mercy and help. And I do have the sacramentals. I’m thinking of Jesus talking about faith the size of a mustard seed, which I don’t have, but am striving for. Of course cherishing these beautiful sacramentals but not hanging all our hope/hat on them, either. In confession once Fr. once told me (when I confessed not enough trust/faith in +Jesus+ for an adult child in dire need) something like (I paraphrase): “No worries, God has a bag of tricks that’s vast, unlimited and more tricky than the trickster.” It is an ongoing source of consolation for me.

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    7. What an excellent idea, Father! Thanks for sharing it, and thanks for being such a sign of hope (both to your parishioners and to us here). 🙂


  5. Thank you Charlie. I too tend to believe that everything that is happening is under God’s control Last night in my prayers I asked God to reveal Himself in all of this craziness. And maybe you are right about the timing of those two great men’s passings. I’ll take it.
    On to the vaccine. I have several family members who have gotten it. One is my husband. His job is requiring it. We really need to pray if what you say about it may be true. I already told my family that I refuse to get it. I don’t even get the regular flu vaccine.
    I also feel we need to pray continuously for our One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church. There are so many things wrong with the “men” who are running it. I haven’t been to Mass or Confession for well over 3 years now. I haven’t lost my faith, I’ve lost my trust in the hierarchy. God have mercy on us, our church, our country, our world.

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    1. I began praying in November for those who would receive the vaccine in good faith. Never forget that God is always in ultimate control. During my pilgrimage, I never filtered my water, only prayed a prayer of protection, even though I often drank from streams, rivers and even lakes. I never had an adverse reaction. Never be presumptuous and always trust God and you will do well.

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      1. I was shocked to learn about processed foods, beverages, and OTC/pharmaceutical drugs dangers, heck even air born pollutants in greater detail years ago. During my first meal prayer of the day, I pray that God bless, cleanse and purify all that I, my family and community consume, body, mind, soul and spirit for the day. I thank God for all the blessings, graces and miracles given to us daily to sustain and fortify us and ask the Holy Family to intercede on our behalf to be renewed in our love of God and one another. It has become a favored practice at the start of the day, one that was inspired by your Abraham’s Journey stories. Thank you for your trust, guidance and example, Charlie. ❤

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          1. I always add it to my cooking for family and friends!!! Ha!!! My daughter in law Liz found me out last summer though…she saw the EXORCISED SALT in my turn style as I wrote it on the top with black magic marker!!!! Oops! Lol she sort of announced it with great alarm and concern! Lol

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    2. Oh, Living– please come back to the Sacraments. Even if most of the hierarchy is corrupt, the Sacraments are valid and their grace is abundant and sustaining. Our Lord wants us at Mass and in the confessional no matter what. God bless you!

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  6. FYI – to my knowledge, the legal exemption for the pharmaceutical companies happened in 1986 when President Ronald Reagan was pressured to sign a bill. This is not a new problem but one that “anti-vaxxers” have been trying to make known for a long time.

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  7. Ash envy! After morning Ash Wednesday mass where we had ashes applied by q-tip instead of thumb, I went to the grocery store where I was stopped by some Catholic shoppers who complimented me on my fine ash cross while lamenting they only had ashes sprinkled over their heads. They were told it was European style.

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      1. Actually, and further to what Linda was saying above about being sprinkled with ashes rather than having them imposed on the forehead with the thumb, Fr. Zuhlsdorf explained in a recent blog post that sprinkling on the head was the traditional custom in Rome. Who knew? Not me, anyway!

        Mind you – I don’t think the sprinkling would work too well for those (of us) of a… ummm … less hirsute configuration 🙂

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    1. Katie, at our mass one priest used q-tips and the other priest had a wet wipe, so after he placed the cross on someone’s forehead, he would wipe his thumb on the wipe and go on to the next one.

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    2. Katicos, in my town, one of the Novus Ordo parishes also has the Traditional Latin Mass. On Ash Wednesday, we knew that at the TLM, the pastor was going to do the ashes on the forehead. So instead of going to our regular parish, we went to the TLM. It was glorious: Beautiful music from the schola, lots of families with kids, a zillion altar boys, and everybody with ash crosses on their foreheads.

      My ashes didn’t last long, though. My “baby” (she’s 7, but whatever) didn’t like her ashes, and she decided that she didn’t like mine either. So Little Miss Latin-Is-Incomprehensible-And-Ashes-Are-Unacceptable-As-A-Fashion-Statement wiped off her ashes moments after Father applied them. Then after we got back to our pew, she lightning-fast swiped my ashes when I momentarily let my guard down. She then made a play to wipe off her big brother’s ashes, but I was able to thwart that attempt.

      So I only had ashes on my forehead for a minute, but I loved that minute. 🙂

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  8. This is a brilliant idea! We are blessed to have local friars who bless water every epiphany with 45 minutes of prayers so it’s very special. I did a 12-pack this year & have given it out to friends. Their eyes light up!

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  9. At our church you had to make a reservation if you wanted to attend any Christmas mass and were limited to only 5 in your party.
    Smith party of 5 your table is ready! Appleby’s anyone?
    Lesson from Texas-expect the unexpected and prepare for the worst hope for the best. Something completely out of the norm completely changed their lives. And another, electricity is so fragile and not to rely on it in any sense.

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  10. “As it turns out, being sprinkled with ashes does not feel as solemn and serious as having your forehead thumbed with ashes by a Priest. It’s kind of like being anointed with silly string.”

    This points to something I have been deeply concerned about: the psychological effects of all the fear mongering and “required” behavior modifications, especially on children. Regarding ashes, my teen daughter said she liked it better, because it felt awkward to have ashes on her forehead in front of non-Catholic friends; my husband said he would miss the opportunity to have good conversations with others. What a difference age and growth can make, if given the opportunity and guidance.
    I avoid (as much as I can) taking my little ones to stores and places where most people are masked–I just don’t want them to come to feel, consciously or subconsciously, that wearing masks is normal and that seeing others, even healthy people, as dangerous germ-infested vermin (anti-social distancing) is good. We talk to the kids about why we believe what we do, and remind them to be charitable with those who believe otherwise, but we won’t normalize it. But what of the millions of children who are being indoctrinated into nonstop mortal fear for their physical wellbeing?
    Which brings it all back to the cause. As a culture, we have no faith in God. Here’s our task: TNRS. Thank you for breaking trail, Charlie!

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  11. JESUS = GOOD NEWS …… 😉


    Pastor Coverstone has a good “Pray With Me” segment today. He addresses alcohol/addictions and the need to “Neighbor Up” with People of Faith to deal with it. I’m sure all here have seen reports of all the “ChinaPlague LockDown” side effects that include substance abuse, suicide and family disintegration ;-(
    It’s Manifest Evil orchestrated by Evil Humanoids!!







    Ill Duce is Toast but another Fringe Socialist Clone will take his place ;-(

    6 Jan DC Cover-Up be ongoing!!


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  12. My friend, the late Dr Robin Lawson, was head of a prominent medical lab in LA back in the 70’s and 80’s. He used to tell me alot about the “new” breakthroughs in medicine. One of the more memorable stories was on organ transplants. He mentioned that the first recipients were given too stong doses of immunosupressants and that the first heart transplant patients went “moldy” overnight and died.
    This is a testament to our natural immune system and how hard it works to keep us alive and healthy. There are literally trillions of antigens around, on and in us at any given time. Our immune system is working in/on our skin, in our mucus membranes and inside our throats, stomachs, intestines and organs. And not all of these mechanism use blood factors like T-cells and white blood cells (leukocytes) to fight infection. We also use symbiotic organism like probiotics and the high acidity or salt in our system to inhibit vectors. Even a fever is a natural antimicrobial attack mechanism and people should be aware that a fever isn’t bad within lower temperature levels.
    The point I’m trying to make is anytime our natural immune system is manipulated there are unwanted side effects. With literally trillions of antigens out there there is a chance that any number of them could interact with gene-manipulated cells in unknown ways. Short term studies do not give enough time for this to become evident. This is a very disconcerting reality. Our immune system is extremely effective and powerful but this doesn’t make the pharmaceutical companies any money, so any side effect is a boon for them. How many people take a pill for side effects caused by another pill?
    The Covid-19 fear narrative, evident in the story Pat told about the grocery store visit where a store full of people are near hysterical with fear from a maskless shopper (but not with that same unmasked person while seated in a restaurant?) shows how powerful and effective the propaganda put out by big pharm is and this, in turn, in making them zillions. It is also this propaganda that is suppressing any opposite narrative including the down playing of serious side effects.
    The trick now is deciding which side effect you are more afraid of:
    Your reaction to the Covid-19 virus and the possible “Long-Covid” side effect after catching it.
    The potential short or long-term effects of a vaccine that only promises to shorten the symptoms but does not produce any immunity. (That is done by YOUR immune system when you actually contract the desease).
    The fact that the vaccine creates NO immunity means “masks” will still be mandated and people while infected by the virus will still be a vector for it and so does nothing to stop the spread nore protect the population from infection.
    All it really does is make Big Pharm a lot of money. And THAT is the whole truth to this “plandemic” narrative.
    The mask is a placebo and is making companies much $$ (wear three…please!) and the vaccine is a cash cow and side-effect windfall from future pill-popping recipients.
    Now if these same companies can just get the government to mandate their agenda…..

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  13. Good morning. Not sure how to reach anyone regarding the issue I have with the corac website. I signed up, received a “thanks for joining” email. No response from anyone in my region and the site is telling me that my information is not recognized. I sent a message via the site addressing this but have not received a response. Is anyone else having an issue?

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  14. Hi Charlie,

    Our parish, Church of the Nativity in Rancho Santa Fe, CA is blessed with a very traditional and creative priest. When the churches closed indoors, he moved mass outside (we are fortunate to have a large courtyard), erected tents, chairs with appropriate social distancing, provided propane heaters and automatic liquid dispensers at various locations- one for hand sanitizer and one for holy water! We have never been without any of the sacraments due to his tenacity, creativity and endless energy (and a group of dedicated helpers)! We have zoom Bible and Lenten studies, rosary groups, adoration every weekday after morning mass followed by benediction, confession on Mondays and Saturdays – he doesn’t skip a beat. Christmas liturgy was especially beautiful this year – outside. Of course we, being in San Diego, are also blessed with good weather.

    The name of this amazing priest is Fr Minh Do. In many ways, this time has been more blessed than ever as parishioners reach out to help one another! Indeed, the parish is attracting parishioners from other parishes in the area. I feel so blessed!

    And if you think it can’t be done in other climates, take a look at this- creativity indeed!!

    Thank you for all you do to help the cause of Christ and the nation! We are all truly blessed!

    Blessings, Raisa Pisano

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    1. I love it, Raisa! A Priest who is determined can do amazing things to protect, preserve and transmit the Sacraments to his people. Thanks for giving us yet another example to go along with Fr. Wang and Fr. Victura.

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    2. My priest has served us much in the same way, Raisa. We got crosses q-tipped on us, and every place I went, I had people stop me and exclaim, “It’s Ash Wednesday?” because in this lockdown of no holidays and no markers of time, they had forgotten, and that cross on my head was a sign. It was so needed. Prayers for your priest!

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  15. Thanks Charlie for this collection of thoughts.  Many little thoughts came to mind while reading this, the events in this PLANdemonic , the capitol farce of “ameriKa terrorists” , vaccine issue, and a couple of more, but the arrow to the heart was the personal pain individuals are experiencing.  I am carrying a heavy cross and like you say try to keep it quiet.  Someone asked about the person who is connected with this cross, and tears immediately came.  Fighting back tears I shared minimal with her as the person has asked me not to give much info out.  She said she would offer prayers and said it is hard to offer up suffering.  Such simple words gave me great comfort to offer more up to Our Lord.  And with your reminders of needing serious fasting in these demonic times gives us in the distant areas great comfort and hope!  God bless all here working to understand and DO HIS WILL…and helping unknown crosses carried.  +JMJ+

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  16. We got the “sprinkling of ashes” as well, it felt cold and impersonal. But I beat them at their own game ~ once I got outside, I found enough ashes on my head to make my own sign of the Cross on my forehead! Then it was all better. Ha!!!

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  17. The Importance of Holy Water:

    I truly believe Holy Water and saying a Hail Mary saved my life this past Labor Day weekend when I was having a severe allergic reaction. I forced Holy Water down my throat and that immediately solved the issue, which was so bad that I was in the process of getting dressed to go to the hospital and asking God if I was going to die alone in my bathroom because I wasn’t sure if I’d remain conscious long enough to get to the hospital or wait for 911 to respond.

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  18. A sprinkling will do, but have to admit I briefly entertained a half-baked thought concerning some palms I still have next to a Crucifix. Would have been nice to have the usual blessing.

    Some Apache helicopters buzzed over the neighborhood in a low pattern this morning, shaking down some thunder and disrupting a phone con out back. Later passed a long caravan of drilling Reserve on the way back from picking up my newly quarantined daughter from school. Forget that most of her junior high and now H.S. has been trashed, when you’ve been pegged to have been within earshot of a Covid +, count on the compliant automatons to follow the prescribed course.

    Sad to say these things will continue to affect us and be out of our control for the most part, but shouldn’t deter us in the least from tending toward the positive and what we can do.

    Leaving the school office with my kid, doubt anyone could see me grinning beneath the required, but useless mask. Is there any safer place to be than with the ‘ole man and/or ma?

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    1. Awwww… love this closing. This too is primo: “Sad to say these things will continue to affect us and be out of our control for the most part, but shouldn’t deter us in the least from tending toward the positive and what we can do.”

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  19. I have a lot of random thoughts about your random thoughts. I drew a lot of comfort from it, although there was much warning in there as well.

    At work, we are still seeing the elderly decline rapidly and soon die after receiving the vaccine (a high percentage, not all of them). We watch them like hawks after we know that they’ve gotten the shot, and it hasn’t gone well. The injustice the elderly are suffering through this ‘”pandemic” –I don’t know. I have no words for it, just that we ought to be ashamed of ourselves for making these people suffer so. The lockdown and isolation is causing such decline in their mental functioning that they lose the will to live far before their bodies are ready to quit. I can’t explain what I’m seeing other to say that it is so deeply sad and unjust.

    That warning you tucked in there about what happened in Texas coming to the entire country–oh how I wish I could move there. Or Florida. Or VA. But I just don’t feel that it’s the right move for us. I mean, if God gives me the go, I’ll go with bells on. However, I am being led to hunker down, and in specific ways. When I get through these next few months, I’ll share precisely what’s been going on in hope to encourage, but what I can say is that these last 3 years have been both devastating, humbling, and so, so beautiful. My son dying, adopting my granddaughter, my marriage exploding and the divorce being almost final, me going to nursing school and how God has supplied exquisitely for myself and my children through all of this–no words will ever do His love for us justice. I need to write a my own Magnificat of his provision through it all. But all of the good has been through learning to take the next right step, and being a sign of hope. Hopefully people will really sink into the simplicity of those directions.

    Prayers for the CORAC family of Squirrels.

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    1. Prayers for you, Briana– and much admiration. The water mains in Memphis are so old that many have broken– they say it’s like we’ve had an earthquake. Water most likely will be turned off. We live in a suburb of Memphis and aren’t affected so we can help those who are, but it’s like Texas, good pracfuture hardship hardship.

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    2. Dearest dearest Briana Elizabeth!!! Oh my gosh!!!
      “My son dying, adopting my granddaughter, my marriage exploding and the divorce being almost final, me going to nursing school and how God has supplied exquisitely for myself and my children through all of this–no words will ever do His love for us justice. I need to write a my own Magnificat of his provision through it all.”
      Big prayers for you!🥰

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    3. Brianna Elizabeth,

      Wow, praying for you! What a whirlwind! If memory serves me you also raised 8 children on top of these tumultuous 3 years.

      God Bless you!

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  20. Charlie,
    My husband and my sons are not going to get the vaccination but my daughter and several nieces plan to. They voted D so you can expect they would. I am praying every day that my daughter will not get one in the end. Anyway, a special prayer request: another niece who works at a major Boston hospital in administration got a vaccination at 8 months pregnant. She is healthy and had a healthy pregnancy. The baby was born a week plus ago and is in the NICU. No real reason given to us other than having a difficult time keeping weight on him and his birth weight was a bit low for a full term baby. Several of us have read warnings from other MDs who say to not take the vaccine if one is pregnant, planning on being pregnant or is nursing. Most people I know are rather stunned that the medical personnel would give a pregnant woman any vaccination, never mine an untested one like covid. I remember not even taking cough medicine when sick when pregnant.
    I have also heard first hand accounts of others being sick after taking the first shot and others having a very sore arm after a shot. Could people please pray for this little baby who may be the victim of people who should have known better. Thank you.
    P.S. A close relative was a defense malpractice attorney for decades. He can not believe that people would take an untested vaccination, testing for one year is “not testing”. He just shakes his head. As the defense side, he represented the major hospitals and their doctors and nurses. He has seen it all and although most medical personnel can be heroic, they are not perfect. God help us.

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    1. I know Patricia!!! My son globetrotting Tommy and wife Liz who do covid testing in DC got the vaccine 💉 and Liz is pregnant 🤰 and due in June!!!😫 I’m soooo worried for them and baby Jaxon but no one is listening 😫 I’m glad Charlie has been praying for all these Vaxxers since November!!!😫

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        1. Thanks dianebelvs I’ve been worried about Tommy for a long time. He gets all these flu shots because of work and hasn’t been able to put on weight in quite awhile! 🤦🏽‍♀️ then there’s pregnant 🤰 Liz!!! 💉 I’m gonna start praying for everyone daily myself🙏


  21. Hi Charlie,
    You are definitely on a roll since you left Cherry Hill! Thanks for the “shout out” at the meeting. I do have another question, but since I know how busy you are, I will throw it out to your wonderful commenters. Why in Genesis does God create them Male and female and subsequently have to build a mate for Adam from his rib?
    Jerry McFadden

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    1. There are two stories of the Creation event. The older one is the male and female He created them…The later story is the first one in Genesis. It is the one with the rib. But the two are inter-twined a bit. The footnotes explain it well. In a Bible History class I took years ago, we actually highlighted the different threads. (Two main ones, but actually 4 storylines in all.) Remember, these stories were told for millenia before they were ever set to paper.

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  22. Hi Charlie. I live in the Houston area, and had the same thought as you did concerning the winter storm and subsequent problems it caused. It was indeed a “Divine Innoculation”. I told my boys that this was a blessing because we got our warning with this, so now we can be prepared when it happens on a larger scale in the future. We were mostly prepared and were able to help people who needed it. (We have met several times at Ed and Michelle’s place when you’ve been in town.)

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  23. I remember Mark Mallett a few times spoke of someone he knew who had a daughter who apparently receives prophetic kinds of information. He said she had been told that a demon was coming to the Earth, a very powerful demon of fear, and that she was not to deal with it or fight it directly. I also recall how God would send a “very powerful delusion” to many people who follow evil.

    I’ve never treated these two ideas all that seriously, but I’ve been thinking a lot about those bits of information as we watch so many people around the world succumb to unreasoning and unreasonable fear, as a very powerful delusion of fear spreads seemingly everywhere.

    We’re experiencing the first true worldwide mass delusion of fear. As I watch how some around me are reacting and how impervious their positions on masks and vaccines are, I’m amazed, appalled, and no longer thinking it crazy to call it out as demonic.

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    1. Hadn’t thought of that, Steve. Worldwide delusion of fear. I can think of nothing that has amazed me more. How can it be so easy to manipulate so many? This is what bothers me most– that people buy in to all these lies.

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      1. Kim, we’ve been up against a concerted attempt to make us afraid. “They” mandated the use of a PCR test at 40 or 45 cycles, which is guaranteed to have many times more false positives than getting it right AND they changed normal medical terminology from someone getting a test to “Case” AND the testing companies alerted people who hadn’t even taken the test that they were positive so how often were tested people told they were positive when they actually weren’t? AND they counted other deaths as Covid AND they locked everyone into their homes where they were much more likely to get sick AND they said all the hospitals were full and/or dangerous so people stayed home AND they told everyone to wear a mask that restricts their breathing which is guaranteed to keep people in a constant state of low-level anxiety AND the news covered it *all* the time AND they kept people’s faces covered which generates social anxiety AND they closed all bars and other places where people could gather and trade stories AND they deliberately denied people the simple solutions they could have used AND they closed schools and businesses which added huge family and financial stresses to most people AND they constantly changed what they were saying so people always felt things were out of control and scary AND they lied and lied and lied. How else could it all have turned out?

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        1. But why have so few of us figured out that it’s a bunch of crap? That’s what I don’t get. This BS is so obvious. Why do we see this and the great masses don’t?

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          1. “But why have so few of us figured out that it’s a bunch of crap? That’s what I don’t get. This BS is so obvious. Why do we see this and the great masses don’t?”

            This is part of the diabolical disorientation spoke of by Our Lady in various Marian apparitions.

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          2. The fear came first, even for me. Once the fear is established in a person, it becomes very difficult to see as foreign or unneeded. The following is pure speculation on my part, but from personal observation, I would say that the most likely people to fall under this spell are liberals (who already believe the world is going down the tubes and who spent four years afraid of Trump) and people who are well-meaning but lack God to fall back on, and people (sheep) who are very trusting of authority and don’t think to do their own research (people who are asleep). Of the three, the liberals are, well, not necessarily deserving of it but most attuned to anti-life and anti-God attitudes and in communities of similar people who are spreading the fear, and therefore most likely to be those discussed in the Bible as falling under a delusion. I don’t think it’s God giving everyone who is prone to the Mark a delusion but rather allowing a delusion that was already there to consume the person until he or she has no will of their own but is “owned” by their fear and those who are spreading that fear. The truth appears to spread among people who are already at least partly awake and those in communities like this one which are pro-life and pro-God. But as I say, that is just speculation on my part from unscientific observation and theorizing.

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            1. I’d add that the temptation to fear is probably mistaken for the real thing in many decent folks. And that, simply put, the amount of fear in a person is in direct proportion to a lack of love. None of us are immune to it obviously, as perfect love casts out all fear.

              The thick miasma of the adversary makes it difficult to see Truth –– the Source of Love and Love Himself –– all the more exacerbated by tending towards and preferring the lie.

              Oh, happy martyrdom of all in us that isn’t Jesus. Does that strike fear in any of us?

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              1. I think you make some good points, MP. I should really point out that it would probably be better to talk about what these people are feeling as “anxiety” so that we can allow “fear” its legitimate function of awakening us to actual/real threat. I once read a book called “The Gift of Fear” and found it quite interesting, and it made that same distinction. When a person wears a mask, his body reacts with a generalized feeling of something that is better called anxiety than fear, simply due to the body’s reaction to having its breathing restricted and internal oxygen levels dropping. This is one of the reasons the Powers soon started to recommend mask-wearing and keep it up or even double-mask to this day. It’s a cheap and easy way to guarantee the development of anxiety.

                When you are filled with deep anxiety about what *could* happen if you make a wrong step, you lose love, just as you say, and your behavior morphs into actions or inactions that are designed solely to relieve your anxiety. If someone says that your mask actually doesn’t help ward off the alleged threat, your response is likely to be immediate, unthinking rejection of the news because of a spike in anxiety aimed at the *news*. Thus, no rational thought can intrude. There is only anxiety and no room for love.

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                1. Yes, anticipation and hair-trigger anticipation, fight or flight, adrenaline, and all that biological, neurological, pyschological… stuff that can help keep us out of danger… or mired in it. Here I’m considering fear solely from a spiritual perspective. Primarily as a lack of love, stemming from a lack of trust in God due to sin, and all the wearisome concerns of a heavy humanity bogged down in the mud of the world.

                  Here’s a little something I read once and took to heart: “I am the God of your fathers, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Moses trembled with fear and did not dare look.” Acts 7:32

                  ‘Course you can’t read that and stop there, as it’s right there in the ultimate page turner.

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                  1. Yes, indeed, I very much agree. I have found in my own life that having faith in God as caring for me (and others) individually enables me to relax, which in turn gives me space to think things through objectively or simply to know what is truth and what is not. The story (possibly apocryphal) of Padre Pio fighting the satan at night with what began as a big sword but became *smaller* as he grew in faith is something I keep in mind. Also, I think Moses had the right use of fear at that instance, but that was a real incident, not a vague anxiety that something might go wrong someday. I often these days think about Jesus who knew what was coming to him “someday” but was probably able to enjoy His days beforehand because He would not have obsessed about some later “tomorrow” problem and could focus on getting His apostles ready and healing people “today.” I suspect He was probably a pretty serious guy sometimes and quite funny at other times, all appropriately focused in the moment.

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                    1. Faith (belief) hope (Trust) and love (respect) have a lot to do with how well we handle life.
                      “In the world you will have trouble, but take heart (Trust/confidence) I have overcome the world.” (John 16:33).
                      It is only natural to be troubled in this life. It is part of the punishment due to the Fall of Adam and Eve. The world is trouble and when we rely or trust in it, we reap more of the same.
                      It is only through the “supernatural” that real peace, hope and love can be ours. No psychological evaluation, no game plan, no drug, no job, no prize can give us peace. Only supernatural grace can give us “what the world cannot give”. (John 14:27).
                      This is beyond our understanding.
                      We may fear the unknown, but we fear the Lord either because of “His just punishment” or out of fear of offending Him “who art all good and worthy of all love”.
                      I believe Moses’ fear was more out of respect and humility, and the same with Mary when the angel told her to “fear not”. Mary saw angels all the time. It was the “kind of greeting” Gabriel gave her that troubled her. She was not afraid of the angel himself but was troubled by his salutation to her because of her great humility.
                      The 3 apostles walked with Jesus every day but grew “fearful” upon seeing him transfigured. It was in the glory of the moment that Jesus shone upon the 3 apostles which made them fearful. Is glory scary? Do we feel God was going to kill or harm them by this glory?
                      It is awe inspiring and we naturally cower/stoop/bow or fall down on our face from the overwhelmingrespect, honor and amazement we feel in his glorified presence.
                      It is simply the natural succeeding to the supernatural.

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                    2. After calling Moses to Himself, God placed the limits on the Theophany. (Exodus 3:5) Then, moreover He said, “I am the God of thy father, the God of Abraham, the God of Issac, and the God of Jacob.” And Moses hid his face, for he was afraid to look upon God. (Exodus 3:6 KJV). Folks can contemplate that and the meaning of words (such as “afraid”), and I expect the Theologians can help guide us and set us straight.

                      In the meantime, of possible interest to some is that the passage intentionally quoted above comes from Stephen’s defense before his stoning and Martyrdom. He of course was quoting from Exodus 3, and shortly thereafter:

                      “Behold, I see the heavens opened, and the Son of man standing on the right hand of God.” (Acts 7:56)

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          3. Kim, I’ve been so busy that I’m catching up on several days of posts and comments. Have gone down the line “liking” many of the comments, but not taken the time to comment myself. This time I have to “butt in” with my 2c worth! I’ve spoken for years about the “dumbing down” of America, the title of a book even, but it’s the dumbing down of the whole world by the “elites” who know better! Someone here has referred to “The Naked Communist” and the numbered list of items and how they would take over. It’s all been accomplished (courts, schools, government, media!, etc.)! Many are “useful idiots” as we called them in the old days. I wonder how many in the disgusting media even realize how brainwashed they are.

            We here, are so blessed to be led by the Holy Spirit, staying close to the Sacraments and our Faith, and on and on. It’s a mystery in a way, but our eyes have stayed open by the Grace of God. As we keep hearing, we’re on earth at this time for a reason! Who, me 🙂

            I miss all of you when I can’t come by each day. Getting ready for hip surgery on this Wed, 24th, and we’re having all kinds of appointments with hubby’s docs about cancer treatment. But the Lord is moving and arranging things. There’s much I would love to tell you, maybe later when there’s time.
            God bless and love you all!

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                1. It IS absolutely amazing, Brenda. Not your ordinary opinion-giving, research-based stuff. What a fantastic lesson on the kind of mindset we have promoted at ASOH. Brings us right back to the sacredness of conscience and the remembrance that our true audience is God. Thank you!

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        2. I am in agreement with all of this. During this time in PA when we are mandated to wear masks, it also gives you a false sense of security, e.g. those who are sick may think it is safe for them to go out and they end up spreading more illnesses than ever. My two adult children contracted chicken pox! We were never around a friend or relative who had it and they missed it as children despite the fact that they were directly exposed 4 times. Even the chicken pox is mutating, I suppose. (I have two sons who are autistic, so I wouldn’t even discuss vaccines for them.) After we got through the horror that is adult-onset chicken pox, we all caught a severe rhinovirus that put me down for a whole week.

          The whole time my family or me were sick, I had to convince some worry-wort that we did NOT have Covid. And you can bet that I would not line up for those Covid tests unless I show all the main symptoms. Thanks for any additional prayers you can offer for us.

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      2. I know all this is only Armageddon (only-hahahahaha 😫) and leading into triumph and era of peace, but it sure sets a path in my mind to the real “end” of time! Yikes!!! How we don’t live through both but hey, whatever she wants, eh?!??

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  24. I am (way beyond) appalled that Francis would join with the people that want to force people to do things against their will. God gives us choices that each one of use may make. From where does Francis thinks his authority is derived? Certainly it opposes the One who gave us free will.

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  25. I’m not angry in the least, but my Christian cousin, Nadine, a surgeon, just informed me that my aunts had the nursing home staff administer an mRNA shot to our sweet 101-year-old Honey….. ONE WEEK before she died.

    My family is full of Western New York Boomers, indoctrinated Leftists, global warming buffoons, and pro-abortion Catholics, so they undoubtedly ignored any obvious correlation here….cuz that’s what they’ve been doing their entire lives.

    Well, Honey was heading home anyway, and what is done is done.

    I pray for my family. It’s all I can do because I’m staying far, far away from their poison until after the Storm. (I have little choice).

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      1. My friend in North Dakota, an ER nurse and member of CORAC, said her grandmother in Lemmon, SD, who has early stage dementia was also given a shot of this experimental drug. She was hospitalized within 24 hours and looks like she needs to be moved to a nursing home from here on out. She was living at her home having recently lost her husband.

        It is surreal and sickening to watch this deliberate disaster unfold while being unable to do a damn thing about it.

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        1. I will be keeping yours and your friend’s grandmothers and all our elderly and vulnerable in my prayers as I pray the Mass, my Rosary and my Chaplet today.

          My uncle had a stroke a couple of weeks ago and my aunt and cousin were trying to keep him out of a care center. They’ve had a hard time and had to move him to a care center this weekend. They can’t see him for 14 days because he had to automatically go into quarantine because of Covid. I pray that he gets the rehab and recovery he needs without any complications. If you could please pray for healing for my Uncle Ed and for my son Ryan who has had complications with his Ulcerative Colitis since last November. Thank you so much.

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          1. I absolutely will pray for your family, Singing Juls. And thank you for yours.

            (A thought just hit me – it looks like part of the satan’s plans of manipulation and chaos are backfiring: The worse things get, the harder and more fervently we all pray!)

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            1. A comments after this mornings readings were perfect. The reading(Bible in a year) from the gospel was on Jesus asleep in the boat and the storm came up. The apostle woke Jesus and he calmed the waves and the wind. The comment-sometimes Jesus calms the storm and sometimes He calms us. It seems the crazier the storm gets, we get to chopping more wood, and Jesus calms us.

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              1. When I have trouble sleeping, which is pretty much every night, I sometimes like to imagine I am lying opposite Jesus in the stern of that boat, watching him sleep peacefully as the boat (my mind) tosses back and forth from the waves. His head is on a maroon pillow, his face serene.

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          1. Maybe I shouldn’t be advertising how stupid my blood relatives have become. Well, most of them starting drinking the koolaid in 1973 or earlier. But now, I actually don’t recognize some of them. Extreme outbursts from TDS out of the clear blue, like wild animals or shrieking monkeys. I just watched in stunned silence.

            My sister, a pharmacist in the Pathetic State of Washington, apparently (I can’t confirm) announced on FB, “I’m doing my part to get people vaccinated!” 🤦🏾 I remember in 2002 or so she told me her dream was to work for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

            My reaction was: 😧

            And a year before that at a restaurant she said, “I think I’m in favor of abortion.” I lost my appetite.

            Like I said, I don’t recognize these people.

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            1. I’m so sorry, Patrick. Know what though? I’d wager each of us in this community has someone – if not a few someones – in the family who are not on board with the Gospel. God loves each one of them as much as He loves you and me. May this Storm bring all the lost Home to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of His Mother!

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            2. Oh Patrick that is truly sad!!!😫 Hopefully as you continue to pray for them they will get the grace to come back to truth! I know Charlie has said as things being to crumble, many will come back! I’ll offer up my flame 🔥 of love rosary today just for them . The Blessed Mother said it would blind the Satan so people can see clearly once again 🥰🔥

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    1. I think the hardest trials in life are watching ones we love either go down the wrong road, either in retrospect or in real-time, and not be able to seemingly intervene. Or watching loved ones suffer injustice and similarly not being able to seemingly intervene. It is in The Darkness of Faith, we must pray, fast, trust. Hard, very hard, this is—the mystery of evil and all.

      My elderly Mom is in a nsg home and I know my family is Gaa-gaa for the vax. Even the ones who are on board with Church’s teachings. I truly don’t understand it. They are also Gaa-gaa for “the powers that be must be obeyed. What they ask is reasonable” It hurts my head.

      I think my 95 y.o. Mom has already gotten it, but I don’t want to know, because I strongly object, and can do nothing. As the youngest kid out of 5, I have zero currency. Matters not that I am an a rn, have a ba in lab/biological sciences and nobody else has any formal training in either biology or health care, etc.

      The only way I can make sense of it is what Charlie said about us all getting either big or little things wrong. The Lord Himself is allowing us to participate in His Passion. He loves us All, so much. +Serenity prayer.+

      +Maranatha, Lord!+

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      1. re-write for clarity, ugh:
        “I think the hardest trials in life are watching ones we love either go down the wrong road, either in retrospect or in real-time, and not be able to seemingly intervene.Or watching loved ones suffer injustice and similarly not being able to seemingly intervene.”

        Should read:

        I know the hardest trials in life are watching our dear loved ones both go down the wrong road and/or suffer terrible injustice (either in retrospect or in real-time) and not being able to effectively stop it in this world.

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      2. “I think the hardest trials in life are watching ones we love either go down the wrong road, either in retrospect or in real-time, and not be able to seemingly intervene. Or watching loved ones suffer injustice and similarly not being able to seemingly intervene. It is in The Darkness of Faith, we must pray, fast, trust. Hard, very hard, this is—the mystery of evil and all.” This is wisdom, beauty and truth, Littlelight.

        Since Charlie mentioned praying for those who, in good will and/or lack of full knowledge, have taken the vaccine, I, too, have begun adding a prayer for them. I’m appealing to the Queen of Angels to send a particular angel to each vaccinated person with an antidote against any bad side effects. And this is how I have prayed for your dear mother, LL.

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        1. TY so much, very humbled and delighted! How wonderful and encouraging those prayers are!

          The spark of inspiration that Charlie and you and now others have to pray this way (instead of a fatalistic resignation) feels like the Holy Spirit moving. Makin’ All new again, bustin’ down the walls of Fear—Haha! Love it.

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        2. Beckita, none of our kids want the vax, but one is an RN. She prays it can be put off, but I told her if she is forced to take it, to pray over it, that it becomes the blood of Christ. Amen Either that or she’ll have to give up her job!

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    2. Patrick,

      Sorry for your loss Patrick. My next door neighbor’s mom died two days after her first Pfizer shot.

      I hate to say this but I wonder if folks are giving it to their elderly family members so those in nursing homes don’t have to live in miserable isolation… a type of euthanasia….😞

      I pray I’m wrong.

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      1. Sure would help lower the burden with those pesky little Social Security and Medicare problems Washington has never been willing to fix.

        Not to get too carried away, but when the CCP virus was first released by the lab in Wuhan, it was clear the disease really nailed the infirm and elderly. See, China has a massive problem on their hands from their long standing one-child policy (which did include periods of “two-child” as well) — far worse then the baby boomer problem here in the US. As a result of their population control programs, they do not have enough younger people to care for their aging population. They actually desperately need a new baby boom to compensate for this impending demographic disaster.

        Enter: coronavirus and its accompanying “vaccines.”

        Brave New World.

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      2. Well, if such evil is indeedy the motivation, won’t they be in for a surprise at what God does with the suffering of the victims of said evil. Hah. Watch out.

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  26. Hello everyone. I believe we don’t include links here to videos over 30 minutes? I wonder if it would be ok to mention that I was recently discussing the difficulties of divorce with a lovely lady from India. We are both Catholic but wanted to make a video which might appeal to non-Catholics as well. The storm in my own marriage started in 2009 and has become progressively worse, although I can see God at work still. If anyone would like to watch it, it is at Binita Jacob’s Youtube channel. The title is “Love Hopes and Endures All Things | Really! Is This Even Possible? | Interview with Louise”
    It is a bit over half an hour. Sorry if I have done the wrong thing here.

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    1. You’ve handled this perfectly, Louise. Thank you so much for sharing in this way. I’ve listened to the beginning and am looking forward to listening to completion later. Thanks, too, Louise for your transparency in sharing on a topic which hits home with many. Praying for you and that your witness helps many.

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  27. Charlie, I always look forward to reading your posts and I especially appreciate your thoughtful and prayerful approach to our “current situation”. I found this article at CTH:


    and wondered if you would have time to evaluate it for our readers? It’s a bit long, but I think it helps define where our fellow CORAC members are now and how we can be more effective moving forward. Please know that I pray for you everyday and all of our CORAC members.

    BTW, I, too, have been contacted since my initial CORAC welcome email. Thank God for all that you do.

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    1. This article is one of the most brilliant, insightful, and comprehensive on the reality of our situation I have read. Thank you for sending it along, Mary Ellen. I will be linking to it in a piece in the main body of the page sometime soon. Ha! It is so good and concise that I wish I had written it!

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      1. Charlie, the “Why They Cheat” article is also interesting, partly because it gives indirect support to what you say about the Magisterium of the Church being so powerful in helping people live better lives.

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  28. I was very interested in your comments published in the American Spectator concerning your experience during the January 6th events at the capitol.
    I live near the capitol area and had taken some time off of work with the intention of participating in the demonstration. As I considered what I hoped to accomplish by my participation, I realized one of my deepest emotions concerning the whole last four years of the Trump administration was a great sense of appreciation for all of his efforts. As an early supporter of Ben Carson, I had originally thought the selection of Donald Trump as Republican candidate was a dumpster fire in the making. The incredible things God can do with ordinary people. Having a little leadership experience, it was not lost on me the incredible sacrifice required to sustain the legal, professional, and personal assaults the president had to endure during his tenure. I resolved, if nothing else, this would be my opportunity to personally thank God and him.
    I presumed that the demonstration would be very much like “Right to Life” demonstrations I had attended in the past. The morning prior, my bride asked me not to go, she said she had a bad feeling about it. We have been married long enough for me to respect her intuition. Thank the good Lord I listened, more especially as I discover the resolve by our political leadership to demonize and destroy any who oppose their policies. I spent the greater part of that day before the Blessed Sacrament praying for the safety of the participants and that we would find the truth surrounding the very unusual circumstances of last November’s election.
    I have great confidence in the power of God and with the spirit he has imbued in his people to rectify this situation we currently find ourselves in. My prayer regarding this resolution is that our Lord manifest in a way that all glory and honor be His alone.
    I believe that the efforts of ASOH and CORAC are an important part of God’s work. We will supply the five loaves and two fish, and He will prepare the great feast.
    I’m grateful for all your efforts in supporting this great work.


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    1. “I have great confidence in the power of God and with the spirit he has imbued in his people to rectify this situation we currently find ourselves in. My prayer regarding this resolution is that our Lord manifest in a way that all glory and honor be His alone. I believe that the efforts of ASOH and CORAC are an important part of God’s work. We will supply the five loaves and two fish, and He will prepare the great feast.” Amen, Lash… with the core message to acknowledge God, take the next right step and be a sign of hope, we are in a position to follow His Plan and co-create a New Beginning with Him.

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  29. Found this excellent video on why LifeSite channel was permanently banned by Youtube. Perhaps it would be better to say the excuses rather than “reasons” used by Google. It’s by John-Henry Westen, runs for 24 minutes. Over 42,000 views on Rumble so far!

    By the way, when I chose to become a US Citizen over 30 years ago, there used to be an item called the “First Amendment”. Anyone have any clues as to where they’ve hidden it lately?


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  30. I need ethical guidance.

    The healthcare company I am working for is dedicating an entire day on March 4 where they will administer the Moderna vaccine to those who have signed up. The morning at one clinic, the afternoon at another. I’m unsure how many have signed up.

    I have not been asked to administer the shots, nor will I. I have been asked to help the nurses with completing paperwork during the 15-minute appointments and to stand by with my trusty epi pen when the victims go into anaphylaxis.

    I did agree to help. However, I am now reconsidering participating in this all day event because the vaccine is immoral. The reason I’m in this position at all is I’m filling in for another provider who is going on maternity leave.

    Please advise. I’m more than happy to wake-up sick on that day if need be, or tell the manager I won’t be available that day. But if this isn’t ethically a problem, than I will proceed. Is the answer obvious?

    Thank you.

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    1. m 2 cents..

      Tell the truth and be prepared to lose your job.

      if there are competing responsibilities that you cannot meet because of the loss if work, i.e you know your organization is in obedience to then pray to God about your particular judgement and ask Him what He wants you to do. If you cannot do as He asks, be frank with Him. He is merciful , but there is no fooling God.

      Sometimes being silent or sneaky is the best and smartestthing we can do. For examole the story of the whore who let the Jews escape via a rope and basket. Definitely sneaky and in covert defiance of the secular bosses.

      I am happy to be rebuked on this and if mods find this harmful, please do nit post it.

      God bless

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      1. I will contact the Bioethics center in Philly Monday as I have in the past. Just hoping to get some objective thoughts from ASOH folks about this. The nurses are required to do this. I’m asked to help them only with completing paperwork.

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  31. Thank you again for your wise thoughts and counsel .
    No ashes sprinkled in our parish and we had a full house that night . We are in South Dakota and I am very grateful for our state leaders especially our Governor Noem .
    Confusion and fear are the work of the devil . This has been building for decades and decades . Spiritual conflict big time now . Pray ,pray, pray . The rosary especially daily .
    I agree Charlie taking the holy water out of the churches ? You could hear the devil laugh . He hates that stuff . I’ve been going through a personal darkness for a number of years now . So much wrong in my family ,but it has driven home the knowledge that my /our family s only hope is reliance on God ,
    It has taken trials and hardships for me to understand how lacking I was in faith , humility ,and dependence on Our Lord . And I’m sure I have much more to learn .
    I think many in our country and world have the same problem . We have to pray the rosary both for atonement for those who won’t see and for the conversion of us all .
    Thank you all for your conviction here and your faith . I know there are much wiser ones who write much more her than I do ,but I just felt called to share a few thoughts

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    1. I am thankful you do post.
      I am learning so much from everyone. Sometimes it is way over my head sometimes its an encouragement, sometimes it is a kick in the butt, sometimes it is a comfort, sometimes it is a laugh. (The first time I read your name I had to do a double take. I read sodakracker. And I still chuckle every time I read your name.) All of the time it is a memory refresher of who to pray for. Allow me/us that opportunity to pray for you. Keep posting!
      This was the comment from my Bible study this morning.
      Sometimes God calms the storm. Sometimes he lets the storm rage and he calms you.

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    2. Sodakrancher, have you heard of Direction for our Times and Anne a Lay Apostle’s Volumes?

      The volumes are Life Changing. Check it out. free pdf versions are available on their online library. Start reading Vol 1 and you will weep with joy. Check out the vol on Angels. (9 or 10) I am reading them piecemeal and keep finding jewels of Hope and fresh inspiration on how to direct my prayers.

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      1. Haha and I DID NOT know Linda and Beckita had posted/talked about Vol 1 below! Haha, that’s perfect!

        Been busy and my inbox in inundated, so I thought I just start reading. Hah. Funny. (I amuse myself)

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          1. No, no, Beckita YOU are the one who introduced me to DFOT, and I am humbly grateful for it. It truly has been life changing for me. I have much personal wood to chop, but having these as a resource and guide is priceless. God bless you, yours and us, everyone!

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  32. I made a comment about an article that claimed nearly half the country had already been infected by Covid-19 with 25 million having symptoms and another 125 million being asymptomatic.
    At this rate the following article not only illustrates the exponential drop in covid cases over the last several weeks but the actual demise of covid-19 in the US by April of this year!

    Liked by 6 people

      1. Thank you so much, Beckita, for showing us how to sign up for the ongoing program (daily emails). It’s more pertinent now than ever, with all we’re going through.

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  33. Three kiddos and I got to go to confession this past Sat and something wonderful happened—–Fr. gave us Communion in the confessional when we were done. I haven’t felt such an sense of complete joy/well-being in a very long time, and it occurred to me that the timing of the 2 sacraments was blessed. Can more priests do this? Please? Fr. had +Jesus+ in a pyx. The look on my kiddo’s faces (surprised wonderment) spoke volumes. What a powerful sign of Hope and Healing!

    Another priest in TLM offered ashes! Today! On the forehead! We all kneeled at the altar rail! We all felt like it was Christmas. We had foregone the “reservation-only-head-sprinkle” at our close local parish.

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  34. Ok, my 2 cents musing as we begin lent.

    Fear: Born out of a sense that the world is changing in irreversible fashion. It may well be.

    Covid Vaccine: I have taken the first dose and will take the second dose in the Middle of March. Hard to get an appointment.

    Moralistic Therapeutic Deism: The New Civic Religion of America. Better study up on it. Better study up on Modern Monetary Theory too. Both those things are going to heavily impact your life.

    Christ being led into the desert to be tempted by the Devil: Part of the deal for Jesus was temptation. Had to undergo it, endure it, and defeat it. A basic part of the human experience without which Jesus would have a hard time taking on Lucifer in the battle for souls. He had to endure what we have to endure. We need to imitate Jesus in dealing with temptations. 40 days. A long time. Jesus was tempted for a long time. So must we be.

    Charlie’s reflection on the post-Pachamama experience in the world: Fundamental breach in worship. Covid blasted our taken for granted Sunday Mass and the sacraments to “near catacomb desperation”. “And so, persecution must abide for a time, perhaps as a scourge for our lack of fidelity over many decades – and our lack of insistence on fidelity.” Seems pretty clear that Christians in America are in for a very rough ride in stormy seas ahead. But it’s Jesus who is sleeping like a baby in the back of the boat.

    Syncretism: Pachamamma. Catholic Church Syncretism.


    “The basic notion of inculturation, traditionally understood, is that the church must proclaim the gospel all over the world, and should therefore use whatever it can in each culture or civilization to get the message across.

    It’s an ancient approach to spreading the gospel, first used by St. Paul in Athens, where he proclaimed to the Areopagus the meaning of the city’s idol to the unknown god. Simply put, inculturation means that the gospel shapes and transforms indigenous cultures, which are forever changed, and in a very real sense redeemed, by encountering and accepting Jesus Christ.”

    Question: Is the Catholic Church a church militant any longer proclaiming the gospel to transform American culture as represented in Moralistic Therapeutic Deism; or, is American culture militantly transforming and syncretizing the Catholic Church? Who be syncretizing or inculturating whom? If that is the struggle then who are the Catholic Generals organizing the defense? Please raise your hand.

    What is on God’s mind at this moment in salvation history?: Nobody knows the mind of God. I certainly don’t know the mind of God. Here’s a guess and my guess is only as good as yours, FWIW.

    God cannot be happy with what has happened so suddenly to the whole world and in particular the United States of America. What has enabled this dangerous turn of events? My guess is the basic adjustment or innovation to modern life of the past 20 years which has propelled the rapid decline of our culture into a normalization of the most wretched kind of sin and turning away from God is the advent of the internet and instant world wide communication. Social media person to person anonymous interaction is the prime actor in this decline.

    Satan has jumped on this miracle of modern communication to extend his power over humanity and accelerate the effectiveness of his various deceptions and deceits and strategies for entrapping and ensnaring innocent souls. Here is my key thesis: Satan has exceeded his license to attack humanity. He has violated the rules which God laid down whatever they were and I don’t have a clue what they might have been. God will level the playing field with respect to the internet. What that will entail I don’t have a clue. But the internet is the problem sinking so many souls and God will intervene to provide a solution — for the sake of poor sinners and innocent souls.

    Some musing, huh?

    I’ll be taking a walk with Jesus these next 40 days of lent. Perhaps I will learn something on the journey.

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  35. JESUS = GOOD NEWS …… 😉




    Dear Pope Francis;
    It’s a lot more than the spirit of Evil we are dealing with. We are dealing with palpable and manifest EVIL.
    That Vatican “Smoke” that PP VI spoke of 45 years ago has become a conflagration ….. whilst Rome Fiddlers are concerned about Climate Change and the rest of The Agenda of the Great Re-Set Global Left ;-(





    Has anyone here found what, exactly, is The Democrat Party’s Definition of White Supremacy is? As near as I can figure it’s:
    Being Born White, Not Voting Democrat, finishing High School, joining Military/Police &/or Not Kneeling for Our National Anthem (1814 Version!)



    PS: ALL you Nasty Veterans & Retired/Former Cops need to turn your Guns over to the nearest BLM/ANTIFA Unit near you …. Oh!! … & pass over your Wallet & Home Deed too …. Reparations! … Ya Know!?!


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  36. I hope this is ok to post these because you really can just sign up to receive these daily in your email address but these reflections are just too good NOT to share!!! It is day 9 directions for our times given to Anne a lay apostle!!! In today’s reflection and past message from Jesus “Anne” was just having a bad day!!! Lol The way Jesus and Our Blessed Mother handled her and her situation is just nothing short of heavenly direction! I do highly recommend that you listen to this 18 minutes of directions for our times 🥰

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I was finally able to get back to this- as you’re always saying it’s hard to keep up.

      I really like this part where Jesus is speaking (15:37): “…you are not a saint, you will
      experience your weakness, to despair over your weakness is a failure in humility, expect to fail, expect to need My intervention and sustaining hand. Do not be surprised when you feel the sting of your humanity, it is part of your cross, my child,
      to be so close to me and remain so imperfect. Be at peace. Am I threatening to leave you? Is my mother threatening to abandon you? It will never happen…”

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        1. It’s OK, Linda. People can jump on board, at any time, for these to come into their inbox, daily, by just hopping on over to DFOT and signing up. Maybe the best way to share them is to occasionally put one up with the reminder that all are welcome to receive them. That sign-up link is here.

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          1. I signed up, twice, put in another order for mo’ books, LOL, but I still don’t get daily emails. I have checked my spam, etc. I’ll try to sign up again.


          2. Thanks Beckita…. it would be a real shame if folksies don’t read or listen to these daily. In my case, it’s simply listening to them each morning while getting ready to go to see and commune with the messenger aka Jesus!🥰. I guess we’re all different and do things differently but oh my goodness these messages are so spot on for our times and they make me feel sooo peaceful!🥰🥰🥰

            Here’s today’s message and reflection:😂

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            1. You know I love these gems too, Linda. There are many ways people choose to be spiritually fed and just so much time in a day. Anyone who finds heartening solace and food for the journey in these messages will not be left out if s/he signs up for them. Our Lady of Medjugorje, often, says it best: “Children, I invite you.”

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                1. The ole sparky’s tail is in my email, I signed up 3x and no daily emails. Yet DFOT is sending daily emails and says they’re not opened! I wonder if my Outlook express based email acct (Grrrr) is blocking a domain it doesn’t like. I’ve checked my advanced settings and everything looks like it should be okay.

                  No worries, we will get to the bottom of it. I got many computer peeps here who can help me, and I’m sure DFOT does, too. It’s only making me even more determined to dive all in—Hah. Love how that happens.

                  Liked by 3 people

                    1. {{{Beckita}}} Where else shall we press?! Never gonna give up, with da’ grace of God, and He wants this, too, so we-be all good here, LOL 😀 😀

                      I think this is why He allows me to run miles. How many times have I persisted when feeling hollowed-out, exhausted and gutted, heart shredded, begging Him for grace to carry and not give up, Ha. Years of this and I wonder how my body moved? Like “Lord, how is it moving?” Okay, it didn’t move well or fast, but the moving itself was/is a wonder.

                      So I just gotta give another shout-out to those silent readers following. This ministry, DFOT, is life-changing. I spent hours reading, haven’t scratched the surface, makes me thirsty for more. Filling me with Hope and Joy and Peace. And now I long to share/spread this. How can such be contained?

                      I’ve made my decision, I choose not to be Bitter, by the grace of God, it will be so. TYG. TYG for all the many peeps who have/are praying for me/mine. 😀

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                    2. The need for a big “pressing in” that I’m sensing right now is to support the Regional Leaders in CORAC. Calling them, checking in to see what they might need. Too, inviting those around us to this good work of CORAC for our times.

                      I love your re-echoing shout out for the writings of DFOT. To me, the most impressive dimension of what is happening in this Apostolate is the way leadership has moved beyond the messages from Heaven, much like our work here, and into the business of what we CAN actually do right now to foster personal holiness – a holiness that is integrated with healthy human development – so that people become open to being healed by the Lord as well as open to being filled with God’s Love so that His Love spills over from them, washing over the world around them. This contributes to the renewal of the Church in hidden and little, yet, magnificent ways.

                      All that said, we simply echo Our Lord and Our Lady’s invitation to come and see while honoring the reality that there are many charisms of spirituality which nurture the spirits, hearts and souls of God’s people.

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                    3. Seems I need to clarify about pressing in to support our Regional Leaders. I’m not speaking to personal issues anyone may have, but I mean in the sense of building up CORAC so that leadership and membership are integrated as one, working in solidarity. 🙂

                      Liked by 1 person

                    4. Yes, you said that so well. Support our Regional Leaders. Call in, check, pray. TY. I will do.

                      I see that DFOT gives the spiritual tools to CORAC’s work. How many here are riddled with fear and anxiety? It is a constant part of the daily cross we all must carry. But HOW? This is the million-dollar question. DFOT answers that. The exact words to pray, to allievate Anxiety and Fear are found in the published works. And they are available free to anyone with an internet connection. No fancy hoops needed. And Our Lord IS blessing this—gianormously.

                      My FAVORITE phrase that Charlies says is: “You’re right—you DON’T deserve God’s Mercy. None of us do. We did this, we sinned. God knows this, He knows your failing/mistakes—He isn’t the least bit interested in this—He IS interested in your fiat to serve Him” Okay I butchered it, but Wow, so powerful.

                      DFOT gives the same message, and then TELLS you how to pray to overcome these things, so we can be transformed interiorly into Joyful, Hope-filled workers for Our Lord. Because none of CORAC’s, or any other apostolates works can flourish if the messengers are fear-filled. The world is overflowing with that disease. It is only with God’s hope and love that we can effectively do. We, all of us, must be transformed, overflowing with God’s Light. Then, whatever we are called to do, great or small will bear yields beyond measure in these times of woe and turmoil.

                      It is no coincidence that you bring/brought that here, to CORAC. Wow, God is good! TYG.

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  37. I love choral music. Nothing more beautiful than human voices singing in harmony.

    Sunday I was listening to

    It comes highly recommended, with multiple free stations to choose from.
    I love their choral music stream because they very often play traditional Catholic music, hymns to Our Lady, and other Christian works.

    Anyway, I was absently listening to the song below, when I thought I was hearing people’s names and even treatment plans, recommendations I might give to my patients. I perked up.

    I don’t know where this comes from, or what the motivation is, but I think you might like the punchline is you make it to the end, about 5 min and 30 seconds.

    “Protect Yourself From Infection” – David Lang.

    “If you become ill……if you become ill……if you become ill…..”

    Enjoy, choral music lovers!

    Voices of reason.

    Liked by 4 people

    1. OMGosh Patrick! Funny.

      “Do not drink from glasses or cup that have been used by others, UNLESS they have been thoroughly cleansed!” And…”Do not sit around or sleep in damp clothing?” Really?

      I think our cancel culture has canceled out common sense, too! lol

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