Cry the Beloved Country


By Charlie Johnston

One of the things that this Corona Virus business has illuminated, but is rarely commented on, is that there are reasonable precautions we could have and should have been taking all along to defend vulnerable populations from the ravages of ordinary flu seasons. In the aftermath of all of this, I seriously doubt that many people who are sick will think it prudent or brave to go to work or Church anyway. That is the one silver lining I see in all this mess.

In the beginning, experts raised enough serious questions that it was not entirely unreasonable to take extraordinary precautions. If this was going to be the equivalent to the Spanish Flu, it made some sense to take steps to prevent it rather than just react to it after it had taken hold. Even so, never before had we massively quarantined a healthy population instead of just reserving that practice for sick populations. By week three, it was pretty clear that this was NOT the successor to the Spanish Flu. But instead of rifling our approach to protect target populations, we just doubled down on locking everything down. In the process, we revealed some fearsome things about who we have become as a people.

It would have been good if people had thought clearly, from the beginning, about the trade-offs involved in this approach. There are always trade-offs; there is no free lunch. Shutting down the world economy has consequences – and the longer the shut-down, the deeper the consequences.

Imagine two small villages in a remote area of the world. One has very little currency in circulation – but the people there make things, grow things and build things; making up for their lack of cash by trading vigorously with each other. The other has an abundance of cash, but its people do not make anything, grow anything, or build anything. Which do you think is rich and free from want? This is one of the illusions of socialism – spreading cash around as a substitute for the hard goods and production which constitute actual wealth. It is why a Soviet Union, Cuba or Venezuela becomes, almost overnight, an impoverished nightmare. The timeline to go from prosperity to ruin is how long it takes to draw down the accumulated capital that the previously productive society had accrued. Our response to this virus has been to shut down productive work and print more cash. The longer this goes, the more like the second little village we will become.

A couple of things have startled me.  In every previous crisis in the history of Western Civilization, the churches have been regarded as the most essential function in the society and, in fact, in some cases have been the institutions responsible for bringing the crisis to an end. In this case, churches have been regarded as entirely unessential havens of superstitious ninnies. I am not surprised that that is how modern elites treat faith. I am shocked at how easily the whole society has accepted that verdict – even as abortion clinics, liquor stores and pot shops are branded essential businesses which must be allowed to continue offering their services unimpeded.

I expected that some local officials, getting their first taste of authoritarian power, would become as enthused about and hooked on it as a crack addict. I did NOT expect so many police officers to be such willing accomplices to enforcing arbitrary and senseless exercises of raw power. I always thought they would be on the side of normal people. I think most of them are – and some police organizations have publicly vowed that they will NOT enforce un-Constitutional orders that have no rational basis. But way too many have eagerly agreed to cultivate snitches and arrest people for playing ball on a deserted playground, surfing alone on an empty beach and other such nonsense. If police organizations which do respect Constitutional rights don’t start giving serious blowback to those who don’t, the police will dilute the support of those who have been their strongest allies. And if any think that the left is ever going to be supportive of police in a genuine law and order context, boy, are they in for a surprise.

As I said, I knew that the various restrictions would energize the exuberant aspirations of petty tyrants across the land, but I had no idea it would be so quick, so comprehensive, and that so many people would accept it with such docility. We are, as Dennis Prager says, in a dress rehearsal for a police state. Even as the impact of the virus, itself, is being proven to be minimal, many local governments’ response gets more draconian.

Before this virus took off, many systems across the globe were over-stressed. We have added an unprecedented amount of new stress to the mix. There will be no getting back to normal. We have dramatically destabilized already unstable economic, political, cultural and religious systems across the globe.

It strikes me as altogether consistent with the Divine sense of humor that He chose to give us a choice once more – a serious but responsible approach to a potential crisis or naked, blanket panic. We were faced with a choice of freedom or safety. We could have had both with a serious response that respected liberty and did not impute authoritarian power to government officials. Instead, we chose panic and general lockdown. And so, as to freedom and safety, we will have neither. At least not without a fight.

Therein lies the irony. By mismanaging this crisis and refusing to refine our course when we saw the evidence of our mismanagement, we have laid the seeds for a much greater conflagration that we will not be able to manage. The churches will not deliver us from this particular crisis – but they will become our sole, best hope for emerging from the conflagration whose seeds we have sown.

I think we will emerge from this crisis and probably spend the summer thinking we have dodged a bullet, that we have gotten things back under control. But the demons we have unleashed will steadily eat away at the already damaged pillars that hold society up. And then we will have to make our stand, for God and for man, for liberty and for responsibility, for faith and for reason. There are only three major roles to take if that crisis comes – oppressor, soldier, or victim. We are called to be God’s hands and feet on earth, His soldiers.

In my mind, I see two opposing and errant poles of thought. One thinks we are sufficient to ourselves, and so relies in its own prowess to solve all problems, leaving no room for God. The other, in a caricature of piety, insists that if we pray enough, God will take care of everything, never demanding that we engage in the prayer of doing, leaving no room for us. At her trial, St. Joan of Arc was asked why, if God wanted France to be saved, He didn’t just save it instead of having her raise an army. She replied that, “the army fought the battles and God gave the victory.” There is a reason why I regard St. Joan as one of my most important patrons. The way to avoid either of these poles is to regularly take on things too big for you, things that require God to have any hope of success while vigorously doing everything in your power to accomplish all that is not reserved to God. If you fail, that is not what God had in mind or, it was, but not in the way you expected. Then get back to work on your next project.

We have entered a great forge. May we cooperate with God so that what He brings out of the forge is better and more noble than what went in.


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    1. I was telling someone the other day that when and if the post corona virus panic slows down, the amount of division and issues of what is good and what is evil will intensify. It already has laid the framework for eliminating our God given liberty and right to work. This issue pits federal vs. state vs medical industry vs citizens vs God vs lawyers vs international help and blame, vs studies and critiques on US reaction to corona virus vs christen morals, and an endless combination of these and more. It will consume anyone that goes along with these traps of distraction for years unless people focus on God.
      I believe all these materialistic and power-hungry mongers will fight even more for their unending fill of everything except for that which comes from God. Satan loves to create and delight in the chaos he stirs up. His pride must be bursting with his results, for those without God, are easy pickings. Not to forget how existed he must be to see the future as an even richer environment to create chaos, confusion, contradiction and more. When you look at what is going on and envision what is yet to come, (which only God knows) it is only God that is fixed in a single place as an anchor to keep us from being swallowed up by events.
      As Charlie has pressed upon us we must acknowledge God, get back up when we fall and to be a sign of hope to those around us. Especially now where so much evil is being revealed. We are part of God’s calvary on earth and need to join the fight and not hide or run from it. We are given an opportunity to show our metal and participate in this critical juncture in God’s plan for us, His children.

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      1. Charlie was right in saying we must do our part and God will do His part. It takes both. We must work as if everything depends on us and pray as if everything depends on us. Proper balance. jas

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        1. I finally noticed my error. It should have read, “We must work as if everything depended on us and pray as if everything depended on GOD.” I’ll have to fire my proof reader or blame it on auto correct. It would be the first time I’ve been without a job. These are indeed trying times. jas

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    1. Well, that ominous image is not for the faint of heart; though it did remind me of the Sacred Heart of Jesus is our refuge. And Prager’s article, uh-oh spagettio, Toto, I’ve a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore, nor are we over the rainbow. I think family and friends are starting to be more receptive to reading Charlie’s posts…time to fwd….

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      1. Oh my goodness, Maggie… I haven’t heart the expression “uh-oh spaghettio” since I was a little girl! Thanks for the giggle and for a reminder of a happy, simpler time. 🙂

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  1. This is so true!!!! Ya can’t even make any plans these days!!! The fear out there is unbelievable and fights are erupting in grocery stores!!! Desmond put up a really good piece today too on his fb page!!! Really amazing times we are in!!!

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  2. It all comes back to ask, seek, & knock, but we’ve been so disconnects with those practices in recent generations, that many us have little to no confidence in our ability to do those…

    It totally eludes me on how the few real Christians in the world is going to turn everything around without God’s intervention, when ordinary people get ignored.

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  3. I feel that the stay home demands from mainly Democrat governors, which hurt working people (such as the gaming and hotel industry in Nevada where I live) will prove to be the silver lining that demonstrates to the normal citizens that liberal, socialist politicians are not their friends, but instead their enemy. Likewise, the actions by mainly Democrat governors to relegate religious services as trifles to be shut down, while liquor stores are classified as essential, highlight the intellectual arrogance of the Progressives for not merely disregarding religious liberties, but castigating them as socially harmful– this too ought be a wake up call to our nation, one in which most people do yet believe in God. The evil red color of the Socialist, Progressive, Liberal Democrats and their media allies has been exposed–not by Republicans or Conservatives– but by themselves.

    I too have been disappointed by the many police who have gone along with stupid, unconstitutional orders, such as menacing church goers, or folks at the beach. Charlie, I hope your message here may get to police union leaders. Fortunately, AG Barr signaled that he will have the Justice Dept. going law suits against governors for their unconstitutional restrictions on religious services.

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    1. I too have been disappointed with police and military folks who standby while civil rights are being trampled. As a former military officer I know well that we take an oath to the US Constitution and not to government officials. As a fire fighter I took an oath to uphold the Constitution and the laws of my state and community, but those laws can not contradict the superior constitution. These politicians also take similar paths and they should be held accountable for wantonly violating them.

      I feel that if an epidemic or pandemic were truly threatening, then folks couldn’t be forced to go out in public. We would have the exact opposite problem that we presently have.

      My current state, NJ, just extended our “emergency” another month. The park next door to my work was finally opened over the weekend, but has since been closed again. Guess the subjects were knuckleheads on the kings land. When I visited a state forest on Tuesday they had signs up warning us to keep 6 magical feet apart and wear a mask. So hiking in the wilderness requires such precautions? We are doomed.

      Ironically the park I mentioned earlier was supposedly the first federal land purchase by the Continental Congress seeking freedom and liberty from Great Britain. We traded the tyrant 1,500 miles away for the one 50 miles away.

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      1. William, thank you for your service. Thanks to you, too, Jack (and to all the other ASOH’ers who have served).

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  4. This is happening where I am. The following is an excerpt I sent my elected officials. I may also forward a copy to my bishop and pastor, We are trying hard to raise awareness and stop it. As I see this as the mechanism for the police state. As CrewDog posted about Kansas City MO churches.

    So I say to everyone here, if everyone of us contacted our elected officials, I’m certain they would think twice about doing this and pull back a bit. But if only a few speak out, and as Charlie says; “Accept it with docility” our chance of freedom diminishes.

    I see the time to strike is NOW—before this death star is fully weaponized. I see it handily being used as a condition for commerce or employment or access to anything. If we roll over, that is.

    CT. Patch published this article on Governor Lamont’s Track and Trace Program.

    Gov. Lamont’s “Track and Trace” program is truly disturbing. CT Patch quoted Gov. Lamont:

    “Track and trace sounds a little like Big Brother … this is a tried and true method of limiting infectious spread and it goes back 100 years,” he said.”

    Further in the article is:
    By end of May Connecticut hopes to undertake 50,000 tests a week and currently the state is at around 4,000 tests weekly. Cartter said Connecticut’s death rate is so high because it includes confirmed cases and probable cases, which includes folks who were never tested but exhibited symptoms.

    Question: How in the world are they going to go from 4,000 tests per week to 50,000 test per week on a program that is “Voluntary”? Please, can you explain to us how this is possible? Also, Mr. Cartter all but attests to rigging the COVID-19 death count numbers. How are they getting away with this gross deception?

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    1. Contact tracing is something we have limited to certain critical infectious diseases, mainly sexually transmitted ones. To adopt contact tracing on this is to contact trace everyone – and to take blood samples from each is a great way to build a comprehensive DNA database. Big brother? You bet.

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      1. Charlie, my state already has the database developed. Due to cost and difficulty it is not fully developed, I’m certain.

        Ct’s Sustinet legislation enacted ?10 years ago set up “medical homes” that required our medical history in a comprehensive database where both providers and recipients can access diagnosis, test results, treatment plans, etc. I remember they wanted to use it to monitor obesity and smoking. This legislation also allowed the Gov to appoint a bureaucratic board, removed from voter oversight to enact ?policy—it’s been awhile, my recollection may be spotty.

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        1. Italy first mentioned this back in ?April. It got my attention. Then I read Gov Lamont has said this too, Only he a bit slicker, and says it in a cheerily, soothing way.

          I”m sure all the states have been given these orders, but adaptation will vary according to the state.

          As 9-11 forever changed the lanscape, covid is the perfect storm to usher in the new era of surveillance at a level no of us have ever lived. However, we should not be afraid! I’m serious about that! As long as people of good will speak out, the use of the technology will be checked.

          I see that this is what Charlie meant when he said “each of us must choose” and no one can be complacent. We all have to do. In whatever way we can contribute—no effort will be too small, God will honor/use it. Loaves and fishes.

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        2. Obama executive order 13295 that allows quarantine or detainment for bad cough. So I’m thinking there will be plenty of room for convenient conjecture. Sniffle? Clearing throat? Most importantly, vote R? I’m thinking it’s seriously past time to flee blue states. Or maybe it’s coming everywhere.

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          1. Numbing throat drops like Cepacol do the trick quite nicely. When in the units working on vent patients, we would use a spray prescription form of the topical numbing drug when doing vent care on our patients, as any movement of the endotracheal tube triggered a spastic coughing reflex. Numb them with spray before helped a great deal.

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          2. I don’t know, Irish, but I’m glad to be in TN. And we would welcome any conservatives from blue states!😊

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          3. Irish7, I agree with you about the blue states thing. This morning, after reading the article to which I linked, I told my oldest kid how glad I am that we no longer live in CA (we left there in 2001). I’m also thankful that we no longer live in Illinois. But it does concern me that MI is a purplish state with an out-of-control governor who already tried to award “voluntary” contact-tracing contracts to two firms connected to the Democrat Party. She got caught, and the contracts were cancelled. But given her affinity for all things authoritarian, I think it’s only a matter of time until she tries again. Our Republican legislature has filed a state lawsuit against her, and a US Congressman from MI has filed a federal lawsuit against her; so hopefully a judge with some sense will reel her in.

            As you said, Lord have mercy.

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            1. Mick, you have friends in a red haven if it gets uglier. 😊 The crony contract attempts were so brazen. Her defiance and mocking tone makes me shudder.

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              1. Thank you, Irish; I’ll keep that in mind! I’m pretty sure that even after all these years away, I could blend in as a Hoosier again pretty easily (it’s like riding a bike, right?)

                And yeah, Whitmer is condescending, obnoxious, clueless, and creepy all at the same time–and that’s a pretty hard grand slam to pull off.

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          1. Yes, Beckita, that’s the scariest part. Lord, please protect all children from the clutches of these totalitarian monsters.

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      2. Yes and contact tracing makes zero sense once large percentage of people have already come down with the disease. The “Great Leader” in NJ should have implemented this months ago, When a dozen or so people were infected. Not wait until now to hold us hostage while he recruits an army of tracers. Grrrr

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        1. The people of Chicago are suffering greatly on this business of contact tracing.

          From the article:
          While significant progress has been made on testing, staffing for contact tracers still has a ways to go. Hoping to fill that gap, Oakton Community College unveiled a four-week online course to help train would-be tracers. The online program was developed in consultation with both the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Illinois Department of Public Health, and it’s open to anybody. But its focus is on tracing COVID-19 within Chicago’s Northeast region.

          “Typically, these are health officials, when you look at contact tracing historically, who are doing this work,” said Dr. Jesse Ivory of Oakton Community College. “The issue that has come up with this is that COVID-19 has presented the need to scale the number of contact tracers who are available so now we are looking at the general public.”

          Southern Illinois University is also said to be developing a similar program, the difference being that theirs will focus on contact tracing within the rural areas of central and southern Illinois.

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          1. In real-time, my son works for a gov. subcontractor. They were told closed today for cleaning, someone maybe positive? Dear son has pt appt. He lets them know. They say don’t come for appt today, if person was positive, don’t come for 14 days.

            So no one is “opening up” if this is a taste of how this contact tracing is going to play out.

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          2. Are the tracers being tested? Will the retested for the virus on a regular basis?

            The studies are showing that the official numbers are a tiny percentage of those actually sick. Those hidden numbers are probably growing growing as rapidly as the official numbers which only seem to reflect testing availability over time.

            I’m not aiming this at you dear Beckita, but just thinking out loud on the topic. Just seems this horse is out of the barn, out the gate and running free across the hills and dale.

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    2. Big eye opener, that’s for sure, Littlelight. I have been suspicious all along about where this would eventually take us. The thing I don’t get is even if they do test, and you don’t have it, what’s to guarantee that you won’t have it the next day from contracting it from someone? Does this mean you would have to routinely get tested until you’ve contracted it or are vaccinated, or stay sheltered in place until the vaccine comes out? Which won’t be for one-two years. Sounds like a lot of money, time and definitely more controlling of the population.

      AND are we going to have to keep our vulnerable seniors locked up forever? ‘Cuz that’s what’s happening right now. If they don’t die from this Wuhan thing they will definitely die of loneliness and depression, and many families from guilt and depression that they didn’t get to be by the side of their loved one before they died. Any way you look at it, it doesn’t sound good.

      The waves of this storm keep getting taller and taller! Thank you Lord for your mercy and for keeping us afloat in this raging sea, with Mary as our star to guide us through and the great hope of receiving You in the Eucharist again to nourish us.

      — As the thunder rolls
      I barely hear Your whisper through the rain, “I’m with you.”
      And as Your mercy falls I raise my hands
      And praise the God who gives and takes away.

      And I’ll praise You in this storm and I will lift my hands
      For You are who You are no matter where I am
      And every tear I’ve cried You hold in Your hand
      You never left my side and though my heart is torn
      “I will praise You in this storm.”. – Casting Crowns

      Jesus, I trust in You! ~juls

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      1. Those are excellent questions, that EVERYONE needs to ask and keep asking until clear answers are given and all is made transparent.

        In our Gov’s press conference today, they said in order to go to a dentist “a negative test” would be needed. I truly believe this is insanity. The fact that people won’t think so is very troubling to me.

        In all the news releases, I have found an tremendous effort to hide anything that we are completely de-sensitized to yet, like removal from families and really invasive tracing. They are speaking out of both sides of their mouths.

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      2. Juls, you ask the same questions I have voiced. Then the other night on TV there was a video of 2 fully outfitted people going to a house where a woman answered the door. They were there for either testing or blood draw. That thought scares the bejesus out of me! Police state be gone in the name of Jesus!

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        1. I wouldn’t be afraid of that, if the woman voluntarily called them to come to her. They are just wearing ppe to test. If you go to a drive up center, they are all geared up that way, too.

          That’s what ppe looks like–scary. But that is the legitimate protocol to protect the health care workers themselves.

          However, it isn’t perfect, totally dependent on good mental concentration and technique. That is why all the front line worker in hospitals eventually succumb. So much exposure, hard to have 100% technique.

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          1. Of course, but in this example, no one in the home asked them to come! When strangers start showing up to test you, well, just wow! More strange things are revealed each day!

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    3. Any former Congressional mail lackey can tell you to focus on quantity of contacts over quality. All contacts (phone, email, letter) get labeled to go in a form letter pile. Data is collected on number of form mail responses generated pro and con on a particular issue. So the Member may ask occasionally what’s our count pro and against Covid lockdown. All contacts from outside the district are immediately trashed so don’t waste your time there. If you do take the time to create quality persuasive content, it’s great to send en masse (but mailed individually) with others’ signatures and addresses. Each contact from a distinct address counts as one. All contacts (one sentence phone call, email or letter) are equal. The absolute far and away best way to influence Congressmen is via Op Ed’s in their local papers. Lay out your argument and call for action from them by name.

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      1. Very helpful! I’m putting together my letters now.

        What about phone call and letter? That’s what I’m planning to do. Both!

        Will they both count?

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  5. Love this line: “the people there make things, grow things and build things; making up for their lack of cash by trading vigorously with each other”. Just met up at our tiny pop-up farmers’ market to trade with a friend: a bag of my fresh asparagus for 2 pots of her broccoli seedlings. I bought 5 lb of red potatoes from the market then home to continue working remotely at my soon-to-have-big-cutbacks government job.

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    1. That sounds lovely, Hope. What I wouldn’t do for some fresh asparagus! (I tried to grow it for years, but it doesn’t like our soil here).

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    2. Hi, HopenJoy ~ I’ve been thinking about you, on the other side of Green Ridge and to the north. You are in a good place, and you are doing God’s work.

      God bless and keep you and your family ~
      Sister Bear

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  6. For the first time since this ‘stay at home’ started, fear gripped my heart today as I read of certain state and local officials actions and then the actions of police in many locations – just what you commented on, Charlie. I realized how fragile I am [we are]. I’m somewhat better now after finishing my second Rosary and Chaplet of Divine Mercy. The ‘pause’ is starting to affect me even though I see family at times. Need to be counting my blessings, which are many. Couldn’t make it without my faith in God and the ASOH family. God bless all here. God is with us, despite us.

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    1. What translation is that, leslyek? Mine says that God refines man – specifically, “Behold, I have refined you, but not like silver; I have tried you in the furnace of affliction.”

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      1. It’s not a specific translation; but my own way of putting it as given by my spiritual mentor.

        It encapsulates similar verses, such as yours and Jer 6:27.

        ( that’s why I didn’t put it in quotes)

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        1. By the way, take a look at Daniel 11:35! :/ that I came upon in searching for refining by fire verses.

          It is not about God or man refining man; but about those even with insight, being allowed to fall, in order to purify them.
          I guess it helps keep us honest and more effective. And, as you say, we keep going.

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  7. It seems to me that the bishops and the Pope need to be hit with a tsunami of prayer, from all of us, at this time. It is not only to their magisterial authority, but also to their administrative decisions that the priests of the Church and the whole body of the faithful are obedient. The political and financial elites who pull the levers of power believe that the free exercise of religion is, to put it charitably, “non-essential.” That should come as no surprise to any of us. The Church is enfeebled as never before, reeling from scandals decades in depth and global in scope, and was not strong enough to challenge the authority of the state over its treatment of this pandemic. We’re painfully aware of that reality as well. And yet, despite the disdain of elites or the current weakness of the Church in society, I cannot think of anyone besides the bishops and the Pope who can speak up for the civil rights of believers. It seems to me that we are all dependent on the leaders of the Church to fight for our right to celebrate the sacraments. If they don’t challenge the power of the state, I can’t imagine who will. Perhaps this crisis will force the bishops to discover the power of the prophetic voice which Christ himself has given them, “He who hears you, hears me” (Lk 10:16). Perhaps God will raise up a new St. Joan of Arc to inflame the spirit of apostolic courage in the hearts of its shepherds. Perhaps I’m entirely wrong in my reasoning about this (lots of precedent for that!) But in the mean time, it seems to me that prayer and penance for the leaders of the Church should be part of our daily duty. I love how St. Therese of Lisieux put it–“My whole strength lies in prayer and sacrifice, these are my invincible arms; they can move hearts far better than words, I know it by experience.”

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    1. “But in the mean time, it seems to me that prayer and penance for the leaders of the Church should be part of our daily duty.”

      Amen! Continuing…

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    2. I think this time the change will come from the bottom up. Leaders will come from the bottom up. So many have been corrupted at the top and I think that trust /motivation has become a big issue. There is much duplicity and maneuvering (otherwise knows a politics). Francis has greatly tainted himself by violating the First Commandment, in my opinion.

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    3. I plan to write my Bishop to ask him to do something. Tell him that he has our support.

      We need the Eucharist!!!!

      Maybe if he felt the support of us he will have the courage to do something!

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      1. My parish has repeatedly emphasized in numerous flock notes and newsletters that they are working diligently to continue to pay the staff, now working from home. My heart gets that, yet my head is thinking at this stage of the game, if only the admin and staff could put that energy, fire and passion into getting the flock back through whatever avenues are within their scope of responsibility. Sigh.

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  8. Early on I thought perhaps the central bankers and globalist elite knew the jig was up and the so called “everything bubble” had to pop. The Wuhan virus was an excuse to keep the peasants with pitchforks locked up and frightened. Plus it gave them a scapegoat for the unavoidable world wide depression they created by printing and spending like there would be no tomorrow.

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    1. W. Wallace, I certainly think there is more going on here than we realize or are lead to believe. I think that many people at the top knew much more about this virus from the very start.

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      1. StJ, I totally agree with you and have believed this since almost the beginning. Look at the timing and so many other elements. But prayer can work miracles, if it’s God’s will for a certain outcome. Obviously we reap what we sow. I for one, can hardly wait for Mama’s rescue.

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  9. I think that the churches should be open. Even if we are not allowed to have a large gathering, we could worship in adoration. There could be sign up sheets for this. We could even sign up on line. We could wear face coverings and wash our hands upon entering and upon leaving. … If supermarkets are open for bodily sustenance, then the churches should be open for those who seek spiritual sustenance.

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    1. StJudithWTB;

      I’m a mask refusenik. I won’t wear an outward display that I consider other people to be toxic, especially at mass or adoration. My feet are in cement…full stop.

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        1. Ah, but Christopher, isn’t your alter ego, maximemeq, just a sort of on-line mask, which you pledged to refuse? Hmmm…social distancing on the comment boards 😉

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        1. I might make myself a pretty mask made of lace to wear to Mass. Hey, they never said it had to be functional! Just a mask, right?

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      1. Maximemeq, the thing is that there are some at risk people who might like to go to the Mass or reconciliation. I am just thinking of this group.

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        1. IF the choice is to go to Mass with a mask on, or not to go to Mass. I’ll gladly put on my mask.

          KimSevier, others ability or lack thereof, to wear a mask properly, does not determine MY actions. My children do not pray properly, shall I therefore quit praying? No, I shall pray even harder. IF wearing a mask – silly as it may be – makes others feel safer, and more comfortable coming to Mass, going to the grocery store, or just in general, and there is no physical impairment to wearing one, then I do wear it. No skin off my nose. Remember those two turtle doves at the Presentation? The Redeemer surely did NOT have to be redeemed, yet Mary & Joseph followed an unnecessary, but certainly not evil custom. Like us wearing a mask.

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          1. I do not go out much because am in the high risk group. (I am not supposed to go out at all) When I do, I simply wear a light scarf around my mouth and nostrils, and sometimes light colored sunglasses. …. Regardless of what is required nor not required, I think the churches should be open.

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          2. I understand your thoughts on this, Nance, but I just strongly believe this is truly not necessary and can be counterproductive. I think Sweden has the right idea. I’ve read some arguments against masks and that makes sense to me.

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          3. For me, wearing a mask only perpetuates the false belief in others that they are somehow safer. 95% of the masks I see people wearing in public are doing them absolutely no good. Loose fitting flimsy fabric (often homemade) masks are a joke and the joke’s on them. I will not validate their folly by wearing one myself.
            Regarding masks at mass, one would have to take it off or lower it to receive the Eucharist. More folly. By the way, honest question here, if a bishop told mass goers they should wear masks, would I be bound to obey that?
            I respect people where they are. I will never tell anyone not to wear a mask or that their mask is providing them no protection for the same reason Charlie said he would never snatch a Teddy Bear from a small child. If it gives them comfort, wear the mask.

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          4. The difference between Joseph and Mary following Jewish custom and us wearing masks is the the former was done in obedience to give greater glory to God—always a perfect motive.

            The later is done in obedience to the state. The state has proven track record of being dangerously deceptive and shows a callous disregard for basic human rights.

            It is the path of least resistance. Reasonable and prudent only if the state’s motives are proven capable of defending our basic God given rights. The state is failing miserably.

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    2. Agree, because our life here is not about satisfying our material wants and needs, but primarily about our spiritual development in God’s Creation:

      ” The tempter came to Him and said, “If You are the Son of God, tell these stones to become bread.” But Jesus answered, “It is written: ‘Man shall not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God.’” ”

      The Liberal, Socialist, Progressives who clump together as Democrats have been exposing their ignorance, or even defiance, of Commandments by their insistence on abortion as a high priority. Now they demonstrate their hubris by castigating social worship of God as trivial.

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  10. The question of the day, why has the Christian leadership rolled over to the secular leadership?

    Is not the health of the soul more important than the health of the body?

    Spiritual communion is NOT the same as the Eucharistic Communion. Due to social distancing and secular dictates, the gifts of God – the Sacraments have been denied to God’s people.

    What is greater God’s power or secular power?

    The bishops are the pastors of God’s flock here on Earth. I hope that soon they say “Enough is enough” and minister once again to their flocks along with their priests. l

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  11. I work at a high tech silicon manufacturing company in Vancouver Washington. We were deemed essential immediately when this thing started. We have 700ish employees. We have been running 24/7 full tilt during this whole pandemic. No deaths, no Covid cases that I am aware of. Have we just been lucky this whole time? Of course the company has implemented the standard 6 foot rule with all the other recommendations and placed a temp scanner at the entrance where we clock in and out. But this shows that it is possible to function at a very high productive level during an outbreak.

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  12. Charlie, thank you for affirming what I have been sensing is just around the corner, but seems like sooner than later. Unfortunately there are so many that are swimming around in a nice cool pot, not seeing that a burner has been lit under it. Your words are alarming but you and all here give me hope that I am not alone. I have begun to say the Chaplet of St. Michael in the evenings before bed. We are going to need lots of protection and the Armour of God if we are to soldier on. ~juls

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  13. I just found two more quotes in local news releases to illustrate how Track and Trace is evolving into a weaponized means of control in my state.

    If you pay attention to the language our state officials are trying hard to make Track and Trace program seem benign. They initially use soothing language and tell us what we want to hear. Then they introduce a totalitarian idea but softly rebuke it.

    What kind of proven psychological manipulation is this? Because many are buying it. It must be a proven strategy.

    In the first quote Gov. is talking about removing family members. I don’t know how this is Okay, and people aren’t concerned. Wake up, people wake up! The time is now!!

    In the second quote Gov. says how initially this program will not be invasive. He voiced “privacy concerns” He leaves it to his Aide to tell us violating privacy is only an issue because CT doesn’t yet have the technology, not necessarily because invasiveness is a problem.

    “By finding the positive people who don’t have symptoms, that will help keep the virus a bay. They are also looking at quarantine. If a person tests positive and can’t safely self-quarantine because of family, they want to create a safe place in the community where that person can go for 14 days.

    “If they’re infected or need to quarantine and they can’t do that at home, it’s part of wraparound services, which will be part of the track and trace initiative,” Lamont explained.


    There are tracing programs under development that are expected to offer more intrusive location monitoring.

    “This is a very important question,” said Josh Geballe, a senior Lamont aide. “There are technologies out there. At this time, we are watching the developments and evaluating related privacy concerns. And until such time as we get comfortable that those are an appropriate technology, that’s not a part of the solution at this time.”

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  14. If the church is placed in the non essential category and she doesn’t put herself or demand to be placed in the essential category, how will she expect the faithful or quasi faithful to think she and her sacramental life is ESSENTIAL for their salvation?

    God bless.

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  15. Hello ASoH family, I had to share this… My wife Vickie is faithful, and The Lord blesses her faithfulness:

    The first day of the shutdown my wife wanted to figure out a way to keep meeting with our only other ‘community member’ for their afternoon prayer and study, something they have been doing for 7 months now since we moved here to the Central Coast of Ca. Diane is 81 but still drives, so they decided to meet in the parking lot of the Church (Mission Santa Ynez) to pray their Rosary, and Chaplet, and listen to the next segment of whatever online retreat they were going through.
    Every day they would meet in the Church Parking lot, because they wanted to be as close to Jesus as possible, while they prayed, studied, and fellowshipped. Soon another friend of theirs joined them, so there were three. A few days afterwards, this other person was talking to the Pastor through the window screen of the front office about the possibility of going to confession when the priest noticed the two cars of my wife and friend parked so they could talk with each other. He was concerned, and somewhat curious. The third lady said, “Oh yes, they’ve just been meeting at 3:00pm each day to pray the chaplet and the Rosary”.
    The pastor lit up “That’s great, what a good idea!”
    The next day, and every day after that the priest has placed the Blessed Sacrament in the Church nave window from 3:00-4:00 and takes it in, goes to the Mission balcony and blesses everyone with Him at the end.
    My wife and Diane just wanted to get close to Jesus, so they took a few steps. Then He took over the rest, and the community was blessed.
    Listen, follow, and stay close to Him every day, in whatever way you are inspired to do it. He will do HIS thing through you, cause it’s all about Him. He will more than meet us half way, and will bring a bunch of His friends!

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    1. Good to hear from you, Chris. I am delighted every time I hear of an innovative way in which a pastor helps us weather this little crisis. Thank you. Hope you and the family are doing well.

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    2. What a wonderful story, Chris. God bless your wife, her faithful friends, and your amazing pastor. (By the way, my husband and I visited Mission Santa Ynez when we were on our honeymoon close on 25 years ago).

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    1. Excellent articles, CD. The one by the Canadian is right on (…not going to take my guns…)

      The comments to this post, Charlie, are the most chilling I’ve ever read here.

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  16. So this is how the state is going to increase testing from 4K/week to 50K/week. I was correct, no testing, no access to healthcare. We have a kid who needs elective surgery. We just got a call, no Covid testing, no surgery.

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      1. Thank you!

        The Track and Trace program is federally driven. The states have to implement this. Google etc.

        Lawsuits against testing aimed at private enterprises would fail because the argument is testing is necessary to protect health care workers.

        99.9% (okay, I don’t know the real number) believe COVID19 is bad enough to warrant this, even as there is much evidence to the contrary.

        It interesting how much is being hidden, and not revealed, just my observations in trying to get direct answers from my local leaders. No answers, no details, only silence.–regional/georgia-prepares-launch-new-coronavirus-tracing-program/Who8vERVmxn1Bf1NycxC9J/

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    1. Praying for you that you may find a way for your child to get the care he or she needs. St. Jude pray for them.

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    2. Praying for you and for your child, Littlelight.

      I have a friend who is on dialysis and who was scheduled for a kidney transplant. Because our tyrannical governor forbade all “non-essential” surgeries, my friend’s surgery was cancelled. So much for this lockdown’s being about saving lives.

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      1. On further reflection, I am becoming convicted that our only defense to push back on this generalized medical tyranny will be through the court system.

        This trajectory has long been documented. What is the quote? “First they came for …” Martin Niemöller. So first we’ve seen dedicated legal groups fighting against abortion. Next, they had to add the horror of euthanasia. We are now at the point of needing dedicated legal groups to fight against medical tyranny across all ages of the life spectrum.

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        1. Yes, Littlelight… we need a Texas Right to Life in every state; they certainly know how to take a medical fight to the courts.

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      2. Oh Mick, I am so sorry for your friend. Will say a prayer that your lockdown ends quickly and your friend can get the transplant they need.

        I think we need to lift all these governors up in prayer who think they are doing what’s good for us. Divine Mercy miracles are happening every day. I think some of them are genuinely doing what they think is right, but the ones who are overstepping bounds and using this to further their agendas to take control of people need to have a ring of saints and angels stand in a circle around them, close in, then hug them so hard that all the bad gets squished out of them! I’m no angel or saint, but I certainly wouldn’t mind having that opportunity!

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        1. Thank you, Juls. I just found out about 5 minutes ago that our illustrious governor, without any legal authority, has just extended our state’s lockdown until May 28. Words cannot describe my irritation.

          I agree that some governors may have good intentions. I maintain that Whitmer is not one of them. Her extensive track record of lies, double dealing, condescension, and arrogance prevent me from giving her any benefit of the doubt. I really cannot stand the woman; but you’re right: I need to pray for her anyway (and I do, albeit through gritted teeth).

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            1. Perhaps, SteveBC; here’s hoping and praying. (Speaking of which, I did manage to pray for Whitmer tonight without gritting my teeth. It’s a small victory, but a victory nonetheless.) 🙂

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              1. tnrs/asoh = more lawsuits against her tyranny. I pray it happens! In every sector! Inundate the MI courts.

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          1. Mick–maybe if people like that salon owner in Texas would defy these insane orders in MI she would have to back down.

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            1. Well, Kim, we’ll see how long business owners like this guy are able to stay open before somebody (after having been encouraged by our leftist Attorney General) calls the cops to pay him a visit:


              Oh, wait… he’s already been ticketed by the police, and his case has been referred to the county prosecutor:


              Whitmer won’t back down; she is hellbent (and I mean that literally) on destroying lives and livelihood. Something’s gotta give, and I don’t see how this ends well.

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              1. God bless that fellow! Oy Vay! I mentioned that my friend’s son in law was approached to join the Michigan Militia–your right—doesn’t look like this can end well. As you say–she is hellbent. She really does sound deranged.

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                  1. Oh, Mick! What a mess! God bless him. If I lived there I’d have him cut my hair. We need to continue to stand against illegal restrictions. That governor seems nuts enough to cause real tragedy.

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  17. IMV Charlie where we are headed with this is fraught with danger but also with opportunity.

    The economic hit is not yet clear but promises to be extremely damaging. Unemployment is the new pandemic. Covid 19 and the global response in the public health sense is blowing a huge hole in US and world GDP. Perhaps a Great Depression kind of a hole.

    Tradeoffs? Re-open vs Lockdown. The press is casting the tradeoff as profits for the 1% vs lives. They are hammering Trump with this meme and it will get worse for him as the election campaign heats up. That meme is going to filter straight down through the State and even local elections as well.

    Here is the crux of Trump’s economic problem from classic Econ 101:

    GDP = C + I + G + (X – M)

    That stands for: GDP = Consumption + Investment + Government + (Net Exports), which are exports minus imports. In 2019, U.S. GDP was 70% personal consumption, 18% business investment, 17% government spending, and negative 5% net exports.

    For 2019 The Bureau of Economic analysis measured the components of GDP in Trillions of dollars:

    $19.07 = $13.28 + $3.42 + $3.30 – $0.95

    We are going to blow a hole through those numbers in 2020. We can expect big hits in C and I. How big of a hole is yet unknown. But it represents big political trouble for Trump.

    The Trump administration has turned to a scheme of massive fiscal stimulus of checks in the mail to citizens and big and small business to fill up some part of the hit to C and I. Will it be enough?

    Here’s the problem for Trump: The Democrats are going to push for what we have heretofore labeled money printing from a standard macroeconomic analytical lens and perspective. Just print up a lot of dollar bills and dump them into the holes to fill them up and stabilize the GDP and the employment numbers. Call it boosting Big G in the formula above. If C and I and Net Exports are giving you a problem grow that Big G into whatever it takes to keep the GDP balloon inflated to somewhere near $19 Trillion.

    Call it infrastructure spending. Call it Guaranteed Income. Call it a Guaranteed Job. Call it Green New Deal. Call it Free Education for Everybody. Call it Free Health Care for Everybody. Call it Socialism if you want.

    Call it the Bernie/AOC political agenda. As the misery and pain and desperation deepens as a result of Covid 19’s effect on that little economic formula this will become an irresistible political argument for Democrat political hegemony. Marxism requires misery to survive and thrive. The Marxist argument is going to be swimming in Misery this Fall around election time.

    Sounds like it will bankrupt the country right? A little whacky? Fiscal lunacy? Monetary lunacy?

    The problem for Trump and for freedom loving Americans is that there is a very powerful but little publicly known or understood intellectual argument ( which I happen to agree with) that argues for a radical outside the box way to looking at how to stand up and fund the activities of the Federal government. Now close your eyes ….. without taxes, without borrowing, without deficits and without national debt.

    It’s the Next Big Idea. And we are going to need a bigger idea to deal with this Covid 19 generated economic crisis.

    This school of economic thought is a powerful as Keynesianism was to economics in the Great Depression. It’s adherents have been mucking around in the weeds of economic theory and mostly ridiculed for the past 30 years. But their time has come now thanks to Covid 19.

    It’s called MMT. It’s critics call it the Magical Money Tree. Its adherents call it Modern Monetary Theory. It’s a more sophisticated version of the $Trillion coin argument of a few years ago.

    It’s going to be at the heart of the 2020 political campaign IMO.

    MMT is based on the idea that a Sovereign Government cannot be limited in the amount of money it can call into creation. Congress, by virtue of the Power of the Purse granted to it by the Constitution, can call into being any amount of money to meet its needs. Which comes in handy if you are staring down the gun barrel of those holes in GDP that Covid 19 represents. No need to borrow it or tax it from the citizenry. Just create the money in the U.S. Treasury and spend it out on what needs to be done. Magical Money as the cynics call it.

    But what is Money? There’s the rub.

    Hint: Legal Tender For All Debts Public and Private

    There’s power in that. Coercion.

    The political Left has been sniffing around this idea for some years. It’s been a long road to being considered anything more than economic lunacy. Until now.

    Now it is Plan B. Now it is the lunar lander lifeboat to limp the economic command module around the Covid 19 and back to terra firma. Any port in a crisis. Any port in a Storm.

    The fundamental danger from this is pretty obvious: you place into the hands of a dysfunctional mob of 435 individuals on Capitol Hill the power to wreak social havoc including choosing winners and losers in the economy, What might be called rewarding friends and punishing enemies without the constraints on borrowing and taxation to fund the fun.

    Frankly, I shiver to contemplate this power unleashed and put into play under a Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid. We would have been a different country almost overnight if MMT was in practical effect for that bunch.

    Then there’s Inflation from a berserk out of control money printing press, right? Don’t be so sure. The MMTers have got a pretty good response for that.

    I am concerned about what will happen to the Church if MMT is adopted in the land. Charitable deductions are powered by tax deductibility. More fundamentally, the Marxist materialist philosophy maintains that the Church and the Fake God it pushes has never met the material needs of mankind and it’s just a matter of man developing the right technology and means of managing resources to meet all human needs. Who needs God anyway?

    Will people look increasingly at Big Government empowered to give them everything they need and even want instead of turning to God? Who needs God? Who needs Heaven? Who needs those rascals running the Catholic Church?

    There is one constraint that MMT adherents admit to. They call it the “productive capacity” of the economy. Big G can’t exceed the productive capacity of the economy even if Congress had a mind to. Full employment and maxed out demand that leaves the further expansion of supply problematical is the only constraint for the MMTers. We got everything we can use. Bummer.

    So, MMT in real life application is a powerful yet dangerous idea, right?

    Well, yeah except for this little problem: we are practicing a form of MMT in effect already. There is no practical limit to Government spending already. Trump is cool with that and is proposing “spending deficits” as far as the eye can see. For the Wall. For the Military. And the twinkle in his legacy eye …. Infrastructure.

    Taxes? Trump would like to eliminate taxes altogether no doubt. One of his proudest accomplishments is his “record tax cut”. As well, borrowing OPM has never been a constraint on Donald Trump.

    So, from Trump’s perspective why not just rationalize what the country is already doing and end the taxation, borrowing, deficit and national debt problem with an MMT magic wand.

    Think of the opportunity side of no taxes, no borrowing, no deficit, no national debt. Economic incentive. You keep what you earn. You keep what you labor for. You get a chance to accumulate wealth by hard work. And keep it. Think about all those taxes not going to fund the Federal Government but staying in the hand of those who produced it. Think of the shot to purchasing power and demand for goods and services called Consumption in the GDP formula. The 1 %ers who pay 60% of all the Income tax … what are they going to do with their 60% share they will be able to retain? Well, they aren’t going to consume it they are going to SAVE it. Where? In the most vibrant economy on earth. Think of a V shaped economic recovery that America would be looking at if Trump runs on a MMT policy and wins a mandate to go for it because as he says often “what have we got to lose” with a MMT Plan B.

    Kinda smells like Freedom doesn’t it?

    What coercive hold would Government have over an untaxed citizenry? Politicians make a living selling out the tax policies of the United States on both the taxing and tax expenditure side of the equation. If Big Business had no incentive to buy Congress to ensure exemption and/or loopholes from taxation as well assure tax expenditure largess then why fund campaign contributions to people who can’t help them?

    The key to the whole thing from the citizens perspective, IMO, is setting strict limits on the amount of money Congress creates out of thin air with a twist of the magic wand. Think nuclear power plant type safeguards and protections. We have to chain the politicians down. Containment. Chain them to a footpad in the economy no larger than the bigfoot which G represents in that GDP formula above. 17% of real GDP is enough for Government spending. 17% is all the politicians get to play with.

    Difficult task but theoretically possible. Great restraint in the use of MMT is needed.

    A Next Big Idea whose time has come just in time? Great Power to solve human misery. Great Danger of horrible misuse and corruption. Great Opportunity for a new birth of Freedom and economic prosperity in America and the world.

    Frankly, I would rather have Trump and the Christians in charge of an MMT world. I tremble at the idea of the Bernie/AOC crowd fully empowered by it. If they aren’t in charge of this power it is going to be hard on the Christians.

    I am concerned that the SJW Christians will peel away from Trump and his agenda following the pied piper of Bernie/AOC run MMT into a Catholic Social Teaching trap which will be a big problem in the end. Forgive them Father, for Marxist Democrat Christians don’t even know they are Marxist and most definitely in SJW solidarity know not what they are doing to the Church.

    Here’s the deal for Trump and the Christians … it is better IMO to get out ahead and lead this Next Big Idea than to be swallowed up by it.

    So the Great Battle.

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    1. Fascinating Ed. Do you see any signs of life from the Trump Admin that they’re going to think big? The deck is just so stacked against him.

      I actually perked up a bit at his quip to Bush’s bipartisan statement. I like Bush overall, but thought it was a deserved criticism and showed a sign of life.

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      1. Irish7 the problem for Trump is that he has been raised and trained at Wharton in the standard macroeconomic lens or way of thinking about money and Federal fiscal policy. He is also surrounded by economic advisors like Larry Kudlow and Stephen Moore who came up through the Supply Side wars in the Reagan Administration.

        Tax cuts and low interest rates and elimination of onerous regulations. Worked for Reagan ought to work for Trump. The Supply Siders have his ear. But he is following a bastardized version of MMT nevertheless. Latest estimate today is that he is going to run a $5 TRILLION deficit in a $19 Trillion GDP economy in 2020. Dumping dollars into the hole to prop up Consumption a Investment. It reminds a little bit of flooding the engine to get it to start.

        Reducing taxes, lowering interest rates eliminating regulations. Not a bad prescription for normal times.

        I think Trump can’t believe what happened on the way to the lowest unemployment and the best stock market and the renewal of the economy under the standard approach he followed for 3 years. . He wants to get back to it. Just open the economy and we will bounce right back.

        This is a blind spot in his thinking. No reason to change up our approach which proved so successful but in the meantime flood the engine with dollar bills until it kicks over with a roar.

        So you have the problem of Trump himself not open to a new way of thinking. Then you got the outright enemies of any kind of new way of doing business that recognizes that money ain’t what it used to be. Who might these enemies be?

        The politicians who profit from the sale of tax policy to the highest bidder.
        The bankers who profit from lending to the Federal Government to finance deficits especially the Fed.
        The lobbyists who broker the military industrial state.
        The Media without even knowing why they would oppose a Trump MMT proposal.
        Never Trump Republicans just cuz.
        The elite that contribute to Trump’s campaign fund
        The Democrats just to throw a monkey wrench into Trump’s agenda.
        Academic economists who see things as they see things.
        The yabutters.

        In other words lots of people would feel threatened and put up a fight. The usual suspects. Another fight might not be in Trump this election cycle.

        The Bernie/AOC Marxist crowd is out there and working on Biden and the DNC. They want what they want in that agenda and they see MMT as the intellectual argument to get it. Biden and the DNC will bend to them to maintain base solidarity. Even if Biden isn’t the nominee.

        The Democrats have not showcased a Presidential candidate who has the ability to make the case.

        I hope it stays that way. Because there is going to be a huge, desperate audience eager for a solution to their pain.

        And there is going to be a Democrat candidate who discovers that the best campaign pitch for the votes of the victims is going to be “What have you got to lose?”

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    2. MMT? Interesting. We are living in this state of affairs now. I think this is what the Bible tells of the global governance where upon you have the mark of the beast to live…

      I see the mark of the beast now in our conformance to a ‘bug’. Look at all the people conforming, wearing masks and tattle telling on neighbors who choose not. NYS gov cuomo aka mussolini, states wearing the mask is not for your health but of mine. Being, you, Individual, have a contamination and should not infect the greater populace.

      Those who do not conform, face fines imposed by the government through the armed Police Officers. To resist providing your identification for summons issuance, leads to an altercation with at least one party possessing a firearm. Perhaps two… How far and how willing are either party to “stand their ground” over a non criminal issue?

      Police in their sworn duty have a duty to stand their ground. Problems arise when bureaucrats, administrators impose out of control laws-rules-regulations and direct an armed respinse. Case in point in nys: Tax cigarettes at $5.+ per pack and then direct enforcement of untaxed cigarette sales. In nyc, Eric Garner sold “loosies” single un taxed cigarettes in front of a store selling taxed cigarettes.

      The store owner complained to the police. The police enforced the law, Garner resisted arrest and died. The entire nation was in an uproar over unnecessary police tactics and barely a peep is directed at the politicians who enacted the legislation.

      Six months prior, nys Gov Cuomo directed initiative of a untaxed cigarette task force, allocating millions of dollars to enforce. A few months later and just before the Garner incident Nyc Mayor deblasio mandated the same hence the reason for the undercover cops approaching Garner over selling loosie cigarettes.

      The police officer was suspended, charged with a crime and splashed over the media as evil incarnate. Several investigations arose, Not guilty on all, accounts. Mayor deblasio still insisted on his termination. The spineless Police commissioner followed the direction.

      This is the main point: Each and every Police officer swore an oath to support and defend the Constitution of the USA. The time of Backbone is now here and required.

      The problem: too many Police Superintendents, Commissioners, Chiefs, Sheriffs believe they must listen to the elected bureaucrat. They were hired to do a job…manage the police force not beholden to every notion of the mayor of governor.

      The other issue at hand is the vast amount of Laws on the books which are Misdemeanors and Felonies. Usually in some archaic Law as Health Code, Parks Department etc. Also, the specificity of laws such as domestic violence laws, dwi, gang assault etc. Murder, Assault, Vehicular manslaughter are crimes already on the books, no valid reason exists to justify other than using the specific laws to ‘control’ of populace. In nys, if a couple date, have sexual intercourse, they are listed as a domestic partnership thus promulgating admittance under the specific domestic violence law.


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  18. Happy no croissant day.

    I read this uplifting quote “Due to the cornovid virus, my 2020 summer beach body is postponed to 2021”

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  19. Charlie, this jumped out at me: “ I think we will emerge from this crisis and probably spend the summer thinking we have dodged a bullet, that we have gotten things back under control. But the demons we have unleashed will steadily eat away at the already damaged pillars that hold society up. And then we will have to make our stand, for God and for man, for liberty and for responsibility, for faith and for reason. There are only three major roles to take if that crisis comes – oppressor, soldier, or victim. We are called to be God’s hands and feet on earth, His soldiers.”
    As a Prayer Warrior, I choose, according to my state in life, Soldier.
    ~ I will always place the mission first.
    ~ I will never accept defeat.
    ~ I will never quit.
    ~ I will never leave a fallen comrade.
    And one that the Army never put forth: I will strive, with all the grace God gives me, to always speak the truth in love.
    When I converted to the Catholic Faith, there was no RCIA. I had to learn by observing. One of the observations that I made was that the Church rarely spoke “against” but “for.” Most common example, we hate the sin and love the sinner, so we pray and encourage sinners (ourselves included) to be the best we can be with God’s gifts.
    I pray daily for this group, this community of believers. I don’t always understand the deeper levels of discussion on the economy or Church doctrine, but pray I do!
    My daily prayer: God our refuge and our strength close at hand in our distress, meet us in our sorrow and lift our eyes to the peace and light of your constant care. Help us to hear your word of grace that our fear will be dispelled by your love, our loneliness eased by your presence and our hope renewed by your promises. Through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.
    God is good and we are in his hands.
    Love & God bless us,
    Katey in Oregon

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  20. Thought this was one to watch. It is called Plandemic. It is on YouTube. Better watch it before they take it down. It is based on a scientists take on Covid, HIV, Ebola, the Pharmaceutical world and control. I hope this link works

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      1. I wish I knew how to copy a video.
        How deep the corruption/greed go.
        Our honest elected officials have their work cut out for them.
        And to learn that sheltering in place actually lowers our immune system is amazing.

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      2. Lindamc, Thanks for the link. It all made sense. From the git go, I wondered why Fauci was dissing obviously great results from the hydroxychloroquine, zinc, antiibiotic treatment. The hydroxy had proven safe and effective for reducing the inflammation provoked by the virus, and the zinc then was understood to be inhibiting the virus from reproduction, with the hydroxy “magically” also enabling cells to ingest more zinc– and all of this treatment’s ingredients, with hydroxy off patrent, were dirt cheap.

        Well, as we have since learned, Fauci was working with Gilead for development of its patented Remdesivir, and the CDC head Redfield is also part of this crowd as he too was dissing the hydroxy and warning about serious side effects.. As a newly patented drug, Gilead may charge thousands of dollars per treatment, because that treatment is cheaper than extended hospitalization.

        Our medical bureaucracy is a partner with big pharma, enabled by the Congress having encouraged pharma to contribute dollars to government agencies, as if that would not buy their motivation. Did you catch that doctors are being paid big bucks to label deaths as covid caused, and over $30k to report deaths which occurred even when a respirator was used. This level of corruption makes me feel stupid, because I could never have imagined the evil involved.

        The doctors, who explained that our immune defenses are maintained by our daily engagement with the many pathogens in our environment, made a powerful argument against blanket confinement of our population. Brings to mind Fauci and Redfield vexing that when people come out of confinement, its apt to get even worse.

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        1. Mark Mallett had a link yesterday; it was pulled down. Today he has it embedded in the post and I just watched it. Holy Moly!! Hubby was in here and heard part of it. What do you do with an engineer, technical/math-minded person who wants more evidence?! I want to scream at the unwillingness to believe these evils. He wants it verified! Ok, I’m over it. It’s in God’s hands. 🤷‍♀️

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  21. These guys keep utterly failing the test because they think the way to prepare for the apocalypse is with violence and cunning and selfishness and power. But the Apocalypse–who is Jesus and not an action movie scenario–speaks to us, even now, in a still small voice. He says, “Have some consideration. Wash your hands. Stay home. Make small sacrifices. Carry little crosses. Think about somebody else.”

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    1. This is kind of absurd, Q. People are losing their life savings, their jobs, struggling to keep their family fed. These are not small sacrifices – and have nothing to do with the apocalypse. Wipe out 30 million jobs of people who have little to begin with over a virus that is NOT as deadly as the Hong Kong flu, when targeted precautions could have protected vulnerable populations – as they have done successfully in Sweden? Only someone who is making no real sacrifice could ridicule people who are really suffering this way. So I say to you, make some small sacrifices and quit demanding that tens of millions of little people lose all they have to assuage your fear.

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      1. my husband lost his job of 25 years. when you have no income coming in, how can one just sit by and watch their lives collapse , this is what i call inconsiderate of my situation, i really cannot understand how people don’t see the pure destruction thats ahead of us if this continues. please people open your eyes

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        1. Gk, I will keep you and your husband in my prayers–along with the tens of millions (hundreds of millions?) who are suffering financially because of the lockdown of much of the country.

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        2. GK, joining with the others here in praying for you and your husband. May the Lord provide for all your needs, and strengthen your hearts with confidence and courage. Praying through the intercession of St. Joseph the worker.

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        3. Praying for you and your husband GK, that St. Jude intercede for you and the Lord will provide all you need to get through this.

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  22. I’ve been trying to get through the layers of slipperiness to understand where exactly is the offensive in this war, politically speaking.

    Medical/scientific tyranny through Track and Trace is it. This is the chosen weapon to take down all civil liberties.

    The advocacy for this came from Trump administration. Each state is using it with varying degrees of attacks on civil liberties.

    Because science/medicine has been given godlike status, everyone is afraid to challenge the validity of the outrageous covid claims. Effectively challenge those claims, and the whole mess comes tumbling down.

    Just thinking out loud here. By the grace of God, this challenge not only happen, but prevail.

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  23. Littlelight,

    Anesthesia for surgery involves respiratory involvement where healthcare workers come into extremely close contact with particles from the mouth and nose. I’d assume that’s why they’re requiring a test. Though, I can understand your concern.

    Will pray for you,


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  24. Lord have mercy on us, let all these prognostications of “doom & gloom”, antichrists, horrors, & disasters be brought to nothing. Bring us a lasting peace oh dear Lord Jesus Christ, a true rest from the evils of the past 100 years, and before it.

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  25. Charlie – I agree with you that this has been over-inflated, but rather confused about what is really going on. I like Trump, but not sure of all the cronies by his side. I check the statistics on the daily dashboard in Massachusetts that is put out by the MA Dept of Public Health (DPH). MA is the third worst state for this disease after NY and NJ. Yesterday there were a little over 4000 deaths total. They have an age graph. Less than 200 of the 4000 deaths were from people under 60. Old folks (I am one), take precautions – the rest, get back to work and school!!!
    Another statistic – over 98% of investigated deaths had other co-morbidities.
    Check out pages 11 and 13

    Why has this been allowed to continue down this destructive path? So much pain and heart-ache for the most vulnerable economically. My son’s sister in law has a small restaurant. I asked him if she was able to get any small-business grant or loan help. Nope – it seems like it all went to more well-connected businesses. He is a lawyer and tried hard to help her.

    Happy to hear that Att Gen Barr is taking on the argument that Churches are essential!!
    Certainly essential to me. I have a heap of repenting to do for ingratitude for the treasure of the Eucharist.

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  26. I think one of the main realities about this virus that is being overlooked is, like the common cold or seasonal flu, EVERYONE will eventually catch it.
    Now originally, the lockdown was to reduce a flood on the hospitals and this was a prudent idea that everyone accepted as smart. The new narrative is to shame us into believing that somehow we are murderers if we catch the bug and give it to someone else who then dies.
    Herein lies the crux of the matter:
    If everyone on earth (give or take) EVENTUALLY gets this bug, those prone to die by it will eventually die anyway! Of course, the argument is we will have a vaccine by then, etc, but it seems the flu, even with a readily available vaccine, still kills a huge number of people every year. So the argument is not totally honest because we are not overly precautious concerning the flu but somehow this bug deserves extra special precautions?
    My buddy Stuart passed away from cancer around Christmas time. He was in the hospital on a ventilator for almost a month and during his ordeal I did not go see him as my wife had been diagnosed with Flu “B” and was actively sick. I was dealing with some congestion and a sinus infection so I did not want to potentially infect Stuart while he was so incapacitated.
    Needless to say, I never did get the chance to visit him before he died because of my self imposed”social distancing” which wouldn’t have effected the outcome of his death in the least but this left a hole in my heart by my not being able to visit or say goodbye. It seemed I stopped “living” to avoid death but death came anyway so I lost out twice- no present relationship, then no future.
    On a side note, I had offered up my little trial of sickness for his soul having found out later that he had entered the hospital the same day I first got sick. I have always believed in intercessory prayer and intercessory suffering for souls so no doubt the timing of my illness and his hospitalization was by accident.
    Stuart, my good friend, confidant, brother in so many ways, fellow musician, Hunter, fishing partner, construction partner, Christian song writing partner extraordinaire, you are so missed and may you rest in peace and I look forward to our reunion in Heaven pal.

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    1. Phil, I am so sorry about your friend and that you didn’t get to see him before he passed. Praying for the repose of his soul, and for all of you that God comforts you.

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    2. Phil,

      You just said, in such a perfect way, what my viewpoint is exactly. I am so sorry for the loss of your dear friend. I admire your dedicating your suffering for him.

      I feel he knows of your offering and he sends love to you. After all, love never dies.

      Prayers for you and him.

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      1. After his death Little One, in a dream he appeared to me but still couldn’t speak. He reached out grasping at me and pulled me close to kiss me. He seemed especially thankful for some reason and in my mind I thought this was the farewell and thanks we missed having. He was an especially manly kind of guy, you know, the boots, the Harley, the welding cap, big bushy beard type so this reaction was not what I would have expected!
        I had a second dream a few weeks later and in this one he looked much younger and healthy. I don’t remember much detail but it seemed he was growing in holiness during his time in the hereafter.
        Now I just need to get up there myself!

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        1. Praying for you and for Stuart too as he grows in holiness to enter heaven. Such a hard loss. Beautiful that you share the comfort in the midst of it.

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        2. I’m so sorry for your loss. It is so tough.

          I wanted to tell you that we too, have had dreams of our son, and I am convinced they are meaningful. Not unlike yours, he seems to be growing in holiness.

          In the latest dream my husband had, he was radiantly vibrant, healthy and well. We were at the ocean, and our son burst through the surface, saving a small child. My husband said to him; “You saved a baby!” and our son smiled with a smile that lite up his whole face/being and said: “Yay, I did.” and then “It’s good to see you, Dad!” and the sentiment was exchanged. The best part, they both bear-hugged each other in a very wonderful, long, real, bear-hug.

          I have not had such consolation, yet—-but this indeed is an answer to my constant prayer.

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        3. Amazing and wonderful Phil!!!

          Thank you so much for sharing!!! It gives me joy and hope!

          Funny, I’m reading St. John Boscoe’s Dreams Right now. God does speak to us through dreams.

          I had a dream of my late mother a year after she died. It was an amazing dream and I actually felt like I traveled with her. I felt more alive in that dream than I do sitting here this morning.

          I think God allowed the dream to console me for future happenings that nearly destroyed me and to let me know my mother needed more prayers.

          I long for more dreams but often don’t remember any if I do have any.

          Praise God for the gift of your dreams Phil!!!

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    3. Interesting thing about Dreams Phil.

      Seems researchers all around the world are reporting people are having more intesnse and vivid dreams as a result of the Covid 19 pandemic,

      Got to say that applies to me too.

      In fact, I am beginning to wonder if these dreams being reported have something to do with a kind of Illumination process.

      Google researchers report vivid dreams. Fascinating.

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      1. I keep having earthquake dreams!!! The other night it really shook me up!!! I told my sister about it the morning after the dream and my sister had a horrible dream as well that she was trapped in a place and couldn’t get out!!! She said she was sure she was screaming in her nightmare state!!!


          1. Actually things are very active right now. Dutchsince just put out a warning yesterday. He is persecuted and censored by the USGC so of course I follow him.

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  27. Just heard that the Governor in CA will not let churches open until Oct or Nov. And our Bishops are not pushing back. Suggestions please?

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    1. Sansan, I think there is much fear involved—legitimate and unproven. From solely a practical perspective (not spiritual—spiritually, we all know repent/fast/pray) our church leaders are looking to the medical and scientific community for answers.

      People of good will in the scientific and medical communities need to rise up and question the validity of the data and evidence that is driving these (and other) draconian measures. A stare/compare study highlighting the discrepancy of an atomic response for molehill problem is a good start.

      For this strategy to be effective, it needs to happen en masse.

      Irish mentioned a well-written Op Ed calling out a specific local politician is most effective in swaying them to action.

      We have a kid needing elective surgery. I am encouraged to report that the call center covid test scheduler, the RN taking my kid’s health history and the surgeon, all agreed the response being initiated is completely out of proportion to the actual problem at hand. Everyone I spoke with seemed very open to a more targeted approach of protecting those who are actually vulnerable.

      I was actually surprised.

      It would be a mistake to write-off a chance of success here as not possible. That’s what the media wants us all to believe. It just isn’t true. Our medical professionals and research scientists are smart. They are wise to the very visible discrepancies.

      I’m convinced if these would speak out, our church leaders of good faith, would become more confident. This is one thing that can be done practically.

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    2. I’ve got a few ideas, but nothing that won’t get us into some serious trouble with the authorities.

      Seriously though, I’m beginning to think that the channels we use to try to get a resolution or make an impact are too tainted to be effective. Maybe we need a new approach… or at the very least, better channels.

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    3. Gotta rally the troops! People have to ask, demand, push, support the Bishops to take action!

      We take a step and God will help the action forward.

      I just contacted my Bishop today to say we’re starving for the Eucharist. Help! Feed your sheep!

      No answer just yet….

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  28. Charlie,

    Our beloved Lord Jesus explicitly said that in the end “black will become white and white will become black.” I’ve always took that to mean that good will become evil and evil will become good. What you say is true about the Catholic Church now being seen as a “superstitious ninny.” And my question to that fact is, just who allowed the Catholic Church to become a superstitious ninny?! I find it absolutely incredible and breathtaking that we can all go to Walmart and shop for food for our earthly bodies, BUT WE CANNOT GO TO OUR LOCAL CATHOLIC CHURCH AND FIND HEAVENLY NOURISHMENT FOR OUR ETERNAL SOULS! So, yes, our beloved Jesus, the Way, the Truth, and the Life, truly did warn us about the times that we are now living in, and how the Prince of this World, Satan, is truly hissing with devilish delight.

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      1. Here’s the video on the original site but, even more importantly, has anyone vetted the accuracy of the information in this video? For sure You Tube censors the heck out of free speech. And Charlie wrote that Fauci, at the helm of NIH, had been part of ignoring Obama’s directive while going ahead with a $3.7 million grant to the Wuhan Lab in China for research. Still, before we go running down a rabbit hole with potentially false info, it’d be important to verify the contents of the currently circulating video.

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        1. Agreed, Beckita. I have not viewed or vetted it yet. I have previously downloaded this video to my personal library and have it in a growing queue of videos to watch. ❤

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        2. Dr. Mikovits is legit, though I think it would be nearly impossible for anyone here to vet everything she presents in the interview. Does she strike you as having an ulterior motive? Her words aside, everything else about her comes off as credible (as it should considering the humiliations they put her through), whereas Fauci’s carefully controlled presentations increasingly bely his arrogance. Often I just like to tune out the noise and quietly observe the more revealing tells.

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          1. Yes MP, having known a fair number of scientist/geneticists, I recognised her take on the virus not being able to jump from bats to humans and about how the immune system, when healthy, is a formidable foe. I think most people are unaware of the reality that life finds a way and few organisms will throw away their existence once they have established themselves in the ecosystem.
            She mentions that the covid virus would need 800 years to evolve from bats to humans and this shows the great number of variables in the genetics between bats and humans and how the original virus evolved as a bat specific pathogen that probably has very little effect on the bats thus keeping its host alive and healthy supplies them with a safe and long term relationship.
            The problem and ethics behind this type of research has always been about opening the Pandora’s box and then not being able to stop what comes about. Dr. Mikovits has seen what is/ has been comming down the pike and recognises how it’s being manipulated for monetary gain if not population control.
            Dr Fauci is not a geneticist but a face for the CDC. Few of these “experts” have the depth of understanding the real researchers have, they being hired to serve a political/$$ purpose and not for any real health reasons.

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        3. I’m honestly not sure the best way to vet this, especially since those who harmed her, fomented deception and spread information about her that wasn’t true, all because she didn’t toe the party line. Holy Spirit wise- she really seems plausible, kind and most of all, humble. Given our extensive experience with some very serious medical issues, we’ve been surprised at how the Holy Spirit has helped us through some very heart-breaking experiences. The most humble doctors have always had the greatest results and even saved one of our children’s lives, and another one of our children was saved from a lifetime of autism, with treatments that the “more intelligent authorities” said would never work. It has been a grueling, tough road especially since we were taught from a young age to always trust those in charge. This was hard enough, but then in finding out that one of the specialist doctors (for our child with the very serious medical issue) had deliberately lied multiple times, in order to try to force our child and us out of fear to do as this doctor wanted and to try to force us to allow treatments that weren’t proven to work for this child’s particular condition. We were stuck with this doctor for years because the field is a very specialized field and this person had a big role in this field. We felt like there was no way out and that no one would believe us, because the doctor was smooth and eloquent.I wish it was an exaggeration. I trust Dr. Mikovits.

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          1. We have had a very similar experience. The medical system seems very broken. Betting its on the list of systems God is going to shake and renew. Her comments on them spiking the drug for autism really struck me too. There is growing evidence that diseases/disorders (autoimmune, adhd, schizophrenia, parkinsons, even dyslexia) are actually microbial in nature. We had a very difficult time finding appropriate treatment (anti bacterial/viral) for a brain condition not recognized as such. I was floored to hear her say there is/was an antiviral for autism out loud. Wow.

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        4. I’d like to preface this by saying, again, don’t be afraid. I believe this charade can still be taken down with humble, everyday actions in union with constant prayer to God and Our Lady. Think David vs. Goliath. So be aware and do what little we each can, raise our voices in appropriate means. Loaves and fishes.

          Beckita, I watched the video, and I feel she is spot-on. The military study she quotes and also anecdotal evidence that I have heard/lived convicts me. My gut, tells me she is to be believed.

          Years ago my pediatrician told me she got pharm and state kick-backs for pushing vaxs. We have always refused flu vax, except once, when I was preg, for myself, because at that time the benefit outweighed the risk.

          It would be rather easy to vet the vent financial kick-back claims.

          As I mentioned, I had an in-depth discussion with the RN taking my kid’s health history for surgery. The RN and I (also an RN) were bemoaning together the widespread idiotic use of masks/gloves. We understand that it takes intense training and mental concentration when using these ppe’s to not infect the very ppe’s that are supposed to protect you. So a person who has gloves on and a face mask, every time they touch something and then touch their face, they are contaminating themselves. This is why I go out with 2 clorox wipes in my hands when shopping. I keep my hands immersed in that solution. Anything I touch my hands go back into solution. At the checkout, where one would pick up stuff by touching key pad, I wipe my card and my fingers and the key pad. This makes so much more sense than wearing gloves because they only work IF used 100% correctly and that is very hard to. Yes, I understand skin absorption of the chemicals may not be good. BUT if the risk of covid is actually what they say, that seems the lesser of 2 evils. I bet just having a sudsy paper towel in one’s hands would do the same good, as it has been reported soap disrupts the virus outer ?membrane, thus killing it.

          The RN was telling me when she was assigned to staff nsg @ hosp, she witnessed the hosp NOT vigilantly wiping down ER surfaces. She told me it angered her, saying “We want to keep them OUT of the ICU, people!” Basically her frustration was that she is witnessing discrepancies in that don’t add up. Much like the medical professionals are saying in the video.

          Here is the research study which Dr. Mikovits says proves vax with flu vax makes one 36% more likely to get a coronavirus (not other flu viruses, just coronaviruses and metapneumovirus). I don’t understand data enough to vet her 36%

          Vaccine derived virus interference was significantly associated with coronavirus and human metapneumovirus; however, significant protection with vaccination was associated not only with most influenza viruses, but also parainfluenza, RSV, and non-influenza virus coinfections.

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          1. This link is working and I bookmarked it. We’ll see if it’s there when I go back to it!

            How can anyone look at all the links, videos, doctors’ comments, etc. being squashed and think it’s normal?!!

            As I mentioned above, Mallett’s “that video” post has the “plandemic” video embedded in his post.

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        5. Okay that link has already been removed.

          I saw the video on a link from Wendy Cuikerski’s. Here’s what she has to say about it. I am adding my voice to hers.

          I’d like to say the C’s are the real deal in all the good they do. In addition to their helping families and children, they donated a chalice to our pastor in our son’s name at my heartfelt request. Our pastor was with us the night our son died and was heroic in helping us.

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            1. Oh, good. Thank you.

              It seems that regardless of the vetting of this or not, it would make sense to fight for vaccine exemptions now.

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    1. I-7,
      I’m guessing it’s a temporary thing until they get a Handle on what, from where? & medical treatments for this China Plague. An abundance of reasonable caution.
      For Conspiracy Theorists it might mean that somebody thinks that this is, in fact, a Bio-Weapon.
      When I returned from the Gulf War, I/Comrades were not allowed to give blood for some years because they didn’t know what might be ‘floatin-roun” from something we may have “ingested” from Over-There.


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  29. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! 😉 ;

    A World Turned Upside-down ;-(
    Tear down the current establishment and “rebuild” with godless Socialist “Ideals” & Agendas. This has always been the Bad Guy Playbook since before the Russian, Nazi, Red China, Cuban, Cambodian, Venezuelan, Democrat Party 2020 “Revolutions)!
    It has always resulted in death, slavery & Human misery!
    The Great Question is???……. Are there enough Good Guys left willing to do what’s necessary as we enter a period of The Gravest Extreme?


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    1. Yes!! I saw this too. In one interview he was saying that when he was a child he was obsessed with re-enacting the Passion and would act it out often in his backyard. It really made smile. Not to mention the actual physical likeness of Christ that God created in him. To think God has placed seeds in us from the beginning to play our parts now. Born for such a time…all of us…❤️

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  30. Well friends,

    Just got first flack from my prayer chain at Church. I asked them to contact Bishop Gainer of the Harrisburg Diocese to open up the churches so we can receive the sacraments.

    She thought it selfish of me, would God want us to open up the churches and would it be safe?

    I said God wants us to have the sacraments, the devil does not want us to have the Eucharist.

    Life is not safe. It never was.
    ( I got that from you. Charlie 😀)

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    1. Yesss! God bless those four cardinals, the archbishop, and all the signatories of that document; and may countless bishops, priests, and faithful rise up with them in resistance to the stripping away of our God-given rights.

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