One of the Family

By Charlie Johnston

Last week we taped Part V of the Talkabout Series – “Back to the Manger.” I think you will enjoy it, especially with all the extra guests who popped in to wish you all a Merry Christmas!


In my last piece, I said I would be in Washington for the Inauguration. Instead, I will be there on January 6, 2021, the day that Congress must decide whether to accept the electors from the electoral college or not. Without even going into the internals of election software, the evidence of massive fraud is overwhelming. We are at war with a corrupt internal force that seeks to smash the fundamentals of our Republic. I pray that we may still step back from the precipice. This is a great spiritual battle that will be played out with temporal battles, as well, if we don’t stop the steal. This may be our last chance to demilitarize before widespread open conflict begins. If over a million patriots show up in Washington on Jan. 6, perhaps even Democrats and the idiot media will figure out that no matter how much they ignore the evidence and try to shut the rubes up that this time the country will not buy what they are peddling. Alas, this may be as futile as trying to convince Kaiser Wilhelm at the start of WWI that he was not unstoppable or of convincing Adolf Hitler of the same at the start of WWII. Let’s give it a last try. I will let you know where any CORAC and ASOH members who want to join the protest can meet up.


One of my dearest friends from high school unexpectedly lost her husband to a viral infection, almost certainly Covid, a few days ago. Please offer prayers for my friend, Jane, who played in band with me and whose whole family was a second family to me. 

As much as I decry the disproportionate response by government, we must never forget that viruses, while common, can be deadly. Please take a look at this piece by Dr. Brian Joondeph about the new vaccines available. One of the heartening things about Dr. Joondeph is that his pronouncements over the last year on the subject have been almost universally sound and solid. I trust him because he has taken time to get things as right as he can – and time has proven him. (Correction – Several readers have given me credible sources which bring into serious question whether the one I mentioned as not using fetal cells actually does at a stage of production. I think I jumped the gun on it and will now wait for the report on Covid Steve BC is doing to see if there is any that are licit-CJ). I will not get the vaccine, but I fully respect the decisions of others – and so I pray that the piece by Dr. Joondeph and the knowledge that there is at least one that you can take in fully good conscience will help you make an informed decision on what you should do for you and your family.


One of the things that strikes me strongest in contemplating the Nativity is that Jesus Christ, in fully taking on our humanity, chose to become fully part of the family of man. As He is also fully divine, His incarnation is an invitation to us, His brothers and sisters, to be fully integrated into the Divine Family. Like Him, we have the choice whether or not to accept, but His very incarnation gives us power to choose Him and integration into the Divine Family. 

I often say that family is the brick upon which culture and society is built. If you start with good, healthy bricks, you will have good healthy institutions. Family is also the first Church. So, at this Christmas, I pray that all of you celebrate the fullness of your family, both temporal and divine.


Because of a glitch in our donation system, a glitch that turned out to be very minor as we refined the system, things have gone slowly for our end of the year campaign for CORAC. I ask again that you open your hearts – and wallets – to us. If you cannot get through at the online portal, you can send a check made out to:

Corps of Renewal and Charity

13940 W. 26th Ave.

Golden, Colorado 80401

The bank prefers that you spell out the name rather than just abbreviating it as CORAC on checks. The problems of getting through now are minimized, but seem to be more related to the individual’s browser and security settings than to any systemic problems. God bless you and thank you. We have a heck of a year coming up. Thanks to all of you who have chosen to be one of the family with us. 

My son, daughter-in-law, and two grandkids with me after Christmas Mass

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  1. An unverified videovof a tennesee nurse who took the vaccine and is now begging Americabs not to taje it. About 40 secobds long.

    If she is lying, she us a heck of an actress. I do not think she is lying. My heaet broke wgen she said she was trying to smile and could not.

    Lord, smite the evil bastards who seek to destroy your beloved peoples

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  2. Fr. Heilman (7 min homily from this morning) [edit BH: the video is in a previous comment]: “Where is your passionate army?…Get the commercials going, get the billboards going. Get this movement to turn the culture into a culture a of life; whatever it takes to deprogram this culture…”

    When Father Heilman said to get the billboards going, I thought about the billboards that are already spreading across the country. These pictures are of a billboard of the Holy Face in Omaha. Ablaze Worship ministry also has twenty billboards of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary in Omaha. I know that they are seen in many states–would that they be seen in every city. It is a means of spiritual warfare, reclaiming territory for Jesus.

    And changing the culture to the culture of life.
    (Beckita, I tried something else. I hope it works because this is a learning experience for me 😐 )

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    1. I did download your pics from your email sent to TNRSAnswers, Joyful, and edited your last comment so that both video and pictures are now posted. For some reason the first two links here are not working. Since we already have the video, I deleted it and the non-working links. 🙂

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