Fragmentary Thoughts From the Great Divide

St. John Paul in Poland

By Charlie Johnston

It has been revealed that the FBI knew in advance of the Washington protest on Jan. 6 that some people were planning ahead to commit actual violence. That is despicable. Anyone who plotted violence is a criminal who should be arrested. If they are from the right, they should be arrested. If they are leftists, they should be arrested. If law enforcement officials and Congressional leaders knew, they should have acted and taken security precautions to protect both the Capitol building and the massive number of peaceful protestors who showed up.

I was – and remain – angry that a double standard applies to left-wing and right-wing protests. After watching Nancy Pelosi, Kamala Harris, Hillary Clinton and every talking head on the left assure us that antifa and BLM riots that involved mayhem, arson, looting, and murder are “mostly peaceful;” that public employee unions’ take-over of the Wisconsin capitol a few years back was righteous; that the storming of the Supreme Court after Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation two years ago was to be admired; and that the invasion of the Senate Office building and subsequent assault on Republican Senators was a reasonable expression of free speech; I am in no mood to hear from the same people that a truly peaceful protest in which a tiny slice of people got notably raucous is the worst thing ever and actual insurrection. The fraudulent left uses the unhinged reactions of a tiny few on the right to try to purge, censor and cancel everyone on the right – while lionizing the actually violent behavior of their own base. And now it turns out that the most prominent instigators of violence at the Capitol were from the left – and included a reporter from CNN.

I am thankful and glad that none of our people from CORAC were inside the Capitol. We will resist the coup against our system of government steadfastly, but there is no room for violence (other than legitimate self-defense when assaulted) in our ranks. That would defeat our purpose.


Some have advised me not to say that ours is become an illegitimate government, lest I be arrested. I will not stop saying that unless there is a full and transparent investigation of the mountains of fraud. Even so, I do not advocate the overthrow of the existing order. Rather, I advocate treating it with the active resistance and contempt which it has earned for itself. Planned violence is an offense, both unnecessary and counter to our mission to act under God.

The left lusts after power like a slavering dog lusts after a piece of fresh meat. But when it comes to taking responsibility, the left is as baffled as the dog who just caught the car he was chasing. They are, even now, imploding of their own accord. My counsel when an opponent is imploding has always been to take care not to get in their way.

After banning President Trump a week ago, Twitter and Facebook have lost $51 billion in their stock value. That’s billion, not million. Who are they destroying? They are inconveniencing us, but destroying themselves. Yes, they all colluded to shut down Parler, Twitter’s hard-charging competition – but were only able to do so because Parler was on Amazon’s servers. Parler will be back, along with a whole host of other social media sites, such as MeWe and Clouthub. Twitter, Facebook and Amazon are like Detroit – a once-proud city that quickly went to pot when it sought to control everyone’s life. It is inconvenient, but people are moving out of these increasingly seedy online neighborhoods.

The dominance of Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Amazon is an illusion – as real as a soap bubble on a sunny afternoon, but almost as transient. You see, the Internet is a leaky thing. Scores of techies are working right now on building their own sources from servers that are not controlled by the tech giants. Facebook, for example, is convenient because it is where everyone already is. But the tech giants are learning that even the trendiest spot in town can die quickly when it starts abusing its patrons. The trouble for newer upshoots is that not everyone is there yet, so they are not yet convenient or familiar to everyone. The death knell for Facebook will be when some techie somewhere discovers a method of connecting people across sites. Just because you use Verizon doesn’t mean you can only call other people who are on Verizon. You can call anyone who has a phone number. When the enterprising techie discovers the means to help anyone on a particular social media site find and interact with anyone on any social media site, Facebook will be humbled. In the 60’s and 70’s, IBM was the unshakeable giant in computing. It told its customers what they would do. Then it collapsed. It may survive two decades of continuous financial bleeding, but only because it is working to do what appeals to its customers now. No one “owns” the internet. Some agencies control access to popular portions of it, but even in repressive China, enterprising and brave types find means around such control – because the internet is actually just a web of electronic connections. When one path is closed, another less traveled path is available. All the tech giants are doing is giving a lot of people the motive to migrate to less-traveled paths.

At this site, we have been prepared for several years for a forced migration. If it comes, it will be inconvenient for us, but we will not be going away. For a provider that kicks you off solely because of ideological or religious content, though, it is another step in its own self-immolation.


Apparently, I am now the king of white supremacists. At least that is what a raft of emails and messages have been telling me these last few days – and that the gathering at the Capitol Mall was a giant white supremacy rally. If that is the case, the supremacists on the Ellipse were really not clear on the concept. What it most resembled was a tailgate party. There were a lot of blacks there, a huge number of Chinese-Americans, and a smattering of Mexican Americans, all laughing, joking and cheering together. Ricky Rebel, the gay entertainer who did the MAGA song to the tune of YMCA was there, attracting a big crowd and lots of cheers.

A hundred years ago, there were some genuine intellectuals on the left. Now all they have is pseudo-intellectuals, folks with a lot of attitude but mediocre intellects. They try to intimidate people by gaslighting them, but they are most successful in gaslighting themselves. They work themselves up into a lather until they actually believe the smears and slanders they lob at us. That is not strength; it is weakness. I always told researchers that I wanted sound, well-sourced information. You can still make bad decisions with good information, but it is almost impossible to make good decisions with bad information. The left intentionally deprives itself of good information. Most of them have failed to gain any notable accomplishments in normal life. This is intolerable to their preening sense of superiority. Their leftism is fundamentally a desperate effort to change the narrative in a way to make themselves the hero of their own story. To be a hero, they must have an archenemy – and who better than those who disagree with their narrative. So, they impute their own level of hatred and anger onto that archenemy – people who, upon examination, turn out to be folks who don’t care what the left does but just wants to be left alone. Oh, and to be heroes, they have to have victims to rescue. They light on poor, benighted minorities, people who they think are too stupid, lazy and irresponsible to make it without their hero saviors. It is, of course, racist drivel – but the left desperately needs its racist drivel to sustain its illusion of heroic superiority. It is ironic that the modern left views minorities almost identically to the way slave-owners viewed blacks. All that is different is the method of exploitation. It is all a giant game of “let’s pretend,” with rage rants directed at anyone who won’t pretend along with them.

The last prominent Democrat I know of who was not economically illiterate was Bill Clinton. I dislike him for a host of other reasons, but he did actually have a clue about how an economy works. When he had to take action to protect the economy in ways his base hated, he had a sly way of blaming Republicans for it. It is one of the few skills I respected in him. In the big picture, Democrats actually do think money is a creation of the government – and if they seize control of all the levers of production, they get to decide who wealth will trickle down to. What they call “trickle-down” economics is market economics – a free people freely able to risk their talent and capital to create new goods and services and find a market for them. This is actually “bubble-up” economics; it bubbles up from the free creative capacity of the whole people of a nation – and has been shown to be the only stable, reliable source of wealth production and freedom in history. But the left can’t control it, so they won’t have it. That is why they always give us desperately impoverished hellholes – and then enact draconian measures of control to maintain power over the hellholes they create.


Over the next six months, I expect to see substantial economic disruption internally and aggressive action externally by the two greatest enemies of Western Civilization – China and Radical Islam. Fortunately, I do not expect many, if any, foreign attacks on our soil. The last thing our more formidable enemies want is to risk creating real unity (rather than the forced submission the left calls unity) in America. Rather, they will take advantage of our impotence. I expect to see great outrages and even invasions in big pockets of Europe, Southeast Asia, and the South China Sea in the coming year. The left is about to preside over the dismantling of the modern system of bureaucratic U.S. Government by their ineptness.

The left will busy itself playing “let’s pretend” that there are multiple genders other than male and female, that wealth is a creation of government to do with as it will, that wishing a happy thing in foreign policy is the same thing as accomplishing it, that a new virus that is innocuous to most but deadly to a small but identifiable segment of the population is the greatest scourge in history – and a great means of revoking Constitutional liberty. It will be far too busy to actually deal with real problems and great threats – and it will all slip away from them.

Our job is fourfold: to defend the truth of faith, family and freedom; to give heart to patriots who are disheartened by the massive dysfunction growing around them; to resist those depredations that the control freaks in our institutions try to visit on us; and to assemble the cultural ambulances that will enable us to pick up the pieces and build anew a healthy culture under God. I know many are frightened and with good reason – for the times ahead are frightening. But we are called to be heralds of the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart. We can’t do that if we are initiating violence rather than defending against it. Our hope is in the Lord.

We are in this mess because we divorced ourselves from the Lord, failing to effectively defend His truth when it has been under sustained assault. The left has divorced itself from reality, believing that with enough force and coercion it can make its illusions into a reality. Though I demand that our people divorce themselves from any thought of offensive violence, I know that when the peaceful means of making your voice heard are forcibly suppressed, people make their voices heard through more forceful means. I know that any instigation of violence by people who are otherwise on our side simply delays the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart. I find myself thinking a lot about what the least bloody path forward will be. I have become a budding enthusiast for secession. It will help give everyone a place to go that is amenable to them – and will show dramatically which policies bring life and which bring death. I do not see it as a long-term solution, but a short-term firewall as America descends into madness.

I do believe, however unpopular that belief may be, that the American Republic is dead. I have no doubt that our country will rise anew from the ashes. What it becomes may be very similar to the system under which it thrived for two centuries. It may be very different. Leftist poseurs have tried to make themselves into absolute kings. The only king we can thrive under is Jesus Christ, the King of the universe. The king is dead; long live the King.


One of the bright sides of the growing dysfunction is that, over the next six months, I expect a good chunk of religious leaders to come back to the fold, to start prioritizing the defense of the faith and the faithful again. I expect this to happen because they will find that, no matter how much they grovel and plead, the left is coming for them anyway. The left did learn an important lesson from St. John Paul II, who won the Cold War without firing a shot: that orthodox faith is the most powerful potential opponent in the world to the depredations they would visit on us.

Let us call on the intercession of St. John Paul throughout these storms and upheavals, that we may be ever true to the Lord who sustains us.

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  1. *Also, I was thinking this morning after Mass about how Joe BIden has promised to increase access to and funding for more abortions, etc. I thought of King Herod and the Holy Innocents. The Holy Innocents are of course, honored as the first martyrs for Christ, and King Herod ended up dying a very painful death (and even worse, refused to repent). In this year of St. Joseph, we must pray much for Joe Biden to come to repentance, but if he doesn’t, to limit his evil (plans). I felt inspired to pray to St. Joseph (especially as we often go to Mass at St. Joseph Church) as the terror of demons. And sadly, there’s a lot of demons out there…….

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    1. Brian: What a notable comparison of JB to Herod and the Holy Innocents. Smacks you right in the face when you think about it. Important too to pray for Senator Josh Hawley scourging has just begun.

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  2. ‘Polish prime minister Mateusz Morawiecki compared the treatment of the president Trump to the suppression that occurred during Poland’s Communist era.

    “Censorship of free speech, which is the domain of totalitarian and authoritarian regimes, is now returning in the form of a new, commercial mechanism to combat those who think differently,” Morawiecki said.

    To fix the problem, Poland’s government has a plan almost as bold as Mexico’s. Instead of creating a Poland-only social media network, the government is drafting legislation that would ban tech companies from taking down material that does not violate Polish law. Facebook and Twitter would have to obey, or else be shut out of the country.’

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      1. I would also add, that Poland was the first European country, and second in the world after USA, that ratified a Constitution, which they did four years after USA. However, this lead to a military intervention by Russia under a “safe the neighbor’s freedom” slogan. Within another four years Poland was erased from the world’s map.

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      1. Thank you Joanne, however, the Communist era had a really bad influence on the nation as well… Whenever elites selfishly care for power and riches, the country is destined for a fall. Same went for Poland especially in the XVIII century. Imagine that in the XVIII century Polish noblemen ( senators so to speak ) had a ridiculous power of veto, that is even if one senator said ‘veto’ then a resolution was thrown away so it was enough for the neighboring countries to corrupt certain individuals to doom the country. Then when Poland ratified the Constitution in 1791, which erased ‘veto’ power for individual noblemen, Russia obviously invaded Poland within few years. See, the history might repeat in case of USA, if China loses its influence in USA (mostly via corrupted politicians, especially Democrats) than a military aggression to reclaim that influence should not be a surprise. History likes to repeat itself, all it takes is compromised values and greed of those in power. History proved that each generation must learn from the past, that there are core values that cannot be redefined, that progressive and liberal values are in fact regressive and anarchist deficiencies eating away the healthy fabric of the nations.

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        1. My Polish history starts with the Katyn massacres by Russians in 1940. And the Christian martyrs fighting them through the underground. Add in JPII and what we learned from his biography and of course his resistance leadership up to the 1989 collapse of the Berlin Wall and symbolic Iron Curtain. Then their was the recent call for the “surrounding” of Poland with the Rosary, which Poland actually accomplished. Maybe a path for us too.

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      1. Leslyek, this is just what I learnt when in high school in Poland. I would recommend “God’s Playground: A History of Poland” by Norman Davies, this is a fascinating source of history of Poland.
        Of course you can google that is better duckduckgo “liberum veto poland” and the return is as follows:”The liberum veto was a parliamentary device in the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth. It was a form of unanimity voting rule that allowed any member of the Sejm (Congress so to speak) to force an immediate end to the current session and to nullify any legislation that had already been passed at the session by shouting, Sisto activitatem! or Nie pozwalam!.” So it was like one senator could reject what other 99 were agreeing on. Via few self-centered compromised individuals influenced by foreign countries, Poland from a medieval European super power, that actually stopped invasion of Islam at the end of XVII century (The Battle of Vienna t on 12th of September, 1683), turned into ugh actually disappeared from the world’s map at the end of XVIII century.
        Duckducking “constitution 1791 poland” might be helpful too.

        Winged Squirrels attack!!! 🙂

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    Ray Stevens – “The Mississippi Squirrel Revival” (Music Video)


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    1. Cynthia thank you for the video.. Oh those were the good old days, if only a squirrel could bring revival to our country and the world. I always enjoyed Ray Stevens..

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  4. Just watched the excellent Venerable Fulton Sheen on EWTN. (on war)
    What a genius he was:

    and here is the poem he quoted:
    Prayer of a Soldier in France
    By Joyce Kilmer
    My shoulders ache beneath my pack
    (Lie easier, Cross, upon His back).
    I march with feet that burn and smart
    (Tread, Holy Feet, upon my heart).
    Men shout at me who may not speak
    (They scourged Thy back and smote Thy cheek).
    I may not lift a hand to clear
    My eyes of salty drops that sear.
    (Then shall my fickle soul forget
    Thy agony of Bloody Sweat?) My rifle hand is stiff and numb (From Thy pierced palm red rivers come).
    Lord, Thou didst suffer more for me
    Than all the hosts of land and sea.
    So let me render back again
    This millionth of Thy gift. Amen.

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  5. A response to a friend who is cloding FB account: I am opening accounts in other platforms due to the censorship but am keeping FB as I do belive I must speak the truth to any who will listen until we are cut off and I can say much of encouragement here as I just did to a friend who’s husband just died. which I would not have been able to say if I closed the whole thing. Unlike the dispera in the first century I can leave and yet have a voice to encourage the faithful who remain. My choice and discerntment on it at this point. Similar to how I choose to have contact with some friends who disagree and don’t want to discuss it at this point, but if they do there will be open communication remaining.

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  6. As I have said here before ,my heritage is of being raised in the Jewish faith and I have always had a great love for GOD..Finding JESUS was a new beginning on my journey and it has completely strengthened my faith and meaning to my life.I would like to share a story from a client I have had for over 40 years.Last week she told me her husband had been given a mezuzah on the day of his Bar Mitzvah and he had worn it around his neck never having removed it,he is now in his 80’s. This last week he took it off and threw it into the trash along with a beautiful one from Italy given to him as a gift that was next to the front door. He went on to tell his wife she was not to bury him in the Jewish cemetery where they own plots.. she asked him “ where shall I bury you and who should I get to officiate “ he replied Pastor Bob from Bethany and David’s cemetery..He is devastated by the many Jews that have turned their back on GOD Israel Trump and America..My sons attended Catholic schools from kindergarten thru college.. they were not baptized until first and third grade as I had not converted and my husband at that time was not as faithful as he later would be..One day my oldest was about 9 youngest being 6 ,it was a pretty summer day andI was ironing outside under the gazebo they were eating lunch..I had the radio on listening to Rush and the news came on. They announced Father Larry had been arrested for inappropriate behavior with young boys. At that my oldest turned to me and said “ mom…Father Larry ??” He had baptized my sons.. A profound sadness was the look on his face and this is how I feel my heart is very heavy. I guess it’s a loss of innocence even at this age to find out of the extensive corruption of so many and to realize what could have been perhaps a draining of the ocean of evil and a return to GOD and the principles our country was founded upon. As I sat in church this morning listening to the reading aboutSamuel responding to GOD calling him “Here I am LORD your servant is listening “ I picture myself as an old Joan of Ark with an aching body ..and I too am listening for GOD to give me my mission .. GOD bless all here who persevere in their faith to serve GOD and all who are lost may they find their way ..

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  7. JESUS = GOOD NEWS..PM .. 😉

    Pastor Coverstone has some wise words about Our Current Situation whilst at a South Carolina church prayer conference.
    The time has come in Our USA to Unite in Faith with the Sheep of other denominations as we fend off the Goats and Wolves in Sheep clothing …… & especially Wolves wearing Shepherds clothing! ;-(

    Mark Mallet with a similar message:


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  8. I, too, am in favor of splitting the country. It would be difficult to achieve, but this is the only way that everyone can be satisfied with the government that they have. The two sides can never come together. We are too far apart. At this point the only hope I see to stop the endless battles for power is to split into the Conservative States of America and the Liberal States of America.

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    1. While listening to this sea shanty that my daughter sent, I thought the refrain could also serve as a loose reference, (with its bittersweet n wistful melody ), to the realization that it’s time to leave ‘her’, but instead of referring to their ship, for some it is one’s fractured homeland.

      🎼 Leave her, Johnny, leave her, I guess it’s time for us to go, and it’s time for us to leave her 🎶

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  9. In Fr Rippergers Deliverance Prayers for the Laiity (highly recommended, btw) there are on occassion a “(thrice)” <- writtten just like that at the end of some of them.

    Do these mean say the entire prayer three times? Or say the closing sentence three times?

    thx in advance

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      1. Hi Beck’s thanks.

        Yes, 27, 28,29….etc

        While I have your attentiin, sometimes in the “In nomini Patris, et Filii, et Spiritus Sancti”* there are cross icons interspersed. Page 27 middle of page has one.

        Do those mean make the sign of the cross?

        * how bout that rudimentary Latin!

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        1. You’ve got it, Timothy. And you go with the Latin! If a priest was praying these prayers, he, in persona Christi, would raise his hand to make the Sign of the Cross in blessing over all those for whom the prayer is being offered.

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  10. JESUS = GOOD NEWS… 😉

    “God Bless the USA”–USMC Vocal Group/Band

    Ya Voted GOP the past four years? Prepare to be Persecuted by the Radical Left …. Democrats, Media & DC DeepState!

    Trumps continued popularity despite the unhinged vitriol of the Global Left will drive The Usual Suspects into ever greater unpleasantness …. Get Ready!

    Ya can bet that these IL “Lawmakers” embrace (overt/covert) BLM/ANTIFA and dream about disarming Producer Class Citizens!

    Why On Earth! … would you buy any foodstuffs, Human/Animal, from China?
    The China Plague enlightened US to the fact that we were dependant on China for much of our drugs!
    Not to Worry! Harris/Biden will be re-making China … Iran … NK … Great Again ;-(
    The best Ice Cream I ever had was in the Philippines. Magnolia was the name of the company. It was expensive even by US standards … but GOOD … even better than Wisconsin IC 😉


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  11. Is it a coincidence or what??? I don’t know about the rest of the country but the Seattle area is starting today which will shift into a change from the relative balmy winter we have experienced so far into a much colder than normal winter and will be very cold starting Wednesday. May God save us lest we perish. jas

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  12. Perhaps we believers are in an enviable position in that with the enemies against,us being so strong , our only real hope is on God. Only God can save our country and our world from it’s disorders, multiple as they are. So we are being forced to rely on God and not on ourselves. And how has God freed His people in the past. Gideon was called to free God’s people from the Midianites? First He reduced their strength down to 300 so they couldn’t believe that THEY were their own saviors. And then He had them break pitchers with torches and say something about “A sword for the Lord and for Gideon” but no actual swords were drawn. And God confused their enemies and they began slaughtering each other. May God sow confusion and disorder into the minds and hearts of those who refuse to acknowledge God and may God help each of us see the little silly thing we each need to do to bring about restoration.

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  13. I used to read Charlie’s blog years ago, “before Trump” as it were. I’m surprised to find him still writing publicly online, considering that all his prophecies were proven to be inaccurate. I’d be interested to see if Charlie has written anything about his failed prophecies and his decision to keep writing regardless. Maybe someone could link me to an article or something? Is Charlie still engaged in public prophesying or are his writings now more commentary/opinion pieces?


    1. Welcome back, Ronan. But good grief! When you make your return, it’s important to come with correct statements rather than a totally false summation. To say about Charlie that “all his prophecies were proven to be inaccurate” shows me you weren’t paying attention when you read him back at TNRS. Charlie’s broad sweep of things – that is, what has been unfolding and what is before us in these days – was spot on. Two prophecies were misinterpreted in timing. And I will add that I have heard news reports and writers acknowledge that there hasn’t been peace simce Trump was inaugurated. Read Victor Davis Hanson and many others who have spoken to the soft coup during the entire Trump presidency. Read Dennis Prager who wrote, during the same week of Trump’s inauguration, that we had entered a second civil war in our country.

      I’ll share two links with you, but if you’re serious about staying with us, building up community with us, and engaging in renewing and rebuilding our country and world, you really need to do some scrolling and reading to get a flavor of what we’re about. Charlie’s mystical lights coupled with his lifetime of erudite studies and hard work still inform and guide him so that he can continue to sherpa God’s people here as we carry on. One link to meet your request is here. And here’s another. If you’re serious about jumping in the rapids with us, I have a couple more links and resources for you which will bring you up to speed on what we’re doing with the Master at the helm of this ship.

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      1. Ronan, thanks for visiting. One thing: when you walk into someone’s house, you don’t necessarily have to bring a gift; but it’s poor form to throw tomatoes at the homeowner.

        We don’t always agree here, but we do try to be charitable and polite. So the next time you come to hang out with us, please bring your people-skills A-game. Thanks!

        God bless you and yours. 🙂

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          1. Ha! For me, it’s the juggling act between not turning away someone who just may be searching and ignoring those who are true trolls. Too, sometimes it’s good to recall an ever so brief summary of where we’ve come from. Besides, how about that image?! 🙂

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                1. I’m ok with just “MP.” Saw A-Rod on “Shark Tank” tonight and he was getting excited about a condiment product that comes in slices. Yes. Like a slice of ketchup on your hamburger or hotdog… Slices! A slice of ketchup on a hotdog?!!!!! When exactly does this storm end?

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        1. I have always admired you, Mick…ever since you came here. I just felt like stating that again for this solid, logical and charitable comment! 😉

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            1. “In cases which concern private revelations, it is better to believe than not to believe, for, if you believe, and it is proven true, you will be happy that you have believed, because our Holy Mother asked it. If you believe, and it should be proven false, you will receive all blessings as if it had been true, because you believed it to be true”(Pope Urban VIII, 1623-44).
              I think it important to state most prophets prophesies may come about differently than how they wrote them but are fulfilled in some manner depending on the reaction of mankind after they are revealed. Our Lady told many a mystic that future events are dependant on us. People still expect the 100 year old prophecies at Fatima to be spot on to what was foretold, yet Our Lady gave them contingencies like: “*If* men do not stop offending God”, etc.
              The period of Peace was said by Lucia to be an “ongoing” event after JPll consecrated the whole world to Her immaculate heart. Some people don’t like that interpretation and expect the Pope to consecrated JUST RUSSIA even though communism is spread over the whole earth now which She foretold would happen if men didn’t stop offending God, which they continue to do even to this day.
              Interestingly, people don’t seem to realize how silly they look when they expect more accuracy from Charlie’s predictions than what came about from the Bible, the saints and Our Lady!

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    1. Hey LPS,

      I expect he is “Doing Things” in his final hours as Prez that will force Harris/Biden to undo same thus raising questions about the matters at hand and exposing themselves as the radicals they are.
      However! With Big Tech & Media strangling/distorting the flow of information it has become more difficult to Spread the Word. The Left has been planning this USA Take-Over since before 2008 and, sadly, are well funded, orchestrated and well underway.
      ……. and BoobLand USA is masked, hamstrung, ignorant and living in fear over China Plague.
      I’m sure future historians will rate 2020 as the year of the greatest deception that ever brought down a once great nation. … Barring Divine Intervention … LET US PRAY!!
      Donald Trump was a four year Bump in the Road for them and they are damn angry, frustrated and filled with the spirit of vengeance about it!


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      1. That makes perfect sense CrewDog!!! Spoke with a fellow daily communicant after Mass this am…I told him about Charlie and y’all and he asked…”Linda, does he say this is the end of the world? Because if so, I’m ready to die for Christ!” Wow!!! Told him, no, Charlie says we are heralds of the triumph of the Immaculate heart of Mary…aka messengers! Ha!!! He’s gonna need some convincing!!! Lol!!! People on the right are really fearful and for good reason as you just stated!!!

        Crew dog 🐶 I LOVE my new name!!! LPS!!! 😂😂😂 sort of like GPS without the G!!!😂

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  14. …”In a further Orwellian twist, Biden and his cronies appear to have adopted many of President Trump’s ideas for running the country, but they can’t admit where those ideas came from. Biden’s not entirely sure we can afford to forgive all student debt, and he now believes that the existing border policies are necessary for the time being. Gov. Cuomo now says we must “open things up,” just as President Trump and many conservative governors said we should. But he can’t admit that the idea came from conservatives — it’s his idea. None of these ideas was right when Trump was president — they’re right only after Biden takes office.”…

    read the rest at:

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  15. I ran across these thoughts from Kurt Schlichter at Townhall. They represent a kind of initial plan for
    for going forward:

    “That we will be skipping the virtual inauguration is not to say that we have nothing to celebrate. We do. The fight begins anew. Many of us are energized. We have exposed some more squishy Establishment-loving weak links in the Cheney, as it were. We will primary them. We will make our GOP state legislatures clean up the crooked election system and impose a Social Media User’s Bill of Rights upon the digital dictators. We will continue to speak out, and if suppressed here, we will go pop up there and then pop off with twice the vigor. We will never surrender.”

    I am particularly intrigued by this idea of a Social Media User’s Bill of Rights. Something it seems a whole lot of people could get behind. Who would draft it? Would be interesting to see what kind of effective pressure the grassroots could put on the new Congress for a hard hitting SMU Bill of Rights that would rope in the Tech Giants. There is a Bi-Partisan fear of Silicon Valley on Capitol Hill. Bought off and terrified of bucking the power. I wouldn’t expect such a thing would emerge from either of the political parties. I see Poland and Hungary are stiffening their backs to this kind of censorship and propaganda. But their version is coming out of the political leadership. No chance in the USA.

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    1. Saw it too. Health? What a mockery. Just goes to show how powerful the spirit of deception has become in this age, but still no match for our Jesus. Folks will look back, and what of the evil doers then? Just dust and barely a memory of the horrors will remain. I’d prefer that eventual outcome includes a massive return to the ranks of the Blessed, but the more that folks choose to plummet headlong into the abyss, the more I shift my focus to bolstering up the ranks of the Faithful for the Glory of God alone. A necessary distinction, I think, not in what is looked at, but how one thinks and acts on it.

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    2. He/she saved her/his own mother from covid by removing her from a nursing home and put her in a hotel. So many in that nursing home perished. Looks like another dismal choice for HHS

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    1. The increased slaughter of babies IS horrendous. Add to this, the slaughter of true freedom… freedom of religion, freedom of speech, freedom in printing and reporting truth. Biden has stated recently that the transgender agenda is the last frontier of civil rights.

      Deliver us, O Lord, even as we stay the course in partnering with You to stand for Faith Family and Freedom.

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  16. JESUS = GOOD NEWS… 😉

    I’m sorry Gang …. but I have NO Trust in Catholic Bishops doing ANYTHING significant to stem the godless force that is obviously out to demonize, marginalize and … destroy US.
    Yes there are a few Good Guys … too few ;-(

    “Archbishop Gomez stressed that the role of the Catholic bishops is not to endorse parties or candidates, but to offer principles that can guide consciences.”

    Oh! Ain’t that nice! Starting Today!?
    I guess we are supposed to forget about the last four years of Trump/his Supporters Bashing by “Catholic Shepherds” and their minions? …Eh??
    I’m going to re-read “1984” as it seems we are living the script now ;-(
    I ain’t forgettin’ ….. Jesus, I Trust in You!

    Click to access The-Presidents-Advisory-1776-Commission-Final-Report.pdf

    Article OverLoad Day!


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    1. Nahum 1:7-9
      New King James
      7 The Lord is good,
      A stronghold in the day of trouble;
      And He knows those who trust in Him.

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  17. Before I posted this piece which is breaking news from the Vatican this morning, I looked to see what kind of publication is THE PILLAR, a new launch as of January 4th this very month. You can read about it here.

    And the story of how the Vatican’s Secretariat of State blocked the release of a statement from the US Bishops concerning a warning to Joe Biden, is entitled… Breaking: Vatican intervenes to spike US bishops’ Biden statement. You can find it here.

    Another exclamation point on the reality that we must continue singing/living The Ballad of the Ordinary Man.

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    1. Noteworthy is the closing update on this article:
      UPDATE, 12:30pm:

      Shortly after Biden was sworn in as president, the Holy See released a communique from Pope Francis extending the pope’s “cordial good wishes and the assurance of [his] prayers” for the new president.

      “I pray that your decisions will be guided by a concern for building a society marked by authentic justice and freedom, together with unfailing respect for the rights and dignity of every person, especially the poor, the vulnerable and those who have no voice,” said the pope.

      The full and unchanged text of the statement from Archbishop Gomez was posted on the website of the USCCB shortly after noon.

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    2. How atrocious the real message/warning was blocked. Reading the Pillar article, tells us that Tobin and Cupich blocked the hard hitting message. Why am I not surprised! 😦

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  18. If I’m remembering correctly, I believe Charlie mentioned some time ago (I can’t remember if it was in response to a question?) that “abortion will end before the storm does.” I strongly believe that abortion is one of the main reasons why we’re in this mess/storm, and of course, our own sins and neglects. However, as Charlie also said, “In the end, God wins.” So, we continue to strive to live a Holy life each day, to repent honestly of our sins, and as we are each called to by God, take our stand for him and his truth! 🙂 Also, I’ve fully decided (with the help of prayerful discernment) to pull away from all media, etc. except for this blog. 🙂 I’m not trying to be naive, but I want to stay as sane as possible, especially now! :/ God Bless all! 🙂

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    1. There are many who believe that abortion is a main reason why the Storm is needed, Brian. I agree with those who see the root of abortion as contraception… and that contraception has many tentacles of evil springing from it. God’s Blessings upon you and your decision to unplug from media. 🙂

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    2. Brian, I, too, have mostly avoided all news except this blog. The exception is Catholic Vote which publishes an email 6 days a week. Seeking the truth can be so discouraging. Finding the news is saddening. Still, we know to whom we belong.
      Oh, yes, and the Babylon Bee. Best not news on the planet.

      Praying for everyone here.
      God bless us, everyone, katey in Oregon

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  19. I told God a few days ago that if things did not pan out as I hoped/expected, that I would do my darndest to learn from the lesson of the Apostles at Calvary after Christ’s death.

    So here we are, I gave God a quick earful about how I am not enjoying this , but I am also hopeful and will continue these prayers through these days of darkness.

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  20. Hello all, My husband and I spent the morning at Mass, reciting the rosary and in Adoration. Such a peaceful place to be during the terrible storm that is upon us. I’m with Brian, no media going forward except this blog, Fr. Heilman, and Church Militant for news. Peace to all.

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  21. Thank you Beckita. 🙂 Yes, the “contraceptive culture” is all too real, and very sad. I think I’ve read that almost 90% of Catholic couples contracept. 😦 And many of those contraception methods also cause very early abortions as well. 😦 It reminds me of what St. Paul said in the second reading from this last weekend, about “Glorify(ing) God in your body.” And, “The body is not for immorality, but for the Lord.” Praying much (including people in my own family) for people to see the grave errors of contraception, etc., and for more of our Church leaders to take a stand against it as well (always with true charity). Just as an aside, I’m on my break at work now, and I’ve got a big project that I’ve been working on all day, and then another one after I finish that. God told me that this is my “next right step(s)” for today. 🙂 God Bless all, and continued prayers for everyone, and our country, Church, and the world! 🙂

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    1. Well, Brian, so much for no media..although what I did was I just signed up for The Pillar.
      I will give them a look and if they seem to tell the truth then I may support.
      I will keep coming here for the truth, however.
      Jesus, I trust in You!
      God bless all our endeavors this day, katey 🙏🏽

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  22. Charlie, Thanks for all the great incites. We have free choice to make right decisions which applaud you for continual support encouraging us to do that in our daily lives. But the people who steal elections and do far worse have free choice as well. Suspect we are in for a long winter this year.

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    I am going to reveal to you the secret of sanctity and happiness. Every day for five minutes control your imagination and close your eyes to the things of sense and your ears to all the noises of the world, in order to enter into yourself.

    Then in the sanctity of your Baptized soul, [which is the Temple of the Holy Spirit] speak to that Divine Spirit, saying to Him:

    Oh, Holy Spirit, beloved of my soul. I adore Thee.
    Enlighten me, guide me, strengthen me, console me.
    Tell me what I should do . . . give me Thy orders.
    I promise to submit myself to all that Thou desireth of me
    and to accept all that Thou doth permit to happen to me.
    Let me only know Thy will.

    If you do this, your life will flow along happily, serenely and full of consolation, even in the midst of trials. Grace will be proportioned to the trial, giving you the strength to carry it and you will arrive at the gates of Paradise, laden with merit.
    This submission to the Holy Spirit is the secret of sanctity.

    Joseph Cardinal Mercier

    Cardinal Mercier, a Belgian lived from 1851-1926, and was ordained in 1874 and eight years later became professor of philosophy at the University of Louvain, where, under the auspices of Pope Leo XIII, he organized an institute for the study of the teachings of St. Thomas Aquinas. He was instrumental in in the 20th-century revival of interest in Thomistic scholasticism. He was made archbishop of Malines in 1906 and Cardinal a year later. Cardinal Mercier worked to secure greater cooperation between the Catholic clergy and the laity and to promote social well-being. In World War I, Cardinal Mercier became the spokesman of Belgian opposition to the German occupation, for which the Germans placed him under house arrest.

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  24. JESUS = GOOD NEWS.. PM . 😉

    I guess that PF, like any “Good” Progressive, simply can’t choke out the words: Abortion or Babies in the womb ;-(,
    “I pray………………………. together with unfailing respect for the rights and dignity of every person, especially the poor, the vulnerable and those who have no voice,” said the pope.

    YEP!! Unity & Healing for the Democrats/Global Left has become just like Islam! There will ONLY be Unity/Healing if you submit to our Agenda! Oh!! … & sites like Newsmax, OAN, Brietbart, … ASOH?… are unacceptable! … Time for Choosing …. Fight or Surrender!

    I’d like to think there are a bunch more States ready to defend their Citizens & State Constitutions?!


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