On the Warpath

On the Warpath – John Mix Stanley

By Charlie Johnston

I am one-eighth American Indian. My great-grandfather (yes, the one who handled snakes) was full-blooded from a Georgia tribe. Most say Creek, though a minority opinion is Cherokee. He looked every bit of it. He claimed once, to a friend, that he fled his reservation and came to western Alabama because he had killed his father for molesting his sister. Could be, but I know of several contradictory tales he told on his murky origin. Understandable, if he was trying not to let anything concrete get back to tribal authorities about his location. He could not hide his iconic Indian features, though.

I never lived as an Indian or pursued anything about that heritage other than general study of some of the tribal cultures. Get past the romanticization and you discover that the variety of tribes was almost as varied as the variety of nations in the world. Some exhibited startlingly noble characteristics, others were senselessly aggressive, starting wars of extermination against other tribes just for the heck of it. Before the Trail of Tears, the Cherokees owned a lot of slaves in Georgia. If the “woke” crowd knew this actual history, I reckon it would trigger some serious cognitive dissonance. Every ethnicity and culture on earth has had its turn in the box as both oppressor and oppressed. And every ethnicity on earth has had things to be proud of and things to be ashamed of. It is the human condition.

My Indian heritage has only had an impact on me in three ways I can think of. When I was a kid and we would play “Cowboys and Indians,” I was more often leader of the Indians than of the Cowboys. I am absurdly pleased on those occasions that a stranger has looked closely at my facial structure and asked if I had some American Indian in my ethnic heritage. I love that so many sports teams use Indian imagery and names to signify their prowess and courage. Now, the woke mob has decided that never again shall a sports team use Indian imagery as a symbol of courage, passion and prowess. And this is supposed to be done in the name of ending racism?! I doubt I will be watching the NFL again, but if I did, I would certainly not be rooting for the Washington Pajama Boys (formerly Redskins) – and I certainly will not think any name change an advance in human tolerance and dignity.

Back when I was doing radio, I was speaking of my Indian heritage one day when a caller corrected me: “You mean ‘native American,’” he said. I angrily retorted that, “I am a native American because I was born here. I am part Indian in my ethnicity – and I’ll thank you not to tell me what to call myself, paleface.”


The inset photo from my radio days was sent to me by the photographer, Mary Carmody, a month ago when she discovered it while doing what she called some “Covid cleaning.” Carmody was an award-winning photographer for Copley Press – and the most gifted spot news photographer I have ever known. (Spot news photos are candid shots of action

Radio Days - photo by Mary Carmody
Charlie Johnston – Photo by Mary Carmody

unfolding as news happens). She had an incredible instinct for getting a shot at just the right moment to tell the tale. We were great friends back in the day. Of course, in those days, I was hot, young and happening. But I’m not young anymore.


Like the coyote in the roadrunner cartoons, a lot of state and municipal officials who thought they were going to get Trump – their prey – with the draconian lockdowns, are finding their clever machinations blowing up in their own faces.

I try to think of vivid ways to illustrate to people the vast difference between wealth and currency. Here is another.

Imagine two large sets of people are sent to establish colonies on Mars. The first group is given $50 billion in currency, but no supplies. The second is sent with no currency but an abundance of supplies – food, water, tools and raw materials and machinery. Which will thrive and which will quickly perish?

Currency has next to no intrinsic value. If you are stranded on a desert island with $50 million and no supplies, you are a pauper – while the guy stranded with three months of supplies to start out is rich. All wealth comes in the form of goods and services. Currency is just a means devised after a society is organized for facilitating the ease of exchange and distribution of the wealth that already exists.

This is why tyrants so quickly reduce their nations to beggary. They strangle the production of wealth in its cradle (because they are control freaks – and cannot control individual initiative) while expanding the printing of currency – which they think is wealth. They are so economically illiterate they might as well have been born on Mars. Wealth is neither created nor owned by governments. Like fields of corn and other crops, it is cultivated by millions of real people exercising their own industry and initiative, one at a time. Of course, government always lines up to take its cut, but once government deludes itself that it is creator of this wealth, a society is already on the road to ruin. Maybe half the Republicans understand this (I am being VERY generous here) and none of the Democrats I listen to. We think we have created some economic problems because of the shutdowns, but that is not the case. We have blown the engine – and have not even begun to see the consequences yet.

I suppose that, in some ways, the manufactured panic over this hamster of a crisis called Covid is a good thing. It helps prepare us for the real dragon of a crisis that, even now, is snorting and belching its way towards us.


I have mentioned before that I am not terribly fond of the philosopher, Plato. In many ways, I think he was the first socialist. However…

Book 8 of his “Republic” is an assessment of the sickness that always overtakes and ultimately kills democracies. It is creepy to read it and realize he couldn’t have written it with more accuracy if he had been here to watch American society unraveling. Don’t be intimidated: it is only about 35 pages. If you have got a copy of his “Republic,” pull it down and refresh yourself.

The ancients considered democracy the most unstable form of government devised. It rarely lasted more than a decade or two before descending into chaos and, ultimately, tyranny. Ever since the late 70’s, I have wondered if the achievement of the American founders was not to craft a form of democracy that works, but to craft a form in which the onset of the fatal symptoms are long delayed. Either way, it is an amazing achievement.

The essence of a successful democracy is not that people vote, but that basic rights (which precede the existence of the state) are protected, no matter what the people vote. Otherwise, democracy is nothing more than two foxes and a rabbit voting on what to have for dinner. It was during the Woodrow Wilson administration in the early years of the last century that we started systematically dismantling the safeguards of stability that the founders so carefully erected around our little Republic. Now we are reaping what we so gleefully and ignorantly have sown.


I know that the TNRS Leaders Forum, to which I have directed volunteers, is not particularly user-friendly. (Ha! Sometimes I can be a master of understatement.) I am working with a company for a method of communicating by mass emails (to which you can respond to a real person), which will be much more efficient and quickly responsive. I expect to send the first such email out in the week following my talk in Limon, Colorado next Sunday.

The database we are forming is not so much a management tool as it is an informational and organizational resource for the Regional and local coordinators and me. The filters are being built in to allow for quick and easy location of how many people are in a region, state, city or suburban area and put them into contact with each other. It also has a list of skills and interests to help find the closest person to a need with that skill quickly – and put them in touch with people where the need is.

I HATE bureaucracy. I just hate it. I am convinced that people respond to people – not emails and such. So the key is to get people working together with each other so they become friends with a shared history. Do this right, and you get an organization that, after three months, begins to have explosive growth – which begins to gain great visibility and notice in the fifth month, which is almost always too late for enemies to stop its momentum. My method is founded not on telling people precisely what to do, but unleashing their enthusiastic creative capacity in acting to meet their needs and priorities. Following is an excerpt from an email on my method that I sent to someone who wanted more detail on my plans:

While I have never organized a national group before, I HAVE organized several statewide groups in a hurry and had them operate efficiently – in two cases toppling an entrenched establishment that was united against us. While my method is not the only method possible, it has worked for me… Following are the steps in that method:

1) Identify the willing and their broad areas of skills and interests by laying out some fundamental principles and what sort of skills you are looking for. That is the step I started with. We have gotten over 500 volunteers in the past two weeks.

2) Categorize those who come forward, both by interests and geography and get them into a usable database from which local leaders can build on. That project is ongoing right now and will be in workable form within two weeks. 

3) Deploy all those people into actual working groups and get them working together…the “getting to know you” phase, encouraging them to offer suggestions for their particular geographic area, even as you put people in charge of specific ongoing concerns. I have already identified and got commitments from four of the 15 eventual Regional Coordinators we will need to be effective. They need me to have this database operative so that they can actually do the things you speak of. 

4) On an ongoing basis, assess what works and what doesn’t – using the regions as individual laboratories on that assessment whose successes can be shared with all other regions. If this is done well, everything grows organically and often, very fast. 

There are two things that usually kill a large organization in its cradle. The first is under-planning – just getting people to go out and do something with no coherent agreed-upon philosophy or foundation. These degenerate quickly into chaos and quickly disintegrate. The second is over-planning. This tries to micromanage every detail before getting started and creates two problems of its own. The first is that it leaves little room to unleash the creative capacity of those in the field – they become cogs in an entirely centrally-run machine…and quickly lose interest and commitment. Second, it is slow to get off the dime and do anything, so focused with coming up with the perfect plan it never really gets started. Frankly, I ran rings around this type of organizer who usually came up with marvelously elegant plans long after I already had a vibrant, committed, enthusiastic team running at almost full strength – and it grew organically rather than springing forth fully formed.”  

There are more than a few Priests and ministers who have volunteered to help. I am making a private list of these, which I will make available to individual Regional Coordinators when a need arises. I am also working, in conjunction with one of our board members, in establishing a network of Priests who can make plans for delivering the sacraments to people in extremis should the persecution of religious entities get worse.

I had mentioned that I am assembling and going to connect people for ongoing prayer teams for our work and steadiness. There are several monasteries of Nuns who have stepped up – and I look to work with them to coordinate this vital role.

Once I get going, I am constantly reaching out (and encouraging coordinators to do the same) to groups that are good fits to join in the activity. Sometimes these groups can be counter-intuitive to a lot of people. As I have mentioned, I have always worked well and closely with Biker Clubs. They are passionate advocates for freedom.

I believe that little victories are the mother of big victories – but there are no victories until people start working together as friends on little projects in their own area. For me, it is very labor intensive. I expect to spend half my time on the road once we are well-started, encouraging the groups around the country and sharing in their little victories, while laying the groundwork to make them big victories for us all. But I will do it as their buddy, Charlie, who celebrates with them and their group in their family rooms or VFW halls after a successful initiative, not as some email from Denver – and I expect them to live a similar ethos with the people in their region, state, and cities.


Again, my talk in Limon, Colorado will be next Sunday, July 26 as follows:

Sunday July 26, 2020 (12 Noon)

  • Lincoln Theatre245 E Ave., Limon, CO
  • 12:00pmDivine Mercy Chaplet
  • 1:00pm: Talk by Charlie Johnston
  • 2:00pm: Lunch & Discussion Session (Lunch will be provided)

Limon is 1 hour east of Denver and 1 hour east of Colorado Springs.

Interesting history of Lincoln Theatre: http://cinematreasures.org/theaters/7595

Contact Mary Lapchak at lapchakma@gmail.com for further information.

Please RSVP to rsvplimon@gmail.comif you are coming from out of town. The theatre holds 200 people. I am actually expecting around 80 to show up, but we are getting a lot of people from out of state coming. Once, at a presentation on the east coast, we expected 50 people and got a room for 85. The crowd was actually 140, so many were left standing in the hall. I don’t want anyone flying in and being denied entry if the crowd is bigger than we expect – so if you RSVP you are guaranteed entry.

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  1. “Every ethnicity and culture on earth has had its turn in the box as both oppressor and oppressed.” Lived with this for more than two years in Liberia where the black people, who were descendants of black slaves in America, were oppressing black folks from the native tribes of this geographical region in West Africa. Such oppression knows no color but the temptation to do so is part of our heritage after being cast from the Garden of Eden. It surely is the human condition. You can call me paleface too, Charlie, yet my ethnicity includes DNA from my ancestors who were from sub-Saharan Africa.

    Once we all figure out we’ve blown the engine of our economic world, that’ll be a turn-to-God moment, a drop-to-your-knees time to cry for mercy.

    Love that old photo, Charlie – mighty special – and the fruit of great wisdom the years have borne which enriches and bolsters our efforts now as we’re in the thick – and yet to get thicker – parts of this Storm. So grateful for your style of leadership that elegantly and artfully brings forth your strengths as shepherd while allowing you, at the same time, to be our Buddy Charlie.

    I remain excited to view the video which will be recorded in Limon!

    For those who are interested here’s a link to Plato’s: The Republic: http://classics.mit.edu/Plato/republic.9.viii.html

    Ready for all my, and our, next right steps!

    May this flourish: “My method is founded not on telling people precisely what to do, but unleashing their enthusiastic creative capacity in acting to meet their needs and priorities!”

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  2. Charlie, Your mention about playing cowboys and Indians , and which side you chose, reminded me of a funny incident while I was an undergrad. A buddy of mine from an ROTC class we both attended, Roy Oishi, and I were having drinks after class at a bar that was playing a WWII movie about the early days of fighting in the Pacific. At one point when the the scenes showed kamikaze gun fire raking our unprotected troops– half drunk I yelped, they’re killing us, this is going from bad to worse. Roy smiled and said, “No, I think we are doing very well.”

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  3. Another part Native American here * raises hand * … part Iroquois. This past week saw the feast day of our first Native American Saint, Kateri Tekakwitha, Lily of the Mohawks, on July 14th.

    Here are two prayers that are really good, and I think meaningful for us in America right now:

    Saint Kateri Tekakwitha, our elder sister in the Lord, discreetly, you watch over us;
    May your love for Jesus and Mary inspire in us words and deeds of friendship, of forgiveness and of reconciliation.
    Pray that God will give us the courage, the boldness and the strength to build a world of justice and peace among ourselves and among all nations.
    Help us, as you did, to encounter the Creator God present in the very depths of nature, and so become witnesses of Life.
    With you, we praise the Father, the Son and the Spirit. Amen.
    Holy founders of the Church in North America. Pray for us.

    Prayer of Thanksgiving for St. Kateri Tekakwitha
    God our Father, Whom Kateri Tekakwitha liked to call the Great Spirit, We thank you for having given us this young woman as a model of the Christian life. Despite her frailness and her community’s resistance, she bore witness to the presence of Christ. With her companions, she drew close to the elderly and to the sick. Every day, she saw in nature a reflection of your own glory and beauty. Grant that by her intercession we may always be close to you, more sensitive to the needs of those around us, and more respectful of creation. With her, we shall strive to discover what pleases you and endeavor to accomplish it until that day you call us back to you.

    (With permission of the Ordinary of Saint-Jean-Longueuil. August 9, 2012)


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  4. Charlie

    Ron is offering his help in any way he can. Obviously, he has a good grasp of the Faith and does ok teaching. Please put him on your religious list. Myself I can teach others how to grow a garden and preserve food without refrigeration. And how to establish a bee yard. 🐝 I can also teach the Faith but as you know My weak area is writing. I do not know how I got thru grad school. Entering this info on the website was beyond me. I only got registered bc of Mick!! See you in a few days. Jacquie

    Sent from my iPhone


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    1. Ha, Jacquie! I didn’t recognize your screen name. And as I was reading your wonderful skills, I was thinking, “Ooh, I’d like to meet this lady!” I started giggling when I realized who you were. 🙂

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  5. Charlie great post!!!

    I get so much enjoyment of hearing about your stories and ancestry!!! Yes!!! I can see the 1/8 Indian blood in you by your high cheekbones!!! Ha!!! My grandfather…we called him poopsey…had unbelievable high cheekbones!!! He always told us he was part Cherokee?!?!?! We never knew if it was true or not, but we did descend from Quebec so ya never know! Lol.

    I like this piece as well because you explain the things about money and supplies!!! Makes me want to keep prepping for important things like food, water, tools 🛠 etc….

    Thank you, Charlie for this great piece of work here!!!

    Onward, Christian soldiers!
    Marching as to war,
    With the cross of Jesus
    Going on before.
    Christ, the royal Master,
    Leads against the foe;
    Forward into battle,
    See his banners go!

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  6. Exciting to hear more, Charlie, and I had just sent you an email before I saw this new post. I smiled when I read about Plato, because after all these decades, I still have my college book on Plato’s writings. One of the few books I’ve held onto from the Philosophy requirement at a good Catholic college. Will look up Book 8. We did move on to Aristotle and Catholic writers. 🙂 I look forward to learning more about what will transpire in “the plan”!

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  7. Charlie, I am also (roughly) 1/8 American Indian. (It might be 3/32; there’s some question of whether my great-grandmother was half or quarter Cherokee). Like you, I am incensed over the woke crowd and their take on… well, everything. And I am SO DONE with the NFL. First they roll over for BLM, and now they’re shaming those who were actually holding up Indians as worthy of imitation. Grrrr!

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  8. Interesting family history Charlie. The past few years my wife and I have been going through our families. Part of each of our respective father’s families lived in Salem, MA in the 1630s and attended the same Anglican Church. 2 of my great grandfathers were pastors of that church.

    But my wife was able to document through a family Bible and her cousins that her father was part Cherokee. Their common ancestor was born on the Oklahoma Reservation in 1830 and eventually moved to Philadelphia. His mother was pure Cherokee and was pregnant with him during the Trail of Tears, giving birth as they arrived in OK. The father was both part French and part Cherokee. They had resided in Northern Georgia before the forced removal.

    She is sad to see the wiping out of American Indian existence in the name of Social Justice. It is a shame not to see the young Indian girl on the package of butter these days. It will be a crime if some day no one remembers or can recall these great people who came before us.

    My family had been enslaved in 17th Century Massachusetts Bay Colony. The first of my name here in America escaped from his bondage twice and resided with the local Narragansetts before being recaptured. Eventually he gained his freedom and fled to New Amsterdam.

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      1. My father was born and raised in Rhode Island, but he had been adopted. He spent the first couple of years of his life in an Episcopalian orphanage. This really compelled us to seek out what his background was. For decades we were at a dead end because RI had strict privacy rules for adoptions. A few years ago that changed and he was able to obtain his original birth record.

        It was pretty amazing to discover that he was descended from the founder of the colony and much of the work of putting together a family tree was already accomplished.

        My background is a who is who when it comes to Massachusetts Bay Colony, Plymouth Plantations and Rhode Island & Providence Plantations.

        Figuring out my wife’s history was a little more difficult, but the Internet and Ancestry.com has been a big help.

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        1. Absolutely awesome, William! Can you imagine how the cancel culture aggressors would deal with me, as on my paternal side, my ancestors were slave traders and, on my maternal side, I’m a direct descendant of none other than Uncle Sam. The caricature of Uncle Sam is derived from the real Samuel Wilson, son of immigrants from Greenock, Scotland. Sam, a meat packer in New York, provided meat for the troops in the War of 1812. I qualify to become a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution.

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            1. My mother’s maiden name was Wilson. As for my paternal line’s history, it was when I was going into the Peace Corps in West Africa that my eldest brother made the discovery about the slave trading and ownership. It made me all the more excited to have the opportunity to assist those beautiful Liberian people. God is so amazing in how He arranges details in our lives for good.

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              1. As Christians know and so many today have forgotten sins of the father are not inherited by the son. Henry Louis Gates, Jr. of Finding Your Roots seems to find such relish and subtle glee when being able to tell celebrity of their ancestor’s past links to slavery. Just my opinion but it seems to me that he enjoys clubbing them with the past.

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                1. Many here will know of Father Hampsch. His teachings on healing of the family tree address this “sins of the father issue” directly. It’s not the sins but the spiritual effects or tendencies that can be in family trees. That’s why prayers for that family tree healing are so important. The Holy Spirit will reveal things to us to pray about. Father’s writings and workshops are great. Might even be videos.

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                  1. That’s right Annie, the tendencies. We surely experience tendencies from belonging to Adam and Eve’s family tree. Praying for Fr. John Hampsch who’s been under hospice care.

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                    1. Oh dear, I’m sorry to hear that about Fr. Hampsch. I’ll always remember him from SoCal conferences, but also a full day taping here in town of one of those workshops I referenced above. May he be at peace and have a beautiful place in Heaven when that time comes.

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        2. Then we are probably kin. I’m a Mayflower descendant, too. From the SERVANT who fell overboard! And I have a grandmother hung as a witch. Small world…

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        3. My Grand Father researched our family history, most of his life…communicating thru a ribbon fed typewritter. His son & cousins picked up the trail a few years back and discovered roots back to 1600’s in the nYs Mohawk valley, Canada to PA.

          Interestingly, we had always believed we were German amongst Irish. Discovered Austria to be the correct region with Ireland. Possibly the Arctic Circle with Inuit blood, either Canada or Nortway, Sweden, Finland. My mother had dental surgery a few years back and the dentist looked in all his books on American and European dental records. Couldn’t find her dental structure. Inquiring where she grew up (border of Canada) he picked up another book and said here you are… you have Inuit dental structure.

          So… I guess I am a mutt…

          or a Mullatto

          or a Metizo.

          Anyhow, I belive this is where Our Lady of Tepeyac (Guadalupe) enters the scene displaying to one and all we are all a mixture and God loves us.

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          1. SeanSullivan17: One culture or another would consider us all mutts. I was thinking back to my Irish Catholic grandmother marrying my Greek Orthodox grandfather around 1912 in the rectory of the Cathedral of Sts. Peter and Paul, Philadelphia. Whoa! Two different cultures and two different faiths.
            And, yet, here am I!

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    1. MY family, the Franks, originated in Mongolia and migrated to Europe and established the areas now called Germany, France and other countries.
      My nationality is considered Caucasian but black people and, surprisingly, oriental people think I look oriental. Just goes to show how certain traits stick around even after many hundreds of years.

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      1. Ha, Phillip! When I was in fourth grade, a girl in my class asked if I was Chinese. I’m guess it was because of the shape of my eyes because of my American Indian ancestry (and the fact that those ancient ancestors came from Asia over a land bridge long lost to history).

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    2. Beckita: so true about oppression — On a tour in Hawaii many years ago the guide explained how the native Hawaiians of the beaches oppressed the Hawaiians of the mountains, so much so that if the mountain people dared to come down to the beaches they would be murdered, if discovered. I thought at the time, “Well there you go, it happens in every culture.” Ditto too to the Native American tribes holding slaves and waring each other. And then there are the English oppressing the Irish and Scots, the Turks obliterating the Armenians and Greeks, etc., etc.

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  9. Charlie, the organisational structure you describe is exactly how the Pro-Life movement here in Ireland works. Subsidiarity to the max. Ok, we had a big hit (the biggest, really) back in 2018 when our country surrendered to the zeitgeist but the structure is still there, and won’t go away anytime soon – because we are local, and we really care. We didn’t get into this for the temporary feel-good, as our opponents made the mistake of doing. But now that their party is over, we’re still here picking up the pieces. Slowly, methodically, with purpose. Our fight is right, and we have true Love on our side, not the perversion of it that they claim.

    We look to the great fight that you in your country are waging and we take heart from you – e.g. there’s barely a pro-lifer in Ireland who doesn’t know all about David Daleiden, thanks to the good side of the internet. He and many more. Johnathon Van Maren recently released a book called “Patriots”, all about the Pro-Life struggle here over the last 40 (yes, that long!) years. It shows how we’ve always relied on people at the local level just getting off their *beasts of burden* 😁 and – doing it!! With little resources, wings, prayers (a lot) and sheer bloody-mindnedness when called for. As it often is, was and ever shall be. But always with charity.

    And a few pints. Very important, that.

    God bless all here. He is certainly blessing us – Mass attendance in my area has really bounced back, despite restrictions, and I dare to say a real, renewed, feeling of appreciation not only for the Holy Sacrifice itself but also for our Priests, who have been excellent.

    While we couldn’t have our annual Rally for Life this year, there was an online event:


    And it’s all based on exactly as Charlie has described his campaign. We are not going to go away.

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    1. It’s always so heartening to hear from you, Jaykay. I know you’re going to say something quite substantial, and make me giggle at the same time. 🙂

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  10. I want to join, but I don’t know who to contact. I am old and I can pray and go to adoration. I have a milk cow giving lots of fresh raw milk, and a flock of chickens, a vegetable garden and a small undeveloped property in Southeastern Indiana. My husband can fix anything and build almost anything. We are taking care of our son, his wife, and their 2 babies. God bless you!

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  11. As for taking turns being either oppressed or oppressors I remember a study I read once. Harvard decided in their Sociology Dept I think to create a prison using students. And Guess what, the students who were selected to be prison guards soon began to abuse the inmates and they had to shut the experiment down for ethical reasons! I thought students, especially in the social sciences were the idealistic ones? But so were Marx and Lenin too, at least in theory.

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  12. This morning we attended Mass at a parish in the North New England woods. The pastor is young, conservative and says the Mass with great piety and devotion. I always enjoy being here for Mass.

    Father’s homily was amazing. He began by decrying the deliberate destruction of Christian and Catholic statues and churches. He went on to state that we are in a war, a war for our beliefs and for the kingdom of our Lord. We are facing persecution. Now it is statues and buildings, soon it will be violence against people, he proclaimed. Holding his hands out like a prisoner to be shackled he stated that if the present trends continue, he envisions the day when he will be dragged away from the altar, hands bound like a criminal. He has decided he is ready. Our battle, he proclaimed, is not merely political, it is spiritual, against the powers that St. Paul refers to in his letters. In his view those powers are now feeling loosed and unconstrained, to attack God’s people, the believers in Jesus, and to attack Jesus’ bride, the Church.

    Going on, Father decried the politicians who, while claiming to be Catholic, support and stand for things the Church and God will never condone. He urged everyone to examine their conscience and to realize that for too long we have given our complicit consent to these people by voting for them and by not calling out the falsehoods they proclaim while pronouncing themselves to still be Catholics.

    He tied all of this in with the Gospel of the day. We live in a time when the weeds are now growing up to full strength among the wheat of the believers.

    It was riveting. It was frightening. It was wonderful. Very few times in my life have I heard a priest speak so plainly with such urgency.

    God’s people are waking up. The Spirit is moving. We will not be left alone and bereft. Jesus is with us and He is raising up priests to counsel and lead us.


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    1. Jtbrannigan I pray that God’s angels pull up the weeds soon so the wheat can flourish…then I pray that all become wheat and not a weed🙏🙏🙏 🌾 🌾 🌾

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    2. What an amazing priest, JT! I have “holy envy”; our dictator, I mean governor (CA) has closed everything down again. We can’t have any houses of worship open. We were just getting back to Mass with everything taped and marked, masks required, etc. At least we could receive Jesus in Holy Communion. I would be grateful for even a Communion service outside. God help us, Mama rescue us!

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      1. Annie, at the Consecration at Mass today, I prayed for all of you who live in places where you are forbidden to attend Mass. May God bless, comfort, and strengthen you; and may you soon be able to worship in freedom.

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        1. Ha, Christopher! I had to laugh at that one. 🙂

          In all seriousness, though, my family lived in CA a couple of decades ago while my husband was in school at UCLA. I was so relieved when we were able to get outta there in move back to the Midwest. Let us all pray for those who are not in a position to pack up and get out of Dodge, and so are stuck living under increasingly oppressive and dangerous conditions. Because, it seems to me, eventually most of us are going to be enduring conditions that are worse than the current ones in CA, Portland, Seattle, and Chicago.

          God help us all.

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        2. Thank you Beckita and Mick, we do need prayers in these states.
          Christopher, you made me laugh out loud. Just hubby and myself would consider it; can’t leave the kids and grandkids in this state. I have half-joked for years that I wish we could have a big family compound, only HALF joking. Not so far fetched these days!

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  13. I was the kid with auburn hair and freckles who was taken to a local Mohegan Tribe and met the great Gladys Tantaquidgeon, was totally impressed, and went back home to practice walking in the woods on the sides of her feet trying not to make a sound like the Indians did. But I have not one drop of Native American DNA in me, unlike many Americans which have at least some.
    I’m disgusted with Land O’ Lakes taking the maiden off the package, and the Redskins and everyone else now making Indian homages disappear out of sheer, colossal, stupidity.
    I’m not sure what you all are talking about with your plans, but I’m interested in knowing more.
    Whatever it is, I congratulate you on doing something! People that do something are going to be ahead of those who do nothing, so, kudos to you all.

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    1. Here are some of Charlie’s piece which will bring you up to speed, Kate, which will bring you up to speed on what we’re planning to do:

      Then, all you need do to be part of this beautiful, faith-filled effort is write to Charlie, telling him about how you think and feel you can contribute to the cause. chrljhnstn@gmail.com

      You won’t want to miss these review pieces, Kate. They speak to the habits of the mind we need in these days.

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      1. Thank you for this summary, Beckita! I have copied and saved it to my PC for future reference and sharing with any interested friends and family members. 🙂

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      2. I heard my new motto for the region:
        black Flies matter, Adirondack Chapter.
        Character traits: persistence, travel in groups, no holds barr… get into everything.
        Noteworthy: A memorable imprint and experience.
        Tenacity for new blood. Everyone is open for season.

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      3. This is an excellent summary, Beckita. I was wondering [to myself] how I was going to gather the various posts to share with others. Thanks. Love the squirrels. They need Sacred Heart patches like the Vendeans wore. 🙂

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  14. Charlie . . . loving your sense of humor in this post, especially your “paleface” quip and most especially: ” Of course, in those days, I was hot, young and happening. But I’m not young anymore.”

    LOL and hahaha

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      1. Oh yeah Charlie!!! I laughed out loud on “paleface,” and mike from the other room asked what was so funny!!!! 😂 I said, “Oh it’s just Charlie’s new piece!” Then I proceeded to read it to him…😉

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        1. As Maria Esperanza always said – people were so nervous to go before her because she could read souls (she read mine when we first met) – we ALL have a history. The better to give God glory for His Infinite Goodness!

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          1. Beckita, I believe that Fr. Jozo in Medugorje has the same ability. The first trip I took there, he wouldn’t smile at me. It took a huge conversion on my part and a few more years before I earned not only his smile but a big hug! Thank be to God.

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            1. Fr. Jozo does, Diane. That’s an amazing story. My Fr. Jozo story involves a bus ride to the church of his new assignment. AFter listening to his talk, I was walking the halls when he came out of a room, motioned for me to join him and then proceeded to pray over my right shoulder and throat… all in Coatian with no intepreter. All I can say is God knows what it was about. 🙂

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  15. Newsflash for Anybody in Washington State, here’s an intriguing event announcement I just came across:

    Attention Christians in the Puget Sound Region! Join us for a huge worship and protest/demonstration in Federal Way! Check out the website link (at the bottom of this post)!

    Date: July 25
    Time: 11:00 AM – 1:00 PM (local time zone)
    Place: Federal Way, WA
    Intersection of South 348th & Enchanted Parkway South


    “It’s the Body of Christ peacefully protesting our government’s overreach by extending God’s presence, showing His joy, hope, and supernatural love beyond the church walls.

    “We encourage pastors and leaders to stand strong and not feel isolated. As we each choose to “Be The One” we hope for duplication in other areas around Washington and beyond.”


    P.S. I can’t be there in person, so I’m sending my guardian angel out on the warpath in my place.

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  16. Good evening, hot-n-happening ole Charlie and all ~

    Here are my responses to some your sections set off by *********:

    I am touched by the accounts of people here of their Indian ancestry, sometimes recently discovered.

    As some here know, I am an enrolled member of the Chinook Indian Nation. Our enrollment is based on documented ancestry that includes certain named individuals listed in official U.S. government rolls of the early 1900s, which were based in part on the Tansy Point Treaties of 1851 (signed near Astoria, Oregon). We need to prove this ancestry before gaining enrollment as determined by our own tribal members. “Blood quantum” (e.g., “one-eighth American Indian”), while used by some tribes, is more of a European-American concept designed to diminish the Indianness of a population, for reasons not favorable to Indians. For that matter, historically, Indians were not 100 percent one tribe or another. In our territory, intermarriages among tribes were common ~ and probably genetically healthy, as it turned out.

    Most members of my tribe also have European-American and other tribal heritage. While we are 100 percent enrolled members of the Chinook Indian Nation, we do not disown our European-American ancestors. In my case, had my hardy Chinook ancestresses not married French-Canadian voyageurs who came in the early 1800s with the fur companies (e.g., Hudson’s Bay Company) and together had many children, my line ~ like some others ~ could have been among the 90 percent of Chinooks who were wiped out by various foreign diseases in the late 1700s and first half of the 1800s. I would say that ancestry in many countries is equally complex. You and I might appreciate one heritage more than others, but disowning parts of ourselves cannot be healthy. Does God disown our ancestors, many of whom were Christian?

    Note that we refer to ourselves as the Chinook INDIAN Nation. There are legal and other reasons for this. I think people mean well when they call us “Native Americans,” as long as they don’t try to correct us. 😉 But we call ourselves “Indians.” And I agree, Charlie, that noble Indian names for sports teams and other admirable things (like Chinook helicopters) is complimentary, not insulting. In my view, some of what’s going on today in America is not meant to set things right for Indians, Blacks, Irish indentured servants, and others (oh, wait ~ Irish indentured servants don’t count ‘cause they’re white), but with ulterior motives and disingenuous marketing to demoralize Americans while offering not constructive but destructive solutions.

    Also, you are right about many if not most Indian tribes owning slaves. My Chinook ancestors did. Alas, slavery is a long-standing, culturally broad downside of the human condition. Where would slavery reparations begin, and where would they end? What a never-ending mess!

    I also agree with you that the practices of various tribes varied greatly. The Chinookan people were relatively wealthy and peaceful, occupying since time immemorial the fertile, well-watered land on both sides of the Columbia River from the Pacific Ocean to the Cascades, and the waterways rich with salmon, other fish, other valuable swimming creatures, and oysters. These were important trade routes for various tribes and, eventually, for Europeans and Americans. It served our interests to trade fairly and smartly, living as good neighbors but willing to defend our resources and villages if necessary. Brutality and cheating would have been counterproductive, and we knew it.

    All of this said, significant injustices were done to various Indian tribes/bands by the U.S. government and other entities, largely (but not solely) motivated by greed and thirst for power (standard among the old Seven Deadlies ~ what else is new?). The failure of the U.S. Congress to ratify the Tansy Point Treaties of 1851, in which my Chinook ancestors gave away much and lost almost all (Congress didn’t ratify the treaties but the U.S. government took all the land, anyway) is very much a part of our lived experience to this day. The “trail of tears” took many forms and affected our ancestors.

    Our approach, though, has been to work laboriously through legal and other processes to set these wrongs right, to the extent possible. Our ancestors first sued the U.S. government ~ legally ~ in 1899. We don’t destroy property, for example, and expect others to get on board or be vilified. We have been good neighbors all along. We honor the U.S. military veterans among us at Tribal Council meetings. We seek restoration that does no harm. For these and other reasons, we have very many friends from all walks of life who join with us in our restoration efforts. I could go on and on, but I’ll leave it there. In short, from a Chinook perspective, the “Corps of Renewal and Charity” speaks to my heart.

    Here’s one of our favorite examples of “restoration that does no harm”: The Repatriation of the Canoe Stolen by Meriwether Lewis and William Clark in 1805:



    I’ve always heard that we’re not actually a democracy, subject to the predictable dinnertime threesome hazards, but a constitutional republic, of which the electoral college is an important safeguarding feature. So, when we currently hear talk of abolishing the electoral college, red flags should go up. In 2016, the electoral college helped to save us from continuation of the devious and deadly plan to “fundamentally transform America” that Hillary Clinton was next in line to help perpetrate.


    I love your vision of the new-and-improved TNRS communications database and especially the concept of simply facilitating the creative connections among people who can do stuff and provide stuff when and where needed.

    I also love your description of groups that you have quickly and effectively helped to organize, characterized as “a vibrant, committed, enthusiastic team running at almost full strength – and it grew organically rather than springing forth fully formed.” On a much smaller scale, I’ve had similar exhilarating experiences. I can sense how this Corps is developing, and I look forward to the shared adventure.

    Over and out.

    Blessings, Charlie and friends ~
    Sister Bear

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    1. I really enjoyed reading about your Chinook roots and some of their history, Sr. Bear. I love the “restoration that does no harm” The Chinook history and this concept should be taught to all school children!

      Thank you to all who shared—I enjoyed reading every bit.

      My husband’s paternal great-great grandmother was a Sioux Indian. Some of his aunts told stories about her and ?some of her children being denied access to a hospital, and ?dying on the steps, because of their heritage. His other ancestors were from Scotland/Ireland/Wales–as far as has been traced by a cousin. I believe they all came here in the 1800’s.

      My ancestors were recent immigrants. On my father’s side, both parents both came from Russia, possibly near the Ukraine, I’ve heard, but don’t know for certain. They arrived here, separately, right before WW1. My Russian Grandmother had a daughter before the Russian Orthodox pastor matched her with my grandfather. This was labeled a dark terrible thing and the family never spoke about it. I found out more at my Dad’s funeral from older cousins! They had so many secrets. My Dad always said his ancestors were “white Russians” I think this refers to those who were against the Bolsheviks. My Dad always said his parents, when here in America, claimed to have been “Russian Jews” But here they were practicing Orthodoxs. He thought they changed religion because of fear of persecution. I’ve since found out his dad was named Nicholas and born on St. Nicholas’s feast day in Russia. Hah, does not sound like jewish ancestory to me. Devout parents named their children after the Saint whose feast day the child was born on or near. Maybe this is part of my grandmother’s ancestry?

      I do know when my Dad served in the Navy at the end of WWII, he was recruited to be a “Russian Interpreter,” but he declined. I’m thinking he would have been used as a spy? Since his parents both were native speakers, his spoken Russian (but there are many dialects, of course) was authentic. I am grateful he declined that offer—me and my kids probably wouldn’t be here!

      My Mom’s parents both immigrated from Italy. Her dad was a second generation Italian American. He grew up in an orphanage in Winsted CT after his mother died. Her Mom came over on Ellis Island and had to live with an Aunt in NYC. She was quickly set up in an arranged marriage to my grandfather. My grandmother tells how they had one date, at a theatre (must have been difficult for my grandfather to afford!) and it was with either her Aunt or Uncle chaperoning. Then they got married and my grandma had to cook her own wedding dinner, aaargh!. They both look so severe in their official wedding portrait–they were both strangers. They went on to have 10 kids during the Depression. My Grandma used her wedding gown to make First Communion dresses for my Aunt (firstborn) and my Mom (second born). Probably all the girls used them.

      There was open hostility between my father’s family and my Mom. Mom has a beautiful dark olive complexion and black hair (now the most amazing white). My Dad’s family are blonde-brown blue eyed, etc. They were shamefully not happy about his choice of an Italian bride. My father used to tease my Mom, joking “I’m I-tal-ian by injection!” My Mom would blush and playfully whack him as she loudly scolded him–fond memories for me.

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      1. Loved your story, Littlelight! 🙂

        Growing up, I always had a thing for Italian boys and redheads (but not Italian redheads). Through college, I dated an Italian boy. Later, I married a redhead. Go figure. 🙂

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        1. My Father was full blooded Sicilian, and my mother is part Mexican.
          And I married a red headed Italian!! And we had a brown haired son, a copper haired son, and a light brunette daughter 🙂

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          1. That’s super cool, Picket Fence! Alas, out of 5 kids I didn’t get a single redhead (4 brown-haired and one light brunette). So no I’m hoping for at least one redheaded grandkid someday. 🙂

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              1. That’s so great, LukeMichael! How many grandchildren do you have now? And how is your wife doing?


        2. LOL, Mick!!

          My memory is so fuzzy on my family history, but I think my Italian grandfather had some red-headed relatives. But none in his family (or ours) were/are redheads. This is all fascinating to me.

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  17. One idea for the Washington Redskins predicament with the name has been circulated on talk radio in DC :

    Keep the the team colors of Burgundy and Gold. Keep the Logo with the courageous Native American face. Keep the famous Washington Redskins marching band with the famous fight song. Change the name to Washington Warriors.

    What would the virtue signalers do with that?

    Hail to the Warriors!
    Hail Victory!
    Braves on the Warpath!
    Fight for old D.C.!
    Run or pass and score—We want a lot more!
    Beat ’em, Swamp ’em,
    Touchdown! — Let the points soar!
    Fight on, fight on ‘Til you have won
    Sons of Wash-ing-ton. Rah!, Rah!, Rah!
    Hail to the Warriors!
    Hail Victory!
    Braves on the Warpath!
    Fight for old D.C.!

    Your telling me this is evil racism?

    The Redskins are one of the few things in Washington –- maybe the only thing — that pulls the whole community together in unity joy and celebration. Especially when the Redskins beat the Cowboys!

    Maybe that’s whole point of tearing it down.

    I am glad that Chief Zee never lived to see this. He would be on the warpath for sure.

    BTW, we scalped them Cowboys 28-18 that day. Happy days.

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      1. The other name they are talking about is the Washington Possums — they play dead at home and get killed on the road. Where’s my paper bag?

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        1. Ya know, one of my favorite appetizers are potato skins.🥔 Who could be against that? Great marketing potential.

          Then again Mr. Potato Head might object.🤔

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  18. Who can we talk to about signing up with you Charlie ? Sounds Wonderfull but we would like to discuss in some detail about what is expected / required from us. We know that with the Lord all is possible.

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    1. Tom & Lisa, I’m going to copy the list of Charlie’s pieces which I shared with Kate when I replied to her this morning. I know you’ll find these article extremely helpful:


      Then, all you need do to be part of this beautiful, faith-filled effort is write to Charlie, telling him about how you think and feel you can contribute to the cause. chrljhnstn@gmail.com

      You won’t want to miss these review pieces. They speak to the habits of the mind we need in these days.

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  19. Archbishop Fulton Sheen, in the 60’s warned us. His warning rings true for today. Where are you going, America?

    24 mins of pure WISDOM. Please watch and share with others.

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  20. DennisPrager.com 07/20/20 had how on March 15/2016 Art Caplan wrote about this coup of the left, the Atlantic published about a pandemic about Dec. 2016, and Dr. Anthony Fauci in Jan. 2017 at Georgetown University said he had no doubt that the Trump Adm. would face a “surprise outbreak of infectious disease.” The socialist left have done so much with the devil directing them. GOD BLESS AMERICA AS IT WAS FOUNDED; MAY OUR FUTURE BE WITH PEOPLE BELIEVING IN GOD’S GOODNESS!

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  21. Yes, our Blessed Mother is always with us and will help us in our fight. I believe Dr. Fauci and the left were so involved with the Virology labs in China as was the lab in Canada. Sharing research between them has been going on so long.

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  22. More good news on the fight against Covid 19:
    “The fact that coronaviruses can lead to lasting T cells is what recently inspired scientists to check old blood samples taken from people between 2015 and 2018, to see if they would contain any that can recognise Covid-19. The fact that this was indeed the case has led to suggestions that their immune systems learnt to recognise it after being encountering cold viruses with the similar surface proteins in the past. ”

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    Let’s start with Elvis & God Bless America!





    YEP!! I suspect that the below is true and worse 😉 All these BadNews stories from Rome just reinforce my favorite topic …. The Devine Mercy Message & Image. Trust in Jesus!! …. Matt 18:20 ” For where there are two or three gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.”!
    When the Big Ugly Moment comes you ain’t gonna give a **** what’s happenin’ in Rome! ….. or elsewhere.






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  24. Charlie says”… We were great friends back in the day. Of course, in those days, I was hot, young and happening. But I’m not young anymore.” That must mean that he must be still hot and happening.
    I am going to reread Beckita’s list of past articles. I feel that I must be part of this and that I can
    find the talents that I will contribute to this worthy cause.

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    1. “…I feel that I must be part of this and that I can
      find the talents that I will contribute to this worthy cause.”

      Yesss, that’s where I’m at, too! I’m not certain exactly what I can do, but want to Do!

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    Mark Nuckols sounds like he is in the same dreamscape as KY Pastor Coverstone.

    Pastor C. is news in the Philipines:


    Lots of articles in the below. The Stream & Crisis Mag are full of hopeful and inspirtional pieces 😉 ….. & … we must keep tabs on The Enemy .. I don’t use that term lightly ;-(:






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        1. That’s Our Lady, Seat of Wisdom at Epiphany of Our Lord church in Katy TX. It’s the church I go to when in Katy visiting family. When I first went to Mass there, it was a starkly modern church. (About 14 years ago, @ 2006). A few years a new pastor started adding old world touches to it. Beautiful new wood alter probably from an closed parish, lace altar cloths, gorgeous candle holders and even votive candles, beautifully sculpted stations of the cross. The architecture was from the ‘80’s but Father has made warm and inviting. Then one day I went early to weekday Mass about 3 years ago and there She was and she is huge. I took a picture after Mass. I wanted to change my avatar and was scrolled through my pictures. Perfect! PS. My parish here in PA also was built in the ‘80’s, also very modern. I lived in an adjacent parish when it was built but went to Mass there once after it was first built. Moved to it in 2003 and over the years Msgn Picard has transformed it too with stained glass windows depicting at least a hundred gospel stories, added gold leaf everywhere. So much better. So lovely.

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  26. Great idea, Charlie! I am with you all the way, and will do what ever I can to help your
    grass roots cause. I am, however, 83 years old, my wife cannot walk because of hip
    problems…. but….have a lot of energy, 10 children, 57 grandchildren, 23, great grand
    kids, all conservative, almost all conservative Catholic… I taught school at Hi School
    level 57 years, 1/3rd private Catholic schools, am a writer, with a couple of books on
    Amazon, have produced weekly articles under title “Let Freedom Ring” in the mid-80’s,
    now for over five years, write the RED NECK REVIEW, which goes out by email to
    over 300 and local newspapers over 1000. Believer in Trump, hate what is happening
    in the name of “fighting Corona,” ready to go to battle, pack heat all the time!…. Am
    proud to know a guy like you! Will help any way I cans!

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    1. Patrick J. (Jerry or Jake),

      First off, which one do you prefer to be called?

      Secondly, I would love to read an issue of the Red Neck Review (I come from a family that wears our redneck-ness like a badge of honor). How can I get my hands–or eyes–on a copy? 🙂

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  27. Hypocrite. Cuomo.
    “He [Cuomo] said he wouldn’t quarantine upon his return, since he is an “essential worker,” but will be re-tested. In Georgia, the number of people hospitalized because of the respiratory illness has tripled in the past month. Cuomo portrayed his mission to deliver PPE, test kits, and set up contact tracing as an effort to help overcome political divisions on how to fight COVID-19.”


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  28. Jonathan has been fighting the good fight here since the beginning. I wish we could all join forces. I thought maybe you all would enjoy this. It is old–from May 29th. It becomes even more appropriate as I read just yesterday that 31 states are now banned/quarantined by our dictator and his tri-state cabal. They are threatening $1000 fines for violation

    His Excellency, Governor of Communisticut


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  29. A letter I sent my pastor today regarding these times by implication:
    I was listening to a discussion today of Dietrich Von Hildebrand and his willingness to oppose the Nazi regime despite great cost to himself. I wonder if we had lived in the time of the Nazi uprising if we both would have had the courage to have resisted the Nazi regime or would we have remained silent as “It is political” or more sadly for our own security and ease of life? Do we not have a moral duty to attempt to discern the currents and counter currents we see developing in our own culture, and act on them? That said Fr. I understand why some of us feel the need to remain silent at times about some things. . When I was an active social worker I generally remained silent at work about some of the stupid and wrong things I saw supported and affirmed among some of my colleagues, including transgenderism, sam sex relations and the like, but would, I beleve, have had the courage to answer honestly if I had been asked directly what I believed about some of these things. So there are times to speak and times to remain silent and we need to discern that too.
    God bless and thanks for your service Fr.

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    1. Well done, Bob. I’ve been doing some letter writing too and have been pleasantly pleased with some feedback and not at all surprised by most of the silence. Still the seeds are planted. 😉

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    2. Bob, Dietrich Von H. (and his wife) are 2 real Catholic heroes in my book! I have a couple of books by D.V.H. and they are superb. What intelligence and rational thought! Hi wife, Alice, used to be on Mother Angelica’s show at times. Oh, I could listen to people such as those 2 for hours.
      God bless!

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  30. Re: Currency/ Money

    ” …. We have blown the engine – and have not even begun to see the consequences yet … ”

    The abuse of U.S. currency/money is one of the things exacerbating our fundamental problem in America which is by nature spiritual warfare.

    This war for the souls of America and the world is being savagely contested on both the physical plane of existence involving living human beings as minions of Good and minions of Evil; and, in the spiritual plane involving angels, saints, martyrs and holy souls on the side of Good vs demons, devils and damned souls on the side of Evil.

    As Charlie so eloquently put it in his piece, our currency itself has become a hellish weapon of mass destruction waiting to be detonated directly under the bedrock “taken for granteds” of the American people. The Left in America is now quickly moving to ignite the match on the fuse.

    The functions of money:


    1. Medium of Exchange:
    2. Measure of Value:
    3. Standard of Deferred Payment:
    4. Store of Value:

    It used to be that Money was commodity based. A unit of money represented a unit of some commodity. Gold was a preferred commodity to execute the functions of money listed above because Gold was desirable in fashion, scarce and didn’t deteriorate over time. Solid as gold. It was the goldsmiths of old who morphed into the first bankers. Why? Because they had physical possession of the gold. They secured the gold supply.

    Some bright fellow discovered that instead of hauling heavy gold around in his pants pockets he could simply put a paper note in his pocket convertible to some measure of gold (ounces) issued by his local goldsmith that he could carry to the next town where it would be accepted by the goldsmith in that town. He could either present it to that goldsmith and pick up his gold ounces; or, hand it to the merchants of the town for the goods and services he wanted/needed. The notes of goldsmiths became REPRESENTATIONAL of real stuff – the paper notes were as good as gold,

    ” ….. But what is money? Note the first five words in our definition – “anything which is generally acceptable.” We use notes and coins to buy things but can do so only as long as shop­keepers and traders are prepared to accept those notes and coins in payment for the goods they are selling …

    … If all sellers decided that they would no longer accept these notes and coins, then these would cease to be money …. ”

    Anything can be used as money IF THE PUBLIC ACCEPTS IT.

    For centuries the people of Yap accepted huge limestone rocks as money. Funny? Well, linked below is an account of Yap’s Rai Stones and why they were accepted as currency/money and why — of all things — Rai Stones are the precursor and predecessor of Bitcoin. Really. For real. A fascinating little 3 minute read well worth the time to think about it:

    View at Medium.com

    FDR took the U.S. off the Gold Standard in 1933. Confiscated Americans’ Gold right out of their safety deposit boxes. Couldn’t open your box without a bank officer present who grabbed your Gold on
    sight. Nixon took the U.S. off the International Gold Standard in 1971. Foreign countries could no longer redeem their dollar holdings for Gold bullion out of Fort Knox.

    Today the U.S. operates with a “Fiat” currency.

    “The word ” fiat ” is Latin in origin and refers to an arbitrary order issued by a government or other authoritative figure. When applied to paper money, fiat currency refers to the scary notion that our dollar has value only because the government says it does.”

    Translation of all of the above: Money is whatever people accept and today we Americans continue to accept the notion that paper notes issued by the Federal Reserve Bank have value because the U.S. Government has made those notes “legal tender for all debts public and private”.

    Says so right there on your $1 dollar bill. Go ahead and dig a $1 dollar bill out of your wallet and take a look at the lower left hand corner of that Federal Reserve Note. Those pieces of Federal Reserve paper have value only through the coercive command of the Congress of the United States.

    The problem with the words “legal tender for all debts public and private” is that those words can be twisted into pretzels by any semi-competent lawyer out of any 3rd tier law school. Not to mention the U.S. Supreme Court.

    The U.S. Government has power to dictate what the citizens must accept as currency. That power has
    the Marxist Left drooling at the possibilities of what could be achieved in terms of controlling the masses with both Chambers of the U.S. Congress and the big prize the White House.

    Free stuff. You just print the money and GIVE it to the masses. Debt? What debt? If you have the power to bring currency/money into being by “fiat” or political coercion then you don’t need a banking system. You need a printing press or a very big computer and a Post Office and/or a reliable server to push the currency/money out the helicopter door. And into the credit card balances and prepaid debit cards of a very grateful electorate to spend on whatever they need or want. Just like those stimulus cards most of us got from the U.S. Treasury. Only on steroids.

    Marxist Macroeconomists have been working on developing a rigorous intellectual defense of Free Stuff for the past 25 years. They now feel they are at the point of being able to sell it in the 2020 Election. Free Stuff is at the heart of Joe Biden’s $700 billion stimulus proposal rolled out in recent days to kick start his assault on Donald Trump and what is left of Judeo-Christian Western Civilization.

    Scary thing is they just might pull it off this time thanks to the oh so convenient unleashing of a world wide pandemic by the Chinese Communist Party and the damage it has done to the health of the world and to the economic well being of the world. Accompanied oh so conveniently by Leftiist organized country wide looting , violence and death on the pretext of peaceful protest.

    If you listen to the Marxist Left in America all of it is Donald Trump’s fault.

    They call their intellectual argument Modern Monetary Theory or MMT for short. Others call it the Magic Money Tree for short. The average person – including Donald Trump and all his advisors I am afraid – can’t see it coming.

    Saul Alinsky was and remains the guru of Marxist Left radical street organizers including the violent thugs. The new school of Marxism has a new set of gurus and they are well trained Macroeconomists who have been quietly hiding in the weeds of the professional waiting for the opportunity to break out publicly. Now they have it.

    Beckita and Charlie are urging us to avoid the long video links of 40 minutes or more. But the threat these ideologues represent to the American way of life needs to be exposed and well understood by average Americans as well as well educated ones as we take the next steps blindly stumbling toward the decisive election in November 2020. It’s about currency and wealth and political power.

    The Bible of the MMT school of Marxist thinking is a relatively new college text book with the remarkably innocent and inauspicious title : Macroeconomics.

    It’s authors include two Australians named William Mitchell and Martin Watts and an American named L. Randall Wray. Personally, I feel like these economists are three of the most dangerous people on the planet.

    Here is Bill Mitchell rolling out his 2019 Textbook. It’s a 9 minute video. Please search youtube for William Mitchell Modern Monetary Theory for more in depth analysis from this Leftist.

    Joe Biden has hired one of America’s leading MMT advocates as one of his top economic advisors crafting his economic proposals. Her name Stephanie Kelton. I believe she also is one of the most dangerous people on the planet. She came over from the Bernie Sanders campaign. Trump and his advisors better listen to what this lady is saying and prepare to defend accordingly.

    Here is a 9 minute video from Stephanie Kelton. She has a lot more videos up. Worth pursuing if you really want to see the freight train heading down the track at us in the event Joe Biden is our next President.

    Charlie is right. It’s about the currency. What we will accept as currency. What the Government will order us to accept as currency – or else.

    Lots more to think about this development and what it means for Christians and the Church in the days ahead. Digital currency. Free Money mailed as a prepaid debit card with a spend it or lose it deadline. Free Money pushed into your credit card balance. Tracking every dollar you spend. Where, on what, and to whom your purchasing power is directed.

    It’s a twinkle in the eye of all stone cold trained Marxists in America and they are this close to the power to make it happen.

    I think I know what Satan thinks about MMT. A tool. A tool to lure and control more souls. Free stuff can do that to you. Think about that Apple. No, not the computer. That other Apple.

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    1. When the Big SHTF Moment comes and Gubermint Money = lousy toilet paper … ;-( …. it would be good to have stuff that other people need and are willing to barter for.
      It’s not too hard to figure out what people will need and what Ya can buy now @ WallyWorld with Yankee $$$ ……. before BoobLand USA figures out that The Good Faith & Credit of the Feral Gubermint = **** ;-(



      1. Thing is Crew Dog we are committed as a nation to this “fiat” approach to the concept of money. There’s no going back to commodity based currency. FDR committed us in 33 and Nixon sealed the escape hatch tight in 71.

        It all began when Wilson betrayed the nation by handing over the money creation function conferred by the Constitution to the Congress of the United States over to foreign central (private) banks and the private bankers in New York in 1913 when he signed the Federal Reserve Act.

        “The 1913 Federal Reserve Act, signed into law by President Woodrow Wilson, gave the 12 Federal Reserve banks the ability to print money to ensure economic stability.”

        Think of it. We handed over the ability to print money to a bunch of greedy bankers out to plunder the public by means of fractional reserve based lending and to plunder the Government by printing money to lend to the Treasury to facilitate the fiscal policy of parties in power designed to buy votes to preserve the majorities of whichever Party happened to be in control at the moment.

        Why did Wilson do it? He was Progressive before there were Progressives – just Marxists. Princeton Professor. Nothing more has to be said. Even he regretted it after 6 years saying:

        “I am a most unhappy man. I have unwittingly ruined my country. A great industrial nation is controlled by its system of credit. Our system of credit is concentrated. The growth of the nation, therefore, and all our activities are in the hands of a few men. We have come to be one of the worst ruled, one of the most completely controlled and dominated Governments in the civilized world — no longer a Government by free opinion, no longer a Government by conviction and the vote of the majority, but a Government by the opinion and duress of a small group of dominant men.”

        Oh, just BTW, 1913 is a year that lives in infamy not just for the enactment of the Federal Reserve Act. It is also the year that the Federal Income Tax was enacted by Congress. Why? Because the bankers wanted those loans to the Government to be paid back with gold backed currency. They wanted their money back with the same purchasing power it had when they lent it to the Government. So they made sure that sufficient commodity backed currency would be in the hands of the Government. They got the Congress to confiscate it from private productive citizens in the form of Income Tax. Not wealth tax which was concentrated in the banking class – income Tax on “the little people”. Call it an insurance plan.

        It took the efforts of the bankers and their partners in the political system, especially in the U.S. Congress, 107 years to finally “blow the engine” as Charlie puts it. I might call it plucking the last feather off all the Golden Gooses in America who are the hard working, laboring, real wealth producing elements of the society.

        My view is that we have to renew the original vision of the Founders with respect to who issues the currency in America. We need to cut out the cancer of the credit based financial system that is systematically draining wealth away from those who create it to the cabal of partners in the private banking system and the U.S. Government who are sucking the last juice out of the productive class in America. .

        I believe the answer to breaking the chain of corruption in our society brought about by this partnership is to break the evil symbiotic relationship of the banks and the politicians. Smash it to pieces. Pull the bloodsuckers off the host body politic. If we can do that we can heal ourselves and our nation.

        How do you do that? We are committed to “fiat” currency. We are in a box.

        The Magic Money Tree ideologues know that the engine is finally blown and they are not going to “let a good crisis” go to waste. Their plan as articulated by Mitchell, Wray and Watts and Stephanie Kelton and others is to by-pass the bankers by asserting the Constitutional mandate to print the money and just “spend it out into the economy” as they artfully frame it by creating language that tickles the ears and minds of “the base” and those recruitable to “the base”. A deception designed to create an alternative reality of “Free Stuff”. An attractive simulcrum. Oh, they know the achilles heel of their game plan is out of control inflation. But they are going to keep an eye on inflation and will “take measures” to head it off — close their eyes and cross their hearts.

        Sounds good right? Marxists don’t need no stinking bankers to create money by means of fractional reserve lending. They’ll just print it like the Congress intended. They’ll run the whole kit and kaboodle with monopoly money that we can be assured will be printed with wonderful colors and images. Eazy peazy.

        What the Magic Money Tree Marxists won’t tell you is their theory on taxes.

        If the Government has the authority conveyed by the Constitution to print all the money society needs then WHY DO WE NEED TO COLLECT TAXES? Why not simply abolish all Federal taxes of any kind, especially but not limited to the Income Tax? Why collect Social Security taxes? Why collect Medicare premiums? Why collect inheritance taxes? Why collect capital gains taxes?

        What the Magic Money Tree Marxists won’t tell you is that Marxism needs a system of taxes to punish the rich and enforce “socially desirable” policy outcomes. Like the Green Society. Like Abortion. Like Gun Control. Like elimination of the Church in America – Marxism’s most potentially lethal opponent. Enforcement by means of repressive and brutally confiscatory taxation. See Obamacare as a preview to what is coming if Biden is elected.

        The tax is the coercive force of Government. It is the gun, the big stick, to coerce people to do what they want us to do. Or go to jail. The Marxists have no intention to give that power up. On the contrary they will expand that power to an extent nobody will believe when it happens. They CRAVE power to enforce their “vision” of the good society which is submission to their will. So taxes and their weaponization against enemies of THEIR state and power is an essential component of the Free Stuff political pitch and the Biden economic plan. But they won’t tell you that.

        Magic Money Tree Marxist ideologues intend to reward “The Base” with Free Stuff courtesy of money printed by Congress – THEIR Congress – and punish their enemies or threats to their power by means of repressive and ruinous tax policies crafted to eliminate any and all threats to their power. – real or simply imagined in their minds.

        When you are in the fix this attack of Covid 19 has wreaked upon America including the economic atomic bomb landed squarely on the economy by virtue of the Communist Chinese Party’s intentional reaction to whatever happened in that Wuhan laboratory of death and compounded by highly organized and funded terrorist operations inside the U.S. —- and when the engine that has sufficed to cope with far lesser national crisis in the past including World Wars is blown and no longer adequate to the problem at hand– then you got to do something new.

        How do we crack up the cabal of evilly entwined bankers, financiers and academic experts and the politicians/Government controllers who prop each other up and enrich each other at society’s expense? At your personal expense literally not just figuratively. Your personal expense every time you fill out that IRS Form 1040 and every time your employer docs your pay to ship it to Uncle Sam?

        The answer:

        The Marxist Democrat Party wants to use the Constitutional power to print money to enslave the American people by permanent provision of all their wants and needs and dreams by means of Free Stuff delivered by printed money – combined with increased tax oppression to enforce its will on those who oppose them. All in all – a system of repression and enslavement sold with artful framing and deceptive, soothing language and imagery. Madison Avenue come to the aid of Marxism in America.

        What is the counter attack plan that can take on and defeat this insidious, evil game plan of those who literally are plotting the overthrow and destruction of the American traditional cultural and spiritual and economic way of life?

        We are committed to a Fiat Currency solution to the pickle we are in. The Magic Money Tree Macroeconomists are on to something. It’s about the currency. The nature of currency. The purposes of currency. AND WHO HAS THE POWER TO CREATE IT. They are right over the target on that score.

        We have to beat the Marxists to the currency bomb. Just like we had to beat the Nazis to the atomic bomb.

        We have to devise an approach to currency that liberates the American people in an unprecedented way rather than enslaving it in the unprecedented way the Marxist Magic Money Tree envisions. We have to rebuild the blown engine on the fly in mid-flight. That approach has to be within the context of a Fiat world which is now inescapable and to which we are permanently committed.

        We need an approach to currency that stimulates economic growth in an unprecedented way to provide for America’s wants, needs and dreams. An approach that encourages HARD WORK creating new and more abundant real wealth. An approach that will melt unemployment almost overnight. An approach that encourages savings and investment in lieu of debt and consumption of baubles of the day. An approach that capitalizes on American’s ingenuity, ambition and energy. An approach that returns Risk and Reward to our financial system. An approach that lets Americans keep what they earn with their own sweat, labor, tears and brains. An approach that smashes the incentives that currently exists on both sides of the power cabal erected by bankers and Government dating back to 1913.

        I propose a better MMT approach focussed on the power to print money contained in the Constitution. A limited printing power. A limited and strictly controlled and monitored ability to spend. Limited to printing money ONLY for the purpose of standing up and paying the bills – the legitimate bills – of the U.S. Government. Currently that amounts to about $2 Trillion annually in a $19 Trillion economy.

        We have had a tremendous hole blown in our economy thanks to the Chinese virus. Our approach to dealing with it in the last few months has been to toss $3 Trillion of “spending into the economy” by virtue of stimulus checks pushed out the door of the Federal Helicopter and into the hands of desperate people. We are practicing MMT right now – today. Printing money – Free Stuff. And Joe Biden is going to capitalize on that and demand MORE. It will be the centerpiece of his and their Marxist MMT campaign.

        They will want to INCREASE TAXES in order to “MAKE THE RICH PAY FOR IT”.

        Our counter approach should be to ELIMINATE ALL FEDERAL TAXATION and use the MMT power of the Constitution to stand up the Government going forward.

        This approach to the Money Bomb would not lower Government spending one inch. All current discretionary commitments on the Domestic and Military side of the Budget as well as Foreign Aid and all mandatory social commitments such as social security, medicare, medicaid commitments would be met. No disruption to ANY Federal Government activity as currently conducted. Status quo. One byproduct – gradual elimination of the Federal Debt in a remarkably short time freeing up fiscal space in the Budget as interest costs are eliminated.

        The power of this approach would be felt in the private sector. A permanent stimulus to spending, savings and investment. A forceful shot in the arm to new wealth creation as measured by Real GDP. Social distancing between the people and the Government. An approach that neuters the coercive power of the Government over the people by means of taxation. We tell the Government to take a hike.

        GDP = Consumption + Investment + Gov spending + ( Xports – Imports)

        $19T = $13T + $3T + $3T + ( -$1T)

        In 2019,  U.S. GDP was 70% personal consumption, 18% business investment, 17% government spending, and negative 5% net exports.

        It’s about that 70% or $13 Trillion of private sector consumption. We have to shore that up in the short term and grow it in the long term.

        We face a critical choice between two approaches to Fiat Currency in the application of an unprecedented Money Bomb into the way we operate our economy::

        A Marxists MMT proposal to getting the job done by means of Free Stuff enslavement accompanied by ruthless punitive taxation of the Rich and any other perceived Enemy of the State including the Church in America.

        An alternative design which proposes getting the job done by renewing the private sector through its own initiative, hard work, sweat, labor, tears and productivity. By letting average people keep what they earn and save and invest it without Government direction in productive enterprise growing real wealth for all in society to benefit by. An end to the banker/Government bloodsucking on the backs of American workers. An end to Federal Taxation. All of it.

        Continue to fill up that yawning and perhaps growing hole in the C component of GDP described above. In the short term. With printed MMT money. To meet the crisis at hand. In return – Free The American People from the shackles of taxation. To plan, work and dream of new rebirth of freedom and prosperity and a better future of yet undreamed of opportunity for our children that only a Free People can make happen.

        If only Trump would carry that message to Joe Biden and his Marxist puppet handlers.

        We gotta pray.

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    2. Stormtracker,

      Didn’t Trump disband the Federal reserve and return to the Gold Standard?

      What can we do about this information that you presented? I confess I did horrible in economics classed…C

      I appreciate all the info. you Put together!

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      1. No, Littleone, The Federal Reserve is still in business conducting operations as usual. And we are still and forever forward off the Gold Standard.

        I believe the Fed is on very thin ice. It will be altered very significantly if either Biden or Trump wins in November.

        If Biden as a front man for the Marxists is elected, the Fed will simply be swallowed as an independent threat to their power. They are nothing but prey for hard core Marxists.

        If Trump is re-elected, the Fed will be reorganized to prevent them from undermining and counter-balancing the fiscal policies of the incumbent President and his Party.

        The Fed’s time is on the clock.

        BTW, C is not bad in Economics class. Most people are totally confused by the principles of Economics.

        As far as what we do with Truth — I think God will find some way to introduce this into the campaign. We got to remember Ask and You Will Receive. So we gotta pray that Truth and reason is infused into this coming political campaign. Jesus I place all my trust in You.


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  31. Hopefully, the evil of this “fiat” system will be destroyed by the checkmate of of the Fiat of the Virgin Most Powerful with our fiat joined to Hers.
    Who is she that cometh forth as the morning rising, fair as the moon, bright as the Sun, terrible as an army set in battle array?

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  32. Stormtracker Ed, you should call the President’s line AT 1-202-456-1111 and leave a small amount of information about Bernie Sander’s plan; it is well known that Biden has accepted so much out of the Marxist handbook. The Capital can get you to a Senator at 1-202-225-3121.
    Thanks for telling about S. Kelton.


      1. Hee, hee.  I have found Montreal steak seasoning recently (thank you Lambzie) and have a new love of steak.  It cuts out all the sweet BBQ sauces too and now I’m losing weight.—- Sent from Doug’s Back Pack

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        1. Doug– try marinating chicken in a mixture of peanut sauce, soy sauce, garlic and Montreal steak seasoning and grill. A friend told me about this. Yummy.

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