The Devil Came Down to Limon


By Charlie Johnston

Last Tuesday, the Lincoln County Health Dept. informed us we will not be able to hold our conference in Limon. Oh, let me correct that…they informed us that we can hold it so long as we never have more than 10 people in a single room, all wear masks at all times, and maintain physical distancing of six feet from one another – and that if we go forward, there WILL be enforcement officers there to make sure we comply with all regulations.

After discussion with the board of CORAC, I decided to cancel the physical conference for this year. This is the second time that, though other local officials were favorable to what we are doing, a county health department has effectively shut us down. At this point, my nightmare scenario is that we get everything in order and, two days before a conference began, a bureaucratic agency shut us down for “health” reasons. Of course, officials assured us that the shutdown order had nothing to do with the content of our conference. Right. While the Lincoln County Health Dept. is handing out exemptions like Halloween candy to secular applications, I am sure that “public health” was the only reason they decided there was no way a conference of overtly public activists of the Christian and conservative persuasion could be allowed to be held with any semblance of normalcy.

Even in conservative counties and conservative states, bureaucratic agencies with little to no accountability have taken plenary authority over citizens in their jurisdiction – and are almost all dominated by far-left ideologues who are far more concerned with exercising and augmenting their power than to fairly and objectively adjudicate the public welfare.

It is not going to get better this year, only worse, as the insane left pulls out all the stops to suppress the basic rights of speech, public assembly and worship for all who are Christian or conservative – in hopes that that suppression can let them take victory in the fall elections and make their oppressive regime permanent and total.

Here then, is what we are going to emphasize for the rest of this year:

  • Fill out the Regions. Quickly fill all regions with either a Regional Coordinator or a Primary Regional Contact (an interim coordinator) and give them the tools they need to establish communications and collaboration with those committed to defending faith, family and freedom throughout their region. To this end, I will hold ZOOM conferences with volunteers in each region to get to know the folks there. (I held a conference with the Florida folks last week and have one scheduled with the California folks Sunday afternoon.) And I will hold regular ZOOM conferences with all the Regional Coordinators, so they establish contact with each other and can share information and ideas.
  • Put emphasis on small, local, collaborative projects. I am a big believer in the idea that small victories are the father of large victories. Simple things such as Rosary Walks, clever protests and quiet demonstrations give people the chance to work together for a common cause, get a little victory to savor, and get to know each other. It is a form of boot camp where camaraderie and cohesion is built. Also important, if electronic communications are significantly disrupted or become spotty in the future, you are WAY ahead of the game if people already physically know each other and how to get in touch without modern devices. As we go into late fall, I will hit the road to participate with regional groups in their endeavors in person. Around this country, however dark things become, the people of CORAC are going to have a glorious Christmas in anticipation of the renewal that we have already signed on to.
  • Develop practical tutorial videos and podcasts. Using the genuine experience and expertise of people we already have in our ranks, put together videos that offer positive lessons on specific things such as home crafts that are largely lost, how to procure, prepare and store foodstuffs in difficult conditions, how to organize small self-supporting communities, the nature of the evil and assaults we face and how to head them off and defend against them.
  • Establish the interactive website. This will be the place where tutorials are archived, events can be highlighted, and volunteers can register and be connected with their regional organizations. It will incorporate internal private forums where national and regional organizations can communicate with each other both internally and across regional lines, along with discussions of particular issues and techniques – including a place for the prayer teams to connect with each other both inside and across regional boundaries.

Election day will not resolve as many things as some people think. What it will do is reveal the nature of the battle we face going forward.

At the beginning of the Obama administration, then chief of staff Rahm Emmanuel said he never let a crisis go to waste – always using it to advance his political agenda. We are now seeing the logical progression of that doctrine: if there is no crisis to exploit, manufacture one. This year the left has manufactured several.

Even in local communities we are now primarily governed by self-serving leftist bureaucracies who seek to rule with an iron fist. It is government of the bureaucracy, by the bureaucracy and for the bureaucracy. I know we have some wonderful public employees in our audience and among our ranks, some who may take offense. Don’t. All of you know that your agencies have been taken captive by ideologues who use the agency’s stated purpose to accomplish their ideological aims. It has become the great leviathan that has already strangled liberty under God. We cannot just wound the beast; we must destroy it. The left features looters and rioters as moralists, engages in virtue-signaling without virtue, and has “experts” without expertise lecturing us and demanding we submit. Enough. A free people can never have their liberty taken from them by official fiat. It must be taken from them by seduction or force. Our decision now is whether or not to let it be taken – and that decision will be made by the things we do, not the things we say.

If Donald Trump and the Republicans take a sweeping victory, the temptation will be great to just let bygones be bygones with bureaucracies and minor officials who have badly abused their power against ordinary people, hoping things will go back to normal. Bad idea. The old normal is what got us to this point in the first place. While I will vote Republican this year, the Republicans, with very few exceptions, have done nothing to earn my vote. I am being forced to choose between a pack of demons (the left) or a pack of eunuchs (Republicans). Given that choice, I will vote for the eunuchs without deceiving myself that the defense of my liberty and that of all God-loving people still rests firmly in our hands and is our responsibility. The eunuchs will do nothing except feather their own nests.

I believe that we have three to four years of very serious strife ahead. It is a time when we must choose whether or not we still have the civilizational confidence to stand for faith, family and freedom or whether we will surrender to a long, dark night of tyranny and chaos. I am in it for the long haul and will – as a great Democrat once said, pay any price and bear any burden to see that the light of liberty is not extinguished.

We have brutally tumultuous times ahead of us, however the election goes. That is not prophecy; it is simply a rudimentary grasp of the painfully obvious. A friend who knew what had happened this week told me that we have been forced to become a semi-underground movement – and that underground movements don’t hold public conferences until they are victorious movements.

I tell you that the people of the kingdom, and the people of heaven, will rise together in these times and God SHALL rule. That is the battle before us. And I look forward to having a public national conference that the left dares not choke after we have put together a lot of little victories that have them hissing like vampires at a Crucifix.



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      1. I’m so grateful, Patrick, to have had the Peace Corps experience in my life… leaving everything I knew culturally and living for 2+ years in a foreign land with a very different way of life. Here we are again. Archbishop’s book title is apropos here: Strangers in a Strange Land. And so we are… the better to rely completely on God.

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            1. Yes I have been following his posts for a few years. I have met Charlie in Iowa and Minnesota. I always look forward to hearing more from him and the group interaction. In all of the craziness going on “ the next right step” brings me a sense peace. Thank you.

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              1. Awesome, Linda. So glad you’re with us. Were you able to send Charlie an email, sharing the skills you can offer for the cause? We’re still waiting for the CoRaC site to launch and there the folks from various regions will be sharing about their local work. God’s Blessings.

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    1. Hello! I am new to this group but would like to be connected to folks in my north Jersey area..I live alone on the edge of Gotham (Jersey side of the Hudson River Across from Manhattan) and have found no one at my parish interested in talking about the things Charlie does. Is there a way to get more directly connected with each other? Thanks all for your help and God bless us, everyone.

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      1. Welcome to commenting, Julia! Thank you for your interest in joining CoRaC. Jlynnbyrd, a regular commenter, has all the up-to-date info as head of networking forum and will surely reply to you when she checks comments.

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      2. Julia, welcome! As was suggested recently to another fairly new reader to our website, here are some links in which you can catch up on some of Charlie’s pieces and we’ll be praying that God will provide opportunities for connections for you.

        You won’t want to miss these Charlie pieces which give background as to how things have been developing and what we’re about when we witness. These pieces start from June 23rd and go to July 19th. You can then read what’s on site from July 19th on.

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          1. Julia, that list I put together which Jlynn shared is just the beginning of the pieces which have covered our work at CoRaC (and more in most of the pieces). As you can see, that list ends with the July 19th article and it’s only because that’s close to the time when I made the list. So be sure to read the last month of Charlie’s writing too, of course, as you have the time to do so.

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  1. Hey Charlie

    I’m ready to touch base with our friends in the Philadelphia metro area…

    I sent my info to Mary early on. Is it possible that Mary can aggregate the contacts geographically and send the Info to us so we can start getting together?

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  2. Sorry for you and others that the hammer came down. (I would not be able to travel.) I’m sure we all see happening what you describe about locals accumulating power. We have an official who loves to hear himself talk (lost for mayor in the city) but now has a county job. Ugh! This man loves that he has taken over the speaking at press conferences about Covid and all that we must bow to. They are all despicable! I pray for the Illumination to convert them all.

    God bless you and others for all the work you have done, Charlie.

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  3. Love the idea of Rosary Walks or Rosary public groups (of course 6ft apart!!!). I think it’s important we are seen and would definitely participate. Please consider Small communities too, I know it they do not receive the attention like the big cities but so many of us can’t travel distances due to working, sharing one car with others in a household and other practical problems. In Monterey there is a plethora of outside public spaces that could be used. Thank you and look forward to hearing more from CORAC.

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    1. Remember, small communities CAN participate in 40 Days for Life. Gather also in 6-20′ apart LIFE CHAINS. The Public Square Rosary on the Saturday nearest the 13th of October is an excellent activity. Day of Silent Solidarity October 20: Put a piece of red duct tape or mask with LIFE written on the tape. Many activities are already planned for this Fall that we can tap into, right, Charlie? Pro-Life is certainly a CORAC leg. BTW, this pro-life activity starts at cemeteries across America on Sept 12, National Cay of Remembrance of Aborted Babies.

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        1. Perhaps in addition to prays we could also raise our voices in protest too. Clear Channel, the major billboard corporation just caved to Black Lives Matter. You should know by now that BLM organization is a marxist communist group with the goals to dismantle the US Constitution. Major corporations across our country have donated billions to this organization. I like to think that the companies did this in support of black lives and before they understood that the organization is founded on Marxism and is anti freedom and anti Constitution.
          It was reported today that Star Parker’s Organization CURE or Center for Urban Renewal and Education took our billboards in poor neighborhoods in Baltimore MD and planned them across the country. This was they said, Tired of Poverty?, finish school, take any job, save & invest, get married, give back to you neighborhood. BLM had a fit, declared that BLM’s messaging only counts to Clear Channel. Clear Channel caved. The billboards are being removed. As Star Parker said it is a violation of our free speech and of contract law.
          If we don’t speak up, then we submit to the same violence that overcame Germany in the 1930’s and China starting in 1949. The push back should be directed to Clear Channel. Write a letter to them. Here’s the link to Clear Channel to send an email to Jason King in charge of company communications.
          The BLM organization has declared itself Marxist, it’s goal is to replace the Constitution with communism.

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    2. FYI – if you live in NE WI, there is a Eucharistic Rosary Procession every Sunday following the 11am Mass at the National Shrine of Our Lady of Good Help. No planning needed, just show up to worship God and ask the Queen of Heaven to show you the path to the Triumph of Her Immaculate Heart.

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  4. I’m looking forward to whatever format we adapt for our get-together.
    I wonder how many RINO’s are out there.
    All of these people fleeing liberal cities/states seem to take their liberalness with them turning the new state into the same thing. Dang, I know not everyone is like it BUT when I see a license plate from one of those states I want to tell them to go back there. Isn’t that awful! In the news this morning, it stated something like 68 years since Oregon has had a republican governor. 52 years for Portland to have a republican mayor. (I could have those switched around.) I’m sorry, I know not everyone is like that. I’m rambling now. The frustration is bubbling up to the surface.

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    1. HTTP, you are correct about the liberals fleeing and taking their views with them. One of our sons and his wife live in Bend OR and it seems to be a nice “smaller” city that’s fairly conservative. Locals don’t like the liberal Californians moving in, and I don’t blame them one bit. Our son likes the “conservativeness” of the residents. Are you in Oregon? I often thank God that our children absorbed our conservative views and still hold them now that they are grown.

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        1. I know that’s frustrating but please let us in. I’m in New Jersey, my husband and I want to move to the mid-west as soon as we can. We won’t bring the bad stuff with us, we’re leaving that behind.

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          1. EMurphy, we’d love to have you in Michigan. As long as you avoid the Detroit metropolitan area and the bedroom communities whose residents work in Ann Arbor, houses (and land, if you want it) are affordable. People are friendly and normal, for the most part. Just be aware that we have one of the dopiest and most power-hungry governors in the country.

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              1. Jen, thanks for sending this. The article below (which I found via the thing that you sent) details how Whitmer has used her office and her authority to try to destroy a doctor who filed a lawsuit against her in May. I know that it is a sin to hate anybody, and so I do not hate Whitmer. But what she has done to this man and to his family really REALLY make my blood boil. She is a criminal, she is evil, and her actions are demonic. God help the gentleman and his family. May God also lead Whitmer to repentance, and then pave the way for her backside to land in prison:


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        1. That’s good to hear about the parish. If I am ever able to visit, I’ll be going to Mass at that church. It would be awesome to meet you, Sister! Now I just pray that those 2 kids will get back to the Church!

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  5. Charlie, Oh, my! this happened fast…
    You should have my email so please pass it on to the OR/WA coordinator.
    Thanks for giving us hope so that we, too, can be signs of hope.
    God bless us all and all our endeavors,
    katey in OR

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  6. Charlie, although my following comment is secondary to effective political functioning, it is important for understanding how governmental units actually function day to day and year to year. I worked for the federal government for approximately 25 years, and so learned from inside how it works. You thoughtfully wrote, ” Even in local communities we are now primarily governed by self-serving leftist bureaucracies who seek to rule with an iron fist. It is government of the bureaucracy, by the bureaucracy and for the bureaucracy. I know we have some wonderful public employees in our audience and among our ranks, some who may take offense. Don’t. All of you know that your agencies have been taken captive by ideologues who use the agency’s stated purpose to accomplish their ideological aims. ”

    Your central point was true– ” It is government of the bureaucracy, by the bureaucracy and for the bureaucracy. ” However, it is not true that the reason is simply that government agencies have now been taken over by Leftist ideologues. IT IS IN THE NATURE OF GOVERNEMENTAL UNITS TO BE SELF-SERVING AS THEIR PRIMARY (IF UNSTATED) MISSION. In business, by contrast, the market place and the economics of earning a profit or loss eventually dictate which companies survive and prosper and which are forced out of business. In government, there is no such direct forcing function. Budgets and staff size, promotions driven by growth, or reductions are driven internally by politics, and so Republicans are just as apt to grow or reduce units according to ideology. That’s why Conservatives
    are generally against government growth, but Democrats, and especially their far Left Socialist/Communist (with BLM now leading the way for the Democrats) are always for increasing government size and reach and raising taxes. For example, the EPA starts out with a noble mission all agree to, improving the environment that all live in. But it then it keeps extending the scope of its operational mission to cover all land, water, and air to rule over everyone, right down to an individual small farm or even a household back yard.

    Even good governments may become intrusive, because it’s in their nature to expand their own self-importance and command all to obey at penalty of law, and that law is now actually Administrative Regulation as developed by powerful agencies. Big government is a central problem, and while Democrats and Socialists/Communists make bad worse, Republicans are not immune from bureaucratic oppression.

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    1. I think alot has to do with the weakening of faith and it’s overall consequences Jack.
      As the people slowly lose their faith -the “slow fade” as its called, the nation drifts leftward. This drift brings leftist ideals more towards center and normalised the more conservative ideals fall off the radar as “hard right ” ideals and they are then considered too radical and abandoned.
      This fade has reduced virtue and grace both in ourselves and as a source of goodness for the world for it is “through Him all good things come” and we, as His hands and feet, are the remnant He uses to supply that grace to humanity. This loss of goodness leads to both the right and left loosing the ability to do good from this loss of the supply of grace from above
      A pox is the outward sign of the inner sickness.
      Our loss of goodness in politics is from the loss of deep, effective faith and holiness of the people in the world.
      “Revolution, disintegration, chaos, must be reminders that our thinking has been wrong, our dreams have been unholy. Moral truth is vindicated by the ruin that follows when it has been repudiated. The chaos of our times is the strongest negative argument that could ever be advanced for Christianity … The disintegration following an abandonment of God thus becomes a triumph of meaning, a reaffirmation of purpose … Adversity is the expression of God’s condemnation of evil, the registering of Divine Judgement … Catastrophe reveals that evil is self-defeating; we cannot turn from God without hurting ourselves.”
      Bishop Fulton Scheen

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      1. PHILLIP FRANK . . . You hit the nail on the head, especially by including a quote from Bishop Sheen!!! On a personal note (regarding the last words of the above quote) – I turned from God when I was about 17 and hurt myself tremendously in myriad ways. I was away from God and our Holy Mother Church for 25 years until May, ’97. I still struggle every day against the satan in those myriad ways because I allowed him and his minions to rule my life for so long (and it is a tremendous battle in my effort to save my soul). God bless you PHILLIP.

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    2. To a great extent, Jack, what you say is true. It is in the interest of Big Government to get bigger. However, this government has approved many large type crowds. They are definitely discriminating against conservatives. If Charlie headed a planned parenthood or other pro-left organization, I am sure he would have had a resounding “go ahead with plans”….no problem at all.

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      1. Judy, You are exactly right. Republican administrations, with their Conservative orientation, tend to be Boy Scouts in governing, but the Left has no hesitation in exceeding its authority and punishing its opposition, as too well demonstrated by the IRS under Obama/Biden, and their outrageous weaponization of the Justice Department and the intel agencies to prosecute Trump and his supporters pre and post Trump’s election.

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  7. Just got back from Mass here in the big city where our son is in school. Hard to fight the tears….we SANG….SANG the entrance hymn, the psalm, Communion song and closing hymn!! I saw one person receive on the tongue. Different races, age, nationalities and I would bet political parties…..maybe 30 of us in total. One of the most beautiful Masses I’ve ever attended. A HUGE sign of Hope!!!!

    God Bless!

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  8. Sorry to hear the news but not surprised.

    Here in San Francisco we are doing exactly what you envision, we have been having a Rosary Walk around St. Mary’s of the Assumption Cathedral and the adjacent neighborhoods for 5 weeks now. At 2:30PM we begin with the Rosary, then the Chaplet of Divine Mercy, and finish with the Consecration to Mary. Even our Archbishop Cordileone came out last Sunday. He’s really started to get in the game after 5 months of celebrating Mass in the empty Cathedral and live streaming it.

    Today, for the Queenship of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Archbishop had Mass for our Lady in the large square in front of the Cathedral with small pods of masked and 6ft distancing of 12 and 12 altars (11 priests joining in). The Archbishop gave the homily so that everyone could hear it. He seems very excited and animated with the clever ways we are worshiping and going around the mayor and health dept edicts.

    Even in thunder and lightening and now heavy smoke we persevere. Everyone in the Bay Area, come join us! Started with 60 and it has grown to 200.

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  9. The “cancel culture” is upon us….
    “And no one could buy or sell anything (or hold a conference) without that mark, which was either the name of the beast or the number representing his name.”
    Rev. 13:17

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  10. I have neighbors who have put up signs that are really hateful and racist. The main one that bothers me is “White Supremacy” needs to be eradicated. BLM signs bother me too, especially because I truly believe the people don’t really know what it stands for (Marxism).

    I sent a “respectful” letter to the neighbor, asking him to remove the offending sign and to be a good neighbor by unifying people instead of dividing. I said its not the color of people’s skin (which we have no control over) but the content of our character. I asked him to ask God for guidance, and to please take down that sign.

    We’ll see what happens.

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  11. Hi everyone.
    It is good to connect with our community. In California we are having a lot of smoke due to the fires burning everywhere. There were 15,000 lightning strikes over three days (Friday-Monday). In one short time there were 1600 in our county and by Monday morning there were 25 or more fires burning. Most of them are under control, some are not.
    In the west here, the weather is different than the east, south, and midwest. We basically have a six month rainy season (November-April), and a six month dry season (May-October). So, things get tinder dry here by the end of the hot summers. When we get the storms this time of year, many come with lots of lightning, but little or no rain. Which, of course, leads to these incredibly widespread fires.
    The smoke has made our air unhealthy. Masses in our Diocese which had been moved from indoors to outdoors due to COVID restrictions, are now canceled due to the smoke. Hopefully, this will be just for this Sunday. We can watch them online…
    I think this is one more warning for our great “blue” state, with blue governor and legislature. When we have essential health services of abortion, but we cannot go to Mass without oppressive restrictions and cannot sing at Masses, when David Daleiden is under investigation and not Planned Parenthood, we see the results. When our Senator Kamala Harris can rake Knights of Columbus over the coals for their radical stances in judicial hearings, then the fires all over seem like a reminder of our spiritual state of being.
    I am praying for the people evacuated and affected by the fires, for the incredibly heroic firefighters, and for all involved here. There are more possible storms due on Sunday night – Tuesday. We will see what this next phase brings to this state and our country.
    Vivo Christo Rey!
    On the Feast of the Queenship of Mary, God’s blessings to all of you, Deon

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    1. Hello Deon . . . My home is in Sonoma area which is in the southern part of Sonoma County. Much of the northern part of the county has been under evacuation orders for a few days. Napa (only a few miles to the east) is once again being threatened with parts of Vacaville – just to the east of Napa – burning for the last few days. My sister and her husband obeyed mandatory evacuation orders in Lake
      County (to the northeast) a few days ago. Half of their fence burned 5 years ago in the Valley Fire. My brother’s son and his family in Santa Cruz County had to evacuate about 4 or 5 days ago. (It’s difficult to keep track of the days because so many things are happening so fast!!!).

      Please stay safe Deon.

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    2. I thought of you Deon, seeing the news about the fires the other day. We are in So Cal and ok where we are. One daughter and family are down here, but in the “boonies” where it’s more dangerous; one son is in central CA. I”m praying for all the firefighters, civilians, and our family too that we all stay out of danger. It was awful to see the map with fire symbols everywhere! God bless!

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  12. Protonmail has end to end encryption, so that communication from a ProtonMail email account to another ProtonMail account, if encrypted, cannot be read by the NSA, FBI, Chinese, or even the ProtonMail company itself (currently, as far as I understand).

    Just an idea given these times.

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  13. GO! CORAC!!! The FIGHTING 379. We won’t let this setback deter us from our goals. We have the Church Triumphant supporting us. We have TRUST in the Lord. Onward we will go. After watching the CORAC training? video, I believe at my age, I will have to be a ground squirrel. OUCH!

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  14. 4/5 years… yeah, feels right.

    It’s so strange.

    I can do so much. I am a good gardener, seed saver, canner, sourdough baker, forager, herbals, homeschooler, sewer, knitter… and my house is a testament to all of that. I have GOT it.


    I am in nursing school. Getting my Basic Life/CPR next weekend. In the NYC metro area. I am drawn to learn more in trauma centers. I hate blood.

    What are you doing, God? I don’t think you’re going to be using me how I thought you were going go using me.

    “Lead, Kindly Light, amid the encircling gloom,
    Lead Thou me on;
    The night is dark, and I am far from home,
    Lead Thou me on.
    Keep Thou my feet;
    I do not ask to see the distant scene;
    one step enough for me…” Bl Newman

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          1. Just for today Beckita!!! 😂😂😂 just long enough to notice the beautiful fall like fluffy ⛅️ clouds!!! Lol but I’ll have to reboot and listen to your song again tomorrow!!! Hahahahaha what a crazy time

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  15. This is a carry/over from the previous “French Horns…” post, page one,
    Aug 22 by Beckita. She refers to
    and one of the authors there has this website
    with this article: The quote is from Sister Faustina who wrote the Litany
    …“There’s something beautiful about trust,” Sr. Faustina reflects. “It’s a great equalizer. Everybody—whether you are new to the faith or have been a priest for fifty years—everybody needs trust every day. The homeless person on the street, the Protestant minister…the experience of trust makes us all children before God.”
    At the end of the article is the Litany of Trust, perfect for our situations.

    Litany of Trust

    From the belief that I have to earn Your love … Deliver me, Jesus.

    From the fear that I am unlovable … Deliver me, Jesus.

    From the false security that I have what it takes … Deliver me, Jesus.

    From the fear that trusting You will leave me more destitute … Deliver me, Jesus.

    From all suspicion of Your words and promises … Deliver me, Jesus.

    From the rebellion against childlike dependency on You … Deliver me, Jesus.

    From refusals and reluctances in accepting Your will … Deliver me, Jesus.

    From anxiety about the future … Deliver me, Jesus.

    From resentment or excessive preoccupation with the past … Deliver me, Jesus.

    From restless self-seeking in the present moment … Deliver me, Jesus.

    From disbelief in Your love and presence … Deliver me, Jesus.

    From the fear of being asked to give more than I have … Deliver me, Jesus.

    From the belief that my life has no meaning or worth … Deliver me, Jesus.

    From the fear of what love demands … Deliver me, Jesus.

    From discouragement … Deliver me, Jesus.

    That You are continually holding me, sustaining me, loving me … Jesus, I trust in you.

    That Your love goes deeper than my sins and failings, and transforms me …Jesus, I trust in you.

    That not knowing what tomorrow brings is an invitation to lean on You … Jesus, I trust in you.

    That You are with me in my suffering … Jesus, I trust in you.

    That my suffering, united to Your own, will bear fruit in this life and the next …Jesus, I trust in you.

    That You will not leave me orphan, that You are present in Your Church…Jesus, I trust in you.

    That Your plan is better than anything else … Jesus, I trust in you.

    That You always hear me, and in Your goodness always respond to me …Jesus, I trust in you.

    That You give me the grace to accept forgiveness and to forgive others …Jesus, I trust in you.

    That You give me all the strength I need for what is asked …Jesus, I trust in you.

    That my life is a gift … Jesus, I trust in you.

    That You will teach me to trust You … Jesus, I trust in you.

    That You are my Lord and my God … Jesus, I trust in you.

    That I am Your beloved one … Jesus, I trust in you.


    Reprinted with permission of the Sisters of Life. (in the above article)

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    1. Thank you for this, For the Sake of. I just copied the litany into an email for one of my daughters, who always needs prayer! She just texted yesterday and asked if the opposite of fear is trust in God. Good timing, thanks! She’s the holiest of all the kids, but struggles with something.

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  16. Charlie, I am not surprised about this development coming from health department “officials”, but I am a bit surprised that it is happening so early after the public “coming out” of CORAC. I expected this sort of reaction by the evil forces would not occur for at least a few months.

    This tells me one very important thing . . . We are a holy force that makes them shudder with fear.

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  17. Oh man, Charlie!!! I’m so sorry to hear they shut down your Limon groupthink!!! That really stinks of ole hairy legs!!!

    We are having a Eucharistic Fatima procession around our church in October…so far…. so good!

    I would like to see a tutorial on canning if anyone can put one up?

    Glad we are all in this together!

    The one thing I keep thinking about though is if communications go down, we will all be forced to work together within our neighborhoods. I’m wondering if that happens, does a plan for survival just naturally and organically begin??? I wonder if there’s ever been a plan written about such a scenario?


    God bless our Charlie and Beckita and all here!!!🤗

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    1. Hi Linda,

      Is your Eucharistic Fatima procession in October going to be at the Sorrowful Mother Shrine? If so, that’s something I may be interested in traveling to be a part of … If the Good Lord calls me to be there rather than taking fall foliage photos, or searching for sparrows which can be more valuable than some might think, based on Our Lady’s Fatima Anniversary of October 13, 2019 and the sparrow incident then.

      There’s a Eucharistic procession coming up in downtown Cleveland, but I’m a bit afraid of going, precisely because it’s smack dab in downtown Cleveland and as a small single woman, don’t feel comfortable alone in a city parking garage.

      So I’m looking for processions and walks around Ohio that are in more suburban or country settings, or at least have open air parking lots.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Oh the Phoenix that would be WONDERFUL!!! Ours is going to be across the street of our parish St Anthony’s . Small rural..still in the planning so I’ll keep you informed! Sorrowful Mother Shrine May be doing something too but need to research that one!!! I wouldn’t recommend Cleveland. Word on the street is all things downtown are boarded up. Cleveland has too much crime for me and no baseball or football games anymore so it’s pretty sad state! I know someone who said he knew someone who went to Vegas (I have never been there and don’t ever plan on going there) but said it was a ghost town!!! Just wierd stuff,,, cedar point is only open 3 days per week as it’s not worth the electricity to open with so few that are going! My sis and grandkids went one day last week and they even made the 3 year old Jude wear a 😷 mask!!! Can u imagine?

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        1. Hi Linda,

          Yes it would be wonderful! Small and rural sounds perfect! Would love to join your procession at St. Anthony’s if possible! 🙂

          I’ve also been researching other possible processions and besides the Sorrowful Mother Shrine, found one in September that’s about a three-hour drive that I may attend. The way I figure it, if I can drive for hours through Ohio on quests to take landscape and nature photos, go bird watching, go stargazing, go horseback riding, visit Bed & Breakfast Inns, and go to pow wows (all activities way out in the country), I can certainly drive for hours to attend a Eucharistic procession … especially when it would also be a small Marian pilgrimage in honor of Our Lady of Fatima.

          As for the Sorrowful Mother Shrine, it looks like there are 1st Sunday Devotions which might include a procession.

          As for Las Vegas, just like you, never been there and don’t care to go. And as for Cedar Point, sounds like a strange way to experience it, but at least your family was able to go. Am sure they made the best of it, and hope they enjoyed themselves!

          And as for masks, methinks people even in my county are getting tired of them. Went to a nearby Metropark today to take advantage of the gorgeous late August summer sunshine, and NOBODY was wearing a mask! 🙂 Earlier in the season, you’d come across people who did.

          Liked by 3 people

                1. Can anyone see my post?..I’m crying out to reach others, the evil one is prevention communication/connection with other conservative Christians…Praying SOMEONE sees this😢😢😢😢😢🙏🙏😢😢😢😢

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                    1. Praise God that someone can see my comment thank you so much praise God praise God.. I don’t know how to reach others except for email.. I would like to give my phone number if you think it is safe the devil is thwarting my Outreach to others

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                    2. Barbara, I wouldn’t share your phone number in a comment. This is a public forum. Stay with us in the community and catch up on some of Charlie’s pieces and we’ll be praying that God will provide opportunities for connections for you.

                      You won’t want to miss these Charlie pieces which give background as to how things have been developing and what we’re about when we witness. These pieces start from June 23rd and go to July 19th. You can then read what’s on site from July 19th on.


                  1. I see your post BarbaraM🤗 praying in unison with you! Remember if you look to your right, God is there! If you 👀 look to your left, God is there…etc…etc…etc🤗❤️🙏😇 and oh yes…our guardian angels too!!!😇

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                    1. Praise God I’ve been trying to find a community to connect with for about a year maybe a little over a year been given to know what’s coming down the pike and called to help othersp.. I have food survival gear about 80% ready to live off the grid certainly can help others.. not knowing if there’s Community around me to connect with any physical tangible real way or not

                      Liked by 3 people

                    2. Well welcome here Barbara!!! I have no idea where you are but Beckita surely does!!! I’m actually thinking that God may be putting us all where we need to be wherever that is??? I’m thinking that neighborhoods will probably be our first response since we are all over the world 🌎??? Did you ever read the series “One second after?” It’s about how communities survive after an emp attack!!! 3 books!!! Amazing and yet I’m only on the second one!!! Lol

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                2. Drove through Norwalk once on a detour from road construction coming home from Kelleys Island once, didn’t grow up in Ohio so that’s about all I’ve seen of Norwalk except maybe on highway signs. It was about 100 sunny degrees that day and my car has no air conditioning but the countryside was nice. 🙂 Yes, now I’m near Cleveland, prefer not to get too detail oriented on a public website!

                  Liked by 1 person

                  1. Oh the Phoenix that is an amazing story!!! It’s not 100 today but it sure feels that way!!! Hahahahaha!!!! Yes the country side is beautiful here . We are like 5 minutes to Walmart and yet there’s rows and rows of soy beans and corn 🌽 all around us so it feels like a little bit of country! If you do plan to come to our little parish Fatima procession you could do so easily from your neck of woods!!! I’ll be sure to keep you informed as it’s still in its infancy stage. Probably best not to disclose your whereabouts…I should probably be more like you but I’m not that smart yet!!! Lol mike says I’m like a child yet and too trusting! So far God has watched over me pretty good though. So many perils in this crazy life down here! Lol. God bless the Phoenix!!! Ps my guess is u grew up in Phoenix!!!😂😂😂

                    Liked by 1 person

                    1. Hi Linda,

                      The Fatima procession at your parish definitely sounds wonderful, so yes, please do keep me informed! I’d love to come!

                      Who knows, maybe you and I have been on Kelleys Island at the same time in the past without knowing it! Have you ever been to the little roadside Marian shrine on the island? It’s right in the trees at the edge of the woods, so I drove by it for years without knowing it was there. Basically, it’s a statue of Mary in a wooden holder in a tree that people decorate with necklaces or rosaries and place small objects around like shells or flowers or coins, all kinds of things. If you look closely at my avatar, you may recognize the statue as the one from the island and I took the photo years ago and call it “Kelleys Island Mary.”

                      Ironically, I’ve never been to Phoenix, Arizona. Grew up in Western New York, in the area near Buffalo and Niagara Falls. Have you lived in Ohio all your life?

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                    2. No I never saw it (Our Lady) Phoenix but how cool!!! I was actually a kid when we went to Kelly’s island . We were a sailboat ⛵️ racing family which was big in our day! We had the MORC fleet at that time (Midget Ocean Racing Club) some big races had hundreds of ⛵️ boats registered for that particular race. So when we went to Kelly’s it was a getaway weekend. My dad always insisted we go to Mass but we really never discussed the faith or Jesus or Mary. I found out close to my dads death he prayed the rosary daily in his car! Who knew??? So I was born and raised in Ohio!!!

                      We went to Niagara Falls once when young! It was sooooo beautiful there!!! Boy oh boy I bet you got lots and lots of snow as a kid!!! 🎿 did you ski or 🛷 sled???

                      Here’s our Sandusky Sailing Club history…it’s sort of interesting! I don’t sail anymore. I have too much pain in back & knees now but it was a great great childhood! Plus I like to think Jesus was probably out there a lot with us since we raced through many a bad storm!!! 🤗


                      Can’t wait to meet ya Phoenix!!! Maybe we can do breakfast or lunch afterwards at the Milan Square!!! Like a mile down the road from st Anthony’s in Milan, Ohio! Norwalk is adjacent to Milan. Milan square looks JUST LIKE MAYBERRY!!!


                      God bless!


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                    1. Hi Linda,

                      Sailboat racing sounds like a lot of fun! Did you take your sailboat anywhere else besides the Lake Erie Islands? And one thing I’ve always loved about Kelleys Island is that even though it’s a getaway island, there’s a Catholic Church so you can still easily get to Sunday Mass.

                      Since no sailboats were available to my family, I got more into canoes. For awhile after moving to Cleveland, I volunteered with the Metroparks as a historical re-enactor for the Voyageur Canoe Paddles program where we portrayed the French fur trade era of all things … I portrayed a Native American fur trader and guide, which is funny given what passes for my sense of direction … you can ask Charlie about that, I made him hold the map while driving him around Northeast Ohio several years back and he managed to remain calm! 🙂

                      Wonderful habit your father had of praying the Rosary every day … that he didn’t speak about it reminds me of St. Joseph being a quiet man. The strong, silent type!

                      Growing up in the Buffalo, NY area, I survived the Blizzard of ’77, went sledding, skating, and cross country skiing, and like many Buffalonians, LOVE snow and winter !!!!!!!!!!!!! Besides Lake Erie, what was the best part for you about growing up in Ohio as compared with other places?

                      Breakfast or lunch at Milan Square sounds wonderful … One thing though, in the past couple of years I’ve developed food allergies so ordering from a menu at a typical restaurant can be challenging at times … That said, I’d be happy to join you and order black coffee or iced tea anyways. I always bring food with me on road trips nowadays.

                      Hmmm, I just read “Milan Square” as “Milan Squirrel …” 🙂

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                    2. Hi Phoenix!!! I told my best church buddy Char and Linda that THE ONE AND ONLY PHOENIX May be coming to our America needs Fatima Eucharist and rosary procession and they about did summersaults!!! Lol Char reads Charlie’s site and recognized your name!!! Ha!!!

                      That is so cool about you doing metro parks historical re-enacting with 🛶 canoes!!! It actually sounds like a whole lot of fun!!!

                      And driving Charlie around…oh my goodness I’d be soooo nervous I’d probably get us into a crash!!! So you sound like a very courageous young lady!!!!

                      Blizzard of 77 !!! Oh my goodness!!! We got it really bad here but not like you guys!!! We were actually going to USVI and BVI for a once in a lifetime sailboat bareboat week but had to wait 3 days to dig out!!! I bet it took you guys 3 weeks and I bet you don’t miss all that ❄️ snow!!!! Yikes!!!

                      I’ve been to that little church on Kelly’s island and the one on put in bay many a time!!! My dad ALWAYS insisted even on vacation or race week at pib we go to Mass…like I said we never really discussed Jesus and Mary but somehow it drew fruit later on…probably a good thing he didn’t cuz I’m such a fanatic…lol

                      Favorite thing about Ohio!!! 🌽 corn!!! Ha!!! But can’t eat it now for the same reasons as you!😫 Diverticulitis and food allergies have me eating real plain or not too much at all!!! Heck to get older, ain’t it??? Lol

                      So anyhow…procession is going to be Saturday Oct 10th at noon!!! I guess 6 out of 7 of our neighboring parishes are going to be doing it all at noon but I think ours is only one with Eaucharist!!! I guess this is going to be happening at noon all across America for Fatima needs America!!! Pretty amazing times we are living!!! God bless, Phoenix…until we talk again!!! Mike n I will buy you a coffee and mike will feast out!!! Ask Charlie how much Mike likes his food!!! Hahaha

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      1. Thanks so much Tomothy!!! We did buy a pressure cooker awhile back that has canning options on it!!! I’ll have to dig it out!

        Rita in my zoom group told me it’s best to can if you can since there is aluminum in cans which can affect our brains 🧠 over time! 😱 lol

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      2. Canning is a great way to preserve food without refrigeration.
        Get extra seal lids, as the glass jars last indefinitely.
        A gasketless canner also does not require replacement gaskets.
        My son cans our venision and I grind and vacuum pack it. This gives us two options: freezing for long term with power or canning for long term without power.
        Get good at making log fires and practice this or watch videos about this. There are an amazing variety of ways to do them and what works best for others may not work for you depending on wood types available, quantity and where you live.

        Liked by 4 people

        1. FYI, I have been canning since I was 16. (So over 50 years.) You CAN reuse jars which have a pickle type screw-on lid with the white rubber ringing the inside. You CAN reuse perfect canning jar lids, just boil both of these re-use lids 20 minutes to soften that rubber. So save your pickle, marinara, or salsa jars for re-use. Jars with a plastic lid will usually not seal. So, in case the going gets tough…

          Liked by 1 person

          1. Wait, what? I can reuse Ball lids if I boil them for 20 minutes first? Wow! Thanks for the tip, Nance! Now when you say “perfect canning jar lids,” what do you mean by “perfect”? Does it have something to do with the way the rubber seal looks? Or what? (I’m new to pressure canning, so I may require a little more detail than most. 🙂 )


            1. Mick, by perfect, I mean it must look new. No tears in the rubber, no dents or pings where you pried it off, no rust on the inside of the lid. A few scratches or a little rust on the top of the lid (away from the food,) is usually okay. But no obvious rust or compromised bits. If you learn to be careful taking off the lids, you will begin to acquire more usable ones. Ergo, do not mark on the lids the date or what have you. I label my jars with a permanent Sharpie right on the jar. No sticky to remove later, and it stays well, but scrubs off easily. And no lid will work for years on end. And BTW, if your jar does not “ping,” then refrigerate or freeze, and use it soon. After all, you have to eat this week, also.


    2. Hi Linda,
      What kind of canning do you want to do? There are two basic kinds, hot water bath and pressure canning. Basically and generally anything sweet may be done with a hot water bath and everything else needs to be pressure canned. I would encourage you to visit with your county extension agent since that is part of their job to teach that. They will also have many handouts on canning. It is very important to do it correctly so you don’t accidentally poison someone. It is not to scare you into not canning but to do it properly. It is not difficult to learn. for tomatoes and for other pressure canning.
      I have been getting into old-fashioned jam making which you can hot water bath to keep longer and fermentation.
      It is a humbling experience to participate in something that has been going on for years to feed their loves ones.

      Liked by 6 people

      1. Handtotheplow that is just awesome info you put here!!! Thank you!!! Sounds like guns and canning can kill if you’re not trained properly! Hahahahaha 😂😂😂 I’ve heard you have to be careful canning and I’m the sort that learns visually!!! I’ll check out those sites! Thanks so much!!!😘😘😘

        Liked by 3 people

              1. It’s ok…lol…I scare very easily! I dunno why but mike and I were talking about all those poor souls who died on titanic today and ya know it just sent 🥶 shivers down my timbers!!! 😫


                1. Videos are all over the internet, but to be safe, Linda, get the Ball Blue Book. Use those recipes and instructions, and you and your food will be safe. You can find the Ball Blue Book next to canning jars at Ace Hardware or even Wal Mart. The Ball Blue Book is the bible of the canning world. (But they do tell you to use the lids only once.)

                  Liked by 1 person

                  1. Oh wow nance Shaw!! Thanks so much!!! As a matter of fact I’m going to ace hardware TODAY!!! I want to get a new mop! 😂 the ball blue book sounds like it really simplifies the whole process!!! Thanks again Nance!!!

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        1. Linda,

          There are some things that should never ve canned by the home canner….dairy, abd i belive rice sort of foods.

          HOWEVER, once you get the basics and a batch of stuff put up, the rise in confidebce is dranatic.

          Canning IS cooking, and if you can cook, you can can.

          Also, it is a GREAT feeling knowing You can store your own food. I have jans, tomatoes, beans, corn, venisin , turkey and chicken put up.

          The yield from the venison was everything except the bones. The rougher parts will serve as emergency pet food .

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  18. In St. Louis, I forgot to say. As for the cancellation, I had mixed feelings about going. I was planning to contact folks from our area and plan, but my reservation was due to the time factor and events going on here. I also was feeling that I could gain greater benefit from meeting folks in my local area. Let us pray that God would lead to this becomming an organic movement in support of God, and what is good. If God doesn’t lead all of our efforts will be nil anyway. I think we are region 7 in St Louis?

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  19. I remember about 35 years ago going on a Sierra Club bus backpacking trip and several talked so publicly about making their living by falsely representing people who wanted disability along with Democrat politics. I found a leader who lead a lot of good trips without talking politics; even back then the left always seemed to want to enrich themselves in ways that were wrong.

    Charlie, George Friedman [Geopolitics] thinks that the worse part of the storm before the calm will be in the later half of the 2020s because of the collusion of two cycles; things will begin to be calm and productive after that in the U.S.A. We can only hope God will help us now and it won’t take so long to bring God back to the lost generations!

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  20. I now have 3 signs in my front yard- PRAY FOR AMERICA, TRUMP 2020, and a local sheriff sign. We Repub. have a lot of them. I will start the red-dialer program before long.

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  21. I am just reading John Mauldin’s weekly newsletter now and he talks about the 4th turning: The geopolitical storm Before the Calm, and the Great Reset all collide in this decade along with the Age of Transformation. Nation-States will be Transformed in how we think of our society and the relationship between states.

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  22. Finally! Exhilarating!
    Good knowledgeable people in influential positions are speaking up AND networking throughout the world to end this corrupt lockdown hoax perpetrated on everyone. (Far more have died from suicide over the lockdown than from the virus – in case you didn’t know.)
    Watch NOW before this is removed. Riveting.
    Here’s in the video is what everyone can do – even though this video takes place in Ireland – it applies everywhere to all of us in every country!
    Watch it and spread it please!

    If we don’t stop these criminal tyrants in power over us now, shame on us, and pity for our children.

    Liked by 8 people

      1. God has truly showed us how blessed we are.

        A year ago, we did not know the presciousness of a face, until God allowed them to be hidden.

        Now we thank God for them.

        “Thank you for not wearing a mask”is oft off my lips.

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        1. So true, Timothy! I love people, and it is painful not to see their beautiful faces. i hate it. It is so devastating to human interaction, which I suspect is the real point. Just watched “A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing” again. Big part of the anarchist agenda is to destroy human interaction and turn people against each other.

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  23. Hi I was just introduced to this group I’ve been trying to find like-minded conservative Christians to group together probable possible living in community communion with one another pooling resources intentional living

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    1. Welcome, Barbara! While we make connections in regional areas to support each other in the work of giving witness and rebuilding culture and Church, this is not a site with focus on building isolated communities… although that may happen among people by their own desire. Please have a look around and read Charlie’s writing and you’ll get a feel for what we’re about here. Glad you’re here.

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    1. Yes, it is all accurate, Linda. Planned Parenthood and its toadies have despaired of scaring David away, so they continue try to bankrupt him – and this is the fury of the last-ditch effort to silence anyone who challenges the left. Planned Parenthood is their Goliath. May their fall shake the world.

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      1. “Arise, O Lord, and let Thy enemies be scattered, and let them that hate Thee flee before Thy Face!”
        “Surge domine et dissipentur inimici tui et fugiant qui oderunt te a facie tua”
        I think it may be more effective in Latin. 🙂

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        1. Joyful, There is a chaplet: The Chaplet of the Holy Face …and I think you would love it. I’ve been praying this on Mondays and Wednesdays. Demons hate it. There are 5 sets of six small beads and the large bead in between those are for the Glory Be. You can find it easily online. It’s even on YouTube. I use this to pray against violence and hatred. The demons despise that Scriptural verse of “Arise O Lord and let your enemies be scattered…etc.” It never fails to animate me greatly….that chaplet! 🙂

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        2. I forgot to mention that the sets of the six small beads are for that scripture-“Arise, O Lord, and let Thy enemies be scattered, and let them that hate Thee flee before Thy Face!”

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      2. Do you know if he has gotten the money together? I sent a small donation, but that is a LOT of money. And it kills me to think of my little donation going to PP!


  24. Good evening, everyone.

    I just finished reading everything from the past couple of days. I’ve been silent here lately but appreciate the essays and everyone’s comments.

    We’ve had a forest fire nearby for a week, and I’ve been serving (along with some others) as the informal local newsroom. We appreciate the official news, but our friends and neighbors, including those who have cabins here but live elsewhere, seek on-the-ground reports from locals. One favorite viewpoint of locals is the Cinder Pit. Charlie will remember that spot. 😀

    The fire is not contained, but the part of it near us is being well managed ~ thanks be to God.

    My heart goes out to all who are affected by fires just now. ❤

    I am sorry about the postponement of the first in-person CORAC gathering. These times, themselves, are enflamed ~ fueled, I think, by deliberate and malevolent disinformation. The COVID-19 phenomenon is one result, in my opinion, of malevolent disinformation.

    Many people of good will are at odds with one another because of the day-after-day messaging of their trusted news sources. I encounter the effects all the time ~ and it's not easy to sit through. The Catholic expression "offer it up" holds great meaning and prayerful power in certain circumstances. Such circumstances include fruitless arguing that causes lasting scars rather than enlightenment.

    I look forward to hearing more about next steps with CORAC.

    God bless and keep you, friends ~
    Sister Bear

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  25. Wow, Charlie! You must be burning in eyes and throat with the smoke in your area. Prayers for all…

    From Denver News: This is the look North above Grand Junction, Colorado (Pine Gulch fire) where we have a 130,000+ acre fire and not far away to the East is the Glenwood Springs canyon (Grizzly Creek fire) with 30,000+ acres. 24 miles of Interstate I-70 (East & West) have been closed and no firm future date on when it will reopen as a result.

    These are only two of 5 large fires we have in our state at the moment. With no rain in the forecast, hot, dry and windy conditions…fires will be with us for some time to come. Dry lightning is our enemy!!!

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  26. My Mormon friends in Colorado Springs said they dried food. They used to can, but it is a bit tricky and the storage needed is enormous. Dried food lasts well and is compact. Will not burst if frozen or in a super warm spot. They have some kind of facility in Denver that helps them preserve food. I am learning to make sauerkraut. A great way to boost cabbage nutrition. No heat processing necessary. And I love it.
    Could we meet in a spot like Fargo? Maybe as a region? Sturgis seems quite open to conservative groups.

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      1. Barbara, I was born in Indianapolis, at old St. Vincent Hospital when it was just a handful of blocks north of downtown. Left Indy when I was 5, and then moved back when I got out of school. I worked 2 blocks dead north of the Circle before I got married and left the state.

        Which neighborhoods have BLM groups forming in them? I heard about the young mother who was shot and killed because she said, “All lives matter.”

        Liked by 2 people

        1. I’m on far east side..30th and Franklin rd..Fri-Sun groups gathering.. Intimidating, butso property damage.. Yet….yes a white woman was shot and killed on the canal for telling a group of blm thugs that all life matters…sad reality… I write “All Life Matters” on pieces of paper and leave them in certain areas…

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          1. Barbara, you don’t live that far from where my mother grew up (her family lived on Rural Street, but that was nearly 70 years ago). I still have lots of relatives and friends in and near Indy. I’m praying for their safety, and for yours.

            Which church do you attend? When I was a kid, we were parishioners at St. Monica’s; but when I moved back after graduating, I attended St. John the Evangelist downtown.

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            1. St Athanasius Byzantine Catholic Church.. that’s until things get too difficult to travel
              Things are getting very scary here in this particular neighborhood I wish I had friends outside of the city… praying and supplicating God’s protection constantly for all the remnant

              Liked by 3 people

      1. Hi Linda, I read your post and thought I would pop in and link the site I use a lot. Holly Howe the author of this site have answered my questions and is very helpful. Making sauerkraut is very easy. Slice cabbage thinly and add natural salt(no additives). That is basically it but you would want to read about it packing it etc. Amounts, etc. Holly even has a recipe for a quart jar. I use a water-lock crock as well as open crocks. It is sooo good.
        I hope you don’t mind me crashing your question to Katicos.

        Liked by 5 people

      1. Me too, Mick. He has always gone against the tide in Hollywood. Thank God there are some sensible, rational people there!

        James Woods is another good one! He tweeted a comment about the Dems new symbol, which I can’t replicate here. As a matter of fact, Father Z had an item about it, 22 August. It’s a strange symbol that looks like the Satanic pointed symbol inside a “D”, followed by “2”, followed by a circle which has a U.S. map inside. Someone pointed out that it reads “death to America”. Coincidence?! God help us, please!!

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    1. He used a word that I don’t often hear in this context: ego.

      If people have deep motivation to be RIGHT, rather than to seek truth and, at times, readily admit that they were wrong, they can tend to keep holding on to a false narrative even when it stops making sense. The NEED to be right, I think, indicates a wounded ego that seeks to be propped up. The desire to seek truth and readily admit one’s mistakes, I think, indicates a healthy ego.

      It’s unfortunate that publications appealing to the elite (e.g., NYT, The Atlantic, etc.) can rather easily manipulate those who want to be among the elite, who can easily (but incorrectly) assume that they’re getting the truth.

      I’ve heard it said, “Humility is truth.” (Some attribute that quote to Saint Theresa of Avila.) I would also say that humility offers great freedom from the endless burden of having to be right all the time.

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        1. I should check it out.

          Boy, Mick, my conversation yesterday took a couple turns into places I did not intend to go. 🤦🏻‍♀️ Ugg. Dark as a Democrat convention. Sorry. 😬 I actually wanted to ask about your ASOH community and how you’re preparing.


          1. Ha, Patrick! And I was about to tell you how much I enjoyed talking to you. 🙂

            What our Storm group is doing is the topic of another phone call. So call me when you’ve got time to talk.

            Regarding “Glory Road,” it is a great movie, especially for these times in which we are living. And if you like college basketball, you’ll really like this true story. (One of my dad’s cousins played for Coach Haskins a few years after the events portrayed in the movie; so even though we lived in the Midwest, my family always cheered for UTEP/Texas Western whenever we’d catch one of their games on TV).

            Liked by 1 person

            1. Ha! Me too Mick — it just felt a little “Patrick-heavy”, not entirely uplifting.

              I used to love b-ball but have gotten away from sports in general since 1992, not sure why. But I’m always up for a good movie. And I personally do love sport and sports.

              That said, as we discussed yesterday, the following sports organizations can take a flying leap:


              So that leaves me with hockey, golf, and lacrosse.

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      1. Wanna bet Mrs. McClosky has , ahem “upgraded” her firepower options?

        Those two are the new American Gothic couple and they inspired millions of husbabd wife conversations, most initiated by the Mrs.

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  27. The 1st night of the RNC Convention was amazing! I hope you all were able to watch it. If not, you can listen to the speeches on YT. What a contrast to the DNC. Well we are very different in our beliefs and goals, aren’t we?

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  28. Today’s message from Medjugorje

    The Lady’s message via Mary Fifth-Lunetti, 25.8.2020 :.

    ❤️ ” dear children! This is the time of mercy. I am with you and again I invite you, children, come back to God and prayer until prayer is joy.
    Kids, you have no future or peace until your life starts by personal address and changing for good. Evil will stop and peace will rule in your hearts and in the world. So, children, pray, pray, pray. I am with you and talking in front of my son Jesus for each and every one of you. Thank you for respond to my invitation.” ❤️

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