Covid, Priests and Squirrels


By Charlie Johnston

The Covid Virus is like a very weak predator which is murderously aggressive, preying ruthlessly on the weak, slow-moving immune systems of the old and vulnerable while barely bothering with the faster-moving systems of the young and healthy. For people 18 and under, the common flu is almost 30 times (30 times!) more deadly than a Covid infection. For people between 18 and 64, the flu is a little more deadly than Covid. But for people over 65, Covid is twice as deadly as the flu – and its virulence increases on a steep curve as age increases.

I have been dismayed to see some who are adamant that the government cannot force us to wear masks drift into ridiculing people who choose to wear masks. While I agree that this virus does not justify the draconian imposition of arbitrary government decrees on a free people, if my only choice is between bullying jackasses who want to impose their will on me and bullying jackasses who agree with me, I lose either way because I will not support bullying jackasses.

Each individual has the tools to know best what his level of vulnerability is and act accordingly. I know many people who look perfectly healthy and perform at a high level who, nonetheless, have critical vulnerabilities – because of age, conditions that are not obvious, or are undergoing medical therapies that compromise (even if temporarily) their immune systems. I am sensitive to this, in part, because I well know what it is to have a hidden disability. It has been over 17 years since I had an hour without significant pain. You would not know this unless you spent a lot of private time with me. I can go pretty hard when I want – but there is a price to be paid. Sometimes all is well, but many times I can barely move by the end of the evening. Sometimes I can barely move at the start of the day (and, boy, is that usually going to be a bad day!). A lot of times I have to lay down for a little while in order to prevent myself from having to lay down for several days. Get a neurological disability or disease, and “shepherding your strength” takes on a whole host of new meanings. Some people so afflicted whine all the time instead of being grateful for all they can do most of the time, driving people away because of their relentless self-pity; other people pretend they have no disability at all and crash and burn, making a manageable disability much worse. The trick is to understand and acknowledge your limitations without letting your disability define you. That requires prudent judgment – which is what this is all about. But it is fatuous and cruel for those who are not vulnerable to ridicule those who are (or even just think they are) – and that is not what any of us are called to be.

At the beginning of all this, there were enough unknowns about this virus that I did not strongly object to the proposed 14-day shutdown. It struck me as imprudent to take the unprecedented step of quarantining the heathy in a shotgun approach rather than the sick in a more rifled approach. That had never been done in the history of the world before and seemed likely to cause as many or more serious problems than it would help. But it was only for two weeks, so any damage done could be recovered from reasonably quickly. Four months later with never-ending lockdowns, the damage can’t begin to be repaired until we have crashed. Too many people think that the damage of this is just the lost wages and revenue. But like a murderously aggressive cancer that is silent until near the very end, we have hollowed out our economy in ways that are not at all yet apparent, but will be.

After the supposed initial two weeks, there was still much we did not yet know – but we did know enough to see that a targeted approach protecting the most vulnerable would work without the substantial collateral damage we were imposing. Instead, in New York, New Jersey and Michigan, governors forced the sick and the most vulnerable into nursing homes – and created an entirely predictable and preventable holocaust, while continuing to lock down the healthy. In a few states, such as Florida, governors acted with dispatch to protect the vulnerable while leaving most decisions of the healthy to the individuals involved. Sweden did little except isolate the most vulnerable and count on the common sense of its people. Unfortunately, the issue became so politicized, seen as more of a tool to get Donald Trump than a public health issue to be honestly managed, that the media attacked southern Republican governors as failures (Florida had a death rate of 21/100k. Texas was 11/100k) while lionizing New York’s Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who had a death rate of 166/100k – more than 10 times that of Texas and almost that much covid deathshigher than Florida. The media loves to note that Sweden’s death rate of 56/100k is higher than most of its neighbors, but NEVER note that it is only a third of that of New York – or that it is right in the mainstream of infections in most European countries, but did not devastate its economy nor bully its people to get such results. The chart above shows that the worst results have come largely from the left-wing states which enacted the most draconian dictates – the same states which have simultaneously adopted the most permissive approach to rioters and looters – and from which almost all of the violent destruction has come from. I don’t see how policies of oppressing the healthy and law-abiding while encouraging and helping the violently criminal is much of an argument for an election – but we live in strange times.

If the politicization of the virus only extended to praising those whose disastrous policies produced the most deaths, it would be tragi-comic. But the media and their partisan allies among public health officials were furiously and relentlessly hostile to hydroxychloroquine regimens (combined with zinc) merely because Trump found it promising. Some, such as Michigan’s Gov. Gretchen Whitmer even went so far as to make it a crime to prescribe this common anti-malarial drug for Covid. As it turns out, it is the most effective treatment to prevent death in those infected, as long as it is used quickly when symptoms appear. The media and both left-wing political and health authorities have not just gaslighted us: they have a LOT of blood on their hands in their reckless determination to get Trump no matter how many people have to die for them to accomplish it.

Covid is deadly dangerous to an easily identifiable segment of about 10% of the population. For the other 90% it is far more innocuous than a mild flu. That is not a guess. It is what the science says – though the left is not the least interested in “following the science” any time it contradicts their preferred narrative. If draconian dictates that contradict the Bill of Rights can be imposed because of this issue, they can be imposed at will for any reason – or no reason at all. That is what the left wants and that is why it must not stand.


As I noted, Covid IS deadly dangerous to about 10% of the population. In keeping with what I wrote about above about respecting the choice of all, I intend to practice what I preach at my talk on Sunday. A quarter of the theatre will be set aside for those who must social distance and prefer to wear masks.

The talk will be this Sunday, July 26, at the Lincoln Theatre, 245 E Ave. in Limon Colorado. We will begin at noon. I will speak at 1 p.m., then lunch will be served at 2 p.m., followed by group discussion open to all.

If you are planning on coming, please send a note to


I have had a number of Priests and Ministers contact me offering whatever help they can with our new CORAC group. I have decided to compile a spreadsheet of Priests around the country who are willing to do home Masses if the oppression of Christians by government officials continues to worsen. This spreadsheet will not be shared generally with other volunteers or coordinators in the organization. I will keep it to myself – and use it to give an individual coordinator a name and contact info when a genuine need arises – and will discuss it with the specific Priest before disclosing any information to another person.

Keep in mind that my goal is not to undermine or even go around proper Diocesan authorities. Rather, it is to support and reinvigorate them, hopefully giving them new heart at seeing there are faithful Catholics ready and willing to step out on behalf of and in defense of the faith. Thus, we will not violate any local Diocesan policies and will follow the lead of the local Bishop on such matters.

Any Priests or Ministers who would like to be on the private list may contact me at


I am enthused to tell you that CORAC is helping with its first local project, set for the middle of next month – and in California, no less. I won’t tell you what the project is, for now…don’t want opponents trying to shut it down before it happens. It is a stand for religious liberty, for the Church and all who call on the name of the Lord. I will keep you updated. If any in California reading this want to participate, just drop me a line at the email address listed in the previous item and I will put you in contact with a local coordinator.


Here is an appeal to all the artists and illustrators we have out there. I am looking for both a logo and an artistic rendering of a mascot for CORAC (which, by the way, stands for the Corps of Renewal and Charity, if you don’t know.) The mascot will be a squirrel decked out in an aviator’s jacket and sunglasses with a jauntily cocked halo above his head. On the jacket should be several patches, including a prominent one that says “CORAC” and then a religious symbol such as the Sacred Heart or the Crusader’s Cross crusader-shoulder-patch-view-colors-3patch, as in the photo at right.

Squirrels became very dear to this site. They are amazing little animals. Individually, they are not the least bit intimidating or powerful. But glory! They are industrious, clever, tenacious problem solvers with no quit in them. If you don’t believe me, just buy a “squirrel-proof” bird feeder. Many are marketed as such, but none actually work. Squirrels always find a way.

My assistant, Mary Lapchak, has a plaque in her house that reads, “An army of squirrels…is still an army.” May we all be “squirrelly” in our tenacious refusal to accept defeat in this growing culture war around us.


I was never much of a fan of the Enlightenment French author and philosopher, Voltaire. I think the Enlightenment is highly over-rated and actually, for all the good it did, actually did terrible damage to our understanding of the nature of man. Of course, all the Enlightenment philosophers were liberals – but they were liberals that actually meant it. Voltaire’s single most famous quote was, “While I disapprove of what you say, I will defend to the death your right to say it.” The fatal flaw that will ultimately be the death of modern liberals is their illiberalism. Ironically, Voltaire did not actually say this. It was actually penned by a biographer, Evelyn Beatrice Hall, to describe his outraged attitude when he found that the government had condemned a book he did not like that was written by another philosopher. Can you imagine that? There was a time when liberals passionately defended the right to say even what they passionately disagreed with.

All of this went through my mind when I found that Twitter yesterday banned all accounts connected with QAnon, while limiting over 100,000 accounts that had linked to it. Regular readers know that I am largely indifferent to and skeptical of QAnon. I have many friends who think quite highly of it, though, and I see no serious harm in it, so you could say I am agnostic about QAnon. But I am utterly outraged that Twitter continues to host Antifa, BLM and other left-wing fascist organizations that actually promote violence and rioting while denouncing QAnon as a conspiracy site that poses a danger to the American public. A wise man once said that convincing a man to shut up is not the same thing as actually convincing him. Neither is forcing him. I pray ardently that the left and these toxic social media mavens will learn that to their sorrow this November.


I have to finish with this hilarious very short video showing how modern “woke” hipsters and actual racists are almost indistinguishable. I saw a comment the other day that described BLM as merely the “Ku Klux Klan in blackface.” No wonder Virginia’s Gov. Ralph Northam loves Antifa and BLM so much.

Less amusing is this piece about a black police officer from Portland. A lot of hysterical, young, white women are eager to use BLM to abuse and insult real black people in working out their vicious neuroses. These are strange times, these are ugly times. But the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart is coming. May all of us here be her heralds.


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  1. Absolutely spot on with the Covid analysis, Charlie. Love this: “If draconian dictates that contradict the Bill of Rights can be imposed because of this issue, they can be imposed at will for any reason – or no reason at all. That is what the left wants and that is why it must not stand.” Would that the rest of the country was as thoughtful and reasonable as you are in your room arrangement for the presentation in Limon. Is it really so difficult to use common sense?

    I also love the inclusion of the Priests and Ministers in CORAC as you are doing… Praying now for the success of whatever is being planned in California… That hilarious video was fun… And I loved your closing: “These are strange times, these are ugly times. But the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart is coming. May all of us here be her heralds.” Amen. Amen.

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  2. Good evening, Beckita, Charlie and all here. Just had a funny God-incidence. While reading the blog just now I noticed the phone on my desk blinking. Marie had left a message wanting to update the phone database. Things are rapidly falling into place and escalating at light speed. None of us asked to live in these times but we know our loving God has a plan. Fasten your seat belts, turbulence ahead. “Abandon yourself into the hands of Mary. She will take care of you.” St. Padre Pio. Peace to all, Jim C.

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  3. Am very understanding about other people’s decisions as far as freely choosing and preferring to social distance and/or wear a mask, because definitely you can’t tell how healthy someone is just by looking. It would be nice if other people were understanding as well. Because while it might seem unusual for someone to be in favor of social distancing but not in favor of wearing a mask, you’d have to know me well enough to chat over coffee or better yet Yorkshire Gold tea in order to understand the medical circumstances behind it in my case. And in my experience, many people don’t care to take the time and effort required to get to know someone that well, especially now from what I’m seeing in public, especially when dealing with strangers who may be experiencing stress from current events. It would make sense that when you don’t know what’s going on in a given social setting in public, personal freedom and liberty balanced with … * important! * … respect and courteous consideration for other people would be the best way to handle this. America at its best with Americans living at their best would solve this quickly … and with the cultural battle raging, that’s the challenge before us.

    As for squirrel artwork, I will defer to a more suitable representational realist type of artist than my abstract self for this particular project … Unless I were to come across the exact type of squirrel you wanted with my camera in hand, then I’d be happy to help. Am looking forward to seeing what the artist called to this task comes up with.

    Here’s hoping that priests in my area are signing up for home Masses, just in case. And praying that the churches will soon open up again in full freedom.

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    1. On the other side of the coin, my son-in-law is a big, burly, black man. He is gentle and kind, but looks as intimidating as an angry football linebacker. His job requires him to interact with the public regularly – and while he wears a mask at work, he often has it off his nose. So he gets a lot of guff about not wearing it properly. The thing is, he has a condition which makes it very dangerous for his oxygen levels to be lowered. He actually has a medical release form from wearing masks, but because so many of the (mostly) ladies get so panicky, he tries to meet them in the safe middle so he doesn’t have to constantly explain. How did we ever get here? There was a time when we treated each other with a lot more tolerance. But that, of course, was before we became “tolerant” (TM).

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      1. Charlie: Pennsylvania did the same to its infected nursing home patients as NY, NJ and Michigan. PA not only sent elderly patients back to nursing home from hospitals but also eventually didn’t bother sending them to hospitals in the first place. They didn’t value them as patients in the first place at all. PA statistics are @67% of 6600 deaths were elderly nursing home residents. Add to this statistic is that the transgendered head of our state health commission and Covid19 director and judge moved her 90+ mother out of her care facility into a hotel room as the director made fateful decisions for the rest of PA. The governors all followed the Italy model that triaged the elderly and basically offered them “comfort” care but not treatment. I think these calloused brain dead decisions can be laid at the feet of their anti life pre born acceptance of abortion.

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    2. Amen! My dear departed father, God rest his soul, was diagnosed a Type I diabetic in the seventies when I was not yet a teenager. So we got used to drinking sugar free pop in the house. The regular pop after a while was just too sweet for me. To this day, I still get flustered when people pay lip service about others drinking a diet beverage while indulging on a dessert.

      One size does not fit all. I do hope we may enjoy meaningful chats over a hot tea or the breaking of bread one day, soon! ❤

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    3. I completely agree with you and have a similar situation. I was at a grocery store today in a small town in Northern California. The cashier had a tag clipped to her stating she was exempt from wearing a mask. She told me she had to get the tag, because people were so rude and mean. It is very frustrating, I have a brother in law with advanced cancer, and must wear one. People should be just a little kinder and assume someone has good reasons to wear or not to wear.

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  4. Charlie– you mention the initial 14 day shutdown. I was accepting of that, too– I guess most were. But in thinking about it now, it is a good example of that old slippery slope– one thing leads to another and we’re like frogs in the boiling water.

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  5. Charlie, Chris and the older kids and I watched that “Woke” “Racist” video yesterday. We could not stop laughing.

    I’m sorry for all the officers that are suffering at the hands of the BLM and Antifa terrorists; but I am most sorry for the Black officers. There is no planet on which it makes any kind of sense for white people, in the name of “equality for blacks,” to hurl racial epithets at black cops, or to command black people not to talk to other black people. But here we are. Nothing makes sense anymore.

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  6. Charlie,
    I was glad to see what you had to say about people bullying each other over the wearing of masks. Since this whole thing started, it has struck me how people are so quick to judge each other and condemn and ridicule each other over their responses to Covid. If we are going to get through this, we are going to have to be kinder to each other and focus our attention on what God would have us to do to fight His good fight which is far greater than whether or not we agree with our brothers and sisters for wearing a mask. Thank you for all that you’re doing to unite us.

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    1. That totally cracked me up! So cleverly done, music and all!

      Another good analysis, Charlie, as always. Love hearing that there are priests involved in “the plan”.

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    2. JLYN, that wonderful! Thanks so much! Totally brightened my day. 🐿

      Have been out of town, but never stop praying 🙏🏼
      Waiting for my contact – who can call anytime, day or night – and I will pray.

      God bless, katey in OR


    3. O my gosh Jen, this is sooo funny, and love the music! Charlie, is this part of the basic training for this squirrelly group? It does seem like maybe an example of our obstacle course to get to the Triumph! 😀

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  7. Can’t be a real live squirrel, but it sure looks real.

    Rumour has it, the global left wants to sneak in something extra into the vaccine to sterilize the polulation. I don’t know if it’s true or not, but a forced vaccination would have me suspicious.

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    1. MOST of those companies working on a vaccine for Covid are using aborted baby cell lines. THAT in itself has influenced my decision to not get any of the vaccines. I will pray a bit more on this…but I will absolutely NOT use one that has the aborted baby cell line…no matter what!

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      1. I agree Kati. Does anyone know if Pfizer’s vaccine is one of those made with aborted baby cells? Our president was talking about it the other night on one of his briefings.


      2. Kati, I had some odd information on the web that pointed to the possibility of a German company coming up with a good and effective vaccine that would not be bad in any way. In looking around, I found two German companies. One is BioNField or something like that. They have partnered with Pfizer and Trump has recently endorsed them. The other may fit my received information a little better. It’s a German company, too, named CureVacAG. I saw a story saying that Trump approached them as well with offers of money. At this point I hesitate to trust any company that partners with a US Big Pharma company, which makes me a little wary of the vaccine from BioNField(?), but I am watching both companies to see how they develop.

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  8. I have a couple pieces of information that might help.

    First, I want to emphasize that several teams of researchers have looked at Vitamin D levels for those who are hospitalized with Covid-19 and all have concluded the same thing, that one fo the most important determining factors if not the most determinative is *not* age or co-morbidities but rather whether one’s serum Vitamin D3 level is above or below 40. Optimal range is 60-80.

    Old people and people with co-morbidities generally are very low in Vitamin D3. Older people’s skin loses the ability to make Vitamin D3 and they spend a lot of time indoors. Obese people who eat a lot of carbs lose their thiamine, which is a major player in controlling and limiting the sepsis triggered by the virus. If you measure your vitamin D3 regularly and maintain it above 40, the chances you will go to the hospital are minimal, no matter what your age or difficulty. Add Quercetin and zinc, 100 mg of Vitamin B1 (Thiamine), and you may not even get sick. But the Vitamin D3 is I believe the key.

    In my opinion, if nursing homes and such facilities regularly tested their residents for Vitamin D3 and helped all of them to get above 40 and preferably above 60 and add in some Quercetin and zinc, their residents would stop getting ill from just about any virus, including Covid-19’s virus. I think we should have a national crash program to test everyone’s Vitamin D3 level and get everyone over 40 year-round. Massive declines in various illnesses would result.

    Second, there is no proof that masks help against a virus and lots of proof that they can cause harm to the wearer. They can reduce oxygen levels in body tissues, which in turn can turn down immune function. They cluster and grow all kinds of viruses and bacteria on them when they are moist, and the wearer will breathe those in constantly, which can cause later illness.

    However, if you place the mask over your mouth but *not* over your nose and then always breathe through your nose, most of the bad things about masks are significantly reduced if not eliminated, and any possible aid it might give in reducing cross infections from you to others will not be made worse. If you are concerned about getting the virus into your nose or throat, when you get home, take your mask off in the right way and toss it out, then wash your hands thoroughly (which helps a little), and then gargle hot water or nebulize food-grade hydrogen peroxide into your nose, sinuses and throat, which is an effective way to kill off most or all of any virus in those vulnerable areas.

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            1. Honestly, FTSOF, after examining this in great detail, as you know, I am convinced that *all* Covid-19 deaths from here on forward are “excess” deaths, meaning, unnecessary deaths. We know how to prevent and cure this disease in *every* patient. Not only that, but if the same preventive supplementation is followed and the same or very similar healing techniques applied to any active cases that develop as flus or colds, the death rate for pretty much *all* viral illnesses should crater. That’s the good news related to all of the suffering of the March-June period, and it is very big positive news indeed. Sometimes trouble brings blessings. Now we just have to hold our healing community’s feet to the fire to change enough to allow this approach to become ubiquitous.

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      1. Maggie, for the nebulizing into nostrils and lungs, you need to dilute the H2O2 to about 1%. Food-grade H2O2 is usually shipped at a concentration of 12%, so you must be careful to dilute it one part to 11 parts of water – clean water!! No swamp water, please. 🙂

        IMPORTANT EDIT: 8/9/20 – I have since found out that the dilution of nebulized H2O2 to start with is much lower than I originally had heard. The starting amount is 0.1%. If you have food-grade H2O2 at 12%, to make the right dilution, you would add 1/4 tsp of the 12% H2O2 to 5 ounces of clean water. I apologize to anyone who has tried the higher percentage I originally stated and experienced any irritation of tissues. For most people or for preventive daily care, that 0.1% dilution may be sufficient. However, once you know the 0.1% dilution does not irritate your nose or throat, you can try higher percentages up to the 0.5%-1.0% if you wish. If the higher dose cause a little irritation, back it down a little bit until you find the highest dose you can comfortably absorb.

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        1. SteveBC, just to clarify: The info that I received when I ordered my H202 was to only use distilled water. We’re on a well; and although we have a filter on it, the water still has a pretty high mineral content. Would that be OK to use for dilution purposes?


          1. IMPORTANT EDIT: 8/9/20 – I have since found out that the dilution of nebulized H2O2 to start with is much lower than I originally had heard. The starting amount is 0.1%. If you have food-grade H2O2 at 12%, to make the right dilution, you would add 1/4 tsp of the 12% H2O2 to 5 ounces of clean water. I apologize to anyone who has tried the higher percentage I originally stated and experienced any irritation of tissues. For most people or for preventive daily care, that 0.1% dilution may be sufficient. However, once you know the 0.1% dilution does not irritate your nose or throat, you can try higher percentages up to the 0.5%-1.0% if you wish. If the higher dose cause a little irritation, back it down a little bit until you find the highest dose you can comfortably absorb.

            Mick, I’m not sure. My comment was really for people to remember that this is water-as-fog that will be breathed into nose and lungs so the purity of the water does matter. In your case if the water has no little critters in it that could infect you, then that particular risk is removed. However, I suppose it’s possible that the extra minerals in the water might trigger a reaction in the water that neutralizes the H2O2. I would think that if you have clean water from your well and add 1 part 12% H2O2 to 1 part water, making it 6% H2O2, if it is going to interact with the minerals, it would either produce bubbles right away, indicating a reaction, or you could leave it for a day or two and then put a small amount on your tongue and see if it hurts. 6% H2O2 on the tongue should be, shall I say, lively, so you’ll want to spit it out and rinse your mouth. If it isn’t lively, then you will have to mix the water and H2O2 right before you put it into the nebulizer. You will also want to make sure to clean the nebulizer carefully to remove mineral deposits on the reservoir, mech, and electrodes.

            Remember, this is no more than 1% concentration of H2O2 in water. Some people may find 0.5% concentration better if they are sensitive. You might want to try 0.5% first and then raise it to 1% after the first level is tested. The object isn’t to get a strong dose in one area but rather to get a light dose in that lightly covers all mucus membranes lightly. Once a day over a long period of time apparently helps recondition the entire sinus system by keeping *all* of that system clean for a long enough period of time that it can heal. The fog should get into every nook and cranny over time, something that no other method I know of can do. If a person gets sick, this can be done more than once a day.

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              1. I would recommend you go to Amazon or a similar outlet and look for a “portable nebulizer” which come in many forms. It’s an individual choice among many options. Pick something that looks right for you. 🙂

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        1. Ha! Love it, Mick! I’ve been in the sun a lot this summer. Maybe that’s part of the good number. My doc said at my annual check up to take vit d every other day now since my number is so high. Just got to get my hub’s number up now.

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        1. Littlelight–3000iu vitamin d3 each day and have been in the sun alot this summer. I had cut out sugar, bread, pasta etc the last 2 months also and lost 20 lbs– don’t know if that somehow contributed to the high number.

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    1. Thank you, takung a dose now because of you. Also, my factory job has me back on third shift wich means no sunlight…too tired during the day to do anything biut putter and sleep.

      You are doing very important work!

      Gid bless

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      1. Timothy, you are most welcome, and thank you for letting me know. Keep in mind that you do need to test your blood every 3-6 months to check your level of D3 so you can calibrate your supplement intake. Your doctor can order that test regularly for you, or you can buy a test at and do it at home.

        Sometimes it can be difficult to get the D3 number up into the optimal range of 60-80. That is true for me. I take N-acetyl-cysteine and magnesium malate as well, and those seem to help (besides doing great things for me on their own). It is also a good idea to take Vitamin K2 with D3 supplements, say 150 mcg a day, to help the body use the D3 and keep calcium metabolism in tune so that calcium goes into your bones instead of your soft tissues. If you have a bleeding problem or are taking blood thinners or aspirin, you may need to watch and perhaps reduce that thinner dose a bit when you start taking the K2, but I think that is a minor issue for most people in that situation. Just monitor it.

        Sleeping in the sun for a little time would be great. Just remember that, if you sleep in the sun, set an alarm so you don’t get burned! 🙂

        God bless, Timothy. Night shifts are hard. Be well.

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    2. Thanks for the great info Steve. I will forward this to my soon to be 79 year old mother. She seems to be getting more nervous as the fear mongering continues. She is in great health, but she is a very social person and being cooped up in her apartment most of the time isn’t helping. We’ve met for lunch a couple of times which has helped. I am also grateful that her sister lives in the same building and they are able to have lunch and dinner together sometimes. It’s still not the same as her senior outings, the grief support group that she leads, and home-bound Eucharistic ministering of Jesus which she is not allowed to do any more. Lord Jesus, please protect our seniors and those who are vulnerable and make this all end soon!

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  9. Thank you SteveBC! I’ve been meaning to tell you, both my husband & I had our levels checked and we both are at 30. We have been bumping up our supplementation and adding NAC. This alone has given us such hope. I’ve shared it with a few receptive people. I’ve asked people close to our pastor, (who is very fearful) to share this info with him I don’t know the outcome, but I am hopeful.

    You are doing great, important work! God bless you & yours! Hope your Mom is well!

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      1. Thank you! We’ ve started taking 2,000 per day for 4 or 5 days and 5,000 for the other 2 or 3 days per week. Also adding NAC. We’ll see! Kinda don’t know really what I’m doing but 30 is pretty low so, I will keep on keepin on, LOL!

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    1. You are welcome, LittleLight. I’m glad this is giving you some hope. My Mom is not doing great these days, but she is hangin’ in there and I with her. 🙂

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  10. Thanks, again, SteveBC, for your knowledgeable information on the subject of Covid prevention. My husband and I are in the vulnerable category so we are doing your recommended prevention regimen. So far, so good. To anyone out there who hasn’t read it, I highly recommend Steve’s post about Covid virus and prevention.

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  11. Squirrels are relentless to get to bird feeders. I stopped fighting them. I now find their acrobatics highly entertaining, though I may go broke buying birdseed.

    Would that more Catholics were as relentless to receive Jesus in Holy Communion. Every week we must go through our own acrobatic feats to distribute bulletins, open doors and clean the pews (which is destroying the finish on them in most churches and will make the coming repairs costly) and the numbers of attendees remains stagnant. My fear is that the placation that a Spiritual Communion is on par with actually eating Christ’s Body and Blood will make Catholics leave off attending Sunday Mass altogether. The silence from most bishops is deafening! Jesus remains abandoned and alone in most sanctuaries.

    Science is not our enemy in this but the population is so scared, old friends now wish me to “Be safe!” instead of “God bless you!” Even after a sneeze!! This Covid event is making me sick, not of body, but at heart. I think it is a horrible reaper, pulling up the good with the bad. Interesting that our Gospels have been speaking in these themes lately. More than “interesting”, astoundingly beautiful, because it demonstrates that God sees, God plans, God wills. Trust God.

    Peace to my fellow squirrels.

    Liked by 10 people

  12. Love the constant input from SteveBC. (Did you go to Boston College?)

    I despise bullying jackasses but pray for them because the Lord of All wants it that way!

    I’m enchanted by the ubiquity of squirrels on social media!

    Liked by 3 people

    1. No, LM, nothing like that. Ha! It is just a shortening of my (in)formal business name. An even more shortened form that I have used is cutting SteveBC to SBC. I was able to get a Ham radio license recently with “SBC” in it which I think is really cool! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  13. “A lot of hysterical, young, white women are eager to use BLM to abuse and insult real black people in working out their vicious neuroses.”
    This remark reminds me of your experience with the young woman who followed you to your car when you peacefully demonstrated at a pro-life rally. She was screaming in your face and you finally turned to her and calmly said, ‘God forgives you for your abortion, too’. She walked away quietly.
    I’m still looking for someone to ride over from the Indianapolis area with for the meeting on Sunday.

    Liked by 8 people

    1. Actually. it vvas a woman from a “vvomen’s center” vvho I had on my radio shovv. She had been allovved to say her piece on the shovv in our debate – vvhich she had asked for. But after the shovv vvas over she vvas still frantic that I did not agree – so follovved me out to my car. Those are the circumstances in vvhich it occurred. It vvas a povverful moment. She teared up – and I never heard from her again. I pray she is doing vvell.

      Liked by 4 people

      1. Charlie,  you managed a real “w” on your reply.  Copy and paste?If you open an empty new file, copy and paste a capital “W” and a small “w” from some other document, save it, then you can continue with copy and paste to get around your broken key.  But then,  if you loke using “VV” and “vv”, then what can I say?—- Sent from Doug’s Back Pack


  14. Charlie this made me laugh out loud and also I totally agree!!!

    “I lose either way because I will not support bullying jackasses.“

    There are a lot of them folk out there these days! Fellows are getting worse (probably me too) not better!!!



  15. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! 😉

    Here we are then ;-(

    The Democrat Party is now The Party of Unlimited … Abortion, Sexual Perversion, Illegal Alien Invasion and Violent Looters … Ideals of godless Anarchy! …
    … Anti Christian, Jewish &/or White People Pogroms next? …. GET READY!!

    Hitler’s Brown Shirts, El Duce’s Black Shirts and Mao’s Red Brigades were “Peaceful” Protestors … It’s all in the eyes of the beholder … Ya Know!?!

    Major USA Cities + BLM/ANTIFA + Spineless Democrat Politicians + Demoralized & Hamstrung Police + indigenous ignorant & angry population led by Outta Town Agitators = Cities that can be Shut-Down easily/quickly thanks to Social Networking (Obama Phones)!!
    These same Cities are where the USA Transportation Hubs are … think where Trains, Planes, Automobiles … & WallyWorld/Shell Gas Trucks come to/from/to ….. and supply YOUR DAILY NEEDS!


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  16. I think our squirrel should come off as calm and confident. After all, we’re Christians, not street thugs. Could have a ton of fun with the patches. Dug out my old flight jacket from the days at NAS Adak and noted the command, department and mission patches. Could have various patches and iterations for teachers, bricklayers, etc. Really, the sky is the limit, though a squirrel has to earn the patches.

    Technically speaking, I’m a bit rusty. Used a retro jacket (royalty free stock on my account) since this battle has been going on for some time. Sample patches from scratch.

    Liked by 8 people

      1. Just so there’s no misunderstanding, “killed it” in the above comment means “hit it out of the park.” On this, the first day of the Tigers’ MLB season, I should’ve gone with the baseball expression first.

        Liked by 3 people

      1. Ahh, you noticed that I went for goggles over halo and Ray-Bans. Shades are in the left shirt pocket and I’m assuming squirrel is a long way away from getting the halo.

        Liked by 2 people

        1. Maybe squirrel can hire moose as sidekick and drive Boris and the rest of the mob crazy. They will both have halos by the time the strife is over. lol (OK, maybe not THAT funny but sounded good in my head)! 😛

          Liked by 1 person

  17. I haven’t thrown any serious time at a logo, so just quickly plunked this one in for filler. Wanted to share a little mood, so here’s a squirrel on the tarmac. Yeah, that’s a bomber in back, and this filler logo has Our Lady of Tepeyac (she watched over my shoulder from the wall), and a wee chevron in the “A” for the grunts. I’ma grunt, you’re a grunt… we’re all grunts.

    Liked by 3 people

      1. Each of the 15 regions should have a uniform coordinator. The t shirts are for warm weather (or year round) and sweatshirts/hoodies for winter time. Patches would be a part of the uniform. Finally, a leather bomber jacket or Navy like P coat should be part of the uniform. Is there a Patron Saint for CORAC? Is it St Joan of Arc? God bless to all!

        Liked by 3 people

    1. Absolutely love it all, MP! BUT … I don’t think it works without the halo to mark it as a holy effort we are undertaking. Most will miss that aspect without something obvious like a halo.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. StJudith, the prayer warriors may well be the most important members of the CORAC team. You can help aid the cause tremendously by offering up your prayers and sacrifices to Our Lord, through the hands of Our Lady, for the success of CORAC and for the safety of our members. What I’m trying to say is that you’re not a benchwarmer; you’re playing on the first string. 🙂

      Liked by 7 people

  18. Charlie, this post gives me many things to ponder as we move forward. I am grateful that we have priests that are dedicated to continuing their calling as our true shepherds if Christ.

    I will be praying for safe travels for all and a good turnout for the talk this weekend, and that the Holy Spirit continues to fill you with all of His gifts, especially in directing and leading the CORAC charge. Wish I could make it but people still need to have their bakery fixes, now more than ever! (In other words, can’t get off of work, lol).

    May God bless all, and I ask Mother Mary and St. Michael for prayers of protection against anything that opposes this great undertaking.

    Liked by 2 people

      1. Ahh, I already put in for Scout and Rough Rider special forces units and we’re only allowed one pencil in our packs. Just wanted to get the ball rolling before applying camou and blending with the desert scrub.

        Liked by 1 person

  19. Thank you Charlie, as so many aspects of this post resonate with me, esp., the hidden illness (since ’92) as part of persevering. Perseverance has been my watch word for this week–that willingness to present ourselves to God in spite of our worldly weakness.
    BYB, my church has changed the designated responsorial psalm to accommodate the singer. Been told the music team (parents & daughter) finds a tune with words for an approximate fit. Today’s presentation is nothing like the Church’s reading.

    Sorry for the inadequate communication but am struggling.

    Liked by 1 person

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