Last Minute Update: Come on Down!

Come on down
Old town square in Prague

By Charlie Johnston

We are now getting queries from people wanting to know if there is still room for Sunday’s talk. The theatre holds up to 200 people and I am currently expecting between 50-80. I got a little spooked that so many were coming from out of state, so I did not want the problem of people coming all that way and not being able to get in. Fortunately, that should not be a problem. So if you want to head to the mountains this weekend, we have room and will be glad to have you. (Actually, Limon is in the Colorado plains – has kind of a dusty, old west town feel to it. But you are only 60 miles away from Pikes Peak and the majestic Rocky Mountains from there.)

Once more, the details are:

Sunday July 26, 2020 (12 Noon)

  • Lincoln Theatre245 E Ave., Limon, CO
  • 12:00pmDivine Mercy Chaplet
  • 1:00pm: Talk by Charlie Johnston
  • 2:00pm: Lunch & General Conversation (Lunch will be provided)

Limon is 1 hour east of Denver and 1 hour east of Colorado Springs.

31 thoughts on “Last Minute Update: Come on Down!

    1. Y’all are gathering with Charlie speaking on a fine weekend for Stella Maris’ intercession along with some people very special to her. Tomorrow is the Feast of St. James. He received the very first Marian apparition. Sunday is the Memorial of Sts. Joachim & Anne – of course, superceded liturgically by the 17th Sunday in Ordinary Time. (My middle name is “Anne” although I ended up with the “Ann” spelling.) Sending Sts. James, Joachim and Anne to all as they travel to, gather at and travel from Limon!

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      1. Beckita, Can you please give us the source for the fact that St. James received the first Marian Apparition? I love finding out about this and want to share it with someone. 🙂

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        1. Sure, Kati. Here‘s just one article about it. I was in the Basilica of Zaragoza, Spain, in 2001, and venerated the pillar – still fragrant with the aroma of roses – atop which Our Lady appeared. The uniqueness of this apparition is that Our Lady was still alive on earth when she went to hearten St. James.

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          1. Bi location like Saint Padre Pio….he was not the only Capuchin priest who did it. I read of another but forget his name. I will try to find it.

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  1. Safe travels for everyone attending!!

    Hope it gets recorded for the rest of us unable to attend. Understand if it can’t if we are trying to keep things “quiet” for now about CORAC.

    Love all of you!!

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    1. Zooms can be recorded and the video saved. The presenter needs only to hit record while broadcasting. Zoom participants may post comments/questions etc while “watching”.
      Charlie-will it be possible for your computer to mirror onto a screen so the people attending in person will be able to see who a zooming in?


  2. Sad we can’t be there Charlie!!! Will be with you in spirit and will send our guardian angels there in our stead.🐿🙏❤️🙏 😇 will look soooo forward to the video!!!

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  3. “God knows our whole being, Those who ask for His grace with confidence will not be disappointed. Ask Him to give you all you need.”
    Saint Charbel, please intercede for our spiritual/corporal intentions; plus keep all the attendees at Charlie’s talk safe and healthy.
    Early on in his life, desired to become a monk. He frequently withdrew to a grotto dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary to pray and meditate. Villagers in Bkaakafra called him the “saint” for his piety, unwavering faith in Jesus Christ, and exemplary devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary. In many respects, the grotto became his first hermitage and altar of worship. (OurLadyofLebanon website).

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  4. Wish I could be there. Have a wonderful time. Looking forward to hearing about it! God bless and safe travels everyone.

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    1. Yep, what Kim said.

      And I also love St. Charbel, mostly because my dearly departed godfather was raised in the Maronite Rite.

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  5. Sorry I can’t come. My wife and I were in Colorado in early April and went Up Pikes Peak and through Limon. Due to COVID with all parks both national and state closed we camped in our van in National Forest gravel roads. Just got back from Minnesota last week and too busy with grandkids now. Hope to hear the video and the best thing about travel for us was we left the radio off and left God to take care of things, me considering this a welcome interlude between storm clouds. Praying for all here.

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  6. Charlie – you are indeed A SIGN OF HOPE to all Americans and people of God. I am amazed at your perseverance, your energy (in spite of your physical pains), your strong Faith and your commitment to the inspirations of the Holy Spirit. I know your efforts and dedication will be the driving force in helping to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN. GOD BLESS YOU.

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