Last Minute Update: ZOOM (No, I Mean it This Time)

Just one more thing….

Many have asked if we will ZOOM tomorrow’s talk. Huzzah! Arrangements have been made. Following are the details of what you need to do.

Meeting Name:  CoRaC Presentation
Meeting Start time:  12:45 PM Mountain time
Zoom Meeting ID:  876 2213 8905
Passcode:  231051
Participants will be muted upon entry
Participants will need to go to, click on Join a Meeting at the top, right hand side of the page, then enter the Zoom Meeting ID number above.

184 thoughts on “Last Minute Update: ZOOM (No, I Mean it This Time)

  1. Yet in their minds somehow what they are doing is good.
    They hate the evil discredited bible, the ten commandments (to which they would answer “what ten commandments”)
    They think freedom means being able to do anything they want, without restraints.
    But what happens when the train leaves the “boundaries” of the tracks: trainwreck.

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    1. The concept of “freedom” is a bit of a oxymoron, we’re either in service to God or in service to sin and the eternal death it deals, there’s no sitting the fence, as the devil owns the fence. We’re more “free” as a society when everyone chooses to follows God’s rules & words. Sining is a addiction to evil that people are in denial of, and will do anything to protect & justify that destructive behavior, addiction of any kind isn’t freedom but slavery to death.

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