My Final Public Prophecy


By Charlie Johnston


“Lord, we ain’t what we wanna be,

We ain’t what we oughta be,

We ain’t what we gonna be,

But thank you, Lord,

We ain’t what we was.”

Common prayer of former slaves after the American Civil War


Late last August I began to get nervous as I contemplated the Revelation 12 sign that would appear in the sky on September 23. While it was not what I expected of the Rescue, nor how I had described it, it did match up with at least the first half of what I had been told about the Rescue: “Our Lady will be revealed to the whole world and you will be rescued.”

At the time of the Incarnation, all the Jews in Israel expected the Messiah to be a political and military leader who would restore the temporal kingdom of David. This expectation was so ingrained that even St. John the Baptist, near the end of his life, sent disciples to ask Jesus, “Are you he who is to come, or shall we look for another?” (Matthew 11:3) Jesus did not answer him directly, but instead instructed John’s disciples to go back and describe the things they were seeing to him.

I knew that with the Rescue, the satan’s over-arching power over the culture would be broken. So I decided to take a cue from the interchange between St. John and Jesus – to watch what happened. Shortly after the Sept. 23 sign, the pious pretensions of the anti-God cultural and political left began collapsing in on themselves wholesale. Hollywood, the media,  and political offices could no longer sustain the posturing they had maintained successfully for decades. On November 21, both Iraq and Iran declared that ISIS had been defeated in a stunning collapse of its caliphate. The investigation into Russian collusion was revealed to be no investigation at all, but a sustained bureaucratic and judicial coup attempt by top levels of the American justice department and the intelligence community, led by Obama holdovers in the federal bureaucracy. Oh, I know they are still squealing about it, but the evidence is now clear and compelling. On Dec. 6, President Trump formally recognized Jerusalem as the legitimate capitol of Israel, acknowledging a 3,000-year-old historical reality concerning our “elder brothers in the faith,” as St. John Paul called the Jews. Planned Parenthood and the culture of death are far more deeply on the ropes as this year begins than almost anyone yet realizes. By the early middle of December, I started writing versions of this piece, but I was rebuked repeatedly, so let it ride until today.

Though the satan’s power is broken and diminished, he remains dangerous. But now his influence is limited to those who give themselves over to him. That, too, is a tricky business. In Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol,” the Ghost of Christmas Present says at one point that, “There are some upon this earth of yours who lay claim to know us, and who do their deeds of passion, pride, ill-will, hatred, envy, bigotry and selfishness in our name, who are as strange to us and all our kith and kin, as if they had never lived.” Truly, whoever does such things, whatever he says, has given himself over to the satan while he does them and is terribly vulnerable. Moreover, those who have given themselves to the satan can still do damage to the innocent. Murderers can still murder, North Korea can still spark a nuclear war. But as with the Union forces after Gettysburg and the Allied Forces after D-Day, the tide has turned. We face a broken, though still deadly, enemy.

I should have been more prudent and cautious. I well know that most prophecies describe a process that is often defined, but not contained, by a particular event. The definitive rescue of humanity began with Mary’s ‘yes,’ but it would be 34 more years before even the wisest began to understand what it was. I have warned people against looking for fireworks shows, for I well know that God usually works more subtly than that; that if there are to be fireworks, they usually come at the culmination of  the process– yet in my enthusiasm at the Rescue, I immediately went to the fireworks show interpretation.

My public record of prophecy has been a mixed bag. I was describing these times as a global civil war fought on cultural lines long before I started sharing things with my Priests 23 years ago. I was doing the same with the primacy of the threat of North Korea. It was over 17 years ago that I spoke of the coming collapse of the rule of law, with justice weaponized as a partisan tool, to name just a few striking cases. One could plausibly argue that this is not evidence of visitations, but just of a peculiar intuitive genius. I don’t buy that. I am reasonably smart, but not that smart. But I have had two spectacular failures in the inauguration and how I described the Rescue. Both can be plausibly cast as interpretive, rather than substantial, failures. Even so, my job has been, if I speak at all, to get it right – and I didn’t in either of these instances. Therefore, after today I will foreswear public prophecy. At best, I am marginally competent at interpreting what I am given. I will not quit writing on matters of culture, geo-politics and public policy from the perspective of an orthodox Catholic. Perhaps all will scatter. That is not my affair. But I have found that for some, my writing has helped recollect them to first things, fundamentals of the faith. I will write to encourage those who I can in the battles before us. I will take some time, no more than a few weeks, and then get to work from a purely faith-based analytical perspective. That has been my way for most of my life, so I merely go back to my comfort zone. I will have this site shut down in a few days and open up a new one with the same name later but without any publicly prophetic element.

Meantime, if the larger cultural power of the satan has been broken (and it has) there are two poles of danger we must avoid. The first is defeatism. We have been used to losing the cultural battles for so long that we expect to lose. We are as demoralized as the French Army before St. Joan of Arc took control of it. We must lift up our heads with confidence, with the confidence that the Lord of Hosts does not abandon His people. Proclaim your faith boldly. The second danger is triumphalism. If we seek to impose our individually limited vision of what God’s truth is on all, we risk driving people away that God intends us to gather in – and we will be held to account for it. Proclaim your faith charitably.

It is easy – and even just – to be angry with those who are perpetually angry and offended, those who have done so much to tatter the social fabric with their unending shrill attacks. Look deeper, though. See the agony behind their anger. Most of these people are pitiable: they have lost the capacity for joy or happiness. Like the old song, they are only happy when it rains. What misery they have cloaked themselves in! Many, perhaps most, of these can be reclaimed. Resist their depredations, yes, but show them a better way, not only with what you say, but how you live. Let your eye not be on destruction first, but on reconstruction, knowing that God does not abandon His people.

Everyone knows there is great turmoil in the Church right now. Different clerics have different gifts. I know a Bishop, a very orthodox Bishop, who is not known for his profound public defenses of the faith, but quietly does stunningly marvelous work with the broken, the poor, the addicts in his diocese, giving many new hope. I admire that Bishop. I know another very orthodox Bishop in a terribly troubled diocese who does not rain condemnation and anathema on all the offenses there, but tries to conciliate those who are in darkness to co-exist with the faithful. I admire him and believe his tolerance will not debase the faith, but will preserve people for a greater catch to the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart. I know many Bishops and Priests I admire greatly, who do not do things as I would. I give thanks for them all. Consider your clerics in their totality and support the good that is there. I know that there are some who advocate against the faith of the Magisterium. But consider each of them in their totality. Even in the worst of circumstances, you can always live faith. Never condemn someone merely because he does not do what you think you would in the same situation.

Too often people are looking for the flaw in others. When that is your perspective, you will always find it. We all have feet of clay. Heaven knows, the Pharisees and Sanhedrin found many apparent flaws even in Our Lord, Himself. But when you are looking for the flaw, whose eyes are you looking through? The satan is sometimes called the great accuser of mankind – for he is always looking for flaws to point out to God. God is always looking for the strand of fidelity, of charity, of compassion in even the most flawed, that he may weave whatever frail strands are there into a lifeline that will call flawed men back to the fullness of faith. Do not fail to defend against depredations, but see your fellows through the healing eyes of God rather than the bitter, wounding eyes of the satan.

Despite my occasionally spectacular failures, nothing has happened to diminish the merit of the heart of what I proclaim: the ordinary way of acknowledging God, taking the next right step, and being a sign of hope to those around you.

The process which will culminate in the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart has begun. Our choice now is to be heralds of it or inhibitors of it. May God bless and keep you safe throughout the restoration before us.

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  1. Leap of Faith…. 123 jump…. I’m here!! I really am from a big distance away so a huge leap!!!
    Love green that and blue are my favourite colours!

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    1. I have found Fr. Ripperger’s work to be solid and his suggestions concerning ways to pray for spiritual protection for ourselves and our families to be a blessing. Father’s newest book which is filled with prayers from the public domain and the Church’s treasury is a gift. There has been much confusion concerning the difference between priestly authority and appropriate lay authority when it comes to praying for spiritual protection. Fr. Ripperger has written a fine introduction addressing this issue.

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      1. Title of book please Beckita. Thank you for your comment …. No one here knows about him and I have just found him. Amazing understandings.


      2. Anne, I just noticed that the link I added to the book title does not show up as so different from the other text, but if you click the title, you’ll be linked to Amazon.

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  2. Charlie, Thank you for everything. You have been the “voice crying in the wilderness” for me [without the hair shirt]. I have grown spiritually since starting to follow you in the autumn of 2014. It was the living for others, thinking of myself less, LIVING FOR GOD that has been the unfolding of the rescue for me. AND, yes, I have considered many of the startling changes to be the dawn of the Rescue – “all that is hidden will be revealed’. You are right, times are still very dangerous, spiritually and temporally. As I go through Scripture, I see humanity has been through this before. Boy, are we thickheaded. God always insists we be involved with the rescue, humbly so.

    I think I’ve made the change to the new site. If you don’t hear form me for a while, send a rescue

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  3. Thank you again Charlie, Charlie, Jr. Christy, Beckita, Steve BC and Mick. I hope I’ve signed in to the new website correctly to continue receiving posts in the future. God Bless everyone who posts here in 2018. Happy New Year! httponestepatatime (Betty)

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  4. Just a thought on taking the next right step and being a sign of hope. I started praying Prayer Retreat from Mark Mallett’s blog. It is meant for Lent [starts in 37 days] but I find it especially helpful now. The first three days are right on target, speaking of the weakness of our Faith and Trust.
    God’s blessings to all here as we face the gyrations of the Storm.

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  5. prayer for St Louis. KMOX, a local radio station, had a discussion of ghosts in St Louis and was pushing spiritism and contacting spirits. As I am involved in a healing and deliverance ministry here I have a duty to respond about the dangers of such things. So pray for me in responding too.

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    1. Said a MT through excorcist Fr. Amorth and St Benedict ( against interplay of evil) and St. Maximilian Kolbe ( communications charism) and St. Robert (you:) for it and ‘got’ that at least they could be reminded of the fairness of pushing a balancing opinion: of no divination! Or prayer of deliverance.

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  6. I’m not going anywhere, Charlie. Your words have heartened me and strengthened my faith and trust in God more than you will ever know. Thank you for all you have done to defend the faith, hearten the faithful and defend the faithful. I, for one of many, am grateful. I look forward to your insight and encouragement for a long time to come!

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  7. I think it is a problem that I have to go throug all the old comments that I have alredy read, to find the new one. I hope that problem will be solved in time.

    I will thank my old friend Steven BC for the easy way to save all the old posts. (The post about Denmark in 2014, I think he wrote i for me and others here. Charlie, you had more time then😊👍)

    I have followed this site since 2014, and I feel this cite is as a close family filled whith love, compassion, strengt, power, prayer, knowledge and very much more. My faith and knowlwdge has grown immencly (as have my english😉) even thoug I read it better than I write. I read english every day, this site and others, but I do not write english so often.

    I have a big and great wish from you my friends here. I want you to pray for my daughter Pernille. She is 37 years of age and have got breast cancer in a very serious stage, I belive. She was operated wednesday and they removed the breast and a lot of glands. The cancer was 10 cm ( 3,9 inches) in her really tiny breast.
    She does not have any children. She lives whith her love of her life, and they have been thrugh several fertility threatments. She was told that she would not have children. So there is a lot of concern, grief and sorrow here that needs to be heald.

    I was for my 3. time in 4 years in Medjugorje in september/october 2017. I did not tell you, but I prayed for you there and I took all of your intentions and whishes along whith me to all the scared places. It i such a holy and wonderful space on earth, and I will go there again in september/october of 2018 If it is possible.

    Love you all and hope for a storm of prayers for my lovely dughter Pernille.

    Mona from Denmark

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    1. Thank you so much, Mona, for your prayers for us. I am praying for your dear Pernille and these intentions you have expressed for her. May Jesus heal her in every way. Praying, too, for her husband as he helps her carry her cross. Love and Prayers always.

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    2. Dear Mona, I’ll pray for your daughter, Pernille, too. Also for her husband and you. Thank you for taking our intentions to Medjugorje when you were there. I’d sure like to make a pilgrimage there one day. God bless you, Mona.

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    3. Dear Mona, I have prayed the Prayer of Miraculous Trust for your daughter Pernille, invoking the intercession of St Peregrine and St Elizabeth Ann Seton. Praying for trust and peace of heart for you and her husband, too.

      Note that Charlie has put a link to Prayer of Miraculous Trust at top of page.

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    4. Yes, Mona, I will certainly pray for your daughter and for you all.
      St. Peregrine, please ask God and Our Lady for the cure of the sick whom we entrust to you. Amen
      Thank-you for your prayers for us all!
      Blessings, katey in Oregon, USA

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      1. I thank you everyone for your thaughts and prayers. Pernille got out of hospital today and is doing quiet well. She got a breastsaving operation and it looks pretty good to me. She told me that her cancer is a stage 3 one. I am whith her to help out in a couple of days. It is good to be her whith her. She lives in Norway (my homecountry) whith her Norwegian husband, so I am in Norway right now. Here is also snow and it is cold.
        Love Mona

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    5. Dear Mona,

      Prayers for your daughter Pernille and for her husband and your whole family. Prayers for miracles and comfort for your daughter as she goes through all of this.

      Prayers and hugs,

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  8. I would like messages sent to me through my e-mail account as before. My friend and myself and several others have shared Charlie’s advice and we are most grateful continue on…..

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    1. Hi Margaret, Here are a few steps for you to take in order to receive messages via email. Each person must sign himself or herself up. Look at the top of this page and click on the “blue ribbon” which has the words “Follow A Sign of Hope” on it. That will get you started.

      After I did that and began to make a comment, a lighter green box opened under the comment box, giving me the opportunity to click on these options:
      “Notify me of new comments via email.”
      “Notify me of new posts via email.”

      I put a check beside each of these as I like to read the comments from my inbox at times.

      Hope this helps you.

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  9. YAY!! It looks like I got in…I had some doubts. Looking forward to exchange of ideas with everyone and a big hug to Charlie, Beckita, SteveBC, Mick, and all TNRS staff and commenters.Thanks for the ride these past couple of years.It was a great journey.

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    1. Yes, Mary, you’re here. Welcome! I’m going to share the comment you left at TNRS just a few minutes ago, again expressing my condolences on the passing of your dear momma. Praying for her soul and for all of you who love her. May she be welcomed into God’s Kingdom with those in your family who have gone before her and as a beautiful line from a Song of Farewell conveys: May the smiles of the saints and angels greet her own.

      From MAryT this night:
      Okay Charlie, all shall be well, but your new website does not want me. Having a heck of a time. Gave up trying last night but I see your old site is still up so I am taking advantage of it now.
      For all who remember, my 95 year old mother was dying and she spent 4 weeks in suffrage (hell) so to speak. She has now passed…God rest her soul! She died Jan. 5 2018 at 4:08 am. I was with her until 1:30 am, let her know I loved her……….I then drove home. And Mom went home too, a few hours later.
      She spent 4 whole weeks in pain, agony, surely there is something to be said for that? She suffered Purgatory for her sins and us 9 children? My Dad passed on Aug. 6 of 2017 so not many months lapsed between the two.
      Am asking for prayers, for us, the family left,,please.
      Love you all here and I hope I can sign in on Charlies new sight!!! Sooner than later!
      Good cheer to all of you here.
      My dear Mother will be buried Tuesday, Jan. 9. 2018.

      Thanks so much, all of you!
      God Bless! Mary

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      1. Prayers for your family, Mary. I am sorry for the passing of both your parents but so thankful for their many sacrifices. Only in heaven will it be known how many they helped. Prayers and blessings!

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  10. Oh Gee Beckita, that is so wonderful of you to include my last post from TNRS. You are such a wonderful and caring person! No one would know unless you posted it! I was at my wits end as to how to include myself on Charlies new site, get the word out about my Mother and just be here to proclaim, lament, comment, help, be here in general….
    I, after hoops and loops with WordPress last night, and having had changed my email address a few weeks ago, WordPress would NOT accept me. But, Beckita, when you told me to just bookmark Charlies new site, all the miracles just happened and here I am! Thank you Beckita, and thank you God!!!
    Tomorrow is my Mother’s wake (prayer service) and almost my whole family will be home for our dear dear Mother.
    Again, thank you, and thank God!

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    1. MaryT,
      Prayers for your mother and father, for you and your family. May it be a joyful gathering full of happy memories.
      May perpetual light shine upon them. And may the souls of all our faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace. 💟

      God bless us, every one.
      katey in OR

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  11. May they both rest in peace. Mary, you witnessed purification…. Hopefully all of it has been done.
    Praise God you had them so long…… That is a gift!
    My mum was youngest of nine…… Her name Dolores as born on 15 September…… Lost her mum when she was 12. Much suffering.

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  12. I’m liking the color of this new site….like i like my wasabi and my beer. (shamrock emoji would go here, but not on Windows 7 – is SteveBC in the new house yet?)

    OK everybody, we’re on a brand new site of Catholics supporting each other, and it’s special because this is an invite-only community — invitations sent out by the Holy Spirit. So maybe, perhaps, you’d be willing to follow Charlie’s lead and use a photo of yourself for your gravitar? Even if it’s your baby picture or a black-n-white from your glorious high school days. Ties not required. Heck, wear sunglasses if you want. (I’ll admit, tho, I’m also dying to see Mick’s ‘fro! : )

    It’s really not important, but I thought it’d be nice to finally have a face to go with the names of friends who’ve shared so much together these past few years. Indeed, this is no ordinary group of friends.

    This man is an EMT, and he might just save your life one day — if you happen to choke on a cocktail olive while gambling at a casino in Deadwood. (True story)

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      1. We’re happy to wait, Contemplative Grandma. It can’t be emphasized enough that the good folks here are an EXCEEDINGLY patient bunch, and then some…we’ll wait as long as we need to for just about anything worthwhile! : )

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    1. Patrick! LOL!
      I tried to remember my gravitar password… too many passwords to remember at my age, for goodness sakes.
      If you’re on Facebook …hmmm, let me think, I THINK I can link “my own backyard” to Facebook and then you can see my profile photos. some are just as … humorous. Otherwise, I’ll have to send my photo and have Beckita publish.
      Thanks for the smile, brother!
      katey in OR 🤣

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    My siblings and I love our Mother, there are no words to describe it. We sang and prayed the Rosary with Mom in her last days, and even though she could not sing or pray along with us, she tried, and did very well with singing along You Are My Sunshine. Her words did not come out right but she kept the tune and stayed with it till the end of the song. How heartfelt it was.

    Oh dear Momma, we all love you dearly!

    In her last few hours and before I left, I told Mom I loved her. I truly feel she heard me, and also the 8 other kids of hers telling her the same.
    Mom is at rest and hopefully in the loving arms of God, along with her husband (Dad-Albert) and dancing with all the Angels in the land of Gods Heaven.

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  14. It is so nice to see you all here already! I have read and prayed for all our SoH family and your intentions. May we be signs of hope, and be fruitful and multiple! 😀
    Sean, I love the chestnut tree as a complimentary symbol to the squirrel. It’s a strong wood. The family *tree* representing our branching out, the chestnuts as our good fruits and the seeds are covered in thorns.

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    1. Well after suggesting a chestnut tree would be a good SoH symbol, I realized that it may be difficult to use creatively in related graphic images, and then I found this beautiful picture. ❤

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  15. Hi all!

    I’m happy to see that the transition to the new site happened so smoothly and everbody now see The Sign of Hope!

    I have read a lot but do not write that much, if I don’t have something more special to say. I still know this is the community which Holy Spirit showed me about 15 years ago. I’m in peace living in the “no man’s land” between Orthodoxy and Catholism. I’m fully an Orthodox believer and still I can never give up all that Catholism has given to me in past 5 years of studying and practising: reading new prayers, learning to know new saints and faith warriors, new kind of devotions, wonderful shrines… This all began by the advice of Our Lady of Soufanieh (and Our Kazan Lady was involved)…

    I have seen Charlie in my dream standing in the front row of believers but there were MANY more.That is why I can accept those time limits that did not hold – he is one of us in the front row but we all are humans, sometimes mistaken. And the mitigation because of prayers is very credible, too. My Orthodox church teaches: you can not be sure of your fate before lying in the coffin as dead. Realistic view. And so long we can make mistakes. God only sees what’s in our hearts: faith and good intentions.

    Patrick said: it’s special because this is an invite-only community — invitations sent out by the Holy Spirit. HOW TRUE! That’s why we are safe!

    God bless you all in this new year! And Mona, who are so “near”, I’ll pray for your daughter Pernille and her husband. I have a daughter of same age who thinks already that she can’t have children. She and her husband leave the matter in God’s hands… Once entering the church my daughter heard in her mind: the infertile has a lot of children. This is mystical…. and maybe true sometime in the future. Perhaps there will be a lot of orphans…

    In Christ, Tarja

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    1. Tarja, to be in “no-man’s land” between Orthodoxy and Catholicism sounds like a wonderful place to be.

      I’m not versed in all the differences among the orthodox churches, but while living in Colorado Springs I sometimes attended an Orthodox Church, Holy Theophany (Epiphany), as a supplement to attending Catholic Mass: Ah! Such deeply reverent ceremony, steeped in ancient tradition, breathtaking icons and gorgeous music…it was a profoundly spiritual experience. And I was made to feel very welcome as a Catholic brother to join with them in worshiping Our Lord. Those few visits made a permanent home in my heart as a Christian. As a result, I so look forward to our reunification; I believe Catholics will have much to gain when that day arrives. Take a peek.

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      1. Thank you all for your answers! I studied the site of the Holy Theophany Church and found it very interesting. Such an active and lively parish they have, and a lot of young people! We here in Eastern Finland are not so lucky: our parishes shrink and young people move to southern Finland…. Nowadays Orthodox parishes grow mostly near Helsinki – and in the south they have quite a lot new Russian members, too. Luckily we have our most important monasteries here in Eastern Finland and so Orthodoxy stays strong here despite everything…

        Dear Mona, it was nice to see our flags with a cross beautifully side by side !

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  16. My condolences, Mary, on the loss of your dear mom…I feel a woman who raised 9 remarkable children, and you are, and suffered as she did at the end, is certainly in Heaven and is privy to the Beatific Vision.
    Patrick, I love your picture…I have the same glasses!

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  17. Thankful for Mercy…I have a similar situation with my daughter Julie that you have with Cassie..she developed 2 brain tumors as a result of radiation treatment over 43 years ago. The tumors were discovered12 years ago after the birth of her son. There will always be issues but, for the most part, she is doing well. I will keep your daughter in my prayers.

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  18. Testing. Testing. Did I make it through the portal to the new metamorphosis? Transcending the old and entering into the new.

    As previously reported we are preparing to go on pilgrimage to the Holy Land in February. Focusing on the life of Jesus of Nazareth.

    In the middle of reading Fr. James Martin’s guide to the Holy Land: Jesus A Pilgrimage

    What has caught my attention is the PROCESS used by Jesus. Took time to accomplish his mission. He didn’t hurry it. Step by step. One might say one Right Step after another. Acknowledging God. Taking the Next Right Step. And being a sign of Hope. Sound familiar.

    Walking along the shores of the Sea of Galilee. Inviting all to follow me.

    I look forward to walking the journey with all the good pilgrims I have encountered here in this wonderful community.

    God knows the Plans he has for us. The journey is going to be interesting.

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    1. Haven’t read that book Ed – your PROCESS in caps captured my attention too! Grateful to follow you in spirit (or through your written updates) and praying that when you take that NRS that it is on the right path! I long to make a pilgrimage to a place that I have only read about – maybe one day it will be Mt Meeker, which I have only read about on Charlie’s previous site. Happy and holy travels for February, STEddy, and hello to all here.

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    2. How wonderful Ed, that you’re going to the Holy Land. Please take us all with you in spirit! We will pray for a wonderful pilgrimage for you and all of your companions! I would love go there some day, God Willing. Blessings to you Ed!

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      1. One of the things I am working myself up to in preparation for the trip is to put together a list of intentions. I want to keep mine simple and specific. Able to fit on a single note card. I will seal it and carry it with me. At each site I will pray for those intentions.

        One of them will be for Charlie’s intentions for this new venture and for the intentions of all who are trying to Acknowledge God, Take the Next Right Step and be a Sign of Hope. That includes you Diane.

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        1. Thank you so much, Ed. I would also ask that you bring an intention for God’s Blessing upon all aspects of the Chinese Evangelization Project in which I am involved. May Jesus especially continue to bless the catechetical writing of Fr. Wang.

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            1. Thank you so much, Ed. Father’s next book will counter the pocket-sized “Little Red Book” of Mao’s quotes. Father’s will be a pocket-sized book of quotes and highlights of the life of Jesus, the God-man. It delights me to no end to think of you taking this petition to the holy places where Jesus walked the earth and fulfilled the Old Testament. Father beamed as I mentioned this to him. Please, alert us when you’re ready to depart and we’ll keep you in prayer as you make pilgrimage.

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  19. So happy to be here with all of you. So now are we the TNRS Family and the SOH Family? God Bless You All! Looking forward to more great commentaries from Charlie and Beckita and Steve and many more. What a blessed group you are!

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    1. Diane, maybe it’s kinda like having a hyphenated last name: “Hi! I’m Mick TNRS-SOH.” Hmmm… I wonder how you’d pronounce that, given the dearth of vowels.

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  20. Ok…I have found it and am ready to continue. 🙂 I don’t have a great deal of extra time to comment frequently, but I will continue to keep up with the great community here.

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  21. Hi Charlie good to see your still on line, came across this quite by accident and having read the article I couldn’t agree more that there has definitely been a wind of change. I must admit i was awaiting for the firework display and when it didnt happen I kept asking myself perhaps we have missed something, well this article encapsulates it all. I too feel there is still a real struggle ahead but we will all get through it if we stick to our guns. Our Lady promised us a spectacular victory , but I cant remember when or where she said that.

    from the western front !!!

    Christus Vinci

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  22. I don’t see things improving yet, there’s a lot a evil in the world and I doubt it’s going to just fade away… The bad people who can crash the world currencies can still do it. The end of 100 reign of evil will only make those who serve evil more desperate and vengeful, like a cornered animal. These times we are currently in are still very dangerous, and will require a watchful eye, listening ear, and lots of prayers still if evil to be vanquished back to the pre-1900 levels or less. I highly doubt we’re out of the hot water yet…

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    1. I see improvement but I also know that change takes time and, ultimately, God wants a purified heart, a change of heart, an end to divided hearts, in ALL of His kids, including me. Indeed, lots of prayers ascending while practicing the core TNRS message. God bless you, Al, and all here.

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  23. Charlie, I want to say that after Trump’s election and nothing major happening in the world like you predicted, I stopped following you. I remember you saying that if you were not right, that you would close down this site and go into the mountains….(or something like that).
    I happened to get on your site today and read a little bit. I was surprised to see you were still writing.
    I was wondering if you could tell me “what happened”? What happened to your predictions? What happened to shutting the site down, why did you decided to come back and write again? (I know it’s hard to read into things like voice tone in text; so I want to assure you that these are not “snooty” questions; just curious ones.)

    I also read one of your posts & it said….. “I contemplated the Revelation 12 sign that would appear in the sky on September 23. While it was not what I expected of the Rescue, nor how I had described it, it did match up with at least the first half of what I had been told about the Rescue: “Our Lady will be revealed to the whole world and you will be rescued.””

    I was wondering if you can tell me what sign actually happened on the 23rd? What were the things you were correct on? How was Our Lady revealed to the whole world?
    Later in the post you mentioned something about satan’s power being diminished and broken…. how do you know that? What is the evidence of that? How are you so confident of that?

    Thanks for your patience in answering my questions.
    jeff b


    1. Jeff, with respect to your questions, I have said all I intend to say about it on this site in the first article here. We fully litigated these things over the past year. I understand if you were not watching the site, you may have missed it all. I also understand that you may find me someone who you do not think worth reading. That is fine. I explained what I was thinking in the first article on this site. Some people take comfort in my work and insight. I write for those who find peace in it – and am not offended to be ignored or criticized by those who don’t.

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  24. Charlie, thank you for the new website. I have read just about everything you have written and enjoy the “food for thought” as I call it but have never posted anything until now. God has given you many gifts to be used for his beloved people and is refining them and you. Peace of the Lord be with you.

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  25. Can you tell me what the signs were from Mary for all to see? On the 23rd?
    I really don’t know and want to know what happened because I obviously missed it.
    What happened that satan has list his power?


  26. Charlie,

    I was wondering if you could source the prayer attributed to former slaves. I think it is a wonderful prayer and would love to use it in a talk about prayer that I’ll be giving to incarcerated women in a few weeks. However, I can’t use it if I can’t attach it to an original source. I’m not saying it isn’t true or that it may not have come down through an oral tradition. It’s just that I so often challenge others who use unsourced quotes that are clearly not true, that I think it would be dishonest of me to use an unsourced quote. For example I regularly challenge this ubiquitous standard:

    “St. Francis Assisi said to preach the Gospel always; when necessary, use words.”

    Well, Francis never said this. Secondly, he was a fiery preacher who preached in up to five villages a day. And the sentiment has no support in Scripture. As Bishop Barron said the other day in a speech at a FOCUS conference, this alleged quote from St. Francis is “anti-intellectualism” and “pastoral reductionism” and is not satisfying from an evangelical standpoint.

    If you can source the prayer from the former slaves, I would appreciate it; if not, no problem. I’d really like to use it, though. God bless you!



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    1. This is one I did not get from history books, Frank. I read it in E.M. Nathanson’s 1965 book, “The Dirty Dozen.” One of the characters, Napoleon White, was a black lieutenant who recited the prayer, saying he got it from his grandfather who said it was a prayer he and fellow former slaves often said at meeting together. It stuck indelibly in my mind as encompassing the spirit of the next right step. So if anything, it comes from an oral tradition. I found it too delicious to leave unused. If you do, too, at least you can tell where it was labeled in print as such.

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  27. This also happened September 2017 as the sign of Our Lady was about to take place in the heavens.
    4. Now consider this, in 2017, May 13th to October 13th we celebrated the 100th Anniversary of our Lady of Fatima. June 5, 2017, the International Centennial Pilgrim Virgin of Our Lady of Fatima made an historic and symbolic visit to the DMZ, the border between North Korea and South Korea. At one point during the ceremony the statue was turned towards the North to reach out to Her children behind the DMZ. On September 3rd, North Korea tested a hydrogen bomb that was 17 times more powerful than the bomb that was dropped on Hiroshima. North Korea reported that this was the most successful test they have had and with a bomb like this they could destroy Japan and turn many parts of the United States into ashes. A study by Chinese geologists, and satellite images show that the mountain above the test site has caved in, four earthquakes were triggered. Some experts have suggested that the main nuclear testing site in North Korea is now too unstable to conduct more bomb tests. Could this be another intervention from Our Lady? Could North Korea have damaged its nuclear capabilities so severely that it is willing to come to the peace table? They said that they scraped their nuclear test site in 2018. The official Korean Central News Agency said the dismantlement of the nuclear test ground where the Sept. 3rd test was done will involved the collapsing of all of its tunnels with explosions, blocking its entrances. etc. Could it be that those tunnels were already collapsed from the initial explosion? We haven’t been hearing recently about nuclear test in North Korea. Just saying!

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