The Discipline of a Quiet Man

By Charlie Johnston

Do not think that I have come to bring peace to the earth; I have not come to bring peace, but a sword. For I have come to set a man against his father, and a daughter against her mother, and a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law; and one’s foes will be members of one’s own household.

-Matthew 10:34-36

In the last 24 hours I have been the target of the ire of a small raft of emails accusing me of sedition and such because I will not accept the results of an apparently fraudulent election without a serious and thorough investigation. I can accept a loss – it’s happened more than I like – but not the destruction of the safeguards preserving the integrity of our electoral system. Democrats are very eager to pacify the nation and get all to accept the results of the last presidential election. They can choose among two paths to accomplish this: either open a serious and thorough investigation or just move to repress any who question it. They have chosen the latter. It is not working. If any on that side want to try something that could work, here is a concise and extensive summary of evidence of the fraud (that they say does not exist). I don’t think they will ever submit to that, though, for they know as well as we do that this was a fraud.

More unsettling, one of the most courageous and honorable men I have ever known heatedly informed me last night that I was making myself a tool of the devil; that all we have to do is re-organize and work harder and that the system is not broken. I didn’t worry too much about the devil stuff. For decades, knowing my religious nature, many have accused me of the same hoping it will paralyze me. But this is a very good man, a man with whom I have fought side by side in several battles. He thinks I am unhinged; I think he is living in a world gone by. Both of us may be wrong, but both cannot be right.

This brings me to a crucial point in how to deal with friends and family who have a diametrically opposed opinion on the purging of conservatives and Christians from the public square, of seeking the arrest and imprisonment not only of those who charged the Capitol, but of all prominent questioners of the legitimacy of this election. I say, argue with them no longer. Just calmly state where you stand and then do not further engage. I have said I believe the time of choosing has commenced. Whether we have looked at it or not, all the information we need has been revealed to facilitate an informed choice. It is events, themselves, that will now confirm or repudiate our judgment.

If I am wrong, after this initial orgy of shutting people down, getting them fired, and demanding the destruction of those who dissent from leftist dogma will die down in the coming weeks and months and settle into a more normal track, with room for a diversity of opinions and activists. If that happens, I will gladly counsel people to step back. If I am right, the repression will continue and intensify – and people will slowly begin to see that for themselves. A lot of people who are triumphal about Biden believe they will now be part of a grand ruling class. If they were more knowledgeable about the history of authoritarian movements, they would know that the minor supporting activists are often in more peril than the opposing activists. They think they have become the ruling class when all they have done is helped facilitate an arbitrary class of rulers who will be coming for them, too, soon enough. If I engage in passionate, embittered debate with them now, it makes it that much harder for them to come to me when they see for themselves. Step away from heated dialogue with those you care about now. Little good can come from it and much harm can arise.

Do not suppose that all – or even most – who want to treat this as business as usual are guided by malice or ambition. In all of the great upheavals in history, almost all the people involved did not see the terrible peril until it was already too late. In revolutionary France, the King deluded himself that he just had a communication problem and could resolve the controversies by normal means. Only French Finance Minister Jacques Necker knew that this was something very different and far more dangerous than previous controversies. In the run-up to the Holocaust, a multitude of Jews who could have gotten out did not because they thought this was just another pogrom like many they had seen before across Europe. To the shame of the western world, many who would have gotten out could not because the western world strictly suppressed Jewish emigration from Germany. In the first Russian revolution in February of 1917. The Duma (or legislature) assumed command in a sort of social democrat posture – and thought they had things well in hand. Then Lenin came in October and the cat was now among the pigeons of the legislature. And so it goes. I could go on a long time with this, but the point is that when the critical moment has arrived, few understand it until after it has passed. Our job is to conduct ourselves with dignity, composure, and steadiness to make it easy for them to come to us when they see – or easy for us to go back to them if we are wrong.

Many people hold fast to the belief that the institutions that were always there for them still are. There is little we can do on this score until either their or our illusions are dispelled. So tread lightly but steadfastly.

The power of the pagan left is the power of the street gang – the promiscuous willingness to use force and violence to get their way, without remorse. But never lose sight of the fact that, for all their self-regard, they are monumentally incompetent. Usually within the first six months of a leftist authoritarian takeover, they have so mismanaged everything and are surrounded by such disaster that even many of their early supporters have a, “this is not what we planned for” moment. By the summertime you should want to be in position to welcome some former leftist activists into the fold as they realize this was not about the good of the people, but only about augmenting the power of a few.

Lenin’s communist dialectic redefined truth, itself. It posited that anything that supported communism was truth, whether it was factual or not, while anything that opposed communism was a lie, whether it was factual or not. The modern pagan left has adopted a variant of that dialectic: actual violence in support of leftism is just “free speech” while any speech criticizing leftism is “violence.” I consider it a coin toss whether I will be arrested and jailed this year. No, I am not going to commit any crimes in the normal sense of the word. I would be pretty safe if that was my plan, for the left does not often punish actual crimes against property or persons. The only crime they punish ferociously is dissent – and I will not shut up. But I want to give people who disagree with me plenty of room without imputing to them motives they may not have. There will be time enough for recriminations – and reconciliation – later.

I am also not overly worried about security. Oh, I want everyone to exercise prudence according to their station in life. I use Signal for some things, but mainly I just openly and cheerily go about my business. The fact is that the American government can hack just about anything, including the secure heavily encrypted systems of other countries. Our strength is in the vast number of people who are not buying the official line anymore. Their job is not to find a needle in a haystack, but a specific needle in a needle stack. The time for the catacombs may come, but that time is not now. I think the best plan is to hide in plain sight. If you become a target of hostile officials, they can hack whatever secure systems you adopt. If you adopt enough secure systems, I think that can prompt your becoming a target – for though they might not initially see what you are up to, they can see that you are taking great pains not to leave a footprint.

We also have another, vital level of security. You all know that all of the left considers Christians superstitious ninnies. Surprise! – the majority of the institutional right does, too – only they consider us their superstitious ninnies. They don’t take us seriously. Since we believe that God will carve out the path forward for us, they think there is no real power or threat there. If there is no God, they are right and we will be overwhelmed. But God IS – and has power they know nothing of. I am terrified that if I take some extraordinary means of human protection, I will forfeit the divine protection I rely on. Do not think that I think this means I will never be assaulted or hurt. What I DO think is that if I exercise ordinary prudence (which God commands us to) and rely on Him for the rest, whatever happens to me will serve to advance His plan for the renewal of the faith and face of the world – and I am willing.,

The last year has given you some vital material with which to make sound judgments. I have watched the feeds of many people I know – and it often shows the measure of a person. There are some who were busy the last year explaining why the widespread rioting, looting, arson and mayhem of the left was just a mostly peaceful exercise of free speech. When those same people now insist that the raucous demonstration where a few people got out of hand at the Capitol was sedition and treason and unprecedented violence, I know that, at best, they are intellectually dishonest and not to be trusted. They do not object to forceful means of protest at all, only any expression of Christian or conservative morality, no matter how peacefully or forcefully it is expressed. You do not have to confront them with it, but it is best to file it away for future reference.

Be vigorous in vetting any information you want to believe. I was dismayed to see so many people send me stuff from the well-known alien and UFO hunter, Simon Parkes, as if he were a credible cultural analyst. People legitimately do not know who or what to believe these days. If you put out unvetted poppycock, all you do is add to the rising tide of confusion and, when discovered, add yourself to many people’s list of unreliable sources. I keep saying you must be deliberate and restrained. I know that is hard to do when chaos surrounds us, but if you don’t, if you give in to your passion rather than mastering it, how can the many who will wake up this year come to you later? Do not squander your credibility.

I know many are counting on Donald Trump to pull a last-minute rabbit out of his hat to make this all go away. It could happen – and if it does I will be delighted, for it would make my work a lot easier. Before any major event, I mentally run through at least a dozen different possible scenarios and plan my response to each – focusing on both what I consider most likely and what I consider the worst-case scenario. I worry that if Trump is not inaugurated to the second term he won (which I consider the most likely event) some will quit the field saying that we lost. I know what I will do if Trump prevails and what I will do if the coup is fully enacted. Do you know what you will do? Are you prepared for the unexpected?

While I will not stand idly by while liberty is strangled, I am far more interested in secession than insurrection. Over the long haul, I don’t think it will last, but I also think it is the least bloody path forward – and would give us real-time feedback on which philosophy works and which is doomed to degenerate into chaos. I will probably go into exile into Texas for a time if secession rises…and will hopefully await the rise of sanity anew, as people throughout the country and the world rededicate themselves to faith, family and freedom.

193 thoughts on “The Discipline of a Quiet Man

      1. Boy Charlie you hit the nail on the head. It’s pretty clear, when you center Christ at the center of your soul everything else is pushed out into it’s proper place. Daughter against mother in law, father against son is all I can think of lately and then reading your opening lines tell me we are on the same page with the Holy Spirit. With the father of lies having his way with our sons and daughters, friends and co workers, it seems all we can do is standby patiently.
        Us soldiers of Christ will become true fishers of men, when the dam breaks and we need to be ready. Don’t get me wrong I am prepared in many other ways, but for now my weapon of choice is the rosary. Remember everyone January is dedicated to the Holy name of Jesus. Jesus I trust in thee! Patients breed calm. God bless.

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        1. Welcome to commenting, Alan. We talk a lot around here about including the prayer of doing. To that end I invite you to have a look at CORAC (Corps of Renewal and Charity) here. Another venue on which you can discover more about the work before us as we stand with God for Faith, Family and Freedom is Charlie’s channel on Your Tube, found here.

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  1. Powerful words Charlie – agree best to keep our powder dry until the folks on the fence see what is down the socialist road.
    Texas would welcome you!
    God bless us all

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  2. I was thinking that this is like the parable of the sower when the workers reported that weeds were growing alongside the wheat. They were told to leave alone until the harvest lest the wheat be harmed. Maybe too many looked at Trump to save them rather than the Almighty.

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  3. You are completely spot on. We should not go back and forth arguing the truth with those who cannot accept it yet. We should simply speak the Truth, and then let it lie there. That’s the funny thing about Truth, you don’t have to defend what it is in an argument, really. You just speak it, and then it lies there, as Truth.

    It will actually be dangerous to argue with those who are so inflamed right now. It makes you a target and it raises their temperature. Just speak the Truth in charity, and then pray for them. They’ll see the Truth eventually, or mabye not. But that’s between God and them.

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    1. So true Tom.
      Many a time I have spoken words of wisdom to a friend or relative only to have them some time later repeat them back to me as there own!
      Scripture says the Spirit (Truth) goes forth and does not return void. But it is essential we tell it and live it. This is a time of separating the sheep from the goats. The Truth has become more and more obvious while evil has grown more and more acceptable. It is a paradox that this should be so but a society drowning in evil only accentuates what is good- like a light in the darkness. This then requires actions. One is to hide from the light because one’s behavior is evil. Another is to extinguish the light or one’s “conscience”. Another is to destroy the source of this light.
      The last is to turn to the light.
      But the light must shine in the darkness first. God’s grace or “light” is sufficient and we are His hands and feet who carry this light. So no matter how dark it gets, the power of this light will always be enough to shine on!

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  4. I sort of knew you were gonna say all this Charlie for I knew to argue with people who just don’t see things yet is futile!!! Ha!!! Funny thing I was thinking on today is I wonder if there ever will be a time when anyone says, “Jimminy Christmas Linda! I guess you WERE right!”


    I’m learning that ain’t gonna happen and I’ve come to the conclusion it’s really ok if I’m right and they’re not because it’s really not about me being right…. but about being right with God!

    I think discipline must be a blood relative of humility and prudence.

    Not sure if I’m personally prepared for the unexpected but I’m sort of learning like we all are to expect the unexpected.

    I must have a whole lotta fight in me yet cuz I’m so darn agitated at this whole coup and swift implementation of democracy or socialism or communism or whatever it is!

    You’re NOT unhinged Charlie!!! You tell us true!

    I keep thinking of when your angel got real big and told you how these things must come to pass! I know it’s gonna be horrible as it is now. I pray God strengthen all of us and give us lots of grace to always acknowledge God, take that next right step and try to be a sign of hope for all those we encounter!

    Thanks again Charlie for all your spiritual direction!!! Best spiritual director EVER!

    One more thing! Lol (Columbo) plz pray for a good friend of mine Mr. John Schumm, French teacher from high school. Daily mass friend. He’s in icu on ventilator with covid and they say it’s not looking good! He’s a living Saint In my eyes but needs prayers. He often reads your posts Charlie for I send them to him! Thank you!

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    1. Two things, Linda Pink Sista,

      1) Never say never! I had someone call me last night who in the past has vociferously disagreed with my viewpoints on certain topics … instead of wanting to do battle, this person wanted … * drumroll please * … my opinion! Does this mean we agree on everything? Or that I’m right about everything? No, of course not and that’s fine. 🙂 What it does mean is that if you simply speak your piece, sometimes someone will remember and will in fact come back later asking questions.

      2) Praying for the complete good health and healing of Mr. John Schumm!

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    2. wonder if you could send this to him (or a family member)
      OTHER TREATMENT METHODS (Worth Considering)
      11) SuperOxygenation: At any time during a Covid-19 illness but especially if I am
      having breathing difficulty and low blood oxygen, I will do whatever I can to avoid
      intubation with a ventilator (which will almost certainly help kill me) and to get
      several sessions in a hyperbaric oxygen chamber or have a doctor treat me with
      systemic ozonation. The HBOT treatment method “burns up” any virus in my body,
      reduces the inflammation that can clog my lungs (which helps them clear), and
      appears to free up red blood cells that may have been inactivated by the virus that
      causes Covid-19. I have seen numerous accounts that HBOT can save people who are
      almost comatose or near death from low blood oxygen due to Covid-19. Some
      accounts of HBOT used on nearly dead patients seem almost miraculous in saving
      people at death’s door. If you can’t get to an HBOT chamber, look around for a doctor
      who can perform systemic ozonation, which may not be as effective as HBOT but will
      be much more effective than intubation.

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      1. Mr Shumm never married. He probably owns 3 suits, 3 ties, 3 shirts one 🧥 trench coat. He’s responsible for First Saturday’s in our parish for probably decades! I’ll see if I can get this to his brother! Thank you ftsoosp!!!🙏🙏🙏

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      1. Thanks contemplativejoy! All good idea do come from God! Hahahahaha plus I’ve been so beat up these past few years I figure all I can do is work on myself…backslide…get back up again again!!! Hahaha Mr Schumm I hear is improving!!! Plz keep praying for him🙏🙏🙏🥰🥰🥰


    1. Reading the article by Daniel Greenfield led me to his previous article that he referenced. It’s about California’s new Internet Censorship Office and is a chilling article! Here in CA they’re taking screen shots and classifying the threat level of what we put on the web, God help us!! It’s run by Padilla who was just named to succeed the pretend new VP. Sad to say, CA often leads the way for the U.S., so pray that this is not coming to your state. I’ll try to include the link.

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  5. Does anybody know who owns and/or operates WordPress? What are the odds of somebody canceling us for *whatever* speech? I’m thinking if CORAC gets some real traction and attention this site and the CORAC site could be targets of the mob.

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  6. Conservatives wanted an honest verification of the vote, as did Trump, and as did Charlie. I read Trump’s speech of Jan. 6 and nothing he said to the crowd could be construed as meant to incite any kind of violence. I do not logically see how anyone could accuse either Charlie or Trump of sedition. I think that when the legislatures and courts in a Republic do not take serious and earnest measures to complete due diligence in a verification of a lawful vote in an election, when there is strong evidence of misconduct on the part of many players, then that is where treachery lies.
    If the allegations of a fraudulent vote are proven, then what we have here is treason on the part of those who colluded to create that fraud. This is the highest crime against any Republic.

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  7. Nah, I am staying in the blue state of IL. Working within a Catholic organization within the Archdiocese of Chicago where almost all co-workers are against Trump, having at work a picture of President Obama on a wall even when it was already 2 years of Trump’s term and the supervisor who for a long time had “F… Trump” as his Facecrook avatar… At least they are quiet when I near them and do not talk much about Trump. I once stated Trump is a pro-life candidate and Dems in general violate the 5th Commandment, and as a Christian I could not vote for Biden and I also stated Trump is better for our economy. And now I do not plan to apologize.
    “You are the light of the world. A city set on a mountain cannot be hidden.
    Nor do they light a lamp and then put it under a bushel basket; it is set on a lampstand, where it gives light to all in the house.” Mt 5,14-15

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      1. Stuck here in CA too Momma; and probably not even to be counted one of the 10 good people left in “Sodom,” but I figure God’s hand was in me getting here so perhaps It also will guide us all who are thus stuck in Sodom. The “Benedict option” always sounded appealing but didn’t quite ring true. What if Paul, Andrew, James, Thomas, et al hadn’t ventured off? I just need the courage and to accept Graces given to live the gospel. (Having said all that lofty pep speech, if there is a good chance to hightail it back to MT or WY, I’ll be first on the bus.)

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  8. I have posted the below about the election and plan to leave it at that:
    Regarding those of us who have doubts about the fairness of the last election, I was thinking that for 3 years after the election of 2016 we were subjected to continued allegations of Russian collusion. possible hacking of our election system, etc. And after 30 million or so all they really found is that the Russians had used social media to spread some disinformation and to create confusion. Would that the powers that be would have the honesty to have a thorough investigation of allegations of mail in voting fraud, allegations of hacking or false counts by the Dominion voting systems, etc. Instead the usual response these days is to say “Shut up” “Trust us”, “Conspiracy nuts” etc. What are they afraid of, and don’t we need to verify the integrity of the election, apart from the courts using procedural means to avoid accepting lawsuits, challenges, etc. which is what happened? If Trump really lost fine, but should we not have the courage as a nation to really verify it and to tighten our election system to avoid any doubt in the future?

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    1. I don’ think those high up in the democratic party really care about future elections.
      Once they gain power next week and convert this government there will be no further need for elections. I have my political hopes right now on TEXIT.

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  9. I am busy trying to build relationships… with those who agree with me, and those who don’t. When people are afraid, especially of other people, bad things happen. Building relationships builds trust. That is what I hope to accomplish. Opinions are already formed, arguments at this point are futile. Corporal works of mercy will speak volumes.

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  10. When I mentioned to hubby that you “will probably go into exile into Texas for a time if secession rises”, he said, ‘Well , at least that state has its own power grid.’
    Look it up if you don’t believe me. Sure enough : “… during World War II, Texas was home to many factories required for critical supplies. The electrical planners didn’t want to depend on energy coming in from other states, so they used the abundant natural resources to set up a grid specifically for Texas.” and they’re not subject to fed reg.

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  11. Re: Secession. I very nearly got divorced in this past year. My wife had hurt me very badly and had become someone I did not recognize. All I could think about was making the pain stop. Divorce looked so attractive. I tried to rationalize the divorce anyway I could think of but deep down I knew that divorce was not God’s will and that acting counter to his will could only bring misery. I remember sitting down one evening with bitter sadness contemplating everything that would be destroyed and the consequences this choice would have on my children and most likely several more generations. One night at adoration God showed me definitively that divorce was not his will and so I made a firm resolution that I was going to do everything in my power to save our marriage. I had to learn to forgive. I had to learn to love in a different way. I had to own up to my own sins and the part I played in the breakdown. I learned to set some firm boundaries. Since then God has been visibly working in our lives and we are now on the road to recovery. I am immensely grateful to Him. I WANT TO SHOUT FROM THE ROOFTOPS WHAT HE HAS DONE FOR US!

    Now, I have to say that secession looks mighty appealing right now. I am comfy right here in my red state. I am surrounded by like minded people. I just want the insanity to stop. But, deep down I know that these United States are a sacred union. I believe that we must firmly resolve that we will not willingly divide the nation. Lincoln spilled a lot of blood to keep this nation together. We must not be so quick to destroy it.

    One final thing. Retrouvaille has been a huge blessing for us. If you or anyone you know is struggling in your marriage, I highly recommend Retrouvaille.

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    1. Happy for you that your marriage continues with God’s Blessings, Josh. The work of Retrouvaille is so good. However, there is no sacramental issue with the union of the United of States and, sometimes, separation in a marriage when couples are in a tough spot has served to help the couple heal, refocus and reunite with a stronger union.

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      1. Yes, I agree Beckita, right now we are witnessing an increasingly abusive relationship with no intention of the perpetrator to go to a counseling therapy. Sometimes you have to pack and leave to open the other side’s eyes.

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    2. Happy for you and your josh in ND!!! Especially for your kids and grandkids someday. I do live that scenario and it is doable but has many complications and I wouldn’t recommend it for anyone. 🙏🙏🙏 forgiveness for sure is the key and both working towards recovering what was lost along the way. God bless you so much Josh!

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  12. I agree with most of what you say, as always. For me though a bit of righteous indignation with truth is more my way. If people become complacent we will succumb. We have great powers against us who are every bit as evil as the worst tyrants throughout history. Some need to be indignant openly in my opinion.

    I believe the President will act. So do the traitors as we can discern from their hyperventilating to remove him from office. They understand he has the information and irrefutable evidence of the election fraud. Part of that crime was committed by coordinating with foreign governments or representatives of foreign governments. That makes the crime Treason. The President reinstated hanging and firing squads as acceptable punishment for Federal crimes a few months ago. The perpetrators and accomplices understand that if he uses his authority under the Insurrection Act that they can be tried in military tribunals and may receive sentences of execution. Media, internet social sight giants who participated understand they are at risk as well. If they were confident the President would not strike back they would work on stimulus, long delayed rather than last minute efforts to depose him and their ruthlessness against any supporters and those in his administration.

    Trump is a conqueror, he is unique in history and one of the nost successful in history. He knows who he is and his strengths and weaknesses. He is humbly confident and most importantly a truly compassionate man who loves God, his country, family and us in a very real sense. He will fight to the death to protect each.
    Consider, this man (through God’s grace) has withstood the most horrific bullying, persecution, mockery since Jesus himself. He has fought each and every day for God, country and us.

    I may be wrong but I don’t see him leaving under these horrible circumstances. Literally the destruction of our country and a dark era that will encompass the entire planet for generations. Never in history has the world relied on the strength and goodness of one man (excluding Jesus of course). Trump understands these things, he is a realist.

    Pray that God gives us one more chance and if He does we need to evangelize like never before. We need to change hearts on abortion, homosexuality, gender confusion, etc. We need to bring God’s light to those who live in darkness. Actually, that goes no matter what happens. It became so clear to me when I joined a Trump train caravan here in the rural area I live in and when I went to DC in November and walked amongst about 700,000 patriots…Christians…we represent the light. They are the darkness. Darkness cannot maintain in light. Fight on.

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    1. Nothing is impossible with God! I agree John, Trump should act now if he has an irrefutable evidence of treason. Looks like almost all the cards of the opponents ( including Republicans ), and not only political opponents, have been revealed and exposed and as Charlie said long time ago, all public institutions we could have faith in just failed/betrayed the citizens ( perhaps because as a nation we lost faith in God in the first place?), all safeguards of decency and democracy just failed. Yesterday I listened to a Polish historian saying that the election fraud in US past November can be compared to the massive ridiculous election fraud by communists in 1947 in Poland which led to communism in Poland for over forty years. Dictatorship of God-less crooks is looming over this nation ( it did not just happened, it took many years to get where we are, but what might just happen is a swift intervention by our God and Trump indeed could be a tool in His hands if this is His plan.). Whatever happens. let’s trust God, and pray for perseverance which builds up one’s character.

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    2. John, this is great. As Charlie has counseled us over and over again, don’t give up hope but just keep on taking that next right step. Trump is not going away without achieving what he wants to achieve in helping us. A great ally in our larger fight.

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  13. “I know many are counting on Donald Trump to pull a last-minute rabbit out of his hat to make this all go away. It could happen – and if it does I will be delighted, for it would make my work a lot easier. ”

    My view as well.

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  14. Patience & discernment Charlie…

    The devil is working everyone harder than ever before to try & break people into making desperate moves. Don’t be hasty in doing or saying anything. has declared they won’t be promoting nor encouraging rally’ s & protests at this time, as the left is looking to stage more false flag events and start demonizing, disarming, & destroying the lives of Trump supporters.

    All Hell is about to break loose on Earth.

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  15. Perhaps Trump’s true purpose was to infuriate the Marxist beast, so that it would come to America to devour it’s liberal citizens, liberal minded people are more like to take the covid death vaccine which sadly & ironicly would cleanse our continent of their unholy presence.

    The best thing a Christian could do at this unfortunate time, is to step aside to let their anti-Christian neighour reap a 100% of the harvest of lies, theft, violence, and evil that they have sown. Anyone getting in the way will just get themseves killed or incarcerated, so avoid & stop using social media (you’ll just make yourself a visible target), and go low tech as it’s safer & more reliable (like word of mouth).

    I’m not sure how this all plays out from here, but the future is malleable to the “collective choices” of society, and too many have chosen poorly, and so now we face consequences of arrogant people.

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    1. Al, regarding what you said about making yourself a visible target, see my comment above regarding a Daniel Greenfield article about the censorship in CA. They are at it right now, looking, saving what we say, etc.!

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      1. Yes, the left & non-Christians are acting like a fascist mob taking names for a eventual round-up. If you have a social media account you wish to terminate; 1 delete the posts, 2 change the user info to something else bogus at the other end of the country, and 3 delete the social media account. Don’t make it easy for the left. Stop using Apple, Google, Microsoft, & Amazon as much as possible, and don’t use their emails.

        Avoid switching to other social media accounts even conservative ones, as the platforms Apple, Google/Android, Microsoft, Amazon, etc will leak membership info to the liberal Nazis, so avoid using these if you don’t want to be monitored.

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  16. This is a statement from the Joint Chiefs on our current events. I suggest everyone save, print several copies and post on their wall. It displays an obedience oath with specifications. Key word: witness.

    Trust. I have faith in God, Americans’ (people) of good will. In the fog of war, clarity of vision is getting back to the basics and the mission on hand.

    Click to access JCS%20Message%20to%20the%20Joint%20Force%20JAN%2012%2021.pdf

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    1. Not sure I’m grasping the significance of this…to me it sounds like the military is supporting the “President-Elect” over the current president. ;-(

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      1. a good friend reported to me that many of the good Military’s higher-ups were pushed out under Obama. In general the curent millitary organization is similar to the US government in that the current organization plays along in order to get along and to advance their career.

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      1. 33Mercy, Don’t know if this will help, but I’ve noticed also that if I’m just reading comments via my ASOH email subscription off my phone, alot of the links are no show for me as well, but if I go to the actual ASOH379 website, the links become visible; unless you’re referring to something completely different, perhaps try a different browser like Brave?

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    2. Those who signed that document are mouthing the words and making what they think are the necessary noises to make us THINK they are honoring their oaths. I believe in the pit of my stomach there isn’t a thimble’s measure of honor in any of them. Not a one.

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  17. JESUS = GOOD NEWS.. 😉

    Every time I see a pic of Jack Dorsey I think of Rasputin the Mad Monk.
    Something Evil This Way Comes ;-(

    The Globalists, Democrats/RINOs, their Media Masters and DC Deep State are in a frenzy this week to Demonize Trump in the forlorn hope to separate him from his base.
    This means there will be a 100 Day Frenzy of Legislation, Executive Orders and Rule Changes to marginalize, ostracize, impoverish and disarm the Trump Base….. all cheered-on by complicit media.
    We will then we will find out if The godless Left has overreached ….??


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  18. They haven’t taken office yet and they are already arrogantly showing their hand.

    The Great Hallmark of the Biden Communist Administration that will distinguish it
    from all others in American history and possibly the future will be: CONTROL.

    It appears that we are destined to become a people more heavily controlled by centralized government
    than even the worst dictatorships of the twentieth century.

    Since taking up my study of Fr. Walter Ciszek’s 23 year imprisonment (1940 – 1963) in the Stalinist
    era Siberian Gulag prison system, I have been intrigued to learn about how the Soviets implemented
    control over that society.

    It has dawned on me that American Communists are going to use the same techniques on our society only upgraded to utilize today’s technology. Less barbed wire. Same constrictions on every day life.

    Ciszek wrote about prisoners, prisons, guards, incentives and penalties. Prison as the “circumstances” of his life. Prison as a “system”. He admitted that not all the prayers of all the prisoners could change any aspect of that system. Those who survived it learned to “embrace the suck”.

    I am beginning to understand the future American “system” which has being imposed upon us which will form and control the “circumstances” of our lives as being a sort of one big Prison. We are all Prisoners now. We are not surrounded by barbed wire and machine gun totting guards but by even more pernicious forms of behavioral control.

    Just one element of Soviet behavioral control: Hunger and food.

    Ciszek spent 5 years in solitary confinement in Lubianka Prison in Moscow. Here is Ciszek’s description:

    “I call it a “cell” because the building was a prison. Actually, it was more like a hotel room. Small, neat and very clean, it had a shiny wooden floor, and white washed walls and ceiling lit by a naked light bulb hanging from the center. A radiator behind a grill in one wall didn’t seem to be throwing much heat. There was a bed in one corner with clean sheets, a blanket and a pillow. The only other furnishing in the room was a parasha (a toilet bucket with a lid) in a corner near the door. The one window in the room was about normal size for a hotel room — and I found out later that it had formerly been a hotel — but it was completely barred and covered over with a huge sheet of tin. The only thing I could see, if I stood up close to the window, was a little bit of sky through the “muzzle “ at the top where the tin tilted away from the window frame. There was a round peep-hole in the door so the guard could see in, with a hinged cover on the outside to prevent the prisoner from seeing out.

    I was sleepy, hungry and cold, despite the weak heat from the radiator. I simply couldn’t get warm. I began to walk up and back, up and back, in that little room 6 by 10 feet, from the bed to the wall and back again.

    Then, as the clock struck 7 AM, I began to hear movements in the corridor. Suddenly, I heard the guard at the door. The guard was a woman, as were most of the guards at Lubianka, and she brought in what seemed to me to be a feast for the gods — 400 grams(3/4 pound) of bread, a cube and a half of sugar, ad a cup of kipiatok (boiling water). That was breakfast at Lubianka and it never varied.

    No one bothered me until sometime after the clock struck noon. At length, the guard opened the door and handed me a tureen of soup and an aluminum spoon. The soup was very thin, with a few grains of cereal in it we call magara, little pellets of grain that look like something like birdseed. It smelled of fish, and there were a few bones in the bottom of the tureen. I ate the soup bones and all. I simply ground them up between my teeth like powder and swallowed them with a mouth full of soup. No sooner than I had licked the tureen dry than I began to think about supper.

    Supper was at 6:00 PM. I waited impatiently for the sound of footsteps, the rattle of the key in the lock, and the crash of the big bolt on outside of the door. At last the guard handed in the same tin tureen, this time containing two or three tablespoons of kasha. The menu at Lubianka, in other words, was no different than it had been at Perm, and indeed Russian prison fare rarely varies. Two or three table spoons made the evening porridge. I learned to eat it slowly, savoring it almost grain by grain then running my finger around the tureen and licking it clean until there was nothing left but the shiny wall of the bowl.”

    Hunger and food play a central role in Ciszek’s description of life under the Prison experience he endured for 5 years at Lubianka followed by 15 years at hard labor in various Gulag camps in Siberia and,upon completion of his sentence, another 3 years as a Free Man, Restricted in the town of Norilsk in the Siberian north.

    Control over the people was effected by control of the food supply. Work for food. Meet the work quota and receive a daily Basic Ration food coupon. 400 grams of bread and a sugar cube with a cup of boiling water for breakfast. Exceed the quota and receive a Basic Ration +1 coupon. Do exemplary service for the State receive Basic Ration +2 or +3. And have your quota necessary to earn the Basic Ration daily coupon raised to your new level of higher performance.

    Scarcity of supply of basic needs drives behavior. What are you going to do if you are hungry? You are going to do the work the State tells you to do in return for food and other essential elements required to sustain life.

    How would the principle of behavioral control of the target population through management of scarce resources such as food, water, fuel, clothing, shelter, transportation, and health care operate in Communist America? How would one go about achieving the level of control necessary to maintain the American Communist State?

    What is the work the State wants to achieve?

    Stalin knew what kind of country he had control of as he tried to manage the German invasion at the start of WWII A backward country. Way behind the industrialized West. A backward country sitting on vast resources needed by an industrialized nation underneath the frozen largely uninhabited Siberian tundra. He needed a workforce to access those resources and create the infrastructure, the towns, mines, mills, factories and transportation needed to catch up with the West. And he needed it fast.

    So the Gulag was expanded to hundreds of camps and slave labor was introduced to do the work driven in large part by hunger and food.

    What is the future work of the Bidenist State? How will it be achieved? What work force will make it

    One stated Work of the new regime is the Green New Deal. Going to need a lot of workers to build out the infrastructure of the Green New Deal. There are other objectives. Those objectives in the fields of science, education, housing and energy will require a re-ordering of labor in America. Voluntarily or involuntarily. Transformation.

    In addition, there will be ideological works to accomplish. Ideological threats to be overcome.

    That aspect of State Control in America will put the Church in the middle of the crosshairs. The Church will be required to do some ideological transformation to either accomplish the Work of The State or face starvation of one form or another. This is likely to be accomplished by means of smiley faced incentives to “help” the Church and unsmiling iron fisted disincentives to encourage cooperation and behavior acceptable to and serving the ideological goals of the State.

    This new Work of The State will come with 5 year plans. And a lot of unwilling workers. Work or
    go hungry.

    Welcome to Walter Ciszek’s world where the daily menu never varies.

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    1. I did not know that Amazon is more than a seller of goods. It is also a platform/server that other companies use to reach the world wide net. Amazon is the company that deleted Parler, a competitor from the world wide web exclusively to silence Conservative talk. I can’t in good conscience continue my Amazon account. I wonder what would happen to Amazon’s value if 74 million voters permanently deleted their account. Boycott’s cut both ways.

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      1. ….to clarify– Parler is a competitor to Twitter/Facebook. Apple is in cahoots with Twitter/Facebook and thereby deleted Parler’s app but you could still reach Parler through the world wide web or www. But is was Amazon who deleted Parler from the world wide web. Boycotts (not boycott’s) cut both ways.

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        1. I’ve been wondering if the Post will fully switch over to being another mainstream media…???

          Wasn’t Fox News recently changed hands to liberal ownership? (or management?)

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  19. Whether spiritual or temporal, a gigantic dramatic event happening soon to bring things to a head and move us swiftly along to a resolution would seem good, but we need to trust that God knows best! Like Beckita said, we might need to do some major suffering and struggling for a while.
    Charlie– I don’t see why your buddy thinks you’re off track. Is it not logical that we would want to know that the election was legitimate? The fact that they want to use the 25th ammendment, they’ve blocked free speech, and they won’t address the gross election irregularities shows that we need to resist. We may not know whether the info we hear is true or not but those three things we know are definitely true and that’s enough proof to know we must resist.

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    1. I repeated the story so that all of you would not be surprised when people you know and have trusted attack you. In tumultuous times, people react in profoundly different and, often, unexpected ways while they are wrapping their minds around the reality of what is unfolding. Give people what latitude you can while you can. Again, it is events, themselves, that will confirm or deny what the reality is now. Some, like Gideon, who are initially cowed will become great heroes. Others who are very mouthy and martial, will slink into the background as soon as it is their hide that is at risk. Stay the course, always acknowledging God, acting with normal prudence, trusting that whatever He allows to befall you under those circumstances will be for the benefit of your and others souls.

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      1. Yes, whatever crooks do, our houses are our castles, our families/friends are our little nations and by the way Charlie’s website is a refuge to a lot of squirrels.

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      2. Always good to have the heads up Charlie! Thank you🤗

        “Stay the course, always acknowledging God, acting with normal prudence, trusting that whatever He allows to befall you under those circumstances will be for the benefit of your and others souls.”

        Staying, girding and acknowledging in my neck of the woods!🐶🐿🥳

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  20. In solidarity with those who are living a white martyrdom.
    G. K. Chesterton describes Christian courage. He says that, “Courage is almost a contradiction in terms. It means a strong desire to live taking the form of a readiness to die.”
    Medjugorje visionary, Mirjana:
    “Our Lady has been teaching us that we should be ready this very moment to come before God. And in the future, God’s Will will be done, and our task is to be ready for that. And I would really like to tell you not to bother yourself with the secrets, but you should worry about your soul, because Our Lady does not want our faith out of fear. She wants our faith out of our heart. And that is why… pray in order to get to know the love of God, and then you will not be afraid of anything.”

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    1. I do so want to live under the blessings of peace and simple joys again with my family. I would also dearly love to be reunited with my son and Dad, and other, again.

      I guess I get a win-win! 😉

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  21. Pelosi names Rep. Eric Swalwell among Trump impeachment managers , Dominion sues Sidney Powell for 1.3 billion dollars in defamation suit … Orwellian reality

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  22. Dear Charlie and all,
    This has been the most difficult advent I have been through in my memory, {save the one right after my husband passed away}. The events of the past year have made this and last year’s lent and holy week perhaps the most fruitful as well. Since the pope announced the year of St. Joseph he has been my go to guy when I was felt myself getting close to the edge. I have been feeling angry, betrayed, disappointed, afraid, confused, and disheartened. I have to meditate on what life was like for the Holy Family. They lived under the boot of the Romans, and their religious leaders complicity with the oppressors. Did they stop trusting God? No because He lived with them, in more ways than one. Just as they always had Him near, we too must always keep Him near. My prayer this advent has been to accept God’s will as Joseph and Mary did, and do my best within my abilities to live the way God wants men to live. Sometimes we have to “let go and let God”.
    When I look at the universe from the perspective that the Hubble telescope provides I realize that our whole world, indeed our solar system, is just a speck of dust in God’s magnificent universe. But we are important enough to Him, and loved, that He himself came down to be with us in poor home, ruled over by tyrants. Makes me feel my problems as insignificant. I do not like what has happened to this country and at times I am fearful of what is to come, but that does not mean I surrender to the world, it just means I have to look for my strength and peace in the One we have to count on, the source of our strength.
    The left has done everything in their power to take down President Trump, not because of who he is, but what he stands for and who he represents. Perhaps after so many years of trying to destroy this country it is only fitting then that they should be in charge when it finally crashes so everyone will know who is responsible.

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    1. Thank you for this reflection, Mom. As well as surrendering to God’s Will, I like to remember an oft’ repeated assurance of which Charlie has reminded us: God never leaves us bereft. 🙂

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    2. Mom, that is the brightest side in the loss of the Senators in Georgia. I expect things to start unraveling rather quickly after his fraudulence is inaugurated – and now the Democrats cannot credibly claim that it is because of Republican obstructionism. Oh, they will desperately blame Trump…but people will see that, under Trump, the most we had to endure was mean tweets. As soon as the Dems take control all the wheels start coming off the bus.

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      1. Charlie, of course Trump is not as polite as Reagan was, however, in overwhelming instances he tells it like it is. This is why my twin brother voted for Xiden, saying he would even vote for Kamala because just because Trump was rude and appaling ( thank you honest media! ). I asked my brother to say only one accomplishment of Obama-Biden 8 years, he could not name one. I told my dear brother voting for the president of USA is not like voting for Miss of USA.

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    3. Thank you Charlie for another article with practical advice on how to move forward and handle difficult relationships. I have family and friends that just hate our President. I don’t know how to move forward.
      I think we have to wash our hands of the Republican Party. They showed their true face. Let’s start the Patriot Party!
      Mother Miriam has asked the we all pray the Novena to Our Lady of Victory until the inauguration.

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      1. Thanks for the novena link, Gwen. Love the work of Mother Miriam. God really will nudge us in the way to move forward. We may be thinking a new party, yet, if you read the comments under this piece, you’ll see that other possibilities exist including a potential whole new way of governing. We shall see how everything develops. 🙂

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    1. Just got finished watching this video, thank you so much for sharing. I have been adamant about not getting this vaccine because of my fear that it was linked to abortion in some way. I have been derided, mocked, scorned, you name it for saying I would refuse to get it because I couldn’t really explain my fears and my opposition: it was on a gut level. Now I can share what my objections are in a reasonable and educated fashion. Some of my family work in the health field and I am afraid they have been brainwashed by their peers, and they talk down to me as if I am just being unreasonable. At least I won’t feel as dumb when arguing my position now.

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    2. “It is an ethical duty to take the vaccine, here in the Vatican we will start next week, I am also in line to take it,” he said (Pope Francis), according to a news anchor for the channel in a preview of the interview, which was released Saturday.

      “Pope Francis taking Covid vaccine: A stirring example of courage and confidence”_

      Pope Francis reveals he will get Covid vaccine as early as next week and says opposition to jab is ‘suicidal denial’

      Pope Francis calls on ‘everyone’ to take COVID vaccine: ‘It must be done’

      Pope Emeritus Benedict joins Pope Francis in taking abortion-tainted COVID vaccine
      Pope Francis became one of the first to receive his dose of Pfizer’s abortion-tainted vaccine this morning.


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  23. I read an article this morning that sums up exactly where we my momma would say “ that’s it in a nutshell”. The site is conservativechoucecampaign. The article”We are witness to the most historical event occurring in America” written by Sheila G. Later when some of the young girls come in I will see if they can help me post it, I’m clueless on how to do it. What we are witnessing is so frightening and happening so rapidly and to realize the corruption of all of the is fbi cia. Dhs judges politicians professors etc is mind boggling. I heard a Minister describe 3 kinds of Christians..1) the Christian is kneeling at the edge of the ocean with a rifle next to him he sees the enemy and prays “ Lord save me 2) the second Christian sees the enemy stands up and prays “ Lord save me” 3 Thethird sees the enemy stands up grabs the rifle says “ Lordsave me and please help me to shoot straight”… Pleasewith all respect I am so tired of hearing we put our faith in TRUMP to save us instead of GOD.. That is the furthest statement from the truth.. All the rosaries we’ve prayed the Memorares the Divine Chaplets ..Thanking GOD Thanking JESUS for what he did for us for his great mercy.. all the times I’ve sobbed for mistakes I’ve made All the times I’ve cried out here I am Lord my life is yours use me show me my mission..All the clients I’ve talked to about Our Lord and how he brought me to my knees and how grateful I am…. Yes I love President Trump and I will be forever thankful for giving up HIS life which may I add was pretty incredible serve his country serve we the people be under DEMONIC attack 24/7 and have the strength to continue to fight for GOD the babies and and to make this great country ours again.. unfortunately it seems the EVIL is more powerful right now and the stinking left and a lot of the so called conservatives have sold their souls to the devil. So yes I do love our President and I am so grateful for his sacrifice I prayed so hard for another outcome but the LORD has another plan it seems. And I also pray for his will not mine but truthfully I am heartbroken.. I’ve had ENOUGH of these demons and if anyone might wonder what category of the three Christians I would fall into? That would be the third as long as I have breath I will fight the evil not for me but my sons and one day grandchildren.

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  24. I also have felt so disheartened and even went to confession last week and confessed the sin of despair. Praying in the church after confession I also tried to think of what it must have felt like for Our Lady and Saint Mary Magdalene and the holy women at the foot of the cross. They stayed until the very end and did not leave Our Lord and I pray for the courage to do the same. This is a fight of good versus evil and we must remain on the side of good no matter what.

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    1. “By despair, man ceases to hope for his personal salvation from God, for help in attaining it or for the forgiveness of his sins. Despair is contrary to God’s goodness, to his justice — for the Lord is faithful to his promises — and to his mercy.” (CCC 2091)

      This is not the same as losing hope in a good outcome in the world. It’s a specific reference to one’s belief in God’s ability to save one’s eternal soul.

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      1. Thanks, I have a hard time understanding the Catholic definition of Hope.
        i.e. Faith, Hope, and Charity/Love
        I think I must have a deep seated misunderstanding of what Hope really is, and how to use the word…

        I think of Faith, as an example: I really do have 100% FAITH that our Lord CAN do what ever he wants, whenever, however, etc in answering my(our) prayers, for example to heal “john doe” of an ailment… or “Return to Christianity/Catholicism”,, Have President Trump returned to office, examples are endless…

        but sometimes I loose “Hope” that our Lord will actually choose to do it…
        Which is why I had to change the way I pray for things… (and add the request for wisdom, etc)

        I do understand that the definition of hope is to “DESIRE” eternal life, Godly things, etc…
        I guess I’ll just have to meditate on it more…

        In the above example: …but sometimes I loose “Hope” that our Lord will actually choose to do it…
        what would be the better/proper word than to use the word Hope?

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        1. There are very learned Squirrels here who can answer your excellent question.

          It is the theological definition of “despair” that I wanted to clarify. It is not the same at all as the common meaning of the word: Despair, noun, the complete loss or absence of hope The theological “despair” refers to one not believing God is God, able to do whatever He wills, when He wills, especially the impossible if it so suits Him.

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  25. Charlie, if you ever end up going into exile, will you still post to this blog? Your guidance has been a steady and calming force for good in training our outlook and our attitudes throughout the confusion. You really have become a sherpa to many of us.

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    1. That he is, EJ. While no one can ever replace Charlie, there is a team on board comprised of people who have been ALL IN with him and his mission since first responding to his invitation to support him, his message and the mission entrusted to him by the Lord. Could we possibly receive his writing from exile? If so, I’ll stick around to publish it. If not, then we must continue acknowledging God and discerning best ways to support one another other in this community.

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  26. Our prayers have been for the revelation of the truth.

    My thoughts:

    I admired and agreed with Sen. Cruz’s proposal, wondering if the purpose of the “insurrection riots” were to assure minimal discussion of the best way forward.

    Those with nothing to hide, hide nothing, which is so concerning with the intense pressure to stonewall any valid investigation into the activities of the evening of 3 November. The clock will run out, Joe Biden will be inaugurated, and then we find out whoopsie. What will result will be a huge mess.

    Best way forward (again, my thoughts)

    utilize federal troops to seize the ballots in the states that stopped counting

    empanel a bipartisan team to conduct an audit of the seized votes

    Inaugurate the individual the audit determines prevailed

    Apply minimum standards to federal election procedures (which we have but weren’t enforced) to ensure this mess doesn’t ever happen again

    This won’t be easy by any means. So disappointing so many had the opportunity to prevent this but failed to. As christian believers we know it’s never too late to do the right thing.

    This is not going away, the truth will come out.

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    1. Welcome to commenting, Michael. There’s lots to contemplate and pray about as we move through this transition. Even if Biden is inaugurated, our involvement/work doesn’t end. IT some ways, it just begins as we rise up in CORAC – Corps of Renewal and Charlity – to give witness to living faith, family and freedom. I do hope you’ve had a chance to read up on CORAC. The website link is here. And here is the You Tbe channel with interviews which give more context to what we’re about.

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  27. I must add I myself did not like Trump as the Republican candidate, however, the record of his decisions as the president made me a strong supporter.

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  28. To be clear, this is the end of the United States experiment of a democratic republic, correct?

    After the Triumph of the Immaculate Conception there will be a new Christian Nation, correct?

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    1. Little One, nothing is yet set in stone. We are in a fluid situation with things changing and moving as if we’re in the rapids of the Storm. We must live it day by day and, sometimes, moment by moment. God’s Plan is unfolding before our eyes and how it rolls out in detail – along with our part in it – is known in a day by day fashion.

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    1. Backdrop of curtains look… pretty heavy. At the end of speech, He says God bless America. vs saying the United States of America.

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  29. I just read about a theory that someone has about next week which scares me about the potential future of this country.
    The theory is that the left may be planning an assassination right after the inauguration occurs
    and will immediately place full blame on the republicans. They will then invoke martial law and the rest, as you can imagine, will not be good.
    I realize it may be a crazy (but not impossible) theory but it will NOT be good if anything similar happens. It is also possible that the media is preparing us for something by the constant news about “known credible threats” for next week.

    Unfortunately with Covid there is no longer a local church around me with morning mass that I can attend prior to my work day. The only things I can think of is MORE prayer that the Lord’s will be done and “Do not be afraid”.

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    1. Amen to Be not afraid, prtx. Time will tell what actually comes to pass. We’ve known a lot of change would be coming and that the Lord is disciplining us, purifying us and allowing us to be put to the test.

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  30. Dear TNRS, I know this violates the 30 minute rule, but please, please post this. It is so needed, so needed. Title: Suffering Why Does God Allow It? All in this series are outstanding. Armour Up, Squirrels!!

    God Bless Fr. Joseph, aka Fr. Chris Alar and The Marians of the Immaculate:

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    1. WOW, Littlelight, this is AWESOME!!!
      You are so right, everyone should listen to this talk!!!
      I saved the link to it, as hopefully in the future, I am going to try to do a writeup about suffering.
      Which will have a title something similar to “Compost it”
      I’d have done it already, but I’m a bad procrastinator, and have a hard time getting “round-tuits”
      Blessings, -kevin-

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  31. I try to see things from many different angles, as the future is chosen by peoples’ choices in the present, so no single prediction is etched in stone. The devil likes to play all angles and is clever at setting up events.

    I’m all for the rule of law and getting what you voted for. There is a danger if Trump pulls a victory from the jaws of defeat and then goes on to rebuild the temple in Jerusalem like some hero riding a white horse. Pray that the combination of these two events don’t happen.

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  32. When Charlie retired due to a prophetic error of interpretation a few years ago, I simply told him that I remained with him, still “all in.” I think Trump and everyone may very well be going hot this weekend, but whether he goes hot or gets chased out of the country, I remain dedicated to our nation’s Founding principles, to the effort Charlie and all of you are mounting here, and to God.

    Make no mistake, I don’t say this lightly, thinking Trump will save us and end the fight. No. If Trump pulls things off as I think he could and gets inaugurated on March 4, we are not out of the woods. It just means that we have a powerful ally in our fight against the true adversary of all. We could certainly benefit from having such an ally, as we are going to have to go up against China and the evil that reigns there and corrupts everything it touches. As Churchill said, it would be the end of the beginning, with the main fight still to come. And it will still get ugly and difficult, even if Trump pulls off whatever he has planned.

    I still have confidence in Trump, that he will do something pretty amazing. But whether he does so or not, I will take all things in stride to the best of my ability and remain “all in.” After all, we’re embarking on the greatest adventure of human history, a global and individual struggle of the highest value. What else could I do that would be more challenging and rewarding? Watch it all on TV? Catch up on my sleep? 😀

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    1. I’m with you Steve. I think people have been shaken from their slumber and realize that we are on the precipice. If Trump does pull it off, we need to fight for our freedom. With him in office, we may be able to forestall a civil war and gain back what we have lost. I do think we are living in a major historical period. May God protect us all.

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    2. I am all in for the country, as you are Steve. However, I am doubtful of Trump pulling anything off at this point, except to fall back and re-group. It seems to me that with Biden in office (though not rightfully) it will put an even more fine point on things. There will be no one left on earth to count on (only God). No one left to rally behind. The hierarchy of the Church has lost its moral authority and is heading toward globalism. Trump will be out of office. Congress is lost.

      That means that we will each have to decide for ourselves. Like Charlie has been saying for a long time. It is time to choose, personally. Individually. There is no one in front of us to follow. We are each “on point.” We will each be accountable for standing up, at the front of the line (because there is no one to line up behind).

      What a glorious position to be in!

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  33. It could be going hot this weekend and into next week, you can’t tehnically charge people with crimes until after they commited those crimes, and there’s many commiting crimes in the late hour of these events.

    I pray Trump will live up to peoples’ hopes & be a force for God & goodness. It would really nice to live boring & mundane life after China has been dealt with, I feel as if these stressful have/are aging me faster…

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  34. Praying about the current situation and the President, I just randomly got this:

    “Moses answered the people, “Do not fear! Stand your ground and see the victory the LORD will win for you today. For these Egyptians whom you see today you will never see again.
    The LORD will fight for you; you have only to keep still.”

    Ex 14,13-14


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